Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

 BLOGIT 2018. Speaking out my comics and thoughts of comics, the everyday life's mysterious happenings and whatever passes this motörhead. Spanish Sauna Trip album came at August 2018!

The traditional X-mas calendar quizz with free album for winner, started 1st of December, and as it haven't been discovered the one behind covers, the race did go and went on til the end... of the year, and still NO right answers/guesses, so go and try your luck on, get something good and free!!!! <3  Blogs continues in page "BLOGS 2019", go there if wanna hear my latest!! :)

31.12.2018 Monday and the last day of this year, should I recall best moments of the year, gone...

...well, I really ain't nostalgic type, don't wanna dwell in past, glories or not. Have no grunce nor hate for my father either, he'll be soon buried and ashed, and gone. Some miss their fathers, some doesn't. Simple as that, simple ass of mine doesn't give a fuck, especially on comics bastards and other evil assholes.

 Oh well, I wish you all millions minions readers of mine a very happy new year, all we need is love, balls and little luck.............!!! <3 <3 <3

30.12.2018 Sunday afternoon, going to sleep late/early in the morning guarantees sleeping late in the noon-ish, lucky me who never have to GO and leave the house to got to works or such, hah... just life of an free and fine artist with schedules of artists, yeah one of those priviledges we art bozos got!! ;)

 Got just one new year resolution, getting in shape and slim fit, thin enuff to fit in my clothes, I bought few years back when did get lucky enuff to lose ton of extra-weight and now the third time of losing fat, fast and profounded, and never going back to this sorry state of body, builded with chocolate, liquorice and too much tv time, haha!! ;) Well, it all based on depression I had after year 2005, which was one of those years I'd gladly gave away, forget and never wanna see again, but I'm only a human, I guess, so I do learn from mistakes, and not so on those marvellous victories triumphs, heh!! ;) So tomorrow last day of the year, last chances to be good and win the titel of the "man of the year 2018"!!!Which has been going on in facebook for all year, as it's needless to mention, hehe... but if we all left unsaid all we thought, saw, felt, we'd be back in 1955, and few of us really wants that........... :)

29.12.2018 Saturday afternoon, feeling pretty good as everytime when the man-flu (haha!!) has been won and survived, alive. I promise I won't be here after death writing anything reasonable sensitive, making any sense, appearing in alphabets, published in print, err, that I can't promise, as the vampires of other publication houses might sink their teeth in my books, and sell you all in neat packages as the man who never was discovered while alive....




... yes, I know my art's value shall rise like rocket soon as I'm really dead and gone, hahahahaa... yes, this is a "joke" I've  been invented and telling at festivals for these last 6 years, sad but true, with louds of us not the celebrity statues comics artists, heh! :)  

But I'm an artist, and don't give a fuck bout fortune and fame, as long as I can do what I want. You can crawl and bend over money and TV time!! ;)

28.12.2018 Friday noon, have yourself a great day, I'm here planning should I make  a speech at my father's funeral or not?

Meanwhile I do more important thangs like list of the latest of new songs I recorded:

1035. Crossroads Where I’d Sell My Soul, But... 18.12.2018
1036. Number 777 . 23.12.2018
1037. Illustrated Man 26.12.2018
1038. Failed To Fail 27.12.2018 To be continued...
Saldo 2018: 186 songs, 156 songs selfwritten + 30 covers.
Omat yht. 778 kpl. / Self written songs!

That is the question, that wails in my head now, witgh the flu headache, damn...... I need rest, but not the grave,

yet! ;)

27.12.2018 Thursday afternoon, had me  a short nausea last night, so trying to get in shape now and just taking it easy, well hell, Do I take IT easy all the time, haha, with my nerves cool as cow has, hahahahaa... oh I got eppiffany what kinda flower I shall take to my father's funeral, still dunno do I have the ordinary funeral black coat that fit me, well I got dark blue, that'll do. Who cares, and the blinds won't even see, hah........

...am I evil IF I don't shed no tears for him. No, I'm just a boy whose dad left 37 years ago, it's a life time since I had dad. Now I love only some I really do care, few people that mean to me, and are NOT mean to me, all the time. All the time he had the phone and the number, but no calls, no letters, no invitations, until he was in his dead bed, and even then it was his wife, so......... if you never care, dare or had nothing to say, that's excatly what you'll get back.

Life is cruel, mean and evil, not me.

26.12.2018 Having my X-mas holiday still, watching movies, eating chocolate and staying up most of the night, reading good books and listening finest musics, from Orquesta Mondragon to Tom Waits rare live bootleg, having the time of my life.

 Getting ready mentally to face the funeral of my father in 5th of January next and new  year............. 


<.. few of x-mas presents I'm digging my eyes and ears already... oh this Tom bootleg is might fine!! ;)


and got idea what kinda flower I shall take with me, for him. Goodbye to old, and welcome to new, life goes on, no matter what...

and so shall I, too bad he had never no time to make up our relationship, wrecked, so I had to do it for him, and it was too late to have any meaningful adult family affair, so now I'm just officially fatherless son.

And that's alright, as I hav practised it last 35 years. Dead men tell no tales, RIP.

24.12.2018 Merry merry X-mas to all you good people in the world! Wishing you all greatest holidays and gifts and present and especially to to those who have none.




It's a beautiful sunny winter morning, we Finns do go to X-mas sauna, eat good pork leg ham, nam nam, and give presents tonight, not just the morning after like americans do, so it's the best day of the year for us, x-mas maniacs, haha and ho ho ho!! ;)






<-- Oh, this year's x-mas quizz puzzle was too difficult, so nobody guessed right, whose this woman on reindeer,

 so as the most kindest man in town I wanna give away still one of my album of comics art, just for your pleasure, so If you recognize her, go tell it in  Facebook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus" and win book for free.... it ain't gonna be before x-mas, but better late than ever!! ;)


 Peace on earth, and good will among people.

23.12.2018 Sunday afternoon, taking it very easy, actually still on my "morning coffee" state, hah. As we did some heavy x-mas related cleaning and dusting, and shopping croceries yesterday, today we'll won't have to do much... what we don't want, haha....

...in life I think that is very important, not to forced to do much if any what you DON'T want to. Freedom of choice, and human rights, children's rights and equality, and pure living conditions and some thiongs like that, you know, carved for good life, and of course meanigful work on every man, wether you get paid or not. I'm that kinda man who never wanted to live alone, I've always needed a woman by myside. Luckily found my true love and wife, before too late.

 Thinking about this year in my life, had some triumphs and losses too: yin and yang of life, people die, people born, anoyther year older, no matter what, the experiences grow, just gotta let myself go and learn from mistakes, give and get. Priorities of life, I never needed too much money, although I'd welcome lottery win anytime, soon, hahahahaaa!!! Have yourselves meaningdul and good  X-mas holidays!!! :)

22.12.2018 Saturday morning, wishing you all good people fine holidays, let's be good another year again...







...today is the official cleaning before x-mas-day, so it'll be long and tirening, but necessary, I guess, every year annual tradition, that'll make certain kind of X-mas feeling, after all.

Luckily I've wrapped all gifts and the tree is waiting in sauna shower room, to be put in stand in living room, later on today, yeah!! :)







<-- my newest pin up for adult taste, oh that bad bad taste, that taste so good!! ;))))))

21.122018 Friday morning, getting up and goin down......


...town, having my weekly employengeering moments with next album storyboarded, too. Have yourself a tasty weekend, fun and good food, juts before the X-mas houlabaloo!! ;)








<- my sweet little angel might have her horny moments and tall tails to tell for eager ears and hungry hearts!! Sexy sanat calusian expressionist, am I, am what I am red blooded man!! ;)

20.12.2018 Thursday morning, waking up late, as my sleeping hours have delayed by watching those fantastic Madagaskar animations, hah, oh yes them are the best of movies ever man made, and I ain't got no problem to enjoy 'em...




...especailly when had break of few years to watch, to me them are like brand new, as my memory serves me right, forgetting most of things and movie plots, dementia and old age normal absentmindness, it's alright,as it's  this pre-x-mas time! have yourself a fine one!! ;)


<-- My x-mas tail babe "Samantha" send her best wishes for all you good little schollboys, too!! ;))))

19.12.2018 Wednesday and made the song number 776, neighbour of the feast and beast, I guess and the name of it was originally: I'd Sell My Soul, But Even Devil Doesn't Want It, hehe... now it's retitled to "Crossroads, Where I'd Sell My..." hah, suitable for all the american radios and magazines too, where it's gonna be played in classic rock and blues stations, making me millions of moulah, oh ho ho ho...






...have yourself snowy day, it's quite pittoresk and beautiful outside, now, as fresh snow has fallen down, and Im feeling better as I got some unexpected loot and x-mas bonus already and it's only 5 nights til X-Mas Eve, yeah!!! :)

18.12.2018Online drawing, on Tuesday 2 o'clock in the afternoon:

 Tuesday and getting up late................. oh maybe this darkest days of the year-perod do affect on me too, feeling lazy, tired and unisnpired, and that's what I usually NEVER feel, like, damn, should I be like all Finnish pensioners and move to Spain for Winter, maybe just aquick visit of X-amsd eve and week over here, heh......?

 Who knows where this life takes us, unplanned and going with the flow in me middle name! ;)





 <-- newest and Yuletime horny bitch, eeerr.. lady with open mind, herat and soul, and arms,

just the way some of us men do like it....

sketching up, silvous plait!! ;) Riding on tuil new yaer , having ball when ever you can, man, I gotta start men's liberation army, now!! ;)

17.12.2018 Monday morning, snow made a return and so we got white ground for a moment, and it's fine. I love these pre-x-mas days when I can send packages, presents and do x-mas decorations, and plan the future too. The next year with it's projects is just  two weeks away...

 New year resoltution I've made already and it's tough and hard, but the only possible way to do, myself a favour,  hah....

 ...but now back to pin ups, sketching for these weekdays... have yourself a satified year ending!! ;)


 Todays start pint, same model as earlier this year, and that's

quite rare with me...!!

Pencilworks for your pleasure!! ;)

Oh I've made some new music too:

1023. All The Same After All 29.11.2018
1024. Streetwise 30.11.2018
1025. Nothin’ Beats The Good Ol’... 2.12.2018
1026. Cut The Mustard 3.12.2018
1027. Girls Around The World 4.12.2018
1028. Liqueur Poisoning 5.12.2018
1029. Poverty Hills 9.12.2018
1030. Reelin’ And Rockin’ (with Finnish Lyrics) 9.12.2018
1031. And Rock’n’Roll Sounds On 11.12.2018
1032. Little Snow On Top 13.12.2018
1033. I Love Blues, But She Doesn’t Love Me Back 13.12.2018
1034. Never Wanted You (No Harm) 15.12.2018

16.12.2018 Sunday afternoon, continueing these santa claus businesses, which I love, have I told you that before, hahaha!! ;)





<-- the traditional x-mas quizz wizz of mine, still going on in Facebook page "Kultainen Nuoruus", go there and guess RIGHT person behind the covers, and win FREE book of mine for X-mas, again!!!



Taking it eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Have yourself a funtastic Sunday, with sun or not, shine on!! ;)

15.12.2018 Saturday morning, only nine nights til X-mas eve, these days do fly when expecting the holidays fun, eating good and watching fine movies and all x-mas stuff we love to do. Lucky to be alive and not too poor to have any x-mas spirits at all, on contrarery I enjoy giving some presents free off of to unexpecting innocent bystanders, heh! Giving is better than receiving, although both are pleasures every man should have, and more than just x-mas, but world...



 ...world is crazy, and maybe we just get what we deserve, if we don't be good for all, goodness sake, all terror and horror, for what? Money and religion?

 Jeesus, c'mon save us from stupidity and greed, like........................................................................................just for x-mas!! ;)

14.12.2018 Friday morning and it's all the saint Joukos day, so happy "nameday" (as we called it here in Funlndia) to all Joukos!!! All we 300 whose left of us. Having an old man's name is alright with me, it''s almost rare, to have uncommon old name, with it's Kaleva born heritage from Joukahainen!! ;)

 So I shall continue with my book project today with sketching the "storyboard" of it, back to Spain and year 1987, here I go again!!! ;)

Have yourself a nice weekend!!

 Eat your cake!! Strawberry fields forever and thanks for all wishers of good anniversary! :)

Let's move on like tigers in vaseline!! ;)



Oh that Billy Gibbons birthday-recod presented, IS a magnificent brilliance blues rekkord! Buy more, get more, live more, love more!!!! ;)


13.12.2018 Thursday afternoon, I'm having my 55th birthday party time today, thanking all who remembered and cared. Loving kisses to all good people out there, and especially those who have none, to hold in their special moments, holidays or else.

 Wishing more love and understanding to all world, and have yourself a party like YOU want it, too!! :)









I'm trying to take it easy and be cool... like this my favourite birthday prentent artist, longbearded Billy does blues like only he does! Great record, recommended to all you blues lovers!!!!













...although just heard the ultimate birthday wishes from my father. As he ain't gonna celebrate none of his anymore, ever.

Adios. Buen viaje.  Dogs still bark and the caravan travels on......                             




Lucky I did make my peace with him, after 15 year of silence, guess we didn't need each other, at all,


before he left. No tears falling, maybe in funeral, if I am invited to participate on it...


"...waiting for the heritage monetary richess" as they said it so fine in Kummeli comedy series, oh yeah, hahahahaa!!!

12.12.2018 wednesday morning, waking up way too early, it's all dark outside, had me a fun day yesterday as the returns of taxes overpaid came, so I purchased some CDees on spanish amazon, for the very first time, for Santa Claus, he needs little help these day when all is shopped online, except love.


 Oh well, wintertime, just a very little snow on the ground, feelings grow as the x-mas eve comes closer, holiday greetings and music even, oh I don't dwell on x-mas songs, but few daysIN x-mas eve and those two days after. Well, I shoulkd decorate my room with those x-mas stuff I löike and have collected just for this brief season to feel x-mas, fun, so I shall do it tomorrow...................! ;)



<--- newest x-mas lights, elves with light inside, lighten up my darker times and long winters. So you better be good, for goodness sake, boy! They are watching us, and bad boys can't have any presents, deal with that, jack! ;)

11.12.2018 Tuesday afternoon, sleeping like a hog, dog and all that sleeps a lot!! ;)  Oh well, just two days til the MOST important day of the year...

  ....my very own, birthday that is, muaahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaa, Well think about it, without being born what would I be? A shooting star, breath of a cow, wings of a butterfly, snowing flake a snow?

 So let's all celebrate life of ourselves, every year, we get little wiser, eerr.. or just older, bolder, need of a trousers holder and heart getting colder... err.. no that's not what I want.

 I want to be hippie and dream of the world full of love and understanding, what's so funny about that?!? Answers to Porvoo comics artist community P.O. 666, 00666 Pornoo.

<--- newest pin up babe figuring it out, soon this week's model!! ;) Have yourselves a very good day.....


................................dreaming of white(!?!), but not nazionalized  x-mas!!;)

10.12.2018 Monday hoping to get back in saddle with pin up drawnings, as last week went in flu, too tired to really work on anything... except songs I did 4 or 5, but that's a love affair not a work load!! ;)


<-- My traditional X-mas calendar quizz is still mystery: whose lurking behind covers? Answer in Kultainen Nuoruus Facebook page and WIN FREE album of mine!!! Go there now, cause untraditionally no one hasn't guessed RIGHT yet, like all the last years I've put too easy to regocnized celebrity and gave away two books instead of one, but hey, I love giving, and making  someone happy...................... as I've faced some goodwilling  unselfish people in my life too, earlier. If you got a heart, why don't you use it!!!



So, all you good people out there in the world, have yourselves a happy and prospering week, wether you're working in coalmine or not, do yourself a favor,

 be nice to your fellow man or woman or whatever fiikus it/she/he is, for goodness sake, you know the elves are looking behing looking glass whose naughty and whose nice!! :)

9.12.2018 Sunday morning, opening these eyes, well rested and sauna bathed too, last night, and little TV comedy best of final episode was funny, as was the movie afterwards Bridesmaids, laughed more than years before on american romantic comedy, must have been great director and script and the actresses were huge, funny and pro, my hats off!!

 Watching so much semigood or not so funny comedies in , and (TV)movies overall, that inspire, really make you laugh, cry and emotional, sad to say very few really got it made it! But I'm a moviefreak, audionuts, image buffoon. My eyes keep me alive, seeing all I want to see. Can't see no reason to be anything taht I ain't, hate those arrogant, elvises, full of 'emselves and hot air heads! ;)


Okey let's take it easy and go making new music to the drum tracks I laid already at Friday night drum exercise of mine: rock'n'roll muisc never die!!! Keep on rockin' in the almost free world!! ;)

8.12.2018 Saturday morning, the smoke alarm woke us up, but it went well, no smoke, no fire, no alarm, just empty battery.

And as it is weekend we Finns do recharge our batteries on, haha... like we were robots and need batteries, just figure of speech, not actual reality, and I ain't afraid of robots taking over, any time soon, if ever. I can see people getting too involved on machines already, just those tablets and smart phones amking us stupid and lazy and addicted. So how can I complain and judge it? well, answering my own questions like any stupidassemmivalve, I can, cause I ain't addicted on smart phone or video games no matter WTF them are called..........!

 ......Cause I ain't got one. Hah, can't lose something you never had, hahahahaa!! Have yourself a especially snowy and fun weekend, wherever you are baby!



 Friday, busy day ahead, be welcome to spend uor imaginary weekend fun!














I found still some hair do to do on this model!! ;)

6.12. Happy 101st independence day Finland! celebrating it traditionally, watching the first edition movie of Unknown Soldier in TV and feeling proud of this land, no matter what......... 

they do nowadays, this land is losing it's originality and the superb honesty, even in naivity fo people being what trhey really are, not posing their twerking ass on any playtforms, too bad for thekids of today, the music world is lousy. No bands like Motörhead ever in charts, just lame ass foo fighters and these female singers with wisdom teeth all pulled out, they still just wanna have fun, and DANCE, jeesus! hah.

Well, WTF, and OMG, have yourselves a crystal clear holiday and merry x-mas time waiting forbetter times, while doing your best, giving all I got, what more could I do?

Not crying nor begging for mercy, no remorse, no pity, just grow up like Finland should do, too!! ;)

5.12.2018 Wednesday morning, it's raining sneet and it doen't appeal to have any foot outside as it flies horizontal wet and cold, hurrrr.....

these days I'm so happy NOT to be working outside, anymore. I served my time for 3 years in scaffolds buildings at winters in construction sites and summers in rock festival stage businesses, it's ayoung men's job.  So I did wise up at verge of my 30th birthday, and as I'll be 55 next week, it's been nice and warm 25 years of illustrator's life, quarter century could have been spent worst, too. These days when there is not too much work outside my own art and books, I'm still the leuckiest guy in town, NEVER do anything against my free will, jobwise taht is!! ;) And because I have this past in real work loads, I KNOW how it feels, giving all you got and getting just thin paycheck and starve for meaningful work. So all you little whiners crying for your lousy jobs in neat offices and normal wages- choose and do what you will, really, it benefits us all, and especially YOURSELF. Be realistic and true, fuck all working for system and saving the planet by eating veggies, please, save me from the lecture, thanks! Just be merry for x-mas timing!! ;)

<--- Motörhead fun past time activities, way back when rock was hard and babes were sexy,





....................................not fat and plastic, turbo charged  lips and all vain and feminist, hahahahahahahahahahhaahaaa!!! :D

4.12.2018 Tuesday and still strugglimng with flu or headaches it hurts, damn, sickness I hate to be weak and not strong enuff to draw... but forced myself to make a new song although and went to groceries as we do need to eat everyday. Old people like me can't go on with just coffee and cigarettes, haha, like I used to, oh nostalgia, oh youth so golden, muahhahahahaa... yes, never too late to get your self aGolden Youth was my advertising line in t-shirt for my book" Golden Youth" (part1. Moreeni 2012), 

which it was not of course, I do like twisting the words and play with double standards, meanings , entrees and all language, lingua, tongues in cheek!! oh yes it's pleasure and fun, join me in............................................................................gibberish gabberish jabbing, diggeridoobie doobie doo, go and ask Sinatra how he likes it! ;)

Oh well, the X-mas calendar quizz still on Facebook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus"!!! Go, guess it right and win, there a free copy of ANY of my books!! <3

3.12.2018 Monday morning, just afew degrees below zero, and an inch of snow or less on the ground, winter's first month and touch of freeze in my face while bicycling around this small town. Nonpolluting as I'm driving same bike ten years or more, until it's not emdable anymore, like did with the one before. Lucky to have s warm place to keep it, so my balls won't freeze out, so much! ;)

What shall new week bring with? I tell you soon as I know it, not much of a fortune telelr in me, although once thought so, haha... been hoochie coochie mojo voodoo man too, but those stories and crazy happenings shall be saved for the right publication form and time. Only as older I've learnt to save my breath and revelations, but it takes a hard work  NOT to tell it all, immediately all, heh.  I want to confess and tell it like it is, truth that's what I'm fighting for, living for, working for, with all my mind and physical abilities too...............and just to have a laugh or two with you. Don't mind if you laugh with me, even if you laugh at me, if I want it too. Thick skin of warthog and shield of tortoise, grew 'em up as I'm almost...................................................... grown!! ;)

Lucky or not, without kids of my own, I can keep the juvenile face and mind, ain't got oo much responsibilies or tasks to fulfill in my daily stuff, ain't running for president..................yet!! :D :D :D

2.12.2018 Sunday afternoon, I'm still sleeping a lot, enuff to rest my worry head and body of still..........

eheheh, yes I'm the image of fitness, if you look very far and weight yourself more than 300 kilos! ;)


 <---But we open the second door of calendar for X-mas jubuliem and have a party all December as soon it's Finns independence day at 6th and my birthday at 13th and so it goes all month juts celebration and party mood. No time to be angry, bitter and evil, even if you're a heavy metal rocker in your armour of black lace and leather, with your fists in the air and devil sign in your fingers. Peace on earth and drupapampam little drummer boys, like old tunes of this season of goodness and spirits of holidays.

(<--If you wanna WIN FREE book, go to Facebook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus" and guess RIGHT whose behind covers!!)




 White or black, brown or yellow or red, but not blue for x-mas, for you all, I wish, lotsa happy moments and memories. Nothing wrong with that.



Have yourself a fine Sunday, even if it's gray and cloudy sky like here in Funlandia!! ;)

1.12.2018 First of December is meaningful day to my history, as it's the day when I celebrate freedom for these last 32 Decembers, and you can read ALL about in my next album, until then have a drink on me and for liberty!


Cheers to all born free and natural, hoochie coochie men, black magic women and kids who ain't alright, never been good, getting not so much presents, only present of time. Poor boys, alla round this globe. Too many already, no need to bare any kids in this crazy capitalist's world for slavery lifelong span. World might spin around but it surely spring slowly, only stupidity increases and riches get richer, and that ain't fair, ever.

 <-- this pin up babe is now done, I'm happy with it only took 'em five days to finish, from starting in Monday!

  So here's the x-ams caledar quizz, answer who you think is undercovers, in Facebook "Kultainen Nuoruus" page...


...and win a FREE album of choice!! In english, japanese or finnish!! :)

30.11.2018 Pin upping continues...







...and life goes on, thank god it's Friday, ehe, one of those movies that's title was way better and memorable,  than the actual movie!! ;)



Have yourselves a great weekend!!! And be good for goodness sake!! ;)

29.11.2018 Thursday morning, local time. Still some snow on the ground, although should be plus degrees, hah... well, I keep on keeping on illustrating this old lady...

 online pencilworks continum.



inpatiently waiting for X-mas time to come, more than just supermarkets chocolate stands filled with triple box sales...



Wrote, composed and sung some new tunes, listed here:

1018. Dead, Jailed And Rock’n’Rolled 15.11.2018
1019. Loose Cannon Ball Man 18.11.2018
1020. Black As Moroccoan Night 20.11.2018
1021. Sin Casa 22.11.2018
1022. Homeless People 25.11.2018 And the list shall go on til the day I die, I'm ablues man, rock'n'roller screamer dreamer and guitar man too!! ;)
 Just did a double album for my friend's 55th birthday with 53 best songs of 2018 , he's just 3 weeks older than me, and we've been friends since 1969, long long time ago. Some friendships stay and the conversation can go on no matter how many years been pause...
 live long and prospect, or something, hah, live another day, like james bonds do!

Updating game, hours 14.35 the Finnish wintertime:
















28.11.2018 Wednesday morning, soon continueing my mission on this planet, filling my days with art, pencilworks with beautiful ladies by choice, and making next autobiographical novel, some 200 + pages coming up in 2021, if I can keep it on schedule, and lifespan won't emerge and bare too much sideways, byways, alleyways and flowers blooming springing what really happened back in 1986-1988, the next two year since Spanish Sauna Trip told in PeneLopez's latest hit book of my first adventures in Spain, oh Summer of '86, I surely got my kicks, chicks and black woman and magic tricks!!! ;)

















 Strolling down the memory lane, is very therapheutic and fun, but hard work and difficult to choose which all I shall have space and interest to tell, as I wanna tell all......! It's my confessional album. It must be all true, all done and just choosing the angle and zoom to those accidenta and persons I bumped, loved and met. So, here I go again! :)

Have yourself a cool, hot and blue day!! ;)

27.11.2018 Tuesday morning, so I go on repeating myself with illustration strating as the week does too...


<-- my next pin up model babe, coming soon on this chanel! ;)


Snow has stayed still on ground and maybe even snowed little more. Oh yes, it's pretty, but it's...




....cold, and I'm a hot blooded man, don't wanna melt in ice and water down outside.

26.11.2018 Monday morning, and the first snow on the ground, and as usual it won't be the staying kind stuff, thanks to climate change it'll melt soon as weather rises again before December and forecasters only know a week ahead, if even that. Predicting future taht's still pretty hard or impossible, thanks god. Except the politics and economista they surely know what and how YOU should, shall and must do, to achieve better life...

  <-- one of the best girls in erotic magazine fame of Playboy, I might have crush over, in just a spread of a men's magazine, that have now disappeared thanks to net porn. Glossy entertaining erotic and fun magazines with beautifully styled fotos are gone, too... too bad.




 ...for them and the country you're born to. Fathersland and nationality, ugly ducklings rare glory or never grew up beautiful, killing in the name of natrinalism and nazism, ain't never really right or good. Leaders just speak you into it, giving you medals for bravery, in battle of war, bottles on stupidest things a man can do and go through. Killing in the name of ******** is just murder, no act of love or care. Immoral, illegal and wrong, you know it in your heart, dontcha?

25.11.2018 Sunday 11.59 and I want to stay alive, singing in my mind Blondie tune,a nd listening Anna Järvinen's albums, that are nice and easy listening although them are in swedish, or maybe juts because, I do understand but not all, but jag fick feeling också, hehe...            drinking my morning coffee, outside it's freezing just below zero, inside it's round 20 as we're trying to save in expenses of heating with electricity, and while most Finns dream of white snowy winter, we do not, as it increases the bills by hundred euros immediately, try to enjoy burning dollar bills and notes, I can't.

 Huh, the reasons to enjoy snow, skating and skiing, which I seldom do, got skates from Santa few years back, but hate to even think about skiing in all it's forms, hah, never have been done slalom(as it was called in 70's!!) or snowboarded, not my style nor need to go downhill fast and drank stupid ass afterski with neonlight coloured ski suits in alps, sorry nowaday's yuppies, you're silly, and I'm not...................... that kinda fool. Rich kids as adults, and family fun is the fourletter words for me! ;))


 Feeling like this captured rough diamond in jewelry case, let me out of here, were people are moulded in one piece, and all think likewise, watching their stupid jerk off jive TV quizz, jesus....                                        ...what shall I do with my extra time?

Music and art, that ain't so bad thang to be excited and good. Beating drums and strutting guitars, making love to music, I love. Simple pleasures for simple men. Simple plans, simple understands, not holding back much, most of us need touch, too much!! ;)

24.11.2018 Saturday morning, it's week end, pleasure of sauna and bathing in hot steam, it's proven good for you and me, keeping finnish tradition number one alive, and it's gotta be Saturday's woodheaten sauna, the official sauna goers holy eve of more than just hot air, hehe...






...I didn't bought anything on Black Friday craze, but went to purchase 6 pair of nickers for my wife, and of course on was wrong size, so I CAN make that same route by bicycle today, again. Well excercise is always welcomed with tghis body of mine!! ;)

Got more muscles than one little village needs, haha!! ;)

Oh well, little mistakes and accidents makes life, life. Worth to living, not dying, anytime soon................ thank you, The secret of  a long life is simple and straight: do not die.









<-- this one is almost done, and I can rtevela whats the secret of good illustrating of people, the wrinkles and muscles, and the shadowplay of lights and shadows. Keep me practising forever, and practising this profession is all good.

 Nevermind what all hipopotamus-hipocrites whine and cry, if you ain't got balls to draw naked, that's just YOUR problem, not mine. Danke schön und auf wiedersehn!! ;)

23.11.2018 Friday morning, cold and freezing outside. I'm leaving soon to have my weekly dose of "working under surveillance", hah, almost funny...






...have yourselves a good black or white Friday. buy all or none, day, all it's up to you, as usual and always is.






<-- this gal is almost done, like I am too, hah. This project I'm happy to progress in timetable of this year's last five weeks. Oh, soon it's X-mas, my favourite time of the year, so be good for goodness sake!! ;)

22.11.2018 Thursday morning, just before noon, gonna be soon. Another perfect gray day with clouds and almost no colours, except some green grass, hah, the new norm of winters. I can live without snow all year, but hoping some fall into Lappland for tourists pleasure and saving economy of Santa Clauses businesses, heh. Me, I'm just illustrating these ladies and planning next year's program, comics album work for next 2 and ½ year, that I ve been trying to avoid starting before I feel like it, but life changed my plans and I've been "secretly" sketching the beginning of the book on Fridays, as I have to do some stupid ass jive unemployment service, but don't tell anyone, I'm a poor boy and I gotta do what I gotta do, oh this man's burdon, snakes in paradise, angels fly too far, too high...






(<-- snowy white lady, my newest crush, might end up in x-mas card print, as I do like it alot!! ;) )





 .....but most of all it's good to be alive. That I do enjoy the fullest, 24/7 just keep on, breathing and taking good things in life, share the good will and actions if you can, no need to ask thanks, but thanks to all who helped someone in trouble. That's life, on it's best. Solidarity and empathy. Sometimes I find myself loving this life, don't wanna die,


Updating this snow white lady, Wednesday afternoon...enjoy!




















21.11.2018 Pin up babe, with me this week this "Lisa" ladylike, snow white beauty...














...I'm still on my morning coffee state of mind and opening my eyes and heart, to you, only for you!! ;)

Pleasure no pain, is the meeme of the day! ;)

20.11.2018 It's 11.59 and I wanna stay alive, sang Blodie on Parallel lines album back in 1978, my second ever bought LP, still dear and full of great rock tunes and not yet disco beats except the jokingly funny Heart Of Glass, which might be/were the biggest hit, but was maybe the lamest song on that album.







 And it's after noon sooner than I can end writing this sentence, time flies like rocket to moon when having fun. And crawls when waiting for one, you love, or serving time, time not serving us no services, as nothing's free except love, mother's advices and gutter.



<-- started new illustration, that may end up as X-mas postcard print,

if succeeded enuff fine...


Tuesday is the quietest day of the week in restaurants and maybe in businesses all around, it's a good day to work. And illustrating is my work, getting paid for it a whole different case altogether, hah!! ;)

19.11.2018 Monday, and yes it's after noon, not yet an eve.....

ning, hah. Sleeping late man I am nowadays, and it feels alright and like I need it. Just because this darkness with no princes, nor much light natural born, just artificial lamps lighting our ways day and night, it's sad sight in aeroplane landing at night and seeing all the roads round the world spending billions just to gave us lighted sidewalks and roads for cars to roll all night, round, the expenses of this waste of light, just for human interests and keep the scare of the boogeyman away, is humangous, and hopefully someday led zeppelin, eeer, led lights save us some billions of wasted money. Oh electricity in city, country and soon I guess all deserts too, waste we provide with rainforests cost us more than our animals lives, extintiction of the species, is sad sad story and reality, but hey, luckily mister Trumpet knows how to save the forest from fires.....!!!






..........let's rake Finland great again!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Oh, happy men's day, to celebrate it I started anew pin up illustration, see below.... and enjoy like us me only can, do, hehe!! ;)

Why do birds sing, why do men dig nude babes, ask no more... think a minute, yes you can do it.

18.11.2018 It's Sunday, although not so much sun(ny) day, just a glimpses of rays of light of sunshine, oh well, November the darkest month and thoughts, suffering like all 400 000 others who eat medicine for depression, huh, we're sick nation, but never gonna admit it. And while the world gets nearer, and we can see other countries craziness closer, we're not that bad after all, haha...




...go for laugh and love, oh they even made a wall decoration out of it, whose stealing my ideas, remains a mystery, until we're all monitored all the time with net, and then we surelky are screwed up. Big Brother shall control us all, just you wait.... a century til Africa and India shall develope  and become a modern society too, or shall we leave 'em having none but third world?

Answers from P.O.boxes 313, of Korvatunturi, Rovaniemi, Funlandia.  :)

17.11.2018 saturday afternoon, just saw why it's felt so dark and gary last few weeks, well sun hasn't shined at all or 5 hours on last two weeks, hurray for the ice age and northern world. And now that it shines it's getting really cold again. The benefits for living here in north pole are vaguedly uncertain to me, hah, one of my favourite topics, puzzle why did the firts Finns came here anyway...? ;)

 Questions we're never gonna get answers until we time travel, or ask emmi valvees, she knows all and tells it, hahahahhahahaa!! Feminist are as stupid and one track mined ism-group to belong as masculinists/ scauvinist pigs, and that includes all men, with balls, muahhahaa....! :D Well, I'm a feminist too, and sexually harassed , oh so many years ago, by gay men, but that don't count, eeerrrrrrrrr...

 .......wait a minute, how about Kevin Spacey case, so that'll count, so now all you home phsycoanal-analists know why I don't pamper and kiss ass of all gay men, in general. I have a gay friend or two, haha, and shall always think of man as he appears and acts, not who he sleeps with, nor whatever gender he's currently into, hah.






Oh all the metrosexuals and all fashion fags, only it's too bad that IF you wanna make a common acceoted comics book about erotic adventures, YOU should be gay trans vegetarian, sadomasokist, handicap neutri, weird piss and shit play-sex addict and refuse to go to army, and THEN you CAN draw erotic comics, that has no laughing matters nor value artistically, nbut hey, message is the king, no matter how badly you draw, you can be better than all blockheadedemmivalvees of this world. Sorry,  just to name one, there's a list of bad drawers and arrogant bitches in the end of this site, go there to see it for yoursewlves!! :D

There's no rules on my comedy actions nor illustrations, that are NOT made by me. Take responsibility and care, of youselves. I try to keep fit with drum stick exercises!! see below in the world that's black and white, good or bad, evil or kind,,,

16.11.2018 Not long nor black, it's just Friday, more or less gray and wet might be more precise,  and about this time of the year, it's very good weather, hah, wonder if anyone reads these writing 500 years later to make a picture of what it was like living in this here blues planet back in year 2018?






<--- Sasha baby waiting for her developments still, sitting pretty in AC/DC shirt, dunno, is it gonna be well or just another failed expression study, hah, nevermiond, just do it, if you wonder should you go or stay!! ;)






Oh well, nonsense puzzles don't much worry my head, hah, I just worry where's the next meal and how shall I survive to next month, as this month ve spent all I had in spare, hidden in matress (haha, well, gotta reveal to all robbers, no I don't have any money hidden in my matress...!Would be pretty foolish to advertise here where I kept my money,hidden hahahahaa!! So rob a bank not my house, thank you!!).

Oh well I'm doing today some kinda  substitute "work" and trying to get along with me consciece, hope you can do with your life, freedom and love, to us all, and happy weekend!! :)

15.11.2018  Updating here in Finnish time 15.00 hours: coloured in watercolours this

<---Sasha babe! Slow developments....!










Thursday after noon, still very sleepy, continueing yesterday's works and stuff. Had to cancel trip to Helsinki for next Saturday, can't afford that amount of money it'd take. Too bad to be poor boy, again. So all you good people in the world support and buy products of your local, national artist while they're alive, it helps to live and make more art, for you to enjoy and brighten up your day, too. And needless to say but you get the good feeling doing good, too!


So, all you rock'n'roll people boogie til you drop, and make the difference, between love and hate. Thanks to all supportive friends and strangers I've met throught the years, big appreciation and love on you. Sometimes is good to look at yourself and see how fortunate you are, me too, I got house, food and meaningful things to do, most of the days!! ;)

 Just because I got me own Record label: PeneLopez Record Company (P.R.C.) I can DO whatever I want and publish as pornographic I dare...

this one coming soon for X-mas markets and into your hard... hearts!! ;))))))))

14.11.2018 Wednesday, noon, been sleeping like a log 10 hours easily, heh, hibernating like a bear already this time of the year. Period depression of dark and cold season that 40 %of us Finns suffers. Home improvment light lamp and eating vitamin D like maniacs, might help, or holiday in sunny islands anywhere else, wonder why Finns dig those Canary Islands, don't wonder anymore...


...........it's just normal need of warmth and sunshine. "Normal" being what most of us think is fine and sweet, and living like all the others might be easy, society well accepted, values of life, love, money, work, family, drugs, clothes, fashion, haircut, breast size, sexuality, all kinda thought as what we all should want for....

......and I've failed on that since I was 17, got too much own silly (?) thoughts and different kinda values, and ways to enjoy this life. Wonder no more, just live like you want, within the possibilities, luck and strange opportunitisms, somewhere there's a place for us, like Bernstein wrote music, Tom Waits sung, and I love, most of my days, ways and craze of this life. Just remeber anger can be power, not just negative aspect, in your life. Hate and make a difference, juts that small difference between amusement and suffering!!



<--- NEXT model example of my pin up world starlet, coming up like that thing in your pants, haha, sorry bout that, did I gave you an erection, ooops, enjoy it, it's free and alright!! ;)

I'm starting a new modeling today and shall change this pic to newest, just you wait, hold your horses, cowboy!! ;)

13.11.2018 Tuesday morning, waking up, opening eyes and looking for................ward, whatever life brings with.


I was feeling blöue not having enuff moulah to travel to city of Hellsinki, and soon as I was cancelling my bed reservation, I got aorder for all 3 of my autobiograpgical books, that's life throwing you a curve ball,  hah...

Well I'm happy go lucky kinda fellow, let's see what this life really brings, this week, like never before.








<-- this babe's done with me, all wrinkles of her puzzy in their righteous places. Admire and adore those who gave their bodies FOR you and criticize the ones who held cameras and sold all these fotos,

 just for your pleasure. Yes, think about it another millisecond nano nano,

 and see whose abused, whose got paid , whose life is important and valuable.........!


Easy to judge, easy to point your finger, easy to call other ones sleaze, while your own conscience ain't any brighter, than any other man or woman, or whatever neutri, you are...

peace and love, neede now more than ever, in this crazy world.


Monday morning, weekend spent nicely on resting and watching Tv, and making new music of course, here's my latest songs:

1006. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl     17.10.20181007. Did Crime 21.10.2018                      1008. Can’t Do It Better, So Shut The Fuck Up 22.10. 2018                                                                         1009. Goin’ Out... (Of My Brain) 23.10.2018                1010. I Ain’t Tryin’ 27.10.2018                                    1011. Overwhelming 28.10.2018                                 1012. Crazy Jungle 1.11.2018                                        1013. Like A Snap Of your Fingers 4.11.2018           1014. Join Me In... (Sex) 6.11.2018                             1015. Can The White Men Sing The Blues 8.11.2018    1016. Chimeney Crickets 10.11.2018               1017. Words 11.11.2018                                                             Oh, I love doing what I want with guitars electric and acoustic, finally when I found good enuff steel string acoustic just before X-mas last year in Tampere, since then I've made dozens of acoustic blues and rock songs. Makes me wonder how many songs are lost when not able to record 'em in anykinda formula, thru these years and decades?

Lost years, lost hearts, lost parental advisory, moneytary, relationships, oh well, lotsa lost opportunities and nothing to get back.
 Past is gone, although how much you wanna dress up like michael moron... monroe, I mean just good and positive, never fucked a woman I didn't know....
less than few hot minutes!! ;)

11.11.2018 Sunday noon, not a sign of father's day in this home, as we don't celebrate those bastards who gave us none but misery, hard times and cruelty, so fuck off all you fathers, who never were good, for any one, shame on you all who couldn't do the slightest dad stuff, like mine who was miserable failure, on all counts, abandon his own kids, just cause he wasn't man enuff, wise enuff or strong enuff to raise us.


Do I feel bad still after all these years, I never had dad, no, it's all water under the bridge, AND I did went ot see him earlier this year just to see him before cancer takes him away. Still I'm the strong one, in this relationship where I suppose to be the kid. Too bad, for him, he never got to enjoy my company as an adult, artist and man. Man who don't need his fathers blessing on ANYthing. All I do is wait for the heritage...

 in cash, thank you. Thanks for nothing, ain't nothing at all.

<-- I know some kitchen sink philosophers draws straight lines from my mental health and interest of drawing naked women from my childhood, and mother issues and whatelse, but no, them are wrong...

...I've developed my own interest in drawing nude women. Suffering from lack of tit milk as a kid, BUT that's utterly miostake, I had enuff breastfeeding in my baby state, wonder why it is so hard to understand I LIKE what I draw! Oh I know some male artist that their women won't let 'em draw any OTHER women in erotic form and picture, than themselves, hahahaa... so why can't I see 'em smiling out loud, laughing while working on dull comics about dull men's tales, or violence and fantasy, or the most disgusted form of all comics, the kids stuff,

...........................hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!! Have yourself a fine Sunday, without any fathers, all you fatherless boys, no matter what age you now are, strength and powers to you,  Know how it is to grow up fatherless, love and peace.. of any kind. Ride on. All I can say to you.....................  ! Walk on, too!! ;)

Oh I can say whatever cause this is MY page, my blog, my site, so fuck off all you miserable fathers and sons of the fathers who loved you so much, you motherfucking lucky bastards, ..................................................haha!! ;) There's always an other side in any case and coin, flip over, flip it baby, and see ther real world.

10.11.2018 Saturday noon, yes, I sleep as long as I can, every morning, and hate those early wake ups by alarm clock ringing and interrupting the holy sleep, hah. The fastest way to save your mental health is to protect and gain as much sleep as you can. And what's more important than YOUR mental health?

 Yes, I can answer my own questions like any sixteen korkman does, hah, ain't nothing difficult there all you lazy ass mental health nut case emmivalvees do too! ;)

Didn't your native tongue teacher taught you anything?!? That's bad literature, in comics too, hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!

And talking with yourself like every Tintin album and every character does until the few last ones Herge did; with his army of helping hands, some of 'em he fucked, and got divorced the old lady of him; others just fuck over, have you ever seen the names of colourist or inker or backgroung artist else than Herge, in his albums?

...........Yes that's what I think also. See, it's easy to avoid truisms and answering to your basic wellknown facts as questions, you do.


So have yourselves a nice truistic  Saturday night, sauna and TV entertainment, if you please and will. Being free and alive, you can do lotsa nice stuff.... tomorrow we men who ain't fathersd shall not celebrate none, so shove it up.................... you know where? Dontcha!?! ;)


<-- babe's getting ready and having both hers hands to show us her engine room, space and tight, like a good girl should!!;)

9.11.2018 Friday morning and I'm on my way to make the bread and butter for my family, which includes my wife, two dogs, one cat and step son. No father I could celebrate on Sunday, as my own never was one I could respect or look upwards. This story is well told in my autobiographical novels Golden Youths, so I don't have to repeat it here, right?





 I'm trying my best to concentrate on good thangs in life, but some things get me sad, some cry, and some make me sing and dance like yesterday I sang the vocals on my newest song: "Can The White Men Sing The Blues" and found myself dancing with trhe song's rhythm and beat of the drums, goddamn that's agood sigh, if any is! ;)



<-- baby' getting ready and welldone, soon. Pencilworks with pencils from 1B to 4B, size A3. For my upcoming pin up book! All wrok and no foreplay! haha!! ;)

8.11.2018 Thursday morning, watching out my workroom window, it's wet and gray like the day before, almost makes me thinking how days flow slow in a row, nonstop, some slide like evrlasting continuom and  some leave no marks at all. What do I wanna leave behind, queue of broken hearted and million good times, or art that has value on itself...


I don't need no excuses to feel important in this here society's pecking order, don't need no new fast car, no trophy wife, I ain't no chicken, ain't no vindaloo, a main course, sidedish and dessert, all in same bascet case. Yes, life is difficult and only some dreams are free, before they ionvent dream police and tax our mind, too! :P


Towards better days, maybe one day this world will be nice and fine place to live, again...






...and not spoiled with all the old world and past tense rules and regulations and climate horror scheems and future shocks, to keep us nice and kind, thinking about the neighbours benefits too, not juts his cattle and wife!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))

So have love , will travel! <3


7.11.2018Same evening update, as I'm going fast forward this illustration, just for your pleasure...
























.....and just a little bit of mine, too!! :D

Wednesday morning, same old wet fog and Autumnly weather, thanking the gods of having this warm season so late in the year, as we're saving lotsa euros every month that's not minus degrees, below zero as americans say, well hell, english breakfast ain't my cup of coffee, ehe, I prefer very simple frutcost just muesli and coffee, empowers me for whole day, eating late the second time, and yes, only once  aday, and nort necessarily hot meal, just sandwiches do me good, and some ice cream and chocolate theraphy too!! Keep me happy and fat, muahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :D :D :D

 You know we fat people are mellow and joyful, most of the times,

 when we're not crying in our pillow the impossibilty to lose weight for good, well some of us do, some losers never lose..

 any weight, or fight  for humanity.



<-- my newest pencilwork in process for this fine week!! ;)

6.11.2018 Tuesday morning, another rainy day, I don't mind, as long it won'train inside. Been homeless, been hopeless too, so I know how it feels to stand outside in pouring rain, in cold killer snow, ain't nothing fancy bout snowfall when it falls on your head, and you ain't got no place to go, no shelter from your mother, no father to ask a loan to buy a cup of coffee,

so all you good people there, lucky as me having aplace to call "home" and sleep in warm bed, without a danger to be killed while sleep, be happy and feel lucky as you should. Thank your lucky stars for not having the bad luck, not having the troubles I had, and see you really are a very lucky person, aren't you?

 I  just started the next model of the year pin up pencilwork, yesterday, the work for my week days, soon to be watched developing over here....! Have yourself a fun day, any which way you choose! :)

5.11.2018 Monday morning, and trying to get back on the saddle with next babe pin up drawing, starting is many times harder than actual work, as we all know... hah, would be really hard to tell you something any of you millions of my dearest nearest  fans and staedy going readers didn't know forehand or heard before, should I invent a NEW language and way to communicate...............?

 Maybe. Maybe I got something else and better and more amusing to do than scribble jibberish and saying it's a new language of love!! ;) Shiiiiiiiit, can't even write this language(!!) too well, hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ;)

 Who am I to say what you should do, think, work, jerk, bezerk?!? You, do your own mistakes and learn from it, that's the best way to learn. Everything. Just have love and will to travel long way to the top.  Have yourself a fine week, work if you please! ;)

4.11.2018 Sunday morning, waking up as we humans suppose to, new day no Eurojackpot winner here, although I spent my  four euros every week on it, keeping the dream alive, European millionaire comics artist would be so fine to be, and never worry about money anymore...

 just worry about losing it all, hah. Human mind is strange kind of survival and urge to success but Finnish men can't show his emotions or moneys, hah, let's all be ggod little mommy's boys, right from the kindergarten to old folks home, humble and kind, never say anything evil or true blue, well, I've failed on that so many times, thaty ain't got no shame, shame to lose, my blues any way I do, singing the blues only thing I can't fail, any more....

no more. Sadness makes me playing my guitar ans that makes me feel good, singing the blues, world of contradiction, like Johnny Winter's song.



<-- Halloween permanently conquered my working space and room. Skull and skeletons I collect, if find cheap and good enuff... like this one found in Lisboa 2010, on our honeymoon trip! ;) There's also  a Milo Manara woman attack by dinosaur, and statue of buddha, Winnie The Pooh, a snail, polar bear, chicken and moose, miniature figures, filled my room, makes me happy all day! :)

As do the paintings of mine do to me too!

<--Oh also real life monsters as spiders and bugs under the glass, framed and named, a lucky purchase from Forssa flee market!! ;)

3.11.2018 Saturday morning, it's rainy and wet, but luckily no snow yet, should I write all my sentences in rhyme, or would it be just a waste of my precious time? Should I answer to my own questions like some of us do, is writing here my mind useful thing to you too? Is there too many open questions and false facts and fake news, you can't tell which is true and it'll give you the blues. I've been writing my song lyrics in rhyme for ever, since 1978, I'm so use to it, and it's become too late, to change my head and style, so I just keep on doing it for a while, til my head and heart changes their customs and affection, just keep on reaching for satisfaction...


... in this crazy world, rainy November and Halloween, luckily I still can be excited and happy like a teen, when finding good things in life, getting emotional and sharing my life with wife. Not to be lonely, not to be only, one in heartbroken and sad, my life's been crazy and mad, but that's what it is, and I eat you with a spoon and kiss! :)



Alright, have yourself a great Saturday night!! :)


<-- this one is ready, for love and your purcahsing next August in comics festivals de Helllllllllllll-sinki!! ;)

 Take care of yourselves, and touch yourself there, when needed! ;)

2.11.2018 Friday and I'm on my way to fullfil some oblications, and drawing new material for next book, quietly and slowly...

 well, I'm public figure if I want to be within the crowd of scenery of artists, oh well, I know half of this population never heard my name , hah, and that's just fine, still got my private life private! ;) 

What shall tomorrow bring, we shall see...

...tomorrow. Simple facts of life. ;)





 Have yorself a good friday and weekend!! :)

1.11.2018 Thursday morning, clear blue sky, and I just refused to go to Oulu comics festival later on this month, due to lack of small change, big change expected, wanna be a millionaire soon, and not start to really make it like Henry Miller at tender age of 71................................!

 Oh, life goes on it's mysterious ways, I'll juts drag on and on, hoping for better days, so I'll illustrate another pic of what I want. I ain't for sale like most of these graphic designers, are, haha!! :)

Yeah, try to make it look positive and good thang, selling your soul for cash, maybe it's not me whose the dopest of us all!?! ;)


Do I ever make it like international success story, shall remain to be seen, and as much I'd love it, I can live without it, too...

... life's full of contradictions and curve balls, and your fortune may lay just around next corner, you never know, unless you go and see, what really is behind the curtains and cornerstones,


 Quite right! ;)

31.10.2018 Wednesday after, noon, waiting for warmth making comeback, and saving this poor boy's economy. Why did our forefathers decide to came here, is still a puzzle for me, choozing this hear forever standing ovation of ice age instead of mediterrain climate, oh why oh why...

... and ain't no hippie answers blowing in the wind, no hot air out of your behind rescuing me, climate change and the we'll die. Few of us stayed here forever, only the artists works seem to stay forever, but who knows how long is forever......? Well, guess the brightest menas brains know all, so go ask your gurus, how long is forever in mens lives, and in years we stroll.

I know I shouldn't put poor kollegas down just because they are lousy drawers and not professionals, but I'm stupid ass you, yes, you. Hahhahahahahahaaaaaaaa!! ..............don't believe a word, not a word of this is true...........(Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy 1978). Okey I revela it's defense mechanism to attack, and bite back the assholes, fame never correlates with skills, art or bravery, it's juts when you do your works most common and acceptable way,

 and it's along way to appreciation from me. People think I don't have right to get hurt, get sour, get intimidated, get even, even... why would I be like all the jerk offs of Finnish comics scene? Answers to P.O. 313 Ducksberg USA :)

30.10.2018 Tuesday morning, going on the illustration as I do, weeks turn to months, and years rolling like dinosaurs, heavy and slow if not in hurry, in rush, in actionpacked, and Me I do enjoy easy going way, rushing only lead to imbecile children to be born, hah...

...old jokes cemetary that still alive in Finger(up yours)pori publications, hehe, like bought the sinking ship, and trying to kiss of life to breath the dead horse alive stuill few good years, ehe, poor Järlä the thief in the night, stealing your oldest jokes just like that! Bad bad karma must bite him in the fat ass in the end, justifie the means, must believe in justice, right?!?

 Oh joking on how bad drawer and lousy writer Järlä is, is like stealing the lolli pop off of the kid, so I'll leave it to kids, although I never forgive stealing MY jokes, that's an exception I make, you invent YOUR own jokes, not copy it fron OLD Pahkasika magazines, "you never read", you're bastard kid,

 and that's all, hah!!! ;)

 I challenge Jarla here and now to copy this pin up <--- , and make the most erotic art HE can do, and then we'll see whose who, and how skillful, realistic, rightful and erotic is your characters, yes I'm willing run the race,

 anyday baby. Maybe you can steal and get away with "murder" like that too?!?

How do you sleep your nights, thief?

 Junkies and thieves got no conscience, cause they live by thiefery and just to please their own needs, anyway, any means necessary used, but can' use mine, right? Daily strip and NEW joke every day is hard labour, and no one gets out of it without repetition and crimes against jokery, of course you can pretend to be whatever your stupid wife makes you to pretend to do, oh, all you pussywhipped pertti jarlas of this world, get a grip, grow a pair and use 'em.

29.10.2018 Monday morning, eating muesli and drinking coffee in my newest ritual to wake up here in net, as I read my news on Yle.fi and check out comics news in Kvaak.fi and otherwise just prowl thru whatever friends put or share in facebook, my dear...

<--- more best of Lizzies, in my LP storage/collection, do listen these as some of 'em not available in CDees, ever...



...it's too cold outside, gotta put on some extra warm clothes to bicycle later on, hah, oh well, looks very slippery on black ice spots, but sun may melt the worst soon. I'll go back to pencilworks on babes, so I'll post it later on too! ;) So have yourself a fine week and manic Monday, if that's what you  please!! ;)


Today's menu:

the continueing pencilworks of mine,

potrait of Tabatha the porn star,

gave her life and body for your pleasure!!

28.10.2018 Sunday morning, here changing the clocks hour backwards to "wintertime", gave us hour more to sleep, so it's nice and good timing as I did stay up late last night, after sauna and TV entertainment, gotta sleep late and wake up with first snow on earth, this Autumn, I could live without any snow, except on X-mas Eve I want some, heh...   

