Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

BLOGS OF THE YEAR 2019.  Towards next steps and festivals, next next step is Tampere Kuplii in March 23rd and 24th, 2019! :)

20.3.2019 Wednesday morning, and another live guitar gig rehearsal done, last night, and finger strengthening practice indeed. I got pretty physical way to play guitar, electric or acoustic, so I need to thicken my skin, (!!) with the maximum guitar playing and of course drop myvocal scale to bluesy gravel and smoky jazz singer, as I know it does when drinking whiskey , enuff, hah!! ;)







<--- Torremolinos black night stuff, ait't too proud, but gotta tell you everything!! :/





Of course nowadays that my whiskey drinking ain't worth mentioning, I have to use other methods and screamin' as loud as I can is well proven act, so if you hear me screaming in my studio, don't wonder why...................... it's just blues singer in heat of the practice affair!! ;)

19.3.2019 Tuesday morning, just got a call from advertising company, and might get  ajob for April to illustrate, but better not lick before it drops....





<--- business man and ticket to ride, am I revealing too much...?!?






....hah, Finnish phrases translated directly into English, might let you puzzled, what was the purpose of it, or sanity, hah... oh well, don't ask me, I got no answers where do those phrases actually came from, except old folks repeated 'em like crazy!! ;)

Oh seismic Spring is here soon, just nights are still below zero, but not for long, please, we're all ready already for Summertimes!! :)

18.3.2019 Monday morning, last night I tested CAN I paly and sing simutaneously, hah, and do I remeber enuff songs for 40 minute slot...



<--- Cafe de Paris, Sevilla, Spain, 1987!


....yes, I can, so now I still try to get my bass player to join me in May and the blues gig extravaganza de Forzza city! more info when due and time is right!! ;)

Today I just draw page 88 and hopefully more and I'll be on timetable to 100 pages in 3 months---> 12 months 400 pages---> one album of 200 pages top print, mathematics for losers and winners, story adventurous and wild as it can be, back in ninetten and eightyseven, almost reach the heaven, on earth, reading worth for all the adventurous kids who'd past the moomin age! ;)

17.3.2019 Sunday morning, quite nice Bowie night on TV last night, and sauna bath of course, and Putous comedy, was eer... not too funny, I'd say, but let's give it a second chance, maybe they got something new also...


<--- Sevilla's barber, no railroad station blues, back in the day and year of 1987, when most of nowadays temporary comics artist finenesse in Funland was still in their sand box shovelin' dog shit and make sand cakes for their mothers, sitting there to watch over their little babies; in their mouth, hahahaa....! ;) I like this pic with perspective that melts into storytelling: you wouldn't believe how much good critics I've had on my last book(s), while the mainstream newpapers haven't noticed none of 'em, so am I angry, bitter and sad...... well, take a freakin' wild guess motherhubbard!! ;)

I'm planning to make  a questionary form and file for starters, where is things you MUST have done, before you can accuse me, on anything schoolboy, boy scout mind kids... starting with "1. Have you ever been homeless?" Well, not taking this life too seriously, are you?


..........like I don't, all I have is my old tricks in the book, hah, old timer's old anthics, love stories for monsters, but I did realize a long long time ago. Love is all that matters, really, all other shit is secondal and trivial, if you don't have love, you're the poorest man in town.

16.3.2019 Saturday morning, ann my world tour is one step nearer and further, aiming on May 25th and concert here in Forzza rown, more info later when it's a deal and sure thang, so now i gotta...





<-- "Train train, won't you take me home tonight......" (Peer Günt 1985 )




.....learn those songs I wanna sing for 45 mintues slot, huh, well I'm gonna pesent my best own songs and some blues/rock covers too... but trying hard to keep it secret still, in here, and maybe get the record company men there to spy too!! ;) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ! Gotta have that international record deal and tour ASAP! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!

15.3.2019 Friday morning, off to work on...





 <--- train accidentals, rage and hate in Spanish.....!! :P








......well, you know what, this here program that'll continue til it's done, and looks like it's gonna be...

 2021 future shock rock and Blues De Carcel Española!! ;)

14.3.2019 Thursday morning, seismic Spring waited to be....



<-- Train affairs of my memoirs!! ;)





....well, not a minute too late, if it's true and here, soon, avoiding paying overkilling electric bills, huh! Living is expensive, staying alive too, trying to cope and enjoy this trip of life. Finding new nice thangs for every possible hour and moment, satisfaction is never guaranteed, in this here, life.

13.3.2019 Wednesday morning, made a song number 1111. with my 8-track machine last night, I dig those ones in arow, a magic number, here's the latest ones for you:

1074. Slept Away 28.2.2019
1075. Horny As The Devil 2.3.2019
1076. Baby, I Know You’re A Super... 5.3.2019
1077. Blood And Violence 7.3.2019
1078. Frozen Flowers 8.3.2019
1079. Can’t Catch Love 10.3.2019
1080. Man Who Knows It All 12.3.2019... to be continued...
Down below is the  way I draw comix, and one page/pic, don't really want to blur the lines nor use "helping guide lines for prespective", no just do it, exercise 10 000 hours and you can do it too:


...............................and of course I drew  2 more pages for the autobio, now in Sevilla Spain, train station blues, hah, but I try not to give away the plot too early, you gotta read it yourself and laugh at my adventures, as I do!!! :)

 Today's program is page nuber 82, in year '87! O tempora o amores! ;)

12.3.2019 Tuesday morning, listening late great David Bowie's Scary Monsters and Super Creeps album, and I DO remeber when this was published, I was in school, last year or so and borrowed school friend's LP, had this on cassette for years, until got it few yaers ago in CD, maybe the last truely great Bowie album in my opinion...


<-- Another new train episode from Madrid to... south!! ;)


 ....here I'm excited by the possibility to make my own music career a kickstart again, more info soon, as it comes, meanwhile I go on making new music EVERY week,  2-4 new tunes. And I love it, no fuzz, no added sweat, no practizing like maniac, just letting it all pour out, dunno why I have this music making mood and ability to improvise, maybe it's just that, improvisibility, new versions of old great rock and blues tunes keep me happy too, after all "they couln't keep Jack Happy"!!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

11.3.2019 Monday morning, album page number 78 on today's program and pencilwork, on table laid for your ultimate pleasure to be! ;)

Days haze while worked on long period book is unavoidable in some measure, goping crazy over details or exact words said 30 years ago, meaningless jerking on something, that doesn't really matter in big picture, nor life, I try to leave for other jerk offs in comics csenery, names witheld, hah, you know your names, well...


I hope you know your own, name!! ;)

10.3.2019 Sunday morning, sun shine, nice. Snow made a comeback, not too happy for it, but what can you do, with nature. Not much wether you believe in climate change or not, climate will change, every day and night...

...Sunday best, trying to take it easy as I'm making anew record compilation of my Tom Waits covers for promotional use, later on this year might be the second coming of Jack Noir, oh, yeah!! ;) Hold on to your horses and trousers, I'm coming like a huriicane!! Hah! ;)

9.3.2019 Saturday morning, happy belated "women's day" to all the ladies...






<-- Story continues in Madrid with lovely French ladies, I pump into street and guided 'em to......**** ****** ....yes let's kept the suspensions on and not telling all, yet, before it's printed and in your sweaty little hands. All I can do is my best, album that's never seen here. Coming from the horse's mouth directly, the adventures of late 80's and legends in make, the Spanish ****** Blues!! :)














..........in Finnish comics scene,

Vesa Kataisto, Pertti Jarla, Petri Hiltunen, Petteri Oja and all the other lame ass scared to shit and pussywhipped "heroines", hahahhaa!! ;) Just kidding, you!!! Muahhahaaa.......................Am I evil, well it depends on where you look at it, do I have right to defense myself? Answers you can find yourself, I'm just a mirror and echo in the forest, that'll answer as YOU shout out on it! ;)

8.3.2019 Friday morning, I'm off to work like state and action...


... yesterday was productive and well, except I forgot my phone PIN code as I never use it, damn had to work on that too, but towards better times, in time or not, hah, well I hat to be late ever, so I don't. More coffee, more inspiration and few 330 pages more to do!! ;)


<---Train station in Madrid with my French companions, Oui y merci!! ;)

7.3.2019 Thursday morning with new snow so white, days rolling towards election days and daze, high hopes for left is right on the money this time and the justice wins, capitalism suffers loss and poor men got help, what else we need than real justice and opportunities for real wages on poor jobs, solidarity for lesser have ones, should be every governments rule, and laws should be automatic program. Treat your fellow man right and good like want to be treated yourself, that's the answer to all...


