Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

Hyvää ja onnellista uutta vuotta 2018 ! Feliz  Y Prospero año nuevo por los todos!! Happy and good new year to everybody!!!

21.3.2018 Wednesday morning, opening up tired eyes, feeling like getting older and more tired every night, hah, guess I am reaching the middle age and crises it offers too, except *knock on wood* I haven't had any kinda bolding or losing the hairline yet, and I'm most glad and happy on it, although my hair has been thin all mylife, it still is there. And those kinda accidental states of mind losing my head, when I've cut my hair short haven't happened for eerrrr...






<-- this weeks record news cover art, newest best of compilation of the great jack King's thsi years 40 songs are inspected to one disc and into 25 effective finesses tunes !! ;)












....wait a minute, I'll scratch my head and wonder, yes must been 14 years ago, or before that back in 1997, and that's a mighty long time, 21 years. Long hair got strength for me and I hate me short haired scholl boy look, cause I'm a hard rockin' man, haha! ;) Oh, the deepness of my morning thoughts, maybe I should write abook of these morning revelations and ideological ideas, muhahahhahaa, ansd sell it to stupid folk like any five penny jari sarasvuo-hero of his inner world, we a heroes every one of us, if you really look...

 and that's a lie, we're not heroes, were zeroes, with cameras stuck on our mobile phones and selfie sticks uo your assets and asses too. Life developes fast and the theqnigal world of robots allows us to adventure in virtual bullshit, but only you rich and selfish do it, can't see nothing really good on it. Surfing your life away, in the waves of net or ocean, same shit different day. Oh I can hear(!) the nerds of warcraft annoyed on theis pepsi max gallons and pizzamouthfuls. Fossil and primitive illustrator who values love, emotions and peace above all, so call me what you want, but call me, number 29787651947267791 7 euros/ minute + taxes,

    ....hahahahaa!!  Just kidding ain't no phone whore, ain't no fashion slut, ain't worried bout my public image too much if any, or the clothes I wear to be hip, fuck hipsters all around the world, you're just proud and arrogant little boys (and girls) growing up, I understand, cause I once was a schoolboy too!!(Listen Muddy Waters or Johnny Winters' Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, and understand, blues was here before, you and it shall be after you. And I'm a blues man, that's something I do understand and know. I know how to sing the blues, for you. I'll always have time for another bluesy guitar and song, written about you and me. )

Only love can break your heart, and only blues help me to survive, and little money on the bank account of mine thanks, hehe!! :)

20.3.2018 Tuesday morning, just trying to find and decide waht to do next, and thinking it might be good time to finally draw those extra pages needed, for final version of Spanish sauna trip, yeah those final last pages, although them are going to be slided in early part of the book in Marbellian night and some Madrid city night life too. Spanish blood in my veins, three drops needled in a tattoos, but that's too early to reveal and tell, it like it is.

My tattoos are still too much my own business, I never (!?!) wear sleeveless shirts, and hardly ever pose in swimsuit in beach or such, although it's been interesting ride to see how tattoos came fron sailors and criminals skin decoration to everyday and everybody's skins, regular joes and especially cooks and rappers and some professions became common. Tattoo artists open the shop in every bigger or smaller town. Can't tell anymore whose criminal or not by looking at the arms full of art, well, is that good or bad, you must decide yourself. My generation still remember the rebellion of tattoos, and especially the generations older than me, hah, yes if they're still alive and kicking...

the bucket any day soon, death and the scare of it is pretty good inspiration to DO, as much and fast as you/I can, more and all before the graveyard shift and place six feet under. Where yo have all the time to wonder and wait for ever.


Funny how I prefer life alive more than dead, really funny, eh? Life is funny in oh so many ways, if you only want to look at it, take another flashy peek, and see the lies on movie moguls eyes, and sexual harrasmental cases, so near it might be hard for you to see, but try little harder, baby.

 STOIP THE PRESS: Oh I just got the second purchase of Ahterix in Hispania t-shirts and 'em are pure cotton killers, on sale in Tampere next weekend, for the very first time ever!! Be there or square.

19.3.2018 Monday mon dieu, maanantai, mondag, lunes, moon day, luna spanish for moon, yes deep and purple investigations in tongue and literature, and speech professor I am, not. But that don't stop me from writing and studying the language of english, and singing in american blues snarl, I was pretty fine surprised in Spain 2011 when local english born resident thought my speak was american, hah, maybe I've been listening enuff stuff of movies and bands and reading lyrics etc. or maybe I am just natural born american blues artist, damn right I am southern drawl boogie woogie hoochie coochie man, boy it's along way from Tipparery!! ;)






Well, snow falls although it should be flower blooming time soon, long winter an short summer, sounds like normal Finnish weather, hah. And it's always long long way to heat wave, sometimes it misses whole year and summer like last year 2017, no fucking heat wave at all, make a jack sad boy and wanting to move down to Spanish Costa del Sol, sweet Marbella not Torremolinos or Fuengirola, now way madam, heh!!!  Fast and permanently, baby, but until then I just whine here everyday this here lousy weather conditions, muhhahhahhaaahhaahaaa!!!!!!!! :)

18.3.2018 Sunday morning, waking up and vclearing up the difference between few facts and gossips: prostitution is the action where YOU pay for sexual services, stripper getting paid for NOT telling the sexual action bwteen her and presidental is not, prostitution. I know plenty of fool men who call everybody wearing nothing and dancing naked or spreading her thighs in adult entertainment magazine  a"whore", but I do understand they just don't know, what's what and especially what's not. But men are fools that's no news to nobody, except few men 'emselves, hahhah.


I'm trying to figure out what shall I do next, with my album, well weekends I rest my case of 200 papers of A3 size til tomorrow and weekday, when I work on it effortlessly, til the victory. Scared shitless like an idiot to draw some extra pages, although I should now better now that I've drawn almost half a century(!!), well few short years more and it's really true, now just 45 years in this business of illustrating and making pictures on commisions and just for my own pleasure. True artist to my values and ideas, only do what you love and enjoy, fuck all reasons and reasonable reasons to make money, flush it down the toilet, all stupid pretending and trying to kiss the audience ass, yes.  Kick some ass not lick it. Advice to you young and resteless unaware of ways that life unfolds and comes alive truely ignorant ones, hah.

Do what you wanna do, best of advices ever, and forever true, hurt no one except the disgusting, superficial and snob assholes, it's okey to make 'em pay for their arrogance, not naming any one...................... today, hah,

just wait til tomorrow, muhhahhahahahahahahaaaaa!! :D

17.3.2018 Saturday morning, oh just remembered that I have this here spare part, from year 2014, as you can see of the date and signature, even the days of August has been numbered(!!), unfinished watercolour art work: Angelandevil illustration serie sketch, unpublished featuring Stormy Daniels and Tommy Gunn, and flock of cupidos:


 Just for your eyes! WEll Stormy was great example of living doll Nani Cowgirl-look, in flesh. My deepest symphaties for her fighting the Trump lawyer army and the public opinion, and hey let's keep it in mind, she's no whore, she's erotic entertainer, and human being. Stronger and prouder than many of us, and surely lovelier and more honest than any presidental motherfucker. It takes big balls to take off yor clothes in front of crowd and be beautiful enuff to excite your audience, if you don't believe me, just try it, I'll join to watch you wiggle naked and dance around the pole, anytime!! ;)

 I love and respect those erotic entertainers, and have dated one sweetest of all erotic dancers way back in 1998, oh yes 20 years ago, while these days modern lovers weren't even born to judge us, hahah. Have mercy and hard look at yourselves in mirrow, before throwing the first stone, right? Tell me whose sinless, sinner or saint, angel or devil, that is the question. Does money make you righteous and good? Does your profession in diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty saloons and strip joints make you bad?

 Answers as usual written into Donald Duck's office, Ducksbury 313, White Haus USA. Have agreat weekened!! No matter what! ;)

16.3.2018 Friday morning, cold and freezing outside, damn, where's that springtime as promised, huh! Well, promised land and promised  freedom and kids and human rights, right? Day is getting longer by 40 m inutes in week, speed and warmth we need with speed, thank you. I'm strating to draw extra pages neded, and it looks like there's like 3 or 4 more full pages to draw, so thatä's good news for timetable, I can sqeeze those in Aril easily( hah!) and ink too before June.

And I know what I'm gonna do next Summer, tooo!! Text all these 100 ansd some pages anf the covers and print in later on July, or early August, we shall see, and me I'm going there to see the print machine action in person. It's fun to travel to Tallinn and watch carefully the developement's last steps within  my very own eyes. Trust no one can do and see what you can do and see, hah. Just plain common sense and wisest thing you can do is to control all you can making abook of yours to come true and available in best conditions and result for READER! Never trust no crosseyed cat publisher or agent, they gladly take your money and profits cause it fits into their agenda and mission, taking advantage and prosentage, without any moral problems: welcome to capitalis world order, hail money hail!

Am I howling too much for capitalists, damn sure am, and it only serves 'em right! Communism here I come!! <3

15.3.2018 Thursday morning, get up and go, hah, yes madam that's all Iw anna do, just geddappa and go!Managing my own future decicions and planning ahead is sometimes difficult, sometimes not, when things just seems to fall in their places, I might feel happy one of these days, 





....one of these years, hah. Oh well, today I feel almost satisfied with the happenings I can take care, part or work on. 'til better and prettier times! ;)











<---Waiting for the summer heat and fooling by the pool, sweating like a pig in gas grill, oh well, waiting for improvement, ain't that human? Ain't all human that's not animal, or vegetarian, yes sir, we can boogie. Listening my latest recordings and I must admit I'm a blues man, first and foremost, I LOVE blues music, with new twist, my Jack King of Alcatraz Gilipollas one man band makes serious murdering the blues!! ;)

14.3.2018 Wednesday morning waking up, am I repeting repeating myself myself?!? Hah, well, hell yes, I am, as  I'm waking up every morning, dranking my muddy java, eating my oat meal porridge and watching news in facebook and YLE news net and slowly catching a hold of world happenings and circumstances where we live, this lil planet shrank when the net was popularized, causing revolutions in far and near east, refugees armies left the wars and stayed in safe european homes. Fighting never stop for good, evil lurks in your mind with politics and religions, in the name of the gods killing is OKed, and that can't be right. Who the fuck have right to kill? Yes answering my own questions like any jerk offering naive prohpethal weeping willow wisdom, I can say: no one, nobody and no man never.


Yes, I was 16 year old back in 1980-81 when I decide, I won't learn to kill and refuse to go to army, military service was not for my mission and conviction, for life, not death. I'd serve this right to be, stay and love life, still. Go kill yourselves if you want, don't drag us with you in actually pretty meaningless, wars.  Super rich wealth and mental health don't go hand in hand, capitalists always have their way to enslave  and keep you quiet you, poor man got nothing to fight for, the country, yes I think it could be worth fighting for IF I had any, possesions have I none, no land, no car, no summer cottage, no apartamentos in costa del sol, so ask me to fight for my "country", hah, ask again...

 ..........in reality I have been discharged off all military service, cause I'm mad mad man, hahahaha! Surprised? ...hehe, you're welcome. And as late but the alive Lemmy said: "Not everything I say is true... " muhahahaha!! :D

13.3.2018 Tuesday morning, trying to cope with this feeling that the album is finished, but there's still so much to do, well some pages still need the last miracle magic touch, hah, yes work never stops, in this business of pictures and my mind is starting to escape to next project already, although I got my handsful on this Sauna Trip still and til August I should find inspiration and devotion to do my best book, ever, yeah, perseverance and devotion, might be the best words to describe the recuired feelings, to last long and be satisfied while do in it.


 Well, good to be alive, no matter what cruelty world has for you, gotta believe there's  a reason for living, giving all you can, maybe there's no good reason but reason still, to carry on til the end, bittersweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, and other silly hillbilly tunes for birds, cats and dogs, wooooooooowwauuuuuuuuuuh! Wooh wooh wooh!! ;)

Above all this year's finished pages, all 56 of 'em. For your eyes only!! :)

A long long long way from home, story of love in Spain in Summer of '86!! ;)

12.3.2018 Monday morning, dizzy head needs more coffee, my body needs more exercise and my bank account needs more moulah, hah! But still it's a wonderful morning to wake up pretty alright, not too much pain, or insecurities either, just this workload of years to finalize within next 6 months to be the most important book of my career, no pressure hey, no just a mountain to move over to come to me, cause this mouhammed can't move an inch, mountains I eat for breakfast, hah...


oh well just 12 days til Tampere kuplii comics festival, and wise of me, did print and manufactured extra versions of Jack King CDees: Best of 2015, 2016, 2017 and those two Tom Waits cover albums, and of course the audiobook of Golden Youth, the very best of Finnish audiocomicsbook in Finnish, ever...

 ...being the only one is such amarketing face value and advance in struggle between publishers, hah. Well, not getting too deeply involved in MY businesses as CEO of PeneLopez, I can tell there's not much competition in the fields of good and valuable comics for adults, as so many lame ass publisher of publishist just publish kids stuff, and I ain't got no beef there, no urge to waste my time on kids stuff, ain't pheodophine at all, and ain't got no will to fill my days on fairy tales. 54 year old heterosexual is hard to be not labeled and shoved in tiny box and margine, although we are very strong of this population,as the number of new born children is lowest since 1800's, yes we are the dying breed in tyhe land of metrosexuals, bisexuals, nonsexuals, threesomes somes, tweeted off the branch, cattled in out ranch, categoralized in smallest square millimeters, what are we gonna do?!?




