Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

BLOGS OF THE YEAR 2019.  Blogging sketches of my next autobiographical comixxx album Blues De La Carcel Española! <3  Fourth and the last part of Golden Youth trilogy coming up 2021! <3

26.9.2019 Thursday morning, working on and on...

...it takes few days before getting back on good quality in art and valuable drawings, after longer period of pause than weekend, which I had just, so happy to be where I am, most of the time, hah.  Well haven't achieved the wages i'd desreve, but who knows when that happens too, living in believe and hope, am I.

25.9.2019 Wednesday afternoon, stull sleeping a lot, charging those invisible batteries if you will...

  ...staying alive and sane, I rather be alright than hypomaniac all day... well, jumping from thang to another does not seem to be a problem to me, but I like steady working hours and break between 'em, daily progression in my storytelling pages 276, I might share...





...<---here. And there, you go, I'll stay and I'll work til New Year Eve with pencilworks, which I do enjoy, although it takes nerves and patiently to try to keep on good quality, all year long.

 It's not like factory work where you do same page/thing every day, and go home and leave your work behind. Especially on this autobiographical stuff I do, for tenth year in a row, only 2013 I did finish Nani III+IV Queen of the Jungle book and publish it, it was a task waiting to happen for so many years and troubles I had, and I have had 'em plenty...too much! ;)

24.9.2019 Tuesday and it's just exactly 3 months til X-mas eve....








 this here Xmastime boy longimg for peace and happiness and gifts to give to all good poeples, every year .  I trust on Santa Claus more than politics and it ain't even hard to do!! ;)



Soon starts the  world cahnpionshiops in athletics in Doha, great entertainment for me. although nowadays tehy use little more clothing tahn here <-----!!!! ;)

23.9.2019 Monday afternoon, hah, yes sleeping like a log...


...although dunno HOW the log sleeps, in english speaking countries logs must be sleepy fellows you throw into fireplaces and sauna steam machines humgry mouths, I guess !?! ;)



I shall go on with my life and work load of comics por adultos, adult entertainment is my profession and my serious interest, as I am an adult and not a child, no father to no sons...


...nor bitches, I guess, although you never can know if you and I ever had kids outta wedlocks, in my/your crazy youth, heh, but if I had it's been all too bad and sad,

for me, as I always wanted to be a better father,

than my dad ever was, so...

good luck to all my children, wether 'em are comics book heroes or real deal, kids that are adults already, maybe have kids on their own, all grown up, without the granpa they miss, guess this world needs to take DNA tests for all, to see who made who and whose whom kid, really!! ;)

22.9.2019 Sunday afternoon, sleeping my mornings away, is pretty nice to be able to have my beauty sleeps at night, cause without sleep I'm amonster and angry like a bear waken from hibernation too early...






...oh well, nature is getting ready for snow and wintertime, but me I could lieve without snow as long as possible. Maybe in X-mas morning I want snow and the next day it could melt away, hehe!! ;)


But trying my best to enjoy all seasons, but this Autumn is my least favourite with rotten leaves and life in forests bed, and I never pick nor eat mushrooms, yac, not even on pizza  if I can avoid, I won't ever eat slimy champignions!! ;)

21.9.2019 Sarurday morning, cloudy and gray, inside is the place to be, taking it easy all day and just little cleaning and sauna bath afterwards...



...and it's just a perfect Saturday evening, after sleeping late and resyed, hah, this whole blog is about "HOW I did sleep lasta night" and how I feel, about it and all the matters that travel thru this hazy head and soft bed, haha. Well, I put all my energy in my books and ideas on music, as the number of my very own songs is now: 888. Here's the latest hit singles:

1144. Nevermind Us 12.8.2019
1145. Pussy Police 17.8.2019
1150. Favourite Things 28.8.2019
1151. Jazzy Humming 29.8.2019
1152. Her Sentence 1.9.2019
1153. More Pain 3.9.2019
1154. My Baby Likes To 10.9.2019
1155. Summertime Thinkin’ 13.9.2019
1156. Bad Boy Boogie 15.9.2019
1157. Self-Centered 19.9.2019          
 ...................................the very first official Jack King Noir CD coming right up, next year or the yaera after that, 2021!! ;)
All you have to do is WAIT patiently like I do, waiting all my life for the break and spotlight for my music career, heh, but sooner or later it'll be here and you can enjoy all the best I've done, so be seeing you. ;)

20.9.2019 Friday noon after so it's after noon, this english lamguage is funny, Id say so...


<-- the worst thang happened in 2000 and some years the Playboy quit the magazine in paper printed version, I just loved so many model thru years, and still admire and adore the beautiful girls.



...towards weekend's realaxative activities and chilling like John Lee Hooker would if he's be alive, still... gotta enjoy life while alive, it's so much more difficult to live six feet under. No zombie dreams on my book, my future plans are just to survive and be satisfied finacailly and emotionally, and physically get what needed. I can draw very sexual stuff but won't talk about MY sexual behaviours, unless it has ahppened more than 20-30 years ago, haha!! So you just wait and burn!!! ;)

19.9.2019 Thursday morning, day after my case for heritage goes on,a nd the lawyer said, I should...







...win this battle, cause they got nothing really on to smudge me than old ticket for smoking grass, 34 years ago. If that makes me bad and violent person, there is an error in this system and society, that should be burst like  rotten ulcer in your arm! :/

But I'm looking for better times, in future that can hold me good wealth and justice for all, equality and righteousness. Now. Not the day after my death, thank you. Just-ice. Just ice scream.

18.9.2019 Wednesday morning, going to meet my lawyer to sue the bastard widow of my father...





...and it's ugly business I have to go thru to get my legally heritating financial goods. Wish my father wasn't been such an asshole, but as he was, now I must do my responses to false accusations, and shovel all the shit back to Kotka.



Yes, I wish I'd be over this bulshit and conflicts in court, it's such a waste of time, but hopefully gain of wealth, and worth every penny I spend on trips to motherfucking east coast. Well, anorther perfect day again! ;)

17.9.2019 Tuesday morning, another beautiful sunshiny morning...




......I continued with my comics yesterday after 12 day break, huh, longest this year, I think I need vacation but I need to get my book done too. So I'll try my best to get 'em both, easy skanking and hard working hardly working attitude, and life throws it's curve balls on my direction, little domestic challenges while wife changing her medication, and it's me who suffers, but I do anything for love and her. I even quit all drinking booze for her ask, could I. 12th year sober now and getting thangs done, no excuses, no compromises. Just hard work and soft love. I'm all tender inside with fighting and fuzzing this time,

and every time I have to defense myself and got shouted at, it ain't right. I'm emotional and vulnerable at heart, as we all are I guess, except cold hearted polticians and police officers! :/

16.9.2019 Monday morning, taking care of businesses and mailing soon criticiser's copies to TV persona, that might take  me as guest in his/hers show...







...........and gimme the fame I'm bound to have, and ain't nothing wrong to have a dreams to be a millionaire, hahahaa...!! ;)






Just doing what I have to, get by this day and Autumn coming and cold front taking it's place. And as usual snow in wintertime, but hopefully NOT too soon!! ;)

15.9.2019 Sunday afternoon, oh I slept so well and long...






...just trying NOT to do any work stuff today either, except maybe write and play a new song, but taht is pure fun, performing and selling music is the work load, although I enjoy 'em both, in certain mesures, in my working week. Rollercoaster ride been this week in emotions, but still alive and well! ;)   Strange life, strange unknowns, lovely strangers in the night, but not in Michael Monroes bed, heh, there you never met strangers until you met 'em! ;) ......In Tom Waits song and philosophy it's a different kinda story, liste Foreign Affairs album, it's one of teh best Waits LP.

14.9.2019 Saturday morning, another week ends, another blues rings in my head. Too bad to lose a friend, too bad to quit a realtionship that shpoulkd have been fruitful and long, but...

















...was painful, drag, sadness it gave me so many years, but still sad to leave one behind, although that one is arroant, primirising me on ö-shelf and not creative nor satisfying, mentally nor physically. Still I'm sad, like taht old song title.

 Past two weeks I've been not drawing much, as the comix festivals took it's toll and times, before and after to rehabilise the staying up too late and driving car trips.


Well, blues are creative force in MY LIFE, dunno bout yours, you decide waht you want and shall do, don't criticise MY life, unless you know it too well,

                    I'm not the same boy I was in 1987. I'm almost grown!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

13.9.2019 Friday thirteenth, my lucky day, born with it!! ;)






...have yourselves a great weekend starting right now!! :)

Wishing well and hoping best in this here struggle called löife.

12.9.2019 Thursday morning, getting up and goin' down to drawing businesses, and happy cause I sold my first audion part 2 books online too...




...ain't no fun waitin' round to be a millionaire, for sure, but trying my best to  elinimate the poverty's cold hand and smelly cow's breath, into sweet life of happiness and beautiful thangs all over my daily steps. Seems like I'm  in stairways to heaven and them are very long and winding kinda. Road to hell seems to be known also over here wrong side of the rainbows and tracks. But I feel good singing the blues,  and even betetr when I got a booking for next Summer gigi in Spain, oh yes, that's red hot news mama!! ;)

Brighten up my sad and tired day yesterday, so now I got something to wait for... next Summertime!! :)

11.9.2019 Wednesday morning, and just like that I did my newest grant wishing well application...




....and one less stressing thang to do, this year and Autumn!! ;)

Fast is good, in oh so many ways and experiences, now back to work on book comics  par excellence! ;)


<--- realized I have one original Tezuka t-shirt sent from Japan, and now is the exhibition in Tampere museum also, wish I 'll find time to see it, later on...!! ;)

10.9.2019 Tuesday morning, sleeping lacks off and trying to get on normal week routines...


<-- The other foto of festivals and my t-shirt rack, too!! ;)



...tomorrow, today having my second day for rest in substituting the weekend's loss of sleep. Yeah, sleep is important, very important for my (and your!) mental health, and to stay happy and inspired to do whatever you do, to get by the day and night. I've been working too much and going crazy more times than I'm willing to confess, hahahahaaa!!!

Well, I'm that kinda fool who tells ALL here to strangers reading this neverending blog of this here blues man, singing my troubles and worries out loud, cause it helps me, to get thru this life. Have mercy.

9.9.2019 Monday morning, so happy but tired after festivalising ALL weekend in Helsinki comics festivals! As usual I was too busy with my table manners that I only took few fotos  and of course I not on any of  'em, hah....





...well, packing an unpacking both days and long hours alone behind the conter and cash machine (invisible) takes it tolls, as hopefully resting now two days to catch the strength and trying to get back on legal matters and grants available now, and only tl 15th day, so all yopu good people I met in festivals: thank you and see you later, in next festuvals...

at Tampere Kuplii in March!!! ;)


<-- PeneLopez table in Helsinki 2019.

7.9.2019 See you all in Helsinki Comics Festival today and tomorrow!  Lotta fun stuff to see and get!! :)

6.9.2019 Friday noon soon, and slept good long hours of 10, yeah, as next night is shorter for leaving to Helsinki early drive  with car loaded with comics and acceerories bundle with which means a whole lotta cardboard boxes filled with good joy and fun of adults oriented comics and CDees, which I'm happy to sell...






...with reasonable prices. Welcome all you good people in Kattilahalli Helsinki Saturday and Sunday from early 10.30 on! See you there in a square of pure fun and funny papers!! ;)

It's the biggest comics festival in Scandinavia!! <3 Fionally we kick some serious Swedish ass-ets!!! ;))))))))))










<-- my newest post card print, in BIG size and free for visitors of PeneLopez desk!! Be quick and got some goodies again!! :)

5.9.2019 Thursday morning, feeling good for yesterday's interview in newspaper, hope it'll be readable again for nonsubsricers too, soon... meanwhile you CAN read it here!! ;)


...I'll start packing and texting prices on cardboard to invite paying customer on my desk in comics festival, soon. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much on weekend to scare people away from coming to festivalise and spendin time and money, in good company!!!

It's party time weekend for all freak brothers, comics and art lovers too!! ;) See me there at PeneLopez table number 10!!! :)

4.9.2019 Wednesday morning and my new interview published in Forssan lehti...


...later on over here and in PR section too. Well,as soonas I'll fetch my paper version from headquarters and office of this hometown magazine!! :)

Suddenly it feels like Autumn, cooler and darker days are here, but it's alright, had enuff of heat waves for this year!! ;)

You can check it out and read (in Finnish only!!)  at : https://www.forssanlehti.fi/lounais-hame/nuora-ei-hellita-tahtia-rakkaus-sarjakuvaan-ei-koskaan-haalistu-373923

Now the "link" on in my PR-page over here and there!! :)

3.9.2019 Tuesday morning, and the interviewer coming soon, so gotta comb my face and trim my beard, and wash my brains before that, and...







...wake up, to this pretty morning, trying to be positive and smile and give fun interview for all the readers of Forssan lehti!! ;)


Alright, now few cups of java before opening my throat for journalist plesurdom and beautiful foto session too! ;)

2.9.2019 Monday morning, autumnly weather is not yet here, give us a chance to enjoy warmth of Summertime...







...wether your fishes are jumping or daddies or mummies are goodlookings, just the light and green of the nature feels pretty good. I'm bicycling all year round, so only the clothes vary, and few days still possible to ride with shorts and t-shirt, that's cool and nice indeed.


Although I always get sweat after bicycle routes as we live in a hillside, when returning a casa, but we still got shower and bathroom, hah. As most of us Finns have, although I've lived in apartment without toilet and way bacak without running water in Espoo, Golden youth days, heh!! ;)

1.9.2019 Sunday morning, just taking it easy...




..as I can, funny how it's sometimes much easier to work and be busy, than lazy and stabile, but....






...cause the next week's got so much in schedule, especially getting ready and pack all books for Helsinki comics festival weekend. So today just little(?) garden renewing and the terrace back in it's place, is heavy duty, but necessary to do before winter and the interviewievers on Tuesday to arrive our humble home. So now trying to wake up sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly!! ;)

31.8.2019 Saturday morning, gonna have my first interview on the new audio book, next week...






...into the printed magazine, local newpaper, and that's always nice. Hopefully got the cover art work done  and printed too!! ;)


Today it's the sauna bath night and other fun actions. Well, usually includes some heavy cleaning and chores to be done, as not having time on week days too much, cause working on books and music totally psending time and space on my diary pages. Oh I feel happy, lucky and fortunate to be able to create new stuff on art and bluesy rock,

rock thee blues away!! :)





<-- kinda russian bartender we appreciate in Funlandia,

oh yes!! ;)

30.8.2019 Friday morning, rain came to visit and nature thanks gratefully...








...I did made first audio book CDees ready for cover art prints and next week's festival, jee!


Today trying to continue the comics album if got inspired with past tense actions in cold winterly Helsinki, 1987. 32 years ago, doncha think it's about the time to tell the TRUTH!?! ;)

29.8.2019 Thursday morning, waking up to another sunny day...









...although these summer days go fast and soon it's autmn and winter, butI can't just sit down and do NOTHING, and enjoy that. I need action and things to do, not just rest and wait for another day. Gimme inspiration with work to be done, hah. I'm a worker not elite slut, waiting round to be served, jesus, working class nor no class at all! ;)

28.8.2019 Wednesday morning, sunshine and heat waving it's last days of Summer...






...oh, me oh my, my audio book did actually spread into 3 discs, and just barely fit into those 3, huh huh. So I'll leave all the extras and bonus musics etc. for second "print" and the golden Golden Youth part 2. after first hundred (millions!) sold, heh!! ;)






27.8.2019 Tuesday morning, very sunny and warm, seems like little heat wave have a comeback still, but it's still August and rest of the (more southern) Europe in thier hottest and most vacationiolising this time. It's alright to be alive...









.....although I got no respect to some forces who are now oh so hurt, when faced the same violence they serve 'emselves to criminals supposed, are treated. Equality for all, right. Two points to Sweden , hahahhahhaaa!! In these gun olympics, well I KNOW some of you do not understand where I stand,

 and I can accept that too. Life mistreated, must have some revenge, some point, I guess....







....but klling solves only your problems if you wanna spend rest of your life in jail. No thanks, I've seen it already so long ago, have no interest to go back in low life and street walking days. Experience is best when you're alive to tell it. Behind bars you can onlu cry and survive day by day, strength to all acptured free souls, behind  all locked against their (free) wills.

Love, J.

26.8.2019 Monday morning, off to work....





 ...back later on, working week bienveidos!! ;)




Yesterday's rehearsals went quite well, considering I haven't played most of them songs, ever!! :)

Looking forward to next chamce and time for rhythm and solo guitar challenge, heh! ;) Yes, I do love play guitar, and solo fast and invent 'em on spot, so they asked me to come again,  must have played something .............right, enuff!! ;)

25.8.2019 Sunday morning, soon off to Helsinki by our car...



<-- Tina Turner grabbing Grammies 1985 for Private Dancer success, yes sir! ;)



...band rehearsals at Kaapelitehdas. Bringing my own guitar, amp and chords and solos, for rockin' blues. Exicited and hopefully worth spending the Sunday afternoon.





Two guitars can give endless opportunities for great guitar stuff, let's see what happens. Maybe Jack King Noir can get a backing band with 'em also, that IS the other reason I'll be driving 234 km today, in total, and rest tomorrow, heh. We all need our weekly rest and sleeps. Have yourself a rocking Sunday too!! ;)

24.8.2019 Saturday morning, feeling pretty tired for awhile, did the last pages off of the book reading for audio book, and it took some good 5-6 hours in total, BUT now it's done! Happy Jack shall relax and go to sauna bath tonight and...






...do whatever I please on Sunday, although I got inviatation to Helsinki to play some lead guitar with band rehearsals, I feel too tired NOW, but tomorrow never knows, right!?! ;))))







<---- much to my amuse I got these printed postcards for Helsinki comics festival and furthe use yesterday in mail. Available also in limited t-shirt print for XL men's size!! ;)

23.8.2019 Friday morning, waking up and going to finish the last 20 pages of Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. ("Golden Youth part 2.") audiobook reading, and get it done  beforehand two weeks from Helsinki trip. Hopefully got it packaged and getting ALL mercandise ready for festaivalities soon. The biggest happening of Finnish comics people get togethers and foreign affairs too!! ;)




















Well, I was asked to paly lead guitar on friend's band this Sunday and I'äl try to make it happen, if possible, playing music live with good company, ain't too bad!! ;)

22.8.2019 Thursday morning, drinking coffee mugs, starting the the third studio day for my audio comics book recordings...






..it's gonna be crazy and fun item , when finished and sold in Helsinki comics festival 7. and 8. August, and later on in net shops, for all of you, who want adifferent kinda vision audiable with author's own voice reading it. I got the ISBN code numbers yesterday so it's very officially published sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!! :)


<-- Just for the female's pleasure meself in Sicilia 1991, smoking cigarette this "hot male model" in his underwear, in hot hotel room. 28 years and kilos ago!! ;)

21.8.2019 Wednesday noon, read another lousy autobio from this Finnish chick, but as I've been accused to dis these unskillful drawers I won't say her name...


<--- my Saturday noon giog in Forssa video at Youtube!!! Rockin those two fabulous Muddy Waters numbers!!






<--- Me in the morning light in Laru, Helsinki 1995. Check the Tazmanian devil keychain smoking a mighty big cigarette!! ;)



...ever, hah, but I CAN criticise if one is lazy, hazy, dazy with herself in art, ridin' the wave of readers who dig text and bravo for "imaginative!"(read: childish) illustrations and ideas. These einsteins THINK it is diffiocult to draw your "own style" and be like a kid in candystore, just taking what tastes sweetest, nevermind the reality, but that ain't my style. I got much too heavy standards to accept printed a page, it must be good enuff to hang on my wall, as art, it is. But after all sweetness you feel like shit the day after!! ;)

20.8.2019 Tuesday morning,

scanning old fotos and finding some cool pics from yaers gone, oh so long time ago. Memories worth keeping and holding on, good stuff. Funny thangs hidden in chest of drawers, but luckily kept some, lost so many fotos while running round crazy and homeless..... too sad... trying to enjoy what's left, like all time.





<-- Torremolinos Espanja 1993, our hot hotel room balcony at morning. The first week of my free artist days spent in lovely Costa Del Sol!! ;)

19.8.2019 Monday morning, rainy day, doesn't matter to me, as staying inside is easy in this profession of comix artist...










<-----this weeks job, to be done: my second comics audio book reading and dramatising, for the Helsinki comics festival premiere in September 7th!! ;)










...not like that blues singer does in outdoor squares and plazas of this world and dark and drunken bars and restaurants, hah. For sober musicioan that can be handful....!! ;)



Well, I try to take it easy and continue my trip Spanish afterglow and show all, all warts and all, my precious life lived in 80's so long and hard times of growing up, hah. Just for your pleasure told and written!! ;)

17 and 18.8.2019 Well the first duo gig done in Forssa city plaza major...










...well, and we could talk about the PA system and missing monitors a week, but it was educational happening, not too many people on square, but I didi enjoy although wind blew the notes in start and I didn't really hear bass, my own voice nor guitar, and thank god I didn't hear the crowd's yelling too much, hahahahaaa!!! ;) Some applaudes got anyways!!! :)

Well, next time I'll wiser, now this just under my belt, experience and broke the ice and execitement of first time ever singing my own material and those blues standards I love.

16.8.2019 Friday and I'm soon off to Helsinki for another gig rehearsal...


...so I skip the drawing part todayand try to get the set together with bass artist, heh. And tomorrow the gig at noon in Forzza city center plaza, be there or be square!! :)



<-- Our ad in Forssan lehti, yesterday, great balls of fire!! If it ain't the first ever it must be the second time I get pre publicity in print for Jack King Noir act!!! ;)




 I'm pretty pleased with our set list, mostly my favourite blues giants songs and few my own bluesy rock,

AND the "Oh Nurse" from year 1985, having it's second public show, hopefully there's lotta people who wants to listen our music, cause we'll give it all, very special happening in my life,

and as the fool I am, tryig to avoid too much nervousness, sweating beforehand and trusting our skills to deliver good music, so  lock up your daughters and wives until Saturday noon, let 'em be free!!!! :)






15.8.2019 Thursday morning, waking up on still warm days, last of the Summer, there's a glimpse of Autumn already in the air, but hopefully still good weather at next Saturday for our gig in here...





<--- weird happenings in Helsinki 1987, storytellings last run.





...oh I'm that kinda fool who can't think nothing much else than this gig now, as I shall write down the chords and lyrics correctly tonight, and if needed tomorrow the rest.

Yeah got butterflies in my stomach or brains, restless and eager to show my songs in front of the people, oh silly me, dunno why I want to sing and play.....or why not, it ain't too serious though, if I do play a bum note, hah, it's just life. Mistakes and errors are part of it, although I practise as well as I can, always giving all I can.

14.8.2019 Wedneday morning, huh, quite a rehearsals in Helsnki city and Kaapelitehdas, but cleared the visdion which songs we can do...














....and shall play at Staurday in Forzza Center plaza, let's keep it simple and fast, except on those slow ones, hah, yes putting delay and reverb to shake you from your shoes, and rocking away your blues.

Meanwhile I'll keep on drawing this album of mine, pic above from Finland and Winter of 87/88, as I said before, it was colder than welldiggers ass, oh, the everlasting ice age man! ;)

13.8.2019 Tuesday morning,  starting to make my way back to capitol city visit...



....later on afternoon and bringing my chinese axe with me, to produce sweet sounds of bluesy rock concert for bass and guitar and raspy mezzosoprano of the backwoods in Häme! ;)







<--- latest new half page drawning finishing touches from yesterday. Snowy winter of '87 & '88, it was damn cold, especially when you walk all night with nowhere to go or sleep. Hobo in my home town, and that's bad bad bad.

12.8.2019 Monday morning, and just bought tickets to ride to Helsinki for music rehearsals and back....

..................Jack King Noir is live and well, next Saturday at Forzza Center  Plaza Major at noon, to rock your blues away! This is rare opportunity for YOU to catch aglimpse of my blues universe, and to rock your socks out! ;)

 People get ready! <3

11.8.2019 Sunday morning, taking it easy, as this is the only rest day in my week, saturdays are too busy as I did, pick up 3 litres of blueberries, went to see my next weekend's gig place and shopping groceries, washed dishes, did laundry, hoovered both floors, heated the sauna and washed away all my blues........


















