Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

ART ART ART ART                                                                     TART  alert!  

© Jouko Nuora

Jaa tämä sosiaalisessa mediassa


Taidefotoja vakavahenkiseen keskusteluun taiteen tilasta postmodernissa maailmassamme.

Translation: Artistic phographs for serious discussion of the postmodern states of art in our world and it's best!

2018 shot of... eeerrrrrrr.... artistic angles and spaces...

2018 and 2017 best of worst photo gallery momentums:

Future is too bright, 2018,

Temperature is low and fuzzy, 2018 winter,












Tikru in motion 2017,
























 oh yeah, and this is Michael Monroe and Saara Aalto Hartwall areena 2017.

Best of the worst of 2016, here we go...

Nose, close up.













and more...


Garden of eden.












Letkurock festival 2016.














Station to station

























darkness of Xmas.














Tommi & Elina Wedding party fotos 1.















All fotos copyrighted by me, and only me.....!! ;)

A flash and the berryman.July, 2013.

Kupla otsassa Bulevardi 19, 1996.

Ville Valo of HIM in Tavastia Dec. 28th 2012.

A rose from the garden, July 31st, 2013.

Sharkpool in Lisboa

Nelli Ahvenlahti, Spinefarm, (2001).

Laru 1996.

New York sunrise 1995, on plane.

Skeleton 2013.

On a bus to Mexico, San Diego 1995.

Samuli Putro Perunatori, Helsinki.

You put the finger on me...

Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. 1995

Parking lot Arizona 1995


Changing the winter tyres, 1994.

Robert Crumb in press conference, 1995 Kemi

Art gallery opening 1992.

Lemmy in Ankkarock 2002.

Irish rover in Portugal 2001

Tallinna Estonia/Russia 1991

Grand Canyon (pissing in bushes) , Arizona, sunset 1995


Kari and Joonas in Kemi 1995


The Skreppers in Tavastia

Michael Monroe


Sky Dee and the Demons

Ville Valo 2

Rabbit ?


Hiili from The Skreppers

Dog with reindeer horns

Church yard


Ville Valo 3

X mas lights

A noseup

Errr........                                             or.

Ville Valo 4

Birthday party

Lisboan cafe

Flashy painting

Where's the cat?

The cat is in the...

... not so keen to be shot.

Shoot that damn cat!


Look there's... Lisboa.

A hawk sitting in oak tree.

Cat and a paperbag


That damn neighbour's cat again...

First snow

Shakin' stevens...


Cat lickin' his...


Thin Lizzy


Moving cat

Moving man


Birthday blow

Gafas del sol

Leaving here

A cat in a moving box

A missing dog's tale



Moon light night

Spanish sky

Brian Downey

Black dog eating bone

A hedgehog hunt


Concrete feet

A black cat eating

Bus window at night in Espana

Another bus window scene in spanish  bus

Riga skyline

A cat against the light



A kitchen lights on

A cat above and on the door

Tunnel vision

Castellon 2




Jambo Oulu

A window, woman and painting

Moving men in cafe

Kobra 2

A line ready for graduation



Studio Window

Studio window haze


Johnny Winter band's guitaris.

 Philip Cambell of Motörhead


 Self potrait 4

Buddies in Helsinki Night

Night in Helsinki

Michael Monroe

Another place another time...   ain't that something like the artistics use: very innovative titles for poor fotos!?! ;)

Kitchen, cat and woman.

Kiasma (wall)


A wild rabbit outside the window

Motörhead's  Mikkey Dee


A night in bar in Forssa

A Painobar  in Helsinki

JP,                           50 anniversary

Yo celebration in Helsinki

Cat has trophy in owen about to happen


Lemmy action figure

Michael Monroe

Motörhead 2

Gardener in garden

A dog and a woman

X-mas trees

A bed and a half of the man

Wäiski 2012

A dog and awoman

Cat on the table

My first exhibition 1992 Imamin keinutuoli Helsinki

Burlesque star

A dog jumping in snow

Motörhead 3

Steel Panteher

A boat on moonlight

Michael Monroe

A stairway

Steel Panther 2

Sami and Ginger in Tavastia

A caricaturist in Okra

A dog wanting out

 A woman with hat

A night vision

A grass

A teacher

A dog

A photographer

Burelesque star 2

 Self potrait 1

Blurrlesque que?

The Skreppers in Tavastia 2012

Motörhead 3

Self and Steel Panther in Circus

A doorway in Albertinkatu 17

Studio wall

A dog attacks a hedgehog

A door in mist

Woman watching a band in Forssa

Dog relaxing on the wall

Self potrait 2

Self potrait 3


... your my focus, my aim, my target and result  to picture this.


... vitun huonosti onnistuneita fotoja.

... fuckin' awful shaken and stirred fotos.

Vahingonlaukaisuja, vähä niinku puolet tästä ihanasta katajaisesta kansasta!


Accidental shots of thrill, like  a half of this pretty wooden nation!

All right reserved! Eli kaikki oikeudet pidätetään! vähä niinku muutenki kaikki pidätetään... henkeä ja ettei vaan mokattais ikinä! ;)

All these WONDERFULLY awful fotos taken by me and my precious wife, we hold ALL the copyrights, you're not allowed to use 'em any purpose whatsowever, without OUR permission! ( copyrights 2009-2013 by J.N.)

thank you and here I am... 

back in 2001 shot with Hustler honeys , oh the unbearable heavyness of life! ;)