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Helsinki Comics Festival Next year is the Golden Youth part 3.'s year: Spanish Sauna Trip!!

31.12.2017 Sunday afternoon, last day of the year, turning anew number to draw on originals tomorrow, the better future looking good, no matter what all the idiots, domestic, neighbours and foreign, far away countries and lands do. good is bound to win the evil, eventually I do believe more in good than bad, my only bad is to be so bad boy, in blues rock, world to conquer with my Jack King records, and another in adult comics world to enchant and enamour on it's knees and hands, full of best comics art and stories of real life, The Golden Age Of Youth, series of my life ages 14-23.

 All the heartbreakes, all the love lost and found, all life in just 666 pages, make no mistake, make no stupid deciocions, make only wise and progressive actions in your life...

 hah, and let me do my stuff, going wrong, learning from mistakes, growing stronger after all your despice and hate, can't thank you....

 enuff, but Iäll keep you evil bastards in my mind and wait for the perfect timing to get my revenge, it's pay back time, and maybe just a little to forgive....

 you first,

I love everybody more than you ever know. I love the working man and especially woman more than any politic or business man, in their high ivory towers, money ain't my god, ain't got no luxury goal, diamonds and rearls in Vuitton bag ain't no meaning for life, eat it, eat the rich, put the bite on ason of a bitch, miss you Lemmy still. Motörhead was amybe the last dangerous old school band, so happy they didi make it financial success enuff, at the end, providing GOOD new albums every other year too, so much more important than any Rolling Stones record........


....grown it's moss for decades, to me. Working class hero, so much more valuable than any of those limb dick millionaire rock band's (outta tune) singer, oh well, I'm reading Mick Wall's " Lemmy, Ace of Spades" book right now in my "office sessions" daily, it's revealing but finnished like  atoo busy jerk, so when time is right, I'll purchase it in english version, cheaper the better, pocket books for rock'n'roll monsters, like me, hehe... Have yourself a great new yar baby, wherever you are!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

30.12.2017 Saturday afternoon, well slept just 11 (=eleven) hours in straight, after annoyed another jerk off neighbour's note for OUR dogs barking (at nights), well I do see the annoyence, but he don't see or breath the same air as he (in the name of WHOLE neighbourhood) is polluting keeping their snobby kids warm, by warming teh cars in vain for hours, their cars leak POISONOUS waste on the air everyday, spoiling our planet, well thank you neigbours.... so I had to take something to calm me down and not axmurder him in my wildest dreams (that is), which name we don't say loud, but fuck you neighbour who calls police on me when I was annoyed his kids shouting in yard, well practically it's the air we breath and not in our yard, kids shouting is noise pollution too, right?!?

 So wishing happy new year to all people in the world , EXCEPT this here one asshole neighbour, hopefully YOUR kids get the cancer and die on garboxide pollution YOUR actions and motors do. Kinda spoil the fun of new year party, do you agree....? So I'll tryu to get it outta my system fast and for good, but I know myself, I'm tender, sensitive and emotional inside, hurt like anyone, ain't no man of steel, no iron man, no superman...


but in drawing comics I am,  one




helluva muthafucker, muhahahahahhahhaaaa!! :) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

29.12.2017 Friday morning, record the drum tracks already yesterday for the 600th song to compose and write today, later on. Life is a funny, weird, strange, odd, hard on me, some stupid jerk from the past annoys me, wether it's on purpose or not, can't tell, maybe just some people are assholes, do I have to start to admit that, as I want to see the best of you...


 all. Some people change, some not, some are kind, some never had no chance to even think, about change, life lead you when you should lead life, I'm reading about music paper aticles from year 1977, and there's Muddy Waters interview too, 62 year old pioneer and gentleman, my real father, my real idol, only name I've written in my arm with needle and blood, next to mine, tattoo year 1986, Spain. A life time ago, a brief moment in the pages of flipping history of dinosaurs and men.

 Can't spend what you ain't got, can't lose something you never had,



Happy new year, dear and near ones.

28.12.2017 Thursday afternoon, spend hal the night watching x-mas present video Leon, of great Luc Besson and year 1994, such an inventious film, too bad once you've seen it you don't get surprised as in first watch, but neverthe less great story, and strorytelling, which ain't my speciality in any way, muhahahahhaa, I just want my message thru and clear, loud and clear, got it!?! ;))))












Wrote and record two songs yesterday, so I'll need just two more to get 600th marking post succeed, on X-mas I filled 300th CD-R with 80 minutes of Jack King music on every one of 'em!! :))))))))))))))


Wednesday morning, still in the X-mas mood, strolling along towards New Year Ball, new year stroll, new year prosperities, posibilities, new all, well in this old continent, thinking this pause fo inking my book is good for my future plans critalising the aim and concentrating to the most imortants, while trying to have the best of times, and love the best of 'em good old home town girls.... haha!! ;)

Oh well, have to go to loibrary and croceries to fill the void of fridge. Having ut traditional Modern family DVD Marathon at every night, laughing out loud, tears in our eyes.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire of X-mas rolling in, towards 2018.

2018 sound much more stabile number than 2017, hehe , this old numerology voodoo hoochie coochie man, knows what he knows, talks the talka nad walk a mile in my shoes...

oh yes, been thinking  bout my past life and tha psycologian who sai to me, after listening my story: "Jouko, you've really had a really tough life." Then I ealized it too, at the age os 42.

Maybe the secret of the life really is 42. Maybe there is no secret or meaning, maybe we just make up, take down, stand up, sit down, laid back, kick ass and love on and on and on and on.... til we don't.  Just thinking.

26.12.2017 Having agood time of X-mas spirits and candies, overdosing chocolate and pastries and G-string, checking my new Tom Waits Mule Variations song book and I KNOW what shall I do next year, too...

 music, comics books and love. have yourself a better future, give another one better future, past is gone, it's alright!!! Love, J.

25.12.2017 Merry merry X-mas day, having whole lotta fun here and there, everywhere. Peace and love on holiday mood.




Got so many wonderful presents that I must have been a really good boy, whloe year, .........he ho ho ho ho!! I Love you so, X-mas food, TV, toys, rock 'n'roll music, my precious wife, and my life.

Merry merry holidays to you, all good people in the world and streets, take it easy!

24.12.2017 Merry merry X-mas for us all all around the world, hav yourself agreat fun holidays and celebration, in any which way you choose. We spend yesterday cleaning like maniacs the house, and finally get the x-mas tree inside, ll is pretty much ready to bring the presents under it and have the traditional x-mas sauna and dinner. Opening the presents later and then just relax and enjoy this greatest party of mankind ever invented.


 Love and peace for you all good people, be good for goodness sake! And all you bad people, be better next year and catch some gifts, especailly if you a talenteless comics artist desperately in need for gifted future! The mor you do the more you learn and more you can, do,

 good. Well. Best.

 Best of times ,

for a man is...


 while still alive and well!

23.12.2017 Waking up, and quite happy not too tired after all I didi woke up at 4.40 in the morning to take the leg of ham outta owen, now thsi traditional nightly action succeed. Really good feeling, wife shall fetch a x-mas tree and we shall clean the last "x-mas cleanings" together,and maybe little sauna heat aftyer washing it and ready for tomorrow's x-mas party and holidays. Gotta be satisfied and glad all over, we got so much, somuch to be thankful, grateful and blessed.

Thinking about poor people who ain't got nothing or nobody to spend their x-mases, it's sad sad world, for homeless, refugees, and woman is still thre nigger of this world. Equal rights, equal chances, well guess they never turn into reality, reality is too harsh for tender little boys and girls. We just lost in this big world.

We're just a little buttons on this huge planet, x-mas blues, x-mas choose to giove more, to those who need it. And love, all that matters all tha is important, fuck all superficial pretending and show off. Love more than you believe you can.


I record my first song with my new old and battered acoustic steel strings guitar, and most of all it's the SAME brand and albel "Cort", that I bought in Spain summer of 1986! Although this one is brown and wood colour, and my first "Spanish guitar" was white and electro-acoustic, this one is just acoustic, but sounds real ghood for it's price, and as I jokled earlier, I bought half of it with my Sanasto payment, muhahahahahaa...

...actually I ONLY spend half of it on this guitar, rest went in the speed of light to x-mas presents, hehe!! Win win win situation, looking eagerly forward to the next years and fortunes and fame I'm about and due, dude! Ain't no stopping this freight train to success and Hollywood and Vine!!! :)

22.2.2017 Friday morning, fun trip to Espoo and Helsinki yesterday, sitting in a bus for a 4 hours, but watching my back on bus seat didn't get any more aching, so it was alright to see mom....

 ...and suddenly two long gone friends, and love one, heh, damn, what's the scale of probability calculating: 2 out of million people, to meet in Helsinki and Espoo, hah.

 Oh well, I had my candy apple red Lemmy sweater on, and got alla I want from Espoo and Helsinki. Now just rolling towards X-mas eve and weekend.

 Take it easy baby!! And have drink on Lemmy's 72th birthday at Sundat to come!! <3

 Oh, yes, the most important news on planet Jouko: I'm less than 90 kilos heavy metal , flesh and blood, not yet skin and bones...

 strong fine buddy of man!!! ;)

21.12.2017 Thursday morning, soon to be heading to Helsinki and Espoo, visit mom and go shopping some X-mas gifts and brushes for inking business, nextyear is here soon, but let's have areal cool, warmhearted, restful, peasceful motöheaded and lovely X-mas, in every which way you and I choose, nothing to lose but this time of holidays and happiness to be alive.


Warm house and woman I love, that's whole lotta love and understanding and peace for me. Fuck all smallminded twats with their luxury mansions and capitalists in general. Love is the best gift mankind ever had. Sharing good, giving all from the little I have, big heart, lotta love.


<-- I used to bad boy and smoked many cugarettes, kilos of weed and black morroccoan hash, was smashed, stoned and alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllright, back in 1993, Torremolinos washiong away 3 yeras labours dust of scaffoldbuilders back. Spain is my second home, there I'd love to live sometime, some year, there I have been visiting more times than in Sweden, hah, or any other country, even Estonia come third prize!! ;) Wishing all the best and merry x-mas and Feliz Navidad!! por los todos en España!

Only 3 nights til X-mas!!! :)


20.12.2017 Wednesday and just 4 nights til X-mas eve and Santa Claus visits, been a good year, with alla comics stuff an audio bookings, decided just  a moment ago to put all comics inking to NEXT year's schedule, except maybe coluring he cover art, and maybe lil Ahterix In Hispania cover too, but that's apleasure and thrill.... well, all my illustrating (usually) is, but this foremostly is fun and challenging as it's been  along time since I really water coloured, anything more than just a few minutes. But now back to cleaning business, heh, and x-mas decorating too! Jingle bells and ,merry balls hangin round x-mas tree!! ;)

 Bought the ham also yesterday and the new acoustic guitar with metal strings, yes I've been drooling for it a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!! ;)

Now I'll start doing more ballads and pussy wimpy songs...............err no I'm not, guess I'm just a bluesy juicy man. Playing acoustic like electric guitar, bending strings like Albert King!! ;)

Cort was the label of my first real guitar I bought in Malaga that Summer of '86! So this was the main reason behind this purchase!! Gimme back those yars , and give it to me noW!!! ;)

19.12.2017 Tuesday morning, started the X-mas house cleaning, annual nightmare, hehe, did the behind of the owen, that's alaways the place of surprises and dried food sauces, olis etc. funnies, well I don't care as long as I have rubber gloves on, I'll clean it. Making the holiday feeling by sending surprise presents to some friends, old and new, borowed and blue, wishing the next year shall be better for all of us, good people, deserving more fine moments, love, fame and fortunes, fortunately we'll never get all we wish, end of the dreams is nothing. Empty floor, with no presents would be so sad, so lonely.


 I can remember the most saddest x-mases I've had, 1987 walking alone in Streets of Helsinki especially that long Helsinginkatu, nowhere to go, no money in my pocket, no love, no house to spend the night. Saviour came in the form of my own mother, but the night was cold and lonely to walk, and walk til morning, falling asleep in tables of cafes and restaurants, thrown out in the cold winter night, wouldn't wish that for my enemies....

....well, taking that back, I wish taht to all teh assholes who never experienced nothin real bad, got their safety nets to hang on and be crazy, and accuse me for criticising their easy life and short temper and bullshit art... sorry, but I ain't sorry bout reality, if it bites you in the ass, it's a wake up call, or just hippies karma that kicks your lazy ass to do better, more, well and really develope to being agood person. Harrashment and abuse is always wrong, wheter it come from phedophiles, gays or any idiots otherwise. No remorse, no mercy for the bad.

 My conscience is CLEAN, I've never harrashed any woman. I've NEVER grabbed no womans or mens asses in bars or streets. drunk or sober, I've done my part of stupid mistakes and lived there down in darkest alleys of Spain and Finlandia, BUT I've never sold my ass, never begged as a BEGGAR, never abused, raped, or forced to have sex, no woman. And I shall tell you warts and  all in Spanish Sauna Trip, my life's well worth 4 books and 500 pages, my youth aged 14-23, Kultainen Nuoruus serie, wildest. craziest reality and autobiographic novels done in years 2009-2021. Ending when I wa just 24 in December 13th 1987. To me it's the most important comics books, ever, done. So I know what I shall do next 3 and ½ year!!!! :))))))))

 But now I just clean, sweep and dust my broom, sliding to X-mas ball and party time!! be good for goodness sake!! <3  

18.12.2017 Monday morning, waking up after another bad night sleep, oh domestic troublesomes, plääh, could live without 'em, but...

 towards better times, happier bell chimes, X-mas jubilation! And here's the list of 100 best and worst Finnish comics artists for your pleasure and eyes only:

1. Ville Ranta

2. Hanneriina Moisseinen

3. Milla Paloniemi

4, Jukka Tilsa

5, Rosa Liksom

6. Riitta Uusitalo

7. Tiina Pystynen

8. Jyrki Nissinen

9. Jyrki Heikkinen

10. Tommi Liimatta

11.  Jenni Rope

12. Kaisa Leka

13. Jarkko Vehniäinen

14. Emmi Valve

15. Pertti Jarla

16. Ville Pirinen

17. Johanna Rojola

18. Katja Tukiainen

19. Kati Kovacs

20. Kivi Larmola

21. Jope Pitkänen

22. Sami Myllyniemi

23. Julia Vuori

24. Kasper Strömman

25. Anssi Kasitonni

26. Jarno Latva-Nikkola

27. Janne Toriseva

28. Nalle Virolainen

29. Aapo Kukko

30. J.A. Mäki

31. Reetta Nieminen

32. Keijo Ahlqvist

33. Pauli Heikkilä

34. Harri Filppa

35. Mari Ahokoivu

36. Pasi Heikura

37. Aino Sutinen

38. Sami Kivelä

39. Reima Mäkinen

40. Tomi Riionheimo

41. Christer Nuutinen

42. Pentti Nuortimo

43. Markku Virta

44. Amanda Vähämäki

45. Joel Melasniemi

46. Juuso Laasonen

47. Anne Muhonen

48. Sami Aho

49. Pentti Otsamo

50. PA MAnninen

51. Mauri Sirola

52. Jussi Piironen

53. Juho Juntunen

54. Ilpo Koskela

55. Janne Kukkonen

56. Kati Närhi

57. Mauri Kunnas

58. Anni Nykänen

59. Jyrki 69

60. Maria Björklund

61. Terhi Ekebom

62. Petri Hiltunen

63. Jyrki Vainio

64. Miha Rinne

65. Mikael Mäkinen

66. Tea Tauriainen

67. Ilkka Heilä

68. Mika Lietzen

69. Jii Roikonen

70. Tomi Putaansuu

71. Ville Pynnönen

72. Harri Vaalio

73. Samuli Lintula

74. Timo Kokkila

75. Heikki Paakkanen

76. Kristian Huitula

77. Kari Korhonen

78. Tuuli Hypen

79. Ossi Hiekkala

80. Juba Tuomola

81. Sami Toivonen

82. Hannu Lipponen

83. Ninni Aalto

84. Kari Sihvonen

85. Matti Hagelberg

86. Timo Mäkelä

87. Tiitu Takalo

88. Timo Ronkainen

89. Tommi Musturi

90. Petteri Tikkanen

91. Tommi Hänninen

92. JP Ahonen

93. Hannu Lukkarinen

94. Katariina Katla

95. Timo Kähkönen

96. Jouko Nuora

97. Kari T. Leppänen

98. Marko Turunen

99. Tarmo Koivisto

100. Ville Tietäväinen

All rights are reserved, copyrights are all mine! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooops it did came written upside down, from worst to best,


17.12.2017 Sunday morning in here, part of the world, listening a blues compilation collection of various artists, old blues is helleuva better than most of modern music that they play on radio. I'm sos orry I didn't have no chance to see any of those great blues maestos while they were alive, closest I got with John Lee Hooker in Puistoblues festival back in 1991, I had a free pass to get there cause I was building the stage there, BUT then my sister decided to get married at excatly the same day and it was here in Häme, long way from Järvenpää Puistoblues, damn. 

Muddy and Howling Wolf wer long gone bedfore I was adult or able to travel the world, oh Albert King was gone way too soon too. The good ones go fast and early. Same thing with Bon Scott and Philip Lynnot, only heroes of mine that's still alive are Tom Waits and Albert Uderzo, wish I'd meet 'em somewher, sometime. Well I can idolize 'em from far still, but eyesight is important too, especially in concert situation, you can always listen 'em records at home, and read teh Asterix albums for hundred thousandth time!! ;)))

 Okey, taking it really easy, and might have my nonpaid holidya too, all this year til January, if I don't feel like draw or ink, I just have to listen tomy heart and my head, needs arest and holiday, thank you, the more cause I skipped the Summer "holidays" totallywet rain ain't no good for Summer holiday in cold cold Funlandia.

Only seven short nights til X-mas, oh yeah, jingle bells all the way!!

<-- another newish sketch for Spanish sauna Tripping!

16.12.2017 Saturday morning, taking it east and slow, well my middle name is speed and hurry, so it's not that natural for me to go real slow, hah, but what wouldn't poor boytry at least once!! ;)

I've been painting and building a new shlef for dictionaries and some large CD boxes, too above already done LP shelf, well I'm that kinda carpenter taht don't fuzz around too long, I just jump on it like adog to juicy bone. Things that has to be done, I rather do 'em today tahn leave it til tomorrow or the uncertain future, I ain't lazy fucker, I love doing with hands, carpenting, music instruments, illustrations, drumming, and even bicycling is fun and passionate deeds to be done, shall be done dirty cheap, muhahahaa!! :) Oh AC/DC and Bon Scott's hilarious rock poetry, lived and loved wisdoms of life and love affairs especially, brightens my bluesy days. It's been spoken and talken again didi Bon die on heroine overdose and vomit or not, well whadda hell, it really don't matter as long as he stays dead and gone.......... it was such a loss, such waste of life. But back in 70's YOU couldn't ask for help as long as you public image was being bad boy in rock, looka at Philip Lynnot, Bon, Jimi Hendtrix and so many other lost souls, well judge not and you shall not be judged, right?

Waiting for dear old Santa Claus patiently!!!  ;))))))))))))









Friday morning, getting back to rhytmn of inkling comics again, felt good to achieve two pages finishing touches of shadowing and texture finesses. It's my life, and my love and work. Guess I shoulöd be happy just by thought I CAN do and work what and wherer I want, and I have NO bosses, no timetables (except the ones I decide to have!), nodeasdline, no stresses, just passion and lust and love to do what I do, everyday, yes, read that again everyday, all fun all good, all for love, and this time and year it's been Spanish sauna trip graphic novels/comics album, and I ain't no quitter, cause quitter never win, and I'm already winner, haha, 2011 won 12 000 euros, 100th anniversary competition of Finnish Comics, yeah, read 'em and weep baby!! ;)




Oh well, within six day aman can do a lot, some create a world on it by themselves, god almighty, and have a rest on seventh, wishing all merry x-massy holiday wishes and weekend to spend on any which way you choose. Love the life you live an live the life you love, Muddy said it 50 years ago. I've been taught by Muddy Waters and the rural and down earth wisdom and knowledge of heart, and by heart. Love the love.

 <-- Young and sweet Pamela Anderson the most famous Finnish heritaged and  red blooded lady, in da world! ;)

14.12.2017 Thursday morning, happy nameday for all Jouko's out there, living in tis modern world, all us December's child, cheers Lemmy piaf, Waits and all you whose names escapes like herd of sparrows into the winter black night. It's cool and freezing out there and warm here inside this lil cottage and house. Thankful for all good things came my way. Saw the newest Star wars movie too, nice, didn't expect ANYTHING, so it was apleasure although I've finally grown up, fed up with fight scenes, no matter how spectale them are shown...

 Makes me wonder how BAD is the level of professional manuscripts of movies and TV, that every time it's NOT lousy it's like wowo, this is good. Scales of utterly bullshit and devastating authors, people just get away with it. cause there ain't no real good writers anymore?!? Oh well, luckily I'm not awriter or author, just a another motherfucking comics artist, self learnt and thoroughbred with work and life lived,  not only read andf imagined. That's were th real stories come.

Reality beats fiction 100-0. This of course won't be addmitted by authors, they got their own fish to fry, muhahahhaaa!!! :)

13.12.2017 Having my birthday today, in this here very winterly weather, lotsa snow came yesterday and it's even lil below zero, very pretty to look outside from the inside window of my drawing room. Here we are in winter wonderland still, growing older almost every year, hehe. Just had my borthday cake slice of sweet ice cream and cake, nam. Wife promised to take me to new Star Wars movie at evening show, it's premiere tonight for the Last Jedi! ;) And I did hear from knoworthy party that Santa Claus knows what I want and shall get for X-mas, too............!

 Oh happy days, got to be alive, thinking it's utterly the most best time of a man. Life, sweet and sour, sweet and bitter, fun and cruel, hilarious and devastating, un- and expected, all in all, after all...

 I have. More those good days and years than bad and worse, not counting the worst year at all, rather change 'em in a flash, take it, I don't need 'em anymore, ever. Towards the bright and light, dark and mess, all's fine, taking as it comes, making the best of it. Playing this role and status of mine, and most of the time just the regular average guy, an artist by nature and natural born...


 lover, yeah!! Hoochie coochie man............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!!

12.12.2017 Tuesday morning, snow visiting us again, but I don't beleieve on it anymore, lasting like a one night stand, all over the next day. Thil Lizzy's Johnny Th Fox on my stereo, playing for me lasat 30 years as I did find 'em late, just after Philip was gone, so I never had achance to see the original Lizzy live on stage, but the second best thing I did with Brian Downey and Scott Gorham on lineup, in Helsinki July 2011, it was pleasent and well done Lizzy gig, and most of all I met my long lost firend again that night, and we've been connecting since, good friendships, manna of this land. World limping to it's wasteland and grave, hopefully I won't be to testify it.....

 ever. Sometimes I'm naive and selfish enuff to wonder what happens after I'm gone to " happy hunting grounds over the rainbow and beyond", well, it's rather meaningless to think what others shall think, when you're real dead and gone. Can't hear 'em, don't bother yo when daffodils are growing from your eyesockets, right?

 Well, better be good now for goodness sake, better watch out, better be real nice, X-mas coming twice as nice!! ;)

Continuing carpenter stuff today and hopefullt the stink of oil paint has vanished from my studio, guitars are crying for touch and strings to punishment, blues you're my best friend.



<-- cat pics and videos, innocent fun most of the time, really nice stuff to have break on working week, days roll into holidays soon, soon whole lotta fun to be and watch comedy and domestic cat theatre, puuuuuuuuurfect time of the year, why can't man have a X-mas time forever?

11.12.2017 Monday, and continuing my sleeping diary, haha, and plans for cover art. Couldn't be just relaxing and taking it way too easy, all weekend, so I scribbled some logos and put together a sketch for wild one, Spanish Sauna Trip:


 day after tomorrow I shall be a year older, but a year stronger in my comics art businesses, still got that urge to accomplish the stars and lasso the moon, the usual stuff, fortune and fame and golden lame dress, eerr, nope, just gold and silver and success, rich life, lovely love, in a world  I don't care, as I care my loved ones. Pollution is your problem, volence is madness you build with your armies and weapons, wars and hatred. Sad mad little world, and every one running after something, own egotripping, wine sipping acid tripping gold digging. Strange world, strange fruits and vegetables, rotten and moss, life saved, what a loss.


<-----yesterday's puzzle and sketchy cover, might bee TOO crazy...




 for you!?!? ;)

10.12.2017 Sunday, slept til afternoon again, my biological watch has been moved few hours further into early morning, night when I fell, so I only slept like 10 hiours, muhahahahahaa... damn it feels good to really have long relaxation in slumberland especially as I broke the lower back muscles (again) painting the new part for bookshelf with black oil paint in garage, damn, just a little brushing in awkward positionand the hurt attacked immediately after job done, well no one else to blame for lousy working stature, and NOT taking care of back problematy, as I've seen this before it's plain stupidness, and as I'm not in any payroll of monthly job, I got no use to go to doctor either to hear: you need to take it easy and watch out that back for few days, no hard labour....etc."  Oh whadda exciting and dangerous life of a caricaturist and comics artist, this is!! :D

 Oh well, luckily I've had my exciting adventures by the age of 14-24, the wildest mad and crazy actions in Spain and Finlandia, so I have no need to go deeply insane on foreign and domestic love affairs, anymore!! Enuff's enuff, plenty is more than none. usually the coin and blade has two sides, as love does, having just one lover/wife, is meaningful and respectful, but then you also missed the other 100, thousand free pretty girls and wild women, you could have rocked too,  ....well and as I've seen and heard straight from horse mouth, lotta people cheat their spouses, wives and partners... way too many cases.

 Is that so great to be married and cheat too? Well answer to yourself, I'm not judge in this trial called life and love life! Love the one you´re with. Really love and care. Especially in X-mas, it's important, to have and hold, your love.

9.12.2017 Saturday afternoon, the little carpenter in me woke up yesterday again, and went to croceris store or is it supermarket hard ware section and purchased piece of wood for extra shelf, selfish me adding another layer on LP rack, or on top of it, to put my dictionaries better available from the low corner of my studio, and making more room and space for CD collection that is more than 1000 units strong and counting!!! ;) So today I must hurry to buy more black paint as the other furnitures are painted black too, or mahogany red and brown, which is maybe my favourite wood colour, in our mansion on the hill... listening appropiet Neil Young album, to start my day.


  Later on sauna and family fun time with my wife, Saturdays are just fine, escaping the working week stress and urge to succeed and finsih something, everything gopt it's place and time, even if if 'em are permanently out of time and place!! ;) It's like the Albert King's blues revelation: "Without a bad luck, I wouldn't have NO luck at all"!!! :)

So baby  rock your silly little heart out!!



<----Xmas calendar quiz still going on, whose that under covers and laying on furry fake fur covers? Go to facebook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus", guess right and win this album!!

8.12.2017 Friday morning, waking up early if I comcider my two night before, as I slept over 10 houts both, but guess I needed that, rest and big sleep, chandlerian slip, slippers and bathrobe, hugh hefnerian palyboyness, grotto club and playmates of a month or two, my youth went wild, I was still agoodish boy, but world introduced me sin and city and bad boy boogies, my best bon scottish behaviour, just a gigolo, everywhere I went, searching for light in the hearts of saturday nights, boulevard of broken dreams and hearts full of regret, all you get, never enuff to say it's too much, life ain't, troubles were, too hard to handle, broken mind, absent head, fire and earth, snow and ice, all we have is this moment and the memories, too. We got so much, comparing the ones in Africa, starving, but if your heart is like a little african village, doing its dying, without no help, no hope, no love. What can you do for our country? 

Just asking, what the hell is my country, 100 years of misery, pain, cold cold ground, concrete and steel, jails and asylums, politics and revolutionists, governmental mental cases,

 and still all you need is love,

 I need so much more!! ;)

<---Foto manipulation sketch for cover art of Spanish Sauna Trip. Wanna be the voodoo kid and John the Conquerer, my second cousin of Muddy Waters Clarcksdale Mississippi US of A.

7.12.2017 Thursday afternoon, nice and easy celebration on our behalf here in Forzza town, went to sauna heated by wood, the most finnish way to behave and do, put on some better cloths and eat extra fillings topped pizza, haha, the national food of Finlandia!!


<-- Newest best of 2017 record, CD available soon!! Only difficult is to chooze from 150 song those 21 best of off!! :)



Also did my 160th own song yesterday,as my program was to compose and record 100 this year, but that was fulfilled already in 2nd of September, and seemingly I can't stop amking records and those songs just floats outta me. Feeling blessed with ability to prodice new music, with my very own terms and timetable, especially. No rush, no hurry, no deadlines, except that 100 song that was done, earlier on, so freedom no compromise!:)

 Lyrics pads fill with text, I'm trying to write shorter stories and lyrics to leave more space for guitar solos, as my hit songs are only 2 minutes and half long! I love rock music, I love short and sharp images build on few raw and straight ti the point words, but with that blues double endere twist, and shout, screraming blues, jazzing jazz, funky bass and crazy drumbeats, driving forces and slashing guitar solos, first takes and as little doubleing, or second takes, and NO pro tooling or pitch correction, music and singing are both just skills you CAN improve and develope, better, stronger and truely effective gutsy bluesy, rock'n'roll music, gets me thru the working day, I listen at least 4-8 albums EVERYDAY!!! 

Learning from the best from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and stopping all the stands between, and making NEW and my ver OWN music. Music Iw ant to listen new stuff all the time, that's why I've bought more than 1000 (= thousand!) CDees, withing 8 years we've lived here in this little house on the prairie. Bought few LPees too, recently as I'v "found" Amazon international netshopping, hehe...

 Music to last all my life, that's what I'm looking for, having good time with good music, maing days better with soul of rock'n'roll,

...feeling good when I sing the blues, yes the contradiction of life, that's mucho allright! Rock on, get on, love on! :)


<---X-mas calendar quizzwizz competition (number 3) going on Facenook page of "Kultainen Nuoruus", guess whose that lurking person behind covers and win free album!!! :)

6.12. 2017  Happy hundreth anniversary to indiependent Finlandia today, it's really a time for celebration and even the weather is perfect some snow and lili below zero, the temparature that is. I just woke up lat in this afternoon, feeling pretty good as I finally got the greatest idea for the Spanish Sauna Trip album frontcover, and started ketching it also, so here's the first version:

  That shall be developed til it's satisfactory for the party that decides the terminal execution of this wild album cover art, not too pornographic but the hint of sex and spanish night life, well you just gotta read it when it comes in August 2018. But today we party like it's 19999999, or something crazy like that! Fireworks and hilarious time for all us Finns, stubborn, shy, quiet, and us proud, strong, individual, excotic, straigth, dependable, true blue, black or white, brown or yellow, good and bad, mistaken, forsaken, loving, wonderful, honest Finns. It's time to be proud and good, taking care of poor and needed.

Kippis to us all!

Let's have a ball,

everyday is worth to live and have acelebration to freedom, and life, taking nothing granted but all teh money they give me granted from art commisiisons and helping handed,

 fame and fortune in balance and all the shit that comes along, being wary waht you wish, careful and scared is not in my vocalibury,

 sacred love of a special woman and life,

free, inspiring, good and wondeful little things in everyday life is fine, but tonight is time for celebration,

Eläköön Suomi, eläköön, eläköön, eläköön!! <3 <3 <3

 1917-2017. It's a long long time.

5.12.2017 Tuesday morning, and finally I got good enuff idea for Spanish Sauna Trip covert art, yippikaiyey, I shall start with it today and let 'em rest of inking additions wait til better time, I confess I'm pretty bored with inking now 7 or 8 monts in arow!!! No real holiday or time off to fuck off all from my mind, heh. So I must remind myself I'm afreelancer and I CAN do whatever whenever, I want! I working class brat, hard labour boy, physical graffiti and gray stone miner for a heart of gold and lover of life itself, too hard for me to surrender or to be lazying without any results, visible. I nbeed to see the results of the work, in first hand, I think I'm more handi craftsman, artisan than bullshit artist, I make art, but don't care to amke a big fuzz about it, unlöess its erves a purpose, fame and fortune, is just vehicle to get the art in your eyes and hearts. And love motherfucking conquers all.

(<-- third X-mas calendar quizz now going on in Facebook page!!)

 I just watched adeeply disturbing movie: Monster, Aileen Wournos story, with great Charlize Theron starring in huge role for abused from kid, turn into hooker and serial killer. Very eyeopening film, and touching me, thinking how everyone is a possible killer, if circumstances fall on your back, living in streets, do what you have to do. Not moralizing, just stop and think.....

it could be you. An important and raw story, even the lesbian ove scenes weren't showed too sweet, well, recomended to watch, no easy ride for us wild ones, it could have been me, too. So I'm lucky to be free and walk away from crime scenes in my life, I had enuff..... enuff to fill the comics books autobiographics the rest of my mild life!! ;)

4.12.2017 Monday afternoon, sleeping more than doctor orders, within this dark times of the year, I don't mind being in sleep half aday, haha! Surprised as the second one calendar quizz was too easy too, here's the hidden treasure, behind covers:

 ....and as I wanna be a good boy especially this close to X-mas, I ve already put next competition up on Kultainen Nuoruus Facebook-page, hopefully we'll get a bit closer to X-mas with this mystery person's identity, or I'll be in crises wioth give away audio comix book albums, haha. But it makes me feel real good, and that's enough in life generally, giving more and free just cause I can and want. Oh, well ain't no sacred jesus man, ain't too good, but I know who I am, and that's pretty much more than most do know, muhhahahahaa...

.....from their ass from the hole in the ground! ;) X-mas spirits bottled up and drank, yeah, maybe that's the spirit for you, and I try not to judge, but Ishall tell my opinion, always when it's time to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. X-mas time I love. Ain't no lie.

 Let the x-mas come in your hearts and minds, peace on earth, for the little drummer boys especially,all we need is love...

 and balls to love.

<-- Patti Smith earlier in last century military irony....! ? !

3.12.2017 Sunday morning, and snow left us again, not really disappointed still, better off without astronomigal heating and electrity bills! ;) Listening some easy jazz Dave Brubeck and Count Basie, well my taste of jazz has been stuck on somewhere 50's swinging stuff, although I might listen modern times too accidentally bringing home records from local library, which I'm very happy to have withing 7 minutes bicycle drive, so I make my visits there frecuantely once or twice aweek, depending on how many good records I manage to borrow, or get excited, my working week is pretty free formed and especially nowadays varies if and when I want to, free lancer's 25 thg year going on, that's like quarter of century in this profession, not counting the days before when Iw as semipro, haha...  The first prizwe of guessing my X-mas calenadar quizz was won yesterday with this pic of Marilyn Monroe (2.12..'17), BUT today anew riddlequizz in Facebook pages of Kultainen Nuoruus, go there and win a FREE album!!!

...drawing is my first love at the tender age of 6 or 7, I still can remember when I sat on kitchen and drew til I managed to get Asterix' face drawn by memory, not lookig at the pic on album. Year must have been 1970, and as I am December's child I was most of 1970 only 6 year old and in first grade of school. Iwasn't the classs' best drawer that year, but from 1971, I was, and stayed in my position (more or less) til my graduating day 31st of May 1982. That's why I GOT talenta and skills and ability to spot GOOD illustrator from miles ahead, and with on look, hah, later on life that was very practical skill to see who someone is just by first glance, oh well but that was long ago. Sometimes I look at my old drawing and envy how precise and sharp was my inking way back in 1996! Years has made me faster amybe but lacking some of that microscoping tiny detailing and tecsture in those inked funny comics for Pahkasika and other publications, nani Cowgirl's inking took a year and two months just makin shadows and reflections on skin!!!


Hardest working man in show business maybe was James Brown, but I think I'll surely come pretty damn close!!! ;)

2.12.2017 Saturday morning, snow fell again yesterday, now we're in atunnel of waiting when it shall melt, again, the everlasting circle of snow time and time not snow at all. Winterlong discussion, arctic problematics, x-mas neurotics and holiday spirits taking over, me  getting just ready to stop allactions that could be considered as working stuff, well "working" hard all year but getting paid only when selling and publishing new stuff, waiting those golden days of selling back cathalogue paying all my bills and retiring to costa del sol, haha....

far far away dreamland, why can't I leave like a bird, when I want, if I need a break, I shall do whatever I please as it shall be with x-mas time, oh well, dwelling on these same subjects and subjunctions really make me wanna have looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong well earned holiday!!! sun or not, I'll have my fun, and hoping you all the best, all the time every time, every year is am new chance, new romance with life and it's benefits, alive is the best of our times ever!! ;)

1.12.2017 Friday morning, waking up ritual of coffee and porridge wellkonow artifactures to brighten my day and getting enrgized for activity, and to stay alive in this here life of rat racing and rich facing the problematics of losing money, not gaining happiness, well I guess maybe rich man can be happy too, without worrying too much bout losing his/hers weath, well questions staying unanswered as we can't possibly know how another piece of nature's wonder......... think or feel, not even stupid Juha Hurme know nothing about another man's troubles, civilazation ain't know well of wisdom, stupidity of wellread highly educated assholes still roars at it's mighty powerful scaling high and low culture values,

that are utterly bullshit as we all should know and regognize art has no face value, it's only as deep or low on it's remarkabilty WHAT it includes, there's planty of thin and meaningless novels, theater pieces and simple and lame classic music, but that just easy to forget when you operate inside of that system of "high and mighty upper class society culture", which I do dispais, have no real need  and my ife is full of effortless and well done cultural music and audio art, popularity is like twobladed sword, it cuts you too, if you're the most popular you probably ain't worth a shit, in creative side of the facts and culture.

Examples especially most popular music in Finland is way too easy to name, and authors full of 'emselves even easier, hah, I'll be back with that tomorrow....

 or the day after, ;)))))))))))))))))))

 <--Nazis in every party, like Pelle Miljoona sang oh so long ago, already 1979.

Go and see the X-mas quizz in Facebook and Kultainen Nuoruus page, NOW!!! :)

30.11.2017 Thursday afternoon, slowly waking up and updating tomorrows big and traditional caledasrquizzwizz competition for you in Facekookpages of "Kultainen Nuoruus" December's x-mas calendar here prepeak of it...


  guess whose lurking behind the covers and win FREE comics album the btrand newest audio book or any of my back cathalogue, brought to you by mail in sweet package before X-mas to enjoy all year long, the best (and only!!)HEHE!) audio comics book in Finnish  language!!!

 Today's program to me. if bit different as we're getting a shipment of new sauna woods by pickuptruck, soon, so I'll ink later on if I still got the strength, otherwise I don't...

heh, life is easy if you're easy, as I am...call me anytime, baby!!!

muhahahahaaa!! ;)

29.11.2017 Wednesday morning, snowing slowly down, wet sleet sneet that is actually, melting soon away, I guess and see the roads still dryish, bad weather for driving though, gladly ain't motorvating anywhere, no hurry no rush anymore, x-mas coming on it's time and place, that's enuff.

Moving on, really love the idea of having holiday soon, as my mind wanders away to new projects that seem so much more inspiring than the album I've now worked over a year, hah. Two year projects are pain in the ass, but luckily experiencing some winning feelings every other day or so, succeeding to finish pages ready for print, and that's the ultimate gola after all, after all it's brutal hard work, mentally exhausting and physically wearing out, inside out and upside down, going in between and beyond, time is no limit, just the message getting thru and plot of those adventures understood and put on glorious state and way, way cool and mighty fantastioc, skillful art and fun to read, readers first, artist second and critics last, as they can kiss my ass,

 again. Muhahhahahaaa!!

28.11.2017 Tuesday morning waking up as I do, opening eyes to brand new day and crazy dream of es and sex, better not say anymore, muhahahahahaa, oh those wet dreams and teenager love affairs, memories and strories of youth gone wild, oh the material for author and illustrator, hindsight it is great storage of original material, unique and surprisingly common health, wealth for art, my path kinda long and winding road, curly, broken and even lost tracks, label this...


...life full of surprises when you're young and taking your first baby steps on rocky roads of life extraordinary, love and lust and passion for love. And sex. And rock'n'roll. All you need is. Within reach if you really stretch out for it, maybe take few steps out of your old neighbourhood. Meeting new people of new countries, new languages, new habits, food, customs, new lovers in foreign affairs, as its best, forever lasting memories.!!! My lil spanish sauna trips part 1 and 2, coming sooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!

But let's have X-ms before    all!!


Monday morning, cause I ain't working on comics on weekends I did two songs yesterday just like that, cause I felt like it. I'm very grateful I got excited with composing new song, and it's very simple as I first lay down the drum tracks recorded by two microphones, and build the two guitar(s) tracks on that, and back up with bass tracks, then move those six tracks to two mixer tracks and add six more if needed, usually just two vocaltracks and one for added solo if needed, or chorus vocal tracks and then it's finished within an hour and hal or so. If I ain't totally pleased with vocals, I make another version for whole song, usually/always singing in one take from beginning til the end, so I know I can sing it live situation too, if needed. I've become pleased with just two simplest guitar sounds, clear and distortion, but yesterday recorded with my "new" effect pedals board some flanger echo guitar too. It's nice  to play with different effects but that's not the main thang, ever. Ain't using no pro tools or any computerwise cleaning or moderating on million track mastering programs. Just sound of music, loud and clear that's enuff. Rock'n'roll will survive alive, not in box of tools and fake drums, hehhehehe...

 ....let the music play! Let it be free and wild, and live as long as it lives on our hearts. Rock'n'roll music save the world, the only religion that'll never let you down (thanks to almighty Lemmy for inspiration and advices to adulthood and rock'n'roll points of view).


Sunday afternoon, did sleep over 11 hours so Imissed the morning time, hah, great loss, going direct to eve and having real easy beasy time, maybe make another song or two today, just relaxing and trying to be in fit to murder the rest of pages on my upcoming book and work on it real harda and long til holiday season and the traditional housecleaning mission almost impossibleand arrenging for the holy of the holiest, X-mas time! ;) 

 Oh well, times roll day by day, I'll be aging one in 13 th of next month too, remenbering other December's childs: Piaf, Waits; lemmy, my granpa, and all we good people born again, child in time, adult for life, stories and biographies, readers ball, remembering times, fo good and past, what's it all worth , where do we end, don't know and don't know if I do care about it... too much, too many happenings, too many heartbreaks, too many wasted years, too many difficulties, too many problems,unfinished businesses and symphonies, unsolved mysteries,go see the new Eastern Express mystery if you nee more excitement in your life! :P

 Soon there'll be elfs and Santa's little helpers watching you, so you better be good for goodness sake! Yes, you!

25.11.2017 Saturday morning, still fighting flu's afterglowing tiredness or is it just the kaamos that started yesterday too, no sunshine in northern Finland til Springtime, that's tuff stuff, indeed, wouldn't change the climate with north anytime soon, ain't fancy no waiting, the next ice age, no thank you. It's cold enuff here without real cool times, saving polar bears another mission impossible if the antarctis melts but that's life, spieces dying and maybe new one created?!?

God is so busy man these days when there's too many wars to handle and terrorist and all that shit, poor Egypt, poor innocent peoples killed. Nothing fancy there, never proved no violence, no killing in the name of ********** ** ********* ******* you wanna name it. I just wanna enjoy life and sauna with my dear wife, tonight, fuck all you soldiers and killers. Leave me and all the good people in peace, thank you.

24.11.2017 Black Friday it surely is as the snow melted away and ground is "black", in it's wet brown, gray and green mix of rotting vegetables and dead grass and fallen leaves and last hays waving in the wind, as it really is, we're still in Autumnly months for a week, but nevermind the lil statistics and numbers, just a tiny month excatly to X-mas party time, YEAH!!! :) Makes me happy and feel good , waiting for this season all the best of the year, hah, so many holiday days within a month, first day is my 30th anniversary of...

 ... something I'll revela on that day, and then the 6th is th Finns 100th anniversary party, 13th my birthday and the 14th Joukos nameday/dia santa, and just 10 daya away from X-mas eve, that's ther eal party over here in Funlandia, and tthen we'll have the New year eve within a week again, party party party!!!! :))))))))

As an respectful and responsible all grown up and adult I shall work hard til my birthday or maybe longer before getting into x-mas cleaning and arrenging mood and listening few X-mas albums, and wrapping latest presents, as I did yesterday, too! ;) So I'm ready for x-mas every year, hallelujah! ;)

23.11.2017 Thursday morning, snow falling and flying in vortexures, very x-masy feel it brings, but I rather prefer still nonsnowy ground and temperatures as long as possible here where haeting is expensive and takes second largest sum of monthly money drain, oh Summer come back soon, or renewed next year at least! ;)

Nice project this Bon Scott potrait, wasting time on it feels fine, cute little sidedish on my way to main course of Spanish Sauna Trip inking another year or half or so. Need abreak and need aLONG holiday so I'm very excoited of the X-mas holidays, planning to do as little as I can... but I'm a loser on art project resistance, haha, I give up on the front of art, it attack when you least expect and eats you whole alive, warts and all!! ;) I surrender like A Rainbow song from the past, way past year 1981!!!