...while people are stupid enuff to believe weapons of mass destruction is saftest way to protect yourselves, give peace a chance, be lil hippie and love thy neighbour, fellow man, stranger, immigrant, whatever whomever, love is the only real answer, that I've been preaching for, all my adult life. When I was asked to do my first comics book I wanted to make alove story, and tehy laughed at me....

....now I've given all my strength and time for love stories, of my own life, and that's the best feeling ever. Dunno how I could save this planet, dunno if I ever have too much money or time to protest animal rights or march against climate change, but I live as little wasted waste as possible. Do not fly evey year or two, or three, lkast time to Italy and 2015. So I ain't the biggest pollutioner in the world, it might be you!!!

..................hah, so do what you need to do, and shut the fuck up on thangs you don't know.

6.3.2019 Wednesday morning getting up, laying it down and going on with this life...



...story of mine, oh mine, hah, trying to avoid too much monkey business and self indulging in my own belly flannel, if you know what I mean. Writing down all the meaningful, funny, tragic, especial stuff, that no one else has written or drawn before. Yes being unique, different from others, being individual and myself. I was happily surprised as my kollega gave a review of my comics book and mentioned my "own regocnizable style", and pointing out that it's a lot, well................

....thanks Wallu! ;) Finding my own style is atricky trick question as everyone has his/hers own style, never worry about it, uness you've borrowed your style from Herge, hah! ;)

5.3.2019 Tuesday morning, oh still on mugs of coffee state, wishing the Spring would speed up it's run towards Summer warmth.

In dreams all is possible, after all life is pretty good, could be better, smoother, richer  and lovelier, but I accept this as a period between good luck and fortunes, heh, yeah rich man I wanna be, never need to worry about money anymore....


<-- Hondarrabian Summer nights, action packed youth, lived!! ;)


...that's all I need and good health and this great town to live on, quiet life ain't too bad, would you want you face in daily loops  at those not so admiring moments of your life? Answer only to yourself, what you do and prefer, it all shows in what you choose, take it or leave it,

 life is short and fast enuff, let's live it to the fullest and best, never hurt no one nice,

instead all you assholes get ready to get my revenge and truth, sorry if it hurts to see,

 truth. If you ain't got it, you ain't got nothing.

4.3.2019 Monday, rituals for awakening, clearing mind and head, working on the halfpage number 68and ½, today I'm back in Madrid before heading to Marbella and Fuge to visit my dear ones from sauna heat, hehe...


<--- Hondarribia with my jeans jacket with painted Tom Waits face on it's back!!!


...writing autobiographical book is different from fictional storytelling as the stories do not ALWAYS have happy endings, nor justice doesn't happen, equality nor fraternity wasn't even born yet in 80's in my trips to Spain, hahahaa...


....oh well but  still got my merry memories and sad, mad adventures, like no one other ever experienced: telling you the truth and nothing butt truth!! ;)

3.3.2019 Sunday morning, afternoon, evening and night like Truman's life, all in everlasting circle and drift, life is pretty good and best alive. They buried the Flying Finn yesterday, motional as he was my age, only 55, that's not the age to die on old age in here best European countries, but heart can stop or braindamage surprise anyone, any age, so I try to be respectful to life and all living things, well not asshole of Finnish comics scene like, hahaha, YOU all know who I hate and despice, haha, keep on truckin' and never mind the bollocks!!









....be original gangster and punk rocker and DIY as long as possible, fuck the system and second hand knowledge, and rumours of thangs YOU don't know.... live a life prospected and love, all you can. Peace on earth, ha that's a joke if you ever look beyond this Fine Land boarders, see with your own eyes and hear with yuor own bat ears, all, believe nothin, take nothing granted, breath and walk on...................................................... ride on, my lil ones.

2.3.2019 Saturday afternoon, slept off lil lack of it, now feeling rested and good, hopefully getting on easy and relaxed all day although our "traditional" vacuumiing and saunaheating-day efforts, Saturdays seem to be actionpacked and not so relaxing after all, hah, well, home chores never feels too easy or wanted, but man's gotta do what man's gotta do...



...yes, feeling poor, too poor to buy some new music items of my favourite band: weezer coming out with two new record Teal and Blacl albums, daman I need to have 'em, soon as possible, maybe I can tighten the belt, squeeze the candy mountain smaller and have myself a treat of 12 dollars each plus mail, as our Supermarket record collection is shrinking yearly and few new albums are available, but thank god for net, as long as it works, buying from USA and UK Amazon, is still cheaper than buying from Helsinki record stores, for NEW albuma, taht is... a pity. They surely lose customers, keeping prices too high, well that's their loss, not mine, still would love to be able to prowl across used CDees while visiting Helsinki, twice a year!! ;)

So after all, have yourself a great fun weekened, wherever you are!! <3

1.3.2019 It's Spring!! Officially it is, although the temperature and snow situation are way too Winterly...







....okey I'm off to work on my comics album, all day! Have yourself a great weekend!!


<-- dancing 3 days and nights, feet hurts a lot and red cross helps!! ;)

28.2.2019 Thursday morning, same old situation, trying to open my eyes properly and move over to my drawing stool, 2 meter away fronm this computer desk, heh, such a long way to...



...starting work day in gray sky and sneet outside, lucky ones inside but my financial situation is such that I had to cancel my Tampere kuplii hotel reservation, SO if I go there, I'll visit just Saturday in table to sell all my books and records and audiobooks!!!

<-- Hondarribia,Spain, in this borderline town next to France by seaside with the best basc party witnessed by man, myself,

and visited fast to taken fotos from places visited 24 years before, few decades and the trees were grown mammoth size, since then, like the town itself too, were  multipiled and spread toward mountains, so it was impossible me to find the house of my friend, I were going to pay back my loan from days before,

 sad but true, like life wasted.............................. well, how many times must I tell HOW lucky I am in my present psoition as illustrator, free lance, comix artist and musician in my one man band "Jack King Noir", well, here's the latest of my new songs recorded:

1064. Look Before You Leap 14.2.2019
1065. Money And Religion 16.2.2019
1066. Needs 17.2.2019
1067. Machine Gun Mind 19.2.2019
1068. Something That’s Never There 19.2.2019
1069. The Great escape 21.2.2019
1070. Last Will 22.2.2019
1071. Kick The Bucket List 23.2.2019
1072. Racist Presumed 24.2.2019
1073. Slippery When Slope 26.2.2019        To be continued!!! :)

27.2.2019 Wednesday morning, heard another mother's sister's man died just this morning, old age gets us all, RIP Mikko O. Very sad as he was quite a natural born joker and strong character and happy, wild hunter and fisher man and his son was my best cousin friend for years, closest to a brother I ever, never had. I spent most of my childhood Summers and Winter breaks playing cowboys and indians, and million other games and plays with him, and them at my grandparents house in Vesilahti, all good memories coming back. Life is so short, adventures and everydays, blues and celebrations, so fast track of time, decades flow in the wink of an eye.

 Farewell uncle, wherever you go.                                                                                     

26.2.2019 Tuesday morning, warm breath of the southern wind blows and snow melts, such a waited and wanted moment , every year, well when I was a kid I had bad asthma and Summers were suffering multipile different asthmatic diseases, bad gough and continueing sneeze, so I might digged more Winters and ice-hockey, skiing and what kids do in winters, snow ball fight and snow men building. I've never been keen on reading fairy tales neither 'em are for kids or adults, in books with no illustrations, that is and were, I love pictures drawn as well as can be possible. And reading how inspired kids were about drawing those days I value even more the skills of illustrator, who put all in his work in pictures.                                       

   Development and progress I aim always, I despice overintellectualized and difficulted text, for it's arrogant purposes, I never though brains being sexy, heh, although I enjoy clever jokes on time and live, not read from papers like they do in TV-shows with jerk off like Tuomas Kyrö, Miika Nousiainen and Kari Hotakainen...


....can't you invent NEW jokes on live show?!? And live in a moment, but I guess TV show prefers beforehand written "funnies", and that's the reason I won't follow 'em. Guess it's just that punk rock ethos, do it yourself, be natural like hippie, have long hair to piss off suits, be free and straight with your ideas, some good some even better, and worse case scenario: be like the rest of the gang of idiots like Kukko Miistonen and Vuha Juorinen, well those can joke live too, but the jokes are kinda old, used and boring, so pretty good reasons not to be fan, be the shit! ;)

25.2.2019 Monday morning, sun shine and meteorlogs prodcast that Winter might be over for Southern Finland, which I welcome dearly, nearly had enuff of  cold and ice, snow was nice for X-mas time, not so much later on as it snowed more than years before...