(some of m y favourite Thin Lizzy LP'ees on my collection and still on rotation every once in a while!!--->

...oh well, Winters come when the weathers decide so, snow or no snow businesses til Springtime as usual, I've seen 54 winter in my life, and rarely if never ever they repeat like last one before, there might be a pattern but every year is different, I ain't scared of climate change, well, I ain't denieying it either, but all the fuzz and shocking revelations leave me cold, I'm worried about my next meal, not how shall this planet be in year 2091. And you who made and got kids, save it for 'em, I had none, so why should I share my apple pie with your kids and regulations. Just for sympathy and empathy for....

 Western world is crazy and overpampering, while the third world (yes there still is that!), makes our t-shirts and cheap sneakers, and pollute like crazy. Stop capitalism, the maniac growth of markets and overpopulating, and tadaa, world is saved, easy and simple IF YOU want it. Communstic revolution here I come,, hahhaaa!! :)

27.10.2018 Saturday morning, cold and clear sky, not snow yet, qiietly waking up listening Led Zeppelin IV, from library lended. Zeppelin is one of those bands whose hits do come too often on radio, spoiled 'em for ever to listen, like Stairways and Kashmir, but now and then listening whole albums make sense and is enjoyable even...















...well, Halloween supposedly is today/tonight, but here where I live ain't no kids running round asking for treats as we have two bloodhounds guarding our house with fences all around, too scary to even try to pass those  baskervillain dogs, muhahhaaa!! ;)

 Happy Halloween and Saturday sauna night too!!! ;)

26.10.2018 Friday morning I'm soon heading for activities for the day, posting fast you the yesterday's babe pic:


silvous plait, sano ranskalainen!! ;)


Prety pleased with the leather imitations on this pencilwork, in process and progress, challenge yourself, do what you ain't so good at,

 try harder little baby, and win yourself,

 apopulation of fans, nation of idolising youngsters and be

happy! Whatever your profession is, was and shall be. Nobody promised you anything easy,

 so life is hard, and then...





...you die. Making all efforts to make this life livable, acceptable and satisfied. Towards weekend, sailiong on full speed! ;)

25.10.2018 Thursday morning, winter's coming frozen flowers and weeds on yard and fields, near zero is the temperature, dropping dramtically, hah, and later on TV news we can hear how" the snow came and surprised car drivers", like it does every year!! ;) Reoccuring nightmare to live in this land, and ice age. Half a year wasted on snow and ice, maybe this is thereason for indoor activities great success as in schools and computer games, hah...

 ...me, I'm too old to enjoy games for kids, playing killer or soldier with X-box, or whatever it's called nowadays, haha, I'm out of it like a snowman!! ;)


<-- I just draw and pencil the next chick, just like it click in my brains, one track mind trains, off the rails outta tracks, stumbling on every crack...s,

 poetry in emotion, train or locomotion, strange notion, yuo're all outta lotion, love potion, on and on goes the thoughts of a man, hard to accept or understand,

 if you never been a man, maybe you can't see it my way, in my eyes, ain't telling no lies,

ask me no excuses, it's only art that muses

me, only this here little life to get through, always too blue,

planet and eyes, baby blue eyes,

 dedicated to the woman I love,

 no one above,

 her. Just my little and only one.

24.10.2018 Wednesday morning, finally almost in schedule to get up early and catch more light hours aday to work on my drawings and get some vitamin D, hah, not much sunshine around these levels of north pole and those polar bears dancing in the street. Oh this swinging Finlandia and crazy population of it. And me, I'm as crazy as man next door, haha...






<--- October babe number two!

...well, continueing my pin up book illustrations and thinking about the next comics book, too, trying to avoid the after birth depression, and being merciful to myself. Gotta find reasons and isnpiration to work 3 years for the next book, so it's pretty okey to have a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong enuff break, between jobs!! ;)

Towards the future so bright and wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah! :)

23.10.2018 Tuesday, or some other day of the week, doesn't really matter to me, as I am free lancer and free artist for 25th year around, can't tell the day from another, that's why I ALWAYS write the date in my drawings and illustrations, always, no matter how small insignifcant the scribble is, it goes down in history like weight train. Trying to finesse all my pics like dynamite is hard it takes all my strength but give satisfaction and meaning to life! :)

And what else I'd need?


 Just love, whole lotta love, yeah!! ;)

And just a little on top of diet biscuits, like... wild hog!! ;) Oh my diet fighting fat, is alosing game, too bad I'm still the loser on it, gained little, and taking my chocolate thereaphy daily at night fall. But one day I'll change it, one of these days... like Bon Scott waht am I gonna do?

 Ride on, only what I can do, hoping for better days and more cheese on my bread! ;)

<--- looks like this here lady can kill you with those cannons she had hiding in her sweater sweet, just one slash and you''ll be dead! ;)








<---- started today new pin up, model the late great Sabatha.

22.10.2018 Mondieu, it's Monday, NOT sunday twice, muahhahhaa....  and sun shine, leaves left the trees, should go and rake 'em again. Just these little house maintnce stuff, and excercise to get fit with working out, outside in fresh air...








...so I might just do that. Sunday lazying and charging those invisble batteries, I don't  confess ever seen. I ain't no robot, nor machine, nor RanXerox either, ain't got no batteries, no electricity nor metal in my body, just somebody who loves to live and illustrate it all, sides and all rights, all left to art, and to survive. No good advices than just live it, you'll grow, you'll see, it yourself. Be good for goodness sake, and for your owm sanity's sake, do all you need, want and have to, love the life you live, if you can do it, you're a rich man too...............! ;)

Or woman, or neutrie, metrosexual and whatever, so much easier to say HOW you should live, than live it like you say you should....! Devil's advocate and saints on ytour shoulder, winking you the right path of righteous, perhaps.

Sunday noon, 21.10.2018 getting up,

slowly getting a grip and hold on, my...






<-- Tikru the headcat, in our former household at Helsinki!! ;))




....life and days of older, weather getting colder as it does these Autumnly days, no wonder there, no wonder anywhere, seasons continuemity, stupidity of mankind, searching for natural electricity and gas, for people's life, banning all nice and cool, in the name of saving planet, taking meat out of my mouth, joy of my meal, fun out of fantastic life, and just because their children must have better life than me and you. It's a sick world and you're responsible on it, not me. Hah, my carbon footprint is smaller than your kid who goes to football/icehockey practises and have a smart phone, and travels flying to holidays twice a year at least,

 so please shut the fuck up to me, with your saving the planet speeches, until YOU ain't killing this planet and destroying the ozone layer, thank you, for understanding, not valuing and districting my simple pleasure of eating meat, and heating our sauna with wood. Okey, I know lotta people don't know shit from shinola, BUT that's not MY problem. I do my part of recycling and not driving a car daily, I have bicycle use all year thru, and we recycle all papers, plastics and metals, so thank you green ass hornet of this green world, shut up, and have little more love and understanding, peace too!! :)

Wanna stereoptype this: it's usually/always the most wasting assholes ones, who make the biggest number on irrelevant spoiling the nature, and people who never straved,

 ..............................................................................................................................like I did. Gimme money , house, wealth and luxury holidays twice a yaear and I'll join you in choir of nagging green bitches of this blue planet, earth.

Why on earth, should I ever wanna be like you/somebody else? Natural born man, individual and loner, but strong enuff to say my mind, whatever the fashion wind is blowing thru your empty heads!! hahahaa!!

Saturday 20.10.2018 afternoon, did get even with my lacks of sleep the 2 nights earlier, and zoomed with sandman thru 11 hours of dreams, vivid nocturnal adventures with sex and crazyness all around, all that dreams are made of.......... off my head, lucky to have shortest memory man known, what was I thinking?Listening J.J.Cale album I've bought few these last years, almost all fine or at least good, including few killer tracks, few filler and acoustic bluesy stuff, easy listening haha, but so laid back pro feelings and executions. The simple riff and melody is enuff when it's made right and interesting to listen twice, and avoiding to getting bored with ANY music, just don't listen to it too amny times in a row! Simple facts of life, and record collection that pursuits over thousand units, is enuff stuff to keep me happy most days, nights and mornings.

 So glad won't have to listen to radio, like EVER!, and the rotation list (s)hitmusic, of course I don't know the hippest hop music and stras on hit lists, BUT baby, I don't care,a s longa s it's lousy ass Gasellit and other boy band music, hip hop left me cold in 1980's and it hasn't developed any better IN Finland...... nor do I ever wanna emulate and pretend to be a black man, anymore. I can be what I am, white middle aged blues man, who can and make evil blues tune outta my own experiences,

 called "life". And that suits me, wether I'm gonna be a humongous rich and famous star or traveling musician is up to star allied magic maps and universum's record company men, and luck, I was born without! ;)))))))))))

Friday 19.10.2018 morning, heading for another course of drawing some pages to continue the next album, and even getting paid for it, hah, not much but some, really nothing much to write home about...

...haha, well looking at the yellow pages, no the leaves that soon leaves the trees on our yard. Autumn is beautiful word, although this period and season is my least favourite in  ayear round, soon it's all snow business and winterlong waiting til Springtime and new leaves in trees. Circulation of flat earthers, global ball of con futse no confusion, life flies, as years roll, and soon I'll be 55 too, in December we call here "X-mas month", it's so powerful holiday. We're not babies anymore, but still enjoy the X-mas eve and presents like a kid inside of me, can!! ;)

<-- to celebrate the bold Canada legalized cannabis, drew this one fast and no mesuring, just letting it float free and wild, I know it got mistakes and errors, but hey that's just life.....as I don't even smoke it, but allow it ti next man though, ain't askin YOU to be and feel like  do, never. That's the beauty of life, different strokes, blokes, jokes, pokes, folks just a little bit more of tolerant to others and differencies, thnak you.

 Have yourself a great weekend! :)

Thursday morning 18.10.2018, another gray daylight, days in row like doing time, but that's a bad use of language, metahphora for us still free and large, after all crimes we've done, haha, well, I'm the pure white dove among porcupines and delinquents, hahahaha, yes how could  be  evil, there ain't no evil bone in my body, just heavenly good and fine, and unmistaken, never did no wrong to anyone...


... but myself, must've been masochist in the world of sadists. The only balloon in cactusfield, hah, <-- see I can steal a metaphora from another artist just like that, stealing never was difficult, among all the artistits, shame on 'em who intensionusly steal other man's ideas. All I wanna do was illegal, but we should take the Canadian route, and legalize "it", and kick the dealers asses back to hell. No jail time for addicts, hospitalising and health care and personal drug free-trainers for POOR people, rich men can pay their way outta from hell, anyway....! :/



<-- finally finalizing this pin up babe, sitting pretty and memorably, in Ocotoberian paper and pencilworks, I love to do.... and soon(= 2019!! ;) to be published in book too, nudity never been so sexy as in books of PeneLopez!! ;)

Wednesday 17.10.2018 gray morning, after good 10 hour sleep, feeling rested, hat to be reckless and manic without any sleep. Losing sleep all my youth and going crazy for it, ain't my plan anymore, I do appreciate health and rest and peace of mind, so hard to find, so easy to lose... in all the wicked ways you can imagine, and all of those you can't, imagine, the word overused by the name of same John Lennon song. I went through my LPees and there is not a one Beatles, doors, Rolling stones, ABBA, Beach boys, nor other stupid ass jive records, as I've been rocker and roller since 1974 and hurriganes Roadrunner, it was so cool and strong record, and still is...

 Just bought 3 Halestrom CDees I haven't even listened before, but really dig Lzzy's vocals and shouting enthusiasm, or whaever that force of nature is, she lets out of her pipes, wow, with vocals like that you can save even less strong compositions, hehe...! ;) Music, my dearest nearest fictional companion on this trip called "life", day after day I need more music, more new tunes, so I make 'em myself, best of off time hobby, that's takes me to opther dimensions, outta this litlle town, little house on the prairie and imagination and into rock music wonderland. Best of times spent playing it. Rock out! :)

Tuesday 16.10.2018 rainy morning, and some saddening news from a friend not aprreciating my choise to use her foto, but nothing I can do now to erase the past.... too bad if this blows up to full break off... wish I'd done differently, maybe, but too late to cry over spilled milk on the ground.

 Today finishing touches of this sketch of mine animated here:

hopefully getting on new illustrations and filling my days with good feelings and futuristic steps to art of mine. I don't have any good excuses to make aet just for heaven' or it's own sake, inventing deep and emotional titles full of shhh....


...it. No, gotta do what is important and meaningful and inspiring to me. Truth and reality,  spitting images, caricatures and portraits where you can identify, yourself.


As an artist I try NOT draw only my own image, that'd be selfish and not so interesting at all. Why I can't go there where the fence is lowest and brag on wild experiences, just for the sake of it...(?).



 Wishing all good ones happy day, and lotta love for every little heartbroken one.

Monday 15.10.2018 sunny morning, telephone call from old friend  whose taking the leap from monthly paid job to writer and needed advices, gave my best how to avoid most bumps on his ride to free artistry life, as we know it here in welfare stations and unemployment holes in law, ehe, just kidding you, of course we all are just good little soldiers in the army of prime minister's beef,  just meat in the street and bread in queues every week, starving for basic food. Life is hard...

 ...and then you die. I try to live another 54 years at least, have no death wish, and trying to keep the suicide as far as possible. Live, another day after day, finding any happiness from and to it. Life.


What do you really need, for life, it's up to you to choose among all, nonsense or make sense. Things we need to be happy, it may vary, some need all that money can buy...

 money honey, is that all we need?

Sunday 14.10.2018 just another warm Autumn day rising to colours and rare this time of year. 

Okey I rest my case...



 here now, having myself one day off of comics and domestic  householdings, have yourself a Autumn you want to live. Sunday best, you wear it so well!! :)

Saturday 13th of October, 2018, not sounding so notorious, ehe, as Friday 13th my lucky day to be born in this crazy world, well  it's Saturday noon, slept again wonderful 10 hours, still enjoy it, good and large amount of rest on earth, also quite happy with song number 1002 as a jazzy proge, ehe, and NEW drum rhythmn I got hold on, like some soul backbeated strating with juts hihat and bass drum. As I've told before, I bought drum set again after 20 some year hiatus, back in 2010, soon after we mover this here current house of blues and rent that's cheaper than 2 room apartment in Helllllllllllllllllllsinki, so highly recommened move you ass as far as you can from Helsinki, as soon as possible!! ;)

I Haven't been educated on drums except two lessons way back in 1977 with one late great jazz drummer Eki Valaste, in Helsinki. He gave my drum note book to learn, that wasn't very exciting and defiintely NOT best way to get inspired for 13 year old little drummer, and soon my parents divorced and I couldn't afford to take any lessons anymore,....but drumming was in my blood, and soon 1980 I was asked to replace the drummer in high school basement rehearsal room in North-Tapiola, Espoo, Funlandia and the band was named soon to "Jamming Shit" as a joke of our abilities to play....................haha!! :)

<--Thanking all the brave women in porn industry, well not the ugliest fat chicks (haha!!), but otherwise all, given you and me more than your average house wife ever will, shall, be able, willing and ready...! :) Newest recorded songs of mine as my pseudoname: Jack King Noir: 1001. Mortal Songs 10.10.2018, 1002. Bombastics 12.10.2018, 1003. Lesson To Spell 13.10.2018 So it's Autumn but heat coming from Africa to warm out north bones, before Winter hits with it's cold breeze and ice age. Have yourself fine weekend and Saturday night fever of rock'n'roll music, fuck disco and all that jive ass techno kinda stupid jerk off music! ;)

12.10.2018 Friday and I'm in love with...

 my own illustrated girls, haha, well, in love like one do adore the women of my life, not yours, mine, hahhahahaaa!!


Have a great weekend soon as we got this day done, bailando!! ;)







<--- my newest naked lady sketch, almost done, little more texture on that brown cradboar box, she sat on and it's ready for print and book which names are still open: PORNOURA PORNUORA, or Angelandevil, or both?!?






11.10.2018 Thursday morning.

Oh the old oak tree has turn to orange overnight, heh, and Autumn is here, and season of dead leaves leaving trees, soon and me I ain't leaving unless leaving for holiday in sun, of the Spain, islands might be the next glorios spot to say hi to "long lost" friend, whose not so active in Facbook as I am, damn, haven't met her for 31 years, it's a lifetime for African or Russian men, hekoheko, bad jokes right from the start of this gray day, listening David Bowie's starring LP of movie Catpeople, from year 1982, too bad it got just that only one Bowie sung song, rest is instrumentals of Giorgio Morricone, and not soi interesting to listen withot the movie in screen! ;)





 I'm still between stuff I wanna and gonna do.... decicions, hard to pick up just one thing I wanna do, all year long!! But it's illustrating that I love, not trying to be author or novelist, just rock'n'roller and comics artist and pornographic, hahahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :D




So here's my Johnny Winter LP-collection:






Just for your eyes only! Listen it on you Spotifyi if you wanna hera greatest bluesy rock'n'roll, made!!

I saw Johnny Wintr with band alive twice in Helsinki, years: 1982 and 2009, one of the best concerts I've ever been the firstone, when Johnny was playing hundred miles an hour of solos, longa nd loud, only the venue was thiose days dance banned Kultturitalo, wher bouncer bounce you back to your seat IF you even tried to dance to the beat.... but concert was great, with Jon Paris in bass and double bassdrummer, whose name I don't recall..............!

But the best concert I've ever been is still Bob Marley back in 1980 in Brighton UK!  <3

10.10.2018 Wednesday afternoon, as I slept til noon excatly, heh... feeling rested...



and ready to do whatever my heart wants and that's a perfect start for every day, selfish bout my provacy and work I wanna do, the times I've losta don't want 'em anymore, wasted years in jobs that didn't mean anything to me, but low payment monthly. I never had  a family of my own, to support, no kids, and when I got finally married at tender age of 46, my wife supported herself financially.

 Life as a poor man is hard, making choices what to eat and what to buy. But that's the price for freedom, total freedom. All I want, freedom to express and illustrate whatever I want, there's nothing much to talk over, I've only made one exception as my wife asked me not to draw porn version of ******* **** *****! Heh if you guessed right, your more magican than I am!! ;)))))

 <---photographed my LP-collection, just for fun and to reveal my past inspirations!! Here you are!! Or at least my records are!! ;)








From A to Z..Z Top, that is, memorie of good ol' days and crazy nights!!! ;)

Music the second best thing you can do.....with your pants on!! ;)

So all you boogie people, rock out with your cock out (Motörhead)!!

9.10.2018 Tuesday morning, shall be able to do something good and worth sitting in chair for whole day, than writing my songs into register of Teosto, like I did yesterday and half of Sunday.

All 732 pieces and numbers of MY own written, played, recorded and published, made public facts. Listened a great deal of those, and happy to reralize how much progression happened among the years 2010, to 2018. I know some people think I should get better recording equipment and sing more convient and easy way, and maybe even try to be hip and contemporary, BUT no fucking way, I won't do anything but the music I love, the way I want, especially as long as I am my own "record company" too!! ;) Don't get fooled by pretty words and big promises of success and the income it'll bring with........ maybe some get lucky and find big success, and make nicely with concert paychecks, but I think I want something else, like the straight forward rocking honesty and  blues, I love to play, no matter how hip it is or not!! Oh "it's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock'n'roll," (Bon Scott), I know it's true but do I have time to climb all the way.......? Only time will tell, and lady luck, please show yourself, thank you!! :)


<--- todays pencilling, done, among hangin anew light to stairways, damn it took along time and anger...ggggggrrrrrr!! :P

8.10.2018 Monday morning getting up, the old fashioned hot java system, I'm so used to. Got me thinking how long has I been drinking coffee, as it's concidered "adults drink" , here in Funlandia, so I guess it was in high school years 1979-1982 when we used to go to cafeterias as we had hours to skip from school schedule, as not all had all the same lessons. Such a fun memories with those friends and driving someone's car and smoking cigarettes outside the school fence, hiding from teachers looking eyes, hah. Ans I must admit we did smoke in the boys room, at winter. So all my old friends I wish you nothing but good. Those get togethers we do meet 5 or 10 years pace, is enormous fun and interesting to talk and laugh. Sobbing memories, *niisk*, heh, I love nostalgia, but I love reality and presence of present time. Ain't got no yearning bone to be teenager again, it wasn't time without a troubles, definitely, hah, itwas suffering and pain, fights and fears, uncertaintity and nervous love's first touches and love, all I wanted was the girl with big....

 heart and bosom, haha!!! ;) Oh those crazy days and strange nights, living the youth, not saving it, for tomorrow. Still do what I can to have myself the most interesting fun, while working on illustrations, and music, oh I recorded my 1000th song two days ago, so I must put the latest newest here:

976. Anybody Cryin' 31.7.2018

977. Not Your Average... (Homophone) 1.8.2018

978. Progeneighbours Catwalk 6.8.2018

979. Police Brutality 8.8.2018

980. Satisfaction Guaranteed 9.8.2018

981. Anywhere I Lay My Head 10.8.2018

982. Crusifix The Problem 15.8.2018 
983. Summertime's Crawling 17.8.2018
984. Let Your Fingers Do The Dancin' 19.8.2018
985. Real Bad Boys Are 23.8.2018
986. Golden Youth 27.8.2018
987. Justice For Some, Not For All 29.8.2018
988. Oh Nurse III 30.8.2018
989. Everybody's Nuts 10.9.2018
990. Not Havin' Any 13.9.2018
991. Camouflage 15.9.2018
992. Spanish Sauna Chic 17.9.2018
993. Transatlantic Affairs 18.9.2018
994. Chicas Castellañas 23.9.2018
995. Thirsty Of Life 27.9.2018
996. Bad Bad Luck Boy 30.9.2018
997. Phantasmaticos 30.9.2018
998. Native Dancer/ Heartful 1.10.2018
999. Drowning In These Thousands Of Lakes 3.10.2018

1000. Deep In Muddy Waters 6.10.2018           ...the rest of 'em earlier songs you can see in Music-section above, and hopefully soon to be listening in every little Toyota Corolla radio and CD- system!! ;)

7.10.2018 Sunday after, noon, it is waking up to Autumnly colours in the trees, listening Weezer's latest and now Tom Waits' Rain Dogs, amsterpieces, both. Waits hit me inside and hard back in 1984, as told in Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. and Weezer 2004 when I was living in the streets of Helsinki, yes I know life is hard..........

 and then you die. The evideble faith we all must fall, and leave like those last leaves off the trees, the Winter of our lives, snow on top, ageing with it's natural marks, wrinkles nad aches, pain and misery, all natural causes, all we have to do seems to change, time to reaarrange your lives, maybe, dunno if it's alright o feel like teenagers all your life(!).

 I hate to even think about death, really like to miss that all, but gotta face the facts, and not run for president, of any country. Hopefully find the peace of mind, eventually, "somewhere there's a place for us...!" (West Side Story). Until it I just walk on and on, trying to find little sanity for this crazy world!! ;)

6.10.2018 Saturday morning, oh it's noon, soon we'll be having sauna time of the week, and this here usual domestic traditions of middle aged couple, hehe...

 Oh well, haven't progressed on this pencilwork from heaven, so I post something as beautiful, instead...!


 Sky above and endless queue of naked ladies!! ;) For your pleasure only!! <3

5.10.2018 Friday morning, wet and soon leaving for getting more 3D lessons, hopefully get some done and have a plan B to draw and sketch, if all goes south and sour...


<--- lucky to be able to draw this nude, I've been planning to do for months, but never find the time, except now...


I ain't too excited to go back to schooling and sitting down for 4 hours, but this time I have to do this, cause I'm a poor bastard, hah, yes sir I can boogie woogie, and take it like a man: crying out loud like fire alarm and screaming in horror and fear, hahahahaaa!!:)

 But life is funny, it drags on no matter we do, or do not. Rather be employed with my drawings with monthly pay, but that's mission impossible right niow, as I ain't excited to do daily strips, nor weekly poltical satire (yac!!), nor kids comics nor books, where all illustrators go to cash in, get awards and be all american love child...


...funny how I'm interested only adults and good books, I still haven't found ANY reason to do or get any kinda joy for childrens books, although I've wise up not calling 'em all kid authors phedophiles, just those who are......!!! And it ain't no joke. Some things won't dissappear just by ignoring and sweeping under the rag, right?

Do the right thing not wrong! :P

4.10.2018 Thursday morning, well it's noon after 7 minutes, sleeping well, like a bear hybernating a lot, while outside it's getting colder day by day. Inside of me there's a man who wants to make it big, in public too, can I reveal I need money like next man, and everybody does...

 ...I think I have seen this poor side of life enuff. I'm ready to accept all the riches and fame fortunate for me, cause it ain't still no fun to be waiting round to be a millionaire!! ;))))


Been quite hard times here in Poverty Hills, take some skills to survive, to find food to feed your, not your my family, hah.... or to been a loner to find place to sleep, next to your back door, trash can, man I've been that man. Experiences in gutter, no milk, honey or butter, no bread, no red wine, no silver spoon, no darkside of the moon. Life, there ain't no rules nor equal starting line for us all, no equality for sexes, colours nor religions. White men still rule, black is black, eye for eye is only biblical joke, like the democrazy, really politics are the dirtiest game they play with our heads and balls. Revolution, por favor, needed, for poor and homeless man I stand and shout, anytime. Just becuase YOU got lucky, doesn't mean the poor doesn't exsist, right? Take a good hard look around, and see!!

3.10.2018 Going to x-ray my brain, oh yes I am and we'll see if they find anything....











...wrong there, well, it's the numb thumb illness examination part 4, or so, I shall return to finish this pin up babe, sitting pretty!! ;) Now just fast coffees and hopping o bike and drive to hospital! :P

Sketching away the day light and darkness, not my friend, so here' the latest news of my pin up babes, number 999!! :


Blogging finally on my art, hehehe...! :)













2.10.2018 Tuesday morning, wife's giving me domestic troubles, for things I don't see, admit or feel. Maybe it's just matter of opinion, or matter of fact and different strokes for different folks. Still it feels sad, bad and useless to fight over, our householding habits, gestures and styles, to do this everydaily stuff, rather live in peace and harmony, and never think about those matters of home improvments, but guess I have to...

 do what a man gotta do, and change for better and better working relationship, gotta be good and aim for better. Be a good boy scout, like I used to be... it's along way to Tapiolan Kelovartijat and days of innocence, so far far away the days of youth and school daze, nostalgic tears ain't running, I ain't running away, I ain't on the run, from nowhere to nowhere, road is long and serpentive no matter what, I do. I do it for you, and wish you'd see it with my eyes, my point of views, my vision for better future, and life worth living for, all I need is some moneyand some one to love,

me back.

 I go back to draw my thang... that I know is true. ... to be continued with the new states of the pin up sketch seen below....! ;)

Today's sketching model for my pin up-book coming up...








....like it suppose to get up!! :)









1.10.2018 Monday morning, and after good long nightsleep, feeling quite fresh to start new experiences in land of illustrations and adventures of Super-Mujer, nani Cowgirl or Golden Youth part 4. Time is the only limit we have here, abilities and experiences we can have limitless boudaries, space age babies, we have no borders and district where we're ONLY suppose to be, live, work, play and stay, sweet freedom........

... all we have is too much. Saving the planet seems to be the problem for many, with kids whom they wanna save all, and take it from my back, why should I be good little schoolboy and do all "they" the system wants, after all we always end up on the struggle and fight against capitalista nd us poor people who're being abused, any which way they can, so it's time for communist revolution, again! Let's repais teh wrong, limits who own and why all, why do you accept all they shovel on your throat, just asking?

Answers to P.O.313 Ducksburg 30100, Funlandia, remeber to include the stamp to my answering letter, haha!! And then gimme all your money, honey!! :D

30.9.2018 Sunday morning, what a gray, wet, cold Autumnly day,  just a little light and looks like the nature's getting ready to hybernite all winterlong, and no, it's not beautiful sight see all rot, turn brown, mud, wet and die. I wonder who and why love the season like this, masocists or blind, or mushroom nuts? Too bad I ain't none of 'em, hah, nor a Finnish feamle comix artist who dwell on misery, misfortunes and pain and bad luck, they're to blame, none but 'emselves, but let's be blind and not see ourselves in the mirrow, in the past tense, all was fault of parents, teachers, schooltime partners and pupils, bosses, amd of course fathers, sins you carry on, til the end. Oh, and if yoy no one to blam, blame me, I might be ther reason and guilty to all your troubles and worries, cause I'm so bad, evil, cruel, stupid, nasty and way too straight to tell YOU what I see, feel and respect...


.. and it ain't nuthing you can do to stop me being honest, jack. If you got realities you think can change my mind, please do tell me, face to face, if you're man enuff, I'm ready to talk about everything, only question is : are you???

Oh, how Finnish society and fashion has changed since 1970's, when men were men and boats were wood, ehe, nowadays all pussywhipped losers are in TV, all 20 celebriteis playing in their stupid TV-shows, peopel are you so bored, you need the cheapest and dullest quizz wizz game shows, that must be the circus part of old Roman strategy, bread provided in lomg and sad lines of poor, boring ready made vacation in Canary Island, that's still the most popular holiday spot abroad, for us Finns, we're no vikings, we're are scared little girls of a nation, too bad........................... but I'm starting to feel like I did on early 1980's, I should go and live somewhere else than THIS, her Funlandia wher there is so little,

fun, or art I value, people I like, etc.  Am I too old to move on, dunno, maybe I'm just all the same loser, like you are too.......! :/

29.9.2018 Saturday morning, finally got printed the english translation for Spanis Sauna Trip, and send 'em to Spain and Canada, soon Japan and Italy also. My international friends and kollegas round this planet. So I think I got hustled on print job here in Forzza Funlandia, not at Estonia, where I've been treated better than here, ever....

 ...so I made my first reclamation/ get it right and don't bill me whatever, just because you're greedy and work for bigger companies, that don't mean you're stronger than me, you're just bigger than me. (Jonathan Richman based wisedom).

 So fuck you all who treat your minors wrong, and capitalists who use your postion being richer to enslave us poor people. It's always time for revolution, and never give up for assholes or politics, all the same, jelly bean brain...(Ramones), oh I could say all my sentencies with rock lyrics, if needed! HAHA!! :)


well, Saturday morning and weather is getting colder day by day, nights there alraedy first snow in Lappland, damn, no need to rush teh Winter, although the Summer was hot...

 ..........ter than ever, suited me fine, never complaine about TOO hot weather in Finlandia, never, as IT always shall be got even the next wintertime, snow and ice, the Finnish paradise, hah... yeah, let's all start the tourism shops and travel agencies and spent our valuable lives on nuthing, does it matters where you got your wages? seems liek may don't give a shit, working for the someonelse's dreams, but not me. I shall stay my own boss, and work if I want to...................o! ;)

28.9.2018 Goor morning little schoolgirl, you know I'm a little schoolboy too...

 at least for today I am, getting known with 3D printing's secrets and adventures, quite excited to see how it goes, wish me luck and I'll wish you a great weekened too!!

Bailando!! :)

27.9.2018 Thursday morning, 

days go by so fast, doing all chores that I've postponed from last X-mas, like reorganize my comic book library shelfs, well "luckily" it ain't too huge task, but did get pain in my lower back with all the lifting and bad positions and overall lifting heavy books, and hoovering them, oh and the moss I found behind it force me to wash it and paint it over, again. Gotta be more careful with it, and cleanit and removeved more regular bases...

 ... hopefully get interested in drawing soon, and get my thumb working again like it was and normalize my life. Well, stll waiting for my big breakthrough, that should be coming anytime soon, conquer the small planet with my comics and illustrations of naked ladies, like you never expected this................................................................................haha!! :D

Crazy plans for different kinda comics too: Super-Mujer, Lil' Nani and Black Rose Of Texas, Sweet Revenge... and if nuthing else really works and gets my mojo working, I can always fall back in next Spanish Sauna Trip............ part 2. aka Blues de Carcel Española!!! :)

And that's heavy stuff, I promise to you! Never ever seen in these smallminded Finnish comics "royalty" babies, hehe.....

....just you wait 3 years, while I work it out and spill it front of you, shadiest deals and craziest females and me, I'm Robin Hood and communist, gone by now, all this material world and earthly flat interests of TV lalaa land, which Finland has become too, too bad, too sad, too everything............. but reality and life, extraordinary..........how everybody wants to be public celebrity and make a million dollars, in a week, what can I do?

I can draw my life, just for you. All you have to do is buy and read it, very easy, wasn't the discrebed and titled, my life was hard.

26.9.2018 Wednesday morning!! I'm going to laboratory and nerve examination tests...


25.9.2018 Tuesday morning, finally up before noon, trying to get back in daily rhythm of staying awake most of yhe light of the sun, and to do all I want to. Having days off ain't fitting me at all, unless having something else nice to do, and wasting time ain't that  what I love.

Oh well, maybeeeeeeeeeeee, I just need more free time, of off of all workrelated thangs, to be sharp and inspired again... well, hopefully this album makes it purposed success and currency wise, make me a millionaire at least, muahhahahaa!! ;)

Ain't no fun waitin' round to be a...

millionaire (AC/DC and Bon Scott, 1977)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

24.9.2018 Monday Monday, starter of the week, time to seek, new stuff to meet, life to greet, double the heartbeat, wlak the street, harvest the wheat, happy hopping feet, into the new, my colour is always blue, my heart is true, like you never knew, life, most important thing to do, is to breath and wake up, to see the lies this governmental and advertiser try to force feed you, circus and bread, but nevermind the bread, give us the circus all night every night in TV spotlight. Celebrities small circle prodcasting quizz wizz show in all 79 channels, life's gone to bad Bruce Springsteen song! :/


But hey, as long as you have your monthly wage, coming on your wealthy bank acconut, don't mind to rage, it's only your life , time and money they take. Got no time for fake, gotta lotta walls to break, got abeef and stake with this world, leaders missing the point, making you average joe, it's time for slow growth and businesses where you don't have to have busy at all, aiming for high quality and staying powers and long lasting work and schooling, learn yourself a new language from the heart, not from your bank account! :)

Revolution time, all the time, people should have the power, not just a vote in every 4 or 6 year!! Damn. Wake up call!!

23.9.2018 Sunday afternoon, I'm up and going happy, cause got a extra order for my comix books, from this here natinalknown rapper, he's digging my illustrations and taht make me very satisfyied, mentally, hopefully not going nuts, anymore, ever... heh, but can't be sure, like anyone ever gone far and beyond the reasons and curtains of sanity. Was it enuff contradictory explanation, hehe...

 Don't want to spill my beans over you, gather my lost marbels, tell what my shrink thinks of me, that's YOUR and mine own business and your life to reveal your dirty laundry to your neighbours, right?



People suppose to be different from one of each other, so why do these capitalists want me to think and feel like they do, it does not make any sense, to me, be like everybody else. Be a punk, be a rockabilly rebel, be a proge hippie, be what ever you wanna be, and young man go to west!!! ;)

Todau wear your Sunday best, like my Playboy model does up above, here!!!!! ;)

22.9.2018 Saturday morning, and just got great and sensitive feedback from one of th most famous musician of Finland, on my first Golden Youth/Kultainen Nuoruus-book. Big thanks to him..... ain't namedropping here, yet, haha. So it's Saturday and sauna tonight as usual. Stay clean, stay mean, stay lean, and stay whatever you want to.....

 ...taking it easy beasy, japanese! Watched (partly) last night again, the mighty Shawshank Redemption in TV, just one of those BIG movies and stories you can watch as many times you want and not get bored, best of prisonbreak movies ever!! ;)

So get your hammers and hacks and start digging!!  One day you'll be free, too to do whatever you want!! ;)

Have yourselves a merry weekend!! Trying to enjoy life without anycommitments, hah...! Oh sweet freedom,

of choice, for every one. Right?

21.9.2018 Friday morning, wet and cold weather is like the bridemaid, haha....

well, things develope pushing the envelope, trying to get a grip and hold on something worthwhile, to do. Spend my time on something important and valuable, for me. Definately selfish with my decisions and things I wanna do. Can't complain much, or CAN, but won't do it, haha, in public. The disappearence of common  pubic hair is devastated and vanished culture, which origin and came from porn industry, as so many other fashions do, did, shall come, tattoos and piercings just to name some.  

 Oh fashion, I have so little do with or interest in on it. Who'd wanna be like all the other guys you see ( little loan from Ramones lyrics...), except the jerk off like Hynynen, Ylppö  and other Finnish heavy metal middle aged men, who think(?) that wearing the heavy men uniform is unique, hah. Being just like the others in your genre, all black or camouflage and tats and wallet chain, haha, afraid of someone steal your dear wallet, with your pictures of daughters and platinum visacard?!? ;)))))


 <--- one of my best recordings  here, few years ago. Full double album of Muddy's greatest songs!! :)


Individuality and being the only one, is hard and many times evil, to be misunderstood, ain't no fun, I know, but can't be like all the rest, no matter how much I try, well it's easy to wear clothes like all the others do, and we're back in the dilemma Ramones sang 40 yeras ago. Listen the ones who came before you, my only advice, hah..... well, I got very short span on remembering stuff..........................! As you might have read here, before!! :DS

20.9.2018 Thursday, actionpacked day ahead, so I'll stroll on and trying to NOT to do anything utterly distantly  reminding of "working", my mojo's working but gotta find the next important ida to fulfill...

 ...oh, I got my backup drawings on naked ladies, to do, all year, every year, to release the wicked erotic Angelandevil album, soon..


....one of these years!! ;)

Mirrow mirrow on the wall, tell me whose the fairest of us all????? Now getting known on 3D modeling machine, yeah soon there'll ne Nani statues for you to have and hold!!! ;) If all goes well, that'll be next week, living interesting times, again...! ;)

19.9.2018 Wednesday morning, slept some good 9 hours, and starting to enjoy the fruits and free time after publication affairs done, mostly so far so good. Hoping little more national exposure andrecognition, before conquering the rest of Europe, Japan and America south!! ;) 

Oh well,  I am having the time of my life, every night I can make music, after daily drawings, not needing much, but that sweet freedom, and no before I repeat myself too much, haha... hasta luego mi amores!

<-- " I lost my keys under the steps, darn..."!! ;) 

...she said! :)

18.9.2018 Tuesday morning, waking up and having me actiofree day for very long time, the image in the mirrow tells em to stop eating candy and chocolate, late at night, and start to taking care of my health, maybe losing extra heavy weight, too... making no strick future plans, just need to get in shape and enjoy life at full, and wearing all the cool t-shirts and jeans I've already bought for the slimmer fit me, hah. believing I CAN make the difference, be thinner like the year before when I lost 18 kg, just like that on few months, BUT, why didn't I managed to kept myself on  it, is the real question...

 ...you are dying for, to hear how my diet is advancing and going on again, haha,..........................oh, well, life is so much more than what some comics artist make believe, in their books, at least MY life is more than some silly little girl's mental health issues, no names named, but check out the Spanish Sauna Trip's b(l)ack list at the end, the notorious "no thanks you's" list, muahhahhaa, That I finally got courage and time to put there, hurt me and I promise to get even, get over it and continue the life and times of.... myself, the guy I knew the best! Been in "his" trousers the most of my life, and rememeber 54 is more than 32, right?!? :D Talking myself in third persona like motherhubbing Julius Ceasar, ahhahahahaaaaaa!!! You too my Brutus!?!

So after all...wishing YOU merry Autumn, with all leaves coloured from the nature palett, although the Fall/Autumn is my very least favourite season of the year,

it's cool, it's alright, it's part of the bigger circle, of life, the very best, while alive. Hasta mañana!    Mi amor.

17.9.2018 Monday morn... afternoon, sleeping good for goodness sake! And bookselling stuff immediately, yeah, baby, it's like printing money, printing comix books, muahhahahaa.............. or not! Just wanna get even, and get over, traumas , dramas, romances and theraphy session in illustrated form and picture(s) that tells more, than thousand words. Gotta believe in something, so why not believing yourself, myself, herself, 'emselves...?

Just asking, without answering, you are, here in my candyland and diary of a mad amd man from Hell's fire and Forssa city limits!! ;)


 So new week with new ideas for next comics album is starting to christallise in my brain, it may be the Super-Mujer that'll I do or Nani Fifth, or something else Feeling good with choices unlimited, only time and place, and inspiration and talent well used, that matters and limits, a little, but freedom, all I need for life, total dreedom of choose and love to do "it", in comics for adults, I beleieve there's a million lonely souls starving for grown up comics, so just you wait!!! :)   

16.9.2018 Sunday morning, sleeping good after sauna and made asong number 114 for this year. Started to read Kari Peitsamo (biographical) book, he has some 870 songs done and published, so he's still a like 100 ahead of mine 744 self written, but to my defence I must say: I record all the instrument by myself, not just guitar and vocals, heh. Kari peitsamo I dig from the very first single "Kauppaopiston Naiset", which was aminor hit on radio too, and pure Suomirock classic today. Simplicity and weird intellectualism might be he's best descriptions and values, but he's doen so many different styles and genres, mostly them all are in Kari Peitsamo-genre. And that's always well enuff achievement, in rock world, full of lame imitations and fashionistas in their heavy metal camuflage traosers and guitar paints, hehe....

 ...oh well, trying my best to just lazying on Sunday morning, noon,afternoon, evening and night, relaxation and resting on my laurels, muahhahahaaa...  my thumb is still sore and hurting, but I just do what I wanna. Lil pain never stopped me, little masokist inside me enjoys hard work, heavy  jobs and difficult and challenging illustrations, so I might get lost in naked ladyland, for awhile again, to get inspired and create more for my upcoming pin-up book: POR NUORA/PORNOURA........



<---Pages 71/104 state of translation in process, to English, soon available copies with extra sheets for your ultimate pleasure, just and only  from me!!!




....oh well, I have few more sexy and genius (working)titles for collections of my nudes, to claim the worldwide interestand fame... this year I've given myself a time and place to do different stuff in art, and having the neede break out off comics books, and continue ONLY when feel like it, so I'm a sensitive as fuck, human being, and having the proviledge to CHOOSE my work, time and force spend on it and chozen weekdays, love the life you live, live the way you want. Work anyhow anyway you love, that's the ideal many of you can't do, suffering quietly in your job, BUT getting the monthly payment, that's a big bonus, doing any shitty job... I know cause I've been there years 1982-1993. And taht was enuff for me in "real job" your mother value and accept, hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy jack tramp walking to sunrise!! ;)

15.9.2018 Saturday afternoon, this here boy slept til noon, and after, heh, is this becong my sleeping diary, maybeee... who knows where we end, what I shall do tomorrow? Oh I am flowing in the wind, swimming upstream, swinging in Londres, jiving in Nueva York, bessy and pork, road and the fork, bottle and the cork, genious and teh dork, poet with moet, as usual drunk as sailor, keys off the jailor, scissors of the tailor, philthy animal taylor, all memories, all connections, all whatever in the landscape of a man. Amen.

 Sprituality, equality, fraternity, povertinity, life alive. And the next world, next tomorrowland, next winterlong waiting for Spring. Getting ready for rozen earth and ice on the streets, snow in naked trees! Life, best alive. Hah, guess you might heard this one before???

Making up new stuff, jokes, on the spot, that's my speciality, amking people laugh, living the moment, not writing down stand up jokes for jerks................... well, we all do what we can, will, want... eeer, have to, man's burden in the paradise, and nevö forget snakes in the grass, carrying the name of your best friend's friend!! And those ex-girlfriend you left so long time ago, do you think thet ever forget or forgive the one who let 'em?!? Hah.......!! ;)

Alright, now I'm just beginning to making this up, pulling yer leg, sweet and long!! ;) ))))))))))))))))))))

14.9.2018 Friday 14th of September,ain't sounding so notorious as Friday 13th,

hah, supestitious voodoo mojo man, I am, but sometimes life is just unexplainable and magical, moments of history, important to 'em concider it valuable. 

 I do think about art and it's essence, alot, while I try to do my best, in every line, every stroke, every picture, best of the best and progress: faster, affectiver, wilder, stronger, to teh pointer, revealer, exxxposer, lovelier, prettier  and better. Can't just sit down and wait to see progress doing nothing more than usual. I can't see no limits in art, and developing yourself. It's all in your hands and the workload you put on it, sometimes we do not get nowhere, soon, but in a long run, as they say, we conquer new territories, new landscape, new world.... an not single nazi around. Nor rock-police, nevermind the comics nerd-police scared of their own shadow, and me. I do the bad boy boogie..................................................................................... over town to salute the Bon Scott! <3

Ride on!

13.9.2018 Yesterday's news today at newspaper stands...          my newest interview! Thanks Noora!!--->



















  Thursday morning, day after my first enjoyable trip to police station, did what I have to have soem justice and human rights, but won't be able to tell here in public what it was, but this leads you to the tracks...


..."lucky" to be the witness , not the accused one, once in a lifetime,


no....this the second time, the one before, back in 2009 police did NUTHING, but said:"Listen buster, there's people threatned to kill everyday in Helsinki, so you been just threaten to beat to hospital, and just with violence, we can't/won't do athing". And few weeks later I moved on and off the fucking asshole cruelty of Helsinki city, for good and for better life, here in Forzza city, I love and have no real enemies, in my daily routines. Life can get better with changing place, work, wife and all those things that means a lot to..........you,

like it did to me. *Knock on wood* 

Lucky thirteen and black cat bone, johnny conqaroo, mojo tooooooooooooooooools......!


 But it wasn't wasted trip as I did found and bought few nice second hand store CDees,

....and got to talk with old childhood friend after some 4½ years or so.... time flew and we made future scheems to get together eat and talk all, those old time good stuff, and sad of todays, contemporary relationships built back 70's, life just got in way. Oh friends are best when met briefly and not too often, hahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! :)

  So I'll continue and try to finish my translation ASAP, and then my friends in Spain watch out you post man has something good for you!! ;)    Time of my life, this diary is full of it, but not like some of us I ain't full of...

shit, muahhahahahaaa!!! :D

12.9.2018 Wednesday, travel day to Helsinki ...

and back. Have love will travel!! ;) Back soon.....................................................................!!!!!! :)

11.9.2018 Tuesday morning 11.11 o'clock, eleventh hour of our love to earth, to wake up. Small people can do only small stuff, small amount of change, happening all around the globe trotters trollers midnight callers high ballers, can only change the little environment WE live, rest is up to leaders in govern-mental states and the few rich who control (our) financial stuff, where it's build and what cost! Don't answer me, answer to global nature's call, save it,

...for later, money men you got the power to save the rain forests, shave the Wales, make a difference with you actions behalf of good and long lasting development, okey, enuff of that stuff,  just wanna cry for nature and freedom, to me it means MAYBE different thangs than to you, but while we still live here in this blue planet, we need to take care of our living standards and human rights, ridiculed so many times, so many lies, and presidental dental politics, smile and laugh on it. Solve none, just take all you can, and be..................... nasty capitalist, master of your own little world, center your family members and coworkers and fellow countryman, and that's it...?

 That's shit. Take care of us all, how can you say you've done all you can, but still there's kids in starvation, nations in war, kids with machine guns and no education, terror and horror our daily breakfast cerials, snap, crackle and pop..... up restaurants and luxury items, holidays and people in different stair of life, indian silly kasts, different strokes for different folks,

poor men. How can you live with yourselves?




 .......And when do the cows really come back home??? ;)

10.9.2018 Monday morning mon dieu, mon ami, mon amour, best day of the week to start doing or having just off time, and lay low, taking it E-Z, like an rider of the motorbike crossing desert that seems to have no end, no closure, no full stop in fool's life, just riding on, sunset leads to next sunrise.

 World is turning, spinning like it does, we're just little leaves in the Autmun trees, changing colours, exchanging ideas, still in the same wheel we run like guinea pigs, litlle hamsters collcting nuts for winter like a squirrel, and like squirrel forgetting where we put what, for life. No easy way out, not that I was looking for it, hah, looking for manna from heaven and gold at the end of the rainbow's. Tales for kids, whizz kids, whiskey slits skids, bullpits all that fits, must go. And I'm a loose cannon ball man....

 and just like that I wrote next song lyric: A Loose Cannon Ball Man ( no strings attached to Cannonball though...!) :) Recovering from the two year buzz and steam of conciousness, I put myself with my lates book(s), you should read 'em all:


9.9.2018 Sunday morning, waking up with aching back, result of brand new and hard matress, auch, but maybe it's better when got used to, maybe it helps with my back problem and numb thumb, oh well, physical graffiti and illustarted man, I am.

Today rest in piece..........of music wonderland: Tom wiats: Orpans, Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastard, like we are!!

Beauties with beasts, lovers with haters, men with women, human kind please be kind............................................................er!!!! :) Sleep with ease off your worry mind. And let me be what I was born to do,

love with sharp pencils, to draw the line, there where it should be. Sun day. Once more before the Autumn leaves, yellow and orange, crazy colours of the trees, hopefully please you, too.  Towards better times, always aiming higher and better, except today we juts sleep!! ;)

8.9.2018 Saturday morning and feeling rested, but tired, indulging first cup of java, special mixture of my own handpicked ehe, coffee brands to get taste of hot paradise of coffee satisfaction.  It's matter os taste over all, you do, eat, drink, play, watch, buy, sell, tell, kill, live for. Desires and dreams not bound on reality, perhaps I'm floating in the air, like a escaped balloon, full of hot air, too. When I dream of worldwide superstar-success to capitalize and come true, and not go wrong and south. I'm dreaming to have a holiday in Spain, again, soon, this year............................................

...or next, you never know what happens, when you win a lottery of comics books markets, international and universal, dreams. Gotta have something to believe in, future might be just right, and just behind the next corner might be waiting your lady luck,

saving me from all jerk offending comics flock of seagulls, stealing your bread and butter, right from your arms, attack you when you least expected it, just aflock of seagulls scraming at you behibnd your back, and shitting on you far far away in their hide out and high flying dirty wings and feathers just falling on my path, til I can afford a shield and shelter, from shit storm off of seagulls of Finnish comics "royalty", hah. Royalty my ass, and laughing all teh way to bank, stolen mine jokes and ideas, so now try to steal my life, and story autobiographical, Spanish Sauna Trip, conquers all, my love.

 Love, is all I need, to live with my lovely life and wife. A week later on we'll be together 13 years! The longest I've ever been with one woman, including my years with mother as a kid, she left when I was just 13, middle or beginning of teenager anger and  rage, and growing up with blind father, as you've ALL read in Kultainen Nuoruus albums, or if you haven't then read 'em all now!!!

13 the magic number...



of my birthday, Friday 13th. December 1963.

7.9.2018 Friday morning, getting up earlier, and finally on state of mind: now, what next? As all is done, the workload of 2 hard and long years completed with great acception of book with 104 pages, like seen never before in Finnish comics, and that's for sure. What do I want to show and tell is love, in it's all stages developments from schoolboy crush, tears of the loner, adult realtionships and power of love, falling in again, falling easy but not for every one, memory doesn't serve me right, always, that's why it's good to have diarys or other written of photographic evidences, for the court and courting, girls, girls, girls....... oh yeeah!!!

 Been so lucky with love, quality over quantity, as in all my actions and affairs, I do prefer, good is well enuff to pay and bad and ugly won't be accepted free, principles and affections. Life's full of surprises, too bad it shall end, and these days we get the sad news in juts few short minutes or hours! Burt Reynolds RIP/DEP. Trying to see the good sides and bright sites, in all.... except assholes in Finnish comics scene, haha...

... do I care what all these jerks and nerds of childish piece of mind, think about me?!?

Well....................................................................................................................................................................................Guess again, baby! :)


Thursday morning, gave the very first interview of and on Spanish Sauna Trip, as told briefly yesterday, public next week's magazine! Just wait and see, as this hardest comics book shall take over this planet and universum of cool comix readers, just waiting for salvation from all the female mental health whining stories about their silly little things, over exxxxagarate all their tiny cathastrophies, and good ol' boys comics are just retro shit. Ain't got no time or interest ANOTHER poor young and mostly innocent lesbian finding her sex-uality, OMG, and these hard ass feminist comics, oh boy, how MANY have I heard this, well too many times, and is that all you got?

Screwballed little schoolgirl, all grown up mental case, oh join the line with all emmi valvees and suckers, brownosing HS and your ass!!! :D

 Just kidding, I wouldn't never ever joke on someone else's mental health issues, unless they try to force ffed me and shovel it dowm my throat, and are too blind too see the level of their "art".... well it's hard to see if your head up your own ass, like this contemporary female "star comics artists" whose names are too long to be written here, and I ain't got no time for losers like that,... mouhhahhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Sorry ass, hurt in schoolyard for being ugly duckling, is that what you bring with you, can't lose your blues? Wanna answers of the troubled mind.....?



<--- one crazy wild one basc beret premiere, since 1986!! ;)



 Go see the doctor, shrink, sh´rek, shaman, voodoo priest, fortune teller, your momma or get over it, baby.

Oh I'll try to stay busy with consuming my greatest book to other comics  critics, national newspapers and magazines! PR week, havion hiogh hopes with this one, itäs best of what I've done, until next come along, and that's gonna be wildest book of true stories, ever in Finnish comics, so whadda ya say, when it hiots you like a freight train and tons of metal?

 More, more more like a rebel yell, .............................oh here you are!! ;)

Dinner of garphic novelties  is served for your novel hungry heads! The only GOOD book  you NEED this year, in net shop on your mobile phone, buy,buy,buy!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

5.9.2018 Morning turn to noon, and I'm having my first Spanish Sauna Trip interview soon...

see you later! Meanwhile you can admire my purcheses from festival, and beyond... brand new LP from my favourite modern ska music band Sky Dee and the Demons!! ;)

4.9.2018 Eleven  o'clock date with unemployment stuff officer soon and later, trip to post office, sending comix around the world, farest to Canada, and later on Japan. The other side of the world, sleeping while we're up and going, places tarces faces phases, comics that make me laugh and jokes that inspire, among us many liars, many spies, gray skies and work, black market babies,a nad I'm one of 'em, crazy from the heat, jumping with blues beat, get you off your seat, bring you tricks no treat, dance til your feet, can't take it anymore, happy with the score, girls next door, laying down on the floor, waiting for photgrapher's attencion, waht they really get is beyond mention, what do I do for mental satisfaction, is my and only mine, business. You do whatever you wanna do, life's simple when you think it over, again. all you have to do is keep on breathing, and living in on this planet of blue(s). Advices from devil's advocat, might not lead you excatly where you aimed...

 sell your soul to, rock'nroll! the only religion you really need!! ;)

 So here I am on the years, having my best of times, alive and well,

 you can never tell how it's gonna be...

 tomorrow never knows. Keep on rocking! Like there's no tommorrow, mght suit you when you're 22, and not 54!! ;)

3.9.2018 Monday morning, day after Hellsinki comics festivals, finally got my 10 hour sleep. But festivals went nice. No extra added drama, especially on my behalf, hah. Just selling stuff like bread and butter, for every innocent bystander and walker, can't be else that satisfied, good luck might finally found me address and life, wouldn't be any second too early!! ;)

 Now starting fast my slow vacational period, which of course means, doing all days WHATEVER............. I please and want, heh, well that goes almost all my activities her on planet earth, nights with crazy dreams and weird nightmares, I can handle when waking up on anew day, with all new possibilities and opportunities, earth, flat or round, here I come like a hurry-cane!! ;)

 People say, I'm carzy, people say I'm evil, people all sort of nasty shit, but hey, ONLY me know what I've done, and what I'm all about, and life, precious as long as we can have. Lose no day you can have happiness, love and care,

 among really evil, arrogant and jealous mindes,

 I'm a white pure angel, hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!