So happy not to be forced working outside in snowfall, sneet vortex, etc. lousy weather and working conditions as I did for 3 years back in 1990-93. I'm trying to keep that in my mind, especially everytime I feel like whining on some stupid lil thing bothering me in my illustrating work,

 illustrating for life, that was my aim and dream ever since I was 15 yeras old teenybopper, digging my fifties rock'n'roll music, hearing from radio, buying my first LP records back in 1978, Robert Gordon's Fresh Fish Special. With Link Wray in guitar it's pretty fine album, still... lost the original copy of it, but got it on CD few years back. Listening it brings back memories and goose bumps,

 best of teenager times, that were so cruel, so full on anxiety and uncertainities ans self doubts and, jeesus, spots and lustful kisses at night, petting in the darkness of bedroom, and boy becoming man, that was hard stuff, with no better idols than those musicians I still love and respect. Some things change, some don't, so be wise when choosing your idols: Morrissey is an ass, but Lemmy is still respectful character, muhahahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)


<--- Yesterday's art project sweet late Bon Scott portrait in process in pencils.

Wednesday morning, think I'm healthy and off flu, finally, did some drumming and new songwriting yesterday too, although a slight illness felt in throat and body, but here's latest results of Jack King songbook:

801. Trade Away 4.11.2017

802. Jazzzzz 6.11.2017

803. Jesus Hanging Around 8.11.2017

804. Daydreamer 13.11.2017

805. Rock Your Blues Away 13.11.2017

806. Art School Baby 15.11.2017

807. Blew It 16.11.2017

808. Her Ass Wasn't Meant To Be Harrashment 18.11.2017

809. It's Pretty Easy 19.11.2017

810. Distance Ain't Equal 21.11.2017

140 songs written this year, when my plan was to do 100 songs to celebrate 100 years of independended and free Finland!! So, I'm way ahead that schedule too, soon 600th song to be recorded, as I count only those who are recorded for ever, and starting my pro career sometime next year when Spanish Sana Trip is done and published in August/September 2018! Towards new dissappointments, ehe... as we Finnds do!!

...and say!! :D

21.11.2017 Tuesday morning, lil snow falling, lil head clearing little by little, from the darkness of the night into the light of the day, everyday blues, sky is gray and clouds are white but dirty, schoolboys sliding with their mopeds on icy road, our dogs barking as those guardian sheperd dogs do. Hopefully getting back to working mood again, having enuff strength to hang around the drawing table whole day, or those 4 active hours at least, yes, counting on afternoon and the ethics of a wroking man, hard rock working man, haha!! ;)


 Oh well, lil snow won't hurt me at all, keep your eyes on the road and go slower yuo driver on roads. Be safe and nice to each other vehiculositor.

20.11.2017 Monday slept over 10 hours, getting well and sleep off the tiredness and sickness of flu, hoping it's all thru and past. Worst time of the man is still sickness, maybe repeating this sickness is bad too but evidable in here my pages of my life, hah,  you get what you see and read over here, the most famous blogs of famous Finnisha artist's fantastic pages of this here fantastic life, sometimes I wonder how small is the vocalbury of these famous athletics and TV starlets as they refear everything as "huikea", I'm personally bored to death on their lack of vary adjectives, there gotta be more swell than "huikea" in this here mothertongue speaking stars than "huikea", especially when theu´ir TV shows are lousy and disgusting harh harha jokes for 12 olds, mentally 12 olds, gigglinmg and laughing at others mistakes and gags, and evil prnaks, can't see ANY fun or humour there. Oh yeah let's not forget the "funniness" of being nakled and going to shower, naked, "kiihihihihihihi!!", oh boy, are you really still on that level, 12 old kid?  I prefer naked ladies and art for 17  to 53 year old, experiences, sex, jokes, intelligence and emotions, love and hate, grateful ideas, thankful life, not just amoney making machine, who'll do anything for best premier primetime TV  and sell it to you on candystore and ugly design clothes with that ancien "Pohojanmaa" rural häjyland (muhahahaa!!) logo, shame on you dudes, sons of bitches, collecting riches from the poor and stupid, the average people, stars on your own sky and TV time, shame on you, not me, not loving all the shit the TV gives for free, oh yes I've found the remote control, that's why I don's watch your shows more than get the picture of the shit you  prodcast, thank you so much, for the entertainment for all these years, aping and following your american jackass idols, I'lll give you that you've made it, but that don't make your work any better, and like judas kissing kids and cancer organizations in your hipocrazy.

Just my morning thoughts of you, lovely assholes and ugly bitches kicking your eachother for electric" fun" for viewers, right. World is for sale and crazy as mad hatter. But most of all I aint' envying FROM you, nothing, not even the money you made outta shitty unprofessional slime written, rehersaled, done and executed you so gladly deliver, hah!! :) The day you make a FUNNY joke and good idea, instaead of smashing cream foam cakes eachother, I'll salute you...

 ...as I salute Malcom Young...


brother and riffmaster, and rhythm guitar player on many soundtracks of my life, especially the Bon Scott era. Songs that I can still sing by heart.

Small big man behind the music, ideology, hard work, success and forming that lil old band, AC/DC.


19.11.2017 Sunday best, feeling getting over that flu blues soon, but still woke up sick of this and sick of that, flu's blues kept me in hold that stranglehold on my throat, whininhg like old diesel, but towards  brighter times and x-mas lights, yeah, wanna find something to look forward and manage to have this weakness of body and viruses from hell, even had anightmare just before Iwoke up, repulsion in life lived, seen, experienced, loathe and anger in bad dreams and visions, hate that and got scared like hell, don't know why...

 and why not? Life should be just asprignle of sweet confetti and golden tickets to fantastic heartwarming future of this big boy, I should never feel bad again, but I do... cry when hurt, get emotional if I see someone getting more than she ever dreamed, cruel injustice and especially the unexpected kindness of a man, woman or transgender gets me, in tears, and it's alright, to cry when hurt. To see when look, to feel when alive.

Long live rock'n'roll life and love. An pretty women most of all, muhahahahahahaa!! Fuck 'em ugly

ones............................................................... not!! Muhahahhahahaaa ;)

18.11.2017 Saturday morning, still lil ache on throat but surviving flu eventually, wishing to bath in sauna s we do on Saturdays, over here in Forzza city limits, worst time of a man is being sick and tired of being sick and tired, *huokaus*, wishing well, why can't I always be in 100% shape and condition, tell me why?  Hah, you can send all your wiseass suggestions to address: 11th Street Boogie,  90210 Hairy Assville Tennessea, Donald Ducckland. I'll read 'em all, afetr I'm dead, thank you very much. have a little faith and trust, no one can do things you can do, unless you're a just player in a rock'nroll band and easily substituted, muhahahaa... just kidding, we're all unique and special unreplaceable, invincible, invisible, irrational, national nightmares and masters of universe....................................

....in our lil heads, we always are the best of the best, manic desperados again riding to sunset with dark horses, expecting the unexpected, future shall bring light and shadows, joy and pain, love and hate, world kept on turning, train kept rolling, rocks off, get off, fuck off, chooze your weapond and poisons, sleeping beauties, late great dictators falling in Zimbabwe, democracy is crazy demo of life, organized crime in our lives, domestic critic, life long enough to get all organized and...

...messed up again, life of bipolar bear on melted ice age, arctic circle around your ass, it's cold cold reality, so I'm just wishing well, you'll have aeasier trip than I did, but if you don't let's meet in Spanish Sauna Trip next August, all over Spain again.

Past is gone, but written in my arms, something up my sleeve, babe. Just you wait and see! ;)

17.11.2017 Friday morning, getting better, hoping good will turn well and get rid of boogie woogie flu, yes I do, still  a bit shaky ground and only 35 % working power and strength to survive this day, like I do everyday. Watcged 15 minutes of Trainspotting (1996) last night, and got enuff of it, thinking why it won't work for me and remembering watching heroin addicts stabbing 'emselves some 30 years ago in Spain, it wasn't pretty sight, and the humour side of it was hard to find, well yoiu can read all about it in Spanish Sauna Trip, just wanted to tell why Trainspotting never meant nothing to me, I've already seen it 10 before it came out on theatres. Reality beats fiction 100-0 again. I still got lotta work on my album, no planning also next years first months to ink this last round and, spare some months for extra pages I need to add, and the texting process shall take anotehr two months, so although I'm 1 year ahead, it'll be tight schedule to finish Spanish Sauna Trip, in time for print in July 2018, but I'll make it, and the wildest album of 107 years of Finnish comics shall be released in Helsinki Comics festival early September 2018. No problems, muhahhahaa, well the usual problems and doubts and maybees, but I'm tight and straight, on the bill and mark and sharp............ dressed man!! ;)

16.11.2017 Thursday morning, sickleave continues, hurt in throat and dizzy, tired feeling, trying to take it easy and like a woman, crying the pain and suffer like a kid, whining like train whistle thru the continent, valivalivalivalivali....!! ;)


Yesterday went with this sudden Helsinki flu too, just resting and watchinbg TV, nap on afternoon and eating pop corn and warm soup, for a change, not too bad but enuff to stay outta drawing board, well went and did (compose and sang) one new song "Art School Bbaby", and it's easy to guess what that's all about, haha, yes just what the title promises, do I have something against art scholl babies who got it all delivered and server on silver platters, well take awild guess Einstein, yes guess again Nietzche!! ;) So I wish all sick people to get well soon, well being is just too easily taken  granted, like freedom and love and health issues are always until lost,

people are stupid, like me, muhahahahahahaahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaaaaa!!! :D

15.11.2017 Wednesday morning, waking up on lil heartburns on stomach or throat or where ever that is, it is not very nice. Guess it's th souvenir fron Helsinki trip, always some flu flying around there and everywhere, now had to shook hands with many oso the "dangers" of getting ill grew too, business as usual, yes. Well, hell, lucky me got ahead of my "schedule" for yaer so I can have a sickleave day or two any week off of the year like this, well, hate to be ill 'though, wasting time and energy just to staying alive, trying to be merciful to myself, that's hard to do and allow, be improductive and useless hag, haha...

Time to spread your wings, time to fly, time to go, time to stop and grow the roots, or just go on the road never ends,

world never stops turning around,

sit back and relax,

you can leave your shoes on.

14.11.2017 Tuesday morning, did two new songs yesterday as I tried and succeed to avoid working, so made a jazz instrumental and another bluesy rock, that I used to nowadays singing my heart out, on whatever the lyrics are, hah, very important messages and opinions on important things happening and my point of view so clear, in muddy waters and heavenly light to see  million miles ahead of my time and future, muhahahaa....

see what I mean, say what you do, do what you believe and live thru another cloude gray day, waiting for x-mas holidays and the long yearned resting with good food and movies and no hurry to nowhere, Oh I do need that, more than ever, or at leas for along time. Towards tranquility and easy days, enjoyment on lil things, lil happy things, all you need.

13.11.2017 Monday morning, very tired and body worn out like ran over by bulldozer, backaches and hand's muscles hurts, muscles less used tell them are there. Oh well good way of pain and old age stuff, as this 53 year old should be! ;) I might take a break for another day still....or ink if I want, the artistic freedom to choose what to do or do not!! ;)

Yes, money can't buy you freedom or love, but I got those already, no need for too much money, so I'll think I'll just drift on and on, where ever I go with the flow, swimming upstream like a sammon, amnd try to b like Neil Young song lyric in Will to love. Yes, it's hard to be just afire in the night.

The sight from my window is this Autumn ground with fallen leaves, wet grass, mud and gray sky, only inspiring to stay inside and do whatever you please to get out of that feeling outside,






it's a new year

with new stuff,

 new day

 blues, and

wintertime shoes.

Have a nice week,


12.11. 2017 Sunday, Saturday went in Helsinki after Jussi 50 party, the "surprise" gig of Juliet Jonesin sydän....

and driving the Masa race in Koskela, Iw as fifth, the second best my position ever, in these championships, very pleased the 18 kilos lighter version's ability to go fast, hah. Now pretty tired of sleeping in strange bed the other night but luckily it't Sunday and got nothing else planned than rest, in peace and harmony, of rock'n'roll and movies on DVD, hah. Very nice trip to Helsinki, even bought the needed new pair of brushes to finish my book. So very glad to see those friends again, at least once a year, lotta laughs and funny stories told and shared, and the newest pains and athletics injuries, hahahaha, yes we're all getting old.....................................................er every day, it a nature's wonders and we're just a little piece and part of a puzzle. This little part wants to live and love at least another 53 years more. Take care of your loved ones and your neighbours cattle too!!!!!!!! ;)

10.11.2017 Friday morning, waking up, hah, what more can a poor boy do than get up, stand up and fight for your rights!?! ;) Well, poor boys can do whatever they want ot, just likeme and hopefully you, can do too, dooby dooby doo! ;)

Inking business is starting to go down well, I believe it's gonna be one solid piece of art and book of revelations, luckily it's all 30 years old or more, not waiting any legal battles on it, or ever, never wanna see courthouse ever again, being accused and judged by, and standing there like afool, in shame and misery, nix nix and jinx jinx. Voodoo myself outta troubles forverer I hope, and pray save me from bad and ugly, Future better be bright and looking good sight to see, let me be the real me, that tender and sweethearted lil poetry boy and that hard rocking man, oh yes I am, come see mee tonight, muhahahaa!! :D

9.11.2017 Thursday morning, waking up, it's grayer than fifty shades writers ass, and colder than welldigger's one! ;) Well Autumnly fair enuff, fighting toward next Springtime and Summer, so long way from today. So glad there ain't no snow yet, permanent kind, and we have winter tyres on car so it's no problem, anyway when it'll come, maybe this year for x-mas time, it'd be perfect heh.

 Looking forward tomorrow and my old friend Jussi's 50th birthday party at Helsinki, propably "one well known band" making brief comeback, again, heh, but well although that's pretty obvious, it's till kinda cool too, it's a good band anyway, I'd like to make some music there too but forming a band might be too late, again, hah, let's see what happens..............!?! :D


<-- Waiting like a cool cat does!! ;)


8.11.2017 Wednesday morning, same as yesterday freeze and lil sun, rising from the southern east, day is quite short but that's alright, I just work as i do round the year, til i'm too tired to ink, progressingsome pages aday, hopefully shall be ready by x-mas time to have along and earned free time and off the inking business. Time to think the extra pages to fulfill the pleasure to read this book of adventures and misadventures, hah, yeah, it's gonna be ruff, tuff and hard enuff, wild women, crazy nights drogas epanñolas y muchissimo tico tico!! ;)

 ........... just you wait and see, a picture tells more than thousand words, indeed, and experiences experienced shall reveal truth, warts and all facts. Ain't no fairy tale kid stuff princess like every poor petri hiltunen is and does......, muhahahahaa!! ;)

 Oh well, happy to go lucky and into Helsinki city to party with afriend and friend's friends on birthday bash on Friday and Saturday shall race with other friends on memorial Kart in track, sauna and dinner included, as we do every year and Autumn for our friend  Masa who drown in tsunami 2004. Usually it's been pleasure and lotta laughs with those old boys from Tapiola, my youth's home town,

and mental home still, can take boy outta Tapiola but.... etc!! ;)




 <--our little dog in our little yard, some years ago, when she was just a silly puppy, now she's just


......silly!! :) <3 Funny how puppies too do grow up to big dogs, big and silly, like me!!! :)

7.11.2017 Tuesday morning, sun peaks behind the horizon, rising up to frozen ground, towards winter and nexy wekened especially with wintertyres and looking for a place to sleep while staying there from Friday to Saturday night, well I got some friends to call, and to call my friends, call 'em later and see if this alligator got some solid bedrock too...

Inking the book for the third round or so is exhausting job, but I'll soldier it on and til x-mas time, when I'll have my long holiday weeks, as I didn't have any on Summer, oh well itried to have one week but it was raining cats and dogs, no use for vacation here in our yard then. I want some sun on Summer vacation, if not I ain't having it at all, haha, workaholic me, well it's better than alcoholic anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


<---Cute babies I like, the super furry animals, zooborn site check it out, before all the natural animals checks out!!!!!!! :////////

6.11.2017 Monday morning,starting the day listening Katy Perry MTV Unplugged record, just few songs in alternatiove jazzy versions, this is nice too. She was outrageous and wild in her first succesful record, kissing girls and saying out loud her mind, now her music gone a bit too pop and simple singalong swish swish, for my taste, but still she's tuff mama. Wish she'd make a rock album instead, but that may be impossible dream and wish...

So it's wet but warmish Autumn week, and I'll have two party appointments at the end of it, in Helsinki, getting ready wrapping abirthday gift and trying to book a bed and breakfast for Friday night too, well things have custom to arrenge, so I'll make some effort  and trying to avoid spending too much cash on new records and painting brushes, I can only get there in capitol city!! ;)

Well four days of hard labour til parteeeeeeeeeeee time, so here I go again!! ;)

5.11.2017 Sunday morning, listening Shakira's MTV Unplugged record in spanish and before her becoming blond bombshell, heh, hell she's good whatever colour was her hair. I got no problem to listen Shakira annd Motörhead back to back, and then go on with Neil Young or Tom Waits or my own music, hah. which fulfill a hole in my chest, of drawers of new music. I make it as fast as I can, keep in its standard high as I can, this year 131 NEW songs, that I'm proud of, some of 'em are classic good blues, some weird jazzy, some just asskicking hard rock.

 I don't mind if my influencies are shown and easy to spot, cause they are my favourite artists, but I know I got my OWN voice too, ain't imitating anyone, same with comics drawing, although many can't see 'em as they are, are forced to yack me 'bout good ol' R. Crumb and Manara,

 ...but I do understand, that's all they see, hah, let 'em eat cakes and drink cheap wine too. I don't mind if you're blind or shortsighted, BUT don't rub it on my face, baby. Luckily I've lived my life like Bon Scott's younger brother, been thru nasty  jail and pretty brothel, ain't got no shame, no regret, for all the life experiences, I do believe they make life richer, although some of 'em I'd rather trade away, so I made a song called "Trade Away", and like all my songs it tells some point of view or experience really happened or thought. I ain't writing no teenager fantasy pop shit, that's oh so popular today, wiped ass tomorrow.

 Songs that last are the ones I aim, reality is never wrong, it's just MY point of view. Hah. Eat it.

<-- My facebook friend and kollega south american, Sebastian Cast's version of Elvis, great stuff!! Copyrights by him.

4.11.2017 Saturday morning and getting up, coffee and porridge do me good, as does the exercise kind where Is sawed some brances to fit in sauna fire place, yes we got that old traditional way of heating in our sauna, propably the best "löyly", steam you can get in saunawise. Takes a little more effort than just clicing the electric one on, but the result is so much better than dry electric sauna heat is.....

Before sauna were going to see the latest film version of Unknown Soldier/Tuntematon sotilas in ouer local theatre, and fight that winter war again and again, war movies seem to win our hearts, in every nation, every nation got that natiOnality fatherland pride puff, which is easy to manipulate and make...

 ..............money on it. Fatherland and mother nature, both are neat ways to allure your monetary and passion, and free work and donate all your extra money and effort, but it's JUST another kinda business and waste of time and money, mostly you are the one fooled, not the nature or this land.

 (<-- Milo Manara and me shaking hands in Lucca fumetti festivals just two years ago, in 2015!)

Nature got it's ways to survive and evolve (  you know the crazy lil thing called evolution!!!;)), we don't have nothing but short sprung of excistence and narrowmind to play with on, our time, so sad to see all devastation and destruction, on purpose and neverminding just for the money. Capitalists are you now proud what you've done to this world on pollution and waste and toxic, waters and lands and airs,

all gone to hell, "thank you". Just whistlin' thru the graveyard, and laughin' all the way to bank...?

( My very serious post Satur-day, hah, don't know WHERE these ideas come and go, I'll just pass 'em on and move on over!)

3.11.2017 Friday and results for diet showing in the mirrow and scale, 17 kg lighter boss man  I am, heh, yes very big boss man wanna be light version of himself and talk like Julius Cesar only  in third person , ..............he does, haha!! ;)

 Oh well, happy to be back on track an in wagon trail to slimmery slim fit, mirrow told that the kilos lost really showing, that some love handles are missing and there is a reward of all this months eating less, but enuff and drumming excercises regularity, working out quite fine, no big leaps but steady progress, so if you wanna lose weight and always fail to get thinner, I can give you personalt trainer advises, just pay me 300 000 dollars in my bank account in Bahamas and Island of Dog....

err Man, tax free shopping, illegal popping, serious heart throbbing in my jean sleeve, haha, what I was saying is the process is very simple, but it works only if  you got firm hold of yourself, and DO what you decide to: eat vey little, excerise regularly but not too much at first times, and fuck all gyms and lifting iron and real peorsonal trainers, you can do whatever you want toooo!!! And most of all, give yourself time to do it, months work better than week of straving.

 Well in my youth I lost easily overweight after depression, just drinking and fucking around, but now that I ain't twenty anymore, neither drink anymore, gotta fucking have different solutions and rock out, with my cock out, hahahaha, Motörheaded me, oh yes.Towards cool breeze and winter freeze in healthy and wealthy new boy figure, picture this and that.

Well, wether weather is wet or another kinda nice, we just gotta live through, climate change is coming slowly but surely, but so are we, muhahahahahaaa!! Oh well, feeling pretty fresh and good this morning, hoping you all ahve agreat weekend and having whatever YOu want! :)

2.11.2017 Thursday morning, sun rising and me too. Oh well, got done my 800th recorded song last night, so here's the list of last few:

783. Johnny B. Goode 28.9.2017

784. Saturday Night 30.9.2017

785. Swingin' Jazz 1.10.2017

786. Everybody Elses 1.10.2017

787. Live Wire 6.10.2017

788. Fiftyfour Shades of Gray 10.10.2017

789. Classy Jazzy Bluesy Susie 10.10.2017

790. Panic 11.10.2017

791. Toughest Guy In The World 14.10.2017

792. That's Really Nice, But I'm Better Than That 17.10.2017

793. Touch Me 21.10.2017

794. Rock'n'Roll Shall Never Retire 21.10.2017

795. Hundred Years Of Blues 22.10.2017

796. Perfect World 25.10.2017

797. Going Up To Heaven 27.10.2017

798. (Lost In) Strucktures 29.10.2017

799. Journey 30.10.2017

800. 800 1.11.2017

And life goes on andf the tracklist of my life tunes, for all fools in love, blues into the night anf jazzy smell of inspiration thru the darkest hours and feelings. Making musioc just feels right and mostly make my feel satisfied and succed on my little trip here on this blue planet. Ride on.

1.11.2017 Wednesday morning, lil snow, lil freeze, no biggie problemos, juts get along with another month with my diet in tack, under 90 kilos heavy I am, very proud to be losing 17 kg, of living material, and struggling to get rid of some more before December and x-mas time especially, when I do like my x-mas ham and chocolate too!  I know some people don't understand why I torture myself starving, well maybe they haven't been 20 kg overweighted ever, and many years I've wanted to be slimmer but didn't have the urge and inspiration, and motivation....

don't know where or how I got it now, but determinated I am,wether it's comics drawing, guitar playing or spartan diet, hah! Succesful lide decicions and esy living, muhahahahaa, never seen that E-Z living, for at least 30 years since I was arichest bum in Costa Del Sol in that wild and hot Summer of '86, well hell I'm excited still just to thinking about it, it' ll be my greatest effoprt and book, til...................... next album shall come out in 2021, Sunday Cigarettes aka Spanish Prison Blues. Well the name says it all, didn't it?!? ;)))))))))))))

<-- finshed this page where I'm in bridge of Reina Maria Christina in San Sebastian/Donostia, and thinking is it good enuff, for me to pass the examination of high standards of printed Spanish Sauna Trip hundred red hot pages has to be!! :)

31.10.2017 Tuesday morning, bright sunshine, cold ground below zero, freezing roads and water, unexpected black ice appears, so watch out all you drivers in hurry, we changed the winter tyres, so we are ready for winter weather. Oh maybe enuff is enuff of this weathet talk too, hehe, so here's some crazy fotos from year January or February in 2004 and Kemi comics festival.....


<---oh yes the skinny sad face boy is me,

 ...gotta lose some weight more now and be slim fit lonely rider cowboy again!! ;)

And Ville Ranta on the back striped to wall.( Foto by Keijo A. )


Today's program, same as yesterday, inking more shadows and tekstures and hairs and needed blackness, to Spanish Sauna Trip, book done past year and then some more now. But that's really no news as I do it everyday, illustrations my first true love, no matter who pays what, I illustrate although, my life, my story, my love, my my my...! ;)

30.10.2017 Monday morning, getting up and open these eyes to another second snow of this winter, oh well season greetings to Italy and Spain, wish Iwas there too, these wintertimes, long months to Springtime. Instead here wasting money on heating and staying indoors as much as I can, hah, luckily there's two happy appointments in December mine and baby Jesus were born then, cakes and presents is better than no cake and no presents.                         Life is full of surprises, some not so adorable like our car has a leaking tyre, damn and just when we should be taking it to annual check out for legal rights to drive it another year. Old automobiles, constant worry and money loss, yeah, I know it's a poor investment, after all these years investigations of wife's car troubles, I was still fool enough to buy half of that car, my first ever, well it might be a some kinda record: buying his first car at the age of 52, hah!


<-- first snow peak from my studio window,

......that melted already, now less white stuff on the ground, and you can snort it all Keith Richards, muhahhahahahaa!!

Today's art work in procession...











longwaited humour version of my beloved album of that little big man from little village that was never conquered, yeah, I relate on so much and many ways... 


coming up as a t-shirt print when inked and possibly coloured too, happy to get it done on sketched state, now some music making for the Sunday evening, and tomorrow more of everything comicswise.

 Vamonos! ;)

29.10.2017 Turn back the toime for one hour and we're in "wintertimetable" again, I slept like hibernating bear over 10 hours straight and am back in diet too, gotta lose some 5 kilos at least more. Like a bear losing weight while sleeping sounds afine idea and I know Elizabeth Taylor has done that, hah, Hollywood diets and long history of sexual harrassment and abuse, those glory days of mute actors, they couldn't talk, but that ugly jive has been danced for a century, or more. Movies black lists and white lies, oh well like everytime, we shall bite and chew this til death and nobody cares about abusements anymore, cause the next big news is just around the corner, Trump may start a war to make America forget his stupid action elsewhere, history repeating...

itself, again, and we the people are never any wiser. Oh let's wait for hindsightseeing guru Sixteen Dorkman to save our planet just aday after the nuculear waste has already landed, thank you man, you're always too late. Always out like asnowman of the reality, and present time is no gift to see what's ahppening, now and yesterday, tomorrow we never know, not even Sixteen the Headdorkman. Hah. Almost funny business to be a senior advisor, never worked a day in real life and meaningful jobs like cleaning or building or nursing, you just talk and wonder, why don't you do something, good for instance!?!


<-- I wrote a letter today asking if and why not I could put my audiobook on Comics Finlandia candidate? Read the rules and it didn't say it had to be "paperback book", so.....Waiting for snappy answer, shall report you all!!! :)

28.10.2017 Saturday and filled some applications to get me granted money for art. Making art, with or without money, cause it's importanta and an urge to do, can't be without it, without money I can be, still. Never was my aim to be millionaire, but wouldn't mind to be in my own terms, making art for it's valuable in other terms than money or success, especially the big public fan base of big media houses big magazines and newspaper filled with lousy jokes trhat never progress from cheap laughs, to anything but same old jokes, laughable and ridiculous work. You can keep your success of idiots of big crowds and cheap laughs to yourself, thank you. I just go on making important comics, with as artistic form I can, no compromise, just freedom.....


of speech and art. Trust no one but yourself, nobody knows the trouble I've seen... but it can be arrenged, hehe!! ;)



<--- Penelope Cruz big pencils portrait from year 2008, my inspiration and spanish dream hay barn girl supreme, and name loaned for my publications "business company" PeneLopez, sweet sweet and talented Pene!! ;)

27.10.2017 Friday morning, and suncreeping behind clouds, welcoming to working day and winter, feels so unreal again this snow athmosphere and sight, outta muy window.

 Guess the autumobiliste were caught un guarded AS every year this time of first snow, lots of accidents and crashed  metal of cars hoods and all, stupidity and too fast speed for the snow and ice, really who not know after living here 18 years or more, when you get your first driving licenece, you gotta be 18.  Too busy to watch TV news and weather forecast, or just driving your boss' company's car it's not your loss, nevermind the accidents and money holes and evidable waste, of time and personal time. Too bad we had this travesty every year.

In another dimension and alternative reality, this kinda accidents would be avoided and against the law of nature, but here in Stupidassfunlandia, it' s all alright to do whatever, kill whatever, pollute and spoil all, avoid work and thinking by all means and times, as much/less you can. Skate away from blues and be the one who got away...

oh well, I think I've lost me interest on humanity to survive, without changing more than climate, or voting rights for pigs and horses. Something should be done and fast,

never too late for real revolution, but damn we should bring french farmers here to do it for us!!!!!!!!!! ............muhahahahaaaaaa!!! Meanwhile let's pretend we care and love, this land, this world, this lonely blues planet.


Thursday morning and the ground is white as procasted, not much cars driving on this lil road seen in my studio window. Snow and ice, most loved in Finlandia, all year round, the nature of a northern man, quiet loneliness, woods where moves none but lynx and elks and occasional moose, hilarious people born in sauna and unreachable for civilization except all newest gadgets to play murderers in screen and kill 'em all, like wolves and foxes and hawks and eagles and bears and deers, and big hunting birds, just leave them swans alone, although they hunt 'em down to extintiong too, few years back. Killers in orang vests and red hats, soldiers of fortune and misfortune indeed. Can't respect 'em at all. Excuses wearing so thin, reducing woild animals to breed and eat "all" the crop, hah, such a tired  excuse, misleading facts, in alternative reality, where it's alright to kill animals just for pleasure and bloodthirst, shame on you.

 Above pictured San Sebastian and puente del Reina maria Christina, as seen in Autumn 1986, as we all remember that hot afterglow of hot Summer. Waiting at Sunday morning to catch me aride to Fueterrabia/Hondarribia.

25.10.2017 Wednesday morning, just gave up yesterday to turn on the central heating in garage/studio/drum excercise room as there were + 7 celsius degrees, and had to put some extra pullovers to keep from the cold bites hah, well of course it's good for the recording equipments and bass guitar that I keep there. Drums too may enjoy warmer temperature over all year. Hopefully less tuning with guitars after all and no frozen fingers as it was before I gave up, it's just an expence I have to accept and pay. Investing on good feelings and moments of succesful new music making hours, on every week, my lil heart pumps happier now and again! ;)Oh well, life full of little things that can make you happy, or can break your heart, memories to embrace and hold, past is gone but full of crazy lil things and love so much, so many lovely moments and encounters, beautiful landscapes and girl, friends.Tomorrow morning the snow "surprises" the automobile drivers, again,as every year!! :))))

Expect the unexpected and change 'em tyres for tomorrow, car enthualismistics.

24.10.2017 Tuesday morning, and winter breeze came, as I put on my extra underwear "long pants" for cycling to supermarket and back and woolen socks for cold floor, as we're fighting the cold still without central heating system turned on. Trying to save penny and nickel and dime, as long as we can, as the heating is the biggest expence on our domestic after rent, and sometime crocerie bills, well this must be the most interesting thang I've ever written here, muhahahhahahhaaa!!!! Oh yes I must be the einstein of ideas extraordinary life, inner space cowboy riding the lightning and thunder in my drums, garage for sweat and rumble, oh just made leap from the point of this, pointless gibbering gab, guess I'm pretty good on talking hours about...nuthin' much thaty never matter anything to you, hah. Oh but guess waht it's MY life, my site, my pages my stories, and my money spent on every sentence and every picture, oh well, lucky me, let's not forget it's excatly two months til X-mas eve, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :)

23.10.2017 Monday morning, sun shining and finally my wife sold her other car that has been rusting and standing there useless for a year, yeah, and even got little money to have and hold and spend on x-mas stuff, or whatever(!!) she please. she's got her own money and account, like I do too, common accounts  and moneys are for useless cunts, or millionaires and we ain't either, haha!! ;)

  Okei, important things and bright future for you too! Vamos! You can leave your hat and shoes on.............! ;)))))))))))))))) Work all working week and have a good one, everyday! :)

22.10.2017 Sunday morning, long sleep and hot sauna aftermath, pretty relaxed and rested, as I should be on Sunday morning. Did some two songs yeterday and gonna make one more today,

it's in my blood now creating new music, although yesterday's second is a cruel and usual rip off of AC/DC Bad Boy Boogie riff, sorry, but I think them won't sue me anytime soon, hehe, or as long as I haven't published it anyway, heh, well I changed itdramatically addind two different parts and moderated the original riff also, so don't hold your breath laywer man, I won't be seeing you in court, hehe...here the newest new hits of Jack King:

787. Live Wire 6.10.2017

788. Fiftyfour Shades of Gray 10.10.2017

789. Classy Jazzy Bluesy Susie 10.10.2017

790. Panic 11.10.2017

791. Toughest Guy In The World 14.10.2017

792. That's Really Nice, But I'm Better Than That 17.10.2017

793. Touch Me 21.10.2017

794. Rock'n'Roll Shall Never Retire 21.10.2017

I love new music, taht's the reason I make it fast as I can, can't say which one succees and stays as evergreen song, before time will tell, the process is importanta and those moments when I'm lost in music making, the space and room and state of mind when you're in it, no matter where you do it, in garage or million dollar studio in Bahamas, it's the magic of the moment and inspiration and ability to jam and create new. That' the secret, the ability to jam and make new riffs and moods within those 7 chords and seven notes between 'em, the rhythm and the feeling  and unexpected solutions into expected scales and brands of music. I play jazz, blues and rock'n'roll and in the best scenarios all in one, song. Well I prefer to concetrate on mood and riff over singing melody. Melodies are important but if the song don't swing, roll, drive you and make you wanna dance it ain't worth a shit.

21.10.2017 Saturday and sun shining, feeling pretty good, waking up stressless as the album is inked soon, saved some most interested and challenged pages last, and making plans for publicity stuff, first of all t-shirts and postcards with lil Piaf on 'em... like this:


 These old photographs are taken by unknown and older than 70 years so I'm taking 'em like copyright free stuff.  Love to name the fotographer but if you're unknown and forgotten in history's pages, I'm really sorry.

 Towards good times and robot age, some visioners and new age gurus see the future only as the rich and wealthy can see, not the dividing gap that grows everyday between us poor and the rich assholes. Capitalisms last gasps are pretty ugly, and it's getting only uglier, just you wait and see.... you don't have to as stupid hintersidghted Sixteen Dorkman to see what just happens, but future there's pretty hard to really see, no matter how much you strudied in universities, knowledge is power and money is the currency, bullshit walks still and dirty money talks. 

 Nothing much changes if we don't want it, Polit(r)ics are still ivory towered elite, the only salcvation lays in left wing, and solidaritet, we are animals and vultures to each other. Lovbe is the forgotten four letter word. Too fucking bad, to have agood weekend, still, gotta believe there's afuture for mankind, man kind, yeah worlds of words play.

 Bailando! Ehe.

20.10.2017 Friday morning,

freezing outside, whimps of winter arriving, fog and ice on water buckets surface, countryside recollections, earth changes, time fades away, memories stay.... til dementia washes 'em away. Before that I must do all I can, everyday, be the best and love the most, best of times always in areach if you really wanna see, and change what you disagree to live with,  it's such a hard life, for us all. Even rich man gets the blues................... I believe, it must be so! ;)



 <-- plaza del sol, or not so sol, or plaza del sol del media noche! ;)

....in Madrid, caballero y yo. Cowboys and indians in the madrilenian night. Life stories in inked platform, readest digestive, lookers hookers best and



.......fuck the rest! ;)

19.10.2017 Thursday morning, trying to open these tired eyes, as I drink this second cup of coffee. Oh coffee, and cigarettes, I've lived on 'em some months in Spain and in Helsinki, nowadays that I have a "home" and a place to sleep EVERY night, I like to enjopy my coffee with hot milk,as close as I can get to spanish Cafe con leche, maybe one day I'll be rich enuff to buy a coffee amchine where I can make "real" spanish coffee...

...........or maybe I'll just move to Costa del sol to drink it au naturel, evironment. Warm wintersd and über hot summers, I prefer 'em over these lushy snowy ice aged winters of fantastic Finlandia...


Oh well, I'm really poundering it in my head: how much should I tell YOU, about my wild years in Spain, BEFORE iIpublish 'em all in comics book, on summers 2018 and 2021. Then my four piece trilogy is finished and spanished, and for all to read and wonder "is this real, did it really happen?" And I'll repeat like a parrot, "Yes, it's all true". Just you wait and see, wildest wolf man stories in spanish coasts from Marbella to Hondarribia! ;)

Travels all thru the Hispania, the real Ahterix adventures... coming up!! ;)





<---- Space age girl power I do enjoy, Katy Perry in every form, uniform or without any, haha!! ;)

18.10.2017 Wednesday  afternoon, got nice kickstart to today, lil order from audio book frontline, yes, spoken word of the famous artist, err.. infamous in my case, muhahahhahahahhaa!! :)

Oh well I don't mind as long as I get my money, hehe... waiting round to be a millionaire, my favourite past time hobby, putting my money on Eurojackpot and wishing upon a star, like a fool I need dreams and visions and something to wait and dream on, ain't nothing wrong playing ALL 4 euros high gamble, a week, hah. Oh am I revelaing too much, buh, do see more than yopu wanna, naked truth, well, no and you must understand that I might leave something for your imagination not too much of frontal nudity anyway, anywhere, still.....

..........................not revealing all is a fine tactic to surprise you, like am going to do in December first, just you wait and see!! ;) Now back to inking the last pages, vamos! baby let's go, clean as sauna bath clean ass can be!! ;:)

17.10.2017 Tuesday morning, waking up this wonderful world again, yesterday enjoyed cycling in sunshine, while the sunrays came like divine light from heaven, between the clouds, almost religious feeling. I usually ake my sunglasses on every time I leave with my bicycle, wether it rains or shines, cause you never know how is the weather when you return, like yesterday did, it was gloomy and gray when I left, but sunshine when I made my comeback. Oh weather blues, man!

<-- flying back from Madrid to Helsinki

back in nineteen and eightysix, Autumn came as it always does.


 Glad I got back in inking and album's last uninked pages are running thin, just a few 5 or so pages (halves as they are drawn in ½ page and horizontal...) and happy to start another round on finalizing and correcting, and shadowing, with lotsa black Pelikan ink. Oh I'm really victim of practice and years customer of Kolinsky Raphael nr 2 brush, (=ad so send me free brushes, please!!) BUT now I'm into number 1 too, as my eyesight changes with age sight, damn, soon I'll be middle aged man, man! ;))))))))))

 But I'll boogie like a teenager every night, and every day as an illustrator I'm still young man about 22, in my great and crazy Spanish trip. Proud I have lotsa experinces and love, under my belt, in my wild man history.

 There was a Facebook campaign of "Me too" sexually harrased (females) but I didn't want to participate, but I can tell, I've been there too, harrassed by gay men, not so happy women and strange transgenders, so me too.

 Never crab anyones butt unless they wanted it in the shades of bedroom. And what happens there ain't nobodys business, but mine. And the one I was with, never hurt, never force, never be an asshole. Love and understanding. Peace out.

16.10.2017 Monday morning, waking up, free from cold or sick in head and hopefully strength for working all day in inking business on the album, only 8 pages still to ink. Wasted 4 days but maybe gained some comfort and wisdom how to tolerate what been pushing me down. But got angry reading that comics quarterly members bible "Sarjainfo" as artist do speak what ever bull to glorifyi their actions and boust on their triumphs, sad sad little boys and girls, and of course professor and school fool mr Hagelberg says, "it's bull to have a life where to spring and bear those ideas for your comics, you can tell stories no matter what you've experienced, or haven't experienced..."

...well that serves purpose HE wants to see as dull life teacher i university. But alwaus remember HE is just aone man teaching a class full of arty girls, who'll makle art comics. An this serves the fact that Finnish comics are spoiled with lousy drawer girls telling their "intersted and important" stories, with all the experiences of a 22 year old little girl. Hah, well I do tell my life story all the way before I was 24, but I waited til I got perspective and disrtance to have sight to illustrate four bookful of wild stories on the streets and streetwalkers in Spain, and in the cold streets of Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki.

 It's cold world, and wild was the wind that blew 80's, but if you're born just '84 you know nothing, we're adult in 2002, oh well you're a baby, with baby's stories. Bitterness you accuse me, I have not, I have my balls and true life stories, I got lotsa days I'd change and trade away, in spot, but regret none. Me and Piaf we dontä regret none. Especially we don't regret love we had, before you babies were not even born yet, hah, go ahead teach your father to fuck.................. you ugly bitch and jerk off. Sorry for you all my friends and relatives who have to read this, but gotta let it out, I rather go on and leave my blues behind. So happy new day and working week all you good people!! :)

15.10.2017 Sunday morning, slept over 10 hours, felt good, rested and relaxed as I've tried to be this weekend in sick leave, just tired of being tired and sick, hopefully getting well and better soon, and for the tomorror, ain't no fun being effortless strengthless, wombat and lazy monkey just hanging around to get along, oh the pemsion days ain't for me anytime soon, and as I'm entitled on it when 65 and that's only 11 years and two months away, I don't feel like I wish to stop doing what I do best, drawing human beings in various states of live and love. Been thinking a lot how other artists see me, how they think I am, and especially what kinda art I value and adore...

 .....and seemingly they're got it all wrong, as I ain't so simpleminded or straight forward realist or naturalist in my preferred art "styles", I adore ALL good and well done, funny, exciting, suspensious, wild expressive, non visual and deply abzurd art, I don't care about the political art or feminism messages or nature saving and all good meaning bullshit like for example: Riiko S. and Jani L. do, making money on your lousy conciusness and bad guilt and sufferings of African poor starving klids, that's so immoral and hiporitical shit. Living in luxury and pointing fingers to wrong doers and people who are not in responsibilty for the hunger and poverty of motherfucking Africa, India or any other country oppiste side of this blue planet. Ugh, I've spoken. Do waht you wanna do, and expect same from you back. Love and share love and care taking, but start with your own children, asshole, if yoyu ever wanna any respect from me. Practise what you preach, wolf in sheep clothings, be a man not a pussywhipped Pertti Jarla, muhahahahahhahahahaahahahaaahahahahhahhahahhahahahahhhahhahahhahahahahahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D

14.10.2017 Saturday morning, another "bad luck day" lived,  end of the world didn't came either, doom'sd ay lurking in those greenpeaced horror visions, scare you to give money to 'em. Goes without saying what I think about 'em, money never cured nature, actions might, and if I ever got anythig to say on pollution and have any power to change things outside my reaching hands, I will. This struggle to survive makes me humble on life and expenses of necessities, to stay alive. Winter and snow don't you hurry too much this year, we can wait til X-mas for the ice and snow.....


.. well, I guess there's nobody hearing my prays, or he don't care much, what I need. Maybe there's amisconnecting in lines to heaven, outdated machinery, old age hearing problems and such, bad timing and airwaves, I'm ready for all the miracles and happy times, let it roll, make this world rich and filled with love........... haha, yes, sir we're ready to rock, we're ready to love all.

All good, all abd shall get what bad deserve, just wait in line all you perfect asssssssssssssssssssssssholes. You know your name... ahhahaha, and if you don't know your OWN name, better get outta my way and find it in your motehrs aprin strings, baby! ;)

13. Friday October, 2017. Without the bad luck, most of us wouldn't have any luck at all!! Albert Kingism rules forever, bad luck and black cat bone, mojo tool, johnny concaroot and all these black magic tricks and superstitious life, some things you can explain some not, and that's all right, we don't have to know everything, right? Let the mysteries and hard questions stay that way, if there ain't no conclusion that's alright with me too.Forward, new day, new year, new  man in old shoes.Well, future face.Oh it's excatly two months away from my next birthday in December 13th. Lucky me.Waiting for good times to come and sweep away this sick day feeling I had yesterday, just laying in bed watching videos and AC/DC music in concerts and studios, empowering stuff. Especially Bon Scott era, what a performer and like Malcom Young said, never valued in his prime, only after death, that is the humanity's one of the most nasty habit. value artist mostly AFTER his/hers deaath. Living artist needs you not the dead. Shame on you, if you can't see the value of a living man, or a woman.

12.10.2017 Thursday morning, leaves turning from orange to yellow and lappland had their first snow, oh no, hope it won't be winter yet, anytime soon. Let's enjoy this Autumn little bit longer, floods and wet all around but warmer than snow and ice, saving a penny on heating bills, do me right. As all my money go to home and domestic stuff, food, rent and other bills, luckily I'm still on strict diet, ain't spending no money on no extra shit....



luxury as candies or soda pop, no. Spartan diet and no fuzz, hah, less than 90 kilos heavy this morning, haven't been this slim since, eerr..... long time, years ago, so I feel good and hope to be thinner by x-mas, so I can gain back some kilos with x-mas ham and chocolate watching DVDees and enjoy the holidays and Finns 100th anniversary at December 6th, too! Soon it's x-mas, and I've already bought all teh important gifts, might even wrap 'em soon, and getting ready to relax alittle bit more. But got some 8 pages still to ink, and if all goes well and not to hell, I'll be done by next week's weekend...


