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Adults only! Por adultos! Ei lapsille eikä huumorintajuttomille aikuisille!! Haha!!


The last day of this year, maybe I should be thinking and twinking what happened and what was best of off this year? maybe I do maybe I don't. Life must be full of surprises and unexpected thangs to appear and surely surprise us,

 all in the same boat and all in same line, well that's a lie and utopia. We are all in very various different lines and guidences and securities, even th HUMAN RIGHTS don't and won't be for all of us. Poor man still comes lasta and rich man gets upfront and pass the queue. Still the dirty money talks dirty and those who need and live in poverty get nothing but scraps from the table, under the table. Still there's no democrazy or equality, for women, gays or handicapps or fucking anything. Leaders take a good hard look... at yourselves and face the facts and not hide behind statsitisc and polls and gallups. Only fooling yourself, stupid fucks.

 So with these lovely words I wish you all motherfuckers and good people otherwise ver Happy New Year 2016! This BLOG shll continue in address " BLOGS 2016" tomorrw asi t is the first day of 2016!! celebration and fireworks all night, even here in the Valley of Hell, Forssa city"!! :)

Bailando amigos!

30.12.2015 Wednesday, didn't know how deeply it cut me, got me crying and sad, Lemmy's death, haven't experienced this NEVER before, like losing a big brother, uncle or godfather very close. Judge me if you will, I cared him more than some of my relatives, for sure.  Let him go and stay in our hearts, good man and great inspiration, jeesus, got my emotional even now. Need time and loud music. I remeber Bob Marleys death 1981 and Muddy Waters 1983, but I was young boy, didin't know jack shit bout life, even less bout death. When you're 19 YOU think you'll live forever. And never die. Lotta learn, lotta see, road for rest of my life.




 Oh well the year's last days and nights, new year seems so meaningless and common the change of numbers and calendars. Still along way to Summer. Usually it comes as it always does, no big surprise there. No Bad magic anywhere I see.

Live another day and have a drink on me.


29.12.2015 Sad sad news, Lemmy from Motörhead has passed away yesterday  December 28th. ,

just 70 years and 4 days old... err..... young.

 One of the MOST influensial singer songwriter and joker to my life. Still remeber that first Motörehad concert in Helsinki November 1981. And the last concert in Helsinki 6th of this December. Lots of fine albums and book and documentary "Lemmy", recommened to see, read, listen ALL the lyrics of Motörhead, tehre's so much great stuff, inventions, jokes, hard life, strret wise, rocker's life story. To me this is very emotional day, wept my share, haven't done that for ANY artist before. One of a kind.

 What'll I do? make some new frames for Lemmy fotos and hat last concert ticket, go on listening Lemmies,

 rest in peace if you will. Life and death,if I live to see my 70th birthday I'm very lucky too. Time will tell and take his place in the mantel of rock'n'roll. No fuckin' hall of fame means nothing, the tours and records thats what counts,

 "One two three four, we are Motörhead, we play rock'n'roll!" That's it!

This is it! lemmy left so many funny and secretly clever phrases and jokes.

".............I don't want to live forever... and don't forget the Joker!"








Two my heroes, Lemmy and Lynnot, both left this planet.



 ...start your education on alphabets of rock'n'roll with Ace of Spades, records and released back in 1980!!!

28.12.2015 Monday, four last days of off this year, days fly like slow motion snails or turtles, haven't seen no speeding with old age, which I'm unstoppably nearing with class and style...

 of my own. My life my choizes my friends and enemies, kept 'em near dear and far in bar, beloiw th bar and table, observing news and blues suede shoes. News smudged in ink, time to think for yourselfs, selfie belfie fotographed memories, albums full and tears to fall. Following news the disasters and hurricanes in living rooms. Killing floors and backdoors, blues man's life, story, worries and lusts, life's abitch and then you die. Truths and lies in same bowl of human kinds and unkinds, apes and babes, rattlesnakes and poisoned cakes, Cleopatras and Cesars, slads and fruitcakes, gays married and heteros divorced, religion tradition and nonbelievers holyness, less another jerk, off this planet, dying very day, every way out of here, time is near, fear of losing all,

 nobody call, no fancy ball, no hairy ball, no nothing at all to celebrate, the faith, the path and aftermath, leaves us, alone in this silly planet blue. All is up to you...

except where you were born, raised, to which paremts and society, school, high school, friends and relatives, your family, all responsibilities, no blame no shame no lame impala, no mala vida, solo vida solo en casada vida de mio, o sole mio.

 Peace and love.

27.12 2015 Sunday still eating that traditional X-mas rice porridge with fruitcoctail "soup", so delicious, so warm feelings to remember. I had my share of poorest X-mases in 1987 and 2004, really hard to go back to those feelings and times, luckily I don't have to write and draw 'em for along time if ever in comics books.

 Read another stupid and meaningless"autobiograp" comics strip in Helsingin sanomat, so sad pertti jarla is wasting his small talents on that strip, I guess it means a lot to him to make nonfictional and ALMOST true stories, BUT them are so boring and meaningless. Good luck sucker to make INTERESTING comics on uninteresting events of a boring and mediocre life. Good riddance to me. Me, otherwise ain't gonna do 1 boring page ever!! HAHAHAA!! :D Everything I say and do are so interesting and wild and fantastic, well it ain't what you do it's HOW you do (Hurriganes).!!! When you're publishing your stuff in ordinary mediocre newspapers you gotta be nice and politically correct, which I don't have to. Well and drawing talent never hurt no one in these valty's fairs. You do your way I do mine and if you're just a loser with no gifts and X-mas went without any improvement, I 'm so sorry Pertti, get a grip, make astand, learn the facts and face the truth, you're just one like 67th BEST illustrator in this small land. We shall continue this with staitics later this year or early next, on a list YOU never thought you see, hahahaaa!! oh I already said TOO much, but try to keep you in suspense!

Go figure out or sit tight and wait to be reveled the whole situation of finnish comics artists values and talents. Cards on the table and not in your sleeve. Soon to be realized whose bad and whose good, eventually we'll all be put instatistics,numbers in lockers of history and minds of a man. But to rally understand the value of a excellent talent to jsut an another lousy scribble, that's the secret, to really see what you look at! Lesson number one, turn the illustration upside, horizontal and look at it again and see ALL the mistakes, you didn't saw at first glimpse.

An old Leonardo Da Vinci trick. Learn from the best, not from pertti jarla, hahahaa!!! :D :D :D

26.12.2015 Saturday still in x-mas mood and food and taking it easy. Might get some guitar work done afternoon still, cause feeling like doing something creative but don't feel like drawing nothing, guess I've reached that level of professionalism that I don't work on holidays and vacations unless it's really necessary to impress or be a good boy otherwise to my foreign friends!! ;)

Well, slept another night more than 10 hours anight in arow, wow, this never happens to this cuccooo who cuccoo all night and day if possible! :) My mind's still processing future works but that's okey cause I might get some terriffic ideas and texture to fill my 110 oages of comic historial autobio novel book! Feeling so good finally getting to finishing touches and months of 4 years mission almost impossible, winning all the stupid obsticles and people who don't know and think they have to say, on my way, all the bullshit artistic envies and all the pain and misery thinking bout those crazy crazy days!!!And still it's only (!) a beginnig of the terrible real and staright autobiographical book serie, trilogy in four pieces and the second is the quite hardest mentally to tell and draw. Pretty sure it's gonna raise some eyebrows and questions WHY and why now? Hopefully it answers all teh questions and setting the rercord straight, yes that's the reason to tell it all as it was , is and shall be, hahahaa! Real, tell it all tale for adults!

25.12.2015 X-mas day morning, had a good time, got a lotta presents and good food.  Quite peaceful eve ,s auna of course and our traditions are getting more traditional, hehe...

Slept like a baby til noon, yeah all is fine BUT the wife's younger dog ate my cameres leather shield, while I was sleeping in another room and floor , upstairs....

 Dogs, gooddamnit, FUCK that.... I know what and why  but it's not alright if you don't teach yout almost 1 year old dog noyhing to obeing the "masters" or dontdoes.....

Music I'm listening and enjoying all year, and DVDees for all year almost we got. Well, I'm over sensitive and sensible. That's ahrd to change, remove, kill, educate. Life ain't easy, and then you die, like Johnny Winter sang in Hey Where's your Brother? album in 90's.


Still wishing you merry X-mas, holidays babies!

X-mas is finally here, so let's celebrate friends, relatives and enemies too! Peace on earth !!!

24.12.2015 Finally it's here the most waited day of the year, X-mas eve, Traditions we got some and making new to enjoy, but it's time for fiesta finlandese par excellence, pardon my french...


 slept like a dog not so deeply, but taking it easy. Decoration of X-mas tree is still yaet to be done and presents to lay under it. Also the ham to tasted and sauna bathed and late evening dinner, X-mas foods.

 So all you good people have a Merry merry X-mas and Great Balls of Fire and New year!!!

23.12.2015 Good morning with ham coming out of oven and getting cool and served tomorrow's celebration dinner before Santa brings the presents to us all good kids and adults too!!! I've been giving away some comic books on my X-mas wizz and now I'm givin an original work to my Kultaiene Nuoruus Facebook page "liker"!! ;) Gifts to people in need and people who don't even know they needed is pleasure and priviledge, ain't got no money but I got lots of gifts!!! :)


Sun shining and no sight of snow within 500 km up north, haha, it doesn't matter to me at all! Santa's taking helicopter!! Wishing you all vey good X-mas time, holidays and the next marvellous year too!!

Ride on!

22.12.2015  Tuesday and just 2 nights til X-mas eve, if you couldn't count 'em I tell you, hehe, oh well, still waiting couple og gifts to get from mail orders. Well, all happens as it happens and snail mail is what it is! ;)

Sleeping difficulties have me some, but also been up to helping with x-mas food preparations and next night the ham goes to oven for the night and brings the smell of x-mas all over the house. We got some traditions like the sauna and x-mas dinner and presents and the tree and Wonderful Life on TV. It's party time for every man and not just the childrens, that's stupid and hearts of deadly boring adulthood, if you lost your x-mas spirit you're just like dead cargo.

  I've been recording Tom Waits songs these prex-mas days, some succesfully some not so. But these "illegal cover versions" makes me happier and satisfyi my broken soul and blue heart. remenbering year 1984 when I bought those Tom Waits records the very first time, Blue Valentines and Heartattack and Vine, maybe two best of his. Inspiration that I used in my next comics album too. My respect and love to Tom Waits, 31 years aint' just a quick snap of fingers. It's a long time in expecting and waiting...

 whatever you wait. Some day I'll see and feel I don't need no more Blue Valentines. But I don't think it's gonna be anytime soon! :P

Oh, I just keep on dragging on, riding on, going on, carry on, stepping on, loving on... etc. etc.  :)

We'll past the darkest day of the year today and tomorrow we're on our way to springtime and longer days!!! :)

21.12.2015 Monday and only 3 nights til X-mas eve, jeee!! Feeling fuzzy, dizzy and blurry like bear waken from wintersleep cause some asshole phone electricity deal seller woke me uo 9 o'clock! Jeesus, us artists sleep til noon, dontcha know!?! HAHA!

Well I read a Juice Leskinen biography til 3 in the morning so I really wanted to sleep later, luckily I did get sleep again and now its past noon aka afternoon I'm her to write you this most intersting thing happened in my life to sweeten your life in dark times and medival manners.

 Spain got (hopefully) new and better governmental election results, viva la España!~:) My heart goes to Madrid and Marbella and Fuenterrabia! Euskedi ta auskatasuna! Well, ain't much of terrosristic risk in my votes for freedom not terror, horror, violence, so Podemos viva tambien!!


 Made a little illegal advertisement for my own collection of my own best music cool collection up here:

Party time!!:)

Oh well, I 'll surprise one more older friend with X-mas present he don't expect, hehe... so I can'r say here WHO it is!! All the best for all of you best of my people and friends of good comics and lousy humour!! hahahahaa!!!

So let it be a really nice and  merry X-mas!! :)

20.12.2015 Sunday morning, no more snow on the ground over here altitudes and longitudes, you gotta go to Lappland to experience that. Over here it's enuff to HAVE x-mas and tree and ham and lots of presents. Good spirits of X-mas, giving , having, getting in peace and harmony of heavy metal...

...thunder and lightning, with wife with spanish attidute and expressions, hehe, we're having our own kind of x-mas fun. Only 4 nights to sleep til eve of destruc... no eve of luxury affection and construction of the new better year with presents, gifts to enjoy all year and rest of our lives. Material matters don't matter when you got 'em too much to handle and care, I'm happy with little I got and cheap ain't fourletter word..... It's a good life after all, poor me but gotta almost all I need, and money you can't eat, can't make love to it, can't buy me money or love! ;)                                            Take another good look at yourself, are you clinbing in to tree with your assfirst?!? ;) Old jokes might be better than a bunch of news. Peace man. No cry no woman.

  I watched Edith Piafs 100 anniversary program last night on TV, couple of documents and the fine Biographical movie from year 2007 with Oscar winning role of the "Piaf". All very touching and moving and tears fell down my cheeks. Little dove from the streets of Paris. Especially Charles Aznavour was nice and correcting in his interviews. So much bad luck and times they were really hard. Little Piaf in me woken and lived in the streets New York, London, Rome, Stockholm and Helsinki, so long time ago. I don't need no fiction to get emotional, tough guys can cry.

La vie en rose, in deed. <3 Piaf.

19.12.2015 Saturday morning turning to afternoon, soon it's noon.

The final x-mas cleanings on the way today and traditional saturday sauna eve of course, we're so conservative and traditional copuple of finns, hehe! Well, traveling abroad broadens always the mind and thoughts, so did my octoberian italian vacation again, although I stupidly thought forehand that this old dog won't learn any new tricks, but life surprises,

 always a new path and trick in hat or on the sleeve. Reasons to live for, love and peace and understanding and human conditions for all. Social welfare and food on the table for needed and hungry, how could you say "no" to starving kid?

Ask you who know all! I'm just a rock'n'roll singer full of blues, soul ful lof  rhythmn and blues news to chooze playing my dues! Oh inspiration struck me and I had to wrote another killer bluesy rock song, be seeing ya! :)

"Better watch out, better not cry....!"

18.12.2015 Friday in it's about Star wars eve, tonight.  Last night I did record longawaited version of legendary "Riot in cell# number 9"! With groove and shouting out loud with a bit of echo and tremolo in my rock'n'roll voice! Yeah it went down like led zeppelin, if you know what I mean!! ;)))))))) Now inking inking inking inking, my job , work, love and meaning of life. I'm a working man, gotta do what I do, can't just sit down and be  still and let the days fly by.

Pension time and age is something I fear and do not want to get into. Love my work, even with all setbacks and failures and years slowly dogging and dragging on. Best job for me, that is. Only other job I'd love to have is singer in a band, playing guitar or drums as I've done nonpro for 35 years. First gig was as a singing guitarist was back in 1980!! And as a drummer 1981 in Jeda High School!! Those were the days...of innocent and fun, but also comfusion and insecurity, growing up getting down and boogie woogie flu too! HAHAHAA!! Past time paradise, not. Memory lane passed and revisited! :)

Most of us has a past! Even you do!

17.12.2017 Hey it's already Thursday I've missed one day in my countdown to X-mas eve, jeeeeeeesus, can't count 'em Draculas, sorry if your timetable and weekdays were mixed by my calendar, hahaha!! Woke up too early , so I gotta get back in sack after breakfasting and watchin Spokahontas interview in TV, good luck little girl and best wishes to avoid the piss rising in head with all those fancy jobs in Californian sun! ;) It's Ok if the piss goes to your head, it happens all of us...  just waiting it to pour out too!! ;) Planning and baking some X-mas salty goodies like pasteries filled with chorizos, nam! Some get together stuff like family, we do, when my book is in the final state of correction and finesse!

 Jee, I'm almost ready!! Hope you're ready for me! :)

16.12.2015 Wednesday and slept like a baby til late, so getting on that train of inking king is later than after noon, oh what a poetry, rich as multipile and shiny as the hair in my ass, stinking king of low, riders in the sky and graveyard place that bet, we'll all end up dead and gone. Morbid bid not yet dead por favor, per favore, please and bitte. Scared shitless of that reaper and death, so try to live as much I can within this time, land and planet. Saving nothing but solar power and art for the next (stupid) generation who'll know all and are ready admit NUTHING, cause they already KNOW all.What I am saying is, trust your own beliefs and knowledge, not. And believe in nobody, no one, nothing no thing, it's hard but in the end it might pay you back,

 when you realize what was really true and what just mambojambo superstitious bullshit. Do I make any sense? That's your own task to find out, can't help you there, buddy. Making mistakes and errors is the clue and way and path to reality and learning from, all we do, all we love, care, take care and at the end leave to next bunch of ididots!! HAHAHAA!! :)

 It's all a BIG joke and fairy tale, nothing too serious in life but life itself.

15.12.2015 Tuesday morning's alright, still gort some snow on the ground and time before X-mas eve, work and cleaning the house, not so inspiring stuff but gotta do and feeling better after.

Oh well, back to work now...


gotta make some new songs still this year expanding the already greta hits i've made, hahahahaa!! :D Why i do like making up musioc is a mystery i don't want to resolve at all, let 'em bloom all songs bad and good, evil and sweet. Rock'n'roll muisc really saves my soul. No doubt about it. 

Just rock it to the moon and back!

14.12.2015 Monday starting week without that flu haunting me, having the dia de mis santos "Jouko"'s day! Celebrating (hopefully) working on inks on comics books final pages before letting go and relaxation of x-mas holidays days and nights.

Dark times we have here in polar circle land, Santa Claus getting all ready to fulfill all the dreams of all the kids and adults who still feel like kids in their and our hearts. Let your heart guide you in snow, storm, rain, flood and all thru your life, miseries and triumphs. All we need is...balls, big balls for reckless love and other smaal ball bands who can't find enuff good lyrics on their own. I'm like elephant forever bitter one swho stole from me, can't g forgive you fucker........but now before x-mas time I gotta be good for goodness sake so I won't say FUCK OFF criminals who steal ideas. That's the lowest point on any artists work, stolen jokes, ideas and stories, so all you jarlas and other idiots go and stay fucking yerfselfs in your unholy matrimony. Now I know WHY mr. jarla drew so UGLY broads, hahahahaa......I saw his brides foto! :D :D Evil and not fair you say? Well that's life, nobody promised you miracle or rose garden, or did they? Just kiddind, HÄHÄHÄHÄHÄÄÄ!!!......dear kollegas and rival sons, got balls to laugh at yerself like I do???. Ugly botch is ugly bitch even when tattood and lipsticked, sorry baby.

Jokes on me!! Have a drink on me!Put some AC/DC in yer machine and rock 'em shiny balls and shake the X-mas tree!