I never hurt no one, physically, and won't accept any stupid jive assing violent cruelty from anyone. I've made my bed, I sleep on it, regrets I'll leave to Edith Piaf's next to kin and holders of her profits relatives, be sorry if you feel so, be king if that's what keeps you up, love what you, and life. Really, good advices are more expensive that gold. So, take it from me,

it's free and satisfaction guaranteed!! ;)




See you,

if you don't go blind before  it!!


31.8.2018 Friday oh whole lotta excersice lifting books in 30 pack, almost 15 kilos in one cardboard box  of new stuff, smelling heavily to fresh print ink, but had to be stroraged and sold, really happy with preorders numbers, but eager to sell a lotta more tommorrow at Helsinki comic festival, so all you good people come over and see me in PeneLopez- table...








but now I must run to local news papers press before they close, see you soon!! :)

Later on same day: Newspapers loaded with best and infamous, notorious comixxx, silvou p'lait! Get yours, get off, get on, go down, and read all about it!! <3  And rememeber: Love conquers all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hasta pronto, mi amor!

30.8.2018 Thursday and just woke up to phone call, my books are here within ½ hour! Great, the final finish line and just in time to get ready for weeken's festival, Helsinki here I come!!! ;)

Got myself sleeping arrengment too, and maybe in the end, life wins. Just this weekend and I'm ready for party time and Summervacation in September, whatever, it's my 25th pro party as illustartor and artist free!! Come see me in Helsinki!!! Now I goitta send all the preorders and get all extra advert stuff for Helsinki too!!! Okey bailando!! :)

29.8.2018 Wednesday morning, started translating the Spanish Sauna Trip, and done 28 first pages, as I dream to get it rerady before festivals and Saturday. Oh, gotta have it printed fast in library's machine also, if possible. Well, most important IS that my book has left the print house and it's on it's way to here, yeah! Can't complain no preorders either, as then seems to grow and multipile, if I wasn't so humble I'd say this might be the "publication of the Autumn in comix art Finlandese", but as I am down to earth and not fancy any scientologic fiction, let the numbers and critics make it big, as it should be. Ain't nobody in Finland doing what I do, in comics or artistic nude illustration, and that's unique, ain't it ?

 Hah, I could quote Lemmy and Bon Scott for all my talk and ideas, cause they are my brothers in arms, and in life extraordinary worth to write and draw 666 pages, at least, heh... well, seems like I got rent car for Hellsinki trip, so everything gonna be...

  (<---- Hondarribia/Fuenterrabia Pays Basco, Bordeline town of France and Spain. Azken Portu-restaurant where I spent some wild and crazy night in the Summer of...........1986!! Sweet memories you can read all about in Spanish Sauna Trip (PeneLopez 2018). ) Do you remember where you where in Summer of '86?!? ;)

......allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright! Oh, yes I know! Listen the best blues song ever: Muddy Waters' Mannish Boy, and listen carefully, understand how this blues man feel and sing, blues my best friend, never let me down............ ! Let's go towards the good times, fuck all assholes that made this trip called "life" hard and uneasy, painful and struggle for rights and equality, 

but love is still the best answer to solve problems, and time to learn from mistakes, not to repeat 'em, eternally, more amor, amen, man. See you out there in festivals of life and streets that have no names.... oh but that's in next album, which name is ***** ** ****** *********!!! :) Can't wait to get my fingers dirty with it, and the crazeeeeeeeeee yaer of 1987!!! :D

28.8.2018 Tuesday noon, hah, this here continueing saga os sleepy sleeper's last rests of the Summertime, lack of sleep drives aman insane, so I'm glad to having every other night these more than 10 hours good long sleep, ain't this most interesting thing you can read..,      after the texts in cerial snap crackle pop box's back, hah!?!

 Little backlashes and wrong timings, but still believing I'm gonna make it to Helsinki Comix festivals, one way or another, in the worst scenario: I'll pack myself in early bus and take taxi with ALL my books and necessary decoration and advert material, huh, that'll be the least fun part, BUT, I'll see you in Helsinki next Saturday in Kattilahalli, don't you forget it!!! Promise aadventure of a lifetime in Spanis Sauna Trip!!!


<-- First version of the back cover art and texts....


that was replaced with the real one, later on and today should be all the proper cutting and packaging, done in my favourite print house...

so people we are living  on the edge, times are suspensed and crazy, and with this book it'll be just one degree...






...CRAZIER!!!! :) Going nuts, insane, bonkers, bimbo, vegetable andmad over.... girl...........s, I love you all. Wishing you all well, wherever you are, baby. Let's make this trip called "life"the best we can, love every woman, man and child, the best of our abilities and strength.

27.8.2018 Monday morning, sun shining and me waiting patiently for my album arrive on truck from Tallinn. Excitement and suspense story of one kind this one too, heh, well rather not have this fear of books coming in time, but I got nerves os steel and cow's, hah. Taking it easy as I can, maybe I need some new stuff to occupy my mind...

 ...like starting to translate the Spanis album in English, first and leaving the Spanish translation to professionals, my spanish is still very shaky and undeveloped, but I pronounce it pretty well, for foreigner, AND I'm already thinking about NEXT comics album to draw, so many funny, dramatic, heartbreaking, exciting memories to capture and tell it all, likeit WAS. Truth I do find interesting, not kids fairy tales,a nd educational comics for children, puke on it. As 54 year old heterosexual, I don't HAVE any reason for me to read or get excited on kids comics, UNLESS them are for adults too, like Asterixs, Lucky Lukes or in films the great animations of Kung Fu Panda and Madagasgar can be, but in comics it's very rare to find NEW artist who can make the story interesting and fun for both, adults and kids.

 Kids are funny that way, that they do tend to grow up, and start to get interested in adults books, entertainment and life, I know I did, teenagers alla around the world, all wanna be older than they are. Making your 7their first moves and actions in battlefield of love and crushes, heartbrakes, maybe cheating, achieving new strong emotions, oh, I got some tales for my childhood book too, in store, in me sleeves too, so I'm planning to do at least two more books autobiographical and true. Perhaps some Nani Cowgirl adventures and other books between these two main event books, but life shall show me which way this piece of wood shall sail in the flow and stream of time and love, where you never know, tomorrow,

and that's just right and OK, with me! ;)

26.8.2018 Sunday afternoon, did my lacks of sleeping again with more than 10 hours good one. Brain thanks me, body too, my physical condition is and was ruined by too much sitting down on chairs of studios of art or music, but I had my task to fulfill and my book to be finished, so everything else came second, not the best of thangs to do considering a 54 yera old man with serious overweight, problem is I Like too much candy and chocolate late at night, just before going to sleep I indulge and feed my sugar tooth, nam nam....

        <--- newest of Best of My Recollection (of Blues) by Jack "KIng" Noir (aka myself!).

........hah, well most of us good men have some vice, I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke anykinda "funny" of tobacco cigarettes (anymore), don't cheat or sleep around (like I used to, too!!) and I) don't lie..........very often, but if necessary a little white lies, I can do my share of kidding you, hehe, never trust a man who says HE don't ever lie!! :)

 Have yourself a great Sunday, and rest in peace; where ever you are, baby.

25.8.2018 Saturday morning,waking up early for a change, it's propably last warm Summer days, as it's only week left, this heat wavest Summer in Funlandia for ever. been. Taking it easy still and already packing and planned how much and many books shall I bring for sales, in Helsinki, as I never wanna be in situation as sold out all my books available, when public wants more, can't be selling 'em: " Not having any"! Leave it to big publication companies arrogants and jerk offs, who think they have it all figures out, cause they make lists and quires which is selling now and is in fashion, hah, follow the fashion and you're always late, what is hip.... heh, well I do remember how the jeans and teenager fashion was 1 year late in northern parts of this fine and long tall Finland, way back, back in 90's, times before net and facebook, were different.

 Our comparahensive of WHAT was good time is so individual experience, you can't say what was really good times, except FOR YOU self, selfishness of all, junkies and drunks especially, and the obliviona and missing yeras on loss of high times, is sad. I wrote a song about it too: "Times They're A-Changing, But They Are Not A-Changing Fast Enuff!!" Hah, just made also two best of CDees, one with covers  and another with my own written and performed songs covering (sic) the years 2013-2018. Six years of life in songs, variety of blues, rock and jazz, guaranteed to shaken your ass, with style, class an energy and will power of oneand only Jack "King" Noir!!!! See and hear you in festivals!! ;)

24.8.2018 Friday morning, slept til noon, I'm beginning to think, I really had some rest and sleep due, lack of rest, although I didi take my time in sun tan area, over those good heat wave weeks, well, maybe that increase lil more stress to get my book in time, ready and printed. If you're bored with me repeating THSI booktalk, you best remember THIS is the most inportant thing within two years in my life and 25 years of comix artist career, jubileum publication for 25th anniversary!! I'm used to  get sick and catch a flu JUST when some impostant job or period is done and executed, my body reacts like it's allowed to get ill and force me to rest and be like zombie... walking dead-ly, like swinging the last leaf in a tree, before Winter breeze overcoming, covering us asse(t)s with ice age for next ½ of the year, yes I know you heard it HERE before: I invented that we're still living the ice age, just looking at the weather in Funlandia for 54 years, 8 months, 11 days and some tiring cold hours.

 Can't make no mistake, hah, and that's a lie, I can make plenty of mistakes, can go wrong, sing out of tune, play wrong chord, no biggie, baby, hopefully learnt some of 'em, what's the difference with me and some engineers is, that I ain't afraid to do 'em, and I do get things done, although I'm not the fastest guitarist in Finland, or best singer in range, and telling you: you don't have to have 4 octaves singing range and spend 20 year drinking whiskey in bars to be allowed to sing front of public,

 blues. Oh it's very simple, just get street credibility and something to say, and THEN make a song you wanna sing. Oh how I miss Lemmy and Motörhead music, saw them live like 10 times, it wasn't hard to arrenge, because  they came to Finland every year, especially in 80's and 90's when ever they toured Europe, Finland and Germany have the most dedicated Motörhead fans, damn they even make live concert LP here: Nö Sleet Ät Äll, in 1988..... watching Lemmy interviews in good old time fun, as he's clever and witty and funny as hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Recommended Motörhead records for beginners: Ace Of Spades, Overnight Sensation, Bomber, We're Motörhead, Inferno, No Sleep 'til Hammersmith, Aftershock, 1916 and even the worst Motörhead records are better than any pussywhipped numetal, hair metal, rap or countrymusic lame ass slow death of brains records, HAH HAH!!! ;)






It's like Lemmy said: there's only two kinds of records, the ones you like and the ones you don't! :)

23.8.2018 Thursday morning, waking up when police called me....!

 ..............But luckily this time it's me whose called (emailed) 'em, hah.  Getting even and taking necessary steps to get me some fair and righteous in case of stolen property and abuse of ** ******, can't tell you more yet, but it's gonna be evil for someone else, this time, I'm the one whose blaming some one else, for crimes ***** done. Well ain't excatly happy, but am satisfied getting some justice.

 Oh well, nervous expection still 'til I get  my books here and ship 'em to all preorderers, this is the pay day for me, after 2 years of slaving and working best I can, was able, no vacations except the X-mas holidays. That's the only holiday I enjoy every year, and would be disaster NOT to have any X-mas, presents, tree decorated, snow if possible for the X-mas eve, that's the only day I NEED snow, in ayear, hahaha....

 ...and eating traditional stuff and watching the newest Modern family DVD box, our yearly tradition too!! Hopefully they do it forever, or at least few good years still!! Best comedy serie in American TV, or Finnish, although I can't watch 'em Finnish "jokes" and same 20 odd faces in different comedy "shows", worst are the Duudsons all violent bulling, "cahllenges" to do something/anything bold and stupoid and kids stuff, while  torture masqyuerade as "fun" and "laughing matter", WHEN you hit your friend or lie, cheat and ridicule em, it's not comedy, it's schoolboy violence and bully action for 12 years olds,

guess that is where they've stucked petr panian nightmare, zitfaced kidding teenager for life. Really sad for your incompetence to grow up, and make adult entertainment!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Taking it easy and  do all I've delayed til my book's finished, huh, lotta books to be moved, dust to be dusted, some things and articles organized, just the everyday life's best and tireing stuff, but it can be good for brain to have abreak off of thinking too hard and long on subjects and matters of my comics businesses, one track mind, ain't good for long...

...so "Summer holiday head set" here I come, ready to have a permanent vacation off cheap and nasty people and vile relatives!!! Can't live with 'em can't shoot 'em, except with camera, hah!! :)

22.8.2018 Wednesday morning, looking forward the upcoming Hellsinki comics festival and of course the publication of my most important comics book, yet. These days when the book is printed, but not yet in one piece and item to hold, is nervewrecking although I know it's fine and stories I tell are wildest this year and any year since 1987...

 where I roamed my second Sauna Trip in Spain, but taht's awhole new ball game, and as excited I am to finally get to draw those crazy days, I wanna have little off time.


 Spare time dreaming about waht else I could draw before starting the next book, taht'll take 3 years off my life. AS the money is tight and markets are limited in Finland, gotta do what I enjoy most, satisfaction guaranteed when you please yourself, mentally, physically and virtually...


...it's easier to say than do: do what you wanna do, especially if you're chained to wife and kids, supporting nonsense job and  machinery of family values, and pressure from neighbours to buy that new car and new silicons to your wife, oh well, what's really important to YOU, ask that yourself and do the right thing. Simple life lessons in love, life and money, hah!! :) Just keep on keeping on, and on.... have love will travel!!! :) Bailando!

21.8.2018 Tuesday morning, still alive and well............. well, struggling with pain in thumb and finger, feeling like electric  or numb came without warning, went to docor already but further investigations nerve tests to be taken, next week, unless the hand starts to feel worse. I think it's in my shoulder the spot, that rays on nerves to hand, and fingers, damn. Something I don't need just now, another cause of illness and pain. Trying to work out and stretch and little drumming yesterday, didn't help too much.  Well, hopefully it's only ageing and troules that can be fixed with cyropratical or just exercise, too bad my knees are worn out, can't run and get fit by it, just alternative sports like drumming hour and half or walking the dogs, oh well, feelimg so helpless with hurt in physical pain. So voodoo hoodoo me outta misery and pain.

Before redemption and salvation, we just gotta live thru all, pain and  joy. Life usually is right here and now, no matter how hard you dream and miss the past, it's all gone, except the memories, fading fotographs, letters from lovers, books and music in any form physical. Some old song of Tapio Rautavaara got me crying like a baby, like a waterfall, where the gates been opened. There's so much sorrow in the past, so much to live to too. If you never thought about suicide, you propably can't understand how I feel. Luckily haven't been suicidal for last 14 years, although I know some fastasize seeing me dead and gone, especially outta comics art people's hayday and fun fares, hahaha! But just the devil in me says stay alive, be a thorn in their roses and reveal the comics nazi police's, young and arrogant assholes stupid and naive "wisdom" and jokes they stole,

 from the vaults of Pahkasika and all the other comics magazines. Laughter and violence is all that sells in movies and comics, well, nevermind the bollocks, be unique, be good, be Johnny Be Goode, and be true to yourself, and after all: love conquers all!

20.8.2018 Monday morning and it's party time for my 25 years anniversary as in this profession, free artist. Might take alittle trip down the memory lane, when I started my career, I had no education for illustrating, cause only school or unoversity I wanted was Art Academy of Helsinki. After three tries I decided to learn myself the needed skills and the craft, practising 6-8 hours aday, just human and caricatures. I didn't have any realistic dreams about my comics drawings, and felt insecure about writing funny stories, or even serious ones. I didn't knew, it was the year 1993 and middle of BIG depression and unemployment I just jumped off my work as scaffoldbuilder for 3 years and secure monthly payment into artist life with nothing secure, on and went with the flow.

 Life threw me few curveballs but also great advices from older kollegas like Veikko Joonas Savolainen, Tarmo Koivisto, Jukka Murtosaari, Kari T. Leppänen and many more I was priviledged to get to know, along these long years. I remember who told me what when I was just wet behind my ears, and especially I remember who were arrogant and disrespectful, right from the start. I can tell who gives the helping hand when you're down, and who first handedly put you there in first place...! I don't fancy making enemies, but I won't back down, when I'm RIGHT, anymore. It's very simple philosophy: treat 'em, like they treat you. Be nice and you got nothing to worry about.

 This might be (one of ) the last writing on this site, as my site dealer was forced to change the platform for my blogs and all these arts of mine. So see you in the sunny side of the road. Wishing all art lovers great future and health. Waht am I gonna do?

Ride On!

 I'll see you in future, where it's so bright you have to use sungalsses!! ;)

19.8.2018 Sunday afternoon, this here sleepy sleeper enjoyed long and good  dreams again, enuff for rested mind and body. Oh I think I got the usual "afterwork finished" flu, and slight desperation, and "what now" feeling(s). AS I do wannma do more than comics pages for awgile, as lng as I have the need to start the next book, again. Good for me I have the plot for he next album all in my head, and half o it already wriiten into "storyborad" like pages, that should speed up  the progress, and generously I've given myself 1 year more to finish it...

 ......and if it won't be done in 3 then I'll throw another year and the next "Spanish Sauna Trip" shall be printed after, all is done and if you think THIS album is hard,

....you ain't seen nothing yet ((and you haven't seen THIS album either yet, hehehehe!!))!!! ;)

Taking it easy beasy today, tommorrow is the 20th anniversay of my artist career, so expect some gifts... to be given away for exited readers in Facebook site of Kultainen Nuoruus and Nani Cowgirl!!!! :)

18.8.2018 Saturday morning, and repeating the good manner of sleeping til noon, porriging and cafeining my inner parts, and waking up to reality slowly, album has started it's selfpromoting and selling advance orders. Times they are hard, but so am I, muahhahaa. Like the Phantom/Mustanaamio , I am, bad to bad people and good for fine, hah, laws of the jungle, are you ready for it?



Avoiding answering my own questions, I'll try to get back in shape and find meaningful tasks to do, NOW that my work is done, after 2 years truck loads of blood, sweat and tears.... and just rest in my laurels, hah, no, I'm just happy and relieved that this first Sauna trip-book is finished, and printed and soon on the shops!! (Even got extra promotion help from dealer, yaeh baby, maybe this is my big breakthrough to big big time...

 as I am big in Japan, already, hehe!!! ;)

Today/tonight we have the Finnish wood heated sauna experience, 'cause it's Saturday tradition, and nice to sweat in steam and get clean and whatso... sauna the best Finns have invented, don't trust Swedes, although they try to take and sell it, as their own, håhåhåhåhååå!!! ;)

 Have yourself a wonderful weekend, have  drink on me, oh, I wanted to buy and bring Motörhead whiskey bottle from Estonia, but didn't have enuff money and was doubtful, would I drink it if it sits here in my working desk, and drawing room, where I sit all day, everyday. Alcoholism is one vice I don't have, but have dipped my toes enuff to recognize it... if necessary I'll drink you under the table, haha...


......more great jokes and "good humour" coming up on this site, tomorrow.... you never know, do you!?! ;)

17.8.2018 Friday morning, keep on sleeping more than average normal need of 8 hours, and it feels so good, and had me a dirty wet dream also, oh shouldn't tell you this, hah, but canät stop my diario de loco, and can't stop to reveal all, in mys Spanish trips, huh, juts realized yesterday that' ll be some honest autobio, warts and all truth so I'm just telling it you straight how twisted and crazy was my youth and the life in Costa Del Sol way back in 1986, when all these contemporary art comics' emmiis were shitting in tehy diapers still, hah hah....

 ....well, few of us could choose the year they were born, if any. Giving all you got, progress and develope your crafts, when did that come old fashioned, like drawing really well(?). It won't huirt you if you can draw all, emotions and feelings, not just your manga big eyes of wonder and crying with flying tears all over, or maybe that's enuff for your "strotelling": cry and wonder, oh maybe even anger with screaming out loud. I wish there'd be more good enuff NEW comics to win my attencion and make me want to spend my money on it.

 I ain't no high and mighty collector of old favourite comics either. My childhood French connection heroes are still great to have and for example Blueberry is great, BUT I fear I still remeber too well all their plots, like happened with the Umpahpah collection album few years ago: I did remember every WORD and joke of 'em 3 books, from the 70's, when I guess I've read 'em hundred or two times!! :P

16.8.2018 Thursday noon, and been sleeping 10 hours, just like that, and feeling better and rested (heh!) after these long sleeping hours. I reveal to you a not so common fact: if you don't sleep, at all, you'll go crazy, just 3 nights sleeplessness makes you act and react like drunken in 3 promilles effected! But the difference between real crazy wild ones and normal average sock spender is, crazy one goes to psychosis, normal don't.

 Just next time you see a crazy person in the street, ask yourself is s/he just lacking sleep or home, money, friends, place to crash, and

 CAN you help him/her?


 That's the big question, ask not what a crazy person can do to you, but what you could do to help the crazy person, because we all are crazy, sometimes, we all can be the unlucky one roaming the streets with his mothers old bra in head bandaana, shouting madness, acting dangerous, looking wild and appearence like slept on dirty alleys,

 yes I've been that road, down more than once. I know WHAT I speak when I speak of crazyness, tramp's life and love across the continental, my youth went wild, and I got tattoos to prove it! ;))))))))))

I try me best to............



 ..........................................NOT tell you the crazeeeeeeeeeee plot before you can read it in Spanish Sauna Trips( 1986-87) !!! ;) Have yourself  a fine day of fine art, the less the clothes cover my cover art, the better it is.

15.8.2018 Wednesday morniong, slept 11 hours, just like a baby, needed that for my soul and body, which shall be examinated soon this afternoon as I have some strange numbness in my righthand thumb and finger(s), so better be safe than sorry...

  ....and you know I'm never sorry, hahahahaa, even when I make a fool out of you, who treat me like a jerk, which you definately are, but  hurting just to hurt soem one is cruel. many think what I am, is all wrong, they never met me, never knew anything I'm made off of, so read my books, know me, and then... judge me sweet little schoolboy as much as you want.

 Life is pretty long and winding road, for us to live it full, hard and no comnpromising.

 Well, try always your best, that's one of the good advices, you can trust any day, where and anyhow.

Now, I'm heading for "Summer holiday", whatever the weather is, where I am, and do I have any money or not...

 ...little condolece is even rich men got blues, so this here problemacy off of "can a white man sing the blues"................? Can be quit now.

 Of course, is the answer to this dilemma we got in the years of 1967!! ;)

1.8.2018 Back from businesses, and hopefully havin' a break for good long while, as my album is printed yesterday and today in Estonia. Trip was fione, except the "hotel" was like a jail, empty room, no TV, and shower and toilet on the hallway, ITRY to remember this next time- do not take the cheapest, and look really hard and sharp the one you wanna pay onye, too...


  ....but most important of all, my book is printed, and soon cutted and finished and delivered  here!! ;)




 Now this here happy,  but tired one takes it....... .......................................................................................eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,

 til then: hasta lavista baby!! :) Maybe tomorrow knows more than today, always, the morning is wiser than night (before)......

.....................as the old folks say!! ;)

12.8.2018Sunday morning, it's raining after along while, nature thanks silently but seemingly, surviving with just water. Okey, maybe little nutrition on earth too, nature's wonder wonders me, as a schoolboy I decided NOT to drawn trees and landscapes and all those traditional art stuff, cause I realized nature beauty was far more effective than I could draw...

 (<--- my best friend in porn business, Stormy Daniels, show you where "you can stick your silly rules and all the other shit they teach the kids in schools....................!" (( by Bon Scott in Rock'n'roll Singer )) )

 .....back then. I wanted to draw people, so the leap to comics was pretty easy as I had been drawing caricatures and funny faces from year 1973, Now after 25 years of comics I want to go back to drawing people, and doing more traditional, err... fine art, that in my case means: nude women and devils and angels love action filled pics, AND publish a  respectful thick book on it, with multilengua forewords, in Japanese, English, Spanish, Finnish and French, and sell it like hot cakes!!! :)

 Be a millionaire before pension age, taht should/could be good pålan for all... who care about money,

 so I have different goals and purposes to draw. Satisfaction and joy of life, truth and realism in autobiographic comics, just to name few...............love, live the life you love and love the wife you live........................................... with!! ;))))))))))))))))))

11.8.2018 Saturday morning, and I still got the blues, do I have any good news; well, I'll be leaving here to Helsinki, tomorrow and then on Monday to Tallinn, and I do like travelin, or I used to like traveling, now it's little too tireing and I'll need a days of after travels on bus, ships and aeroplanes.

 I'm really worried about my mother and her living conditions, and I HAVE done all I can to improve 'em, but it's hard from here 117 km away from her.  I know many think I'm irresponsible, crazy, evil and whatsoever, BUT that ain't the truth,  I'm sensitive as f**k, kind as daffodils, easy as Sunday morning sunshine in your bed, BUT...

 I won't stand any cruelty or abusing from any one, and especially, towards my mother. Yes, I'm that kind crazy kinda fool, who'll do anything for my loved ones. and you choose to be my enemy, I won't say (here, hahahah!) what I'll do to you, muahhahahaaa!!! :)

 Be careful with the fool, sang Johnny Winter 1971. Do you remember the year 1971, well, I do... that was the year I became an artist, and styrated drawing images for friends and generally just draw millions of hours, played football and ice-hockey, basket ball, skiid ran, and had asthma and allergies for all furry animals, all Summertime weeds and trees pollen, my eyes were swollen, never could have a dog or cat or anything with fur for pet, and as we all(!!), you only want those things you can't get, even more!!! :/

 So prology: I'm very happy with 2 dogs, a cat and even was able to ride horses for four years, without too much, if any allergies, knock on wood,

 lucky thirteen, my number and my faith, born under the bad sign!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

10.8.2018 Friday morning and the bad news come thumbling down, the company providing me this Blog space and all these possibilities to show my art, shall be shutting down this, so I'll have to find another server and all that jazz which come along, so there might be days or weeks, that HERE in my blog, won't be any new flashes of my oh so interesting life and thoughts!!! ;) Hopefully the transition shall go smoothly, and YOU won't even notice, but, gotta write this before ANYthing sad happens...

 .....I've been thru many depressions, some of 'em were after big and long works has been finally finished and published, so I was expecting some blues, but not this bad as, and so many misfortunated accidentall fuck ups, like fucking facefook nipplegate, oh lord, something is very wrong in the land of Americans, and it's not just the millions of idiots, who voted Trump. 

 (<--- record cover for September after this hot Summer is all but gone...)

 I see some Finnish comics artist breaking in USA comics a market and GOOD for 'e, but that has never been my goal or fantasy, to get to draw some spidenman action stories for pubertity boys, as my superhero-fan period came and went before I was 13 years old, and naked women got my attencion, no more moped and car fantasies. Still I don't care the label of your car, or Harley you driven just to get attencion, all you 50+ men, grow up.

Are you still hungry to be noticed when you wak down the street?

9.8.2018 Thursday morning, and now I'm in trouble with the company providing THIS home page sie of mine, to me, and I'm paying big bucks just to have this chance to express my mind, art and write this daily dairy of this lunatic comics artist's upsd and downs. As I have never been a capitalist, this is not about money and selling as, or ass, much I can. I have very little wishes or need to be your average next door guy, caring to shaving Wales or human rights to dodos, no, you fight the nature's cause, I'll live mine, already cheap, respecting and good, ain't turning into veggie hippie any year soon, sorry.                                          

 (<--- so thanks to facefook, I'll advertise it here, were millions fans of mine read this and it's only facefook that lose...! Modeling my favourite presidental fuck buddy, babe, oh sweet Stormy Daniels! :) I wonder why the americans are so purist about nipples, and allaround sexuality, do they really think that if you cover and hide breasts in facebook, you save the world from oversexuality...

 ....or are you just causing it!?!Wanna know about forbidden fruits, look into your good book again, face the facts and weight which hrt more Colt 45 or Penthouse pets pisc?..... say no to hipocrazy, be adult and showing some nipple never hurt NO ONE, do you think kids world expoldes, and s/he'll become astripper and prosritute and metamphetamine user, immedialtely when HE sees a nipple(?); or/and he'll became juvenile delinquet immediately if he or she see little nudity before the age of tender american 37?.........., funny how we Finns have managed to be reasonably sane, although we've been in sauna NAKED (with mfamily, friends and sometimes in parties with total starngers!!!), for few centuries, it's all godgiven natural,as you describe it, right?!? Oh my Nixon'n'Nipplegate, hip hip hurray!! :P     .....but hey, let's keep on pretending we're NOT sexual, we have no sexual thoughts as long we don't see the nipple, or I know some people got excited on men's nipples too, what a world of....................................................................................................................................................................double standards and bullshit.  Anger I got already enuff, don't push me, I'm a criminal, not your sweeet little schoooolboy, hahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! :D :D :D

8.8.2018 Wednesday, and big relief as all the material has been transported to print house, successfully. Soon going to watch over the printing action in present time, wedding day celebration was good too, did saw newest Mission Impossible Fall Out or whatever it's name was, guaranteed action in the style that movie genre does. Exhausting speed races and running and explodes, yeah maybe too safe solutions, but...

 ......entertaining enuff. I'm going nuts over this family "buasinesses" that has been provided my nearest but definately not DEAREST in kin, all I can say is greed is the enemy, money blinds your eyes if your eyes are only on it. If you never had acahnce to do waht YOU wabnt, you might grow up very bitter and ugly personality. And THIS unfairness drives my angry and violent, if necessary.

 Fuck all evil bastards, wether you're family or not. Misunderstanding and sly misbehaviours, and most of all stealing MY money or jokes, is hard for me to forgive.

Towards better times. I'm on tranqualizers, already to get my sleep. So, fuck, and "thank you# for making me stronger, angrier and revenge wanting dangerous man.

Wanna have a go with me, babay? Take you waiting list number and.... Get in ring! I'm going all Axl Rose on you!! :/

7.8.2018 It's our 8th wedding anniversary, so we're going out to lunch and movie and celebrate our life, together for 13 years, soon!!! I just got confirmation to my print and trip into it, on next week, so all good...

................but stupid, tightass facebook laws, I accidentally didn't blur one little nipple,a dn got week ban to facebooking, that's real cruel, and only shows the stupidity of....

 the laws against humanity, we should have aright to show some nipples, and not legal weapons for mass murderers the american way: kill all first, and then ask the questions, right, so just to piss 'em off here's the multipiled nipplegate of mine, this day 7th of August, year 2018. Really hipocritics and double standardians, fuck off. Feel free to enjoy beauty fo women nudity, as we all straight and normal men do:


no matter what.................................................Happy anniversary, darling!! <3

6.8.2018 Monday and I managed to send all 104 pages to print house site, thanks to kollegas help and advices, and itwasd the usual pain in the ass, until got it right. Someone like who publishes only every other year or so, I manage to forget all how I did it last time, AND the development of web sites with "cloud services" and such ia all jibberish to me, as I told you before, I'll tell you again: I'm an true to myself, artist who only wants to draw and illustrate, and get as good value on my work as I can,but don't give a damn about all theqniques and all electric fuzz", at all...

 I heard I should be ne instagram and all that shit modern day self publication and hip, But it doesn't appeal top me at all, OR I find it too much time taking selfpromotion and kitchen sink princess and fashion whore diva life, and don't wanna be chained on my phone all the time. And of course I want to antifashion as much and high level I want. You get your stupid football haircut or mullet, whatever is in fashion, hahah...

 I've been stuick on year 1982 with my long hair rock'n'roll cloths, jeans and jackets, but no thrww piece suit like Sami Yaffa, does, nowadays, cause that's excatly how I dress just 30 years ago, it was cool for my adult look then, but now every other rocker wears that same "uniform" with black jeans and cool Humnrey Bogart-gangster style hat, oh c'mon, invent something ORIGINAL boys... hehe, girls and  wear whatever they please and that's cool pretty cool, and I won't even go there genderblender mixture and gay rainbow poeples clthes line........!It's so pitiful to see over 40 old women wearing stuff that's usually too tight and small size, like their daughter do too,...!!!! :P

 Seen this all before, already enuff times. Wear what you want, it want make you prettier or wiser, more succesful may.................... beeeeeeeeeeee?!?

(<--2 illustrations I've made back in 1981 and 1982! Big tits and how big is enuff, very thoghtful stuff, hah!!)


Wear comfortable and eco friendly/safe stuff, whatever it is. Pollution and waste, of money and nature, yes, baby we were worried about nature already in 1977!! ;)

Old hippies never die, we just smell funny, hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! :D

5.8.2018 Sunday morning, early riser wanna finish the album correcting, soon as possible, and go flying high on Summer vacation times, whatever that is. Well, I got pleny of rearranging furnitures, original pages to file on my new old Billnäs chest of drawers, oh monty pythonian chests, please to me. Yes studio floor need it's annual sweeping, especially that last Summer I did skip as there was like 3 hot and sunny days, somehow didn't want to  waaste 'em on whiping pepples and hoovering dust, jee-sus...

 Hopefully it's all working fine with album transforming to pdf's and especially sending 'em to prunt house's space, and then I'm off like rocket to Russ... no to endless vacation, hah, yes I'llnever work like crazy again... until I got that sparkle and urge to tell the rst of my adventures in comic book number four of Golden Youth. Promising you heartstopping, hard throbbing wild, criminal action, that I can only now tell, as I lived thru all shit and all glorious triumphs, well, my life, it should be mine to choose, loose, lose, win, grin, love and live til the very end. I'm glad I did choze the illustrating life, although it was my 30th birthday year, I won't be crying in no sherry glass "how I never got a change to do waht I wanted to do, for living". No, my mind is  satisfied, although my bank account ain't what it suppose to be after 25 years of slaving and working hard and tuff,

well maybe(!) money is not all,

 you can achieve in your life. Maybe we don't take with us much of earthly riches, maybe in afterlife there's different values and sixteen vesta virgins waiting for YOU! I had my virgins rather here on earth, flesh and blood, skin and bone, warts and all,

 life in sixteen chapters. From good to fine, bad to worst, experiences and street credibility, try buying that stuff, from hipster stores, yeah baby, yeah, life might get you, dirty, wash away your tears, bring you heaven or take you down to hell, all or nothing, gamble and risk it all, everyday, anew adventure,

 <--- cover art you won't see ANYWHERE else, except here, where I bend the rules of pornography to art, exotic, erotic and dirty women, which I love, and don't need no permission from you, or your mother, who still buys your clothes, although you're 40 year old "boy"11 ;))))))))))))))))

 until you start the life of a working man and just work all year, waiting for Summer holiday, that's very sad, to me, so I've tried to avoid it as much as possible!! ;) Work that's art, life taht's fun and satisfying, and love that lasts, cause after all...



 love conquers all. And that's it.

4.8.2018 Saturday afternoon, oh I keep on sleeping long and late, It's suits me fine, as the album is all but done, few recorrections, got my date to go and see the print too, but that'll be that day's news flash, as I'm am the most wanted bachelor of Finnish comics arts and market value is way over the rainbow and billions dollar babies and the evening news paparazzis gather at our pearly gates every night, just to catch a glimpse of our naked...

 ...truth, which is so hard to find these days. Turn every stone to find a good man or woman, someone to trust, value and adore, and if find some, hold on like there's no tomorrow and treat yourselves good, too.

Forget selfishness and arrogancy, there's plenty of time to for that too when you're finally a pensioner at age of 65 free to do all you ONLY wished for, now living it up for all those lost years working in jobs you hated, but there's juts one little mistake....................you can't get your youth back, can't love and hug someone you've lost, death takes too soon many of us, middleaged dinosaurs, just do it while you can. Yesterday's trip to Helsinki cleared some life philosophies, while talking to young man next to me in bus, all wat to Karkkila, even gave him the Ahterix postcards for free, as I do, love to give away things free of charge, to advertise my coming attractions!! Giving is always bigger pleasure than taking or accepting, well, almost all cases...



( <--- final backcover art and texting(blurred and erased too keep up the tension til the D-day!! )


....you do the maths baby, and rule your world, any which way you love, life just few ten thousand days and nights short. maybe all these blues are part of life too, even millionaires got blues, but it surely is nicer to cry in convertable sport car driving thru Paris with the wind in your hair, than cry in ols Lada driving thru Nastola, where the center is missed if you look the other way for 13 seconds,

 same here in natural beauty Forzza city!! <3 But I love it!!!! ;)

3.8.2018 Friday is a travel day, off to Helsinki! Enjoying last heat waves in air condiotioned bus...


...I hope and arrange things for better. Hasta la vista baby!! ;)



 Wish you a merry weekend, where ever you are, have some fun!!!

2.8.2019 Thursday morning, oh still got some repairing on text, to do....

 so I try to not get bored off my pants and go outside having tan, instead of this sitiing inside and working on little commas and dots, pläääääääh!

 Well, slept too little too, boohoo... poor boy me!! ;)


I should be rich and famous all year long, hah,so I wouldn't have to work aday in my life ever again,

but my head says I gotta art, arty, art...

 don't wanna but it's a driven force that been with me since 1971, pretty hard not to draw, and that's reall all I wanna do,

with pants on, as you might guessed ti. Luckilt there's lotta women ready. willing and eager to pose pantless, I do respect alot mora these porn stars than any president of USA. Politics stank, pon stars smell like fine perfume, and it's hard work to look like attractive enuff for you to get a arousal and boner and, enjoy it..............

 ........and make it look erotic, just think of all the rotic you can get from for example: Fingerpåri women, yes, ain't that much to even mention it, hahahhaa!!! Or maybe just some men do prefer UGLY broads, yes there must be a kinky sex perversion fanatics for frog ugly women too, and they propably all live in Porvoo!!! ;))))

1.8.2018 Wednesday afterboon, have to catch some overdue sleep, and slept til afternoon, feels good, the longer the slepp teh better... oh but today I've started to take pre-orders for the Espanjalainen saunaretki-album, 104 pages of real life in Spain back in the year 1986, sweet summer love and adventures of rich and not so famous, wild and crazy no matter what was the year, hah. 1/4 coloured pages, A4 size in Finnish, but the english one with translation sheets available in 1.9.'18 As I am in PeneLopez-table in Helsinki comics festaival too!! Poster below of the heavy metallic theme of the festival, drawn by JP Ahonen,....


 So these crazy heatwave days melt my small brains, and got me lazying as the album is about to leave fro print early next week, my grande filane ½, as the the album coming after this shall knit ALL 4 albums plot, together an you shall see WHY and what happened!! But that's year and Autumn of the 2021's hayday, hip hurray, now towards the vacation, as soona s the album is printed...

oh well I have one commission art work to be done, soon this month still, but that one is pure fun and service to friends, as I do enjoy to do. Doobie dooby doo! :)

Have fun, no matter how this palnet shall be swimming in plastic waste! Morbid last call for saving the nature, choose life, not death........

metal, hahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

31.7.2018 Tuesday morning, okey, test printed all 104 pages of the album of the year 1986, and wife doing the test reading and corrections, while I take my time in sunshine. Today in holiday mood in my ol' underwears and just on our yard tanning again, like free man can.

 Have yourself a fun anyway you choose! Good hot days of this Summer, shall be remembered in someone's memories, another 22-year old finding the same things I did,

 back in 1986, and it's alright, we all have our moments and growing points and momentums, peace and love, all you really need!! ;)


And cool pool to bath and float in swim matress and mistress maybe too!!! ;)

30.7.2018 Monday morning, hot and sweat expected for this day toop, posibbility of thunder and lightning too, sweet summer weathers, we here so rarely seldom have.... no complaints I could go with this half a year, and skip the snow and winter breeze totally, but it's not in my hands to make the weather, heh, dunno whose it is, and is the climate change, man made craziness, propably is, until we really can understand all that happens in this world and ball of confusion. Living long as you can, good and naturefriendly as is reasonable, many say how you/me should stop doing this and  eating that, BUT still 'emselves fly so easily with aeroplanes, and fuel eating luxury cars, more than I do in 10 years, is that fair? Why should I carry the weight of the world, alone in my shoulders, I ain't no giant, no genius in........

 ...need to brag about science, fiction and biology and seismography and all you learnt in your universities, free, spending my tax maney, education for fools and nerds, business as usual, the nerds whom picked in schools have their revenge later on worklife, being your boss, who makes twice your salary, and can boss you around, so all is well, which ends well, well...

...dunno, feel like 22 year old still, only my reflection in mirror doesn't know how it  really should look, like 22 year old adonis, hahahahaaa....! :)

Just read all 104 page thru last night and corrected/added some dots and letters too, there in Spanish Sauna Trip, and might do a test print today still, exciting times always before final cut and going nuts over is it good enuff, is it too much personal, is that even possible, is it worth the 2 years I spent on it, only answer is: yes, it is fine. Trust yourself, myself, trust and hope for best, and the international success, which has been my main aim from the very fiorst album of mine: Nani Cowgirl 1998, which I did in good intensions and promises from the publisher IT shall be (tried to be) sold other countries too, cause the market for Finnish adults album is VERY limited, but, of course that was all, bullshit. Am I still bitter of career changing false promises and lies, read my lips:      *** * **  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha...! :/

29.7.2018 Sunday,sleeping til afternoon, and got visitors bedfore I as outta bed, hah, nice ones from Helsinki, so it's all right, eating my porridge now and coffee up my head really slowly an late, as it's 1 in afternoon. Listening Bob Marley and the Survival album, have I mentioned HOW I did see Bob Marley in concert in Brighton when in Interailing into England, best concert ever, still. And I have testified some of the (other) greatest bands alive too, but nobody beats that feeling and quality of live sound and rastaman vibrations, for this 16 year old it was that moment, that went down to my history, even in my comics album Kultainen Nuoruus (2012), read all about it there!! :)



Oh well  made some music again and lenghty title:

975. Times They're A-Changin', But They're Not A-Changin' Fast Enuff 28.7.2018,

and I'm just 25 songs short of 1000 recorded ones, hah, funny as me recorder is conting the running number of 1005 or so, but hey I've made many songs plenty times, some my favourite Muddy Waters and Tom Waits too... world is full of greta tunes, fine somgs and many of 'em mine too!!!! )))))))))))))

Another newewst hits of mine:

970. Analphabethy City 22.7.2018

971. Career 22.7.2018

972. Squirrel In Wheel 24.7.2018

973. Manuscript For Life 25.7.2018

974. Believable 26.7.2018

975. Times They're A-Changin', But They're Not A-Changin' Fast Enuff 28.7.2018

Oh well, Summertime goes so fast, as I'm working on the album's last editings and sharpenings and all around printable stuff, that's pretty boring and tirening, BUT just must to be done, right, right? Oh soon I can have a litle vacation with empty as possible head, and never worry about work ever again, muhhahaaa... until the next one that steals my heart and time, comes along!!! ;)

Love what you do, live the life you can love, as much as possible, hurt no one, if possible, and especially not hurt feelings,

 of any sensitive littel one.

Love, that's the answer to most of our problems and worries, and it shall conquer us all. Sooner you realize, sooner it's better for you, too. Hippie dreamer for life. Natural born lover man! ;)

28.7.2018 Saturday,

it's sauna evening like EVERY saturday does, these few traditions we still have of Finnish agri-culture and forefathers lives, even my mother was born in sauna at Vesilahti, some 60 km from our house, at it was 1937 and to the nearest hospital was oven 50 km and NO car, and horse ain't so fast nor it wasn't uncommon to have kids in sauna those days, I guess and think about: just 80 years ago we were living in backwoods and small town like Helsinki,which haven't been a "city" ever, neither isn't  now! Just a small town with tiny center, with less than million habitants, cause I got something bigger (and better) towns to measure, oh sweet Madrid with millions of legal and illegal folks, and especially to my heart was the kids, we were way back then 1986...

...the crazy 80's, was my youth and early adulthood, with fond memories, although it wasn't all sugar sweet all the time, hah, but whose life is?

 Answers ass usual to Fonald Fuck P.O.Box 714 Arizona, zip code 31313 USA. Trumplandia.

 Be good for goodness sake, All you need is balls, like Pelle Hermanni and his band Neckless Lower Back, stealing my mojo and title on their song "Coconuts", check it out if you don't believe me.... I did send my CD full of songs to their record company, and they stole it, so IF you wanna make a peace and truce, try giving me some credit and cash, then you  and the ridiculed buffed up-lips and eyeliners can go back fucking off with you 80's hairmetalretrohomoband. See, that's the way it goes with criminals, we don't give a flying fuck to your reputation, and when you steal from thief that served his time, you gonna get busted, twisted and pop out the eyes and skullfuck you, ..................too. Hah.

 So do you wanna play with me and MINE credited titles? Wanna talk with Teosto ry lawyers with me?

I'll be glad to do so!!! :) I thought the days of record companies fuck you over and steal (MY) your money was way over.... but, no, they still steal your money if you let 'em.





 <---Last night's  celebrated blood moon... asn't such a big time ghreatness as they always exaggerate all... diamonds to dust, hah. Yellow moon's been nice these few night before, but my lunatism has faded as times have too...


much. Left me with memories and few photographs, I do love and adore,

 all I have priledged to love, than you, on earth in crazy moons!! ;)

27.7.2018 Friday afternoon, I kept on waking later in the after noon, well it's alright, as the sunshine all day. I made the 98th own song yesterday with acoustic guitars and vocal, it's easy to do when you're a jazzy improvisor and blues man natural born, haha!! ;)

 Also got 500 postcards with this image for my album cover:







maybe it's abit too dark print, BUT that's better than too light and *pliisu*, which I do hate, too gray print when it's oughta be BLACK. Black is black and I want my baby back, as they sing in that oldie, haha...


oh well, we'll have washing machine repai man coming over and fixing our washing machine that got overkilled by... well, too much work on hot day, but of course my wife won't admit anything..."it just broke down, by itself..." yeah, but I wasn't born...


yesterday, was I?

 Answers answered in first of September in Penelopez desk number 10, in Kattilahalli Helllllllllllllllllllllllsinki, see yo there in square of best Finnish comics distributors and makers, creators of the unioverse of graphic novels, novelty and history, as we saw it and tell it to you. Never had nio fancy to make comics JUST for myself, it's all for reading, and just for you!!

 Taking it easy, with legal medication if anything else won't help, go to see your doctor, not make another boring autobiographic novel about YOUR mental health issues, thank you, we had enuff of it, wannna have pity on you, and your sad sad life, look somewhere further...


( <-- take alook at yourself looking at her, how do you feel`Exploited, abused, used, satisfying yourself, is taht a CRIME?!? And if you think it is, against whom is this "crime", for humanity, for women, for womens lib??????? )

 ....in Clarksdale Mississippi xone, that's were blues were born in muddy waters on it.

 Jack King Noir's newest song, in list and numbered:

967. Bush League 17.7.2018

968. Greek Mythology Of Mine 18.7.2018

969. Wether You're A Girl Or Not 20.7.2018

970. Analphabethy City 22.7.2018

971. Career 22.7.2018

972. Squirrel In Wheel 24.7.2018

973. Manuscript For Life 25.7.2018

974. Believable 26.7.2018 Total list os songs in section "Music", just click there above!!! :)

26.7.2018 Thursday morning, oh no, it's afternoon already, as I took some tranquiliser for rhinos to get myself a long hard sleep, as I was upset on my visit in Helsinki, but don't really wanna open up here as it was personal stuff with relatives and family affair, damn some people are twisted like my ******....!!!!

 Okey I'll try not to get too driven and angry for it, and just take it E-Z and lay on the sun to get this tan in order and later get my body builded in shape, too.

Finally finished the birthday drawing and send it on mail too, so one thing done dirt cheap, as it was free gift for surprise present file full of kollegas wishes too, heh, hopefully I ain't giving it to the one whose gonna be celebrated with 'em, hahahaa...


(<-- today we all lift up our skirts and let the sun shine and wind blow.... everywher it counts!! :))))

...oh well, I got only one extra picture and some texts to deliver for the final cut of my album, which name I*ve been repeating here, so it'll stuc on your head, and memory, that when it's for sale, you'll buy it like automathical acy of good will and your brains are washed, clean outta the dirt of all the boring mensatl health autobios, oh so in-fashion and touching, muhahahaaa... just you wait this my washing machine for brains and stubborn oxheadturmors, it'll give you satisfaction guaranteed, ever lasting erection, wins the election, and just being the BOOk of the year you MUST read!! No joking, no kidding, no kids stuff, no disgusting weirdo shit of patu and matu and latu, no oh so saweet whining ass lesbianlove affairs for the very first time, finding you sexsuality in rubber hose and spandex sex, no it's just love, amor, kärlek, liebe, y cosas asi en BD de año 1986, Sauna Trip Castellano,

por adultos, solo! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

25.7.2018 Wednesday morning, taking ittle trip to Helsinki soon, hopefully airconditioned bus and ride. Just woke up and happy to finalizing tyhe back cover of the album...

oh well, so much >I want to put on it, BUT so little space and hopefully find how make it sharp and only the core and heart of it, all. The pages tell all the story anyhow, anyway...


 OK, I'll jump on the bus and go! Leaving is always fine with the gypsy heart of mine, and the comeback even sweeter!! ;)


 Hoping to find some new old music in the capitol, and make what I'm going there for otherwise too... being secretive and defencing my rights and freedom, oh, well, do I have to spill all my beans over here, and lay all my cards on the table,

 for you to read?!?





Guess it is so, heh, stupid me, revealing all my darkest moods and sides, happiness and joy too,

 never been too clever or shielding my thoughts and ideas, until them were all stolen from the mouth of the horse man,

did I told you befoe HOW I dispice stealing ideas, and jokes, and not pay 'em for,


read all the blöack list in the alst page of Spanish Sauna Trip, yes, if it's your name named there, you know...



why and how, what for, cause you're a dirty thief and ugly, and liar, whom I got vey little mercy,

if all! You go your way and I go mne, and taht's the start, forgiveness and understanding, I have none for criminals of art. What is it worth to steal all your BEST ideas, from the books you read?

Answer: none. Your poorer that homeless man, with Spanish dignity and pride,

and not the gay one, hahahaa!! :) I dig the way Angus Young from AC/DC says/said for car commercial deals: "Why don't yopu write your OWN songs to sell more cars?!? I ain't givin mine for it...." !!!

Praise the holy Angus.. and Bon Scott! <3

24.7.2018 Tuesday morning, soon back in sun, forecasts looking hot, hotter and hottest Summer in decade and soon in the century, so luckily I don't have to do much more than lay down and enjoy the heatwave. Okey I admit: I do repeat myself but so does weather doesn't it?!? ;)

 Answering machine and old phones in films and movies reveal the decade the picture was made, unless it's a historical epoce, hah, dress drama, my favourite kinda movies, not. Speaking like kid, am I, my English superioty over mouhahhah, all, ain't got too much illusions on it, but was happy when an englishman thought I was american just by hearing my acsent in Spain 2011, oh it's been 7 years already my last visit to Hispania. Need to make my comeback tour, hehe....!


 I took some thousands of fotos of streets, houses and trees and used some already for background help for authentity in this Spanish Sauina Trip, due to be publist in August 20th, so It was meaningful and important trip, to see all those towns and cities after 25 years, again. I did overcome some of my greatest fears and nightmares too, on that trip and made a connection to those brothers in Madrid, who saved my life in 1986, but spoiling you more off of the adventures, I try not to do, again, anymore, ever, like, hah haha haha hah! ;)

 Promises made to be broken, just like your heart was made to be spoken, mixing words, twistinh worlds, hiotory unspoken, reality token for a joyride, empty heads drums that bang the loudest always, barrels of wine, red future of the sky, iron heaven of military, millions of waste for fear, so dear and near,

poet's pages, outrages, guilded cages, minimum wages, and the govermental cases, hollow faces, pillow cases in presidental blood traces, chantilly laces...

 whatever happens in the name of law, do we need more, growth and expensis, tomorrow's science fiction, today's average, common man, still pays the price, reaching for paradise, doesn't make you any wise....

...r, does it?!? Political prisoners in every land's responsibility, in every government except in dictatourism, hurray for North-Korea,


not. Okey it's time to fly into sun!!! having a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood time! :)

23.7.2018 Monday morning, waking up late again, do I have sleeping overdose, huh, well it feels good to sleep long and strong, soon gotta have my tanning hours on the patio. Kinda half working, half holidaying, and this here making of one secret birthday card takes few minutes still, but having still 2 weeks til print date. Well, maybe I've finally accomplished the stressful deadline rush and hurry, til last minutes, heh...

 Oh, I did one more extra (half page= horizontal A3) page additional drawing to the very last pages of Spanish Sauna Trip, as I also deleted 2 half pages out of the final "mix", as I wanted to squeeze it tight and effective, and maybe even shelter my friend in Spain, as it was about drug business, that s/he may still be on, drugs for free and everyone, let's fight the international gun and illegal drug trafficking and let it all be legal, BUT...

 too many people depend on politics, police, customers officers and litte payola on the side, corruption in every land, one way or another, EU money for agriculture and factories and all you can image, free money, yeah free, my ass.

 ...oh well, being poor boy all my life, EXCEPT those few weeks in Spain when...

YOU CAN read ALL about it on September first in Helsinki comics festival where I'm in PeneLopez table with all my books, t-shirts, postcards and records and extra bonus, JUST for you, so be ready to carry cash and bagful of new comics home. Yes we're all there two first days of September, and never forget the cosplay weirdoes and just your average dorkmundian comics artist(like me!!), seen like first time might excite and scare you, too.  So you're "warned"  about this hipster and hippie commune of comics artist and the snobby graphic*hic*hic* novelists army of cartoon lovers too!!! ;))))

22.7.2018 Sunday morning,

getting up to going down on the patio to get some tan, as it's promised(!) in weather report to get some +28 today, heatwave of the century, of Finlandia that is, what we're having, great Mediterrian weather, which so many of you go and fly to get in there, every Summer, cause Finnish Summer is what it is, usually, crap, but not this year, thank the lord. Have mercy and have me some fun, while we're still alive, oh, shall we be missed when we're dead and gone, and does it matters to us or me at all, as we'll be dead and gone, oh lord.