... onwards with album drawings: I'm fixing holes in a plot, stroy written itself in end of the Summer and Autumn 1987, watching it now, seeing a quite young boy at the age of 23 in adventures, wild and free, crazy and unique, as all our lives are. I don't feel bad for looking back in less nostagic manner than just weeping for lost youth, blaah, never wanted nothing past back, but it won't block my wish to tell the truth and nothing but truth!! Here I go again, might have been the hit single of that Summer too, with Whitesnake, but I was balsting newly found Thin Lizzy in my stereos, and ghettoblaster thru Spain, huh, it's along big and slow traffic in land to travel north and south, but when all you got is too much time, you just go with the flow of a moment, live for a present, time, my only friend in Spain...! Oh well, trying not to sugarcoated too much, nor maximize the suffering, but but but... you'll see it yourself, when it's done and printed with tattooed alphabets and  letters "Blues De Carcel Española" into your brain!! ;) Warnig: do not take it all too seriously WHAT I write here, I'm half sleep when I type these blogs, just brainstorming the flow of conciousness, if you see what I mean!! It's psycedelic spiritual healing trip, without no drugs. Try yourself if you dare, be all you can, man.................. woman and whadevertrans(m)am, you are!! ;)

24.2.2019 Sunday morning, another storm in glass of water in Tampere kuplii poste and alleged "racist caricature" in Mämmilä and Tarmo Koivisto illustration. Lotta bullshit accusations and simplified accusation laws and orders, hah, calling racist me and Tarmo is as true valued as calling Lemmy nazi.




Well, of course you CAN call anyone anything, but that doesn't make us nazis nor racists, I do understand REAL racism and issues, but aping USA and the race problematics here is just plain stupid and false. Call me what you want, I call you ignorant babies and kids without a clue. How could you draw caricature of black African without drawing it look like a caricature of black African?!?

Have a nice day and smoke more what you've been smoking you dopehead of moral minority and afrofinnish people's front!! ;)))))))))))))

Trying to live in peace and harmony, having irony look at  your friends, enemies, neighbours dog and cattle, and especially for yourself too, is the life of an adult and civilized, in my point of few ,err, I mean point of view!! ;) Go ahead and curse and shout in your little purple bubble or racist Finns are...

 even when we're not. Compahensivity and understanding words and their meanings, is hard for these world police minded vegetarian trans gay nonmilitary selfish kids, but hey I let you have your opinions, and do expect same favor in return. Piece and love, hehe...!! ;)

23.2.2019 Saturday morning, it's always a morning somewhere in this planet. always a new day and night as long as the sun keeps on shining, half on the tellus in darkness.  Days they do fly fast, when having fun to do, but go ask in prison, does time fly too fast?


 <-- My "wedding singer" days 1987! J.J. Cale's song....!



 Answers so easy to spread when looking only on your perspective, and disregarding all the rest, life is long and winding road, 55 years is a mighty long time, a lifelong for some, never know when the death comes and tooks you away. Can't live all my days like it's the last one of my life, as I do wanna live few decades still, maybe not so quiet, but quite long still, wanna have perspective, insight, love affairs, experiences, emotion, lessons learnt in the cabaree fo street life and domestic drama witn my queen and wanna write 805 more songs still,

maybe in the still of a night, you can hear wolf howl and me in garage studio making music like you never heard before!!! Live long and prospect, until death do us apart, my darling.

22.2.2019 Friday, and I'm off to draw some lines of my life...


...business as usual, wishing you all good people good weekend and bad you'll get what you deserve, does crime pay?!?




<---Walkin' in Madrid August 1987. Yes, I'm still there in looking glass and mirrowed my wild life reflections, just for you, my dear.

21.2.2019 Thursday morning, sunshine and chilling -7 degrees, still in winterland and temperatures to freeze your ass. Me I'm still here working in warm room with big stereos and walls covered with my favourite pics and paintings of naked women. I hate empty white walls, makes me feel like in hospital or office, where I don't want to be or feel like...

... the killer in me managed to calm down, but expections failed hurt still, maybe I should open up "why" I do despice some old geezers of Finnish comics scene like Heikki Jokinen who was one jerk off of choosing the 10 Finlandia candidates....



...but I've learnt (hah!!) my lessons in this here small fishes pond of comics artist friendshipwrecking systems, so: if you wanna know- come and ask me in private, face to face in Tampere kuplii PeneLopez stand in March 23 and 24th. I'm happy to tell it ALL !!!!!!!!!! ;)))) Holding a grudge may not be the most adult way of deal with people, but until proven wrong I'm right, and you're/them are not, hahahahaa!! ;) Have a "nice" day asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshole in your fart worth profession as a laywer, you know whom I'm  talking bout, dontca?!? :D . Anger can be power, and it's fuel for me.... now.

20.1.2019 Wednesday morning, life goes on, until t won't anymore, it'll end like matti Nykänen's jump and absolutism, life after death is something I'd rather not experience, life I love, it's the death I don't want to have anything to do with. After disappointment of yesterday I was ready to like fucking "kill", somebody, but only in my head and anger...

 ....so here's the warning, it's dangerous to piss me off anykinda injustice and cruelty that abuse me, my work, my jokes, ideas etc etc.

...you 'll pay the price with consequenties of YOUR actions, better remember that when you laugh at me in your pitiful bunker or ivory tower of higher education and civilized office building. I'm alive and dangerous (hahhah!!) as Thin Lizzy record is, named framed and blamed, oh yes I am, bad bad boy, hahahhahhaa hahaaa!! :) And just for the legal reasons I must add: I might fool you and lie: Don't believe a word is another my Thin Lizzy favourite song, go check it out, find good music while alive, nobody needs no music after life.... that's a fact. Well, innocent bystanders I've never hurt, and If I tell you the truth I never hit no one, but the first time for everything, wanna try your luck punk?!?

Well, still alive and well........... you really can't tell, when and if you don't know me, that's right, in this world of contradictions: I'm emotional and tender poet, but I'm also evil and hard man; it's all up to you HOW I treat you, and that's right. All my poor life's been a one continous FIGHT, so I won't back down, now or never.

19.2.2019 Tuesday morning, started the week with 3 pages of drawnings, quite satisfied with working progress, process and feelings on it, just needing more money to live alife worth, artists lives are poor in most cases, and I surely had my share of it.

 I'm waiting eagerly about Finlandia prize candidates names, I think it should be my turn to be there, but you never know what does the jury THINK was the best of last year's book(s), so this painful waiting and unconsciousness rattles my nerves.... of steel, haha!! ;) Oh well, if you NEVER expect anything you'lle never be disappointed, BUT I wait and expect great thangs to come and change my world, but if it doesn't happen THIS year, then maybe it's the next one, always the next possibility to face with every year lived...................................! (Few minutes later!) and just TODAY they prononced those 10 candidates, and I'm NOT in there, thanks alot again!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!! Even the judge would be my friend's wife hah, so I gotta laugh, not cry, rigfht, but I'm so dis......sappointed now! Fuck....! :///////////// Really spoiled my day, and I'm just in state of mourning coffee, damn!!! Do not expect NO MERCY from me, you four horseassmen in jury, I know who you are, so I'll ridicule you every which way I please, fair, damn right it is.......... cause I used to be a bad bad boy, a criminal if you please, yes that's what it's all about the harsh, cruel and revealing truth, justice and fairness, of a man, woman and whatever you are............. straight from my heart, now I hate you...r decicion to promote those lame ass books on Finlandia prize, and not my brave new opening of tuff going in autobio of the year 1986, The Spanish Saunba Trip, of course it's harder than rock and coler than body on ice, so all you babies and equalminded can't see, reality............................... fuck that shit. I'm too angry to hold it down, but hey that's no surprise to anyone, hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Someday somewhere there's a place and prize for us hard working men, and women, justice must be blind!?! :P

18.2.2019 Monday and getting my eyes open, still atmy morning coffee cup state, but soon shall draw page number 52 of Blues De Carcel Española album, that's gonna be the hardest bad luck story of the year, and decade of 1980's heh, oh well, if you don't believe me, see it for yourself and find out what it really means, the title of of titans, losers and winners all in same story and box. Just 32 years ago, hey hipster when did ya were born,

 yesterday?!? ;)

Alright, been busy and creative with my music creating and recording, dunno why, but I do make new music all the time: usually I go my lil studio (hah! As it known former garage!!) and mix the song I've done the day/night before and got enuff good mixes, then I just put microphones to drums and bang 'em in on the two first tracks of 8, and then compose the guitar part(s) or riffs, and bass lines soon as possible after guitar, cause I usually improvise while recording guitar(s). Then I bounce those 6 tracks to 'em 2 editing tracks. Then I take my lyrics pad, and find suitable text, open the mike and decide which kinda echo or none I think suits for the track, and then just put the backtracks on my headphones and SING out of the blue, no rehersals or nothing, just singing as effective and true I can, caressing teh "first take" magic, depending on the song's feeling. I have record lotsa acoustic bluesy tunes, last year after I purchesed my acoustic guitar. Experience taught me to record and mix while playing, so I won't do ANY mastering on these songs, as them are demos, not finalized studio versions...