13.12.2015 I'm having my birthday today,



 celebrating quietly with DVDees blasting Muddy Waters, Patti Smith and later some Thin Lizzy I guess, it's MY party and do like do like! ;) Oh well wife gave an album and made a cake too, fantastic, just this little flu makes it hard to enjoy, but I'll do my best to rest and relax and getting better and well. 11 nights still till X.mas, so I hope I had my share of flues already, usually I'm sick on X-mas eve, but NOT thois year damn....

Wishing you all my sweethearts glad and fine holidays to come and enjoy!

All you your own life "Cowgirls" have some fun!

Soon it's all over and Springtime and nothing fun much to do...! ;)

12.12.'15 Saturday morning waking up fron good long sleep, feeling rested and almost nonill. Today's program is sauna bathing and spending time with wife in general. Still got that one page without ink, saving the best at the last, thrilling experience when almost scared to ink the page that looks so fine without ink... bull by the horn and jump on it, that's the way we like it and do it, just do it stop whinig and crying, is agood start, for everything you wanna do! Got no time to waste, wait or spend in vain. I'm a working man, no hero no zero no bullshit, all for one and one for all, robin hood and santa claus in one person. No split personalities no polpot no idi  amin, in me. Just work and payment and wages for good work. No big capitalist dreams, just get along and manage my own desires and needs. Getting older but stronger with storytelling and drawing, only time heals the scars and past is gone. Made a peace with myself and my past, that's a big step forward and progress. Mess is always lurking behind the next corner and opportunity. Heading for future and triumphs it shall provide.

Merry waiting of X-mas!

11.12.2015 Friday and trying to recover g from yesterday's flu/lazyness attack, couldn't get nuthing done, watched TV and No Bull AC/DC dvd director's cut version. Even AC/DC are just human band, it wasn't perfect show after all, but surely would like to be there dancing with spanih girls in Plaza De Toros Madrid 1990!!Well just two days til my 52. birthday, very little party on Sunday and middle of December as usual, well I'm almost grown! I like 'em parties alot used to have them all the time at my houses when young we were. Oh tempora o mores....or something like that, my latina is a bit rusted, hehe...

Let's boogie til X-mas turns to new year! Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)

 10.12.2015 Thursday morning,

yesterday's news still warming me, I'd almost could get used to be interviewd every now and then, haha... maybe I've learnt my lesson too, if you don't want'em to write something don't tell it!!! Very simple life and guide lines, be true and say WHAT you mean, mean what you say. Life is pretty good when getting food and sleep everyday and night. Can't envy many if any.................money, success or better position in the battlefield of comics artists, war on drugs, war in drugs, war is mugs, war in schmucks, war never ending, stories, glories, boring triumphs on bloody wars. If some one knew HOW to stop 'em all, s/he would really do it. But instead money talks, bullshit walks and nothing changes in among 'em wargoers, wrongdoers and all the other jerks. Wisdom seems to never win, happiness never bring peace, love never ends hate. My misbeliefs so wrong so bad. But peace on earth, for X-mas!

Have a nice day where ever you are!

9.12.2015 Wednesday and I'm the lucky "X-mas nut" interviewed in Seutusanomat /Local newspaper, nice story for all you who know how to read...



 in finnish! All my foreign friends it's just what i think and love in X-mas and december in whole. Whole year i buy x-mas opresents and wrap 'em up already in July so i'll be luckily forgotten WHAT's inside of those presnts at X-mas eve, as we give 'em presents here in Funlandia, not the x-mas day.... how could you sleep and not wake uop like 5 o'clock in the morning!?! :D

Nice little surprises and some long waited gifts and it's only 2 weeks and 1 day til X.mas!! :)

Okey let's party like it's X-mas for ever!!












8.12.2015 Tuesday



and getting back in normal form of working habits, eheheh, drinkin lots of coffee and yanking in facebook for two hours and then SLOWLY moving to the next 3 steps to next table, my old architects drawing table to ink 'em pages which need 'em ink still. Repeating myself BUT it's good life and job I got, even when it's hard work.

 And when it's even manual labour like yesterday to carry wood for sauna in woodshed for an hour or two, now we got enuff wood to warm up the sauna for 2 years, or whatever time it takes to burn two squaremeters of wood! ;)

Such a pleasure was the Motörhead concert to see accidentally friends between shows, Girlschoool was alright and Ok rock show too. Saxon doesn't ring any bells in my head so I skipped 'em totally, it was better to talk and laugh with friends  and watch 'em drink beer!! :)

Motörhead did their job, nuthing fancy but considering lemmy's past illnesses it was OK. Now I can rest and have a n merry X-mas. Music lives as long as we do and I can enjoy old music for ever in my collection of 800+ CDees!! ;)

 So let's rock out with your cock out!! :)



 Great gig last night with MOTÖRHEAD in Hellsinki, thanks Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey and all the other friends of mine I pumped into there! Now too tired to write long....

 til tomorrow, rock it!

6.12.2015 Happy indiependence day for Finland!!!

I'm gonna celebrate it with Motörhead concert this evening at Helsinki Hartwall arena, very excited!

10 years ago got this wallpaper within great live DVD "Stage fright"!

 It's windy and wet day so better take my time to drive wife's car easy and tranquilo!! :)

Finland 98 years old, waiting just 2 more years and we're 100 strong and indiependent, great party time hopefully then too!!

 Crazy world and funny times welcomed and life is good after all bullshit the isis, mutsis and your mothers too try to tell you. Peace on earth, rapapampaa........ this little drummer boy celebrates his birthday in aweek next Sunday, I'll be 52. Best years of my life professionally still ahead, been loved and loved my share, still in love with the best gal in world, for me. 1 more page to ink and all the all the already inked 209 pages to checking out once again! It's only rock'n'roll comics but I like it, loved it treasure it! Rock on!!! But tonight it's party time with best rock alive!! :)

5.12.2015 saturday and trying to rest my case and worry head for tomorrows gig in Helsinki.

I remember so well the first Motörhead concert back in November 24th. 1981. Still got that ticket and drunken memories of the event. Good laughs for before, on in and after show. We did jump on the ice from balkony like 300 others cause our seats were so high we'd see just little miniature figures rocking whrn Tank played before "No Sleep til Xmas tour" the CLASSIC line up Philthy, Fast Eddie and Lemmy! I rememeber next day at school in hangover and laughing our asses off. Almost didn't get inside cause someone opushed me and i srtumbled and the door man old wrestler staff said I was too drunk!!! WTF!

So we walked around the stadium and tried again and GOT inside and went to our seats up and rerst is history. They put the lights on cause so many people ran into ice and urged to stop whole concert, but Motörhead's manager said you put the power out I'll put you out, cause the equipments cost a million and powerkill woulld brake 'em...

 ...so Motörhead played with all lights on. Good thing was YOU could really see them, hahahaaa!!! Well everything has developed in 34 years, luckily, no nazi wrestelers and stupid behaviours by the half of the arrengers, right?

Today taking it easy and yeah maybe just a little bit of inking!! ;) 

Have a nice weekend!

4.12.2015 Friday and just woke up, java and facebook down the throat like I do these early mornings til noon. Ready to rock afternoon til late night. Routine/rutina I've developed naturally, no effort no brainer. Entertainer my job to do comics you can laugh with, at , on and to! Grammatic falses, errors terror and scare the hell out, progressive writing, well I just wnat my ideas done in  and down on paper or over here in net.  Oh well self-evident truths rolling by like trucks in a night, only taillights twinking in dark. Understandable writings, messages getting thru, ideas lighten up, overwhelming well of mind and matters,  what really matters?

Motörhead just two days ahead! Gotta learn how to use my "new" Canon camera, to take some GOOD live pictures. Excited and waited concert, hopefully everybody on stage are fine!! :)

Stay Clean!

3.12.2015 Thursday, morning coffee in a mug, need a shot of rhytmn and blues! Dr. Feelgood was one of my fav bands back in late 70's an early 80's. Saw 'em on gig in Tavastia once 1983 and got lucky more than one way!! :)

Such a nice memories, sexual arousing and exploring what and who I wanna do, it's all in my new book, hehe........ really revealing stuff coming up in August 2016, promise you to shook your tree and make your toenails curl with excitement! :)

<-- x-mas quizz "Whose the one lurking behind covers?" :) Guess right and win a free book!! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! :)

 Oh well , youth is drunk without wine! And this here old age is surely a real hangover without wine.

 Keep on rocking the x-ams tree and these dark times, gotta have some faith the future shall be, good and fine. 

Okey babies lets move!

2.12.2015 Wednesday second window opened on X-mas calendar,  go to facebook pages" Kultainen nuoruus " or "Jouko Nuora(artist)"  guess and win!! :) 3 pages left to ink before X-mas and then omce more EVERY already inked pages check out for print, the last correcting touches of ink. Then glorious x-mas  holidays of rest, peace and watching movies and Modern family season 6. , our x-mas tradition of sixth time and our sixth x-mas here in Forssa city! Having such a good feeling as I'm ahead of my scedule on the album finishing. Might even do some artistic nude angel painting on those holidays, IF I feel like it!! :) Wishing you all happy times and good vibrations, on all over the world and especially those locals where troubles and difficulties are everyday life. Hard times can make you stronger, weaker, better, worse, thought you, break you,

 YOU, it's your life and it's up to you what you gonna do with it?

I know my advices are just a words blowing in the wind, meanigless or abzurd, worthless or truthful, it'a all HOW you look at things and see 'em how them really are? So many questions so few answers, that means something for somebody. take care of your near and dear ones, love.

1.12.2015 First day of the last month of this year and I have opened the first window of my traditional (since 2014!!) X-mas calendar quizz in facebook pages "Jouko Nuora" and "Kultainen nuoruus", go there, guess right and WIN an album home for X-mas!! :) Feeling good, yesterday interviewed in local paper for "x-mas nuttiness" heheheh, yes I am ! :)

Only 23 nights till X-mas eve!!! :) All pleasure and no pain. Gotta be good for goodness sake! Back to work and inking the pink thing! :)  It's alright. To be fool and believe in Santa Claus.

30.11.2015 monday and the last of November, rain and clouds all shades of grey, feeling older than yesterday, ready for December and x-mas holidays, best season of the man, 5 national and domestic celebration days in it, better than any other month!! ;) Not drinking makes days longer and weekends easier to handle. When I had my lasy hangover, oh 5 years ago after Jönssi's funeral (party). Also last cigarettes smoked then and wont be smoking unless someone dies, morbid humour and jinx, but hey we only live once let's make it the best we can! Local paper coming to interview me on x-mas nuts as i am, hahaa, fun and craziness my best friends! Whatever you do, do it with whole hearted, man. Giving all you can, for the trash can man, yes you can!

Tomorrow starts also the traditional "Guess whose behind my books?" quizz, where YOU can win a FREE comics album just by guessing the celerity! Fun fun fun!!! :D

Can't wait to give away presents like good old SantaClaus should!! :)


29.11.2015 Sunday morning, well it' is usually always morning when I write these bloggy scripts outta my head, heart, skin  and bones, warts and all. try to surprise you and myself, try to move over to the unknown spaces and states of mind exploring where ever the spirit take me, and pulse of my  blood and pressure of nothing but reality and trutful storytelling.Time only tells who stays and who vanishes, history writing in too importanat to leave only for priofessors and doctors of universities, over educated geniuses snobbing aspect of HIGH culture and music, classic idiots in evrlasting neverending primitiveness classifying songs ny the nature and orchestrra thats playing 'em. Fucking stubborn relic idiots in classic world of dinner jackets and evening gowns and dressess in coctail at past time bar. Why would you believe 'em classic nuts?   Why would I believe any one else with  not my/your ears and hearing, no aid, no help, no advice from fools in love with deadbeat classic music dinosaurs.

 Change may come, soon we shall all b e fre to THINK and DO! whatever you want,  hurting no one. Dilemma for me and you. Thinking about thinking to leave this all shit for the next generation. You do yopur own mistakes! And learn toforgive yourself like I did. It still hard to do, be good boy til the end.

Just thinking. Out loud.

28.11.2015 Saturday morning, slept not like a log, dog or hog, more like manica mecanic of rollercoaster. Crazy dreams I luckily forget soon as I wake up, grateful of that, no memories of night time dreams, no haunting memories I hope...When I'll finish this next album I'll be free from some more bad haunting memories, that's why I'll do it and because I think it's a story worthwhile to TELL, all the world shall see and understand, me! hahahaaa!! Oh well big big dreams alive and kicking like a mule in your stall. Waiting for the things turn out to be fine after all, after all I'm and you are still alive, well like million other idiot like me, but my story and history is all mine to tell and spell you: love conquers all, believe what you will, we shall win and make this life and world a beautiful place. Weekend it's at a the end of the week, todau we have ONLY 6 hours of light in aday round here and this parameters. Enjoy all you can, don't kill a man. Hate the Isis but kill only your hate. We all are children and dying is suffer to some and everybody have a mother or father ofr social worker to miss her or him. Living in afree world and freedom of speech. Even nazis must be heard, not accepted but heard.

 As Dead Kennedys put it so gently:

Fuck off nazi punks!

27.11.2015 Friday, sky is fifty shades of grey not Black, but that's alright with me, mama. Yesterday daytrip to Tampere was great, fast and full of new records to bring back home. Lucky bastard with tons of CDees and shelfull of vinyls, listening my favourite music while drawing my favourite scenes of my life, well life COULD be much worse.

 I could be stuck on some stupid job, working for pennies and for some penis head boss.

-----------Got my share of that in my "golden youth" and that's excatly WHAT in drawing now: assholes and best friends in my young life, sometimes it's hard to tell who is who and WHY you like someone while they treat you like a dirt.Garbage man, trash can can understand, only me, only in my life. reason to reveal and tell all, truth is powerful stuff, worth every accidental love affair and rival and enemy,most of time having such a fine time, wouldn't change a day, only some years away, thank you.

26.11.2015 Thursday morning and todays program is to travel in Tampere and back. Delivering an illustration and then going to museum to see... myself, yes I'd be museum mausoleum old fart stuff already! hahaha... well, hopefully I am and wont be disappointed and deletd from 80's foto gallery, well oh well... got no shame got no inhibition NOT to do, it's only the things YOU didn't do YOU regret. well sneet and rain and all snow gone, but it's allright with me, easier to cycle with out ice.

25.11.2015 Wednesday eli keskiviikko suomeks,

heh, maybe I should pretend to be finglish blues poet and write some really strange words and lyrics and fool all the worrld to believe I'm some western jack jock born to rock your shoes off your feet and make your toenails curl in whirl, yes it's only rock'n'roll and sometimes I hate it, no guts and no glory just repeating the same old story, line of work in an endless road trip, joy ride with rowhide! Sky open wide eyes closed wishing well who can tell, where we've been all our lives running down to toilet and sand in the hand, keeping up beliefs reliefs worried mind unkind, stop the music and dance, dancing in trance avalance romance, words pouring like rain train wreck and sustain guitars cry in the night, it's NOT alright, it's the end of the world if you don't stop, killing and murder and rape, no excuses there, full stop. It's so much better to jerk off than rape, idiots only violent the women of this world, all we need is...

Full stop.


24.11.2015 tuesday morning, coffee and donut berliner, mnajm mjnam, letting all go especially the weight watching rules for (endless)dieting correctly and right and now, time to relax and let go cause X-mas time is lurking round the corner, better not shout better not cry..............unless you really feel like crying, go ahead and cry me a river. Paris, what a sad sad city, lights off and music down, life is strange and evil. No religion worth killing another man, woman, child or dog and cat.

 No humanity in the city, no humanity on isis' attacks no religion, no cry.  Listening Bob Marley, jamaican warmth and message to peace, please.

 <--Curtain down, sun up, love in the morning cup, love all night, taht's all rif ght mama.

 Soon we'll all be in a soup made of ourselves just like Lemmy fortuneteller it. Sad, bad and mad world, leaving all behind.

 Writing my history in my autobiographic comics books, my own way to appreciate the world and love to another fellow woman and man, it's hard and diffiocult,

but promised you the easy living?!? Urian Heep or Deep Purple? Highway stars and smokes on the waters, messages in the bottles. Messages in rolling dynamites?

Sick and awful war, destruction and gaps between western and eastern, ain't any good ain't no way,

to make peace and love. In this sick world, I get sick too. Sick of all the pretenders and liars. Seeking the truth till the end.

 My way, I did it.

23.11.2015 Monday morning, the first snow still on the ground but tomoorrow melting bound, its' safe and sound to say it usually goes away before x-masd it'll come again and have 'em children to say: white x-mas and jingle bells, who knows who tells how it's gonna be, tomorrow never knows. Like James Bond film it all actionpacked and surprises all tyhe way everyday business, there's no busines like snow business. Frozen balls hanging outside branches of that old x-mas tree, gifts and presents wasted money and unuseful toys vain trains to happy feelings for all the happy peoples. Christinity marching fields armed with food and liquids, shelter and medicine for needers. Feeders of this world, thanking you who care and give away,

 free food for all and eltricity, let 'em capitalist pay this time, after they've took and slaved us for 2000 years, that'd be right and fair. Living in a dream, land full of alcoholics, land full of lonely people, living in alonely towns, dying in lonely homes. Dreama of better times and lives for all, such along long way to paradise. On the road like Jack Kerouac all my life, passing all for the first time, seeing it all, fresh eyes with old lies. Truth never hurt me, like you did with all your dirty lies. Whomever YOUR name is!

 Heading for the truth, no compromise.

22.11.2015 Sunday morning, coffee table stories and books to record things happening, instant past is so fast, I hardly can stay in that wagon trails in brand new first snow. Drivers are surprized as always and every year they do get attacked by snow storm. Almost funny papers read in the newspapers, dragging the yesterday's news on our breakfats club tables and home sweet home.

Had some funny mistakes yesterday cause I think I unplugged another cable but it was the netcable so I couldn't get the connection and the day before that I was in Helsinki meeting of illustrators union but didn't got elected in the boardroom and the coucil, FTS. Some groups just want to get along as they alwas had in the PAST. Never wanna change, cause it's scary....

 .... monsters and super freaks like Bowie and me, too irrational and spurred in emotions and feelings. Oh well, but next yaer and time I shall be there and although dissappointed I'll try tomorrow into another administartinal seat in Helsinki, so I can makle more x-mas shopping again and take abreak on inking wher I'm the king of my own life back in 1984, 1985 and first half of 1986. Living dangerously and lead by heart and hard on and on! Good times and bad connections in Spain and rain in Funlandia all teh darkened avenues venues with married friends and kids stuff. 22 years old boy living in the streets,

mu way not Sinatra no italian stallion just finnish boy going out of his head, just agigolo and elephant gun in Spain. From hotels to backstreets of Madrid.

Sometiems i wonder how can it be that I'm still alive?

 thank god I am, and srtill enuff in health to go and see places and friends, far away countries and litlle villages. Very good for my soul I've lost so many years ago in the darkness of Spain. Crossroads I went like Robert Johnson, if you know what I mean.

To be or not to be, that's the question.