<-- the inner toreador/bullfighter in all of us... wild ones, yeah!!!:)

And close shave, and even closer save! ;)






Revolution of course and take over the stupid, ugly and evil in political parties, they got nothing to party for. Killing the farest far out right wing nazis in their own eapons and making they pay for it, hey wait a minute, does the change and possibility of crime make a thief? And Killer? And schauvinist, feminist and opportunist and nazi, and you must decide before it's too late, I'm just old fart punk, too tired to fight YOUR fighter, every generation must fight his own fights. Wether you're punk, skunk, trump or what ever jerk off! Well, who'd wanna be jerk off? Except the ones who wanna work for jerk offs in Helsingin Sanomat and other lasrge corrupted and politically apyolaed international monster companies who care nuthing but cash flow, so ask yourself, what are you ready fighting for? Anything? Anyone? Anymore....?

 Just asking.

11.3.2018 Sunday morning, woke up too early, don't wanna catch any worms, don't wanna be good boy scout, wanna sleep more, hehe, well gotta hit the sack back, and rest my case.

 Later more on how I made two original songs yesterday and watched Tv with wife after sauna, yes, that exciting stuff and fantastic new ways to spend the evenings of Saturdays, hehe.



Thinking about starting a diet again, make this mr. Finland great again, and skip tghe candies and sweets, and chips and all that taste great, but are just bad for your health,

 believing doctors and physical proffesionals,

 well, I sometimes wanna eat burgers and sweets, but I wanna be 10-20 kilos less fat, and that is why I start that diet, and to FINALLY fit into those clothes I've bought when I was slimmer man, damn good reason not to buy new bigger clothes, just squeeze into thinner cut jeans when lost the overweighted kilos, ............yes I can do it, if I want it enuff. So next time you meet me I'll be that slim jim phantom, skinny minnie and thin lizzy too, hah! ;)

 Hasta flaco jimenez tambien!! ;))))))))




<--- yesterday's inking thing getting right on!!! Spanish Sauna Trip's nightmare illustration, and you can guess what's it all about, but don't take too much prejudgement illusions, before your read all about it...

in August 2018!!





Saturday morning, melting snow melts my heart too, yes, sliding warmly into spring, one of  my favourite things, things change like music industry knows too: 30 years ago gigging wasn't profeting business the record sell was, and now it's upside down, bands gigging for wages and record sale is down the drain, too bad but luckily here in Forzza Finlandialand we have a nice Prisma supermarket record shelfs still, and just yesterday found new classic CDees addition, of Nazareth, preventing rock'n'roll to die,



Well, I took a change yesterday myself with one nightmare illustration I was planning to leave in pencilworks state, BUT brushed some ink on it at it looks...



.....GREAT! Phew, sometimes I can win too, boogiewoo!! ;)

So now it's sauna evening and resting in peace overall, saturday night fever in TV, not the movie but comedy show a nd another unseen movie, thrills for these little chills for weekend fun. Right, have mercy dees benz and win of the lottery, soon thank you!! ;))))

9.3.2018 Friday morning, snow slowly pouring downwards, this winter has it's last steops and breaths of cool breeze, I'm all for Springtime, as every year this time, would I move to Spain to avoid these snowy white seasons, if I had the chance to do it?

 Answer ain't too easy, maybe I would if I had nice flat there, and enuff nice neighbours or friends around, well, haven't really thought about it as it seems fo distant future for pensionary days winterly off season in southern Spain or the Islands of Canary, maybe baby...

 well until then just finishing touches to album of the year... o r two!! ;)

 Well I must tell HOW reliefed I felt yesterday as I did get my last (pencilled) page inked good enuff for print machine, and especially as I'm still ahead of my schedule, some months or so, so I CAN draw few extra paginas mas por ese historia de Sauna Trip Español!! Que alegria, que suerte y que tiempos buenos, jejeje! Alright towards the weekend, and oh I got extra excited to do a cover song I've loved since 1986, Thin Lizzy's didn't I, from Chinatown LP, one of the deepest cut song about love affair and cheating hearts, I had my share in my Youth oh so Golden, heh! Bet you have your story about foreign affairs, or domestic troubles too?!?

 See you in Tampere Kuplii talking about it, yes?!?  Awwwright. Hasta luego y pronto, mis amigos locos en toda la tierra.

8.3.2018 Thursday morning, finalizing the very last page of th book, and getting reliefed totally, and getting ready to draw finally more extra pages with more actionpacked babes in Spanish sun, oh those days of young man, hah, funny how I am still the same man, just wrinkles in mirrors tells otherwise, haha, but the 22 year old inner me still lives in those illustrations and happenings, tattooed in my heart and some in my skin too, yeah do you remember when tattoos weren't in fashion and very few of us had any? Do you remember 1986?!?

Yes, life is funny, has crazy turns, unexpected wilderness and strange curves along the way, back and forth, towards and beyond, jopurney man, it's the journey what's all worth.




Towards the final cut and throat, final destination, peace on earth and six feet under, thunder and lightning, life it's so exciting, new day, new jokes, new birds, new jerks, oh well, new's better than old dinbosaurs... or something, you decide yours, path of liocking ass, kissing butts of success and wealth or pure fun and love what you do, errr...








okey haven't get my head back on shoulders yet, just babbling in sleep still! ;)

Wait, I'll drink another two cups of cafe con leche, and I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :)

7.3.2018 Wednesday morning, waking up in hopefully, last of the cold below zero attack of the nature, before springtime shall wash away all snow and ice. Ready for warm kind season and birds coming back, miss that already. Only two archs of paper to ink and the album's done... well, I've planned some extra needed pages to draw and ink til I get to texting all 100 and something pages, not sure how many there is, but the running number is more than 200 pencilled A3 size pages, and doing the horizontal mambo and putting two inked pages in one, makes it around 100 printed pages. Hard stuff, revelations and reality's weird surprises, trying to avoid to revealing too mch before yopu can read it, it's hard as I'm prettyexcited on it myself....


well, the longer you ink the more you want to start it ALL allover again and do t better, hah, knowing that mostof ther eaders don't see any difference on it, have I spent a day or week on one page, well it's closer to week than day, I tell you, the realism of comic artist is cruel, hard labour, not much glory or luxury, glamour is somewhere else, maybe in strip tease show dancers dress or in the face of glam rocker, show must go on.

 Carry on til I'm 65 and ready for pensioner's time out, fuck offed from comics and just daw what I want without any story line to follow, yes, I do wait for that kinda time, spending on more time on music making and well, I love what I do now, too, but I could lose the timetable and "deadlines" I've made for myself, well I'm in great position in there too, as I am my own boss, and ALL the timetables are easily moved, changed and rearrenged, IF I please.

Hah, say cheese you lil' mouse! Do whatever you please too, boogie woogie is good for you two, three four some action, packed in convient size and roll, over Beethoven and Tsaikovski has the news, rhythm and blues saves the day, and nightime is the right time, for whatever you do, doobie doobie doo, Sinatra says it's alright, scat away the night! ;)

6.3.2018 Tuesday morning,and only 5 more half pages to ink til all already pencilled pages are done, guess I'll get'em done this week and next week I shall draw some extra pages, it's a huge amount of happenings that can happen a 22 yer old boy in one Summer and two continent, hah, yees, sir I can boogie and surely did some of that too!! Well, and I think(?) it's about last moment to tell and write these stories as it's been 30 odd yeras or more since that dramatic Summer in Spain.

I dunno what goes on lives of youth this moment, as the world travelling is so easy and cheap and common, it's no big deal to travel to America, adventures are available to us all, and kids travel to excotic places and lands all teh time, so I must relay on the quality of adventures and art work. Doing my best every time and every picture must be good enuff to hang on my own wall, that's the spirit and sstandard, good enuff for ANY art, no matter what another little  great philospher katja tukianens says about "meaning of art" and life, she knows diddly squat on life on the streets os Spain, guess she's too busy flying her magic yoga carpet back and forth to India, like any other luxurian western white twat, not seeing the misery and suffer on the streets in India, just smiling faces everywhere, fooled by millions in poverty, that's something I can't stand: ignorance of the facts and hardships of lives of poor.

 Oh yes I'm a freedom fighter and first inline for equality and womens rights. Fuck discrimalising truck driver lesbian feminism, if it's just hatred to men, it's way too easy to hate what you don't understand, like or accept. Change things, not just whine in wine bar of Punavuori, all you hipsters take a hard look at yourself, and after that accuse me being waht I am, straight shooter, realistic free man, and in the artist life on the reality, I've seen and felt, not what your books and magazines told you, and your stuffed university professors climbing up the leg, yeah bigotry and arrogance, your famous middle names, huh, too much information in oen takefor you?  Make a difference and change the world, I'm ready and waiting for you to wake up and see the truth about poverty and the divide of rich and people like me. But hey, I don't give a fuck about money, I like and spend it as any man can, butI'm not bending over the wealth or fame. It's my way or no way, but result is teh best: doing ONLY what I want, when I want and to whom I want. Easy mathematics, geometry, and public relationships. Love, all you need to do, as I've written and recorded in my song this year earlier, here's the list of newest hits of mine:

915. Go Mental 11.2.2018

916. Lived My Life 12.2.2018

917. Fixin' Things 15.2.2018

918. Vida, No Sasson 17.2.2018

919. Scales Of Life 18.2.2018

920. Señor Speedy Gonzales 21.2.2018

921. Almighty 22.22018

922. Save Me 23.2.2018

923. Just Use Your Imagination 24.2.2018

924. Gimme All Your Money 25.2.2018

925. Black Magic Blues 26.2.2018

926. Jatzy Matzy 27.2.2018

927. Live Thru Pain 28.2.2018

928. Trade Away 1.3.2018

929. Long Gone 1.3.2018

930. Freedom Song 3.3.2018

931. Jazzmanian Devil 4.3.2018

Enjoy CDees full of love of my life, music of Jack King, in Tampere Kuplii and PeneLopez table stand just for you, baby.

5.3.2018 Monday morning, waking up slowlyyyy... yhyyy, eiku boohoo, hah, no I'm not sad or crybaby, today, I might cry over TV drama, asong that cuts my heart ache, mystery how stories and fairy tales can make you cry, the human ability to feel, like another one do, too. The gift of compassion, empathy and other fancy words I can't even write, in english, least in finnish, haha. Oh well, I'm Muddy Waters' spiritual and mental offspring, where the schooling wasn't that important to me, at times I just wanted to be loved, not educated and read like a book.


 Oh well, such a fine ideas I have most everyday, muhahahaa, maybe I should run for next prime minister, as we can see that position doesn't recuire any skills, talent or experience. Or I might just stay the same: bullshit artist per se, and pornographic comixxx artist by heart, gynegologist too, so please take off your pants and all, doctor examination starts here and now!! ;) ))))))))))

Towards comics festivals I have to ink the Ahterix page once again, on original water vcoloured page, just to get it done properly and not spending all day at here computer and photoshopping like madman, hah.












<-- so here's alternative black and white version for your eyes and pleasure only!! ;)

4.3.2018 Sunday morning, turning into afternoon, slept long and good is always sweetest music to me, relaxing like a bear, wish Icould slepp all winterlong, hah, and same time somebody else would ink my album, hmmm.... maybe I should start a comics industry international,a nd record label too : PeneLopez Records Company aka P.R.C...........

....aka People's Rebuplic of China, same name game yeah!! ;))

Well, after some frustrating hours trying to fix, mix and adjust inked page on to colured page, I let it be, sleep and  found a solution...

 I'll fucking ink that coloured page, taking two hours more to do it, BUT no more troubles in freaking adjustment asswork on computer, and wasting time on sitting and going crazy, heh!! :)

But today is Sunday and resting day, so til tomorrow, hasta luego y tranquilo con estes trabajos!! ;)

3.3.2018 Saturday morning getting the colours done on becoming extra page humor, and PeneLopez t-shirt  industry, hah, yes just for you consumer of billions original Ahterix in Hispania and Nueva York, available as postcard too, soon!! ;)


 Not too soon goes days but unstoppably til Tampere kuplii and Pori comics festibvalities, and I'm feelinf fine to participate 'em both.


<-- uncharacterally I did paint water colours inot to different paper than the inking, because Ive already inked that paper and didn't want to risk it and possible ink leak to water colours with, so I played safe and did this extra page with window to duplicate the lines and then tried to imitate the real Asterix in Hispania cover art, except the seas, which are done by machine or air brush, anybody remember that crazy fashion back in 80's, huh!! ;))


So it's Saturday and sauna as usual, taking it easy beasy, sit back, kick back, kick ass, fuck out, knock out, drop out, whatever whichever, it takes to relax and gets you thru the day. Trying to hang on in life, alivenot drugged, not dragged, not ragged glory, just fine days in sunshine, although it's colder than welldiggers ass. Winter freeze you can go away now for ayear, thank you, heh...