 Reading the very last pages of Phil Collins autobiography, oh lord, it's worthwhile reading if you a bit of slightly interested of Phil's music and life. Have to criticise some back forth years and decades missiling in text, but all in all it's very honest and heartfelt life, written and told. With his English humour, that's quite fine, got me laughing more than once, and that's great in autobiographyys! ;) )))) Read more autobios and believe false prophets and fake news LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)             Okey, I can feel it in the air.................................................into the sun and beyond!! :)

21.7.2018 Saturday morning, enjoyed surprise friends visit yesterday, good to see 'em good people, maybe not enuff or often, but anyway see and exchange thoughts and historias, well, we're at the age that our bodies are ruined with too much work or sports, if our heads are still working, hehe... ain't that our biggest fear to go insane and/or just being ridiculed, no matter what you've done, wrong, give me and the guy next to me another change to screw up our lives again, eer, no work it out fine and right, right?

 Oh well, today taking it easy with sauna later on and maybe singing choruses to the song number 1000! in my BOSS900 recorder's calculating running number. The thousandth song is "Wether You're A Girl Or Not" and tells about what is says in title, about love and acceptance and this here crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee life, among us humans.

 I'm happy I still find music making fun, interesting and profession that occypies my mind, totally like drtawing do too, does it do it to you too? You gotta try, all, except sex among familymembers and national square dances, mouhaahhahahhahaaa. OK, you hears that before, well some people have ALWAYS heard everything, forehand and before, can't surprise those wizards of oz zy ozbourneianland. No. And to name just a few........................**************************************!!!! names cencored and removed by CIA; FBI; STASI; SPECTRE; and all those men who kill (for) us to protect us, or so they say, and if police says it, it ios so, ho-ho-hoo...!!! ://////////

20.7.2018 Friday morning, rain, finally again, rhymes too, not feelig blue, feeling fresher and just alsightly sweaty, and leving rhyming thing where it belongs...

... in song lyrics and poems, which I do not write, usually ever, as my poet days stopped in 1984 when I was jailed wrongfully out of my mind. Torture and selfaccusations depressive life, lived the best I could, but can't change the past no matter what I do, trying to become in terms with reality nowadays and avoid life of crime, I've succeed, I'm a clean and sober and legal "alien"  among ones who never failed or had their doubts about...

 life. Fourletter word, but not the worst, I guess, so whadda hell am I writing here agan, way too personal stuff, and giving loaded guns to me enemies hands, hah, shoot me,  go ahead said the Tsaikovsky, and tell Beathoven the news!! ;)

 Recorded last night the drumtracks for my recorder's 1000th song, yes you read it right, thousandth song on my BOSS-900CD 8track (love) machine. Although my song list is still few short of 1000, cause I've done few songs twice, even trice times, hah. But I feel proud and little sad that I only got that usable multitrack machine when I was 45 year old, if I had had a possibility earlier in my 20's I'd be done some 2000 or more songs by now, but life, it works strange and cruel ways, and the development of recording at homes has been improved like in wettest dreams of scifi authors fantasy. Lucky and satisfied I'm finally finding and listen too, my voice in singing, little bit of Muddy Waters, Tom Waits and Bon Scott, in attitudes and thecniques or/and soul, I wanna sound and think I sound, muahhahahaa!! 

 Listen with your own ears, not the critics, and hear it first handed and not in gossips an rumours............ baby. Listen and love, hear what you want and enjoy, this here short or long life, it's mostly what YOU do with it, but the starting point is NEVER equal, high schools maybe, but second grade and universites should be, but....


you know how them are, full of kids of educated parents, and us non-educated parents kids, we just take and o what we can, to survive. Secret of old age, don't die. (Lemmy)


<---Scanning some old porn magazines, in my collec... possession, hah, when women were beautiful and fit, not like todays plastic surgery doll faces and fat.......................! Nothing wrong with fat chics,

 when you turn out the lights! (Steel Panther) ;)))))))))

19.7.2018 Thursday morning, slept late os I'm bit fuzzy bear still, downing first mug of java, propably endimng on sun to get these last raids of heat wave, nice brown colour appearing and hopefully staying long time. Last twonights I've woken up all sweaty, but all week before that I didn't, but now I'll welcome a bit cooler nights. Love to sleep long and well, heh, it's the foudation of good life and health, more than you know. Sleep keep us alive and sane. Who or waht could be more important?

 I'm trying to stop writing like every little schoolgirl esseist emmi valvees do, asking and answering HER own questions, it's pretty easy to do, as easy as lie to yourself about most things like your own importance in the scale of world of art, who do you love, who hate you to hate me, big time politics  of nuclear bombs and art that resolves those universal problems in politics all those things yac yac yac, burp ergauugheöäöoöäöaäanöämmänokjsgkbghhghh!!! Wish I could live the hippie dream of love and peace and understnding, without any funny remarks from art people, but I ain't no serial killer, so I can't, haha, I just have to deal with all, fanecy pants artsy fartsy snobby puppy serious and wise comics artists, everyday...

 .............life, best and most respected alive, letting live and die, eerr, no letting kill and stayin clean, eerr no, letting go and staying dead, eerr no, letting die and live while you can. Life after death sounds so weird, like loser winning the game, world withoyt borders, nations without (stupoid ass) laws, jaws without teeth, preachers without sin, sinners without hope, music without a beat, seat without handles, hands without reach, beach without sand, fire without smoke, waters without coast, sailor without harbour, jailer without cell, love without districtions, and the most important question to us Finns is and shall always be, wether it's an elephant, refugee, destiturte, prostitute, killer, thriller, hedgehog, milk cow, Russian president or pink rhino from Sudan we ask:

 "What do they/you/that think about us?!?"                                                                                   :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D

18.7.2018 Wednesday morning, heatwave going on and on, no complain about that, just enjoying it and soon going to get more tan than all the years and Summers here, before. 9 long years as a Forzza citizen, and it's been good ride, all the pumps and humps and jumps, it's life. Now as 54er I think I know a little about life, mysteries called women, I had my share, I 've done my mistakes and shall do some more, the puuuuurfect life is reserved only to cats with 9 lives, walking into sunset the happy tramp, inside of me.


 ( <-- our cat Tikru having nap in  our yard in this glorious heatwave, July 2018 <3)










My inner kid has had what he wanted in materialistic and times to play, music to rock, love to love the girl I wanted. Relatively happy all over, the adult fun too, and the first affection: illustrations, art of pencils and brushes, comics and caricatures, portraits that LOOK excatly their models, realism and surrealism, blues and jazz, but I hope there's still some long and winding roads to roam and new unknown paths to find.

Voyage , Voyage by Desireless I was charmed with French song which lyrics I can only imagine, never let the language come between you and a song heavenly, make me cry like alooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of other artist's songs I think have revealed already before this. Some jerkoffs wonder how could this pornographic even got ANY emotions and tender heart, with memories tha make me weep. Oh I have my fair share of 'em too, and luckily(?) you can read all/some about it in the end of August, as I'm celebrating 25th aniversario of free artist years of mine.

 Oh I remember when I did came from Spain 1987 my accent had changed to Spanish version of English, and as usual I made up new word for lengua: Spanglish, which some idiots in Hollywood "invented" too, 20 years later, but hey who cares about who was first?!?

 Except in Olympics they tend to care a lot who came first in tracks and races,

 ...........Jamaican run faster than Jamaican rum is drank, oh well, sorry about lousy image of speak, haha, I find it funny that I do write alot and fast, although I NEVER had any literal idols or dreams to be an Author, no all I wanted was to be artist that draw and paint watercolours, and that I have reached and accomplished. Not putting dowm my comics career, but it's only the second change and extra lover, from my nonpolitical and no bullshit fashionista contemporary fine art "messages" that serve only to clean the comscience of the...

lame ass artist "freedom fighter", whose "fight" is hanged on the walls in fremes, of art gallery, well I think there's something juicy and wrong on it, and of course THEY who never really had it all down the line gone to hell, being homeless, dreamless, convicted, blamed, aimed, accused, abused, used and all that...

 I have, but lucky for 'em, this ain't no competition, or is it?!?

17.7.2018 Tuesday Night Music Club was the name of Cheryl Crow's breakthrough album way back in 1993, and was played way too much in radio, so when I found it on second hand fleemarket and listened it it felt strangley funny as almost every track is  a killer,  and motherhubbing radio hit too, not too bad looker she was, either, but in music we never judge book/record by the cover, do we?!?

 Beauty sleeping, sleeping recklessly, learnig the right spelling of heatwave, as it should be written together, not separately, haha, the genius of me, eager to develope and progress, in some cases I even do... now I need a ny new set of stereos for my drum rehearsal space, as the old ones broke and left 3 discs inside, so I had to doctor 'em out by pulling and screwing every screw open. So now I have lotsa material for some weird art project I've been planning for decades, with moving, rolling parts and humanlike figures, BUT that gotta wait for the right time too, as all my other projects apart from the book I'm finishing still 2-3 weeks before printing process and realisation, I' waited for at least...

  eerrr.....32 years!?! :D

16.7.2018 Monday morning heatwaving along another day in sun, yeeeeees, enjoy and gettin vitamin D, and fuck all Trumputin news telllings us nonsenses, as all we Finns wanna know is WHAT do they think about.......................................................us!!! HAHAA

HAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Oh we are such a babies in the fields of grown ups, Trump is juggling with our president any day and Putin is just clever russian blue eyed killer fox, eating Niinistö by lunch, got no interest on this high profile Helsinki meetins, and am SO relieved living all 117 km away from it all. Eat my shorts Trumputin-meeting!! ;)

 <-- Never forget these missus Trump tramped like here in snow sleight Karen McDougal, just one more Playboy Centerfold girl gone bad...

hahahahaaaaaaa!! Amongst these heatwaves we need little cooling down, don't we?!?

 There's no business like snow business, show me yours business may come second, just a few seconds later......as a (hetero) man I sometimes wonder WHY, do these goddamngoodlooking broads pick up these ugly face fat face politics and millionaires, but yes, the question answers itself, some girls like money too, and fame and BIG money. Judging is always pretty easy, maybe these politics do have such ahuge aura, cause they got the power and that might feel sexy to these girls and women.......cause they are so goodlookinh "everybody" are after their pussy in bars and streets, so maybe that's why they wanna choose 'emselves more than be hunted down to marriage,well hell, never been a woman, never gonna know how it feels, do I Madonna?!? :P

15.7.2018 Sunday morning, oh it was a good day as I sterted a birthday wishing card for one of my **** , oh it's still a secret so I can't reveal it yet, but WHAT I realaized was a BIG news to me and myself, as I love drawing pictures, ain't got no computerworking graphic designer bone in me, love illustrate and create new images, but ain't got no interest on dabbling with this machine and buttons, more tha I have to do for albums and other work, bound to computer age. It gives me such a feeling of freedom when I'm not tied up in electricity and machinery and all this bullshit, haha...

... of course I enjoy these possibilities on net working for our benefits and connecting people,oh dear Nokia phone of mine. 24 euros worth calling and text messages, and thats all YOU need for phone, got no need for whatuppsinstagarms I don't dwell in space with nothing better to do, than posting selfies, sad life...

 of the youth temporary, but hey, call me dinosaur and hippie and fossile, it's alright, I am cave man, pleased to meet you in flesh and blood. Let's hurray for football world championship today, hurrya!!! :)

 Summertime and the living is......................................................................................easy?!? Hope so my dear and near ones, and remember to fuck off all the ones that hate your guts, just because you're kinder, better, faster, prettier, smaller, but more emotinal, more caring, loving alien among the earth flat feeters, oh well fight for our rights, equality and freedom. ...and Comics Art for adults too!!

14.7.2018 Saturday 14th ain't got none of that spooky mojo boogie hoodoo voodoo magic, doesn't it? yes, I know, just wondering why the Friday 13th got it's bad luck theory and when, oh wikipedia knows: "the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia"!! Oh well, of course it got (possible) origins in Jesus last supper on Friday 13th, before dying an all that jive.... so nobody really knows for sure, and of course there's a alternative theory in literature, but this unlucky is born 19th century first mentions, so the folks before that didn't have it, hah, lucky us with modern times interactions in seconds, yes, thank again the electricity and fast connections, world is so different than it was in my teens back in 1970's....

 fossile dinosaur and primitive cave man, am and sitting in my man cave, enjoying life,a nd today also being the "summer widow" for just aday as my wife went to Pori, one day visit..............................

 ...oh, as we live so closely and even work our stuff in same house( and garden), we're together more than many couples, tha have been together longer. It got it's great points and lousier too, but never feeling lonely again, and LUCKILY we both want and do our art and all rather alone, than in a pack of wolves or arts, hahahahaa...

Oh football game on TV today too, good luck and just hoping FINE active match, may the best team win!!

 Few new songs of mine recorded and I'm getting confidence on my own singing voice and guitar work, and that iks soem happy news to me, soon the Jack King Noir is available for concert halls too, but here's the list:

963. Goodnight Little Schoolgirl 5.7.2018

964. State Of The World 8.7.2018

965. Troubled Woman 10.7.2018

966. Sinatra Says It's Alright 12.7.2018 to be continued,

as you can see I do 2-3 songs aweek, the whole list for your eyes only, in section "MUSIC" in the upper block of choizes!! ;)

13.7.2018 Friday 13th, my lucky day, 13th as I was born on it and under the bad luck spell for some, maybe I'm juts contradictional boy, your misery is my joy of blues, I laugh the things you cry about, well maybe I'm just bullshit artist?!?

 Oh well, I heard some people putting me down, on big scale, all I can say is: prove yourself to be better man, drawer, human and I'll bow you, man. Trying not to be the smartest mideast peacesolving genius, and do something VALUABLE, with your life anstop whining at me being TOO brutal on my OPINIONS, read it again "o p i n i o n s", see what it mean in google maps and cililized dictionaries, if you can't find your ass from your elbow, hahahahhahaaa...


 oh I'm happy editing last pages on the book, and bieng in schedule again, and having some tanning heat wave time IF I want, and the weather's gods allow, it's gonna be sweaty hot day with possibilities to rainstorms, the usual Finnish Summer, that has been overused in ads on TV for grilling season treasuresausages, making profit of millions, ONLY in summertime, so that's pretty obvious, supermarkets sell super lot food for grilling in these thousands of lakes full of summer vacationers feeding their hungry families, but we make en exception there too, we DON'T grill or barbeque, not even once as we used to do in Midsummer night, oh maybe we shall though when my cousins come to vist here in August... yeah contradiction world rolling on, moving parts greased or not, towards the evidable goal...

 ( <--- pencilworks of mine youth, back in 1979 and 1980, see I wasn't born yesterday, heh, remember 1979 and young punks we were?!?

 Well, I do..........)

...........and it's not football I'm talking about... until tomorrow eve, and Sunday's championship match and game. Hurray for futbol/football houligans, maybe the best team win, for a change!! ;) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

12.7.2018 Thursday morning, fuzzyhead returns but is happy as the album's pages are now numbered and mostly finished too. Few texts need to adjust and write again, more fitting the pic... oh, interesting this must be for you, hehe, shall we talk comics talk, all day all the time, sure do, hah, as this si blog of my comics life. Oh silly me tells all here, as I think well "nobody really reads this", hehe, or at least I think I don't care, or really THINK about, it... if somebody read this I hope s/he is laughing WITH me....

 ...more than to me like some hijo de putas does, thank you for making me fighter and Christina Aguilera song-like stronger, although it hurts me too, to be called names and mental cases...

...wish I was even stronger and nonchalant towards the evil forces of Finnish envying comics artist, that can't take ANY criticism IF it's they ability to draw, well! I feel tender and strong on my own cause, as it's been my light in the dark, my joy, and my first love: drawing.



<-- Tramp drawn with ballpoint pen by me, from 1980's!!






 Drawing like Leonardo Da Vinci and Akseli Gallen- Kallela, and Hal Foster, Joonas Savolainen, Tarmo Koivisto, Robert Crumb, Milo Manara, Albert Uderzo, Franquin, and mucho mas en lista de dibujadores mejores mi vida!! Just to name few, first ones that hit me in my youth and early adolecense age. Oh too many fine words which correct spelling is blurry haze to me, and am too tired and sleepy to get my big dicktionary out and check 'em out, if it bothers you, you ain't my brother, man!!! ;)

11.7.2018 Wednesday morning,  sunny and possibility to heat waving (+24 C) but I try to stay on the drawing board and edting schedule, lucky and happy for the news to go on printing later on, and in August...let 'em Trumputins have they silly meetings before, and Summer enjoying it while it's here, so short is the warm season over here, and only once a year!! ;)


<--- extra half page for leaving Spain in the Fall of 1986, just fast 32 years ago!!! :)






Well, years slide and ran, but haven't got that elderly people illusion as them went faster, still got all these 365 days and nights to spend on, whatever meaningful and refreshing actions, and rest, can't oversize the meaning of sleep and peace of mind, avoiding vain and sensless rushing, on everything, never rush unless you're a short track sprinter athletic in Olympics and running faster han leopards after some gaselle, oh Africa... wish I'd be able to travel there someday, BUT Sudan is awarzone, Egypt is bombed, south is racist and poor all over, so having afun vacatiob among poor and beggars, ain't my cup of Indian tea, either. Oh India one of the most disgusting land and people, poverty spoil all, and overpopulation is still the ONLY real problem to solve,

 and as I've said millon times before, give 'em FREE condoms to have safe sex, not teen brides and moms, like religous asses do. Some resolutions are pretty easy, if we only have will, power and money to do it...

 but "luckily" the capitalists keep us poor and overpopulated, cause the cheap labour does all cheaper and nevermind the pollution or cutting down the rainforests, didi that stop cause the public demonstrations?

 Oh, crazy world keep on spinning like this, until... well, I won't be here seeing the collapse of western societies and peace on earth. All we need is balls, to do the right thing, always.

10.7.2018 Tuesday morning, well hell it's summertime as the next door neighbour is building a terrace patio's walls and roof(?), for pleasuredom party times, about 4 metres from our kitchen window!!! I'd say it's bit too close, but waiting for my architect wife to wake up and telling me NOT to go and shout... as I didn't, and good for that, it's not terrace building-it's kids playhouse, hah. That's alright kids laughter and noise is fun.....ny most of the time!! ;)

 Oh well, too fast decicions has always been a trouble for me, but hell I was born Speedy Gonzales and faster than lightning strikes I've stumbled mostly in on my own feet, haha.

 Oh one idiot comics artist try to annoy me calling me "idiot", but like kids say , you are yourself, who you are calling it, njää njää njää, of course these dickless jerk offers and jannu höppönens who ain't got nothing going on, no publications, no really interesting lives to tell 'em stories, envy me and my ability to be artist, all they CAN do is whine and badmouth me, well if that what they choose, I'm happy to return the "favour"!!! Go fuck yourself sad lil boys of Hämeenlinna town. Try to look at the big picture, and if you feel crazy get some help, a diagnose and possibly some and right medication...


 that's what I did too. Being crazy as a fox, aint' too bad when/if you're ableto realize the truth, of it. Well, every one for themself speaking the crazinessess they want to speak, not shoving it down my throat, thank you, maybe one day I'll be bold enuff to tell ALL my craziest lives mistakes and  troubles, but now I'm still on year and Summer of 1986!!! :)

 Life is good, no matter how many stupid ass idiots call  and name me, I'm still best of me, warts and all. I think I'm honest and true, in my works too, so that gotta be enuff of it. If I had badmouthed some Finnish lousy artists, it's just because their work ain't good, I have no polite way to say it especially WHEN they badmouth me first,

so after all bullshit, get out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat! That's pretty fine line with me. I don't have to able to do all, just my part os comics art to be grown up, for adults too!! ;)

Yes, that's a good frame: For Adults Too! Copyrighted to me, right here and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

9.7.2018 Monday morning, and best news for a long time: I got my book print days delayd til August, so I got enuff time to finish it in no hurry, no rush like making babies withwetheads and nuts, as the old phrase goes in Funlandia, and what could be better than bagful of old jokes, pertti jarla? Muhahhahaa....

 well, making new jokes new laughing matters, new language, new inspirations, it's so goiddman hard, work to make up new stuff instead copying the used ones, well,  dignity is afunny thang, some got it, some not, some like it some not, do not know from they ass from the ground, anticlimaxes everfilling well to scoop jokes, it's easy in these networked times, world gone mad with information wars, and only ones that profits are the advertising companies and stuff selling managements. People shall need these basic stuff forever, food, drink, rest and.......................

entertainment, sex and hope for better days, yeah, jointhe hare krishnas and muslims and  all religious right winged gangs of idiotism, hurray for lairs, lawyers and psesidental whores. Funlandia has a doubtful glory to host Trumputin meeting next week. I'm too lazy and far away to participate any demonstration,

BUT I live for revolution and sweet revenge, tell you more soon, hah so keep on keeping reading this "blog" which hardly touches the comics businesses in pictures, as I dn't wanna spoil the fun for you to read it like you NEVER hears anything LIKE is, before!!! ;)


Sunday getting up slowly, todays program IS to ink and finish those 3 extra page halves I've already pencilled to fulfill the plot and storytellin, oh yes, I can do little storytelling authorisied by meself, nevermind what all thias worlds littel scvhoolgirl emmi v****s talk, never listen too much little girls lies, blowing they own horns, while they do not know HOW to make great story in pictures and language, either, if your standard is school graduating essees, boy, you're along way from top, telling stories that make people cry and laugh, sometimes both same to me, that's the real chaplinism I'm aiming, not cheap and scandalous and mental cases, we all have... just so childish , naive and feminism to think women's sufferr more and vaulable, in this world I'm the nigger and those lame ass woman are just little girls with big egos and small skills,

 in the art of pictures and audio art, if you can't express well, you ain't nothing, to me. And if you make stories JUST for yourself, why do you print and release then, FOR us?!?






 Yeah, life is black and white, balck and blue, wrong or right, left or right, male or female.. err, and goddamn trnasitting metrosexuals, neutries and all,

 and most of all, we're NOT the same, your story and rules ain't for me, always. I'd much rather be gangster and felon, you never been, so doncha judge me littel school girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P hah, well I herad you judge me already, hahahhaa, but that doesn't make you any wiser, better or right,

right? Positively thinking shove it up yer ass, darling, as you can't spend something you never had,


like brains, comprahensivity to reality and common man sensiblitity and wisdom, not intelligence you can't even use.....!! :D

7.7.2018 Saturday morning, nice sunny weather, but I wasn't the winner of 90 million euros of Eurojackpot, damn, as I was so sure it's my turn and time to be the biggest winner, not loser as usual, hah...

 ...oh well, maybe I'll just slave on next 54 years still, and die a ahppy millionaire at tender age of 108, yeah that sounds like a good plan, if they haven't invented the secret of everliving rastaman and immortality by pills by then.

 And (if) they haven't blew up this panet of blues, summertime blues I have for hurring up the book to print in next week-endish, to get it guaranteed to be for sale in 1st of September, didn't wanted this kind of rush, but now gotta swing it and shoot from the hip and take the bull by the horn, and just do it, little faster than planned,and THEN have a Summer vacation time for month or two, didn't have any in last Summer, so I gotta double it this year to make it even, get even, not getting mad over nonsense. Yeah, towards new disappointments, muhahhahaahhaaa!!! :)

 Have yourself a sweet Saturday.

6.7.2018 Friday morning, and I'm on puts and clean business already, finalizing 100 odd pages, and plot is thickening... as are my balls too, muhahahaahaa!! ;)

Sexy Spanish girls in the Summer of 1986, do you remember those hot nights, where ever you were, except in Finlandia it was cold and cloudy Summer, haha... took some fotos of record covers from this trip, I carried to Spanish sun and bars ... (below foto by my great idol and entertainer, "Jean-Pierre Kusela"!! :)

 ....oh well, football continues in TV tonight, swell sports and best of acting hurt and falling like champion, hehe...

yes, the weather i´s fine, for indoor activities and work like  amaniac, as I alwayd do, full speed and no holding back,

until it's weekens and off for Saturday and Sunday, like "normal" people do.......!!! ;) But today some fast and concentrated cleaning and editing, gotta hurry to be ready before Trumputin comes over... did I tell you all this already, yesterday, ehe, nevermind, if I did, got no recallections on these days of all work and no...

  .........well, just alittle play, like I did new song in garage studio, last night called : Goodnight Little Schoolgirl, as the soloriff sounded little like Goodmorning Little Schoolgirl has... oh I never plagiate any, eh ehhehhehehehhehehehhehehee, except laughing like Kusela in Naurava Kulkuri!! :D


Thursday morning, I'm here tooe arly typing this, should be sleeping BUT now I gotta hurry to finish the book before August, and if possible before Trump and Putin get together in Helsinki 16th of this July, damn. Well, I'll do some long hours  and make it happen. Too much time to delay the deadline date, hah, not the first time and propably not the last, so now just working effectivily and fast...


 ..footballing off days feels strange as you can get used to it so sudden and permatively, hah, all is a laughing matter to me, yes my wife tolds me so, too often too!!! ;) )))))))))

 Oh here we go again, towards glory days of Spanish sauna Tripping!! :D

 Updating with reality: yes, cleaning never stops, or seems so, boring as hell, and taking all my efforts and concentrating abilities to the max.................imum rock'n'roll, luckily I CAN listen best of music man made since 1945 on "CD collection" taht includes few more than thousand units, plus my own catalook of 710 songs, plus plus covered sonds of 200 hundred, so I won't have to liste same song in aweek or two. It's fun to "forget" some albums in shelf and "find" 'em again, and digging like first time,



....just got myself a Tapio Rautavaara album, and cried like a baby on few songs, tha just cut my heart bleeding, childhood and youth's first popular music idol, of mine, *niisk* *sob* sob*.... cry baby, I was for sure, sensitive as hell, hahahahaa............!!!

4.7.2018                                    Wrote few new songs again, so here's the list:

952. The Active Model 12.6.2018

953. Manic Hurricane 14.6.2018

954. When You're Falling In Love With... (Your Own Voice) 16.6.2018

955. Goin' To Louisiana 17.6.2018

956. What Could Be More 21.6.2018

957. Midsummer Night Blues 22.6.2018

958. Bad To The Bone 23.6.2018

959. I Put A Spell On You 27.6.2018

960. I'm A Man, Not A Dog 28.6.2018

961. Drumsticks 'n' Stones 30.6.2018

962. If You Want Love 3.7.2018....................... coming up the second collection fo "Best Of 2018" soon....!!!!! The whole total list is on section "Music"!! Go there or be square!! ;)

Wednesday and working hard, hardly working on my album, still... got cleaned up all 102 pages BUT have a bunch of text to rewrite and edit more fitful in balloons and squares wahtever you english speaking folks call 'em, where the text is, heh!! ;) No more football for two days, is a pity as it balances my daily schedule, but maybe I'll manage and survive this torture like a man........! :P

 Oh well, rain came to save us from water bill bankcrupt, damn good to have some millimeters of wetness in our garden, that my wife so dearly loves to take care.


Summertime Im  always busy doing my book and having days off only when there's sunshine enuff to have lil tan, in our yard, that's the perfect place for it, no strangers no exra music than our radio or CD-player has. WC and fridge near, cool drinks provided and ice-cream, and all in the price of the house rent and supermarkets sale or just cheap normal prices, the cheap and saving all you can man enjoys wholehearted, haha!! :D


 Oh we have also alke near, like 800 meters by bicycle or car, as I don't want to walk back the uphill route, and sweat like a pig...


after the refreshing swim on that lake,

 seems like waste of good cooling and swam. Oh well, I know I'm priviledged with TIME keeping, saving, havin, wasting, spending, tending, mending, it's all in my own hands, the free lancer I've been soon 25 years, it's amighty loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, quarter of century, almost, hehe, soon I'll be authorising like famous bullshitter king of pages multipiling novelist Mauri Sariola, who gave us such a idiomas as: " Three men in threepiece trio" :))))))))))) Can't beat that hilarious laugahable fun shit!! ;)

3.7.2018 Tuesday morning, watched some fine football again, Japan was great against Belgium, Brazil took what was rightful, and today the Swedes fall for Swiss, or that's waht we all here in Funlandia hope, hahahaa!!!  I always wonder how some people got "scandinavina heart" by choose, especially then when OUR team is not in the game, at all... as I don't feel for very scandinavian, European yes, but scandi no. I can almost hurrah for Russians neighbours  rather than Swedes, hah, and fotbol spanish and portuguese, too bad for 'em both...

I'm still in my "cleaning businesses" for album of the year and my life story part 3/4. Trying to humble and nice about it, but promise you a mriacle and wonderful adventures in August and August 2021!!  Just three little years and I'll be done, with the Golden Youth episodes, and it's time for NEW comics stuff, I've planned all the while doing this Spanish Sauna Trip's first book. High hopes and big plans for future, but ain't that kind of a guy who boast on  something I haven't DONE, yet. Leave it to all those contemporary artists in charge and spotlight, for this year. When it's my life on the line, I must think about the big picture and mental health, and perseverance to manage to pull it through, shoot the ball in goal, and not be like this lame ass govermental cases, makin' promises they can't keep.... no sir, that'll I never do, as I'm a honest man. Not a dog, as I sang in my on new song, oh, heh, I'm planning to change my name to Jack Noir King, or Jack King Noir, might be even better "bluesman name",hah, ! " Just ...like the good ones do", right Michael Monroe, haha!! ;)

2.7.2018 Monday morning, July started while my attencion wasn't awake, oh summertime. Comes so slowly and goes so fast. Most of the year it seems like I'mstuck on cold and freezing weathers, rain and snow all year. Do I have the dream of faraway paradise and spanish castle fairy tales, dreams works strange ways.  But most of the times it workslike: people want what they don't have, and have their holidays opposite the work situations, as having no hurry when working with busy businesses all year, or having actionpacked holiday when working in stable and same boring factory all year. Very easy philosohpy and human behaviour study, and lesson number nine. Love doing what you can't while working, gimme a surprising resolution and model, that's not like everybody is.

 Oh well I have still 28 pages to clean and edit, and then I'll have my Summer "holidays" and "vacation", if I win the lottery, jackpot or such, I'll travel to Spain, Italy and where ever I please to avoid the climate that we have here in Funlandia, hah.

Wouldn't change a day or year, just the climate, people and location, and Funlandia would be the best place on easrth, that they try to convince us with all those " best education" happiest folks" best this and that gallups and serious examinations, Finland is so far from being the best place, on this planet, that those foreign jerks  can't understand, at all...

 happiest people, my ass............................................................................................................! hahahahaaa!!! :D Maybe the most enviest people and alcolistics too, never forget the first place of suicides, on earth, yeah welcome to reality and Funlandian common man.

1.7.2018 Sunday morning. Starting another strickt diet today, hoping to lose all those winterly gained extra kilos, and change my figure and eating habits generally, but I know it's hard and painful, but it's now or never situation again. Might be watching some football today again, and make some new music with my 24-track recorder, that I haven't used for, I dunno, two years?!?

So it's time to enjoy the suberbian sound quality and possibilities to record on all of those 24 tracks, multipile of guitar walls, millions of solos and do some proge masterpiece, ehe, well, these days when drawing is my work and weekly strut, music making is my hobby and way to get away off the grind and working situation and from everyday routines and problem solving. I do get lost in music, and it feels great, tripping sober and free. So all you junkies lose you needles and make music, better than any drug, although it might get you addicted to...


....music, too. But that' sjust fine and grand, way to go and blow your mind, no matter how succesful you ever got, if you got music you love, to make. Take my advice and be real nice, think twice, among us men and mice, it's wise and free, to be a musician and lover same time. Music lovers united, never care about the money, honey, if it sound good it's good, if you like it, it alright to like it. Fuck all hip genres and fashionistic hits and rules, make music, not wars.

Dig it baby!?! Play the game of love, not hate. Good for all you football houligans and lovers too.

30.6.2018 Saturday morning, soon it's noon as I did read til 3 o'clock in the morning, and slept all I could, but it's Saturday and nowhere to rush over. Day dedicated to resting and taking it E-Z, as possible, doing things forgotten or delayed til later on, as cleaning all my comics figures and toys and things that collect dust, and hoovering 'em takes few hours or days to do it, so I let 'em be and dust only when time is right and got nothing else "better" to do, heh, and believe me, I can invent few thousand things more urgent and interesting than dusting...


if it ain't dusting my broom, like blues singers do!! ;)

 Oh well, back to football world cup and sauna time later on, have yourself a sinful saturday, and hang 'em undies on the wheel,

oh yes, hahah...! ;)

29.6.2018 Friday and rain welcomes to week's end, nature boy thanks for the one that can'r speak or say, the quiet and abused, used and misused, nature's dying, trees are crying, in Amazon they cut it off, and in Amazon. com they sdestroy the returned goods, withouit a change to reuse, iot's sad sad world in Amazon and in Fun-landia, rain and forest we got here, rainforest there, in the jungle. I wish I'd get to visit someday, traveling one day when I can afford it, or making it like rockstar, whose trips are paid and hotels reserved for him or her... get famous like Madonna and get impossible to walk around in peace, without bodyguards, is that rerally what  you or me want...ed?!?

 Off day off the football fields too, so I'll go on with the book editing and cleaning smuts and balloons and all, although the printday might be at August and later than I imagined, earlier, well, living exciting moments and thrilling comics life, on my own story, no fiction no lies, no bullshit. Yes sir, that's it.

 <--- new music coming up and old blues I've dreamed to versionize, finally done dirt cheap and just 8-track machine of love, of mine. I've closened the point where I'm happy with my solo guitar executing skills, solos that make my hair stand up, yes...

 blues power! <3

28.6.2018 Today's program is written in the sky: scorcio! aka sunshine and heat wave, let's skip the clothes and stay in the sun, all day....

 ...yesterday I did another classic blues/rock song I've been planning to do for years: I Put A Spell On You, and did it as Screamin' Jay Hawkins original version in mind + extra bonus tail rockin with bass and drums, and no it's not that kinda " bass and drums" what the youth do these days, houhouhou, I put aspell on you, because... you're mine! Voodoo blues masters clöass number 13.

 <---( Foto by my late friend Jönssi Lehtola, in concert in Hellsinki someday in 80's! )

  Keep on rockin' in a free...


and sold out world, tour.... rock it. Like there's no end of this crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee world, sinkin in garbage and plastic we dispose in seas, well done, capitalists!! :P

27.6.2018 Today'smy wife's birthday so I got her a present and piece of cake and coffee to bed too! Happy birthday darling!

 Weather reports tell it's gonna be hot and sunny day, so I'll be tanning again, and continue the rest of 50/102 done pages clening operation later on...

 ...it's  hard hard work to make the book finished and excellent for print, while my mind starts to wander towards next adventures of mine, and book to complete the four piece  triplet, haha, yes sir, trathlon on comics, life on line, drawing chests and breasts, ham and jam, wam bam thnak you mam, true life stories to thrill your socks off and give you an erection, it's all in  your own hands, when you look at LIFE closely enuff. We all got our troubles and mental issues, like this here famous heavy metal joker, got his "burntout" lately, and what that is? A mental sickness, when you wotrk too much for your brains to take, is that something great and fantastic, to be workaholoic, and not see where your boundaries are?

 .............or is it young man's feeling of inadequncy? Answers from lion's mouth in Hellsinki comics festivals 1.-2.9.'18. See you all there to celebrate my 25th anniversary of pro artists life, in comics and all, well it's not nice round number like "10" but I can live with it...!! ;)

The secret to long life is not die young. :////////////

26.6.2018 Tuesday morning, heading for dentist soon, get my fills and hopefully not thrills, or big bills, but we'll see what happens, reporting here like Tintin on case of broken tooth not ear, which I just read again, the Tintin adventures from year 1945 ansd 1958 Adventure in Red Sea, oh by the Herge was hired top pro drawers to improve the comics and perspective failures available in 1945. I realizes WHY I never really liked Tintin too much: it's "humour" is based on laughing other peoples mistakes and suffering, not like Asterix's humour that is human, funny and wise. Tintin is just slapstick and detective stories were the hardest cases are solved by sudden unbelievable twists. Well, I don't have any reporter back bone in my behind, and no boys wild adventures comics fan fare either....


 since I was 12, I got my eye on different kind of chicks and reptiles, crawling on dance floor and bedrooms!! ;)

 Tintin never had no romance or feelings towards women, Haddock is drunken asshole, and all the characters are weird, and tehe images of foreign countries racist and old fashioned, too much, for todays reraders comprahensivity of equality and fair and human rights, while that blanko card minded Tintin saves the diamonds and treasures like later days teen idol for Indiana Jones....

 ....that stole few Asterix tricks and Tintin too, but that's whole lotta another  ball game, indeed. If you rerad this my blog for years, YOU know I ate idea robbers and lousy motherfuckers who think it's allright to borrow few jokes and stroylines, CAUSE it has happened before, that's NO excuse sir, being as dumb as men before you, sorry ass thief, like pertii j***a and companies in daily joke strip teasing me and my intelligence, hah, fuck it. I'm just glad I don't act or look like 'em at all. Lousy ass wankers in their fine art illusions....

 .....oh, art, mi amor. Okey I'll continue this war on drugs and comics tomorrow, til then, actions speak louder than....! You know. If you don't seach for the knowledge and talent to know it. Don't be a loser and another thief called pertti j***a.

25.6.2018 Monday morning, called me an appointment with dentist for tomorow, as one tooth cracked a little, maybe a filling lost or more, mouth operations I hate and maybe even fear still, and the expensises are crack 'em selves, gotta be rich to take care of your teeth well...




...as a kid I never (!!) brushed my teeth as my parents didn't take care of that part of education, and had fillings in their mouths too, so before Iw as eighteen I had afilling in almost all tooth, damn. And The tramp years I quit goin or brushing again, so y teeth been cleaned twice and just about only little better than Andy Mccoys pitiful mouth pieces, sad but true, not Andy but me and my bad bad luck, hah. (Had me  a pause for writing THIS, and wrote a lyrics to asong called " Bad Bad Luck Boy" that I shall sing and play later on this year, as I have like 40 song lyrics in "store" before todays text shall be used.

 Have this 2 writing paper pads: one for writing and one in use simultaneously, very affective and nonstopping action utilised!) Oh well, I still got all my own teeth, but prettys ure I'll be needing some extra parts later on my life, if I live like my grandparents over 80 years!:) And I defenately want that, long life and fruitful years in art and realtionship, avoiding thje wrecks and trying to keep in fit, taht's my next goal: to do what I did last years , BUT this time NOT gaining back the weight already lost. Gotta be slim jim again, just for mental reasons too,

oh well, simple man like me can be happy in most horrified places and situations, but do I have to suffer overweight all the rest of my life....              ...no. See, answering your/mine own questions is fucking easy, all you slimeballed emmi v****s, who know nothing about nothing about REAL difficult lives and juvenile delinquents capured alive and rotten in cells, nightmares of real bad boys, but that can be fixed... just read my books and wipe your ass on all little assholed emmis, oooooooooooooooops, I didi it again, made you ridiculed.

Sorry, I'm not.

24.6.2018 Sunday morning, lazying very easy, towards football games beginnings and most of all happy fro Swedes loss to Germany, few of the joys of Finnish footballers lives, seeing Swedes fail, hähähähää!! :)

 Oh these days I shouldn't say so, I should be like those balless metro sexuals cheering for the "neighbour" doing so well with all the luck they always got, didn't spent my eve watching it so I won't go there where the Swedes did wrong, but usually in these games where only golas solve the winner, the onlyy reason to lose is, making less goals than your opponent team. Simple facts dear svenssons , crying in your bluie and gold flags, too bad. Oh I saw tha last minute gola German did from free kick, tat was great, and I did hurrah for 'em. clap my hands, oh the sweet taste of seeing your enemies suffer and struggle oh the sweet revenge, on ain't no shame to ridicule the Swedish footballers, they do the same to us year after year, so let's call it even, or fair game to all pelle hermanssons!! ;)

 Oh more crazy was the smell after I did burn in sauna few kilos of hemp, the legal kind, BUT it smells like cannabis, so haha, if the Forssa horses, cows, dogs and cats and birds did get stoned, it's all "my fault", haha,....

....nice firethey gave away, but burnt so fast those sticks that had grown here on neighbours field, more than 2 meters long and fingerthick and strong branches. My lil Midsummer magic trick pulled for fun, so all the "evidences" are burnt for heating the sauna more than those mamma's boy Swedes do, reading newspapers in sauna(!!!!!!!!!!!!!), sweat and steam of woodheaten sauna is the best of sauna experience you can get. The real thing only in Finlandia,

 and Canadian natives and maybe in somewhere else in native peoplesweat shacks, you can feel it, it's good for the body and heart, and soul, if you got any. ;)

23.6.2018 Staying up til 3 in the morning, so slowly coming back among living... dead heads all over this land, hangovers maximums, but the youth might be wiser on this case also, not getting so drunk and stupid like we did, but... boy did we have fun too!! :)

 Judging people by the actions they've done, said and told, well it way too easy, cause nobody's perfect...


...but me, perfect annoying stubborn overwhelming individualistic gentelman and officer, and bullshit artist!! :) Have yourself a more cool and fine time, twsiting bt the pool, dancing in the forest shack, on railroad track, training to holiday season of us Finns, July is soon here with you having your 4 weeks off.... hip hurray, have fun, as longa s you can, we can all rest in peace ,

 after we've died.

 Oh well, what a philosopher world has lost in me, muahhahahaa!! :D

22.6.2018 Happy Midsummer fiesta for everyone, let's keep it cool as the weather and not drown on these thousands of lakes, please.

 Oh skipping my wife's anger burst on this morning, just few moments ago, I try hard as I can keep up the good spirits and magic of the midsummer night. I don't need no bonfires, no barbeque steaks, no bottles of cheap booze and expensive wines, no traffic jams on highways, no luxury boating in seas, no visiting relatives, no big surprises of weather, even no heat wave, no raincoats, no camping place wet tents, no kasper strömmäns ugly faces, no I don't need much...

 I'm just looking for tush, and love like everyday!!! Have yourself a beautiful and fun Juhannus/ Midsummer party!

21.6.2018 Thursday morning, oh, it's two minutes to noon, so I'm getting up late... did almost 2 hour drum rehearsals yesterday, in garage drum set banging, my favourite exercise and hobby, with guitar playing and making new own written songs, every week, unless there's a heavy load work process otherwise, and lately there's not been any, but the album making, which have taken ALL my strengths and powers daily for last two years, so I'll be 100 % satisfied on August 20th when it's time to celebrate the 27 anniversary, and my 8th own album release too. Hopefully I'll se millionaire soon too with selling it like gallons of milk for babies!

 <-- future baby, robot age, and sex soldiers on and on and on and on and on and on and on

and on

and on

and on and on..... for obvious reasons, to survive and multipile.

 Gotta be happy for this opportrunity to do whatever I want for these 25 years, it's a value and wealth, even better health, that's more than the pile of dollars I've lost and not earned while doing my own thang, hah.Money, that rich man's golden gace and value for time, you lost in coalmines or factory lines, something you shall never get back...

 time spent on....................................................................work, you don't want to do, think about it a minute.

 Does it seem like a good idea, still?!?

20.6.2018 Wednesday morning, And I did managed to write all the texts for 100½ pages which have been drawn and inked before, so I'm only 1½ page short of all album texted, so still in schedule and running order, timetable for new book release in 20th August, or at l(e)ast in 1st of September and Helllllllllsinki comics festivals, my dear. And still got time to enjoy summertime funtasies, if spotted on and heat wave makes waited comeback, again...

 ....oh well it looks like the perfect weather for MIDSummer parties, willie chilling cold +13 and rain to keep most of drunken idiots on ground, off the boats and not swimming to drown on it, as the normal plan and execution is, sadly. I'm staying at home and grilling some sausages and drinking a bottle of lemonade, wow, the wild party goer I've become!!! ;) Well, heheh hell, nowadays it'd be the worst party of Midsummer would be being the only on sober in some drunk ass fighting party in middle of nowhere,and no way to escape from it, nightmares I have enuff already, thank you, sir.   Oh well, soon watchin' Portugalian football in TV, world championships sailing another month still if you got time to kill, thrill, chill do what you will !! ;)

19.6.2018 Tuesday morning, long awaited rain finally hit these hot and dry plantasions and forests, at least little help for dangers of wild fire, me I'm not exctatly nature saving hippie with burning heart for their cause, I despise Amnesty and Greenpeace as companies making money on your fears and pictures of danger possibilities,propably they do good work, but not anymore on my cash. Of course the bad name for those are earned by streets with face to face overenthuastic sellers on Hellsinki center's plazas. I know some people make their earnest living on it, BUT  annoying people for making your living, is...






...a road you choze, not me, so don't blame me for being rude or nonchalent towards you, and your attemps to sell me your monthly domation system to squeeze outta me my last euros, I got more important and touching things in MY life, than human rights in South Sudan, although you might not being able to see it. That's no proof of anything, arrogant hippie dreamers who won't see the reality, fifth of this nation struggles everyday. Would I be as blind as 'em, if I had the power and money, to change things...?

Of course,

not. Road taught me differently, I do care more the common people in lousy jobs and paychecks than rich or healthy wealthy snobs in city, whining 'bout animal rights, right.

 I'm left, I'm red and communist by my blood red veins and heart pumping for all poor men in here, you take care of your children, like I would, if I had any. I remember all the bad things my father did to me, not to be doing 'em to any kid, as I did with my wife's kid when he was just a little boy. You all should take care of all the little boys in this poor world, and not make any if you ain't able to take care of 'em.

 It's pretty harsh but simple, take care of your own, and help all you can within your reach and abilities, when needed, oh well, that's enuff for bettering the world, today. June nineteen two thousand and eighteen.

18.6.2018 Oh good morning Vietnam, and Sweitzerland the surpriser playing even with Brazil is always a trick hard to pull, not that I've ever played ever against Brazilians, except between sheets but that's gonna be common knowledge in August celebrating this Kulliver's sexual oriented trips in Spain, jéjéjeé´!! ;)

I surprise myself by laying down and tanning, all day, and letting games slip past, today's program again 3 matches, to see or not to be seen, well, how interesting this here my scribbling is again, muhahhaa, nothing beats good ol sport talk and football expertice like me, who played more or less years 6-40. Then my knees were all worn out, and still is, hurting like hell if I run, or take too many stairs and not the elevator lifting up, and down, doesn't really matter, all hurts, like knife stung on 'em.

 Another great achievement in my musical career point of view: I finally covered the blues standard that introduced to me as 11 year old kid, introduced to em by Albert Järvinen and Dave Lindholm in album Ride On, "Goin' To Louisiana". A song so intense that it made me weep, all song thru, even my own version, am I becoming Albert Järvinen, with my tender emotions and strong and wild guitar playing............................................................................................?

.......................heh, no it's just the practise and rehersals on solo guitar solos for 40 years finally pays off. Hello, record company men, there's still talent you haven't signed, and whose not another naive and innocent young girl singing about young girl heartaches, and I got already 708 own songs to choose the best 13 for first album!!! ;)))))) Oh well, I'm still 90% comics artist and 13 % guitarplaying singer songwriter...

....shouter, a bluesman. To the bone.

17.6.2018 Sunday morning, watched more or less all those 4 games yesterday, some good, some lazy ass boring ball game, where neither wants to take any risks and after all 90 minutes the one who took, won, simple as that, risk taking pays always and more than not, so take a chance on me baby, haha, cause you're worth it. Get more, give more, love more than yesterday...

 <-- our lappland's sherherd dog in shadows on the sunny afternoon, yesterday....

 ...my wife's been 18 years sober, congrats to her, something MOST Finnish men can't handle, like me, staying sober cause I respect her decision and choices, too.

I've only been sober since 2007 and sloppy drank two nights on this time period of 11 years, once with my bachelor night and on my best friend's funeral after party in 2010, both nights, so soon 8 years since drunk or stoned, although I CAN drink or smoke anyrtime, IF I please to do so, and ain't having no trouble being with sober or drunk persons, drink as much you can and will, this one if YOUR own free will, before demon alcohol takes you to...



 in drunken heaven!! ;) Hahhahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa! Drink drink drink some more, it's good for your liver, lungs and health,


...or not!! ;)

16.6.2018 Saturday morning, promises of heat wave, but clouds and rain possibilties too, make me wonder what to do while there's 4 football games in TV also, hah und huh. Was machen sie etwas? Speaking in tongues and languages, I don't really handle, oh swedish and german, not my greatest succees, so trying to avoid 'em like plaid. Lotsa nationalities in the neighbour playing football, futbol, soccer, futbollen, fussball and jalkapalloa. I did watch yesterday first game while texting the album, as I didn't want to ose ALL day in futbol, saving the inspiration for Portugal Spain game letr at night, which was quite good and rich in action and changing melodies whose gonna win? Suspense and disappointments too much for easily heart attacking ones, keep ypout nitros close! ;)

Oh well, happy that this summertime has arrived, hopefully got sense enuff to find some time to enjoy it, before it gone for ever and the winter's ice age, again.

15.6.2018 Friday morning, damn how many disunmistaken typos were yesterday blog left, although I usually TRY to read it all before publishing but not always has the strength to even fast watch it thru, lazy ass me. So sorry if my typing is poor as it is in this here "fast" two finger punch system, never got any lessons on this and ain't no nerdy game wizard type either, actaulla I never played any Xboxes or such, cause to my opinion is all waste of time and money, maybe if it would be social gathering and meeting friends I might get inspired, but sitting in your underwear fumbling your game tools in your chaotic apartment in middle of Helsinki, yaccaty yac, cant' think anything worse way to waste your life...


... except to been forced to spend your vacations in Karjala, the eastern Funlandia with forced to hear theit way of speaking, or forced to listen Finnish heavy metal bands EVERYday!! ;)

 And I've lived on the streets and been homeless hobo, very early on my life...

...but that shalll be the news of the world in 2021, more detailed wild life of Spanish cities and villages and towns, in the eyes of homeless "vacationer", back in 1987. And if you think you can tell abigger tale, I swear to god, you have to telle a lie, all you sugar coated jive ass pertti jarlas! Hah and huh, we shall see whose who in reality, not in kids books of lies, so are you ready .......... to rock!?!?! :)

 You might ask yourself WHy do I laugh at pertti jarlas so often, well he's the master target for taking HIMSELF way too seriously, and that's always the most vertalising soft and wet  ground to joke on, and the artists that think their got big messages and meanings in their abzurd work on exhibitions, were flower hat art aunts go "seeing overwhelming artsy fartsy things", that ain't really there!! ;)

 Oh imagination, helps you to see the flower in pile of turd, especially when it's creamed with pink hearts and rainbow flags, hah.


I promise to STOP laughing at pertti jarlas as soon as they start to PAY for the writers of the jokes THEY use, and that's called fair game, and getting paid for your work, and it's good and right, but until then you're a target of my darts of ridicule, as long as you think you're a big big star nobody can touch (?), and oh so exceptionally individual and neverseen before artist, (which I ain't either, I might add!) when you ain't, ha.

14.6.2018 Thursday morning, well hell it's ALWAYS morning when I write this "blog", hah, as this is my morning ritual, while dranking coffee and eating oat porridge is also, every good morning habits and repetition. Shall I tell my rest of the days program, are you ready? Hold your horses and keep your pants on, here it comes...

....first I write HERE whatever pops up in my head, that's still in sleep half way, and usually I tell what happened the day'n'night before, hah, and the most impostant news and TV commentary is my main dish too, and the unfairness of the world and especially world of comics, artists and whatever pass this fuzzy bear head, I'm still sleep, can't judge this, eer... of course you judge this if your name is "pertti jarla" or any other stupid ass Finnish small town einstein who thinks: the intelligence is the same as cleverness and wisdom...


 ....only to be waken too late to see: oh no mental institutes are full of intelligent einsteins and napoleons with ovewrly developed feeling of superioty of their intelligence. Goos luck with it, some "nice little" nut house visit or jail might do you good.....!!!!

 Or maybe not, it's up to yours as all is, even your funky ass jive plagiated jokes on your intelligent comics for thinking men and their ugly and crazy wives, too. It's okey to disagree with me, and luckily I don't have to HEAR it, haha, be as angry jerk off as you please in your little world of Porvoo town. Yes and shine on in your fame of publicity as long as it lasts, and your jokes overrun forever in their triumphy race, against manners and decency, haha, how wild man can be in his own dream worlds, but still can't draw a cat or mouse, like they apper in rality.

 Reality is bitch, but so are you, muhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D Sorry, I'm just joking and laughing my ass off!! :)

13.6.2018 Wednesday morning, it's pretty sunny and nice, but I'll be on my man cave cave manning what I have to do, I'll do, and never forget to dooby dooby doo, too!! ;)  One of high lights in Finnish TV id the high quality documents like Frank Sinatra's newest 4 piece doc,  first two parts seen and digging,  as always IF you let 'em artistis and their closest tell it's more honest than glorifying critics bull, in my opinion... and I'm always right! As all those jerk off pertti jarlas are starting to realize while stealing my old ideas from Pahkasika magazines, for ever and ever, long live the art of plagiaism and snatching rotten bodies of work, of off the other, crafted and pro...

 ho,ho ho, must be soon the x-mas time as I feel so gifted and blessed, that'll I can do this here my book in just few weeks, ready for print. Glory HalleBerry Lujah and hard rock too, oh Lordi, and the perseverance of that band and Putaansuu, respect!! Never give up like sluts in Finnish comics world, going where the fence is lowest, yeah maximizing the emotion effect of dying relatives and motherfucking crying cows in war, yeah that's my biggest problem and sadness, the cows feeling in World war II, and doobie doobie doo, brother too. Jeesus help me... or them greatest Finnish comics artist in fame!! ;) cause they do not know WHAT they do, doobie doobie doo.

 There's something very wrong in tha land of Finland, and few of us see anything at all, that ain't promoted by your cell phone vlogists from hell, haha... oh well, do what ever, just do. The recepy for long and satisfying life, live stressfree and eat more veggies, dance and laugh, simple as that, as I saw on document last night.