19.11.2015 Thursday, reaching out for noon, high or low, inking my days in a row til X-mas, am I stuck on same track, one track mind, rolling over and towards the finishline, finnish line of waiting like a maniac for the first snow. Kids stuff to slide and ski and skate downhill, up with feelings smile with toothless grin before getting their teeth and mind onf an old man.Missing constantly the childhood would be only stuoid and useless waste of time and knowledge, you reached all the years on all the days spend in whatever you spent your time and money. Can't took 'em with you I suppose, unless you're Tom Waits.........................!! ;)

 Music heals you and make you feel better and work harder, another university study I am pleased! But ONLY if you CAN chooze yourself the MUSIC YOU want to hear! So I'm a lucky motherfunker as I can listen ONLY what I please in my lil studio/ work room/ drawing room!!! Sometimes it's so good to hear these simple truths of life, studied and proved to be true. I shall ontinue as I've done 22 years and 3 months my way!! Indeed! Rock'n'roll music shook my soul and saved my life, from boredom and adult life's too serious point of views.


18.11.2015 Wednesday,  waking up lately late but whose counting? Santa Claus and his elfs maybe if you believe so....

let it be, the answer to answers, marks the question at the end of the line, day and sentence. Sentenced to live this life, running with scissors and knife, rhymes with wives, just fooling with the words and birds, flying south for the wintertime and snow business, especially in Santa Claus' office packing the presents and gifts for those who have not, like Petri Hiltunen, HOHOHUHOUHOUHOU!! :DEvil and mean, this world is what we made it, the ball, let's not drop it again, like our pants, caught while mooning the innocent bystanders. Life's fast lane, brain overvalued and sustain, that'll bring your love back to me. Forbidden story line reveals and spoilers boilers, smothers brothers in microphone phoning home, E.T. bringing tears back.

 France, stay strong. All my good friends too. Where ever you are, love to you. Simple answers to difficult questions.

Love, no compromise.

17.11.2015 Tuesday and getting better, lil sunshine too outside this little house on the prairie... ehe, the soon upon lurking X-mas time makes me feel good, although I don't like x-mas songs and fuzzy decorations until it's REALLY x-mas week. I'm a rocker, so I love my x-mas musics rather be Motörhead than Bing Crosby. Snow in the lappland and eastern Funland that means soon we'll have it too here in Forzza city limits, bläääh!

 Oh well weather is weather wether we like it or not, let's not go there again....! hehe, makin quarrel with myself!! HUHAHOH! :D

I'll ink and ink the pink, porky and bess, the more I work now  is the less to do next year ! Gonna have some fun too, next year with new projects for Autumn are planted in my brain and getting started soon as I finished the ALBUM Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2.

 So jippikaijei motherfuckers, let the x-mas time come! All you need for x-mas is.....ROCK*N*ROLL!!! ..............and the good will! ...and love.

16.11.2015 Monday morning, had some strange difficulties at night for almost throwing up the licorice I ate late last night, örgh...

 but I championed to keep "it" in and down and inside like a good boy should.  Oh well, today I'll try to get along and go on with my comics book inking wher I am  the king of my castle and home on the ranch, land of milk and money. Buzzing like honey bee. Staying up til late becomes every year harder and the day after harder to accept as it hurts, especially with these racing track back muscle exorcises huh, but it's worth every penny of the pain, the feeling and laughs, I haven't laughed so much for a year...!! :)

 France oh France, long way back to  normal life, pretending it's all OK wont assure me, but I'm not a believer  or easy beasy itchy bitchy bikini island in the sun. Lucky enuff to stayed alive, this long and all points between, no  really straight and excat explanation for these senseless  actions, terrorist who loves you? Your mothers? Fuckers.....What am I gonna do?

 Ride on.  French, finnish, iatlian, spanish, english and all the vinkuintian people,

ride on! Love conquers all, at the end we're all in the same boat, train, land, tellus, earth and planet. Taking care not breaking all... good gotta win if we try and want too.

Peace and Love.

15.11.2015 Sunday bloody sunday,

well that was one helluva sad sad Friday in France. Fuck all idiots with machine guns and suicide bombs and holy (shit) wars. Go fuck your muslimselfie fuckhead to death. Here in Finland WE don't respect ANY hate crimes, wars on religion is the most stupidiest and ugliest we've ever seen.

 Fucking grow up and take responsibility to ALL your actions, fuckers of ISIS. I ain't stupid enuff to draw Muhammed's picture but am stupid enuff to say all you fuckheads to fuck off and leave us peaceloving good people alive and peace.

Never understood WHY I should be hostile to someone else who BELIEVES  differently  but DON'T hurt me?


 <-- this woman wears across, should she be stoned top death? Should YOU change your opinion WHAT is important in life, not in death, cause we all got cause to kill, if we WANT it. So let start NOT want to kill. thatis the onlöy working solution to nonviolence. Got it: not-to-do-violence!


 Too many questions to ask, too many brainwashed idiots with guns willing to go on killing people, in real life where there's no room or justify for killing in the name of religion, never was never gonna be.

All those horrible things YOU terrorist do, are on your own to blame and to your conciense. You'll never rest in peace in any cemetery. Blown away and outta of our respects and honors.

 Only love and good will stand for everloving everliving stand, state statue and place in our hearts and room of our homes.

These mindless bombings and slaughters are just wrong and we really don't need to understand why, as long as they do go on with these crimes against humans and humanity and all the good we tried achive ALL these million years we're walked around this planet. So, live and let live. Except violence against others, that ain't no flower that is crime and punishment shall reach if we believe it and do it right way. Revenge and more killing is no result and no end on violence, I think. I've been wrong so many times but one thing I know is, it's wrong to kill a man, woman, child whatever they trust and believe or religion they practice. Taking lives away, is so very wrong and against all (real) religions. France, and all the victims of violence, mercy and strength to you. Never let those bastards win, strong in heart and mind, go on living for the love and affection. No mercy for the bad.

J. N. in Forssa Finlandia, afternoon 7 past 1. November rain and cloudy sky. Bet the sky is crying.


13.11.2015 Friday, yes, the lucky thirteenth as I'm born with this luck neverstopping paradise and victory, johnny the conquerer I am til my last breath.

Clouds in the sky crying fot Philty Animal Taylor missing in the line of fire, changing the planet and form fron "living legend" to stone deaf and dead. While we were worried IF lemmy shall make it til next tour in Finland 6th of December and X-mas eve and lemmy's 70th birthday, Philty left the spoon in the corner, kick the bucket and is really dead and gone. Sad news all over the world, seems like EVERYBODY liked him. Big big respect and thanks for many gooooooooooooooooood times spent listening the legendary early Motörhead records. RIP. I'm not the one to dwell on this orbituries BUT now this one touched my heart, deeply, as idol can do. Farewell and adios, real big brother.

My first Motörhead event ticket from year 1981.

Rock'n'roll never die, just we do.

12.11.2015 Thursday morning misty and frozen ground, wet as usual and grey as the nature is going for winterbreak and pass the season when we all rest, peace or not. People living like they do, grabbing all they can, helping hand appears when you least expect it or wont, never know the tomorrows blues, no news is good news in far east, nearby neighbours fights, capitalists favourite shopping season, before X-mas having happy holidays,it's snow business, there's no business like snow business and X-mas time jingle bells in hypermercados. Love is so hard to find and so cheap when it's in sale. After X-mas is there life? is there any intelligent life on earth? Doubts....

Oh well, I'll try to WORK today after 3 days boogie woogie flu. Inking Golden Youth part 2. that is! it's my life according to my life, not like" one whose name is too long to mention here whose autobiographical comics a ARE NOT according HIS life""!!! WTF! HAHAHAHAA!! :D :D :D


Keep on rockin in a free world and happy birthday Neil Young 70 today!! :)


One of my biggest heroes in late 70's and early 80's, and still my favourite canadien and clumsy but intensive and emotionally superb guitarplayer. Still alive and making new good records! And have a hidden storage of great unknown/unpublished records over decades in his vaults waiting for release! Archives number 2. when we gonna get it???


Why do I post these pics of naked ladies?!?

Answer: because I love the beauty of female body. I care for beauty in it's purest forms. Nudity is not a fourletter word, bigonomy cencorship and abuse and violence and hypocrazy are. I chozen my path and what I like, if you can't see the beauty in naked eye, I'm very sorry for you. You missed a whole world of beautiful creatures, especially the females. I'll never try to make these wonderful ladies took look cheap, ugly, disgusting or otherways bad.

 You want to judge me by he pics I post or draw? Go ahead, blame me for everything that's wrong, I can take it like a... woman! ;)

11.11.2015 Wednesday, still under influence of influenca, seasonly flu I thought I'd pass this year but got caught with after all. wasting time is my only concern with these little sick days,  and maybe getting even lousier physical condition tham I used to have. Oh well, very small are my worries, while having home, food and clean clothes and more than enuff food to eat! Lucky bastard and son of a gun, just drifting and waiting for the next event on Saturday with 'em old school time friends, our anniversal meeting with carting race at Helsinki!! Hilarious fun and crazy jokes and boys will be boys attitude! ;)

Wishing you all good times before x-mas and keep yourself nice and mellow and clean.

 Stay clean.

10.11.2015 Tuesday, the day after the flu attack, still shattered and shaky ground my feet wont take me out. Just trying to be comprahensive and get along with it. Emotional rescue source in facebook and friends all around the world. I'm quite happy man, married without children and loans for house, car, summer cottage or anything silly YOU need like twice ayear but don't really need. Getting along with my dreams and visions of how my life could be IF I was a richer man, would I do something strategially other way? Answering to my own questions in essees said to be low standard and bad writing style, but since I left school some 33 years and times ago, I can say well, fuck you with all your stupid rules and laws of writings. Just go ahead and find your own STYLE and  truth , it's what YOU LIKE and just do it, if you like it, love the one you're with and love what you do,

in this here simple man's life and "rules" to be broken, every one needs only his own rules and harm no one physicallt, mentally................in sane a ladd, namegame of fools gold and explanations. take what you want get what you need, love all the way and back, this here little trip we all walk alone among the men who never see the other man. Suffering and starving, african and asian and far awaylands suffering, on your TV screen. Wish I know how to save this planet and erase all bad just by drawing stupid clever jokes and comics. Wish again upon ths x-mas star. While I walk away, leave you , adios for awhile, I'm away but here to stay, what I really want to say is: love conquers all. That's the secret.

9.11.2015 Monday and I'm having the fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, so no working today, just watchin Steel Panther on Youtube and resting, my case and head. Still feeling little italian, the mountain man, so huge and attractive, makes me almost wish to live there and wake up every morning with the montain view! :)


Got some inking done last week, but mostly just trying to get along with life over here in Forzza Funlandia and the everyday visisons and work.

 Next weekend going to Hellsinki for remembering dead and gone friend and meeting friends who are not yet dead and gone :/

 Decicions made and unmake, history repeating itself ? Don't know and don't really care to revalue the past but shall do a furiously true autobiographical novel on it, truth wont burn in afire!!!

But no rest in peace and quiet of.................. ......heavy metal!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

7.11.'15 Saturday morning, finally getting touch with my own time table and bodily armour and strength to ink the graphic novelty book, yeah. Feels good to alive and well, oh well....I just work til first of June with my "Golden Youth" and then 5 weeks (hopefully) with LIDL tour across this land and then printing trip to Tallinn and next years Helsinki, Lucca and Angloume festivals in programm, under the "to do"-list. Of course there's the best days of the year in between alias X-mas time and gifts given, accepting and eating Joulukinkku!! ;)

Under here is the newest pencilled pages.


 Future's lookin bright after these darkest days of the year, especially here in Funland. Today we're havin' the traditional saunaday as it is Saturday! Purgation nationally accepted way.

Thank god it's...

saturday! :)

6.11.'15 Home sweet home, here in the smoggy foggy backwoods and tundra time flies slowly towards X-mas time and next holy holidays. Me just relaxed 3 days from my Italian trip so fine and spiritually spectacual mountain views, to wake up every day, is a bliss. I shall miss............... the good people I met, families open their doors and dinner tables. Ate and took all welcomed and new experiences. Fantastic true life and times in Italia. Trying  to avoid those thoughts " what if..." but can't help it crossed my mind. Heard her stories and life, of course WE all got our troubles....

 but sometimes it's too much.

All I know that I'd love to go back to those mountains. And Lucca festivals too!! :)

4.11.2015 Still recovering from my 11 days trip to lovely northern Italy with lovely italian people's houses and mountains, oh and the horror jet lag of 1 hour!! ;)arsars


Took thousand and one photos and million funny moments within such a little period. Imagine the warmest welcoming for this northern boy/man, what I am... of course there was little tension at first, after 35 yerbut I lost my heart again to those little villages and big big mountains, lovely, precious and wonderful, comes first to my mind. Also it cool that here in Funlandia ain't no snow yet!! And days are oddly warmer than usual! Jee!!

Trying to get my feet back in the ground!

 Ciao a tutti dell'Italia! Had such agooooooooooooood time! Gonna miss those mountains and new friends and old.

Maybe next year again.... who knows? Selling originals and prints!! :)

Bernet originals on sale.............. maybe next time! ;)

I was in Lucca, Italia fumetti/comics fstival 30. Oct. '15. Bought and brought someee nice "souveniers", and comix books of course!! ;)




3.11.2015 Hello, from looooooooooooooooooooong time, as I told I was in the mountains of nortern Italia for eleven days. Great views, fine food, nice and kind and funny people and real hliday for me.




Limone port 23.11.´15 just like 35 years ago!! :)

 Traveled back all day yesterday so I'm pretty tired but happy man. Resting and checking all the purchaces fron Lucca comix festival and all the other places I was kindly taken by my hosts/friends. Such a nice holiday, I'm a lucky son of a gun! ;)

 taking it eeezzz!!! ;)

29.10.2015 Ciao from northern Italia, Trento! Tomorrow leaving early to Lucca fumetti/comics festival to meet Milo Manara and all!!! Having such a great time and friends over here, 2 days of little rain but tomorrow should be sunshine again, and I really don't care for weather wether it's rain or shine. Lots of good fotos of good times coming up when return to Forzza,  and video in jazzclub and and... just you wait and see!!! :) Wishing all great weekend and molto baci! Arrivderci e ciao! Comano, Italia  J. N.

21.10.2015 Wednesday morning, coffee mugshots and face values rise again. Feeling pretty fine and getting ready for tomorrows trip to Verona. Don't know WHAT excatly to expect but nice times and happy get together again, only 34 years void, between seeing my dear friend......But now the last packings and all getting done with pleasure. Still try to pencil some pages today and if got time and space on the trip too, but that's the plan B, plan A is just relax, enjoy, have a million laughs and good times. Having holidays like this inly every fourth year might gain some pressure, but trying to be pressureFREE and let it all happen and come as it please! :) Very excited 11 days in future. So let's all have a ball and times of our lives!

All right let's boooooooooooooooooooooooooogie!! :)

20.10.2015 Tuesday afternoon, been packing and  prepairing for the flight to Italy on thyrsday morning, took all my time yesterday and most of today, still trying to get some new pages sketched before HOLIDAY!!! :) Yeah I know most of you average common people(hehe!) go on holidays every year, twice, but in this profession I don't have that kind of luxury, so I'll try to make the best of it and twice as nice than having holiday every fucking year and Summer... while I can and have mine in every fourth year! ;) Very glad and excited feelings, emotional even... we shall see  if I have to take a brake for writing this blog daily, the net working over the mountains I'm a unaware but maybe the brake is needed for you too, ........to reading my daily diary of blues and comics in make. Going to Lucca comics festival next week, so see you there all the good people!! Just to remind you modern comics lovers. Be there or be square! ;)

 All you motörheading bangers, Rock out with your cock out!!

18.10.2015 Sunday morning, had me some insane dreams last nights dreams, luckily I forget 'em immediately after getting up from the bed. Going downstairs making microwave owen porridge and cafe con leche, wake me up with daily newspaper news from the world, printed lies and truths in same package to be burnt in sauna owen. Circles of life and death, eat and shit like swedish  sweet dish princess in deed as we all do.

  Getting ready for autumn vacation and old friend, meeting very well, hoping all the best and nice times. Curiosity and open eyes for the unknoown and without prejudjice or false beliefs. Hard life left its marks on every face, trace back to 80's with pleasure. Excited and lil scared too, but like alwayd I go and do and think bout it all much later, if finding time. Tom Waits Nighthawks at the diner, double LP full of greatest jazzy tunes and dirty jokes, lost diamond and unknown hit record. Listen and enjoy. Foggy sunday tunes and lazy rhythmn, snap your fingers and toes. Eggs and sausage, Warm beer cold women etc. etc. Best songs for us hobo hearts.

Bathing in your love, babe.

17.10.2015 Saturday, slept enuff, getting down that stuff of relaxation nationwide. Leaves turning still yellower on the old oaktree next to my studio window. It amuses me to watch that ( same?) squirrel collecting acorns every autumn those branches and hiding 'em oak acorns for the wintertime food storage, hehe, oak tree thanks for spreding the seeds and making new ones. Oh the evolutions slow flow and baring new breeds takes more time that a human can understand. Million years yeah how could you see it, feel it, accept it as truth. I don't mock christianity any more so much, cause I'd love to see all become and born like magic touch of god, but stupid me, I only believe what I see and feel. Still waiting Jesus to come and appear and saving the planet and living things. No mock. Okey, it's saturday and weekend, so I'll work only little bit IF Ifeel like it! ;)))))))))

16.10.2015 Friday frey day free day to week end and resting my beer case and state of mind uncaputres feeling towards loose thoughts running wild streets chasing cars dogs bitching and cat fight strip bar pole dancing steel kiss lips stick rubber machine mens room broom groom doom bloom, winter breeze whispers its cold breath your breast my chest, our quest guest to visit last minute, accidentally relative pass ports Amsterdams port wines vine mine behind, and you.

Dizzy miss lizzy here trying to catch my mind, hipeless mess and stress over works and unemployment ment what it always ment.

 Poor heart suffering alone, crowd of jokers kings and diamonds in your windshield.  Mister Tom Waits. So do I. No expections for future but hilarious good times and magnificent food feast for this beast and the beauty. Tales of the crypt to comic book autobiogarphical illustrated novel of 400 pages, in due. Paying my dues for blues again.

 Don't ask my "why?".

 Just kiss the sky!

15.10.2015 Thursday, slept til noon, so good afternoon everybody coming late. Works going as planned daily routine of drawing 2-3 sheets per day. As result gonna be a whole lotta inking going on in November , December and maybe even January (2016) too. But that's alright cause it's better to have TOO mmany than too few. Easy mathematics and everything counts at the last stop, before print machines starts their rolling and rocking in Tallinn! ;) I'm leavimg to Italy in just aweek from now, very much needeed and waited holiday, but til then I'll work those pages more and several missed actions and needed additions. Looking good and real and funny in a self parody way as the first award winning book was too!! ;)

Okey let's boooooooooooogie!Down here is Jamming Shit back in 1983 and illustrated 2015, for the Kultainen Nuoruus  osa 2.