...towards Springly wonders of nature, I hink I'm ready for next Summertime, next warm season, sunshine and rain the usual way, well, not the usual Finnish way still, just give us our yearly Summer, hot and long Summer nights, thank you, whoever decide the which and wether the weather is cool, hot or moist, wet, rain, clear, foggy, doggy, cats and dogs, european weather gone south are the snow storms and all, we're living the insane days and weathers.

But to whom I can complain to it?!?

Anyone listening out and up there?!? Haloo? :)

2.3.2018 Seeing double and cowgirls in horizon, then you know you're in need of a weekend...!!! ;)

Friday and waking up bit too early, bought anew bass drum skin, these days this is almost too easy to buy music equipments and all round the world, thanks to Thomann and other music instrument dealers, you can get whatever in no time and very small fees for delivery, well postt in Finland ainät too cheap, but if the buyer pays it, sometimes you earn money, sometimes you just lose, yeah, the finacial times and world of business, what a crazy english word: busy ness, hah! :D

Explanations spoils the joke, so try to get it without my awkward babble and scribble, hah. Oh well have a good Friday and suberb weekend, baby, wherever you are!

1.3.2018 it's Spring! Do I need to say more...?


well, I got invitation to interesting work opportunity gig, fingers crossed it shall be true and I can live like I want and do...

...so we'll live exciting times as well, as Springtime shall wipe away the Wimnter's cold and snow and bring the flowers and plants and bees and warm back to this planet of blues.


<-- oh I got blood running in the corner of my eye by closing the door for fusebox, which hit the door of bike repair closet, where on top of it was loose cat tree parts, which were big hunks of roped "treelike"tube AND metal screw on top of it, THAT hit me in the face as falling down from this shakey closet, and blood was running like no end. Well I help from wife to clean it and band aided, so now look like a boxer, who won the match, hehe, yes, the scars are only making this face more street credibility and more pretty!!! ;) )))


Meanwhile back in the jungle, I got some interesting pages to ink til them look like diamonds in dust, gotta have that wow effect- to watchers of my comics. Don't wanna be just another pspare part number in a list of lousy drawers, whose only gain is that they got too much to say and no way how to draw it properly... well, leran to draw baby, it's never too late to find those skills that thrills, just lose that big art buffoon outta your big worlds worry head. Time to take a change and time to stand up for fine art, fine talented stuff, and make the difference between individuality and artisty, both important, but in the big scale of art, what's important: a message, politically correct, anti-pornography, plot, telling a fairytail story or what?

 Decision made by your heart. Can' make shit into cake, no matter how much you fake. Put a little dressing on, baby, on your dog shit art, and we the people will eat it up, every time, right???

 Hah, okey, who am I to say which is which, just artist that's been on this profession since 1973, and taht's 45 years more than you!! :) Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Wednesday morning, life s good, for awhile I feel like I might get along with it, without constantly paina and misery, well I bet as soona s I've written this the next catastrophyfinds it's way to ruin my glorious life. Here in Forzza Funlandia winter is heavy and cold, and I've spent my first 9 of 'em working on comics. Nine years and published 3 or 4 books, one double album of nani Coiwgirls adventures came as one 120 paged extra bonus pack, back in 2013. Oh, and Japanese Nani came also, but that was published in Japan 2014. And most of all this here next is my dearest two year project fulfilled happily ever after.

 And soon as I can I'll jump into next and the last album of my fourpiece trilogy of Kultainen Nuoruus/ Golden Age of Youth!!


<--Our two little pets 7 years ago in our living room.


Fighting like cats and dogs, we human are the worst, and the best of evolving developing and resolving bigger problems like pollution, starvation and abusement, harrashment and all the shit the modern men has invented to make this life hard and painful. Oh well, my faith to humanity and evoltution in theory is fine, but erality bites you by the ass, faster than you realize, life gliding by, sliding back and forth, but I still think it's worth all the troubles and problems. Love gets me thru the day and especially the night.




 Time, don't know whose side you are on?

27.2.2018 Tuesday morning, got some nice surprise moments on bak automat yesterday as I was collecting cash for food and the number on my account was way too much as suppose, hah, so I nearly had aheart attack, and spent some euros more on food, coffee grounds and candy than usual, and hurried back home, and to check the bank saldos and found out it was agranted money from Education- and Culture ministry, surprising me, so thank you very much, little money help me survive and get my book done in time! I was really baffled and lightning struck, as I didn't expect it at all...






 So now I'll be inking like king til my crown jewelry is ready and all the 100+ pages are done and ready for readers in Spain and this here lil Funlandia. Happy, relieved and satisfied to work on, harder and making all I have to make  Comics  for adults great again, hehe!! :) Got emotional too, as times have been hard, money is tight, air is freezing cold -21 or so...




...keep on rocking, knocking the heaven's doors, avoiding killing floors, useless religion wars, lost in all deeprtment stores, rolling moth balls, like I'm suppose to be and do,

 a day at the time or two in best cases!! Live another perfect day and night. Deebadaaba dee!! ;)))))))))))))


26.2.2018 Monday morning, Olympics were not so very interesting although Germany made Ice hockey history, almost taking gold from Russia, great suspension and ending of lame games, Krista Pärmäkoski took 3 medals, and should be the next athlete of the year, but I haven't got the nerves of a cow to watch 'em skii competitions, as Finns usually don't succeed, and watching games we never win si bad for my health and waste of time, hah.

So back in business of inking the last 20 paper sheets size of A3, 10 pages in printed version, hopefully shall finish 'em soon and get to drawing some extra pages I've noticed the plot missing, not sure if the plot needs more kissing and hug... fucking, but it might be the result after all, lotta love and sex, 22 year old sex machine, dancing on James Brown's tune of same name in crazy drunk bars of Andalucia!!! ;)

Alright, have a good time and great week for work, play, wordplay, playwright, play offs, working titles, work work work, taht's the resolution for wasting your time...! :)

25.2.2018 Sunday morning waking up slowly, oh well ice hockey went too early for my eyes this morning, and news site revealed the winner, but congrats to Germany, job well done!!! Well some idot Finn got gold of 50 km skii, congrats to him too, so the medal weight wasn't  only on female shoulders, yippeeeiiay! ;)))

  I have  one commission to do today and urge to do more music, got inspired on Wizard of Oz, too, which I watched wholesome first time ever yesterday!! So one hole in my civilaization list done, great movie! No matter how gay icon that movie is, couldn't care less bout that side of the story, great movie era history and quite impressive tricks and effects even the costumes were top notch!! ;)

So I'll try my best to have some resting pencilling and make some big bucks, muhahahaa, if it come my way, I have nothing against superstardom and paychecks of 7 zeros, hah.

Okey I just listen Johnny Winter's Captured Live, live gig LP, yes I have my still working LP-player and amplifiers all set up, so "Rock'n'roll people, born to be blue...." ! ;) One of the rare J.Winter albums that I don't have in CD, yet, but that day'll come, sooner or later.

24.2.2018 Saturday morning, trying to be lazy, and not to do much, hah, I know I'll fail on that miserably, but that's alright, failing to be stone dead all year...

 Bronze medal game on Olympic ice hockey later on the screen, sauna as usual Saturday got the traditions, and expectations, Sabato sabbath, hah, if I only would be jew, knowing what to do, jerusalem boogie loo, too. Might make another song as I'm still dissapointed 'cause I erase the backing tracks yesterday while I was planning to add few acoustic guitar track on the cherry top of that song, frustrated me made another new song "Save Me". It went down OK, but still feel sad for the messing recording session and finalizing that earlier song, damn. I have now back catalog of 622 songs, so I can lose some, I know there's some winners already put down on tape/discs to be saved for the future. Hopefully I shall find TIME to concentrate on just music some day, any year soon, hah, but my main aim is still this comics book project til 2021. And then I'll be free and millionaire comics artist per se!! ;)

23.2.2018 Friday morning cold weather front came from Siberia, thanks a lot, heating price gone off the roof, some jerks are happy that they can skii downhill in theor expensive sport suits and legwarmers in -20 below zero and drank hot red wine in their winter cottage in Lappland, seems like yuppies never died, the just became the norm that TV and rest  the media (strung out on advertising money incomes!) pushes us.  Do I have to dig my old thoughts of Finnish people being 90 % the cattle with no mind on themselves, just going where the flow tooks, where is the less danger to be different, make a difference, do and be individual, yes think I'm joining the Communist party, again!!!




Finnish Ice hockey team lost for Canada, and only medals brought the ladies skiiers and ice hockey team, hurray for 'em, and shame on men, oh well, when the material is not top notch, that's excatly what you/we get.

Mediocry level games and lady luck wasn't on our side, the only thing that console IS that Sweden lost to, muhahhahahahahhaaaahhahaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D Better luck next year, wishing the NHL would understand and give permission of the world's best players to be part of Olympics, the only sport where there ain't the utterly most best and talented participating, shame on you  American millionaires...! :/

And correcting; better luck in 4 year time, when it's Olympic time again!! :////////


Thursday morning, no luck on latest TAIKE grant lottery, well nothing new there, trying to not get depressed, making living without any money si sometimes hard, hah, it's all the time hard! Whining dining and denaying makes it easier to chew, not to swallow...

 my pride, ain't got nothing to do with gay marches, those sad emotionally crippled characters, in world that ain't happy at all. Loveless skin deep affections and infections, viruses of this mad world, cows with diseases, politicians full of horse manure, life full of blinking TV-show shows just how evolution's achieved nothing, last 2000 years of misery and useless killings, teeth fillings fall and poison yopur blood, brothers againsta brothers' mothers and world insane, how can you feel safe if the houses are exploded around you?

Goverment of ours trying to push the law for police and officers to spy on your mail, IF needed, and liste THEY shall be there reading and listening, pushing the limits and rules, just so that theyshall not be caught with their trousers down, democracy just another carzy-word. Class system welcomed back to these poor limits of Funlandia, again. Thank the Lord, or thank the Mr Sipilä who praise the lord................ or vote against those real gangsters and criminals in charge, now but not forever. If you still think everybody should think like you think,

think again!




Wednesday morning waking up, soon to be going next level of Olympic madness on Finnish Ice Hockey team against Canada, and it's a matter of life and death in that game, not really. That would be going back to gladiators and lions in Colosseum, bloody sports and bread for people to keep 'em happy and peaceful...



<-- latest inkings on Spanish Sauna Trip!










...and how have we developed since those bloodhungry days of Rome, yes, you got it, nuthing has developed in 2000 years of mankind, just machinery and engines to get us faster and cheaper to meanigless death. Peace is just an empty word in most of the continentals, murder is everyday business, terrorism is the new black, nobody's safe, everybody running after that spoonful of gold and fifteen minutes of fame in holy TV-land, what a wonderful world...



 this ain't no more, even pessimists got frustrated as all's gone to abzurd white man hell, there's not a one country I'd rather live nowadays still, well, as the old joke says it clearly: Finland would be great place to live if we only could change...








 ... climate, people and location!!! Muhahahahahahahaaa!!! Yes welcome to Hell-sinki and other winter wonderland, wonderfully infernal towns and villages of this fantastic crazeeeeeee land!!! ;)

20.2.2018 Tuesday morning, waiting for another great ice hockey game starting later on afternoon, and doing what I did yesterday: inked few page to fitting state to be printed, oh that same ol' story, everyday, hehe, but what the other optio to do: go skiing in snowy field, hah, haven't been on skiis since I don't remember when 80's, haven't owned 'em since 80's either and you can't spend what you ain't got..., huh, but  I was sportsfreak in my younger youth days, ice hockey especially at winter's was my favourite past time in Tapiola. Living next to school's ice ring, yeah the natural ice and playing with tennis ball as the real puck would have hurt too much, and wouldn't been suitable to shot any higher than ice, and that's boring as well.

 Oh well, I was pretty good skating, but I was so small for my age, that I couldn't make it to the real hockey league or team, especially my parents were poor enuff NOT to have money to pay my equipments that was (and still is quite expensive, and for growing boy you have to buy 'em every year or so larger to fit. So that's my greatest regret and shame, being poor, stop my ice hockey career, before it started. Although everybody but the nerds played ice hockey in my youth, but only two in my class were playing in team with real gear and referees and all. But maybe the worst was that m y neoghbour kid got himself in team, cause her parents had the money to buy the needed equipments, but the guy was like 15 kilos overweight and could barely skate....

 life ain't fair's first lessons learnt pretty fast and painfully. Oh like my another neighbour kid who I told he's my best friend, only to hear his best friend is his.....


...cousin living in Kotka, what was that all about, you can't be that frank unless your name is Frank, damn that hurt, there in the back of crocery store stairways in Oravannahkatori, year must have been 1972 or so. Oh times, oh memories, wish I'll still have strength and inspiration and wealth and health to draw 'em, all after these Kultainen Nuoruus/ Golden Age of Youth- books are delivered and sold to Spain and Italy, and I'm like 57 or 58 years old. But as I see myself NOW, here at the age of 54, 57 don't feel like big deal, just some odd years away, and still 8 years til pension time and the age of 65, that sounds also day after day not so bad, hahahaa...