12.6.2018 Tuesday morning, gotta do what man's gotta do, still some 33 pages to text, but that's about third only to go, so I'm still in schedule and in time of the plan and printing timetable and publication party (ehe) in August 20th to celebrate my 25th years in  life of a free artist, especially free from richess and money incomes, dollars and pounds, but rich in love, life and everyday "work", not getting paid is not the awfulest thand to happen in young man's life, hah, especially if the man is only 54 and not dead yet!! ;)


 Summertime and fish are jumping, heart is pumping, love is humping, world is trumping, lady is trampin, fire is camping and poet is pimping, oh summertiem summertime, blues and rhythm is enchanting, wanting you to dance the nightless night away!! ;)

 Tomorrow is 70th anniversary and birthday exhibition in Helsinki for one of my childhood idols comics artist, but...

...being this here poor boy and not having two extra days to spend in that trip and recovering from it, I'll have to pass, and just wish Tarmo Koivisto happy happy 70th party and at least 70 more good years!"! ;)))))

 Decicions made in hell, and never getting back the time, spent elsewhere, in anotehr kinda actions, but regrets, oh I have 'em already enuff, no more thjank you!! :) Forgiveness and understanding more of this human nature and life,lessons to be learn, all life. All years, all around the world, comics and sadness, we all got our different paths and triumphs, losses and loves. Live and love. Like any naive room canvas frame text sold in common man supermarkets home decoration section! ;)

11.6.2018 Monday morning, waking up too early, so I might have my brief french visit here and go back to bunk and sleep some more. Why do animals like human, sleep? That's a wonder, and of course there's the most obvious reasons, rest and gainig strength to be awake and work. Work, when did that became a obvios fact, who invented "work"? And why do we live in slavery? Paper money was invented to ease to carrying gold and jewelry in those ages of exchange economy, selling and buying, reatiler, wheelerd, dealers, we've eaten up ourselves in market values and finacaila times, since stone age or near so, we fools for money and all that glitters.......!


<-- ( If you're going to Helsinki, be sure to go and see MY potrait of president Kekkonen in Urho's pub sign! Original English Fuller's beer sign factory made, in U.K.!! )


 Do we get any happier with lotsa gold and silver items, we might, I do get happier with my small time purchases, toys, comics figures, new records of music, old or new, doesn't really matter, as long as te music is kind I like, love, adore, wanna dance and sing along, not freaking Kumbayahs, haha, ... yes, these few past days I've been pleased about the sound of my singing voice while recording my songs, the rawness even withoput layers of echo, delays and such that'll make ANY singer sound good, or nbetter than just pure singing voice. I strongly state that: everything can be make sound HUGE when played with piano and puitting big ass choir on the behind and sweetening the melody, and and and and... doubling triple guitar walls, make any guitar riff explode to sky high. My musical investigations latest news, since last posted THIS year's new songs:

913. T-h-i-n-k 22.3.2018

914. I'm Ready'n' Gone 26.3.2018

915. Performer 30.3.2018

916. Money Is Your Currency 31.3.2018

917. Wait 4.4.2018

918. Heartful 9.4.2018

919. Accept The Unacceptable 10.4.2018

920. Reality Bites 11.4.2018

921. Innocent One 12.4.2018

922. Bigger Tale 13.4.2018

923. Spiritual Hendrixxx 15.4.2018

924. Voodoo Blues 16.4.2018

925. Light My Way 18.4.2018

926. Poundering Things 19.4.2018

927. Flangermany 23.4.2018

928. Understanding ( Funeral Song) 26.4.2018

929. Streetwise 28.4.2018

930. Jazz First (Of May) 1.5.2018

931. Gimme Back ( My Youth And Fun) 4.5.2018

932. Money Shot 5.5.2018

933. Light My Way ( II ) 5.5.2018

934. Biorhythm'n'Blues 6.5.2018

935. Let Me Get This Straight (For The Record) 8.5.2018

936. Survivor (Of The Street) 8.5.2018

937. Absentminded 12.5.2018

938. Misty Eyed 13.5.2018

939. It's Not The Money ( I'm Workin' For!) 15.5.2018

940. Bloody Mexican Mess 17.5.2018

941. Give A Shit 19.5.2018

942. Occupy My Mind 22.5.2018

943. New New Year Resolutions 22.5.2018

944. Heat Wave 27.5.2018

945. Accidental Fun 28.5.2018

946. While You're Alive 1.6.2018

947. My Heart Ain't Broken 5.6.2018

948. Primus Motor Man (II) 8.6.2018

949. Poor Boy Blues 9.6.2018

950. Wars For Residents 9.6.2018

951. Maybe I Did Get Lucky 10.6.2018


How many song YOU've done, this year? I'm just in number 99.

10.6.2018 Sunday morning. Organizing thangs, cleaning and printing applications for benefits and maybe getting some tan today too. But most of all taking it easy. To me weekends are  gaining the place of week for relaxation, as I've been doing this autobiographical storyline for 10 years and 3 more to go, and we're getting the world domination and success by 13 years hard hard work in cola mines(?), coal mines and slavery of love, haha. Oh well, gaining what I deserve, is that too much to ask? Answers you can send to Mars bars.......

Intergalactic ships like friendships and wrecking ships, relationships all inda fun and educational reading material,

 but it just ain't my cup of iodione or tea. I'm just raveling log traveling in light of speed, eerr.. speed of light, whatever, am I in drugs?

 Not, just the legal stuff, coffeine and medications that's ordered by doctors, and by god, we do believe in doctors and scientists and TV news tellers, it's the trutha nd only truth we do believe...


 <-- ( latest colour fitting excercise of blue letters on title text, this might be the ONE,

 that shall be printed, soon....)



...until the next only truth comes along, and we can all cather by camp fire ring and ram our acoustic guitars and sing along: Kumbayjah my loooooooooooooord! ;) ))))))


9.6.2018 Saturday morning, gettin up late...r, than usual, had me some good night sleep, oh the cheapest and easiest theraphy sessions, daily needs and hungers. Thirsty for life, in these days, it's kinda hard, and some shall give up and end up in suicide like this here celebrity chef and TV persona, Anthony Bourdain just did. RIP.

 Too sad, man alone in his hotel room and the devils of the past come to haunt you. Nobody' perfect but Donald Trump and...

<--- ( bought me a new car, Buick convertable that suits me, with price affordable, 3 euros! )

 .....me, muhahahahaa, sorry, can't help it. I've been  the loneliest man in world, times I rather forget, and been tehre sitting in the open window at 6th floor, thinking: If I jump from here headfirst to asphalt, shall I die immediately, and should I do it. This was too near back in year 2005 February, snow falling pretty, but my life was  a disaster and gone to hell, no friend around, no money and fooled around some 7000 euros depths, and all the shit you might end up when outta of home and brains, yeah that'll be a motherhugging mad mad comic book, on day too, if I live long enough. And ain't got no plans to die anytime soon.....!

Summertime blues and jailhouse rocks, record breaking hits and misses, look the "music-section to see Jack King's latest albums, too!! ;)

 Have a nice day and traditional sauna if you please at evening, too.

8.6.2018 Friday, taking it easy ans slowly, hopefully getting back in rhytmn and bnot so much blues, ho hou hou, yes had me an excellent fun trip to Valkeakoski with wife. Accidentally there was a market happening also, and  super fun Antique secong hand bookshop too, wherer I spend few hours (!!), and got me some CDees and books I've wanted a long long time, very gratifying road trip, although wife visited hospital, but (ONLY!) she talks herself about her thinkings, doings, businesses, actions and life. Respect your wife, the phrase for today ...


 and everyday, respect your dearest and nearest, the best you can.  <3 Dunno WHAT I'll do today, but hey that's the normal DAY for freelancer and illustrator anyway, do what you wanna do, like us punks say, we ain't dead, we just smell funny!!!!!!!!!! ;))))))))))))))






 <---Bought back few "strangely disappered" CDees and book of Joonas, the greatest comicas artist (Finnish) ever lived and worked on more than 60 years in comics, beat that, all you jerk off emmi valves and pertti jarlas, hahahaa!! ;)

 Oh well, am I too strickt, for valuing these modern days fastest rising "stars" and their careers,


...well, no. It really doesn't matter how much you do, it matters HOW good you did it. Got it, baby? Got milk, honey, will travel?

Got love, will live. Oh well, some people never see the REAL-ity, as i comes, let's all live in fantasy, island of all the cooooolest comics artist with their hipster hair cut and bearded,

 ladies too, muhahahhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Sorry, I ain't so sorry. Just live thru and make a difference, make something excellent not average shit, like these faceless official emotional rescue-comics artists, and their deep and meaningfull, BUT awful mediocre drawings, that's not difficult, to NOT exercise and specialise your CRAFT, you see, it all about how you do it, listen more Ganes children of the revolution: "It ain't what you do...



 (<--here's the average fat ass Finnish comics artit's... best ass-ets, as you can see, thjat's what you need, big ass muscles and strength, not the miserablest past and mental ilnesses, taht's JUST a part of life, taht's not the biggest tale ever told, ass... you can see...)

                                                                                        "...........it's how you do"!

And that's the god's honest truth!! :)

7.6.2018 Travel day, and shall be back.....soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! :)


Have a good one, baby!


6.6.2018 Wednesday morning, got back to texting although and after solving the mess with the welfare station emplyee. Such a shame waste me time on bullshit paperwork, and statements and doctor's orders and shrinks thinks and all, too personal to reveal here... muahhahaa, yes, me the prune princess of what's decent and correct in this world of madness and power of the iron and military, hip hip hurrah, for army, navy and airforce, which of none does US the common people any good, really, let's just shoot the money into the clouds and air for funa and in the name of defence and holy fatherland,

it's all utterly bullshit, they feed us to belieeve, WE need guns and ammunition to the max, for UNKNOWN enemy...

 ...cause nobody got the balls to say the only enemy is... Russia. Oh that would be too bold and risky, and tacky, and reasoning the billions wasted on military shit. Shit is shit wether it's made of titanium, manure or steel. Guns kill, love for humans save, it's the oldest trick in the book and history where we can still overlook and try to learn NOTHING, if not looking or wanting to see, reality is such a pain in the ass of all these gunloving generals, oh give 'em more TV time, cause we should be scared and ready for WAR,

 not peace. Peace saving troops, yeah and equality for Saudi Arabian women, today... when they got right to drive a car, and not putting in jail for year to doing it, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus, it's a long way to... equality, over there and over here, in the happiest people's nation.

FUnlandia mi amore.

 Oh today we've been Forssa citizens for 9 years, anniversary party time!! Best days of our lives, weddings and 50ths birthday parties and Summertimes in the peace of lil town, best of 'em all. Proud to be in Forssa, man.

5.6.2018 Tuesday and almost too angry to sleep at all..... another prick in teh wall is called here the forletter word of Kela. Nothing goes right, nothing goes right FIRST attemp, nothing is easy to deal and get the benefits or welfare if you're in need of ANYTHING, just go there fot nine times and MAYBE get it right. I can understand the overload of applications that stucked on there  a year and 5 months ago, haloooooooooo, maybe you should get it right, anytime soon, damn social workers from hell. Enuff said, I'll go there soon to straighten out and up, this here THEIR latest  fuck up.

 And nevermind my head, ready to go nuts, ready to murder, ready to kill and shout, but luckily only in metaphores, not in real life. I might be criminally insane to believ I could ever live with the comics, but not so dangerous in reality, hahahhahaa... well, muthafuckers, watch out, I ain't no nice guy after all, as Lemmy put it oh so deligantly and sweet...

 wake the killer in me, and it ain't pretty walk in the park, my darling. But I do respect TOO MUCH life and liberty to do anything that put me in jail, so you can breath free and in safe of your European home. Oh and for the leagl reasons I do deny ALL, I've written here, this was just my alter ego maniac depressive evil twin Jacques Noir, not me, hehehehe...


<-- (my collection of figures, figure it out! )

 ...or was it? You neverever know............................ whose writing this, maybe this is the notorious Laura Huhtasaari speaking out, stealing another text from another fool like overeducated university fool! Maybe all the world is hoax and hocuspocus fairyland(?). Maybe you're insane and just don't know it or are you the only one sane and the world is crazy mad plan of god. Believing god? Believing good? Believing actions speak louder than speak or thoughts? Believing at all, anything.....?

Now I don't believe much, but trying to keep my faith on good people, all around the world, we shall heritage the earth, yeah right, we should! ;)

4.6.2018 Monday morning, waking up late, and going back to texting soon. Perfecto Sunday sun shine and tanning, got mine browness few levels darker, as I wanted. Fine, now textual challenges and adjustrating for weekdays for this freelancencelot heart, prince valiant and that famous Finnish nakki too! ;)


Oh well, Summer looks good, whatever your mommy looks like and fish are jumping, summertime time, best alive and present, secondary in fotos and memories, but them warm us on cold Winter nights, right? Oh well, I ain't that kinda schoolboy to answering my own questions, it was incorrect back in graduation essees, already, how did it qualifie to be acceptable in female comic artist jargon? Don't answer me, aswer to yourself, thank you. Make history for yourself and then 30 years later you'llsee how it was and what you have learnt and which was important, to you. Only you can tell waht's important, this Summer. Have a good one!

Bird watchers united, get yours, get glasses full, and birds early, late and presented, coloured, black and white,

it's all right! ;)  Hangin' on upside down and inside out, get to the inner beauty of it all. Get on! :)

3.6.2018 Sunday morning, sleeping late like you suppose to be on Sundays, soon going to enjoy the ehat wave as long as it lasts... yes, they are promising colder next week, going back to normal Finnish Summer weather, yac.






 Oh well, this human tests run til later on, and always the cold circle round the buttocks,

"Was this the only warm/hot week, of this Summer?!?". Scared shitless, if ain't got the dinero to fly to Spain again, this Summer. Well nuthin' much happened except WE didn't went to Saturday sauna as usual, cause the heat was enuff, hah. Maybe tomorrow shall heat that wooden heaven again and wash away all sunblock greases, jes.

 Oh well trying to squeeze the last drops of my brain juices for you, dear reader and fan boy or girl, never lose that illusion of how great it is to be illustrator and fine artist for free.................dom and justice for all,

 but me. Tilulilulee!! ;) Have a goooooood time boy, take a girl for appointment and give her all your... love, that's all folks, boogie chillum! :)

 <-- (( Oh yes, I've heard about this here latest incorrectness of people using the native americans feather headpiece of chiefs,

 this here is ME back in 1986 being politically incorrect,( see the date 30th of August, 2013. Read ALL about in in Spanish Sauna Trip on August 20th, 2018))


 ......so I have this beautiful history of being bad bad boy, last 32 years or more!!!

 Time they are changin, but honey they are changing REAL sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly!! :P

2.6.2018 Saturday morning and heat wave is back, so I'll be there out on the patio, horizontal theme to listen rock radio stations, although it makes me angry, or laughing out loud, hehe, like last night on TV Sabaton live concert flick, I watched some nano seconds laughing at the bass players camourflage bass with military nature disguise... IN GUITAR, trying to hide your bass among trees, bushes and grass, muhahahahaa. Maybe I've told before but ain't nothin funnier/more stupid than those gamourflage trousers, shorts on heavy me(n)tal bands clothing is like 5 year olds. I know it's dangerous to say so in this here heavy metal land of 2 million idiots diggin' heavy bands and waving their fists and fingers up and making devil signs and such in all these Summer festivals...

 ...maybe I'm just grown out that, I do enjoy few heavy/hard rock bands to listen, but none of these panda or death metalists, nor these boring Finnish ones like Amorphis or Nightwish, with too much repetatition on their songs and horrible singers, and makes me real hard to dig the band if the lead singer is whining opera starlet or having potato in his mouth like Amorphis' Joutsen has. Gotta touch me, and if it ain't, it ain't my kinda music, and you can stick it....

 .....sad thing is that IF the Finnish taste of music is this lousy, I don't stand much of a chance to make it here big, with my Jack King Y Sus Gilipollas band, career is still in muddy waters state, but guess what: I don't really care if I make it or not, I know how good and bad I am, and that's pretty enuff. But success, ain't got nothing really against it, but it gotta be on my own terms, freedom no compromise, like it was a theme or a song back in 80's. Some people never left 80's, it's still strong in their (and mine) hairdoes and clothes. But stick to your guns and style fashion of mine, I got no need to look respectable, my age of any of that shit your mother's say to you, be rebel til the end!! ;))

 Wink for Summer vacation time for kids, do whatever you wanna do, NOW, next year you might be too old for that kinda fun!!!! :)

Peace and love, it never get too old!! ;)

1.6.2018 It's SUMMER time, baby, finally, let there be sun, heat, hot nights, cool drinks, sauna Saturdays and love every minute of 'em all 3 months to come, cause it's way too soon Autumn leaves and frozen ground, here in the late ice age levels, Forzza Funlandia calling,

 it's right and it's alright, it's only once ayear, hehe!! ;) Oh well, it's been seriouskly strange hot May and if this heat wave shall stay with us poor scandinavics, it'll be aSummer of the century, so happy all that happened already, although my chores are slowed down, but who cares, I'm still ahead of my loose schedule, and that's just fine with me too. Well, the nature starting to need watering, little rain would not hurt anyone, well, remaons me the Tom Waits song, the fool in me, beleive in strange happenings, that nobody believe IF I dare to tell 'em, so you just have to wait, for my other books to be written and drawn, and publist for public stare and misbelieve, heh............. annoying comics strip teaser post number 29075189641207564094751930.

Well, trouble in paradise: car wrecking, kangaroo gas and all taht kinda vechicle troubles might block us to visit tomorrow's graduation party, sorry bout that, ain't not yet a millionaire, buying the shiny new sports cars in arow on our yard,

I should be,!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31.5.2018 Thursday morning, fine progression on project Sauna Tripping, got me laughing out LOUD on my on activioties and actions in HOT Marbella back in 1986, whadda ya say about that? Laughinat myself and the jokes life played on me, hahahahaa... life is funny, especially when you're a foreigner and unalfabehical with teh natives, heh, speaking english to spaniards outside big cities was a waste of...

 energy and time. But now I'm taking back all, and capitalise my life story in max, aha ha ha, well got no excuse or against getting richer and making the good living on my work, again. Well, gotta remember how things were at 80's, thewre was like 5 professional comics artists IN Finlamdia! now wee more than 100 strong, think about it baby, before you nag your stupid mouth, again. Time was different, people were crazy, different way, life was harder for many, and especially if you were born gipsy in Spain, life on the streets was different kinda ball game, completely, your balls werr out to play or to be kicked, but hey, you CAN read all about it in just August 20th!! ;)

 <--- whadda yellow moon there was last night, so orangey and magical, full moon fever... oh when I was a young boy I had me afull moon spell, couldn't sleep well, and it wasn't just superstitious, as I realized it afterwards, but telling this makes a fool of myself on the eyes of pragmatic and seriously taken comics artist like... pertti fucking jarla, muhahhahahaaa!! That ol' idea and joke stealing bastard par excellence, mouhhahhahahaaa!!

 Ooops , I forget YOU can't laugh at yourself, while you're reading THIS secretly in your work chambers with your doctor's coat on, and all you silly fools who adore fingerupyuprasspori, too. Be fool, why should I care, unless you steal MY jokes, then I care motherfucking cocksucker, you you can tell it to your bitching fat ass mother too!There's so things I won't forget, forgive or regret and you're about to ehar about 'em all, muhhahahahaaaaaaaaaa, bare with me you lil devils....

"I'm so bad baby I don't care." (Lemmy)






...and there ain't no better way to waste your time than, looking at cute dog fotos, taken by me!! :)))))))))))))))))) having a goooooooooooooooooooooooooood dog time!! ;)

30.5.2018 Wednesday morning, oh days just melt away like me in the burning hot sun, but today I might get back ion work mood, and hav a break from tanning. Oh these little problematics of  mine, hah, still I feel it's most jerkish to scare people about melting ice of polars, and how we'll all end up in sea  and how you must now change to eat only veggies and shit, like that. You who are in chanrge, you deal with it, we the poor people can't REALLY do jack shit aboout it, in scale of India's pollution one little Funlandia over here in northern Europe is just a plastic straw, while the silver spoon remains up you elitistic high class ass. I have no guilt on my conscience, living healthy as possible life, and using as little as possible nature's resources, that won't  grow back. Funny how they never listen the words of wisdom OR real solutions on global problems...


 less kids, less pollution, less troubles, less bullshit. Life is really simple, when you see it, on the otherside of dollar bill, it only takes GOOD will, ability and time.

<--- our Wiltzu today (30th May.)

Overpopulation is the only real problem we could solve easily, but hey, who would make laa the cheaop mercanhdise for all us western world consumers? Factory owners and political leaders? Waiting for 'em to make GOOD decicions and saving the world?!?


 Good luck, sleep tight you Sleeping Beauty, for next 100 years and then wake up in reality, is like tasting the old flame, little too little and too late. Heh, if you know waht I mean!! ;)

29.5.2018 Tuesday morning, waking up and the heat is still here, living in summertime paradise, ehe, yes this suits my clothes as I'm hardly wearing any, hehe, just my undies in our patio, which is hidden with trees, leaves, bushes and all sights, pretty good, and if there's any crazy kinda fool neighbour who wants to peak my naked body, go ahead haha, it's not my loss if your eyes burn with this magnificent golden greek god adonis male figure, muhahhaaaa!! Laughing out loud, oh wish there was a way to shorten these funny phrases, ehe...



<--- (if you look very closely, you can see the same dragon tattoo in my shoulder also in my avatar-pic above, all pages, that beach foto was taken in holiday in Taormina Sicilia, Italy back in 1991. Those day I was the ONLY one with tattoo on that beach!!!!!! How about that? Nowadays everybody and their mother has one or three tats! ;))))



 It's so green in the nature right now, although I'm getting red as devil himself, haha...

quite a miracle of nature. The springtime is so much prettier than Autumn, I prefer living colours, live trees, healthy grass and birds so inspired of making nests and having newcomers in eggs, way much nicer than rotting wet and manuring plants to dying for winterlong, til next springtime. I knoww lotta people like Autumn cause of the wild cvolours, but that's just the surface, and as usual I'm RIGHT, and

 them are wrong, muahhahahhahahahahahhahhaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaah!! :D Tomorrow might be again just average plain not so hot day, so take adventage TODAY, now! ;)




Into the sun and back!! :)


 <----Our puppy love, youngest member of this pack of wolves, and the only on who CAN howl like a real wolf!!!! :)

Sweet little Wiltzene (= latvian for wolf's puppy!)!! Just few days ago in this Spring of '18!! :)

28.5.2018 Monday, days gone to buzz of heat wave, yesterday I left innocently towards library, only to realize half way that it's actually Sunday and libraries are closed, normally, well lucky me I was on my way to supermarket anyways, haha, laughing at myself, it's very refreshing and good for everyone, and especiallt to those who take 'emselves way too seriously,  not naming any serious comix artist TODAY, muhahahhaa.... but tomorrow never knows, hehe...


Today's "program" is "scorcio scorcio scorcio"!!! Sunshine and tanning like good wine it gets better with age!! ;) Well, Finnisha summertime and especially these temperatures ARE so rare, I ain't gonna miss 'em this time!! ;) See you in sunshine state of Funlandia, drink a LOT, don't be a grape and a dried raisin afterwards, ehe...! ;)


<--- our younger lappland's shephard dog, 3 years ago, while came to us as a sweet little puppy...









...and sweet little thing she still is, baby for this pack of men and dogs, and not to be forgotten the wild cat that CAN kick both dogs ass, with claws and nails that protects him, being 5 kg smaller!! ;)

27.5.2018 Sunday afternoon, oh yes I did sleep til noon, had some sleep due to get over, and finally got it by 10 hour sleep, so now I'm relaxed and ready to do whatever interests me today, oh have I ever bragged the benefits of freelancer free artist life?

 Sure as hell I have, so I just say I still don't give a flying fuck about moneymaking stupid jobs, when the opportunity and chance to do meaningful and valuable work with my own bare hands, in my OWN timetable and my own publication name, in the sc´hedule that's more flexible than Nadia Comaneci in her prime, sweet litlle Bulgarian crush, I must admit having sweet tooth for her at the ripe age of eleven, I mean I was eleven and she was thirteen, so the age difference and gap between generations would have spoiled it for us,...mouhhahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)

Teenagers love felling like in Fellini movie scene, madly in and out, of this world. Of course it's on possible to talk about those now 40 years later, when I'm almost...


              <--- our little guardian angel!! ;)

Summer breeze, feels just fine!! ;)                 .................grown!! :)

 As you can see in the foto of my writing desk, above, computer age table: that's my writing pad where I write my lyrics, before I'll turn 'em into music in my garage-rehearsal-studio complex(!!), hah! You might think I'm a heavy heavy Star Wars fan and collector, BUT I ain't. I just dig those figures to brighten up my work load and the as decoration objects, 'em are fine! And being poor as I am, at the moment, I do buy 'em (only) in sales, never on actual price. Some comix figures are still in their packages, but not for investmental resale plans to making profits,

BUT just cause the packages are look good and are easy to hang on the walls, and of course there's astory WITH almost every object, especially those from Italy or Japan....

...but that's another story completely!! ;)        

And most of all, as you can read on Hulkpakage: These toys are over 4 years old, and I'm just like 5 +4 = 9!! ;)

26.5.2018 Saturday morning, sholud be heat ed wave still, but some clouds spoiling my tanning man festival, but living in hope and hoping best, we might get some serious hot air, more than comes from Trumps orange head!! ;)  Oh, political jokes of Trump, that's about TO easy, luckily I ain't interested of any kind daily comics stripping unless it's the work clothes I shoulf be stripping off of! ;)

 Oh well, maybe those clouds shall move away like they usually do, but this 12th heat wave day is new record of all times in Finnish May weathers, or it is tomorrow if this goes on and on, yeah!! ;)

 <-- had me a healthy lunch, smoke grilled salmon with chili, smashed potatoes (my favourite kinda potatoes!) and some salad and veggies, well I know the seasoning sauce over vegs ain't that healthy, but those veggies taste like eatin paper unless the dressing, haha... oh ain't my first food blogging, but might be last........for a long time, as I'm going on diet next Friday, for 3 months, so after that I'll be postin slim jin me fotos daily with my clothesline "fashion blog"...

 and if you believe this you'll beleive everything, huih?!? ;))))))))))))))))))))))))

 well, what wopuld be a day without a smashing hor pin up girl?




 ....answer: boring!! So enjoy 'em while you can!!! :)




<---This here one has been saddled for pure advertising purposes, only. No animals were hurt or harassed while filming this pretty pic. Nobody was taken advantage either, while drawing my 100 pages of pure lust and love in Spanish ground, back in 1986!!!! <3

25.5.2018 Friday and the promise of heat wave's gonna cut my texting time to earlier and later on this day, BUT I ain't complaining as long it's hot and tanning is a possibility I can choose. Enuff to lose these blues of a poor boy's life. Free sunshine and rain water until Nestle owns 'em over here too, haha, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessus, what the hell goes on in capiltalists heads, more than money making on humen needs and free fruits of nature as air, water and in case of

Funlandia, the forests berries and mushrooms and such. Crazy americans with their mad presidental office, Trump might be stupidiest of all presidents in USA, history, but that ainb't no news to all of us slightly watching and following the real news. Oh well, we have here also the capitalists right wing news in MTV3 with advertisers paying THEIR bills, you can just guess how therir news are coloured!!


 Oh politics in the first thang in the morning, haha, I must be craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee, too! Have  a nice day in sun! Above pictured the Summer bearded monster man, showing off tats , that been there since 1986, and the notorious real life Spanish Sauna Trip!!! Read all about it, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! But now go back to sunshine, get your vitamin Dee, right on your face, value these hot days as ther rarity them are, over here, among us ice age warriors land! ;)

24.5.2018 Thursday morning, doing what I will, same shit and story again, please to meet you, in better days and ways, today again, every morning, can't escape the blues or news taht brought you 'em and down, syndrome of evil thangs rolling like truck full of manure, we're just cattle for governmental jobs and slavery, do you wanna be part of it?

 Oh well, I'm already gone and lost case of basket, nut in strut, idiot with video and picture of lost lobvers army, that hurt only your hearts and times, they are not a-changing, Bob Dylan's been wrong before and still is.

 I wonder HOW this country of Finns adores such a lousy singers in world of pop and rock, is it because that way they can sing as lousy too, and no matter what shit their lyrics are, you just dig 'em like fried potatoes and sausage with mustard. Common man's average job, and avreage 1,3 chiolden, home loan and Summer vacation in Fuengirola twice a year.

 Sometimes I feel so alone, among Finns. One day I shall get my ass outta here, permanently, and come to visit just Summers, like good ol pensioners NOW do from, Costa Del Sol, hehehehe... and I'm just aaverage guy, right! ;) )))))))))))))))))))))))))


<-- social media borrowed pics, dunno whose rights has been dissed and crushed, in this world of millions lousy fotographers, a one good is like revelation. There must be a artists still out there, with dignity and skills and love,

but these age of photoshopping, yopu can't trust your own eyes, anymore. And that a disaster for us Finns, who don't believe anything BEFORE we see it! Damnation this nation too. See you all in hell of lousy graphic designers, well I ain't in that army.... as I'm NOT designer, nver wanted to be,

 anything but artist excellent. Fine arts I do beleieve, not in fashionistas and baristas and all bull they make us see and believe. Be punk and DIY man, that's really fine art. Trust no one but (me and) yourself! Hah!! :)

23.5.2018 Wednesday morning, listening one of my all time favourite albums: Neil Young's After The Gold Rush, been on my record player since 1981, and still makes my sing along and feeling every word and note. Almost can remember how I felt those days in 1982 in my love hungry heart, and row of girlfriends. being the one who's leaving first, avoiding heartache, my silly little young boy daze.

 And how could I avoid heartache, well, swim upstream and learn to live like a fish off the water, grow a pair and use 'em. Thinkling about things I won't be able to forgive, the list ain't long but it's heavy, and like all seriously mentally ill persons I can "thank" my parents most of 'em, haha... all the misuse, abuse, violence, hurt, dissing, missing, aching, breaking my herat, didn't make me stronger, did make me colder and harder, and police I can "tahnk" for making me criminal. Ain't life "funny", bitch, you bet your ass, it is. I'm banging my motorhead against the same walls of mediocre engineers army, every day, cause THEY can't see thing my way.... and that's just wrong and thoughtlessness in their shoes, but hey one day I'll make 'em see the blues and the roots of my anger, and misconduction.

 Life, it's best alive, and sometimes right now, as we can't live ANY other time, so shut your monkey ass about LIVING just this moment, wish I could live anothers moments, but I can's so shut up idiots, with your perfect family life, in your perfect family van, in your poerfect family  Summer holiday, you don't know a sit abouit this herer blue boy's world and struggles I've had, but maybe I'll tell it to you all in my comics, maybe in August 20th. all is different and you'll find the light outta darkness.....!!;)



<-- Basc's weird gods and spirits, well, no wonder they didi think Finns and Bascs might be related!! ;)

22.5.2018 Tuesday morning, and the heat wave invites me to dive into pool of sweat again, damn finr eweather, no complaining there or here, gotta do some album stuff first and after tanning this great white person, muhahahaa!! :)

<-- Karen McDougal, in her innocent Playboy days, now fame in Trump daze, damn good waste of time for her, but publicity is king for some, I guess...I'm knocking the wood and hoping this here last effort shall continue as well as it feels, damn, might be first time (ever) that I actually enjoy writing texts, and I've already written few hundred pages, with this glorious career of mine, taht shall be celebrated in ASugust 20th for quarter century, fox I am, older than Motörhead, not as lousy and old as Rolling Stones 'though!! Can't get how some people adore Stones, as they are seemingly the worst , out of tuned, band in the world, lousy musicianship, and I loudly do agree with Ginger Baker: I won't go nearer than two miles of that bad Stones music, muhahhahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! :D

21.5.2018 Monday afternoon, too bad for Switzerland, and way too bad for Suecos, damn Hannu Hanhis over all, again...  I'm having my break on sunshine, getting that tan fixed,as longas we have this thing called warm athmosphere and sunshine!! ;) I'm the big white whale but not for long, haha, so i just dropped here to write sweet nothings as it's excatly what I'm wearing these weather conditions, too!! Too bad I won't put any fotos of my heavy self, let's see when I'm back in healthy "normal" measures and waist size is not bigger than shoulders size, kääk!! ;)))))

 So have fun in the sun, as long as it lasts!! ;) Endless vacation by Ramones, proposed tune to tune yerself!! ;)

20.5.2018 Sunday morning, enuff sun shine for us pale Finns, but not enuff for tanning, so alternative actions planned for Sun day. Whatever that is, I'll find out only later on. Like yesterday had a surprise visit from Espoo and my childhood friend, motorbiking to here, talked about funeral of commmon friend passed away just aweek ago, or so. Life is death, eeer, no death is part of life I guess, but it should not visit here so often. Or am I just getting old, as friends are dying, well last one before was 8 years ago, so it's not  like everyday or year, yet. Death the ultimate full stop, no comeback tours, no memoriers written, no nothing but death's cold scythe's cut, and no more fun, no more living colours, life lines, best days of your life. Looking back, trying to make sense and lose the bitterness, regrets, struggles taht didn't went so well, fights lost and youth spent,

well, I did it my way, for sure, wouldn't change aday, just few years away, right away. Ain't feeling paranoid, but feeling angry when see my ideas stolen and publist in some other author's work, yes, that happens, and I don't have no reason for paranoia. No reason to feel bad if nothings stolen, BUT when I'm the one abused and incomes stolen, I feel angry like a.... Hulk in potence 100000000000000000000000000! ;) So all you copywriters and scriptwriters in Hollywood, invent your own stories and NOt steal mine, hahahahaa! Well this is the PROBLEM: ideas have no copyright, so that also measn YOU can steal ALL ideas for your stupid ass stories of detectives and games of thrones, shit. Only comfort is that I do/can invent new stories and music, all the time , every day is good day for another new music, expression express yourself, be like Madonna, use all your assets and abilities, and hire the best musicians and producers, IF you got the money, to make your best music. I'm just 2 songs short of 700th my very own written song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, all you heavy metal kids, come and tell me how to do songs, after you've done more tha that, and played all instruments, yourself! Yeah, that's the real musicianship and creativity: do and stop whinig how you're practicing 4 years to get one song's riff right!! ;) Hah.

19.5.2018 Saturday morning, sunshing like it suppose to be, Springtime is finally here and me, I got on texting on ink those first few pages like I've planned to do all May, hah, ....I might have been scared shitless early on, but I did it, and surprise surprise it feel fine(!!) and like I can do whole  album in 5-6 weeks if I can hold up that spirit and pace and rhythmn, yes, sir..... feeling happy, I got the monkey off my back, weight off my shoulders and got my mojo working like it suppose to work!! ;)

 <-- one of the unused pencilwork page from way back the year 2013, when I was planning this next album already, oh, maybe I'll use this in the cover art addition  OR in audio book of Spanish Sauna Trip, that shall come next year on double CD for all you blind and handicapped and ADDs, who struggle to read... but here's a good example HOW I draw normally when illustrating for comics that'll got ink on it, later on. Wish I could, and had the time and money, to paint all album in colours, but this point is impossible, or too expensive.... but dream lives on and on and on....

Also I found the helping amount of financial aid from wellhidden and somehow accidental place, THAT I can't tell you here, muhahahhaa, ain't that the bitchiest bitching bitch talk: "I got some big news, BUT I can't tell you it now"!!! hehehehee....

 ...evil and cruel actions, as usual, well world I'm fighting for good, kind and equality, for us all poor boys, doing what we can, to survive and live the life I love, love the life I live, soon it'll all come true and good. Faith on future, all I got, til the future is here.

18.5.2018 Friday and the end of the ice hockey world came last night, mothehubbibng Switzerland dropped us a h-bomb and now we sing in the milk train choir, hekoheko, oh well, hard to remember HOW much all games are depend on  accidental surprises and plain luck, where the puck or ball rolls and bounches, too bad it wasan't Finnish team's fortune and fame this time, sad like half of this nation of ice hockeyheads, I am. Not weeping but close and anger for stupid head coach actions while in struggle, HE should know better than not have  atime out, shit. But that's all yesterday's news now...

I'll try to get along and find the fun for doing my thang and start texting those 102 pages, yes, art my first love, and my identity as an illustrator and free artist, haven't changed since 1993 August 20th, was  the date I refused to be just aworking horse and started to find out WHAT I want to do, and it just went that way taht I found myself drawing comics and illustrations for record covers and magazines, later on also advertisements, although THAT was never my plan, as old communist (Haha!) I despise ads and people who work on 'em, in generally speaking, of course there's few GOOD men and women there too, but..........

 the profession of making money on ads and selling stuff to ordinary people and make them pay for it, taht sounds like Donald Trump's speech goddamn, so it allures certain kinda people, moneygrabbing capitalists are YOUR clients so what do you expect you are? haha, all the same jellybean brain!! ;)

<--- my neighbour's wife presenting newest toys in adult industry or maybe it's just a coolest new juice bottle design to fit in every velvet hole, pocket and handbag,

 oh well, this one is for adults only, as ARE all my comics and illustrations, so if you ain't 18 yet, go out of here and back to your or somebody's home to grow up and open ypour eyes to see reality, this is no TV show for young and stupid, like most nowadays programs are!! ;)

 Am I going top be old and grumpy, old man, hell yes I am!!!:)

17.5.2018 Thursday morning, I got tan, and maybe soon more tan, maybe if the thunder and lightning doesn't make their tour over here soon... kääk.

 Oh well, feels like Summer and it's only May 17th. So I'm outta here and into the sunshine that suits my clothes, yes heat wave stay here all Summer, please!! ;) I never ask much, but this I ask: hot Summertime all Summer thank you, it's been too many cold and wet summers in a row already. Hah.

 <--- my wife having break on gardening, yesterday...

 ......or is this just a fantasy, like all I've ever written. Is there a thing called reality? And whose reality it is, who says what is good, well and right? You ? God? Your mother? Your instinct? Your book of laws? Answers you can send as usual the address: Jack Off Hearts, Brokenheart Boulevard 313, 900012 Los Angeles, California. USA. Hey, for legal reasons I must say: ALL here written is just make believe of one nut overwhelingly motörheaded person, I deny all, I lie, I cry, I die, like we all do. So sue me motherfucker for writing this shit day after another for free, FOR YOU........And just a little bit for my beautiful self, too. Have hot day in Sun, shine on me little girl, I appreciate it, love and only love is all taht REALLY matters, as I can say having the quarrel of lifetime yesterday with my precious wife, the only one.

 And it's hockey time tonight, Finnish Lions against Suisse clockenspiels, heh. Let the best team win!!! And hit 'em hard and good, it's all for good sport and circus fun, all we the people want, need and have,

with this time and place of this fine land called Fin land. Colosseum spots time again, yeah, blood and guts, all you need for good time, ehe?!? ;)

 <-- here' my second best wife, tattooed lady by the pool, and if you don't believe me, you can go to hell!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

16.5.2018 Wednesday and heat wave hugs us  today still, so I'll disappear soon into it, laying down on yoga matress and having my not lotus pose for Sun god, and it feels so good, almost like in Spain when it's 36 + degrees in Costa del sol, oh miss those hot nights, but luckily I can live 'em again soon with that book of mine, I might have mentioned here before... like 100000000000 times, haha!!:)

 Oh well, this is my website, I'm paying for this, so WHY shouldn't I advertise and promote MY OWN books?!? It's a question only some crazyhead comixxx critic can answer, but luckily them bastards got no word or value, right here, as you should never listen 'em or trust one poor man's opinion to be the "word" and god's honest truth...

...unless that ONE man is ME!!! Trust me , I know what I'm doing!! ;) And soon I'm doing nothing but listening music and grill my volutous body on sunshine. Oh yesterday we had this monuimental moment as Finland was teh HOTTEST land in Europe, for a day, just once or twice in century we have this opportunity and luxury!! ;)

 So go out young man and grab yourself a handful of good future, live while alive, best advice you'll ever get! Oh hell, how should I know and solve all your problems, for free, and not let you grow and find your own answers, cause it's such a fun to seek and destr... eeeer, find, asnwer to meaning of the life, that is.........................................................................left to be find in your own little world and bubble of green red part of Hellsinki city, haha!! ;)

15.5.2018 Tueday morning, tanning and ice hockey together at first time in history, in this residence that is. Have yourselves a hot afternoon among ice hockey like we all sport nuts do!! ;)

 <--I'm polishing pages while trying to start the texting marathon for next weeks, hah, this here old well known delaying the things you don't wanna start but you know you have to, eventually, and just trying to play time as you move those deed further up, haha, yes this is not known not only among us comics artists, it's international lazy fuck off delay game.


Days fly fast when it's good weather finally here in Funlandia states of eternal cold and ice, for ½ a year, every year...

we're still living the end era os Ice age, as you can see with the cold front invading this god forsaken land every Winter, I'd laugh but it's not a joke at all.

 WEaring long underwear while bicycling to shops half my llife, hahha, well...

 humour is my saviour and antidepressant medicine, the major best league of idiots who think making comics might give the bread on the table, it's just lucky I ain't got no kids...







... no kids I recognised and to be know at least, muhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! So if your kid shows too much interest in drums, comics and bluesy rock, s/he just might be mine, sweet child of mine, shall we take a DNA test for it, I'm ready for it, hehehehehehee... sorry, now I'm hallucinating while haven't smoked joints for decades, but maybe I did smoke so much in the 80's, THAT I don't have to anymore, hahahaa!! :D

Have a nice heat waven day, if you're in Funland! :)

14.5.2018 Monday morning, heat wave's fourth day, and I might give myself to tanning for few hours at afternoon, as this kinda weather is very rare in these levels up north.

Well, hopefully got more satrength to do what Iw as pallnning to aim and get. Feeling kinda tired of all, and the ice hockey team wasn't at it's best also, so who can I blame, when I can't blame myself...


 all the time!! ;)

Definately wanna have some fun this Summer but gotta finalize the album of the year!! ;) Heh, still waiting my invitation to Helsinki festivals, it must have been caught in mail, so I'm waitin impatiently to be the rock star of Finnish comics scene, well I am what I am, the pioneer of my field and still one of the meaningful good drawers, as we are the spicie in extinction, the art fine and fine art, artists by name and nature, struggling to make income and keep the sanity, in this mad world of loving the norm and little girls who do anything to gewt in art schools, nothing new there, I guess.

 But, I'm getting bitter not sweet by unfair and vanity of comics whores, working for the money, glorifying the violence and mental health problems. That's the easy way to fast success, telling your heartbreaking sobstory how cruel it was for you to born that way and blaa blaa blaa. No justice, for all but some, especially here in SOMEland! ;)



Fuck it, I'll do an album that'll blow your socks off and make your toeneils curl, and then you'll come back and make your condolences for being so stupid and naive not to see the trees from forest of the presentday hipster comics publications, baby! Muhahhahahaaaaaaaaaa!! Cry baby cry. It won't help you to put on any better stuff, but let's play this amting game and who knows who-brothers and sisters corruption, quietly so no one can see, hear or read,

 anything but lousy ladies comics tahta re SO popular today, forgoten tomorrow. Oh fuck, taht shit. Gimme something that's fine after five hundred yaers still! :)


<-- our cat, Tikru, in the wilderness of Forzza ccity limits, Funalndia Tellus, few days ago, wandering where ever he want to go wondering! ;)

Pussycats internationales, me amor! <3

13.5.2018 Sunday morning, happy fopr ice hockey results yesterday Funlandia crushed Canada 5-1 and that's motherfucking good, as Canada IS always dangerous and strong no matter which team there is on ice, they want to win, ecery game, BUTT, seems like Finns have changed with new generation of hungry lions, and strong in defence too, hat off for team Funlandia! Today we take Germany and then the world...


...championship, thank you, hehe, feeling superstititous, nah, let play and see how far it takes us this year, I can taste the medal in my mouth already. IF this team can keep up the level of hard work on ice. Oh, ice hockey, brighten up this Springtime blues, I feel, although ain't got no reason but few, haha, ain't opening it up here for all to see and read,

 I might tell a different story just to throw a smokescreen to hide my inner self and to fool the world, and saving my own ass, hah, am I responsible to YOU?!? To any one, but myself......................?

Answers here and there, out in the fields of opportunity by the time I'm ready to tell it to you, until then you just have to wait, and see the world by your own eyes, don't believe lies, there's no hiden paradise, no group of virgins lies in nirvana, and after death you'll never come back to tell how good it's to be dead, huh. Oh, put another  skull and crossbone ring into your fingers and take it off...

 up your arse, anytime soon is fine.

Saturday 12.5.2018 morning, having  a break from album, and having "normal" Saturday, sauna and ice hockey at TV later on, relaxing like a bitch in heat, having days off the rat race's vicious circles and this here life on this here planet of blues. Am I strong enuff to tell how tired I am of all, work related actions, but shall soldier on til finish line.

  Depression raises it's ugly head, trying to put me down in misery and pain, taking the needed medicine WHATEVER that subscription is (!!) and trying stay active nevermind what. Frustrated and angry and disappointed to SEE how young artists do what I didi 30 years ago, and getting famous, and exhibitioned in public....

envy ME?!? Bet your muthafucking life on it. It's not right, it's not fair and it's not as good as I can do, and that's just wrong. Justice for some not all...

Bitterness here I go again, dontcha come and tell me we all got same possibilities and opprtunities, cause it's not so, it' a lie, and if you say so, your a dirty liar, but taht we didi know way before, hah. Gimme back my youth and fun, is the title of the selfmocking ironic song I juts made, with other 65 songs I've written and recorded, so if you GOT more than me, show me little schoolgirl, it!! :D

 Well, hell, anger keeps me going, and not going nuts over little schoolgirls fifteen minutes of fame, as  all andy warholians do!! ;)

Friday 11.5.2018 really visible springtime progression on nearest trees, pushing new "leafs" (not Toronto maple leafs although!!), getting greener everyday, soon it's all summertime and fish are jumping and your mother starts to look so goodlooking!! ;)

 I did some editing, and arranging pages and got to number 102 of pages, but missing like two ½ pages on the way, so I gotta draw 'em but gotta think which and what I can improve the storytelling, and I hate storytelling, hahaha.... but in this here businesses with comics I'm bound to do it anyway so I try to be a man and do what man's gotta do....!! ;)

 So today I'll be hoping to start re-reading all already written 209 pages and sleevenotes and all, to get the maximum effort and best lines on the text and picture what the pictures can't tell you, oh the magic of comics books, paperback, history telling and autobiographical novelty novels, coming to shake your foundations and ass, read and weep 'em, little boy, this is big boys sand box, where adults play, and been playing for last 34 years, of off my adult life, being biggest looser and boozer and rockenroll cruiser in the coast of sunshine and drugtrafficing with these Spanish lovely chicas in my arms, I'll tell you HOW the world was holding on and getting on it, back in 1986. Wild man Jack stories part 1. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !

Thursday 10.5.2018 oh ice hockey didn't went like it suppose yesterday, daman Denmark beat us by one goal, lucky bastards, heh, well hope this only educates the team Finns young ölions, oh well, i''l start to sound like TV commentator with too much trust and too little knowledge, but suspension I love with these world championships. I don't watch any league games outside Olympics and world champs, just don't careso much of any team, and to support a Canadien or Barcelonian team in any baal game is just too stupid and kid's stuff for my brain... what are you atwelve years old preteeny bopper? Supporting fanatically "your" team and crying if it loses? Grow up sucker.




<--- Puerto Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain in Summer of 1986, with lion in my lap and one German friend.



Oh well, started the editing and pagemaking, BUT it's slow and thinking should I only do those pages that'll text the same day to remember what and where to put in balloons and so... I might just read 'em all 209 paper archs and trying to get the BIG picture of this album, before texting, oh so hard, hahahaha-haaaaaaaaaaaaard! ;)

Oh well, do what you wanna do, I'll do what I will too! ;)

Wednesday 9.5.2018 happy for excellent works of Finns ice hockey team, not so happy with my staying up til 3 til getting sleep. Happy to get all pages numbered in arow, not happyit's still so much work to get it done for print, everlasting pressure and pain, ain't nothing sweet or gloriopus in this profession, and happy not be gay, muhahahahahaa! Politically incorrect is my middle name, hehe, well, of course it's not buttttt, just like to joke about, around these oh so correct times, flirting with good taste is dangerous and brutally easy to slip, when all sleaze old men are in troubles, and righfully so, go lock up all harvey weinsteins off this world, women speak up, NOW, it's your right and almost responsibility to do it, for your own sake and healthy recovering....

 but I'm happy I'm not one of those harrashers!!


 I'm happy I've NEVER grabbed any woman butt in any bar in a case of...

<--- newest design and starting new  page for teh Spanish Sauna tripping, this one I like!!!    ...drunkness, no excuses for pussygrabbers defence, YOU pay the price of being asshole abuser and harrasher, I'm lucky and happy I've always let women do the first effort and moves, and then when time was alright and she was all over me it's allowed to grab..... pussy and breasts, which I've always loved best. "Big tits always make you wild", like Peer Günt so provocatively straight and forwardly speaking told, and letting the real horny man feelings tell and sang it like it is, way back in 1985, oh those were the days, my friend.




<--< coloured grabbing in Marbella 1986, one night stand I made as fast as I can, oh baby, whose your daddy, might be difficult question if you're born after 1986!! Muhahahahhaa!!


Today's program is to trying to stay alive and do some good things, and read 'em all written texts from pencilworks, might take a day or two. Happy days!!  <3

Tuesday morning, 8.5.2018 and the most interesting things in my life are that my wintertime woollen sleeping cover is getting too hot, waking up in sweat and it ain't that hot yet, so I'll make  dramatic turn and wash that and get me the slimmer and thinner and lighter version of cover and hoping the sheets won't be wet tomorrow, yes sir, whadda wild life in Forzza Funlandia again!! ;)

Oh well hell, some city workers giving pain in the ass, again, I'm about ready to throw my towel in the ring and gave up all working efforts whatsoever, just cause it pisses me off like mountain of hot irons in my back, don't wanna and defenately can't carry on that load of crap anymore, seeing shrink and all soon, losing sleep and building anger, no mercy for us poor boys trying to survive, well, and to save my back, all i've written HERE Ishall deny as beng just blabberinbg chibberish alternative facts and pure  lies my crazyhead invents while my fingers do the stepping on these typing buttons,

but most of all: don't believe a word! And gimme all your money, don't ask no questions....!!! :)

 Tonight' s ice hockey time again! Go team Funlandia! <3

Monday 7.5.2018 and ice hockey world tournament succees another crushing win from Latvai to team Finnish 8-1, that's really well done señores finlandeses! ;) Happy to see young team with urge to make goals and win, finally a good team in World cahmpionships from NHL and national league, well all we need is good luck and hard work! ;)

Like everywhere else and little talent won't hurt any one...

...oh well, I'm continuing my erasure moves and actions, including little bit of missing inking to fill the holes, especially in music and notes on the spaces left for 'em to be  written in the first place, so finishing this Finnish album of the year,

 1986! hardest rockin comics in the world of hard rockin drugs, female prostitutes heart full of gold, streets full of youth gone wild, spansif Summer vacations in Spanish Sauna tripping!! Just you wait and read all about it, it'll change your life, steal your wife, lose your weight, stand up for your rights, fight your fights, pays your bills, thrills your dreams and everyday life, never be the same again! Promises I make, I'm bound yo keep, and fuck the rest, I don't need no rest...'

 until in my graveyard, shift and that ain't gonna hapeen anytime soon,

 I hope and dream and believe, there's still many good years waiting for me, now that I'm finally done my masterwpiece of work and ass, business ass usual, welcome to join me in my life extraordinary, hold on cause it might shock your pants right off your feet,

.....like it did to your mother too, hahahhaaa! ;)


<--Spanish version of the cover art my life's wildest Summertimes, August 20th publisheing party!

Sunday 6.5.2018 oh the hockey champioships started as tehy always do in early May, this time in Denmark and Finns have quite nice team, crushing South-Korea last night 8-1, well, that was good test for making goals, and get some confidence on 'emselves, good luck Finnish Lions on ice, we'll be watching you!Did some woodshedding or actually sawing sauna woods, too, heated the sauna, hoovered and some album stuff, busy Saturday, which I enjoy as the weather is finally warmer and feels like Summer is coming in north. This here brief momentum of Summertime, I'm trying to adjust me head to text next 5 to 7weeks, wahtever it takes to get 100 pages done, well I'm glad I was so much ahead of my schedule, that I could lost few weeks in flu and just juggering about and resting my brain, and hands. Now the most muscles I need to practice is on my behind and back, sitting down writing and thinking what I'm writing trying to make the funniest, cleverest, inrerested text ever, no small task, I ask myself....

....always more than anyone; I never expect anything from anyone, I'm the prisinoer of my time and upbringing, never ask no help, even when needed..... and am surprised if someone does some good...

 ...to me. Really big but most welcomed surprise!! ;)

Be good to yourself. Life is most of the times worth living, although I'd exchange few yeras in a flash, no doubt about it. You're very lucky or blind to be able to say: wouldn't exchange a day in my life.

Or just plain stupid, muhahahahaa, so take a number and get line!! HAHA!! :D

Saturday 5.5.2018 waking up slowly, been scanning thru those 209 archs and ½ pages for the album of the year, best fucking art I've ever done, about my own life, something you can't never take away, or put me down for having a life enuff interested to tell and draw for some odd 400 pages. Oh well, it's a hard work and at this point wearing me out just erasing all 3 days in a row, right wrist is hurting and strating to ache, damn. Gotta have some rest today and tomorrow too. Well, not rest in peace yet like dead man, I wanna tell my tales and make my record straight, let you know where it all came from, why did I act the way I did, it's no mystery, it's just life little  extraordinary maybe, but mine all mine.

 feelin those mortal blues as seen my father dying and in bad shape in hospital bed, oh dunno if I've progressed in accepting things I don't like, or wanna know, like dying eventually, most of us shall expereince it, hehe, and as I ain't no Woody Allen fan, I won't share his funny remark of how and where he wants to be when time of death is present... well, I'm always trying to invent my OWN jokes, not borrowing, not stealing, just inventing 'em by mistakes, mishearing or misleading thoughts, tyhinking outta box, outta my mind, outta rules and laws, it's so simple and true.