...and ready to start the second round of inking, more shadowings and texture, some pages are inked real fast and left all the details for that "next round". Yeah, it's on purpose, not lazying, haha... ;)





<-- 40 latest new inked pages, that'll be 20 pages in printed form. Madrid , Hondarribia and Marbella, from basc country to capitol ans sweet costadel sol, memories and street life like you never seen before!! ;)

 Even Edith Piaf knows this Jouko carcon is one tuff motherhubbard, heh! ;)

11.10.2017 Wednesday morning, no need to tell which kinda weather it is, it is Autumn and you can see the weather in the eyes of the passanger of traveling public transportation, haha... it's bad as is the expression on his face. lousy weathers made us Finns big readers and heavy metal freaks, practising scales and shredding all winter long, oh let's not forget the cell phones and computer wizardism, muhahahaa, we are the champions  on every nerdie challenge and tripping, but mostly on 'em where you don't have to communicate face to face with... anyone living person that might talk you back, kääk! :D

 Well, times they are a-changing and people slowly follow, we're not anymore so backroom boys from backwoods, except some still are, hahaa... oh well, I feel pretty international as I had my first international girlfrien from Italy, when I was only 16, and had some spanish and euskeran girls later on too, and well, gentleman don't boust about his conquers... hah, too bad I ain't no sweet and innocent, gentleman, hahahaa!! So read my books, I tell you all there! :)

Be a capitalist and buy all my cathalogue all over, be a stockbroker and invest on my publications, them are all very valuable soon as I dead and gone( no plans to elave anytime ssoon 'though!!) it's x-mas soon too, buy all the gifts from me!!!! ;)

Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buybuy!!! :)

10.10.2017 Tuesday morning, rainy and wet as bride, oh these finnish phrases, old timers old jokes, old man, I am, enuff to see mytself and see myself in Edith Piaf's life too, just 50 years before my time. Piaf born in December 19th and died in October 1963 some 2 months before I was born, well don't get me wrong I ain't no recarnation of Piaf, just our lives match in other standards, streets and poverty, I can relate as I lived on them dirty streets my time too....


 But I try to save the best and craziest stories in my autobiographical novel, but I might slip you you a teaser now and then, so read this blog every fucking day!! ;)))))))))))) Now I must go to welfare station to straighten up their fuck ups, again, last year I went NINE times to get some money matter right!! Damn that ain't fair or right, but what can a poor boy do?  Rob a bank?

Well good luck with that, crime pays....

in cell of concrete and steel.

9.10.2017 Monday morning, nice relaxing weekend behind, just got redone remodelling myself a lightbulb earth ball, and proudly show it off here:


 took only few years to find that light cord wirt socket to install inside the ball, haha, now I'm very selfpleased and proud to see the work of my own hands, lil drill and minimum cost for earth lamp to hang on the ceiling, today. Earth just alitlle ball in space, rolling alone, keeping company with lil moon. Blue planet, poor people, future unknown, globe hope for better times, peace on earth, inner space riders of faraway countries, deserts and sand, oceans and jungles, so much to live for, so much already ruined and so litlle time, we have to stroll gladly on earth, let's value it  all the time, wishing good for all good people, bad people shame on you, don't make us blue.

 Monday blues. Oh I'm lucky I love blues, and rhythm too! ;)

8.10.2017 Sunday morning, good night sleep I appreciate much, longer the better, my little big sleep I value and try to rach every night. Waking up on new day, with brand new head set, new ideas for the next album after this one, which haven't been done yet, this is ggod sign of longivety and offspringing new "babies" on book covers. Golden Youth part four shall be done 2020 or '21. That's the master plan. Love the work you do, what more can you ask... well billion dollars in cash, thank you!! ;)

Making music on my spare time,  at evenings and weekends satisfies me, professinally I'm getting the state of guitar solos where I WANNA be, striking aggressive, bluesy solso lightning striking speed and full throttel feeling of pain and mysery and emotionally touching your heart and balls. Rock music that really rocks you, kicks ass and makes you wanna dance or shake your leg at least, rock'n'roll hoochie coo, maximum speed and choruses. Rock your blues away! ;) Here's the latest recordings:

773. She Went Blues 12.9.2017,

774. Nourishment 14.9.2017,

775. Rainbow Eyes 16.9.2017,

776. Pepsodent Smile 17.9.2017

777. None Of Your Business (What's Her Business!) 17.9.2017

778. Catch Two Stones With One Bird 20.9.2017

779. Bottom Of The Ocean 22.9.2017

780. Everybody Wants More 22.9.2017

781. Jazzturbed Head 24.9.2017

782. Spellbound 26.9.2017

783. Johnny B. Goode 28.9.2017

784. Saturday Night 30.9.2017

785. Swingin' Jazz 1.10.2017

786. Everybody Elses 1.10.2017

787. Live Wire 6.10.2017                           Available only direct from Jack King supermarket! Next on Tampere kuplii 2018 (!! ;)

7.10.2017 Saturday morning and back on diet again and some 90 kilkos heavy, still too much for my height and age, trying to stay humble with expectations, but not successing too well, well, don't streess out too much, but gotta stay in this wagon trail and wail to slim jim days again! Life is good and it could be better with some dreams coming true, I'm born so blue and bound to blues. It's agift and a curse, for sure. Being sensitive and tender, ain't no shame, but it wears my poor haert out,every night. Rather be just a normal avrerage guy with common man problematics and boring average life like Pertti Jarla, muhahahaa!! :D

 Some people don't know where I come from, so I reveal here I come from Castellon De La Plana, and I'm having my 30th anniversary soon, in first of December..... when I might tell you all..........................................or not, I like having lil mystery and secrets, to reveal WHEN it's the best time to shut your piehole, all the lousy loudmouths, who think their life is as exciting as anyone elses, hah. There ain't no such thing as an average guy, except some lousy comics artists, have!! ;)

Saturday sauna trip, agin and again!! ;)

6.10.2017 Friday morning, our squirrel collecting oak nuts for winter like S/he does every year this time of the year, on trees just outside my window, funny creature with always on hurry, or seems like it cause it's so fast on it's moves, wonder how it'll find 'em hidden nuts on winter, but propably it does, have a memory or insticts?

I'm just trying not go nuts, saving my head, not nuts, gotta have some guts, gotta have some peace, trying to take it easy, had some comission stuff to draw, and I'm glad, I got time and strength to do 'em, and my own album is getting so close to finishing inks, before I'll draw some extra needed pages, but that's another story within this story of spanish Jack's life adventures in Spain, real adventures not some tired fantasy of lousy drawer who ain't got life to tell... you just have to FIRST live the life from where to write, I do believe in this is a good fact, on me and my story, nevermind his-tory. Haha.

Weekend babies, relax, why don't you come to my spanish sauna trip and relax? ;)

5.10.2017 Thursday morning, after good loooooooooooooooooong goodnight sleep, I do feel refreshen and rested, been hectic week with that Helsinki trip and getting ready for it, and traveling  while sitting on a car safetybelted on to seat and getting tired, blinding lights of the cars coming towards you in dark black night wears me eyes aloy, that driving and traveling long hours in one day, it always wary me down, old age effects, what a trip, muhahahahaa!!! :)

 Sometimes you wonder why all this life is what it is, long rocky road and our bread in so lil pieces all around the world like Tapio Rautavaara sang, long time ago...


......now I'm excited to read this Edith Piaf biography written by her halfsister, having my time on the cruel atreetlife of the thirteis in Paris and France, before she was the hit and famous lil sparrow, mon amour. Everybody cilvilized nowadays "KNOW" Piaf, both not many can identify with her, these generattions with intelligent phones andmedia exposure for living, many thing you take for granted were luxus and impossibile for OUR generation and especially for Piaf generation tha's like my mothers or little older...

 We had some things in common in life: living in the streets with no money, living with prostitutes, we both hate drinking water, difficulties with blindness, falling in love with very ease, dumping as easy, tragical relationship with father and mother, too. So I shall make me point with life of Piaf, and my own struggles in the streets of Madrid, soon in my book of Spanish Sauna Trip. Read and see, why Chaplin, Piaf and me are all coming frome the same sourse and carved from the same old tree,

poverty and visionless into future, curse for anyman...

  ... and woman. Love shall set you free,a nd so does poverty, not money and fame.

4.10.2017 Wednesday morning, did succesfully my job in caricatures last night in Helsinki, fun people and artists, heh, now tired and resting but here one foto for your pleasure:


 Now I can stay at home and do my book, until next party in November 10th in Helsinki again. Have mercy.

Gotta say almost everybody who I draw HAVE asense of humour, and many can laugh a litlle bit to 'emselves too, and that's aBIG plus on my books of humna behaviours, engouragable to all. Laughter adds years to your life, and if it doesn't.....

you had whole lotta fun laughing all the way! :) :) :)


October all the way, rain and gray sky, I try not to mind at all.

3.10.2017 Tuesday morning, leaving soon to Helsinki and Kuvasto ry 30 th anniversary party to do caricatures, as they asked me, I'm gladly going  to illustrate and visit Helsinki's art stores too, briefly as  I like my tour in Helsinki, nowadays! ;) I'm glad also being under 90 kilos fat, today at the scale, the morning fit, after yesterdays drum excercise is always nice to see numbers getting lower as the fat does too. Still long way to go to "normality", fit in those skinny jeans I've already bought some 5 yeras ago when i last time succesfully lost weight... and struggle to keep it there for ever, little belly is alright but not this kinda allover fatness I've witnessed last 12 years, jeesus, time flew fast if you're just looking back, but everyday is a new challenge, anew threat and new situation, oh whadda words of wisdom, this early in the mourning!!;)

 Tuesday is just fine day to do what ever you want to...................... just do it. let 'em lil babie doll girlie whiners cry their bad luck and how nobody cares about their lil world problems, oh well, good luck to all good people! ;)

2.10.2017 Monday, had a productive Sunday, making two new songs, and had aworkout for back and stomach muscles as you can below, hah, no shame on me, or my life extraordiany, searching for normal and average life, but hard to be something I ain't. Did also a sketch for Sergeant Napalm, the finnish superhero comics extra pages, soon to be printed...


  Mornings are getting darker til X-mas and it shall effect on us Finns, depressing half population and starting to weait for summertime, although we're used to walk in dark and not seeing anything that happens outside... off of our little circles and neighourhood, yes litlle tea aprty party all over the world, let's stay smallminded and save our spaces to us and nobody else, fight for benefits of the rich men, til the end, oh well let's not do all most stupidest things all over again.

  Populism is like most popular music today: nonsense, meaningless, most simplest rhythmn and repetative chorus line, less stressing, least innovating, singing in choirs of drunken stadions and sport hall arenas, like idiots does. Culture's gone to separated sections for separated people, especially TV's gone to puta mierda. Crime novels are the newest hit and reality Tv of course, everybody's star for that 15 minutes, oh Andy Warhol, you got that right. Fame and fortune, shall wait for you if you really try, work and pray, sure thang. Let's all be beautiful, young and popular!! ;)

 But hey, let's all be selfish and careless pop persons, dancing the night away in latest fashion clothes fron H&M, under the neon lights sniffing crack, eating extacy with toothless smile...! ://///////////

Bailando! Tu y yo a la fiesta, toda la noche!!

1.10.2017 Sunday morning, scaling my weight first thing in these mornings: 90, 6 kg, it's along way from 106,2 kg, I think I'm on right track and going down like I should be, loser that I've always been, feel pretty good with this way!

 Taking it easy today, you do whatever you feel like.............................................! Within laws of humanity, don't hurt, kill, or abuse anyone, and life could be fiesta and paradise, for us all.................. well mayby not for Donald Trump but he's khis own happinesses worst enemy. Maybe Trump is ahuman after all, but not much understanding or cheer, from here to there, in arich mans world, life is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different. Poor boy just gotta struggle on, and carry on and go on, fighting for our rights to party!! HAHA!! ;)

I'm planning how shall I celebrate the first of December as my big liberation day anniversary of thirty years, shall I get a new tattoo, haircut, style or something to remind me those good old bad days, and Spain...? Poundering hard and true.

Well, I got two months still to think it ovver and decide what's best and most effective and hilarious way to party of freedom.

Oh freedom to choose, to love, live, eat, drink, think, sleep, weep, meet, travel, argue, criticise, help, avoid, rest, like, bike, strike, hike, sing, play, shout, drive, speak and trust and believe on what you want and like. It's adamn huge responsibility and priviledge to have, let's use it wisely, all of us poor boys around the world, and live another day on this crazy planet. What we hurry? What we worry?

 Money, work and life they all belong to us as does all the troubles and solving 'em troubles too. All man can do and screw up, all man can solve too. Let's work for togetherness and taking care the poor, fuck rich and famous, they'll surely get theirs, no matte how we fight for good there's always taht opposite side of evil capitalists, taking your money and laugh at you.

 Sunday thoughts.

30.9.2017 Saturday morning, end of September is here and book fairs over there in Turku and Helsinki soon too, but I ain't going there this year as the prices for table and space are too valuable for small business man like the PeneLopez still is, but someday they'll invite me there for superstar guest paying my hotel bills and private jet plane,muhahahahhaaa!! :) Oh yeah, and I'll be the richest richman millionaire comics artist in this or any other planet!! ;)))))))))))Until then, I'll do whatsover I please and when I please, luckily I got the lutherian work moral, working whole week and resting all weekend, well resinbg from comics and illustrating, usually BUT now I've promised to draw Captain Napalm version for, Pori comics personel, which I'll gladly do...

today or tomorrow or one of these day, hah,whatever YOU do, have a nice long weekend!!! :)

29.9.2017 Friday morning, saw a dead friend in dream last night, what does it mean? If anything, do I miss him, does he communicate with me in my dreams? Said he don't wanna quarrel with me anymore, and especially now that he's moving to America....! Oh well, dreams can be effective, disturbingly real like, and dead people talking, message ain't so clear, can't argue with dead. Rather live with alive persons, if I can chooze, we're not old crumbled pages of history book, yet, we're alive and well.... til we die.  Life is the man' best time...alive, yeah baby, live and love as longas we can. Fuck all important and political bullshits, live another day to tell how it was to be alive and kicking! :)

28.9.2017 Thursday morning, getting more sleep slept like a bear getting ready to hibernating long cold winterlong! ;) Oh well, trying to get my album done before it's x-mas time and holidays, this year I want to have a long vacation and "charge my invisible batteries" to have more power and perseverance to finish the book, with rested and clear head, heh, if that's possible in my case...! ;)

 Oh Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner is dead, RIP. Playboy was my academy of drawing antomical correct women, collected my share of 'em and even hanged centerfolds in my studio roof, <----heh! Almost forget that, things that are too close you forget 'em....

 Bought my first copy of Playboy in Helsinki Antikvaria of old books and magazines year must been 1980, or '81. It got David Bowie interview on it... although my inspiration was visual not the articles, except those interviews. Got "cheap" model of nude for almost every motion and angle, and such a goodlooking ones, not like those ugly bitches on finnish porn mags...

 ....hah. So rest in peace Hefner! You made a revolution on sex, and magazines, not that bad, except for feminist cunts, hahahahaa! But we don't care about 'em, cause we adore the female body of art. Thank you Hef, and farewell...

wherever you're going!! ;)

 OK, 91 is good age to reach and live through! I'm aiming to 100, so just some 47 more!! ;) Let's live and love before we don't! ;)

27.9.2017 Wednesday morning, coffee to the machine that produce comics, all day all year, and after all it got plenty of meaning and content, life story of a bum, streetwalking all nighter, drugs, sex and rock'n'roll as 22 year old do, wild past is good to have in behind, of you, heh, and it's very liberating to tell it all as it was NOW that I'm sober and drugfree, for the 10th year in a row. I don't mind my friends or strangers getting drunk, drinking wine wahtsoever, I can tolerate others habits and tipsy talk, ain't no judge on someone else's drinking booze, smoking weed or whatever they smoke, hah, that's they're choice and life. Ain't no spy, no police squad officer, no doctor or shrink, I'm just a...



 comics artist, motherfucker! Hah!! And that more than enuff to take, make and break all thestuopid rules on that culture of art and politically correct bullshit.


 Sevillan barber.. eer.. no barber of Madrid, in the middle of a restautrant of young punks, hah.... Autumn 1986!! Funny times on hard times, plenty of laughs afterwards, especially, and few good friends, still alive and well!!! :)

26.9.2017 Tuesday, feeling pretty good, after long goodnight sleep, yeah, it these lil things that makes my day brighter, no matter what thweather really is, heh, well not too juch sunshine on this side of the planet, must be be the climate changes fault, or lying russians, populist politician's attractiviness , gay marriages confirmeations and dirty rotten refugees, they spoil everything just by showing up on this land, muhahahahaa...

....dangerous jokes as some might think what I didn't SAY, so read 'em, like magnifying glass eyes on, every word has a million meanings depending on who and how it's said, written and meant. Hah, oh well colours on the leaves are changing, and the climate is Autumnly as it suppose to be too, this time of year, but the high pressure( weather men told me) is over scandinavia so we enjoy warmer than usual, oh do I repeat myself everyday, haha, yes, I'm demented, sedated, basket case out on my own.

Been reading Piaf biography written by her halfsister, and it's so touching emotionally and with the style of those little birds out in the streets as they were, when they started singing, well Piaf make the money but her sister take care of her, as much she understood. Of course the story is well known on documents and movies, but first hand information and the taste and smells of the street life, can't make that up. Piaf and me both hated drinking water, lived on the streets and with prostitutes, there's a plot spoiler for YOU, on my next album: Spanish sauna Trip, title that should make you think... whadda hell is, "Spanish sauna trip"?!? :))))))))))

25.9.2017 Monday morning, getting up on this foggy morning, oh the weather forecast warmer than usually this time of year, jee! Glad saving plenty when not having to turn on the heating system yet. Long winters and iceage eats alot of cash spent on only to keep us warm, waiting for the tropical climate over here too, soon, no hurricanes although, thanks!! ;) Alternative future for alternative comics artists heh, love to see riches and bitches losing their tiny dresses, living a rap artist's dream come true, like 31 years ago, I've did........... well that's it, I don't have to repeat same mistakes over and over again, or do I? Evolution in us, revolution within our hearts, although this european and civilized system has made itself to worship money and fame, not love and understanding. All those meaningless TV shows, reality bullshitting food and  beautiful summer cottage, all gone to fifties Donald Duck comics plottery, win thelottery. have a tricycle or million bucks? idiotic games for lunatic folks, should I not care? At all? Dunno bout you but I'm bored with 89 channels on and nothing to watch. Oh well, I'll just ink, and try not to think! ;)

Have a nice day, week and rest of your life.

24.9.2017 Sunday morning, lazy head, crazy bed, time to wake up and fight the sleep and darkness that has been depressing me for a few days, making a mantra to avoid going to darker side of mental health and anger, become a power and strength, the more you hurt and hate, the more you make me stronger, no urge or wish to slip, stumble or fall. As an older cowboy I just ride on, ride on til there's nothing anymore to ride on.

 Carry on dodging bullets, leaving no traces, forgetting faces, names and titles, early dementia and alzheimer disease needed in this here crazy comix business and those small circles of finnish cartoonists and other pessimists and lousy illustrators, national diseases and national scum, just small people with their small time troubles and of course (mental) health issues, yeah what could be more interesting than YOUR insane mental stories in nuthouse?

 Answering to myself as all the good journalists do: fucking everything is more interesting than YOUR mental nut cases miserable life, where all to blame is not you, it's always somebody else's fault, you just collect the grapes of other work in harvesting and conquer the world (=read: Finnish comics elite, muhahahaaa!!). Yes , fuck off all you sissies pansies spermwhalefaggots of finnish comics, all you "big names" of this lil land, nevermind if you're art was ever any good, any value outside your friends lil praises, oh dear, keep on living in lies, although it won't make you wise, it'll cure your bleeding teenager heart for regognation  and you surely are top of this nation.............in hindsight and in the bottom of the lista de puta mierda! Hah. As you can(?) see, this one hurt me and still hurst how evil people use me, my and mine freindship and kindness, hehehe... well that's all over now, prepeare to be judged as YOU judged me, all the fucking time, and remember Narri Hömpötti is just a king of all the clowns, in this one horse town! MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! :) And all Narri's friends you too can all go fuck yourseves! Goodbye forever, hope I don'rt have to meet you ever.... I'm still so pissed off with all you lousy backstabbers and sweet and politically correct(ed) slimy pretenders, you can all kiss my ass, cause that's all you're good for! ...muhahahahhahaa!! Oh well, "read 'em and weep, dead mans hand again, you know I'm born to lose but gambling is for fools, and that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever...

and don't forget the Joker!!! :)

OK, hopefully that was the end of this stupid quarrel between comics lovers, we just have so different interests and values, that YOU shouldn't JUDGE me for sayin my opinion on some lousy fucker's "art" work, if it looks like shit , its isshit!! HAHAHAHAA! simple facts of life, no alternative facts like in Finnis comics society's hierarchia. I've been dark places, concrete rooms, locked in, walked out all night, homeless, hopeless and all, I got something important to say and tell, if I have no tolerance of lousy art, that you can blame me: no excuses or jiving ass swindles, on art values.

You think what you think, but if you're 20 years younger than me, you just seen 20 years LESS! That is the scale, not what you mother, teacher and friends told you, welcome to reality! It's pretty hard, cruel, straight but worthwhile to live it thru. I'va had my share of attemps to suicide, so you can laugh at that too?!? too bad I'm the loser on those accounts too, muhhahaa, and too bad I CAN laugh at myself, but that don't mean YOU can do it too, errr.. wait a minute, YOU can do whatever you want to, but I reserve the same choice of freedom to myself, thank you, now go fuck your mother you motherfucking assholes: Emmi, Hannu, Harri, Pertti, Pentti and who wants to join the list of assholes in Finnish comics? The further away from those asshole I am, the happier I am. I do value the hard work of a factory worker, cleaner, supermarket employee, construction worker, postman and any real working class folk, MORE than any artist... and especially artist that thinks s/he's above the common man. And that just what you do, ugly truth bites you in the ass, at the end. But this is all OLD news for any reader of this blogs of mine, going it's fifth year, here online, networld of freaks and nuts, I'm just an average comics art worker. That's all, folks.

23.9.2017 Saturday morning, slept good and long enuff, made two songs yesterday, one  reggae-ish instrumental and another traditional rock anthem, which I'm keen on now: loud guitars, evil lyrics and mean execution of vocals + screaming solo guitar track on whole song, that's my specialty hehe, solo all through the song and night. As I don't have any perfect pitch ears, I had to improvise to learn guitar playing, and luckily somebody showed me the pentatonic scale....or use protools, I trust on my hearing still-if it sounds good ,it is good!!! ;) Well, sometimes the earphones make it sound BETTER than it actually is, but that's I'm working on to improve and master (MUHAHAHAA!) in soloing blues, rock and heavy jazz, which I do love to play.

Oh well, taking it easy, as Saturday morning should be, for us who don't work... any regular hours or timetables or jobs, this here artist life is the only life I now know 24 years, one month and two days, my career on drawing things on paper. Comics, advertisements, book and album covers, tattoos, posters, caricatures, beer labels, logos, instructions for toys, boys I done it all, except animation, err, no I have done some of that too!!! :P Wishing I can do all illustrations til I die, and if you don't like it, you can get your motherhubbing hairy ass outta here!! muhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))

22.9.2017 Friday morning, feeling air getting colder, maybe I'm getting older day by day, my hair can't get much thinner as it is very fine and soft brand as we scandinavians have, in general, generally speaking, is stupoid but hey I never thought myself as genius like all the otehr stupoid punk ass comics artist, whose name ain't never enuff room to mention HERE!! Muhahahahahaa!! I'm enjoying and feeling strongly, effectively how the season is the same in my inking on year 31 before, in the Autumn of Spain and Madrid endeed, Madrid mon amour!! ;) Going places, remembering faces, smelling the traces of blood, all those phases of my life, soon all is gone, with the Fall, snow kills all, covers all, nature sleeps til Springtime, again, soon but not yet. What, was that asudden strike of poetry moetry, hah... and on we go!! :)


Thursday morning, feeling alright, having news from Japan, and making my response on rumours and gossips rolling over on me, haha, believer is not same as knower, maybe that's enuff for thst stuff for this while, haha...

<-- newest news of Golden Youth and Spanish sauna Trip!! :)

....let's move on to things we do care and are interesting, like how do many cups of coffee I do drink in average morning, hah, and otherworldly important issues, use your tissues, to wipe your crying eyes, lies lies lies, keep on coming like J.J.Cale songs lyrics pouring down like rain, which we've seen more than enuff over here with this thing called "Summer", hah, not much of a Summer, when there's no really hot days or weeks at all.......

  ....oh well, maybe I've been too long here in drawing room with my nose in my own adventures and stories of my life, and not having any holidays since Italia and 2015, yes I need a rest and outta my average daily routines and Finlandia, 100 years of mysery, hehehe... thatäs what it should be called!!

 <-- after all I'm like angry rhino coming through the door, stubborn as hell and determinated to fulfill my autobiographical wild years novels,

 no matter what!

Have a nice day darling...

 wherever you are!!!

20.9.2017 Wednesday after good looooooooooooooooooooooooong nightsleep, feeling rested and almost put outta my mind the last days uncomfortables, and consentrate to do it in the future too, felt like shit for two days, shouldn't pick up a fight with assholes ever, they just hit you below belt, and stab you in the back, yes, that's the name of the game, there's no rules in war and love, and it seems all is allow in both of 'em too, so watch out all you little whinig fuckers and wankers of Hämeenlinna, and go on living your miserable life, as long away from me as you can, hahahahaha! Go fuck yourself lonely single dads, cause you ain't hgot no one else to fuck with... and you can't fuck with me, that's for sure, now! Muhahahahaa! Yes , I leave all that childish shit behind as I ain't no elephant who NEVER forget anything. Anger takes it tolls too heavily on this boy's heart, ache to fight for man who I was mistaken to believe my "friend"!! That's what hurts, that there are people who just spy, despie and hurt you, and especially me (HAH!) any chance they got. Sad, useless little men in their sad useless miserable lives, good luck to you still.

 I just hate fighting and war, in every angle and any situation, it's avoidable, sensible and usable to do something with love not hate, but I won't run a fight if you come charging me, better remember where I've been & come from, I'm really bad boy... if you want it, you got i, blood and guts... all over, I should be over this kinda hate but all I can see now is red, for awhile, and it's all your fault! :) Missing many good hours of the day poundering that shit, that's my fault, to go with other idiots nagging and bitching. Adios hombrews miserables y puta mierdas! Oh well, no matter what I write here as those fuckers can't read or at least understand WHAT they just read. Sorry bout tghat too, it's all my fault, if you never got no balls, no brain, no guts, no glory!

 Well as you (who read this) can see, this hurt me too. So I wish all the best everybody.... except few asshole or two, muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

19.9.2017 Tuesday morning, had a strange kinda one day flu also yesterday, felt like shit, and got hurt by another asshole, who mistaked to be my friend, well as you can have a "friend in Facebook", not meeting like ever, hah.... should build a defense mechanisma and thick skin, but hey, wait a minute: the soft skin and tender emotions and being vulnerable is STRENGTH and wanted behaviours and elements in creative working with illustrations and comics art. Art is the word I almost hate, cause it's been worn out these days when everyone is an artist and especially great big huge artist, it's like Trump, if you tell it yourself repeatedly and often enough, .......YOU start to believe it too, but it's still only a repeated lie.

 Attacking some one (not knowing him personally) just by his or hers writing that are made with grin and mostly laughing at him/herself, is very admirable and valuable stuff like all fine  art critics on Helsinki Magazines

...who don't know shit from shinola. Attack is the best defense they say, so I'll bite back if you attack me.....

...no doubt, I'm fool to do it, but it's the name of the game. And after the waves have died, you be the one apologizing me, ain't that funny, dear? Some of these little girls are first time in fame and headlines, so it's understandable how they react, when the buzz has gone their little (mental) heads. It happen to best of us all, too.

The famous piss rises on your head, and its OK, when and IF it'll finally pour out of it too!! ;))))))))))

Have a nice day, except you are the asshole hurting me and my righteous and good feelings, then you can go to hell with your so wrong opinions (about me), hehehehe!! :)

18.9.2017 Monday morning, had a crazy Sunday afternoon after some Some fighting with people whose names ain't got no value to be even mentioned here. Made a critical and humorous( to my opinion!) comment about one newish comics book about girl and mental health issues, which style of drawing I said to be repusing to ME(!!).  And that is the biggest crime in the century and of course I got the shit storm of attacks, on my behaviour and my poor abilities to do art, and all my comix are lousy and this crusifying of bad and wrong-opinioned with defense mechanism these adults with mindset of bullied schoolkids, showed their ugly heads. I ain't no saint, but I ain't so wet behind ears either. Of course I got carried away with fighting fire with fire, and propably burnt  some of my fingers while doing it. Oh, I confess I had made mistakes, had said something I shouldn't, and propably shall do those nastu thangs in further on my journey called life, so deal wit it, getta fuck outta here, or laugh with it. My aim is to enjoy, love nad have a laugh or two ro million before I shall grow daffodils outta my eye sockets, at myself and maybe to you, with or without you!

<--that's where I come from, countryside of Vesilahti, Jack the Knife indeed.

Thanks for all the good and understanding folks, you know WHO I am, no excuses now...but wait a century or two I might surprise you again, too!! Standing my ground, taking it as  a man, or a woman or tarnssexual, take it andmake it something better!! ;) Towards fine art victory and trimphed glory days for ME, niot 'em assholes who're too lazy to learn simplest stuff on art of comics, perspective, character, caricatures, emotions, anatomy, and "stupid things" like that. So I continue my marching to fields of opportunity and love, maybe there's a pot of gold at the end om journey, and if there is I'm happy to share it. But not with asshole whose names are ****** ********, ****** ********,**** ******,and others whose name ain't worth mentioning, her or anywhere. Well, after all sad and useless hate, I hope all the best for all the good people in world. Bad ones you get waht you deserve for sure, in the laws of karma, ain't it a bitch!?! ;)

Muhahahahaa!! (Only thing I AM sorry is that I'm little "confutze" writing this shit here on blog, today, so bare with me, it ain't the end of the world as we know it.......! Sometimes I do too get hurt, and sometimes it is me who hurts, sorry about that, for all who deserve it. Fuck all newlyborn sophisticated assholes in Finnish copmics art scene in their pretendeous cultural seriousness, If YOU haven't done nothing but art all you're life you're just a useless as coffee machine in desert island.

Ride on.

17.9.2017 Sunday morning, slept away all lack of sleep, yeah, feels good to be stabile unwary "normal" myself, hehe, whatever that means, hehe, normal jeesus, that is a strange adjective and word, it's subnormal, abnormal, unnormal and hardly explanitional word, indeed. Nobody's normal, and everybody is, the average Finnish guy makes over 3000 euros in month, but you never see those average guys anywhere, maybe they are working all th time, to make that 3 grand....?!? ;)

Read between the lines, spot the devil in details, see what's hidden behind the words, masters of disguise, oh well, the onky song I can really see myself singing soon is: "Ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire"!!! It too bad AC/DC don't performance that song anymore, for obvious reasons... they ARE millionaires, damn it!! And buena suerte por ellos, con este vida, estabas trabajando mucho y tantos años,

Yesterday I did one of my BEST coversongs when I got the courage to sing Rainbow's Rainbow Eyes, from album Long Live Rock'n'roll, which I've been diggin these few years I've own it on CD. When it did come first time as LP, my taste of music was defenately heavy rock, I was punk and coming from early 50's rock'n'roll phase diggin my Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran etc. so that 70's hard rock Purple, Rainbow, Zeppelin, Status Quo etc, was faraway from my taste or my friends taste as it mattered so much those days. Decades before computered music and motherfucking spotifyis. You'll having it all... too easy, there's no seeking and founding in pleasure and pain, like there once was...

 I think that for I am, roght or wrong. Going strong. With girl with rainbow tattoo and eyes.

16.9.2017 Saturday morning, woke up bit too early, again, and being the bad sleeper just gotta get up and do what these Saturday require, sauna bathing and resting on easy mellowland, haha...

 oh well, life goes on, tired or not, happy or sad, blankhead or speedfreak like Jari Sillanpää, jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, that freak got what he deserves, one thing about drugs, you know what  you do although whatever you you say, YOU KNEW it before you took it, so please blame no one but yerself, thank  you, good night,

....to me Jari Sillanpää's music and career is nonchalant, zero interest on 'em slimy love songs and hit parade musicals, yac yav yacady yac.

Couldn't care less. Be a man and take it, now you're official motörhead, Jari, too! Muhahhahahahaa! waiting for Jari's version of Ace Of Spades!! ;)

15.9.2017 Friday morning, what can you say about weather as it is this gray and dull, surprisingly warm but Autumnly though, well it's very good weatehr to stay indoors and ink some comics, that you can say, and I ain't no better, heh, sometimes I feel like I'm the worst man on earth, but then I take a long good look on mirror and see I ain't that bad, there's whole lotta worse assholes in this world, like all the art critics, gallery owners, Kerkko Koskinen, all the nazis, all the crackheads, all the Finnish governmental cases that take from the poor and givbe to the rich, ain't no excuses for that kinda assholity.

Luckily I'm pure poor and unselfish great and fine artist in my ivory towery pedestrial and golden handles in our bathrooms and army of lovers of my art, yearning to worship me and all of my watercolour painting, paying millions on 'em. Living in a billion dollar mansion on here down south, dodging hurriganes and trombies, life is hard and life is great, being white hetero male, the priviledged 1% of all godgiven comics artist!!!!! (<--- sarcasm, parody, irony and utterly bullshit, just for you officers of state and other real life assholes!)

 Have a nice weekend, month, year, decade and life!

14.9.2017 Thursday morning, got down some 14 kilos now, the weight problem for 12 years soon to be only memory in my history, and getting ready to keep it down on "normal" numbers, where I'm not yet. But counting on myself to have the faith and strength to fight it, against the boredom and comfort eating, althogh I love chocolate and liquorice and some candies and potato chips and ice cream, which is part of my diet, ice cream that is, my late at night delicatessen so I can go to sleep with good taste in my mouth!! :)

Oh well, maybe it's not so interesting for you as it is for me... muhahahahaa!! Sorry, but I ain't sorry to speak out my mind and all that comes through these fingers to write here, if you rather read about politics and long articles about climate change and refugees and all thats happening to all the other poor bastards, you must change the channel, heh, here I talk whatever goes through my worry head, motörhead and crazy world of Jouko Nuora, muhahhahahaa!! Stay clean, stay mean, stay pure, stay true and remember to rock hard and heavy jazz everyday, cause "rock'n'roll is the only religion that never lets you down! (Lemmy)". Go on make my day, make your own day, make and work, let the opthers complain and whine, especially if you're in comics professionals business world. Fuck all stupid fucks, be what you are! 



<--- metro Madrid 1986.





Let's see some action, por favor, hijo de puta! :)

13.9.2017 Wednesday morning, early bird catching early coffee, getting up like evry morning, still rainy and Autumnly, Fall is that for american Autumn, too bad for 'em hurricanes and floods and all that shit that's going on there, across the sea, ocean and big waters. Not much I can do over here, ain't got no moey to sent, starving to get my own mouth fed. Wishing to get more grants and any welfare help, so I can relate to ALL poor men, all over this planet. Wish I could live untroubled times and waters, bridges over troubled years. Well, maybe I'll just suffer on and then make it 30 years after and later, all a comic book adventures of real life, real troubles, real fights, real hard times, oh lucky me...

...living in this lucky town, lucky land of fools, where alcohol is the real king, cannabis the second cousin and cheap pocketwarm vodka queen of the night, oh what a paradise on earth! ;) Wish although, that there'd be more beauty in this awfully gray concrete roads, traffic signs and dull design of engineers drawn street views, is it's purpose to build as ugly as you can, cheap as you canis a standard,  is no brainer, cause we're the cheapest most enpensive nation, afraid of our own shadow and especially what shall thy neighbour think about you....! Oh that same ol' story. Towards better times, straight spoken, solid friendships and friendly approach towards all good people. Dream on, like I do.

12.9.2017 Tuesday morning, rain welcomes to another Autumn day, looks like Summer is fading fast, oh well, seasons in an endless row, boat of life, guard of eden, me litlle too early risen, going back to bed and sleep....


hah, well that's the plan, way to go, staying low and alive, another rainy morning lack of sleep, like a sheep in wols' clothing I guess, not all is at it seems. it looks like that a lot, looking good and long into future, doing what I please, when I please and if I want.


 Traveling cat, going places, seeing things, pretty pictures, worldwide webbing, modern times.


Newest songs on my celebration  100 years of Funlandia:

767. Summer Feeling 28.8.2017

768. Lost In Dark 29.8.2017

769. Türquoise 4.8.2017

770. Cause I Got Balls 7.9.2017

771. Wrong Or Right 9.9.2017

772. Walkin' Home 10.9.2017,

773. She Went Blues 12.9.2017

11.9.2017 Monday and  sawn last of them fallen or cut tree branches for sauna, picked last of blueberries from our bushes, did some bedsheet laundry and I'm still on game of "Man of the year", household episode and series of work normal men refuses to do cause it's not what is expected or it's excatly what IS expected to manly man to do and work out. Well hell, all I want to prove is I want to show how you can lose weight without any gym lesson or lifting any iron bars in any fartsmelling sweaty city gym, and paying good money for that shit, it's only in your head, and mind, to choose and decide to lose some 23 kilos of weight, and if I can do it so can you! Strength and perseverance people, all we need with love and understanding, and place to sleep, little peace on earth is required too, thank you!! ;)

 I'm now down some 13 kilos as I gain back some kilos while my wife was on south and I was alone to eat for sorrow and comfort, hehe..... my own ramada as I eat only when sun don't shine, in bed before going to sleep and early mornings, heh, but I ain't now muslim, nor good christian, buddhist nor hindu, or anykind religious boffoon. I'm just believing in love, love conquer all, love is stronger than howling wind's call, love is stronger than wrecking ball, love is...


...all, we need, with food, water, shelter, education, clothes, rest, laughter, tears, emotions, entertainment, freedom, meaningful action to fill our days, liberty for everyone and we need to love 'em all!


<--- my "famous" joke serie published in Pahkasika humour" magazine within years 1995-2000. Joukossa tyhmyys tiivistyy (= Stupidity increases in crowd"!). Twisted words jokes I made up myself, not "borrowed" from other comics artists

 like some do... no names spoken, you know who they are, hahahahahahaaa!!! :)

10.9.2017 Sunday, slept so good and long, feeling pretty freshen up, and relaxed, very good Sunady athmosphere inner space state of mind. Listening Neil Young'd Weld double LIVE CD, thunderous and crying guitars and best of songs on that period plusearly masterpieces. Being so productinve has its fine points and results: planty of good songs and tunes, even to bury some wholöe albums for decades in archieves, which opening we still wait like Pavlov's dogs drooling in anticiaption of good to come....


I did mine 540th song yesterday with riff and drum pattern "borrowed" fron Motörhead's early works, hahah, but don't tell 'em!!! Heh, well rock music might be the most borrowed brand of art, keep on dedicating, borrowing, loaning, stealing and just taking effects on othet bands repertoire, nowadays you only get busted easier as the music is instantly on web, well, not ALL music is, I got only one of my songs there: Jack King In The Hourglass, in Youtube for your eyes only. And that's an old song 2012 or something like that, it's pretty decent as an solo artist to put up, playing all by myself. Rock it baby, haven't had any profit money yet, on it... but waiting keenly!!! Hahaha!! :)


<---Overkilling donuts by with Scarfaced gangster parody, not to be taken or eaten alive! ;)

9.9.2017 The magical mystery numbers nine,nine, nein nein, ysi ysi, heh, I'm (too) fool to be especially interesting on magic numbers, 9999999999999999999999999999999999999. Looks fine, looks like danger, the former alarm phone number in England was 999, if I do recall it right, and Motörhead Girlschool split EP number too, on St. Valentine's day massacre EP, those weere the days of vinyl and end of the seventies, begininnigs of eighties, when I WAS young man and the world was my oyester, muhahahhahaaa!! Especially good stuff for selfironic comics book or four...................!! ;)

 Oh well, Saturday morning trying to rest and do my best, on it, sauna tripping tonight and it's pretty alright, all is well in this little world of mine, if I don't try to remeber all I could complain, all I'd buy if I only had more..... money. But money is not my king, not my aim, not my inspiration, not my lover, not my mistress, not my goal, not my life's reason to be, nothong but paper with numbers on it you exchange on something else, products and nececities, food and shelter of house, but that's in UN human rights, I should have, no matter what?!?

Or am I the only one who the UN human rights don't include? Don't ask me why people choose life in crime and not staying poor, like me.

 <--- Real life Nani de Madrid, making her first real life expressions on Spanish Sauna Trip, and it's a love story fo course, read all about it....

 ...Summer of '18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

8.9.2017 Friday morning,rain and colder like the Autumn suppose to be, darker days til x-mas and long nights, crazy moons lunatic people, rushing to work and back. Circles of life, stories from crypt and cradle, indulged memories, drunken affairs in the black of a night. Listening Norah Jones' singing  Good Morning to me on my stereo set. Waking up slowly but truly, reality check, reality too affective in my nightmares, dreams of wealthy adulthood escape plan for all bad, all ugly, all right after all, when living in a warm house, warm hearted woman, money enuff to buy food and drink, when needed. Even bought the Alien action figure finally on comics festival, the Alien I've yearned for years, but ones in net where always too expensive or not goodlooking enuff. So now I'm satisfied mentally again, with the situation on my comics and movie figures...

 ........til next craze of figuratively speaking of course!! ;)))))))))) Oh, I'm a crazy kinda fool, myself, yes, but it's liberating to KNOW IT, don't get all startled up and paniced if I do something silly!!! Muhahahahahaa!! :D


<-- street artists of Madrid in Summer of '86! Wonderfully talented (art students ) painting on crayons on asphalt the classic art images of religious works, to earn some tip money from passerbys. Saw many great and huge painting on the street level, don't know do they still do this in Madrid?


7.9.2017 Thursday morning,  I saw some tree branches yesterday for our sauna heater, been on the list of to-do for all Summer, so feeling goos I finally cut 'em to pieces fitting in the fireplace of that metal heater, yes. And got into inking business too, win win situationas whole my life has been, muhahahhahhaaa!! :D

 <--- Hondarribia Basc country, Spoain back, in 1986 in my autobiographical novel !

 So lucky I was born on Friday 13th and the lucky stars above, muhahahaaa, can't blame nobody but me, oh well I CAN but won't, hah, read my autobio comix and you'll understand what happened to lil boy blue, yeah, luck was never on my side, never had the luxury of everlasting love, until I met my wife, who just changed her plans not to go to Latvia, so it's their loss she's not visiting her another "home away from home", land that she loves and the good people there that care. I been there twice as a tourist and it's a land of contradictions and especially the overblown population of crazy russians, a bit too much for my taste... well, money talks bullshit walks. Latvia rising to new future, slowly but certainly. Good luck, you'll need it!! ;)

6.9.2017 Wednesday morning, sleeping the tiredness off of my head, feeding the cat and dogs, trying to get back online in Spanish sauna trip and inking like a king! ;) Taking back some cruel words about certain photographers "choises" not to shoot me, but this time I was wrong, it was only an accidental mishaps why I wasn't on photos or their website.... I do believe easily, naive is my middle name, an onwards new dissappointments... err, appointments rather, hehe!! ;) Damn same joke two days in arow, hopefully no one will notice, ehehehehe!! :D :D

Oh well, my cool conspiracy theory went outta window like a rocket into the night of Sahara, hah, I glad I was wrong, okey, now I can consentrate on something more valuable than holding crunges, hah. Have anice sunny day in 100 year old land of Fine! Having all the house bymyself while my wife went on holiday off to Latvia today, yes, sir I can make it all bymyself if I had to, but I love my wife and she's the spark to my life. Good things for 12 years soon, on 15th of September it's been the first 12 years together, heh, nice little start for the life til the rest of our lives!!! ;) In holy matrimony we been 7 years too. Here in the little rented house on the prairie of Forzza!! ;) What are we gonna do?

Ride on! <3

5.9.2017 Tuesday morning, slept off the weekend's overdriven excitement, hopefully, heh, heading for the everyday excitement on inking comics and doing whatever I please, music came first to my mind, made "accidentally" song number 102 testerday while wasting my time on headache and tiredness of that comics weekend wering out the strength and powers to do, something meaningful and challenging.... oh well. Back to business slowly..

... as I ain't go no real hurry, no deadline stress, no boss but myself and that's the biggest plus yopu can get as working, be your own boss, master and teacher too, be fucking Dragon warrior kung fu panda too!! ;)

Toward next dissappointment, no,. I mean next successes and triumphs, hahahhahaa!! :D

4.9.2017 Whole lotta festival done on last weekend! Thnka a lot for coming up and buy, smile, talk, handshake, hug and...

 ..............kisses for next year and themes of it: Italia and Comics strips! Maybe we'll finally get Milo Manara in Finland!! :)

Now pretty tired but happy, all went quite right and no speeding or parking tickets, slept well and eat little, today having "My weekend" for the lost one, and doing whatever I please, like you should do too!!!!!! :) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

2.9.2017 Good morning all you good people, as Iam drinking my morning coffee, I shall jump on my car and drive to Helsinki comics festival! Be nice and meet me there today and tomorrow! Here's the ad:


 Bienvenidos! Welcome! Tervetuloa!!