 ........of course I try to record 'em as fine as I can, and to listenable in any home stereos with pleasure!! :) Usually one song is done within 1½ hours, that's why I've done 803 songs in just less than 9 years!! <3

17.2.2019 Sunday and sun is shining, great from my feet to Great Van Fleet, which is the newest "hipster" new band of Led Zeppelian rock, pretty good for young(ish) kids, recommended to you, who love good rock music, and doesn't care too much of hip hop, rap, techno, country and western nor other bullshit fashion dancable jumps jumps jumputy junputy junkmusic, oh how old I feel watching Grammies, MTV awards, or those Finnish substitute versions of e'm. Hurts to see which kinda simple shit goes down with youth and idiots elderly trying to hold on their youthfulness as dressing up the latest youth cult, oh hipsters long bearded balms short and the  stand up hairdoes, ARE possible the stupidiest and ridiculousnessed chapter in adults lives,

when you look back on it...

 20 years from present time. Yeah, let's see in year 2039 what do you think of fashion on this year, 2019! I'm a strong believer of history repeating it-self, and as people now have nostalgy for 90's and their youth on it's fashion and bands that were the coolest, then, and how funny the clothes look NOW after some 20 yerars, behind.... oh I've seen this in 1970's when idiots fashioned with 50's style of American soda pop dream off of Happy days TV-show replica of not reality BUT dream and 80's was a fashion short time ago, and now the 90's was hot for a nano second or two. You don't have to fakir to know soon it's the next nostaly trip time for 2000's first fashions, and the ball rolls on and on and on and on....!!!!!! :)

16.2.2019 Saturday morning, oh yes I'm waking up earlier as I want to hold on more daylight as it lenghtens day by day, and today we have great sunshine too, my lack of vitamin D screams for more to get thru this darkness in the edge of the town... listening Bruce Springsteen and Born in USA CD, oh I do remember these songs played million times in jukebox in Kukko Tapiola 13the floor bar, when these were new back in 1984 and 5, got some great tunes here like Dancin in the dark and damn, all, hahahah!! ;)

35 years ago life and world was so different, heh, me the great historian startled and reporting the mysteries of past,


the enemy and friend sooths, smooths and helps to forget and handle all those bad bad bad years, wishing I'd change 'em in a minute or two: who needs pain, suffering and cruelty?

 Does shit look, taste or/and smell better far away? Forgiveness is a skill I haven't got, for myself,

others I've forgiven million times, except the ones that do hurt me still, I ain't no angel, and devil ain't got a hold of me either, guess I'm just a man, no wings no motors, no luck, except bad, yes that's the blues man' share and place, state of being, outta luck, all my life..................................... I've won juts once back in 2011. And luckily that can't no one take from me. So have yorselves a pretty fun Saturday, as we do, going to sauna and geting clean start for tomorrow.

15.2.2019 Friday morning, soon off to work on...




....this here Spanish trip part two, well I 'm gonna repeat that sentence for next two years hah, so better get used to it!! ;)

Towards weekend and rest, in my case lotsa cleaning and hoovering plus sauna, that'll make all worth while, alright....!



Strange kinda weather arrived to Finlandia, warm wave of föhn wind, shall we have a new record of high temperature times, watch your thermometers like hawk, all day and night!  o (

14.2.2019 Happy Valentine's Day to all my loved ones...






<--- I'm here still trying to get my mojo working and book jiving, finally happenings in Spain, it's imspiring to myself to draw all those crazy days and nights.Plane landing and me making new friends on airport custom's line... read all about it... soon, eh, well soon as it's printed, hehe....! ;)))




Have yourselves a chunk of chocolate jesus or purple hearts for all your dearest nearest sweethearts!! ;)

13.2.2019 Wednesday, more morbid news in Finnish rock scene, yesterday news: RIP Olli Lindholm...

...althought his music wasn't my cup of tea, I do respect hard working man in every scene. Got me emotional like Marri Nykänen death too, Olli was year younger than me and Matti same year book buddy, 1963. Hard to see people die, but maybe tells about me alot, that I didn't cry for my father's death a drop, but these heroes  made me weep silently........ so am I emotionless monster or was my father(?).

 I know answers to some things, and baby I guess the rest!! ;))))))))))))))))))))


<---- ....on a plane to Madrid, here I go again.....! ;)



New songs recorded again:

1058. Sorry, I Was Wrong 3.2.2019
1059. She Did It Alright 5.2.2019
1060. Present Of Time 7.2.2019
1061. With Friends Like You 8.2.2019
1062. Let Yourself Go 10.2.2019
1063. Walkin’ With The Dead 12.2.2019 .................................. to be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

12.2.2019 Tuesday morning, sun shines, rain stopped, the melting ended for awhile, towards Spring walking every day, oh well another purrfect day for all pussycats, no pussies nor sissies, in this here hard land, hard life, hardly working, working hard to avhieve he goal and happy ending, of the story untold, oh well, the average guy problems with average girls...




<-- Midsummer fest back in 1987, somewhere in Finnish forests, read all about it, just in year 2021!! ;))))))




.............is not my business of story line, haha. Extraordinary overwhelming hyptonized awesome handsome fantastic great plot and truth, all you need is,

balls as I sang in my tune 2013 sent to Universal records as a demo collection, and which was stolen from Reckless Love year later on their first album, well Pelle Hermanni, all YOU need is Big balls,

..................cause you ain't got none, hah, and can you take the blame? Or joke? Or be man enuff to testifyi you DID stole it, well Im waiting inpatiently!! ;) See you in court? Hah, oh so many options in one's life, but the first rule how to behave like a MAN is: DO NOT stole. Everybody loans and borrows in world of music, but stealth is crime. Even Led Zeppelin had to pay the blueses they stole from black men.... see there might be a lil piece of justice in this crazy world after all.....?

11.2.2019 Monday towards Spain adventures in my autobio again, the plot thickens like eerr, you know, all balls and no walls, hehe...

well it's start of this working week, trying to develope PeneLopez and all skills netter than before, evolution into storytelling, but I love lotsa pics with lotsa happenings in 'em, and never can go wrong with pretty girls and love making, love taking all of me, that's the real story of my life: looking for love, in strangest places; found some lose some, got experienced most ways man known and women too!! ;)  Have yourself whatever kinda week, you want, just don't hurt anyone else, and take care of your dearest nearest and yourself. It's time for you to make a stand and shout, what you really want, cause time won't wait for no one.....................................okey, that was the great philosophy's advice for this holy Monday!! ;)

10.2.2019 Sunday, snow fallen fron the roof with heavy and wet particals, still, and the weateher is really heavy for us bicyclers as ice is smudged blur and water melting more snow, huh, had me the most heavy experience on bicycle this winterlong to post office and back. Luckily I take it as excercise to my fitness, hah. Modern man gym is the house works and bicycle trips to croceries and library and such. You can't get me lifting weights in any sweat and fart smelling gymnasium, if I can avoid it, I shall live a happy life and long without any wasted time on jerks of gym!! Of course there is no real proof that bodybuilding guarantees you any longer or better life, by any means, I still have this headpiece and humour of 70's and 80's laughíng at idiots working out in gymnasiums to show off their muscles to girls, and then thanks to Rambo and Rocky and Arnold's muscles masses went there too, and lo and behold NOW it's general and fashion to go to gym, nobody questionise it,



















...but me I'm the stubborn lone wolf kinda man, no need  for big byceps for beach and summertime to make anyone envy bout my appearence, and just for flesh, can't do that: if I'd want to be REAL strong I'd work on work where aquaires  heavy lifting and need those muscles to work on, but just for fitness and mirror to look at, count me out. I'm rather fat, than fit and idiot in the army of fashionfreaks show.

9.2.2019 Saturday morning, ust before noon, I give you this world wide information package, oh yes every morning alive and risen is good. 






