Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

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The very first finnish erotic for "adults only"entertainment Nani Cowgirl comics album was published in Autumn 1998.

Cover of Nani Cowgirl 1998

Here is the original watercolour work for the cover.









 Nani Cowgirl has been SOLD OUT since 1999, and due to enormous NEED for new edition...

  it was released and published in ENGLISH Autumn 2014 in Helsinki Comics festival!

On a double extra bonus material actionpacked erotic album with...

this album Nani II Manic Desperado with extra bonus material YOU never seen before!!! :)

Nani II Manic Desperado
2003, Cover.

There's some weird stuff coming up... for yer pleasure!




 Nani III+IV Queen of the Jungle has been released ! Double cheese album of adventures of wild western cowgirl in a swedish jungle, whose first ever finnish erotic comics album was released 1998.

Looks pretty good and psycedelic enuff!

 The following pages are on PURPOSE out of order, mixed and without clear continuaty... ;)

YOU must read the BOOK! It's available NOW!!

Inking wit finishing touches...

 A brand new EXTRA page pencilled this week..This album has been  finishined! And printed!

...well I'm excited and you'd be too! :)



 Three more pages of Nani III+IV  Queen of the Jungle!! :)


Sketches in different states of pencilling and inking! :)

More pages from the drawing desk... Nani IV Ever.

...my dedication to Axel Gallen-Kallela's GREAT painting of finnish national saga Kalevala! ;)

And we'll meet that horrid  sheriff person from the first book  "Nani Cowgirl", 1998,  again in a VERY different situation...

Original first page of Nani

This one above is the first ever inked Cowgirl cover, soon to be printed and published OFFICIALLY for the first time and in english!                     Soon it's  6.9. 2014 and release party time!!!

Here's an old one from year 1998, AD for first Nani album!! :)

Upouusi Nanin Japaninvalloituskuva, joulukuulta 2013, jossa alkkareissa vänkä siniristilippukuviointi!! ;)