Alright towards measntally satisfying years of adventures of inking like king and leaving all the bullshit menatl health issues to those "kids" who haven't got anything better or interesting to tell, it's a pity and I ain't got no mercy left for suckers who stab in back any given moment, so I'll build the armour and shelter, avoiding attacks from those who wer like 3 year old babies when I was fucking fucking all over the cutest señoritas in  Spain, hehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee!! ;) Too bad you ain't got NOTHING on me, but my butt to kiss. Smack on you! If you want blood and war, you got it...!


Monday morning, while writing "Weather report" it always got me thinking about that 70's jazz rock band with Jaco Pastorius bass mastering the four strings, and only second the weather outside,my favourite opening line over here blogging my days of inking, and thinking how this world rolls on, like Groundhog day movie, lotsa days seems like the day before, but guess I never had twice the same day.

 In my illustration world I never do same picture twice, not even in comics  I love to develope and evolve in new stuff, new angles, new chics on new style, trying to get closer and under the skin of the model.  Work of part time pornographic novelist ain't too bad, feels good, sounds nice and satisfies my needs to draw and create, paper is still the best ground to build an image and perspective, texture and touch of human. Nevermind what you do draw, it's how you draw it, alive or dead on two feet. Imaginery space in imaginery world, stupid future illusion, childish  fairy tale stories...

 for what? Money is not my currency, tonight or ever. Greed and capitalism doesn't go together very well with...









artist.  Freedom, peace, love, understanding, acceptance of new and unknown, critical and realistic point of view on inter/national news feed, human rights for human not animals, who else than Trump needs votes from monkeys, donkeys and all the other kinda naked apes?



Sunday morning, sunshine on snowy lanscape, pretty and cold, like life is too, looking forward, looking for good times, fortunate seasons, worthwhile reasons to get off bed, inspiration for inking things happened long time ago. I ain't slow but the work overload is huge, huger than Trump's hairpiece, weirder than science fictionist's wet sex robot dream, just another one of my perseverance for accoplish the goal. When the book is done I'll forget all those years spend it on, well that's alie: I do remember it all too well, maybe that's my problem, never forgetting, never letting go, never forgiving myself,

 or maybe it's just the urge to do and tell the truth that's driving me. May be May be here, soon. I am here waiting for it, inpatiently as dog in heat, hah, just hate waiting so what shall I do? Write another 18 new songs and recreate some Tom Waits songs, again. Yes sir, wonderful past time actions, dreams and activities, music that fills the air, heart and soul, olympic rings around your head and fingers,

peace and love.

17.2.2018 Saturday morning, slept long and good, crazy dreams seen, but is there any other kind? Sensible and realistic dreams, well the brain wouldn't have the rst it needs,a s we know the phycology, medicinary and mental health and whom ever study the behaviours and brains work. It's all play and no work, errr...,

<--- latest news and inked pages off Spanish Sauna Trip.

...all work and no play, or something, dunno, is the word used way too few times these days, heh, when everybody is a amster chef, opinion automat and jack of all trades, surely you are, if you've seen that TV show how to survive and make groovy food outta of the licorice shoe and chicken vindaloo! ;) Okey today taking it E-Z, and heating the sauna and watch that most famous comedy show in TV, having normal weekend in out artistic family is luxury, many can't afford in their angst and hat of common people and their poor and average spare time pleasures, heheheheh... being stupid and arrogant won't make you a great artist, it didn't make America great again, and propably never will, but hey, who prohibids you to try. Be ass, be boss, be schmuck, be artist of fine arts be great again, be whatever. Finnish comics hero zero.

And let me be, me, thank you.

16.2.2018 Friday morning, and soon more ice hockey in TV, yeah yeah yeah, best of excuses to avoid inking or any kinda working, hehe, oh yes, I can reveal this is one of the most addictive past time excuse, do anything BUT work, especially among us comics and every other kinda free artists. Of course we do have those moments of absent minded and oblivious trance when we concentrate on work and only work, full time and daily basics, but it's just only passing madness that hits us, sometimes, most of the time we're fancy free of thoughts of guilt not to work "when suppose", well free artist does what he wants and there ain't no telling there, except the deadline or such a minor distraction, heh, yes I'm only kidding you.....


 as an atist I want to make pictures that stay in mind, wows you and give you an image of beauty and humanity, naked truths is the best kinda of 'em. I hear and see all kinda bullshit theories from other "great artists" and their explanations of what's the "meaning of art", and how "You don't have to had a life, where to write those stories you wanna draw in comis", well that's ONE opinion and as silly as all the theories for, from, of and to art, as any other horseshit. It's only true to you if you believe it too. But the truth is there IS NO overall theory you could ever put on art. So next time fine artists like Katja Tukiainen ja Matti Hagelberg, think before you talk....


 ...bullshit, without any context and real value, but if you wanna tell YOUR version, please put that "It's my opinion that art is...", in the start of your sentence, thank you and goodnight, you cheating heart, hungry for granted monetary and respect of artists communities and committees and that cream of modern art museums.

 Well only time shall tell which of us where really strong and valuable, wild and pure in opur art. And I'm ready to that race anyday anyway anyhow anywhere, so challenge me, baby. I'm ready as man can be, and I'm ready for you. ;)

15.2.2018 Thursday morning, waking up to ice... hockey games in Telly, soon and now womens against Russia just like winter war or maybe not!! ;) 

Oh well, I got back in business and found myself enjoying later hours than usual, inking til nine at night, that's alright as long as it's still fun. I know I've been blessed with working 24 years wirh the only profession I wanna work, period. Been stubborn and poor, rich and famous, so niw all I wanna is get along with this story of mine and make my living on it. Last strow and last hope, but that's very mucho alright also, I'm just an artist, whatever I do, if it ain't art, it ain't my job.


Realized it only 13 days to Springtime, and March, and that feels fine, Spring is full of hope and blooming, beginnings and new starts, for nature and natural born lovers, hehe, sweet sweet emotions, yac.


<--- My newest inking perfest... eer... persecution, walking the empty streets in the middle of a night at the end of the Summer of '86, in capitol Madrid, Spain, my love.

 I beginning to really think this over: should I print the whole album with coloured pages like this...? Well it'll cost me plenty/some/few bitcoins (muhahaha!!) more, but if the result if fine and great, I'll do it, just you wait another seven months, the delivery has been started already. When you got the winning formula, why would you wanna change it?

Oh well, answers to these questions write the feedback  back as usual to address: Donald Fuck, P. O. 313, Ducksbury Illinois, 50115,

Ü. S. Ä.

and put the return stamp and all you money in that envelope and push it baby. Push it real good!! ;)))))))))))))))

14.2.2018 Wednewsday morning, sending you my Blue Valentine's day wishes wherever you are, baby...



here in Funlandia we've watered down the Saint Valentines' day message and purpose as lame "Friend's day", not amorous Valentine as it should be, who wants to celebrate friendship with chocolate, greeting cards and flowers, if there ain't no romance or hope of any kinda action romantic anywhere. I do remember reading (MY) first Charlie Brown comics book and wondering whadda hell is this Valentine's day, as it was NOT common knowlwedge or any kinda special day, here back in 1972 or so. I think I've never send a Valentine's day card or case of chocolates ever!! And now as a married couple it would be stupid and lame, or guilt ridden purpose only, so no flowers or gifts in this resident, hah.

Living here in "little-America" called Suomi Finland,, imitating all teh worst you can get from real american life, soon schools are only gfor rich and stupid, health care only for millionaires and their bitches, TV is already hijacked with stupid Donald Duckian quizz wizz shows, wanna be a millionaires and other distractive programs to keep the people stupid and quiet, while politicians taken all your tax moneys and put 'em in missiles and war equipments, oh thank you so much... but hey we got presidental baby born, that makes it all right, right, you who still vote for the right,

 think again Never lose you're opinion on what's really right and good, for us all, we're still in same boat, right???????? :/

13.2.2018 Tuesday morning, finally got back to inking yesterday, while arrenging everyday hassles with some officers and not gentlemen, took so much of my valuable time just get diagnoses and papers moved and facts straughten up. So much meaningless tasks man must do, spending life in irrelevalent thangs, just to get my human rights right. These days when people still kill for minor reasons, all over the world, it's acrying shame and really a pity, fools running countries, leaders mislead to war with each other, what is there to expect and wait for this mad men planet?

Oh well, I'll wait for Sprngtime and comics festivals, as I do every year, 55th Springtime for my life. Been a ride, a trip and voyage, journey thru emotional rollercoaster.  Had my share of high top excitement and lowest blues and below zero temperatured actions, crazy nights and dark days, without a hope, standing on the edge of the bridge, in the middle of a winter, just one step away from death. Ultimate experiences, never had to fake the dangers in my life, killers, dealers, whores, junkies, monkies, donkies, got 'em all in my back, so whadda you say Jack?


 <-- walking the streets in Madrid Autumn 1986, oh those crazeee nights, that never end. Memories you'd die for, to have to write in your autobiographical novels and comic books,

just like I do, feeling envy, feeling lesser, feeling small and meaningless, well it's not like Mister Hagelberg tries to pull your leg: you really gotta have a life where to write your stories, otherwise you're just arrogant bitch and all you stories are just lies and fairy tales, for naive comics babies,


like you.

12.2.2018 Monday morning, turning into after noon, yes, sleeping long and good , one of the life's free and enjoyable pleasures no matter what age, religion, sex, colour, lingual, territory, time district, profession, opinion or preference you are. Well rested head won't be crazy, angry or evil, just cuase the lack of sleep, maybe I could wriet a book about, well, maybe I've already done, and maybe I'll do another crazy sleepless adventures in far away countries, oh did I reveal too much?


 Hah, maybe it's goos to have some kinda wake up call, from the life, with it's ugly face looking at you and your work, officers in their offices, pushing buttons, writing their evils, just to make you beg and crawl, front of them. Work I've done for 24 years and 5 months and 21 days, ain't it worth anything? If that's what you think, read no further,


......just go back to your chystal method glass roofed office building, or what ever you do, respect and love it, or leave it before it eats you up, just a little wink from me, in the corner of my eye. Have love, will travel, have lust will bust, you with the crazy eyes, female, come here....

ho ho ho, Santa Claus is back in town, anytime soon!! ;)

11.2.2018 Sunday morning, waking up almost well, but the back screamed it's presence, damn this is the worst back problem I've ver had, hurt like hell to stretch "wrong" way, that is, but I'll take it like aman, or woaman in pain. Suffer is my middle name, I guess, but I thought I've suffered enuff, already, but fuck it, there's never a state where you've had it enuff, always some more to pay, hurt, suffer and live thru. Boohoohoo.

 Okey, I try not to whine about that anymore, many more times, eheheh... Finnish women ice hockey on TV, olympic games at it's best, just a short 2 week period to watch 'em, excatly in the oyher sode of this planet! So, some live programs coming a bit too late in the night or early in the morning, but that's alright with me, so I won't be too much couch potato all week(s)!! ;) Let there be rock, and ice hockey and potato chips, and blues suede shoes too! Been busy making music this year too:

872. What If 1.1.2018

873. Through Your Mouth 4.1.2018

874. Thick As Your Life 5.1.2018

875. Big In Japan 6.1.2018

876. Lowside Of The Road 7.1.2018

877. Hold On 9.1.2018

878. Get Behing The Mule 11.1.2018

879. House Where Nobody Lives 13.1.2018

880. Cold Water 13.1.2018

881. Pony 15.1.2018

882. What's He Building? 16.1.2018

883. Eyeball Kid 17.1.2018

884. Picture In A Frame 18.1.2018

885. Chocolate Jesus 19.1.2018

886. Georgia Lee 20.1.2018

887. Filipino Box Spring Hog 20.1.2018

888. Take It With Me 21.1.2018

889. Come On Up To The House 21.1.2018

900. Can't Buy My Nature 22.1.2018

901. E. C. Was Here 23.1.2018

902. Pony II 25.1.2018

903. Blue Suede Shoes 26.1.2018

904. Depression (Blues) 27.12018

905. Love Is All You Need To Do 28.1.2018

906. Second Best 30.1.2018

907. Hard Rockin' Man 2.2.2018

908. Love Don't Ask 3.2.2018

909. Laughing All The Way 4.2.2018

910. Tango Argentino 6.2.2018

911. Pillow Of Asphalt 7.2.2018

912. Pythagorasjoras 8.2.2018

913. Questioningly 9.2.2018

914. Why Do I Care / Got Me Thinking? 10.2.2018

 It saves my life, my boringness not to win, ever, never a dull moment... if I don't please and want it. And who'd ever want to be dull, except Pertti Jarla, Petri Hltunen and such gang of talentless idiots............................................, muhahahhahahhahahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! :D Sorry baby, but that's just the way life is. Hard. To take, to win, to love, somebody, too much? Oh well,  find your own answers and explanation, thank you, can't take mine, hah.

10.2.2018 Saturday, noon, waking up late, my favourite way to start a day, as late as possible, sleeping my back pain away especially now, getting tips how to get the back well again, big gym ball and hanging by hands on a handles, arms stretched straight or something like that, yes, I would if I only could, but this pain hurts too much, so I even skipped my drum rehearsal last night, which I never do, usually, but now been 6 days in this awhward position( walking like Groucho Marx leaning forward!!) I really need to get this fixed by rest. Rest is all you need, heh to get your body back in shape, and avoid lifting woth your back muscles, use your laeg power or arms, yes, this was the Doctor Noir. First and last lesson, thank you, you can pay me on the counter!! ;))

 Saturday night is our sauna time, well I guess iit's the very traditional Finnish Saturday theme, getting clean once a week, muhahahhaa, yes sir, we're dirty men from the backwoods, turning our shiort upside down once a year, too!! And never change our socks, oh I know it shocks you now, but think about all the hassle to carry the water in sauna, and the wood to fireplace heater there to heaten the washing water too, and watching it getting hot enuff, who'd want to do that every single day?