1.9.2017 it's Autumn officially and truely, but glad they've promised nice weather for the weekend of Comics festival in Helllllsinki, I'm ready to rock and got excited to drive tomorrow in fairs, and sell you all you need: comic books,t-shirts, music and audiobook CDees and with signatures that reduce the retailing selling price, haha....!! :D Make sure you got cash, nice lil bills, as we don't have any online machine for credit cards, except one jerk does have, a capitalist comics artist taht'll sell you his point of view and laugh all the way back to bank.......... It's teh first time ever that my comics audiobook is available in Helsniki, JUST for you, get something no one else has!!! ;) Let's make it a fine and fun fair and festival, for adults, leave your stupid brats at home and enjoy the adult enetrtainment like never before.......................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Trust me I know what I'm doing, not like you who don't, muhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahahahahahahhhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

See you all in Helsinki Comics festival at Suvilahti, Kattilahalli 2nd of Sept. Saturday 11-20 hours, and Sunday: 12-18 hours! Bring your money and honey, but leave the kids at home, I'm an adult and I sell adults comics: porn, politically incorrect, fuck feminists and all stupid jerk off critics of Helsinki and especially Helsingin Sanomat press. !!! Hahah. Let's have a ball and I sell you ALL you need: comics, t-shirts, music and audiobook CDees!!! Once in lifetime change and opportunity to meet comics stars and get signatures and have good time!! :)

31.8.2017 Thursday morning, rain pouring down, where I was too, shouldn't allow some jerk to drag me into deep blues for reasons he can't/won't get, felt so bad,a nd me responding in lack of sleep and gettin nervous, well we're all human, making mistakes, trying to learn and not do that again, yes sir, I can boogie and trying to do my best on my abilities to love and make good things happen. It's so easy to judge, to blame others, and not see yourself doing whatever you're doing, with whomever you're doing it with. Oh well, I ain't no angel, but I ain't no devil either, except if you charge me with something I haven't done, or you did yourself but blame me for..... hah. Okey, hope I don't have to go there anymore, fuck the guilt of crimes against your better knowledge, being unresponsible state of mind, outta your brain, can't take no blame, then. Heh, could I say ot any more unclear? Muhahahahaa, fuck that shit, some people enjoy torture others, I don't. But I won't be no dirt matress either, just for you to step on.

 Alright, towards the Helsinki comics fair and festivalities, all but 4 CD box is ready to rock and roll. See ya there!! :)

30.8.2017 Wednesday morning, it's getting darker, need of extra light grows as we finish this summertime and days of bright. Oh, our cat brought a mouse at home yard yesterdya, this doen't happen too often, (I'm glad!) but didn't eat it, so I throw it back to bushes to avoid dogs eating it... and vomiting or worse. It was a dead mouse, and big one, had to bring plastic gloves to move it as I'm scraed of all the diseases it could bring, kääk!! :/ Cat of course does what his instincs say and force him to act, like a wild beast. Luckily he seldom catch any birds, as they are too quick and clever for lazy homecat's attacks, heh... Getting ready to rock on Helsinki comics festival amd I do have a surprise for all you visitors to come and see my PeneLopez table decorations are really rocking this year and great sales on too, ask you shall receive!! See you all good comics people there!

In heavy diet we trust: eat less and excercise more, the ismplest of the simpliest diet rules. It's the same truth as wanting to be a millionaire: ear more than you spend - easymoney!!! :) :) :)

 Ok, let's boogie while we can!!! Hula hula baby!! :)


Tuesday morning, back on track on my diet after the cousin meeting grilled food, glad I can do this, hoping to be in better shape and  mood after all the weight I've lost, almost 12 kg now. Try lift that 12 kg or carry it on backbag just to get the impression of it, it's pretty heavy and now it's all gone off my knees that has already an injury of worn too much, hurt like hell, if I make amistake and for example: run more than 4 steps, or walk aday in city "running" from shop to another. Maybe I'll never run without a pain, but maybe I'll buld 'em muscles around and supporting the knee, so I can walk til I'm 100 years old, like fucking Finlandia, is soon in December 6th. National anthem for rock'n'roll years of sixtytwo. Soon rock'n'roll is in the age of retiring, oh no, it just slipped from my mouth, rock'n'roll will never die or retire. (another cool idea for a song, I just wrote it down, as I got one more to go to fulfill my 100 songs for this cetennial Finlandia!).

 And on we go, I'm making plans for designing my table for the comics festival, and now it's pretty sure I'm making a ****theme, so come and see my crazy fun table on next Saturday at 11-20 hours in Suvilahti, Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki, Funlandia.

28.8.2017 Monday morning, 99 songs done as I was a busy boy yesterday and wrote 3 not just one, it's long hours in aday when you feel tired but not enuff to sleep a nap though. These family businesses are so weary and stressed out come and get  togethers, but usually give fun and good feelings longlasting, but maybe not so much this year, as the fight came up. Oh well, trying to see just the good and bright side of life, hah, damn but this (life) ain't just no Monty Python song, bright side, right! :/

Well there's still some warmth of the summertime in the air, still some feelings to feel, some love to take care. Romnatic dreams and surreal visions of land and home of plenty, rich man to be in the future, I've seen the opposite side of this life already, now it'd be fine time for riches and good luck, got nothing against easy living and high class if it's mine all mine, haha!! :)

99 songs of 100 years celebration done, one to go: 758. Portugeese Goose 20.8.2017

759. War 20.8.2017

760. Jumpy Backflasher (Killing Two Stones With One Bird) 22.8.2017

761. Dagenefter 25.8.2017

762. Blues International 25.8.2017

763. Cost Of Living 26.8.2017

764. Things They're A-Changin' 27.8.2017

765. I Never Thought 27.8.2017

766. Walking Blues 27.8.2017

 Great expectation to make a living on hard work and fine art of comic books, I do, I do beleive in justice wins at the end, and you'll gte what you deserve, some of us don't deserve what they got, but that's another story, another life time line, maybe you'll get what you deserve when you're in your grave,

<--- Page number 106, on my autobiographic novel Spanish Sauna Trip, we're in Hondarribia in bascs fiesta, and that girl is the real deal, the one and only original Nani (de Madrid!!!)

 ...I'll propably get arrested when I'm in my grave, hahahaha!! :) Just borrowed that idea from Tom Waits song, sorry Tom, I'll pay you back and some heavenly royalties, from every idea you gave and I've loved to share.....

when we'll meet, next time! ;)

27.8.2017 Sunday morning, getting colder and Faller/Autumner everyday, the natural mystic blowing in the air, maybe it's fair that we didn't have any warmer Summer, maybe fucking not. Well, I'm all in next weekend's Helsinki comics festivals in my mind and thoughts, trying to make plans to succeed as good as possible, hah. Well, I want to bring some extra equipements and gadgets to catch more customers on my table and goodies I sell!! ;) Still those 4 songs to to before Saturday, but I'm pretty fast on 'em if not too tired, I'll make two today and rest two on Monday and Tuesday, and then I'll print the covers and burn the CDees ready to rock on Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki!! :)

These problematic relationships to my sister and father, worry me, sometimes, but now it's only my sis, whose gone with the wind, I don't want any part of her poisoned thoughts and agenda. Sorry, can't take that shit she pulls with. Glad I'm an adult and can choose the persons I wanna be with, any kinda kind relationship. Wether it's alcohol or insanity or whatever, she gotta do and solve it herself. Makes me sad though, for few days, I think, but : good luck, asshole.....

HAHAHA!! World of contradiction, yes, it is, world of crazy and rest of this planet is...

as mad as mad  hatter too!! :/// We're all crazy but Helsinki Sanomat comics critics aren't......................

muhahahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :)

26.8.2017 Saturday morning, woke up on wife's alarm clock music, she left by mistake on, next to me, damn, I hold my temper well, but now am tired for waking up a bit too early, as the night before went with cousins meeting afterglow and heart pumping too fast, problems of this little man, this little world I am. Keen on living and loving and enjoing while we can, this here life, running with speed of light and fast as jackrabbit! ;)

  I like driving car back from Helsinki at night, cause there's so few others in traffic, I can be almost only one driving easy and stressfree, only worry bout deers or elfs crossing the driveway, but luckily didn't saw any of em big fourlegged creatures, just one little jackrabbit, and miss him too! Oh the air i sgettin colder and the autumn closens it's hold, soon it's all yellow, orange and red on leaves and another season, another year, another number in the ice age, in the age of a man, in the pages of fucking finnish history! ;)

Weekend warriors hold on tight to your beer gegs and jazz cigarettes, have alaugh or two, and remember to boogie woogie

too!! :)))))))))))

25.8.2017 Friday, and tired and exhausted after driving 300 km  to and back Sipoo yesterday to annual cousins meeting and grilling, some fun and laughters with tears of joy in our eyes, but also mys is got sloppy drunkans ass, but let's leave it there, that's her own burdon to carry....

 on we go, as today' s a day off of work, at least if I don't feel like it. Just rest and  anap and mailing audiobook order number two, Yeah!!! :) Happy me! :) My cousin has this fine and romantic house by the sea in Sipoo, real quiet and peaceful home, always a pleasure to see him.

Family can't excatly choose 'em, so it's on down on goddamn luck, if they're nice or naughty, heh. Til we meet again.! ;)

24.8.2017Thursday morning, and feeling pretty good almost 12 kilos lighter man. Gettin' there where I aim, I am. just gotta keep on struggling and hunger alive, never surrender or give up...

<--- latest inked pages in Spanish Sauna Trip....

....on your dreams. Only this life to fulfill your fantasy and reality, in this body and soul, if you're not a vampire you got soul, or something like that, the spirit of 1941 Winter war still alive, in comics at least, as they published anewest edition of finnish war heroes, well nice try but that is so low and easy try to catch older male readers affection. I was just thinking about make an underground comics magazine named: Pillu ot Vittu, just to piss off of all dealers, distributors and bookstores, haha, well we'll see if it ever happens, and whadda hell it shall contain?!? Else than pillus and vittus of course!! ;)

 I guess we need a little renegade revolutin revenge, well that's another great and catchy title for book, magazine movie or play : Renegade, Revolution and Revenge! Hope I'll find time and money to fulfill all my craziest visions and ideas, and hopefully YOU'll buy it all, twice as the nowadays tactic goes: first apublication in press, magazine, newspaper and then on ahard cover book, haha, and of course agin in x-mas best of-edition you'll sell it third way!! Muhahahahahahahahahahahaa! Like motherfucking Fingerpori does, hah. You're only as stupid as you do.

23.8.2017 Wednesday morning, good news travel fast, got me an order from book distributor for my audiobook, yes, feeling fine, finally some sales on it, heh, well it only came for public stores few days ago, so this made me very happy, yesterday and still feeling fine on the thought of it... maybe I'll conquer the world on it, haha!! Cause that's the ultimate goal and traget to rule the world of comics with my books and stories and pictures of...


 ... what I most dearly draw. Naked ladies, hahaha, maybe later world shall know me by the ladies men Jack King, as it is my musically registred calling name, it's not excatly alter ego, as it is all my own, my thoughts and songs and my lyrics, just the english speaking world can't pronounce "Jouko" or "Nuora", hah, sad but it's true, englishspeakers ain't too civilized or keen on to pick on alternative pronouncings, where the laws of english grammary won't work. All of 'em living in Finland still speak english and very bad and incorrect finnish, although many have lived here decades!!! BUt world is changing,

hope it'll change englishmen's laziness too! ;)

22.8.2017 Tuesday morning. Foggy fields of Autumn greets me on my studio window, misty morning, melancholy moment,  11,1 kg lighter side of me visible changes in fat boy's life and mirror, tells all. I'm in Fuenterrabia/hondarrabia for the first time by August of 1986.

 My friends mother showed me round that old town and ruins of the castle and walls, a spanish sightseeing in basc country ;)

31 years, a lifetime ago. I can still feel that vibe there and the fiesta of bascs with red berets and scarfs, euskera ta askatasuna, in deed. First inpressions of the difference with saniards and bascs was, bascs do drink to get drunk and drank like Finns do!! So I felt right at home up there in the bordervillage of France. Didn't learn much about history but my brief visit for two weeks or so left my corazon there in Hondarribia, for sure. Libertad, revolucion y cosas asi! ;))))

21.8.2017 Monday morning Jerry Lewis the next gone man on the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of old men dying on old age, sad but true. Funny man in his movies, and that's enuff, lotsa laughter brought into this serious world of terror and horror.  Jerry RIP. So it's back to working week, but short thsi one as we have a cousins annual get-together at Thursday eve, in Sipoo, so gotta hurry these 3 days, or not, haha, business as usual, busy business, my middle name! ;) Oh well, thinking about this Summer time went so fast while working all the way, no beach or bank holiday, no aeroplanes no big plans, no mediterrain sunsets, no tourist hell and gay discos, no street hustlers, but staying home and doing comics, my life story, yes it is.

Life, 19576 days of my life. In 53 years and 8/12 of it parts done. Not even 20 000 yet, but if you start drawing at the age of 7 and keep on doing it everyday for few hours, you'll be like me a master (muhahahahaa!!) and experienced over those critical 10000 hours way before you'll be 35 year old, it'll make you to master the pencils, anatomy and perspective. And after you've mastered on drawing spitting images and recognizable potraits you can say like me: I CAN draw anything I want to, and it's no exaggreration, be all you can, never give up,

 especially on practising drawing beteer is better, lousy is lousy, no matter waht you call it, if it ain't good it ain't art, worth a fuck. Make a stand, make adifference, make a wobnderful art, and fuck all kasperströmmans and riikosaakkinenns and ajnileinonens ugly shit, and all the other bullshit artists, in their slimy soup of media art. Hah. It's way too easy and schoolboy wiseasses practiocal ehe-ehe-jokes, on you, little baby. Give the world beauty, give the world experiences and love. Chep laughs an clicks just all for nothing at the end of the day. Think what's important in your life, work and art. dast buck and giggle?!?

 Go on think another 5 seconds more.

20.8.2017 Sunday, morning sauna fresh and Papillon watched, again. There's these classic movies like Taxidriver, One flew over cucoo's nest and Papillon just ti name afew, which I can watch again and again, althought the "plot" is known, memory serves me right and forgetting most of them actions. Or maybe it's just proof of a real GOOD film, you can watched multiple times and still get something good out of it, everytime. Videos, DVDs and online streaming has made almost all films available, and anytime but there's so much lousy and meaningless movies, to avoid or save for rainy day,

 when having nothing better to do and feel like couch potato, which I do almost every night, hahahaha!! :)

90 songs of full 100 done, and my faithfull recording machine BOSS 900 has recorded over 800 songs! It surely was worth all 225 euros I aid for it 7 years ago. Here the latest titles:

754. Sudanight 13.8.2017

755. Death Is Such A Waste (Of Time) 15.8.2017

756. Boy In A Bubble 17.8.2017

757. Great White 19.8.2017 ........and more coming today asit's sunday and I won't work on comics, so I make music instead! ;) Having agood time, the true meaning of the life, is... what you make it, make it count, make it fun, make it what you love to do, life is short, way too short for grudges and froes, dance on your toes, boogie down and love, comquers all. All you have to believe. Peace on earth and Santa Claus!! :)

19.8.2017 Saturday morning, wanna hang on to Summer feelings and warmth, but the Autumn lingers on, nights getting colder and darker. Inevidable circle of life, but me, I'm getting tired of the long winter season with snow and ice, although itseems now so far away when looking at the nature still in bloom, well first yellow leaves appearing, the moody bluesy weather. Oh well, why can't it just sunshine, heat waving over +30 and be like mediterrain here in north, I just ask, haha... not really appreciating the four seasons anymore, like crazy, hah.



So let's go to the Fall and all will be fine. Turku what a miserable news. Killing is always wrong. It's illegal to take anothers life, don't you know? Miserable terrorists, shame on you. World is crazy, we don't have to follow that shit. Peace brothers and sisters, and love is all we need, now and forever.

18.8.2017 Friday and week's hard work start to get me, need a vacation before...

X-mas, would be nice to hop in a plane and forget all work on comics stuff for a week ot two. Guess I'm like evrybodyelse too, get tired of doing the smae thang over and over again, very common very understandable, very normal............

whatever normality is! ;) So I'll soldier on til I finish my third autobio graphic novel next summer, long way to tipperary and into the bank to collect the millions I'll make with thius next superior book, haha!! Never underestimate the healing powers of therapy of art you do, give all you can, see where the path leads you at the end, it's a relief and uprising to receive the feedback, when you've touched folks emotionally, made a stand and affection, make the difference, make my day.

<--Young Pamsy, the best of Finnish heritage in the world wide beauties!! ;)

17.8.2017 Thursday morning, another day turning on and I'm 11 kilos lighter, can't stop now losing all extra weight, I never needed but was so hard to get rid of, so pray I won't swall back to fat boy blues. Damn, gotta watch out and eat responsible way and food now on, til I'm actually there where I wanna be: under 84 kg. Oh boring weighty issue again, well you can maintain the suspension "will he be able to do what he says", haha, and put your money where your mouth is! It's a big deal baby!!Heh.

Oh well, one track mind and tunnel vision, recognized 'em both, sometimes these health issues just blows my mind and gotta be consentrated in doing good for myself, not thinking about common good, and if you know me I don't give a flying fuck for your kids, take care of your offsdpring yourselves, you made 'em, and soon they're average adults wasting resourses and nature with their stupid decicions, and ruining this planet...                                  unless a miracle happens or revolution, or both(?).

16.8.2017 Wednesday morning, officially 10, kilos lighter boy here, writing whatever goes my head and off we go! ;) Picked up a litre containerful of blueberries from our own garden, as my wife has managed to get cherries and all these berries to bloom and bare fruits, well it takes a lot extra watering and the stupid watercompany charge every litre, twice as it charges the consuming and the wastewater duties also, whatever you do with the water you run thru pipes, and in this case of watering garden it's huuuuuuuuuuge mount of cash floating there on dry season, heh, very interesting ain't it?!? HAHA!

 Oh well I'm lucky to be simple and naive, much easier to enjoy this poor man's life. Yesterday I bought extra blend coffee and shed atiny tear as I was able to spend  1 euro more this month, just on my own amusement and delicatess indulge moments to come. One euro, man.

 It's the little things that make you/ me happy, excluding illnesses and sickness out, life, living the weekdays with plesure or not, that's the question dera Dr. Watson.

<-- my wife posing for me yesterday...

...yeah, alternative facts just for you baby, not for everybody but for you!! :)

15.8.2017 Tuesday morning, there's still some summer left, warm breeze and flies fly, trees are not yet yellow, nioghts getting colder though. Got new t-shirt prints for sale in comics festivals, yeah baby yeah, looking good and sharp!! ;)

Trying to ink as fast as I can, 2 pages aday, so I'll be all already pencilled stuff done on October/November and shall do extra pages in need to strenghten the plot. Nice "little" two year project this 100-odd pages book,

perseverance, baby, perseverance! ;)))

14.8.2017 Monday morning, after all the days at the races, feeling pretty relaxed and won so many medals with 'em athletics was pure joy and fun, sofa-athletic I am truly and deeply, good entertainment and reality program in these days of dark and cruel happenings, people gone mad and angry for such an useless causes and convictions, religion freaks and nut science, oh my, this world is going down on the toilet soon..........


 ...luckily I won't have to be here witnessing it for too amny decades anymore. well' what do I know on anything and less of the future but more than those idiots who call 'em counselors and economy advisers, jeesus they so full of shit and  only vision they got is hindsight wisdom, nobody knows tomorrow really, nobody, not even the slimy slicked assholes that TV asks what shall happen in Finland's economy and businesses tomorrow, they just fool you to trust 'em, fuckers, and only thing that's for sure is, WE pay the price for al these assholes "visions" of growth of 1,4 % or was it 2,8 % or was it something very different that they paint for our eyes last quartel and last year. Yes, it was. Answering my own questions like THEY do ytoo, is very...

 easy and you always know the answer on it, haha.

Okey today back in business of my inking the book, 69 pages still to go !!! Let's rock and roll! <3

13.8.2017 Sunday morning, it didn't went like planned on Jamican relay team and especially Bolt, hurting his feet on his last(?) race, damn, that hurts, for many souls. Luckily he's won so many medals he had to built another house for 'em only! ;) Now they are walking 20 km, that and the marathon couldn't get my blood pressure up enuff to follow 'em all the way, I might watch the finishing again... it's been fun games with enuff drama and surprises, sports world surely is young folks job. Good boost on my own getting shape ritual and diet, yes I'm down 9,6 kg. Soon in wicked beach shape for summer of.............................................'18!!

 I'm making new music almost everyday(!), it just flows out, so why resist? Don't understand the claim that " If it takes longer to make it is better, automatically"! It's all utterly bullshit, like so maney things taking granted, nothing is granted except....

taxes and death!! ;))))))))))) Just one Bowie cover that didn't success so/too good, but whadda hell, I'll make another 200 better songs later on, hahaha... Here's the list and dates of the newest fantastic music represensations on titles:

744. Try Laughing... At Yourself! 29.7.2017

745. Blues Sky 30.7.2017

746. Velvet Goldmine 30.7.2017

747. Heavy Jerk 1.8.2017

748. Born'n'Raised On Rock'n'Roll 3.8.2017

749. Gimme All (Your Money) 6.8.2017

750. Unwanted 8.8.2017

751. Jazzified 10.8.2017

752. Summer Of '86 11.8.2017

753. Red Blooded Man 12.8.2017

And trying get 100 new own songs til 2.9.'17 and Helsinki comics festival, and the table of PeneLopez, where stands all the best books and music and my little pioneering audiobook Kultainen Nuoruus for sale, first time in public!!

12.8.2017 Saturday morning.

 Breakfast of the champions and world chanpioships again soon on tellyvisions, have agreat and tasty day, where ever yu are and whatever you eat!!




Buenos dias con sol!!!

Gotta go now to see a house..... later reports continue...! :)

11.8.2017 Friday put my money on lottery tonight, need that 39 millon to survive, öööö/eeerrr. to buy a house, pink sports car to envy neighbours, winter apartment house in Spain, and most of all to advertise my comics in front page of Helsingin sanomat, haha!! :)  Oh it might be the last hot summerday soon, so I might have my tan also, but the athletics are on TV soon too, decicions decicions, damn....

 Two weeks til Helsinki comics festival, and getting excited, wish there'd be million rich buyers and comics fanatics too!! Come if you have aslightest interest on comics, we all freaks are there every year meeting face to face all you good people, in the world.

 Only foreign guest that I think I know is Gilbert Shelton, old underground man, must be over 70 years old making his first (?) visit to Finland, we'll see what and how is he doing today? Still making Furry Freak Brothers? He's alegend but do the kids know him at all? Maybe we'll get another invasion of old hippies there, heh, that'd be great!! :)


Oh well, it's getting hot, so I might step outside and lay down and let sun shine on me and my future so bright!!! ;)


<-- .....my wife says hello sailors, come down here in Finland we have this thing called: it's nice if it's snow just a little by them summer holidays!! ;)

 Boogie on!

10.8.2017 Thursday morning, get another cup of java, yes open my eyes and see all the lies, muah muah, old song lyrics that rhyme everyday life, like I got my wife, butter knife and loaf of bread, instead, she broke her back and is in bed, gotta pamper her, now... little angel of mine....well, I'm almost downed 10 kilos under 6 weeks, so I'm pretty pleased on the happenings til now, but diet goes on til X-mas and planned to continue weughtwatching by myself ever after that, big dream come true is I ain't overweighted anymore. Maybe gain more strength and perseverance to do some sports and of course the most important thing illustrating, comix and nudes my second best love affair.

 3 weeks and two days til Hellsinki Comics festivalirties on first weekend of September, printed soem crazy t-shirts more, for you, and banderoll for the audiobook ! Shall text by hand the other posters with witty pretty funny deals and special prices, JUST FOR YOU, "not for everybody but for you my friend!!!!" The marbellian africans selling speech I heard so many times in the Costa Del Sol Suimmer of '86!<---Striped pin up, Playboy in me wakes up and looks at the body work perfection, the mountain of american hair and vuloptous assests!! :)

Enjoy life and never look back, except if there's some one you ought to be looking at!! ;)

9.8.2017 Wednesday, morning and sun shining shyly, but I've lost my interest on catching it for this summer, until it warms up over +24, and can't see it happening today, maybe it wiser not to get tan laying in sun, maybe but this pork pink skin is pretty lame. Well fuck it, I've lost also 9 kilos, not cocaine but weight on my fat boy body! And the race is on, 13 kg still to go, down far down. Tip for losing weight, eat less, move more, but especially eat very little, and no candies or chocolate or chips, pizza, little ice cream is alright with fruits, gotta have a vice or two....!! ;)

 Alright maybe MY weight problems ain't that interesting to you, but to me it's a matter of life and death, can't be this overweight whale anymore, thinking about my health for the future, when I'l be old and gray, not for along time now, haha, but then after 20 some years I'll be apensioner and my knees are already overused, hurt like hell if runniong or walking too much stairs, so I aim to be healthy and able to walk rest of my life, very long life, as I have no need to die... anyday soon... anyday, no way, won't borrow that funny Woody Allen line, try invent a new, like I said in 80's :"No sleep 'til graveyard!" Hah. Motorheading wisdom, Lemmy phrases are the best, guess Lemmy borrowed some phrases too, but if you read and hear a lot you start to mingle with ideas and thoughts, and soon forget who invented which, or that is possibility to explain some phrases floating round like fresh shit in the river.

Oh well, summer is still here, so we should be happy, and laugh at those poor kids who start their school years this week, good luck bastards! ;)))))

8.8.2017 Tuesday morning, waking up after watching World championships at night, feeling very athletic as I do my daily portion of comics inking, yeah same "boring" business everyday, haha, busiest busy man I am, but maybe  just on my own mind and in on papers and pencils. Whole lotta inking going on, but less than half still to do of the full album, so I'll overcome every tricky situation and troubled waters, like an old hippie I believe in love and understanding and common good, sharing is better than taking all by yourself and hide it like capitalists do, all for me and only for me, they say, it's all up to you how you survive and success in this life...


.. and of course it's utterly bullshit, black man in Africa and India ain't got whole lotta shaking going on, except in their cheap shoes and houses made of camel poop, so I should be happy, I got all so good and the society keep me alive and well, well, it ain't that simple, ain't so nice to be poor and starving, steal or gamble all your life and income, and always wonder where the next meal ticket comes from(?). I've been there, done that, being hungry constantly and living in the streets, slept on rough, so if YOU think you had it rough, try walking in my shoes...

...in Spain 1986, that's why I write and draw it all for YOU to read and understand, in summer 2018, everything 's gonna be pretty alright and different kinda view to lonesome tourist in Spain, for 3 and ½ month, that was my first lesson in life on the wild and dangerously exciting love and life on mean streets, read all about it then when it's published, hehe, wildest adventures under the sun for this here little finnish boy!!! ;) 

But now ride on cowboy!!!

7.8.2017 Monday, and rainy day welcomes this working week, summertime still some weeks to stroll til Autumn, first yellowy leaves appeared but still it feels like summer. Hopefully we'll get apiece of that heat wave that has tormented southern Europe, so unlucky land, north is truly the sign and direction of cold and lonely wether it's weather or people. Coffee opens eyes and porridge fills the stomach, early morning routines don't vary much, here at home, same stuff everyday, but it's okay, it's all right alright, doing fine progressing in albumwise, getting done what I'v planned, almost a year ahead of my schedule still, so I can/could take it easier, taking my time to finish with style and getting pages to high quality printing state, soon as possible, well I got the cover art still undecided and undone. Waiting for that "king of ideas" to hit me like hammer and lightning and to see the divine light "this is it", do this cover illustration and illustarated heaven is yours to take! :)))))))

Oh well luckily I still have one year til deadline to print the next Golden Youth album!! 365 days and nights, four seasons and one mission, to do my best work, with every new release, getting better, higher, longer, effectiver, stronger, bolder and  love more the most of my times. Little luck is all I crave and need.

And all your love.

6.8.2017 Sunday relaxation continues with athletics on TV, soon and I lost hal a kilo by just watchin' 'em running fastest in the world 100 meters. I used to be fastest boy in first grades on school by 60 meters, but then as I moved to high school and we ran 100 m, I wasn't the fastest man on earth anymore, I remember the disappointment on my time: 14 or 15 seconds, but for a 10 old that'd be pretty alright.......?

 Oh I loved to do sports winter and summer, only swimming wasn't my favourite, I never was taught swam quite right, right, so I never liked but playing games in swimhalls, with friends. Friends I had so many in our backyard, school, football team and later in there high school more and different, so many kids. The scholl classes were 30 something at it's worst/best. Lotsa fun times, lotsa young puppy love, lotsa broken hearts, lotsa innocence lost, in childhood as it's meant to be, spent my time pretty good, schooled on the side, effected all the rest of my life, but I was "the drawer/artist" from very early age on, 7-8 years old kid ready to just drag on thru school and by 16 I knew all I wanted to do is draw and paint, art.

 Well as all you've read the first book of Golden Yoth know, it didn't went so smoothly onwards after school, life made it's own twists and shouts, curveballed by ten years hiatus, really tuff price to pay, for not able to enjoy uor life or work, fully and truly.

 Ten years and 3650 days after I finally liberated myself from all the bullshit work, I never wanted to do, but did for my mother or girlfriends advice and kept it calm in homefront, August 20th 1993 I was free man, illustrated man since 1986, artist since 1973. It's along long long long way to the top, if you wanna... rock'n'roll and do art by heart !

Believe me, I know, it's a bumpy ride, without a mule or car. Unknown road leading you astray, sex and drugs and rock'n'roll.

<-- did a t-shirt and CD-cover art too, for new 4 Cd compilation of 100 songs for Suomi  / Finland's 100 years anniversary and upcoming Helsinki Comics festivals in September 2.-3. This year. See you all there with big fat purses and wallets ready to buy all my stuff, thank you!! :)

5.8.2017 Saturday morning and the Athletics World Chanpionships strated in London last night, some pretty good runs and lousy finnish executions, poor boy and girl, just 12 finnish athletics there to competite. Paavo Nurmi where are you now, when we need you!?! :/ Woke up too early so I might get back between sheets to catch my slumberland dream, that was cut too short. My diet, yes, I'm in program some 8 kilos off and lighter than I started 5 weeks ago, so if I can keep up with it I'll be 84 kg in September or  October, definately at X-mas where I aim to be in "beach fit" :)))

Gotta go and find a beach in December, without snow it's hard in here, winter wonderland latidutes, but not impossible, nothing is impossibel but nothing is sure either ( aphrase I've invented by muself ib Spain: "Todo es posible, nada es securo"!

 Weekend is my time off of comics inking, but busy on guitar swinging and drums drumming, making music, makig love, making life worth living,

 giving more than receving, if I can, make a difference, make a point make what you want, now, it's the morning of our lives.

 Make Finland great place to live again!!! ;)

4.8.2017 Friday morning. Rain. Okey onwards, the greatest weather for indoors activities such as our city festival HOljat, haha, promise to get wet on Lauri Tähkä repertuare, girls!! So grab your pussy with extra pair of nickers, all you innocent and young birds!! ;) Fly away, closer to sunshine I'd rather go to Spain for littel +40 degrees and hot fumed nights, bullfights and sangria in jars, tapas, pintxos, paella, crazy amigos Andalucian beaches and bitches, yes sir I really could boogie.... again! ;)

But probably I'll just sit tight here in my studio and drawing room shades and last rays of Summer of '17. Oh it's been 100 years since World War I, too. War what alousy waste of time, ammunition and lives. Fighting for land and piece of crappy countryside, what a waste of everybody's time. Rain.

Here's the most recent inked stuff of Spanish sauna Trip....................... for yer pleasure, and mine to recall all goooooooooooood stuff!! :) Coming up!! Like a hurricane, baby!! ;)


Thursday full of hope, sunny winks among white clouds of Summer. Not too bad to be alive, have no recalls of being dead, never want any of 'em. The averages are coming back from holiday and their kids retuirnig to school,a sthey are to work stations like evry year............................................... can't see that myself,as I jumped out of that train of boredom 24 years ago, without hesitation into cold waters and ground, to draw and only draw for living. Good years and bad ones, got 'em plenty, lotsa stuff lotsa records and some love, I never forget where I came, Tapiola, and growing up wrong and somehow criminal delinquet,   youth so golden, hahahaha. My golkdmine of stories that won't fade, just empowering stuff to see and tell all, exciting past, wild years in Spain, la vida loca en los calles de Madrid, Marbella Y Fuenterrabia. Oh memories, tears, of joy and heartache, days of rock and roll...ing over the continent, without money, but with the greatest love in mind, only love surely breaks your heart. 

Join us marching towards next heartbreak whistlin' dixie!!! ;)

2.8.2017 Wednesday morning, rain, do I have to say any more...?

 Oh well, it surely clears the air, binds the dust and pollution or pollens back on the ground, so it makes good more than our summer feeling spoiling, it does do.

Wet is good in so many ways, hehe, pun intended, crazy summer weather blues. Fifty thousand shades of gray in the sky, falling drop by drop, clouds covering all yoi can see, horizon.Maybe tomorrow it's all good and clear, hoping like a fool do.  Naive and natural born idiot and easily fooled simple man, yes it's good to be me, care free, most of time and life, so let it rain,

another day.

1.8.2017 Tuesday morning, sun shyly shines, might be wise to join him, soon before he's gone again. Little summer holiday day by day. Little to do and littel to have a rest and not been arrested while blind, driving Texas thru stoned out of your brain, oh well dreamers and fantasizers in Comic cons dressed in japanese little schoolgirls, big man making an ass of 'emselves, oh this world, cons and pros, convicteds and polices, foreign affairs and foreigh policys, who's running who, whose foolin' who?

 We're all in this here boat on the deep sea, except those who ain't got no boat, nor sea, or anything deep.... love should be deep and true, life should be easy and slow triumph of two lovers and kids in the yard of that red house and the potato fields...


 ....opportunity, faith, luck, genes, time and some other things  that just our life, without our powers or hold on 'em. Boat, sea and the old man, finally catching  that catch of his life.... bagful of bones, laugh of the neighbourhood. Life what amysterious journey, hope you can deal with it, although some day seem so dark and meaningless, end of the rope, end of the line, cocaine, speed and horse, never attracted me too much. Seen junkies close enuff, don't have any illusion of their fun, life of addicted is really only sad and misused changes, if you spoil your chance to have meaningful, life, questions of time and will, power and selfesteem, love yourself enuff.

 Going back to sea to see the sunset and rise again, to a new day, never too old to do what YOU want to, enjoy what you do, love the one you love. Simplicity in countryside, pity in city where nobody knows your name, your work, kids, life. Truly serious business, is what you want it to be, life won't wait, for you at the end of the rainbow, no jar of gold, no jar of alcohol,

just the end.

31.7.2017 Monday morning, +15 and full cloudy sky, hiphurray

for the Summer weather and the possibility of rain, and some more rain. Rainmaker please leave Finlandia alone, we need sun, not rain, nuthinh' fair not even the vanity of me, myself and I. Why can't we live in aparadise, eat fruits that'd be hanging over us, just picking what we need, eat when hungry, drink the nectars and never work nothing, for money. And never pay no rent for house you sleep, never pay no schools, nor elecrticity, no city lights no taxes, for poor and natural born lover man, hehe, yes it's all so wrong and no rights for the 90 % who owns nothing, yeah that's right, it's not alright but right now it's the way of the sick capitalists world, rules and laws for corporated companies. Only money matters in the rich mens world, and injustice just a little bit. Fear of communism lives so strong and hilariously in boss mens world of fear. Fear thy neighbour and neoghbours dog and wife and cattle, fear the fear to fear the fear.

 Lonely planet boy, oh boy,  a long way to paradise. Long way to warm Summer days.

30.7.2017 Sunday, and the weather is............................................................................................................


 ...as it is, who cares what the weather was today, in 400 years after this sunday without sunshine, yes some might be very interested if these netpages survive and the earth shall spin another centuries and milleniums, who knows tomorrow but stock brokers secret chrystal balls, and weather forecaster men in their computerised pictures and foreseeing the world, rain and shine, as it is here the Summertime weather, both, country and western................. and Blues Brothers jokes reran down, lack of new ones, apoligises to you.


<--Wet dogs after swim, in our trip to natinal park and dog's beach, that is one of the best inventions and progressions man made: dog beach for dogs to swim with their kind, not pissing off of the kids and their bloodhound mothers!! ;)))


Oh my chritianity is rusted and forgotten BUT having a rest in and on all Sunday, and doing others what you want others to do to you too, still barks right moon and tree, and stands up, and hold it's grounds.


Have an easy beezy day, baby.

29.7.2017 We went for a walk in the forest and park yesterday, with our two dogs, and here's the masterpiece of the fotos taken: 


Saturday morning, warm breeze but clouds keep us off the beach and patio and tanning skin, well that's aging skin with dangers of cancer and all that jazz, we don't want. On weekends I try not to ink my comixs or other stuff, but guitars and drums are allowed to bang and sound, in my garage studio I've been busy although I lost few recordings due CD misbehaviour, well fuck, I redid 'em in aflash and maybe even better so here's the lates achievements in the land of show business and fame:  

725. From A Jack To A King 26.6.2017

726. Drank The Moon 26.6.2017

727. Curse Of The White Hetero Male 29.6.2017

728. Trouble 30.6.2017

729. In Her Beauty 30.6.2017

730. It's Mad Mens' World 30.6.2017

731. Crazy Ex Sex Appeal 1.7.2017 & Part 2. 16.7.2017

732. I'm A Blues Man 1.7.2017

733. Listen Her Fakin' It 4.7.2017

734. Get Yourself A Pair Of Glasses 5.7.2017

735. Blues, You've Always Been There For Me 6.7.2017

736. Poor World Blues 9.7.2017

737. Purpose 11.7.2017

738. Guess What 20.7.2017

739. Vulnerable 22.7.2017

740. French Connection 23.7.2017

741. Public Stare 25.7.2017

742. Rose Petals 27.7.2017

743. Little Song 27.7.2017

 And the 100songs/ 100 anniversary of Finlandia getting closer all the time just twentyfour still to do and sing!! Already done 77 OWN written and sung songs this year of mighty Finns.

28.7.2017 Friday and the heat wave was all but hoax, not a visible heat wave is not what I respect, TV forecasteresses were wrong, again, and in very serious moment. Luckily I didn't do any effort on havinga "beach holiday"-day, oh well.... weather is "the" discussing point of this Summer, feeling like 31 year ago when I left to Spain after 4 sunny days in Finnish Summer, haha.

 Change of plans as my wife told me we ARE going to walk the dogs on natural park nearby forest in an hour.................... and who am I to challenge my wife's ordwers, hahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!! nobody, knows the trouble I'll see if I don't do like she likes me to, too!!!! ;)))))))))

 <-- my wife photographed with our summer car.......

 ... if you're naive enuff to believe that, I'll wish you a merry x-mas


tomorrow! ;)



........................................................................................................................y Feliz Navidad hoy!!!

27.7.2017 Thursday is full of hope... and expectations of the promised heat wave, at least for one day, but now at 10 o'clock it's all clouds and no sun, so we're still waiting here................. the holidays in the sun!!!! :)

 Well, as I'm writing this the sky is clearing and maybe a heated hot air that'll do us good and having a holiday, in this cold cold ground and earth and land especially good for polar bears and bipolar ears indeed, well just joking, noibody here got any troubles or illnesses or any kinda mental health issues, no, if I say it repeatdle many times you'll start to believe anything I say, said presindent Trumpet and took his absent mind for awalk in the sun.

 <-- My name is Bond, Djeims Bond as our dear latvians write it, heheh!! ;) "Djeims" in portugese holiday back in the Summer of 2001, Lissabonian night with nice glass of red wine, hot nights and crazy days, really crazy I mean and tell you all about it in Golden Youth part 8. ...........If ever that shall be drawn and published someday... somwewhere round midnight and year 2038. So into the sunshine with the baby of mine, yeah baby yeah!!! :)

26.7.2017 WEdnesday morning, well it might be morning every day I'm typing this here blog of mine, hah, so should I not write it down every morning....!?! Heh, I think it kinda funny, but I do think alotsa thangs are funne although the average, err, common, err, man n th street might disagree with me, but luckily it's me who pays this fun, where I CAN, will and shall write whatever and especially whatever, goes thru my head and heart! ;) And while this is all free entertainment for the readers you can't complain, especailly while I haven't put up no comment site, try interactive there baby, hehe...

well, maybe in future that all shall change and you can leave your important and meaningful advices here, too...............................


 .......................but I can't see that happening anywhere in near future looking at things to come true and reality in my crystal ball, haha. Sorry, I don't even haven't had a time and energy to look up the possibilities and purposals to make this more online-page(s).  Maybe the comment section could be a huge success, maybe not, but I raised my own interest just by writing this, when shall it happens varies from your point of view, is day, month or a year a long or short period to wait?


<---Newest album cover design, done just aminute ago.....


Jack King and Marilyn Monroe, what a pair of gold..................!

25.7.2017 Tuesday morning, and first time for years four or more, I'm less than 100 kilos, strong ox and heavy metal and no weight lifting man!!! ;) Applauses thank you, lost more than 6 kg already and this is only the beginning, as I'm heading towards X-mas to be in "beach fit", so maybe I'll take a beach holiday in December, hehe!! :D

 Now just concentrating on my book to come and hopefully tomorrow on tanning this slimmer body of mine.

I did some earthmoving actions, on cartwheeling some dirt for my wife's flowerbed constaruction site, that's the neverending story of her life...every year it's different and changied plans for plants and flowers, that are of course quite nice, and her passion.... good she never counted the hours spent on it, on 8 Summers you got time to do it over and over again!! :) To me that is good exercise for losing weight, well it's really heavy and wearing only few muscles but still, everything is good action when it's more than sitting down, hehe!! ;)

24.7.2017 Monday early morning, I'm not sure shall I catch aworm or bird flu or two stones with one fly or bird, as it's in english and finglish, I enjoy writing THIS and here whatrever comes to my mind and goes off my worry head, hehe, so the responsibility to get this is left to you, the reader of this..... ;)

 Oh well, now I'd got up way to early, so I'll soon hit the sack, back for more. Remember it's only love that conquers all, not art, not music, not politics and not definately not political art: just to say fuck you and just one thing I gotta ask: Saako Rikkinen Lenin Jainosta(?). Muhahahahahahahahhhhahaa!! Wanna spot an serious artist?


So get the fuck out of here, I ain't serious, ain't got no reason or agenda to pretend to be serious and important artist, IF I ain't it with my art, not by selling political idiomas and "saving the world and shaving the Wales" speeches full of empty jargon just to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and onand on and on...................................!!!!! stupid fucks.


<-- my vision of hair fashion in the year 2003 and the decades before that, published in Ilta-sanomat.

23.7.2017 Sunday morning breaking in cloudless sky and possibility of sun and warmth in here  northern latitudes too, well they forecast heat wave on next week (too), so I'll be happy, then, now just waking up. Wife took the dogs and accidentally the younger attachsmaller dog and all that crazy dogfight happened..... well, 'em are HER dogs and her rsponsibility to teach 'em manners and obience and follow the order "here" might be the first lesson................... Just guessing.... why she was so hostile, towards me after that............ just guessing, wwhadda hell goes thru female head, in the mornings, noons and nights.... just guessing,


 ....wrong, as usual.


Oh dear, this here life so near and dear even closer, feelings rollercoaster ride the lightning strikes twice, men and mice, just aslice of bread before we're all dead. Life without a parole, we're all guilty and blessed, all known all guessed.

Life. All start as very young as we're born and being babies, growing up,

everyday til the end.

22.7.2017 Saturday morning and I'm getting closer the first etaph of my journey theru my past life weight pole, the mighty 100 kilograms point of no return (I hope!), and shall be tomorrow less than hundred, yeah! Big hand to me thank you!! Also the inking is going down like led zeppelin, ultimate high and good, enjoying every step towards 100th page there too. Then only 100 more to ink, as I just counted 'em 202 pages strong, well gonna be heavy metal, sex, drugs and good ol' rock and roll all night long album!  I'm excited of it myself and laughing all teh way til Summer 2018, sometimes I just wish time would fly even faster, I'd lovce to be all done and ready for print soon and fast as possible...........



well, luckily I'm ahead of the timetable and schedule  as usual, so I can spend a lotta time on text and writing 'em on ink, too. And propably have to do and/or rework some extrapages still  after all those 202 pages are inked, sometime in Winter or early Spring. Good times ahead, better comics for you, my humble reason to improve and surprise the allmight reader, every album must be done as good as it would be the first or last I'll ever do. Giving all I got everytime, I gotta believe that means justifie the end. And there shall be a big graceful triumphy  thank you/me, at the end ! Go for it full speed, if you believe you're good at on it. A lesson to be learn, no half ass job done shall ever make me satisfied...



 <-- Us middleaged rockers are very comfy chair type of festivalgoers, not mud slides, cold sausages in rain and wet tents or camping place from hell for us, thank you!! ;)))))

21.7.2017 Friday morning, did wrote and record a new song for along pause almost 8 days without new music, well I did one rearrengment to another older (from this year) song of mine, cause had troubles with my old recording machine every once in awhile, lost 3 songs in outer space cause the machine resused to finalize the CD. Luckily it happens very rare occasions, only 4 or 5 Cdees destroyed in 7 years. And most of 'em I had made soon after losing, again and even better and more evil version, hehe. In blues(rock) which might be the closet defination of my "style" of writing music, evil is good, world is bad, life is sad and women are just so wonderful and....................................evil.

 Seems like a sunny day coming although not excatly heat wave, damn this Summer been so cold and rainy, well I try not to mind and just ink my album, but I wouldn't mind if it'd be hot too, can't get too hot in here, if you compare the temperatures of southern Spain, this is ice age, haha!! ;)

 <-- Basic insticts in deed, got me a pretty handful of best parts of Spain.......back in the Summer of '86!!