 Be your own joke creator, be all you wanna be, but leave me alone and without your bullshit phrases where "everybody is the blacksmith of his or hers fortune and fame".  It's not true, we're never on the same level or line, standing or running, you got your nice grateful parents and childhood, I got none, all I had I had to steal, beg or norrow, except my talent and craft on illustration and music making, I learnt 'em all by myself, no help from you, nadie nunca, nietu. So I'm not thanking all you miserable lil bastards accusing me for the sins you've done yourselves, for making my road harder, making me stronger, cause you didn't, you just make me hurt and suffer, more than enuff, so thanx a lot, my dearest evil friend and enemy of world in love, to do what the hell it wants. Yeah, it's my way or highway, hehe,

well It might be both, too!!! ;)

Friday 4.5.2018 morning, herad the Spanish news taht shoook the worls ETA is quitting all it's actions for good! That makes me dug my archives and bring back this water colour painting from years 2011-2012, so it's not done in recent years, but still valid ass... I mean as valid as anything this world...


 <-- snake and axe is the symbol ETA used! This is my version of it, that I was planning to tattoo that in my arm way back in year 1987, but that's another crazy story, you won't believe until it's drawn for your eyes only in comic books taht'll revela AA in 2021!! ;)

...a cry fro freedom and liberty for one nation under the groove... no I mean undwer the broom of Spanish royal govermental, hah. Like do know little about the situation but I've been living in Basc and Spanish household for few weeks turning to months, but dunno the real vida Español baastante, pero poco, y my corazon esta con bascos y libertad. Suert por todos mi amigos en España, ayer y especialmente por futuro guapo y rico por todos los amigos hispanoles! Abrazo.

 Today is my third day in row to erse wuth erasure the oencils off originals and scanning the book, ready to text and print condition, hard work this too is, but luckily music save my day, most every day!! ;)

Love rock'n'roll and blues masters like Jack and Albert King!!! ;) Music is the healer and company, I never get bored.

Thursday 3.5.2018 starting the second day of in erasure motions clearing all 209 pages off pencil marks and making needed inks or lettering of songs or additional texts on background, and such. It'sboring and repetative act and it takes couple of days, but luckily I can liste music all the way and time, while  scanning clean stuff and working to get my book ready.............

 ready to text and doing whatever needed extra editing and inverting nightmare pics of American dream and Spanish drug scene of costa del sol, oh Marbella my dear, those were the crazy days, soon for you made in readable 100 page culture, given all I have, not much more you could ask! Well, you can ask for more and it'll be dilivered in 2021, with Spanish Prison Blues titled comics book of some 200 pages or more, and it'll take as long it's the main book I'll ever do, so sweat no pressure, haha, juts making best comics in this world, I CAN!! Hahahahhahaaa!! It my shorts Pertti Jarla and Petri Hiltunen, and all you blind little comics mice in your mommy's cellars and back room boys in catacombes blowing your own horn, you think the war is over, think again all you smallminded Von Hertzen brothers, hug your Amma mamma again, and live your illusion of how India is meaningful and happy nation........ full of beggers and poor, like nowhere else, working in sweat shops and slavery, hip hurrah for India, Uganda, Sudan, Libya and and  all developing countries  and poor things needing wisdom, talent and skills, like poor boy Pertti Jarla desperately seeks....., hehehehee!!! :D

 I have only one hint: learn yourself to draw, WELL and extremely fantastic way, and all shall be so much easier, when you can express what you want, whichever way YOU want, it. Just draw another 10 0000 hours fast and you can be great like master of comics art Kari T Leppänen!! ;))) Or maybe not, if you can't and won't see your mistakes, you might NEVER learn, but that too is only YOUR problem, not mine, so fuck off my back. Am I writing this really in public and am I aware that some asshole might get offenced and hurt, well I know and heard what you told about me behind my back, so lets' call it even, little boy blue. Awright!?! :)

Too bad you can't answer here on (my site!) my accusations, offends or crazy opinions, but hey, you can always feel and act hurt and mistaken, and whatever. Sleep tight all you sheeps in wolf clothings in Comics festivals. So fuck you scared little monsters. Am I angry? Well, sometimes I am and way too any times too fool enuff to show it, but hey, you keep it all to yourselves, and act like good mannered adult suppose to... well I'm a punk, and bad behaviour is my middle name, so fuck it , all.

Fuck. :D :D :D

What am I gonna do?

Make  a comic strip serie called Fingerupyourassborg?!? Hell yeah!! :D :D :D Too bad ideas and jokes have NO copyrights, so YOU can remake ALL Fingerpori jokes IF YOU want, and well that's what PJ is doing, making all old jokes again in  strips, ..................and NOT paying for scripts, that's a shame, sin and wrongdoing, indeed. Try to make that in movie business , ha in upcoming Fingerpori movie, bet they don't pay Jarla anytyhing for NOT writing ti script or jokes, mhahahaa.... or anywhere else, not paying for manuscripts, story boards, texts for their writers or authors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yeah, good luck with it!! ;) Thief is a thief nevermind if he's grilled in butter as we say here in Funlandia! ;)

Wednesday 2.5.2018 in pouring rain, waashing away dirt and scum, past and winter, watching Sleepless In seattle made me lose my sleeps, shouldn't stay up too long into the night. Learning from mistakes takes awhole lotta time and effort, and I'm only superhuman, errr... human, and able to stumble and fall, same silly fucked up situations, same shit different day, and I haven't even started yet to complain, hahahaa...

 well, I had clear picture for today's programming and executing but now i woke up all blurryhead, and all I wish is going back to sleep, that kinda day, again. I have these some in month-ly, no biggie, not worrying too much of anything, maybe that's my problem: I don't wanna worry and think..........................too much. I leave it to yuo, dear readers and fanboys of mine!! ;) You'll be the star, and knowitall, this time!! :) I'll go back...to sleep. Sweet sweet Snoooooooooooooooooooooooooorah Jones in my mind! <3 <3 <3 <3

Tuesday 1.5.2018 the Wappu day, all people drunken or hangovered, have a nice day! I just slept like a baby over 10 hours, and taht's alot even in my standards, but happy that my body still recognise the need of sleep accurately, it's abit cloudy and rainy day over here, but luckily I got NO NEED to dwell and walk outside, having easy Wappu day, holiday at home. Getting ready for big finalizing of the album and losing the extra weight from my waist, that sounds like a GOOD plan and I'm gonna do it, no excuses this time, thank you. Vamos al playa condicion!! ;)


 Having a good time anyway YOU choose, go for it, no holding back, no suckerpunches no pussywhipping, just be a man and do it. Just like I do too!! ;))))))))))))))))))))

Monday 30.4.2018 Klara wappen, Happy Wappu for everybody! Even the sun is shining, drying the rain drops, of yesterday. It did rain all the way from Forssa to Karhula, and back, even smog arised late in the evening, very lucky and happy not to bump into any wildlife deers or moose, it was spooky like in a horror movie site, and light from the distant horizon, was heavenly. As I was driving back to visit my father in his hospital room, dying bed, terminal state of prostate cancer, or that's what they say, you never know, BUT I'm releaved and happy that I went and talked with him, finally after 26 years or so... now I can take his passing and funerals, when it's time for that. No big apoligizes or emotions, but clearing the air and waters that stalled way too long. Two stubborn men, older 80 younger 54, couldn't even expect to be too open... well, I have no shame to tell ALL my life, but did save him from some of the facts and my own sickness histories, just trying to make him feel more ease and somehow happy, and ending the case of hatred and suspicious. Farewell. Death waits for us all, sooner or later, no mystery, but whole lotta uncertantity, we'll all be gone with he wind, but not yet. Today we celebrate the workers, students and springtime, hauskaa wappua kaikille hyville, pahoille ja ihanille, rumat, typerät ja ilkeät imekööt alkoholitonta simaa ja sanonko mitä!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sunday 29.4.2018 so I've made plans to travel to east today to go and say hello to my father, maybe the very last time, as he is in cancer's last episode and nothing they can do to cure him anymore, so I pay my visit and rspect to him, so it won't haunt me later on, as I hate "ifs" and "maybees", just do it, and see the comceqeuentions, action speak loudar than words. So I just try to go and not think, what and how he's gonna react, we'll see it then, now still in my morning coffee mugs and waking up mood, so buongiorno della tutti! ;)


Okey, sauna was fine, the extra helping hand change the summer tires and life is best alive, damn thinking about dying relative, change the feeling of my silly postings and thoughts about life, weather and moods, maybe I should see it all in big picture, and complain less, try ot be more positive, or maybe I'm doing my best EVERY day, maybe all I got I give and love, every moment, good stuff, good luck, happens alll the time, well, hell, I THINK I'm pretty positive kinda guy, always laughing and joking, trying my best to keep the blues away. And turning my sadness into songs, and going to see fucking shrink, if I must, doing all I can for my menatl and physical health, never give up on love and growth on your head.

 Nevermind the past that's gone, 30 years ago I was a very different kinda lil boy, today I'm old man, middle fucking aged sucker, for love and only love.

 So I've chozen my path and life lines, wishing you can do it all yourselves too, do what make you pleased and feeling good, life's a very simple, if you want to see it, really.

 This crazy kinda ball game, got it's highs and lows, births and deaths, all on the road til there's no roads anymore. The road that leads you, and me. Following it til the new dawn. Okey, I'm on my way, soon.....................................!

Reports later on tomorrow morning, as usual, I'll tell you all here in my private diary of a mad man, hahahahahahahahahaaaa!! ;)

Saturday 28.4.2018 morning, watching little birds desperately seeking nest to multipile and egg the future flying ones. New life created in small home bases, the wonder of life wonderful, surprise annually in the neighbourhood of this little house on tha prairie. Heard another morbid news about my dad, he's terminal way and checking out of here...

 so the question is DO I WANT to see him before he's gone. Can I forgive him, can I accept he's apoligize, if there's any(?). Is it any good for ME, to see him ,in that condition that prostate cancer has eaten up and killing him. Questions I have to make up, my resolution today or tomorrow morning, as there might not be more than few weeks for him to live...   I thinking about it today and see if I go tomorrow to hospital to see him, for the very last time. Well, we just meet back in 1991 or 2, heh heh... do we have to see each other all the time and every quarter centennial?!? ;)))

Humour is the healer and protection and survival mechanism, well and ofetn used practise. Practise what you preach, that's waht I do believe, say what you mean, mean waht you say: do others what you'd want 'e, to do to you. Some good advice, needed every day, all my life. Well, I've been fatherless child last 34 years. I've learnt to be alone and anywherr I lay my head that's y home, atrmp, aprowler, a searcher, vagabond and mad man out on the street.....

..............so do I need a change in my pretty steady state of mind and do I have any affection or love left for thge man who threw me to wolves and under the bridges, yes, that's the question to answer, soon. All I can say is: take care of yor kids, if you have any, anytime, anywhere, anyhow and EVERY day. That's the little thing that was missing in my life, the hole in my heart,  aplace very hard to fill, and yes, it's like Neil Young sings: "Only love that can break your heart". So if I don't have any for that person in case of here,........ I won't break any, heart. Complicated, contradictived and hard road, but that's just life, and death is the last part of it. Nobody wants to die, everybody wants to go to heaven.

Blues lyrics comfort and guidence, more than I ever got from my dad. Sad, but true. Dunno if I ever miss you, if I miss to see you now. Ain't no fortune teller, can't predict the tomorrow, let's lve to see, see to understand and love every step on the righteous path, in love, peace and understanding.

<-- Found a fooling fotofantasy I've done back in 2014, and yes, it's... Stormy Daniels (the presidental fame NOW!) there as my drum kit!!! :)

Lotta fun! Haha!! :)

Friday 27.4.2018 lil sunshine at the horizon, little hope, little love and understanding, all we really need, more everyday, everybody everywhere. When death grabs you from close shave, got you thinking about mortality more than usual. I've been avoidin the "question of case of death" as much as I can and letting my mind wander freely otherways, death and violence doesn't attract me at all.


And that goes with my comics art too, if there's ever violence it got it's purpose and all the gore, blood and guts must be shown at it's most horrible way and effect, there's NUTHING cool on violence, guns, ammunition and war, except and unless your devlopment has stopped into being 12 year old od muthafucking isisisoldier, and that's the shame on every count. Choose life, choose love over violence and hate, all counts, every day and all your life, amen.

 See the beauty of the naked, women, in furry bed, skindeep loveliness, no stress, no problems, no violent lover, nothing to be scared and fear for, just love and peace, living another extended hippie dream, like my uncle Niilo Nuori said so well. Fare well, war and violence,

 in comics world as in this here reality. Kiss goodbye the hatred and cruelty, we all need protection from attack of warmongers and wrongdoers, and most of all grammary lengua lingo police!! ;)))))))))))))) Have yourself a great weekend, soon it's the 1st of May and party time for us workers nited internatinally: "Työn orjat sorron yöstä nouskaa, maan ääriin kuuluu kutsumus..."! Jne.!! :)

Thursday 26.4.2018 little rain drops on my window sill,  wrote a song for lost girl, taken away and if I'd be at least romantic or christian I'd say she got where her husband already was, in heaven, but I ain't that kinda....

 farewell my friend wherever you did go, went and be gone, farewell.


Perspective that death brings is valuable and straighten up fool thoughts of immortality and life's realism. Don't wanna dwell too deep on it, but I see it affects me, deep down in soul and heart. Nothing brings back the dead, so wishing to be clever enuff to talk with living ones, telling all the love you feel, all the good and bad, be honest and true. Til the end. So much to do, not a minute to waste my/your time. Working on my art, my love, my life, it's meaningful and hard, but it's the only way to ever be satisfied. Satisfaction and love. All we need tonight.

All night, every night. Good night. Sleep away. Blues. Adios.

WEdnesday 25.4.2018 another cloudy day, it's colder than it should be, it should be like in tropic, Jamaican cool breeze in hot evening, endless summertime and love. My dear friend pass away yesterday, RIP Annika. So sad, especially for her children that lost their dad, and our schoolday band "Jamming Shit" guitar player, in that tsunami 2004, strength and condolences to all considered and friends and family ones. Death reminds us the limits we all have here, just passing by in the history of mankind, leaving the mark on few pages of comics and art friendships are strong, family ties not so, in my case, and my case is the only I have, how could I know any better, any other?

 Live another day, sleep another lifetime, the evidable passing of us all, wish the is an angel for her, somewhere watching over. Sad and blue Tuesday night. Do what you really want to, most important stuff you appriciate and care, do good be well, live to tell, goodbye friend. Rest in peace, that's all we all want to do finally. Peace and love, that's all,                                                                                              I need.

Tuesday 24.4.2018 another perfect waking up on phone call and asshole asking "Do you care about childrens and youths sports?".

No, I don't care, no I don't have any kids, and why should I pay YOUR kids hobbies? You made 'em, you take care, life is very simple. Don't make babies if you can't take care of 'em. Full stop.

<--- my newest designs on house decoration here in my drawing room.


Okey, I'm seeing a shrink today as I'm crazy wild one, heh, and against all odds I wanna take care of my health and not end up in suicide, any time, soon or later either. Secret for living long is very simple, don't die too young. So many sad stories of lives thrown away in drugs and alcohol, ain't preaching ain't wiseassing, do what you wanna do, just take care of yourself or find some one to take care of you. Without love and loving relationship I'd be dead, long time ago. I'm a loner when it comes to work and illustrate, but without a partener in love, I'd be miserable and sad, so thanks to my wife for getting along with me, we're been together soon 13 years and made the vown to be forever til death do us apart. Hopefully not anytime soon. So I wish you all love and long satisfying years whatever you do...

 don't become a phone sale man, ever!!! ;)))

Monday 23.4.2018 waking up on new week, trying to get strength to finish the album, still I'm inking some of those extra pages, there's one crazy sex scene still to ink, oh there's sex and drugs and rock'n'roll for educated adult taste of erotica, well cause this ain't no porno book, there's more hints than real action to be seen, up close and close ups especially, heh. well you''ll be the judge when it's out and readable in Auguist 20th, my quarter century ball of free artist life!

 Well, actually I need to have this Monday off, as I do need two days pf weekendian vacation EVERY week, and as I was there in Pori festival Friday and Saturday, now I do whatever, as all the other days in my life lately been. Good, life as it struts and lingers on, sometimes I wonder what it could have  been, but I'll erase those thoughts faster than speeding bulet leaves the barrel of a smoking gun: unprogressive dwelling on past is not my favourite past time, yes, dreams I dream, fantasize the future of well earned richness and fame and fortune, well, as long as I'm alive and well, it's gotta be enuff, to have health and freedom to do or to be lazying around, watching TV, reading comics and autobiographs, playing mean blues guitar, making music on my own. Actually I need so little to be satisfied, remembering Muddy Waters' song "I Can' Be Satisfied" and realizing how life keep on throwing the curve ball, right in your face, ouch.

 Against the reasonable wise thinking, I wrote a conspiracy theory plot scribble in comics nerds holy Kvaak pages, let's see if there's any affect or response, haha, take it easy, it's only life,  you live once, not twice as bad as yesterdays, when nothing happened, nobody cared, life what a trip, heh, live and let

die. Loving and living like regular James Bond in his prime twenty two year old casanova de costa del sol, don juan de donosti!! <3

Sunday 22.4.2018 Back home from Pori comics festivals, feeling tired as hell, well age hits me every year stronger hold on bad sleep and lack of rest, well I know this happens every time with festivals or sleeping around in strange places, well hell, I'm bad sleeper since 1977, or so. I've always needed little sleep, less than most my friends or cousins as I do recall the early teenage years. Was it bad or good, dunno. I ghot troubled in so many ways withoput sleep or with it, hah, but you can read it all in Kultainen Nuoruus albums, if you're lucky to be born Finnish,  a lottery winner like I am, again this weeks Eurojackpot,

.....3 right, pays off with loudsa moulah, hahahaha!!! It's springtime and the 1st of May soon too in a week and day, should be much warmer, more singing little birds, more people with less clothing, BUT hey, we all who've lived here 54 years KNOW, this is Finland and the eweather is the constant and permanent complain about, this ain't no mediterrain soft and hor breeze ... ever, unless the climate change REALLY fix this hitty climate, haha!!! ;) Ooops I did it again, joked about serious matters and things some think is holy and dedicate their lives to improve the situations fo all men, good and clean future, hahahahaa.... dream on baby, we're much likely on the road to destruction and hell. So prepare to be burning forever with the devils                                                    ...like you. ;)

Above is one of my favourite photograph ( the keen watchers have surely spotted few times before!!)on naked lady and dripping wet butt, makes me wanna drink Jaffa ornage lemonade immdiately!! ;) The Summer feeling, at it's best, butt!

Friday and saturday I'm in Pori comics festaivals, welcome there:




See you soon!! :)

19.4.2018 Thursday morning, inked those 6 extra pages for Sauna Trip, and today's program is to frame these Nani-originals for exhibition and traveling to Pori tomorrow morning. I'm already excited for the interview, can't really premeditate it, as I'll tell what's on my mind and telling the truth is the best way, maybe little Forssa extraggeration may happen, but hey, never let the truth come between good fine rumours and stories, haha, I'll take that back, always let truth light your way. Got nothing to fear but fear itself. And that the sky shall fall on our backs, oh Ahterixs' philosophies Akvavitix guide my way from year 1970. Wouldn't be here as I am today without european comics art, my first love in culture, timing the same yaer taht I started drawing imitating Asterix on kitchen table til I got it right and by memory, face of Asterix.

  Of course I can't draw it anymore by memory as my memory has been invavde by 48 years of rubbish and images of beautiful naked ladies and rock'n'roll monsters, blues men, love and affection, songs of yesterday and hope for tomorrow, future must be ours to taken, heartbreaken too, future, what a strange thing to think.

 <-- Nani Cowgirl V For The Victory, sketch page number two, pretty orgasmic pic her, hehe...

....from year 2013. One of these days I'll finish what I've started then, and make the expressive poetic wild and exotic, erotic album I've tried before too, giving all I can, that's all man can do, and that's gotta be enuff,


 Today also packing the books for sale for sweet Pori festivals. So if you'r ein Pori district come over and join us in comics Friday 14-19 o'clock and Saturday 9-17 hours !!! Welcome, Bienvenidos ja Tervetuloa, everybody who love comics and artist alive! Yes we are best alive,

dead men need no cash like we suffering poor artist do!! ;)

18.4.2018 Wednesday morning scanning old Nani Cowgirl pages for the exhibition and the interview on Friday, and bringing 'em with memory stick, so modern man I am!! ;) Here you are....







<---- few pages in best of Nani Cowgirl years 1998-2018. Enjoy your sexuality, it's good for your brain to get off, get on, get it on go down and come again!! ;)

Tuesday 17.4.2018 waking up, defrozen some pulla and cups of coffee microwave heated, yesterday's angry and strong drops, with more than half milky way, the spanish "cafe con leche", I miss every morning here in miserably Funlandia and Forza city, but I had it rough, rougher than most men ever have (muhahhahhaa!!) .....so I don't whine for little thangs, I take 'em as they come, just like life in generally, going with the flow, not thinking and planning TOO much  for the future. Rather be flowing and drifting wherever it takes me, it took me to doing comics 25 years ago and record covers 24 years ago, quarter century in thios here illustrating business, ups and downs.

....maybe just trying to think before the Friday's Nani Cowgirl 20 years interview, and stumble into old interviews and fotos, so I'll entertain you with 'em, for awhile!!<---- One from Nokia city magazine Nokikuu!!;)

Thanks to aunt Armi!! <3 Oh, I found some already forgotton illustrations too, and extra needle for turntable record machine, yeah!! :)

Oh and this foto of me in port of Estonian ferry is took while traveling to Tallinn Rock Summer as the stage builder in my professional life, before this wunderbaf wonderful fantastic adventurous of the illustrated man!! ;) And that was just 27 years ago!! ;) Time flies, seasons pass, all that jazz, funny moments, crazy days and wild nights, oh the historian autobiographic in me!! ;)

Monday morning 16.4.2018 started inking the extra 7 pages I pencilled already few weeks ago to fulfill the album, and break did do me good, felt good to ink again, and not tiredsome like I was after inking a year and half, phiuph, huh huh, hopefully this Summer I'll be having some days off and in on sun, vacation, what's that? Something to eat(?), as the old Finnish jokes goes on along, every year the same old blues for warmer summers and of course if the heat wave hit us, we complain on it as well, never is good enuff...


 for some, they flew to Canary Islands having family holidays in Las Palmas, haha. Lucky some, well dunno if Finns are still as boring and safebound tourists as they used to be in 1970's and 80's, this here madventures came just late 90's or 2000's so it's kinda new still, well some back bag travelers made a money and career outta of it, lucky 'em luxury line travelers who got money to travel all year and cameras and all to make it to TV program, oh I know they didn't have much when they started BUT, hey they got money to travel well and far, and searching for troubles and eat shitty foods is kinda teenyboppers stuff, as are the ugly Duudsons too. Permanent schoolboy "humour" and YOU buy it and swallowed wholy moly, for your TV set! So blame no one but the face in the mirror for stupid programs and TV hosts and musicians who play along with every new TV game show and survivals with cameras on their faces. Real survival ain't got nothing to do with those TV shows. Ugh. So sad this human race is so easily attracted to celebrities and TV time, would I be any different IF offered the chance to step in this opportunity  to magic TV world?!?

 Dunno, hopefully would have balls to say: no, thank you, ...........if I can't make it on my own, on my art and my own stuff, I rather be poor and honest, and not bending over, like pellehermannis/michaelmonroes and other mediatime/ famestruck stars!! ;)

Sorry Matti F. why can't you be beautiful self, and rely you're interest enuff without your mascaras and blue eyeshadow, jeesus. Of course you CAN were 'em, but don't lecture about honesty with make up and platinum blond dyed hairdo, millions of jewelry and fancy snake skin boots, never wanna grow up is pretty sad looking when you're fiftyfive. Just my opinion(!!!!!!!!!!), nothing to do with the music you provide, rock is good and band is fine, just the image and brand of the band is kinda childish and outdated, 80's hair metal and glam, ehem, the worst period of rock music's 60 years, on this planet of blue....s.

Sunday 15.4.2018, cherry picking the original comic pages for the exhibition, 12 for sure and then some extra to show in my interview at next Friday in Pori.

It's always somehow surprising to go thru old illustrations and hundreds of pages of comics I've done and kept. Lucky it went so easily, as went sauna and evening with movie or two in TV, too.

 <--- pencilled page num,ber one for the fifth Nani Cowgirl adventure: "V For Victory", coming up when it's done, maybe even next year, if I shall have a break of rest, doing another very different kinda comics album....between next Spanish trip book, who knows?!?

 Easy living in deed, knocking the wood for superstitious as I am, avoiding going under ladders, black cats and wicked witches of the west, hehe. Magic of the veryday life, the wonders of nature, the miracles of life in it's millions of variety, animals in their majesty and straightness, the survivals in wilderness. Even those cute pandas in zoos, I wanna see them newest ones in Ähtäri this Summer!! :)


So happy little birds are back and singing out loud, and they shall continue it til next snow and winter comes again, no hurry there, we really could use along HOT Summertime, this year as last year it didn't came at all, and if I do recall right the Summer before that was not that hot either, whats' wrong with the weather in Funlandia?



 Oh we all know who lived here all our unlucky, sad, miserable lives, hehe. All, yes everything and all is not well, rain, snow and sneet more than you can take, suffer in your cold feet, and head frozen, all year long, thank sto lord of weathers,

not. Waiting for the perfecto warmth and mellow Summer breeze, again. Like a fool and positively naive tender poet waiting for impossible and science fiction to be true!! ;)

 <-- this one got me laughing out loud, as guitar player and keen eater of peeled boiled eggs! nam! :)

Stolen eer.... borrowed  from facebookfeed line, sorry owner of the rights....! :P

Saturday 14.4.2018

waking up to weekend and sunshine, taking it easy all week so have no real exhausting feel, or need to rest all weekend, hah. Hoping to have strength to find all teh original nani Cowgirl material for next weekend's exhibition today, and check which ones I can put on the public library walls too. It's easy but tiring work to go thru few hundred pages and some sketches I want to show too, oh how I wish I had VERY big exhibition one day, where I could put ALL I want from these 25 odd years, or even more from the past and especially that Sleepy John Estes potrait from year 1981. My first ever sold illustration, some 37 long years ago, wow! I was just seventeen then, a young boy mesmerized by blues when I first time hear Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons double LP, must have been year 1979  or so....


 since then I've been dedicated blueser rockenroller, hoochie coochie man. And that's what I am, blues man. Illustrated man, tattooed since 1986, 32 longish years been inked in my arms, and the second tattoo I ever got said just: "Muddy Waters", ..................so you make your conclusions on it. Blues all I need, soul food all I'm eating, meeting the feelings at the end justifies the deeds, means disposition, baby blue eyes and brown eyed girls too, colour blind and equality, for women right now!


<-- one of my first recording were this whole double album of Muddy's music, here in Forzza Finlandia. Suddenly it's the same LP I'd take with me in deserted island, if forced to just pick one.....



best record ever. Illustration is mine, charcoals crayons by the years 1985-1995!!! :)

Friday 13th of April, my lucky thirteen day, I was born this way, although I ain't no lady or gaga!! ;) Yes sir, I can still boogie and wrote a song with killer drum beat and rocking riff, angry man shouting and scereaming blues is what I am and wanna do, in my spare time, off drawing in form of my alter ego: Jack King, although Jack King's career as live performer is purposetively delayed til the moment is RIGHT and on spot to do Finnish tour with band of rock'n'roll gypsies I'm befriended til 1973 or so, so wait the blues newest explosing is coming to your hometown with that special kinda King feeling!! :)


 World going crazier day by day, nights getting lighter and warmer, but world is limbing and sinking with these lousy leaders, presidental whores and and their sex affairs, too bad this ain't no science fiction, it's reality that bites you in the ass....Another song I wrote earlier this week, I'm so hipstering on the latest fashion new wave, muhahahaaa!! :)



<--- great artwork at Time magazine, and joke on spot, ten points and parrot stamp!








Next week this time, on Friday afternoon I'll be at Pori comix festivals, and you should be there too!!! ;)

12.4.2018 Thursday morning, birds busy nestbuilding/checking out, is the one I laid there last Spring suitable and safe enuff for these lil birds, soon nesting and having extra members in their herd, yeees, really loveed to observe their development of raising a family!! Staying alive and multipiling, maybe it's the menaing of life, in general, nature's course and aim to preserve life, and continue living in this here planet.


 Me I'm in the midst of backcover sketching, always troubled with less is more or not, in photos, I'd really loved to show more tahn is stylish, hah, me the style counsleror from...

 hell! ;) Never cared too much about style, except when I was 20 or so, I wanted to look like rock musician, and still do, in some level, I think, but what I know is I have my "style in hair" and clothes stuck in back on 80's, hah, and it's very much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllright! ;) Hahahahaa.... laughing to myself, a lot, I might add............................my second favourite thing to do! ;)

Okey, all you party people, let's dance til springtime finally is here!! :)

11.4.2018 Wednesday morning, waking up on lovely sunshine and clear blue sky, life starts every morning again in new way, although seemingly the same as the day before, but never the equal, thank god. Two things I hate most is: waiting and doing same things over and over, again. That's why I try to avoid drawing same situations and faces in my comics, like you HAVE to do in strips and other where same headrole, starring carachter, must be recognized immediately, and look like it always has. Oh, those talking heads like in Bold and Beautiful TV serie, I hate too, three. Just heads telling the plot and story, if you wanna read novel read 'em, don't force feed your novel in graphic novels(sic), also called comics, comix, funnies, in this here stupid and thin language of english, hah. In Finnish it's more visualising and correct without the weight of "funny" or "comic"  as it's called: "sarjakuva" = "serie picture", got the picture? Catch my drift, honey?!?

 Use the words that mean something and make it count! Oh I csan shoot from the hip and make myself sound like texas ranger or mississippi mud blues artist, anyday anyhow any way you wanna,

hah! ;)

But I'm trapped in this here middle aged caucasian white man body, buddy. So you might be surprised when I'll ride into your town and show my guitarsliger swing and slide slippin' and hidin' like good ole little richards and muddy waters, all did. Guess I got black man heart, had my share of discrimination, rejection and unequality, white man blues. Go on and ask Muddy Waters , can a white boy sing the blues?

 Bought first two texting pens for texting (hah!) the album, so when I got the inspiration to start it I can do it immediately, and not to have to jump on bicycle and drive like maniac to shopping center and get my pens ready!! ;)

Remember the Pori comics festivals 20.-21.4.'18 in Pori library!!! Everybody's welcome !!!

10.4.2018 Tuesday morning, yes I am waking up, like all those days before this, repetition in life not so wild and adventurous, as it was when woking up not knowing where you were, heh, all the booze did it's purpose, lost the inhibitions and loosen sexual behaviour and erase troubles on everyday stuff, and all other thoughts and slide into oblivion's sweet arms. 

 Some things I do miss, but not the dayafter sickness, headache, vomiting or feel like vomiting any second, huh, and realization of cash all spent, smoked two packs of Camels, drank gallons of alcohol, clothes smell like ashtray, if did got lucky, you won't remember any or very little of the actual action between sheets happened, hah. Casanova's roawing days are over, just a gigolo is just another song of my past, heh!!! ;)


Oh, in here reality, I bought (cheap and/but righteous price) a legendary Billnäs shelf for drawings, finally dream came true after 25 years of dreaming of this furniture piece of wood, hopefully I can use it til the end of my career, to let papers of ink and watercolours dry, in peace and not getting dust or danger of smudge. Very happy although it wasn't in my budget for this month, so hopefully you all good people shall come to Pori comics festivals and buy whole lotta books of mine, I'll get the balance in my bank account, again, thank you already. And do not forget Ill be drawing caricatures for FREE!!!!!!! So I'll see you all there in 20.-21.4.'18 at Pori library with my Nani Cowgirl 20 anniversary exhibition too!! <3            

----> foto from yestarday when placed on teh corner of my study, drawing room furniture fron year 1958! Antic's patina in on it, and smell of old, times they are changing, but they are not changing soon enuff!! ;)))          

9.4.2018 Monday morning, got  a new old shelf locker perfect fot A3 size drawing, which I've drooled last 20 years as long as I've known 'em exsist!!  And now rearrenging the drawing room space. Too litle space for the coach anymore, luckily I NEVER lay or even sit there, as I have two other chairs for my working stations, the computer one and the drawing station alias the "engineer's table" which I use on all my drawings and water colours tooo, although it's in upright position, taht's good for my back, but water is running downwards, if used too much, but I've got used to it with these 27 years I've had it. Bought it from architect's office that was shutting down and selling all their old drawing tables, as they've changed into computerwise working back in 1991, and the depression wipe away lotsa businesses too. It was worse depression that this here we just had, as 25 % was unemployed, and the Russian sales dropped as the iron curtain and Sovjet union too, bad bad times for Finnish economy, depending so much of our dear neighbours huge need for western products, oh well, we shoot ourselves in foot again with this here lates Russian boycotts and sale forbids, that are very effective to RUIN Finnish businesses, not much real effect on otherway, Russia marces on no matter what we do, so thank you EU, for regression, depression and unemployment and the pussywhipped government of ours, doing the wrong decicions, again and again.

 Time for revolution and lefties to take care of the people, not just rich, famus and powerfuls, the other side is starving in poverty, not self made but governmental cases dropped on opur backs the weight and forcefeed active models to cut our small unemployment payment even more. You are so wrong, so cruel and inhuman. Shame on yopu Sipilä, orpo and other roght wing fuckfases in charge, wish you should see this world in poor man' eyes, but hey , I know that'll never happen and the change comes always too late, there's not much hope for humankind, pessimists speeches and whining, all I can afford.


 Meanwhile back in tellus, I got enuff for the week + long flu, still trying to recover and get back in comics mood, while planning Pori comics festivals an especially Helsinki where the big launching of Spanish Sauna Trip shall be, change the world, for better and acceptable, and less premeditated, dillusional, arrogant, ignorant and evil.

Just a little wish to live in better world, for you and me. Sincerily wishes for life extraordinarily mellow, cool, groovy, fine and easy.


 .....And the some hard rocking times to get you kicks!! ;)

8.4.2018 Sunday noon, waking up later on, my free world of sleeping hours, one of the best thangs about being artist, picking on your favourite methods and arrengements for yourself, well those things that were solid and untouchable laws of artist me, have changed and rounded on the sharp and pointy edges and corners, like I can continue awork piece, the next day, next month or year, I have't got the urge to finish all with same sitting down and SAME day, that freed a lotta vanity and stress for the actual working, actually it helped a lot as you see the picture next day different way and see the errors and wrong perspectives etc. easire, and the another well practiced and great found is the old: look in the mirror that drawing and see the other side of your brain the pic! I'm pretty sure Leonardo Da Vinci did(/invented) that as he was writing secret cryptic writings thru mirrow and backwards and what else, to hide his inventions and secrets to public eye or spies, heh, not much spies in my world of comics but stealers and copycats more so. Some don't mind if their style or ideas has been stolen, cause they got enuff money no matter how much kids stole, but me I'm not in that position, but I've learnt to let it go, READING helsingin sanomat...

and things I don't know I can't be frustrated and angry. Old wisdoms might work, with me they do, but hey were all different, and that's very powerful and freeing sceem, scene and self esteem: were ALL different, even those who'd copied their style from their idols in comics world, my world of comics is such a small and troubled, but it's mine, and I KNOW who I am, don't need no mirrors anymore to see the real me. Trying to be as honest and good as I can, leaving the saving of this planet to you and your kids, who polluted this with twice a year holiday flights with high speed aeroplanes, coalheated factories, make up stuffs with microplastics and ALL plastic items, you take the blame and responsibility, it's your turn. Good luck with it, future hardly ever looked so dim and blackened spiral to hell, inferno, if you asked Lemmy, we'll all be ending a soup made of ourselves, and nature and pure fruits and plants and veggies,

you can kiss goodbye. I won't be here to tell you that, but luckily you can READ these words of wisdom forever in this blog, hahahhahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

So have yourself a fantastic Sunday afternoon, evening and night, I'll see you in the other side (whatever that means!!)!! ;)

7.4.2018 Saturday morning, waking up on a phone call, which I dispise, hah like I do seemingly a lotta annoying shit too, well read my earlier posts, it's all there, ain't no saint, ain't no angel, but most of all ain't no pussywhipped metrosexual whining lil boy, wondering who to please and why. Oh life taught me few things and kissing ass ain't one of them in my to do, bucket list, dear. I've surrounded myself with beautiful things, good music, loving wife, satisfying work, meeting nice people in festivals and talking my head and joking my life, away we go!

As 54 I'm nearing the middle age (muhahhahaaa!!) and starting to feel I had enuff of this life, and maybe the death is welcome when it's time for me to go, and I can be honest and happy there to say: I did it my way, really not regret none of my honest actions to be good one, sacred heart love affairs, paid always more than currency wise, excitement and thrills for one lifetime, enuff to do my autobiographics rest of my life. That's a good life, still I'd change and lose some awful bad years in a minute,

...no doubt about it. Can't say I'd loved every minute, fuck that, I'd rearrenge and make it very differently, BUT that's not possible, so forget it, regrets, well I might have some...

... mostly things I didin't do when I could, especially few ladies I should have taken and have. Love making life,

better, interesting and satisfying. Worthwhile, til you die. Oh these middle life crises, my oh mine. Hah.

Welcome to my nightmares!! ;) And have agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat weekend! :) Bailando mi amor! <3

6.4.2018 Friday morning, waking up late, heh, the story of my life, haha, but luckily I'm late bloomer kind, still got all my hair and teeth intact, in their natural places. Also thankful for very slow beard growth, I shave like once or at most twice aweek, saving blades and foams and seas and pollution and electricity as I do it old school razors by hand, never liked those noisy machines, guess I had it once in my late teens, but throw it away when broke, my memory don't serve me right, there. Nowadays just shaving whales, wales and whatever needs to be clean cut, china white porchelaine shiny and polished. Meanwhile back in the jungle, here I try to finish my cover art and design for the album of the year...


...... 1986, Summer of love, foreign affairs and explration of new latin world, so close , so near, so strange, so wild, so 80's that it's hard for me to illustrate the silliness of people's clothings and music taste, hah, but I'll do my best, as usual, it's full throttle or nothing, can't get no satisfaction doing anything half hearted, I'll leave it to beaver, errr.. and some Finnish concs artist whose name ain't propiert to write here, muhahahhahaa... sorry babies, you know whose the worst of the worst, and how childish is this, war against another kollega, just for me to say they suck, major league, sucking, although as usual the "patient" can't see the damage case, it's outside them little circle of backstabbing, no backclapping, no back tapping "friends" and kollegas...

 ......so war is never over, for me to point out assholes and lousy craftsman or woman, sorry. Maybe in next life I'll find a goodhearted one, that's fair and righteous, all the time, and just maybe,

 I can be that one, too.


<--- Spanish Sauna Trip version of full colours, might be the one, or I might discahrge the colour from painting and do it with one blue colour, more like a nightclub, taht is suppose to be, with long legged woman and me, playing my white spanish guitar. Summer of '86 Marbella, my darling, summer leave for three months and then some!! Read all about in August '18!!! :)

5.4.2018 Made a exhibition poster/postcard for Pori comics festival yesterday, and it's already printed and on it's way to me and Pori soon:---->


Thursday morning, sweet spring rain melting snow, am I repeating myself, as i'm hoping for the spring to come, finally and sooner the better, hah. Got fed up with winter amighty long time ago, so wishing warmth and pleasure for teh rest of the year, no hurry back to winter or even x-mas time, which I love dearly, but I can wait for another 8 months to have presents and x-mas ham again. What could be better time than x-mas, I do not know, but warmth and birds singing all day is a value worth to wait. Well I did another song named just that, yesterday :

893. T-h-i-n-k 22.3.2018

894. I'm Ready'n' Gone 26.3.2018

895. Performer 30.3.2018

896. Money Is Your Currency 31.3.2018

897. Wait 4.4.2018 (<-- the running number "897." is how many songs I've recorded here in Forzza wunderbarland since 2010, when I bought the recording 8-track machine!! )

Flu exclude me to make music for 3 whole days, disaster catastrpphy and hell, to be without guitar and drums so long, I got so used to do music everyday, or at least every other day, heh, for 160 original songs and few covers too!! ( ;) ) last year for 100 years celebration, (as those who read this daily very well know!!) so it stuck, and I'm glad to improvise and make up riffs and drum patterns on spot, just shooting from the hip, if you know what I mean!! ;)

Music my love. My hope and prayer too, and boogie woogie loo! ;)

4.4.2018 Wednesday morning, finished interestin Philip Lynott authorized biography "Cowboy Song" last night, the life and times of Thin Lizzy composer, poet, bassist, vagabond of the western world. Sad but trúe story, where drugs killed a man, way too early. I found Thin Lizzy too late to see him in concert alive, but since then I first heard REALLY Thin Lizzy, I fell iin love their music, and got hold of all the records and books I could find. Solo stuff too, my great idol, Irish hero, the only rason to visit Ireland again, sometime...

 ...meanwhile I try to finish my own road to publishing new stuff without any drugs, alcohol and lies to myself. The easiest person to fool, is always found in the mirrow toward you. Stay true, ask and get help if you need, wish I'd remember this better than Phil did, in those days seeking for help and rehab was seen aweakness, and that can't be happening for rock star, right? Too bad, those hard drugs kill you, most likely, and ruin your family, life, work and art, so if you're dabbling still, get clean, stop acting fool and get responsibility of your OWN life,

or be the junkie and steal your mother's TV set again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then wake up with Jesus and see how all you've had are gone down the drain, and you'll never got 'em back, again, that's what you want: to be miserable, moody, sleepy, out of it, wasting years stabbed in your dirty veins, go for it, but take respeonsilbity of your actions, jail time, hospitalized outta your brain, handicapped, homeless addict with no hope, looking like a good plan for future? Then jump on it, good luck, you'll need it.

 I'm middle of colouring the cover, and kinda horrified shall it be good enuff(?), so Itry my best and if I fail I'll do it again, I still got time to maximize my skills, efforts and abilities to make GREAT cover for Spanish Sauna Trip. Go to facebook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus" if you wanna be "online" with my album developments!!! :)

 Oh well, I made a big promotional order for Pori sarjakuvafestivaalit Nani 20 anniversary exhibition promo postcards, .............and soon regretted it, as i took a quite a loaf of bread, and I ain't got oo much moulah, anyway...

 so I sincerely hope there'll be whole lotta selling and buying going on in Pori library and comix festivals: 20th-21st, April 2018!!!See you all there!!! ;)

Oh it's Muddy's birthday too, so let's celebrate the greatest of 'em all blues men:




Got your mojos working?!? ;)

3.4.2018 Tuesday morning, surviving another flu, but still a bit blue and down, started colouring process finalyy for the cover of Spanish Sauna Trip yesterday, although got no full strength but the mood of the artist, stubborn and never resting kind, I want to do more than I ever manage to, but that keeps me alive and kicking....


... kick out the jams, kick your ass and kick in trhe balls for neonazis, gotta keep on kicking and fighting, til victory, til last breath and days of pensioner, that's something I cant see or visualise: being pensioner and doing nothing, no thank you, I wanna do my art til I can't do it anymore, physically and/or mentally broken is the only stop that'd hold me down and out of art. Comix are my chosen vehicle these days to tell my autobiographical story, right and true, but I have no urge or need to be great historical/science fiction storyteller and imaginative genius/fool drawing indians & cowboys, knights in shiny armours and violence war and action comics, I'll leave that to all petrihiltunens of this world, hahahaa!! :) Well, petri is kinda alright in his own small genre of comics for............

12 year old boys!! ;) ))))))))))     

    <---finalized Best Of 2018 record songlist, 28 hottest bluesrock hits just for you baby!!Available from PeneLopez record company headquarters aorung the globe and directly fron jack King, himself!! ;)


                ......................................................I know he loves me, secretly, muhahahahaaa!! <3 Love you too, haha!! ;)

Oh well, we're both old tattooed beat monsters and warhogs, I'm just few years older, bolder(?), experienced and wilder, kinda fool and have no need to show off my tats in public, like in all weathers and seasons sleeveless shirt, man that's kinda childish jerk off dopey and crazeee, posing and modeling your, not so fit body, buddy! ;) I'm overweighted (too) and know it, so I won't strut my stuff in public and walk around without cover, but hey YOU can do whatever you want to!! That's alright, punk. Okey, love. Gotta go on with putting more colours in this life! :)

2.4.2018 Monday, Easter morning, Jesus has risen I believe that's the way it did go some 1979 years ago, oh no can't remember those days so clearly, but I'll bet it wasn't snowing like it is now and here in Forzza Winterland Wunderbarlande of this world. Waiting for springtime excitements like littl singing birds comeback from Africa and south Europa, to fascinate our nature, again. Hopefully they won't die in plastic wasted waters and end up to be eaten by hungry refugee camp fires, damn ths world is crazy and changing...


...worse is yet to come, unless we decide to do something good for us all.

 Maybe we are the last dinosaurs hanging in this planet of blues, maybe not, nobody knows nothing for sure about the future, but it's not gonna be easy to handle this much masses when they grow up and wants more quality and standards of clean water, good schooling, fancy clotkes and higher education and holidays and better conditions to their children...


 ...we're up to our necks on growing (over)population, soon, if the third world citizen won't change their ideal kid rate to 1 or 2, and make the best for those, not baring kids every year and raising a family of dozen or more. That shall kill us, there's never gonna be enuff food and water for too many people, fighting for piece of bread and clean water, we'll be back in stone age again. Think about that a minute, before you start making babies to this world,

over rated, over populated, overwhelmed newlyweds, multipiling piling the troubles we can't solve today, unless,

yes, rich men make it rearrenged, the equal conditions for all, and that's blamed to be...           communism, my friend. All the poor people in the world, unite! Marching on til victory! Singing with Patti Smith, Tom Waits, Philip Lynott, Bon Scott and other freedom fighters I do believe in. Love is still the only answer, to us all. Love, is still a fourletter word! :////

1.4.2018 Sunday morning, and I just got great big news as my whole comics catalog shall be published in U.S.A at Fall, and I'm having career retrospective exhibition in Helsinki Taidehalli Art Museum same Fall, starting on my first illustrations back in 1973 and Hurriganes caricatures from year 1974, going from Rauno Rotta 1982 to Revolution Blues til 1994, parts published back in 1988 in LänsiVäylä mag in Espoo city.  Professional career starting in August 1993 and first it's fruits published in Laaki magazine, which went bankrupt JUST before they published Rauno Rotta's Hikinen Iltapäivä two page strip, damn. 1995 I was part of Pahkasika staff with Joukossa tyhmyys tiivistyy and Sci-Fi Asko and Ava Ruuskala, then moving to illustrate CD covers for Juliet Jonesin sydän and movie poster too for Solar films. It's been bumpy ride with all of 'em highs and lows, in sickness and health, marreid with illustrations, life of a drawer, illustrator by heart, self taught, selfesteemed, selfconcious, DIY boy and man full of blues, hoochie coochie man.

 Happy what I've accomplished dyng to get more fame and fortune, had my share of groupies and one night stands, in my wild youth, so I can say, won't regret none of my love affairs, domestic or foreign, especailly foreign brown eyed girls. Fell in love so easy and so true, still in love with all of you, my very platonish way but hey it's more than most Finnish scholboy comics artist ever acchieve, hahahaha...

 <----- newest cover art sketch, with Spanish flag image of striped colours use on it!! ;)

  ......................remember what day is today(!!), before you pull a pea in your nostrails for my impossible news and storytelling,

heh!!! ;))))))))))))

 Easter sunday is big news in catholic world, Jesus hanged and getting off the cross, buried and rising the third day, if I do recall it right, my the old sundy schooled christian youngster. Jesus, is interesting character and his story, the history and date we live as the year 2018 after his born, that we do forget, guess the muslim world got different start of timetable and years, dunno. It's not my game. All I know that freedom should be saved especially in religion, life and art, guess I'm more like craftsman in comics than artist, but can't tell you that as longas I'm begging grants from art counsels, hehe.... so I'm motherfucking comix artist par exellence and  per se! Ahterix and vagabundo of the modern world and mundo! ;)

31.3.2018 Saturday morning waking up real slow and late, like my sleeping good and long, these days, as akid I never cared much of a sleep, or needed it. I was up hours earlier than my cousins at countryside, those schooltime holidays: years 1970-1981, do you rememeber those crazy days?

 Hurriganes was the greates band ever, saw 'em first time 1974 in Jeda in free concert and 1975 in Crazy Days premeire cocerti Maxi Market mall at Leppävaara, Espoo, with Ile Kallio on guitar, even catch a sticker with tiger and Crazy days logo on it, had it years unsticked, memory lane best of times of my golden youth *niisk*, well those days we all wanted to be older than we were and most of all experienced like sailor with different girl in every harbour, hah... nowadays I look at my aged men, and they all look so old, balding eagles and gray panthers, but me, I'm still 22 or 33 or  at least 44, looking good, mauahhahhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D Well, I don't really give a flying fuck, how old I look, as I'm not man model like Michael Monroe wanna be!! ;)

 Oh M.M. ain't no straight best example for male model, he's just looking like old worn out transsexual, although he likes to boust being masculine but loves to look like a woman, in heavy black eyeliner and eyeshadows of blue, if that's what HE wants to look, then it's OK with me, everybody should dress up like they want, not like their business code requires and sometimes forces... excluding some professions like construction workers, divers, fire men, nurses, huh, nurses especially should always were white and tight dresses, muhhahahahaa!! :) Just leave me something to live and dream, .............said Patti Smith too!! :)


<-- page number 205, done pencilled yesterday, while the manflu was still coming, now I can "enjoy" it all in the calm and peace of this Easter time holy holidays.

 Friday is it long or short depends on what you mean, when sleeping til noon it's cut half, but time does it fly or crawl backwards, hah. Oh well, all bad jokes TODAY are effected infected by flu virus sickness I caught from Tampere, as it developes in 3 days and I got mine, on wednesday, so you don'r have to be doctor or brain surgeon to see how this works in the world of bacterias!! ;)



 <-- first time in Madrid metro(politan) in Summer of ´'86!

Well, TV time gladiators worst kind is this Jari Sillanpää "case" of methamphetamine busts and media circus, couldn't give a damn about another common junkie, excusing in public, jerking of tears, but no addmitting , he's criminal and addict, ain't seeing no need for help and medical(!!) care or institution to get sober. Fuck that shit, Siltsu, got no mercy for arrogant speedfreak, who don't care if he drives and kills someone with his car, driving stoned oputta his brain, very nice Sitsu, way to go..... jail time, I'll be there to laugh back at you and your laughable career of hit music of yokal Finlandia, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. I could live without this media sensation, and every wimmens idol, really,


....this land is insane, but that's no news, for us who see when looking, think when read, and make our own opinion depending on FACTS and life experiences, not media hype. Go down baby. Read 'em weep, like muthafreaking Siltsu, okey, next gossiping big news for people hungry for circus entertainment actions and cheap daily bread. ://////////////

29.3.2018 Thursday morning waking up with sorer thorat fearing caught a flu from Tampere, as thseason is for megaturbo flues, damn, wishing I can sweat it off in sleep, If getting worse going to lay down on bedsite, all day, well that's really hard for me to do, nothing. Action packed man wanna do all day something meningful and important, wether it's art , music or whatever, whatever is better than nuthing, every time. I'm like most people are, only regretting things I didn't do, while I had the chance and time, for 'em...

 and this one goes especially on those girls from France in Madrid back in 1987, oh but that's coming only in the album after this one I'm now concentrating and publishing. Im' pondering which would be best tite afr´ter Spanish Sauna Trip, as I don't wanna call it just : "part 2." Well I have one killer title, but are YOU ready for such a honesty, I wonder......

 .....til 2021, when it's time for Spanish ****** Blues, well the most cleverest of you might guess it, and that's cool, I don't mind give away clues and tip my hat on you, who understand me and my crazy ways of thinking, inking, sinking in blues. Blues that heals and enpowers me, love to do it, shout it, whisper it in your ear, my dear.


Open mind, warm heart, free spirit and humour unlimited, crazy spurs of ideas and fantastic talents to do, whatever you wanna do, be punk and DIY til you die, man rock it! ;)

<--- Afterburner off Tampere kuplii comics festivals got me playing with photoshop and some of it tools I rarely ever use, but LOVE this inverted stuff, negativity is power tool and effective as hell, when used rarely!! ;)

28.3.2018 Wednesday morning waking up not on phone call, thank you Merja K. for letting us good citizens sleep our needed beautysleep for 9 hours a night. Not. Lack of sleep is and has been always, my main troublemaker, my cause for accidents and ugly behaviour, oh well hoping this early bird on our yard finds this bordhouse fitting for 'em commodition for lasting relationship and homemaking purposes--->


Last year it was too bright colour as sawed wood is in natura, where all is more great, brown and green than yellowish wood colour. And I wanna see them birds fly in and out ands have babies too, that's why I put it there opposite of my studio window in second floor haight.

 Me, myself and I try to get back on Spanish sauna Tripping cover art or else I'll be wasting more time for being angry bird, too.

I found an authentic John Lee Hooker guitar sound on my recording machine, half accidentally as tuning the acoustic guitar and adjusting recording sound effects and echoes, I put the electric guitar overdrive and voilá, Hookersound was born again. Feeling like real swamp boogie man, oh yes, I am!! :))))))

These little things that makes life groove and good, going for 'em, loving life and all it came with, well not the jail and asylums, muhahahhahaa, I can live without 'em thank you very much!! :) ! :)

27.3.2018 Tuesday morning, waking up on phone call from hell, funny how some jerks think it's OK to phone before 9 o'clock in the morning to call, they could as well do in the afternoon, so thank you Merja K. and fuck you. So like this we wake up positively vibrations and hurt in the head for lack of sleep, damnation and infernal headache, muchas gracias por ti, worker ant from lost art of behaving kindly and respecting others different timetables, but hey all gone to hell in this country's official county officers working on endless week from 8 to 4, or whadda hell ewas that 8.30 call all about!?! Fuck it.


 Oh well, am I too strict and direct for the arrogant arseschlosses ? Answering like turd to my own questions: no. I'm honest man, lonely in my breed, in my profession, my life, my rules, my freedom, my choice, my decicions, my my my. Individualism that hurt no one, unless you get on my way, trying to trip my off my feet, that's kinda trip I annoy, despise, avoid as well as I can. I'd rather sauna trip rest of my life!! :)


<-- got this t-shirt from it's illusrator the one and only Juho K jUntunen at Tampere kuplii festival, which I thank very much. We have same love to my home town, Forssa "the premansion of hell", hehehehehehee...