...that's enuff for Saturday!! ..or anyday!?! ;) Today trying to keep calm and do as little as I can!! ;) Rest is all you need in peace....! ;)

New songs written and recorded quite passionately and in tight schedule(hah, ain't got none!) in this August:

1138. Screwdriver 1.8.2019, 1139. Luz Por Lucia 4.8.2019,  1140. Goes Without Sayin’ 5.8.2019,  1141. Shortage 6.8.2019, 1142. Idolize 7.8.2019, 1143. Old News, Borrowed Blues 8.8.2019....................... <3

10.8.2019 Saturday morning, waking up with slight strees for next Saturdays gig, huh, gotta learn those 10 songs we're gonna play then...


...and now take it easy for weekend, maybe just writing some lyrics for the gig, as my memory of 432 songs ain't as perfect as it was when I was 20, well I got 849 new aand myself written possible songs to sing and learn, fast and memorize the chords for the song too... well, luckily few know HOW e'm should be played, so We can twista andshoput as we please!! ;)

So next Saturday at noon in Forzza center plaza, Jack King Noir Duo concerto for guitar and bass, see you all in there!! ;)

9.8.2019 Friday morning, and I'm off to make my living....

...although it ain't paying as its hould be, I'll try my best as usual, giving all I can to my next succesful book...

 ...of love and lovers in my youth, especially in Spain, oh, you might heard this all before, but you haven't seen the pictures unpublished mostly to keep up the high quality of tension and suspension, all for your pleasure!! ;)

                                      Have yourselves a great weekend!! :)

8.8.2019 Thursday morning, day after the dentist appointment that went funnily, and got out chap and economically....

...free of charge as the dentist just smoothened the edges of nurse's temporarary filling, maybe that went nicely, cause I did chang my time for his question the day before so he'd go to choir practice in Hellsinki, heh. May be all thangs are related in big picture, the universe and we are all in it, hanging on our feet and toes, like monkeys do. It's just the miracle of meeting good people, every once in awhile,

and being one too.  Some people might think of me as loudmouth jerk off, arrogant and cruel, because I speak the (only) truth and do not act like all loving hippie. Ain't no puppet, got no strings attached, no more Pinoccio time, hopefully you can see the whole picture and big skies. Blues my only dear friend, within reach when things go wrong. Comfort me, and you, this here crazy and oh so short trip on earth. Have strrength to fight the powers to be, wrong. Injustice and fake prophets of Finnish comics scene, hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

7.8.2019 Wednesday morning, and it's our 9th wedding day also...


..shall see how we celebrate it, now that I for once remember it before it's over, hah. The wedding was great party and being married is fine too. Well I'll "celebrate" it with going to dentist to get permanent filling ito replace the  lost filling, hah, but ain't too masocist to enjoy it too much.

 Oh I should start practising the lyrics for those songs I'll sing next week's Saturday here in Forzza city market place, luckily I know most of then by heart and from 30 years before!! ;)

 Meanwhile back to school of drawing better than any man in this here country full of artists who can't draw jack shit, but still get grants and do well, just because they managed to get a hold on some critics balls, oh well, I don't care about fame but fortune I want, like every other man, hah. So I must draw even better to achieve my goal............................................s.

Luckily I got PeneLopez to publish all mys stuff, I'll start this crazeee Summer's comics publication work soon, so I'll gte it ready for Helsinki comics festival in September 7th nad 8th! ;)

6.8.2019 Tuesday morning, tought I'd get my tax refund today, but **** made an question, and because of that money arrives at October, fuck fuck fuck, this poor boy complains til I'll get it right...

















...if I ever get my financial situation balanced and as it should be, I'll be a happy man... for the rest of my life. Until next accidentally mental fuck up in future, oh well, too bad too sad, to be waitin' round to be a millionaire!! ;) Oh yes, ranting the old stuff around again, but gotta keep on trying til the end, although doesn't feel like it, at all

5.8.2019 Monday morning, back to school..........

...never, but back to working week, is alllllllllllllllllllllllright! ;)

 Wedding daze after am still little shakey ground, but trying to get it on with Spanish trips of mine, goldmine o' mine...

 ..just this here middle age man without too much middle age crises, trying to enjot the life of drawing art, or pictures of comics, art it should be called, but still too many people think comics are for KIDS only, jeesus, wake up to this century where art ain't just plain dead classic music or cracked ol' oil paintings these days art is found in most of human cathegories that are touched by human hands, well, if all is art then none is, is my own idea of  too many art statuses,

but who am I saying WHAT is or is not, art?!?

Well I AM an artist, I know what is art, hahhahhaaaaaaa!, when I make it, some is poor some rich, some clever some stupid, as in all human activities.

Art, a four letter word! ;)

4.8.2019 Sunday afternoon, weddings were alright, even though we left kinda early at night, heh, old age doesn't come without sacrifices...














...well, driving the car at darkness with lights of next lane drivers in my eyes is hurtful and painful, never liked too much driving the car...........................s.  Riding my bike all year, saving this planet fot YOUR kids, to waste it...

or not! Today gotta have my rest, cause tomorrow is the working day and learning the lyrics week, for the next Jack King Noir gig!!;)

3.8.2019 Saturday morning, soon to be heading for wedding party...


...times of our lives. In just 4 days we'll be celebrating OUR wedding anniversary, the nineth! ;) Party all month long!






<--- TAX RETURN HAPPINESS ETC. the happier times of 1987, end of the year getting drunk and party like it's 1999!! ;)

2.8.2019 Friday morning, getting up and ready for tommorrow's  party time, drawing today life in December 1987 in Espoo and Helsinki, cold as welldigger's ass and outer spaced out, as wanting to get drunk, fucked and party endlessly, forgetting all the bad that happened...


...earlier that year in my crazy adventures in Spain. Life was so different, Spain was quite poor country with million illegal aliens and gypsies, africans on beach selling cheap plastic stuff. Well you can read all about it in my first Spanish Sauna Trip comics book, buy it and make me rich man!! Haha!! :)



<---Back in winter wonderland, snow and ice, sounds so nice,

in heat wave, not when Autumn starts to cool it all down. Tax returns got just paid, like 'em are next week, now firts time NOT in December, which kinda sucks, cause there won't be that "surprise money" just before X-mas anymore, but glad to be on accepting crowd, again, like every year, I'm glad to pay too much taxes always, .....until I make my first million a year with my international bestseller book publications, hehe!! :D

1.8.2019 Thursday , soon noon, slept good 9 hours a night, and that's just enuff for young boy like me!! ;) I've always been lousy sleeper, living by few hours of sleep, as younger me wake up as soon my eyes opened, didn't never went back to sleep, so I was up earlier than others, bored to wait 'em to wake up...


...some funny happenings when I woke earlier than my cousin's parents who usually wake up very early to milk the cows, every day!!! ;) Well, nowadays I'm fortuned not to be forced to wake up with alarm clock, as my schedule is based on my own daily rhythm, going sleep when eyes are tired enuff, and waking up when not getting any sleep anymore, and it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels good! Freedom of routines and breakfast micro wave porridge, and working just those  hours tahta re needed toprogress my book page or two aday, now this yerar's saldo is more than 250 papers, drawn in horizontal form of pad, size A3, so two papers equals 1 in printed book, hah, doing double more work, hopefully pays off in the end when printed tight and squuezed in one great story of my...


........life, nothing more, nothing less, than a crazy actionpacked and exciting adventures in Spain and Finland, back in year 1987, me just 23 year old boy, playboy of the western world, vagabond and hobo, like you only read in Jack Kerouac's book On the Road!! Some of us were made to move and groove, hahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

31.7.2019 Wednesday morning, 8 minutes to noon, getting ready for wife's cousin's wedding party on Saturday, and my own gig on August 17th here in Forssa blues town...



  Newest recorded Jack King Noir songs of mine:

1134. Losin’ My Trust (On You) 25.7.2019
1135. Both Sides Of All Of Us 28.7.2019
1136. Thrill To Kill 29.7.2019
1137. Forsaken Not Forgiven 30.7.2019



...restarting my solo career with bluesy duo, electric music and singing, just you wait, I've practised for this gig for last 16 years or so, hah, long time coming. I've always wanted to be singing guitarplayer and now have  achange to fulfill taht dream, only missing the recording deal with the major label, and world tour, with live band of my best player friends thru the years and there's some BIG names, but can't reveal here before ink is dried and deal done, so hold your horses baby, these hooligans gang coming to steal your heart away, and lock up your daughters too! ;)

30.7.2019 Tuesday morning, waking up to colder climate, hah, and it's alright to feel not so hot awhile...


...well, Finnish Summer is worth exploring, it can be whatever and usually is too!! ;)

 Enjoying all the best I can, but I'm action bound man, can't just sit back and relax all day, day seems better spent when done somethings, guess I'm not so special within my amusements, never had to dive into S6M to know how poeple hurt and are sadistic, got it from home and discipline that was meant no harm, but left it's marks for ever, violence, physical got no compromise on it. Never use if possible, with human relationships, thanks, but NO thanks.

 Just be happy for summertime lighten days so long and night so warm, yeah, we got all winterlong to wait for next, even this ain't done yet!! ;)

29.7.2019 Monday morning, oh back ache hit me yesterday, and it hurts like hell, trying to get well soon as there's party going up on next weekend. Wedding to go for...











...well, hopefully able to draw and play there too, and here before the weekend. Heat wave takes always the sharpest edge out of  doing work kinda jobs, well maybe I needed a break too, working on my favourite book to be....

...exited and loving it, still after all these years. Well, my first and deepest love, drawing like a maniac, as I've always been.

28.7.2019 Sunday afternoon, lazying one more day in sun bathing, getting my vitamin D for rest of the year, picking blueberries too, on our own yard makes it easy and not mosquito bited and backbroken in woods...













...easy living, yeah, that I am aiming all the time, within my own terms: on weeks days it's OK to draw artas much I feel, but weekends is for rest and acytivities abnormal, like shoveling and carrying dirt for wife's garden plantasions ever moving situations!! ;)

 So until tomorrow and cooler weather, stay hot and cool! ;)

27.7.2019 Saturday morning, heat wave still today's program and plan B, just tan and lay down listening radio, and the most difficult thing is FIND a station without ad pollution, and good music, funny how million stations didn't make better radio time and programs, just bulk for masses, and this here mass does not want lame ass hit potpurs, nor classic rock's zeppelins and beatleses, any more...


...need for independent channel with less heard artists' music, and what make this situation difficult is that our CD player is busted and broken, and got not enuff cash to buy new one, so all I can do is whine, here, for your amusement and pleasure for sadists, which I know some of you are...

 dunno why, but somebody likes others pain, and laugh on top of it, torture and evilness, maybe it makes someone feels superior and better for 'emselves, maybe, we are different and that's fine, never wanted to be like anyone else. In my adult life been lost and found myself, at this age of 55, I kno who I am, preety good, and quite thorougly, warts and all, joker and bluesman, in heart, same little ol' boy, with same dreams and affections. And just to avoid fights with jerk offs, as well as I can. You fight your stupid wars on climate change and sexual liberation, I've done my share and fought my fights, now all I want is live in peace and love, whom I adore.You do it your way, doesn't mean nothing to me, as long as you ain't after my ass, my cattle or wife. ;)

26.7.2019 Friday afternoon, hot as heat wave should be, outdoors and then...












.......later on some drawing comics and drum rehersals as usual on Friday eve! Have yourselves a GREAT weekend! :)

25.7.2019 Thursday morning, getting up early, finding out drawing pleasures as the book turns into last episode and year 1987,  those were the days, my friend...


...wild years on the road, when you're just 23 life seems like forever, never dying, never fearing, boy wonder roaming around Spanisg country and sides, off of the roads and paths. Living the hobo life in full, hopping trains and bumming around, next cup of coffee and cigarettes, yes, I've been down that road, and I know how it fels to be totally alone, in this big world with small people, left alone in rain, left alone to suffer, loneliness to the bone.

It all makes me feel pretty blessed and satisfied, looking forward and the better times, while this world is getting crazier every day, politics makes their own cabarets and circuses, who need political jokes, anymore?!?

24.7.2019 Wednesday morning, coffeedrinking man clearing the fuzzy head of sleeps and still finding things to really enjoy in my book writing and drawing process, and am also further on in schedule than I thought I'd be this time this year. It's been busy 10 years as I found music making my affection to spend all the time left from drawing art, now song 860 done and recorded, for future generations to wonder and listen, there is music even though YOU might never heard about it...








...and same thing with songwriting, singing and guitarplaying: giving all I got, no holding back, no second hand feelings, just raw power of blues, jazz and rock heavy! Here's the latest titles:

1126. Drawing Like Possessed 9.7.2019
1127. Bass Theraphy 11.7.2019
1128. Spur Of A Moment 13.7.2019
1129. Vulnerable 16.7.2019
1130. Jungle Snake Boogie 18.7.2019
1131. Heart Beating 20.7.2019
1132. In The Heat... Of The Day 21.7.2019
1133. Light And Crispy 23.7.2019
To be continued!! :)

23.7.2019 Tuesday morning, five minutes to noon, so I'm early bird again, hah...



...not. Summertime sleeps as longas  I can, love it, well actually I do it all year, and dislike those morning when have to wake up on alarm clock, pampered emotional soul and body, hehehehe...

well, drawing the last month of year 1987, December 1st, today and WHY it is so meaningful to ME!?!?! Read all about it...


2021. <3



<-- The whole truth and nothing but the truth of Karen Price in Playmate of the Month fotoshoot... one of my all time favourite Playmate, in time of goodlooking girls and women,

 not those fat lizards that have now squeezed into their too tight jeans, fake eyelashes and ugly ironic tattoos. Oh call me conservative and primitive jerk, but I do love women, in fit, and still don't want to see too heavy metal lifters and muscles, but times they are a-changing, back when THIS foto was shot, bodybuilding was skinny little boys who couldn't get any girlfriends, nor pussy, and we laughed at 'em cold turkeys trying to pass as beach lions. I don't have any respect to any weightlifting doping muscle posers, is  your pride attached to size of your biceps?!? Poor boys and girls.....! :/

22.7.2019 Monday afternoon, visitors left, getting back on life as wee see it...
















...normal, average, common and I have a feeling ours ain't nothing like that, but it fits to us best. Doing what we love, want and can, most of the time, and working only for thsake of how it feels and got impotance to, us. I'm selfish in my actions,

 BUT I know it, ain't got no little boys naive  illusions of solving all wars, keeping world peace, control way YOU like the climate change nor simple pure good wills among people, but every once in awhile meeting good people, gotta check out what's going on....

 ..........outside my own head and bubble I'm living on in. Heat wave is reality and hot nights, hard to get sleep, but it's so rare, iot's too stupid to whine about it. I'd love warmer climate here in funniest land of all, Funlandia anyday and year, thank you.

21.7.2010 Sunday afternoon, heat wave is on...










but I'm ust waking up, guests are nice Latvian people, so it's alright. havong fun and hoping they're having good time too. Summertime's best right now. Nature showing off it's beauty, pure green colours and flowers blooming, very pretty things, too pretty to paint, as I didi say in my wild youth, why I didn't care much of landskape nor nature drawings, too pretty to describe nor dublicate, on paper or canvas... and I still feel so, although learnt my way to add littel nature in comics when needed, background art, necessity in most of stories to ground it on time and space. Yeah, time traveling woth pictures of mind, cheapest thrills and index to finger on! ;)

20.7.2019 Saturday morning, expecting the heat wave and unexpected Latvian visitors too...




well, surprise visit of wife's friends, hopfully fun and cool in this hot day! ;) Okey gotta clean and hoover first, hah... as guest pride has to do! ;)

19.7.2019 Friday afternoon, yeah slept 10 hours or so, very much enuff for a night, like my sleeps long and dreamless, out like outhouse and black as coalminers ass. Possible heat wave time over here...







...makes me possibly lazy vacationer if possiblities comes true and hot over +24, I'll be glad to sunbath a week, as my album is developing ahead of it's timetable, yeah, happy Jack and mr. Noir gotta play thru the August concert set, few times so mr. King will know the lyrics too. Roll over Beethoven and tell Tsaikovski the news: At Forzza center plaza Jack King Noir gig at August 17th, 12.00 hours the high noon that is!! ;)

18.7.2019 Thursday morning, and I'm soon on my way to dentist, to had next  nonpermanent filling to one who really was nonpermanent, I don't mind but it hurts not to have fulfillment...


...in my life. Oh my teeth are quite well now, no more holes, but old fillings drop every now and then. Luckily to live in small town, easier to get the time for doctor and dentist, usually, or atleast to nurse whose gonna fill my hole today, phoned just yesterday, so it's pretty soon.

 Meanwhile back in salt mines, 235 (half) pages drawn, soon getting out of **** in my autobiographical book. Maybe it shall be less than 200 pages in printed, and that's just fine too. It's gonna be heavy stuff, reality, warts and all, nothing sugarcoated nor silverlined fantasy for adults nor kids, it ain't meant at all. I have no interest on kids books, fairy tales nor educational storytelling, you do it if you want and see an purpose to 'em, I got none of that bullshitting bullshit storytelling genes in me. I'm fast and loose kinda cannon ball. Telling life not stories and fictional heroes and princesses in castles and upper class arrogance and elite's wunderbarbarian lives. ;)

17.7.2019 Wednesday morning, full moon fever woke me up til half past three in the morning, so am little tired and sloppy, but alive, I'm not robot...





...no matter what you might think, "he's a machine" drawing faster than speed of light 233 pages in just less than 7 months, you try it, and THEN and only then can judge me, hah. Oh well, trying to catch aglimps of summer, before it's gone and the cold period of 8 months is here again! :P


Summer vacation is still waiting for me, somewhere some day it will all come true, and me getting paid for everything I've done for the art life, all my life, art first then the storytelling, I ain't no author nor novelist, it's too easy just to write and NOT draw, what you need to say, a picture tells more than thousand words!! ;)

16.7.2019 Tuesday afternoon, had a lil lack of sleep so I did snore over 10 hours, heard rain outside my bedroom window, and just changed to another side of pillow and side, kept on sleeping, and now am rested like a baby...





...and thinking about how fast this summertime goes, I need to take aleave and off to working weeks, so if it happens to be sunny and heatwave on cloudless sky, I shall have my summer vacation on our yard, yeah, free and good time! ;)

15.7.2019 Monday morning, woken up by asshole phone salesman for repairing house businesses, always asking for "man of the house" and as I am one,  don't own this house, so annoeyd with those freewheeling salespersons phoning at 9.38 in the morning of Summer, everybody in whole wide world's sleeping for god's sake...







 ...as least I AM!! :P So if all day slips thru fingers is his fault, and I can't shout at him, anymore in the phone, so I'm shouting here, haha...

yes, this life of a vagabond of the western world, playboy of the civilized parts of tellus, artist of natural born lover music maker, lovetaker, heartbreaker, hehe, well I am what I am, have I changed since childhood,







well hopefully, but also am the same serious funloving little boy, at heart. And it's alright, childhood was what it was, time for play and games, toys and sports, comics and first musical idolizings, oh, I feel for drawing that album in 2022-2027 "Born At Friday 13th." <3 But time just rolls on and gotta do my adventures album first, finished Finnished and best I can, wipe all dirt and lousy jerk offs off, with material unseen in Finnish comics scene, and that' a promise. Just you wait.........

                                                                                                             til 2021. ;)

14.7.2019 Sunday morning, oh yes traditionally slept late and gooooooooooooooood long time,






nothing much to do today, except finally adjusting the new book shelf in it's place, above other book shelves I've done from scratch and old wood and new coat of paint, by myself, as the piles of books annoy me, and I'm a fool to buy new old books from fleamarkets and library's sell out of removed books and CDees, so them gather like honey bees in hive, sweet taste of good books in my rooms. CDees are multipiling almost on their own, as soon I need another new room eer. new space and shelf for 'em too! ;) Interesting as hell, wouldn't you say`?!? ;)))))))))))))

13.7.2019 Saturday evening, something fishy going on, or was it just powerbreak, heh...




...well Saturday spent watching very fast winning of  women's Wimbledon final match, so it was not too suspensed! ;)

Later on sauna experience as every Saturday, our little tradition that still feels fine, 10 years in this town and hopefully many many good ones more.

Have yourselves the best your kinda Saturday, life is too short to be grumpy old man!! ;)

12.7.2019Friday morning, waking up early, welle arlier than usual, so it's a change and different way to drawing table, can't really have a vacation at home, as the calling from illustration chair is too loud, and the conscience to "work" not lazy around, my spartan and strict work ethos, pathos and d'artganan...














...heko, laughing all thru the day, smiling thru tears and loving every moment, getting surprised by myself, stupoid me! :) Summetime blues and hippy hippy shaking shoes! ;)

11.7.2019 Thursday morning, just before noon, getting up.


Last night I did drum 2 hours solid rock'n'roll with Motörhead's Aftershock, Weezer's Red album and half of one Judas Priest album, sweat came when Motörhead started to spin in the player, I do dig to play drums with best of drummers in rock business, and with most of my favourite (fast) songs, too. Like every instrument you want to master, there's always new to learn, and it's not just speed that counts, hah, drummer counts only 4 or 12, if blues involved, and I love blues, fast or slow, trying to keep it simple and groove like crazy bat outta hell, haha... !! :)

10.7.2019 Wednesday morning, sunshine making comeback of the year, summertime blues and good morning little schoolgirls...


...muahhahahaa, ain't got no schoolgirls hanging around, time has past some bluesy lyrics and attidutes, dudes, chauvinists and arrogant  womanizers, and that's mucho alright. I've never wanted to put down and dis women, every nude art of woman I've done, I did it for respect and love for human woman nature. Got no enemies to hate, except those who does not KNOW me, and are self prejudciical towards me, but that's their problem. Many can see only other's problematic, weird, unusual actions, and I still have only one solution to them: take a long hard looka at YOUR mirrow, see where the trouble lies, and if there's no trouble nor nothinh to improve prove it, and THEN judge me, little schoolgirl.

9.7.2019 Tuesday morning, and I'm searching for cheaper t-shirt print than my usual, and there's many but one really tempting deal, but funny how I don't have any money...







...on my bank account, so I must stay patience and accept this situation of my financial times. Oh well, poor boy blues, I've been singing these tunes since I was born, hah, nothing very new on that section of life, long art life, every morning when I woke up I wasn't dead, I'm satisfied and happy for new day. Thankful and grateful for all these mornings while free and alive to do whatever I please, and that's a lot.

Boogie for another perfect day in paradise. ;)

New songs for Jack King Noir repertoire recorded with speed of sound and light magic:

1118. There Must Be A Planet B 23.6.2019, 1119. Rain’N’Wet 26.6.2019, 1120. Dirty Blues 28.6.2019
1121. Dusk 30.6.2019, 1122. Perky And Firm 2.7.2019, 1123. Score And Win 4.7.2019, 1124. Fantaziser 7.7.2019, 1125. Old, Borrowed And Blue 7.7.2019... to be continued! See all my songs in MUSIC-section, if you please! ;)

8.7.2019 Monday morning, day after footballing world championshipped to USA, plääh, well Netherlands didn't really stood a chance, but still, it's feels better to be on the underdogs side, and support the smaller...


...well, today's program is rainy day and vacation like time, hah, guess I'll be doing what I want,as usual, lucky me got what I want to do, and enjoy every minute, well, almost every minute of it. Sometimes work feels like a burdon or  too heavy and personal, but I've chozen my path to tell it all, like it is, not like any Downtown abbey dress coded old time nostagic trip, it's not drama not satire, it's..

...my life. And I kinda like it to be told truthfully and all, as it was and that's the way it's gonna be, I guess, best thang about future is, that you can't REALLY never tell it beforehand. So Ill surf like Jack Sparrow on the waves of my own ocean of pirate boy's memories.

7.7.2019 Sunday afternoon, and today the championship game for women football, later on...


...I did some adding to my secret jeans jacket back oil painting illustration in the mode as I did back in 1986 and 7. Magic numbers 7,7,7...

   ....heh, if I was a (more) superstitious, I'd expect something great today, heh, now I just wait for millions to roll on my bank account and erase my financial troubles for ever. Playing Eurojackpot wuth huge 4 euros risk every week, I think I'd earn the victory soon!! ;)

Got nuthing against granted scholarship and free money from government for me, been awhile since got any... bohoo, and makes me angry to see 'em who got, again, those artsy fartsy artistic  lucky ones, who art is, what it is, to em it's too easy, too obvious opinions, for positive and enpowering "messages", but that's just my opinion, I'm not there to judge WHOSE good enuff, and important for the art of this land, glbal interest and universal stars........................................! But change is gonna come!! ;)

Rock and love revolution!

"Somewhere there must be a place for us, peace and quiet everywhere... somewhere...!" From West Side Story, listen Tom Waits' version from Blue Valentines album.