20.7.2017 Thursday morning, slept and watched TV last night as I do every night, there ain't much of a great adventures comics to make from the everyday life of a comics artist, hehe, unless something big happens and shakes your world, but I'd rather see these common day with small actions and struggles,  just my average struggles, I can handle.....'em, I hope.

 Nothing wakes you up like fight with wife over laundry machine child lock she'd put on although we ain't got no kids.........! Fuck what a useless fight, as them usually are,  just stupid opinions on someone's behalf and all can be arrenged with talk, nice and easy, I hate shouting and screaming for NUTHING, especially I hate it in the morning, when I've just opened my eyes and looking forward a nice and easy day....................................................................................................................!!!

 So, fuck the fight domestic and international and all, people should be friends and nice to each other, and especially to 'em near and dear. Oh dear. Too much too personal information to share here, fuck it. It's my diary and my blog and my site. I paid for this sh*t, hehe, I'll write whatever I please as usual, hehe, no shame on mine head for revealing whatever I am, you can always leave something for the imagination and/or leave this site, hehe, if you don't like why read it, just to see how stupid and twisted I am? Good luck with that, hehe..... I'm a notorius mad mad man, singing the blues if I can, all day every way just to get rid of my twenty-four hour blues...!! ;)

And remember honey, not to believe a word...................................................................................................!! ;)

19.7.2017 Wednesday morning and diet stumbles on, slowly but determinately til I'm 83 kilos thin..... long way to top if I wanna rock'n'roll, I know, Idon't believe in miracles just strange kinda happenings and voodoo hoodoo hoochie coochie too! ;) Cloudy sky, but just in weather not in athmosphere or so I hope, hehe, feeling tired after sleeping and JUST woken up, but coffee indulged fast and furiously to this sex machine, stay on the scene like a like a like a sex machine, James Brown tune so hot back in Summer of '86. (Summer of '86, what a good title for a song, so I immediately wrote it.... on my lyrics pad, tried not to be too much like Bryan Adams Summer of. 69, hehe!). The Marbella port of rich and famous, well that is the Puerto Banus, not the Puerto Marbella where i roamed a month and half with all the creatures of the night, haha, some heavy stuff coming down, read all about in Summer of '18!!! ;)

Sail on my little honey bee, but please don't sail too long...! ;) (Muddy Waters)

18.7.2017 Tuesday morning, another summerday, still sleepy head thinking what is shall do today? Well, I think it'll head into drawing table in drawing room and in drawing mood, inkin page number 80-something, that'll be 40 in printed book, but As I go along I see I need more pages here and there and evrywhere, more and especially in start I need a strong hold onto readers eyes and mind to get him/her glued into my (hi)story. Problems I have, I need are first world not third world where ain't no food or clean water, but slumming here won't make my life any deeper, it's only shit you find in ghettos and refugees camps, and of course strange kinda surviving and friendship where you least it expected it.


I have mine, my daily troublesolving challenges as I'm still on diet without eating a lot... at all. 4 kg down and next to go for good, this time I'm determinated I'll make it til I'm back in shape I should be, and especially when I CAN fit in my jeans in my wardrope, hehe! Yes won't buy any larger clothes, won't buy ANY clothes until I'm slim agian. Hard way is the only way, as I have no need to be heavylifting gym bodybuilder freak, as it's the norm these days, if you wanna lose weight you should go to gym, that's all bullshit and fashion made up. Muscles just to show off, yac. I'm a working class zero, fuck you all skintight asses and lifting every day is sweaty smelly gym, poor idiots getting their egoboost on big muscles and protein milkshakes and all taht shit doping shots in their welltraíned asses, poor scmucks.

17.7.2017 Monday and it's raining, feeling like those childhood summerdays when you couldn't go out to play and have to stay inside, drawing or reading the same old comics again and again, yes I do remeber there was also rainy days in my summer holidays of the youth. But school's out for ever, hehe, thank gos it is. Although I had best of times there with so many friends close, and lost when school was done. Missing my lost friends, although found some again with those gettogethers of old abiturients 1982. Adulthood been tough ride, liked to be peter panish boy whio never grow up. Be young at heart and in head, fuck all stupid expectations and rules how to behave like an adult, geesus, how lame and boring...


t o be like an adult, sensible, reasonable, rational and........................... deadle dumb.



Shaven not stirred, my "summer beard" had it's time yesterday as my wife said please shave it away.. and I "always" do what my wife ever got in her head to ask!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))))))))))





<-- had me some tan yesterday, red as a lobster but satisfied, til next heatwave comes to inspire us here in cold cold ground of Funlandia.

16.7.2017 Sunday is it's nameworthy, finally hot and cloudless sky welcomes us, soon I'll just bath on it and rest for this day supposed to be left for resting the hard work of the weekdays. I vaguely remember the end of 60's when people did go to work and scholl also on saturdays, maybe it was only half aday but still, geesus, we come along way from that, and it's all fine when worker got more rights. i Revolicion y libertad por los pobres y trabajdores duros! :)

 Oh well, did first (and last) grilling yesterday few sausages and corns, just enuff for two, and enuff for this summer, hehe. Sauna bathed too, it's pretty nice out here in small town, not much mosquitos or noise, neighbours on their summer cottages or where ever they are, far away.



Didn't win the Eurojackpot, damn I'm so sure EVERY time I gamble that I shall win 10 million just like that and live happy ever after... well maybe have to start enjoing and living happy, no matter what happens in lottery and life. But today I'm happy for the sunshine, pretty cheap thrills we got here in winter wunderland!! :D


<--Marilyn Monroe still lovely after all these years after her death..... <3

15.7.2017 Saturday morning, slept late enuff. Got what it takes to have little lazy days of weekend, time and money, place and honey. All good things for happy life reachable, able and exsisting. I hope I'll never see those days when I'd rather kill myself than lived, again. Yes, I've been down so goddamn down that I couldn't see no sense for living in this cruel world, had no one to hold no one to love, and hopefully I've learnt the meaning of loving and having one to care. Life was hard, even my shrink said to me : "you've had areally hard life." And whom am I to argue professionals in their game and truth. Yes, Ive seen doctors and shrinks and all mental health chambers and halls, institutes and prisons, so do you think YOU had it so rough?!?


 Confessions from the dancefloor of my life, skating always on thin ice of sanity and wealthy life. Nobody if any wants to be insane, going mad, losing his marbles or go cuccoo, yes, dear child has a lotsa names! Hahahaha!! :)

Secrets and lies to protect your tender soul and spirit, so easily broken hearted and lost all my visions, but it's been good 12 years, I've been alright and sane, so maybe NOW I can say and make some confessions here and there,

 but I still hold the aces up my sleeve, and do keep myself the right ot change my stories, my confessions and life, story is astory life is life. Truth is everybody's right to keep intact and straight. Pride falls before you fall down..... biblical phrases might go well down on your life and the "plot" in your autobiographical novel filmed on celluloid and shown in every theatre round the world. Oh well, I'm just letting it all out.............

....some shall remain true , others don't. So little time we have here in the great history of mankind. All the universum and all the worlds I can't comparahensive, don't get it, can't understand what I can't see.

Believing only what I see. Finn in time. Finishing line: Love conqueres all! <3

14.7.2017 Friday fourteenth, doesn't sound so scary as thirteenth, hah, here we live in safe and sound athmosphere of tranquility in country townlike surroundings of forests and lakes and little houses here and there. Peace and love, most of us want, need and crave, most of us who aint't psycopaths also understand, value and reach out for, all our lives.  Feeling philosphical and thinking, my little world with my little entourage and family members, people I care, love and understand, small bunch of men and women I really do know....


... and big bunch of friends and relatives I meet by facebook pages everyday. It's so easy these days to have a contact if you just want to have it! Really interesting times to live, when devolopment of robotic and machinery are so fast, well I do believe the time you live is the best of times, whenever that was, is or shall be, except wartime, that'll be awful awful time. Suffering, killing and desperation and cruelty in war. Lucky haven't really expoerienced that ever, although been poor and homeless but, not in war except inside my head, I fight against all cruelty and injustice, especially in police forces and officers of the state. Just ain't right to torture your fellow man, especially those who really can't defense 'emselves. Ugh.


 <---Some like it hot and some like it not so hot!! ;) Marilyn Monroe iconic little woman, adored decades after her death, way too young and in odd circumstances too.....! :/

13.7.2017 Thursday morning, and seems like I'll finally reach my goals on finacaial stability for awhile....

.........it's been hard 9 years of struggle, so I really hope this shall last (knock knock on wood!) and I could be free outta worries for rest of my life, haha, yeah like that'd true if I ain't winner in lottery or comics art fashionista,of the year, for some reason I stiull believe in myself and my abilities to do fine art of comics, better than most and I have meaningful things to say and tell, otherwise I wouldn't bother to spend all my time on 'em. But now it feels important and my "life mission", to do 4 books of my youth and then much later abook about childhood in Tapiola hood and in Häme for school holiday seasons, promise there'll be stuff you'd never guessed looking my sweet and innocent green (monster) eyes!! HAHAA!!! ;)


  So this Summer is like the one before, wet, cold and miserable, hehe, feeling just like newlywed bride!! ;)


<--- me in my granparents place in Vesilahti, few years back...

in 1971, with jacknife, sailor t-shirt, filpflops and willowtree to make a flute, or just playing cowboys and indians with cousins.... (not in the picture, on my right, in another picture..... you see, waht you don't see!! ;) )

12.7.2017 Wednesday and all my troubles seem so far away.................. or at elast one of 'em, that finacial issue seems to be solved soon, if I'll get my money this month and not just on next, so fuck it, we'll what really happens, again.... interesting life, never too sure about anything but myself. I'm sure I'm good and meaningful, fun and reasonably intelligent  for my lesser education and wild experiences, haha. Oh well, the local village idiot I surely am!! :D

 Well I did succeed on inking yesterday, I already thought the page would be disasterously sure to be awkwardly lousy anatomy BUT a miracle happened and I changed it bit with that old trick of flipping horizontal in photoshop and realizing and erasing the "incorrected lines" and voil'á, it did come out quite right and catching the moment and act(ion) of love. Spanish love in spanish town with brazilian woman.Did I told you already too much?!? Oh that's my problem babblering motörheaded loudmouth, haha!! ;)

<-- my PeneLopez publishing company's logo and inspiration lady from Spain.

11.7.2017 Tuesday, morning clouds are here again, hopefully just in the sky, not inside the house, not in our hearts. Another warm and average summerday about to begin. What I'll do? The same inking and thinking program in this robot's average day performance, art is my mission possible not im-perfect, not past but on the story to shook off your shoes and socks, shock treatment for good ol' homegirls. Urban outsiders and country starlets haying in fields of gold. Farmland and Lalaland, long way to Tipperary and to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll! ;))))))



Don't ask me what I just wrote, it's unconciousness in zone-writing, whatever that is and means, you figure it out, you make your own visions, reading and watching, oh well hell... do what you wanna do! Just like I do!!

 Oh how I miss Philip Lynnot with his clever lyrics about love and world we live in. Drugs took him 31 years ago, way too early, so if I ever have amessage I want to make clear: stay clean avoid drugs that kill. Eat, drink, fuck and do whatever but don't kill.... yourself..............................................................!

Okey that was my drug counseling hour, eerr... minute. Take my advice, open up yuor tired eyes!  Life is worth living always...


...except if you're born in Helsinki Sanomat newspaper comics critic, then it's just a WASTE of time, both yours and mine! Muhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahahahahahahahuhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D 

PS. My wasted life is your ideal life, and your stupid life is my glorious life! We're not the same, no matter what. In difference and perseverance we trust! :)

10.7.2017 Monday morning, cloudy but hot, so not I'm going to bath in sun, unless it changes later on afternoon.... heh, these weatehr reports might be awkward to read 2000 years later, or not? Hah, art must be preserved to next generatioongs and milleniums for sure. The information overdose and overkill is what we're heading for, sure. Computers shall be faster and cleverer but human we develope so slow, and backwards on some cases: alternative facts and realtime bullshit news. TV's gone mad american entertainment chasing watchers and advertisement money stream. Well some of it's results are fine and entertaining even, but most of that shitlist daytime gamesshows and cheap reality programs are horrondeus and plain stupid. Guess we'll got what we deserve, right?!? We're here trying to find out what and where we live in future as rented house state might change, hopefully I'll make a fast million bucks and buy this yard, haha!! :) Luckily I'm avery simple man and living just adaily basis, one day at a time. I'm very easily moderating kind of an animal, I'll be fine with anykind of asituastion and house where I can/have to live. Did my worst (?) time on very much worse situations and "households" goddamn 30 years ago, when most of this days comics artist were just atwinkle in their fatshers eye, haha!  Hate all that hassle and organizasing and waste of time in big moves, from house to another takes, BUT if it's the only possibility, then I'm ready. Cause I'm an adult now!!! ;)

Almost grown, like in Chuck Berry song!! ;)

 <-- that's me in my favourite Motörhead shirt last Saturday, with my full on Summer beard, no shaving til Serptember!!!

9.7.2017 Sunday, and it is sun day, nice as this summer's been such a wetty and rainy and cold one, like year before, oh no, my Italian friends were here as it rained all days. Oh well weather man, tell us something good and lasting for happy days in sun. Went to park concert yesterday to saw some local punk and other bands too. Fun with not so loud loudspeakers blasting youthful bands repertoire...

oh well taking it easy on weekends, and taking it seriously on weekdays, inking that album, now somewhere over 70 ½ pages, that'll be printed 35 and more coming all the time 201 pencilled pages shall shrink into 100 paged book in Summer 2018,a as I've told here million times before, and shall tell another million more til I'm a millionseller millionaire! ;)

Muhahahahahahaaa!! :)

8.7.2017 Saturday morning, sunshine and free concert ahead, vey happy for my diet is working too: 4 kilos lost and won't miss 'em at all!! ;) )))))))

Oh yes, gotta have some better health and future looks ahead. Suffered enuff with these extra heavy weight kilos, for this life. Feels good lose every ounz and inch, kilo and pound, well not pounds I need 'em in U.K.! ;)

 <-- Open up honey, I got aproposition for you can't refuse...! ;)

Living here in green green paradise like nature, would be great without..winter, snow, ice, cold, dark, long black nights, depression and other minor faults god made for us.... Nonreligious, nonbeliever, nochalent, nonebullshittaker. Nunca nadie nada. Viva la revolucion y liberte!! ;) Just shouting out oneliners and revolution stuff to brighten up YOUR day!! ;)

7.7.2017 Friday morning, hello sunshine, hello summertime, sweet warmth and smells like middleage peaceful and slow waking up to a new day, all the world is open and ready to hug yuo with open arms, oh hippie dreamer, oh world without a war, violence or guns or borders, yeah dreams to fill in full, time just flies, time never stops, but my head spins and grins towards happy days, wish I'd seen some pretty ones, wish I'd had my share of wealth before I die, poor man's dreams of fortune and fame. Well, fame you can keep, gimem just the money!! :D

 Towards weekend and another free park concert in Forssa city tomorrow, nice variety of performers in bill, interesting happening looking forward....

 I'm skipping the summer vacational happenings like laying down on patio taking sun tan on, because there's no visible and defenately NO heat wave enuff to have sun tan,

 Makes me wanna dream about spanish vacations again. +37 is just enuff temperature to have a beach holiday in....

....Madrid!! ;)))) (Like there's beaches in Madrid, hehe, oh well in central park is a lake, where is a beach!! ;)

 <-- snow patrol tiger got a message to tell you....


 ....tomorrow! ;)

6.7.2017 Thursday and I'm still in the news...

 ...again , the local newspaper, Seutusanomat made a big story about me again, thanks Noora and others inviolved.

 I did wear those glasses just for a change and not to look always the same in these fortos in our garage-studio. I Think teh cavalgace of Hurriganes, ZZ Top. Philip Lynnot, Kekkonen, Lemmy, Babymetal, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Baccara(!!), Andy Mccoy, Marilyn Monroe, Penelope Cruz and the Royal family of Sweden in potraits is effective and inspiring...

for any redblooded man!! :) 

Oh yes baby, I'm almost famous!! ;))))))))))

Rainy days lighter side and freshen up stuff, I need more light and good thangs in my life, and hopefully can give some good audiovisual to somebody too!!! :) Smile is free and caring will make your heart warm in the midst of worst troubles and inconvincaices..... like being homeless, poor bastard. Oh well, all good things to all good people, and all you bad none.

5.7.2017 WEdnesday and today should come the third interview fo my audiobook on local newspaper Seutusanomat, delivered afternoon, on every home here in Forzza region, so I', almost famous again!! ;)

 We had avisitor from England and Lappland, the shaman of our wedding, passing thru to some medevial market place to sell his herbs and healing mojos!! ;)

 Oh well, I did continue inking my album, slowly but anyhow it's progressing even on summetime when fish are junping and yuopr mother is so goodlookin'!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Checked available house on market and fopund immediately 2 possible and cheaper than ours, well, still hoping we don't HAVE TO move anywhere........................ soon. Or ever. Future is open and questionmarked again.

4.7.2017 Tuesday and sunshine, although got some worried news about our houserentman....... might be looking for a new place or win that eurojackpot pretty soon please. Oh well, news I wasn't expecting right now, but somehow shall be solved, well empty houses are all around the countryside but suitable and cheap enuff taht's awhole new ballgame, and just now I'd rather do something else thansearch ahouse and move... well, it's all still hypothesis and big !IF" if it'll happen at all, that our landlord shall move and buy boyth of his houses.......!


 Well took my  mind in to spin and unstable, like I hate to be. Gotta have some crazy faith that'll it turn out to be jusy fine and we find abetter house if we're forced to elave this, damn damn damn. Another nervous breakdown material indeed, hehe... well there's always at least two options what shall happen and when, time to do some serious business and soon.

 <---Well, news of the crazy world makes a boy wonder a man bats, while news continues as Trump makes himself a bigger angd uglier idiot, day by day. I'm so lucky we're not living in America United slaves of it.... without no health care, free schools etc. etc.

  So sun visit our yard fast, and now going back to raindrops and sunshine, and continue changing like weather do.

1 minute later:

Now it's raining, July morning shows the wetness of the earth.


3.7.2017 Rainy morning, J. J. Cale on stereo Troubadour, swinging easy and lost first 1½ kilos of my body weight, yesterday,so my diet works, again!! ;) Gotta have some interesting things to do, more than eating sweet and salty stuff, uhhuh. Gotta be strong and not giving up when the first wave of hunger hits my guts and yellow belly, hehe.... this of course is the MOST important news of the world today, muhahahahahahahahaaa!! :D :D :D

 Well, I'll put my mojo and brushes working on Spansh Sauna Trip on page 68, and then just 145 A3-pages more to ink!! ;) Can't recall did I told you already that my career with comics shall be just those two more Spansih adventures books, AND one about my childhood years 1963-1977. Th punk I was later on, and why it's worth spend all my time on.....?

 Cause it's something special and fantastic, world of gone times good and bad. Worth living every little life, worth a comic strip every little life. But time is the only real limit, And money and the welfare station monsters who wants me to sweat and work on anything else but what I WANT! GRRRR!!! Oh didi I tell you this all before, hohohoho! Well, repeating is the mother of all studies of crazy human mind and kind. So, nevermind, just boogie your summertime blues away!! :)

2.7.2017 Second morning of July, started my diet by looking Godfather II and eating pop corn, well didn't work as planned, haha, today gotta be strickt and no eating after nine, and after morning porriodge just two fruits, and that's all folks. I want some fast results and lose some 22 kg. Gettin' in better shape as well don't mind me at all, 


Yes I just wanna be young, slim and goodlooking... or at least one of 'em!! ;))))))))))))

 Oh well, summertime and days pass so fast, but still everyday is the same, twebrtfour hour blues, as one of my old time favourite sings it, Bobby Bland that was agreat singer, bluesier crooner with trademark troatvoices, like drunken Lemmy, yeah that's what I like!!! :)



<----- Put on your sunday best, wedding gown or whatever suits you and...

....be smart as young, slim and beautiful Norma Jean and buy my terrific hilarious and truely impressive autobiographical comics audiobook!!!

1.7.2017 July morning, and must say how I've been disappointed on behalf of welfare station network not working in net, and again I'm in situation where I wonder is there any sense in anything anymore? Why should I work ever again? Why should I care or be inspired, on anything that hasn't got any immedialtely value, in cash? Only in money we trust, it seems like there's no room for poorer man, except in service stations, taylors and tailors, factory line or any dirty work or cleaning after the master race, for right wing politicians and mess they'll leave for us to solve and heal,

 ...the world is pretty big place, why am I stuck on here little town, little land, little summer and no vacation. Looks like "they" want me to be criminal and break the law, being anoher Judas Priest song title, hehe....

 ....jeesus. All I need is 4 more years on my comics and I'll be done. finished and ready to make a full stop  and be millionaire on the books I'veput all my heart and soul and adventures nobody else has been, yes all the troubles can be regocnised and able to see, wish I'd be lucky and normal like you, little girlcartoonist in your world of pink dreams and swimming in your safe european home, well we all have the pain to grow up. Some just have asshole for parents, some encouraging good people, but in my case I only got the dead man's hand. Feeling lucky, oh yesd I did that d for that nanosecond in November 21st 2011, when I was the winner, not the loser as I've used to be.

 Good morning you silly little world. Shall we overcome? Ever.

30.6.2017 Friday morning and sun welcomes us sleepy heads to rise and take our beds, biblical references and  these words so many tims spoken and used.  Trying to survive, trying to avoid depression, trying to live and not die, on all e'm ugly heads rising from welfare stations staff, trying to kill me, starve me, giving up, letting all go, sad world of engineers and governmental officers, taking piss on you and me, anyway and anytime they can. How can people be so unkind?

 Maybe I'm really worth of nothing, maybe my life is just ajoke them fuckers to laugh at, maybe I'm always wrong and maybe everybody else is right on spot, never failing on thgeir great artistiuc missionsa and projects to save the world, at least. well....

  ...bullshit, I'm as valuable as anyone else's and my life is meaningful too, no matter what those in charge think I should do and what not! Damn, wish I was a millionaire and ready to really say as much as I want to, abusers, slavers, takers, undertakers of my joy. But I'm just apoor boy, along way from........................... home.


Wild life ain't gonna be saved by giving money to any organisation, unless they're really responsible of these killings. Just buying yourself good concience is utterly bullshit of bullshittest mind of the wonderful twisted world of smelly modern day citymen's brain farts.

Money does not matter, action speak louder, all the time!! ;)

29.6.2017 Thursday morning and off to taking care of finacial business I go... soon as my eyes open, it looks like a nice sunny summerday coming, maybe having sunbath and tan on this pink skin again little more! ;) Oh well, at least it's not raining everyday!! :////////

Okey towards happy holidays everyboooooooooooody, who got 'em, have a good time!! It's all so too soon a winter and snowfall, again.


Oh the Forssan lehti interview has been published TODAY, so here you go, more Kultainen Nuoruus audiobook stuff above, just for you baby!!! :)

28.6.2017 Wednesday, sunny morning again, not too hot, but alright to feel like summertime. Here's the first interview,from  LÄNSIVÄYLÄ magazine, delievered in every 700 000 home in Espoo!! ;) ---------->


  I'm reading John Steinbecks's Cannery Row again...

         ..........after 40 years since the frist round. It still is fine, some language is sweetly oldfashioned, even the translation is from 70's, if I recall it right. Steinbeck favours long and evolving, spreading like brances in atree kind sentences, just like I do too!!!

 So maybe I really diod got something from reading all Steinbeck's books as teenager. I even started a comics book version on that Cannery Row, but found out it'd be huge load of work, and it's so much more just text over dialogue. But as a young boy you're easily  tempted to get excited and inspired. Steinbeck nad Henry Miller are the only two authors that have really make their mark and whose whole cathalogue I'ver read!! ;)

 Oh well, it's always better to do your art and stuff than just redo someone elses stuff. Be original,

 gangster of love!! :D

27.7.2017 Tuesday and my lovely wife's birthday, everyoung little woman, the best half of me, surely is. Lil presents and piece of cake, like this life itself... piece of cake, muhahahahaa!! :D


 The third interview on my new audiobook release on one hour over here Forzza Funlandia state. Trying to make up something new to tell for my trusted  jouralist, she makes a story of me on local paer everytime I release something, and that's pretty awesome connection to media! I appreciated and value friends on crazy and cruel world of media, these days, with so much bullshit and alternative facts and ridiculous american media stars wars and  blogging, vlogging and all that shit...

.....couldn't care less, CC Less, yes that song from year 1981 and Bluesounds great first album. Some music never lose it's edge and attractiviness. Not like some men do and crazy women under the knife of the sick doctors of plastic surgery, such a shame we let us go on and on, sinking like a Titanic we are... ! :/


<---Full frontal nudity and shoot myself done with mirrors indeed ! ;)


Read my first interview(in finnish) here: http://www.lansivayla.fi/artikkeli/531707-sarjakuvapiirtajan-espoo-vuodet-nuoruuden-kipuiluja-ja-isoja-tisseja

26.6.2017 Monday made my 60/100 song for this year of Finnish anniversary and it just happened to be my 500th song written and recorded. Long way from year 2010 and March when I bought my lil BOSS 8-tracker to pelasure myself and my needs to make songs, after so many years I wanted but had no real good recorder or place to do it. Now I'm happy jack and making new music every week, banging drums on the days between recordings. All music all good, all blues and rock. Find accidentally my first CD covber painbting Cd on gas station on opur way to muy mom'f party the other day.... Joneskaupunki painted back in 1994!!!

 Here the latest list of numbers I've done: 698. Jailhouse Rock 9.5.2017, 699. Ballbreaker 11.5.2017, 700. Don't Be Cruel 13.5.2017, 701. Iron Butterflies 14.5.2017, 702. Dilusional Me 15.5.2017, 703. Cost Of Living 17.5.2017, 704. Young Man 20.5.2017, 705. Wilderness (I'm An Animal...) 21.5.2017, 706. Summertime Blues 23.5.2017, 707. Rocker 25.5.2017, 708. Creme De La Creme 26.5.2017, 709. Rock'n'Roll Music 28.5.2017, 710. Love Conquered All 30.5.2017, 711. Apaché 1.6.2017, 712. Tsugu Way 3.6.2017, 713. Hunger 4.6.2017, 714. Forget It 6.6.2017, 715. Mean Street 8.6.2017, 716. Records Meant To Be Broken 9.6.2017, 717. Ain't Not What You Do 11.6.2017, 718. Castle In Spain 12.6.2017, 719. Messin' With Ex'n'Axe 13.6.2017, 720. To Have Or Have Not 15.6.2017, 721. Highly Sensitive 16.6.2017, 722. Two Steps From Tha Rentman 20.6.2017, 723. Questions 22.6.2017, 724. Big Mama Sings 25.6.2017, Alright here's the newest new songs of mine!!

25.6.2017 Sunday and good long sleep taken, put all the lack of sleep behind, towards new adventures and life, there's still and forever new interests and subjects to see and go into, live a life on max, and easyridin' if you please, life is hard enuff whatever you do or say. Well, I finally got to say to mymother how much I love her!! ;) And that is BIG emotional thing.


 Midsummer party is officially over today's just a normal Sunday, church bells chime and people have their rest, well most of(?) finns are having their summer holidyas starting just today!! :) A month they wait all year, and usually it feels like it'll past in aflash, a lightning strike, faster than you can say blueberry pie!!!! ;)))))))))))



 People it still this same old world with same old troubles, so :

Peace and love, all we need... to do.

24.6.2017 Saturday one of those days and mornings that half of this natuion wakes upd runk or hangovered, with heavy headache and shaky hands, hehe, well to me this is about 13th Juhannus sober and without nausia or hungry for greasy pizza for breakfast, haha!! Having a good time all the same.

 My mom's 80th birthday party was lke it is elderly people, coffee and biscuits and speechs, where I di my first (ever) speech on anybodies party. I knew that'll I''ll burst into tears cause I didi when I wrote it before, too... so I was emotional and luckily some people thank me for "good speech", and I sold some comic books too, hahahaha!!! Well Iw as giving 'em away, but theuy insist to give me money........! Some things never change as I remember my parents went these same sitauations, no, no I don't take no money, yes yes you have to... :D We went as askd to my second cousin summer cottage later on and popped on my old grandparents place on the way into it...


<--here some old timer foto of my spiritual country home place, where I was born and spent all my summer holidys from schooltime and before it!!! <3 This one's old cows' and horses' barn.

23.6.2017 Friday, soon leaving to my mother's 80 th birthday party on Vesilahti, her and my hometown, where we were born... a long time ago. Thrilled to see some relatives after a long long time, hopefully all goes well and smooth, well with family you never know, haha, I'm although feeling good and expecting nothing but fine and nice behaviour on behalf of every participant! :)

 It's also the big Midsummer fest tonight with bonfires later on, and a million drunk finn, all over this land. Million hot saunas and million hangovered tomorrows, well, we all know what happens when you drink booze, it feels so good, but the morning after might be not so sweet tasting, haha!! Well, vamos a la Juhannus fiestas todos!:)


<--- My very first published comics in Länsiväylä weekly magazine back in 1988!!!! :)) It's a long way to teh top if you wanna... rock'n'roll!!! Ride on! :)

22.6.2017 Thursday mroning waking up to share thefirst interview and getting ready for the next within few hours. Sun shine and life seems pretty alright at this moment, here in Forzza city it's pretty peaceful and nice. Small town charming quietness and tomorrow as the MIdsummer night most of even these little towners go to their summer cottages, and we have peaceful here at our yard if we're not staying at Vesilahti where my mother's 80th birthday is also tomorrow. So I drink some coffee, trying to open my eyes, and taking it easyas it always get excited and suspense no matter how many interviews you've given, little sparks to keep you on your toes and trying to win the interviewers heart and on your side, so the story shall be good and favourable, to me!! ;)

21.6.2017 Wednesday morning another daybreaks to bluesy sky, another kollega comics artist dead on cancer, too sad. Let there be light and rock.

But here in our little nest and house on the prairie we try to keep up the spirit and move on, and I'm thrilled to be interviewed tomorrow for local paper Forssan lehti on my audiobook CD, yes I'm all in with this crazy package and new form of publication to sell my story and autobiographic novelty life, hah.


Oh the sun is shining shyly between the clouds, maybe it'll be nice summerday, just few days from the midsummer next Friday and my mother's birthday partytime. I'm thrilled to see a lotta my relatives, I haven't seen for years or decades, hopefully they all come to celebrate my mother. Past is gone and future is unsure, but today is here and day after tomorrow I'll be there in Vesilahti town!

 Now just taking it easy and packing 'em audiobook CDees to be ready for sale stórm gold rush!! ;) Hahahaha!!

20.6.2017 Tuesday morning, rain falling down, gray sky and no blue future for me please, we true finns understand these cryptic writings, haha. Wonder why some people can be so unkind, so selfish, so stupid, so populistic shit, so today. Colour blindness is abliss, recommended to us all, caring more people than what colour you represent, damn. I gotta start my own party Poor men's party and women too! ;)

Politics should be given to professionals and not common idiots, hehe, well guess waht we're all stating as stupid and innocent, if politics corrupt that is your own fault, not mine. Excuses and lies all around capitalists flat world, where money is king and queen is whore who sells all, princes do nothing but breed the next generation sons...of bitches. It's all man's world and all just papers like marriage, working rules, traffic and schools and stupid universities. All man made ape shit, jackasses in power and rule. This mad world, I'm almost happy I don't have any kids. To leave on this ugly planet, seeing who are this day's stars, some someheroes and rapstars rapping bout booty and gold chains and junk. Junk yard is this place and planet.

19.6.2017 Monday morning, a package coming up and down to this address soon..... getting ready for the big publishing premiere tomorrow!! ;)

Living dangerously, in my youth, so nowadays I can live easy and clean and sophisticated as ablues man can!! Just wrote lyrics to newest own song "I'm the Blues Man", and yes I am. I got all you need, and eternal lack of money and fame(HAHA!!), for being blueser in heart, guitar, lungs and experiences of downtime, doing time, doing women left and right, dirty women more than most of you ever had, as Bon Scott put it so elegantly, haha! :) Looking these days list of rock festival makes me really sad, not anband I'd like to see or hear. All enetertainment and electric mud, and lousy (c)rap "artists" who can't sing, dance or play, oh no I'm staying home instead, I should be start my gigging self to fill teh holes of bluesier rock, you never knew you wanted and needed, hahahahahaa!!! :D

Haeding for Summer break..............soon!!! Oh I'll be here blogging e-v-e

18.6.2017 Sunday morning long sleep after some groundbreaking shoveling and dirt moving on wheelbarrow, oh it's hard work but man's gota do what man's wife told to too!! ;)

Taking it easy as I've somehow need of a vacation, working on comics doesn't appeal so much just now, so I just drift and do whatever comes along on my path to glory and fame and mostly big fortune, ahahaha!! :D Yes, how sad and small man I'd be if I'd only work for other to please, and just to make money constant river of disappointments and years spend on hard labour slaving for every penny as I did in my youth 1982-1993, best years of my youth I gave away to some stupid ass work, in the perspective of an inner artist boy in me. But that was the only way I could do. Regrets I have and then some, haha, but mostly am happy I've been in this profession soon 25 years in a row. No comprpmise, although this motherfucking society wants me to be like neanderthalian ape and collect roots or pinetree seed or doing gratis work to get agrip and hold on"worksite and life" fuck that shit. Nobody's should work in a place they don't want!! Change your priorities and needs if you have to, but live, free, always.

 Free bird and bees. Siempre libertad, en mundo loco.

17.6.2017 Saturday morning, wrote my speech for my mom's 80th anniversary party, again, yesterday, so I won't have to speak all outta my head, hehe, next week's Friday in Vesilahti, where she and I was born, in old Häme we trust, haha... oh well I'm a country boy like Muddy Waters, sang also. Blues is my music, it's easy for me to relate on bad luck and hard times music, and the sexual content with words hidden between lines and devils in details, selling my soul on crossroads, waking up every morning and house rent blues', oh I've had it all and know how to shout it out loud, blues screaming and howling like vicious wolf on full moonlight, ZZ Tops and Tom Waits' Bon Scott and  Phil Lynnot, lie me not. Blues is the foundation on all popular music, rap is just a bastard son and mostly crap, long astray from the blues, but still the afroamerican music heritage, living dead, alive and kicking...


 your balls, baby.


<-- the american ultimate dream girl with platinum blond hair, big tits and waterproof make up! ;)

American babes heartland where big hair never gone out of season and smile of pepsodent is still and always so white and clean!!! ;)

16.6.2017 Friday moooooooooooooooooooooooooorning, waking up, onthis side of the planet almost nightless night, su goes down only for 5 hours, so it ain't but little darker than full sunshine on adaytime. If you're having troubles to get asleep cause it too light, we don't recommend you to have your Summer holidays here, or at least bring those night blinding shades for your eyes!! :)  Oh summertime, bees and fluies and flowers, even I(!!) did plant some flower seeds yesterday as it's finally warm enuff to e'm summer flowers to live and bloom! Bought 'em just an impulse on shop trip as saw 'em in lidl, which is on the wrong side of the town for us to take the daily shopping trip, heh, as closer and faster trip is what I crave, especiallyas I'm bicyckling todos los dias, everyday, in snow,rain and shine! ;)

 Had few days too tired to work on comics so I might do some extra work on 'em on weekend, as I usually don't but we're living crazy times, tiempos locos, maybe I should start to write this in spanish again!?! ;) Hahahahahaha, jajajajajajajaja! :D

15.6.2017 Thursday morning, another sunny morning. Woke up too early, heh, might go back between sheets and let the day slide on. Well, guess I need a vacation.........soon.

 Feel like I'd stay in bed all day.......

<---no matter,

is she there waiting for me or not, haha!! :D

14.6.2017 Wednesday morning,sunny and warm expected looks like there's no wind at all, perfect summer day presuming me her in my ivory tower like drawing room on the second floor, window opening towest and afternoon glances of sunshine. I'm down to third of my next book already done, so I could be pretty satisfied with the state I am on it now, but workaholic in me says do more every day!! ;) So I'll slave til July and hopefully hot heat waves and real summer weather, maybe go to swim in nearby lake after many years I've skipped swimming totally, as I'm not a fish and am a mammal and water in not my element, earth is. So I dwell on these paths man made and try to enjoy the season as it comes. Summertime blues, well not excatly but close, I think I'm just in need of a vacation!!! Forgetting comics and music making urge/stress/passion/need for aweek or four! ;) Oh well, I'll tell what happened later on, when it's happened, ain't no fortuneteller, or am I? Listening Bowie's Alladdin Sane, greatest of great albums.

13.6.2017 Tuesday and anothrer rainy day rising, another  dizzy head raising it's ugly ehad hehe, growing summer-beard makes a man's head pretty ugly, unless you're a monkey man lover, honey! ;)

Oh I just got asked to write aspeech to my mothwer's 80 birthday party... so I did it, sat down and wrote it, might do some more memories and funny stuff included, but I can do it, never done that kinda stuff before, as I don't celebrate my dad's parties ever, never. He ain't no good man either. so fuck that.

 ( <---That woman in for is not my mother............ no matter what you think I ain't looking for mother in my women, ain't that kinda crazy.... !!)

Alright moving on comics strip lane, page 68 today's programme, silvuplaitee! ;)

 Edit. few minutes later: I alredy wrote the speech, two pages loose recalling fun and love, as she is.was and shall be!!

Motherly love  <3

12.6.2017 Monday morning, rain falling down is good for nature, that needs it and I don't really care as long as I'm inside not outdoors, working or doing whatever I do.

 Made along long time favourite and dream come true last night as I covered the almighty Hurriganes' best song (?): "Ain't Not What You Do" from album Roadrunner, originally released 1974, when I was 10 years old (11 in December) and it's still, when listened only rare occasions, the ultimate rock album of my youth, with the ultimate finnish rock guitarist Albert Järvinen in his prime, cuts like butter with hot knife! Was scared shitless I'll blow it, but actually it came out pretty good, although can't play like Albert or sing like young Remu!! ;))))))))))))) But a success for myself and in my red hot white and blues bubble! ;)


 Oh well, weekend pass with sauna and some garden work wheeling dirt from pile to flowerbed, as my dear wife requested, and I'm her pleser, of course!! ;) Heading for summer vacation time if only it'll be heat wave, I'll be on vacation mood immediately, having tan and listening rock'nroll radio in our patio!! :)





<-- our evil guard dogs eating bones of unwated trespassenger...in the shades and looking mean.........and oh so evil!!!!!

...........haha!! :D

11.6.2017 Sunday morning, still waiting the big avalance to hit me with preorders on my great balls of audiobook fire, well, I know we finns are truley slow to get excited and find new revolutionary stuff, well I'll wait.................................

 inpatiencely and frustrated as a man can be withing two days long long wait, hehe, well as I've told before I HATE waiting, so put your shoes and socks on and buy my books right now, hehe,

.....well I think I play little bit of this waiting game as I haven't put my audiobook on any of those filthy distributors lists YET!!! And the digi version rights shall be negociated later on Summertime, oh this kinda blues you always be by myside.

10.6.2017 Saturday and adjusting into normal life after audiobooking my past for you. I'm really proud I managed tofinish that as I've planned, was scary before I started reading out loud, and it was useful to read that story again after 5 years since I wrote it, so I won't have to repeat same stuff onnext album, hehe. Yes I have the same repulse to read already done and published stuff after spending so much time on it, but this is very common among us artists especially directors in movie industry. Now I can see why, never gave it much of athought, but it has become a reality. Rather do something new and more exciting to me, than dwell on already done stuff. Sure you can learn on'em old mistakes and all that jazz, but you can learn so many other ways too, also from others mistakes, maybe?



OK, weekend I'll do some physical "work" on yard to help my wife gardening... project that has no end, ever I suppose!! ;))))))))




<-- Inner sleeve texts for the audiobook, used some neverseen or published pages there, so glad I got use for 'em eventually!!! :)
 Oh the publishing day official, is 20th June, this year!! :)

9.6.2017 Friday again, these weekdays seem to fly so fast, another week almost done with inking and releasing the Audiobook/äänikirja to be soon available.  Oh well thisw as such abig effort from my side and nervewrecking secret to keep for an ½ a year since I got this idea in December 2016!! But now it's all good and done dirt cheap, hehe! But...Ain't no fun waiting round to be amillionaire!!! My favourite AC/DC catchphrase! ;) Hoping to make my breakthrough with this here ctazy and pretty unexpected  special comix product ! So buy buy buy buy buy buybuy buy buyb uybuby buybuybuybubybuybubuybuy!!! :)

8.6.2017 Thursday full of hope as goes that old phrase finnish, little rain outside never hurt no one.

But here comes the BIG news: the first ever finnish full length comic album audiobook "Kultainen Nuoruus" is done and in on print and in stores soon!!


 I do trust this is the FIRST ever graphic novel/comics album AUDIOBOOK!! Read and recorded by yours truly. More publishing info and critics free ones later on, on later announenced timetable, summertime!! Yeah, stop the press, here's something nobody has done .... in finnish (or any language I suppose!?!) heh! Someone has to invent the new stuff, we can't all be JUST plagaitist and recyclers of old and tired jokes....  this time it's me who'll open the skilane in snow for others, you can all follow now my lead, the path is open!!! :) Kultainen Nuoruus is also in facebook on it's own pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join us online in live! :)

Available soon in 2 CD pack and in Helsinki Comics festival in PeneLopez table September 2.-4.9.'17!!!

7.6.2017 Wednesday morning, didn't get into slepp until 4 in the morning, so today might be less productive than usual high spirited actionpacked daily routine I'm famous for, haha!! ;) Gotta take it easy now and ink just a few pages....




 <-- best music from 2017 from your favourite artist, Jack King!! :)




........today! ;)

Alright, waiting more info for my mother's 80th birthday party today too, and trying to do gift for her, well I know she ain't reading this especially on english and in net, anyway, great times and even getting heat wave today only, on this week but we're reaching out for summertime and hot nights, here in winter wonderland, too. And I'm waiting for excat date from print, still. All life is still and until, it really happens and as I told you before I HATE WAITING! ://///////

 Oh well, some might have bigger problems than this here my little ones, but as Neil Young puts it: "I know my problems are meaningless, but that don't make 'em go away"!! Neil Young such a  neat philospher living his eternal cool hippie dream, still!! ;)

6.6.2017 Today the 8th anniversary for us to live in Forzza city Finlandia's best and appreciated state, ehe, also known as  Burning Hellfire of Inferno, hahaha!! :  Been 8 good years with our share of setbacks and triumphs, win and lose, life's good to live on.


 I'll make that announcement later on when I'll get the excat date from print (WHAT?) I'm gonna publish... sit tight baby!! It's summetime again, and as we all Finns know it's pretty short over here, hehehe!! :D So enjoy while it lasts, white nights no darkness til September... or so they say, let's see what happens! ;)

5.6.2017 Monday morning a bit of rainy and cloudy, but I don't mind as I slept long and good, feeling rested and eager to jump on my tasks for this week, whatever it might contain, hehe, I know what but I'll keep you still in suspense on the NEW release til tomorrow, hehe... big news baby!! just you wait!



 Ain't having no big strategy but quite big enuff tragedy to tell you later on, so hold on your seat and next to kin, soon it's coming to blow your worry mind, haha!!! :)


<--- one great vision about not so great leader and overall duckin' duck.

4.6.2017 Sunday morning, sauna, cleaning and arrenging day behind, feeling good and quite rested. oh well I did one more cover song fast as I 'em do in 1½ hour, this time old youth favourite from Hurriganes: Tsugu Way, where lyrics are pure genius and beat is faster than the rabbit before the greyhound!!


 I'm in the middle of my project of 100 selfwritten songs of Finnish 100 year birthday at December 6th. 50 done and more coming today, as the inking tastes like work and papaer too much I goto my "studio" and play the evil blues guitars and jazzy drums and beat the hell outta any song I chooze, blues makes me forget the troubles and the rest of the fucking stupid Trumpet world. All you need is music into your heart and lover in your arms and...



... food, drink, clothes, shelter, money, phone, shoes, hats, underwear, and million other stuff, nobody can live on only love, too bad to be true. Wish I'd live in dreams and candycotton house and marmelade bed with chocolate chairs and liqourice floor, haha!! :) Oh such a sticky fingers and feets would be the end of me in aweek! ;)

Summertime welcomed to arrive to Finlandia, soon!!! Thank you.

3.6.2017 Saturday morning. Dr Feelgood's Sneakin' Suspision on player, music wakes me up happy and fresh as coffee do too, I hat silence and numb waiting WITH nothing to do, guess I am an action man, need to do always on my hands. Well, weekends I try not to work on comicsa nd do other stuff like music on my own. Just passed the tripthyce of 700 reecorded song on my list and 490 OWN songs too done, so after ten shall be alittle celebration time 500 songs is more than most musician even can do in their lifetime!!