14.10.2015 it's a beautiful day if you're in to dull grey fog and lame luke warm breeze. Leaves turning yellow and orange, as they always do this time of year. I'm turning blue, thinking bout so many lost lives and youths in this dull grey and foggy land. No futire was MY youth's anthem, didn't know how true it was gonna be. Sometimes feeling so down and blues. Right colour for dsad men. Understanding your fellow man, try to, and give a hand.... or two and both legs and arms and chair for needed and elderly and tireds, so tired of sick and insane politics and politicians. No mercy, no pity, no care,

 who cares?!?    YOU?

13.10.2015 waking up to continue my book of revelations years 1984,1985 and first half on 1986. Just to get your kicks and reveal all the darkests moments and falls, it's not gonna be easy listening or reading, might gain some enemies and lose some "friends" but in the name of truth, this is a book to be told.

 ....made this illustration by almost accidentally. This "year 1984" page last Saturday, when I was suppose to be having a day off... well fuck that shit, in this labour of love I gotta draw when the nature calls and inspiration hits it lightnings. Haven't learnt a lot BUT I know now that when you GOT a NEW idea, you must put it on paper and down, cause it might never come again. And usually it wont. Those precious ideas you gotta respect ans cherish. If them turns out to be stupid shit and wrong for the task it's easy to forget and lose them, much harder to find! Okey that's all for art and great inventions of humankind this time!! ;)

 Remember to have a ball! What ever you game is.......!

12.10.2015 Monday mon dieu, surviving weekend and Star wars episodes, planning future and enxt step, vacation in south, northern Italy, tempatation to fly away and get lost in roman ruins. Oh no, not me, I'm good little schoolboy riding my bikes to yard and fly only by the wings of dreams. Butterflies and other flying sex objects of dreamer, not so close to me. Police in my stereo, memories of early 80's with new wave hair and skin tight jeans. I do remember and recall, too much, information for you to swallow, maybe baby you need to grow up? Maybe I'm only  fire in the night, maybe just  a wild salmon swimming upstream, with will to love. Neil Young my youth's hero, tripping so many poor records but still standing strong and delivering new music for us listeners. Hearing aid for heavy users of rock'n'roll, music cheapest of 'em therapy you'll ever get. Gotta write that down....

 and just did a new song lyrics. Easy as making hay! (= old finnish phrase!).

 Have a good day!!

11.10.2015 Sunday morning, cups I'm yearning to fill up to drink  up and get up. Oh well slept too little so the responsibility of the sanity in my writings skips and transforms into readers mind! ;) Very savolainen joke yousee.

Last night I did "accidentally" a page to represent year 1984 for the album and had an image in my head to do Orwell'ian and David Bowien Diamonddogs stylish stuff and I did manage pretty well, may I say  and criticise myself. Gotta have faith and luck. Lucky Luke, the fastert drawer in west, my childhood idol numer one, too. Asterix the little big man from Gaulle, and some other comics heroes, I still idolize. Somehow Tintin was never my favourite on anything and especially not with drawings, dull and flat and odd jokes and mysteries too MUCH text also bored the devil out of me. But all the comix I read, learnt a lot more than ever reading novels and other high and fine art books.  But this ceremon I've been lecturing so many times before so let's not go there.....let's go anywhere! Sun shine and waters freezing, must be a wintertime coming. And you should be too!!!! :)

10.10.2015 Saturday noon, waking up in a cup of coffee, third kind so kind, to open eyes and listen the sounds of music on the stereo set, I set to myself, set me free, Willy De Ville's Muddy Waters Rose Out Of Missisippi Mud. Can't put any clearer, gotta go to Missisippi to see and feel the  Muddy Waters home, land and museo of blues. Should be a statue for greatest ever lived blues artist.

 Tattooed Muddy Waters in  my left arm in Madrid back in 1986. Beat that school boy! Hahahahaaa!!! :D Oh well, repeating like a parrot, got a fine week with 12 new sketch pages that'll make 6 finalized pages inked in next  comic book. I really enjoy  when I recall new stuff from my past and invent new angles to draw my crazy past. Gotta do fine art and exciting views to look at and look again another peek. That's a secret to good book creating: make it interesting and NOT too obvious roads. Eager to read it again, too much information is better than too less. Oh yngwie malmsteen syndrome!!  ;))))))))

 Might even have a day off today, and walk the dogs and heast the sauna as we do every saturday. Wife likes 'em traditions and making new ones. Good wife is hard to find. Enough said and done.


Party like it's 1999!!! :)

9.10.2015  los Friday morning, getting up and going to places. It's been a good week, lotta work done and inspirations found  to do more and new pages invented all the time, and it's freaking good. I need more pages an patience and calm moments into the "storyline" of MY life in 1984-86. Just a scratch off the surface but it's my surface and apologizes begges, given and pardonned. It's always a good sign WHEN YOUSELF get inspired of the work you are creating. Live in the moment cause that's all we can do. Simple facts of life. Wrote a song about it just now, a moment passed and an idea stormed thru my brain. getting out of the rain is good advice to all wet backs and  soaked wet victims of circumstance.

 We all are,  children of a revolution!

8.10.2015 Thursday morning scorning away, got some pages done last night, but had a mental hangover from the day before yesterday's band wagon train rehearsals. It's also heavy on mental side not only physical. And I ain't no Olivia Newton-John, let's not get physical, ehehehe...



 Nights are already below zero permanently this week, killing flowers and plants on our yard, getting ready for wintertime, I'm not. Prepare to feel cold next 6 months, damnation. I already stay indoors too much and the snowy time keeps me undercovers and closed doors more and more. usually this means I'll get a lot work done, so it might be good thing, but lack of vitamin D ain't no fun. So I'll take the trip to Italy for real life pleasure cruise into this Fall and leaves falling, birds left and  oh well one good thing: insects dead and gone, too. Something good in dying, too. And blaa blaa blaa new things born from the ashes and dust and skeletons and dead meat.

Call me the breeze!

7.10.2015 Wednesday morning, had a nice rehersals here last eve with our buddy band Jeda All Stars covers for party time band. Although the other guitarist/singer was missing in action, we did quite well. And had many laughs as usual, great times.


 Also got done 3 pages more to next album, before the guys were here, I've told here so many times, repeating seems useless, cause YOU've been reading it 3 years in a row, hohoho!! ;)

 But springtime for hitler shall be and the book with 100 pages of hard and real stuff. Just you wait and see! Gonna be some rocking at the show...

Working is a fine way to spemnd these days when the weather is 3 below zero in the early morning rise, damn it's freezing breeze and bite of winter, already here in Funlandia.

Bite the bullet, baby!


6.10.2015 Tuesday morning, woke up late and it's all right with me, ain't no early bird , ain't getting any worms, ain't drinking alcohol to drown and kill any worms. My belly, led and funny, shaking all over.

Very intense work period yesterday when I finally sat and started to drawing new pages for Kultainen nuoruus osa 2. Went so much easier than I expected and feared. Not fear of failure, but fear of gettin NONE done, that's my worst fear. Wasting time and space and  getting zip done. Gotta be moving on, doing things I wanna do and get results in paper or tape or recorded ANY way. Action and workaholic I am, proud getting art made and fuck the critics and all besserqwisser asses. Nevermind the bollocks, that's so true still. Worring about bullshit artistis and comix snobs, FTS!

Punk like me wanna get it fast and loose and now.


 Have a nice day babe.

5.10.2015 Monday morning, just got the review from Huittinen prison just and got so great response and views that it made a tear in my eye. Value the staright feedback from inmates, called me "easygoing, natural and good with words and illustrations..." etc.  well,  thank you. Be seeing you!

Yesterday I thought I'll be quick and put them all already inked Kultainen nuoruus osa 2. comics album pages together with computer, yeah it took me only like 5 hours!!!!!!!!! ://////

 But now it's done and I can go on with extra pages and pics needed to get it altogether like a real book, hehe. Haven't done anything but writing some NEW old stories, histories, ideas and happenings still missing from the pages and was surprised HOW MUCH I've alreadty done and inked. Huh, that helps me to get it finnished next Springtime and erady for print. Finally 4 years work in apackage and it shall be a huge story and dangerous curves and funny accidents. Misery and bad nad luck, that's my middle name.

But I'm still alive! So let's rock'n'roll!!! Fuck the complaints and bithing bout.

Head on! Everything's gonna be alright this morning! :)

4.10.2015 Sunday morning, slept some dues away, dogs wanted out tooearly for me to get up, so Iw ant back tp bed and hit the slumberland. I'm lousy of taking day off, jerk off the work load, rather being overloaded and overworked than lazying around like couch potato and just wasting time,



( <--- this angel keeps on falling down on her knees just to pelase me, yeah right!! :D )



...got no time to spend on waste, no time to rest in peace. Let myself at ease, no thank you and please let me out and free my mind. Oh, and the ass will follow. No sorrow no time to borrow,  a loan from heaven, can wait and hell ain't no bad place to be,

especially here in Forssa, the one and only helvetin tulirotko town! ;)

3.10.2015 Saturday morning mourning, old jokes never die , they just smell funny!

 Oh well I slept little too little, now trying to rest my day and failing miserably, I'm over there on drawing table water colouring an angel, again. Angel below...

 suppose to rest a weekend BUT too much to do, and it's all in my worry head, only.

 Body bulding on palces not suppose to, chocolate warrior on weekends diet of licorice and candy, my ass. Another useless less its' working.

Sg hould be doing lotto and win millions, hah.

2.10.2015 Friday on my mind

lotta whole lotta things I gotta do and shall be doing over and over again, here and there a lotta thangs shaking on. Boogie woogie maestro of blues and rhythmn, give you a pick to choose and news, yesterdays papers and rocks, scissors running by themselves, watch out, shout and twist that sister, blister in ancle uncle is watching you, candies in van, man that's a bad, worst scenario Antonio, halls and walls hanging balls around. Another psycedelic opening for dizzy miss lizzy poetry reading  none, all gone to hell......and back. On earth we got this thing called life before death, yeah that's pretty good way to spend the day. Living is never easy, underwater world waiting silently, flood to spoil all food and ice age, finally sweeps us away. Weather forecast from hell... sinkin' Hellsinki. Just kidding you, buddy...

Another perfectly waisteless day rising. Jihaa! Drawing like a maniac 3 different pics at same time, taking turns and resting my cases, pulling all the aces,

 and don't forget the joker! ;)

1.10.2015 Thursday after noon soon, it's time and only time inside the old clock, hands running round the ground. Psycedelic philosophy writes itself in the corner, paint the sky blue instead red, green and pink flamingos moving south bank, closes another family account, money grows in trees, trees cut down to paper maachines, work all year long, all life in a tiny paper back and pack, riding the waves of suburbia to country life, pure and polluted with dirty pig farmers. All overalls and yellow blue jeans, moons to you and me I'm alone in a crowd of fools tools who sees all but none.



Back in business drawing babies naked. Yeah it's a job to get, paid nickels and  dimes and reputation...

 I guess I'm on my way to next period and day, all night and day. On my precious way.

So have a noise day!

30.9.2015 wednesday morning,

started an illustration of a baby yesterday. A potrait of friend's friends child that is. "A naked baby in a shower" has another meaning. Less sexual and dirty than YOUR mind! ;)))))))


Oh well, I 'm also making another with pencils more "conventional" naked baby, I'm used to and known to, drawn. Also did bought the tickets to Italy for the end of October to go and see Lucca comix festival too and northern Italy. Come back of the year,

1982 that is! Great expections and taking it easy  the italian way. Also expecting to meet/see one of my big time heroes , Milo Manara in Lucca, yeah!

Before that holiday I'll try to be busty with all my illustrations and music making. Compiosed some pretty good stuff this year, hits songs for intellectual (HAHA!!) heavy rockers. But let's see if I'm qualified in BIG shoes later this year with that "little" conpetition...

 I'm trying all I can to get my mojo working. Career wise iIstill do whatever I do and please, it's NOT the fastest way to fame and fortune,but it's the most honest and street credibilitiest! :)

Okey vamos al la playa!

29.9.2015 Tuesday morning,

temperature crawling down below zero or so, but sun still warming up until we'll get the winter here. yeah, it's so hard to be planning the vacation to Italy, haha... the problems of the luxury life and elitistic shit group of us fat capitalists, oh well I ain't no capitalist pig, ain't too greedy or egotripping hippie either. So what I am? Boy wonder, who never have to really grow up take resposibility on everything or work anymore for daily bread. I might give it all up for permanent vacation and stressfree life in paradise island beach house, hehee...

 But what'll I do, draw and paint and try to get my self to ink and draw the ultimate pages to my autobiographic comics book part 2. Before X-mas I should have it all together and start to text it on january 2016. So the plan is clear and focused only need work work work. How nice, and as we illustartors and artists do...

...avoid the work as long as we can!! ;) So shut up and go to work!! :) Monday morning,

coffeenation and clearing head with next projects pic, anotehr angel fallen down and ready to be immortalized. My work, my day, my way, selfish bastard as  good and bad as Iam. Life chozen and given, up and down, circles around, tables turned and ceiling feeling down.

Listening Motörhead's Rock'n'roll album which I heard first time in Otava opisto in the winter of 1988, supposed to serve my nonmilitary service there. Took me 3 days to get out of there, although I didn't want to leave, coz they got food, shelter, bed and GIRLS over there too. But I was in my phase of fast and loose mental case, running like a  maniac, which I was in deed, but nobody knows it and  I wont tell... hahahahahaaa!! :D  Oh believe what you will, stories told and lies between the lines lay there if you know how to look. Beyond, behind and over there, a rainbow's end, pot of gold and treasure, keeps us on the road and on the way to catch the riches, bitches, money, honey, whatever you're running after.

Getting ready to have another holiday, heheh, haven't even started my work yet after Summer holidays, but luckily the benefits of MY profession IS I can CHOOSE WHEN to work and when to not. Pretty free and artistic liberty. Yeah, baby, wealthy only in things that money can't buy.

Like bullshit philosophy! ;)

...and it was another Sunday morning, I was another sleepy sleeper with empty head full of great ideas! ;) Coffee rush and burn the calories of my waist line shaving whales Wales and Orson Wells too.

Don't ask me what, why or when, I'm not telling you tails end and heads up to no good. Motörhead wokes up and runs its own way, paths to unkown soldiers things and shore leaves of Autumn, wine is fine and elderly finer touch of too much, alcohol free spirits and free sex. Paid too much every time, seen too much bad. Away with the blues, the young ones and dionasours sour and bitter sweet sauce, flying round and landing on its head, tails and sideways. Open space and open fire. Desire to do, dooby doo. Have anic day too!!

26.9.2015 Saturday morning and cloudy day break.

Foggy fields and quiet, no riot over here. good to be living, giving all I got, for love. Yeah, romantic fool in love is better than just  fool with out a bone. Back bone and the lack of it, dear government and all påolitics should be beaten with sticks ans stones... or something. It's pretty awful bad when life is imitating bad crime novels and even satire and parody books. Revolution, any one? The visit to prison two days ago was really effective, to me. Got me thinking bout those inmates and things they say and have to keep on doing in daily bases. It's a hard life, man. Wishing all the best for them all, guilty or not, doing time.

Losing life, captured and jailed in a small tin can and concrete boxes.

There's something really wrong, in this rich men system.

25.9.2015 Friday, it was a very interesting afternoon in prison Huittinen yesterday. All went pretty good, even 14 inmates were there in "class room" to listen my sories and looking at my illustartions. Most of them listened and paid attention WHAT I said. i tried to be fast and funny, but even though the time 45 minutes was too short... this was apart of sanasto 5  years anniversary to bring 100 authors and 1000 stories to prisons and such. Of course i was little hesitating first but these criminals were fine, diodfnä't kill me at first and even asked to come again, hehe!!  Very good/educational  experience although quite brief.  I'm defenately going agioan IF asked, and can recommened to all you artists with something to say and make the day better for us all, captured or not. All the best for all the inmates in Huittinen.

24.9.2015 Today at thursday 24th. Sept. '15

I'm going to Satakunta prison Huittinen section to visit as comics artist to tell about making comix and about reading 'em. Very excited to go there and to be part as Sanasto "100 authors, thousands of stories" project to lighten up prisioner day and maybe courage 'em to read more. I want to be understood correctly that's why I write today in english, not spanish.


I'm heading for Huittinen at afternoon bus and hopefully there some interested inmates to hear me talk and show some originals too. Of course I try to be just  the idiot I am, myself and with humour to tell my stories.So be there or be square!! :) Now I finish my cups of coffee and open the eyelids to be ready and high spirited fot the afternoons job.

Have a nice day, where ever you are.

23.9.2015 Miercoles, eso es buen dia, nublado pero caliente por el dia de Septiembre, pues esta bien.




Manaña me voy a carcel para leccion (HAHA!!) de arte y disfrutas de leyendo de tebeos!! :) He escrito eses pasado dias muchas vezes ya, si tu has leyendo estas diario de locura maestro y mis ideas variosas y locas, jejejé´!!Ayer me grababa un cover-cancion de Motörhead "Poison" si es como mi vida pasado, especialmente de verse tercero. Cuando canciones es COMO tu vida estan de mas efectivos y identificarse con ti. Tu sabes, no mas expilcationes!

22.9.2015 Martes, 

en casa no  caza, no animales savajes, no guerra, no exiliados en mi casa, pero milliones en la rutas de puita mierda, sin casa sin dinero, sin nada. Es vida dura y puta mierda (palabra mi favotito y primero en español!), no tengo envidia por nadie y especialmente nunca exiliado, bienvenidos a Finlandia pais de rinocerontes.




En proxima Jueves me voy a carcel de Huittinen para narro de tebeos y como leer  los tebeos...

 mas esta es de idea por mi visita y habla por tebeos nuenos con presos, si os quires hablan. muy interesante y raro  posibilidad. Oportunidad soy me que puedo trabajr como me queiro y cuando y como me queiro.  Yo sé como vida es ningun justo o facil. Todos tenemos nos pedregoso carretera. Porcion de pobres sin mucho de nada, tenemos mucha de copa vacia.


Okey un otro dia , otros nuevos posibilidades de hacer puta mierda. Que alegre! ;)

21.9.2015 Lunes y estaba en ruta de y hasta la Helsinki y ahora en via de casa volver, como revolver ehe... me iban  como jojo,  loco yoyo, es posible correcto palabra, no tengo mis vocaliburio conmigo en esta autovbus.

Un buen viaje a hellsnki pero me olvidadbadiba regoger un cuadro, puta mierda...  cabeza de juboilado no regordo nada y todos es siempre poco mas y siempre mastarde! ;) Okey, ahora estoy en casa y todo esta bien, compre unos regalos para Navida ya. Me gusta estoy en tiempo para Navidad y los regalos, siempre es mas buena estar demasiado temprano de esta demasiado tarde. Nunca hace nada en las paz de los cemeterios. Eso es securo.  Muerte tiene no regalos para Navidad.