6.7.2019 Saturday morning, after the day I get all wet in rain strom bicycling back from town. Didn't expect as hard pouring down as it was, and long, lasted several hours, and I was trapped underneath a big tree, for half an hour and spurted to shopping mall, just few hundred meters but jeans were all wet in frontside. Did my shoppings and waited an hour more...


...and then went into rain stubborningly, and did get wet in my cotton pullover and feet inwater that was making little ponds on roads, as it was coming down too fast to be swallowed into ground, well the good thang is nature got it's moisture, just what it needed to survive. To me it was just a nice funny little inconvenience summer accident. Phrase: Summer dries all what summer gets wet. And as we know all old folk phrases ARE true!!! ;)  More women and more football/futbol esta noche, tonight's the bronze medal game, and as a neiughbours do we wish all the bad luck to Swedish team!! muahhahahaaaaaa!!! :D

5.7.2019 Off to worlkike actions in town, slurring my coffee and on bicycle soon...


...have yourselves fine weekend and Summertime, it's Friday and everything's gonna be alright!! <3





<-- Newest brand new hip t-sirt design for the upcoming album in September advertising item, that shall be collective rarity soon,




after some 400 years at least!! ;) Muahhahaahhaa!! ;)

4.7.2019 Thursday afternoon, yees, slept 9 hours and it's just enuff, for me....


...well, maybe one day this here my diary is interesting too, hah, too much expections might cruel your day. Awhile I think about how days goes by, and this summertime and warm climate over here, is usually pretty short, but I got too much inbteresting things to do just enjoy free time or tanning in sun. Luckily we got hee the colder period for this week end, or so. 219 papers drawn makes the beginning every day harder to get inspired, BUT soon as I get some good stuff drawn, I'm pretty pleased to my profession, no matter how rich I am, I am quite a happy man in my artsy life. Guitarplaying makes me happy every other day I make a new song. Why should I overkill the fun of it by playing and draagging tha band on tours, just to make my buck?

 As many bands do, did and shall do emselves bored and liquered til death. Dećicions, decicions, some are happy feeling blue. Some men do get what they deserve, lotta poor boys being poor and miserable all they lives. Luck and timing, makes or breaks you. Just thinking awhile. And now boogie! ;)

Wednesday 3.7.2019, morning after stupid quarrel with friends in Facebook over stupid jive ass rockabilly band: Stray Cats, me being loud lawd and stupid to tell what I think of 'em, sloppy cheeked teddyboys loking like tired bulldogs, hah, and that was too much, gotta fight over and go to personal weights and stuff, maybe smoking pot for 30 years doesn't do 'em good, after all...








...all your own fault, if you get hurt and dissed after you attack me, I'm the bulldog that attacks back at you, you bet. Apologizes come when seen doing wrong, but calling shit shit ain't that kinda stuff, well, if our "friendship" won't hold and tolerate speaking out my mind, go fuck yerselves.

Makin' enemies, is easy, just ignore me and arrogantly try being funny calling me names and evil suggestions how I'd get slimmer, well take a long hard look at yerself in a mirrow, and if you only see slim and fit intellectual there, then you know how to handle me, and my opinions. Nice. Rich kids growing up, most average dudes drinking beer and smoking whatever, in every possible day and way, escaping the routine on their lives and work, I guess.... these homebound heroes are claiming to be the toughest guy in town, yes they are, until next superduper old man rich kid comes along.....! :/

2.7.2019 Tuesday morning, oh rain came down last night, pretty cool and just what the doctor ordered for nature. Drink for greensleeves, thirsty for waters, not like I am, only care for juices and tasteful liquids, hate to drink plain tab water, and ther eason can be found in my books, if you read really close and intensive, hah...




...well got no hidden messages except, hey wait a minute I CAN'T tell you it here, cause it woudn't be a secret anymore. Oh clever me, mensa member since born, under the bad sign. Friday thirteenth, yes I am the blues man since the day I was born, in this cold land mid December and long time ago.


Time is your enemy, but sometimes my only friend, thinking about times and lives...   Summertime blues. Neverending trip to past, on my books, oh well, I have plan for the rest of my life WHAT to do, and that ain't not bad at all!! :)

1.7.2019 Monday morning, Back in schedule of this boy telling truth about years 1986 and 1987, yes gotta admit I do dig my potatoes and drawing the story of my...


...life. Nothing betetr to do or draw for the time being. Hoping toi get my finacial issues right and publish the drawing manual for naked truth about the naked ladies. Kinda guiding book for eager souls to find how to do bodies and hair with just pencilworks, later on I'll publish another helping hand book in watercolours, and I have the title for it already Angelandevil part 1. But that shall happen just when the time is almighty right and there's a public desire and need for it,

 so don't hold your breath for 'em now, just few year/s on the road and in the drawing room and you'll be master like...

me, muahhahahhaaaa! :))))))))))))))

30.6.2019 Sunday morning, wwoke up too early, and saw some annoying nightmare, so here I am cuckkoo rycoo, up like early bird, catching the early worm. Listening my newest 4 songs: 1117. Don’t Think, It’s Alright 19.6.2019, 1118. There Must Be A Planet B 23.6.2019, 1119. Rain’N’Wet 26.6.2019 and day before yesterday's hit single: 1120. Dirty Blues 28.6.2019  

I's been quite productive and musical expressive month, although those relatively sick and disgusting legal matters spoiled my fun at earlier days on this June, now them seems to be in orderly stage when the black widow is scared to go to trial, cause she's abound to fall and fail miserably.
Too bad she never showed me no mercy, no kindness, so that what she'll get back. Advice for all you youngsters and fresh parents: always treat your own kids the best, if ypou want 'em to respect and care for your wellbeing later on, in your life... there's always the possibility you are the weak and handicapped, needing help, and the forest shouts back, what you shout it at, old finnish frase.
<-- newest full page includin 2 separate papers size of A3 horizontal. Blues de Carcel Española, 2021 by PeneLopez. The book that'll conquer the comics reading world and make me the intellectual snob and raving multimillionaire, for sure, hahahhahahhahaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

29.6.2019 Saturday and I got better thangs to do than march for my sexuality, got not so much off tolerance for gay who try to pick me up, and introduce me to the "dark side", with force, not asking would I want or appreciate their kinda proposals...



...hah, over the years I've been a target for many horny faggott here and there, all over the globe, but didn't find the love I was after. To me it was interesting to see what the hell is this homo stuff, back in year 1983, and you can read it all in my Kultainen Nuoruus books.

 Reality and real loving, having sex with women always was enuff for my love hunger, you can love what ever, BUT I'm not interested on your sexual behaviours oh so wild kinkyness. We're all human and animals, able for feelings and affections, loveable creatures. Everybode has right to refuse forced on ANY kinda sex.....ual acts, against their will, and yes as a white hetero male I'm not the minority, except maybe out of Europe. Gays always think they are the majority of cool dudes and only them are chaces after and mistreated,

hah, take alook at the mirrow, a baby! ;)))))))))))

 Without sex is easy to live, but without love, not. And I'm only answering MY OWN ideas, and speech.

Peace and love! <3

28.6.2019 Friday morning, and I'm off to worklike activities where I do get paid...






....later on, well this life is full of choizes, alternative realities and foggy dreams about future. Some want more tahn they'll ever get, some can accept poverty and less consuming, some never have enuff money, girlfriends nor time.



Oh well, my thinking ain't too bright at this stage of morning, more coffee, now....! And have yourself a cool red hot weekend, fuck your pride, love your tenderness and love, not your sexualities perversity, sorry....

 am I not. Happy not ot be too gay, muahhahhaa!! ;)

27.6.2019 Thursday morning, wife's birthday, so lil party and ice-cream cake...



...more football tonight after one night painful(!) break, yeah so fast you can get addicted on TV programs and sport channels and games. But No game s of Thrones for me , thanks, never watched any episode in full, got bored too easily...! ;)


Treat your women right, keep the in short leases and chained between  kitchen sink and stove, feed 'em everyday and give 'em, all your love. Rainbow warriors for cleaner earth, I'm happy not to be gay, as it still is such a pain in the ass...

 and it'll always be, the squirky snappy kakkies and unicorns dancing that disco sucking beat, and the good taste shall be away far away from any gay army of lovers,

 jesus, tasteless ias asynonyme to gays wardrope, ironic moustaches and skimpy lil skirts and all...

.............................you need is love,

not homosexuality! ;)


Hah hah haaa!! :D Excuse me if I don't share you opinion abouts ex nor sexuality, do I have a freedom to speak out, if I don't care nor lust what you got?!?

Be what ever you want, but don't ask me to be it, I'll be what I will and love, white hetero male yes I know it's a four letter word!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))! But listen honey, I don't care!  <3

26.6.2019 Wednesday morning, waking up and  soon continueing the employment stuff, before summer holiday for 4 weeks...


... well, met a friend in shopping mall and heard her shocking news, she's got cancer and it's bad kinda, so sad, so bad, so sorry for her. Gave her a hug and wishing well. Makes  you think about life's shortness and fast turns to unexpected, evil and desperate. Life just hit you with smelly wet rag in yer face, nohing much you can do, but trying to find things living for, til death do us apart. I'm not friendly with my own mortality, don't wanna die, ever. Although how hard is this life and struggle to stay alive. Making every good moment count, and surf through with dry feet the bad days. Strength and powers for all in bad shape, ill and sick. Somehow I almost feel like lucky one...............sometimes I feel like fatherless child, sometimes I feel just hollow and powerless towards the loss and death. Good luck K.

25.6.2019 Tuesday and having a meeting soon, for my professional future plans for this unemployment officers pleasure and my pain...


...in the ass, huh, well I do understand that they have to do waht they have to do, in the name of law,  but still, it's a damn shame what a unemployer have to do these days if not having amonthly paycheck or being an intrepenteur and having company and paying his or hers own paychecks. The world is crazy and I'm juts living on it...!

 Peace on earth and meaningful jobs for 'em who need 'em. Life is hard enuff without arrogant and evil officers/ governMENTAL staff active models. Dear lord help me to suffer another day with those who do not know what I do and why.

 I know I don't GET what I deserve, yet, but maybe the next album is the international hit I've been yaerning for last 23 years.

24.6.2019 Monday afternoon, slept good and well over 10 hours, yes, like a baby. Sweet dreams are made of...


... sweet maids and sweet revenge is made off of your skin and bones, and I don't hear you laughing, are you ready... to rock, to be rocked, to be chained and balled?

<--before I did some mercandise advertisement movements this was cencored by net police, not me, I ain't no pussy police, never seen nothing WRONG with natural beauties, naked and full frontal, just stupid hypocrazy of americans, pussywhipped men, undre their wives thumbs, sad sad story indeed.

23.6.2019 Sunday morning, feeling better, watched some great female footbal /futbol as we spanish boys say it! ;) Did finish the shelf project too with power tools, screwdriving with eletric screwer, yeah my  newest favourite tool! No more aching wrists after screwing up shelfs on the walls!! ;)


 Summertime blues might go on tomorrow, but that I shall see tomorrow, now trying to easyskanking, taking it E-Zee! ;)

22.6.2019 Saturday the Juhannuspäivä, slept late and after rebuilding bookshelf stronger to carry all those lil booklets that is ahrd to find place where they could be found among normal size ones, and all the cleaning done with few gallons of sweat and physical activities, grilled 'em trad. sausages and onion in ball grill, wife went for walk the dogs just when dinnertable was changing and sooner time to eat so...



<-- My "Dirty black summer" ( Danzig)



...little misunderstandings, grew into sad episode within this midsummer party, oh well, heat wave came and went, now ot humanlike +20 just fine, resting my case and hopefully all domestic quarrels.

I hate to fight and fuzz, all peace and love is my mission, maybe I must look at the mirrow and make resolutions there and here, blaming none, but myself, being stupid and stubborn, maybe that run in the family!! ;)

21.6.2019 Happy Midsummer fiesta por todos, hyvää Juhannusta kaikille...



(......forgetting hoovering and vacuuming and whatsoevering, for a DAY in sun, grilling some sausages and boiling new potatoes later on for traditional of our house and -hold, and not getting drunk for 14th Midsummer  also today and night, yeah sober and good, you hang over in hangover, hahahaa!!! :)))))))))) )


....all you fantastic good people out there, have yourselves a kinda Midsummer you want, as we do here, in Forzza Finlandia.

Tenth  Juhannus in row here, taking it easy, and having the time of our lives, trying to love the life. Doing all we can for better and brighter future.

Okey bailando amigos ahora y siempre, fiesta de verano medio hoy!! ;)

20.6.2019 Thursday morning, had a good day for drawing and making new music as you can read here:

1107. Enjoy This 25.5.2019
1108. Leadin’ Into Criminal Life 28.5.2019
1109. Water Down 30.5.2019
1110. Jazz Vampire 2.6.2019
1111. Jazz Reggae Trash 3.6.2019
1112. Blues Punk 4.6.2019
1113. Ever Been 6.6.2019
1114. Black Is Black 8.6.2019
1115. Naked Fuse 9.6.2019
1116. Never Can Say 15.6.2019
1117. Don’t Think, It’s Alright 19.6.2019 ... to be continued!!!




<-- page 197 sketch, before inking, which happens next year, 2020.




....today trying to get the shelf on the wall and  progress in comics, as usual, and maybe some suntanning later on,a s it's promised to be +30 something, kääk!! ;)

Oh well, nice little temperature which we don't consider heat wave in Spanish costa del sol, at all!! ;)

19.6.2019 Wednesday morn...noon after 35 minutes, slept like a log and happy baby and snored like bulldozer, watched some female football, but most of all did drew some pages and past the point of halfway, pages numbered of 200+++. Paint my new built bookshelf white to get all my lil books and comics on shelfs! ;) ...and even stayed an hour in sun, getting tan, life felt good and weel done, almost could say I was satisfied...


...oh and lended my old Tokai love Model to friend who wanted to learn guitar to accompany herself in gig, I'm just happy to help someone's career and give that guitar a new life, not just hanging here in my drawing room cealing! ;)

It served me few years beore I was able to purchase my dream guitar: "Luzia" de Les Paul Custom, white and golden beauty, but that's another fun and beautiful guitar, story!! ;)

18.6.2019 Tuesday morning, oh yes, I'm up before noon! Draw a cross on the wall, haha!!  Promises of heat wave again, but I try to draw and not lay down in sunshine, but I'm only a man and man can lose...


...a fight agianst windmills and wills of power that be and are, as the legendary Finnish Summer is short and just a little snowy, as they know in Lappland, rarely I want to believe, it snows in June, even at Lappland, damn climate change and polluting noise of AC/DC, ehehhehee!! ;)




<-- Guess whose that innocent looking young girl?




Yes, it's Pamela Anderson, best of exported products out of Finnish roots, time before her boobs started to grow, and grow and GROWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :)

I remember herself telling she was a exhibitionist, voyerist flasher, kinda likes to show her body, thank god she's got the looks to show,

 nowadays she's  anti animal abuse and what,

 righteosuness for Assange and helpless ones, I guess, taht'll fill her day and gives pleasure,

but here in field striup teasing that little devil, helped to made a million teenager boy to come.................. a man! ;)

17.6.2019 Monday morning, fresh and clean morning, hot milky way of coffee and porridge with blueberries, superfood for supermen! ;) And just average stuff for these average men...


...listening Tom Waits Bone Machine album, after I saw him in my dream last night, we did talk and comapred tattoos and then I woke up, maybe Tom knows my comics work and music in ether and radio waves, haha...

...maybe I just fool you, while you're foolin' me. World full of clownes and clones, Tom Waits is unique and special talent, too bad he's concentrated on movies and what, family life, last years and not gigging pateintly in Europe, any time lately nor near Funlandia and northern states, I'd rather go and see him anywhere in concert, but no can do if there ain't none available. Cruel world. I got blues to sing about, never have a shortage of 'em!! ;)

16.6.2019 Sunday afternoon, taking it easy, again, well you take it too...


like you want too. Have yourselves a fine lazy Sunday  afternoon! ;)






<-- Johnny Winter in Helsinki Finlandiatalo 3rd of June

2009, taking a sip of cool water. Photo by me, I was in third row seat. 10 years ago. RIP Johnny, the fastest fingers and coolest singing from Texas! ;)

15.6.2019 Saturday afternoon,




.....sleeping late, slipping and sliding towards summer holidays mood. Nature is as it's best, green and fresh, flowery perfumed air, berries turning progressing from flwer bed and people getting into easy feeling summertime, dunno if I have break or not,depends on weathers, if it rain all day I'll draw and get my book done for inking state sooner.

 Life full of surprises, some least expected, some loving spoonfuls of gold and heartworthy experiences, well self-evident truths  and 'em goes without saying for some, some never see anything right. Especially blind never does, could not, but is that a reason for pity the fools?

You answer to yourself. All, you can do, is it worth all teh struggle and fight, living hell, I can thank you now well.... thank you not.


Bitter not sweet past ghosts and memories, so hard to delete and go on without hate,

maybe one day I can see it with smile and accept it was just mine, past and only past.

14.6.2019 Friday afternoon, waking up late, late, late time just have to wait, for me to drank few cups of java and open my mind and eyes to reality of Finnish weather,a s it is today fine, not too hot yet and possibility of rain as it always is here, oh summertime, and fish must be jumping and your mother being goodlooking, hah....










....well, life takes it's tolls and road lead to arome of forest and sand of the bicycle lanes, so many big trees flowers blooming right now, and the grass, weed and all wheats that used to give me allergies all my youth til I started smoking tobacco and grew up, them allergies vanish or left or weaken so 'em doesn't  effect on my eyes nor nose, as it was a hell as a child, whistling breath of asthma.

 So glad and knocking on wood, it's all gone and past, like I'd live to be this blues arrenged by my deceased parent does under six feet and I can still hear him complain..... FTS.

13.6.2019 Thursday after noon, clouds in the sky but not in my heart so much, anymore...





 ...as things are progressing and evolving into court and legal matters directly, if the bastard in case won't pay me my share, well,

and if I do know anything I know people are greedy, and bastard in case is extra heavy greedy, so we'll wait two weeks and then press the charges and that makes me satisfied. Truth is my middle name and justice is my nephew, love conquers all, even hate from the forefarthers  cruelty. Fart worth was mine foregoers, the sad selfpitied immigrants of Karjala, which I won't accept back, not ebven in beer bottles, if you know what I mean!!! ;)






And now something completely different, drawing schedule shall reach to 200 strong within a week, oh before Juhannus/Midsummer bonfires and most drunken fiesta in Finland, or maybe that title goes to Wappu/First Of May!! :)

Whatever, be true to your heart and soul, rock'n'roll all your blues away! <3

12.6.2019 Wednesday noon soon, waking up later as I'm sleeping my blues away, day by day time seems to be the healer too...













... as I'm not the type to worry, strees out nor holding grudge for weeks, this is hard for me, trying get over. Things forgiven ain't forsaken, oh yes, good  words, so I wrote the lyrics for those three little words that tell you all, you need to know, when daffopdils are grown inside your skull, rotting in cemetary grass, growing under and below. Sorry only that I didn't gave you all you deserve,

 being arschlosse soldier of misfortune, man with no pride. Loser with no sight, blind mouse without able to see, the truth.  Did your best to spoil my fun in my youth. Fucker with no mercy, on me. From me, to me, its all the same,

you're jellybean brain! ;)

11.6.2019 Tuesday morning, slept and watched women's football world cup, nice sporty females and suspension enuff, when such a opposite countries from globe battle in grass court for championship. Good pure entertainment...


... for these tired eyes, wanting to put all hate and misery in past, but this here mind doesn't work  like it should be, can't accept lies and ranting, no matter who does it, to me. But I try my best to get in shape to live my own life and not to worry too much, and it's hard................ there ain't no way I can smudge and disrespect more that  man in case, as dead men can't hear your screaming,  deaf ears six feet under... stands none, makes no difference into anybody else's life but mine. So is there any reason but anger and hat and dispice, that makes me hate, so hard to wait for justice, that might never come.................................! Summertime blues again. Carrying our fathers sins, we do, do we?!!?

10.6.2019 Monday morning, and this everlasting tale of how did I sleep last night, well well, well I did, good all 10 hours, after too much suspense and ugly situations created by me late father. I know it ain't no good to dwell in that shit he left behind, and it just takes out the fun in life, but I gotta do what feels right, so glad he is dead...





 ...so I won't have to kill him again! ( HAHAHAA!! <--A JOKE, I had to spopil otherwise I'll be charged for mortal toughts for my dead dad, sic!!!) Asssholes are  born in Krajala and immigrated with everlasting misery towards home, which them never reach, left their heart and love within, and to their offspring sadness and loveless childhood and youth gone.............






....wild, at least that's what happened in my case. I was a wild one age 17-23, like you wouldn't believe it, even after you read my autobios, hah, yeah even my cousins won't believe it and 'em tails err... tales I got, and lived thru. But you my dearest reader are clever and reasonable and do trust my every word!!! :)))))

9.6.2019 Sunday morning, another sweat out night behind, the sheets are wet too, oh this rare cases of heat wave in here latitudes and land of ice and snow and that midnight sun...


...yes the nights are too bright for sleeping well, then you can use those eyeblinders from aeroplane trips, for example. I'm still trying to recover from my father's last will disaster, dunno can I trust my laywer to be on my side, huh, gotta hold on my own rights, and not to be taken by waves of ignorance and rumours, well my facebook friends try to help me as much they can, thanks a lot.......................


...I'd love to hear real life experiences but not "like feels" like offs of maybe truth and what you remember happened in your family shared wealthies,

oh well. wish this nightmare was over, wether I'll get any money or not. I admit I never expected none from my late father, figure that selfish fucker.

Oh well, I'll just stay depressed with reality and unkindness of the parental fuckery. Wanna hint for how to treat your kids: well do it well. Let 'em know you love 'em, not throw 'em to wolves nor living under the bridges of Paris! That ain't right, never! Never abandon your own flesh and blood, you're responsible on what you've done, to your kids, forever. I'll never forgive him his violence and inrational acts of hate and dispice. Fuck that shit. In this here residency I never celebrate "father's day", and you know it's for goddaman good bad and ugly reason for! :/    Bitterness I'd lost and left so long ago, dragged upon again. Someone's gonna pay the price.

8.6.2019 Saturday morning, soon noon, high is only sun and temperatues, like yesterday I took 3 hours off anf in sunshine, get little tan and rest my case...


...looks like I shall draw the shortest straw again, and my days as poor boy ain't over. Stupid laws and bastard father's evilness overblown, and the powersa of dark blind side shall win, why do I care, why do I hate injustice?

 Guess another time Einstein, ain't no reason for me to ever love my late dad, didn't love him while he was still alive, and glad he's now dead so no one has to kill his revoting face and liar existence, again...


....................with pleasure, trying to rearrange this parently pain and rightful anger into good actions and work on my art. And most of all PUT it all in past , said and done section. Drawing my version of life in my comics books. Wish my father wasn't mine dad, this I have dreamed all my adult life, searching spare one step-fathers in rock figures, Bon, Lemmy, Phil Lynott and many more, which have become my brothers and uncles, blues men kollegas. Singinmg the blues to get rid of your bad mad news.

7.6.2019 Friday and off to see my laywer, for the first time to solve the daddy "issues"...






 heat is on, and slept sweating bullets, huh, but that's alright, I can sleep later on taking Spanish kinda siesta time off. I'm all off and only comics on my mind and that asshole whose name won't be named here. Heritage of poor and crazy, gotta fight for my rights and  obey the law,

for once, hah..... see you in court all you blind horseshit eaten evil stepmothers! :D

6.6.2019 Thursday noon, I just slept 10 hours as the nights before were hard to get on any, this and all the other mammothful news you just gotta read here, and more to come...


...hahhaa, life is full of small, tiny and little things that makes my day, as I haven't got any world tour and stadium size gigs, yet!!! ;)

Today the hottest in Finland this year going up to +30 degred in celsius, ...my american idiot frends! ;)

And 10th anniversary as we being Forssa citizens from 6.6.'09, moved into this great little house on the prairie and have been enjoying most of our good times here!! ;)

 Small town got some extra good stuff like easier access to newspaper headlines than EVER in Hellsinki Newspapers, sad but true. And haven't miss a day to live in overcrowded, overpopulated, smelly, polluted Helsinki, while having this peace and yard, birds and dogs and cat and berries growing on our own backyard. Only regret that we moved so late as 45 years old here, but that doen't worry me any time at all! <3 Forssa city!

5.6.2019 Wednesday afternoon, yes sir sleeping my missing nightly hours dues away, trying to stay alive and feeling well, it's thsi constant struggle and suffer given to me...