 Especially after hard work day in the fields, milkng and fetching cows twice aday, feeding horses, kids and all, with little daylight at winter and too much on Summers, never can be too happy with it. I never had no real troubles with the clock system of summertime changes and hopur, towards and off Summer, one hour, it's just alittle skip of heartbeat, but of course people don't have REAL problems to worry, when their heads are filled with these nonsense "troubles", yes old Roman cesars knew it, Divide et impera!/ Divide and conquer! ...and all of us kind and society accepted good boys do whatever our mommas tells us, ehe!?! ;)


<---Oh well, my mind is filled with these long legged women and best of memories of 'em in Spanish Sauna Trips,

.......yes sir, got me some pretty hot and wild latin lassies, still got me howling the moon, like a fool of love I've always been, just you wait!! :D

O tempora, o mores!

9.2.2018 Friday moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning, buenos dias mi amores, weekenad and Winter Olympic games starting soon, and me, I might spend some time front of the TV set, but sems like some Ice Hockey is prodcasted earliesh in these mornings, and I not keen to start my day watching TV, well the first games are crazy like Sweden against Japan, jeesus, it's a slaughter and massacre on ice! ;)Well it's better than Disney on ice, if you know what I mean!! ;)


<-- so I got those 48 pages still to ink for the third round, and get it doen before Tampere kuplii festival in the end of March, and work hard April and May on extra pages, I've soem how forgot to draw, and as I haven't decided how many, its impossible to say but trying to stay in schedule with the skin of my teeth, and nails of my feet, leaving June nad July to text and finish the cover art. Have I told you this before... well you're lucky to get remembered and adviced where to save your 20 dollar... euro bill! Comics, jail or rock'n'roll, dead never been much of an option to do in my to do list, except winter of 2004/2005 I had my worst dounbts is there life after it. Oh, yes, I've been to the edge and looked down, thinking about suicide,

 <-- like two berries or sons of the same mother!

....but left it til next catastrophy or never ever. Wish I had some one to love me then, wish I can be the shoulder to cry on when needed, helping hand guiding you across the troubled waters, on ice. Black ice, dangerous curves, frightening darkness of..

 the lonesome mind. Strength to all us wicked and restless and hurted, innocent souls, hehe.

8.2.2018 Thursday morning, getting up tired, little too little sleep, so trying to open my eyes... reading a Ramones history book til 3 in the morning, the last days and years of that fabulous group of misfits, and how their music changed whole music scene, not necessarely in USA, but in Europe and even here in tiny Finlandia. I'm lucky to be enuff old to remember that punk wave coming and the rockabilly wars, oh those "happy days" that weren't just so happy, hah, although streets were filled with little Fonzies and ducktail haircuts and all that 50's TV-show trend clowns. Many have been sorry about things they did while those James Deans times violence, and hurt they produce, and it's fucking right you feel sorry.

 I've never been interested in fighting with arms, although I was in karate at the tender age od 12-13, but then I hit the growing sprout and was forbidden to have any sport or exercise for a months, my knees hurt like hell, well, guess that's were my state of worn out knees came initially, born this way, broken robot man I am, damn...

 well, now that I made the Vale Muriations/Mule Variations album, I'm busy makin my own songs, yesterday recorded 13th for this year, not too bad, all together the count is 30 songs 39 days, or so, you do the math Einstein, Aristoteles, Sokrates, Freud, Marx Engels or Young or whatever you are, math professor and generallimus genius!! ;)!

Alright, listening one of my first ever bought albums: Rock'n'Roll Band: Everybody Needs Dance/Music sometimes, from year 1975, yes I was 11 and all grown up...









<-- t-shirt modelling off of Aster... err.. Ahterix finishing touches, slowly but surely, lil more colours por favor, and it'll be great little t-shirt for all you young lovers out there!!!








...not! Just a little rock'n'roller. As I am still today 43 years later, never got that spark to change my music likeabilities, from the glory in rock and blues I found such an early age, rock of all ages. Rockin' my life til the end. And it feels FINE!!! <3

7.2.2018 Wednesday morning, status of pain in ythe back, and not the nice kind, just hurting like hell, in twisted way, and in twisting stature, well hope to be well soon, but glad I didi manage to ink 3 pages no matter what i have in my back, monkey, donkey, knife of yours sincerely, bone rocked by my baby, weight of the world, oh just these average man carriages...


oh well,life goes on til it doesn't. Simple life and world expalnation, take my tip mister speedway sam, if you don't understand, that doesn' mean jackshit, try little bit harder janis, oh yes sir I can boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogie, how about you?

Well, what more cliches I could brag on.... like the more it hurt the more yo hate it, what doesn't kill you just hurts like hell, you gotta listen to the tree where you apatmet is under, better safe tha sorry I'm a lady, and most of all: you can't lose something you never had, well damn taht one is actually true!! Listen more, learn more, live more, practice more, get more, give more, love more, tha you ever expected in your wildest dreams, and then start to draw comic books, especially autibiographical ones, fuck all stupid intellectuals and nerds who never lived, never got streetswise, never had more than hundred heartbreaks, yes you are the ones who tell stupid students of art,  you don't have have alife where to write the comic books, and that's all lie, suitable only for nerds like professors of Taideakatemia/ Art academy of Helllllsinki.


Hah, it pretty FUNNY how these jerks still stuimble on those arrogant proposals, that just SUDDENLY suits fine with their boring life, working as teacher in university and drawing "intellectual comics", stealing their poor unfunny ideas from feedback columns of city free published advertising money raised Metro and other newspapers, shame on you, lords of unioversities of comtemporary art, ans all taht jive. Shame to dissing us, who have lived the LIFE, where all the best stories come, and I don't have to lie, ever. Sorry,

am not. I must believe that in at the end justifies the deeds. How about you, liers? Feeling happy or just plain good ol' gay?!? ;))))))))

6.2.2018 Tuesday morning, still in pain, but less that yesterday. Forced myself to sit down although it hurts, and ink this humour page to Spanish Sauna Trip:


 It' honestly a tribute to great Albert Uderzo the visual creator of Asterix, Oumpah-pah and so many other great comics thru years, but to me he's the father of Asterix, Idefix, Obelix and that whole little village which never surrendered in France. AS I did learn my skills to draw by trying to draw Asterix by memory, not looking the image, til I GOT it right, I was 6 or 7 years old, first or second grade in school, just learned to read, the comics filled my reading list. Thanks to libraries and richer friends, I usually had interesting and good reading for every night, and day.

 I did alright in school as I always did my home works, but I was only best in art and sports classes, 10/10. Still proud of the little boy from Tapiola village, just realized (again) why I loved Asterix so much, being always the shortest of my class in schools til I grew up at age of 15, this high height 176,5 cm full of steel and vinegar, guts of titanium and foot to run fast and far off of ass of this land and ground... haha.


<---First brushes of ink done, this shall be at the end, in the last page of first of thess Spanish sauna trips, yes, there's gonna be two of 'em wild years and adventures of the big small hero of the little village...! ;)

5.2.2018 Monday morning, still in severe pain in the back, although rested most of the Sunday in bed, these just take their time to get well, cured, stretched  big muscles as usually it' just the little one(s) I do get hurt, If I'd be any paranoid, suspiscious, arseny theoristic, religiously voodooed, or just black magic superstitious, I'd say it's god's way to show me....



...something, I don't know, that I should not clean the downstairs to help my wife or should not get sick leave until I'm really cut into pieces, broken leg, lost my head or something like that.

 I don't excatly believe in Karma either, especially bad karma, I've just been crazy all my life, found my relief in music and comics books. Found laughter and joy in love, love the life no matter how cruel it is, maybe some peope do grow stronger because of the problems they face, conquer and get on with larger understanding on life mysteries, maybe I don't know jackshit, maybe you don't know me, maybe it's just world that's lost it's mind?

 maybe I need another cup of java, to get my eyes open, buongiorno, buenos dias mi amores, perras!! :)

Good luck , you're invited in my private party, anytime, soon!! ;)

 4.2.2018 Sunday morning, waking up with backache I got for cleaning the house like manic hurricane, and glad I did clean up the downstairs surfaces, but this pain...

 <--- few of them all, CD records I've done over these years living in Forzza Funlandia. Mostly includes more than 70 minutes of rock or blues in one disc! ;)

....just above ass, really hurts. In finnish it's "noidannuoli" aka. "witch's arrow" and it feels like it too! Well, I already been at the doctor's and shrink's offices and GOT what I need for the cure myself anbd stay safe from all kinda active models, except the one I'm married to hehehehehehehhehe, so now just taking it easier and slower as walking hurts, and I can't straighten up my back, so I'll walk few days like Groucho Marx, leaning forward heavily, heaven wasn't on my side yesterday, as I was just about finishing the cleaning sprout, when the PAIN hit me fast like a lightning, so what do we learn about this?

 Never clean in awkward positions and stretch your lower back muscles, if you ain't in a good shape, and never try to do more than your body can, damn, at the age of 54, I should know better!! ;)))))))))))))))

3.2.2018 Saturday morning, waking up to the world, where "#metoo is still making big waves, last the lousy movie director Lauri Törhönen harrassing many women thru the years, right, this asshole ain't just weak artist and ex-head of acting academy/university of filmmakers, but also womanizer, sleazy bastard that he looks like too. No mercy, even when asked a apoligize to those he molested. Finally some real action seen in this here poor country in northern snow and sneet, there's NUTHING sweet in grabbing pussies, against will. Using your position in company is always wrong, no rape victim falls in love with rapist, that's JUST a stupid rapist illusion, and dirty dream. Shame on you, who do that in restaurants, darkness of the park, full metro or busses, shame, all you...


 who can't handle your hands, go and seek help for your addictions, cruel urges, obsessions, and what you got, is not right, so it's wrong, there's no gray area there, YOU KNOW when you're done wrong, dontcha? Answer yourself, I don't need to hear your problems and excuses. Get right, stand up and stop abuse, all kind sexual, wether your straight, gay or bi, it's all wrong still. And you must know it,even when you get away with it...... think a minute about those who been the real victims in those cases. Well, apoligize is a start but it's not enuff. We had it enuff, no more lies, thank you. I'm off to sauna and entertainment in TV later on, hurting no one, it's a good way to live, my life.


<--- taking care of the small ones, that's real fine life, ammoooh!

Have a nice weekend, no matter what, the world smut on! Love thy neighbours cattle, ...eer...no, I mean your own and you're own spouse and the world be allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright! ;)

2.2.2018 Friday morning, got what I wanted, needed and asked, just telling you can go fuck yourselves with your active models, and I'll JOIN the strike and demonstration at Helsinki against it! Workers unite, and tear down the govermental cases of weakening already lousy state of poor men without a work, and women especially, they need a raise and equal pays. It's a mad mens world, but we can change it!!

We need a sensible work, sensible payment, sensible working hours in sensible distance of our homes. What we don't need is big corporate companies to tell us the conditions where were pushed to slave and work our asses off. Just say NO to bullshit job, if you don't want it, need it, can't stand it.

 I got so angry and frustrated that I gotta have sick leave and be absentminded, for the rerst of the day, week and year. Don't ask me questions...

... and I will not tell you lies. Hehe, I'm like my wife says psyco clown/joker, well, I'm black and proud, although I'm black, only in my heart towards bossy bosses and employment officers who don't know their jobs or anything,

especially they should know!! Oh no. Medication medication, gotta get it right, right?

1.2.2018 Thursday morning and I'm, off to see a............ shrink and employment appointments, yippiekaiyei motherfuckers. Life is a crazy ride, and those pumps on the road  are so wellknown already, so why do I even try to have stable journey, not rocking ths boat the wrong way. Tell me why, cause I don't know. I just go and glow, like Neil Young the only fire, the only light in the night is...







....the light of the train coming towards YOU. Yes, welcome to my nightmare and reality. Murphy's laws and regulations, officers in charge, I just h got one thing for you to say:



..........fuck off!

31.1.2018 Wednesday morning, got me int depression since I don't remember when, so I try to do my best to get rid of it. Eating sedatives ain't no long term solution, on anything I guess. Being sober over adecade I appricaite my freedom and unwaisted times, but this cruel society wants me to be asnappy little soldier boy, obeying productive ant, who to step on and push around, when pleased. My mind is twisted, but when my head starts to go too.....


I'm in big troubles; I know I'm usually way too open, too nice, too  adjustable...