Okey cosas muy grave, vida es corto pero no maltese. :P

20.9.2015 Domingo,

con poco sol y mucho tiempo y horas libre, pienso que me hago hoy y mañana. Tengo ganas de conponër musica. Rock'n'roll musica salvas mi alma y tu tambien!!. Armonia de musica rapida y loca con poco de blues y bastante rebelion me realizar mis verses obligas a hacer algo, arte. toda vida dedicado de arte, dibujos y cuadros acuarelas, de mas importante, drirecto antes amor! :)


Otoño  en la jamba de puerta, esperas exacto tiempo para venir . Siempre año similar veces, pero diferente siempre vez. Rutinas de tiempos, buenos y malos, dias y noches sin noche!


<--- listo con esta acualerla de Septiembre 2015. Andgelandevil, part 13. Perdon de censura cajon.

( Se vende, sólo 3000 euros. tamaño A3, 42x 29 cm. Si tu lo quires, contacte me con e-mail o movil!! )




Vamos a proxima y hasta luego.

19.9.2015 Sabado

me doy unos ultimas pinceladas para pintura esta Dos Angeles sucias seria rafagas de pistola nuda....




hahahaa, soy loco  y esta es  muy bien para mi salud de cabeza.

No tengo no gran iluciones, no muchos sueños para vida en futuro, pero tengo grandes ganas para comer de exitos en arte y especialmente arte por adultos con tebeos savajes y eroticos y humor. Sin risa (y amor)no tengo muchas cosas para vivir. Es muy serio cosa, esa arte. 40 años estaba mi vida, seriosa y buena.

 No me tengo otra vida en reserva postre morir.

Seriosas cosas  eran importante y vital.

 Vital amor y alguin importante cosas  que tenia que hacer, cada dia. No tengo dia libre de mi pensamientos,

 loco vida , vital risas.

Wabbambalobaanba labbaanboo! Tutti frutti!!! :)

18.9.2015 Viernes,

huelga general ahora en Hellsinki, calles de trabajadores en contra de la gobierno ese pais puta mierda. Muchas trabajos sin  pagan o demasiado pagan, y el gobierno tratar algo mas feos pagans por gente pobre. Que puta puta mierda. Revolucion ahora, por favor!




Aqui en plaza de mayor y mejor maestro del tebeos eroticos estoy solo y sin sueños de imposibles de mundo estare igual por todos. Siempre somos pobres  estamos la ultyimas en la cola para todos. El primer son los ricos politicos y los liders de Bolsa y monedas internacionales de puta mierda.

 Palabra del dia es : puta mierda.

Con coños de gobierno.  Hace algun, no ningun, eso es, simple y directo hacen algun bien! por todos Somos humanos, no perros! Sabes?

Vamos a la revolucion!

17.9.2015 Jueves es otro dia,

mi mujer vino ayer a casa otra vez. Tenemos vida movil y rapida. Hellsinki capital de puta mierda, lo vive muchas vecez y muchas diferentes casas, totalmente 20 años o mas, pero nunca dia o vez me conoczo como ciudanano de Hellsinki. Ciudad poca y snadi. Gente consistir de campestre y coños con idiomas de rural de paises rurales, creies sois city boys de verdad y vida rapida y glamour de luz neon, haha, estais locos  como polillas volais a luz y morir. Me despierto siempre en misma vez, abierte mis ojos y vi la dia nueva y buena, todo es ya posible...







 vamos a COMO ti quieres y a de y cual tu queires!


16.9.2015 Miercoles es bien,

poco de lluvia y no mas calientes dias este año mismo. Me voy a carcel (!!!!) local en proxima semana para narrar de tebeos y como leer de tebeos. Un proyecto MUY interesante y raro. Espero posible inesperando y exigente preguntos, dificil para prepararme pero, con cojones vamonos. ;)

Que sera sera.







...oukey vamos a dibujos de dia, "sorpresa" estas desnudas mujeres, me amor perros  y perritas hahahahaa!! :) 

Hasta luego amigos!

15.9.2015 Martes, es aqui,

 como me voy a la mesa de acuarela y pinta mas colores de Dos Angeles y No Diablo cuadro que viene por final este semana y proxima semana no se que viene! Sorperesas y feliz acidentes es el sal de vida. Que qeiren vida securo y siempre igual los todos dias? criticos de tebeos en Helsingin sanomat posible pero nunca mas!! :))))


<--- mas angeles, no diablos es que quiren...

...pero el luz del sol, impedir desanimo y feos ideas de moriar la naturaleza, fuera es jardin y cielo azul. En casa solo me con mis pensamientos negros de humanos puta mierdas y malos, malos tiempos malos hombres estar en el poder, pero no tiene razon no idea cual es de vida los gentes pobres. Esta es lo mejer falta en politicos. Capitalisimo sin rayas. No medicos y enfermos sin rayas y fronteras.

 Piensa tu vida  sola, que es importante y que no?!?

14.9.2015 Lunes es bien,

dia buenos intenciones para nos humanos lobos de otro lobos, humano es.

Vuelvo a trabajo de acuarela Angeles Y Diablos parte 19. Jéjé, no se cual es de numero correcto, porque no estoy matematico, soy pintor y dibujador de tebeos.

Sorperesa?!?s de s de


<-- unos de primeros cuadros Angeles Y Diablos, 2008 acuarela.




Okey, vamos a mesa de pinturas y escuchan los mas nuevos canciones de Jack King! Tengo 352 lisots 8demo)canciones fabricado de uno mismo. Todol los instrumentos tocia me solo eso es como soy un multitaleto de musico de blues y jazz y rock'n'roll, en primer. Artista puta mierda de musica y tebeos, tengo razon y tengo locura en la misma vida loca y feroz. Vida furioso y frenetico solo paraa ti aficion !


Dinamico superhombre de teneos finlandeses, estoy aqui, listo par vuesto mundo y criticos de puta mierda. 

 Lemmy tells you to: Rock out with your cock out!

13.9.2015 Domingo no iglesias, no religion, no cielo, no infierno, no estan, estare, eran, has estaban.

Solamente los dias sin dios, el dia a dia vida. Muy importante y peligroso como vida esta, la casa es el mas peligroso plaza de vida, donde la mayor parte moriran!! :P Okey, niñas vamos a ver este vida luminosa y afortunado como vida en las calles y especialmente zanja de calle! Borrachos marchan los calles como el dia ultimo cada fin de  semana las horas un o cuatro por la manana. 

Otoño, no vendre  ya aqui.

Sol de vida, un dia mas, por favor.

12.9.2015 Sabados

  por fin fin de semana y poco de sol tambien! Me gusta eses dias poco mas caliente que normalmente en esta mes Septiembre. Finlandia, una grande  casa de borrachos y cuerdos imbeciles de "true finns" manchar nombre de fines por definitivo. Circo de idiotas politicos en gobierno, gracias por NADA,

pero puta mierda image de nops coños, por siempre.


Okey, tengo la intencuion avisitar Italia proximo mes si todo ir como mis planos!  Vacaciones fuera esta pais de siempre un gran fiesta!!! Hahahaa!!

 Hopy me dijubo nuevo desnuda angeles y diablos, posible con aquarelles o con lapizes no se...

 nada es securo pero todo es posible, mi motto de Verano 1986 en Marbella! :)

11.9.2015 Habia misconexiones  ayer com mi computador de mesa y prisa con otros cosas muy importantes como finalize dibujo de mujer desnuda numero 2 de Septiembre.

 cada dia tengo prisa con trabajos me pongo para mi solo. Dinero no tengo con estes dibujos pero quizas estan mi pension de años juvilados ricos en la playa de Bahamas, hahahahaa....

Como he escritado antes, no me importante lo moneda y ricos de dinero, puta mierda, me queiro amor y cosas buenas sin dinero, soy artista antiguo, jéjéjeééé´!!!

 Vida es

y esta es bastante.


Okey, esta Viernes y fin de semana si me trabajo con mi vocacion hago sueños de vacaciones calientes y un sitio  en sol!! :)

9.9.2015 nueve nueve, nine nine, nain nain, ysis ysi, neun neun,...

numeros  en  de  comPUTAdores  y ordenadores y cajones sin cojones, vida sin deseos, eso es vida de solitario soldado de amor sin armonia. Dia de cansado y embrutecido caminar rutas putas de antes ayeres. Noticias de no-noticias nuevos buenos, no futuro de hombre sencillo y sincero.

Oye, me voy a mesa de dibojos y arte desnuda. es mi vida  y vida buena, para mi es  bastante y demasiada a veces, mas o menos es mi vida, sola con mi mujer , dos perras y un gato, casa y jardin, estamos rico sin dinero o coches nuevos o casa de Verano o cosas asi.


Pero como siempre tenemos solo este dia para podemos viven.


 No es posible viven en nada otra dia, vida esta muy simple!


8.9.2015 Martes,

un dia mas en el camino de eternidad, vida los artes ricos y buenos, no  lo se que es el futuro de mis obras  postre de 400 años, pero esta bien porque nadie sabes quien estare el futuro y especialmente los criticos de papeles puta mierdas.



 Ayer empezo un dibujo nuevo papr la angel sucio, parte mi colecion de Angeles y Diablos pinturas y dibujos 1999-2015. 16 anos de mujeres erotico y hombres diabolisticos. Arte por adultos es mi mejor plano por futuro y vida adinerado!! :)




Okey, vamos a la trabajo y mesa de pinturas! Hace buen dia, mis amores perros!

7.9.2015 Lunes es aqui con lluvia y poco de calientes tiempos ams en Septiembre. Otoño~no esd mi amigo mad querido, no me gusta comer setas no hongos no me gusta la anturaleza muerta antes de verano y sol y vida los flores. Flores muertes son muy tragigo y deprimente. Fallecimiento no estas bienvenidos ya.


<--- mas bocetos para Supermujer, parte 3.



Okey, vamos a ver los cosas mas risas y agradables, como la pelicula Inside Out, estaba muy agradable y poco tragigo tambien, pero no me llore , siquira en el final....


pero llore con un document de B.B. King tambien ayer, pero estaba  en televisor. La vida tragiga, los negros en U.S.A. en los tiempos 30's y mastarde hasta la 60's y otro King, Martin Luther. Tienes  vida tragigo, mas de negros en de tiempos racismo de  antes?!?



 <--- un cuadro de mi tebeo del año 1980!!!!


 Puta mierda y madre. Yo no tenia vida tragigo pero tengo MI visa bastante tragigo para los 4 libros autobiographicos. Y eso es vale.





Estoy oveja negro de mi mundo y vida.


Blues never let me down, err.. yes it did, but blues lift me up too.

6.9. '15 Feliz dia de Matti Vanhanen Old Fart and Joke club- con  ese dia  os sois felicidades y disfrutados como anhelo de sexual position numero , si 69...


  <-- Supermujer boceto, numero 2.

Domingo y no me voy a la iglesia por divino, hoy  un dia regular, igual y normal en de vida de ateista. Por dios, no se, quisiera veo y creo los Dios y cielo maravillioso,  pero pecadores como yo, siempre en la via del infierno, por fin es mi final y emplazamiento de eternal, con flores y gusanos, bajo de  clandestino,


 o posible no. Si es posible me voy a cielo con la ruta celeste con virgenes de Madrid!

Perdon me, no tengo cosas que no es material por las risas y bromas, nad nunca y nadie estan sobre de bromas humanidad o no.

Solo perros no tienen sentido del humor. Mentiendes?

5.9.2015 Sabados por  nos dos,

tenemos sauna mastarde y pelicula en televisor o posible en el teatro de Forzza, Biokaari. Quisiera ver el  Inside Out animation de Pixar/Disney de mas nuevo!

 Pinte con aquarelle  mi una nueva estraella de tebeo, ayer y esta aqui----->



No se estare una tebeo y que estan los superpoderes que esta mujer tiene! Pero no es mi idea hacer los normales fuerzas pero SUPERfuerzas eroticos y sentido del humor negro! :)

Me gusta mucho pinta con colores de aqua porque estan muy rapido y yiene no odor infernial o toxico.  Tiene colores muy naturales y humano con errores y nada de puta mierda correctomundo de colores comPUTAdora! ;)

Vida natural y sencillo, si señor, vida buena , autentico tico tico y con muchas risas!! :D


Hace un fin de samana mi amores perros y locos, en siempre de donde estan!

4.9.2015 Viernes mi amigo,

noticias muy  nuevos: la exhibicion  que yo participado con 5 paginas/cuadros de Pahkasika 40 anos! continuar a Kemi en Octumbre 2015!!


....por la fin de semanas y  Verano. Era Verano muy bien por los ultimas dias de Agosto. Descanse me muchas semanas sin nunca intencion  o idea de  que me puedo trabajar mastarde.

 Mastarde es siempre mas tarde, lejos y milliones kilometros de hoy. Jéjéjé´, soy payaso  de los mayores partes mis dias y loco lobo de amores .



 <---Hoy continuo y doy los ultimos togues de dibujo desnuda chica a la playa. En la momento mismo me queiro empezo un dibujo nuevo y proximo para practico de mi profesion, estos delieneares es muy importante para ME y mi habilidad ! Progreso y retos por los dibujos mas y ma s bien, es meta mas importante.

Y amor de/ con/ por/ para / en/ mi mujer!! ;)

 Haz me el amor! Por favor! :)

3.9.2015 Jueves,

levante y rutinas normales con gachas de avena y  tome copas de cafe, poco de facebook y aqui de diario de un artista payaso ! ;)

Lluvia y nublados pero bastante caliente para nos fines! No tengo ganas de nieve o hielo,

 sin un drink de alcohol!



 <--Hoy me voy a continuar  dibujando  este "Chica de playa" y con esa tiene palnos grandes para un libro denudas, proxima ano antes de mi tebeos libro autobiogaphico "Juventud de oro dos" y mas de 100 paginas es terminado y hace publico en las tiendas.  Okey tengo mucho trabajo con ese pero es muy remunerado al fin y por fin !

Haze un dia bueno y tiempos maravilliosos! :)

Hasta luego!

2.9.2015 Buenos dias por los lobos de nuesta pais de Otoño¨caliente, jëjéjéjé.... vida loca estare mas loca esta tarde y noche con un proyecto de video musica para los cancion de Eurovision contesta, hahaha... no es mentira es vale! :)


<--- mujer en la playa dia secundo.






Mastarde mas como siempre, tengo cientos proyectos al mismo tiempo, pero ESTA es que me gusta y qyiero! Milliones varosos veces utilizo mi tiempo en la terra azul y  con el futuro es securo como es de puta mierda.

Pero amigos, montado hasta siempre de puesta del sol!

I'm just a cowboy along way from home....

1.9.2015  Martes, no esaba levatarme ahora, zzzz....

 mastarde mas de noticias importantas y claros como aqua de talvivaara! Hahahaa...


<---Hace y empezo un nuevo dibujo ayer de mujer en la playa. He paleado este por plurales meses y por fin  es realidad.

 Un dias trabajo es que viseis aqui. El palel es normar  europeano A3, 42cm x 29,5 cm.

No se que tehnique uso pero creo estare de lapizes sin colores mas.

 Jéjéjéjéjéjé que mas interesantes cosas de vida y arte, vida no es arte arte e s posible vida o el ams imporatante vez de intencionado vida,

vida de  hacer los echizos en arte.

 Cuidado de puta arte mierda vida de arte mierda.Haze que te quisiera ahora, mañana nunca esta aqui hoy. Tenemos sola una o dos vidas o posible tres... pero no ms!! ;))))

Bailando como un alce con sapatos de hormigon! ;)









<--esta es rertrate de madre de mi amigo. Una regalo para ella por su cumpleaños!

 Enhorabuenas mas!!! :)

31.8.2015 Buenos dias a este Lunes,

lo ultimo dia de Verano con calendario. Verano pasar siempre demasiado rapido si nos tenemos tiempos buenos, noches calientes y fiestas mojados , ruidos y locos. Memorias buenas para del recidencia de edad, como nos todos en el futuro estaremos! ;)


 Hoy tenemos el dia de aniversario 10 cuando encortramos con mi mujer, de hoy. 10 años contigo mi corazon, tenemos ruta dura y tenemos tiempos maravilliosos tambien. Amor vincit omnia!  


 Mañana esta solo un dia de aqui. amor es sola una beso de aqui, vida es un solo paso de aqui.


Enhorabuena de nuestra palomas de paz y amor !! :)

30.8.2015 me levanye trnquilo y lento, mis palabras de quiero mucho y muchos de dias que viven.

Ayer fui en la tarde para tocar de bateria mi regimen  de rock'n'roll. Jéjéjé´.... toda vida es locura y para disfrutan todos y todos vezes que tienes SIN dañar NADIE.  Muy facil y barato filosofia por todos. Problemas political y cultural solo estan puta mierda sin hombres y mujeres CON corazon y amor. Sistemas economicas y multinacionales companias de dinero sucio y puta mierda ningun habian no corazon ni razon para  gente pobre.

Este mundo es muy sencillo y directo. Quieren milliones muertas desde es imporatante hacia poco de ayudarmente idea o actividades.

 (Mi tebeo (1994)de cancion de THIN LIZZY "Hey You"! de disco "Chinatown", unos de me qusta de nunca o nadie MAS!)

Hace nada para decir por nunca y nadie...

 este mundo de puta mierda.


bienvenidos a mundo capitalismo y egoismo, siempre y hasta la dia ultimo. Pronto no habiamos nada de cosa buenas, libres , gratis y por todos iguales. pues buen dia por los lobos y hienas. Puede ser la mañana es....

por nos humanos o perros?

Sabados estaba en final por ese dia, buenas noches mis amores perros, no es importante,   de donde tu eres!!...mañana mas................................... dïas cortos, volan rapido. Soy stupido, todo es bien y "normal", no panico! :)

Viernes 28.8.'15                  ............lluvia y nublado,

tiempos Otoño colarse poco a poco, pero esta bien, esta normal, esta vida. Quisiera adelgazar me 15 kilos mas, con esta año, eso es mi trabajo primero con mi libros paginas nuevas y unas dibujas nudas de angeles y diablos en Hell-sinki, Forssa, Tampere,  Madrid y Marbella...

 Tengo cerebro que inventas ideas political incorrctos para planos de proyectos nueva visiones y radical y anti de que estar en moda con esos hipsters de tebeos con ideas "maravillios" y mierda, hahahaa...Por la moda yo he trabajado nunca, por los idealisticos y sociedad problematicos y blaa blaa blaa, tengo no ganas.

Y nada de puta mierda tebeos o  libros POR niños, eso es de mas fácil calle por populirad y los riquezas y ropas de moda de "hoy", que me desperico. Trabajos sin dolor, sin eforte maimum esta solamente puta mierda, "kids stuff". Feo y facil fantasias por adultos sin contenido y  experencias verdaderos, libros por mediocre y los "normales"   hace me no gana tambien. No se por que tenia que tarbajar por puta mierda cosas "normales" y especialmente por vida de normal familia con kids y problemas falimiar, yak yak... No me tengo familia, (solo hace mi mujer!) no me tengo ganas por arte por toda familia sin sex, drogas o rock'n'roll,

soy siempre "rebel sin causa"!! :)

Jueves, levanto poco mas  temprano y voy a cama vuelvo otra vez...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Buenos dias para ti.... mastarde mas!! :) Buenos dias de otra vez, durme poco malo y asi estoy cansado pero  que suerte estaba duermen plural semanas MUY MUY bien y mas de 9 o 10 horas en noche. Jéjé esta es informacion muy importante para todo le mundo!! hahahaa... Si no durmes no tengo razon, no fuerza o ideas. Es muy peligroso por su bienestarlo duerme nunca  por los dias, semans, meses... been there done that. Locura y catsastrofe terible, sin sueños no habia nada. Paz y luz y alimentos y aqua de vitales cosas de vida. Vamos a la playa............!! Los  hits de verano... antes.