Only took me 7 seven years of living here in Forza city with garage studio arrengements. 8-track machine still rules as I haven't fibnd tie or fine vocalsound on my 24 tracker, so old one is better than new hifi machine, haha. All depends on purpose and style in making music, nowadays who cares about HOW it's done as long as it sounds good and meaningful.  Making lovers music and blues you can use, rock'n'roll music to dance on and sing with, no karaoke but hard hits that hit you in stomach, lyrics that make you think and laugh, yeah humour and sex, messages hidden between lines and letters, better read 'em boy, and laugh with me... alright let's go to the top! ;)


 Rocking weekend to you baby!! ;)

2.6.2017 Friday morning, slept later cause we watched Titanic on DVD last night with wife again, pretty good movie, although the result is so known, it's touchy and emotional, funny and suspense in clever portions, and special effect by its' days are great too.The characters are little too one dimensional: good or bad but it does it's trick for the "plot". The dropping of diamond makes you wonder... why, after the movie magic is gone, still wonder why...she didn't sell that piece of jewelry? Or would she be accuse of thievery,did she get it or steal it? Oh well, the ship went down like led zeppelin!! ;) Hopefully I won't, I still got some good years to work on art, although I might not be as rich as Damien Hirst, whose newest art looks expensivily good, wish I had all his money and skills too!! ;) But til then I just keep on rocking and rollin and thumbling and doing what I do best, illustrations of naked women and autobiographical novels of my wild past......!!! ;)

Weekend as the week ends, more music, talk and fun, comics and tragedies, melodramas fancy dress parties, fingernailbiting suspense in ordinary kings and queens. Let's celebrate 100th anniversary Finlandia, you and me, the average guys and dolls, yes sir, we are this land, those political comedians just run for the surface and spends out taxmoney on whatever shit they can.... sad sad times in a sad land, but still this is quite Fine land, Finland.

Have a great weekend baby !!! :)

1.6.2017 Thursday morning, it's officially Summer!! And of course it's like +12 degrees "hot"here in heartlands of Finlandia, hilarious Summer temperatures are about to entertain us this season, agian, still wonder WHY did our ancestors ever turn and came here to strave in snow and wet countries. We surely got lakes and rivers and forests but now low hanging fruits or tropical thunders, just a brief moment of Summertime and soon it's gone.......... too many summertime jokes to make me laugh anymore, but let's soldier on this and any other weather god gives us, if you believe in that kinda liturgia and religion... I' dlike to believe but I had to find Jesus first, before he finds me..... I can't believe any god would create this much injustice, horros, terrors, violence, murders, rapes and all shit them wrongdoers do. It's sad sad world, and guess I'm just on of the idiots on my own Sadventures.

 But I'd love to live another day, and see what happens, rain or shine, or like Finnish Summer: both at the same time, rainbows alert!! ;)

31.5.2017 Wednesday morning and I got the burning desire to reveal my secret projects as soon as possible, but it'll have to wait til tomorrow and be on June, not that it really matters WHEN it's published, but it gotta be soon.... as  I want to be saying "I did first  *_****** ****  ever, in Finland and in finnish language, can't say I'm first in universe, for sure but hey, listen all these artist shouting whatever they pease and try to fool yuo to believe "WHAT IT" the purpose of art,

 and they always forget to put there first "in my opinion..." the menaing of art is whatever f**k whomever artist wants it to be, it'd stupid to claim art has only one purpose, or life or sex, or literature, or living!! CATCH MY DRIFT BABY?!? ;)))))))))).oh well, I'm just as selfish as any other artist, blabbering my own stuff and thinking it's the most important shit ever, well that's what it takes to be acreative artist, not just a keen and passionate follower of fashion!! Hehe... followers always come second and late, hopedfully this time I sahll be remebered by being the first ever ****** **** maker, publisher and ****** of his own stuff! ;) Lotta stuff to fill up later, just sit tight and wait, you shall be rewarded!! :) I'm still inking the better part of 100 first pages on my Golden Youth part 3. book, to be released in Summer 2018. Longivity and perseverance, we trust, the thank you waits at the end of the rainbow with pot of gold.

30.5.2017 Tuesday morning, warm sunny day beginning, feeling pretty good, breakfast of the champions coffee and oat porridge, keep you on the road, and not on the ditch, hehe, that's why namibians walk on a ditch, cause bread keeps a amn n the road! muhahahahahahahaaa!!! :D Political incorrctness my middle name, err. no my middle name is Matti (pronounced as "Muddy"!) yes, both my names are old men's names not so common as they used to be, fashion and public names change as times goes by, some come back and others just fade away, nothing wrong there, just the way of the world and the speed is excelerating, as are the spieces disappearing from this planet of blues. I got little money from welfare cause of they're fucked up situation where us poor had to wait for weeks their welfare and money for fucking food and rent, so i recycled immediately on Shakira's new music and t-shirt, and food, bandaids and CDR discs to burn my next project, I did last Saturday and publish next month, but what I meant to say I wish our government realized IF they give more money to poor they shall buy and put it on recycle immediately,

BUT when you give less taxes and more income to rich, they just fly to mitherfucking hongkong to play golf and avoid more taxes. Maybe I should be the next monetary minister of Finlandia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

29.5.2017 Monday morning, waking up after busy-eshtly weekend activities, tired but hey, that's what I'm every morning, guess it's this old age that won't allow me to wake up rested and chirpy cheep cheep, heh, whatever, I'll soldier on my days on this profession, comix artrist is hard road unless you the few lucky ones who found fame in their first attemps and strips and got stuck on their humour repeating same jokes the big reading audience thirsts day by day, that's something I NEVER dreamed or wished to struggle inventing NEW jokes (or recycling old ones!!! ;) )) everyday, no thank yoy  said. In my age (53) I wanna do important tales and stories, and only do silly Pahkasika comics if needed.............. waiting for next recorrecion of good ol' Pahkasika magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)Oh well, going on and on same circles, I might do til I've finished my saga of Kultainen Nuoruus years 1978-1987. Publishing at least two more books on it. Then I'll be proximately 56 or 57 years old, and take a year(or two) break on comix world work, and maybe(!) do my childhood years 1963-1977. Lotsa funny, tragic, strange and wild memories on those years I wanna tell, if I'm still up to it after 5 years or so... and then my "pension plan" is to do these naked ladies and Angelandevil books to publish watercolours and pencilworks on beautiful female bodies and evil vampirian winged ones! ;)

 Oops I revealed my all plasns just like that, well I remember HOW bad I felt as a kid WHEN I never did WHAT to draw, but I drew a lot skeletons and those stick men in positions, learnt my lessons on antomy in mirrow and fotostudies, my academy was pretty much different from fucking Ateneum, where I never got in...... "thanks" to professors years 1982, 1983 and 1993. Three times wasn't charm, so I schooled by myself on illustration road. Ain't the easiest street, maybe the fastest though, but never copied no one but Uderzo in kitchen table as a 8 year kid until I COULD draw Asterix's face just by memory, not looking the model example in book. My stubborn ways were early born, I guess. Oh well, more in books for you to read. Have a nice day baby!

28.5.2017 Sunday, so yesterday went as planned I have a new groundbreaking record to sell next month, after I've done the cover art and printed the ads and conquer this world!! ;))))))))))))))))

  I had reserved two days but as I'm so fast and pro I didi in one, hehe. Took all day but hopefully it's worth it, every second of attractive an interested stuff..... publishing day still undecided, June or July, depending on the distributors and business partners needs and all that jazz, within media craziness and all that jive that comes along, well I think I'm READY for it, whatever comes shall be received and delivered as professinals do, cool, easy and fast. Hey baby want some filling thing in your life, call me, I'm the hoochie coochie man, you need to satisfie all your dreams, in comics that is, hah!! ;)

27.5.2017 Saturday and for a brief moment I thought I was an eurojackpot winner, but the 8 was 9 and I'm still a loser, haha... better luck next time, right? Well, I should never trust on luck or hope, just do whatever I was doing, nevermind the money.  So today I'll make a historical recording session in my studio if all goes right, tomorrow I'll have a new  and interesting piece of history in my hands and ready to sell out like good ol' capitalist should, hah! ;)

 Now also trying to get some rest and strength for next weeks comics work, too, while heating the sauna and just watching movies and TV. relaxation maximum, to me that is. Easy, common and even cheap fun, I don't ned to fly to Hong Kong to have my weekend kicks, my carcoal footstep thanks me , every day, how about yours?

it's time to start healthy and good life anyday, so why not today? Oh so serious, haha. No but think about it, what you really want and need, to do and eat and play and work? Life could be so much more simple, relaxing and easygoing, for all you bankers and stockbrokers, chill out and take it EZ. And then rock like fuck, haha!

26.5.2017 Friday morning gotta go and particate on Eurojackpot over 50 million euros to win, what'd I do if I'd win? Well after getting all home, cars, holidays and gadgets to this day needs fulfilled, I'd pay for personal trainer to get me in good physical shape and then..........................................

.......I'd just do what I do now comics and illustrations, BUT without any timetable or hurry, well, that's what I think I do, right after I'd had a year vacation in Spain and Italy and somewhere I've never been before, and then drive highspeeding round to the relatives in Finlandia, on my pink or baby blue sporster Mercedes Benz car, hehe... and annoy and making envy ALL my neighbours, HAAHAA! :D

 But til I'm a millionaire, I just please my own desires and whims, making music and comics on daily basis, work that don't feel like a job, no summertime blues over what I do for living, thank god. Oh well, dreaming is good for your health, I do believe so, without any dreams and wishes what hell you would do or be? A politicioan or business man?



<-- dream girl, mexican refugee and playmate of the month, when I was young and restless, those day women were more in shape, more natural and still had some of that vanishing natural hair..



..........between their thighs!! ;)

25.5.2017 Thursday morning, waking up growing Summer-beard, well thing that needas a minimum efforty from my part, as letting it grow wild and free, just to see once ayear how many grey hairs I got, this year, as last year I had my first ever gray facial hair ever!!! Shocked after this old man revelation in tender age of 52! :/

 First cup of coffee, eye opener, sweet summertiming coming closer with warm breezes over trhe fields as I bycycle to shopping center nearby, makes me feel like childhood's swarm summers here in Häme district, area of my family roots, deep in the mud of Vesilahti, where I was born. Love the countryside and people who are (thought to be) bit slow, shy and stubborn, but actually very nice, wise and easygoing, if people CAN be put in frames and stereotyping dull cathegories, and for whatever reason(?). We're all human, all people, all animals, all good until proven bad.




<-- spot the wild tiger in wilderness on a place next door to ours, coutryside nostalgia and decadence of old times.

24.5.2017 Wednesday morning and just got recorded the song Summertime Blues last night, so my compilation CD is about finished, just cover art to be done, and now I can move on the next project in literate and comics to blow your mind, haha, the good way, but it's still a secret another week or two, but finished and wrapped around your neck(?) and gift bag in this here Summertime, and ready to rock my and your blues away....! ;)



<---Album's first 50 inked pages done and here for you to prowl...

Spanish Sauna Trip is the name of the game!! ;)


forehand shown only for gentleman and crazees!! As the old finnish gag goes! ;)














Okey, having a good time, and hoping all the best for you too, baby! :)





23.5.2017 Tuesday morning, and I'm recovering from fast nausia and flulike symptoms that hit me afternoon yesterday, very sudden sickness, maybe I got too much sun on Sunday moving dirt with carriages and shoveling, although I had acap and tokk arest every third session and drank juices, all the while, maybe I don't know what the hell it was, but I had to rest the rest of the day. I hate to be sick and tired on the bottom of bed, wasting time, waiting in vain...

I'm gonna record one more cover song for my Summertime Blues compilation: "Jailhouse Rocks And Summertime Blues"! ;) I think it's a helluva title for blues & rock music album! Might use it later on, somewhere else,,,,again! ;) So, all you record company hipstered executives TRY not to steal my thunder and titles, cause I'll sue your ass for million bucks, faster than speed of light, hehe!! :D Know your rights, and left all the shit in it's own blurry waters to stink, especailly you in ********* records, have some balls not to steal my ideas, you know that is wrong and unethical, abuse poor songwriter's work and art. "Our" squirrel in old oak tree, next to our house this morning! ;)Oh well, sun shines, flowers bloom, nature calls to enjoy it's colours and smells, warmth. Nothing much really to whine about......before it's snow and December again!! ;)

22.5.2017 Monday morning,little birds are singing, trees are unfurling their greenleaves, nature's wonder I keep on admiring day by day on these springtimes. Ice hockey done fopr another year, no medal this year for us, but what hurts most is Sweden took gold, damn damn damn... håhåhåhåhå!!   Luckily I'm not interested on icehockey on fan and team level in NHL, or KHL games doesn't mean athing to me, it's another ballgame and circus and capitalists marketing plans and fan hysteria, with hate and dislike on opposite team in very childish ways, being proud of "your" team winnings where they win no matter YOU do, watch it or not, you don't mean athing to that team, but you pay they overblown paychecks.Especially in football with hooligans and murders on audience, and nothing is that important on lousy ballgame. We all wake up next morning no matter what happened last night's game.  

 Win or lose, crack or booze, happy or sad, good or bad, poetry in motion, sports and bread for us folks to keep us calm and in little squared boxes and corrals,  somebody just took your money, and will til you die. Happy sportsman, living game by game, poor man.

 Don't be a jerk, be a wiseguy and woman, take it easy, let sun shine and every flower bloom, kick back on hammock and show your breats to us all. Have no fear, no enemy, no war, no hatred,

just have some fun darling!

21.5.2017 Sunday morning, sun shines too, nice to wake up not freezing yor ass, leaves turnig in their full bloom, grass, flowers and all waking up, nature's miracle every year, how can they know it's time to push their branches and all upfront?

<-- Tumppi and Pelle yesterday in Forssa Unplugged park concert. (Old) Punks never die!! ;)))

Questions I don't need no answers, just writing off of my head. I literally woke up ten minutes ago, so my head still fuzzy and dizzy, between slumberland and this fine land, agriculture and art culture used to be million miles away from each other, nowadays you can see farmer who appriciates art, and it ain't no joke or oddity. Old habits and customs die hard if ever. But world keeps turning and stupidities burning in flames of hellfire, hehe, well innocence is lost for good, but wisdom gained, hopefully, while losing virginity. And I ain't talking bout love and sex.

20.5.2017 Saturday morning, finaaly got summer tyres on our aotomobile, heh, hopefully no more snow 'til November!! There's outdoors Unplugged concert in neraby park with Pelle Miljoona and other fun artists, heh, going there at 4 o'clock. Later sauna and icehockey with our nearest and dearest enemy Sweden, the quarter finals, whose going to final at Sunday? Nervewrecking game, again! Well, it's only a game, you might say, but I like it.

 Inked almost 50 pages, but now I need a break, so I won't hurry too much or spoil it like I did yesterday with one pic, but hopefully I won't need that half of the page in print.....!

Oh well I'll make some music before 4 and then it's weekend time, time off of working state! ;)






<--our Muru yesterday cooling down on hot day, shadows and fresh dug ground dirt!! ;)

19.5.2017 Friday morning after sensational victory of USA in icehockey last night, biggest surprise from team Finlandia, so happy and proud those boys fought and won, while the Us team was strong and skilful BUT, as I've told before icehockey is game of luck, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Only disappointment in these games habeen the MTV3 channel showing only Finnish games, WTF? Ain't buying no extra pay card for just see icehockey two weeks, FTS! and all other capital letters and modern hip frases, damn capitalists torturing poor men again, nothing new there... Oh well, I'm just inking my days away, haha, but progress in process, and contunium in plutonium and drawing table papers. Developing fast and loose style to get it done in first class but easygoing and satisfying to watch by readers. Ain't doing it for myslef, I know these stories of my life already, ain't that kind of selfish asshole... justa another kind. I guess, hohohoh!! :D

Towards weekend and victory as do team Suomi! :)

18.5.2017 Thursday morning, glad to hear from Sweden nice response to my first Golden Youth album, and it's nice to have been able to capture something in common of our generation, and most of all I was ONCE awinner in my life back in 21.11.2011 in Finnisg Comics 100 anniversary gala dinner party!! ;))))Heading for summertime, making new songs and succeed to make few great cover versions, even saying so myslf, it's rare I enjoy my musical achievments, but now done some angry and evil Elvis repertoire ones, haha. Also invented a funky title: Jailhouse Rocks, Summertime Blues. Yes Jack King is alive and kicking... your ass. Hah! ;)

 Okey it's anew morning of our lives! Enjoy and get it on, baby! :)

 Cool it down on icehockey match tonight,Finns against USA.... a horror and flash in a pan! ;)

17.5.2017 Wednesday, morning bit rainy and cloudy, but here indoors we feel it's alright to ink and draw and art. Guess that ain't no verb, but now it is! ;) That's the way how to emulate the lingo, bingo, you got it! ;) Oh well, ain't no linguistian no librerian no higher educated fool either, just common and average guy and artist man, hehe...Now on state where all the 42 pages I've inked, I've inked 3 times or more all over, and again, so now strating next bunch of archs size A3 to ink. My craze Spanish Summer vacation I try to reveal as little forehead as possible, cause WHO wants to know before reading what happens in the book?!? Maybe only the critics of Helsingin sanomat who don't know shit from shinola! Hah. Too bad for 'em suckers and losers, who only can whine and complain, never know the difference between skillful and clumsy, good and bad, meaningful and whatever art. But hey who knows or cares...............?

 Oh well, I do. Haha.

16.5.2017 Tuesday sun shines and nature wakes up, like menew adventures  of the past, inking the second round of first 40 pages, and to my surprise them seems almost ready for print, which is nothing but good news, I might fuinish it earlier than I thought. So I can concentrate on the book's cover art and do my little side projects on the way still. It's gonna be beautiful and interesting Summer with loads of stuff to accomplish and some to publish too. Later revealing my BIG NEWS for comics publications for finns first, then the world!!! :)Heh, been here done that, so many times I think this next project gonna be my buig breakthrough and fame and fortune shall be shoveled in from doors and windows, hehe... all come when it's time due to become, am a true believer in luck and destiny. We're just little ants in big pile of shit, like birds in nest laying our eggs and hope them develope into lioving creatures and fill the earth with love and understanding, yeah right. Hippie dreams, impossible missions but in comics everything is possible!! ;)

Have a nice day and let finns win in icehockey again!! ;)

15.5.2017 Monday morning  a bit rainy but that's alright, did some heavy rotation of dirt and sand yesterday but luckily didn't broke my back wheeling it to wife's new strawberry area, can't suggest it as afield cause it's tiny but cleverly now raised from ground, so the picking of fresh fruits should be whole lotta easier than before, my back thanks already!

 Oh well, feeling little tired 'though, huh, shoulders and arms got some 40 rounds of heavy lifting and shoveling done, feel like I'm a Superman, haha, soon! ;)

 So today's program is the same asit shall be next 365 days, ink til its all done and ready for texting and print in Summer of '18! Til then I must be the hardest working man in comix business, haha, well at least in Forzza region or so...hope so. So much work in this world nobody's willing to do, so much poverty and even more idiotism in emplyment laws to be renewn soon, waiting for the worse times to arrive, damn I'm lucky I'm not 18 anymore, and without a location to study......art was my only interest and desire and dream, that came true, spite of all the asshole professors and judges on their stupid university exams in Ateneum. Maybe I should be thankful I didn't went to that art bubble and political art frame. As I hate political art, in almost evry forms, hah. Opera, classical music and theatre are also in my hate list, very well represented, hah. Lousy actors in lousy roles, on even lousier scripts and jokes, hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaa!!! :D :D :D No mercy.

14.5.2017 Happy mother's day to my mother and maybe even yours! Pictured at our house at midsummer few years back!! ;)




Sunday morning lazying around til night of hockey excitement! :)

13.5.2017 Yesterday passed away one of the most beloved president of Funlandia, "Manu" Mauno Koivisto, he was first president my generation were able to vote back in winter of 1982, when former president for some heavy 26 years, UKK got dementia or smthing. RIP Manu.


Today more icehockey, Finns against norwegians, should be "easy" but you never know what happens in the ice and whose the lucky one? Interesting early afternoon game. Saturday we rest and do just alittle gardening or me "secretly" inking some pages, haha... :)

Oh well it's weekend you see! Everything is relaxing and good gor yopur soul IF you feel like it is. No doctor needed to tell me what's good for my soul, and body, hehe... ;)

Eso es como bailando mi amigos en todos los mundos y paises !! Fin de semana a tod la tierra y mares. Y manan estare dia de los madres.....


 buen dia para  mi madre. Manana por la manana! :)

12.5.2017 Friday morning, little bit of sunshine gracing us again, lacking the warmth, nature's springtime still in delay few weeks, definately it's gonna be short Summertime. Oh well all this weathet talk, might bore you now but this snowy May is extraordinary cold and freezing, luckily we have ahouse where sleep and be escued for cold winds and rain. Poor homeless men starving there in city dumpsters and no one cares, but maybe Chaplin and me.


 Just made some interesting cover songs, Ballbreaker, Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog, might do an Elviz album too, hehe, we'll see what happens in my studio dark and evil, haha.


Now back to re-inking state first 20 pages done about ready for print, lacking onlt text written "clean" and good, as I wrote 'em in finnish, english and some spanish, I'll have to see how I'll do the print version that'll be readable and sensible, haven't decoded yet HOW much english I should leave there.....

damn, another challenge I think I don't really need! ;)

Solutions so hard to make, as life is not a monology or monolinguan. Especially when you're "trippin' in Spanish saunas"!! ;) Oh yeah it's party and fiesta todos los dias y noches, jeje!! :)

<-- newest inkes pages.

11.5.2017 Thursday morning, we're enjoying the back winter here in the backwoods Finlandia, don't recall this cold spring and May for ages, nature 2-3 weeks behnd their schedlue, well lucky me I'm ahead of mine! ;) This here artist life is pretty selfish, withou´t no kids or daily job to do, but it's damn productive too, I can make long stories in just few years, that'd take me 5 if I had a"real job" and a haircut, haha... Thorogood wink wink. My long(ish) hairt is my last attemp of rebellion against the system, never wamma be like every other man, nice and neat and houseclean poodle with short hair and good manners in dinner table, but is it selfish to do what  you love and want? Answers please to P.O box 313 Forzza Finlandia. Remember to include 100 dollar bills. Thank you tourist, we take your money!! ;)

 Okey, I'm somewhere in Spain in year 1986 all day, and nights on ice with finnish icehockey lions, young and inexperienced, fearing th worse.............................. what everthat is! ;)

10.5.2017 Wednesday morning waking up. Yes reinking pages fron start, so now I'm back on page 10, damn, but now I can finish 'em good and in same style as all the pages. So now I can tell I've developed "my style" in inking long stories, took only proximately 24 years, heh to reach this state, but happy jack I am! Also working on project that'll take more than two years in process, won't freeze me, as I'm stupid enuff not to tyhink the workload it takes, just having fun while drawing and inking, it's not like working, hehe, on it! Those moments of feeling succesful achievment, and in some cases even doing better than thought, oh yeah, little victories along the path to succes, haha...!

So peptalk to myself, it ain's so unusual as YOU might think, I know many who do the same to survive and keep the spirit high and everyday stuff meaningful. History will teach us a lesson, only learn withinyears that pass, whether you sell or buy your ass, and with price that's right or giving all up for free, for everybody.

 Above alive foto of Motörhead looks like yaer I saw 'em first time 1981, NO Sleep 'til X-mas tour, in Hellsinki ice hall. Rock on, I'm making new versions of some classic early rock songs, like Hound Dog and yesterday Jailhouse rock, never sung those songs before, but listened 'em in my youth a million and one times! So it's pretty easy to catch the vibe and do my very OWN cover version, don't care about imitatate Elvis, he's no hero of mine. More bluesy versions I prefer. Maybe you'll be able to hear 'em some day..........................................................................................................................................................?

Okey, let's go, rocking out!

9.5.2017 Tuesday morning, cloudy day for a change, and colder than a welldiggers ass, for the season, it should be 15+ more, damn. Icehockey nightmare games continued another loss, wonder what the hell do the boss/coach there but standing out. We need a miracle and we needed fast!! ;)


I'm somewhere over 40 inked paginas now, heading for Summertime in schedule, as I've finished few pages to print shape, that I'm very pleased. Taking like 3 day inking, in various states to make it puurfect, hehe. Yes right on... comix world of wonders and magic realism!! ;)

 Google translator keep on entertaining us with these silly  twists of wörds, thank you google! ;)


Cat brought adead squirrel to front room of our house, rip, little one, maybe it was your time to go, adios.

Monday morning day after disasterous loss of Finnish team to France, really France that giant of an icehockey land, haha!! :D Well good thang is that there's only one way out, up. Oh well, I'm happy doing what I want, most of the time, and therest time I do nothing I don't want, simple life of a complicated man, hah.

 Made some new tunes again:

691. She Gave Me Water, But I Asked For Gasoline 23.4.2017

692. Thirteen In A Dozen 26.4.2017

693. Bad Like That 29.4.2017

694. I Regret None (But One) 2.5.2017

695. Rambo 3.5.2017

696. Buddy Buddy Friends 5.5.2017

670. Mothers And Daughters 7.5.2017

Some covers I've wanted to do for years or decades ago, now finally available on next festival desk from directly, just you wait and see!! :)

 Now wishing fine week for all who work, play, study, wait, see, feel, somethings. Have mercy! ;)


Lazying on Sunday morning, slowly downing first mug of coffee, porridge eaten already. Opening the windows and cherpy cheep of returned birds mating games in ful speed in trees and air nearby and allaround our house on the prairie. 

Just got banned for sharing Merry 1st of May foto with student hat wearing naked woman, and you could even see the hair of between her thigh a bit, just bit too much for facebookian hypocrisy, really two nipples and hair is too much? WellI'm facebook addicyt as living here a long way from anybody alive, hundred miles to Helsinki, Tampere and Turku, or more or less, it's a longing way. Enjoy my jokes and sharing videos and fotos of my top interested life, hah. Well tomorrow I'm allowed back to write there, now just a watcher, hehe, well the problems we arrenge ourselves, by ourself. First world problemacy, I know I'm priviledged in many ways, no war, no purposless hatcrimes or dangerous to just walk at night across the city, or violent neighbours, in my otherwise simple, poor  man's life, but I got love and loving wife, something your money can't buy! :)                                            






<--- one of my very first songs composed and original sheet music written back in 1979.

6.5.2017 Saturday and what fifth sunny morning in arow, terrific if the air would be little warmer, like 20 degrees, hehe. Waking up on coffee and oat porridge, my healthy breakfast, my healthy life, heh, gotta do what I do, trying to improve my health and wealth, and lose some fat, again, diet diet diet, nothing healthy to stay these kilos, although I can manage it but, I wanna be slim again, damn. Looking those old fotos reaassure and keep me going to thin, thinner but not liquid still ehehe, bad jokes morning, welcome to my life!! ;)

 Oh Finland won the first match against Belarus, jee!! :)

5.5.2017 Friday and just got back a memorable foto from way dowm the past, year 1983 with my then best buddy Jönssi, in festivalities somewhere in Finland. <--- foto by Päivi


 Jönssi died on cancer 2010. We used to be in same band me drummer nad he bassist, for years 1980 and 1984 and rest is told in Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. Read it there, it's all true. Sometimes I miss him, sometimes I don't. Friendship is strange and vulnerable thing, and I surely was bad boy then, taking all granted, takind´g all, I could, but burnt bridges, wreck friendships and families, but I was sick, that's my only excuse, but irt's pretty strong excuse, if you outta your mind, you don't act rational or straight and good, and might NOT even recognise your sickness. It's a serious matter baby.

 Better think twice before YOU accuse me, yes another round thank you. Luckily I've come to terms with my past, pretty well, and I do understand some people can NEVER forgert or let go their anger and judgement. Too bad for them, suckers stuck on 35 year old matters.

 Future holds it for you, all you can't see today, luck rolls it's own way maybe passes you someday, maybe you'll make it yourself, maybe you too need some help. We got various kinda people here, in planet earth, hippiedreamers and nazis in same boat, and no one in the wheel, nobody knows where this all goes, not even you asshole consults and bankers and investors in your wet dream slush trip. Live another day only way to see,


 I'm happy to watch the icehockey World championships, starting today, life goes on.

4.5.2017 Thursday morning, third sunny day in arow, reccordbreaking situation indeed, hehe, well I did make the cover version of my favourite Spanish group Orquesta Mondragon and their hit song Rambo, from year 1986 or 87, long time coming as I've wanted to cover it sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Finally happy, even the result is better than I feared, soon I'll be rock'n'roll star in Spain, too!!!! :) :) :)

Oh well my blues artist career been overdue since 1984, Just inking myself in hotel roof bar in Marbella singing ZZ Top's Bedroom Thang, back in 1986.... and taking one swedish dish back to my room, hehehehe... yes I did have to travel all the way from Helsinki to New York and Spain to have me aone night stand with swedish girl, håhåhåhåhåhåhåå!! :D Crazy wööööööööööööööörld! ;) Nevermind the curses of past, just move on over and toward next steps in new adventures!!! Vamonos!

3.5.2017 wednesday morning, sunshine again, two days in arow, wow, must be therecord for this year! ;) Feelings vary like the wind that blows north and south, and snow we haven't seen tha last of you yet, for this "springtime", heh, next months hould ne "SUMMER"! Aint' promising very hot summer this way, but hey you never know....Sliding on new day and new adventures, ehe, adventures in drawing room work desk that is, wild adventures moving the pencils and brushes in motion of the music background. Wild times in Forzza city!! ;))))) So I'm like every other idiot that sunk his head into workload and shall take "vacation" like free time when sunshines hotter than +21 degrees of Celsius. Hopefully we'll reach that with this summer.......................................!! :)

2.5.2017 Tuesday and very sunny morning, did the spring come finally, we shall see as they promised cold at the end of the week, damn, but as ususal I stay inside and ink the rest of the 167 pages, so whatever,  in weather, most important is to dress right on occaation, hehe, like dames here do, less is more!! ;)







Here the latest achievments on ink, I'm in Spain again, for the first time, hehe!! ;)

1986, if you do remember it, you must be old geezer like me, right? ;)


Oh well, I got a secret project too to do in Summer, before next comics festival in Helsinki at Septemeber, and it's................................................................................ huuuuuuuuuuuuge, but still secret!! :) wait and see, and hear more about it when it's time tor evela it all!!! :)

1.5.2017 Hilarious 1st of May to every each of you and me, celebrating students and labour, common man and people, working man's day. Communist by heart and realist in hand, in hand, sympathy and empathy, caring and loving, fellow man and woman of that man!! ;)

Left is all we have left for the working class, let's be proud workers and hard on every issue worth working and fighting for. 5 day week, 8 hour days and holidays, benefits we fought for, thanks to left and the red wings of our governments these first 100 years of Finlandia. Flags up and on, celebration day.

Farewell to snow...

 until we meet again.

30.4.2017 Hauskaa wappua ihan jokaiselle!! Pitäkää huolta kavereistanne, ettei ne nukahda...




lumihankeen! ;)


Merry Wappu for everyone, take care with your fellow man, don't let 'em pass out on...




snow! ;)

29.4.2017 Saturday morning, cloudy sky, weather report, as usual, progressing the inks daily routine, still ayera and amonth to go and do, my best. Seems like endless road the 201 pages to ink, but I challenge myself just 1 page atime, well I'm inking 33 pages at the same time, but on the desk just one, you see...................!


 having some other publication in my mind also, but them are tyobe done at June, July and August, rhose so called "summer months" in Finland you never know what is coming from the sky, propably snow, sneet and rain, and oh those glory days of sunshine, so rare, we'rer lack of vitamin D! And that's motherfuckling poor thing, land fit for heroes, but seeing none.

28.4.2017 Friday morning, blue sky, sun shine and +4 degrees "warm". Must be springtime in Finland... neverending " bad joke" too, well I do my best to funniest man on earth, but my wife's pretty fed up with 'em all,m hahaha!! ;) It's funny though, how life bounces us and how destiny seems to have awful not lot to roll us around, or do I lack the believe on destiny? Or just take itas it comes, pragmatism realisn and other valuable ways to see, life. Learning from mistakes, not being scare to 'em, and other valuable guidelines... ask your mother, not me! ;) Well, wishing all fine weekend and hilarious WAPPU PARTY ON SUNDAY AND MONDAY!!!

27.4.2017 Thursday morning, counted all the pages been inking this year 31, and happy to see it was more than I thought, cause inked some odd numbers from further on the book, while I'm in page 27 from the start, hehe... yes I did some pages from Madrid first to just get along with ink again, after 1 year pause, since I finished Golden Youth part 2. So I'm pretty excited the speed of the process is good, and I'm still some months ahead the timetable ( I put on it myself, as my publisher is the most flexible and progressive dear PeneLopez!!).




Next sunday is the Wappu(First Of May), most wet party of Finlandia, well Juhannus/Midsummer is too, very wet and indulged on licquid format, hah. Klara wappen för alla!! It's not unusual to have little snow falling on First of May, but still, it hurts and depresses to see Spring so late and air so cold. Climate change hurry up now, we want to pick up winegrapes on our backyard too!! ;) ))))))))


<-- Rahapaja's next hit product, Marbellian guitar warrior, merry 100th anniversay Finlandia!! :D

26.4.2017 Wednesday on this crazy springtime, waiting summer and warm air, maybe it goes without saying, but can't feel that way, if I stop saying what's too common knowledge, I have nuthing left to say, hehe, so clishes and phrases on everyday lingo, makes me shout bingo and win apackage of coffee, every day when successfully completed my job.




 Paid my first ever speeding ticket, lousy 11 km/h too much on speed limit of 80, well I hope I did learn to drive EVEN safer, which is kinda hard as I drive like agranma, slow and safe, damn you electric snooper police....! :////////////

 Okey, all(!!) shall be just a memory, when looking back at this day, from the future. All you have to do is, live, love and love the life you live. Time goes fast when having fun ,this we all know, common men's average fact, like riding bike, the more you do it the...


 more mileage you reach!! ;)


<-- coloured tainted past in New York, I think I've FINALLY found MY style of inking and drawing these comics autrobiographical....!



Until next frenzy fancy style, I'll found, haha!! :D

25.4.2017 Snow slowly falling on ground it must be x-mas time all over again...................................................................! Oh, no it's first of May within 6 days, so he waether is pretty normal, common spring weather. average finnish springtime, oh well. Again lucky to be chozen to do my stuff inside, clean and dry athmosphere, working on drawing room, man cave, my pleasure, can't be bought with no money if you don't have a wife who understands and lets you inpeace,a s it goes drawing whatever I choose. All life is bundle of chosen ones, chosen things, accidental happenings, strange coinsidents and luck. Never underestimate the power of luck! Born white, elite, with nothing really to worry about, you're so lucky, never forget how blessed and lucky you are. In this here life all can be wipe away so fast and unpredectipably, bad luck waits behind every corner, ready to sink his teeth into your neck, steal your house, burn your car,  step on your blue suede shoes,

 life, that unfair fair of vanity.


Monday morning,goind soon to get new glasses,a s my sight has improven the otheway as the minus has been plussed, so I need new glasses, less minus on 'em. Very interesting ain't it, muhahaha!! ;) Well, I'm glad I made anew song yesterday "She Gave Me Water But I Asked For Gasoline" my twisted blues message, rock'n'roll music, I think I've finally foud my voice on singing, and the quieter the music is the better I do sound, I think, maybe it's when you hear yourself singing, it's easier to play with nuances of voice and get more expression, than just shouting, which I like too too much, hah. Soon it's time to conquer the record company men and their bottomless purse again, see what happens....

 Ok, inking pages from 21 today later on, I'm on a good track, making history alive, my story worth to tell it all, another year on drawing room desk and closer to final destination, world domination, huhuhuhuu!! :D

23.4.2017 Sunday morn... damn it's afternoon way ahead me, sleeping good ten hours anight, is my nightly shift and standard these days, hah, and I like it. Sleeping enuff, whatever that number is, I don't care. Getting good mood on inking my next album, although my finacial situation and  affairs are in horrendous state, fuck it. All you need is art, and balls if you're playing in rock'n'roll band...


especially if your band's name is Reckless Love, you really need balls, when you ain't got none, hahahahaha!! I still hold a crunch for veryone whose stealing MY ideas and putting 'em on their own records, stealing ideas from demos I've sent to record companies, well fuck you too, all record company men...


til I'll get my deal international and time in studio to clean my act and polish the (s)hit song cavalcade, hehe!! See you in top of the charts, buddy, Katy Perry and Madonna, my best fucking friends in business!! ;)

22.4.2017 Saturday, and stubled an old comics blog of mine from year 1980!!! Yes you read it right nineteen eighty, tha was just 37 years ago, like I like to remind all you little wank... fankers, there's been life before year 1990, too!! And comics of my life...

 ....here you go, see the copyright mark and artist name "jogo". And kisses in hot italian night with the love of my life and summer of 1980. Second to last pic got 11 and 8 so that's done August 11th. Too bad is that I've lost all the other 40 something pages of that comics blog, somewhere on the road and the ditches I did went thru, but that's another story, ehehehe...

 Jealoushearted man to those whose lives been so solid and stabile that they've saved all the memories in all those little things and objects they ever got hold on, yes, wasn't so lucky when I did get thru my periods of rocking like a hurriganes and going crazy dfrom the heat in Spain. Well guess I'll never got those days or objects back, so I try NOT to worry and cry over 'em, everyday life. Life is funny, very twisted way of funny in my case, haha!! :)

 Saturday night is allright to.................................... sauna!! :D

 I won't clame the fame to be the "inventor of blog comics", but I surely been there longer than many nowadays famous girl activist in blog comics have lived, so there. Enuff said, Fathers and sons, Mothers and daughters, hehe, well do I got a story about 'em too, do I?!? HEHE!! ;)


21.4.2017 Friday afternoon, towards spring 2-3 weeks late! Damn, I'm middle man on organising next year Pori comics festival guest, my buddy, but later more IF something really happens, leaving you to suspensing whole year who'se that  mystery guest, haha....                         living dangerously, living without no fear!! ;)                If you catch my drift, wink wink!! ;) Alright comics inking all I'm thinking, although should be losing weight but, delaying til better times, yes sir I can boogie too, that old don't do nothing you can do tomorrow, today! ;)

OK, vamos a los dibujados cuando hacermos todos los dibujadores!

20.4.2017 Thursday morning, had a productive day yesterday, inked 3-4 archs, fast and loose, making shadows and wrinkles later on, now I need to go ahead further on as much as I can, getting the feel of that this album can be done succesfully and there's a purpose of all this work load of two years in arow, having holidays in Autumn 2018, haha......long distance plans for my career(?), yes I think have one, although not everybody agrees with me!!! ;)))))))))) Werll, all my life's been running against the wind, being rebel pornographicand part time renegade, not to do what others did, trying to make it my way, is the only way. Not riding any giants shoulders, or following rules, make my own little path thru snow and sleet. Rebel music and art, gotta believe in myself, and that I can do it if I follow my heart and head. Oh well, empowering thought to myself, as here in my drawing room are nobody else, to talk to, hehe... ain't facinated to talking to walls, either.... so , here I go again! ;)

Ok, vamos a lo dibujos! :) Geddappa yer bed and go!! :)

19.4.2017 Wednesday made some new records and songs again, yesterday's tune was My Little Locomotion and here's the list of the others of three months before:

664. Spoonful 1.2.2017

665. Jazz Cymba/ols 6.2.2017

666. Very Superstitious 8.2.2017

667. Selling Blues Back To Missisippi 10.2.2017

668. Without Your Love 12.2.2017

669. Dispatched Heart 15.2.2017

670. Wish I Knew 17.2.2017

671. It's All In Your Fingers Blues 18.2.2017

672. Alcatraz 19.2.2017

673. Pump Up The Jam 21.2.2017 & (Blues) 23.2.2017

674. Track Of Time 23.2.2017

675. Brief Grief 24.2.2017

676. Got 'Em Monkeys 25.2.2017

677. To The Boy Who Never Was 27.2.2017

678. Human Rights Ridicule 3.3.2017

679. All That Glitters Is Gold 6.3.2017 & Part Two 7.3.2017

680. Laugh And Love 10.3.2017

681. Dead Man's Birthday 12.3.2017

682. Blues Power 16.3.2017

683. Things You Don't Have to Do 22.3.2017

684. No Shred (Blues) 24.3.2017

685. Killing Time 27.3.2017

686. Living In A Skid Row 30.3.2017

687. Vanishing Beauty 2.4.2017

688. Hound Dog 10.4.2017

689. Chaplin and Me 14.4.2017

690. My Little Locomotion 18.4.2017

been busy as usual, making sweet music faster than anybody I know, watch out Kari Peitsamo, I'm coming thru, see you Dave Lindholm soon!! ;) 36 own songs in this year, 64 still to fulfill 100 anniversary of Finlandia!! :)




 Can't stop doing music, well can but got no reason to stop and be uncreative like Rolling fucking Stones living in limbo for 10 years no own new music, hah, world's laziest band, haha, and lousiest musician gathered there too, boohoo!! ;)



 Oh well, maybe I'll slow down on my 70'ies, maybe not. more attracted the Lemmy-way to go with your boots on, doing gigs til death takes it's toll. Rock'n'roll music lives as we do, no reason for retirement like lazy fuck Mick Jagger, middle class business man, singing still so outta tune, that don't make him a blues singer on my standards, just imitating blues, millionaire's blues sound so different, so weak and useless, for me.

18.4.2017 Tuesday got rid of 'em holy days no holidays, just another day with rest for 'em workers of monthly jobs. Everybody need little rest sometimes, old age come with worse athletism, for sure. Adjusting to be senile, haha, and forgetting all BAD stuff, headind for glory and joy!!


 Bad news from far,a friend's father having cancer, dying ain't no fun, whether you're old or young. Strength to you O.

Death makes you think the mortality, vanishing times and beauty, all end up the same phafe another place, the end of the story.


Little puppies look on our yard, years roll on and fade, memories locked on the back of our brains,


Worth living,

worth dying,


 maybe all that matters is

love and kind things you did.

 Farewell my friend. Farewell all.

 Nobody knows the trouble tomorrow brings and that's just fine,

with me. Live to see the next day, die when time has come.No fear, lotta tears.

Ride on.

17.4.2017 Monday morning, Easter monday possibly the day when Jesus has risen, left the cave and grave, me just trying to get on with my weight and life expectations ain't too high, but aim is higher, longer, stronger, more life than this everydayish inking, thinking while doing it. Thinking is overrated anyway, as is writing and imagination, ability to think, like every man can, what's so great there, to think like every small man can?


Oh well, everybody thinks they are better driver than the man next door, in next car driving him mad how he handles his car and speed on open road, everybody's own life is the closest and most important to 'em selves, no wonder they think that os the most important on this world. Maybe they are right, maybe their lives matter, to 'em, happy for you. Meaningful life is hard to find in this mad world.

 Maybe I should try harder to find reasons to live, to enjoy more this world, full of contradictions in love and war, and people we are mad, to enjoy this chaos and madness of wars and violence, always outta our reach...? Damn, refuse weapons, violence and war, very easy to do. Be a man, or take it like a woman............. crying and bitching. Different kind of solving world troubles, very easy in paper and in imaginations. Damn, going back to bed and sleep, let the world kill itself. Let me be. Outsider and loser, if I will. Easter's suffering play.

16.4.2017 Sunday afternoon, after Saara Aalto concert and driving to Helsinki and back at night, feeling tired but happy to been witnessing unique concert in her career. Great big power ballads and slow ones filled the air, so only wished few more fast numbers on cause too many slows in arow tireds the motion and emotion, but she surely CAN sing that lil girl!! ;)



 It wasn't the easiest day after all or before all that concert we had a big domestic misunderstanding situation.... but solved it like adults, now today just relaxing and digesting the night. Easter sunday don't mean a thing for a pagan like me, but chocolate eggs are nice and g healthy, you bet!! ;)

15.4.2017 Saturday morning, leaving soon to Helsinki, shopping some new or old music and later on concert, my wife bought the tickets for x-mas presents, so I have to go, no matter what . I might not be so keen on that music but live happening might be pretty expressive on Saara Aalto, yes, did I surprise you!?! Oh well I report you tomorrow HOW it was! ;)))))

 Been making new own songs while inking first 9 pages/ archs of paper. 35 songs this year in less than 4 months, and I'm in schedule still for 100 songs to celebrate Finlands 100 anniversary on December 6th. Long way to the...

 top if you wanna rock'n'roll! Truth hurts sometimes, someone cries, someone dies, everybody tries to get along, wit or wothout asong to sing along. poetry in motion, locomotion, wheels of the car rolling, past is calling, future is the next step, next day, next year.

14.4.2017 Long, no Good Friday eiku Pitkä Perjantai in finnish, whadda hell was that in finglish, damn, oops my language watch out christian purinity and easter bunnies and other historical characters in powers, don't get insulted or nut get salted nuts instead. Oh well, humour the most sensitive act on earth that can kill illustrators and humorists for sayin wrong things about religion. Religion I have little use or none last 39 years, that don't make it nonsense, I wish I has one true belief and vision, and my invitation to Jeesus is still tac, waiting for him to appear and became flesh and blood, really'd be great, no joke.

 But while I'm still waiting I try me best to make my life the best I can, and wife's too. So, merry easter time to you, all. Too bad we don't have any merry christian happenings it's all pray and sing gospels in church, hear horrible tyhings Jeesus went thru, poor boy, one whose father didn't take care, seems so familiar and close... damn, we even got same initials : J. N.

 Jeesus Nazareth was propably very good man, but times were bad and crazy, even then. What have we learnt in 2000 years? Answers to J. N. , P.O. 30100 Forssa, Finlandia with returning matched stamps, thank you, and billion dollars to my bank accout, please, to meet you. Easter Friday, but not 13th, my favourite number and day.

But still trying NOT to get too keen on believeing that  I'AM the Jeesus, Jesus! ;) I aint................! Sorry.