...but that's all past now, I wanna step out, make a stand and defence me own rights to be happy, do what I want and never surrender or join the army of workers without any saying what they really wanna do. I have no need for working and pretending to be the average daddy's or mommy's good little boy, this may lead to a conflict where I'll lose all my priviledges but this life is too short not to follow your heart. I am the broken piece in the machinery, you can't fix me, you can break me into pieces, but you can't use for your steppingstone, nor pepple to avoid slippery ice. All I have is these eyes and hands, and my ability to create, art of comics and art of pin ups, pornographic pin ups, as I don't give a damn for political art, messsages in the bottles, and plastic waste on your seas, pollution is all inside your head, worst kind, thinkig we all should be the same, think alike, and most of all ythink like YOU do. But listen honey, that'll I never do, rebels sin causas, rebels with out causes. That's what we are, in here best of schooling, almost well done welfare and all medical health care land.

 Above pictured the only "active model" I'm willing to do!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

30.1.2018 Tuesday morning, and the nightmare of official emplöyment officers torture, on me........... so next they force me into some trivial coffee matinea or feeding alpakas, hugging trees or "learning how to manage a computer" and "get back in business effectively"... of course these courses are meatt to mean just good and to be advanceful and useful to those who ain't  able to manage with computer at all,


 ............................................but as you can see here I use this machine everyday, and gor meaningful past time work to do. So I'm back here thinking should I just give up and kill my love to draw and use substitute job just to earn my living or go straight to pension for sickness.  Have I suffered enuff?  Of plain idiotic rules and employment efforts, which are all bullshit, weortk or nuthin', really. Really depressing, really saddening, while all I need in strength and joy to live another day, year and this life, happiness I'd like to meet you again.

These days of sytematical complicating the lives of poor, sick, disabled, old and other useless folk, these neonazis in govermantal administration can all go fuck 'emselves. Sounds of silence and wisdom of a man is nowhere to be found, empathy, sympathy and all the other pthyis, are curseword and fotletter words like love,

care, why should we care about the random stranger in a rain, coming from Bahrain, coming like  a train, stopping all the stations, but nobody


<--- Me and some random little girl, hugging away the blues. Rockaway beach remenbers Ramones, do you remember rock'n'roll radio?



Monday morning, waking up boiling in anger for another employment officer call, for appointment later on afternoon!!

<--- Our younger dog, guarding job.


 Hey, whadda hell is this I was there just 2 weeks ago, oh but hey they change me from another officer to another, and guess they don't have enuff work to get a job for anyone really needing one, as I'm quite happy with no works status, doing my own thing, drawing my autobiographical album and doing it til it's done all 4 books of it. Fuck all other "jobs", don't care , don't want, don't need no lousy paid whatever job, JUST to lower their unemployment statistics, cause THAT'S all this all active model shit is all about, NOT about creating meaningful and valid job and normal paycheck, in normal hours, BUT just to whte wash the dirty laundry in numbers on thheir governmental statistics. I'm considering writing a bill to those asshole today for disturbing my life with their nonsense meetings, yeah that'd suit me, charging 200 euros for every meeting like motherfucking consults do..... Hahaha, wanna dance with me officer?

I'll show you my best moves for sure, and I'll pity the fool... asking me to do something just for money, that ain't art, or teaching art, fuckers fuck. So angry. People who just obey the rules and regulations, hanging on the skin of their teeths in ajob, that give 'em payment monthly, I just ain't that kinda man, anymore, I did my time on "whatever-jobs" back in 1982-1993, thank you that was enuff for one lifetime. Adios, trabajos puta mierdas, y gracias, por nada! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28.1.2018 Sunday morning, waking up to cold snow outside, inside warm heating, water running through our heater not veins, blood is thicker than wine, family is weirder than a stranger, blood brothers back in Spain are free and running wild, shared blood on coins of pesetas with needles stinging ink under my skin, that's the real tattooing, hurt like hell and look like it too, muhahhahahaa!! :D




<-----Bought some records from sale, very happy now for next weeks to come with lotsa good music to hear!

Well, tonight they are selecting the president for this clowneria country for next six years, and it's looking horribly going wrong again, capitalist pensioner going strong, let's just hope that it won't be over with first round, that arrogannce and celebration of right wing and kissing NATO generals behinds, like it was any good solution to build the WALL of american nightmare soldiers against the western and  Russian bombs and big guns on our borders again, so thank you a lot, NATO is the worst and last solution for peace and living in harmony with Putin and Putin youth. All nazis unite and kill the poor, ohh well, we err...

 ....you never learn, nuthin'. That's the way it goes, again. Let's have another purpose- and meaningless war just to fight and erase poor fools in army, navy and airforces, and most of all let's spend 11 billion dollars of taxpayers money, on NEW aircrafts, yes cause the other option would be erasing POVERTY off of Finlandia with those billions,

 so I ask you, who is the stupid and warmonger?


While you ponder that I'll join the communist party, again!!!Dammit ;) Vote and think what's left... of humanity?

27.1.2018 Saturday day, waking up late soon it's the noon, feeling pretty alright, weekend actions taking 'em pretty easy, restoring a cd rack to better use as adding the "sides" so the discs won't fall and can use morer space, yeah I know it's very interesting...











........not!! ;)



Heh, Life full of surprises and actions that are wonderfully meaningful and interesting JUST for yourselves, and hey, taht's allright, mama. I could talk all my english withing song lyrics, but who'd want to read that, hah!! ;)

Later it's traditional sauna for Saturday as we do here in FUnlandia Vorzza town and Juhonalley eleven!! ;)


 There's been a huge sale for CDees in our nearby prisma supermarket and I'm the fool for loving music, so Ive purcahsed dozen new, old music which adds my collection again, soon I'lm all booked in shelfs of CDees. More music than I can listen in a week in arow, and don't have to listen same song twice, if I don't want to, do it. Just do it, while you're alive. Save the memories and love letters, not the pennies and obligations for heaven, as heaven is in down here in earth. While you're alive.



<---Updated later on Saturday evening: Just made 6th song for this year's model fo Best of Jack King by Penelopez Records company!! Available later on this year....! :)

26.1.2018 Friday morning, I'm going to laboratorio to check out what I have and especially what I don't have, less the better, well just  checking in for aging stuff, and to get real time state of my hurting knees, I know them are worn out, but is there anything else to worry?

 Cause worry I can and od the best, hehe!! Later alligator, read all about it!!

Oh well, didn't sleep too good and now I must go to clinic and have my tests and then wait another week or so...better safe and sound than worry and weak in the knees, well hell, "doctor doctor gimme the news Igot bad case of loving you...!" sang Moon Martin 1979 or so...

 sick world ill used, like I am, well it's been a long time since I was treated wrongly, just 25 years ago,working on wrong kinda profession.Then, so glad that's all past and gone.

 So wish me luck and good results in mail! ;)


  For all you normal people out there and in good health, have a nice weekend!! :)


Updated, later same day: my heart is within normal limits, no disturbing or added rhythms, yet, still waiting for blood and urea tests results...! :P

25.1.2018 Thursday morning. waking up, getting back in working mood, inking can be so frustrating too, when there seems to be no ending of this Sikstus chappel roof, painting after painting, shadows over shadows and still got the covers to finish and texting the text on pens, yes happy Summertime job, indeed!! ;)


Oh well it could be worse, I could be working outside in snow and ice, cold and freezing winds, but does that mean I should be happy no matter what? Answers to P.O. Box 115 Forssa Finlandia! ;)


<-- Basc country Gipuzkoa, Fuenterrabia/Hondarribia, Espanja, Summer of 1986. Marching the streets for 3 day and nights, fiesta de bascos. And of course there was love in the air....

 ...as you might expect, when thousands of young ones are gathered drunk and stoned as they do down there in Spain,

and in north too!! ;))

24.1.2018 Wednesday morning, crazy weather report man, man, these weathers change any which way they choose, I just watch and enjoy everyday that I don't have to wake up on alarm clock peep and rush into darka and cold winter morning. Especially I', glad having my working space here in same house that we live, no more working trips, distance between bed and this table is less than 6 steps and meters! Saving time, effort and money not to be forced to travel after work, I'm grateful and happy, on life's lttle luxuries, hah, glad I got so lucky after all those crazy years in Helsinki and Espoo, had my share of living in small two room apartamentos, suitable for two small dogs, not humans,this house is the best thing ever happened to me in living copnditionswise, surely appreciate this.

 Old dogs learn new tricks if the methods are vital, rewarding and valuable. Dogs don't have to work or pay taxes, but they run free and bark at the moon, just like I do too!! Furry future and playing all day, sleeping when tired, aeting when hungry, sounds like perfect life, for a dog, or cat. Oh well, animal heart, skin and hunger for life. Never worry about tomorrow, future comes as it always does, stupid politics and ugly artists ruin it, so let's make it worthwhile to live outside the box, outside the norms of your society ethics, only stupids follow rules and laws by the name and number, oh but we are Finns, we tend to do all we're asked and told o, we are the primuses of our class, in EU, and UN and world...

 don't care, it won't give a shit about your miserable planet saving programs, rest of he world just laughs and live like they like and care. French and italians just love. live an enjoy, while they can, what do Finns? Work and obey every rulem hilarious to see WHY, we have the best school pupils, not necessary the best schools or systems, just this northern shy personality, that's started to fade away........ too. Welcome to your future, hope you'll enjoy it, too.  Boogie on.

23.1.2018 Tuesday morning weather report, not that band but just the snowy sight of my studio crystals, pinetrees are prettier in snow than in Summertime green, I think, for the colour blind winter is fine cause ain't that much colours, but for illustrator it big hard work to amke all covered with snow, although in watercolours you can use the white paper as snow whitness, hehe, saving money and effort and nature. Draw everything covered in snow and work load is not half but more than usual. Oh, I have been so busy with my comics album, havne't made any water coloured painting for alooooooooooooooong time, not sure did I managed to void it all year, last year? Did those few pencilworks on Bon Scott and pin up babes, always close to my hard... err, I mean heart of gold!! ;)


Finalizing this Tom Waits project, yesterday as I did two versions of the last song of the album, Come On Up tHe House, and the latter one was actually good enuff. took me fron 6th to 22nd of january to finish it.








Oh well, I did another my own song too yesterday and inked two pages of album, and had 1½ drumming practice at garage after all, very productive and satisfying day and evening. Mondays are the usually the hardest days to jump back to working methods and routine, rutina en español!! Rutina siempre, una pagina de mi vida loca!! ;)


Monday morning, looking out my window to snowy trees and ground finally white and quite peaceful, somewhere they have all the warmth and great weathers but they spend their times on war, fighting next door neighbours, and reasons are always the same: religion, regional, territory pissing, off of greed, envy, powers to be stronger than yopur neighbours and all tha jazz, weheard million times before, neverending troublesome and hot headed assholes in power, no matter how long you've done it, if you never learnt your lessons on humankindness. This world is wasted opportunities, land of gaged and money, not milk and honey, not free and good, no, just disaster created by overpopulating and keeping people stupid, keeping kids outta scholling, keeping blacks in prisons, oh teh american dream, when did you lost your mind?

Fotographed in hot Summer day at  Laru, Helsinki, in our tiny balcony, year must be 1992 or 93, or 94, or..... I can't be sure, but it was 25 years ago today. Same dragon tattoo that I still have, hah, haven't erased itself by time, hah, oh those were the days when tattoos weren't in every housewive's choice!! ;)

21.1.2018 Sunday morning, brances are all frozen like in fairy tale book illustration, ten below zero and no need to stay outside any longer than moving from this main house to garage room to make some music, still got two song to do for Vale Muriations, hoping to achieve 'em today and make the final product finishing touches, oh haven't make the backcover either yet, so maybe I'll hustle my time today on it. Let's spend the daytime in meaningful tasks, chores, stuff that make you happy and just walk on to next interesting thang to do.

 Guess I'm not your average music comsumer, as I make more music than I buy in a year, hehe, just hoping that my day shall come with larger public in world widely publications and festivalities, and paychecking, oh well, I'm also very fortunate as I dont have to do music FOR living, juts loving what I do...

...bie doobie doo!


 Lucky bastard am and do whadda I want, please, choose, use, amuse, blues, it's all good over here, as longa s I don't have to WORK for my living, listening bosses shout, nag or illustrate anything against my will,

 so if you're waiting for big happy gay comics coming from this resident, keep on waiting and take a good long hard breath, sit back and  die before you'll get one. I might do another parody with sarcasm and irony and what you got...

 just to laugh at you, and your acceptable unicorn rainbow ass, haha... sorry, still a realist, hanging on truth with skin of my teeth and nails, you do what a hell you want, don't expect me to feel or think like you do. so glad to see these newest comics artist dwelling on their mental health issues for 400 BORING pages, and getting so hurt when I tell 'em your talent of illustrating is needing more studies, but hey YOU can't say that to comics "artist", she'll never get that, cause in her mind she IS already a great big HUGE ARTIST, nothing more to learn,

 ANYMORE. yeah I know how you feel................been there done that, too. Everybody, and I mean everybody(!!!) got bigheaded with brains full on piss, not vinegar, when the big success hits 'em. It's alright, as long as the piss pours out there too, sometime.