<-- my life story page number 42 drawn, yesterday, all my trouble seem so far away.... well NOT all, but some, thank god!! :)




Saw very weird dream last night but what was th most weird stuff was the noise made from the roof material while the heavy loads of snow fell down, it was more like BANG than just whoom sound of sliding snow, almost scary but seems like the tin roof material did hold it in tack, well frontside must be checked today cause there might be too much wet snow, it can hold... oh these joys of winter, hahahaa...!

Well it's Saturday for sauna eve, have yourselves good time whatever and wherever you are and do! ;) And love thy neighbours cattle, wife and dogs! ;)

8.2.2019  Friday, and I'm on my way to draw some new pages...



...see you later!! ;)


<---Plot thickens and some new Tom waits album released and listening at Backstage club in Helsinki, 1987...

...great memories and lousy love affairs, hah...! ;) And most of all huge amount of hilarious text and ideas of the 23 old me!! ;)

7.2.2019 Thursday waking up late, again, hah, my life's story, waking up late,getting my mojo working but it just don't work on you...

 ......well, another perfect day, with another perfect weather for eskimos, ehe, really longing for Springtime and warmth and NOT paying these humongous electric bills, damn

governmental cases given all up to business companies to cash in us poor people's needs, like food and housing, gotta live somewhere in da house, with these temperatures below zero. Happy and lucky to be born here, ain't what it feels like everyday life, for real.


<--- making music with friend back in 1987, sumertime, aaaaaaaah! ;)

6.2.2019 Wednesday  afternoon man waking up, did start my working week yesterday, but still havin minor troubles with starting thereal engine and work rhythm, but one of these days I shall amke it, so before that just draggin on til sunny days in Spain back in 1987, iy was strange kinda year and adventures were wild and juvenile, crazy enuff to make an album you never seen, read it all about it..




....in 2021 September 3rd!! ;) In Helsinki comics festival, it's gonna be hardest comic book autbio ever, and that's promise I can keep. Trust me, I know what I did, do and gonna draw, just for your pleasure!! ;)

5.2.2019 Tuesday afternoon, snow falling down horizontal mental sight for this season, well we had already enuff snow if asked anyone who must do some snow business, removing it fron cars, plowing it from path to walk and drive, huh. I just drive my bicycle all year and luckily they do plow it with city employers, well, they got handful to keep up with all snow mountains in parking lots of supermarkets too, oh well, Winter "sports" of kind...



<--- yesterday's sketching love making, on the floor, when had no place to go, just funny when looking back, but then it was a necessity, to have any had to be inventional and modest, and fast, haha!! ;)




...got me emotional how much Finnish people cared about passing of Matti Nykänen, and how much TV-time he still had, last night.... couldn't help but sheding a tear too, national hero, not very rational but one of a kind, and great sportsman of his time. RIP.

4.2.2019 Monday, after. yes you guessed it noon, does it really matter what time I do get up, to this world?

(<----Now in this spot my today's work: comic book page, dear reader!! ;) )







As long as I do, it's enuff, death can wait, not like it does and did  to Matti Nykänen, RIP.

Well, I always taught he missed good advisor all his life, being tender, sweet and shy boy................. like myself too, I do understand his troubled mind, with too much success and the abusive sharks that came and followed, sad sad story. Although he wasn't my hero but he was same age as I am, so  it touches me too. Take care of yourselves, all us 55 year old geezers with bad health, dunno what finally did kill him, but wild guess of alcohol ain't far from truth, oh well,  a tear or two for Matti.


I continue my own fight against cruelty, nasty assholes, evil bosses, false news and facts with my historical autobio book Blues De Carcel Espanola, now it feels morte importanat than ever to get it done, ready and finished, before death takes all. What shall I do?

 Ride on, like a cowboy til next sun set.

3.2.2019 Sunday, it's my day off..... to make some new music, here's lates/newest songs list:

1052. Steamy Windows 25.1.2019
1053. Steamy Windows (Acoustic Version) 27.1.2019
1054. Never Been Wrong 29.1.2019
1055. Selling As Any Andy McCoy In Amsterdam 31.1.2019
1056. Jazz Kicks 1.2.2019
1057. Makin’ Love To Music 2.2.2019

Just wondering if that Andy McCoy song shall catch a fire, and as twisted as is Andy's taste of humour is this MY song's lyrics too, nothing what it seems to be, that much I can tell, before Tampere kuplii festival where I sell it as first best songs of this year album of Jack King Noir, so get your fat wallets ready in your bottomless pockets and come to Tampere 23rd and 24th of March this year!!!


 Now I'm just taking it easy, trying to rest and charge fuck it I ain't machine, ain' charging no batteries, JUST taking my time and havin easy going reggae skanking time time!! ;)


Tomorrow continueing my "bedtime stories of reality, the blues singer starting line :"When I was a young boy at the age of...".......well, twenty three, do YOU remember what you did, when you were 23?!? Cause I dooooo!!! ;)

2.2.2019 Saturday afternoon, I'm waking up soon...

...reading too interesting book just before goig to sleep might cause you insomnia, or delays of hours to fall in sleep. Sleep the most important thing for a human health care, daily or nightly dosed, my life's biggest mystery and misery, lack of sleep.

<--- first 15 pages or so, done this year!!

 And you can read all about it in all my autobios, hah, among all most interesting sh*t that happened in Finnish comics scene, these years and days of artistic flannel and clouds of imagenery troubles of fictionary characters. Do you cry for a made up baby in trouble, do you weep for lost time, honey, money, years, changes, triumphs, success, lottery win, bigger tits or penises, peace of mind, piece of ass, handful of gold jewelry, fame and fortune, do you?!?

Well, nobody's perfect................................................................................................................................. but me, muahhahahaaa!! Perfect asshole!!!!

1.2.2019 Friday evening falling, and had some computing problems, why only now over here commenting this world situation most important on one's life, hahaa...

well, did drew some page again, and album full of unseen scenes in Funlandia comics society's finest, hehe, nor no one except the dream police taht can see inside my brain and night visions........ but he won't tell you, except what you do see yourself! ;) Wishing you fien weekend and happy times. Life is here and now, and zen... buddhist kissed! ;)


Thursday morning, same ol' winter scene, and half a meter snow, makes me dream about summertime, it's these days that the snow's excitement has been worn out, and bored of all this snow business, rather be in show business and living in Spain, in sunshine all year round, the pensioner's plan for winters, may...... be, maybe not.












<-- last new page flipped horizontal to protect the plot, from premature exploitation! ;)

Future is uncertain, like my dreams are too, my very jazzy and moving, changing feelings towards old age, and how to spend my time, best and most enjoyable, rich life without truckloads of money, yes, that I can reach too.  Dreamer's short sighted visions, maybe I'd just be lucky to healthy as I am, now............................................?

30.1.2019 Wednesday woking ups, coffee freshen up some muesli for breakfast getting it down and moving towards the drawing table, all these two meters distance, all my daily excercise is mostly made from walking upstairs to downstairs and back, to fridgerator and coffee machine's existential place placed there in kitchen.












Oh, I just saw Marshall amplifier-styled fridge for sale and really want that here in my work room, so I'd have cold drinks and maybe some snacks on it while working hard and long, oh well, luxury items that I can't afford, now, part 132267690.

 Oh well I'll fetch another cup of java and start the working with Winter of '86 and '87... soon it's Springtime then and now!!! ;)



<---Todays first page (or half, anywhich way you wanna see...it!! :) )












Tuesday afternoon, well had to write another letter for granted monetary for comics artist foudation, just hoping to get some, to make this survival game little easier for Springtime, and Summertime, oh that seems to be so far away from this state of snowy ground, but guess it shall come there like every year...

 Circle of this blue planet, let there be some improvment with climate change, rearrange the world, and as I mght said it before, the only salvation is: less kidsless adult, less work, less pollution, less cars, less business and busy bees, more easygoing artists, hippies and living with nature nor exploding and exploiting it til death. Life could be very simple and nice, but rich men wants more tahn tehy can ever spent, the void between classes is only getting deeper and nations going nuts... the only good news came from China were there was 2 million less babies born last yaer, yeah, that's good start and direction. Less babies more affection and health care, schooling and better equality(heh) for girls, around the world.......... and less impotance to religions and other supestition and mambo jambo! And MAYBE this world shall be saved!

<-- my next CD cover art, dedicated to all those pin up girls who gave up their cloths and...............................................................

all FOR you!!!  <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!

28.1.2019 Monday morning, and I'm before 10, yiihaa, here comes the Summer, ehe, well, on my thermometer at second floor window is -17, and not even your average Finnish Summer temperature, haha...