Miercoles 26. Agosto, 2015.

Buenos dias a todos buenos y guapos de mundo loco. Aqui teniamos poca lluvia desde un seman o dos,  que raro, jéjéjé... de naturaleza gracias este llores de cielo muchissimo. Yo me casi abrazado mi piel ayer  de mi cuerpo de puerco, jéjé...si soy una borracho de vida loco sin alcoholme se me  soy loco bastante y riso atodo y todos gentes  demasiado seriosas, cosas  estan para humor y otra opinión, nada es demasiado seriosa cosa por humor. La vida es muy rapid y corto......jéjé´, tengo unas cientos palbras de spanol que se, perdon mi amor y mis enemigos y mis amigos, que estan a veces duro separando! :D Buenos dias a tu todos hombres y mujeres , los superhombres a os y a nos vidas! :) Estoy como un disco viejo atarcarme en la  mi ranura, por siempre ranuras  similares y otra vez mas y mas y mas y mas y mas. Gracias por la vida y la ranura mi dibujos y ilustarciones esta vida es mi ranura qual me gusta. 

Bailando como un alce sin pies ............  !?! :P (Humor finlandese!)

Tues-day,me levatarme poco mas tenprano hoy, pero el sol no esta muy caliente, jeje, asi es me puedo dormir poco mas mañana, otra vez!

Los campeanato mudial de atleticos en China es entretenimiento que me gusta ver unas horas o otra. Cuerpos en buena forma dais todo que teneis estais honorable !  Envicieso no me estoy, juventud es solamente una noestos tiempos y con muchas puta mierdas cosas viven y aprenden, si es posble aprende toda la vida, loca o poca. Vamos aver en el sol y campeanato mudial de atleticos! Todos somos los superhombres de nuestos vidas! Olééééé´!! :) Perdon de mis gramaticas puta mierdas otra vez amigas, pero sin pruebas gano nadie! Jéjé!! Bailando! 

..........it's Mon-day,

mon dieu, mon ami, me  he levatarme a las once . Esta es normal como mis dias libres, vacaciones de trabajo duro de dibujador y artsita de tebeos, hahahaa...Pues, el sol es caliente dos dias mas si el tiempo es securo y claro y vale! Yo soy un borracho sin alcohol, sin drogas y sin mentiras de vida. Vida es muy corto y rapido, pero dias son lento pero con prisa y el precio es siempre treible y grande como montanas. Montanas de España norte, me gusta y tengo nostalgia y aventuras en pais basco. Pero mastarde mas de años 1986-87~de juventud loco y pobreza chico en la ruta de infierno.  Espera tranquilo unos anos o seis y te puedes lees TODO descubierto realitad! Putas, drogas, discotheqas en Marbella, Madrid  y Hondarribia, jejejejee... pero ahora me voy ael sol de Finlandia como es muy corto y excepcionla!!

Haze amor, mi amor!

... buenos dias señores y señoritas, hacemos buen dia aqui en Finlandia y Forssa ciudad.


Tome el sol todos los dias este seman y habia tiempos buenos y traquilos. Vacaciones en caliente pais es muy raro y rico en esta latidud! Si tu no has estabas aqui antes, si no sabia nada de este normales grados y temperaturas.





Oy, mi clases de espanol continuar en Septiembre es por que me hablo y scrito ese ahora y hoy aqui en esta pagina de web. Jejeje, con la vacacion memoria de verbos y gramatico o ticotico, esta en zero o malo!Pero con la "sisu" y gusto me voy a lecciones nuevos con nuevo libro "Fantastico 4 " y con nuestra profesora de Argentina, este escuela de adultos y solo para un dia en semana y una hora y medio, es muy bien y me gusta mucho por que es demasiado lento para nos abuelos!!! :)))) Hace buen dia y abrazo! De te lo merezco! :)


...woken up to this satur-day,

heat wave surely been with us here in this too infamous land of polar bears and penguines, ehehe, all around COLD COLD ground. World championships athletics starting today in China, Beiging, might see whats happening there, but sun bathings my main thing for the day. The work mood is secretly (!!) crawlimg in my head as I'm getting ideas to do in comics and in parody joking illustrations especially... later we shall see what happeps when I'll finally end up on my drawing table and chair, here in my studio 2 meters away from where in type this, inprtanat message to all you rudies! :) Oh well, getting more dates to showcasing and talking about my illustrations in future and next year also! Cool and mucho alright! Summertime and its all right to be naked and getting lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! :)

21.8.2015 Friday and I'm in love with he girl I've been past 10 years, married 5 and first met back in 1983 with teenage lust for 5 months or so... yesterday was excatly 22 years I've been in his proffession, illustrator professional made some hundreds pages of comics, over 3000 live-caricatures, book, magazine and record covers and vinjet illustrations, movie poster, advertisement storyboards and logos, t-shirts, postcards, portraits and still going strong with all I can and will do. Ask me when you need a man to do his task,


didn't went thru NO universities except the street credibility of bon scott university in the streets. No academic bullshit, no excuses, no over educated nonsense. Just you get what you see. 22 years is longer than many of these days hipsters have lived. Proud only of my good works and skills that thrills. Looking eager and inspired to forward the next 22 years with my first love,

illustrating people.

Who have no power but got all the love. 

Wouldn't change aday in my life..................................................only some years away!!! :))))))))


...sleeping sleeping sleeping and reading while awake the Red Hot Chili peppers singer Anthony Kiedis autobiography, "Scartissue" where too much drugs ain't enuff wuth that cat. And of course the use is explained by and on HIS behalf and good. Well in page 193 he admits life would be better without shooting up to your sleeve, that miserably poor stupid fuck.

Do YOU have to test everything and only then know it's BAD for you. Pretty sick and disgusting and hollow man, falling in love only with sex, poor boy.  You can/can't judge all by you upbringing or can you?!? This books finnish copy is printed with very bad picture but you can't jugde the book by its cover.......... or do you!?! With Kiedis history he could have been just another junkie in prison but fucker got lucky. I don't actually LIKE RHCP music, although they've made some individual pretty nice and wild songs, BUT funk/punk/disco rock ain't my cup of tea it's my cup of pee.


 Too bad if I ain't colitically porrect. Fuck all 'en rockstars and lousy junkie fuckers. Got no mercy for junkies, it's all in your own hands and head, to chooze the path the way and jesus or not to save you.

 Chooze and be a man.

........unless you are a woman then you gotta take it like a woman!!! :))))))))))))

 I slept til late, love to hate all the evil doers and besserwissers on economy, who praise their laws of gravity how to make THIS world turn and save the planet of blue. Luckily I have very little to do with them. Can't shoot em, can't live with them... mad dogs of Summer, fall, winter and new Springtime... Oh well wish I'd live in a world with honest men and women who'd say what they mean and do what they please and love to do good and then  this world 'd be paradise.Fuck it, I''ll just take off my clothes and bath in sunshine on our rented yard with no worries, yeah living in illusion is alright with this crazy world with crazy leaders.

Summer only once in a year, so let's enjoy it, naked truth is all rights!

it was hot summer morning, dogs howling at night for trespassers and strangers in the night,

slept and sinking cups of mud to open my eyes and walk downstairs to make a microwaved oat porridge, njam njam...gotta go to buy new sun chair cause broken 2 already with the fat I', trying to lose and actually THIS morning I was less that 100 kilos for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!! feelin alright and til x-mas I'll diet to fit into clothes I bought 3years ago when I was 13 kg thinner and bought lots acloths inspired by weight loss. So now it's time to show whose the boss in this body of mine!! ;)

 Power to all who struggled with weight and/or mental health problems, we're not alway what we look like. Nobody knows the troubles I've seen....but as Lemmy says "it can be arrenged!" :D

So lets move, groove, shake, bake, take a change and bull by horn, only a life to lose!

..our dog went to see her doctor to get 'em puppyshots, again.

We all got our shots, for freedom, education, healthy, wealthy, success, stardom, kingdom, boredom and all we can...

 but we don't shoot lions, no way, dentists, shoot yourself rather than wild animals.

Oh here, in Funland we only got wild bears, wolves, foxes, snakes, wolverines and mosquitos to shoot with permission and thats utterly bullshit too. To take alife on your hands should be illegal and wrong. But hey, let's pretend all is fine as long as government throws the money on asphalt and asphalt mens salaries. Fuck all roadbuilding and pointing the money on these pointed pointdevelopments... it's all headless bosses decicions that rule our days...  and ....so lucky I don't HAVE TO live forever and see these idiots run this quite nice land to battlefield of greedy and the greediest. All we really need are passed on the important judgements and decicions...oh shit that all folks for politically incorrect opinions of the day. Let's get waisted and pretend its all good when the rich are feeling safe and sound.

 We're living in modern age class society wher we poor still have nothing, nothing to say how or what we want! And thats so wrong, señor........................................................................................

Revolucion, ahora, por favor!!!

...it was afternoon almost already,

times fly when having  heavy sleep and running like moose, swinging London and times square dance hall girls, summer dresses addresses towards Ursulas and Peninsulas, sun bathing in clouds and nine turns to six, foolish tricks that involves wolves and wives, lifes and times of juvenile delinquets, no tnt diet, no coke to choke, no cola no molah. Idiot poet, idi amin shit hit the fan club, true finns where it all ens instead of begins, idiots with no wits. Suffering in ring of fire round their cold ring around their asses.... melassies sweet and southern idiots too with rebel flags  and dentists who shoot lions in Africa, fuck this world. And YOU are waiting to get paid for all you've done for society? Money holes and  monkey rides, but where's Jesus when needed? Come over and enlighten us,  as expected and waited for 2015 years, thank  you.Thank god its sunday and time to wash em windows... after some years not washed. Heat wave threatens  to continue,  jee!!! :)

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me whose the fairist of 'em all???

.......my dog was waving her tail,

welcome to this day, sun shining secretly behind 'em bloody clouds. Wind blows me away as I'm getting so thin white duke, all over my head I still feel like a small kid I was 43 years ago, oh no, read about 'em physical memories HOW people don't belong to the body they now had, meaning bout fat not gender or sex. 

Like I do feel I'm not quite as TALL as I really am 1,76 and half cm. And it's not any inferiority complex I'm dealing here, it surely is a bodymemory that says I'm thin and short and fifteen!! ;) Oh I know how some people think I need a doctor, asylum or strait jacket at least! ;))) I'm just plain good old fool for love and knight who refuse to use violence or accept it from others, so I can't see no purpose for military actions and budgets like this new government is wasting billions of euros on war machines, thats the most utterly shit and cowardly action there is in any book. With that money this land could HELP the poor and needed to survive and that monetary would be in circulation and muthafuking taxes to goods here to raise the economy, but hey,

 let's be  stupid shortsighted fuckheads and egoist cowards and  abusive capitalists and put money to arms and armys to shoot up in the sky, for nothing. SHIT. Have a nice saturday 15th, August, 2015.

...and my head was in Missisippi! And I'm shufflin' thru the Texas sand, but...

oh well, enjoying still the holy holidays i givin myself to spend as lazy as I can! Made just about enuff money to survive couple of next months without working for "the man", hahahaa... like I ever do!!

boss man to myself, I might say it's much harder job to whip yerself to mood gfor work, every muthahubbing day. Free lancer at 20th of August for 22 years, it's an achievement I CAN brag and drag I'm draggin til I can't draw anymore and somebody else have to drag me.Oh morbid thoughts crawl unwanted, cause my friends and buddies getting sick and worst scenario, die, although I've telling them  NOT TO DIE, cause I don't wanna break my sobrierity and have a drink on you,  for 5 years since Jönssi's (RIP) funeral. Oldest jokes still valid: You can't run away from, taxes and death. So run run run away baby as fast as you can.

Just scanned old negative for this horseman in Portugal 2001. Just about  14 years and kilos ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Might be one of the best and wildest selfie of me. So before I make it a huge canvasprint I let you enjoy my selfishyness! :P

13.8.2015 Thursday and living is easy beasy, well at least its is possible and hard as usual to have a holiday that permanent to lasta s long as I please and maybe 1st of September I'll continue "Golden Youth" part 2. Butt until then it's resting and charging 'em battries full.Oh well, yesterday had a nice surprise visit from photograper and his lovely wife here in Forssa city and the famous bakery cafe. talked and laughed good hour or two!! :) gotta say Forssa (/ Hell) ain't no bad place to be!! welcome all you fools and kings who think you know all.. before first glimpse or glance and first stranger  to became friend, we're still all perfect strangers before we meet ( Tom Waits). Oh well, think I'll make some new music now that I have a working amplifier for vocals to record my screaming and hollering beautifully to 24 tracks. Eurovisoin song contest here we come, to rock your socks off and make your toenails curl!!!! :D

12.8.2015 that day after the grand opening and tired as hell as usual I am. Can' t complain being bust with art exhibitions. Met some artists I didn't knew personally before but now do, nice surprises these gentlemen are mucho alright!! Go and buy originals and help the poor artist to survive! hehe!! :)  Hope to see you all getting also the new Pahkasika magazine in September!

Enjoy this funny heat before soon its all snow and freezing cold again! :/

Evening folks  and very much thank yous to all visitors and kollegas at Rööperin taidesalonki Pahkasika art exhibitions grand opening! Fotos later and full report!! Good times at Helsinki today!!

11.8.2015 Todays big news

is this comics exhibition. First to bus myself to capitol and then hang 'em framed originals into wall and  then opening of it to all!! :) Hope to see you ALL good people there today or before 30th of August when I'll be there again !!!











Now just enjoying like this our cat Tikru, the warmth of Summer and this wonderful land of thousand dances!! ;)


Tomorrows BIG news: opening of PAHKASIKA 40 years! anniversary exhibition in Helsinki, Rööperin taidesalonki! Only tomorrow it's open, hours 17-19! Here's the  official poster! : )

10.8.2015 Monday,

and the day on heat wave, yeeeeah, I'm tanning like old wine, all raisins skin and plummed eyes. Fruits of the summer, great stuff. trying to save some heat for the winter long and cold assfreezing temperatures. But that's that then, can't live but today, day by day and in the best cases a two or three same time!!! ;) Oh well, I'll be back when got something IMPORTANT (HAHAHAA!!) to say! ;).....like I EVER got it, hahahahahaaa! :D Oh sweet summer time and don't care whose jumping whose right and whose wrong, cause I know it's only HS assh*le-critisc that are always wrong!! :D :D

9.8.2015 Sunday,

 days passing by faster, or have I became slower? Don't know why feels like getting not so much done, espaecially those days when all is like drinking tar in lesbian bar, dancing with concrete shoes and straight jacket. Lots of  sunshine again, might take some tanning today, before it's all over and Autumn breeze our asses. Sweet memories of summer fades so soon even from skin deep. Wont weep for past time, unfortunates and pains will leave their marks and handicaps. Human behaviour and mind is strange and wicked, whose the one whose picked and chozen to be rich and wealthy? Don't know so much and I know it so well!! Wash away all blues and blackened eyes, shadows and dark knights, nightless night that's the mystery in Finland. Run away the blues and motherless childs on skate away, roller girl. Music memories. Healing power of rock'n'roll! Trust me. ;)

8.8.2015 Saturday,

sunshine and lovely tiredness, dsrinking coffee and going thru facebook, that's what mornings are made of... and this blogwriting need to be filled with all that happens inside my head...the responsibilty of beliefs moves and takes its place  into the reader of this, chest and mind. Responsibilities and needs, worry head and let it go mood, always fighting for room to live and prospect. Oh well, me I like bullshit here AND there, anywhere, anyway, anyhow.  Just another day I figuted what shall I do in my future: the Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. is the first and most important to finish and then in Autumn 2016, MAYBE taking a year off from the serie of autobiographics and do an Pikku Nani/ Lil' Nani comic album, kids stuff for adults. I got great starting scene all planned and storyboarded, only missing the storylines from that on til the dark endings and revenge fot the ending of that little book of vengance. And hopefully paint more devilish anglic Angelandevil-water colours to make another coffee table book  of evil nudity with style and class... yeah, class of 1969!

7.8.2015 Friday AND it's our fifth wedding anniversary! 5 years with my lovely missus, together thru good and bad and all. Yeah, we don't drink alcohol so we're going to movie and maybe restayrant to eat and enjoy this HOT Summer day. 5 years ago was really hot and heatwave more than 2 days like this poor sumemrtime. We made a promise to be together til the end and so we are. Been bumby ride but also so much laughters and fun. More than I'd expect and have been a channce to be the "evil step farher" to a kid whose all grown now! ;) Saving all the juicy details to my autobiography part........ errr. say like 12.  6 Years in Forssa city limits, rural town and victory of comics competition 2011 and Nani books japanese versions and all the 3000 caricatures at lidl tours and all you need is ...balls and to remember that LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Only motto to good life. Celebration & vacation! Nice pair of....... if you got 'em! :)

6.8.2015 Thurday,

 and in and out with heatwave today is the out day when not use to go out, no heat just waves of warm breeze. Summertime blues since 1963. Not too much to complain these days IF NOT looking out the window and the big picture where rainforests are used for human greed and cut down and polar ice melting, but those little mistakes can be solved easily cause the man is wise and forward thinking...animal................. muhahahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Who'd want to live in world that sinking on it's own SHIT!?! Only we all do, before we really do something really meaningful, like stop breeding like rabbits.

Oh well, preaching for def, dumb and blind ain't got no sense as long as everybody interested ONLY by his or hers own ass and rights. Not like me whose a saint and sinner. Been there and done that. Left you to rat and eat the world and all the wasteland you've made it. All the plastic bags swinging in the wind and strangling fish, otters, dolphins and all... nice work India, Africa and USA.... Now eat your pudding good little schoolboy! Never worry about nothing you can't effect... ehe?

5.8.2015 Wednesday,

woke up too early, sweating, expecting heat waving over here, oh well we'll see what and what not.

Oh very pleased to see the next weeks exhibition getting mediaplay every day on Helsinki newspapers. Fine with me, hopefully someone making story also of us in opening night! just realized that some of 'em pages I've already chozen for the gallery ain't excatly comics as they sghould be in this exhibition of comics, hehehe... hoepfulyy no one notices noyhing!! :) And it's always very wise to shout it out loud over here in blogs to let on one know what YOU think!! ;))))))))))))))) I'm still trying to figure out how to spend this summertime and so called holiday! Oh shit, I accidentally pushed a button or two and changed something in my typing keys so this is coming with twist and falling on its nose, hehe... but this looks good... hmm migth use this later to really underline or mark a borrowed text as I suppose it's for.................. ? And as being this kind of net wizard I dunno how to turn it back!!! :D Hehehehee.. unintensional humour of the day! Ooops I did get it normal..... okay I must ask wife what happened... ! :)

So all my spanish friends: Buenas vacaciones amigos!