 ......unasked horrors of fathers, is so hard to avoid. Still got my heart, wanna hear it beating and never stop, plant the seeds and wait it grow, oh farmer's life in fields of love. I'm strung out on this situation and finding the way outta misery. Yes, all I want is truthful justice and all..........................................  your love! ;)

4.6.2019 Tuesday morning, waking up slower today, as sleeping was nighmarely short, and my anger just grows towards the late parental advisory in his last will, grrrrrrrrrr..........


 ....angry birds and screaming monsters, living under my chest, still wondering how can a man be such a bitch, dead and gone but still causing me troubles and loss of time and valuable money too. Dunno if any cash can wash his ugly revenge six feet under away, dunno if I shall ever be kind enuff to forgive him any of his violent days nor this bullshit he wrote, damn I'm angry. Wish I could put it all in past, gimme what's rightfully mine and fuck the rest of that twat. Okey, got the picture? Assholes shall remain assholes even after death, that's for sure, now. No sugarcoating needed nor got, wish I'd choose my relatives too!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!! :D

3.6.2019 Monday morning, waking up after 9 hour sleep, feeling refreshen and relaxed, although there's still little sandman's sand in my eyes! ;)

 I'll contnue to do what I want and when I want, most important things in artist's life: being true to yourself and enjoy what you art, and fuck the rest, nevermind the bollocks who gategorize your work, style, mission, passion and love...

to do excatly what you must. When I was a young boy I dodn't know WHAT they tghink I should do with illustrations, I was unaware where I should consentrate and how to develope, as I was praised and told to be "artist" and although I had heard those hallelujahs from age 7 it might have gone to my head, as a teenager I was unsure and shy, til I hit the bottle and all hesitation flew outta window; so thanks to *king alcohol* I had my share of love making in early age of 14, so I've been fool for loving these 41 years, it's a mighty long time, period that'll go on forever, in my illustrations too! Nuthin' better than woman naked to draw, hopeflly get my visions of women published soon in book size and international stardom, here I come, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2.6.2019 Sunday morning, taking it easy and slow, got no hurry nowhere, and that's cool...


...need a  break and charging my inner child soul and the rusty batteries and refill the menatl gasoline the fuel for drawing my autobiographic novel...

ty, make it bigger and betetr tahn everything else preinted before in this god forsaklen sad country. No small aims, no small change, no humple pie, no grateful dead, no pussywhipped kids stuff: only for adults and people enuff  grown up to bite in the cake I bake from my hardest memories and actions. Are you ready?

1.6.2019 Saturday noon, soon in two minutes, awetched the first Blade Runner movie lat at night, and reading Keith Richards' Life autobio book, which is nice, although my Stones digginns has lost it's spark and I hear too many sloppy drummings and out of tune "singing", hah hah, that Jagger ain't my favourite blues crooner...


...he just loses on every count with Muddy, Albert or even John Lee authentic blues. I can relate to another junkie's opinion: "I wouldn't go nearer than  1 mile to Stones gig!" ;)

Hahhahahaaa... said Ginger Baker, that old angry drummer, which band Cream and Clapton I do not value NOWADAYS, either, and it's all in my ears, I don't give a fuck whose done what in which drugs or such. Fucking losers think it's the drug that makes god music, you're dead wrong as ther's million unkies in the world who can't paly shit nor compose tunes you'd groove!!! So take my advice and open up your tired eyes, flush your drugs on toilet and realize it's all in you or not,

 ..........some people CAN others want, some won't ever get inspiration, some waiting it for 18 years like unrolling Stones, too much money can make you lazy and living in luxury, counting your dollar bills in your hotel room with new catwalk star model, every night, huh, is that all for rock and roll you got?!?

31.5.2019 Friday morning, waking up and glad I can do and be active although my mind is all mix up with anger for reasons, told here before, the relatively relatives problematics, thank ou very much. So I was happy to record anew good song last night, and also the book project is getting closer to 200 drawn papers...







..........here latest one, and I'll give you a clue, it's adirty deeds done dirt cheap!! ;) Hah, life on the otehr side of bars and stars, glad it's all over, hopefully never have to visit those skid rows, nor captures off of the born free, treated worse tha animals in cage. Think about it a hot minute, if you got time! Freedom songs, I wrote all my life, and blues I was born with. <3                                    Respect your life and love all you can, man.

30.5.2019 Thursday morning, sleeping better day by day, well I sleep at night, so getting my facts and witness stuff in order, to challenge that dead bastard's lies and his wife arrogant and false laws, damn...


...there must be a law and undisputed will, in the eys of righteousness and Finnish justice, and this time I'm the winner baby, have mercy on me, and not for those criminals of abandon kids in their youth, leves marks for the rest of our lives, never healing scars and heartbreak, is taht what you wanted..................

...well that's what it looks like! Okey, I do understand I'm all shook up in my worried head with this shitty court case waiting in future, and especially I have to travel into that goddamn town in east again, but then it's all cleared and I ain't no junkie they blame me those 35 years til now. So sad and hurt, and it's all thanks to 'em. I was innocent young boy at age of 17, thrown to wolves and run over by truckload of shit from someones who never cared about me, but I did survive and chose pure love and life, never was strung out on any drugs, never used no needles nor speed or horse,

but did saw it all too close and near, to refuse it and 'em. But hey, that won't make me a junkie, seeing people shoot and drop out, of this and that systems, if I'd give an advice I'd say try love and understand your kids, not hate and abandon, you just kill your own children and their litle hearts, is that what you wanted?!?

29.5.2019 Wednesday morning, 


...and trying to get along with anger that runs in my blood, for my enemy I gotta fight in court, and that's all wasted time from art and illustrations, I'd rather be just drawing all day and sleeping all night, instead I have this great battle for my rights to heritage of my parent(s), and it feels so frustarted and cruel, how can person be so ugly and mean, shame on you I.N. shame on you blind bitch, really hate you and what you did to me with my dad. Just read the proclaim of Finnish law and  justice:"One is innocent until proven guilty!" And I stand for that, truth and justice, mother fuckers, prove me wrong fuckface, hah, good luck with it! ;)

28.5.2019 Tuesday morning, day after our third  championships in icehockey and some jerks of us the brave Finns, starts to dissing it, oh you heartless cruel besserwissers, let us celebrate...........








...the whole Summer, if we will!! ;) We Finns need all the party time and fun we ever can get,as the nation of sad depression and eternal blues, so don't ask me WHY I sing the bleus blues, even French do it, let's fall in love...











....with happy days and Summer nights, best we can, love and respect to all!! ;) Except assholes whom I've named before, so tehre's no room here to name 'em fuckers again!! ;) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!

27.5.2019 We are the champions of the world!!! On icehockey, wow, that was a huge surprise on quite unknown player's team and great group effort, winning starstruck Canadian team!! 3-1 no explanations needed, better team won!! ;)


 I'll hope to get back in work mood, and this sport win helps my feelings stay up, and not go down where I have to  do my opponate to last will bill thrill, but that we see in court in near or far future, just trying to get my life in order and enjoy every day I can ,

alive. But justice for all.



 Comix album papers I bought 100 more last Friday while in Helsinki center shopping, so I got what I need to draw on for next 10 weeks, at least, well I think I stillneed 100 or more til my super saga with +200 pages is done.....! <3

26.5.2019 Sunday morning, waking up so proud of Finnish icehockey team's accoplishment last night with win of Russia's multimillionaire team, 1-0, yeah that was a BIG thriller and entertaining as hell, today against Canada in silver and gold medal match at 21.00 hours...


...no matter how it goes we're all winners baby, with this team of common man overachievers, bringing happy moments and good pure icehockey fighting, especially when not so many believed 'em when thise games strarted, it takes a man to admit his illusions wrong, oh believe me I know what I say and write, most of the times at least, hahahaa...



.................might invent a joke or funny contradictive phrase out of the blue, and into the bläck, yes I'm joker and soldier of fortune in my own life adventures and the gold at the end of the rainbow. ;)

25.5.2019 Saturday  afternoon time is 13.12 excarly same as my birthday, coincidence or not, hybersuperstitious on number thirteen, black cat bones, ladders and ace of spades, voodoo hoodoo, mojos and johnny congaroos, material for us blues singers. Our daily actions are filled with magic and odd accidents, meetings beyond, messages  and signs, hidden magic in numerology and in the sky, stars tell and can be read, oh well...


...it's all mystique and alternative conscience, instintcs and feelings you can only feel, not see, but is it true, is it reality, and something you can relay and trust, answers ain't excatly so clear nor easy to proof. And now I'm only after truth. Wrote so many songs about truth, true blue man, reality's strange phiffaníes, weird happenings, somewhere in twilight zone and behind understandable in straight terms of real man, what's really real and what's fantasy? I'll let all you fantasizers tel!! ;)

 here newest songs of mine:

1096. Wednesday Afternoon Blues 2.5.2019
1097. Desire 4.5.2019
1098. Blues A´ La Carte Blanc 5.5.2019
1099. Clairvoyant 9.5.2019
1100. Is That It 11.5.2019
1101. Blues Had A Baby, And They Named It Rock’n’Roll 12.5.2019
1102. Grand Smile 16.5.2019
1103. Silvery Moon 17.5.2019
1104. Saddest Man In The Luckiest Land On Earth 18.5.2019
1105. Can The White Men Sing The Blues 21.5.2019
1106. Cuts 24.5.2019

Listening your heart. See Jack King Noir duo is coming to town near you, so you better lock uop your daughters and wives!! ;)

24.5.2019 Friday morning, yesterday went right and progression to get what is rightfully ours is  going to court and settled there, later on, so now I can breath and go on with my life and not worry about the lies my father left me...


... well, feeling sick and tired of even writing his sht and ugly mind, and that evil stepmother who NOW "don't remember" even what she said a year ago, poor sucker is outta her small head. See you in court, bastard. No mercy for the wicked witch of Karhula. Hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! :) Excuse me while laugh at you and your dirty little lies and misunderstandings, fuck face and her arrogance seems to never fade nor die, so no reason for me to treat her kinder than whtat she deserves, and I've always been a good boy scout. I was everybodys' friend, never wanted to fight or quarrel, and even did forgiven my father's sins and false accusations, BEFORE I got that last will outrageous lies to read, ................................................................................now I'm angry and so disappointed again. It's motherfucking time to TELL the TRUTH,

..........and only truth, so help me, god. Open your eyes, except you don't have 'em like my evil stepmother hacven't got, and surely ain't the only thing missing in her head!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!

23.5.2019 Thursday early morning,soon off with bus towards the  Kotka town, to settle up the last will and lies that it brought back. Gotta stay cool and calm, as possible, it ain't easy, but I got 7 hours to wake up or sleep in bus ride and finally able to buy few more drumsticks as i just took last pair in use yesterday, what a coincident...



<-- old postcard of the late great marilyn Monroe. Made me happy all through the years and decades,

....even as a Spanish tatoo under my arm from year 1987, go figure out that!! ;)



...dunno how it's gonna go today, but all I want is truth and my legal share from late father. No matter how bad parent he was, and ugly and arrogant his second wife is, we're saved and protecetd from insanity and false accusations by law, as they got nothing to hold against us, kids of the dead man. And no matter what happened in 70's and early 80's they can't take it away, the scars on our backs, the hurt in our soul and cry in our hearts shall go on, forever, death of an bastard doesn't make him saint in a flash, no fucking way.

Justice for us all!! <3

22.5.2019 Wednesday morning,things starting to shape out right for yomorrow's hearing and traveling case to prove my rights and correctness, hah, yes, I'm a good boy, but I do the bad boy boogie over town...


..........nah, that's not rue  anymore, I used to do bad boy boogie, born to love til the day I die,  being bad bot ain't that bad, I had me more dirty women most men ever had, all you women come along with me and Ill show you how good this bad boy can be (Bon Scott 1977). One of my all time favourites, what aman and bathroom poet as he said himself, hahaha!!

<---Illustration here made with pencils and colour changed in photoshop by me 2017, while I needed a break from comic album I worked 2016-2018 and released in September 2018 in Hellsinki.
















Hey, we went to see the Avengers Endgame movie last night and I gladly surprised that they used my body to model one of the superhero,

the Thor's torso!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!! :P

21.5.2019 Tuesday morning, finding resolution and answers to accusations, game of thrones of my family tree, and evil stepmother indeed. My life's never been like a fairy tale book, except those few great moments of triumph as in 2011 the winning of the Finnish comics 100th anniversary competition comic book autobiographicla novel, Golden Youth printed and sold 2012 world wide...........

 numbers that I only know, and even I dunno excatly, hah! But I can still relate to AC/DC song, Ain't No Fun waitin' Round To Be a Millionaire!!! ;) Need a message in song, there you got it!! :)

 Waiting inpatiently Thursday and trip to eastern Finland and counselor's office to hear and deal with last will of my late father. This has been on my mind, too much,especially the lies he wrote. Can't accept 'em at all, as I told you before: I need, carve, demand truth and no false accusation beyond the grave, the fact tha my father couldn't see clear nor seeing the big picture. Gap between true and lie, is humongous and I only tell truth, so I should not worry so much , but I feel so hurt again for thangs I've dealed and put in my past, and forgiven my father's ignorance and cruelty, and cheating to cut his children out of his leftover money and apartment's value, ridicilous and evil, like he was, but I've forgiven his stupidity decades ago. So it's only so very sad he tries these cheap tricks, even six feet under. Growing daffodils in his eyes and worms eaten his flesh, oh he was cremated so it's only dust in the wind his existence....................................

 My tears are not excatly falling over, him. I can give you all you fathers a GOOD advoce, treat your kids with love and care, and you'll propably never end like me, hobo homeless, but hey, I got tales to tell cause of it, hah, so maybe there is a meaning for all the shit my father shoveled into my back!?! :/

20.5.2019 Monday afternoon, sun shines on heat levels of this land of north...



......me I'm wondering how to deal with stepmothers, assholes and other disgusting creatures, landed on my trail and path to righteousness, truth and justice, for ME and every other man, woman or kid whose been misjudged, abused, mistreated in the name of law, love and misúnderstnding.

 People TREAT your kids right, that's all I want you to know, do and really think hard.

Yes, think again, which way you CAN help, encourage or live with problematics, your kids run into,

judging is for god and jury. I'm on eof those misfortuned ones, whose parents have abonded, misjudged and trated like shit, not because they understood what's wrong with me, but because they didn't! And that's the truth.

19.5.2019 Sunday morning,






....it's hot and I'm feeling dizzy after watching the Eurovison song contest til early hours, luckily today it's ice hockey time again at night. Taking it easy and hoping for the best!! Have yourself a greeeeeeeeeeat time! :)

18.5.2019 Saturday, great fight in last night icehockey match against Great Britain, who fought like ööööööööö, men should. Finland had really struggle to score and win, but the better team won finally, good for us. It's been nervewrecking suspensed games , as it usually is with us hockey fans to be in audience and live with the team's every move, huh!


 Well, this inventory of the estate of a deceased person next week keeps my mind alert and thinking, too much, all I can say is how false a man's head can be, hiow can you judge some one without hearing his or her side first.  Sad sad man, wish I neve would be his son, but as I am, and my youth experiences with cannabis was a joke in court, did have afine for less than 50 euros, ha. Ans to my knowledge illness nor sickness of the mind  ain't no crime, and defenatekly NOT reason to make me not suitable for the legal cut, that's all folks. And most of all: gimme proof of any kinda shit you judge me, thank you very much., bastards! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P !!

 ....So all you fathers of sons take good care of your kids, love your own offspring like good parent do, if you wanna be happy, for the rest of your lives. Try to understand and REMENBER how tuff it was for you to grow up, got it?!? ;)

17.5.2019 Friday, and my mind is still in whirlwind and dizzy with angry thoughts about my late father, as I read his last will...

 ...full of lies and nasty rumours about my behaviours, just avoid the legal cut to  us what's rightfully ours as his children. Too bad I had to see this kinda ugliness in the blind man's last act, as I did already forgive him all he misuses and abuses, and  bruises he hit to me and my sister as disguised as disipline and raising kids, LIKE his own dad did, that's so sad. And spoiled my few good memories of that dead bastard.

No mercy for the bad, if they want it.... and no mercy for my father, dead or alive. Here's the little advice for all you juveniles parents: treat your own kids the best you can, and you got their love and respect, like I couldn't have nor give, I suppose forgiveness is free,



 ...but respect you gotta earn baby. So if you've read my autobios the way my father mistreated me was just a peak of shitpile, he did. There's no reason for me to admire nor respect him, in my world death doesn't make you a saint immediately, and unreachable to TRUTH.

 So all you fathers out there, buzy in your rush hour years, take aminute and think HOW you want your children to treat you, later on in your lives, you know life is funny thatw ay, it goes on and developes, soon you're the one needing help to get your dirty ass to toilet and back. Under age kids are in YOUR responsibility, that's why we have those laws, kids are naive, stupid and just too young to understand the cruel world, yet. So help your kids, no matter WHAT was your own upbringing.

Be a man, not a pussywhipped slipper kicked around the house by your angry wife. Ugh.





16.5.2019 Thursday morning, and sunshine, wife wanted to be funny first off...






.....got into fight and that's most stupidiest way to start a day, apologizes needed, jeesus. This life has never been TOO easy, and it defenately ain't now... plääh. Have yourselves a happy day if you can!

15.5.2019 Wednesday morning, well maybe next year Finland sends a GOOD song to Eurovision contest, not a lousy techno shit, with not too goodlooking hetero singer to amuse gays springtime break festival ,oh dear, such awaste of time and money and electric backdrop show business, for what?

  Well music, is the last thing important in Eurovision contest, undoubtly it's a no brainer: you can't put songs in scale of better or worse, laughable thang. "On, no my song is better than yours", like your dad is better and stronger than mine, are we 5 year olds in sand box fight?

Answers readable in some other jerk off comics artists pages, where you answer to your own questions like a fool!!

14.5.2019 Tuesday morning, trying to get my eyes open with cups of coffee, drinking still not pouring it into my eyesockets, ehe, joke for day, laugh all life, stupid or not, clever or jive ass, all the same, if you like it and hurt no one else...


...somewhere there's a place for us, peace and quiet and open air, said and sang in broadway, by Leonard Berstein wrote the music, and Tom waits made sweet cover of "Somewhere", that melts your cold heart and opens one of my favourite album Blue Valentines, great musicianship and tunes and stories, big respect for Tom, forever.

 In album above I did one Waits cover few year's back, and I think I nailed it, my way. If you can't bring anything new and different to cover, why bother, brother?!? ;)

  Okey, "Listen to your heart", another Motörhead song from best of Motörhead records" Overnight Sensation"! Listen and explode the fluffs off of your ears! :)

13.5.2019 Monday morning,  ain't too hot, warming by the time and month, slowly...

....and I'm running out of storage drawings that won't reveal too(!?!) much of the next episode and adventures, so I gotta invent a alternative pics for your pleasure! Maybe you enjoy naked ladies dancing on the beach with most perfect reading for you adolecents and juvenile delinquets, like I do! ;)

12.5.2019 Sunday morning, mother's day congratulation to all good motner's on earth...




....and not bad motherfuckers at all.

 I'm watching the Ice hockey world championships with enjoyment of Finnish team fighting and winning first two matches. It's only too bad that all teh matches are in MTV3 channel or in it's pay for view channelshit.

 Nostalgic for YLE showing more than just Finns games, but as I might have been told before, capitalists take your money and force feed you advertisement wwhich is not any kinda my amusement, quite acontrarery, hate ads and teh world image they try to sell us. Oh nou nou, life is ruined by TV and moneymakers, hahahhaa......!!!

11.5.2019 Saturday morning, trying to find happy things and enjoy Springtime, no matter if it rains little, it's warm like Summer rain! ;) I'm still wondering why I didn't win in Eurojackpot 45 million as it was planned...



<-- still running wild and free?!? :/ My notoriues Spanish Prison Blues half page, when I'm, goin up to house, again. too true story, but I gotta tell it to you, maybe you get wise and avoid some stupidities  I've done, maybe not. I did what I did, cause I wanted to see it ALL! And that's excatly what I did, seen it all before, now time to tell it as it is.



...seriously I'd know few tahngs to spend it on, right away! So I must keep on dreaming til I make my first 45 million deal and comic books wage! ;) Oh well, glad what I have accomplished and all the important things done and purcahsed earlier on, ain't no rich man, but poverty ain't oo far away, from today's point of view, so do I have right to whine, cry and pity............................................................................... myself?

Of course I have! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!

10.5.2019 Friday morning and off to work or "work" and play my part in this game of pretending havimng areasable and valuable things to do while spending time on govermentally insane projects to clean the heavy load of presentage and numder of...


<--- deserted beach in autumnly Castello´n De La Plana, Spain, 1987.


.....imployment statistics. It's a crazy world and you made it as it by voting capitalists, so thank you. Somehow we 're all living in this planet, but hoping for planet B, to come out of hide and save us. Dunno is having the best time awhile alive is the solution for world's problems, zeitgeise and anxiety, but I'll do my best to stay alive, sane and happy. And hopefully make as many people happy with me, as I can. Laughing is funny, was a title I wrote a song few years back, still right on money. Towards better times and weekend!! :)

9.5.2019 Thursday morning, just woke up strangest dream where I was  congratulising Remu and we were in mediterrian and the sand cliff next to us collapsed and buildings were dropping to ocean...



<--- in pieces I am, waiting for freedom, libertad siempre, mis amigos tambien! ;)




...and then I woke up! Hopefully I don't have any fortune telling skills, no beachs to collapsing and rowing thank you.  I am true believer of voodoo hoodoo, mojos, black cat bones , ladders and umbrellas and all superstitious stuff  you can imagine, born under bad sign in Friday 13th, but I'm as much real gypsy as is Andy McCoy, hah....!! ;))))))))))

8.5.2019 Wednesday morning, domestic hurricane and tornado smashing each other, troubles I could live without, only makes me sad, so shall I sink my sadness in work, and try to live like nothing's wrong...

<-- streetwalker and trashrtalker fir so good together!! ;)

... that's something the future biographical writers must dwell in and on and on: "What was in his mind, did he leave a diary or "secret cryptic memoirs"?!?

 Hah, couldn't care less right now how the futurists in future see me, if they can't see my art, nor the value of it, hopefully I ain't just another unknown number in history book pages, as I do beleive my life is valuable and my art, well it is what it is, best I can do. Can't see no point to produce fast and commercial comics, just to earn a buck or two, nor trying to prove being artist like a kid, wearing hippie clothes and dye my hair blue or orange, yes, I've been thru that already in 80's, and got no reason to go back to those days.... except in autobiographics, hahahaa!!! :)

7.5.2019 Tuesday morning, on diet losing weight as suppose to, brightens my day early in the morning as I watch it every morning, and try to eat as little as possible, that's the ONLY really working diet, I know, as working hard in constructions is out of questions, no more that kinda stuff with these worn out knees, so I'm kinda lucky my work is to draw pictures inside house, in whatever weather it is out side!!


<-- making moves, connecting people, streetwalkers like us have more fun, you bet yer ass!! ;)



Well, 26th year in this profession as I was late bloomer thanks to officers in Funlandia and Spain, haha, read all about in Golden Youth series, that'll tell you all you need to know about life of a little artist boy's struggles and love affaairs so sweet and bitter from 1978-1998...

 ...and after that is finished I'll make the My Childhood " Born in Friday  13th" -story 1963-1977, but that's just when this crazy world is and if spinning still year 2022! :P

6.5.2019 Monday morning, wish it will be better than yesterday: domestic fight eat all fun outta life, but so lucky it's all over. Slept nice 9 hours and feeling pretty alright, well this is MY dairy and I CAN write whatever nonsense or dramatic actions I want and like, right?!? ;)))



<-- streetwalking women and me, the best of friends between strangers in the night!! ;)






...well, I can live without any fights and too much drama, thank you very much! Life and crazy dreams I just had with rocker well knopwn, hah, waht a trip, man!! ;)

So today it's drawing more of this stuff for book of revelations so hard and real, you'll pee honey, baby! ;)

5.5. 2019 Sunday afternoon, slept some lacks out and got rest needed, taking it easier than the situation is, but troubles is my middle name, and it's only here to be conquered and smiled like a killer, when winning the race with he devilish purposes and temptations...



<--- meeting new friends to be lovers ?!? :)



...as I'm on diet to lose heavy load weight and fight the lust for sweets, candy, chocolate and delicatesses every night just before I fell in sleep and watch TV to get ebtertained and empty my head. I'm the kinda men who think too much all the time, and hate it, trying to avoid "thinking" as much as I can. Don't gimme no jive ass "you should use more your head and think" rap, cause what suits you might not suit to me, it's that easy if YOU see, what I mean..............................!