...oh well, it's cold as Russians hell, haha, and that's very cold, wonder if Russian got Finnish jokes too like we do of 'em!?! Propably yes they do, neighbours your favourite joke storage and bottomless well.


<-- read this book, quite interesting and straight, warts and all kinda story of one of the most dangerous and craziest band of 80's, who suddenly improved their game and get together in almost classic  form... just wonder why writer put Axl rose so much down, until the last page were he praised him to greatest star of the kingdom come!!!

 ...maybe senor Wall wants to write another Guns 'n' Roses book later on, after next 30 years or so, with actual interviews on Axl, too included............................?!? ;) I can relate easily to Axl as his father kicked him out for having long hair, just like my father did to me, too. Oh we're the bad bad bad boys of rock heavy and hard life!!! ;))))))))))))))


Oh well, I continue my story, hoping to get it done in just 30 quick months from today, so start counting your days, weeks and months now baby, cause it's time for classic comics actionpacked autobiogaphical novel, like never seen before,!! ;)


 Later on today's pencilworks over here---> ***

 ***= picture of lewd and cruel reality of mine back in 1986 :)

27.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, gonna wake up soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!! ;))))))))

Got me the second wakening after I did woke up at 8 in the morning, so I did read Guns and Roses book til the end and slept some 4 hours more!! ;)





<-- story of my life, it didnät end at 27, 37 nor 47 and hopefully not 57, although I might be 57 when my next part of life in comics is printed at Autumn 2021, hopefylly this planet still is and whirls around. 


Spinning like we do in space, I don't see it, understand too much, if any, hah, planets and universums, black holes and time wrap, to me it's all science and  fiction, fairy tales for kids and adults with kids state of mind. I can't see that either, can't be 11 year old, no matter how you try. Outside it's the coldest day of this winter, sun shines but doesn't warm up eniff to melt the ice yet.


Seasons of cold and ice age, we still manage to getalong, in this here world, ball of confusion!

This year's songs I.ve written, played and recorded, includes 2 covers from Muddy Waters and Tony Joe White, rest is all mine:

2019 List of Jack King Noir's repertoire and compsitions in blues, jazz and rock heavy duty:
1041. Can’t Spend What You Ain’t Got 6.1.2019
1042. Nineteen 8.1.2019
1043. Reality By Junkie’s Eyes 8.1.2019
1044. Born Without 10.1.2019
1045. Eleven Months 13.1.2019
1046. All These Winters (And Muddy Waters) 15.1.2019
1047. Some Losers Never Lose 17.1.2019
1048. Human Trash 19.1.2019
1049. Sick Nation 20.1.2019
1050. Cryin’ Wolf 22.1.2019
1051. Serving Time 24.1.2019
1052. Steamy Windows 25.1.2019

.....................................................................................not too bad for first 3 weeks or so!! ;)

26.1.2019 Saturday morning, just before noon I'm on my first cup of coffee, and getting up, going dowen to studio to record the backing vocals to one of my favourite Tina Turnerized Tony Joe White tune: Steamy Windows, I did last night, with my own heavy blues style, including screaming vocals and howling guitar solos all thru the tune!! And now I wanna make on acostic version too today, so that and sauna is in the "program" for this holy day, of Saturn! ;)





<---Comics business I rest my case for weekend as all you devoted readerd do know already, so I'll post just this night before yesterday's result, in one piece....!

Have yourselves a great weekend, fin de semana ja viikonloppu!! :)

25.1.2019 Friday and I'm off to work in secret location and fulfilling my stake for this governMENTAL tasks... by drawing this book of mine, to come. Sometimes lord works in mysterious ways...



and I fall like uncle outta sleigh, damn, oh well. still alive and well, well, well, life full of surprises, but cold snowy winter ainät one of 'em!! ;)

Have yourselves a fun weekend and party like animal!! ;)




<--surviving court and judge, once I was lucky in my life, and it's a looooooooong story,

 but it'll be alright and explained the right way and clearing all air of smog and fog and dust,

"...one of these days I'll change my evil ways, yes one of these days"!!! (Bon Scott) ;)

24.1.2019 Thursday, Thor's day, all these English weekday names are taken from DC and Marvel comics ehe, or are them stolen from Greek mytholgy, well almost as interesting them are, I mean the american bulk hulk comical masters of universum comics heroes, in spandex and helmets. I'm laughing as I grew up with European best of comics: Asterix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, and so many more that was published in 70's magazines like Ruutu, Zoom and then Non Stop...





.......dunno why I never get into novels, except then lack pictures and illustrations I carve and love, and has been drawn since 1973, so I've been illustrating artist for some 46 years, comics since 1982 published ready and done, these here 37 years. I'm elderly statesman  measured in years, had my ups and downs, more than you know, but life gave me more stories to tell than most grasshoppers and barefooting babies, ever. Proud and loud, humble only to do better and develope. Never gonna be too good, even maintain in high standards takes a lot, and all I want to give is...

all! <3  And die known I did my best, loved my work, worked what I loved, and taht's enuff.



<-- newest two pages put together as one! Winter of 1986, coming soon,

angels and devils, as usual, fighting for my attencion...! ;)

23.1.2019 Wednesday morning, just before noon, I'm up and going, hopefully find really fine inspiration and perseverance to draw more than 1  page aday, but if I don't it's alright with me, too...

...just trying to find the good spirits and joy for work, as I did draw fast sketches for all these first 100 pages, huh, and now I xcan see it was kinda stupid as I lost the first expression's excitement, and have to fight to make it like professional...............! :)

......Whatever that means in the little pond of Finnish comics scene, haha, well I just want to live and love thee life I live, like good ol' blues man Muddy Waters sang. Soon I am ol' blues man myself, too...    too old to be new young talent and boy about and in town of Forzza, my home, delta across cities like Helsinki, Tampere and Turku!! ;)))))

22.1.2019 Tuesday after-noon, as usual I keep on hybernating these long cold nights of north. It's just below -20 celsius degrees and first really pretty ice flowers developed on my studio window. Those always come in same part of window, guess it's leaking warmth and some liquid also, that makes those flowers of ice. thwey say every snow flake is unique, BUT what if them ain't, and some people's have same fingerprints too?!? My little criminal novel theory and idea for detective story I could...










...but never would do, unless someone promise and pays me a good fat million or so for it!! ;)

Violence ain't my buddy, nor my dream, ideal plot for any book. Pity the fools that yearn for blood and violence, they do not know what they miss............

                                                                                  ........love, sex and understanding, for starters!!!! :)

21.1.2019 Monday afternoon, this here my common timetable to wake up about noon, and it works alright as we're still in winterly lightness of 6 hours or so daylight. Oh yes somewhere the summertime is lurking already, hehe...







<--- that's how we wash cars here in Forzza Funlandia, on daily basics!! ;) Shampooed and cleaned to the bone, ladies choice!! ;) Oh well, womanizers united, hehehehee...! ;)




And here we go again, todays scribbles, strating is always/usually hard, but in the end meets....






<---- Police station tactics, stuff again, and not for last time either, hahahahahaaa!! ;)

20.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, sun shines, snow glimmers, dogs bark and I build and paint new part for the book shelf, mopre room for autobiographics and music literature. AdI don't collect any novels, as I find 'em boring or invalid for keeping and especially buying, hah....

 ....today having break for comics drawing, so tomorrow continues my life story, loving the impossible affairs foreign, but that's the truth and my only truth. Have yourself a life you want, need and will have. It ain't too easy to be what you are, if born in wrong gender like our house guest today, strenth and corage to all, who struggling with identity and self knowledge and life, in general. Be what you wanna be. It ain't none of anyone elses business, that's right.


<-- tryin g to hide the real plot from you, too eager readers of my next steps in life, back in 1986 Autumn and Winter.....


.............................................................................long time ago!!

19.1.2019 Saturday afternoon, hybernating like a bear, heh, sleeping good and long as bears do all winter. It's our tenth year in Forssa city citizen, in next June. Lotsa things happened while we've been here, and been productive with illustrations too. Working hard to hardly working, and all stations between. Artist life turn out to be reality with poor man's dreams, got what I want, do what I please, sleep when tired, going places and meeting when possible and within reach.








<-- newest of the new album pencilworks, productive all weekdays and reasting my cases on weekend like respectful folk do, haha!! ;)











Okey, I'm still fuzzy bear from sleep, drinking my "morning coffee", as soon as I wake up. Getting older got my routines deeper and harder to quit......................! Trying to live in peace and with one I love, ain't too easy all the time, hah, she a handful of whole lotta love and troubles too!! ;)

But I love her.