 Anytime soon dear P****i J***a, E**i V***e, P***i H******n, H***i R******i and all the other greatest masters of Finnish comics world! Muhahahahaa, the one who laughs last gets it the best, laugh. We're still here waiting impatiently as kids we're are at heart, and laughing, at you. Thank you for your "art", it gives us our daily laugh!!! :D


Saturday morning, sleeping late, taking my time, making my mark and building my own history writing, what alternatives does apoor artist have? Taking second job just to survive is only second best choice, and I canät go back to that road again, I already give the "best years of my life" to working on meaningless staerdy jobs, just to earn my living, BUT I couldn't be happy with that decicion. I was too young to understand the best for me, couldn't fight for my right to be free, individual, artist by nature, not by choice, it's like being gay, YOU can't choose to be, you just are or are not. Artist I mean, hehe!! ;)))))

Finding out how stressful and annoying can inking be, heh, hoped that X-mas break could ease little, and it did but still it's hard work to get this album finished and printed in Summer of '18.

Reading lot biographies, just finished Lemmy by Mick Wall, that was alright, only the translating wasn't good enuff...now Steven Tyler's in his own words is way much better, although he got annoying manner of sopreading his thoughts and timetravel abit too much and spoiling the suspense by quoting his life up to next, coming, why, wonder I....thinking about death and life, years I still got, years I've spent, the lifechanging subject, love I had, given, took, had, broken, satisfied, pleasure and pains, buses and trains and aeroplanes, take me far away, love is in the air, but air is frozen, muhahahahahaaa!!

Thanks to all loved ones, I met. You make life worth to live.

19.1.2018 Friday afternoon, had the sleeplessness til 5 in the morning, so now I'm all fuzzyhead trying to clear up and get on back to business, inking king of works, comics mix of text and pics, mayber I'll be a poet  or rocket scientist or maybe Tarzan or copwboy on my kids list of best of professions, yeah right, keep my up all night thinking....

 what not to do, well, insomnia is cruel and vicious health problem, I do not recommend play on it on anyone, over twentyfour years old...


<-- new versions of Tom Waits classic album coming up soon, 11 first tracks are in the can, and rest shall be before February shows us it's pretty face and propably another cold breeze. This is my album covering sessions number two as I did Muddy Waters double album Fathers And Sons some 5 years ago... it came enuff good, but I might do it all over for third(?) time, anytime soon when I feel like it. Yes, feelings rule my world order, not capitalist and coin laundrymat, washing money, corrupted interrupted criminals in every govermental institute, nut cases making the decicion for us,

 so don't come whining if you just voted acapitalist to taking care of your taxes and pay check, check out their politics before you say I do.... believe in you. Politics the dirtiest game on earth, gladly taking all your tax money and wassted on war machines, billion dollar aeroplanes, REALLY? with 50 billion THEY could erase the poverty NOW and  for good on Finlandia!!! Damn idiots, afraid of sovjet red army to invade us from the border with II World War tanks, right?

 Think again, who you want to lead this country and where? Nato? Kissing your Nato veto ass? Jeeeeeeesus, help us.

18.1.2018 Thursday morning, rained more snow so it's wintertime again, kids can go skating and skiing, I don't "waste" my time on sports cause my knees say no thank you, you can't run, but you can hide beneath of large clothes, haha... well, my diet starting soon, next week and stopping in March and Tampere Kuplii festival weekend, plan is to lose another 10 kilos. And as I did lost 18 last Fall/Autumn I know I can do it, not just the preptalk. And doing it or the right reasons, better health and the obvious looking good on my tight jeans, muhahahahaa, and especially without 'em!! :D

 Recording project going on nicely, well, the album is full of crazy tunes, but I'll soldier on it, although next one is a ballad where I shall replace paino with my guitar tracks, just that shall rearrenege it to different style constantly, rebuilding the feeling and mood, that's where I aim, get the song right where it hits you in heart, gives you a smile or a tear jerked of........f. I know I don't get all english lyrics, the way the native brooklynian can get it in Nueva York, but I'll do my best impersonating as Jack King can, do... and did finally the album with 25 songs of " Jack King Best of 2018" CD format, that is, and it was hard to choose just 25 from 160 songs, leaving more than 100 songs in dark. Well, I could do like Neil Young release 'em all in net for free... but I wanna do like Neil and earn a ranch and couple of millions first, and then play the ecohippie the rest of my life!! ;)


Wednesday morning, going to see doctor with all my cribbles and hurts and fears, what I might have and especially the knees, are they still strong enuff to walk on or do I have to replace 'em with metal or plastic ones? So all the answers coming within an hour or after the visit, well, haven't been in heath center and doctor's room for a loooooooooooooooong time, years rolled and passed by without having taking care or getting any flu shots, too stupid to get those, knocking on wood, hoping the best, results and hoping been just exagereting the illness, well...

 I do believe in normal western science and medication system oh health issues, voodoo healing and cannabis relaxation ain't my style, I might be hoochie coochie man, hah, but I believe in facts and reality on these serious matters. So "doctor doctor gimme the news, I got a bad case of loving you", muhahahaaa!!! ;) Oh, youth hits on sweet rock'n'roll music..

 Yesterday I did record one of the weirdest cover songs, EVER!!! Coming to be in my Vale Muriations album, soon!! ;)

16.1.2018 Tuesday morning, colder wind and some freezing blow against the face, on earth, Finally got back on inking and continuing the story, a life line to me, illustrating been since 1973, so it's like 45 years on the edge of the pencil and paper cuts, watering the holes colours since 1978, that's another 40 years waisted on artful life. Artist is the only profession I've ever wanted to be, don't know if cowboy or indian can be concidered as professions? 

 Police and robbers, was one of those childhood plays and games, which way you chooze, booze or tea, whatever you wanted to be, rich man, poor man, beggar or thief, been there and done that. Money didn't brought me happiness, maybe it was just the timing was wrong, can it ever be right? Maybe that few seconds when I was the winner at 21st of November 2011. Top of the world, best of all. Am I true Finnish hero, true junkie's zero, false news and alternative facts, riddled puzzled crazy lazy weirdo bimbo limbo..........?

Is that what I am, or am I just pulling your leg, crossed my heart, hoped to die if I lie..........?!?

 Another morning wondering what happens, snow slowly falls, it won't think it just flies and dies, with the Springtime, sunshine, all the plants and flowers bloom, if they can, what is there to understand, life lasts, life dies, sky cries, time waits for someone, but me, Iwait for the time, to be right. Gimme a break, gimme a steak, gimme love, gimme gimme gimme, anything but another Abba song to blur me thoughts.


Monday morning, getting back toworking routines and methods, weekdays calling me to working hard for every illustration I make has got my all ability, my skills, my knowledge on every aspect of life spent on the wrong side of the tracks. Nowadays this life feels almost too easy, muhahahhaa, well, I'm fastest man in west to forget all my troubles I('ve) face(d) EVERY day, still haven't found what I'm looking for, oh yeah, I do love to steal lyrics from songs to describe my moods and feelings.

 Oh sweet rock'n'roll music and blues who saved me from disco crap, and punk that separate me fro that greasy 50's rockabilly wave, back in 1979. Being 15 year old is/was that bittersweet experience between adulthood and being kid, fooling around, trying to find a place and room for myself, and the wonderous thoughts that born, in fresh, lil boy's head. Oh the sexuality's  raising hard on every boy, (hehe) and rocking my balls, first ever orgasms and fellings in love. Love run me, ran me, and shall run me til the end.

Life is strange battlefield of emotinal decicions and crazy dreams, everyday problems and compromises in family life, if you ain't no dictator, and I ain't no.............................


...nice guy after all!! ;)


Sunday morning, waking up as we usually do, getting outt bed and drank some cups of coffee with lotsa heated milk, I like having my cafe con leche, every morning, but of course it don't taste same as it did in Marbella sun back in 1986, hehe, well as someone sings in a song, I did LIVE on coffee and cigarettes, weeks I only eat sudden hamburger or sandwich leftover, from eaten dish from my moroccoan friend Ahmed, not the Ahne one, hehe...

....but read all about it on Spanish Sauna Trip within 8 months pregnancy my next "baby" coming out on August 2018, and for sale in September at Helsinki Comics festival.

 My life is kinda easily predictable nowadays, as all I do is ink, draw, write, comics and art of nudies ; sing, play music, record hit reords and try to lose some weight again, after X-mas indulge, and going to see the doctor about my worn out knees and all the other old age problems, checking out cancers possibilities too, as I really don't wanna die... anytime soon, or ever!!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Above my next/on going second project of tom waitsian song LP, full length record, 6 song already done and "in the can"! Very challenging and interesting mission, and finally reading whadda hell HE sings on 'em weirdest of the strange lyrics, hehe!! Tom Waits is just incredible maestro, musical and lyrical genius of one of the kind. And although I'd love to KNOW what he really means in his songs, I do understand the excitement of MYSTERY he likes to leave us poundering, yeah it's more intriguiding and well, exciting, not to really know is it true or not.... 

 Thank you Mr. Waits for inspiration and various deep emotions for last 34 years, I've been digging you and your excellent music, no matter how crazy it seems or sounds, muhahahahaa. Some people spend all their lives trying to be unique and special, and then there's Tom Waits, and some other artists who don't have to TRY, they just ARE.

That's the lil difference on being , be one or be just wanna be.

13.1.2018 Saturday morning, waking up and wondering how this world surprises yuo when you least expect it, connecting people from long time ago, past is calling and I hope it's all good news, well mysterious lady got my attencion, so now we shall see where do it lead, wher does this world lead us....?

 Questions for leaders of the world, politicians, do you leave all the power to 'em? I decided to take a leap and leak 25 years ago in August I shall celebrate my quarter century as an artist, ana ss artist too, and especially vbullshit artist!! ;) Muhahahahaaa!!

<--- Found an old and rare foto of me , showing my dragon tattoo too, in Sicilian beach, Summer of 1991, just a year or two before my artistic life begun. I remember those sicilian beaches were not free, you have to pay to get in, or there was one free beach and there was like dirt, trasha nd syrines in waterfront, yac, and I do remember how quiet it got when we walked inside to this beach cafeteria, where a real life (looking hard like a mafioso) head of a family and his family round the table  looked at our tattoos, huh, .............I started to speak Finnish as soon as påossible, and the mafia man realized we're not some tattooed criminals there to take "care of his family", muhahhaaa, but just tourists, phiuff, that was close, shave, hehehehe...!  So I wish you a happy weekend, wether you're a Sicilian mafioso or not!! ;)

12.1.2018 Friday, here again, thinking bout my future and works, which ones never worked, which still give me pleasure, even just to think, ama I pleased to been thru so many different professions and lousy jobs, and all the asshole vain and strickt bosses, who gave me hard time, was it worth to go thru, would I be diiferent if I'd went thru different jobs, different times and measures, and would I work for money.............................................. still, just to get paid on job, I hate. Wait a minute and think.....













...again. No, I wouldn't if I'd know all I know know, I wouldn't waste 10 years in stupid ass jobs. My sickness took away my youth's best years, working for the man, suits, official bastards in charge, but as usual I can't go back, can't change my past, but can take care of my future, read this as another bullshit empowering speech, if YOU will, I don't care, this is my life and I decide which way I spend it, on and on. Life is best well worn and used. It got no price tag, no glossy mag cover, no vanity fair is fair, no love is never meaningless or waste......................d. Killed by death we all shall be. So let's enjoy while it last, everyday may be your last. Surviving another bluesy news, another rockin soldier of fortune dead.....

Life took away another amigo, third and last of the legendary Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, RIP.

 No Sleep Til Hammersmith was my first Motörhead LP, and my second best ever gig after Bob Marley gotta be, Motörhead in Helsnki Ice hall 1981. When I was just 17. Furious and drunk's best good time band, alive. Above my own foto from same Helsinki Ice hall 2015. Just few days befor Lemmy left us, I still got emotional and tearry eyed, for the loss and sadness, death is just so unfair,

like life is too. RIP Original three amigos!! <3 <3 <3

11.1.2018 Thursday morning,glad that yesterday is gone, I went and talk with this here town worker about my employment businesse, and as usual it was good...

 for nothing. "Funny" how they can't understand WHAT I want to do, and what not, and people like me who don't care about MONEY, ypu can stick back to your black hole where all your ideas seems to come. Oh, this life in this land, which is mostly very fine, cold and miserable but well meaning, honest folks, but also total idiots and jerks and lawobeing "good citizens" that take your breath away, they take your money, time and joy de vivre, yes, there are assholes, in every land, every town, every street, every year,

 makin YOUR life difficult, trying to make me average guy, getting average wages in avereage, meaningless) jobs, but yesterday I stood up and said, no thank you, I've done my part of stupid slave jobs, that make this world go round, but only the owners and rich people get wealthy with their "work", and that is so wrong. Gimme back the communism and eqwual share of that american pie, now.....

 and not just the fifteenth day!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Sometimes it's hard to be/feel like the motherless boy in this cruel world. World you got troubles, and if you don't do anything it just doubles. RyToo many peiople in too little assets, and too many poor coutries abused by us wealthy countries big international companies, that's the real problem, but hey, let's concentrate on trivial troubles and leave human rights and fair trades and markets, where they now are...


 up your ass. Excuse my french: oui, oui, oui, are the world.

10.1.2018 Wednesday morning, mistty foggy morning, wintertime so long lasting, and me just starting to hybernite and finding it hard to get back to illsurate, so I made this Nanna Gibson portrait, within 3 ½ day, sitting by my old architects table, that has saved me from bad backaches, most of the time.