4.8.2015 Tuesday,

and todays paper has a NEWsflash of our upcoming art gallery exhibition on PAHKASIKA magazines 40 years pride. Oh fuck even that word got now unwanted tune and double meaning,gotta steal back the real menings of pink, rainbows and pride. Got nothing against gays as lons as they're not in my ass............. :/ Got some evil tales to tell you bout evil fags but I'll leave it to my own books.... bigotts and faggotts,  and everybody who uses his sex against common sense and marthyrs of war of sexs and rights, human rights for all. Even to me to be free of harrassing and leave my ass alone. It's allright to KNOW your rights and MY life is MINE, thank you. You do whatever you do but not on my ass-ets. Hahahaa!!! I've told this many times but once more I DON'T judge people, and especially I DON*T judge people by their sexual interest or habits, I "judge" 'em by HOW they act and treat their fellow man and woman. Oh well it's comics that's been published in this pioneer magazine of finnish schoolboy/dark/ witty humour, I'm proud writer and drawner for this publication 1995-2000, 2012 and now 2015!!! Her's the Helsinki Newspaper clip:












Promises of heat wave ain't excatly excat right here and now, trying to enjoy all the things I've been pushing further and "til next day" and WHEN I'll have time I'll do it.... tasks. Luckily now it means old Playboy magazines to checking out babes to illustrate and use here and there. Not the worst summertime task blues I have!




Summertime and August is the time for holidays in Spain and Italy and for me myself and I. Don't know if I can make it to mediterrian this year, hopefully the heat wave is there still all the years to come.

3.8.2015 monday,

 waking up at noon, got me beauty sleeps rearranged good. Thinking is this the first day of vacation, again... hehehe... did I had a vacation earlier this Summer, I've now missed alltogether...Trying to keep the spirits high althought the media pressures soon the beginning of the schools and workers going back to anvils LIKE we ALL do have our holidays ONLY in June/July FTS! The middle men and the common men and all the stupid average men routines, should be a law against this bullshitting average guy presumees "we are the robots". A possible  sunshine and promises of HEAT wave again for tomorrow, that'd be great the third day of Summer HEAT, waving goodbuy to working men. Ah, these weather reports go down on history! Buhahahaa!! :D

Luckily cowgirls ride wild and reverse no matter what time of the year it is. Ride on!

2.8.2015 Sunday evening,

back at home, after (possibly) the last working day of this Summer, not including ANY possible comics album work, cause thats only a crime, that doesn't pay. Until the very end when the book is printed and published and me I'm carried across the city in a golden armchair while the whole population of Hellsinki cheer me up and loud!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

 Big dreams are not made of these, I'm just bullshitiing you my dear, reader of this fantastic and fanatic comics blog where very seldom sees actual COMICS strips or pages, but maybe I'll change that some day.......one of these days like I'm gonna change my evil ways... yeah, one of these days ( ripped Bon Scott's Ride on, a bit, did you notice? Well, I can't ask you anything really cause I ain't got no logistics for having answers here, but you can write me a letter and send it thru snail mail!! ;) My address is there in Connect/Yhteystiedot! I getting so much junk mail that somebodies really found it without my advertisin it, GRRRRRRR!!!! :/ Ok, I' traveled about 15 hours in these past 2 days so I might be little exhausted, hypomaniac hypotermic and nuts............but that's NO NEWS if you're ever read these blogs!! Still crazy after all these years, like Paul Simon sings...hallelujah. Praise the lord almighty. Or something. Like you wish. Til next time, I''l rest my case. Adios y hasta luego!

Buenas tardes amigos, on my way back from Kuopio, sitting in bus for 2 hours more still and spending the night in Helsinki, my old time friends house, that's what friends are for. Helping hand when in need. And giving back when possible. Not been too jesus-like myself, been selfish times when I think I need it to achieve whatever I was after. Nice people there in a party where I was the ordered caricature artist to circus around. A clown, joker and amuser, that suits me fine. A village idiot and payaso de amor, poco loco y muy artista de circo. Oh well, life is strange and extraordinary, best served chilled and with lots of beans. Moon beams and sun shine. Moonshine and hot summer nights, but not in Finland. Buenas noches amigas.

1.8.2015 On my way to Kuopio and the caricature gig on birthday party. Hilarious total 10 hours of sitting in bus for this day's loooooooooooooooong ride! Huh, but I'll take it like a man, ehe, so complaininga and whining and bithing.....      not! The morning broke up sunny and hot, but the more towards east we're moving the worse the weather is changing, well not rain, yet, but totally cloudy and possibilities to rain, is alway there and near. Oh well, I'll try just get some rest before I'll draw 'em portraits with pensils and that's something new...so people have a pleasant August especially you in Spain and mediterrian vacation tradition. The finnish weather make me think about vacation abroad and having some sun that'd be great. But first this last Summertime job to do correctly and with pleasure!

31.7.2015 Another hit music song recorded and captured yesterday in digimachine, it's called 

"A Drunk Without A Cause"!

My Jack King solo project  going strong with fifth year, and soon I think i can do drums well and guitar is forever lasting battle to get better, faster, higher and still hold the FEELING and attack like a heard of wild mustangs! :D  I play all the instrumenst myself and write the lyrics , all teh time writing new stuff and I'm now recording songs I've written 2014 and 2015. Usually I record the drums without knowing of the coming songs structure, style or anything BUT is it slow or fast. Like to improvise a lot, try new sounds and less stumbled paths of the blues and jazz, or at least what I think is JAZZ!! ;)  A good rock'n'roll number never grow old and we all need to be rocked! Wether you know it or not! ;)))))))))

Only rule is if guitar track, riff or melody is too much like something I've heard before I wont use it. Of course in blues that's pretty hard to do new way but got rest of my life to try! And ruin my vocals to sing like Tom Waits and Lemmy's abzurd bastard son(g)!! Eheheheehe!!! Always annoyed by lyrics or riffs where you CAN smell something fishy and "borrowing" going on. Why not make up your own songs and not base on older hits. Making own hit songs is much more satisfying!! :)

30.7.2015 thursday afternoon,

been caught with extra hours on my sleep. Due whatever it was, a flu or thunders and sweating all night long. Gotta do them finishing finesse touches on those comics and humour pages and send 'em to Pahkasika headquarters. Maybe having a rest for Friday and getting ready for Saturdays trip to Kuopio for caricatures. Heh, I don't know do I repeat myself or not, cause my memory holds like 1 day at the time, and I ain't reading again my own writings if I don't have to..... :D :D :D

 Yesterdays news I've luckily forgotten. Lack of memory for meaningless stuff is the benefits of OLD age.............which I'm getting closer and to known better like verybody I ain't staying  as naive as  schoolboy no matter what I do, I'm older than yesterday. Wiser not automaticly, leaving all the lecturing (HAHA!) to teachers and judges the judging...people have no power and no guts or glory. Living in a mad mens world but it would be NUTHING without a woman or a girl. The picture above would be nothing without 'em girls in desert.Disgeaceful and disgusting is all in your OWN head, kiss and make up.

Porn against the violence!

29.7.2015 wednesday and same old story line, working hard hardly working! ;)

Pahkasika magazine /Warthog mag waiting my contribution of super high class gutter humour and sophisticated trash. I'm fortunate to have a challenge to lay my jokes on paper and ink within this mag's 40th anniversary ART exhibition too in Helsinki 11th- 30th August 2015....       Be there or be square! Open thru 'em Helsinki Comics festival days too!!! :) I believe, less you think the better you do. Hate all educated fools bragging their knowledge and well read wise asses off how overall factual actual they are. Street credibility one you can't buy, can't learn from university, neither listening what your mama tell you... fool. Sometimes you gotta say like it is... well all the time and always. Truth and nothing but the truth like my autobiographical comix book. So liberating not to lie, cheat and fool, let 'em fuckers do that who can't do else. Harsh and cruel like this world on turd is. Cold turkeys just the right way.

Boogie 'til you can't woogie anymore! Summertime and wine, only once a year! Enjoyment and fulfillment, what I really ment is a mystery...  to myself especially! :D

28.7.2015 Tuesday, outside looking warm and inside hot chair for illustrator to do some comics pages. Oh but did woke up on postmans ringing the bell and delivered the cords for the vocals LOUDspeaker amplifier, jee, FINALLY the band CAN rehearse when ever we please before the big gig december! ;) Oh I think I made a HIT song yesterday, not the first time feeling pretty proud what I composed and how the music swings like a moose in heat on rollerskates. Might even take that next step towards the record deal soon with that infanous competition of european song contest... and do like Lordi and win all the crap. HAHA!! :D

Started inking the first page and planning to do it today and tomorrow and with little luck read before weekends trip to Kuopio and caricaturism. Fine days without any real danger except the sky to fall on our back! Oh Asterixs' eternal  wisdoms. Thinking bout my career with comics and how to make it improven and fly......excited by the Autumn and all that fall on my path, maybe making more noise and shout about the realism and thruth that is out there, to grab you by the balls. Right timing and right aiming and hokus pokus, voodoo hoodoo to do to you! Empowwering forces of evil and negativity in life, you can kiss my ass but it wont make you wise, forbidden paradise. Always looking to the yonder and the other side of the LIFE!

Dog eat dog world...

 27.7.2015 monday morning, taking out wild dogs, I thought my wife HAD tought 'em something like, "come here" or stay or anything, that's not the case. While we had only one dog it was easy and houseclean and NOW with the overgrown puppy they are like little pack of semi wild wolves. Running wild, destroying shoes, swimming pool, and pretty much all you can bite and not listening or behaving at all....... we're heading for difficult Fall, let me tell you... fuck. And I ain't got no time or will to teach 'em now........ oh ordinary life and it's downfalls an snakepits. Who need this shit. Not me. Although the weather been awful bad, rain and thunders and all fucking sweating but cold. My sleeps been ruined again, so that's why I'm angry for the fuckin' dogs behaviour........hehehe..  almost CAN laugh it off.

 Almost my favourite word. I'm almost a millionaire almost tramp and almost homeless,  again. Perspective, I'm doing quite fine, but anger management here I come. And many other should go too.

What, a nazis in True finns party, what a shock!!!

:P oh let me laugh..... if it wasn' t TRUE. Finns, wake up, now and fight the nazi party.

26.7.2015 Sunday noon, sleeping late mught be my latest trick. Or maybe just the lack of sleeptime getting even with me sleeping 11 hours, which I very seldom do. Luckily I don't have no stupid job where to get in time!!! ;)))

 Just wailing from day to day and night tome is right, to do whatever YOU please. Oh this struggle of existance and life is funny, papers tell a different kind of a story bout how and why, should you change your attidute and mind. Over matter you work and have a holiday. Soon the papers shall shout HOW the holidays ended and we all(?!?) go back to our offices and boring jobs.................... hey, wait a minute, ain't we have all a mind our own to chooze where we spend out days and pay our taxes for common wealth and NOT for the rich 1%. I wanna be a revolutionary and rebel, not paying rich mans kids luxyry schooling and fooling ourselves, we all in same starting  line and same backgrounds and possibilities, it's still utterly BULLSHIT. Rich kids never struggle way we do.  Like AA meetings phrases wisdom to separate the things I can effect and things I can understand, and the wisdom to separate lies from all bullshit capitalists with 'em papers we read,  force feed us.

WHO said we gotta work and pay taxes, Julius Cesar? God? President? Government? Mother? Earth?

Nobody but ourselves to blame for the gap and difefrence among poor and rich.Revolution now!! Por favor!

25.7.2015 saturday noon, slept til this.... and it feels good, catching some due to sleep. Sun trying make a comeback but clouds got some other thoughts.

I'm still on diet and losing weight, in schedule. Tuff job this sweating and drumming for an hour yesterday and pushing the lawnmiower NONelectric one. It's all muscle power you see! ;) Been away from my comic book work for almost 2 months and I can be 1 more to catch the original free spirit and will to do it properly and good. Exellent finishing touches and the WOW effect wanted and delivered. All or nothing, now or never. Big big dreams to fulfill and come true. Psycholicigal war actions stolen... err borrowed from Asterix! ;) Anyhow anyaway anywhere I chooze.  Borrowed tunes in old shoes, old bag old worldand war against wrongdoers. Fuck all Reagans and rayguns. Peace and love, is all you need......................................and house and food and water and shower and clothes and medicine and work and money and  joy de vivre. Have fun where ever you are! Crazy world crazy people and the nut in government.

24.7.2015 Friday

on my mind is the movie saw yesterday The Minions, by far best movie this year!!! :) I got no difficulties to enjoy and laugh with 'em GOOD animated movies. Guess I was the only one adult and ready to be foolish cause the kids didn't get the same jokes I did....

oh well,

teach your children well.

Listening Crosby, Sytills, Nash & Young live extravaganza 1974! 3 CDees and 1 DVD, huge box, I haven't seen the dvd yet but these CDees are fine and makes you wonder WHY Young do sit on so many GOOD recorded albums in his mansion and vaults and den. WE fans are just hungry for more....



Slept too little so I might start talking so weird jive and jazz...


eheheh LIKE I don't usually!! ;))))

 Nut as a nutcracker in X-mas I do  babble on whatever I'm on and it's all right to let it all out, not holding any crunches or shit inside for next 40 years. I've done my part of that too, I 've hidden tattoos 29 years and still do, think it's MY OWN secret, tattoo that means something.

 I'd never took any tribal shit or whatever any fashionable chinese letters or shit that has no meaning,

 to me. Selfish sellfish.

23.7.2015 Thurday and rain rain rain

....pouring down like hammers of god... the second COLDEST Summer ever in Funland, ain't that swell!?! :/ Ain't nothing you can do if the rain just goes on and on. But stay outta of it and inside house, if you're fortunate to have one. This here rented little house in the prairie , where life is pretty easy and pretty hard too. Hard to say WHAT and how life 'd be IF we got whole lotta money instead whole lotta love. Rest of our lives to find out, better life, easy money and all the illusions of mankind and that cruel ...moon, so blue. Planet earth is ill but we do nothing of course. Capitalists it's your OWN burden, you pay it, mutherfocker.

Rights for right people,not all. rich man still rule this system and all, but our mind, free our mind, land and air. But rain just pours down.

What can I do?

22.7.2015 Wednesday morning, getting ready to move my ass--ets to Helsinki city.  Seeing cousins later after fast shopping route on record stores and artist stuff shop hoping to see some good sales and Summer prices! Oh well, rain and clouds like every day this Summertime, blues, but not bad. Looking trough the glass and windows, seeing what I see, makes you wonder, is that all there is. And what's behind of it all. Are we all just dust and coal...question of existance and evolutin before revolution that'll never come.Oh well just another day in same old body. No big surprizes no epiphanies. Waiting for the next day. Next way. Next play and getting what you deserve! A revelation: we're all humans... except those who are not. But them are animals too. Rights for all to be what they are.Is beautiful dream. imagine yourself being JUST what you want to be! I'm on that game immediatly!

21.7.2015 ......it's tuesday  morning................noon amd evening all at the same time....

 living in a Trueman story life, monitored all over and round the shrinking globe and the wide open  world, I should be conquering...  as I am, heheheheee...taking it easy again before leaving to Hellsinki tomorrow to get together with cousins almost annualy meeting! Yeah it's good to see relatives you like! ;) So many people I don't want to see ever, well not so many actually only few... a handful, I wont see if I can avoid it, I despise and don't need their dirty lies. Made enuff songs to tell my SIDE of the story on that war among friends and enemies line. And the upcoming "Golden Youth part 2." tells all, again....leave no stone unturn, not even the forever rolling type ones. ;)   Have yourself a wonderful morning, noon, evening and night, even if I don't see you!! :)

20.7.2015 Monday

morning slept long enuff. Even sun let us have his present for a while, oh these weather forecasts and pasts, dunno why I do like everybody else....

Maybe it's the human race fault that I  do what I do and like what I do. I've let go hte pretending to be something special and being just ME my foolish self. Some think I'm oh so special cause I'm an illustrator and painter and artist, hahaha, but that's OK too. All depends on where and what perspective you have, take and see.  Babies got babies knowledge and real hot babies got hot baby knowledge!! :D

Whole life is something to learn about, from, of, in it. The childs curiosity to find out new stuff and special things people do, rather than cats dangerous curiosity! :P


Hopefully there more hot days in Forssa city cause I ain't feeling like taking a Summer holiday to mediterrian heat if I'm not suffered all summer of rain and moisture of nature. Oh well, thinking out loud, decicions decicions, so hard to make, take and break.




<--- Previously unpublished Angelandevil watercolours 2009, to cheer up your summertime blues!


19.7.2015 Sunday

and I'm sleeping til late, got back home at 1 at mornng from weddings gig! Blast with so mant happy couples and wedding party people, drew 4 hours non stop, again. So now my hand hurts again BUT I'm happy with whatsover pain shall past, eventually and MAYBE now I can have 2 weeks holiday. Well at least I got holiday plans to do whatever I WANT, and especially what I NOT want to do!Some pin up angels and demons lurring they way to my "to do" list! Later shall be time for  all of my wildest dreams and illustrations to come true and just for YOU! But now few days off of everything heavy for hands or knees! Relax in all ways what ever that means and take to give and ease my mind and body.Still on diet the day 4. Losing weight is all right too.

18.7.2015 ........it's Saturday morning,

looking pretty pretty. Sun coming out and no slightest breeze, no wind at all. Maybe I'll tan and bath on it again, before leave this evening artist the caricatures at wedding party!  Third day of heavy heavy man's diet. Yeah, still on wagon and rail to skinny mini me! :) Probably the scorecery store bill shall shrink like my muscles too, but hey muscles come when excerciose, no brainer. Gain, pain, early train to Spain. Poem some will know oh no. Woke up a niot too early to think straight, the weight of the world, on shoulders of giants and midgets thrown aeway from the road. Toad wins the race if rabbits fails to run straight, too old oot remember, too young to forget. Oh well. All I tell, is not true. I'm liar just like............................................................................................................................ you.

17.7.2015 Friday morning and got up from my assets and started to wash the upstairs windows, first time since the...

civil war I think, so many dead flies carcasses and dust, but finally I'll get it done before it's wintertime again and 20 below zero.