 I'll send another Ahterix Hispaniassa t-shirt back to Tampere soon as I got it from print... must say I'm very happy with Vistaprint's speed and quality versus price value. (Guess what, this is NOT paid commercial advertisement!!) And the possibility to print just few shirts or any items, as the market for these shirts are very limited in my festival desks and net shopping to friends, maybe there's market for bigger scale soon, at the end of Summer and August as the album comes up and available too,

 just for you, that's the main reason to do what I do, for you, wherever you are. Baby.  Times they're a cahnaging, very slowly and the direction is up to you, going straight to hell

or t-shirt heaven!?! ;))))

26.3.2018 Back at home sweet home, after rather good festival, I didn't have any net working vechicle with me as my phone is stupid plain phone, no smart camera or web connecion, so that's why I skipped yesterdays hot news in Tampere kuplii comics festivals were I had my PeneLopez table and sold many more t-shirt than any year before, especially Ahterix in Hispania was loved and bought, than you for everybody involved on Satuirday's and Sunday's comix actions, especially next table neighbour kollegas on my left and right...

 next year have my main product there for sale: Spanish Sauna Trip, hallelujah! ;)

 Oh well, I happy and tired, but the nice way, as it's heavy to be festivalising two whole days and the night between 'em! So now I try to rest.............


as much as I can, enjoying new experiences and friendships, oh Tampere my town, where I was born.

Today just waiting to ice melt and falling icycles dripping wet water to Springing ground, yes, Springtime break and hope is in the air.

Oh had to make third order for Ahterix Hispaiassa t-shirts, selling like hot cakes, ehehhehehee!! :)

Til next time!!  <3

24.3.2018 It's 6 o'clock in the morning and I'll be soon on my way to Tampere kuplii comics festival, so see you there today and tomorrow.



 Welcome all you good people!! Maybe even Stormy Daniels shall be there to read my comics, you never know!! :)   ))))))))))))))))))))))))   Bienvenidos!



23.3.2018 Friday morning, waking up, and already planning the speech for Sunday morning at Tampere kuplii comics festival video stand, hah, wanna be clever, funny, fast and thoroughly myself, well, that should be easy, no worries, heh, just little excitement for it all. Hoping great market place, time and feelings, for all of you who'll come taking part of festivalities and party. See you in Tamperetalo on Saturday at 10-18 clock, and Sunday at 11-16 hours, this weekend starting tomorrow!!


<--- did finally the ultimate 6CD extra bonus material collection of all the 160 songs I write and record for 100 years anniversary of this here great fine land, Finland, last year, but now it's finalized in this musiz extarvaganza bonanza parade, for sale in Tampere comics festival too!!!

 Yesterday trying to fix my financial situation til August and, hoping with my fingers and toes crossed to get it done, right. Can't reveal everything, here, cause facebook's russian spies might be listening and reading all I have to say, muhahahahhaa, go fot it Gorbatshew and Putin youth, hail Putin hail, (<--huoyuyuomour!!not to be taking seriously, no way jose!) Yes, maybe we all should be scared shitless for russian spies and tea parties indeed! Never drink tea anymore abroad, or domestic: life's like old blues song, where woman put rat poison in your food and iodine in your coffee, but hey, that was way back then in 1940's of 50's.....

  ..........we suppose to developed from there a lot, didn't we? We are the masters of universum, miss Universum title for us all, and superpowers too!! ;)))))))))

22.3.2018 Thursday morning, got mixed with dates yesterday and went for appointment day too early, so it did mess my timetable and schedule, way too easy it was mixed up, but that's the way I am and tic. Days fly in a row, hatd to pinpoint which day I did what, if I haven't wrote it down, and am too alzy to write diary anymore, or too well to feel need and urge to spill my beand over papers, hah, maybe I put 'em all in song lyrics, so if you really want to know HOW I feel, listen closely to my songs, been busy with 'em this year too, think I got stuck on the mood to do songs all the time, and filling CDees with 'e, so here' the latest:

932. Harder Than It Looks 6.3.2018

933. Didn't I 8.3.2018

934. Variety Of Needs 10.3.2018

935. Left Over 10.3.2018

936. Ego Tripping 11.3.2018

937. Blues, You're My Best Friend 14.3.2018

938. Jazz Souveniere 15.3.2018

939. (Local Yokal) In A Rock'n'Roll Dreamland 16.3.2018

940. Killer On The Loose 17.3.2018

941. Jazz Paradise 19.3.2018

942. Put A Price Tag On 20.3.2018

And ain't no end visible for this oad of soldiering on with blues, jazz and rock, it is important to GIVE all I got, on songs. I've been trying to improve my drumming since my 50th birthday party band live drumming, I realize I NEED to be better, so I practice trice aweek hour or two, plating with CDees, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy , Van Halen, Ramones, Deep Purple, Johnny Winter, weezer, Dr. Feelgood, AC/DC and whatever I'm covering like Tom Waits, bt I prefer the fast tunes, cause it's aphysical exercise too, keeping fit with drumming, hjat suits me, no running or swimming with bad knees and worn out joints. Just rock'n'roll music to keep me alive!! <3


 Alright, soon going to doctor's appointment to clear my future scheems and things to do survive, this land of ice and freeze, well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, hah, well, I'll be back like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator sequals! ;)

21.3.2018 Wednesday morning, opening up tired eyes, feeling like getting older and more tired every night, hah, guess I am reaching the middle age and crises it offers too, except *knock on wood* I haven't had any kinda bolding or losing the hairline yet, and I'm most glad and happy on it, although my hair has been thin all mylife, it still is there. And those kinda accidental states of mind losing my head, when I've cut my hair short haven't happened for eerrrr...






<-- this weeks record news cover art, newest best of compilation of the great Jack King's this years 40 songs are inspected to one disc and into 25 effective finesses tunes !! ;)





 ....wait a minute, I'll scratch my head and wonder, yes must been 14 years ago, or before that back in 1997, and that's a mighty long time, 21 years. Long hair got strength for me and I hate me short haired scholl boy look, cause I'm a hard rockin' man, haha! ;) Oh, the deepness of my morning thoughts, maybe I should write abook of these morning revelations and ideological ideas, muhahahhahaa, ansd sell it to stupid folk like any five penny jari sarasvuo-hero of his inner world, we a heroes every one of us, if you really look...

 and that's a lie, we're not heroes, were zeroes, with cameras stuck on our mobile phones and selfie sticks uo your assets and asses too. Life developes fast and the theqnigal world of robots allows us to adventure in virtual bullshit, but only you rich and selfish do it, can't see nothing really good on it. Surfing your life away, in the waves of net or ocean, same shit different day. Oh I can hear(!) the nerds of warcraft annoyed on theis pepsi max gallons and pizzamouthfuls. Fossil and primitive illustrator who values love, emotions and peace above all, so call me what you want, but call me, number 29787651947267791 7 euros/ minute + taxes,

    ....hahahahaa!!  Just kidding ain't no phone whore, ain't no fashion slut, ain't worried bout my public image too much if any, or the clothes I wear to be hip, fuck hipsters all around the world, you're just proud and arrogant little boys (and girls) growing up, I understand, cause I once was a schoolboy too!!(Listen Muddy Waters or Johnny Winters' Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, and understand, blues was here before, you and it shall be after you. And I'm a blues man, that's something I do understand and know. I know how to sing the blues, for you. I'll always have time for another bluesy guitar and song, written about you and me. )

Only love can break your heart, and only blues help me to survive, and little money on the bank account of mine thanks, hehe!! :)

20.3.2018 Tuesday morning, just trying to find and decide waht to do next, and thinking it might be good time to finally draw those extra pages needed, for final version of Spanish sauna trip, yeah those final last pages, although them are going to be slided in early part of the book in Marbellian night and some Madrid city night life too. Spanish blood in my veins, three drops needled in a tattoos, but that's too early to reveal and tell, it like it is.








My tattoos are still too much my own business, I never (!?!) wear sleeveless shirts, and hardly ever pose in swimsuit in beach or such, although it's been interesting ride to see how tattoos came fron sailors and criminals skin decoration to everyday and everybody's skins, regular joes and especially cooks and rappers and some professions became common. Tattoo artists open the shop in every bigger or smaller town. Can't tell anymore whose criminal or not by looking at the arms full of art, well, is that good or bad, you must decide yourself. My generation still remember the rebellion of tattoos, and especially the generations older than me, hah, yes if they're still alive and kicking...

the bucket any day soon, death and the scare of it is pretty good inspiration to DO, as much and fast as you/I can, more and all before the graveyard shift and place six feet under. Where yo have all the time to wonder and wait for ever.

 Funny how I prefer life alive more than dead, really funny, eh? Life is funny in oh so many ways, if you only want to look at it, take another flashy peek, and see the lies on movie moguls eyes, and sexual harrasmental cases, so near it might be hard for you to see, but try little harder, baby.

 STOIP THE PRESS: Oh I just got the second purchase of Ahterix in Hispania t-shirts and 'em are pure cotton killers, on sale in Tampere next weekend, for the very first time ever!! Be there or square.

19.3.2018 Monday mon dieu, maanantai, mondag, lunes, moon day, luna spanish for moon, yes deep and purple investigations in tongue and literature, and speech professor I am, not. But that don't stop me from writing and studying the language of english, and singing in american blues snarl, I was pretty fine surprised in Spain 2011 when local english born resident thought my speak was american, hah, maybe I've been listening enuff stuff of movies and bands and reading lyrics etc. or maybe I am just natural born american blues artist, damn right I am southern drawl boogie woogie hoochie coochie man, boy it's along way from Tipparery!! ;)Well, snow falls although it should be flower blooming time soon, long winter an short summer, sounds like normal Finnish weather, hah. And it's always long long way to heat wave, sometimes it misses whole year and summer like last year 2017, no fucking heat wave at all, make a jack sad boy and wanting to move down to Spanish Costa del Sol, sweet Marbella not Torremolinos or Fuengirola, now way madam, heh!!!  Fast and permanently, baby, but until then I just whine here everyday this here lousy weather conditions, muhhahhahhaaahhaahaaa!!!!!!!! :)

18.3.2018 Sunday morning, waking up and vclearing up the difference between few facts and gossips: prostitution is the action where YOU pay for sexual services, stripper getting paid for NOT telling the sexual action bwteen her and presidental is not, prostitution. I know plenty of fool men who call everybody wearing nothing and dancing naked or spreading her thighs in adult entertainment magazine  a"whore", but I do understand they just don't know, what's what and especially what's not. But men are fools that's no news to nobody, except few men 'emselves, hahhah.

 I'm trying to figure out what shall I do next, with my album, well weekends I rest my case of 200 papers of A3 size til tomorrow and weekday, when I work on it effortlessly, til the victory. Scared shitless like an idiot to draw some extra pages, although I should now better now that I've drawn almost half a century(!!), well few short years more and it's really true, now just 45 years in this business of illustrating and making pictures on commisions and just for my own pleasure. True artist to my values and ideas, only do what you love and enjoy, fuck all reasons and reasonable reasons to make money, flush it down the toilet, all stupid pretending and trying to kiss the audience ass, yes.  Kick some ass not lick it. Advice to you young and resteless unaware of ways that life unfolds and comes alive truely ignorant ones, hah.

Do what you wanna do, best of advices ever, and forever true, hurt no one except the disgusting, superficial and snob assholes, it's okey to make 'em pay for their arrogance, not naming any one...................... today, hah,

just wait til tomorrow, muhhahhahahahahahahaaaaa!! :D

17.3.2018 Saturday morning, oh just remembered that I have this here spare part, from year 2014, as you can see of the date and signature, even the days of August has been numbered(!!), unfinished watercolour art work: Angelandevil illustration serie sketch, unpublished featuring Stormy Daniels and Tommy Gunn, and flock of cupidos:


 Just for your eyes! WEll Stormy was great example of living doll Nani Cowgirl-look, in flesh. My deepest symphaties for her fighting the Trump lawyer army and the public opinion, and hey let's keep it in mind, she's no whore, she's erotic entertainer, and human being. Stronger and prouder than many of us, and surely lovelier and more honest than any presidental motherfucker. It takes big balls to take off yor clothes in front of crowd and be beautiful enuff to excite your audience, if you don't believe me, just try it, I'll join to watch you wiggle naked and dance around the pole, anytime!! ;)

 I love and respect those erotic entertainers, and have dated one sweetest of all erotic dancers way back in 1998, oh yes 20 years ago, while these days modern lovers weren't even born to judge us, hahah. Have mercy and hard look at yourselves in mirrow, before throwing the first stone, right? Tell me whose sinless, sinner or saint, angel or devil, that is the question. Does money make you righteous and good? Does your profession in diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty saloons and strip joints make you bad?

 Answers as usual written into Donald Duck's office, Ducksbury 313, White Haus USA. Have agreat weekened!! No matter what! ;)

16.3.2018 Friday morning, cold and freezing outside, damn, where's that springtime as promised, huh! Well, promised land and promised  freedom and kids and human rights, right? Day is getting longer by 40 m inutes in week, speed and warmth we need with speed, thank you. I'm strating to draw extra pages neded, and it looks like there's like 3 or 4 more full pages to draw, so thatä's good news for timetable, I can sqeeze those in Aril easily( hah!) and ink too before June.

And I know what I'm gonna do next Summer, tooo!! Text all these 100 ansd some pages anf the covers and print in later on July, or early August, we shall see, and me I'm going there to see the print machine action in person. It's fun to travel to Tallinn and watch carefully the developement's last steps within  my very own eyes. Trust no one can do and see what you can do and see, hah. Just plain common sense and wisest thing you can do is to control all you can making abook of yours to come true and available in best conditions and result for READER! Never trust no crosseyed cat publisher or agent, they gladly take your money and profits cause it fits into their agenda and mission, taking advantage and prosentage, without any moral problems: welcome to capitalis world order, hail money hail!

Am I howling too much for capitalists, damn sure am, and it only serves 'em right! Communism here I come!! <3

15.3.2018 Thursday morning, get up and go, hah, yes madam that's all Iw anna do, just geddappa and go!Managing my own future decicions and planning ahead is sometimes difficult, sometimes not, when things just seems to fall in their places, I might feel happy one of these days,...one of these years, hah. Oh well, today I feel almost satisfied with the happenings I can take care, part or work on. 'til better and prettier times! ;) Waiting for the summer heat and fooling by the pool, sweating like a pig in gas grill, oh well, waiting for improvement, ain't that human? Ain't all human that's not animal, or vegetarian, yes sir, we can boogie. Listening my latest recordings and I must admit I'm a blues man, first and foremost, I LOVE blues music, with new twist, my Jack King of Alcatraz Gilipollas one man band makes serious murdering the blues!! ;)

14.3.2018 Wednesday morning waking up, am I repeting repeating myself myself?!? Hah, well, hell yes, I am, as  I'm waking up every morning, dranking my muddy java, eating my oat meal porridge and watching news in facebook and YLE news net and slowly catching a hold of world happenings and circumstances where we live, this lil planet shrank when the net was popularized, causing revolutions in far and near east, refugees armies left the wars and stayed in safe european homes. Fighting never stop for good, evil lurks in your mind with politics and religions, in the name of the gods killing is OKed, and that can't be right. Who the fuck have right to kill? Yes answering my own questions like any jerk offering naive prohpethal weeping willow wisdom, I can say: no one, nobody and no man never.


Yes, I was 16 year old back in 1980-81 when I decide, I won't learn to kill and refuse to go to army, military service was not for my mission and conviction, for life, not death. I'd serve this right to be, stay and love life, still. Go kill yourselves if you want, don't drag us with you in actually pretty meaningless, wars.  Super rich wealth and mental health don't go hand in hand, capitalists always have their way to enslave  and keep you quiet you, poor man got nothing to fight for, the country, yes I think it could be worth fighting for IF I had any, possesions have I none, no land, no car, no summer cottage, no apartamentos in costa del sol, so ask me to fight for my "country", hah, ask again...

 ..........in reality I have been discharged off all military service, cause I'm mad mad man, hahahaha! Surprised? ...hehe, you're welcome. And as late but the alive Lemmy said: "Not everything I say is true... " muhahahaha!! :D

13.3.2018 Tuesday morning, trying to cope with this feeling that the album is finished, but there's still so much to do, well some pages still need the last miracle magic touch, hah, yes work never stops, in this business of pictures and my mind is starting to escape to next project already, although I got my handsful on this Sauna Trip still and til August I should find inspiration and devotion to do my best book, ever, yeah, perseverance and devotion, might be the best words to describe the recuired feelings, to last long and be satisfied while do in it.


 Well, good to be alive, no matter what cruelty world has for you, gotta believe there's  a reason for living, giving all you can, maybe there's no good reason but reason still, to carry on til the end, bittersweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, and other silly hillbilly tunes for birds, cats and dogs, wooooooooowwauuuuuuuuuuh! Wooh wooh wooh!! ;)

Above all this year's finished pages, all 56 of 'em. For your eyes only!! :)

A long long long way from home, story of love in Spain in Summer of '86!! ;)

12.3.2018 Monday morning, dizzy head needs more coffee, my body needs more exercise and my bank account needs more moulah, hah! But still it's a wonderful morning to wake up pretty alright, not too much pain, or insecurities either, just this workload of years to finalize within next 6 months to be the most important book of my career, no pressure hey, no just a mountain to move over to come to me, cause this mouhammed can't move an inch, mountains I eat for breakfast, hah...


oh well just 12 days til Tampere kuplii comics festival, and wise of me, did print and manufactured extra versions of Jack King CDees: Best of 2015, 2016, 2017 and those two Tom Waits cover albums, and of course the audiobook of Golden Youth, the very best of Finnish audiocomicsbook in Finnish, ever...

 ...being the only one is such amarketing face value and advance in struggle between publishers, hah. Well, not getting too deeply involved in MY businesses as CEO of PeneLopez, I can tell there's not much competition in the fields of good and valuable comics for adults, as so many lame ass publisher of publishist just publish kids stuff, and I ain't got no beef there, no urge to waste my time on kids stuff, ain't pheodophine at all, and ain't got no will to fill my days on fairy tales. 54 year old heterosexual is hard to be not labeled and shoved in tiny box and margine, although we are very strong of this population,as the number of new born children is lowest since 1800's, yes we are the dying breed in tyhe land of metrosexuals, bisexuals, nonsexuals, threesomes somes, tweeted off the branch, cattled in out ranch, categoralized in smallest square millimeters, what are we gonna do?!?

 <-- the inner toreador/bullfighter in all of us... wild ones, yeah!!!:)

And close shave, and even closer save! ;)

 Revolution of course and take over the stupid, ugly and evil in political parties, they got nothing to party for. Killing the farest far out right wing nazis in their own eapons and making they pay for it, hey wait a minute, does the change and possibility of crime make a thief? And Killer? And schauvinist, feminist and opportunist and nazi, and you must decide before it's too late, I'm just old fart punk, too tired to fight YOUR fighter, every generation must fight his own fights. Wether you're punk, skunk, trump or what ever jerk off! Well, who'd wanna be jerk off? Except the ones who wanna work for jerk offs in Helsingin Sanomat and other lasrge corrupted and politically apyolaed international monster companies who care nuthing but cash flow, so ask yourself, what are you ready fighting for? Anything? Anyone? Anymore....?

 Just asking.

11.3.2018 Sunday morning, woke up too early, don't wanna catch any worms, don't wanna be good boy scout, wanna sleep more, hehe, well gotta hit the sack back, and rest my case.Later more on how I made two original songs yesterday and watched Tv with wife after sauna, yes, that exciting stuff and fantastic new ways to spend the evenings of Saturdays, hehe.Thinking about starting a diet again, make this mr. Finland great again, and skip tghe candies and sweets, and chips and all that taste great, but are just bad for your health, believing doctors and physical proffesionals, well, I sometimes wanna eat burgers and sweets, but I wanna be 10-20 kilos less fat, and that is why I start that diet, and to FINALLY fit into those clothes I've bought when I was slimmer man, damn good reason not to buy new bigger clothes, just squeeze into thinner cut jeans when lost the overweighted kilos, ............yes I can do it, if I want it enuff. So next time you meet me I'll be that slim jim phantom, skinny minnie and thin lizzy too, hah! ;)      Hasta flaco jimenez tambien!! ;))))))))


 <--- yesterday's inking thing getting right on!!! Spanish Sauna Trip's nightmare illustration, and you can guess what's it all about, but don't take too much prejudgement illusions, before your read all about it...

in August 2018!!

Saturday morning, melting snow melts my heart too, yes, sliding warmly into spring, one of  my favourite things, things change like music industry knows too: 30 years ago gigging wasn't profeting business the record sell was, and now it's upside down, bands gigging for wages and record sale is down the drain, too bad but luckily here in Forzza Finlandialand we have a nice Prisma supermarket record shelfs still, and just yesterday found new classic CDees addition, of Nazareth, preventing rock'n'roll to die, ever.

Well, I took a change yesterday myself with one nightmare illustration I was planning to leave in pencilworks state, BUT brushed some ink on it at it looks........GREAT! Phew, sometimes I can win too, boogiewoo!! ;)

So now it's sauna evening and resting in peace overall, saturday night fever in TV, not the movie but comedy show a nd another unseen movie, thrills for these little chills for weekend fun. Right, have mercy dees benz and win of the lottery, soon thank you!! ;))))

9.3.2018 Friday morning, snow slowly pouring downwards, this winter has it's last steops and breaths of cool breeze, I'm all for Springtime, as every year this time, would I move to Spain to avoid these snowy white seasons, if I had the chance to do it?

 Answer ain't too easy, maybe I would if I had nice flat there, and enuff nice neighbours or friends around, well, haven't really thought about it as it seems fo distant future for pensionary days winterly off season in southern Spain or the Islands of Canary, maybe baby...

 well until then just finishing touches to album of the year... o r two!! ;)

 Well I must tell HOW reliefed I felt yesterday as I did get my last (pencilled) page inked good enuff for print machine, and especially as I'm still ahead of my schedule, some months or so, so I CAN draw few extra paginas mas por ese historia de Sauna Trip Español!! Que alegria, que suerte y que tiempos buenos, jejeje! Alright towards the weekend, and oh I got extra excited to do a cover song I've loved since 1986, Thin Lizzy's didn't I, from Chinatown LP, one of the deepest cut song about love affair and cheating hearts, I had my share in my Youth oh so Golden, heh! Bet you have your story about foreign affairs, or domestic troubles too?!?

 See you in Tampere Kuplii talking about it, yes?!?  Awwwright. Hasta luego y pronto, mis amigos locos en toda la tierra.

8.3.2018 Thursday morning, finalizing the very last page of th book, and getting reliefed totally, and getting ready to draw finally more extra pages with more actionpacked babes in Spanish sun, oh those days of young man, hah, funny how I am still the same man, just wrinkles in mirrors tells otherwise, haha, but the 22 year old inner me still lives in those illustrations and happenings, tattooed in my heart and some in my skin too, yeah do you remember when tattoos weren't in fashion and very few of us had any? Do you remember 1986?!?

Yes, life is funny, has crazy turns, unexpected wilderness and strange curves along the way, back and forth, towards and beyond, jopurney man, it's the journey what's all worth.




Towards the final cut and throat, final destination, peace on earth and six feet under, thunder and lightning, life it's so exciting, new day, new jokes, new birds, new jerks, oh well, new's better than old dinbosaurs... or something, you decide yours, path of liocking ass, kissing butts of success and wealth or pure fun and love what you do, errr...








okey haven't get my head back on shoulders yet, just babbling in sleep still! ;)

Wait, I'll drink another two cups of cafe con leche, and I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :)

7.3.2018 Wednesday morning, waking up in hopefully, last of the cold below zero attack of the nature, before springtime shall wash away all snow and ice. Ready for warm kind season and birds coming back, miss that already. Only two archs of paper to ink and the album's done... well, I've planned some extra needed pages to draw and ink til I get to texting all 100 and something pages, not sure how many there is, but the running number is more than 200 pencilled A3 size pages, and doing the horizontal mambo and putting two inked pages in one, makes it around 100 printed pages. Hard stuff, revelations and reality's weird surprises, trying to avoid to revealing too mch before yopu can read it, it's hard as I'm prettyexcited on it myself....


well, the longer you ink the more you want to start it ALL allover again and do t better, hah, knowing that mostof ther eaders don't see any difference on it, have I spent a day or week on one page, well it's closer to week than day, I tell you, the realism of comic artist is cruel, hard labour, not much glory or luxury, glamour is somewhere else, maybe in strip tease show dancers dress or in the face of glam rocker, show must go on.

 Carry on til I'm 65 and ready for pensioner's time out, fuck offed from comics and just daw what I want without any story line to follow, yes, I do wait for that kinda time, spending on more time on music making and well, I love what I do now, too, but I could lose the timetable and "deadlines" I've made for myself, well I'm in great position in there too, as I am my own boss, and ALL the timetables are easily moved, changed and rearrenged, IF I please.

Hah, say cheese you lil' mouse! Do whatever you please too, boogie woogie is good for you two, three four some action, packed in convient size and roll, over Beethoven and Tsaikovski has the news, rhythm and blues saves the day, and nightime is the right time, for whatever you do, doobie doobie doo, Sinatra says it's alright, scat away the night! ;)

6.3.2018 Tuesday morning,and only 5 more half pages to ink til all already pencilled pages are done, guess I'll get'em done this week and next week I shall draw some extra pages, it's a huge amount of happenings that can happen a 22 yer old boy in one Summer and two continent, hah, yees, sir I can boogie and surely did some of that too!! Well, and I think(?) it's about last moment to tell and write these stories as it's been 30 odd yeras or more since that dramatic Summer in Spain.

I dunno what goes on lives of youth this moment, as the world travelling is so easy and cheap and common, it's no big deal to travel to America, adventures are available to us all, and kids travel to excotic places and lands all teh time, so I must relay on the quality of adventures and art work. Doing my best every time and every picture must be good enuff to hang on my own wall, that's the spirit and sstandard, good enuff for ANY art, no matter what another little  great philospher katja tukianens says about "meaning of art" and life, she knows diddly squat on life on the streets os Spain, guess she's too busy flying her magic yoga carpet back and forth to India, like any other luxurian western white twat, not seeing the misery and suffer on the streets in India, just smiling faces everywhere, fooled by millions in poverty, that's something I can't stand: ignorance of the facts and hardships of lives of poor.

 Oh yes I'm a freedom fighter and first inline for equality and womens rights. Fuck discrimalising truck driver lesbian feminism, if it's just hatred to men, it's way too easy to hate what you don't understand, like or accept. Change things, not just whine in wine bar of Punavuori, all you hipsters take a hard look at yourself, and after that accuse me being waht I am, straight shooter, realistic free man, and in the artist life on the reality, I've seen and felt, not what your books and magazines told you, and your stuffed university professors climbing up the leg, yeah bigotry and arrogance, your famous middle names, huh, too much information in oen takefor you?  Make a difference and change the world, I'm ready and waiting for you to wake up and see the truth about poverty and the divide of rich and people like me. But hey, I don't give a fuck about money, I like and spend it as any man can, butI'm not bending over the wealth or fame. It's my way or no way, but result is teh best: doing ONLY what I want, when I want and to whom I want. Easy mathematics, geometry, and public relationships. Love, all you need to do, as I've written and recorded in my song this year earlier, here's the list of newest hits of mine:

915. Go Mental 11.2.2018

916. Lived My Life 12.2.2018

917. Fixin' Things 15.2.2018

918. Vida, No Sasson 17.2.2018

919. Scales Of Life 18.2.2018

920. Señor Speedy Gonzales 21.2.2018

921. Almighty 22.22018

922. Save Me 23.2.2018

923. Just Use Your Imagination 24.2.2018

924. Gimme All Your Money 25.2.2018

925. Black Magic Blues 26.2.2018

926. Jatzy Matzy 27.2.2018

927. Live Thru Pain 28.2.2018

928. Trade Away 1.3.2018

929. Long Gone 1.3.2018

930. Freedom Song 3.3.2018

931. Jazzmanian Devil 4.3.2018

Enjoy CDees full of love of my life, music of Jack King, in Tampere Kuplii and PeneLopez table stand just for you, baby.

5.3.2018 Monday morning, waking up slowlyyyy... yhyyy, eiku boohoo, hah, no I'm not sad or crybaby, today, I might cry over TV drama, asong that cuts my heart ache, mystery how stories and fairy tales can make you cry, the human ability to feel, like another one do, too. The gift of compassion, empathy and other fancy words I can't even write, in english, least in finnish, haha. Oh well, I'm Muddy Waters' spiritual and mental offspring, where the schooling wasn't that important to me, at times I just wanted to be loved, not educated and read like a book.






 Oh well, such a fine ideas I have most everyday, muhahahaa, maybe I should run for next prime minister, as we can see that position doesn't recuire any skills, talent or experience. Or I might just stay the same: bullshit artist per se, and pornographic comixxx artist by heart, gynegologist too, so please take off your pants and all, doctor examination starts here and now!! ;) ))))))))))

Towards comics festivals I have to ink the Ahterix page once again, on original water vcoloured page, just to get it done properly and not spending all day at here computer and photoshopping like madman, hah.












<-- so here's alternative black and white version for your eyes and pleasure only!! ;)

4.3.2018 Sunday morning, turning into afternoon, slept long and good is always sweetest music to me, relaxing like a bear, wish Icould slepp all winterlong, hah, and same time somebody else would ink my album, hmmm.... maybe I should start a comics industry international,a nd record label too : PeneLopez Records Company aka P.R.C...........

....aka People's Rebuplic of China, same name game yeah!! ;))

Well, after some frustrating hours trying to fix, mix and adjust inked page on to colured page, I let it be, sleep and  found a solution...

 I'll fucking ink that coloured page, taking two hours more to do it, BUT no more troubles in freaking adjustment asswork on computer, and wasting time on sitting and going crazy, heh!! :)

But today is Sunday and resting day, so til tomorrow, hasta luego y tranquilo con estes trabajos!! ;)

3.3.2018 Saturday morning getting the colours done on becoming extra page humor, and PeneLopez t-shirt  industry, hah, yes just for you consumer of billions original Ahterix in Hispania and Nueva York, available as postcard too, soon!! ;)

 Not too soon goes days but unstoppably til Tampere kuplii and Pori comics festibvalities, and I'm feelinf fine to participate 'em both.

 <-- uncharacterally I did paint water colours inot to different paper than the inking, because Ive already inked that paper and didn't want to risk it and possible ink leak to water colours with, so I played safe and did this extra page with window to duplicate the lines and then tried to imitate the real Asterix in Hispania cover art, except the seas, which are done by machine or air brush, anybody remember that crazy fashion back in 80's, huh!! ;))

 So it's Saturday and sauna as usual, taking it easy beasy, sit back, kick back, kick ass, fuck out, knock out, drop out, whatever whichever, it takes to relax and gets you thru the day. Trying to hang on in life, alivenot drugged, not dragged, not ragged glory, just fine days in sunshine, although it's colder than welldiggers ass. Winter freeze you can go away now for ayear, thank you, heh...

 ...towards Springly wonders of nature, I hink I'm ready for next Summertime, next warm season, sunshine and rain the usual way, well, not the usual Finnish way still, just give us our yearly Summer, hot and long Summer nights, thank you, whoever decide the which and wether the weather is cool, hot or moist, wet, rain, clear, foggy, doggy, cats and dogs, european weather gone south are the snow storms and all, we're living the insane days and weathers.

But to whom I can complain to it?!?

Anyone listening out and up there?!? Haloo? :)

2.3.2018 Seeing double and cowgirls in horizon, then you know you're in need of a weekend...!!! ;)

Friday and waking up bit too early, bought anew bass drum skin, these days this is almost too easy to buy music equipments and all round the world, thanks to Thomann and other music instrument dealers, you can get whatever in no time and very small fees for delivery, well postt in Finland ainät too cheap, but if the buyer pays it, sometimes you earn money, sometimes you just lose, yeah, the finacial times and world of business, what a crazy english word: busy ness, hah! :D

Explanations spoils the joke, so try to get it without my awkward babble and scribble, hah. Oh well have a good Friday and suberb weekend, baby, wherever you are!

1.3.2018 it's Spring! Do I need to say more...?


well, I got invitation to interesting work opportunity gig, fingers crossed it shall be true and I can live like I want and do...

...so we'll live exciting times as well, as Springtime shall wipe away the Wimnter's cold and snow and bring the flowers and plants and bees and warm back to this planet of blues.


<-- oh I got blood running in the corner of my eye by closing the door for fusebox, which hit the door of bike repair closet, where on top of it was loose cat tree parts, which were big hunks of roped "treelike"tube AND metal screw on top of it, THAT hit me in the face as falling down from this shakey closet, and blood was running like no end. Well I help from wife to clean it and band aided, so now look like a boxer, who won the match, hehe, yes, the scars are only making this face more street credibility and more pretty!!! ;) )))


Meanwhile back in the jungle, I got some interesting pages to ink til them look like diamonds in dust, gotta have that wow effect- to watchers of my comics. Don't wanna be just another pspare part number in a list of lousy drawers, whose only gain is that they got too much to say and no way how to draw it properly... well, leran to draw baby, it's never too late to find those skills that thrills, just lose that big art buffoon outta your big worlds worry head. Time to take a change and time to stand up for fine art, fine talented stuff, and make the difference between individuality and artisty, both important, but in the big scale of art, what's important: a message, politically correct, anti-pornography, plot, telling a fairytail story or what?

 Decision made by your heart. Can' make shit into cake, no matter how much you fake. Put a little dressing on, baby, on your dog shit art, and we the people will eat it up, every time, right???

 Hah, okey, who am I to say which is which, just artist that's been on this profession since 1973, and taht's 45 years more than you!! :) Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Wednesday morning, life s good, for awhile I feel like I might get along with it, without constantly paina and misery, well I bet as soona s I've written this the next catastrophyfinds it's way to ruin my glorious life. Here in Forzza Funlandia winter is heavy and cold, and I've spent my first 9 of 'em working on comics. Nine years and published 3 or 4 books, one double album of nani Coiwgirls adventures came as one 120 paged extra bonus pack, back in 2013. Oh, and Japanese Nani came also, but that was published in Japan 2014. And most of all this here next is my dearest two year project fulfilled happily ever after.

 And soon as I can I'll jump into next and the last album of my fourpiece trilogy of Kultainen Nuoruus/ Golden Age of Youth!!

 <--Our two little pets 7 years ago in our living room.

 Fighting like cats and dogs, we human are the worst, and the best of evolving developing and resolving bigger problems like pollution, starvation and abusement, harrashment and all the shit the modern men has invented to make this life hard and painful. Oh well, my faith to humanity and evoltution in theory is fine, but erality bites you by the ass, faster than you realize, life gliding by, sliding back and forth, but I still think it's worth all the troubles and problems. Love gets me thru the day and especially the night.

 Time, don't know whose side you are on?

27.2.2018 Tuesday morning, got some nice surprise moments on bak automat yesterday as I was collecting cash for food and the number on my account was way too much as suppose, hah, so I nearly had aheart attack, and spent some euros more on food, coffee grounds and candy than usual, and hurried back home, and to check the bank saldos and found out it was agranted money from Education- and Culture ministry, surprising me, so thank you very much, little money help me survive and get my book done in time! I was really baffled and lightning struck, as I didn't expect it at all...


  So now I'll be inking like king til my crown jewelry is ready and all the 100+ pages are done and ready for readers in Spain and this here lil Funlandia. Happy, relieved and satisfied to work on, harder and making all I have to make  Comics  for adults great again, hehe!! :) Got emotional too, as times have been hard, money is tight, air is freezing cold -21 or so...


 ...keep on rocking, knocking the heaven's doors, avoiding killing floors, useless religion wars, lost in all deeprtment stores, rolling moth balls, like I'm suppose to be and do,

 a day at the time or two in best cases!! Live another perfect day and night. Deebadaaba dee!! ;)))))))))))))


26.2.2018 Monday morning, Olympics were not so very interesting although Germany made Ice hockey history, almost taking gold from Russia, great suspension and ending of lame games, Krista Pärmäkoski took 3 medals, and should be the next athlete of the year, but I haven't got the nerves of a cow to watch 'em skii competitions, as Finns usually don't succeed, and watching games we never win si bad for my health and waste of time, hah.

So back in business of inking the last 20 paper sheets size of A3, 10 pages in printed version, hopefully shall finish 'em soon and get to drawing some extra pages I've noticed the plot missing, not sure if the plot needs more kissing and hug... fucking, but it might be the result after all, lotta love and sex, 22 year old sex machine, dancing on James Brown's tune of same name in crazy drunk bars of Andalucia!!! ;)

Alright, have a good time and great week for work, play, wordplay, playwright, play offs, working titles, work work work, taht's the resolution for wasting your time...! :)

25.2.2018 Sunday morning waking up slowly, oh well ice hockey went too early for my eyes this morning, and news site revealed the winner, but congrats to Germany, job well done!!! Well some idot Finn got gold of 50 km skii, congrats to him too, so the medal weight wasn't  only on female shoulders, yippeeeiiay! ;)))

  I have  one commission to do today and urge to do more music, got inspired on Wizard of Oz, too, which I watched wholesome first time ever yesterday!! So one hole in my civilaization list done, great movie! No matter how gay icon that movie is, couldn't care less bout that side of the story, great movie era history and quite impressive tricks and effects even the costumes were top notch!! ;)

So I'll try my best to have some resting pencilling and make some big bucks, muhahahaa, if it come my way, I have nothing against superstardom and paychecks of 7 zeros, hah.

Okey I just listen Johnny Winter's Captured Live, live gig LP, yes I have my still working LP-player and amplifiers all set up, so "Rock'n'roll people, born to be blue...." ! ;) One of the rare J.Winter albums that I don't have in CD, yet, but that day'll come, sooner or later.

24.2.2018 Saturday morning, trying to be lazy, and not to do much, hah, I know I'll fail on that miserably, but that's alright, failing to be stone dead all year...

 Bronze medal game on Olympic ice hockey later on the screen, sauna as usual Saturday got the traditions, and expectations, Sabato sabbath, hah, if I only would be jew, knowing what to do, jerusalem boogie loo, too. Might make another song as I'm still dissapointed 'cause I erase the backing tracks yesterday while I was planning to add few acoustic guitar track on the cherry top of that song, frustrated me made another new song "Save Me". It went down OK, but still feel sad for the messing recording session and finalizing that earlier song, damn. I have now back catalog of 622 songs, so I can lose some, I know there's some winners already put down on tape/discs to be saved for the future. Hopefully I shall find TIME to concentrate on just music some day, any year soon, hah, but my main aim is still this comics book project til 2021. And then I'll be free and millionaire comics artist per se!! ;)

23.2.2018 Friday morning cold weather front came from Siberia, thanks a lot, heating price gone off the roof, some jerks are happy that they can skii downhill in theor expensive sport suits and legwarmers in -20 below zero and drank hot red wine in their winter cottage in Lappland, seems like yuppies never died, the just became the norm that TV and rest  the media (strung out on advertising money incomes!) pushes us.  Do I have to dig my old thoughts of Finnish people being 90 % the cattle with no mind on themselves, just going where the flow tooks, where is the less danger to be different, make a difference, do and be individual, yes think I'm joining the Communist party, again!!!




Finnish Ice hockey team lost for Canada, and only medals brought the ladies skiiers and ice hockey team, hurray for 'em, and shame on men, oh well, when the material is not top notch, that's excatly what you/we get.

Mediocry level games and lady luck wasn't on our side, the only thing that console IS that Sweden lost to, muhahhahahahahhaaaahhahaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D Better luck next year, wishing the NHL would understand and give permission of the world's best players to be part of Olympics, the only sport where there ain't the utterly most best and talented participating, shame on you  American millionaires...! :/

And correcting; better luck in 4 year time, when it's Olympic time again!! :////////


Thursday morning, no luck on latest TAIKE grant lottery, well nothing new there, trying to not get depressed, making living without any money si sometimes hard, hah, it's all the time hard! Whining dining and denaying makes it easier to chew, not to swallow...

 my pride, ain't got nothing to do with gay marches, those sad emotionally crippled characters, in world that ain't happy at all. Loveless skin deep affections and infections, viruses of this mad world, cows with diseases, politicians full of horse manure, life full of blinking TV-show shows just how evolution's achieved nothing, last 2000 years of misery and useless killings, teeth fillings fall and poison yopur blood, brothers againsta brothers' mothers and world insane, how can you feel safe if the houses are exploded around you? Goverment of ours trying to push the law for police and officers to spy on your mail, IF needed, and liste THEY shall be there reading and listening, pushing the limits and rules, just so that theyshall not be caught with their trousers down, democracy just another carzy-word. Class system welcomed back to these poor limits of Funlandia, again. Thank the Lord, or thank the Mr Sipilä who praise the lord................ or vote against those real gangsters and criminals in charge, now but not forever. If you still think everybody should think like you think,

think again!




Wednesday morning waking up, soon to be going next level of Olympic madness on Finnish Ice Hockey team against Canada, and it's a matter of life and death in that game, not really. That would be going back to gladiators and lions in Colosseum, bloody sports and bread for people to keep 'em happy and peaceful...



<-- latest inkings on Spanish Sauna Trip!






...and how have we developed since those bloodhungry days of Rome, yes, you got it, nuthing has developed in 2000 years of mankind, just machinery and engines to get us faster and cheaper to meanigless death. Peace is just an empty word in most of the continentals, murder is everyday business, terrorism is the new black, nobody's safe, everybody running after that spoonful of gold and fifteen minutes of fame in holy TV-land, what a wonderful world...

  this ain't no more, even pessimists got frustrated as all's gone to abzurd white man hell, there's not a one country I'd rather live nowadays still, well, as the old joke says it clearly: Finland would be great place to live if we only could change...

 ...climate, people and location!!! Muhahahahahahahaaa!!! Yes welcome to Hell-sinki and other winter wonderland, wonderfully infernal towns and villages of this fantastic crazeeeeeee land!!! ;)

20.2.2018 Tuesday morning, waiting for another great ice hockey game starting later on afternoon, and doing what I did yesterday: inked few page to fitting state to be printed, oh that same ol' story, everyday, hehe, but what the other optio to do: go skiing in snowy field, hah, haven't been on skiis since I don't remember when 80's, haven't owned 'em since 80's either and you can't spend what you ain't got..., huh, but  I was sportsfreak in my younger youth days, ice hockey especially at winter's was my favourite past time in Tapiola. Living next to school's ice ring, yeah the natural ice and playing with tennis ball as the real puck would have hurt too much, and wouldn't been suitable to shot any higher than ice, and that's boring as well.

 Oh well, I was pretty good skating, but I was so small for my age, that I couldn't make it to the real hockey league or team, especially my parents were poor enuff NOT to have money to pay my equipments that was (and still is quite expensive, and for growing boy you have to buy 'em every year or so larger to fit. So that's my greatest regret and shame, being poor, stop my ice hockey career, before it started. Although everybody but the nerds played ice hockey in my youth, but only two in my class were playing in team with real gear and referees and all. But maybe the worst was that m y neoghbour kid got himself in team, cause her parents had the money to buy the needed equipments, but the guy was like 15 kilos overweight and could barely skate....

 life ain't fair's first lessons learnt pretty fast and painfully. Oh like my another neighbour kid who I told he's my best friend, only to hear his best friend is his.....


...cousin living in Kotka, what was that all about, you can't be that frank unless your name is Frank, damn that hurt, there in the back of crocery store stairways in Oravannahkatori, year must have been 1972 or so. Oh times, oh memories, wish I'll still have strength and inspiration and wealth and health to draw 'em, all after these Kultainen Nuoruus/ Golden Age of Youth- books are delivered and sold to Spain and Italy, and I'm like 57 or 58 years old. But as I see myself NOW, here at the age of 54, 57 don't feel like big deal, just some odd years away, and still 8 years til pension time and the age of 65, that sounds also day after day not so bad, hahahaa...

Alright towards measntally satisfying years of adventures of inking like king and leaving all the bullshit menatl health issues to those "kids" who haven't got anything better or interesting to tell, it's a pity and I ain't got no mercy left for suckers who stab in back any given moment, so I'll build the armour and shelter, avoiding attacks from those who wer like 3 year old babies when I was fucking fucking all over the cutest señoritas in  Spain, hehhehehehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee!! ;) Too bad you ain't got NOTHING on me, but my butt to kiss. Smack on you! If you want blood and war, you got it...!


Monday morning, while writing "Weather report" it always got me thinking about that 70's jazz rock band with Jaco Pastorius bass mastering the four strings, and only second the weather outside,my favourite opening line over here blogging my days of inking, and thinking how this world rolls on, like Groundhog day movie, lotsa days seems like the day before, but guess I never had twice the same day.

 In my illustration world I never do same picture twice, not even in comics  I love to develope and evolve in new stuff, new angles, new chics on new style, trying to get closer and under the skin of the model.  Work of part time pornographic novelist ain't too bad, feels good, sounds nice and satisfies my needs to draw and create, paper is still the best ground to build an image and perspective, texture and touch of human. Nevermind what you do draw, it's how you draw it, alive or dead on two feet. Imaginery space in imaginery world, stupid future illusion, childish  fairy tale stories...

 for what? Money is not my currency, tonight or ever. Greed and capitalism doesn't go together very well with...

 artist.  Freedom, peace, love, understanding, acceptance of new and unknown, critical and realistic point of view on inter/national news feed, human rights for human not animals, who else than Trump needs votes from monkeys, donkeys and all the other kinda naked apes?


18.2.2018 Sunday morning, sunshine on snowy lanscape, pretty and cold, like life is too, looking forward, looking for good times, fortunate seasons, worthwhile reasons to get off bed, inspiration for inking things happened long time ago. I ain't slow but the work overload is huge, huger than Trump's hairpiece, weirder than science fictionist's wet sex robot dream, just another one of my perseverance for accoplish the goal. When the book is done I'll forget all those years spend it on, well that's alie: I do remember it all too well, maybe that's my problem, never forgetting, never letting go, never forgiving myself,

 or maybe it's just the urge to do and tell the truth that's driving me. May be May be here, soon. I am here waiting for it, inpatiently as dog in heat, hah, just hate waiting so what shall I do? Write another 18 new songs and recreate some Tom Waits songs, again. Yes sir, wonderful past time actions, dreams and activities, music that fills the air, heart and soul, olympic rings around your head and fingers,

peace and love.

17.2.2018 Saturday morning, slept long and good, crazy dreams seen, but is there any other kind? Sensible and realistic dreams, well the brain wouldn't have the rst it needs,a s we know the phycology, medicinary and mental health and whom ever study the behaviours and brains work. It's all play and no work, errr...,

<--- latest news and inked pages off Spanish Sauna Trip.

...all work and no play, or something, dunno, is the word used way too few times these days, heh, when everybody is a amster chef, opinion automat and jack of all trades, surely you are, if you've seen that TV show how to survive and make groovy food outta of the licorice shoe and chicken vindaloo! ;) Okey today taking it E-Z, and heating the sauna and watch that most famous comedy show in TV, having normal weekend in out artistic family is luxury, many can't afford in their angst and hat of common people and their poor and average spare time pleasures, heheheheh... being stupid and arrogant won't make you a great artist, it didn't make America great again, and propably never will, but hey, who prohibids you to try. Be ass, be boss, be schmuck, be artist of fine arts be great again, be whatever. Finnish comics hero zero.

And let me be, me, thank you.

16.2.2018 Friday morning, and soon more ice hockey in TV, yeah yeah yeah, best of excuses to avoid inking or any kinda working, hehe, oh yes, I can reveal this is one of the most addictive past time excuse, do anything BUT work, especially among us comics and every other kinda free artists. Of course we do have those moments of absent minded and oblivious trance when we concentrate on work and only work, full time and daily basics, but it's just only passing madness that hits us, sometimes, most of the time we're fancy free of thoughts of guilt not to work "when suppose", well free artist does what he wants and there ain't no telling there, except the deadline or such a minor distraction, heh, yes I'm only kidding you.....


 as an atist I want to make pictures that stay in mind, wows you and give you an image of beauty and humanity, naked truths is the best kinda of 'em. I hear and see all kinda bullshit theories from other "great artists" and their explanations of what's the "meaning of art", and how "You don't have to had a life, where to write those stories you wanna draw in comis", well that's ONE opinion and as silly as all the theories for, from, of and to art, as any other horseshit. It's only true to you if you believe it too. But the truth is there IS NO overall theory you could ever put on art. So next time fine artists like Katja Tukiainen ja Matti Hagelberg, think before you talk....


 ...bullshit, without any context and real value, but if you wanna tell YOUR version, please put that "It's my opinion that art is...", in the start of your sentence, thank you and goodnight, you cheating heart, hungry for granted monetary and respect of artists communities and committees and that cream of modern art museums.

 Well only time shall tell which of us where really strong and valuable, wild and pure in opur art. And I'm ready to that race anyday anyway anyhow anywhere, so challenge me, baby. I'm ready as man can be, and I'm ready for you. ;)

15.2.2018 Thursday morning, waking up to ice... hockey games in Telly, soon and now womens against Russia just like winter war or maybe not!! ;) 

Oh well, I got back in business and found myself enjoying later hours than usual, inking til nine at night, that's alright as long as it's still fun. I know I've been blessed with working 24 years wirh the only profession I wanna work, period. Been stubborn and poor, rich and famous, so niw all I wanna is get along with this story of mine and make my living on it. Last strow and last hope, but that's very mucho alright also, I'm just an artist, whatever I do, if it ain't art, it ain't my job.


Realized it only 13 days to Springtime, and March, and that feels fine, Spring is full of hope and blooming, beginnings and new starts, for nature and natural born lovers, hehe, sweet sweet emotions, yac.


<--- My newest inking perfest... eer... persecution, walking the empty streets in the middle of a night at the end of the Summer of '86, in capitol Madrid, Spain, my love.

 I beginning to really think this over: should I print the whole album with coloured pages like this...? Well it'll cost me plenty/some/few bitcoins (muhahaha!!) more, but if the result if fine and great, I'll do it, just you wait another seven months, the delivery has been started already. When you got the winning formula, why would you wanna change it?

Oh well, answers to these questions write the feedback  back as usual to address: Donald Fuck, P. O. 313, Ducksbury Illinois, 50115,

Ü. S. Ä.

and put the return stamp and all you money in that envelope and push it baby. Push it real good!! ;)))))))))))))))

14.2.2018 Wednewsday morning, sending you my Blue Valentine's day wishes wherever you are, baby...


here in Funlandia we've watered down the Saint Valentines' day message and purpose as lame "Friend's day", not amorous Valentine as it should be, who wants to celebrate friendship with chocolate, greeting cards and flowers, if there ain't no romance or hope of any kinda action romantic anywhere. I do remember reading (MY) first Charlie Brown comics book and wondering whadda hell is this Valentine's day, as it was NOT common knowlwedge or any kinda special day, here back in 1972 or so. I think I've never send a Valentine's day card or case of chocolates ever!! And now as a married couple it would be stupid and lame, or guilt ridden purpose only, so no flowers or gifts in this resident, hah.

Living here in "little-America" called Suomi Finland,, imitating all teh worst you can get from real american life, soon schools are only gfor rich and stupid, health care only for millionaires and their bitches, TV is already hijacked with stupid Donald Duckian quizz wizz shows, wanna be a millionaires and other distractive programs to keep the people stupid and quiet, while politicians taken all your tax moneys and put 'em in missiles and war equipments, oh thank you so much... but hey we got presidental baby born, that makes it all right, right, you who still vote for the right,


think again Never lose you're opinion on what's really right and good, for us all, we're still in same boat, right???????? :/

13.2.2018 Tuesday morning, finally got back to inking yesterday, while arrenging everyday hassles with some officers and not gentlemen, took so much of my valuable time just get diagnoses and papers moved and facts straughten up. So much meaningless tasks man must do, spending life in irrelevalent thangs, just to get my human rights right. These days when people still kill for minor reasons, all over the world, it's acrying shame and really a pity, fools running countries, leaders mislead to war with each other, what is there to expect and wait for this mad men planet?

Oh well, I'll wait for Sprngtime and comics festivals, as I do every year, 55th Springtime for my life. Been a ride, a trip and voyage, journey thru emotional rollercoaster.  Had my share of high top excitement and lowest blues and below zero temperatured actions, crazy nights and dark days, without a hope, standing on the edge of the bridge, in the middle of a winter, just one step away from death. Ultimate experiences, never had to fake the dangers in my life, killers, dealers, whores, junkies, monkies, donkies, got 'em all in my back, so whadda you say Jack?


 <-- walking the streets in Madrid Autumn 1986, oh those crazeee nights, that never end. Memories you'd die for, to have to write in your autobiographical novels and comic books,

just like I do, feeling envy, feeling lesser, feeling small and meaningless, well it's not like Mister Hagelberg tries to pull your leg: you really gotta have a life where to write your stories, otherwise you're just arrogant bitch and all you stories are just lies and fairy tales, for naive comics babies,


like you.

12.2.2018 Monday morning, turning into after noon, yes, sleeping long and good , one of the life's free and enjoyable pleasures no matter what age, religion, sex, colour, lingual, territory, time district, profession, opinion or preference you are. Well rested head won't be crazy, angry or evil, just cuase the lack of sleep, maybe I could wriet a book about, well, maybe I've already done, and maybe I'll do another crazy sleepless adventures in far away countries, oh did I reveal too much?


