Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

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Brand new blog comics!    Blog comics clichés! 

© Jouko Nuora 2015

SINCE: 7th, March, 2013. Translations below the strips! :

7.3.2013 aloitin blogisarjakuva blogisarjakuvain kliseistä, rönsyillee tod. näk. muihinkin kliseisiin! Aion käyttää tasan yhtä paljon aikaa, vaivaa,harkintaa ja laadusta tinkimätöntä lihaa säästämätöntä taitoa näihin "realistisiin" piirroksiin kuin muutkin "suuret sarjakuvataiteilijat" omiinsa...                                               eli ihan monta minuuttiakin päivässä.

Translation: "First thing to do/create/brainstorm and draw is the author identity/character/hero which shall be found very close by...

looking into mirror! (box: don't waste your time thinking what could interest the reader... to read,'cause you surely are an atrtist who makes his blog/comics/art  JUST for HIMSELF!

And this is how we'll get to the FIRST cliché ! The sweatdrops of surprised in the air! Whatever happens in blog you are always so surprised you'll sweat tears!!

And luckily all the best good ideas are close as your own bellybutton!

Copyrights J.N. 7.3.2013

Part 2.


















TRANSLATION: part 2. Now that we have the main charracter developed with it self.

Bubble: Like no other, the common people, to me happens all the time everything so interserting, fantastic and amazingly cute stuff. rifg ght after breakfast I'll save the rainforests the endangered species and global warming...

The plots bear thenselves cause ONLY the things happening TO me are valuable and interesting, I have to draw ALL, surprised by drinking coffee, eating, my eys will pop out,

bubble2: Ah, the mornings first cup of coffee ... Arrow: SEE! the rays of surprise, CLICHÉ.

bubble 3: Wonder was that  nineth cup  too much?

..Always something EXCITING happens, not so  "EXCITING what happens to IIRO RANTALA in the mornings , BUT ANYWAYS...

Part 3.



 translation: part 3.(in arrow): It's a long way to far away.

Bubble: Third cliché is people are talking out loud by themselves.

Maybe all the charcters could THINK, not shout out loud like crazy.

copyrighted 8.3.'13


 Part 4.








translation: the royalty of (finnish) comics clichés, the sexual awakening!

pic1: How impressing art magazine... I've never seen anything like this before, full of nude models... oh oh I'm a...

pic2: ... lesbian!


(arrow- the clichéd lamp of invention!)

 Part 5.









pic1: If you ain't got nothing to say...

pic2: and you can't actually draw shit either, but if your heroine is young, clever and so good humoured she'll colour everything in pink, no one can resist, and you can always advertise vegetarism, coz it's so in fashion and uplifting...

änd if yuu spiik funi itz riil kool like wodevö! and with the pretty (pink)colours, fantasticccc!!!


Part 6.









translation: part6.

pic1: "Criss cross" fits with EVERY situation. Comics shading/shadowingclichés part1.

pic2: This almost into 1970's forgotten blocktype, part3. dramar tic cahinsaw... geesus...

pic3:If your achiving dramatic...

part5. Moebius-style & pontillism.

..is boring. The lazy drawers...

pic4: ...sign is to divide the page in 4 equal squares!Or 6, 8 or 10 squares. So foreseen.

...the repeteance spoils all! (look: Viivi ja Wagner! "All" the 4 different styles for background shades.

Part 7.

Robber and police.                                  Warning included irony, parody, sarcasm, comedy, drama, targedy... not for children!









pic 1: The clichéd illusion how's the  look of criminlas...          pic2: and how they relly look.

pic3: The clean and righteous police...                                   pic4: and then the reality hits you.. a drug squad, do not disturb.

                                                                                                 hippie's sign: no nuclear power!


                                                                                                 like a wet rag on yer face.

copyright J.N. 13.3.2013.











pic1:the clichéd understanding of family, dad and mom...          pic2: ... boy and girl and  familypet.

pic3: the reversed  viewpoint....                                       pic4:   ...maybe everything ain't  quite that simple.

Part 9.










translation: Part 9: Violence And Sex in comics. ( part I )

pic1: Ain't nothing wrong or shameful to illustrate ultra violence acts in comics.

pi2: ... but if you show an act of love making and sex between two human, its simply impudence  and disgusting.

copyright 17.3.2013 by J. N.

Part 10.









translation: Part 10: pic1: Clichés of intoxication    

"Wife, you who-ore!"

...alcohol is consumed civilized and legally...

                                                                 pic 2:  dog: gua gua! ...little "juvenile delinquet "smokers of weed are rightfully jailed.

copyright  18th.3.2013.



Part 11.  Female comics artists in three parts.










translation pic1: Angry to WHOLE world  geometric haircut       red wine   vintage clothes 


pic2: long hair genius/ lennon-glasses  second hand clothes  draws like a maniac sketchbook or such

sandals and no nails done


pic3: "original"  "hairdo or cut" bodypircirces and jewelry EVERY (!!!)place

"home made" tattoos                   always with selfmade comics to sell  ( book:)"Murder is wrong"

2 litres of "juice"gallon.


copyright by J.N. 26.3.2013


Part 12. Finnish male comics artists, in 3 parts...









translation: pic 1: HIPPIE,                                pic2 ART/ GAY                       pic 3. NERD.


copyright  by J. N.  2.4.2013.

I started this blog comics strip as a ironic parody joke,

and now I feel I have to do one every day,

its becomig too much worklike,

...so I'm takin' lil brake but shall return, maybe tonight again.

There's plenty of already written jokes of CLICHEÉÉES waiting to be drawn.

And "luckily" peolpe are inventing 'em more all the time. Not short  of inspiration either, just lack of hours in aday! ;) Nice weekend to all! :)

 Sama suomeks'

mä alotin tän Cliché-hén  ihan tsoukkina blogi (ja yleensäkin) sarjakuvien kliseisyydelle, mutta NYT tuntuu että mun

PITÄIS piirtää tätä JOKA ja täst on tullut TYÖNomaista puurtamista päivä, niin se tuo stressiä eikä se oo kivaa!

Joten olen antanut itselleni vapaat kädet tehdä tätä VAIN kun siltä tuntuu, en JOKA v***n päivä. Sit mä voisin mennä töihin Alepaan, jos haluisin tehä joka päivä samaa juttuu...! ;)

....kaikki kunnia alepankassoille, SE on raskasta duunia, nostan hattua.

  To be continued...

I've  started a brand new comics blog here. My humble and pretty annoying(?) intention IS to mock and ridicule

ALL  the blog comics clichés in MY blog comics!! 'cause them annoy ME so much...

 and I'm defenetely going to SPEND as much time as the other bloggers do , drawing their blogsstuff..

that's might be even more than 11 minutes aday,

12. That is. :) plus the extra page 3, another 12 minutes, that's almost ½ an hour of hard labouring,

now I must rest the rest of the day...and charge at least 4million dollars every page...;)

so what's the time er... tine isirrelevant issue here in networksland...

I'll back soon!  so  let's boogie!

Continuar...                         Jatkuu!!! Kun ehtii............ !