Heavy diet day 2 and 1 kilo down! On scehdule  I am. Now burning some fat and staying clean! Have some  fun and sun! Keep on rocking in a free world like Neil Young and say fuck you to Spotify and all BAD quality shit they offer and not pay jack shit for artists! Revolution blues all over again!! Of course it's nice to liosten while you jog or lift weights BUTT  IF you got time and money to take care of you physical condition why not listen with BEST quality, I'll guarantee you'll get so much MORE out of every song when you CAN hear the instruments and vocals perfectly mixed and outsatndinly clearly. Close your eyes and listen carefully, that's all it takes and a minute or two of your precious time! I never REALLY understood people who don't have stereos at home or their stereos and NOT connected or working but still collecting dust in the corner of bookshelf or don't listen ANY music ever, if not force feed in restaurant or market or whatsoever elevator music!! Muhahahaaaa!! :D :D :D Music, the very second best thing you can do without pants!! :) Meanwhile: upstairs windows done fast and NO DIRT any more! JEE!!

16.7.2015 very good news in my future seems so bright cause I invented the RIGHT headline and title to my 4th autobiographical comics book, where I'll tell all my childhood from the birth til 14 year old as I wrote and was in Kultainen nuoruus (part 1.) and by then whole story been told and I'm likely to be 60 years old man and foreverly juvenile delinquet... hehehee!!! :)

Of course I WONT tell it now, keeping you in oblivion, suspense and thrilled with guessing and poundering "whatta hell its gonna be...!?!" Also started my heavy diet this morning and result reports coming up soon as my ass is smaller! this time I'm gonna make it work and stay... I'm too old to lie to myself and make excuses WHY I can't, wont, don't DO something that in my own hands and decicion. Little backbone, spinal taps and hungry heart is alright. I'll do anything and everything to save n my love and life, and am tired of being not sartisfied with my own reflection in amirror, mirror, tell me,whos the fairest of  'em all?         HAHAHAHAAA!! :D


Went shopping with paycheck burning in my pants. I surrended and bought 1 velociraptor Jurassic World toy that "speaks " and waves its tail and hands, how could I refuse my inner child to NOT have a toy once or twice a year? And why? I ain't rich but my poordom wont be saved and cured  by one 23 euros toy. Worth every penny of it, the joy and laughter it'll bring to me and my guests coming to vist my studio and atelje! Jee!! Buying every year of my childhood back like mutherfocking rock stars do!

Just got the news that I'm with other fellow cartoonists in PAHKASIKA comics originals ART exhibition in Helsinki in August 2015 as follows:

Pahkasika 40 vuotta – sarjakuvanäyttely!!!!!!!
Näyttelyaika 12.-30.8.2015
Avajaiset 11.8.2015 klo 17-19.
Yhteystiedot: Rööperin Taidesalonki, Iso Roobertinkatu 29 A 2, 00120 Helsinki. Puh. +358 40 484 6811
Avoinna: ke-pe klo 13-18, la-su klo 13-16.

With these "classy" jokes :



Welcome 11th August the grand opening!! :)

More info later, alligator, gonna be hilarious!! I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off! :)

15.7.2015 Wednesday morning, still buffled and shuffled from the weekends hard labour and heavy use of inking magic marker pens on caricatures and thinking................... nothing.....but execute the job well and excellent! My hands are still acking and wrist hurts and tells so clearly to my head I NEED rest and days off.... OK that's the daily whining post, now it's sun shinig at almost cloudless sky, should take the vitamin D from it before the rainshoweers come...

Oh, how hard life is!! ;)

Even have to think do I have to think, today? Or just lay back and fade away like the clouds. Brain working process in overtime on NEXT projects and sometimes it's good to think before leap but I love to live in a moment's spurr and see the flashing of the lightning on my head when I got the IDEA of new!

<--- newest Neil Young record, fine listening of first time.




Been working enuff hard ALL this year, so I hope to take my own time and draw some angels and devils more. Before I''ll go back to finishing the Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. album the Autumn and Winter and Springtime. And by Summer it should be ready for print. And me ready for next grillimaisterikiertue!! :))))))

14.7.2015 Tuesday morning, folks. And finally first day without the flu, I hope, it's all over now. Still feeling like been over run by asphalt truck and power engine. Still got 'em finishing touches to do for Pinocchio and saturday another caricature gig but otherwise I'm hoping to have a peace and quiet......

 (  <--- rough sketch fo the cover work. NOT FINISHED version!! Not for public eye or use!! ;) ))))))


 ......with some Motörhead heavy rock'n'roll music loud and clear! Hehehehehee!!! :D

Soar throat and pieces of saliva irritataing it, how nice. Hh well drinking this second cup of mud I'm getting sweaty and ill... fuck. Maybe it isn't over til fat lady sings it's over?

So rest and taking it E-Z! two days til my heavy diet starts and losing weight is the sole purpose of it, and looking good as model in...hehehe, no just losing weigt ot be able to DO, all I want too!! :) And that's good challenge and inspiration to really get in shape and strength to work like workaholic and illustration maniac I am! ;) Some sunshine going on the big picture os the skies  silver screen and world wide audience. Yesterday got an buffling phone call, not quite sure was it scary or commentary, v complimentary or WTF!?! Check out her mama before you say " I do! " ;) Good wink and tip for us boys.

Summertime is only once a year so let's have ball!!

13.7.2015 Monday morning, afternoon and evening all in a sweet blur cause I'm just tired and gave all yesterday in final grilling race. 8 hours is a tuff job for any one to draw and ink faces on spot and deliver goodies every time and take!! I think I've deserved a week free time before next weeken's wedding caricatures... but by then I'm Ok and ready to ink again!

Big changes coming up also later this week with the weight and health issue I'll make happen... later is after and due to be told when done!  Time to rest awhile I can... yeah, simple life with this  simple man as I am.

12.7. Grillimaisteri 2015 ja ihka ensimmäinen grillauksen Suomen mestaruus jaetaan tänään!!

Klo 12-20 Helsingin Narinkkatorilla!!! Tervetuloa hakemaan MYÖS ilmainen karikatyyri ART teltasta!!! Nähdään siellä!! :)

11.7.2015 evening folks, just showered the dusts from Helsinki city Narinkkatori square and the grilling events last leg. Now some fooooooood, hard relaxing and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepp!! :D

 Cause tomorrows a loooong day. Now some food and walk into restaurant and back.

 Gotta do like the lady in foto and adjust my breasts and get ready to rock yout in caricature table  from noon til 19.00 hours....

lots a bands playing and grilling going on Sunday in Helsinki. See you all good people there!!

 Are you ready?!?

......................................................cause I am!!

Welcome all you good people who enjoy grilled food and fine company!!! Saturday morning and I'm on the center of Helsinki Narinkkatori, the first finnish championships of grilling , last part and chance to participate from 11 to 16 hours!!! C'mon everybody. Lots of entertainment and food and music and of course the great caricatures in just 4 minutes to you all!!



Gonna be pretty busy day as I gotta meet some relatives later also and try to sleep long and good befor the Sunday's finale and excitement and long day with caricatures at least ti' 6 or 7, IF you want 'em!!! :)


 See you there!!! I've got some new funny jokes and surprises also in my sleeve YOU justa GOTTA be there in person to see!! ;)

10.7.2015 Thursday morn, coming back among other  living deads, sick feeling fading just in time for tomorrows championships in Helsinki city. Like a jolly good worker I'm ONLY sick leave on my own time and money. Listening Bob Marleys Exodus, brings back lotta memories from early 80's and parties at Kauranen house on 1st of may. Hot springtime with burning sun and hang over youngsters playing hot vinyl records with all of them scratches and jumping pumping needles on the tracks, listened too many groovy times.

 Nostalgia trip hurt no one, living in my own dreamland of past. All warts and all coming out next year's August in Kultainen nuoruus osa 2. now now

 I'm having a short break from inking the album cause I need a litte distance and more perspective to see it clearer and not to work on too trivial history of my past. Some little things meant so much some none. Cristalising the look and aim of the work that has took already over 3 years time, that's the secret and problem and challenge all put together in curious ball of chaos and puberty.


 Somehow snow and freezing cold weather seems now so far away,  oh and the past is gone, it's along way to far away too!The non stop train of life pumping blood toward the end of the tracks, death don't wait for me as I don't wanna go. Don't know where I've got this fear of dying at this stage and state of mine, having excistential crises you bet!! ;) Hopefully got at least  still some 40-50 years to travel on this road to success and fortuna!!! :)

 The lady luck might be waiting just round the next corner. there must be more than this life I'm living.

Ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire. Oh I know! :/

9.7.2015 Thursday

still sick and tired, but had to make a NEW song yesterday cause I got such a strong vision of it. Used them jazzy drum brushes for the first time in 5 years I've got these drums here. So it was about time to make it jazzy free jazz song. Thanks to cold my throat and voice got lower from baritone to bass, wow, that's what I've always wanted to sound like Tom Waits and Lemmy and Bon Scott and Phil Lynott and Muddy Waters and.... etc.

Sweating bullets but ain't got the fever or don't fel it as i seldom got the temperatures rising so I never use the thermometer under my arm, no use cause it wont rise... :P Same thing with my mom and some things run in the family and of course I'm a good little mommy's boy!!! :) Oh well hope I'll brush away this cold before saturday and Helsinki caricatures work. Trying to rest and stay inside and horizontal...not much mambo going on although!! ;)

Pinoccio cover illustration finishing colours and touches done and needing just clean it up and send. So next week HOPEFULLY is a holiday and vacation time!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever the weather is, whether it's cats and dogs, hammers and nails, thunder and lightning  this hog will hug a hound and make the world go around my sweet ans sound summertime freedom in vacation ! :D

8.7.2015 Wednesday morn, 9 hours good night slept, thinking bout surviving the sudden sickness and the cold broke my my voice and throat acke, ain't much fun in the middle of Summertime. Just had to take very easy, think I'll be the easiest guy in towm from taking it all so easy and so long... :P



 <--- colour pencils work illustration printed in Tähtivaeltaja sci-fi lit magazine 2003.


Well, still not working 100 % and sweating like a pig in heat. Like a Gloria Gaynor I will survive! :/ 

So what can I do when I can't do shit..........?

 Resting is so boring after all, and all the time for a workaholics like me. Gotta do, gotta move and make it happen!

Taking it eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))


........and propably there is a NEW day even tomorrow, again. :/

Evening post:

Just made a collection to CD-time of my old band "Jamming Shit" the on cassettes recorded set list from years 1982-1983. On most of these songs I sang and played drums on all of them. Usually Mica sung most of  the songs but if the riff was "impossible" to sing with then I got  my shot.... we started as four piece but Masa left us with only one guitar and one microphone available, so I grabbed that immediatly!!! Thanks to Mica these are finally mastered and tranformed on CD format. 

Foto: Mica, me, Jönssi and Masa in north Tapiola High School yard and against the wall back in 1981 !

The fellow tipsy alligators in crime and conspiracy were Mica J. on vocals and lead guitar and Jönssi (RIP) on bass.  You can guess WHERE our name came from......................!!!  :))))))))))))))))))   We got 5 CDees full of our set list, whole lotta Rolling Stones and Doors and others missing on this.                                                                                                                                           

Great fun menories full on teen fearless and right on spirit and double the speed of the "lazy" original versions, we loved and tried to put some our own style and arrangements. Very young, free and full on rock'n'roll we were.

7.7.2015 Lucky sevens and this one goes to eleven.....................

 had my share of Spinal tap moments in hotels where I can't remember what floor I am staying or door is mine, where I shold turn and find the breakfast tables. Hello Cleveland! Cloudy day, second day off, i need the rest and peace of rock'n'roll music. Now listening Weezer which I founs someone else home 2005 and been BIF fan ever since. So nerdie and weird stuff and emotional, loser like me loves it.

 Bought last week from fleet marklet (!!) a box collection of bugs and 1 spider under glass. Glued a hanger on the back and hanged it on my studio wall. Got no spesific interest on bugs but this was cheap enuff and creepy, MUST to buy. Now I can csare the shit outta unprepared guests !!! :) Got not much ambition to furnish, modist or design my studio, but I like change every once in awhile as ½ a year or so, and new comics figures, art articals or plain toys to make me HAPPY, smile, laugh, enjoy and satisfie my staying on this room! I can spend whole day here easily, except eating I prefer downstairs with company and on table. Heheh how intersting I CAN be......................!! ;)))))))))))

 Oh well, have mercy and summer wine, beer and smoke! :)

Pretty good looking to the future holdings...

Unexpected sun tanning project today as I'm the real sleeping beauty as i feel I could sleep a 100 years easily with this tiredness from weekends work, but luckily 5 days is enuff rest in 1 week, and 2 days of work that's how it should be every free man's weekly schedule. Who want to kill himself in workin all the time.......but buttheads and boss man, the capitalists who 'emselves work in their neat and clean and airconcditioned rooms on top of the scvyscrapers. Yeah, hallelujah for equal rights and payments to EVERY man and woman child and trans person.

 Oh, am I tramping that same working class hero route, sure am. Til I die, road must go on and make pavement equal bumpy to every gal and doll in this and every other land. Communism here we come!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))

 6.7.2015 Back at home, sweet home little town full of summer breeze and trees on their best leafs. Hot air but not in my brain, train took me home, almost and I can stay cool and riding easy this days in between shows and market squares prime time. Letting it all go, flow and wind blow, yesterdays troubles.

 <--- bought some cheap enuff CDees again on my travels weekend to Joensuu and Mikkeli.


Forgetting and giving forsaking for yourself and your best enemies, maybe that something great and worth to achieve in this brief period we spend round here this round planet of blues.


 Living in a moment- just wrote a song "Planet Of Blues" inspired by the line I just wrote HERE, 'cause that's how I do, invent a headline or title by accidental or mistake and let my  mind flow into it with speed of sound and in "free spirited flow and zone", no boundaries but whole lotta rhyming, cause I like it!!!  Some times the result is perfect blues and sometimes not. And it's all right, alright!?! What I value in life is to DO and achieve things YOU think got it's values to DO! That's what I always do. And that's how Ive got dome more than 300 own songs in 5 years, that i've had recorder for music. Working harder than asphalt men in road constructions at summertime! And taking my time to finish with style and class and super quality!! hehehe!! ..........and very humble! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

5.7.2015 MIKKELI central square from noon til 5 afternoon we shall rock you with finnish grilling champinships part 8. 


After good night sleep I'm ready to draw 5 hours of caricatures! Now gotta pack my bags and GO!!! :)

Mikkeli calling to the rest of the  world, getting ready for tomorrow's grilling from noon til 5 o'clock. Be there in square and not be square! :) Nice people in Joensuu caricatures drawn 5 hours and enjoyd sunshine.... tired but happy. Nothing wrong with little daydreams, little women, todays granmothers and that' s all right, mama. We all get old, and the secret of long life is........not to die young and leave a good looking corpse. My generation broke the illusions of legends are only made while dying enuff young. Some rolling stones still rolling after their 70th birthdays. Take care, take good care of yourselves and even better of your loved ones. Not everybody got old and wiser but we all get older. Hehehe, not quite sure what I was trying to say with that...

just live and let live!

4.7.2015 To celebrate the USA national day we grill in Joensuu square from 11 to 16 hours. C'mon everybody!

 Sunshine still although not the heat wave.

................ja sama suameks Lidlin griilimaisteri kiertue 2015 on VIRALLINEN grillauksen suomenmestaruuskilpailu!!! Voita ihka ensimmäinen titteli ja 10 000 euroa!!! Aika hyvä syy grillaa!! :)Later this eve we''ll travel to Mikkeli where we 're tomorrow!!! Ride on!

Evening folks, been here in Joensuu 2 hours and traveled for more than 6, so pretty tired... maybe too tired to even use th free pass ticket to  tonights hotel night club artist Anita Hirvonen, hehe, finns know her, she's pretty unique character herself and bet the show is rapid fire slagers and whatever. Buta s amarried man I'm scared shitless these amzons preying there on the dancefloor, they don't take NO for an answer! if you know what I mean! :P

Oh well there's lots of murder action movies in Telly to watch and relax before tomorrows caricatures in square, hopefully it ain't as hot as today +31 in Lahti while I was there. Spanish temperatures visit this cold land way too rare and fast...

Welcome to Joensuu square at 11-16 o'clock saturday 4.7.'15 grilling championships part 7. Good food, music, entertainment for all family!

3.7.2015 headin' towards to "finnish Chigago", Lahti city and train'ing to Joensuu later eve, with this unexpected but truly waited heat waving +30 something, hopefulle the aircondition is in condition!! ;)Wishing you all great weekend and fun with sun. Gotta run.... adios y hasta luego!! I'll be back if bus or train GOT WiFi!!! :)

2.7.2015 Thusrday and the urgently  anticipated waited  and expexcted HEAT wave should be here in Forzza and Finlandia within hours time. Oil me up. radi on and neighbours shut the fuck up with lawnmowers please!!

Soon I'll strip my muscular bodybuilded body down to my underwear and bath in sun like a....  sweatty whale .

 <--- TAIKE staff pictured ass they are.

 What I hate most in the modern society is the wheelers and dealers and all the middle men taking their part of your money. Whether it's in governmental or local or small art circle we're talking about.

I gladly pay my taxes but I 'd like to see 'em go somtething useful and important target. Not building roads no one use, office buildings and houses no one wants, bridges where no one wants to  cross those rivers and lakes. Wish I had the wisdom to solve all the problerms the govermnment has,  BUT then I wouldn't be here complaining and so it's so BIG surprise  even those well paid highly educated politically imptent jerks can't do it so how could I?


Tomorrow headin' to Joensuu in karelia side of Finlandia. Hopefully the rains don't follow me, but the forecasting HEAT for tomorrow too and Saturday as well as we're grilling there. Sunday not sure what it'll bring....

 Last night I had to type down my feelings of corruption and cheating art committees granting system, haven't decided shall I really send it and spoil my changes for the next years to have it............ it's a question of honesty and rightful  judgement on money that's free, but cost so much. This really sadden my day. Can't accept crimes against artistic goodwill and poor men.

Hopefully at the end of your days you get WHAT you deserve, assholes.

 Tervetuloa ystävät!  Bievenidos amigos! Ride on!

1.7. 2015 Wednesday morning welcomes a sunshine  and heatwave.  Gotta take all my clothes off.... and run to do nothing but sun tan, man. Enjoy the brief cool ways of hot days here in polar circle and bears drinking beers. Ride on.  Welcome to ther est of my year 2015  in comics blog that speaks all from everyday blues to mutherfocking politics who are wrong. It's so hard to be ALWAYS right but I can bare that weight and load. You just sit back, relax and kick out the jams!

Starting all over again with this Summertime blues, 2 weekends of grilling championships and caricatures still to do and draw, Joensuu, Mikkeli and 2 days in Helsinki in Lidl Grillimaisteri tour 2015. And then it's vacation in sun for the rest and sweet warm breeze of the Summer.

No particular plans for free lancer man's holiday day or nights. Except water colouring NEW Angels and devils paintings, some more diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrty deeds like this:



 First Angel in this serie was painted back in year  1999. 16 years of those feathers and horns going on. Still I think the best is yet to come! wait and see, I'm here blogging EVERY day of the every year.


Stay clean , stay mean, stay here, live near your heart. Live long and prospect, spending days ass you please. Yeah, the nearest is the dearest! Love conquers all! Only truth you really need to know.