 Hah, maybe it's goos to have some kinda wake up call, from the life, with it's ugly face looking at you and your work, officers in their offices, pushing buttons, writing their evils, just to make you beg and crawl, front of them. Work I've done for 24 years and 5 months and 21 days, ain't it worth anything? If that's what you think, read no further,


......just go back to your chystal method glass roofed office building, or what ever you do, respect and love it, or leave it before it eats you up, just a little wink from me, in the corner of my eye. Have love, will travel, have lust will bust, you with the crazy eyes, female, come here....

ho ho ho, Santa Claus is back in town, anytime soon!! ;)

11.2.2018 Sunday morning, waking up almost well, but the back screamed it's presence, damn this is the worst back problem I've ver had, hurt like hell to stretch "wrong" way, that is, but I'll take it like aman, or woaman in pain. Suffer is my middle name, I guess, but I thought I've suffered enuff, already, but fuck it, there's never a state where you've had it enuff, always some more to pay, hurt, suffer and live thru. Boohoohoo. Okey, I try not to whine about that anymore, many more times, eheheh... Finnish women ice hockey on TV, olympic games at it's best, just a short 2 week period to watch 'em, excatly in the oyher sode of this planet! So, some live programs coming a bit too late in the night or early in the morning, but that's alright with me, so I won't be too much couch potato all week(s)!! ;) Let there be rock, and ice hockey and potato chips, and blues suede shoes too! Been busy making music this year too:

872. What If 1.1.2018

873. Through Your Mouth 4.1.2018

874. Thick As Your Life 5.1.2018

875. Big In Japan 6.1.2018

876. Lowside Of The Road 7.1.2018

877. Hold On 9.1.2018

878. Get Behing The Mule 11.1.2018

879. House Where Nobody Lives 13.1.2018

880. Cold Water 13.1.2018

881. Pony 15.1.2018

882. What's He Building? 16.1.2018

883. Eyeball Kid 17.1.2018

884. Picture In A Frame 18.1.2018

885. Chocolate Jesus 19.1.2018

886. Georgia Lee 20.1.2018

887. Filipino Box Spring Hog 20.1.2018

888. Take It With Me 21.1.2018

889. Come On Up To The House 21.1.2018

900. Can't Buy My Nature 22.1.2018

901. E. C. Was Here 23.1.2018

902. Pony II 25.1.2018

903. Blue Suede Shoes 26.1.2018

904. Depression (Blues) 27.12018

905. Love Is All You Need To Do 28.1.2018

906. Second Best 30.1.2018

907. Hard Rockin' Man 2.2.2018

908. Love Don't Ask 3.2.2018

909. Laughing All The Way 4.2.2018

910. Tango Argentino 6.2.2018

911. Pillow Of Asphalt 7.2.2018

912. Pythagorasjoras 8.2.2018

913. Questioningly 9.2.2018

914. Why Do I Care / Got Me Thinking? 10.2.2018

 It saves my life, my boringness not to win, ever, never a dull moment... if I don't please and want it. And who'd ever want to be dull, except Pertti Jarla, Petri Hltunen and such gang of talentless idiots............................................, muhahahhahahhahahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! :D Sorry baby, but that's just the way life is. Hard. To take, to win, to love, somebody, too much? Oh well,  find your own answers and explanation, thank you, can't take mine, hah.

10.2.2018 Saturday, noon, waking up late, my favourite way to start a day, as late as possible, sleeping my back pain away especially now, getting tips how to get the back well again, big gym ball and hanging by hands on a handles, arms stretched straight or something like that, yes, I would if I only could, but this pain hurts too much, so I even skipped my drum rehearsal last night, which I never do, usually, but now been 6 days in this awhward position( walking like Groucho Marx leaning forward!!) I really need to get this fixed by rest. Rest is all you need, heh to get your body back in shape, and avoid lifting woth your back muscles, use your laeg power or arms, yes, this was the Doctor Noir. First and last lesson, thank you, you can pay me on the counter!! ;))

 Saturday night is our sauna time, well I guess iit's the very traditional Finnish Saturday theme, getting clean once a week, muhahahhaa, yes sir, we're dirty men from the backwoods, turning our shiort upside down once a year, too!! And never change our socks, oh I know it shocks you now, but think about all the hassle to carry the water in sauna, and the wood to fireplace heater there to heaten the washing water too, and watching it getting hot enuff, who'd want to do that every single day?

 Especially after hard work day in the fields, milkng and fetching cows twice aday, feeding horses, kids and all, with little daylight at winter and too much on Summers, never can be too happy with it. I never had no real troubles with the clock system of summertime changes and hopur, towards and off Summer, one hour, it's just alittle skip of heartbeat, but of course people don't have REAL problems to worry, when their heads are filled with these nonsense "troubles", yes old Roman cesars knew it, Divide et impera!/ Divide and conquer! ...and all of us kind and society accepted good boys do whatever our mommas tells us, ehe!?! ;)


<---Oh well, my mind is filled with these long legged women and best of memories of 'em in Spanish Sauna Trips,

.......yes sir, got me some pretty hot and wild latin lassies, still got me howling the moon, like a fool of love I've always been, just you wait!! :D

O tempora, o mores!

9.2.2018 Friday moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning, buenos dias mi amores, weekenad and Winter Olympic games starting soon, and me, I might spend some time front of the TV set, but sems like some Ice Hockey is prodcasted earliesh in these mornings, and I not keen to start my day watching TV, well the first games are crazy like Sweden against Japan, jeesus, it's a slaughter and massacre on ice! ;)Well it's better than Disney on ice, if you know what I mean!! ;)


<-- so I got those 48 pages still to ink for the third round, and get it doen before Tampere kuplii festival in the end of March, and work hard April and May on extra pages, I've soem how forgot to draw, and as I haven't decided how many, its impossible to say but trying to stay in schedule with the skin of my teeth, and nails of my feet, leaving June nad July to text and finish the cover art. Have I told you this before... well you're lucky to get remembered and adviced where to save your 20 dollar... euro bill! Comics, jail or rock'n'roll, dead never been much of an option to do in my to do list, except winter of 2004/2005 I had my worst dounbts is there life after it. Oh, yes, I've been to the edge and looked down, thinking about suicide,

 <-- like two berries or sons of the same mother!

....but left it til next catastrophy or never ever. Wish I had some one to love me then, wish I can be the shoulder to cry on when needed, helping hand guiding you across the troubled waters, on ice. Black ice, dangerous curves, frightening darkness of..

 the lonesome mind. Strength to all us wicked and restless and hurted, innocent souls, hehe.

8.2.2018 Thursday morning, getting up tired, little too little sleep, so trying to open my eyes... reading a Ramones history book til 3 in the morning, the last days and years of that fabulous group of misfits, and how their music changed whole music scene, not necessarely in USA, but in Europe and even here in tiny Finlandia. I'm lucky to be enuff old to remember that punk wave coming and the rockabilly wars, oh those "happy days" that weren't just so happy, hah, although streets were filled with little Fonzies and ducktail haircuts and all that 50's TV-show trend clowns. Many have been sorry about things they did while those James Deans times violence, and hurt they produce, and it's fucking right you feel sorry.

 I've never been interested in fighting with arms, although I was in karate at the tender age od 12-13, but then I hit the growing sprout and was forbidden to have any sport or exercise for a months, my knees hurt like hell, well, guess that's were my state of worn out knees came initially, born this way, broken robot man I am, damn...

 well, now that I made the Vale Muriations/Mule Variations album, I'm busy makin my own songs, yesterday recorded 13th for this year, not too bad, all together the count is 30 songs 39 days, or so, you do the math Einstein, Aristoteles, Sokrates, Freud, Marx Engels or Young or whatever you are, math professor and generallimus genius!! ;)!

Alright, listening one of my first ever bought albums: Rock'n'Roll Band: Everybody Needs Dance/Music sometimes, from year 1975, yes I was 11 and all grown up.....not! Just a little rock'n'roller. As I am still today 43 years later, never got that spark to change my music likeabilities, from the glory in rock and blues I found such an early age, rock of all ages. Rockin' my life til the end. And it feels FINE!!! <3

7.2.2018 Wednesday morning, status of pain in ythe back, and not the nice kind, just hurting like hell, in twisted way, and in twisting stature, well hope to be well soon, but glad I didi manage to ink 3 pages no matter what i have in my back, monkey, donkey, knife of yours sincerely, bone rocked by my baby, weight of the world, oh just these average man carriages...


oh well,life goes on til it doesn't. Simple life and world expalnation, take my tip mister speedway sam, if you don't understand, that doesn' mean jackshit, try little bit harder janis, oh yes sir I can boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogie, how about you?

Well, what more cliches I could brag on.... like the more it hurt the more yo hate it, what doesn't kill you just hurts like hell, you gotta listen to the tree where you apatmet is under, better safe tha sorry I'm a lady, and most of all: you can't lose something you never had, well damn taht one is actually true!! Listen more, learn more, live more, practice more, get more, give more, love more, tha you ever expected in your wildest dreams, and then start to draw comic books, especially autibiographical ones, fuck all stupid intellectuals and nerds who never lived, never got streetswise, never had more than hundred heartbreaks, yes you are the ones who tell stupid students of art,  you don't have have alife where to write the comic books, and that's all lie, suitable only for nerds like professors of Taideakatemia/ Art academy of Helllllsinki.


Hah, it pretty FUNNY how these jerks still stuimble on those arrogant proposals, that just SUDDENLY suits fine with their boring life, working as teacher in university and drawing "intellectual comics", stealing their poor unfunny ideas from feedback columns of city free published advertising money raised Metro and other newspapers, shame on you, lords of unioversities of comtemporary art, ans all taht jive. Shame to dissing us, who have lived the LIFE, where all the best stories come, and I don't have to lie, ever. Sorry,

am not. I must believe that in at the end justifies the deeds. How about you, liers? Feeling happy or just plain good ol' gay?!? ;))))))))

6.2.2018 Tuesday morning, still in pain, but less that yesterday. Forced myself to sit down although it hurts, and ink this humour page to Spanish Sauna Trip:


 It' honestly a tribute to great Albert Uderzo the visual creator of Asterix, Oumpah-pah and so many other great comics thru years, but to me he's the father of Asterix, Idefix, Obelix and that whole little village which never surrendered in France. AS I did learn my skills to draw by trying to draw Asterix by memory, not looking the image, til I GOT it right, I was 6 or 7 years old, first or second grade in school, just learned to read, the comics filled my reading list. Thanks to libraries and richer friends, I usually had interesting and good reading for every night, and day.

 I did alright in school as I always did my home works, but I was only best in art and sports classes, 10/10. Still proud of the little boy from Tapiola village, just realized (again) why I loved Asterix so much, being always the shortest of my class in schools til I grew up at age of 15, this high height 176,5 cm full of steel and vinegar, guts of titanium and foot to run fast and far off of ass of this land and ground... haha.


<---First brushes of ink done, this shall be at the end, in the last page of first of thess Spanish sauna trips, yes, there's gonna be two of 'em wild years and adventures of the big small hero of the little village...! ;)

5.2.2018 Monday morning, still in severe pain in the back, although rested most of the Sunday in bed, these just take their time to get well, cured, stretched  big muscles as usually it' just the little one(s) I do get hurt, If I'd be any paranoid, suspiscious, arseny theoristic, religiously voodooed, or just black magic superstitious, I'd say it's god's way to show me....



...something, I don't know, that I should not clean the downstairs to help my wife or should not get sick leave until I'm really cut into pieces, broken leg, lost my head or something like that.

 I don't excatly believe in Karma either, especially bad karma, I've just been crazy all my life, found my relief in music and comics books. Found laughter and joy in love, love the life no matter how cruel it is, maybe some peope do grow stronger because of the problems they face, conquer and get on with larger understanding on life mysteries, maybe I don't know jackshit, maybe you don't know me, maybe it's just world that's lost it's mind?

 maybe I need another cup of java, to get my eyes open, buongiorno, buenos dias mi amores, perras!! :)

Good luck , you're invited in my private party, anytime, soon!! ;)

 4.2.2018 Sunday morning, waking up with backache I got for cleaning the house like manic hurricane, and glad I did clean up the downstairs surfaces, but this pain...

 <--- few of them all, CD records I've done over these years living in Forzza Funlandia. Mostly includes more than 70 minutes of rock or blues in one disc! ;)

....just above ass, really hurts. In finnish it's "noidannuoli" aka. "witch's arrow" and it feels like it too! Well, I already been at the doctor's and shrink's offices and GOT what I need for the cure myself anbd stay safe from all kinda active models, except the one I'm married to hehehehehehehhehe, so now just taking it easier and slower as walking hurts, and I can't straighten up my back, so I'll walk few days like Groucho Marx, leaning forward heavily, heaven wasn't on my side yesterday, as I was just about finishing the cleaning sprout, when the PAIN hit me fast like a lightning, so what do we learn about this?

 Never clean in awkward positions and stretch your lower back muscles, if you ain't in a good shape, and never try to do more than your body can, damn, at the age of 54, I should know better!! ;)))))))))))))))

3.2.2018 Saturday morning, waking up to the world, where "#metoo is still making big waves, last the lousy movie director Lauri Törhönen harrassing many women thru the years, right, this asshole ain't just weak artist and ex-head of acting academy/university of filmmakers, but also womanizer, sleazy bastard that he looks like too. No mercy, even when asked a apoligize to those he molested. Finally some real action seen in this here poor country in northern snow and sneet, there's NUTHING sweet in grabbing pussies, against will. Using your position in company is always wrong, no rape victim falls in love with rapist, that's JUST a stupid rapist illusion, and dirty dream. Shame on you, who do that in restaurants, darkness of the park, full metro or busses, shame, all you...


 who can't handle your hands, go and seek help for your addictions, cruel urges, obsessions, and what you got, is not right, so it's wrong, there's no gray area there, YOU KNOW when you're done wrong, dontcha? Answer yourself, I don't need to hear your problems and excuses. Get right, stand up and stop abuse, all kind sexual, wether your straight, gay or bi, it's all wrong still. And you must know it,even when you get away with it...... think a minute about those who been the real victims in those cases. Well, apoligize is a start but it's not enuff. We had it enuff, no more lies, thank you. I'm off to sauna and entertainment in TV later on, hurting no one, it's a good way to live, my life.


<--- taking care of the small ones, that's real fine life, ammoooh!

Have a nice weekend, no matter what, the world smut on! Love thy neighbours cattle, ...eer...no, I mean your own and you're own spouse and the world be allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright! ;)

2.2.2018 Friday morning, got what I wanted, needed and asked, just telling you can go fuck yourselves with your active models, and I'll JOIN the strike and demonstration at Helsinki against it! Workers unite, and tear down the govermental cases of weakening already lousy state of poor men without a work, and women especially, they need a raise and equal pays. It's a mad mens world, but we can change it!!

We need a sensible work, sensible payment, sensible working hours in sensible distance of our homes. What we don't need is big corporate companies to tell us the conditions where were pushed to slave and work our asses off. Just say NO to bullshit job, if you don't want it, need it, can't stand it.

 I got so angry and frustrated that I gotta have sick leave and be absentminded, for the rerst of the day, week and year. Don't ask me questions...

... and I will not tell you lies. Hehe, I'm like my wife says psyco clown/joker, well, I'm black and proud, although I'm black, only in my heart towards bossy bosses and employment officers who don't know their jobs or anything,

especially they should know!! Oh no. Medication medication, gotta get it right, right?

1.2.2018 Thursday morning and I'm, off to see a............ shrink and employment appointments, yippiekaiyei motherfuckers. Life is a crazy ride, and those pumps on the road  are so wellknown already, so why do I even try to have stable journey, not rocking ths boat the wrong way. Tell me why, cause I don't know. I just go and glow, like Neil Young the only fire, the only light in the night is.......the light of the train coming towards YOU. Yes, welcome to my nightmare and reality. Murphy's laws and regulations, officers in charge, I just h got one thing for you to say:

..........fuck off!

31.1.2018 Wednesday morning, got me int depression since I don't remember when, so I try to do my best to get rid of it. Eating sedatives ain't no long term solution, on anything I guess. Being sober over adecade I appricaite my freedom and unwaisted times, but this cruel society wants me to be asnappy little soldier boy, obeying productive ant, who to step on and push around, when pleased. My mind is twisted, but when my head starts to go too.....I'm in big troubles; I know I'm usually way too open, too nice, too  adjustable......but that's all past now, I wanna step out, make a stand and defence me own rights to be happy, do what I want and never surrender or join the army of workers without any saying what they really wanna do. I have no need for working and pretending to be the average daddy's or mommy's good little boy, this may lead to a conflict where I'll lose all my priviledges but this life is too short not to follow your heart. I am the broken piece in the machinery, you can't fix me, you can break me into pieces, but you can't use for your steppingstone, nor pepple to avoid slippery ice. All I have is these eyes and hands, and my ability to create, art of comics and art of pin ups, pornographic pin ups, as I don't give a damn for political art, messsages in the bottles, and plastic waste on your seas, pollution is all inside your head, worst kind, thinkig we all should be the same, think alike, and most of all ythink like YOU do. But listen honey, that'll I never do, rebels sin causas, rebels with out causes. That's what we are, in here best of schooling, almost well done welfare and all medical health care land.

 Above pictured the only "active model" I'm willing to do!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

30.1.2018 Tuesday morning, and the nightmare of official emplöyment officers torture, on me........... so next they force me into some trivial coffee matinea or feeding alpakas, hugging trees or "learning how to manage a computer" and "get back in business effectively"... of course these courses are meatt to mean just good and to be advanceful and useful to those who ain't  able to manage with computer at all,


 ............................................but as you can see here I use this machine everyday, and gor meaningful past time work to do. So I'm back here thinking should I just give up and kill my love to draw and use substitute job just to earn my living or go straight to pension for sickness.  Have I suffered enuff?  Of plain idiotic rules and employment efforts, which are all bullshit, weortk or nuthin', really. Really depressing, really saddening, while all I need in strength and joy to live another day, year and this life, happiness I'd like to meet you again.

These days of sytematical complicating the lives of poor, sick, disabled, old and other useless folk, these neonazis in govermantal administration can all go fuck 'emselves. Sounds of silence and wisdom of a man is nowhere to be found, empathy, sympathy and all the other pthyis, are curseword and fotletter words like love,

care, why should we care about the random stranger in a rain, coming from Bahrain, coming like  a train, stopping all the stations, but nobody


<--- Me and some random little girl, hugging away the blues. Rockaway beach remenbers Ramones, do you remember rock'n'roll radio?



Monday morning, waking up boiling in anger for another employment officer call, for appointment later on afternoon!!

<--- Our younger dog, guarding job.


 Hey, whadda hell is this I was there just 2 weeks ago, oh but hey they change me from another officer to another, and guess they don't have enuff work to get a job for anyone really needing one, as I'm quite happy with no works status, doing my own thing, drawing my autobiographical album and doing it til it's done all 4 books of it. Fuck all other "jobs", don't care , don't want, don't need no lousy paid whatever job, JUST to lower their unemployment statistics, cause THAT'S all this all active model shit is all about, NOT about creating meaningful and valid job and normal paycheck, in normal hours, BUT just to whte wash the dirty laundry in numbers on thheir governmental statistics. I'm considering writing a bill to those asshole today for disturbing my life with their nonsense meetings, yeah that'd suit me, charging 200 euros for every meeting like motherfucking consults do..... Hahaha, wanna dance with me officer?

I'll show you my best moves for sure, and I'll pity the fool... asking me to do something just for money, that ain't art, or teaching art, fuckers fuck. So angry. People who just obey the rules and regulations, hanging on the skin of their teeths in ajob, that give 'em payment monthly, I just ain't that kinda man, anymore, I did my time on "whatever-jobs" back in 1982-1993, thank you that was enuff for one lifetime. Adios, trabajos puta mierdas, y gracias, por nada! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28.1.2018 Sunday morning, waking up to cold snow outside, inside warm heating, water running through our heater not veins, blood is thicker than wine, family is weirder than a stranger, blood brothers back in Spain are free and running wild, shared blood on coins of pesetas with needles stinging ink under my skin, that's the real tattooing, hurt like hell and look like it too, muhahhahahaa!! :D




<-----Bought some records from sale, very happy now for next weeks to come with lotsa good music to hear!

Well, tonight they are selecting the president for this clowneria country for next six years, and it's looking horribly going wrong again, capitalist pensioner going strong, let's just hope that it won't be over with first round, that arrogannce and celebration of right wing and kissing NATO generals behinds, like it was any good solution to build the WALL of american nightmare soldiers against the western and  Russian bombs and big guns on our borders again, so thank you a lot, NATO is the worst and last solution for peace and living in harmony with Putin and Putin youth. All nazis unite and kill the poor, ohh well, we err...

 ....you never learn, nuthin'. That's the way it goes, again. Let's have another purpose- and meaningless war just to fight and erase poor fools in army, navy and airforces, and most of all let's spend 11 billion dollars of taxpayers money, on NEW aircrafts, yes cause the other option would be erasing POVERTY off of Finlandia with those billions,

 so I ask you, who is the stupid and warmonger?


While you ponder that I'll join the communist party, again!!!Dammit ;) Vote and think what's left... of humanity?

27.1.2018 Saturday day, waking up late soon it's the noon, feeling pretty alright, weekend actions taking 'em pretty easy, restoring a cd rack to better use as adding the "sides" so the discs won't fall and can use morer space, yeah I know it's very interesting...







 .......not!! ;)                                  

Heh, Life full of surprises and actions that are wonderfully meaningful and interesting JUST for yourselves, and hey, taht's allright, mama. I could talk all my english withing song lyrics, but who'd want to read that, hah!! ;)

Later it's traditional sauna for Saturday as we do here in FUnlandia Vorzza town and Juhonalley eleven!! ;)


 There's been a huge sale for CDees in our nearby prisma supermarket and I'm the fool for loving music, so Ive purcahsed dozen new, old music which adds my collection again, soon I'lm all booked in shelfs of CDees. More music than I can listen in a week in arow, and don't have to listen same song twice, if I don't want to, do it. Just do it, while you're alive. Save the memories and love letters, not the pennies and obligations for heaven, as heaven is in down here in earth. While you're alive.



<---Updated later on Saturday evening: Just made 6th song for this year's model fo Best of Jack King by Penelopez Records company!! Available later on this year....! :)

26.1.2018 Friday morning, I'm going to laboratorio to check out what I have and especially what I don't have, less the better, well just  checking in for aging stuff, and to get real time state of my hurting knees, I know them are worn out, but is there anything else to worry?

 Cause worry I can and od the best, hehe!! Later alligator, read all about it!!

Oh well, didn't sleep too good and now I must go to clinic and have my tests and then wait another week or so...better safe and sound than worry and weak in the knees, well hell, "doctor doctor gimme the news Igot bad case of loving you...!" sang Moon Martin 1979 or so...

 sick world ill used, like I am, well it's been a long time since I was treated wrongly, just 25 years ago,working on wrong kinda profession.Then, so glad that's all past and gone.

 So wish me luck and good results in mail! ;)


  For all you normal people out there and in good health, have a nice weekend!! :)


Updated, later same day: my heart is within normal limits, no disturbing or added rhythms, yet, still waiting for blood and urea tests results...! :P

25.1.2018 Thursday morning. waking up, getting back in working mood, inking can be so frustrating too, when there seems to be no ending of this Sikstus chappel roof, painting after painting, shadows over shadows and still got the covers to finish and texting the text on pens, yes happy Summertime job, indeed!! ;)


Oh well it could be worse, I could be working outside in snow and ice, cold and freezing winds, but does that mean I should be happy no matter what? Answers to P.O. Box 115 Forssa Finlandia! ;)


<-- Basc country Gipuzkoa, Fuenterrabia/Hondarribia, Espanja, Summer of 1986. Marching the streets for 3 day and nights, fiesta de bascos. And of course there was love in the air....

 ...as you might expect, when thousands of young ones are gathered drunk and stoned as they do down there in Spain,

and in north too!! ;))

24.1.2018 Wednesday morning, crazy weather report man, man, these weathers change any which way they choose, I just watch and enjoy everyday that I don't have to wake up on alarm clock peep and rush into darka and cold winter morning. Especially I', glad having my working space here in same house that we live, no more working trips, distance between bed and this table is less than 6 steps and meters! Saving time, effort and money not to be forced to travel after work, I'm grateful and happy, on life's lttle luxuries, hah, glad I got so lucky after all those crazy years in Helsinki and Espoo, had my share of living in small two room apartamentos, suitable for two small dogs, not humans,this house is the best thing ever happened to me in living copnditionswise, surely appreciate this.

 Old dogs learn new tricks if the methods are vital, rewarding and valuable. Dogs don't have to work or pay taxes, but they run free and bark at the moon, just like I do too!! Furry future and playing all day, sleeping when tired, aeting when hungry, sounds like perfect life, for a dog, or cat. Oh well, animal heart, skin and hunger for life. Never worry about tomorrow, future comes as it always does, stupid politics and ugly artists ruin it, so let's make it worthwhile to live outside the box, outside the norms of your society ethics, only stupids follow rules and laws by the name and number, oh but we are Finns, we tend to do all we're asked and told o, we are the primuses of our class, in EU, and UN and world...

 don't care, it won't give a shit about your miserable planet saving programs, rest of he world just laughs and live like they like and care. French and italians just love. live an enjoy, while they can, what do Finns? Work and obey every rulem hilarious to see WHY, we have the best school pupils, not necessary the best schools or systems, just this northern shy personality, that's started to fade away........ too. Welcome to your future, hope you'll enjoy it, too.  Boogie on.

23.1.2018 Tuesday morning weather report, not that band but just the snowy sight of my studio crystals, pinetrees are prettier in snow than in Summertime green, I think, for the colour blind winter is fine cause ain't that much colours, but for illustrator it big hard work to amke all covered with snow, although in watercolours you can use the white paper as snow whitness, hehe, saving money and effort and nature. Draw everything covered in snow and work load is not half but more than usual. Oh, I have been so busy with my comics album, havne't made any water coloured painting for alooooooooooooooong time, not sure did I managed to void it all year, last year? Did those few pencilworks on Bon Scott and pin up babes, always close to my hard... err, I mean heart of gold!! ;)


Finalizing this Tom Waits project, yesterday as I did two versions of the last song of the album, Come On Up tHe House, and the latter one was actually good enuff. took me fron 6th to 22nd of january to finish it.








Oh well, I did another my own song too yesterday and inked two pages of album, and had 1½ drumming practice at garage after all, very productive and satisfying day and evening. Mondays are the usually the hardest days to jump back to working methods and routine, rutina en español!! Rutina siempre, una pagina de mi vida loca!! ;)


Monday morning, looking out my window to snowy trees and ground finally white and quite peaceful, somewhere they have all the warmth and great weathers but they spend their times on war, fighting next door neighbours, and reasons are always the same: religion, regional, territory pissing, off of greed, envy, powers to be stronger than yopur neighbours and all tha jazz, weheard million times before, neverending troublesome and hot headed assholes in power, no matter how long you've done it, if you never learnt your lessons on humankindness. This world is wasted opportunities, land of gaged and money, not milk and honey, not free and good, no, just disaster created by overpopulating and keeping people stupid, keeping kids outta scholling, keeping blacks in prisons, oh teh american dream, when did you lost your mind?

Fotographed in hot Summer day at  Laru, Helsinki, in our tiny balcony, year must be 1992 or 93, or 94, or..... I can't be sure, but it was 25 years ago today. Same dragon tattoo that I still have, hah, haven't erased itself by time, hah, oh those were the days when tattoos weren't in every housewive's choice!! ;)

21.1.2018 Sunday morning, brances are all frozen like in fairy tale book illustration, ten below zero and no need to stay outside any longer than moving from this main house to garage room to make some music, still got two song to do for Vale Muriations, hoping to achieve 'em today and make the final product finishing touches, oh haven't make the backcover either yet, so maybe I'll hustle my time today on it. Let's spend the daytime in meaningful tasks, chores, stuff that make you happy and just walk on to next interesting thang to do.

 Guess I'm not your average music comsumer, as I make more music than I buy in a year, hehe, just hoping that my day shall come with larger public in world widely publications and festivalities, and paychecking, oh well, I'm also very fortunate as I dont have to do music FOR living, juts loving what I do......bie doobie doo!

 Lucky bastard am and do whadda I want, please, choose, use, amuse, blues, it's all good over here, as longa s I don't have to WORK for my living, listening bosses shout, nag or illustrate anything against my will,

 so if you're waiting for big happy gay comics coming from this resident, keep on waiting and take a good long hard breath, sit back and  die before you'll get one. I might do another parody with sarcasm and irony and what you got...just to laugh at you, and your acceptable unicorn rainbow ass, haha... sorry, still a realist, hanging on truth with skin of my teeth and nails, you do what a hell you want, don't expect me to feel or think like you do. so glad to see these newest comics artist dwelling on their mental health issues for 400 BORING pages, and getting so hurt when I tell 'em your talent of illustrating is needing more studies, but hey YOU can't say that to comics "artist", she'll never get that, cause in her mind she IS already a great big HUGE ARTIST, nothing more to learn, ANYMORE. yeah I know how you feel................been there done that, too. Everybody, and I mean everybody(!!!) got bigheaded with brains full on piss, not vinegar, when the big success hits 'em. It's alright, as long as the piss pours out there too, sometime.

 Anytime soon dear P****i J***a, E**i V***e, P***i H******n, H***i R******i and all the other greatest masters of Finnish comics world! Muhahahahaa, the one who laughs last gets it the best, laugh. We're still here waiting impatiently as kids we're are at heart, and laughing, at you. Thank you for your "art", it gives us our daily laugh!!! :D


Saturday morning, sleeping late, taking my time, making my mark and building my own history writing, what alternatives does apoor artist have? Taking second job just to survive is only second best choice, and I canät go back to that road again, I already give the "best years of my life" to working on meaningless staerdy jobs, just to earn my living, BUT I couldn't be happy with that decicion. I was too young to understand the best for me, couldn't fight for my right to be free, individual, artist by nature, not by choice, it's like being gay, YOU can't choose to be, you just are or are not. Artist I mean, hehe!! ;)))))

Finding out how stressful and annoying can inking be, heh, hoped that X-mas break could ease little, and it did but still it's hard work to get this album finished and printed in Summer of '18.

Reading lot biographies, just finished Lemmy by Mick Wall, that was alright, only the translating wasn't good enuff...now Steven Tyler's in his own words is way much better, although he got annoying manner of sopreading his thoughts and timetravel abit too much and spoiling the suspense by quoting his life up to next, coming, why, wonder I....thinking about death and life, years I still got, years I've spent, the lifechanging subject, love I had, given, took, had, broken, satisfied, pleasure and pains, buses and trains and aeroplanes, take me far away, love is in the air, but air is frozen, muhahahahahaaa!!

Thanks to all loved ones, I met. You make life worth to live.

19.1.2018 Friday afternoon, had the sleeplessness til 5 in the morning, so now I'm all fuzzyhead trying to clear up and get on back to business, inking king of works, comics mix of text and pics, mayber I'll be a poet  or rocket scientist or maybe Tarzan or copwboy on my kids list of best of professions, yeah right, keep my up all night thinking....

 what not to do, well, insomnia is cruel and vicious health problem, I do not recommend play on it on anyone, over twentyfour years old...


<-- new versions of Tom Waits classic album coming up soon, 11 first tracks are in the can, and rest shall be before February shows us it's pretty face and propably another cold breeze. This is my album covering sessions number two as I did Muddy Waters double album Fathers And Sons some 5 years ago... it came enuff good, but I might do it all over for third(?) time, anytime soon when I feel like it. Yes, feelings rule my world order, not capitalist and coin laundrymat, washing money, corrupted interrupted criminals in every govermental institute, nut cases making the decicion for us,

 so don't come whining if you just voted a capitalist to taking care of your taxes and pay check, check out their politics before you say I do.... believe in you. Politics the dirtiest game on earth, gladly taking all your tax money and wassted on war machines, billion dollar aeroplanes, REALLY? with 50 billion THEY could erase the poverty NOW and  for good on Finlandia!!! Damn idiots, afraid of sovjet red army to invade us from the border with II World War tanks, right?

 Think again, who you want to lead this country and where? Nato? Kissing your Nato veto ass? Jeeeeeeesus, help us.

18.1.2018 Thursday morning, rained more snow so it's wintertime again, kids can go skating and skiing, I don't "waste" my time on sports cause my knees say no thank you, you can't run, but you can hide beneath of large clothes, haha... well, my diet starting soon, next week and stopping in March and Tampere Kuplii festival weekend, plan is to lose another 10 kilos. And as I did lost 18 last Fall/Autumn I know I can do it, not just the preptalk. And doing it or the right reasons, better health and the obvious looking good on my tight jeans, muhahahahaa, and especially without 'em!! :D

 Recording project going on nicely, well, the album is full of crazy tunes, but I'll soldier on it, although next one is a ballad where I shall replace paino with my guitar tracks, just that shall rearrenege it to different style constantly, rebuilding the feeling and mood, that's where I aim, get the song right where it hits you in heart, gives you a smile or a tear jerked of........f. I know I don't get all english lyrics, the way the native brooklynian can get it in Nueva York, but I'll do my best impersonating as Jack King can, do... and did finally the album with 25 songs of " Jack King Best of 2018" CD format, that is, and it was hard to choose just 25 from 160 songs, leaving more than 100 songs in dark. Well, I could do like Neil Young release 'em all in net for free... but I wanna do like Neil and earn a ranch and couple of millions first, and then play the ecohippie the rest of my life!! ;)


Wednesday morning, going to see doctor with all my cribbles and hurts and fears, what I might have and especially the knees, are they still strong enuff to walk on or do I have to replace 'em with metal or plastic ones? So all the answers coming within an hour or after the visit, well, haven't been in heath center and doctor's room for a loooooooooooooooong time, years rolled and passed by without having taking care or getting any flu shots, too stupid to get those, knocking on wood, hoping the best, results and hoping been just exagereting the illness, well...

 I do believe in normal western science and medication system oh health issues, voodoo healing and cannabis relaxation ain't my style, I might be hoochie coochie man, hah, but I believe in facts and reality on these serious matters. So "doctor doctor gimme the news, I got a bad case of loving you", muhahahaaa!!! ;) Oh, youth hits on sweet rock'n'roll music..

 Yesterday I did record one of the weirdest cover songs, EVER!!! Coming to be in my Vale Muriations album, soon!! ;)

16.1.2018 Tuesday morning, colder wind and some freezing blow against the face, on earth, Finally got back on inking and continuing the story, a life line to me, illustrating been since 1973, so it's like 45 years on the edge of the pencil and paper cuts, watering the holes colours since 1978, that's another 40 years waisted on artful life. Artist is the only profession I've ever wanted to be, don't know if cowboy or indian can be concidered as professions? 

 Police and robbers, was one of those childhood plays and games, which way you chooze, booze or tea, whatever you wanted to be, rich man, poor man, beggar or thief, been there and done that. Money didn't brought me happiness, maybe it was just the timing was wrong, can it ever be right? Maybe that few seconds when I was the winner at 21st of November 2011. Top of the world, best of all. Am I true Finnish hero, true junkie's zero, false news and alternative facts, riddled puzzled crazy lazy weirdo bimbo limbo..........?

Is that what I am, or am I just pulling your leg, crossed my heart, hoped to die if I lie..........?!?

 Another morning wondering what happens, snow slowly falls, it won't think it just flies and dies, with the Springtime, sunshine, all the plants and flowers bloom, if they can, what is there to understand, life lasts, life dies, sky cries, time waits for someone, but me, Iwait for the time, to be right. Gimme a break, gimme a steak, gimme love, gimme gimme gimme, anything but another Abba song to blur me thoughts.


Monday morning, getting back toworking routines and methods, weekdays calling me to working hard for every illustration I make has got my all ability, my skills, my knowledge on every aspect of life spent on the wrong side of the tracks. Nowadays this life feels almost too easy, muhahahhaa, well, I'm fastest man in west to forget all my troubles I('ve) face(d) EVERY day, still haven't found what I'm looking for, oh yeah, I do love to steal lyrics from songs to describe my moods and feelings.

 Oh sweet rock'n'roll music and blues who saved me from disco crap, and punk that separate me fro that greasy 50's rockabilly wave, back in 1979. Being 15 year old is/was that bittersweet experience between adulthood and being kid, fooling around, trying to find a place and room for myself, and the wonderous thoughts that born, in fresh, lil boy's head. Oh the sexuality's  raising hard on every boy, (hehe) and rocking my balls, first ever orgasms and fellings in love. Love run me, ran me, and shall run me til the end.

Life is strange battlefield of emotinal decicions and crazy dreams, everyday problems and compromises in family life, if you ain't no dictator, and I ain't no.............................


...nice guy after all!! ;)


Sunday morning, waking up as we usually do, getting outt bed and drank some cups of coffee with lotsa heated milk, I like having my cafe con leche, every morning, but of course it don't taste same as it did in Marbella sun back in 1986, hehe, well as someone sings in a song, I did LIVE on coffee and cigarettes, weeks I only eat sudden hamburger or sandwich leftover, from eaten dish from my moroccoan friend Ahmed, not the Ahne one, hehe...

....but read all about it on Spanish Sauna Trip within 8 months pregnancy my next "baby" coming out on August 2018, and for sale in September at Helsinki Comics festival.

 My life is kinda easily predictable nowadays, as all I do is ink, draw, write, comics and art of nudies ; sing, play music, record hit reords and try to lose some weight again, after X-mas indulge, and going to see the doctor about my worn out knees and all the other old age problems, checking out cancers possibilities too, as I really don't wanna die... anytime soon, or ever!!!! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Above my next/on going second project of tom waitsian song LP, full length record, 6 song already done and "in the can"! Very challenging and interesting mission, and finally reading whadda hell HE sings on 'em weirdest of the strange lyrics, hehe!! Tom Waits is just incredible maestro, musical and lyrical genius of one of the kind. And although I'd love to KNOW what he really means in his songs, I do understand the excitement of MYSTERY he likes to leave us poundering, yeah it's more intriguiding and well, exciting, not to really know is it true or not.... 

 Thank you Mr. Waits for inspiration and various deep emotions for last 34 years, I've been digging you and your excellent music, no matter how crazy it seems or sounds, muhahahahaa. Some people spend all their lives trying to be unique and special, and then there's Tom Waits, and some other artists who don't have to TRY, they just ARE.

That's the lil difference on being , be one or be just wanna be.

13.1.2018 Saturday morning, waking up and wondering how this world surprises yuo when you least expect it, connecting people from long time ago, past is calling and I hope it's all good news, well mysterious lady got my attencion, so now we shall see where do it lead, wher does this world lead us....?

 Questions for leaders of the world, politicians, do you leave all the power to 'em? I decided to take a leap and leak 25 years ago in August I shall celebrate my quarter century as an artist, ana ss artist too, and especially vbullshit artist!! ;) Muhahahahaaa!!

<--- Found an old and rare foto of me , showing my dragon tattoo too, in Sicilian beach, Summer of 1991, just a year or two before my artistic life begun. I remember those sicilian beaches were not free, you have to pay to get in, or there was one free beach and there was like dirt, trasha nd syrines in waterfront, yac, and I do remember how quiet it got when we walked inside to this beach cafeteria, where a real life (looking hard like a mafioso) head of a family and his family round the table  looked at our tattoos, huh, .............I started to speak Finnish as soon as påossible, and the mafia man realized we're not some tattooed criminals there to take "care of his family", muhahhaaa, but just tourists, phiuff, that was close, shave, hehehehe...!  So I wish you a happy weekend, wether you're a Sicilian mafioso or not!! ;)

12.1.2018 Friday, here again, thinking bout my future and works, which ones never worked, which still give me pleasure, even just to think, ama I pleased to been thru so many different professions and lousy jobs, and all the asshole vain and strickt bosses, who gave me hard time, was it worth to go thru, would I be diiferent if I'd went thru different jobs, different times and measures, and would I work for money.............................................. still, just to get paid on job, I hate. Wait a minute and think.....













...again. No, I wouldn't if I'd know all I know know, I wouldn't waste 10 years in stupid ass jobs. My sickness took away my youth's best years, working for the man, suits, official bastards in charge, but as usual I can't go back, can't change my past, but can take care of my future, read this as another bullshit empowering speech, if YOU will, I don't care, this is my life and I decide which way I spend it, on and on. Life is best well worn and used. It got no price tag, no glossy mag cover, no vanity fair is fair, no love is never meaningless or waste......................d. Killed by death we all shall be. So let's enjoy while it last, everyday may be your last. Surviving another bluesy news, another rockin soldier of fortune dead.....

Life took away another amigo, third and last of the legendary Motörhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, RIP.

 No Sleep Til Hammersmith was my first Motörhead LP, and my second best ever gig after Bob Marley gotta be, Motörhead in Helsnki Ice hall 1981. When I was just 17. Furious and drunk's best good time band, alive. Above my own foto from same Helsinki Ice hall 2015. Just few days befor Lemmy left us, I still got emotional and tearry eyed, for the loss and sadness, death is just so unfair,

like life is too. RIP Original three amigos!! <3 <3 <3

11.1.2018 Thursday morning,glad that yesterday is gone, I went and talk with this here town worker about my employment businesse, and as usual it was good...

 for nothing. "Funny" how they can't understand WHAT I want to do, and what not, and people like me who don't care about MONEY, ypu can stick back to your black hole where all your ideas seems to come. Oh, this life in this land, which is mostly very fine, cold and miserable but well meaning, honest folks, but also total idiots and jerks and lawobeing "good citizens" that take your breath away, they take your money, time and joy de vivre, yes, there are assholes, in every land, every town, every street, every year,

 makin YOUR life difficult, trying to make me average guy, getting average wages in avereage, meaningless) jobs, but yesterday I stood up and said, no thank you, I've done my part of stupid slave jobs, that make this world go round, but only the owners and rich people get wealthy with their "work", and that is so wrong. Gimme back the communism and eqwual share of that american pie, now.....

 and not just the fifteenth day!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Sometimes it's hard to be/feel like the motherless boy in this cruel world. World you got troubles, and if you don't do anything it just doubles. RyToo many peiople in too little assets, and too many poor coutries abused by us wealthy countries big international companies, that's the real problem, but hey, let's concentrate on trivial troubles and leave human rights and fair trades and markets, where they now are...


 up your ass. Excuse my french: oui, oui, oui, are the world.

10.1.2018 Wednesday morning, mistty foggy morning, wintertime so long lasting, and me just starting to hybernite and finding it hard to get back to illsurate, so I made this Nanna Gibson portrait, within 3 ½ day, sitting by my old architects table, that has saved me from bad backaches, most of the time.

 Most of my times I enjoy living, mu daily routines to help me get inspired and sit on the workstool. On conteraray to this here govermental case Juhana Vartiainen's thoughts "that everybody is lazy", I ain't lazy, or avoiding HARD labour. I've worked my ass off, since I was 18, and graduated from school, back in 1982, soon it's 36 years ago, so my career is middle aged, too, muhahahaa!! :)

 Finally make peace with neighbour that I was somehow lil wrongly accusing, about accusing our dogs barking all night long within nameless signature letter. Well mistakes happen and this time I was wrong, sorry about that, saying like former minister when caught with his pants down, lying... . Well, I still can hold the grudge against 'em assholes next door, making our life miserable, in ways they act, and attack us, and never apoligize, that's wrong, and hurtful, I gotta apoligize IF I do wrong, it eats me up, if I don't.......................................but within same breath of fresh air i had to admit, maybe some ain't worth the apoligize after all, like nazis in employment offices, AND that's what I'm going to find out within next hours, report coming later on!! ;)

9.1.2018 Progressive rock drawing evolution on soft pencils 1B, 2B and 3B, and might slide a whip of  4B too, reach the blackness!! I do believe in facts, the more you do better you get off at the end! After 40 years of pencilworks, I'm strating to feel I handle this:

Tuesday morning, life goes on no matter what the govermental idiots make up  in their ugly heads, poor unemployed suffers more every day, force feeding job applicationts down the trhroats ain't gonna save this land. Such a shortsighted and visonless actions. Maybe it's the twisted philosophy that YOU could force people to take any job anywhere this land, asking OTHERS do what you ain't willing to do yourself, that's the problem.

 Blindfolded in ivory tower, leading to more troubles, not less by punishment and bullying, less fortunated, yes, thank you capitalist, without you this world could have a chance, for humankind be human kind, not mean and evil. Oh well, hopefully I can do what I've planned and my comics and artistic nudies shall be international success!! That's all I want, in my business, there's no snow business like show business!!! ;) )))))))



Monday morning, sun and me getting up, luckily still got the electricity and me going on, didn't hear no hurricane wind as it supposedly went thru these parts at night. A good night's sleep is so important and valuable to mental health, can't live without it, really. Serious as a heart attack and straight as barb wire, life is full of surprises and mixture of average everyday avengers and dull repetition, work never stops, it just varies and evolutes to different kinda job, and work, work work til you die. Morbid nightmares and rosy daydreams, mixed emotions, fixed broken leaking hearts, fuel running out, tears dry by themselves. oh well me I'm running with and against myself, for sure, ain't no competition in art or life, except against yourself and that's the hardest race ever.

7.1.2018 Sunday morning, sun shining from very long time, glimpse of hope and springtime flowing, but the temperature sinking below zero, as the feeling go too, when meeting cold people, but hey, not going there now, again, haha... oh I wish I could pick up my neighbours too, hehe,... but I'm just a poor boy longing for my cowgirl love days, muhahahaa, well guess I'm a liar cause ain't yearning back the days gone past, let it be there, let it rot and let them good times roll, on today and tomorrow. I don't mind looking back, remembering, nostalgic trips on memory lane, ain't nothing wrong there...

 can't go back, can't change past, couldn't care less, hehehe... well YOU can always care less, but got no interest on dwelling in past, rather write it down and put it up for YOu to read. Kids who weren't even born when I was in Spain, living the streets and back alleys in Madrid 31 year ago, oh, long time or age don't make anyone specially good or wise, automathically, you just get old, wrinkled and tired, need a nap and soft bed and decent food, and some money to spend, shopping and buying your stairways to heaven, maybe. Maybe you do know what you do, maybe you never bother to think it over, before this trip is over, and it's too late to do, anything but fade away,..

 but until then I'll fight for my rights and freedom, time waits for no one except maybe Tom Waits, hehehee!!! :)

6.1.2018 Saturday morning, taking it easy, getting ready for sauna and not tpo be winner of lotto, damn it's not right, never win on those lotteries, I could use a million or two easily on living in this expensive land and world, would be better place if had some  trillions to spend on vanity and saving the planet, in my point of view, being good samatarian for homeless, jobless, poor...

..................................................or be like normal millionaires and not give a fuck about anybody else, but YOUR family...?

 Oh well, I don't have no money, so I don't have no problems where to spend it on, or save it, hahaha!! Let it roll like a rolling stone, catch no moss. Just live on the life you love, be a blues singer and casanova NOW, if you please, and want it, cause you'll regret only the things you didn't do, while you could, yeah morning philosophy for nice womanizers!! ;)

Sketching just for the fun...











and the pleasure is all mine!! :)

 Here's todays progress and program:


 Scanned enuff fo one day's "work", as this ain't counted as work cause nobody pays me nothing for anything.... before this piece is bought and sold, and I'll be multimillionaire, bitch!! ;)

5.1.2018 Friday morning, trying to get back in mood for ilustrating naked ladies, heh, I know it's a many men's dream job, but it takes some effort too, to have fun with it all day, or week long, I have some drawing that has stayed in pencil state,, cause they look better unfinished than propably would with water colours or finished with all shadowing and valours, some work is just meant to left undone...

 til the day comes, that'll I see the heavenly light and CAQN finish all half done sketches, haha. Well, another official city counsil employtment worker approached me, so I'll have to go thru another desperate interview how should I make tons of money in every month, and not have status of unemployment riff raff... hah, good luck with it, I think I'll lay all my cards on the table, and go to get an report from doctor's office about my health in my worn out l knees and crazy head, that should do the trick. Arbeit macht frei, thanks to this governmental laws and orders, and the fucking "active model" for unemployment poor part of this sick capitalist elite. Yuo're a psycopath IF YOU CAN'T see the others proplems or have no empathy, sympathy, care for poor and needed, poverty is a crime, I get that way too clear, thanks to ones in power, nobody WANTS to be poor and on the mercy of welfare station worker, like nazis they think the unworking parts of society haS TO BE  erased.

 So it's Friday again, this years first weekend, I think I'll draw some more, "work" not in the sense of employment office, but make  a song or two, illustrate another naked beauty...and spend some quality time with X-mas present DVDees, books and the wife, of course!! ;)Have yourself a great weekend, and fuck the authorities and governmental sickness. Party any how!

4.1.2018 Thursday morning, waking up earlier, trying catch the working hours mood, and not being up all night, doing whatsovers, hah, yes I'm a working class hero, artist natural born lover and ordinary comivs artist per se.

 Dreaming bout future publications and that my art shall provide me great luxury I never had... much, well Iw as wellpaid story board artist some years in late 90's early 2000's, but that momentum never really got back, after I got sick and thse advertisement companies went to bankrupt or evolluted smaller, less work for story boarder or sketcher, for the big bucks...

heh, lucky and priviledged to see that world too, and the more I've seen the moneymaking world, the less I want to be there chasing rainbows and dragons, and the next big catch and success. That's the wrong with capitalists world, taking and usiong more than yopu need, wanting imposible and dreaming big is alright, but spending millions on advertisements is just and purely sick and insane, muhahahaa, guess I won't be drawing any Rolls Royce and luis Vuitoon advertisement story boards anytime soon,and guess what...? I don't give a shit. It's not money I'm working for! If you know what I mean! ;)

3.1.2018 Wednesday afternoon, sleeping the dust off of my trip to Helsinki by bus, bus was full so I had to sit next to older lady, who was sewing there, so we exchange so kind words, and strated to talking... the rest of two hour bus ride, hah, that went great, time flew and soon I was making my purchases and ran into spanish speaking fellows in book store, so of course I fell into conversation with 'em, with my rusted spanish, hah, so now I was double happy, and went ot buy two brushes at Tempera, as it's the only shop selling my brand of weasel fur brushes of Raphael Kolinsky's number 1 and 2. I'm not a slightest snob, but in brushes I prefer only the best,as it effects so strongly on the inked lines and the way I do my comics. So I visit record store Äx on my way back to Kamppi and bought some CDees on sale, and ask half jokingly , "do I get reduce from reduced price",

 and people it's  always wise to ask, you just might get what you want!! ;) I had some time still to kill, so I went to Kampintorin second hand book store, where I haven't visited, like 30 years, and bought a foto book of friend of a dead friend Jönssi's, we'll see if it's next year x-mas present or not, but all in all: great visit to capitol and succesful shopping trip. Now today I have an idea of Angels And Devils serie, that's what I'll draw before I'll dive and swim into the rest of the 50 some pages to ink to print condition, yeah, maybe this lil x-mas time holidaying was helpful, and needed to rest my motörhead, running in high speed by all natural, born to be wild but innocent, hard working not hardly working, bending the twisted phrases, accidentally inventing new words and phrases, not bending over,

 you. I'm pretty free and innocent, with work I never steal, beg or borrow, well I didn't do it in the streets of Spain where I lived without a penny, peseta or dollar,

...but that's just the story that waits for you in Spanish Sauna Trip in August this year!! :)


Waking up late and planning atrip to Helsinki, so gotta go and move when time feels right, spending my days in vain just to pass this holiday season and trying to focus on valuable things in life, that can't measured in numbers or cash, tell tha to my neighbours who seem tohave their eyes on my cattle and live stock, muhhahahahhahaa, jeesus, theys still live in biblical truth, and stone age, stoned to death, dumb and blind, may have been once a good way to go, but nowadays you can open your eyes and see...

 life is beautiful, no matter how ugly is your neighbour and his wife. Ugly, mean and just bad manners makes you disgusting, while you might dress latest fashion or buy the newest model cars, bikes and other gadgets good for the 12 year old, in your sick little brat mind. Too bad I end up with most vicious and twisted neighbours, can't be my fault if my neighbour is bastard, egotripped used houses sales man, not even fuinny liker Phil Dunphy in Modern family, which is our favourite TV show, just watched the season 8 thru, last night, our lil x-mas tradition in here Forzzalandia. 8 x-mas nad 8 Modern family seasons, funny how life is and imitates the TV show, hehehehehe... well, propably the writers do imitate their own and neighbour lives.

1.1.2018 Later on this beautiful afternoon I went and did my THIS year's FIRST song, recorded acoustic guitars, electric bass and screaming vocals over the drum tracks, I actually recorded the day before yesterday, but don't tell anybody, haha... everything might NOT be what it looks like in the first glance!! ;)


 Oh well, having agood time, no matter what! Time is right for music revolution and politically incorrect songs, and revenge is sweeter than ever, just you wait, I'' do you when time is right, and you least expected, the masked rider with dark horse gets you by surprise, muhahahhahahahahhahahahahhhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

1.1.2018 Wishing all great new year with very happy endings and beginnings, wa got very easy change on year yesterday, went to se some fireworks, but thinking some of it's shine went alredy on 6th of December out into sky with 100 anniversay of this poor country. No real new year resolutions on my behalf, except getting in even better shape physically, mentally I'm damaged case, muhahahaa... nt much you can do on that department, except new set of brains, which today's surgery can't do.... lotta love and lotta good things you can do, like not barking and disturbing your neighbours by letter complaining that dog do bark!!!! I used to study lil psycology at school way back, and learn some of the standards like IF YOU corner a rat. it shall attack you, remember this my neighbour, ...and fellow man read your good books, if you're idiot who can't tell right from wrong. Well, we had few good months NOT to seeing this here asshole neighbour or his abusive language using kids, but then he  makes these last days of year a nightmare, so fuck you, if you ain't got no sense, heart or understanding. Take alokk at yourselöf, before YOU accuse me, samd CCR 50 years ago, nuthing has changed, a man a fool still, envy his neighbour, too bad I'm only one in this street got into newspapers whenever I publish a book or music, or whatever. Jealousy, the Finns favourite hobby, sin and sparetime activity. F. O. family R*****ö of Forzza. And very bad new year to all your family, hope you filthy bastards get sick and die, with most paindful way...................................

unlesss you'll become a man, grow apair, and apoligize, that's all you have to do to make up all the pain and misery YOU have cost, with your outrageously bad behaviour, who do you think YOU are? You lousy motherfucking realstater and your fat ugly and stupid wife, a kindergarden worker, do you THINK you are the cream of this society, two lousy workers snobbing with all the newest gadgets, your brother's company money can buy?!?

 I pity the fool, but not you ignorant aggressive blockhead with your baby faced pinoccio nose up in the air, you know what you do wrong, but you don't care, so fuck off. So this is how "fine moods" you created Mr. R****ö, just mind your own business LIKE all we other neighbours do. Live an let live, or pay the price for your actions. I ain't gonna hurt or attack you ever, like you've done to us, so take another long hard look at yourselves and think is it really worth to have an ongoing quarrel (for ever) with your next door neighbour?

 "Oh what a wonderful world this could be if we only give it a chance and lots more people would love eachother..."

(L. Armstrong)

Here we go again, towards great new year, day by day til the victory! Remember love and care, especially the ones you do love and care. This foto below was too much for Facebook, again, I got banned for showing lil tits and black bush, oh yes I do understand the american double standards: it OK to blow amans head with rifle, but not to show any pubic hair or a nipple...

so happy I do live in Europe, privilegded to real news, information, schooling, evolution no theory, climate change's effects and what do you should shame, and especially waht not, little nudity NEVER kill no one. But does it make life better and more interesting.... yes it does! So, long live freedom, to speech and see naked ladies, if we please!!! Better this year than last!