13.4.2017 Thursday morning, err.. afternoon as I slept over noon, went to moon and back, slumberland my home and nightmares state. Gettin' up late, but ain't late for nuthing, just my life and dayily routine. Been sleeping doo hours since 1984, so this is not somethinh abnnormal, subnormal or anything to worry all day, heh, just open up here in bloggy world, my world in a bubble like all the others, our own little world and description on it: what is important and valuable to me, propably ain't for you a stranger in a night, heh, like ships out in the sea, we meet or not. Accidental happening I believe are is all we got, nobody's too clever and just put on right place without aluck, little push from the press, governmant or friends in high places, yes sir, luck and unluck we all got, all day through. I believe you can do your own decicions and up to some point your own luck too, but can't choose your parents, land or city where you're born, can you? So it's not up to you totally...? Making it from rags to riches, self made man, think again!Well, buenos dias amigos, extranjeros aqui y con paises familiares! ;) Wash your brains with soap and brush it off all bad habits, bad intentions and feelings, feel fresh and clean. Stay clean! :)

12.4.2017 Wednesday, morning glory and sunshine welcomes us to waking up, to this wonderful morning and land, where if you lose votes and candidates you sytill WIN(!) the election, when yuor party loses chairs in communal governments!!! That's a magic you can only invenet in sick and twisted mind, all hail to Kokoomua and Keskusta, living in denial extreme...oh but me, I'm living in Forzza, the capitol of Häme, err... or something, really cool town, really easy going people and kind spirits especially on hot dog stand at 4 o'clock in the saturday morning, after bar night, yeah, and we love foreigners too, especially refugees!! ;) Well, fuck it, I'm inking my third book of revelations of my golden youth, planned on 2018 release date and conquering the world too!!! :)

11.4.2017 Tuesday morning,reading my emails and got an invitation to 101comics of finnish history book compilation for Oulu, to do by summer, do I have strength and willingness to draw year 1945, well hell whadda year! Enf d of the war, time of hope and peace and stravation and lack of all, soap, soups and clothes and money. Losers of the  II world war, that what we were, ex-partners with nazi-Germany, fabulous starting point... guess I'll do it, althogh they don't pay us nothing, so must think again before leaping into war comics.

 Well, better wake up first and then decide what shall I do with my time and strength. Have a nice day, wherever you are. Unless you are in Libya, Afghanistan, Irak or other fabulous beach and sand resort, hehehe... sorry incorrect politically,

my ass. Electric carmens pumping on sofas and furs, animal rights for women too, err.... sorry I didn't meant that......so you think it over yerself, as usual, choose your weapons, sex, violence or love. Surprise me lil Carmecita! ;)

10.4.2017 Monday morning, waking up on earth, well on my bed, but still here on tellus, springtime tries to win the winter coldness, trees tries to develope leaves, as the last of snows leaves too, couldn't resist the joke withinh it, words tell more than I'll ever know, but one picture tells more than thousand words, always.... well almost always, there is also those very naive and simple pictures, that won't tekll athing, without the words, hehe, the comicsdrawers dilemma. Hah.

Was so tired yesterday, for staying up two days in Pori stand, but after all it was afine trip, especially if I can get my parking ticket erased... we'll see, if we don't go blind, oldest joke on the book!! ;) ))))))))))

 Well, I might try to take it easyyyy today, and inki if I want to, if I got the strength to carry on.... and next weekend my wife bought me aticket to Saara Aalto concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it's not really my cup of coffee BUT, never say never... I'll report AFTER not forehand on it! ;)



(<--- my kinda bad joke, as that lil fucker's band stole my titleline from my demo, which I didi send to their record company earlier that year, on their first album's last song... well, as I put it: All you need is balls! Hah!

...which obviously that kalakukko don't have. :D I'm ready to settle on 1/10 of the income of that album, thank you, see you in court!!!! ;) )

9.4.2017 Morning after Pori comics festivals, and waking up tiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeedddddd, but good, nice trip although the firast thing that happened when I arrived in Pori was to get ticket for parking without the timer on windshield, well fuck yuo police forces and that asshole overeager ticket lady.... rally brought me down with 45 euros penalty, FIRST minutes I ever come to Pori by car and get the ticket, well I'll try to expalin it why I was just unpacking and not perking there, just loading off my book for the library and festivalities....


...for after that it was pretty slow and quiet day but luckily some nice kollegas saved my day, by buying "Pihalla" t-shirts, hah, finally I get rid of those, and shall print more for the next festival, haha! Oh, I had an interview on Friday too that was nice and funny, although not so many listeners, but there weren't so many on Milla's or P. Hiltusen's interviews either, so.... I gave my best shots, on comics and life I lived, little critic on "some girls", too young to remember or too arrogant to notice ANY other deep cut and heartfelt autobiographs on comics finlandese!! But hey, where all been young, except some born adult. ...hehehehe...

 Oh, well, today just rest and sauna later on, towrds next stop at Helsinki comics festival on September!! :)



<-- the last supper of all stars of finnish comics(hehe!) on Pori, after all it was pretty fine lil festival,and I'm coming over next year defenately! Anfd you should be too!!! There's never too many comics festivals in Finland!!! ;)

Today's colourblindess colour choice: screaming yellow for all you Donald Duck fans and Kari T. Leppänen too!! AS I told some people yesterday, Kari is a proper gentleman, but not maybe in net discussions on some lousy (young) finnish comics makers results, well they speak too loud 'emselves, cause we all think we're at least centre of this universe an OUR problems are the most important, hehe, been there done that and now towards better times, even all you young radil rascals and rebels  who KNOW it all!! ;) ))))))))))






6.4.2017 Thursday morning, sun rising and so am I, slowly but truely, almost feeling like spring is finally soon here. Been a long waiting, long winter, although not so much snow business, which I'm very glad to see. Tomorrow morning drive to Pori comics festivals, really nice to go there again, and being part of the first Pori comics festival ever. Lotta inking still to do before and after festivalities, but  a fools belief that the "next album shall make me a superstar international and billionaire for sure...", hehe, at least!!... keeps me going and doing my best, and put my money on lottery tickets and hoping the best....


...oh well, I do have couple of tricks on my sleeve, that I've been saving for rainy day and the momentum to be RIGHT, to shock ,surprise or funtalize your mind! ;) But secrets can't be told, now, so they saty secret plans still tilthe day I want to make a splash and headline news, hehe!! :)

Towards light, always. except at nights when falling to sleep, I prefer darkness.


<-- first two inked A3 size papers put together as one page, and you'll see the mount of work to be done. 201 pages and then some...

redone or new pages just to make the plot swinging like London in 60's! ;)

5.4.2017 Wednesday morning, waking up like I'm used to do, e-v-e-ry morning! ;) Good news is that I started inking my book yesterday, after a week or two strolling and trying to delay the obvious: starting to work on those 201 pencilled pages, evidable to do some day if wanting to finish a book, and not just dream on it. Yes, make the dreams come true, one by one, little by little, day by day, towards the victory and finish line. Too much time to lose, to waste, to dream off, life is pretty short when you think about it, although the days are long and getting longer day by day towards summer. Heh, life's vicious circles and rat race, no place to rest til all is done, and it'll never be all done, so aiming til next stop, next goal, next victory. Til Victory.


 Friday I'll be on first ever  Pori comics festival in interview and table full of goodies, welcome there in the Pori main library at noon, and Saturday too!!! :)






Take  a deep breath and dive dive dive into the ocean, you naked baby!

4.4.2017 Tuesday morning, rolling and thumbling half of last night, waking up late, heh, this seems to be the pattern of my springtime, but today I'm starting inking the 201 pages for the next album, just checking out how it'll go after 1 year break of none inking days. Well, don't have too much worries on it, but starting usually takes some time before it really works, but you never know that forehand, it's like sex, how'd you know if you never tried some, new tricks from the book of good vibrations, hehehehehe!!




Okey mentally getting ready to go to Pori comics festival on Friday and Saturday, first time there on stands wirh goods on table for you, innocent bystander and eah´ger comix fan boy!! Welcome to Pori library where it's held!

Love these festivals, but feeling my age in my bones and face after it, staying up and sleeping in strange bed of hotels, not my favourite hobby, but I'll do it just for you, my darling. Come and make my day, get comics you never knew even exsisted!! ;)


<-- ad for Pori 2017. And upcoming Golden Youth part 3.

3.4.2017 Monday morning not so manic, I think, that's fo I am, alive and well, well, well measuring health by numbers and scales, that might be the most accurant and sharp way to do it. haha... nevermind what the doctors say, what you gotta do you gotta do, be a man unless you're not, and do what you please to please, others do what they think is their job, work, calling, faith, life's  most important and meaningful in their lives, I guess it must  be so, hah, life is not too complicated when you think about it: you eat, drink, breath, laugh, talk, write, drive, walk, sleep and...die when you can't live anymore. The end. Time for being young, restless, crazy, wild, stupid, innocent, selfish, naive and time to be tired, stabile, lame, easy, tamed, empathic, wise and old. Life's a mystery.Wishing you all great week, working or not, whatever you got, share and plant the seeds for common good. Be good for goodness sake, that is a meaningful thought. Think about it, for a week or two.

2.4.2017 Just another April morning, gotta sleep off all the lack of the other night waking, normalising life and it's ticking to be able to work again. Goals yet to be seen in the dawn of next years summertime and dawning of that new album to be ready, oh well I sent my humble ask on frist spanish publisher and distributor for this Spanish Sauna Trip, that should all spanish speaking people read, yeah!! ;)

Well hopes high and mighty, as theyshould be, what's the use of dreaming small and tiny, dreams to fulfill the future, the unknown one, we can all dream and fulfill it. Capability, ability and starting points just vary, never been the same rules for us all, but if you can forget that you can be happy and content "we're all in the same boat", hahahaha.... yes, like we're all good and meaning only well, hell, YOU can believe whatever you want!!! ;) Good luck with it.

Waiting for the real summertime arrive, with bees and honeys, wishing you all the best of times, wherever you are! :)

1.4.2017 Just got the big news that I'll be selected to be presidental candidate to Finland next year, racing with the devil to rule this world... err, country, and also got the uplifting news that 400 000 million euros granted monetary from Kone oy for each year, starting this here and now. Most surprised I was that the good ol' Helsingin sanomta magazine wants to promote and advertise all my already published and yet to come books on their front page, chargefree, every day til year 2070, and giving me the blog and most of all kicking that old, smelly hairy ass of Harri Rompotti ass back to moon, and never back... well, it's first of April, you fool, gotcha? Muhahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!! :D :D Don't believe a word, every word can tell a lie! ;)

31.3.2017 Friday and finally the day to meet again those school days friends at dining in Pönttö, as th sly businessman I am (HEHE!) , I've packed my books with me to sell to the innocent bystanders over there!! ;)

Great master plan, heh, so I hope I'll be o billionaire by the night! :D

 Well it feels good and that's alright, I'm happy to see all, even those who weren't my friends back then, well not really enemies but not so personally known. Guess we'll slip into old habits and customs how and who are befriended and whose making jokes and who trying to boss etc etc. Heh, well that's just funny how little we'd changed after all, after all these years.

35 years, and we'll back in that disco where we danced and partied when we were abiturients, eager for life and universities and wahtever the wonderful life put on our way! So expecting lotta laughs and some tragedies, to be told and listening very hard every pupil, oh nostalgia trip!! ;) Welcome those youth's golden days and nights!! ;)This time tomorrow I'll be tired, oh so but happy!!

 Slept so late that it's only few hours away taht'll I hop in my car and start driving towads my mental home town, Espoo! You can take boy outta Espoo, but you can't take Espoo outta boy!! :)

30.3.2017 Thursday morning,waking up on sunny day, almost felt like spring here inside in warmth of the heaters electric and easy, going on to another day wondering should I start the watercolouring yet? Oh dwelling, tossing and turning on same subjects every and all day, haha, should I or not, go? Well. time only tells, what I shall do, these lazy days might charge those invisble batteries of mine, heh.... tomorrow excites with meeting school years friends at Espoo,again, was it just 5 years since we last meet, yes time flies and time drags on, slowly not so fast, I'd say, everyday feels like a year, to me, when working on illustrations it may seem to go fast but it's the hard and loved work that fools time, and me. Illusions and  cheap tricks, magic touches of brushes and pencils on good old paper pad. The smell of ink on the bottle and scribbles becoming alive pictures, that's the magic I guess, still surprises me, alot and quite often too. Wish I won't lose that ever..... so I gotta have some breaks and holidays, although it takes the touch and inspiration away fot it's course and time. Time is the limit, what ever you do, measures in time you live, spent, lived, loved, wasted and triumphed, well, count it, baby. It's only time and time only.

29.3.2017 Wednesday, jihuu and I slept 11 hours just like that, guess I needed all of 'em eleven hours to rest my worried head, hehe, guess I need all I do, did done, doing all I can, will and able to do, doobie dooby doo.as Frnak Sinatra put it so elegantlty, haha... so onwards we go like a rusted hurricane, I shall rush soon to checking on my eyesight for glasses I need for driving car and looking TV, or movie theather, BUT my SIGHT has improven from what it was, as I now see the TV from 3 meters without glasses, so it's making an u-turn as my farsight is better than it was when I last time get glasses, like 3 years ago or more...how interesting this is....... to you, hehehehehehhe, sorry bout that, haha. Moving on, and away we go! Well don't know where but surely get there before sunset on this boy....!

 So we'll move on to imprtant and valuable stuff like I've been pencilling the cover to my upcoming autobiocomixbook, and my fingers are itching to starting to watercolour it soon:


.....but I want to take afew days to investigate on it to get the best result as I have to move one bottleneck away to make my another hand visible too, thaty much I had to alternative the truth and facts, another sight and point of view, is usually pretty good and neceessary, even.



<-- here's the first version of the cover art, BUT the fonts of text are way too small size, and I have a plan for the bright yellow colour for the background...

to make an impression of gold, golden youth, of mine. Drawn for you and for the theraphy of mine, cheapest kind, selfexplaining theraphy! Me like veri much. :)


201 pages to ink before Summer of 2018! that's my master plan, possible to achieve and have another weight off of my shoulders! Yeah if yopu really think: music and art is always theraphy for the the artist and the consumer/ audience. Yes, it really is, think about it aone hot minute of your busy and pretty intellectual educated professional life!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

28.3.2017 Tuesday another gray morning to wake up to, birdwatching from he start and waiting warmer times to return, like those moving birds. Funny how music came last night nothing like I expected aslow easy bluesy jazz tune, instead I rocked fast and furious chuck berryan rocker, hah! Surprised mostly myself wahtever comes from my sessions free, in my garage studio, but that's what I like. Rebel music for rebel ears, always expect the unexpected, hehe...Springtime arriving fast, soon it's all green and like it had been always, but is only ashort period in this her ice age we have here in Funlandia states, backwoods and thousands of cold watered lakes. Some kinda paradise, to some, it is. System has won. Poor people got none. But sun shine and rain, it's free for all.

Free nudity in saunas and bathrooms, free from all distractions, all clothes that restrain your freedom to be nude, hehe, now I don't know myself waht am I trying to say?!? Hehehehehe...

 Nevermind it's like winning a lottery to be born in Funland. No stress, no distress, no mistress... err, no yes misteress or two, in pure pleasuredom of Funlandia. Hava acoke and smile!

27.3.2017 Monday morning, turn myself to summertime and slept good and long, oh it's monday already and working week, heh, us freelanced artists this very flexible state and mood, I do like working when it's my own terms and timetables. No bossing around my house or room, my own master and king on the hill of this castle made of sand, man.


Put a birdhouse on the tree for little birds to come nesting here, where there might be difficulties to find holes in the trees or other suitable places to lay the eggs. My share to help the wildlife and have a meaningful sunday afternoon. Little drumpractice later on and Star wars episode from 1977, 40 years ago I do remember seeing it in movie theather, almost fall asleep at the end planefight scene, haha... ain't no real star wars fan-atic, too nerdy even back then, although the movie was great fun. Those were the days when YOU have to wait for the movie to be translated and shipped on film rolls to here backwoods of Europe, might come ayear later or at all!!! Can't say I'd miss those good old bad days, at all.

<-- pinetree bird house stand! :)

More action at next friday when meeting my fellow students from Jeda high school's last year 1982, at legendary Pönttö restaurant in Espoo. There were hundred drunken nights with or without students, good times. Excited to see those buddies again! Last time 5 years ago we had aband playing, but now the singer's been too busy so we're not performing anything... I think, hahaha, you never know with those guys, what happens next, hehe, taht's the beauty of life, unexpected happenings and ideas, friendships and correcting misunderstandings, right. Right we wanna be, nort wrong! ;)

26.3.2017 sunday morning mover on "summertimetable" last night, lost an hour of the valuable time in sleep, hah, can't say I understand or emphatise those who whine about all this clock rearrenging TWICE a year, huh, what a burden, pain and weight on your small sly shoulders. Are you the people whose life is so steady and stabile you sleep same hours EVERY night? Well, loosen up tight ass, and see how your kids adjust on new timetable, without no hassle, so fucking what you sleep less few nights, might be tired aweek til you're body and brain are all adjusted anew. We're not robots.... yet, we can change and develope, can't we?

 Well, I know some people who seem not to develope at all although they draw comics all teh time, haha, I won't name you will I? Should i end every sentence in question mark? Shall it makeme ook wiser, more educated and international player and cold blooded gangster? Shall it just be stupid? Or not? Would I look better in my own eyes if I judge others by my own standards? Shall this questioning ever stop?Oh well, everything runs it course and then vanish, no art ain't for ever, nothing we can comprehensive is. Even nature developes and changes all the time,a nd guess what we're all part of the nature, even with our skyscrapers and asphalt road, cars and rockets to shoot you in outer space, shall we be any happier there in Saturnus, Venus and what ever Anus you're keen on to dive. Happiness, satisfaction and some kind a peace of mind, most of us aim, but we all have our own roads and ditches, bitches to brew and you just might be responsible to your own life.

 I always wondered why poor people don't just leave and left the poor situation they're in, buit now they do it from Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia, and we're in troubled waters, for many years to come. Helping one, refuse to help another, innocent kids drowning in Mediterrian sea. No easy way out, or to solve this catastrophy. Mankind should be kind, man should help the one needing help, not bombing it all to dark ages, back in black surely done.

Evil life. Evil destinies. Evil world. And whose fault it is?

25.3.2017 Saturday, unproductive week days gone, but got some new songs written, composed and, played and recorded, latest last night: 682. Blues Power 16.3.2017, 683. Things You Don't Have to Do 22.3.2017, 684. No Shred (Blues) 24.3.2017

Rest of the song (titles) are to be seen in section "Music" over here, in my web pages. Sold some CDees on Tampere kuplii,too and even 3 t-shirts, and that's not happening every day or every festival either, hehe... people like my japanese Nani bookcover art t-shirt, so I gotta print 'em, more and maximize the extrabonusincome, haha... my profit % is very tiny on those shirts that are quite expensive to print in first hand, so gotta focus on 'em that sell, like x-mas cards in June. err... no, wait a minute, selling like hotcakes on girl scouts ball.... or something!


Music, my dearest hobby and half profession too... well, I see it like: if you record, play and sell your own records you are pro! Hobby don't pay your bills, too bad many bands have to another dayjob too, just to survive, and usually it's only the songwriters that can live on radioplay and other substituting payments for use in spotifyi or else, varys litte with country's own policys and laws. Obey the master of music universal laws and regulations, hah..... yeah. Be a good boy scout you middle aged man.

 So today and tonight is sauna experience time again, tradition we enjoy to obey and hug tenderly, steam punks like we are!! ;)

24.3.2017 Friday morning, this week went way too fast, or I was way too tired of doing anything reasonable or progressive, and especially not progressove rock music, hehe, I play the blues the degenerating music, haha! The neanderthal in me hates that shit when untalented "artists" are brought to daylight and fame, while gifted army of true lovers of at are left out and without granted monetary, well fuck you TAIEK, again, I'm too diappointed to even name the assholes behind this scam and idiotism. Well what else can you expect from art school well oiled broilers, chicken shit.

 Disappointments spoil my day or two in year, is it worth for hope, if you might get some thousand euros every once in while? yes, it is. Unlucky 13 was my number this year, I think, therefor I am, disappointed and frustrated like a schoolboy, I hate injustice and bullshit in all terms and ways. bare this with me like a man, I'll take it, and cry not...



 ......in public, haha!! :D



What can I do?

Ride on this dirty old man's road to sunset and the bowl full of gold at the end of the rainbow.

23.3.2017 Thursday morning, oh sun please to meet you, again, happy days are here, again....?

 Heh, it was only 40 years ago in finnish TV that fifties comedy show "Happy days" and all the little Fonzie imitatorts in Espoo, Helsinki and every other small and big town, trying to look mean and really cool, heh, maybe it's evidable that your youth's fashion looks ridiculeted later on on every generation, right, can't stop the progress the evolution in rock and rap, who knows whats the next graze the kids will be swoop in, yeah nobody but record company men.... and especially not them!! ;)

 Had me a "holiday" yesterday as I suddenly felt very TIRED, just sit and sleep, nap and watch Wall-e animation, lucky me with head that won't remeber the plot on any film I haven't watch three times or more, and this was only my second Wall-e, just perfect stuff. More I wonder my eyes that's sight for two meters has improved as I've got older, had me far looking glasses for last 15 years. Still don't need those "reading glasses" so many on my generation and class of 1963! So I'm lucky every once in a while, haha, well don't know about that really, I do flag for Albert King and Born under a bad sign, Friday thirteenth, really, how much more unlucky could you be?

22.3.2017 Wednesday morning, rain, sneet and snow in the air, springtime has an error and mistaken this period to too cold for the season, where's the sunshine and birds tweeting not humans on net, oh well, when ever has the weather been good for long, hah, heat wave I still miss you today. Gray world with gray traffic poles, gary concrete bridges of steel and gray people in their gray houses, in the gray concrete suburbia, and suburbian subaruses.

 Me, I'm so colourful and talented personality, no crises today, I'm doing well, alright all night, dreams and visions coming true, true blue, red sky, green grasses, purple rain and black sabbath, oh well...... you know what I mean...?


<-- Tampere kuplii festival stand, saturday night fever in deed. Good times on festivalities and the night after.

21.3.2017 Tuesday, foggy morning still quite cold and winterly going on, despite yeterday springday equals, day and night are 12 hiours all over the world, something that's now common for us all like internet, if you can get it. Yesterday I was too tired to do anything that needed aby effort or thinking, hehe, like my work would need tyhinking EVER!!! ;))))))) Just drifting and shifting my abilities on the road I go, lonely rider's post and job to do whatever whenever I want. Freedom I know many men would be happy, but they can't quit their dayjob cause of kids, bank loan or whatever they've stuck on with . As usual it's all up to teh "art of choozing" what's important for you, what's the urge that drives you up and down the hills are faraway and over the top, as we all real artist are, hahahahahaa......

Moving on and further up the road, that never forgets to pump on you and your big dreams and visions, but whatever comes along, prepared or not, all I got is road and the dream to move on closer to thedreamland where all is good and successful, audience applauses to all I say, sing or play,

......wow, hehe, dream on and higher aiming this here fools life.


<-- Alien attack at Tampere kuplii festival desk of mine!!!! :)

20.3.2017 Monday morning after looooooong and fun weekend on Tampere kuplii festival, sold some, went to birthday party and met some friends from way past time 12 years ago, that was most intense stuff. thank you friends and kollegas. Now tired as hell as usual is to be after carrying books and driven 2 hours with too much speed on the road and in the house. Today is "official" resting day, charging those invisible batteries and strength lost my youth, damn but not my mind this time. So much fun opn two days period. Just hoping I won't get the ticket for speeding back home, please mr. traffic guardian god, no extra fees for me please! ://///Well, it's only money, but I got short of it's green touch right now, so... well moving on, today arrenging other finances on other place and state of mind, thanks to tehse modern day laws and carences and all shit they put me through, thanks a lot, you made me a fighter, but the causes are selfish like surviving, that's pretty important, to be alive, to achieve ANYTHING, in this silly world.

Wish I was a rich man, never bothering any little money loss or gain, ever again, damn right. But am a poor boy, struggling in this poor world. Maybe tomorrow brings the winning lottery ticket, instead the speeding one, hoping all the best for all the best of you!!! :)

18.3.2017 Saturday and I'm soon on my way to Tampere, see you all good people there at Tampere kuplii festival, today at Pienlehtitaivas 10-17.30 hoursand tomorrow at 11-18 hours, and the interview at 13-14 at Sopraano stage!! Welcome! bienvenidos!

17.3.2017 Friday, already packed my bags and boxes full on my comics publications, CDees and other new commercial items for you my dear reader and comix fan. I'm all excited to go to Tampere again, town where I was actually born some 53 years ago, soft spot and warm place in my heart. But I never really lived there, so my nostalgia is outskirts of it, Vesilahti and damn Tottijärvi too, many hilarious memories with cousins and grandparents and all, childhood I wanna tell in the fifth book of my autobiographical novels, but that'll come only after two more golden Youth books, scheduled in 2018 and 2021. then I'll be 57-58 at december. It's a long way still, long rocky road, miles behind me, strolls on deserted alleys and bucketful of tears and pain, but I theraphy myself with 'em, hehe, cheapest shrink in town is yourself.               

Winning over depression and bad luck, gotta have fools faith on future, might be oh so fine, sunshine on these rainy days. Oh, one track mind, blues power to win and triumph the dissappointments and wrong accusations, my life's been enough wild and crazy, full of surprises and accidental love affairs, beautiful women, crazy women, young lust, voluptous busts, roomful of blues, jazzy jazz spunk and spur of a momentum, decicions and shooting from the hip, to have a valuable reason to tell all, that's all folks.

And then some!!! :)

16.3.2017 Thursday morning, sun rising and me on here bacwoods town, already thinking about weekends festivalities at Tampere, got little butterflies and anxious buzz on my belly, hoping only fine actions and fun, people never forget to have fun whatever you do. All the miseries and kneedeep shit I've been, seen and walked thru, taught me nothing but respect on good times, having aplace to stay, sleep, food and love, of my life, my wife. With a spanish temper and troubled childhood, she's alright considering where she came from, and the situations horrible, terrible and freaking evil. It's awonder she's alive and me, I'm lucky and happy, with so little I got, don't wanna lose nothing anymore, all the times I can't forget, can't erase bad people off  of my life. Don't know do I want to have another go on my biological dad. Is it too hard and do I gain there anything? But misery, I worked so hard to lose. Why should I throw away all happiness and confidence? On a dying man's bed and last wishes? Do I regret the things I've done? 30 years ago...........................................................................................!

 It's a pretty long time, long lost roads, rocky path, winding highway, hell to pay the price on the real cost of living. never know forehand, nothing really. Do you?

 Sunshine cures many, me too, waiting for teh sun like a damn idiot jim Morrison sang in a song. Waiting...........thing I HATE most.

15.3.2017 Wednesday morning, sunny day a-rising, springtime smells outdoors, inside a good warm feeling with season turning more suitable to do something outside the house too, and not be frozen to deaf. hehe... hopefully I'll find time and it interesting to dwell and help wife's garden hobbies, it's along way to summer still...

 Snow melting and muddy waters on our dogs feet, carrying pepples in and on the floors, so little inconvience for such a big pleasure two nice dogs bring. Members of this family of two humans, one cat and them dogs.


 ...getting mentally ready for next weekends comics festival by having a little heartattacks what am I gonna tell on my interview, again, hahaha, well I tell all and let Asko ask whatever. We don't play it safe but sound, and whatever comes from my mouth is alright!! :D

Gotta have some faith on meself, and believe there's gonna be some listeners too, so everybody on next Sunday at 13 hours to Tamperetalo and Sopraano stage to see me talkin' out!


<--- the english versions first edited page.

14.3.2017 Tuesday morning and taking off time from album, to make an aquarelle painting and just to easy my mind on being so productive and progressive all the time, and especially gaining strength to carry on and be sharp and strong in Tampere kuplii festival next weekend. Well, nothings written on stone plates, I got freedom of choice to change my act, anyway anyday and anyhow...

didn't have skiing holiday week this year, as I didn't have it for last 24 years before, not much of a skiier I am, don't care about snow sports at all. Did my icehockeying in my preteens on nature ice on school yard, while it was fun, to be sports nut. It was fun while it lasted, might go to skating still if my diet works out like it should, yeah next year and winter, now the spring is so close and in the air soon, first swans moved back here few days ago and soon lots little birds follow 'em, it's gonna be all chirpy cheep cheep again. I got a bird house for x-mas present, so I'll hang that to nearby tree too, soon before they come. Now just nesting and do what I love best, drawing and painting birds, two legged no wings, unless them are angels and devils... in me, my world of drawings to come true. Stepping on the other side, well hidden for the naked eye...... well, superstitious as we can be.

Newest new song I've written , composed, played and recorded, (might be) availablble in Tampere in some form of CDee for you to have:

670. Wish I Knew 17.2.2017

671. It's All In Your Fingers Blues 18.2.2017

672. Alcatraz 19.2.2017

673. Pump Up The Jam 21.2.2017 & (Blues) 23.2.2017

674. Track Of Time 23.2.2017

675. Brief Grief 24.2.2017

676. Got 'Em Monkeys 25.2.2017

677. To The Boy Who Never Was 27.2.2017

678. Human Rights Ridicule 3.3.2017

679. All That Glitters Is Gold 6.3.2017 & Part Two 7.3.2017

680. Laugh And Love 10.3.2017

681. Dead Man's Birthday 12.3.2017


13.3.2017 Monday,waking up, got another mail from my stepmother, teh evil one, yes, hehe, asking me my willingness to have a contact on my bioplogical dad, she's really trying now that my father has diagnosed a cencer again, are facing 80th birthday too, before it's too late. Well, I take under consideration as all, hard thinking thru, might take even all 12-13 minutes of it, do I wanna see 'em, who treated me so unkind ,am I ready to forgive..... all?!?


 Answers, they don't blow in the wind, inside my head, between my ears and bottom of my mind. It's a lonely and dark place, to be left all alone in this big world. Huuuge ball of confusion rolling down, facing obsticles right and left, north and south, troubled waters indeed, and where the hell are the bridges? Luckily I CAN think out loud here in my very own blog I pay 400 euros every year to have my freedom to speech, whatever shit and shinola is on my mind,every morning is a victory and rebirth. A new chance, a change,  taken by storm, stabile as a hurricane, humble as liberace and andy mccoy's love child, while ol' fucker is still alive. Before the end and the last curtain, what do I want to do, with all my time. All my love and care, do I have to spare, share or give away?

 facing the big questions in my own room, own shoes, own ideas and rules and regulations. World you must wait, til I'm ready to shake hands with past, and forgive all, misuse, abuse, neglacting, bad bad bad times. Too close in my head still, some stuff, I can't lose. But I know myself. I can be a good boy and forgive it just like that, in aminute a 30 years of misery and mistakes, and wrongdoers pain in my ass. yes I'm bad like that.

12.3.2017 Sunday, started to editing the first and opening scene page for the Spanish Sauna Trip, and am pleased to see it's getting done and leave some mystery still what's happening inside the book and it's 100 pages. Adventures in spanish madness and weird characters all over the land. I did my time of hoboing through the country, pays basco mi amor.Diet day 12th too today, easy to count as I started on first of March, gotta work it hard and long, results shown on scale and hopefully soon in the mirror too, hehe... well the summertime is still 2½ months away. And the motherfucking beach fit! Ha.Weekend for all the things too busy to do on week, like cleaning, vacuuming, dusting comics figures, that are not toys for adults, action figures and all that jazzy jazz, I dig. Trying still to get and collect strength too to work til next Saturday and the Tampere Kuplii festival, where I got a desk full of my comics books, CDees and funky T-shirts you CAN*T get nowhere else but from me. Them all are future collective items, you'll be a millionaire selling then after.......just 400 years!! ;) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

11.3.2017 Saturday morning resting day, sauna at night and Tv entertainment, have a goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood day!


 Sabados sabados! Hacermos, hacerlos, amorosioso y un dia grande! :)

Bailando y con esta mujer maravilliosa con los roots finlandeses!!! Pamela <3 !!

10.3.2017 Friday feeling sleepy as I'm opening my eyes and head for this new morning, Dunno where this leads, best part of e new day is you never know what really happens, although you might sit and work like me on this same chair, on lining in net, facebook friends and enemies, heh, life is abzurd ball of confusion, rolling to next, day and meeting of strangers, in the night of hot air, cool drinks and fast relationships, even faster break ups, quick goodbyes,

hazy love affairs, between sheets, on the floor, time to close the door. Time to drift and find, hearts good and unkind, misteraeting women, fool men. Markets of meat, well hung and fresh fruits, skinned milk, fat pigs and greasy adonises, bodies on ice, barbequed bulls, chicks with dicks, all the world hanging on and ready for weekend.


<--- A progress of one page from scratch to ready, pencilworks, in one day/afternoon. Spanish coast 1986, from Fuengirola to Marbella. No photoshopping.

9.3.2017 Thursday morning, ninth day of diet, lost over 3 kilos, not that bad start, if it'd be steady course means 9 kilos loss in month, and as it is not so my goal is 23 kilos in total, then I'm not overweight anymore, well I know irt's harder to get those last  fats but hey, now is the time to push some envelope, think outta box and take bull by the horn and DO. Fuck yagging and nagging excuses and reasoning why do I eat too much. Depression is the only explanation I accept, refuse all other. Well.....

  ....I've been poundering the unexpected call from da'd wife last week, and still do wirth an email I got where she accused me being loveless and bitter, andwhatever, well I do understand that they won't see( as they are blind) my way, and won't accept being laughed at, asking me NOT to draw 'em anymore in future comics, well, I won't but it's not cause they ask, it's because they are NOT in those years In my life anymore, when I was 22-24, living in the streets of Spain and Finland.

<---My wildest years, worth two 100 paged books, so damn well. And fuck all who try to gace yourefreedom, and especially freedom of speech. Freedom, no compromise. Free for last 29 years and ½. Gonna be a huuuuuuge party time on December 1st this year, for me, that is. Just you wait and see!!

8.3.2017 Wednesday, early morning riser tapping letters on his drawing room, wondering what did he do, when shot from the hip an answer to friend's opinion stating what is gifted artist, and how am I understanding it all wrong, again. Should I keep those kinda friends close, or far away. Gotta try to be honest and true, no matter what, I do what I do, sometimes fool, sometimes cool, and most of the time just my own little genius and poor boy, but I know who I am. And that's more than most of 'em stupid average points fuckers ever know.

....hehehehe... Evil blues, can't get rid of it. Thanks to all the people that ever dissed me, told me how "you can't make it that way and you should go to school to learn...." whatever I was doing... but,I did  cause I loved it. I had to do what I had to, not proud of all the silly things I spent my time, but not the art I've done. If it stands in the test of time, getting better and valuable all the time. Alright onward and looking back only those birds I've pulled, hehe...


pull my leg, big leg wimmen! :)

7.3.2017 Tuesday morning, woking early, feeling pretty good though, making progress every day, and the book progressing from big to huge, ehe, damn Trump spoiled that word too. Politics something my heart tics not for, don't know how would I ever get excited of cheating, lying and asskissing form of humanity? So I don't worry about it, I watch my share of news to know waht's happening, but all the financial trickery on bonds and market values and, shares taht belong to no one, and it all come from the working man's back. Such a sad and ugly profession, think if all you've done with your life is politics!?! Shame on you, bastards.

 Well, life works it's strange ways, never asking what do I want from it, hehe, damn you gotta do all by yuorself, can't trust any(many) man. Still alive and well, is that enuff, for you just to be alive, no matter what you do for your living, just getting the paycheck and yearly month of vacation, satisfied??? Answering one's own questions is one of the easiest thing to do, and on my generation school teachers taught NOT to do, in educated text, so I fuccking won't... listen to any of that crap....

hahahaha!!:D Best things in adult life are: you don't have to do like your parents or elderly people want to, you can eat whatever and whenever you want, sleep when you're tired and eat when hungry. Getting sugar drunk is mucho alright!!! ;)

6.3.2017 Monday morning, waking up con cafe con leche, oat porridge already ate, my healthy life and good will, positively seeing the future, bright eyes and forwardness in 'em, I don't know how much sugarcoated I can take... it'd be too easy and simple if all turn gold when you just THINK positively, about it.  Well, we all are that much different, that no rule is good for us all but love and do what you'd want 'em to do to you, except you're a maschokist or a sadist, then this rule goes to dumpster.

Life the hardest art of martials, hardest to get through, staying clean. Being motörhead and born crazy, life is wild ride and mad trip, even without drugs and alcohol. Clear voyage, deep emotions, strange days, insane nights, and I'm only talking bout times when I was younger than 24. That's my history and true story, can't beat it, can't lose it, can tell all about it and draw in living colours, black and white, like the world is, past was my school and university de la calles, master of arts to survive, hehe... well, I'm still here, am I?

Like a fly on the papered wall, looking triple trinity, wall of paper, wall between us, all.

What you gonna do on that paper is the key element, being an ass or class whore, or bore me to death, universal laws and orders, bullshit in all empty heads. Lambs and wolves, running wild, in all of us, there's at least two sides of the sword and every situation, negativity might get you far, posistivile may kill you, no easy ride over here anymore. Entertainment and bread for the people, now. And forever.



Sunday morning, well just read an e-mail feedback from my dad's wife from my books Kultainen Nuoruus (part1 and 2), and not surprisingly  she thinks I'm full of hate, bitterness and evil thoughts (about 'em!), hah, not anymore, as I wrote those books to get rid of 'em, hehe... and it worked! I'm free to speak out my mind and thoughts, and my past is my very own. My own hand's right to do and tell waht I experienced and saw, whenever that time was. Best to remember: past is gone, I've written so many songs about it too. I don't miss past, I'm quite happy it's behind, not forward where the sky is blue and sun is yellow. I promiswed not to tell ALL she wrote, so I won't , but them were one of teh amin characters in part 1 so that's why this writing here. Got an invitation to visit, but can't make it as the Tampere Kuplii starts the next day, and that's very important festival to me, maybe next time.............. about 30 years later? Haha!!

 Sunday lazying in the springtime sunshine over the field of snow, it all alright. Don't miss past at all.

4.3.2017 Saturday morning, diet news 3 kilos lost, won't miss 'e, don't come back...

 Done 25 own and selfwritten songs this year, so that's quarter of the 100 anniversary year songs to celebrate Finland's 100 indiependency, yeah baby yeah! :)

 Got myself a table in Tampere kuplii comics festivals and hotels room, so that' sin order and pleasuredom in two week, from today, and an interview on Sunday there too!! Yes, had such a funtime there last year, wishing it'd be same kinda laugh and good spirits at saturday night on city of Tampere. got a soft spot for Tampere as I was actually born there Friday 13th December 1963. Wasn't born yesterday and been around the block, few times, walk the walk talk the talk, hehe, hoochie coochie man, the whole round world knows me I'm here....hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehee!! :D

3.3.2017 Friday and third day of diet going on, feeling pretty good losing extra weight, and getting better shape, maybe even beach fit by June, hehe... don't mind being hungry and maybe get a headache or whatever fat and sugar rehabilation effects I feel. Strong will and aiming low on scale of my bathroom scaler. Heh, maybe "inventing " new english words same time, don't care much about grammary, if it won't stand on my way to get to understood and into goal, score baby score, high. Be all you can, live the best way you want, freedom is the word, I praise.





<-- Meanwhile back in 1986 in Espanja, err Spain, things were crazy, times very high, money was tight, sex was loose, girls were pretty and youth was.............................................................................................................. name of the game, love was to be found.

2.3.2017 Thursday and springtime looks just like this gone winter, below zero and wet snow, day after day, it's still long way to spring outside, but the miracles of nature comes like surprise every year and it's fast here in backwoods the melted snow and first flowers blooming in aweek, soon after that the birds arrive and all the other creatures wake up from winter hybirnation and air is filled with noise and seeds, allergics nightmare, I remeber that from my childhood,as Iw as asthmatic and allergic to all animals and many trees, dust and weeds, constant nightmare at countryside. But as an adult I lost the asthma and allergies are down to nothing, maybe once  upon  a summmer I get lil attack, lucky me.

 That album of mine is about drawn up and I'm just delaying the start of inking as it takes all my time next 10 months or so, so I try to avoid it til end of summer, but i might "fail" to push it away so far..... we'll see, we're living exciting times, but  butt fuck Trumps, keep us on our tippytoes, needles and pins, shock treatment for free world. Building a wall, building on hate and fear, way to go president Hump. :////


New York 1986, summertime, Spanish Sauna Trip.

1.3.2017 Wednesday and it's springtime for last!! ;) And I just started a diet, now for sure, this time I'm gonna make it til the result on mirror is satisfied, to myself. Health reasons in generally I wanna make it before it's too late, and for general good feeling, being in my body, my soul was sold a long time ago, haha, yes in the crossroads like Robert Johnson, learnt to play the guitar like demon...

 It's all up to you what you believe in, what's true, what's not ever been. Tales of the tails of the females I've pulled, a leg, a big leg woman, oh yes, sure done, my share of rhythm and blues on spanish bars and finnish whorehouses, hah, well my youth gone wild, brain went and had a party on their own, where I was not introduced, got involved of shady characters and crazy situations, raed all about it...



<---in August 2018 in Spanish sauna trip.

Statues and attractions of the street life, Madrid year 1986, when hair where big and trousers holed up your ass, rock was heavy and drugs were plenty. Spanish chicks looked like million bucks, sure did, stole my heart...



again, like  a schoolboy I feel in love. And can't blame none, but my self. Whole lotta shakin' going on on year 1986.

28.2.2017 Tuesday last of February and wintertime today, tomorrow a springtime, yes, it's very simple even this smple man can understand, after a night comes a morning and after winter a spring!! ;) I keep on doing adding pages to my book, before I even start to think about inking, but my hands itch for ink, cause there's many pages with voluptous and delicious characters and statues and action figures to bring into life with ink, and some pages need a water colours like in last book, but only as added spices and extra speciality, underlining. It worked so fine, so why changed it.

 Today going to take care of financial situations with state and welfare station broads, prepared to sit and wait, shit I know, been there done that before, since I was 17, and got kicked out, by my "dear" father, but taht you've all read in Kultainen Nuoruus (first book publ. in 2012!). feeling still pretty previledged to having time and space to draw what I want, not what any boss tells me, artistic freedom,might be the most important thing in my working, daily freedom of bullshit.

 Nobody bossing me around, so I'm happy that way, happy not been under pressure but mine own. Working the hours I please, to do, to have, to create pictures on paper that's my life work, work life, whatever it is called, my heart and soul on pencilworks on papers, since the year 1973, it's along way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll, or illustrate ;)

27.2.2017 Monday morning, the everlasting endless circle of life, the sun rises as the earth turns around, we go and come again, rising up going down. East of eden and left of blues, west of wild west, this ïs no test, no radio program no TV reality show, where I live. here in the Delta of Funland, blues territory of mine. heading for big time I suppose, and I think I want. Am I already wake? Hard to tel which way I choose, for today's path, it's alonely road for unsocial media to do art by yourself, publishing book every other year, that's my aim, and that's true, next year the next aim to succesful life, meanwhile just hard work, hard stories of my life. Stubborn and selfish in adegree where it's needed, and good for the future. Ain't got no kids or family to support, or who'd support me,

except my wife and my mother. Both great women, but poor in wealth, why wasn't I born in a rich man's son? Unfair, so cruel and wasted years, youth gone wild, well I did it my way, Frankie boy.


Finished touches on my album cover art. I do like little rougness on sketches of blue. This one done by watercolours on paper, just multipiled the corner decorations on photoshop, only. Coming soon...



... at least to Tampere kuplii comics festival at the end of march! ;)

26.2.2017 Sunday morning, waking up like blues artist should, could and would do, dog was dead, cat was shot and girlfriend left, money run out, house burnt down and friends dissappeared, well luckily that's NOT the case this morning, it's all right all calm and cool, snow and freeze outside, inside a warm heart and rooms full of love.


<---Making a full blues album from all the best songs I've recorden thru the years 2010-2017, as I'm excited of my version of willie Dixon's Spoonful, nevermind the Cream, Thorogood or even Howlin' Wolf's ones, heh, I'm bad, bad to the bone, yes every woman I meet they stay satisfied, should do my version on  that kicker too, blues power, with modern flavour. Modern times,. me and Charlie Chaplin, know what is poverty and living in the streets.

At the tender age of 53, now I KNOW how to sing the blues. It only took 35 years to reach out and live it, love it, adapted the feeling, sing from experience you have, or have not.

That's blues for you. To have or have not. All around the world.

25.2.2017 Saturday morning. been a good week on comics drawing, I'm quite satisfied with results I've done. Last days been drawing statues of Madrid, hoping to rasie more interest of the book when published in next year.


 Big plans, crazy dreams and huge trust on myself and the work I do is meaningful, not just another collection of random jokes and or violence , showing my tender touches and sensitive side, man fgotta do what man's gotta do, you know!! ;) saturday means sauna in this here finnish traditinal address, the time of week to relax and reload your batteries, robot.

Have agood time and time of your life, everyday. I'm poor but happy doing everyday JUST what amkes me happy. Drawing items that satisfie me. Deep shit, I couldn't get anywhere else, playiomng blues guitar comes close but not quite the same sensation. Overnight sensation, on eof the best Motörhead records, ever made, still sad for Lemmy's passing, although we all knew it'll come eventually but, the loss on rock'nroll music if huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. RIP.