18.1.2019 Friday morning, off to work like a dog, slept like  a log, not so long but enuff...




...looks like a cold cold winterly day, but maybe sunshine gimme vitamin Dee, and smile on your face. ave yourself a great weekend!!





<--- plot thickens, whose behind the door and why??? Mystery stories of the real life, yeah why would I lie?

... when I can tell the truth...! Ain't no prophet, ain't no teacher, just  man wuth the story to tell, that's all,

and ability to draw it like nobody,


 my not his story, just my history!! ;) Word play, play worth to live for.

17.1.2019 Thursday morn... afternoon, I'm turning versus vampire as I'm wake all night, sleep all day like good old Hanoi Rocks did in their prime....

 ...some sweet 30 years ago, hah. Well, the snow storm of the century was like 10 cm huge pile of new snow, hopefully no one drown on snowfall, nor avalanched death  today.  Drivers with too tight schedules in their cars be careful, as usual it's slippery when...







<---I keep on living my life and Autumn 33 years ago! Oh mty comics life, Golden Youth part 4. Reality's angry bites and lovely ladies love.......... so sacred, my heart still beats for the love, life and love life!! ;)


I'm in the mood for drawing all the not so inspiring happenings and months BEFORE I'll get back in....



 ..........Spain and adventures continue crazy and wild, juts you wait!!!!!! :) It's gonna be hard times and high voltage dangerous curves and evil nighthoods, in small town maniacs, in the eas coast of Spain, like you never heard before, and that' a promise!


 Vamos a la España 1986 y 1987 tambien, tiempos locos y salvages!! ;)

16.1.2019 Wednesday and getting up, late but as I've told you before, this here artist boy, does whatever he pleases, whenever and with whomever, hah, all this artistic freedom and timetable flexibility, year here or two there, book, it's finished when it's all done and ready for...




...public eye, and publishing prints. A book takes to bare few years with my style of first drawing pencils ALL the pages, then ink 'em, and watching if there's a need for extra pages, and only then texting and finalizing comes in hand, and it has worked for 20 soem odd years, so why change it while it's working out, fine?!?


<--- realtionshipping and love stories, as usual, hah, all I care s love and affection, all I had was love.

Poor man is the one without any...




... one to love. So that'll make me rich, bitch, hah, rich man!!! ;)

15.1.2019 Tuesday watched (again) Godfather II til early hours, as Santa brought all those 3 Godfather-movies, and them are great, although almost remembering ALL the lines, jokes and phrases and even scenes, but it's pure geniousity from Coppola, one of those old time classic directors in his prime. Very inspirational to make my own album, although I am very bad for stealing scenes or methods from other movies, making my own scenes as comics ain't exccatly same as cinemaphotography: no moving parts in comic book, except pages but the action is imaginatinery, the drawing that appears to catch the moving parts and pace in language, oh we all know this, don't we?



So I continued my album yesterday with two archs of horizontal page ½'s, that'll leave me doing 400 pages to get 200 for print, and finished book. It's a heavy load and huge pile of sh.........ots in the dark, hoping it'll be a complete story and adventure, like you never seen, nor me, in comics book culture, making new stuff, surprising the mass and thrill all readers with reality that bites........................................ you in the ass.


What's important in comics drawing to me? Answering my own questions like fool: emotions, face expressions, hands underlining the effect, body statures telling more than words,

 words are cheap and only silver,

 seriously right image and the ability to show it all, is gold, style and methods are natural born, I got NO reason to imitate any drawer at this point of my life and career, heh.... Uderzo, Hal Foster, R. Crumb and Manara are all great idols of my youth, but if taht all you see in my drawing, I'm sorry for you....


...r one wooden eye dimension. :D Let's involve to evolution of comics and times; trying to love every day and everyday routines, like drawing comics!! ;)

14.1.2019 Monday and soon gotta sign in to Tampere Kuplii comics festival, for March 23rd and 24th, it's my 7th time in a row there, I like the feeling and the comics people there. Still on my morning coffee cup, I can win every time, if you catch my drift, get the message not too well hidden, hah. Happy to be starting the weekly project to draw the Spanish ****** Blues album, I ve been dreaming to do, like last 26 years, so finally I'll do the ALBUM, I've always wanted to do, and giving it all the time it needs, so it a relief factor to lose invalid stress for the publising date, hehe, I am talking to myself as well as you my dear readers in millions of well citizens of hundreds of countries round the globe, this here world wide web, is kinda cool thang!! ;)


<-- second paper of new adventures of Spanish Tripping part 2.!


Been thinking too much about death and losing and giving up, vanishing the planet and life on it, past and future, and that ever escaping moment of present time. Can't catch it, no matter how I try. It makes me wonder WHY: I do draw so much, so fast, so instinctinly, so deep cuts, as I can ? Answers, might lay in truth that wasted days of adult man working in dull unmeaningful jobs for all those yaers 1982-1993. Yes I lost 10 years of the best days of my life, fuck if can't use it somehow on comics books, I'll be damned if I ever let go, stop, take a holiday or pause of drawing..................................................................................................................................................... so what am I gonna do?

 Live the life I love and draw like maniac!! ;)

13.1.2019 Sunday afternoon, slept again long and tall, dreams insane, but me feeling quite relaxed. Watched Bowie document Last Five Years last night, and listening now Bowie's Pin Ups CD, this cover album I've liked since I bought it 1982 or so, even dyed my hair in orange just because digging Bowie so much the same year just before graduation day, and refused to cut my hair short- made my mother cry for diappointment: couldn't be the nice little gray houseclean mouse, like all the other members in our band...

Oh I did felt superior even then, I was the man, they were boys, I think. Stubborn as hell, horny like the devil, in need of better affairs and wish to go foreign stands too, much have water run under the bridge, many moon turn, soon I'll be all grown up, but my mind want to be the age that it wants, too. Dunno excatly what am I writing anymore, is this the automatic instintc writing, am I shaman or just nuts. I'd bet on nuttery, hahahahaa!!!!!! ;)


<-- here's the first session of this new year drawings (date:4.1.'19) for printable state and form: 2 A3-size aquarelle papers for one A4 size print, as this is my nowadays normal method, to have lotsa stuff happening in one page, give the readers as much as possible, and more...



    ....to think and see. Comics are visible art, mostly, and especailly in my case teh text is there just to underline and clear my thoughts and the timing the age and decade, and sometimes just to mix and fuzz your head, haha!! ;)

12.1.2019 Saturday morning, waking up into clear frozen air of this countryside town. Dogs barking innocent bybicyclers, fresh air stands still, and sky is blue again after so mant cloudy smoggy days. I've been recovering the funeral blues, gotta admit it hit me although no tears were involved, yet. Life must go on, I must enjoy the life, I must find new inspiration and succesful bisiness plan, hehe, oh, yes, the business amn in me is very quiet and shy kind, although I KNOW my value and skills. Must believe that someday I get what I deserve, and plenty of it, haha... gimme all your money honey!!! :D





<<- newest pencilworks from yesterday, as I said I was slaving for this new stuff, that'll eventually blow your mind, nickers and head to billion star spangled dollar bills, baby!! ;)))))

...on next Spanish ****** Blues -album, for your eyes only!! ;)

 Guess I have reached the point of were I'm quite satisfied with my drawing, BUT I wanna be better,

 better than anyone I know, hah, listening Tina Turner's album Foreign Affair, simply the best...






 ..........mother I ever had!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

11.1.2019 Friday and off to work camp slavery, hehe...





....have yourself a GREAT

weekend, in any which possible way you choose to lose your blues!! :)



<-- my record cover art version number 666! ;)

10.1.2019 Thursday morning, woke up late, got my lacks of sleep finally slept away, and all the tears I've swept away, oh, just wrote a new song lyrics, on this sentence: I've found out I have to write immediately WHEN the spur of moment hits, or lose the text forever. Sometimes it's golden, sometimes just rust and better leave outta touch, hah, well, I do compose so much music I usually USE every lyric I got, even the silliest and most naive blues boy lyrics. It all depends on HOW I feel awhile singing the tune. My way is the fastest as I don't even try the melody forehand: I just press th rec-button and let it all out of lungs, I'm a good ol' timer blues screamer, but I wanna learn sing more delicante and quieter, hah, mellow and easy, just ain't my cup of tea, hah.......