Sunday best time to relax and take it E-Z!! ;)

4.5.2019 Saturday morning, waking up not amillionaire, what wrong with eurojackpotting betting all 4 euros a week, as I should be winner and  lose this poor boy blues...

<--- trading shoes and getting old sneakers in exchange, good nusiness or not so good, but hey man' gotta do what...

ever he gotta! ;)


...it ain't right, it's not fair, that every week I do trust I'm the next eurojackpot winner, but the wins are small if any. But hope lives on with every week and these Saturday mornings, when I check last night's numbers and wake up happy or not so, damn. Wish I'd be happy all the time, but blues sneaks in to life, unwanted and unexpected, maybe it'll make me better blues singer, and gives me more street credibility, who knows... but do I really need more street cred ? Nuh, I need money so gimme all you got and buy all my books now, you are hypnotised to do so: buy, buy,buy,buy,buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Fill the earth with my good books and my pocket with dinero, por favor y gracias ! ;)

3.5.2019 Friday and my active life's only weekly appointment but profitable so, maybe I should be happy and glad...



...maybe this life is fine and not worth complaining, but hardly can be so optimistic fool, when see so many troubled, poor and some who never can be satisfied . It's a long way to working society of happiest people in the world, huh. What I can do and what I shall has a tiny difference, and limits of time and money, til I'm righteosly rich and multi millionaire and ambassador of good for lesser fortunate, yeah that'd be great way to spend millions, giving 'em to unexpected poor, when meet. Maybe one day my dream can come true.

2.5.2019 Thursday morning, long needed rain finally came and shall be with us today too, mama nature thanks with growing greens and if I do recall 'em clear the air, stop polluting this planet, is easy for me to say as I fly very rare once a five years or so, it's not me whose spoiling this ground, you leave for your kids....




<-- nightclubbing in Castellon 1987.



...as I have none, no kids to call my very own, although I always wanted one or two, so you can't judge me for overpopulation either, so you take the blame for all your actions, thank you. Leave what you want to generations to come and see,

 if there is a planet of blues, or not. Kinda big thing, decide what you want to give, take and forgive and been taken. Away, with conscience.

1.5.2019  First of May, 15 th Wappu morning without hangover in a row, and that's more than ever in my whole life, as I started drinking wine as a tender age of 14, and next 27 Wappus  I was one on the million drunk, all over this land. Well, Alko makes good money every year this time, and by the taxes paid of every alcohol bottle, this (next) government shall do goos for us poor and needy, yeah?



<--- living with coffee and cih´garettes, for real, this ain't no  lame ass survival-show on TV with cameras rolling in desserted island shite, and that's all right. Wild man Jack's adventures in Spain, out of his brain.


 Living in hope for better times and chances, love and understnding. Living in dream for good, and trust for progress and development for equality, and taking care for homeless, old, handicapped and pebsioners with small tiny pensions. And most of remember to gimme all your....................

 money!! I'll tax you nothing, I'll take cash, checks and all bitcoins too!!!!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

30.4.2019 Wapunaatto, good morning and have yourselves a happy day celebrating students, Spring, and labours...





<-- Leaving the station, passing thru, going places and insane and stuff like that in my youth of golden stream of happiness and... bad bad luck! ;) So lucky those days are over, but still got enuff memopry to make 'em a graphic novel, oh lucky ( born in Friday thirteenth) me!!! :)))))



            ...I'm planning to draw few pages and have little sausages and put on my student hat at evening and tomorrow. Never knows what, where and how, but that's the mystery and twist and plot of this life. Destiny, luck and accidental meetings in future, love you, love me. Be good to yourself. And pets of your life! ;)

Also done few new songs:

1080. Man Who Knows It All 12.3.2019
1081. Spring Time 15.3.2019
1082. Splendid 16.3.2019
1083. Justice Is Blind 22.3.2019
1084. Righteousness 25.3.2019
1085. Rock Heavy And Hard Life 29.3.2019
1086. Anna Mae Bullock 5.4.2019
1087. Howling Guitar 7.4.2019
1088. National Rational 11.4.2019
1089. Jazz De Notre Dame 16.4.2019
1090. Jazz Dieziocho 18.4.2019
1091. Destiny, Justice And Luck 20.4.2019
1092. Without Disappointments 21.4.2019
1093. Booze, Blues And Other Everyday Consuming Items 23.4.2019
1094. Stage Of Life 25.4.2019
1095. Dope Hope 30.4.2019 ......................................................................available soon in music shop near you!! ;)

29.4.2019 Monday morning, sunshine and dry ground needs rain, before the farmers are in trouble again...


<-- sleepy sleeper needin' sleep and rest, according to my favourite blues singer Muddy Waters' song : "...oh baby I'll sleep on the floor, just to be with you..."!!!  <3


...as them are EVEY f**cking year!! ;)

 Dunno why can't they get their shit together and grew something good and get along and  make profit like good ol' bad days of 70's!?!  Well, I always thought EU pays a whole lotta for framers in here altitudes of north, where best raisin is snow and ice cream, ehe. Eskimos like us, are crazy for snow and cold cold ground, all year thru.

28.4.2019 Sunday morning, and the birds have arrived finally in our yard and trees getting their leaves fast now, oh well, (read yesterday blog!) and Summer I can almost feel in my old bones. Warmth and smells and odoeurs of nature. Good that I quit smoking 19 years ago, so I CAN smell different kinda smells, from orange peels to fresh flowers and earthly stuff...


<--- sleeping in cafeteria chair, lack of sleep for 3 nights will due it's cost!!


...well, good news and bad news: Jack King Noir shall make one gig (at least) on Summer, but our landlord is again thinking of selling this house, so that might mean we'll have to buy this or.........................! :/

 Too sad if we're foced to move, but hey that's life too, hopefully shall find a nice house for rent near, with garage where I can paly my drums, on winters too, and we can have our pets and all. But luckily this land is full of empty houses and apartments as everybody ( all the young urban proffessionals) want to live in cities, especially in Helsinki, so that gives us a little comfort if buying this ain't an option reachable, ...........................we're living suspense times. Hoping only the best, for all....! :)

27.4.2019 Saturday morning, leaves are opening in trees, seems like fast but they been there for weeks until they open. It's the nature's wonder i won't stop wandering err wondering, how it's done, how this planet knows when it's Summertime and when not, sure some whizz kid professor of nature could explain it all, but still the wonder of life, born is...


<-- dealing with devil in crossroads, as any good ol' blues singer and guitarslinger would, back in 1987, waiting there is no heaven on earth for us sinners.



...miracle and so average and natural (heh!) that we hardly stop to think about it, or do we, you, him or her do?

Oh well it's easy to sail thru this life without ever wondring why and how, isn't it?

Answers as usual post office box 313 Ducksburg 30100 Funlandia, gracias mia mores y perros, hijos de putas como yo, tambien!!! ;)

26.4.2019 Friday morning and I'm off to work space...



 ...for the daylight hours, or less, it's just 4 hours that aman can be createful, grateful mna can be all his life, but that's another story!! ;) Wishing all you good boy scouts and girls refreshing and happy weekend activities with knots and survival knowledge and flags and signs with pillow cases!! :)




<--- "...all alone at the crossroads with shadows around me, I've come such along way and I'm nowhere bound..." ( Peer Günt 1986. )

25.4.2019 Thursday morning, I'm on diet again for next 4 months, first days gone fine. Except wife keeps giving me candy, she bought but didn't liked, hah, so my weight is lowering but not as fast as I'd thought...


<---crossdressing in Spain, hahhahahaa, wouldn't believe if you'd see it with your own eye, is s/he a man or woman!?!




... it's a case of having good health and functional body, to work, play and walk, for the rest of my days, thank you. Maybe I had enuff of 14 years being overweight, plääääh. Gotta make and stay in more healthy diet for ever, since now. Trying to avoid to slipping back in old norms and delicatesses, yes being hard and firm for myself and going straight to the top of my game in slimmer inner me, as I've felt always,  again!! ;)

24.4.2019 Wednesday afternoon, yeees sir I did sleep enuff, 9 hours and read  inspired audiobook of Little Richard, huh huh til 3 in the morning, it's Titti Frutti and revlations and good golly miss molly, sexual and race with times and devil's music. Usually I don'y get so excited on book that it's hard to stop, but this one is, happy to go to bed every night....


<-- Train kept a-rollin- old blues rock by Yardbirds' and Albert Järvinen's solo album Ride On!!! <3




...oh well, these abnormal warm days of April are so fine. Enjoying with all my heart, and like I told yesteday to a friend, I'd rather spent winters in Spain's climate, but til I can afford it, I seem to be dreaming about it every year, more. Dreamd to fulfill, dreamd to live for. Dream of better world, for you and me. I may be selfish in work, but in life I'm communist by heart, all to all, equality like any capitalist would cry!! ;)

23.4.2019 Tuesday morning, sun shining, Spring sprunging, feeling like a king...





<--- stranger in strange town, middle of the night!







...without clothes or money, but still king of my kingdom, comic adult world, adventures in real life. Been this way since 1993, and it's amighty loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Trying to keep positive thinking and feeling, ni matter how hard life treats, still alive and well! Listenig Johnny winter blues always make my day. And need one more tattoo on my lest arm, still wondering which I'd prefer most..........! Time will tell, like it always does. Strange ways, accidents and destinies, luck and spurs of a moment. Life, best experienced alive.

22.4.2019 Monday morning, it may be holy day, but for me it's not a holiday, I wanna draw and go further on my story, still have along long way to go, on path I chozen. It may not be the fastest nor kindest but it' the only and fairest of 'em all, truth.


<-- the escape train adventures continue!! ;)


 Burning like fire in night, sometimes it looks like only fire, in the night, only salmon swimming upstream, like in Neil Young song, that was carved in my golden cross 1978, Will To Love. I was such a young boy then, full of love but nobody to love, in sight, in arms, in bed, all those little kid years, I've been thinking about... to make an album, when this last trip to Spain is done. Born in Friday Thirteenth, is the title, and story is my own life 1963-1978, where I did start the first autobio Golden Youth, back in 2008. Hopefully I'll have 'em all done by 2028, when I'n turning 65 age of a pensioner, heh.

21.4.2019 Sunday morning, blues, I had such a bad bad dream, and am just waking up. Nightmares where I can't find back home, keys, phone, money, traveling luggages etc etc etc, I hate but still see, oh why do men dream at sleep?

<-- sleeping in Spain and train or bus, all the way!! ;)


 So many things I don't know, even more that I don't care, envy, steal, borrow or kill, but wanna make living on my own. Life outside the box, outside prisons and chains, life worth living for every man and their woman!! ;) there's still the thiord world of India, Africa and China and coutries like that: poor and/or locked societies, poor people slaving in wages next to nothing, human trafficking, child prostitution and gun trafficking, wars and stupidity like never, seen this all over again and again. We're on our way to black hole sooner or later, while the capitalist empties my pockets. Sad dreams for past and future.

20.4.2019 Saturday morning, sky is colour of gin long drink, immediately stole tha phrase from TV program I watched for few seconds to get it, hah. I've been without long drinks soon 9 years in Autumn, as long as is from my friend's funeral, and after party...


<--- warm sangria and hot bus effects, hahahhaa!! ;)



...drank with dead man's brother all night beers and left with first bus back home to Forzza city. Death came not unexpected with cancer but suddenly as I did get married for teh very first time, just month before, and my life was busy with it. Did my mourning period with lotsa crying.  Loss is huge when friends are dead and gone, not too amny good peopel around, anyway. RIP all you dead boys.

19.4.2019 Friday afternoon, good friday to all of us, believers on none, time and world is the same for us all, it's just the luck and accident where you're born and raised. Illusions of freedom and free moving is not reality for every one, most of the world is too poor or weak to leave to live in Sweden, even we Finns like it here better than sleeping in next door neighbours couch...


<-- wheeler dealer in Marbella 1987!! ;)

...oh well, I was so disappointed and sad as they sawn another old tree off of our neighbours yard, especially I don't like it as it was nice tree full of leaves that protect the straight sight from nearby reoad and walking path straight back to my window of this working room and place. I love real light of the Summer and use shades only forced if it's too hot or blindiong, for my drawing table site. Oh these little panics in my little head, but killing another living tree which makes this neighbourhood green, vivid and beautiful is ALWAYS sad sad sad....! Let 'em trees grow and fall when it's their time to fall, and not being scared like shit for everything that MIGHT happen... trees do not fall just like that, don't they. And if they do, I hope it'll be your head that them land!! ;))

Just kidding, never mean no harm to no living one, except for assholes named................ oh read all about it, in words I've written here, hahahhahhahaaa!!! ;) Blame me if you ain't got no one else to balme, I can take it!! ;)

18.4.2019 Thursday morning, off to work and get some money, honey...


<-- more nocturnal criminal acyivities revealed, now that's too old crimes to procecute, or at least I hope so!! ;)








...although times are tight and money growing in trees not like it used to be. Starving for fame and fortune, love and satisfaction. Well, there's nothin wrong with me that thousand euros won't fix...!! ;)

17.4.2019 Wednesday morning and another mixed up girl went for ride to Hämeenlinna for dental fix, another timetable mix up, all fucked up anf left for too late to check out right time......


 <-- plot mix up, this happened earlier in Madrid, read all about it!!!

....oh well, another day in paradise and another non granted money night, cause "they" prefer kids stuff and books, here in Funlandia illustrators union. What can I say, ain't much more faggotty and pheudop-whiny than drawing stupid jive ass kids stuff books, but hey, it's just my opinion - why would ANY reasonable clever and sexually sure adult do such, unless sick interest on kids, and yes prove me wrong little Alice in Wunderbaumland, ....äh, I'm just "angry and jealous", as I'm every day, or so they say, and you know best of all is "they" who decide know all....

 but me, I'm pretty alone with my righteous opinions. But you can join me anytime honey, as long as you can think like adult, do. Welcome to my nightmare and reality, ain't no TV-show, no newsteller, no comedy actor,

 just real wild child, man. I'm a man, don't know what you stand for, and really don't care! ;)

16.4.2019 Tuesday afternoon, in my morning coffee still, opening these eyes and expecting date for my next gig as singer guitarslinger, soon...

<--- criminal in Marbella getting frisked by local police force, hahhahhaa...


... meanwhile sad about Notre Dame burning in Paris, oh they got it out of flames, and it's not total destruction, good luck in accidental(?) fire caused by contraction restoration site, that's really bad how many times we'd heard and witnessed that same "ooops the fire got away by surprise  from welding at site"! Well, sad and big loss anyway, although I have no memories of it in actual place, as I've only been once in Paris, 1980 and didn't visit any sightseeings nor churches at the tender age of 16!! ;)))))))))

15.4.2019 Monday morning, election was farse but ice hockey was even worse, damnation, there ain't no justice in this land or world. Idiots running for power,  jerks voting and populism rises all around globe,

 ain't having no fun...





<--- Young man blues in Marbella 1987, yes whole lotta love, waiting for you, if you just got guts and go and give all you got. Strange kinda adventures in sunshine and darkenss of the edge of the town!! ;)




... waiting round to be a millionaire! So I'll make my own future doing just what I want and love, fuck all rest, until the equality and love wins, in your hearts, in my dreams. Just ride on like Lucky Luke to sunset with Jolly Jumper, heh, life in art and comics, life worth living?

Yes, just do it......................! Love waits for you, maybe just behind the next corner.

14.4.2019 Sunday morning, and it exciting evening with Finnish female ice hockey world cup, championship title match at 20.00 hours. First time EVER in history/herstory our girls are in title match, and getting at least silver, if USA chicks is still too fast for our female lions to grab and eat...














.........oh there's some governmental case election result eve too, but it's just politics, and you can't win there ever, too much!! ;) Hi hip hooray, for female and good thangs!! ;)

13.4.2019 Saturday morning, and lucky thirteen I am Eurojackpot winner, 3 numbers right, won't make me the richest man in town but puts a smile on my face!! ;)



<---Eating out on Marbella beach restaurants and leading the criminal life!! ;)







Saturday is the cleaning day here in our house, and sauna after it and some TV entertainment, and the womens ice hockey semifinal with Finns and Canadian women, all thumbs up! Alright have yourselves a fantastico tico Saturday ball, any which way you choose!! ;)

12.4.2019 Friday morning, on my coffee cups and soon leaving for...



<-- nights getting colder in hot Spanish Autumn, back in 1987, year of the dog, or at least treated as one!! :/



...this here kinda work related stuff I do, forced to be active in this here model, although I wish not to be in that kinda model, if you catch my drift and know what I mean?




Anyways have yourself a great weekend!! :)

And use your right to VOTE!!!! Let's make it better, righteousness society, for all.......not just right wing capitalists!! ;)

11.4.2019 Thursday afternoon, waiting patiently for warmer climate....


 <-- the on that got away, Marbella 1987. Life and story! :)





...change will come no matter what, time nor climate evr stays the same. After ice age we have this thing called: kevät, only in Finland it is very cold and brief moment. Just a breath before Summertime, which is just two breaths away from Autumn and,

next ice age. Toward endless revolving doors of life! ;)

10.4.2019 Wednesday morning, woke up early, maybe changing into it permanently way of living with light hours of the day, well Summer it's all bright and lighten thru the night too, oh how blessed we are here in Funlandia!!! :)


<--- bar accidents in Marbella 1987. Drawn in April. © Copyrights by me 2019.


Snow tried to make comeback but only here and there pieces got on earth, here in Forzza city, huh, we don't need no more snow, this Springtime, thank you. People who believe there ain't no accidents, no coincidents... tell me why do young children do die on accidnets and cancer? Just for god's intencious cruelty and hate for them? If you believe that your children will be next, sang one band, but I'm not so sure they knew what they mean with, nor me, hah, ........................................................................it's ALL fucking accidental action since were conceived and the first cells become splitting and multipile to be a girl or a boy, oh well and third kinda too who don't know which way to turn. But it's all down on luck and accidentals. Good luck with your accident theory when shit hits the fan, and no one helps you, let's see if you still want to believe in...

bullshit like "there ain't no accidents"!! :P

9.4.2019 Tuesday morning, and few days stepback on Spring sprunging, damn, I was already in mood for warm, bees and birds buzzing and singing, but...




<-- wheeling and dealing in port of marbella /Puerto Marbella, oh yeah, criminal activities, but do not tell anyone, hsssssssssssss!!! :)






...here in Siperia we have different kinda weather seasons: long cold Winter and very short Summer, and between 'em hardly regocnicable Spring and Autumn, including rain, snow and sneet, maximun overdriven season of wet, yes sneet most of time, like just now on the angle on 45 degrees!! :/

8.4.2019 Monday morning, the Summertime table, rain washing away the scum off of the streets, like Kokoomus, Persu, Siniset and Keskusta politicians, who'll promise anything but never be true, never trust a man who promise you everything and more...


<-- Anger in Marbella, lost in translation act one or two!! ;)



...luckily now it seems like we'll finally get a good ol' leftie government again, and hopes are high to help and ease poorest and needest situations, ain't we all human, except Paavo Väyrynen ain't...

nothing but alien that eat your brain and steal your purse. All we need is righteousness and equality and more possibilities for artist and other poor men, and some women too! ;)

7.4.2019 Sunday morning, taking it easy...........


 ....have yourself a  duty free sunday, and keep your thoughts on thangs you really dig! ;)






<-- walkin' along the endless boulevards of Marbella my dear, and nights, just a vanishing hope for love and good stuff within!! ;)

6.4.2019 Saturday afternoon, slept some lack off, looking out on my window, I can hardly see any snow at all, so it's springtime and just waiting for trees get their leaves and grass going green and birds return all. Does it feel like every year I feel more happy when the cold ice age period is over and warmth is making comeback, like some band like Motörhead returnig to Finlandia every year!?! ;)





 Although Motörhead doesn't make any tours anymore, ever. Sadder every year little more, as there's so few bands I'd pay for to see in concert.................................!

Tom Waits I'd love to see live, and Weezer and....... Steel Panther, for third time, hehehehee!! :D Oh well, hopefully the election and it's results are fine with us poor and worker with minimum wages, we need more to have a life worth living, very simple, and we don't need no luxury, except taxes higher for higher luxury items and wages taht are sky high, and we need bread and circus fun, too!! ;)

5.4.2019 Friday morning, soon off to work on this here comics adventure's on myself, younger thou. Life was pretty whole lotta different way back in 1987. It'd be too easy to laugh about just clothes and hairdoes, but I do draw life and love, and the adventures wild...






<-- back in Puerto Marbella, again!




...er than you ever expected, hah, well, not if you were juvenile delinquet like me!! ;) Cheers to all little criminals and their lives and stories never been told! ;)

So just you wait, and celebrate every day alive,a s you should! Have yourselves greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat weekend!!! ;)

4.4.2019 Thursday morning, and finally, knock on wood, a flu free day breaking and sun shining, Spring sprung fast now, delighted and inspired to do my best on comic, mon amour...



14 days flu might be a record breaking too, bad for my health, to skip the drum excercise for 2 weeks, fitness dive and breathing like asthmatic guinea pig! ;)





<--- meeting of old "enemies" in Marbella night, talking with Spanish in english had it's difficulties,

 as they didn't want or did not speak it much, and the little was pronounced as Spanish do, heh, sorry my dear Spanish friends, but that's the truth, and I'm only interested in it!! ;)

3.4.2019 Wednesday morning, still in the cruel hands of back pain, tried some gel and maybe it worked , a little, I just must soldier on with album illustrations, no matter what...




<-- love affair Marbella 1987.



...well, midst of Spring's returning birdwatch, I really don't regocnize too many bird spices but I like watching 'em, and heard 'em sing in trees next to our house.


Cheapest kinda fun, which I prefer from paid smut on TV, every night, and those freaking MTV3 news tellers forced smiles and news that are fed by money and markets, it ain't what real news should be and is on YLE. So choose wise my friend, reality without really annoying fake news (haha!) and pepsodent smile!! :D

2.4.2019 Tuesday noon, just as I was getting out of the flu, back bone pain hit in lower side of my back, damn, thought I had it enuff sickness for this year, but as I was laying down all week in flu, my physical health dive. It wasn't too good before and now it's lousy, just one week missed drum excercises and muscles atrophied and strenghth are fallen down like lead zeppelin! :/


<-- hot chicks in Marbella 1987!! ;)


 Oh well, hoping for fast recovering from flues blues, and hoping this land shall get a new government in next election, and this world, err... land shall be saved and correct, good and fine for us all Finns!


 I have my candidate chozen already, cause I've been follower of Vasemmistoliitto ( and great Li Anderson ) for years, so I've been watching these election rallies in TV and press only in one eye and one deaf ear, promises made again, but just hoping that'll left side wins with huge pile of votes, and we shall get ahuman govermental stuff, again..... after 4 bad capitalist driven years. How can people be so blind, I dunno, maybe you do?!?

1.4.2019 April fools day, and I'm easy to fool...









....but never been crazy fool for fooling others, doesn't get my kicks that way, being mean and evil never been no guiding light for my life.

Hate all those dudesons teenager minded jokes, where you HURT your friend or innocent bystander and laugh about it, slap yourselves into outer space if you thin pain is funny........... . Seriously you think that cruelty in words and actions is any kinda FUNNY?!?

 Being nice and kind was always much harder, but more satisfying way, I choose, love over hate, and it ain't no April fool joke! Try little tenderness and kindness and love, baby, open your eyes and hearts, and see, what's really nice, cool, fun and entertaining, and what's NOT. Making money on other's pain, never been cool or right, right?

You know all the answers by looking at your heart, seriously yours, fool in love, not in hate.

31.3.2019 Sunday and in Summertime time, clocks turned towards Summer, not a bummer, it's Summertime finally, although the shy poor Spring chicken got troubles to come out and show us herself!! ;)



<--- met this Marbellian chic already the Summer before (1986) and her name was, Laura.


Well, another Saturday spent with grant money applicationialised, and sauna bathed, nightly rain melted more snow, and that's allll-right! ;) Oh weather report man inner me, hah, well maybe 3000 years later humans find only this my blog to measure the warmth and  situatuions in the world, so I must report all..........................

.............................that travels thru this worry head! I must already apoligize 'em for my stories are like they are: civilized, cultivated and politically correct...

not. But after all, it's good to be alive, good to be artist, good to be man, good to be and not asking the question, to be or not to be, as death shall tell you all you need to know about the otherside, and I ain't in no hurry to see or listen the reaper!!

