Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.


© Jouko Nuora 1963-2015.

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Nani III + IV Queen of the Jungle is NOW finally printed! Published in Helsinki Comix Festival 6.9.2013. Nani III+IV published in japanese in Japan, April 2014.


NOW finally AVAILABLE in printed T-shirt too! Sizes: XL, L and M! With or without backCover/print also!

110 pages of pure ...art!!! Adults only!! ;) Album 20, t-shirts 10 or 15 euros. Orders please in jouko@nuora.com! For further details feel free and get a great deal you can't refuse! :)         Book available NOW!!!  Be quick and be square!.. not.  ;)

Sophie Joyce' Bar / Sophien Valinta ja Baari , © 1994.

That's all folks about my big 6 page comics adventure 19 years ago! ;) Pretty hard to read and even more to understand!! ;)

E- Mies

Comics for ad of printing company, 2007.

Published 2007 in Erikoispaino company's client magazine.

1993, pub. in City lehti.

My heroes with my alter egos, Rauno Rotta, Tom Waits, Joonas Savolainen, Henry Miller, backgrounds...

Strange days of past. 2004.













 Philip Lynott and babe, in "Drunk At X-mas" previously iunpublished comic book, coming up...

Done with children's pens. 2004.

Blast from the past...   Iltis. Ilta-Sanomat 2003. ...my copyrights!


 Next please: Written and copyrights by Timo Varpio and  drawn by me, 2000. Ilta -Sanomat


Translation pic1: " Really bright idea to have the company's drug-test,

pic2: ..."the next morning of company's X-mas party, gotta have something to drink... maybe I'll survive..."

pic3: nurse: " hey, were did the urine test samples disappered?" :)


My first comic strip in legendary finnish comedybook Pahkasika, 1995.


Teemu Mäki and the infamous "killing of a cat episode"-parody in Pahkasika 1994.


Laila              Rytmi lehti 1998


some sketches for "Laila" first named "Melody" changed by Rytmi lehti in their utterly wisdom,

maybe that's why the mag went down... kaputt.


... before they PAID this second page which they'd ordered but never paid. Or published...


Halloween comic strip/cartoon. Forssanderit 2009.  Watercolours and ink with brushes.




published in web and printed magazine Bulevardi 2009.

Written by Maire and Jouko, pics, me.

Sweet smell of success.


Driving in sane


Climate changes


Fathers day gifts


Red wave of Forzza.


Censored and NEVER published or even coloured strip, too many MOOSE jokes for this Forssa "city"!!! ;)


My first ever OFFICIAL comics page I've ever done with ink and brush,Rauno Rotta "Sag mir wo die mädchen sind?" 1982!                                                                  

Just the first two pages...

First ever Rauno Rotta comics page and mine as an comics artist back in 1982!

Rauno Rotta, 1991-2.



Rauno Rotta "saga" continued much later with these 2 pages. 1993. One of my first sold comics after turning full time pro August 20th, 1993!  Oh, I do remember that day so well!! ;)

rauno Rotta 1993,
previously UNpublished 2 page strip,
in finnish! ;)

Lost page and bad copy of last page of Rauno Rotta...  please return it to me...


 Kultainen nuoruus  / Golden Age of Youth, the best comicbook of "Sarjis 2011", 100th anniversary of finnish comics competition, winning award and biggest ever(in Finland) with 12 000 euros prize. Published in September 8th 2012 in Helsinki Comics Festival.

My 64 pages autobiographical comics adventures from the "golden years" 1978-1983, when I was a little boy growing up. A true story with wharts and all. Took me over 4  years of hard work and pool of blood, sweat and tears to finish it. Now it's translated in english, and soon in spanish and... japanese, waiting to hit you in your newsstand or bookstore next you.

Kultainen nuoruus FACEBOOK SIVUT :



Kultainen nuoruus
cover 2012

Jaa tämä sosiaalisessa mediassa


Love & Hate       Al Bum       copyright 2012.

First four pages... written nad illustrated on spot with freehandedly, no planning no fuzzing, just fight for my rights...

... to be right! Continuaty is unsure, at the moment. This was a spur of sudden ideas what I love & hate...                                  inked in a flash, we'll see...

"Tender horsegirl and japanese lusted murderer",

2006   Urban II Project Helsinki:

WRITTEN by kids from Kontula Comics school 2006. Drawn by me, on pencils. Joke's on you! ;)










These "magnificient" comic pages were produced by you taxpayers money,  as I was  a paid "art counselor" In "Urban II project! in eastern Helsinki city, 2006.

6 months I "teached" the kids to draw comics (read: I draw with 'em and tried to inspire them and gave tips how to do... but you know kids these days, they ALREADY know everything!) pretty hard to teach anything! Well, hilaroius job and gave me confidence to go on my art... life!                  oh, how time flies!

Weird is as weird says.