...but sometimes the loudest ain't the best, and that I've been practising now 1 year since I bought my cheap Cort acoustic guitar, but I love my electric guitar solos and riffs, too much to gave up all. So as usual both sides is better than one!! ;) Hard and mellow, rhythm and blues, yes, as what it meant back in 60's and 70's. I'd love to love NEW (pop)music but it's too simple and personal young girls troubled minds whining or just party rap, that doesn't  ewoke any good feelings on me. I got no problem to live in my own red hot and blues bubble, and rock out with my cock out ( quote: Lemmy), is I please!!! ;)

Just do it motherfucker, and whine not!! ;)

9.1.2019 Wednesday morning, despite of the fear of repeating myself I gotta tell I'm getting better day by day, as I think I had aX-mas and funeral exhaustion going on, without realizing it myself, huh, my health is not what I worry much, except these extra heavy weight kilos, I wanna lose, soon, heh, might be boring you with this tale also before, haha...


 ...and boring people is not what I aim, nor writing boring kids tales, fiction novels about made up people in made up world life, ain't no fiction, life is bread and butter, cola and diamonds, water and fire, love and hate.


 Don't care if I ain't understood, just gotta tell it like it is, truth won't burn in fire, and it water tight and solid gold. Silence is only silver, lies are bronze and rest ain't worth a fuck! ;)








Freedom fighter til the end and natural born lover, that's enuff. You fight your own silly little wars and economy crises  and fucking luxury oil your hips, to dance the night away!! :))))))))))))))

8.1.2019 Tuesday morning, some more snow and the trees look soft and mellow, and fairy tailish, if I had any strength I'd go and foto 'em before it melts away. But right now I'm still not so recovered of the weekend's happenings. Oh, the wife's kid with his girlfriend were here too, and it tooks some  efforts and mingling too, just tired and sad. Feelings rollercoaster, but not too deep blue.................................s. 





Although recorded the first tune for this year, covering (again!) Muddy Water's Can't Spend What You Ain't Got, which has the message to my late dad, in it's chorus verse: Can't lose something you never had. Also played soem drums too, Motörhead music is my favourite exercise background music, as I do get all sweat and fast perspired-it feels like I've really done and work with my muscles, check out best of Motörhead albums and get inspired: Aftershock, Bastards, Overnight Sensation, Ace Of Spades, Inferno and We Are Mortörhead, all great albums, with no fillers, just killers all album long!!!



New year resolution challenges delayed with fucking funeral fuzz and food.................... but I'll show you how this mute boy sings and fat loses the fat he doesn't need!! ;) Just you wait and see!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

7.1.2019 Monday morning, this here fuzzyhead still needs a day to recover all the challenges of the weekend, even my body needs rest for sitting in a car driving it on icy roads, you can't let your guard down at all, so 6 hours on concentration and all the father's funeral jive too, it's always stressful to see those old relatives, familiar mostly from my childhood. So it was nice meeting, in awkward situation.

 Now I still wonder shall I GET anything in his last will, and same time doesn't really care or believe to be so lucky, to be remembered in his will........

....that we shall see, and I'll report here soon as possible, heh!! ;)



 Now eeerr. tomorrow to continue the book drawing from sketches to inkable state, all the pages required and then next year inking it to printable, and the year after that 2021 the texting and print in Summer of 2021 !! ;) !!!

6.1.2019 Sunday, funeral and meeting with father's side of relatives went fine. I didn't shed a tear, but that was expected, if not anyone but me...

 Well I did drove soem 6 hours and 600 km so, now very tired and need a little off time, from all, so Tv entertainn me, thank you. As I've already written, composed and sung asong called "Last Will Blues", that's all I'm expecting now: money and all thing glitter from father to son. Amen.



<--- meanwhile I just borrowed the latest of Tina Turner autobiographic book, Her Love Story.......

happening moistly after this foto was talen, I presume, although few rightfull bitter and cruel stories about Ike, too, included, well, hell, I've just started,

after I did read Van Halen book, that was mostly fun and easy reading...


...thanks Santa Claus, keep on rocking with X-mas tree and times forever!! ;)

5.1.2019  Good morning Finland, I'm soon off  to my father's funeral in Karhula, and back later on this eve. Sad day, cold ground, but happy to be able to see some living relatives I usually don't, like, ever see... so farewell to my dad. I take some extra sparetime for driving those 228 km, and back, and wisen up last time borrowed this same car, I got flash stick full of GOOD music, and taking extra coffee breaks too, and takin it easy. And  HOPEFULLY meet the nice family members, not the cruel... hah, can't choose the family and blood relatives,

but can choose friends. Life is pretty good, after all. Wish I 'd live forever, but seems like I have to give that to my art, and hope it will, sweeten your life for next 400 years, at least!!;)

 I'll post later on  a foto. Just you wait and have yourself a great weekend anyway!! :)

4.1.2018 Friday morning and I think I got it made...








...the last of the year before and first of this, pin up your life, baby! ;)

I'll start next fun project and soon be here again!! ;)

3.1.2019 Back in the saddle and drawing table...







...pin up finishing touches, right now and here!! ;)

3.1.2019 Thursday morning, wrote last night the lyrics for song: Slippery When Slope, while watching Amy Winehouse document about makin Back In Black, where someone used that phrase, I keep hearing it alot, so why not use it as title and make some sweet music on it later on. 

My way to make songs is like this: First I've written padful of song lyrics, then I go to recording studio and lay the drums on two tracks or more if necessary. Then I get my guitar or in some cases bass and start to jam with/over drum tracks. Then I double 'em guitratracks for two mastering/mixing tracks, and empty two tracks for vocals, which I sang usually with take one. If I screw up with words, I sang it twice. Then I bounce all 6 tracks again to mastering tracks and burn it to CD, inside of my recorder. If the song if less than 3 minutes, I can sing backgroud vocals or play guitar solo/s, if needed ( and 'em ARE needed every song, haha!!). And this all takes somewhere between 40 minutes to 1 ½ in total, especially if the drum tracks were played the day before, and rest laid another day. And this is the "secret" how I can record and make 158 songs a year (2018), or 160 for year 2017 etc etc... 




( <--- My first ever(!!!!!) sold illustration, of old blues singer Sleepy John Estes. Made when I was just 17 years old, in just two days with crayons back in 1981, sold it same year, so THAT's where my commercial artist time starts: 38 years AGO. Luckily got a chance to buy it back, and now it's hanging on our staircase. )



.....and it's NEVER about quantity. it's the quality where I gave my all, my best. Wether it's comics, art or music, full speed, no mercy. Oh, I made a new song with my great 24-track machine just few days ago, and it sounded way better than it did 3 years ago, when I used it last time before, hah, maybe this old dog has been learning new tricks, haha,


well, I think I might have found my VOICE to sing, although I'd prefer to scream it to tom waits level, before recording my first big hit album for major deal and distributor and world wide tour, hehehehehee...! ; )))))))

2.1.2019 Wednesday morning, snow and freeze out there and here nice and warm and cozy, maybe strating to draw again slowly, hah, as I could do so. I think I only have one switch: on and off, full speed or none. Working slowly and thinking every move just ain't my style, and you can say that of all my actions and moves, haha...

 I almost wonder how I ever get to working in illustrations as you have to sit down and be quite still, when drawing lines, well it's my first love and joy I ever had, now twenty sixth year as in profession of making pictures, illustrating comics and tragedies. Well, I still love deepest the caricatures and potraits of people, animals are fun to draw also, but so much more difficult. To make a picture alive from empty paper and just lines, it's the magic I carve for, work for. Live the life you love, simple facts of  complicated life, hah. Let's make this year better than one before, and my diet just started fine, losing extra weight, on my way to beach fit by Summertime!! ;)






<-- found few illustration  I made for blues harp booklet, from year 1994!!! Here you are!! Dunno what you see in this, but I see that my style was already developed where it still is, although I don't use pens anymore, just brushes to shadowing, too!!

1.1.2019 Happy new year everybody, especially all my friends all over the world, the good music and comics lovers, and lovers of life, equality, truth and kindness. I made just one new yeraresolution...

    ...and you will see WHAT it is, in next months to come, heh, never give up too easily the secrets and plots of the books you're still writing, drawing and making!! ;) Let's work and try to develope together for better understanding and planning the future, taking care the most poorest and kindest...

 of us little illustrators and comics artists, we don't need no more war, nor capitalists to take our time, peace and money. We gotta fight back, and make love, the most valuable thing in our lives again. Life is short enuff to not waste on hate and anger, especially if it can' t be turned into strength, perseverance and doesn't serve purpose of GOOD. If you can't separate the good from bad, take a little self inspections and find yourself, find the time to do NOW what you always wanted, and do not hurt any animal, human or nature, that's my humble new year wish...


 ....and billion dollars in cash!! ;)

Happy New Year Everyboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodyy!! :)