30.3.2019 Saturday afternoon, went bravely to outside farer than mail post box, yesterday and noticed that snow has melted almost all around this town centre. took a little nap after "work" and stayed up til 3, so now tired and fuzzy, but happy...



<-- Marbella mon amour!! ;)


....winning the flu, just last drops of it still complicating life, but after all it makes value health and life, even more. No matter how poor I am, if I got my mental and physical health in order, I'm the richest man in town, with woman I love, and house were to live in safe and garage to make music, loud and beat the hell out of the drums, if I please to do so. Rock'n'roll music got me emotional as I was going thru old masters like Little Richard, Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry cathalog in youtube. Well now they changed the copyright laws in EU, so we shall see how it effects youtube and sharing art in net, if at all?!? Waiting for the sun, like most of Finns as we turn the clocks tomorrow towards Summer, time! ;)

29.3.2019 Friday and officially cured man, going places...




<-- familiar looking window mechandise, hmmm... read Spanish Sauna Trip, and understand all, my life adventures, now!! ;)








...doing what I gotta do, and get some money to spend on, electicity bills, haha, thank god it's Spring and no more sky high warming bills, thank you. So have yourselves a great weekend!!

28.3.2019 Thursday morning, and finally getting better, well day by day baby steps, feeling almost alright, hah. I haven't taken no flu shots ever, and especially not now that's it's yearly fashion to get 'em in early Springtime to avoid this flu wave, but I feel sceptic and hopeful it'll develope the counter white shells that save from next similar flu, right?

Spend my time on aplication again for pin up book, I've been planning for decades, maybe finally get it done, with grants and extra time in Summer, not the worst way to spend holiday season, especially in this happiest country where rain is the norm weather in Summer, oh well, bit of an old joke,  :))))


....but I got plans for another career spanning compilation/collection book too, and audio book for Golden Youth part 2. that I'll record in my studio also in Summer. And I got on process of the next autobio comics book too, or three, or four. Oh I love publishing books with my own name on 'em, with my precious PeneLopez publishing name. So there's lotta to expect and wait for Summertime. And living is.... easy...! ;)

27.3.2019 Wednesday morning, flu blue, truely getting on nerves this halfcast bullshit flu, man flu, damnation, wishing for clear air and breathing on dusty bicycle roads and Spring weather, yes every yaer the same bullshit for asthmatics, allergics and oversensitivies, suffering all the fine pieces of stones, pepples and dust and, and it's bad for your health too...






<-- a diving duck in Marbella youth hostel, Summer 1987!! ;)






....oh well, some difficult news for earth hippies: as vegetables might cost more than meat, in procedure and water and all, how about that, so if it ain't even good for you, why should I be clown like that, eat your carrot shorts vegans!! ;) Hahhahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

26.3.2019 Tuesday morning, still an itchy bitchy teenie weenie cough and sneese, but cold and flu please move away, and don't come back....





<-- Studying the "nocturnal mating habits" in process, French mafia of two wild and horny ones!! ;)




...this year anymore. Or ever. Who needs these flues, enuff blues wothot' em already, but maybe bacterias got some good stuff to do too?!? Oh well, but happy that day by day we're closer to Summertime!! ;) Although I got NO big if any plans for Summer, I'll wait it with yearning and dreaming of warm evenings and bords singing, ....well maybe birds singing louder, I hope, haha, mistyping like elephant, early as it is 12.38 in the afternoon, my morning and habits par exellence!! ;) ....in their herds, packs and choirs!! ;) Let's make some noise!!! <3

25.3.2019 Monday morning, last shakes of the flu and nose full of snot, yac, but got a order for album, nice I'll be 13.11 euros richer after these distibutor take their commission and expences out of  23 euros, nice and  cute system inbreakable if you want your books to be available...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ...........................but luckily I'm an artist who does not care about TOO much for money, until I still got place to live and  food in fridge and table, hah. Oh well, got nothing against getting rich, but it's not my main aim! ;)

So art first, fuck money  and other secondary stuff.

<--- Fuck indeed, the Marbella and my sweet French Connection for sugar sweet...

stuff!! <3



24.3.2019 Sunday morning, still in flu, so nothing new, there, went ot sauna although, didn't made it worse nor better, I think, and that's a rare thang, see me thinking, as I hate it, like any other captured animal who had too much time...


 .......to just sit and think, maybe that's a reason I don't like reading fictive novels without any pictures, just doing nothing but thinking, may bee... may be not, wish life would be so simple and easy as it is in teen dreams...



 ......maybe I just hate hesitating and unsure, problems and love affairs unsolved, unfinished, yes, that bugs me. Although impossible love affairs I loved always, the excitement of exotic girl in farway town, city blues for city girls little hearts breaking at night, no hope for incurable falling in love! :P Have yourself a great Sunday, girl or boy, or trancendental trans people, wherever you are, give love, take a little, got no time to save it, yes it's only love,

 you need,

 and balls! ;)                                                                                                                                             ...........to do it! <3

23.3.2019 Saturday, just slept 11 and ½ hours, still in flu, and hurt in throat like hell, my suffering I know  and inabilty to join Tampere Kuplii festival, is joy for some little racismterror nazi girls in their little skirts moaning how you can't say black is black, and white is just racist prersumed...





<-- Marbella hot night and hot French duo, and..... year 1987, took me to heaven!! ;)



...don't miss those missums much. And I could use more than one fitting phrase here, from my songs, but I'll leave it to one: "You Don't Have To Old To Be Stupid"! Go figure out, skat or die, use your brain, and think fot yourself, what the bull's eye of racism and racist in Finland. I got zero tolerance for nazis and racists, but freedom of speech and old fashioned talk, you judge too fast, and not knowinf the histrory of Finnish comics at all. Bravo fo Tramo Koivisto and Mämmilä.

Ugh. I Been spoken.

22.3.2019 Friday and I'm in flu.................................................................................



 <-- Dancing in disco Marbella, 1987, with French kisses and beauties!! ;)


 .....changed things and scedule today, taking it E-Z rider, taking it in horizontal with hard ache in throat and bodily ill.  I haven't used a thermometer for 26 years as I hardly ever get risen, although I feel sick, so I just trust me own feelings and estimation what kinda flu is this. Rest is good for us all, and especially those who worked hard, all their lives, everyday heroes of work, heroes at home and garden, making the invisible work load, keeping this ball roling and world turning,

 yes all you good people living in the most happiest land (oh this Fine land!!) on earth!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

21.3.2019 Thursday morning,  work work work, all you need is...





<--- back in Malaga and on my way to Marbella, hitchiker baby!! )




....balls and heart, whatever you do! Just got info about art gallery exhibition theme about "Angels" well, I have my angles paintings, and another art competition of Andy Warholian posters, hmm.. I got idea and if I feel I'll perticipate both, so looking forward of bright future, gotta wear shades!! ;)

20.3.2019 Wednesday morning, and another live guitar gig rehearsal done, last night, and finger strengthening practice indeed. I got pretty physical way to play guitar, electric or acoustic, so I need to thicken my skin, (!!) with the maximum guitar playing and of course drop myvocal scale to bluesy gravel and smoky jazz singer, as I know it does when drinking whiskey , enuff, hah!! ;)







<--- Torremolinos black night stuff, ait't too proud, but gotta tell you everything!! :/





Of course nowadays that my whiskey drinking ain't worth mentioning, I have to use other methods and screamin' as loud as I can is well proven act, so if you hear me screaming in my studio, don't wonder why...................... it's just blues singer in heat of the practice affair!! ;)

19.3.2019 Tuesday morning, just got a call from advertising company, and might get  ajob for April to illustrate, but better not lick before it drops....





<--- business man and ticket to ride, am I revealing too much...?!?






....hah, Finnish phrases translated directly into English, might let you puzzled, what was the purpose of it, or sanity, hah... oh well, don't ask me, I got no answers where do those phrases actually came from, except old folks repeated 'em like crazy!! ;)

Oh seismic Spring is here soon, just nights are still below zero, but not for long, please, we're all ready already for Summertimes!! :)

18.3.2019 Monday morning, last night I tested CAN I paly and sing simutaneously, hah, and do I remeber enuff songs for 40 minute slot...



<--- Cafe de Paris, Sevilla, Spain, 1987!


....yes, I can, so now I still try to get my bass player to join me in May and the blues gig extravaganza de Forzza city! more info when due and time is right!! ;)

Today I just draw page 88 and hopefully more and I'll be on timetable to 100 pages in 3 months---> 12 months 400 pages---> one album of 200 pages top print, mathematics for losers and winners, story adventurous and wild as it can be, back in ninetten and eightyseven, almost reach the heaven, on earth, reading worth for all the adventurous kids who'd past the moomin age! ;)

17.3.2019 Sunday morning, quite nice Bowie night on TV last night, and sauna bath of course, and Putous comedy, was eer... not too funny, I'd say, but let's give it a second chance, maybe they got something new also...


<--- Sevilla's barber, no railroad station blues, back in the day and year of 1987, when most of nowadays temporary comics artist finenesse in Funland was still in their sand box shovelin' dog shit and make sand cakes for their mothers, sitting there to watch over their little babies; in their mouth, hahahaa....! ;) I like this pic with perspective that melts into storytelling: you wouldn't believe how much good critics I've had on my last book(s), while the mainstream newpapers haven't noticed none of 'em, so am I angry, bitter and sad...... well, take a freakin' wild guess motherhubbard!! ;)

I'm planning to make  a questionary form and file for starters, where is things you MUST have done, before you can accuse me, on anything schoolboy, boy scout mind kids... starting with "1. Have you ever been homeless?" Well, not taking this life too seriously, are you?


..........like I don't, all I have is my old tricks in the book, hah, old timer's old anthics, love stories for monsters, but I did realize a long long time ago. Love is all that matters, really, all other shit is secondal and trivial, if you don't have love, you're the poorest man in town.

16.3.2019 Saturday morning, ann my world tour is one step nearer and further, aiming on May 25th and concert here in Forzza rown, more info later when it's a deal and sure thang, so now i gotta...





<-- "Train train, won't you take me home tonight......" (Peer Günt 1985 )




.....learn those songs I wanna sing for 45 mintues slot, huh, well I'm gonna pesent my best own songs and some blues/rock covers too... but trying hard to keep it secret still, in here, and maybe get the record company men there to spy too!! ;) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ! Gotta have that international record deal and tour ASAP! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!

15.3.2019 Friday morning, off to work on...





 <--- train accidentals, rage and hate in Spanish.....!! :P








......well, you know what, this here program that'll continue til it's done, and looks like it's gonna be...

 2021 future shock rock and Blues De Carcel Española!! ;)

14.3.2019 Thursday morning, seismic Spring waited to be....



<-- Train affairs of my memoirs!! ;)





....well, not a minute too late, if it's true and here, soon, avoiding paying overkilling electric bills, huh! Living is expensive, staying alive too, trying to cope and enjoy this trip of life. Finding new nice thangs for every possible hour and moment, satisfaction is never guaranteed, in this here, life.

13.3.2019 Wednesday morning, made a song number 1111. with my 8-track machine last night, I dig those ones in arow, a magic number, here's the latest ones for you:

1074. Slept Away 28.2.2019
1075. Horny As The Devil 2.3.2019
1076. Baby, I Know You’re A Super... 5.3.2019
1077. Blood And Violence 7.3.2019
1078. Frozen Flowers 8.3.2019
1079. Can’t Catch Love 10.3.2019
1080. Man Who Knows It All 12.3.2019... to be continued...
Down below is the  way I draw comix, and one page/pic, don't really want to blur the lines nor use "helping guide lines for prespective", no just do it, exercise 10 000 hours and you can do it too:


...............................and of course I drew  2 more pages for the autobio, now in Sevilla Spain, train station blues, hah, but I try not to give away the plot too early, you gotta read it yourself and laugh at my adventures, as I do!!! :)

 Today's program is page nuber 82, in year '87! O tempora o amores! ;)

12.3.2019 Tuesday morning, listening late great David Bowie's Scary Monsters and Super Creeps album, and I DO remeber when this was published, I was in school, last year or so and borrowed school friend's LP, had this on cassette for years, until got it few yaers ago in CD, maybe the last truely great Bowie album in my opinion...


<-- Another new train episode from Madrid to... south!! ;)


 ....here I'm excited by the possibility to make my own music career a kickstart again, more info soon, as it comes, meanwhile I go on making new music EVERY week,  2-4 new tunes. And I love it, no fuzz, no added sweat, no practizing like maniac, just letting it all pour out, dunno why I have this music making mood and ability to improvise, maybe it's just that, improvisibility, new versions of old great rock and blues tunes keep me happy too, after all "they couln't keep Jack Happy"!!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

11.3.2019 Monday morning, album page number 78 on today's program and pencilwork, on table laid for your ultimate pleasure to be! ;)

Days haze while worked on long period book is unavoidable in some measure, goping crazy over details or exact words said 30 years ago, meaningless jerking on something, that doesn't really matter in big picture, nor life, I try to leave for other jerk offs in comics csenery, names witheld, hah, you know your names, well...


I hope you know your own, name!! ;)

10.3.2019 Sunday morning, sun shine, nice. Snow made a comeback, not too happy for it, but what can you do, with nature. Not much wether you believe in climate change or not, climate will change, every day and night...

...Sunday best, trying to take it easy as I'm making anew record compilation of my Tom Waits covers for promotional use, later on this year might be the second coming of Jack Noir, oh, yeah!! ;) Hold on to your horses and trousers, I'm coming like a huriicane!! Hah! ;)

9.3.2019 Saturday morning, happy belated "women's day" to all the ladies...






<-- Story continues in Madrid with lovely French ladies, I pump into street and guided 'em to......**** ****** ....yes let's kept the suspensions on and not telling all, yet, before it's printed and in your sweaty little hands. All I can do is my best, album that's never seen here. Coming from the horse's mouth directly, the adventures of late 80's and legends in make, the Spanish ****** Blues!! :)














..........in Finnish comics scene,

Vesa Kataisto, Pertti Jarla, Petri Hiltunen, Petteri Oja and all the other lame ass scared to shit and pussywhipped "heroines", hahahhaa!! ;) Just kidding, you!!! Muahhahaaa.......................Am I evil, well it depends on where you look at it, do I have right to defense myself? Answers you can find yourself, I'm just a mirror and echo in the forest, that'll answer as YOU shout out on it! ;)

8.3.2019 Friday morning, I'm off to work like state and action...


... yesterday was productive and well, except I forgot my phone PIN code as I never use it, damn had to work on that too, but towards better times, in time or not, hah, well I hat to be late ever, so I don't. More coffee, more inspiration and few 330 pages more to do!! ;)


<---Train station in Madrid with my French companions, Oui y merci!! ;)

7.3.2019 Thursday morning with new snow so white, days rolling towards election days and daze, high hopes for left is right on the money this time and the justice wins, capitalism suffers loss and poor men got help, what else we need than real justice and opportunities for real wages on poor jobs, solidarity for lesser have ones, should be every governments rule, and laws should be automatic program. Treat your fellow man right and good like want to be treated yourself, that's the answer to all...


...while people are stupid enuff to believe weapons of mass destruction is saftest way to protect yourselves, give peace a chance, be lil hippie and love thy neighbour, fellow man, stranger, immigrant, whatever whomever, love is the only real answer, that I've been preaching for, all my adult life. When I was asked to do my first comics book I wanted to make alove story, and tehy laughed at me....

....now I've given all my strength and time for love stories, of my own life, and that's the best feeling ever. Dunno how I could save this planet, dunno if I ever have too much money or time to protest animal rights or march against climate change, but I live as little wasted waste as possible. Do not fly evey year or two, or three, lkast time to Italy and 2015. So I ain't the biggest pollutioner in the world, it might be you!!!

..................hah, so do what you need to do, and shut the fuck up on thangs you don't know.

6.3.2019 Wednesday morning getting up, laying it down and going on with this life...



...story of mine, oh mine, hah, trying to avoid too much monkey business and self indulging in my own belly flannel, if you know what I mean. Writing down all the meaningful, funny, tragic, especial stuff, that no one else has written or drawn before. Yes being unique, different from others, being individual and myself. I was happily surprised as my kollega gave a review of my comics book and mentioned my "own regocnizable style", and pointing out that it's a lot, well................

....thanks Wallu! ;) Finding my own style is atricky trick question as everyone has his/hers own style, never worry about it, uness you've borrowed your style from Herge, hah! ;)

5.3.2019 Tuesday morning, oh still on mugs of coffee state, wishing the Spring would speed up it's run towards Summer warmth.

In dreams all is possible, after all life is pretty good, could be better, smoother, richer  and lovelier, but I accept this as a period between good luck and fortunes, heh, yeah rich man I wanna be, never need to worry about money anymore....


<-- Hondarrabian Summer nights, action packed youth, lived!! ;)


...that's all I need and good health and this great town to live on, quiet life ain't too bad, would you want you face in daily loops  at those not so admiring moments of your life? Answer only to yourself, what you do and prefer, it all shows in what you choose, take it or leave it,

 life is short and fast enuff, let's live it to the fullest and best, never hurt no one nice,

instead all you assholes get ready to get my revenge and truth, sorry if it hurts to see,

 truth. If you ain't got it, you ain't got nothing.

4.3.2019 Monday, rituals for awakening, clearing mind and head, working on the halfpage number 68and ½, today I'm back in Madrid before heading to Marbella and Fuge to visit my dear ones from sauna heat, hehe...


<--- Hondarribia with my jeans jacket with painted Tom Waits face on it's back!!!


...writing autobiographical book is different from fictional storytelling as the stories do not ALWAYS have happy endings, nor justice doesn't happen, equality nor fraternity wasn't even born yet in 80's in my trips to Spain, hahahaa...


....oh well but  still got my merry memories and sad, mad adventures, like no one other ever experienced: telling you the truth and nothing butt truth!! ;)

3.3.2019 Sunday morning, afternoon, evening and night like Truman's life, all in everlasting circle and drift, life is pretty good and best alive. They buried the Flying Finn yesterday, motional as he was my age, only 55, that's not the age to die on old age in here best European countries, but heart can stop or braindamage surprise anyone, any age, so I try to be respectful to life and all living things, well not asshole of Finnish comics scene like, hahaha, YOU all know who I hate and despice, haha, keep on truckin' and never mind the bollocks!!









....be original gangster and punk rocker and DIY as long as possible, fuck the system and second hand knowledge, and rumours of thangs YOU don't know.... live a life prospected and love, all you can. Peace on earth, ha that's a joke if you ever look beyond this Fine Land boarders, see with your own eyes and hear with yuor own bat ears, all, believe nothin, take nothing granted, breath and walk on...................................................... ride on, my lil ones.

2.3.2019 Saturday afternoon, slept off lil lack of it, now feeling rested and good, hopefully getting on easy and relaxed all day although our "traditional" vacuumiing and saunaheating-day efforts, Saturdays seem to be actionpacked and not so relaxing after all, hah, well, home chores never feels too easy or wanted, but man's gotta do what man's gotta do...



...yes, feeling poor, too poor to buy some new music items of my favourite band: weezer coming out with two new record Teal and Blacl albums, daman I need to have 'em, soon as possible, maybe I can tighten the belt, squeeze the candy mountain smaller and have myself a treat of 12 dollars each plus mail, as our Supermarket record collection is shrinking yearly and few new albums are available, but thank god for net, as long as it works, buying from USA and UK Amazon, is still cheaper than buying from Helsinki record stores, for NEW albuma, taht is... a pity. They surely lose customers, keeping prices too high, well that's their loss, not mine, still would love to be able to prowl across used CDees while visiting Helsinki, twice a year!! ;)

So after all, have yourself a great fun weekened, wherever you are!! <3

1.3.2019 It's Spring!! Officially it is, although the temperature and snow situation are way too Winterly...







....okey I'm off to work on my comics album, all day! Have yourself a great weekend!!


<-- dancing 3 days and nights, feet hurts a lot and red cross helps!! ;)

28.2.2019 Thursday morning, same old situation, trying to open my eyes properly and move over to my drawing stool, 2 meter away fronm this computer desk, heh, such a long way to...



...starting work day in gray sky and sneet outside, lucky ones inside but my financial situation is such that I had to cancel my Tampere kuplii hotel reservation, SO if I go there, I'll visit just Saturday in table to sell all my books and records and audiobooks!!!

<-- Hondarribia,Spain, in this borderline town next to France by seaside with the best basc party witnessed by man, myself,

and visited fast to taken fotos from places visited 24 years before, few decades and the trees were grown mammoth size, since then, like the town itself too, were  multipiled and spread toward mountains, so it was impossible me to find the house of my friend, I were going to pay back my loan from days before,

 sad but true, like life wasted.............................. well, how many times must I tell HOW lucky I am in my present psoition as illustrator, free lance, comix artist and musician in my one man band "Jack King Noir", well, here's the latest of my new songs recorded:

1064. Look Before You Leap 14.2.2019
1065. Money And Religion 16.2.2019
1066. Needs 17.2.2019
1067. Machine Gun Mind 19.2.2019
1068. Something That’s Never There 19.2.2019
1069. The Great escape 21.2.2019
1070. Last Will 22.2.2019
1071. Kick The Bucket List 23.2.2019
1072. Racist Presumed 24.2.2019
1073. Slippery When Slope 26.2.2019        To be continued!!! :)

27.2.2019 Wednesday morning, heard another mother's sister's man died just this morning, old age gets us all, RIP Mikko O. Very sad as he was quite a natural born joker and strong character and happy, wild hunter and fisher man and his son was my best cousin friend for years, closest to a brother I ever, never had. I spent most of my childhood Summers and Winter breaks playing cowboys and indians, and million other games and plays with him, and them at my grandparents house in Vesilahti, all good memories coming back. Life is so short, adventures and everydays, blues and celebrations, so fast track of time, decades flow in the wink of an eye.

 Farewell uncle, wherever you go.                                                                                     

26.2.2019 Tuesday morning, warm breath of the southern wind blows and snow melts, such a waited and wanted moment , every year, well when I was a kid I had bad asthma and Summers were suffering multipile different asthmatic diseases, bad gough and continueing sneeze, so I might digged more Winters and ice-hockey, skiing and what kids do in winters, snow ball fight and snow men building. I've never been keen on reading fairy tales neither 'em are for kids or adults, in books with no illustrations, that is and were, I love pictures drawn as well as can be possible. And reading how inspired kids were about drawing those days I value even more the skills of illustrator, who put all in his work in pictures.                                       

   Development and progress I aim always, I despice overintellectualized and difficulted text, for it's arrogant purposes, I never though brains being sexy, heh, although I enjoy clever jokes on time and live, not read from papers like they do in TV-shows with jerk off like Tuomas Kyrö, Miika Nousiainen and Kari Hotakainen...


....can't you invent NEW jokes on live show?!? And live in a moment, but I guess TV show prefers beforehand written "funnies", and that's the reason I won't follow 'em. Guess it's just that punk rock ethos, do it yourself, be natural like hippie, have long hair to piss off suits, be free and straight with your ideas, some good some even better, and worse case scenario: be like the rest of the gang of idiots like Kukko Miistonen and Vuha Juorinen, well those can joke live too, but the jokes are kinda old, used and boring, so pretty good reasons not to be fan, be the shit! ;)

25.2.2019 Monday morning, sun shine and meteorlogs prodcast that Winter might be over for Southern Finland, which I welcome dearly, nearly had enuff of  cold and ice, snow was nice for X-mas time, not so much later on as it snowed more than years before...

... onwards with album drawings: I'm fixing holes in a plot, stroy written itself in end of the Summer and Autumn 1987, watching it now, seeing a quite young boy at the age of 23 in adventures, wild and free, crazy and unique, as all our lives are. I don't feel bad for looking back in less nostagic manner than just weeping for lost youth, blaah, never wanted nothing past back, but it won't block my wish to tell the truth and nothing but truth!! Here I go again, might have been the hit single of that Summer too, with Whitesnake, but I was balsting newly found Thin Lizzy in my stereos, and ghettoblaster thru Spain, huh, it's along big and slow traffic in land to travel north and south, but when all you got is too much time, you just go with the flow of a moment, live for a present, time, my only friend in Spain...! Oh well, trying not to sugarcoated too much, nor maximize the suffering, but but but... you'll see it yourself, when it's done and printed with tattooed alphabets and  letters "Blues De Carcel Española" into your brain!! ;) Warnig: do not take it all too seriously WHAT I write here, I'm half sleep when I type these blogs, just brainstorming the flow of conciousness, if you see what I mean!! It's psycedelic spiritual healing trip, without no drugs. Try yourself if you dare, be all you can, man.................. woman and whadevertrans(m)am, you are!! ;)

24.2.2019 Sunday morning, another storm in glass of water in Tampere kuplii poste and alleged "racist caricature" in Mämmilä and Tarmo Koivisto illustration. Lotta bullshit accusations and simplified accusation laws and orders, hah, calling racist me and Tarmo is as true valued as calling Lemmy nazi.