 Most of my times I enjoy living, mu daily routines to help me get inspired and sit on the workstool. On conteraray to this here govermental case Juhana Vartiainen's thoughts "that everybody is lazy", I ain't lazy, or avoiding HARD labour. I've worked my ass off, since I was 18, and graduated from school, back in 1982, soon it's 36 years ago, so my career is middle aged, too, muhahahaa!! :)

 Finally make peace with neighbour that I was somehow lil wrongly accusing, about accusing our dogs barking all night long within nameless signature letter. Well mistakes happen and this time I was wrong, sorry about that, saying like former minister when caught with his pants down, lying... . Well, I still can hold the grudge against 'em assholes next door, making our life miserable, in ways they act, and attack us, and never apoligize, that's wrong, and hurtful, I gotta apoligize IF I do wrong, it eats me up, if I don't.......................................but within same breath of fresh air i had to admit, maybe some ain't worth the apoligize after all, like nazis in employment offices, AND that's what I'm going to find out within next hours, report coming later on!! ;)

9.1.2018 Progressive rock drawing evolution on soft pencils 1B, 2B and 3B, and might slide a whip of  4B too, reach the blackness!! I do believe in facts, the more you do better you get off at the end! After 40 years of pencilworks, I'm strating to feel I handle this:

Tuesday morning, life goes on no matter what the govermental idiots make up  in their ugly heads, poor unemployed suffers more every day, force feeding job applicationts down the trhroats ain't gonna save this land. Such a shortsighted and visonless actions. Maybe it's the twisted philosophy that YOU could force people to take any job anywhere this land, asking OTHERS do what you ain't willing to do yourself, that's the problem.

 Blindfolded in ivory tower, leading to more troubles, not less by punishment and bullying, less fortunated, yes, thank you capitalist, without you this world could have a chance, for humankind be human kind, not mean and evil. Oh well, hopefully I can do what I've planned and my comics and artistic nudies shall be international success!! That's all I want, in my business, there's no snow business like show business!!! ;) )))))))



Monday morning, sun and me getting up, luckily still got the electricity and me going on, didn't hear no hurricane wind as it supposedly went thru these parts at night. A good night's sleep is so important and valuable to mental health, can't live without it, really. Serious as a heart attack and straight as barb wire, life is full of surprises and mixture of average everyday avengers and dull repetition, work never stops, it just varies and evolutes to different kinda job, and work, work work til you die. Morbid nightmares and rosy daydreams, mixed emotions, fixed broken leaking hearts, fuel running out, tears dry by themselves. oh well me I'm running with and against myself, for sure, ain't no competition in art or life, except against yourself and that's the hardest race ever.

7.1.2018 Sunday morning, sun shining from very long time, glimpse of hope and springtime flowing, but the temperature sinking below zero, as the feeling go too, when meeting cold people, but hey, not going there now, again, haha... oh I wish I could pick up my neighbours too, hehe,... but I'm just a poor boy longing for my cowgirl love days, muhahahaa, well guess I'm a liar cause ain't yearning back the days gone past, let it be there, let it rot and let them good times roll, on today and tomorrow. I don't mind looking back, remembering, nostalgic trips on memory lane, ain't nothing wrong there...

 can't go back, can't change past, couldn't care less, hehehe... well YOU can always care less, but got no interest on dwelling in past, rather write it down and put it up for YOu to read. Kids who weren't even born when I was in Spain, living the streets and back alleys in Madrid 31 year ago, oh, long time or age don't make anyone specially good or wise, automathically, you just get old, wrinkled and tired, need a nap and soft bed and decent food, and some money to spend, shopping and buying your stairways to heaven, maybe. Maybe you do know what you do, maybe you never bother to think it over, before this trip is over, and it's too late to do, anything but fade away,..

 but until then I'll fight for my rights and freedom, time waits for no one except maybe Tom Waits, hehehee!!! :)

6.1.2018 Saturday morning, taking it easy, getting ready for sauna and not tpo be winner of lotto, damn it's not right, never win on those lotteries, I could use a million or two easily on living in this expensive land and world, would be better place if had some  trillions to spend on vanity and saving the planet, in my point of view, being good samatarian for homeless, jobless, poor...

..................................................or be like normal millionaires and not give a fuck about anybody else, but YOUR family...?

 Oh well, I don't have no money, so I don't have no problems where to spend it on, or save it, hahaha!! Let it roll like a rolling stone, catch no moss. Just live on the life you love, be a blues singer and casanova NOW, if you please, and want it, cause you'll regret only the things you didn't do, while you could, yeah morning philosophy for nice womanizers!! ;)

Sketching just for the fun...











and the pleasure is all mine!! :)








Here's todays progress and program:


 Scanned enuff fo one day's "work", as this ain't counted as work cause nobody pays me nothing for anything.... before this piece is bought and sold, and I'll be multimillionaire, bitch!! ;)

5.1.2018 Friday morning, trying to get back in mood for ilustrating naked ladies, heh, I know it's a many men's dream job, but it takes some effort too, to have fun with it all day, or week long, I have some drawing that has stayed in pencil state,, cause they look better unfinished than propably would with water colours or finished with all shadowing and valours, some work is just meant to left undone...

 til the day comes, that'll I see the heavenly light and CAQN finish all half done sketches, haha. Well, another official city counsil employtment worker approached me, so I'll have to go thru another desperate interview how should I make tons of money in every month, and not have status of unemployment riff raff... hah, good luck with it, I think I'll lay all my cards on the table, and go to get an report from doctor's office about my health in my worn out l knees and crazy head, that should do the trick. Arbeit macht frei, thanks to this governmental laws and orders, and the fucking "active model" for unemployment poor part of this sick capitalist elite. Yuo're a psycopath IF YOU CAN'T see the others proplems or have no empathy, sympathy, care for poor and needed, poverty is a crime, I get that way too clear, thanks to ones in power, nobody WANTS to be poor and on the mercy of welfare station worker, like nazis they think the unworking parts of society haS TO BE  erased.


So it's Friday again, this years first weekend, I think I'll draw some more, "work" not in the sense of employment office, but make  a song or two, illustrate another naked beauty...

 and spend some quality time with X-mas present DVDees, books and the wife, of course!! ;)


Have yourself a great weekend, and fuck the authorities and governmental sickness. Party any how!

4.1.2018 Thursday morning, waking up earlier, trying catch the working hours mood, and not being up all night, doing whatsovers, hah, yes I'm a working class hero, artist natural born lover and ordinary comivs artist per se.

 Dreaming bout future publications and that my art shall provide me great luxury I never had... much, well Iw as wellpaid story board artist some years in late 90's early 2000's, but that momentum never really got back, after I got sick and thse advertisement companies went to bankrupt or evolluted smaller, less work for story boarder or sketcher, for the big bucks...

heh, lucky and priviledged to see that world too, and the more I've seen the moneymaking world, the less I want to be there chasing rainbows and dragons, and the next big catch and success. That's the wrong with capitalists world, taking and usiong more than yopu need, wanting imposible and dreaming big is alright, but spending millions on advertisements is just and purely sick and insane, muhahahaa, guess I won't be drawing any Rolls Royce and luis Vuitoon advertisement story boards anytime soon,and guess what...?


 I don't give a shit. It's not money I'm working for! If you know what I mean! ;)

3.1.2018 Wednesday afternoon, sleeping the dust off of my trip to Helsinki by bus, bus was full so I had to sit next to older lady, who was sewing there, so we exchange so kind words, and strated to talking... the rest of two hour bus ride, hah, that went great, time flew and soon I was making my purchases and ran into spanish speaking fellows in book store, so of course I fell into conversation with 'em, with my rusted spanish, hah, so now I was double happy, and went ot buy two brushes at Tempera, as it's the only shop selling my brand of weasel fur brushes of Raphael Kolinsky's number 1 and 2. I'm not a slightest snob, but in brushes I prefer only the best,as it effects so strongly on the inked lines and the way I do my comics. So I visit record store Äx on my way back to Kamppi and bought some CDees on sale, and ask half jokingly , "do I get reduce from reduced price",

 and people it's  always wise to ask, you just might get what you want!! ;) I had some time still to kill, so I went to Kampintorin second hand book store, where I haven't visited, like 30 years, and bought a foto book of friend of a dead friend Jönssi's, we'll see if it's next year x-mas present or not, but all in all: great visit to capitol and succesful shopping trip. Now today I have an idea of Angels And Devils serie, that's what I'll draw before I'll dive and swim into the rest of the 50 some pages to ink to print condition, yeah, maybe this lil x-mas time holidaying was helpful, and needed to rest my motörhead, running in high speed by all natural, born to be wild but innocent, hard working not hardly working, bending the twisted phrases, accidentally inventing new words and phrases, not bending over,

 you. I'm pretty free and innocent, with work I never steal, beg or borrow, well I didn't do it in the streets of Spain where I lived without a penny, peseta or dollar,

...but that's just the story that waits for you in Spanish Sauna Trip in August this year!! :)


Waking up late and planning atrip to Helsinki, so gotta go and move when time feels right, spending my days in vain just to pass this holiday season and trying to focus on valuable things in life, that can't measured in numbers or cash, tell tha to my neighbours who seem tohave their eyes on my cattle and live stock, muhhahahahhahaa, jeesus, theys still live in biblical truth, and stone age, stoned to death, dumb and blind, may have been once a good way to go, but nowadays you can open your eyes and see...

 life is beautiful, no matter how ugly is your neighbour and his wife. Ugly, mean and just bad manners makes you disgusting, while you might dress latest fashion or buy the newest model cars, bikes and other gadgets good for the 12 year old, in your sick little brat mind. Too bad I end up with most vicious and twisted neighbours, can't be my fault if my neighbour is bastard, egotripped used houses sales man, not even fuinny liker Phil Dunphy in Modern family, which is our favourite TV show, just watched the season 8 thru, last night, our lil x-mas tradition in here Forzzalandia. 8 x-mas nad 8 Modern family seasons, funny how life is and imitates the TV show, hehehehehe... well, propably the writers do imitate their own and neighbour lives.

1.1.2018 Later on this beautiful afternoon I went and did my THIS year's FIRST song, recorded acoustic guitars, electric bass and screaming vocals over the drum tracks, I actually recorded the day before yesterday, but don't tell anybody, haha... everything might NOT be what it looks like in the first glance!! ;)


 Oh well, having agood time, no matter what! Time is right for music revolution and politically incorrect songs, and revenge is sweeter than ever, just you wait, I'' do you when time is right, and you least expected, the masked rider with dark horse gets you by surprise, muhahahhahahahahhahahahahhhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

1.1.2018 Wishing all great new year with very happy endings and beginnings, wa got very easy change on year yesterday, went to se some fireworks, but thinking some of it's shine went alredy on 6th of December out into sky with 100 anniversay of this poor country. No real new year resolutions on my behalf, except getting in even better shape physically, mentally I'm damaged case, muhahahaa... nt much you can do on that department, except new set of brains, which today's surgery can't do.... lotta love and lotta good things you can do, like not barking and disturbing your neighbours by letter complaining that dog do bark!!!! I used to study lil psycology at school way back, and learn some of the standards like IF YOU corner a rat. it shall attack you, remember this my neighbour, ...and fellow man read your good books, if you're idiot who can't tell right from wrong. Well, we had few good months NOT to seeing this here asshole neighbour or his abusive language using kids, but then he  makes these last days of year a nightmare, so fuck you, if you ain't got no sense, heart or understanding. Take alokk at yourselöf, before YOU accuse me, samd CCR 50 years ago, nuthing has changed, a man a fool still, envy his neighbour, too bad I'm only one in this street got into newspapers whenever I publish a book or music, or whatever. Jealousy, the Finns favourite hobby, sin and sparetime activity. F. O. family R*****ö of Forzza. And very bad new year to all your family, hope you filthy bastards get sick and die, with most paindful way...................................

unlesss you'll become a man, grow apair, and apoligize, that's all you have to do to make up all the pain and misery YOU have cost, with your outrageously bad behaviour, who do you think YOU are? You lousy motherfucking realstater and your fat ugly and stupid wife, a kindergarden worker, do you THINK you are the cream of this society, two lousy workers snobbing with all the newest gadgets, your brother's company money can buy?!?

 I pity the fool, but not you ignorant aggressive blockhead with your baby faced pinoccio nose up in the air, you know what you do wrong, but you don't care, so fuck off. So this is how "fine moods" you created Mr. R****ö, just mind your own business LIKE all we other neighbours do. Live an let live, or pay the price for your actions. I ain't gonna hurt or attack you ever, like you've done to us, so take another long hard look at yourselves and think is it really worth to have an ongoing quarrel (for ever) with your next door neighbour?

 "Oh what a wonderful world this could be if we only give it a chance and lots more people would love eachother..."

(L. Armstrong)

Here we go again, towards great new year, day by day til the victory! Remember love and care, especially the ones you do love and care. This foto below was too much for Facebook, again, I got banned for showing lil tits and black bush, oh yes I do understand the american double standards: it OK to blow amans head with rifle, but not to show any pubic hair or a nipple...

so happy I do live in Europe, privilegded to real news, information, schooling, evolution no theory, climate change's effects and what do you should shame, and especially waht not, little nudity NEVER kill no one. But does it make life better and more interesting.... yes it does! So, long live freedom, to speech and see naked ladies, if we please!!! Better this year than last!