Well, of course you CAN call anyone anything, but that doesn't make us nazis nor racists, I do understand REAL racism and issues, but aping USA and the race problematics here is just plain stupid and false. Call me what you want, I call you ignorant babies and kids without a clue. How could you draw caricature of black African without drawing it look like a caricature of black African?!?

Have a nice day and smoke more what you've been smoking you dopehead of moral minority and afrofinnish people's front!! ;)))))))))))))

Trying to live in peace and harmony, having irony look at  your friends, enemies, neighbours dog and cattle, and especially for yourself too, is the life of an adult and civilized, in my point of few ,err, I mean point of view!! ;) Go ahead and curse and shout in your little purple bubble or racist Finns are...

 even when we're not. Compahensivity and understanding words and their meanings, is hard for these world police minded vegetarian trans gay nonmilitary selfish kids, but hey I let you have your opinions, and do expect same favor in return. Piece and love, hehe...!! ;)

23.2.2019 Saturday morning, it's always a morning somewhere in this planet. always a new day and night as long as the sun keeps on shining, half on the tellus in darkness.  Days they do fly fast, when having fun to do, but go ask in prison, does time fly too fast?


 <-- My "wedding singer" days 1987! J.J. Cale's song....!



 Answers so easy to spread when looking only on your perspective, and disregarding all the rest, life is long and winding road, 55 years is a mighty long time, a lifelong for some, never know when the death comes and tooks you away. Can't live all my days like it's the last one of my life, as I do wanna live few decades still, maybe not so quiet, but quite long still, wanna have perspective, insight, love affairs, experiences, emotion, lessons learnt in the cabaree fo street life and domestic drama witn my queen and wanna write 805 more songs still,

maybe in the still of a night, you can hear wolf howl and me in garage studio making music like you never heard before!!! Live long and prospect, until death do us apart, my darling.

22.2.2019 Friday, and I'm off to draw some lines of my life...


...business as usual, wishing you all good people good weekend and bad you'll get what you deserve, does crime pay?!?




<---Walkin' in Madrid August 1987. Yes, I'm still there in looking glass and mirrowed my wild life reflections, just for you, my dear.

21.2.2019 Thursday morning, sunshine and chilling -7 degrees, still in winterland and temperatures to freeze your ass. Me I'm still here working in warm room with big stereos and walls covered with my favourite pics and paintings of naked women. I hate empty white walls, makes me feel like in hospital or office, where I don't want to be or feel like...

... the killer in me managed to calm down, but expections failed hurt still, maybe I should open up "why" I do despice some old geezers of Finnish comics scene like Heikki Jokinen who was one jerk off of choosing the 10 Finlandia candidates....



...but I've learnt (hah!!) my lessons in this here small fishes pond of comics artist friendshipwrecking systems, so: if you wanna know- come and ask me in private, face to face in Tampere kuplii PeneLopez stand in March 23 and 24th. I'm happy to tell it ALL !!!!!!!!!! ;)))) Holding a grudge may not be the most adult way of deal with people, but until proven wrong I'm right, and you're/them are not, hahahahaa!! ;) Have a "nice" day asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshole in your fart worth profession as a laywer, you know whom I'm  talking bout, dontca?!? :D . Anger can be power, and it's fuel for me.... now.

20.1.2019 Wednesday morning, life goes on, until t won't anymore, it'll end like matti Nykänen's jump and absolutism, life after death is something I'd rather not experience, life I love, it's the death I don't want to have anything to do with. After disappointment of yesterday I was ready to like fucking "kill", somebody, but only in my head and anger...

 ....so here's the warning, it's dangerous to piss me off anykinda injustice and cruelty that abuse me, my work, my jokes, ideas etc etc.

...you 'll pay the price with consequenties of YOUR actions, better remember that when you laugh at me in your pitiful bunker or ivory tower of higher education and civilized office building. I'm alive and dangerous (hahhah!!) as Thin Lizzy record is, named framed and blamed, oh yes I am, bad bad boy, hahahhahhaa hahaaa!! :) And just for the legal reasons I must add: I might fool you and lie: Don't believe a word is another my Thin Lizzy favourite song, go check it out, find good music while alive, nobody needs no music after life.... that's a fact. Well, innocent bystanders I've never hurt, and If I tell you the truth I never hit no one, but the first time for everything, wanna try your luck punk?!?

Well, still alive and well........... you really can't tell, when and if you don't know me, that's right, in this world of contradictions: I'm emotional and tender poet, but I'm also evil and hard man; it's all up to you HOW I treat you, and that's right. All my poor life's been a one continous FIGHT, so I won't back down, now or never.

19.2.2019 Tuesday morning, started the week with 3 pages of drawnings, quite satisfied with working progress, process and feelings on it, just needing more money to live alife worth, artists lives are poor in most cases, and I surely had my share of it.

 I'm waiting eagerly about Finlandia prize candidates names, I think it should be my turn to be there, but you never know what does the jury THINK was the best of last year's book(s), so this painful waiting and unconsciousness rattles my nerves.... of steel, haha!! ;) Oh well, if you NEVER expect anything you'lle never be disappointed, BUT I wait and expect great thangs to come and change my world, but if it doesn't happen THIS year, then maybe it's the next one, always the next possibility to face with every year lived...................................! (Few minutes later!) and just TODAY they prononced those 10 candidates, and I'm NOT in there, thanks alot again!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!! Even the judge would be my friend's wife hah, so I gotta laugh, not cry, rigfht, but I'm so dis......sappointed now! Fuck....! :///////////// Really spoiled my day, and I'm just in state of mourning coffee, damn!!! Do not expect NO MERCY from me, you four horseassmen in jury, I know who you are, so I'll ridicule you every which way I please, fair, damn right it is.......... cause I used to be a bad bad boy, a criminal if you please, yes that's what it's all about the harsh, cruel and revealing truth, justice and fairness, of a man, woman and whatever you are............. straight from my heart, now I hate you...r decicion to promote those lame ass books on Finlandia prize, and not my brave new opening of tuff going in autobio of the year 1986, The Spanish Saunba Trip, of course it's harder than rock and coler than body on ice, so all you babies and equalminded can't see, reality............................... fuck that shit. I'm too angry to hold it down, but hey that's no surprise to anyone, hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Someday somewhere there's a place and prize for us hard working men, and women, justice must be blind!?! :P

18.2.2019 Monday and getting my eyes open, still atmy morning coffee cup state, but soon shall draw page number 52 of Blues De Carcel Española album, that's gonna be the hardest bad luck story of the year, and decade of 1980's heh, oh well, if you don't believe me, see it for yourself and find out what it really means, the title of of titans, losers and winners all in same story and box. Just 32 years ago, hey hipster when did ya were born,

 yesterday?!? ;)

Alright, been busy and creative with my music creating and recording, dunno why, but I do make new music all the time: usually I go my lil studio (hah! As it known former garage!!) and mix the song I've done the day/night before and got enuff good mixes, then I just put microphones to drums and bang 'em in on the two first tracks of 8, and then compose the guitar part(s) or riffs, and bass lines soon as possible after guitar, cause I usually improvise while recording guitar(s). Then I bounce those 6 tracks to 'em 2 editing tracks. Then I take my lyrics pad, and find suitable text, open the mike and decide which kinda echo or none I think suits for the track, and then just put the backtracks on my headphones and SING out of the blue, no rehersals or nothing, just singing as effective and true I can, caressing teh "first take" magic, depending on the song's feeling. I have record lotsa acoustic bluesy tunes, last year after I purchesed my acoustic guitar. Experience taught me to record and mix while playing, so I won't do ANY mastering on these songs, as them are demos, not finalized studio versions...

 ........of course I try to record 'em as fine as I can, and to listenable in any home stereos with pleasure!! :) Usually one song is done within 1½ hours, that's why I've done 803 songs in just less than 9 years!! <3

17.2.2019 Sunday and sun is shining, great from my feet to Great Van Fleet, which is the newest "hipster" new band of Led Zeppelian rock, pretty good for young(ish) kids, recommended to you, who love good rock music, and doesn't care too much of hip hop, rap, techno, country and western nor other bullshit fashion dancable jumps jumps jumputy junputy junkmusic, oh how old I feel watching Grammies, MTV awards, or those Finnish substitute versions of e'm. Hurts to see which kinda simple shit goes down with youth and idiots elderly trying to hold on their youthfulness as dressing up the latest youth cult, oh hipsters long bearded balms short and the  stand up hairdoes, ARE possible the stupidiest and ridiculousnessed chapter in adults lives,

when you look back on it...

 20 years from present time. Yeah, let's see in year 2039 what do you think of fashion on this year, 2019! I'm a strong believer of history repeating it-self, and as people now have nostalgy for 90's and their youth on it's fashion and bands that were the coolest, then, and how funny the clothes look NOW after some 20 yerars, behind.... oh I've seen this in 1970's when idiots fashioned with 50's style of American soda pop dream off of Happy days TV-show replica of not reality BUT dream and 80's was a fashion short time ago, and now the 90's was hot for a nano second or two. You don't have to fakir to know soon it's the next nostaly trip time for 2000's first fashions, and the ball rolls on and on and on and on....!!!!!! :)

16.2.2019 Saturday morning, oh yes I'm waking up earlier as I want to hold on more daylight as it lenghtens day by day, and today we have great sunshine too, my lack of vitamin D screams for more to get thru this darkness in the edge of the town... listening Bruce Springsteen and Born in USA CD, oh I do remember these songs played million times in jukebox in Kukko Tapiola 13the floor bar, when these were new back in 1984 and 5, got some great tunes here like Dancin in the dark and damn, all, hahahah!! ;)

35 years ago life and world was so different, heh, me the great historian startled and reporting the mysteries of past,


the enemy and friend sooths, smooths and helps to forget and handle all those bad bad bad years, wishing I'd change 'em in a minute or two: who needs pain, suffering and cruelty?

 Does shit look, taste or/and smell better far away? Forgiveness is a skill I haven't got, for myself,

others I've forgiven million times, except the ones that do hurt me still, I ain't no angel, and devil ain't got a hold of me either, guess I'm just a man, no wings no motors, no luck, except bad, yes that's the blues man' share and place, state of being, outta luck, all my life..................................... I've won juts once back in 2011. And luckily that can't no one take from me. So have yorselves a pretty fun Saturday, as we do, going to sauna and geting clean start for tomorrow.

15.2.2019 Friday morning, soon off to work on...




....this here Spanish trip part two, well I 'm gonna repeat that sentence for next two years hah, so better get used to it!! ;)

Towards weekend and rest, in my case lotsa cleaning and hoovering plus sauna, that'll make all worth while, alright....!



Strange kinda weather arrived to Finlandia, warm wave of föhn wind, shall we have a new record of high temperature times, watch your thermometers like hawk, all day and night!  o (

14.2.2019 Happy Valentine's Day to all my loved ones...






<--- I'm here still trying to get my mojo working and book jiving, finally happenings in Spain, it's imspiring to myself to draw all those crazy days and nights.Plane landing and me making new friends on airport custom's line... read all about it... soon, eh, well soon as it's printed, hehe....! ;)))




Have yourselves a chunk of chocolate jesus or purple hearts for all your dearest nearest sweethearts!! ;)

13.2.2019 Wednesday, more morbid news in Finnish rock scene, yesterday news: RIP Olli Lindholm...

...althought his music wasn't my cup of tea, I do respect hard working man in every scene. Got me emotional like Marri Nykänen death too, Olli was year younger than me and Matti same year book buddy, 1963. Hard to see people die, but maybe tells about me alot, that I didn't cry for my father's death a drop, but these heroes  made me weep silently........ so am I emotionless monster or was my father(?).

 I know answers to some things, and baby I guess the rest!! ;))))))))))))))))))))


<---- ....on a plane to Madrid, here I go again.....! ;)



New songs recorded again:

1058. Sorry, I Was Wrong 3.2.2019
1059. She Did It Alright 5.2.2019
1060. Present Of Time 7.2.2019
1061. With Friends Like You 8.2.2019
1062. Let Yourself Go 10.2.2019
1063. Walkin’ With The Dead 12.2.2019 .................................. to be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

12.2.2019 Tuesday morning, sun shines, rain stopped, the melting ended for awhile, towards Spring walking every day, oh well another purrfect day for all pussycats, no pussies nor sissies, in this here hard land, hard life, hardly working, working hard to avhieve he goal and happy ending, of the story untold, oh well, the average guy problems with average girls...




<-- Midsummer fest back in 1987, somewhere in Finnish forests, read all about it, just in year 2021!! ;))))))




.............is not my business of story line, haha. Extraordinary overwhelming hyptonized awesome handsome fantastic great plot and truth, all you need is,

balls as I sang in my tune 2013 sent to Universal records as a demo collection, and which was stolen from Reckless Love year later on their first album, well Pelle Hermanni, all YOU need is Big balls,

..................cause you ain't got none, hah, and can you take the blame? Or joke? Or be man enuff to testifyi you DID stole it, well Im waiting inpatiently!! ;) See you in court? Hah, oh so many options in one's life, but the first rule how to behave like a MAN is: DO NOT stole. Everybody loans and borrows in world of music, but stealth is crime. Even Led Zeppelin had to pay the blueses they stole from black men.... see there might be a lil piece of justice in this crazy world after all.....?

11.2.2019 Monday towards Spain adventures in my autobio again, the plot thickens like eerr, you know, all balls and no walls, hehe...

well it's start of this working week, trying to develope PeneLopez and all skills netter than before, evolution into storytelling, but I love lotsa pics with lotsa happenings in 'em, and never can go wrong with pretty girls and love making, love taking all of me, that's the real story of my life: looking for love, in strangest places; found some lose some, got experienced most ways man known and women too!! ;)  Have yourself whatever kinda week, you want, just don't hurt anyone else, and take care of your dearest nearest and yourself. It's time for you to make a stand and shout, what you really want, cause time won't wait for no one.....................................okey, that was the great philosophy's advice for this holy Monday!! ;)

10.2.2019 Sunday, snow fallen fron the roof with heavy and wet particals, still, and the weateher is really heavy for us bicyclers as ice is smudged blur and water melting more snow, huh, had me the most heavy experience on bicycle this winterlong to post office and back. Luckily I take it as excercise to my fitness, hah. Modern man gym is the house works and bicycle trips to croceries and library and such. You can't get me lifting weights in any sweat and fart smelling gymnasium, if I can avoid it, I shall live a happy life and long without any wasted time on jerks of gym!! Of course there is no real proof that bodybuilding guarantees you any longer or better life, by any means, I still have this headpiece and humour of 70's and 80's laughíng at idiots working out in gymnasiums to show off their muscles to girls, and then thanks to Rambo and Rocky and Arnold's muscles masses went there too, and lo and behold NOW it's general and fashion to go to gym, nobody questionise it,



















...but me I'm the stubborn lone wolf kinda man, no need  for big byceps for beach and summertime to make anyone envy bout my appearence, and just for flesh, can't do that: if I'd want to be REAL strong I'd work on work where aquaires  heavy lifting and need those muscles to work on, but just for fitness and mirror to look at, count me out. I'm rather fat, than fit and idiot in the army of fashionfreaks show.

9.2.2019 Saturday morning, ust before noon, I give you this world wide information package, oh yes every morning alive and risen is good. 






<-- my life story page number 42 drawn, yesterday, all my trouble seem so far away.... well NOT all, but some, thank god!! :)




Saw very weird dream last night but what was th most weird stuff was the noise made from the roof material while the heavy loads of snow fell down, it was more like BANG than just whoom sound of sliding snow, almost scary but seems like the tin roof material did hold it in tack, well frontside must be checked today cause there might be too much wet snow, it can hold... oh these joys of winter, hahahaa...!

Well it's Saturday for sauna eve, have yourselves good time whatever and wherever you are and do! ;) And love thy neighbours cattle, wife and dogs! ;)

8.2.2019  Friday, and I'm on my way to draw some new pages...



...see you later!! ;)


<---Plot thickens and some new Tom waits album released and listening at Backstage club in Helsinki, 1987...

...great memories and lousy love affairs, hah...! ;) And most of all huge amount of hilarious text and ideas of the 23 old me!! ;)

7.2.2019 Thursday waking up late, again, hah, my life's story, waking up late,getting my mojo working but it just don't work on you...

 ......well, another perfect day, with another perfect weather for eskimos, ehe, really longing for Springtime and warmth and NOT paying these humongous electric bills, damn

governmental cases given all up to business companies to cash in us poor people's needs, like food and housing, gotta live somewhere in da house, with these temperatures below zero. Happy and lucky to be born here, ain't what it feels like everyday life, for real.


<--- making music with friend back in 1987, sumertime, aaaaaaaah! ;)

6.2.2019 Wednesday  afternoon man waking up, did start my working week yesterday, but still havin minor troubles with starting thereal engine and work rhythm, but one of these days I shall amke it, so before that just draggin on til sunny days in Spain back in 1987, iy was strange kinda year and adventures were wild and juvenile, crazy enuff to make an album you never seen, read it all about it..




....in 2021 September 3rd!! ;) In Helsinki comics festival, it's gonna be hardest comic book autbio ever, and that's promise I can keep. Trust me, I know what I did, do and gonna draw, just for your pleasure!! ;)

5.2.2019 Tuesday afternoon, snow falling down horizontal mental sight for this season, well we had already enuff snow if asked anyone who must do some snow business, removing it fron cars, plowing it from path to walk and drive, huh. I just drive my bicycle all year and luckily they do plow it with city employers, well, they got handful to keep up with all snow mountains in parking lots of supermarkets too, oh well, Winter "sports" of kind...



<--- yesterday's sketching love making, on the floor, when had no place to go, just funny when looking back, but then it was a necessity, to have any had to be inventional and modest, and fast, haha!! ;)




...got me emotional how much Finnish people cared about passing of Matti Nykänen, and how much TV-time he still had, last night.... couldn't help but sheding a tear too, national hero, not very rational but one of a kind, and great sportsman of his time. RIP.

4.2.2019 Monday, after. yes you guessed it noon, does it really matter what time I do get up, to this world?

(<----Now in this spot my today's work: comic book page, dear reader!! ;) )







As long as I do, it's enuff, death can wait, not like it does and did  to Matti Nykänen, RIP.

Well, I always taught he missed good advisor all his life, being tender, sweet and shy boy................. like myself too, I do understand his troubled mind, with too much success and the abusive sharks that came and followed, sad sad story. Although he wasn't my hero but he was same age as I am, so  it touches me too. Take care of yourselves, all us 55 year old geezers with bad health, dunno what finally did kill him, but wild guess of alcohol ain't far from truth, oh well,  a tear or two for Matti.


I continue my own fight against cruelty, nasty assholes, evil bosses, false news and facts with my historical autobio book Blues De Carcel Espanola, now it feels morte importanat than ever to get it done, ready and finished, before death takes all. What shall I do?

 Ride on, like a cowboy til next sun set.

3.2.2019 Sunday, it's my day off..... to make some new music, here's lates/newest songs list:

1052. Steamy Windows 25.1.2019
1053. Steamy Windows (Acoustic Version) 27.1.2019
1054. Never Been Wrong 29.1.2019
1055. Selling As Any Andy McCoy In Amsterdam 31.1.2019
1056. Jazz Kicks 1.2.2019
1057. Makin’ Love To Music 2.2.2019

Just wondering if that Andy McCoy song shall catch a fire, and as twisted as is Andy's taste of humour is this MY song's lyrics too, nothing what it seems to be, that much I can tell, before Tampere kuplii festival where I sell it as first best songs of this year album of Jack King Noir, so get your fat wallets ready in your bottomless pockets and come to Tampere 23rd and 24th of March this year!!!


 Now I'm just taking it easy, trying to rest and charge fuck it I ain't machine, ain' charging no batteries, JUST taking my time and havin easy going reggae skanking time time!! ;)


Tomorrow continueing my "bedtime stories of reality, the blues singer starting line :"When I was a young boy at the age of...".......well, twenty three, do YOU remember what you did, when you were 23?!? Cause I dooooo!!! ;)

2.2.2019 Saturday afternoon, I'm waking up soon...

...reading too interesting book just before goig to sleep might cause you insomnia, or delays of hours to fall in sleep. Sleep the most important thing for a human health care, daily or nightly dosed, my life's biggest mystery and misery, lack of sleep.

<--- first 15 pages or so, done this year!!

 And you can read all about it in all my autobios, hah, among all most interesting sh*t that happened in Finnish comics scene, these years and days of artistic flannel and clouds of imagenery troubles of fictionary characters. Do you cry for a made up baby in trouble, do you weep for lost time, honey, money, years, changes, triumphs, success, lottery win, bigger tits or penises, peace of mind, piece of ass, handful of gold jewelry, fame and fortune, do you?!?

Well, nobody's perfect................................................................................................................................. but me, muahhahahaaa!! Perfect asshole!!!!

1.2.2019 Friday evening falling, and had some computing problems, why only now over here commenting this world situation most important on one's life, hahaa...

well, did drew some page again, and album full of unseen scenes in Funlandia comics society's finest, hehe, nor no one except the dream police taht can see inside my brain and night visions........ but he won't tell you, except what you do see yourself! ;) Wishing you fien weekend and happy times. Life is here and now, and zen... buddhist kissed! ;)


Thursday morning, same ol' winter scene, and half a meter snow, makes me dream about summertime, it's these days that the snow's excitement has been worn out, and bored of all this snow business, rather be in show business and living in Spain, in sunshine all year round, the pensioner's plan for winters, may...... be, maybe not.












<-- last new page flipped horizontal to protect the plot, from premature exploitation! ;)

Future is uncertain, like my dreams are too, my very jazzy and moving, changing feelings towards old age, and how to spend my time, best and most enjoyable, rich life without truckloads of money, yes, that I can reach too.  Dreamer's short sighted visions, maybe I'd just be lucky to healthy as I am, now............................................?

30.1.2019 Wednesday woking ups, coffee freshen up some muesli for breakfast getting it down and moving towards the drawing table, all these two meters distance, all my daily excercise is mostly made from walking upstairs to downstairs and back, to fridgerator and coffee machine's existential place placed there in kitchen.












Oh, I just saw Marshall amplifier-styled fridge for sale and really want that here in my work room, so I'd have cold drinks and maybe some snacks on it while working hard and long, oh well, luxury items that I can't afford, now, part 132267690.

 Oh well I'll fetch another cup of java and start the working with Winter of '86 and '87... soon it's Springtime then and now!!! ;)



<---Todays first page (or half, anywhich way you wanna see...it!! :) )












Tuesday afternoon, well had to write another letter for granted monetary for comics artist foudation, just hoping to get some, to make this survival game little easier for Springtime, and Summertime, oh that seems to be so far away from this state of snowy ground, but guess it shall come there like every year...

 Circle of this blue planet, let there be some improvment with climate change, rearrange the world, and as I mght said it before, the only salvation is: less kidsless adult, less work, less pollution, less cars, less business and busy bees, more easygoing artists, hippies and living with nature nor exploding and exploiting it til death. Life could be very simple and nice, but rich men wants more tahn tehy can ever spent, the void between classes is only getting deeper and nations going nuts... the only good news came from China were there was 2 million less babies born last yaer, yeah, that's good start and direction. Less babies more affection and health care, schooling and better equality(heh) for girls, around the world.......... and less impotance to religions and other supestition and mambo jambo! And MAYBE this world shall be saved!

<-- my next CD cover art, dedicated to all those pin up girls who gave up their cloths and...............................................................

all FOR you!!!  <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!

28.1.2019 Monday morning, and I'm before 10, yiihaa, here comes the Summer, ehe, well, on my thermometer at second floor window is -17, and not even your average Finnish Summer temperature, haha...


...oh well, it's cold as Russians hell, haha, and that's very cold, wonder if Russian got Finnish jokes too like we do of 'em!?! Propably yes they do, neighbours your favourite joke storage and bottomless well.


<-- read this book, quite interesting and straight, warts and all kinda story of one of the most dangerous and craziest band of 80's, who suddenly improved their game and get together in almost classic  form... just wonder why writer put Axl rose so much down, until the last page were he praised him to greatest star of the kingdom come!!!

 ...maybe senor Wall wants to write another Guns 'n' Roses book later on, after next 30 years or so, with actual interviews on Axl, too included............................?!? ;) I can relate easily to Axl as his father kicked him out for having long hair, just like my father did to me, too. Oh we're the bad bad bad boys of rock heavy and hard life!!! ;))))))))))))))


Oh well, I continue my story, hoping to get it done in just 30 quick months from today, so start counting your days, weeks and months now baby, cause it's time for classic comics actionpacked autobiogaphical novel, like never seen before,!! ;)


 Later on today's pencilworks over here---> ***

 ***= picture of lewd and cruel reality of mine back in 1986 :)

27.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, gonna wake up soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!! ;))))))))

Got me the second wakening after I did woke up at 8 in the morning, so I did read Guns and Roses book til the end and slept some 4 hours more!! ;)





<-- story of my life, it didnät end at 27, 37 nor 47 and hopefully not 57, although I might be 57 when my next part of life in comics is printed at Autumn 2021, hopefylly this planet still is and whirls around. 


Spinning like we do in space, I don't see it, understand too much, if any, hah, planets and universums, black holes and time wrap, to me it's all science and  fiction, fairy tales for kids and adults with kids state of mind. I can't see that either, can't be 11 year old, no matter how you try. Outside it's the coldest day of this winter, sun shines but doesn't warm up eniff to melt the ice yet.


Seasons of cold and ice age, we still manage to getalong, in this here world, ball of confusion!

This year's songs I.ve written, played and recorded, includes 2 covers from Muddy Waters and Tony Joe White, rest is all mine:

2019 List of Jack King Noir's repertoire and compsitions in blues, jazz and rock heavy duty:
1041. Can’t Spend What You Ain’t Got 6.1.2019
1042. Nineteen 8.1.2019
1043. Reality By Junkie’s Eyes 8.1.2019
1044. Born Without 10.1.2019
1045. Eleven Months 13.1.2019
1046. All These Winters (And Muddy Waters) 15.1.2019
1047. Some Losers Never Lose 17.1.2019
1048. Human Trash 19.1.2019
1049. Sick Nation 20.1.2019
1050. Cryin’ Wolf 22.1.2019
1051. Serving Time 24.1.2019
1052. Steamy Windows 25.1.2019

.....................................................................................not too bad for first 3 weeks or so!! ;)

26.1.2019 Saturday morning, just before noon I'm on my first cup of coffee, and getting up, going dowen to studio to record the backing vocals to one of my favourite Tina Turnerized Tony Joe White tune: Steamy Windows, I did last night, with my own heavy blues style, including screaming vocals and howling guitar solos all thru the tune!! And now I wanna make on acostic version too today, so that and sauna is in the "program" for this holy day, of Saturn! ;)





<---Comics business I rest my case for weekend as all you devoted readerd do know already, so I'll post just this night before yesterday's result, in one piece....!

Have yourselves a great weekend, fin de semana ja viikonloppu!! :)

25.1.2019 Friday and I'm off to work in secret location and fulfilling my stake for this governMENTAL tasks... by drawing this book of mine, to come. Sometimes lord works in mysterious ways...



and I fall like uncle outta sleigh, damn, oh well. still alive and well, well, well, life full of surprises, but cold snowy winter ainät one of 'em!! ;)

Have yourselves a fun weekend and party like animal!! ;)




<--surviving court and judge, once I was lucky in my life, and it's a looooooooong story,

 but it'll be alright and explained the right way and clearing all air of smog and fog and dust,

"...one of these days I'll change my evil ways, yes one of these days"!!! (Bon Scott) ;)

24.1.2019 Thursday, Thor's day, all these English weekday names are taken from DC and Marvel comics ehe, or are them stolen from Greek mytholgy, well almost as interesting them are, I mean the american bulk hulk comical masters of universum comics heroes, in spandex and helmets. I'm laughing as I grew up with European best of comics: Asterix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, and so many more that was published in 70's magazines like Ruutu, Zoom and then Non Stop...





.......dunno why I never get into novels, except then lack pictures and illustrations I carve and love, and has been drawn since 1973, so I've been illustrating artist for some 46 years, comics since 1982 published ready and done, these here 37 years. I'm elderly statesman  measured in years, had my ups and downs, more than you know, but life gave me more stories to tell than most grasshoppers and barefooting babies, ever. Proud and loud, humble only to do better and develope. Never gonna be too good, even maintain in high standards takes a lot, and all I want to give is...

all! <3  And die known I did my best, loved my work, worked what I loved, and taht's enuff.



<-- newest two pages put together as one! Winter of 1986, coming soon,

angels and devils, as usual, fighting for my attencion...! ;)

23.1.2019 Wednesday morning, just before noon, I'm up and going, hopefully find really fine inspiration and perseverance to draw more than 1  page aday, but if I don't it's alright with me, too...

...just trying to find the good spirits and joy for work, as I did draw fast sketches for all these first 100 pages, huh, and now I xcan see it was kinda stupid as I lost the first expression's excitement, and have to fight to make it like professional...............! :)

......Whatever that means in the little pond of Finnish comics scene, haha, well I just want to live and love thee life I live, like good ol' blues man Muddy Waters sang. Soon I am ol' blues man myself, too...    too old to be new young talent and boy about and in town of Forzza, my home, delta across cities like Helsinki, Tampere and Turku!! ;)))))

22.1.2019 Tuesday after-noon, as usual I keep on hybernating these long cold nights of north. It's just below -20 celsius degrees and first really pretty ice flowers developed on my studio window. Those always come in same part of window, guess it's leaking warmth and some liquid also, that makes those flowers of ice. thwey say every snow flake is unique, BUT what if them ain't, and some people's have same fingerprints too?!? My little criminal novel theory and idea for detective story I could...










...but never would do, unless someone promise and pays me a good fat million or so for it!! ;)

Violence ain't my buddy, nor my dream, ideal plot for any book. Pity the fools that yearn for blood and violence, they do not know what they miss............

                                                                                  ........love, sex and understanding, for starters!!!! :)

21.1.2019 Monday afternoon, this here my common timetable to wake up about noon, and it works alright as we're still in winterly lightness of 6 hours or so daylight. Oh yes somewhere the summertime is lurking already, hehe...







<--- that's how we wash cars here in Forzza Funlandia, on daily basics!! ;) Shampooed and cleaned to the bone, ladies choice!! ;) Oh well, womanizers united, hehehehee...! ;)




And here we go again, todays scribbles, strating is always/usually hard, but in the end meets....






<---- Police station tactics, stuff again, and not for last time either, hahahahahaaa!! ;)

20.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, sun shines, snow glimmers, dogs bark and I build and paint new part for the book shelf, mopre room for autobiographics and music literature. AdI don't collect any novels, as I find 'em boring or invalid for keeping and especially buying, hah....

 ....today having break for comics drawing, so tomorrow continues my life story, loving the impossible affairs foreign, but that's the truth and my only truth. Have yourself a life you want, need and will have. It ain't too easy to be what you are, if born in wrong gender like our house guest today, strenth and corage to all, who struggling with identity and self knowledge and life, in general. Be what you wanna be. It ain't none of anyone elses business, that's right.


<-- tryin g to hide the real plot from you, too eager readers of my next steps in life, back in 1986 Autumn and Winter.....


.............................................................................long time ago!!

19.1.2019 Saturday afternoon, hybernating like a bear, heh, sleeping good and long as bears do all winter. It's our tenth year in Forssa city citizen, in next June. Lotsa things happened while we've been here, and been productive with illustrations too. Working hard to hardly working, and all stations between. Artist life turn out to be reality with poor man's dreams, got what I want, do what I please, sleep when tired, going places and meeting when possible and within reach.








<-- newest of the new album pencilworks, productive all weekdays and reasting my cases on weekend like respectful folk do, haha!! ;)











Okey, I'm still fuzzy bear from sleep, drinking my "morning coffee", as soon as I wake up. Getting older got my routines deeper and harder to quit......................! Trying to live in peace and with one I love, ain't too easy all the time, hah, she a handful of whole lotta love and troubles too!! ;)

But I love her.

18.1.2019 Friday morning, off to work like a dog, slept like  a log, not so long but enuff...




...looks like a cold cold winterly day, but maybe sunshine gimme vitamin Dee, and smile on your face. ave yourself a great weekend!!





<--- plot thickens, whose behind the door and why??? Mystery stories of the real life, yeah why would I lie?

... when I can tell the truth...! Ain't no prophet, ain't no teacher, just  man wuth the story to tell, that's all,

and ability to draw it like nobody,


 my not his story, just my history!! ;) Word play, play worth to live for.

17.1.2019 Thursday morn... afternoon, I'm turning versus vampire as I'm wake all night, sleep all day like good old Hanoi Rocks did in their prime....

 ...some sweet 30 years ago, hah. Well, the snow storm of the century was like 10 cm huge pile of new snow, hopefully no one drown on snowfall, nor avalanched death  today.  Drivers with too tight schedules in their cars be careful, as usual it's slippery when...







<---I keep on living my life and Autumn 33 years ago! Oh mty comics life, Golden Youth part 4. Reality's angry bites and lovely ladies love.......... so sacred, my heart still beats for the love, life and love life!! ;)


I'm in the mood for drawing all the not so inspiring happenings and months BEFORE I'll get back in....



 ..........Spain and adventures continue crazy and wild, juts you wait!!!!!! :) It's gonna be hard times and high voltage dangerous curves and evil nighthoods, in small town maniacs, in the eas coast of Spain, like you never heard before, and that' a promise!


 Vamos a la España 1986 y 1987 tambien, tiempos locos y salvages!! ;)

16.1.2019 Wednesday and getting up, late but as I've told you before, this here artist boy, does whatever he pleases, whenever and with whomever, hah, all this artistic freedom and timetable flexibility, year here or two there, book, it's finished when it's all done and ready for...




...public eye, and publishing prints. A book takes to bare few years with my style of first drawing pencils ALL the pages, then ink 'em, and watching if there's a need for extra pages, and only then texting and finalizing comes in hand, and it has worked for 20 soem odd years, so why change it while it's working out, fine?!?


<--- realtionshipping and love stories, as usual, hah, all I care s love and affection, all I had was love.

Poor man is the one without any...




... one to love. So that'll make me rich, bitch, hah, rich man!!! ;)

15.1.2019 Tuesday watched (again) Godfather II til early hours, as Santa brought all those 3 Godfather-movies, and them are great, although almost remembering ALL the lines, jokes and phrases and even scenes, but it's pure geniousity from Coppola, one of those old time classic directors in his prime. Very inspirational to make my own album, although I am very bad for stealing scenes or methods from other movies, making my own scenes as comics ain't exccatly same as cinemaphotography: no moving parts in comic book, except pages but the action is imaginatinery, the drawing that appears to catch the moving parts and pace in language, oh we all know this, don't we?



So I continued my album yesterday with two archs of horizontal page ½'s, that'll leave me doing 400 pages to get 200 for print, and finished book. It's a heavy load and huge pile of sh.........ots in the dark, hoping it'll be a complete story and adventure, like you never seen, nor me, in comics book culture, making new stuff, surprising the mass and thrill all readers with reality that bites........................................ you in the ass.


What's important in comics drawing to me? Answering my own questions like fool: emotions, face expressions, hands underlining the effect, body statures telling more than words,

 words are cheap and only silver,

 seriously right image and the ability to show it all, is gold, style and methods are natural born, I got NO reason to imitate any drawer at this point of my life and career, heh.... Uderzo, Hal Foster, R. Crumb and Manara are all great idols of my youth, but if taht all you see in my drawing, I'm sorry for you....


...r one wooden eye dimension. :D Let's involve to evolution of comics and times; trying to love every day and everyday routines, like drawing comics!! ;)

14.1.2019 Monday and soon gotta sign in to Tampere Kuplii comics festival, for March 23rd and 24th, it's my 7th time in a row there, I like the feeling and the comics people there. Still on my morning coffee cup, I can win every time, if you catch my drift, get the message not too well hidden, hah. Happy to be starting the weekly project to draw the Spanish ****** Blues album, I ve been dreaming to do, like last 26 years, so finally I'll do the ALBUM, I've always wanted to do, and giving it all the time it needs, so it a relief factor to lose invalid stress for the publising date, hehe, I am talking to myself as well as you my dear readers in millions of well citizens of hundreds of countries round the globe, this here world wide web, is kinda cool thang!! ;)


<-- second paper of new adventures of Spanish Tripping part 2.!


Been thinking too much about death and losing and giving up, vanishing the planet and life on it, past and future, and that ever escaping moment of present time. Can't catch it, no matter how I try. It makes me wonder WHY: I do draw so much, so fast, so instinctinly, so deep cuts, as I can ? Answers, might lay in truth that wasted days of adult man working in dull unmeaningful jobs for all those yaers 1982-1993. Yes I lost 10 years of the best days of my life, fuck if can't use it somehow on comics books, I'll be damned if I ever let go, stop, take a holiday or pause of drawing..................................................................................................................................................... so what am I gonna do?

 Live the life I love and draw like maniac!! ;)

13.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, slept again long and tall, dreams insane, but me feeling quite relaxed. Watched Bowie document Last Five Years last night, and listening now Bowie's Pin Ups CD, this cover album I've liked since I bought it 1982 or so, even dyed my hair in orange just because digging Bowie so much the same year just before graduation day, and refused to cut my hair short- made my mother cry for diappointment: couldn't be the nice little gray houseclean mouse, like all the other members in our band...

Oh I did felt superior even then, I was the man, they were boys, I think. Stubborn as hell, horny like the devil, in need of better affairs and wish to go foreign stands too, much have water run under the bridge, many moon turn, soon I'll be all grown up, but my mind want to be the age that it wants, too. Dunno excatly what am I writing anymore, is this the automatic instintc writing, am I shaman or just nuts. I'd bet on nuttery, hahahahaa!!!!!! ;)


<-- here's the first session of this new year drawings (date:4.1.'19) for printable state and form: 2 A3-size aquarelle papers for one A4 size print, as this is my nowadays normal method, to have lotsa stuff happening in one page, give the readers as much as possible, and more...



    ....to think and see. Comics are visible art, mostly, and especailly in my case teh text is there just to underline and clear my thoughts and the timing the age and decade, and sometimes just to mix and fuzz your head, haha!! ;)

12.1.2019 Saturday morning, waking up into clear frozen air of this countryside town. Dogs barking innocent bybicyclers, fresh air stands still, and sky is blue again after so mant cloudy smoggy days. I've been recovering the funeral blues, gotta admit it hit me although no tears were involved, yet. Life must go on, I must enjoy the life, I must find new inspiration and succesful bisiness plan, hehe, oh, yes, the business amn in me is very quiet and shy kind, although I KNOW my value and skills. Must believe that someday I get what I deserve, and plenty of it, haha... gimme all your money honey!!! :D





<<- newest pencilworks from yesterday, as I said I was slaving for this new stuff, that'll eventually blow your mind, nickers and head to billion star spangled dollar bills, baby!! ;)))))

...on next Spanish ****** Blues -album, for your eyes only!! ;)

 Guess I have reached the point of were I'm quite satisfied with my drawing, BUT I wanna be better,

 better than anyone I know, hah, listening Tina Turner's album Foreign Affair, simply the best...






 ..........mother I ever had!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

11.1.2019 Friday and off to work camp slavery, hehe...





....have yourself a GREAT

weekend, in any which possible way you choose to lose your blues!! :)



<-- my record cover art version number 666! ;)

10.1.2019 Thursday morning, woke up late, got my lacks of sleep finally slept away, and all the tears I've swept away, oh, just wrote a new song lyrics, on this sentence: I've found out I have to write immediately WHEN the spur of moment hits, or lose the text forever. Sometimes it's golden, sometimes just rust and better leave outta touch, hah, well, I do compose so much music I usually USE every lyric I got, even the silliest and most naive blues boy lyrics. It all depends on HOW I feel awhile singing the tune. My way is the fastest as I don't even try the melody forehand: I just press th rec-button and let it all out of lungs, I'm a good ol' timer blues screamer, but I wanna learn sing more delicante and quieter, hah, mellow and easy, just ain't my cup of tea, hah.......




...but sometimes the loudest ain't the best, and that I've been practising now 1 year since I bought my cheap Cort acoustic guitar, but I love my electric guitar solos and riffs, too much to gave up all. So as usual both sides is better than one!! ;) Hard and mellow, rhythm and blues, yes, as what it meant back in 60's and 70's. I'd love to love NEW (pop)music but it's too simple and personal young girls troubled minds whining or just party rap, that doesn't  ewoke any good feelings on me. I got no problem to live in my own red hot and blues bubble, and rock out with my cock out ( quote: Lemmy), is I please!!! ;)

Just do it motherfucker, and whine not!! ;)

9.1.2019 Wednesday morning, despite of the fear of repeating myself I gotta tell I'm getting better day by day, as I think I had aX-mas and funeral exhaustion going on, without realizing it myself, huh, my health is not what I worry much, except these extra heavy weight kilos, I wanna lose, soon, heh, might be boring you with this tale also before, haha...


 ...and boring people is not what I aim, nor writing boring kids tales, fiction novels about made up people in made up world life, ain't no fiction, life is bread and butter, cola and diamonds, water and fire, love and hate.


 Don't care if I ain't understood, just gotta tell it like it is, truth won't burn in fire, and it water tight and solid gold. Silence is only silver, lies are bronze and rest ain't worth a fuck! ;)








Freedom fighter til the end and natural born lover, that's enuff. You fight your own silly little wars and economy crises  and fucking luxury oil your hips, to dance the night away!! :))))))))))))))

8.1.2019 Tuesday morning, some more snow and the trees look soft and mellow, and fairy tailish, if I had any strength I'd go and foto 'em before it melts away. But right now I'm still not so recovered of the weekend's happenings. Oh, the wife's kid with his girlfriend were here too, and it tooks some  efforts and mingling too, just tired and sad. Feelings rollercoaster, but not too deep blue.................................s. 





Although recorded the first tune for this year, covering (again!) Muddy Water's Can't Spend What You Ain't Got, which has the message to my late dad, in it's chorus verse: Can't lose something you never had. Also played soem drums too, Motörhead music is my favourite exercise background music, as I do get all sweat and fast perspired-it feels like I've really done and work with my muscles, check out best of Motörhead albums and get inspired: Aftershock, Bastards, Overnight Sensation, Ace Of Spades, Inferno and We Are Mortörhead, all great albums, with no fillers, just killers all album long!!!



New year resolution challenges delayed with fucking funeral fuzz and food.................... but I'll show you how this mute boy sings and fat loses the fat he doesn't need!! ;) Just you wait and see!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

7.1.2019 Monday morning, this here fuzzyhead still needs a day to recover all the challenges of the weekend, even my body needs rest for sitting in a car driving it on icy roads, you can't let your guard down at all, so 6 hours on concentration and all the father's funeral jive too, it's always stressful to see those old relatives, familiar mostly from my childhood. So it was nice meeting, in awkward situation.

 Now I still wonder shall I GET anything in his last will, and same time doesn't really care or believe to be so lucky, to be remembered in his will........

....that we shall see, and I'll report here soon as possible, heh!! ;)



 Now eeerr. tomorrow to continue the book drawing from sketches to inkable state, all the pages required and then next year inking it to printable, and the year after that 2021 the texting and print in Summer of 2021 !! ;) !!!

6.1.2019 Sunday, funeral and meeting with father's side of relatives went fine. I didn't shed a tear, but that was expected, if not anyone but me...

 Well I did drove soem 6 hours and 600 km so, now very tired and need a little off time, from all, so Tv entertainn me, thank you. As I've already written, composed and sung asong called "Last Will Blues", that's all I'm expecting now: money and all thing glitter from father to son. Amen.



<--- meanwhile I just borrowed the latest of Tina Turner autobiographic book, Her Love Story.......

happening moistly after this foto was talen, I presume, although few rightfull bitter and cruel stories about Ike, too, included, well, hell, I've just started,

after I did read Van Halen book, that was mostly fun and easy reading...


...thanks Santa Claus, keep on rocking with X-mas tree and times forever!! ;)

5.1.2019  Good morning Finland, I'm soon off  to my father's funeral in Karhula, and back later on this eve. Sad day, cold ground, but happy to be able to see some living relatives I usually don't, like, ever see... so farewell to my dad. I take some extra sparetime for driving those 228 km, and back, and wisen up last time borrowed this same car, I got flash stick full of GOOD music, and taking extra coffee breaks too, and takin it easy. And  HOPEFULLY meet the nice family members, not the cruel... hah, can't choose the family and blood relatives,

but can choose friends. Life is pretty good, after all. Wish I 'd live forever, but seems like I have to give that to my art, and hope it will, sweeten your life for next 400 years, at least!!;)

 I'll post later on  a foto. Just you wait and have yourself a great weekend anyway!! :)

4.1.2018 Friday morning and I think I got it made...








...the last of the year before and first of this, pin up your life, baby! ;)

I'll start next fun project and soon be here again!! ;)

3.1.2019 Back in the saddle and drawing table...







...pin up finishing touches, right now and here!! ;)

3.1.2019 Thursday morning, wrote last night the lyrics for song: Slippery When Slope, while watching Amy Winehouse document about makin Back In Black, where someone used that phrase, I keep hearing it alot, so why not use it as title and make some sweet music on it later on. 

My way to make songs is like this: First I've written padful of song lyrics, then I go to recording studio and lay the drums on two tracks or more if necessary. Then I get my guitar or in some cases bass and start to jam with/over drum tracks. Then I double 'em guitratracks for two mastering/mixing tracks, and empty two tracks for vocals, which I sang usually with take one. If I screw up with words, I sang it twice. Then I bounce all 6 tracks again to mastering tracks and burn it to CD, inside of my recorder. If the song if less than 3 minutes, I can sing backgroud vocals or play guitar solo/s, if needed ( and 'em ARE needed every song, haha!!). And this all takes somewhere between 40 minutes to 1 ½ in total, especially if the drum tracks were played the day before, and rest laid another day. And this is the "secret" how I can record and make 158 songs a year (2018), or 160 for year 2017 etc etc... 




( <--- My first ever(!!!!!) sold illustration, of old blues singer Sleepy John Estes. Made when I was just 17 years old, in just two days with crayons back in 1981, sold it same year, so THAT's where my commercial artist time starts: 38 years AGO. Luckily got a chance to buy it back, and now it's hanging on our staircase. )



.....and it's NEVER about quantity. it's the quality where I gave my all, my best. Wether it's comics, art or music, full speed, no mercy. Oh, I made a new song with my great 24-track machine just few days ago, and it sounded way better than it did 3 years ago, when I used it last time before, hah, maybe this old dog has been learning new tricks, haha,


well, I think I might have found my VOICE to sing, although I'd prefer to scream it to tom waits level, before recording my first big hit album for major deal and distributor and world wide tour, hehehehehee...! ; )))))))

2.1.2019 Wednesday morning, snow and freeze out there and here nice and warm and cozy, maybe strating to draw again slowly, hah, as I could do so. I think I only have one switch: on and off, full speed or none. Working slowly and thinking every move just ain't my style, and you can say that of all my actions and moves, haha... I almost wonder how I ever get to working in illustrations as you have to sit down and be quite still, when drawing lines, well it's my first love and joy I ever had, now twenty sixth year as in profession of making pictures, illustrating comics and tragedies. Well, I still love deepest the caricatures and potraits of people, animals are fun to draw also, but so much more difficult. To make a picture alive from empty paper and just lines, it's the magic I carve for, work for. Live the life you love, simple facts of  complicated life, hah. Let's make this year better than one before, and my diet just started fine, losing extra weight, on my way to beach fit by Summertime!! ;)






<-- found few illustration  I made for blues harp booklet, from year 1994!!! Here you are!! Dunno what you see in this, but I see that my style was already developed where it still is, although I don't use pens anymore, just brushes to shadowing, too!!

1.1.2019 Happy new year everybody, especially all my friends all over the world, the good music and comics lovers, and lovers of life, equality, truth and kindness. I made just one new yeraresolution...

    ...and you will see WHAT it is, in next months to come, heh, never give up too easily the secrets and plots of the books you're still writing, drawing and making!! ;) Let's work and try to develope together for better understanding and planning the future, taking care the most poorest and kindest...

 of us little illustrators and comics artists, we don't need no more war, nor capitalists to take our time, peace and money. We gotta fight back, and make love, the most valuable thing in our lives again. Life is short enuff to not waste on hate and anger, especially if it can' t be turned into strength, perseverance and doesn't serve purpose of GOOD. If you can't separate the good from bad, take a little self inspections and find yourself, find the time to do NOW what you always wanted, and do not hurt any animal, human or nature, that's my humble new year wish...


 ....and billion dollars in cash!! ;)

Happy New Year Everyboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodyy!! :)