24.2.2017 Friday morning, oh yes I'm waking up, haha, like 34 663 mornings before!!!! Quick mathematican counting, so I've been drawing pictures way more than 10 000 hours. In just 24 years is 15696 days and Ive drawn most of 'em and most of 'em more than 4 hours. Sop practise makes perfect, finally I'm in a situation that it's not what I CAN, but what I WANT to draw, as I've rehearsed to draw live models and fotorwealism, and there's no more realistic art than realism, hehe.


Oh well, it's friday and weekend again, where didi this week go, so fast, well I did draw some fine pages but, damn I'm starting to get old, haha, as weeks just fly away, soon it's summertime and bees buzzing on flowers bed. Great scott!



I did send my demos to 3 biggest record companies, but they must been in busy that theuy haven't offered me the deal and half of the kingdom and swedish princess hand!?! ;)


I think this cover art work succeeded quite well, and if I'm pleased with it, that's enuff,as i am the president of Finlan... err. no the PeneLopez Records Company. PRC, pronounced as " peerrrseee"!! :D

 Have a great weekend and fuck all the rules of governmental institutions and all the other stupid fuckers fuck!

23.2.2017 Thursday morning, made a satisfying pic yesterday as I'm closing my album stuff and adding the finishinf touches and lost or needed actions to thicken the plot and storyline, more food for thought, more wow-effects, heh, whatever it needs to make a book fine and interesting for foreign readers too, aiming the spanish people in Spain and later on all the spanishspeaking I might catch a billion or more readers, in theory that is!! ;)




Well, whomever is responsible of the snowy weather, gave us ten inches more that white stuff on ground, car accidents happen every time very year when snow surprises the car drivers, really? E-v-e-r-y year? The same old story....

can't help but thinking how stupid and in a vain hurry people are? Well, hell, I'm lucky to drive as little as possible. I don't even like drivin' car, so I drive as few times it's possible to me, less than a thousand kilometers a year, you bet. Sitting in a tin can, doesn't match my idea of freedom and liberty

(I'm so lucky nobody can criticise my writings, HERE. So I can roam and shout out whatever I want and when I want, usually I nap this first thing when I'm waking up, earting porridge and drinking coffee, same time, I'm such a multitalent genius! ;)))) )


<---Madrid 1986.

22.2.2017 Wednesday morning post my daily routines exceptionaluty is the size of kittens roar. Scary monsters and super freaks on the wheel of this nation of native finns, and world is on fire but we've run oput of water to put it out, so we use gasoline as it so much convient to buy on stations, and nations midlle east millionaire shieks and women living dark ages, children may get an education if lucky, to be born in a rich country as Funlandia use to be, but now mutherfucking whiny Indias going better than we do.  So what can I do for my country?

Yes, I like to ask WHAT this country do for me? Mental institutions , county  jails and hard labour, force feeded employment program where YOU either do as they TOLD you, or lose all your benefits.... nazi Suomi rules Ok, hey, fuckers at administration go fuck yourself. This I can say to Kela too.

<-- pros tips to how to do it right on first time!!! :)

Reading bible like a devil. as we say here in Funland, you get the answers to all your questions, and leave no room for mercy, fair or true despair to solve, with little welfare and money. I know cause I've been poor last 13 years, so maybe next year the double seven years curse erases and  I shall make my recovery and start to earn like president of USA!! Oh shit, that Trump ain't even rich as he claims, or is he? Persona non grata, he is. can't believe the american people have any sense, sorry Donald Fuck, your a doooooooooooooooooooooog, a huuuge dog but nothing but the hound dooooog.

21.2.2017 Tuesday morning, woke up early, hope I don't catch a worm, or flu, rocking rheumonia, what have we here bird, pig,motn and foot disease, all the VDees and flying fucks, to annoy and ruin our lives. I was so fearless back in 1986, it' scares me now to even think about it, how I jumped and shoted, rolled and thumbled every girl and women on my way, well not the ugly ones, hahaha....

 <--- Jamming Shit, year 1981 at North-Tapiola, Espoo Funland, I'm the second left. Other "partners in crime" were Mika J. on guitar and left, Jönssi L. on bass, right, and Masa P. far right guitar. We were 17-18 years old, posing front of school prickwall.


Outside it looks like a perfect winter weather, sunny, snow gliding and beautifully on trees and shaping all things left on the yard, and our dog fence too. Pretty nice. Vision of the wonderland oh no snow business is here to stay, gotta get away, but could I be happy in Spain with all teh sunshine and heat and noise and all?

Maybe I should try it one more time, maybe it's all about place and people you meet, but being nondrinking fellow it's hard to see all the drunks and holiday happy people there buzzing on beer buzz, oh yes and the english tourists pissdrunk and skin burnt to pink in hot sun, hehe, maybe I'll rethink about that pensionplan again! ;)

20.2.2017 Monday morning, snow quietly falling on the ground, but we're bound for glory and warm breeze of springtime. Starting to understand why finns escape in crowds to Spain for winter, avoiding this freezing cold and icy wind on yer face. Maybe I'm just getting tired of this endless bookwriting and poverty this state put me on, putting me on, taking my inspiration to try anything new, nothing you can do when you got spies of welfare station on your ass, hah, but luckily I ain't got nothing to lose but my time, mind, ability to draw and enjoy life, those lil things, every one's taking granted, like kids and family...

 I love watching some american TVseries like Undercover boss, but they always point out that the kids and family are the MOST important thing in your life. Well, maybe them are to you, BUT how about me and all the others who DON'T have any kids or much of a family, either, aren't we worth of any shit? Is our life unvaluable and useless cause we don't have something you take for face value and granted?!?

Answers to the ddress: President of  Funlandia, Spanish castle road 13,  30100 Forzza, United States of Funlandia.

19.2.2017 Sunday morning, woking up, another week done dirt cheap, dirty deeds maybe not so much, but in the spirit of Bon Scott, giving all I can, whenever I can, singing loud as I can, fill the room, charm the ladies and shock the men, ehehehe... I dunno what that came from, maybe my experience on my latest karaoke shout if Blue Suede Shoes in Forza city night , last summer, great reviews and applauses, damn I was surprised THEY like my voice and shouting, so I grew a meter taller and my ego got boosted to the sky high!! :)


Oh well, maybe it's happening to everybody, maybe not. But like a kid I seem to need some engouragements and hiphiphoorays, hah. Like a cat I can live only on applauses, hold the food I crave soul food and high ho praises!! :)




<-- made some screensaver just for fun and for my own pleasure, oh so guilty to enjoy female bodies, naked truth, taht's what I like!! :)

18.2.2017 Saturday afternoon good morn.....ing, slept like a baby 10 hours, well feeling lucky every morning when I wake up, alive. Death is not something I'd like to experience, ever.  So much good and wonderful in this world to see and get through. Hoping just to have many moons and years and decades still, to be here. So presidents of USA and Russia don't blow this planet up, there's still kids who want to grow up, workers who ant to go fishing on their pensionary days and lovers who want to love and only love. Peace.


<-- Legal matters worth I do declare right now and here that THIS what you read is all fantasy, made up stories and science fiction, fairy tales, lies lies lies. I never tell the truth so I can never tell a lie like Tom Waits put it long time ago, hahahaha!! Don't believe a word, it's all fiction, just electricity on your screen. I ainät no bad man but I surely been round the block, that's all I want to tell you, the true stories of my past. This here blogs are just float of inner conciousness, dreams and nightmares,


or is it?!? Am I just pulling your leg, dear? Figure it out yourself, baby.

17.2.2017 Friday and weekend lurks around the corner, but gotta do what I gotta do, draw some extrastuff fot autobio still, this month and then I'll do my diet again and trying to get in shape like old beach lion Johnny Winter, ehehehe...

 well, almost got my bon scott ousting last night, almost died on puke in my sleep, glad i woke up and wasn't drunk, so it'd be pretty funny diagnose the cause of death as acute chocolate vomiting, not whiskey like Bon Scott, hehehe. Not that there's ANYTHING funny dying on vomit, but you might catch my drift, died on chocolate, cheesus.

Okey viral net jokes in finnish for my finnishreading friends and enemies to laugh at:




okey let's boogie chillum!




16.2.2017 Thursday morning, been busy with making new music 19 songs this year, 18 my own written, and evil version of Spoonful I dig like crazy, my first attemp on that song, never liked Creams version anyhow so I improve myself and let it all howling wolfish on it:


651. Hope I Live Before I Die 1.1.2017

652. I'll See You In The Funny Papers 5.1.2017

653. Man Kind 10.1.2017

654. Chinese Blues 14.1.2017

655. Steal Your Thunder 15.1.2017

656. Love, Life And Love Life 16.1.2017

657. Evil Blues 19.1.2017

658. Ultimate Mate 20.1.2017

659. World Ain't Done Yet 22.1.2017

660. I Confess 24.1.2017

661. Troubled Woman 25.12017

662. Mundane Decline 29.1.2017

663. If Nobody Loves Me 31.1.2017

664. Spoonful 1.2.2017

665. Jazz Cymba/ols 6.2.2017

666. Very Superstitious 8.2.2017

667. Selling Blues Back To Missisippi 10.2.2017

668. Without Your Love 12.2.2017

669. Dispatched Heart 15.2.2017

....my favourite past time after drawing all day as much I can. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever retire, but maybe it comes naturally, when it's time to stop and be a pensioner, but I got plans for those wasted days too: illustartions of nude, naked ladies my back up plan.If I ever get bored with comics, I'll just do what I want most, and in my case of lunacy it's naked ladies. No I'm not a titman or legman, or assman, haha, I just love drawing naked ladies. I hate insults, dissing, abusing, misusing and all wrongdoing to ladies. I ain't no chauvinist pig, I adore, love and respect women, and especially those brave enuff to take their clothes off for camera. Full frontal nudity is my midde name!! :)

15.2.2017 Wednesday morning, little sun shine, little ice and snow still to entertain us, ice age part 30865699263538058610485! Well, wishing we could have real summers and warm winters withourt climate change effects that drown you all who come after me, in this here wonderful thing called life on earth. And my selfinvented joke: why would be any intelligent life in space when there's none such on earth either!! MUhahahahhaaa!! :D

 Well yesterday was a fine day after all, I did two pages of comics book further , one song and vacuumed our hpuse even, yeah baby, thrills of hoover, haha!!


<--- our cat, Tikru rweady to go out. So happy this little guy do his stuff outside, all year thru, no cat litter smell in this house! Wild and free, but come home to sleep everynight, til it comes th summertime, he stays out all night long and comes to home just to eat and sleep, hehe. happy cats life. Outdoors as much he wants, too bad for stupid little baby birds, but thats the normal food chain stuff.


Oh well, cat pic of the day, rolling over and towards hot summer nights.....soon!!


14.2.2017 Happy Valentine's day to all you little lovers out there, chocolates in heartshaped boxes, flowers and kisses, little misses and gentlemen, a long way to love. Good luck, we all can use some and have some, give some, love some one.

Alright, February's been changing weathers from plus to minus and back again, zigzagging, but we're on warmer and better side and dream of springtime and summer lurking to my head. had enuff of this ice age again, bet I've been saying these things years before, haha, well too bad my mind is one track, going ahead and looking back, not but in comics where it's different case of realism and truthtelling, and my own reasons and true aims. Truth is very good reason to tell all, try it sometime, you might be surprised  where it could take you! ;))))Now I just do my bon scotts and ride on.

( <-- alternative record cover, not used for the record company men and women might be scared of hemp, hah, or scared to admit they ever smoked, like me... )

 ...some 30 years ago in Spain I was smoking like a steam train or damn old diesel!! ;)

*Just got the news of Comics Finlandia-award for last years album, well my book is NOT there, so fuck you, all. well there's two good book and 8 lousy, to judge to pick on..... bitter I am, again.*

13.2.2017 Monday morning trying to get inspired on illustrating the extra pages for the book,now already 80 pages done and ready for inking. But I wanna do this my way and pencil all the pages before I'll start to ink, so I'll have to read th whole story before I even concider inking. Well, I'm waiting for some money coming somewhere and save my month's financial situation and giving me peace, to concentrate on thing that value and mean something. Oh well, circulating on same jive and stuff day after day, just make me sing the old AC/DC tune: Ain't no fun waitin' round to be a millionaire!! ;)


 But shit, I'll do whatever it takes to make it big in Japan, Spain and Italy!! ;) Got bigger ego than what's inside Andy Mccoy's big cowboy hat!! :D




<--- pen work Bon Scott, from my crazy year 2004.

12.2.2017 Sunday and good morning to wake up, rested and slept long and hard, lacks removed, feeling pretty relaxed and ready for.....

working on whatever i got my head into, well I might spend the day practising to use teh effect pedla board I got from friend, and make anew song with some serious Jimi Hendrix-wahwah effect!! ;) Oh well weekends pleasures don't always are better than workingdays extacy!! :) Well, guess we allare different, but that's too hard to some of us to see, I should do like everybody else, yeah right. What if you don't want to be like everybody ELSE?!? Are you doomed to failure and misery, just because some bigheaded asshole says and thinks so?


I got my answers and questions checked, got my mojo working and my career of art, I'm living it, not fakin' like any makeup artist on their hair metal outfit, you know the names dontcha? You who pretend to be someone else, changed your name to be so american and "cool", yeah right. Life gets you... wherever it gots it's antenna aimed and you fool follow the stream of conciusness and your buddy buddy friends. yeah, buddy buddy friends, gonna shoot you in yer back, everytime my luck runs out I won't have these friends around! (Listen Dr. Feelgood's version on it in LP Be Seeing You!)

11.2.2017 Saturday, morning and the cloudy weather are here again. Our younger dog won't stay in our fenced yards, damn, now I have to take it strolls, but that is good excercise, for me! ;) Oh well, snow has changed the situations for dogs to jump over the fence, and the rascal does what she wants while not watched, these everyday blues I can handle. Some things I can't and it's so hard to accept and see yourself helpless, in need of a helping hand. And even harder to ask help!

 Well maybe you don't have these troubles, maybe your life's been just aunbreakable line of hit parade and success, from top til top!! Hah, well mine sure was not, and the future is more uncertain than Jim Morrison ever knew!


Los Futures possibilities and opportunities and challenges and triumphs and cvictories, I believe it's unwritten story til it happens, although we're never on same line and same possibilities and backgrounds to even start with..., but the race is on and I'm finally ready to conquer this universum, at least, haha, as I did send my best of music to 3 biggest record companies yesterday. Plan is to reach 'em first thing in Monday morning meeting and get a record deal, worldwide. Rest shall be history.

I have nothing much against to get me a band and tour, but first I need a (hit)record to tour. I got some musicians to call and ask to do it, but world is full capable musicians, just to find the right chemistry and vibe, heh. And got to know how to play blues, and sing backing vocals, wether you like it or not! Hah. In my band, it's my rules and music.

I only have one song on  Youtube with video and nothing else on digital world until the payments are righteous. Ugh, well if I sell million copies of my debut album, I'll put 'em later in Spotifyi too!! :)

10.2.2017 Friday, again, how fast these days fly, I've been resisting the silly old phrase that time flies the older you get, but no I must admit i might have been wrong! :/


Seems like it's a weekend to spend on all the time I turn my back, hehe... too bad I do enjoy what I do my week days more than my weekends. I don't need a rest fron love and things I love to do!! World of contradiction, sure it is. Weekend is just to break the routine and not work too much, cause in the end you'll lose the spirit and innovative inspiration on it. Working on a line is more factory type stuff and Disney and other entertainment company policy, but me I'm a free lancer and artist in my heart. Fuck factories and routine work, always aiming to bulls eye and the best quality man can do, or a woman!! :9

9.3.2017 Thursday morning, woken up by phone selelr AGAIN!!! Goddamn fuckers spoiling people's sleep with fuckin nonsense offers "to come and take a look at our house, pipes, roof, and whatever" shit. I got very little understanding or empathy for those marketing men, although they're just making their living on it, BUT the way they approach and NOT listen the answerers at all, so you get your phone angry slammed against your ear, thank you very much.

 Modern times sure are crazy, thecnique and vehicles are everywhere and reachable to all, even the poorest have mobile phones these days, it got it's benefits but surely got it's dangers and bad vibrations, as kids don't get excercuse as much, (I've heard) and that's very bad, heh, me the health nut number one, hahaha, not but I enjoyed sports in my youth a lot, even adult age til my knees are now overworn, can't run anymore without having horrible aches afterwards, and pain. Pain I don't enjoy, not a little bit of a maschocist in my bones. I'm just hardest working man in comics business now that the J. Murtosaari (RIP) is gone.

  Oh well, having pretty alright my life, although could use and have more money, haha, taht'll surprise none! ;) Well towards riches and fame in gossip magazines all around the world!!! : )))))))))

8.2.2017 Wednesday morning and strange phone call received yesterday, very close relative whose haven't been in touch for over 30 years, think about that, yes, don't know where this leads, but glad they make an effort to reach out to me. although I ain't got much to expect from 'em. Well some might guess who that was, but what's good is I sold my books to her, haha, so she can read what I've drawn on her on 'em, haha. This might lead a BIG change of feelings........


or not. I'm like a prisioner with my past, can't rely on anyone until it's prooven right and I'n free from all the shit they put me through. So can't fully trust these ghosts from past and have to think it over do I want 'em BACK, in my life and let 'em trouble my mind.







<--- porn star girlfriend from year 1998. All the best for you , Milka. where ever you roam and stroll, taken 'em all money from suckers, did it made you happy, or even rich? Well hope it did. All the best for you, where ever you are!! ;)

7.2.2017 Tuesday morning, fooling myself with my diet and not changibng eating habits, damn, gotta take bull by the horn and really make some effort on this " beach body buy summertime"-challenge, hah. Every year the same get in shape jargon, damn damn damn. I just like to be slim and in good shape and stronger to do whatever I choose, mostly drawing and drumming, and guitar slinging like a maniac! Yes, that's all I wanna, or at aeast all I can tell here, hehe!! :)

Need more coffee, that's what I need, every morning, baby.

Need more loving care to take care of myself, my wife canä't run the miles for my physical condition, that's so wrong, you should be able to help the other guy to get it on, too...





<-- water colours 2008-2011, coming to be published in autumn,



which year is not sure, muhahahaha!! :)

 6.2.2017 monday morning and another diet on my way,trying to get in shape top fit on those clothes i already bought 5 years ago when I last tiome lost over 15 kilos, and now the aim is 20 and be the hidalgo. I do my excercise after drumming with the "Strong back, slim stomach" instructions, for ladies... haha, well we're all human, even the ladies of my life...


Then soon I'll be cutest and most famous finnish comics artist to conquer th Spain, Italy , France and the rest of the comics reading Europe. America is too childish and super hero nutty world for me to conquer, hehe.





<-- watercolours 2009 for the Pub sign to St. Urho's pub Helsinki. One of my best works on watercolours.

5.2.2017 Sunday, morning, snow made another comeback. Me I'm just surviving this season and period of tiredness, down to my bones, I ain't bad I'm exhausted, although my actions are in papers and music in the air, but exhausting don't look who it takes down. Took a long xmas break to recaharge my batteries, and had difficulties to get back on train and order to do my autobiobook, which has took 8 years of my precious life,a nd shall take at least 3 more. Maybe I've said this before but it's important to clear my mind and aim towards my life course is steered. Oh did the jack King covers three times cause changed the songs there and messed up the list and had to do that third time, just mistaken in a hurry, yes, that's no way to do your career changing records, hehe...! ;) Oh I almost forgot it's sunday, day to rest, hah.


Saturday, taking it easy, trying to avoid stress as I've progressed too fast haha... well, maybe I can have time off on weekends, but I just don't know what that is, as I'm constantly making music or pictures, on my spare time. Spare me your good adviceshow to live my life, that's all I ask from you, leave me be, like I want and I surely give you the same ights and freedom, to do whatever you please. Start of agood relationships is to let it be, respect the other man's choice. Oh well, life is easy only on writings and on papers, life get you dirty and all you never expected , yeah life. Long road and pumpy ride, that's what I experienced, can't stop "thanking" the officials and officers in vary and different office offices, yeah hahaha, thanks for nothing.

 It's not all in our own hands as we live in society with rules and laws and things you've expected to do. Fuck that shit. Gotta be like skiier goin down trying to avoid all the obsticles ahead, and never look back.


3.2.2017 Friday and going down slowly towards my aims and finish line, the goal is there and luckily it's on reach and inside limits of possibilities. opportunity and challenge, book 'em hook 'em took 'em, give 'em enough rope and make it through the darkest days and times, of the year. This winter weather starts to bore me, everyday seems the same, temperature hanging around zero, both sides, not really awinter and not the springtime either, höh. Well, I'm inspirade on my drawings again as they seem to get on well,a nd progress I  do enjoy, no matter what my physical status is, well I'm crazy and that's pretty liberating too, don't give ashit what you think of me hahaha....


well, don't need no drugs no alcohol, just like that, life can be an adventure if you want it. Fiond your way, don't follow mine. Very few people really want to tajke this road to hell and back, as I did, an gonna tell you all(!!) about it in my books to come! ;)

2.2.2017 Thursday and feelings whirl like the wind, seems like everybody's waiting for Summertime, even me , I'm getting enough od this season of ice and dark days like today, the sky is gray, no sign of sun shine. just conplaining the bitch weather, wether it change on it or not. Heh, well I'm on my first mug of java, so my mouth talks on these buttons whatever the spit carries on, hehe.


Oh my darlings, fanboys in line online, I just made the BEST ever coverversion of great Willie Dixon's Spoonful, that changed my plans on next contact to record companies, as I MUST put that on those discs. I'm better than George Thorogood's version, and that's alot to say as I'm BIG thorogood fan, since 1978 and first Thorogood album! I'm not biggest Howling Wolf fan as I do prefer Muddy over Wolf, but hey sometimes I can do step a further up the road and sideways paths of unknown. Of copurse I didn't practice it before hand, juts push the recording button and GO!! First take is the best, usually, and this case too. More when I do get my worldwide record deal and budget to do all my songs in expensive studio with other pro musicians...! Soon!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

1.2.2017 February and snow feel on icy roads, gotta use car instead of my normal bicycle, all through the year and weathers. Well, I had to make an arrengment for my finacial situation. Hopefully got it all in order and can have my peace and piece of mind. Playing by the rules of this society is sometimes hard and difficult, but me I'm a good boy scout and lawobeing citizen kane, a man meazured by his means and actions, right. I did drew the last page of my book yesterday, so it's done and only some fillings and extra pages to do. But I'm ahead 4 months of the plan, so gotta be satisfied on it. It's gonna be tough and wild book of love,

Spain and 80's. Of course I could do the easiest way and most popularity seeking missile, but that doesn't excite me at all. I rather do honest book of my life than just storytime book for kids to be amazed, I'll amaze you with truth, that's much harder to do, than cheap thrills on violence and jokes. Well, that's my opinion, and that's all that counts on MY own books and my own homepages, hehehehee!! :)




<-- from my abzurd, crazy and wild year 2004, watercolours.

31.1.2017 Tuesday and waiting to call my doctor to get what I need and want. Life gives me alemonade so I make a lemon and life shall be like "What?"!!! ;)


Phil Dunphy phrases from Modern Family TVshow, my very favourite right now an for the seven season in DVDees. Not all is shit that on TV, but most of it seems to be, all these reality TV series are just crap. Now we finally got the amrerican way TV here in Funlandia, with quizz ans piss on every channel, losing weight or your head in 60 minutes or less, daily humour and celebrities that are famous bout being famous and in lowcut dresses and full frontal swimsuit issues, well it makes hard and easy to watch , something worth while in the land of detective stories and murder mysteries. No need to think, anyway, if that's what YOU need, you're blessed with, shit and cream on top of it but it still tastes like shit. Can't win situation on TV lala land. Finland got a history of imitating american music, 50's cars, hairdos, entertainment and fantasy of it sells like hot cakes. We're most american minded society in Europe, and look whats happening in USA!!!! ://///

 What we need to do?

 Something not american but finnish, finish the shit and do some good. that's all folks!


Do anything you wanna do, was a punk anthem of the yaer 1978. While I was 14-15 yeard old punk, myself.

30.1.2017 Monday moprning, drinking coffee to open my eyes, dizzy head need eletricity and push to roll on over to work mood, well drawings never counted as work, haha, just scribbling on pencils to smudges on papers, that ain't working!!!!!! Hahahaha!! Yes, I'm just drawer made of wood and shelfish piece of sellulosa and jackshit! ;)


Well, I'm proud I'm still alive and well, can't say I'm too good, too fine, might be little down cause the album is not proceeded in January as Iw anted to, but do believe I'll triumph all tyhe challenges and do finish this book with parade of flowers from Spain and city of Helsinki on my knees, hahaha!!!!!

Conquer the comix world, again and make the BEST comix book ever! That's my humble aim, and it's true, my aim is true.


<-- Birthday party rockabilly band 1986, Marbella Spain. How my guitar got into this band YOu have to read yourself on it.

29.1.2017 Sunday morning err..... afternoon as I read til two another biography now Dave Lindholm's.


<---Well I just got read this Pete Wallis life story, which suffered same as does Daves', the writer ain't as good as his item is. I never knew or even saw Kingston Wall live, but I knew his cousin in Laru, as he was starting his Blue Dragon tattoo shop therte. He ink me the dragon I still got on my left arm's bicep. I drew it myself and let him tattoo it, as I don't want other peoples scribblings on my skin, at least until I find better artist than me....


 ...hahaha, well that's true too, and too true. I 'd like to have Thin Lizzy's Black Rose tattooed on my right arm but haven't found a tattoo artist that'd do it like I want it. Cheap and excatly LIKE it is in the record cover, is that so much asked!?! ://///////// Propably is too much to ask an artist to do as I want, WHEN I'm the PAYING customer, not like they please... hahaha, I might be a tuff customer, as I know now what I want!!! :)


Tattoo is suppose to be there the rest of the life, that's the problem and that's the beauty of it, perseverance and consistence. Can't wash it away, better  choose wise and good. To me my tattoos has been very private, hidden underneath my sleeve, not to show off in sleeveless shirts likesome idiots do all year, every year. And od course nowadays that everybode has a tat, there's nothing real rebel or special on 'em. Good for tattoo artists work situations and bad for rebellion individuals street credibility.

Oh well, I had my first attoo 31 year ago in Marbella Spain, long time before some of these super cool assholes weren't even born who're now attooed fron head to toe, hah.

27.1.2017 This weekend is the most big comics festival in France angloume, and  little birds whispered my Golden Youth album has risen interest in there, so glad with these news, maybe I'll get my publishing partner there too, gives me streght do continue on my third book of youth oh so golden! Hopefully something good will happen to all, and especially those who wroked hard all their lives, like in Undercover boss serie in TV, my favourite show where people who worked with passion and hard on their (miserable) but honest jobs, finally get recognation and maybe even gift money or raise or vacation or kids college money fund, I'm all in tears on those shows endings when unexpected workers get what they deserve. I know it's ONLY a show and propably forehead written and scripted, BUT so touching emotionally, for this kinda gangster that I am, international nightmare and tuff guy, yeah. hehehehehe...!!

26.1.2017 Thuirsday morning. No more jokes on morning coffee mugs and dizzy head clearing up, err... wait a minute can't promise you that, can't promise nothing much but, dizzy jokes on life itself, and my daily diary madness, which to me occurs as sanity, of course a madman don't think of himself as a madman, see like Trump, hehehee!!! :)

 Well, I think I have no fear of getting elected on any govrnmental offices or presidental chairs anyhow, wouldn't wanna sit on those one day, got no need to be a leader and directing no troops anywhere. I'd just stop all the army monetary and missiles and gun powders, immediately as waste of money and time and human lives. Don't believe in war, don't know how the peace could be achieved though.....! I'm not in responsibilty for any war, never shot any gun, never gave any of seal on any gun, you solve teh problems you created yourself. Every man is an island, every war in individual wrongdoing, put the bad guys in prison, not in charge on weapons. that's my belief, as wrong or right as any other, opinion. Just an opinion, no proof on nothing. Living with fear of your neighbour attacking YOU for no reason, would be life I don't want..

 to live, or die. For a piece of land is sickest and shelfishiest stuff you can ever do. Land, earth, dust, stones, woods, mud, plants, wind, waters...

....put 'em all in your pocket and see how them grow THERE!?!

25.1.2017 Wednesday morning, seems like I'm here always at mornings, trying to tell what happened the day before or what's on my mind right now, but I'm excatly JUST waking up with not so much clear ideas, but I'll make it to look a like I know what I do, hehe, can foll some people some time but not everybody all the time, yes sir. But can't blame boy for trying, haha, might get you a presidental job just talking whatever comes on the tip of your tongue. Oh well, I never dreamt about being president or king, or any other leader of a nation, the responsibilities are much heavier than the beneficts, on my opinion...



<---Well here we go again, back into comics books and stories of my past...


this years' pages pencilled, only14, that's slow for me, but I still got 4 months to do the rest of the (needed) pages, and that's plenty of too much, time!! ;)

 Have a good day on the job, work, hobby, gig, or whatever you decide to do or not to be done. If only a wish could heal and make aeffeort to better yor day, wish is cheap and safe way to hope you all, the best.

 Th big thinkers like me , we're so very rare.. eheheheheheheheheheeeheheheee!! :D

24.1.2017 Tuesday morning, ground hod day feeling, same shit different day, hehe, like repeating myself and these writings, maybe I'm stuck on ever repeating mode and circle of wrath, hate and comics reality, haha, maybe I've gone mad, maybe I'm not myself, not even writing this myself, maybe I'm a robot, maybe a sea horse floating on the flowing ocean, nothing to see, nothing to feel, same shut down, same circles same water, running on empty, running for no reason, to get ahead, to get along, to get to have, another day.



<---Remodeled my bass guitar, dedication to Lemmy and Motörhead. Already sounds like thunder and lightning, playing heavy rock and blues like no other. No imitations, no following no foot steps, road is open, free ride.

Stay clean and be fast and loose! :)


Okey, maybe tomorrow I'll be on the right tracks an album works again, maybe I just need a gallon of coffee!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

23.1.2017 Monday morning, waking ups and going through facebook as I usually do to clear my sleepy head, hehe. Today hoping to get back on track to finnish my comics book pages, not sure how many still I do, keeping the suspense on, to myself, at least!! ;) Oh well, another perfect morning.................. after the Trumptime.

 I shared this...

<----my wink of amplifier recording and it's noticed on pages of musician finlandese, alrght. Toward good times.


Whatever it takes, garagerockband recording for us fools for loving and good good music!! :)

"Ain't what you do it's how you do it!! " ;) (Remu & Hurriganes, Roadrunner)

22.1.2017 Sunday morning, sunshine and minus 2 or so, very normal winterday, and very usual how lotsa folks tired of cold and snow just waiting for sprintime and warm weather. This coldness kills lotta feelings and frozens lotta people hearts, guess I gotta just try and carry on, walk on, come on, towards better times. Always trying to improve my actions, my behaviour and articulation, haha, well I had fun trip to Lieto yesterday, and got me a used guitar effects pedal system board, where is lotta sounds effects to find out!! I'm planning to get new inspiration to songs on it, we'll see how does it work out eventually, no worries no troubles, no pain, no struggle, just fun guitar time, hah, I don't believe my own words myself evertime I hear 'em!! ;)

 So I do lie a little white lies, I do make mistakes, I do go wrong, say impropiert, and act like fool, so I'm...


21.1.2017 Saturday morning, had a strange night, woke up two o'clock but got back in the slumberland, and hopefully slept enuff... going to Lieto today later to get me a guiotar effect pedal system, yeah! Rock'n'roll!! And then sauna, that's saturday night tradition number one. Oh well, saturday. Relax and do little, if any. Hah. So all yopu people, relax, take it eeeeeezzzzzzzzzzy! :)

20.1.2017 Friday, morning, almost afternoon as I'm climbing up the stairs and watching the news on net, oh well I wonät pay for 'em, just strolling and looking for my friends posts, if anything happened that interests me. Wordly news are always cathastrophies and landsliden snowstorms, death and destruction, good morning Vietnam. good morning little schoolgirl, err... that song has dated, outrage, little girls ain't no prey for rockers anymore? Groupies all gone and grannies now? Right? Oh today's Trump jumping on big shoes, what do we expect?

 Better days and wealth to everyone, wall on the border of Mexico? Strange things happen in these strange times. I ain't expecting nothing, but take it all as it comes. Well I lied, I expect to be alive another 53 years til I die! :)


<-- True story from Madrid and marbella 1986, and it's me whose starring that sad , mad story, to be told in public by August in 2018.

19.1.2017 Thursday morning well it's afternoon again, I*m lucky to sleep late, when needed.  Domestic drama: my coffee machine's breaking down, the little umbrella that control water to move to kettle broke earlier anfd I've glued it, twicer, but now the water goes to floor, not on the kettle, damn... well I got a great excuse to buy NEW one, pretty white and cozy, I've been drooling over a year, hehe... alright, it's of course aquestion of concience to be consumer and throwing out unneeded stuff.  What a trouble, in the kitchen!! Hah, problems of first world indeed. what a spectacle and melodrama!

 Okey I'm just a poor boy drawing my poor life on autobiographical books, third one is the charm I hope, this is pretty heavy stuff, neverseen in finnish comics, this kinda honesty and wild life, that I know, so I'll do my best to make it entertaining and exciting, for the readers, and for me it's gotta be damn good quality and fluent, in my native tongue, comics.

 <-- Do YOU remember the 70's and 80's when women looked good and thin?

  Well ; I sure do, and miss 'em.

 Both, 70's and 80's. !!!! :) Altrenative joke: Both, women and decades! ;)

18.1.2017 Wednesday waking up late, in the afternoon, I don't mind, really as I got good 10 hour sleep! ;) Rested my worry head, and now trying to draw some more, still struggling to get back in work mood, any mood to continue my book......! Well starting is always difficult,





unless it isn't hahahahaa.... all those stupid phrases and old women talk, ain't valid anymore, anyway just lost this day's earlier writings on THIS site with troubles errors on connection, so damn, ain't feeling like doing it all over again, especially when I dont't remember what I wrote... hah. Let's go ahead towards springtime, now that even lappland has a one hour of daylight after 2 months darkness, that yearly "kaamos" without a day light, think about it all you spaniards latin lovers, a minute, in finnish it is. Light and bright, here we come.


<-- art from the factory of skinflickery. Beauty in pink of the past, no copyright but me.

17.1.2017 Tuesday morning, and had me an idea for next Helsinki comics festival extra bonus material for my books Kultainen Nuoruus, that nobody have ever done before, a world premiere!!! You been warned, hehe, gonna blow your shaky pants and hollow brains out!! ;)  Metaphorally that is, as I'm no terrorist, hehe,  no I'm just mommy's good little boy, bruhahahahahaa!!! :D  ....it's good to be motherfucking genius, haha and invent things no one else has, take it, babies as it comes. Oh well blowing my own horns as they say in america, can't help it, cause I'm so good, hahah, and humble and innocent and... and.......................!!








Hah, just watched classic teenmovie Animal House again in dvd with extra material documents of the cast and the movie characters" where are they now"!? Great stuff, recommended to all who like crazy comedy, with even little nudity and immoral values in general, haha!!

16.1.2017 Monday morning, waking up, bowl of muesli and coffee, might get me started on comics I should go today and, living in Madrid early autumn 1986, schools just started and me started to thinking of going back to Finland, oh no.......




 leave it to album for you to read and find out! I still got a year and half to finish it. Luckily I found replacement affair to get me Pelikan ink from UK, they stopped for some reason delivering it to Finland on those handy but small bottles, and tadaa! the price went donf 400 % !!! For me that is a great save and discount, very happy now with my litre of ink!

Guaranteed to ink next album or two with it, well being a hamster I'll order another bottle soon as I get next money order somewhere...! ;)

 Hopefully get my mojo working and work done better than last wek when i had two interruptions, the doctor appointmenet and guitarfetching to Kouvola!! ;) So happy trails and good winds blow me home.



<--- the carpenter in me build and paint this extra shelf to my bookshelf in my studio, been boughting too many(?) books again to firt in, hah, what alovely misery I have!! :)

15.1.2017 Sunday, waking up to new day and new year, that hasen't showed her face yet, wether it's gonna be really good or bad or inbetween, opr like all the others abit of it all. Me I'm still "struggling" to get back to drawing mood and work state and do it with enjoyable speed, and talent I have but the demon inspiration is lost still in holiday and lazy mood, hehe... well thrid world problems I know 'em rtoo well, I've starved so long, lack of recognation or money. The artits path in Finland is a rocky road, except the few lucky fellows, who do mainstream daily comics.

 I DON'T envy anything from 'em, their workload is huge, their jokes are mostly old, lame or stupid, well, who am I to say this? I'm aprofessional since 1993, that's who I am. Most of yuo todays new fuck.... drawers are born twenty years later than me. What does that make you, younger and less experienced, that's all and true, can't buy wisdom and miles off the road. Gotta live and see, gotta grow up and let go, gotta learn and share.

You do your way and I do mine. And THAT'S alright! don't envy me, teach yourself to learn more, study and read more, practice and rehearse if you need to accomplish more than you know and can now. We all time til the end to get better and wiser. Towards better times and art. Never give up your dreams, your visions, your love.

I love drawing, inking and water colouring, still after 43 yeras down this road. Join me in love, not in death. I shall be your friend if you're true and honest. Arrogance and superegoists supermen do not bother to talk to me. I don't care your bullshit art, nor your pride of being "famous" cause your strip is in newspaper and youmake nice living. You're lucky and that' got nothing todo with good art or talent or professional indigrity. Well I can go on this opening of my feelings and visdion of artistic values forever... so I hope my art shall do too!


<--- my newest set of "Red Army" my renewed toys and my original sculpture of Lordi (and hand!) from year 2010. Painted it red to preserve it to next generation and more easy to have it to displayed in museum or exhibition. It was in Helsinki Kirjasto 10. in my Lordi originals exhibition (when it was just c'aran d'ache mass sculpture).

 Couldn't afford that Mickey Mouse statue on the window of Good Fellows, so I made my own. That's the origins of these red toys army!! :)

14.1.2017 Saturday morning, listening Albert King Stax record, some pretty good blues, expecting nothing much happening today, except sauna as we do on saturdays. Rest of the day is dedicated torest, hehe, rest we need the most, we who work our fingers to the bone on our mission, impossible to rest on our laurels, just wait to be a millionaire, ain't my style, not my idea of spending time. wasted enuff years on sickness and poverty and hopeless misery, now everyday is valuable, every year full of action and achievements and mission to fulfill,

doing all you can and the best of your abilities, that's very right, mama. Be the toughest mother you can, never let any fucker jump on your game, nevermind fucker critic your beautiful work and published releases.

Go full speed ahead and look back only when you need it for your future. Dwell on good nostalgia and dream big, bigger than all those who mistertaed you, get oyur revenge, get over it and get it done, good and for good. If we only live once, make the best of it, regret only loss of time and women, you could have!!! ;) ))))))))))))))))))))))))



<--- my babies on row. Newest is cheap, but pretty chinese,

hahhaha!!! :)

But I don't mind, as long as it's mine and sounds goooood! Playing my blues. Paying my dues to Muddy Waters and Albert King, who both meant to me more than my biologial father, what do you say about that?!?

13.1.2017 Friday thirteenth, my favourite good luck day!! Happy trails for evrybody born Friday 13th!! :)

12.1.2017 Waking up and leaving to Kouvola for a trip to get new used guitar, I fell in love, on it's colour, haha, yes living my own Cisse Häkkinene moment "If it looks good on mirror, I'll take it!". Later on composing new songs on it, that's the purpose of this manouver to have another electric guitar. Ain't no keen collector on any THING, I just like some objects, like comics figures, cheap used toys from flee market, and now if I can afford  guitars, why not if I still can get food on the table and when I look at the mirrors

I surely ain't starving!!! ;))))))))))





 So off we go and on my way to Kouvostoliitto, hehe,been there twice I think, before. last time in 1991, huh, time flies, I drive through snow, that's falling right now, hopefully no hurricane wind or other horrible concdition , now that we have new tyres and all.

Well, life worth living, although fuckers always lurking to make your life miserable, I know, I can spot 'em mile away, by smell and the look and talk they do... okey, minding mostly on my own businesses, that's what I do. Ahead road. Ciao.



<--- newest pages on my newest book to be! Spain 1986, wild days  and crazy nights!! :)

11.1.2017 Wednesday morning, early, very early stage, earlier than ever this year I'm up, well at least here on the table by computer, might go back and take a nap, haha, so much for getting up early. It's important day to me, later on I shall know alot about my future plans and possibilities. Might get a break or might not. Might step down and relax to enjoy rest of my life, might work hard for the rest of my days. So many possibilties but so few ways to achieve what I want, well I guess there's more than I know, more I should be getting familiar with, but this is my life, so let me run it like I want!

Bitter and angry, I can be when I'm pissed on behaviour of jerks, working in govermental offices. reading the bible like a devil, making every word count, underlining every move, watcjhing your ass and every step. Spying your financial situation and NOT trying to help, just taling orders and executing them like fellow nazi trooper, soldier, so ask yourself WHY you do what you do and FOR whom? For the needing man or obeying rules? Shit, what I've been through. I've lost 40 000 euros on behalf and cause by employment officers nitwit low down dirty bullshit, version of HOW things went,

south. 8 years underpaid, underground, under everything, so fuck off all you officers. Angry bird in deed, I am what I am, going east and west north and south, but never move an inch. Life of contradiction, yes sit I've seen that boogie before

10.1.2017 Tuesday morning, wife getting new winter tyres and I'm still waking up, rain eating snow, leaving ground naked and cruel. Nature lost her motherly instics long time ago. Never been climate change hippie, but it's sad to see world dying on pollution, I do what I CAN, recycle like shit and all that jazz, but it's not in my hands to clear it up.

I think those in charge don't know how to stop and are just repairing the broken and polluted pieces, when they should be doing more radical turns, not just putting money onside to licenece to spread some more, taht's insane, pay for shitting nature, that won't stop it, just another way to cash stupid fuckers, like finnish goverment. And we finns we always do what ever UN says, like Russian boycott, yeah shoot yourself to leg and never cry for help! What we lost is another generation and their children in deeper poverty. Another no use forced warcrime punished, like it ever worked, did russian leave Crim? Of course not, but finnish economy went south again. Thank you idiots in charge. How about working on something really effective, and working solution? Politicians and capitalists, fyi.

If I'd know HOW and WHAT I'd be in politics, not in funny papers. Ugh, I spoke.

9.1.2017 Monday morning trying to adjust my brain to work position and ride on the wave of inpiration to Spain back in 1986. That same old story, hard to get adjusted back in workmood after long(?) vacational period. Haven't had a vacation since I was in Italy 2015, so I need a break and I need a million dollars and three more wishes!! ;)


 Oh well, these days I sometimes wonder how fine I have, things and food and little money to spend too, but jinx stop me to brag too much, never know wht's waiting for you tomorrow, expect the worse prepare the success, when 'em hit you by "surprise". Whole world and life in all of it's unexpected actions indeed is a surprise,

there's no surprise there, hahahahahaa!!!!!! :)


 <--- Xmas gift a Betty Page statue,

          from year 1989!!!

8.1.2017 Sunday morning, trying to take it easy, but I'm alive wire, wanna do something all the time, wanna accomplish something, wanna learn some more, guitars, drums, illustrations, life in general, life in backwoods, life before death. Did some carpenter job for myself, extention to bookshelf for those rock books, autobios and other life and times of... books.


<--my newest buddy peeping behind the screen, and my playmate of december.


Still bit in the xmas holiday mood, heh, taking it slow and pushing the astress away, I got all my life to achieve and work on my projects. Wonder when the WORLD shall notice my abilities? Surely ain't no fun waiting round to be amillionaire, hahahahahaa!!

Oh well, dreams and visions, sounds and noises, music and melodies, flowers of revolution and children of rock generation we're still alive?!?

Alive and well, well speak for only yourself, and talk is cheap, silence is gold... eerrr, no it's not, loudness and fury is diamond and golden stream of inca queens treasures are taken, ready for you to reach out and have agoldn youth , middle age and old age.

All you need is balls. Like I told you before, I've told all before, haha... repeating repetition like a... well you read it before, you tell your story, I've done mine. Every person is valid for a comic book page.

Or two.

Boogie chillum!

7.1.2017 Saturday, well I cleared out the x-mas stuff from here in my work room, but the three is still downstairs waiting to get rid of decorations and thrown outside........

..........one of these days, yeah. My work room, gallery, studio is looking like I want it to be. Lotsa figures and art on the walls, lotsa pin ups and autobiographics and other music books of rock artists and interesting people all around. I hardly ever read novel or other fantasy based stories, just don't interest me and my mind flies too fast or not at all. Patience ain't in my vocalbury, who needs patience while reading? I rather be inpatienced schoolboy and wiln man of Forssa tahn wellread and cultivated novelty man, literally boring and unispirational, dull and dry, like desert sand for breakfast. I wanna breakfast of champions, champagen and reefer, hahahaha, well that's a lie too!! ;)

Don't smoke anything but food occacionally on stowe, hehe.... middle aged men's hobbies and everyday dilemmas, here I come!! :)

6.1.2017 Friday, ending the x-mas time today and the three might lose it's decorations and my workroom too, xmas stuff must go and towards light and springtime we go. can't stay the same, growing moss like The Rolling Stones past last11 years, haha, and the make a blues album, jeeeeeeeeesus how lame, can you be, millionaire blues yeah right. repeating like manic parrott, what am i gonna do.....?

 Draw some aces from my sleeves, just for you!!

 Rocking good year challenge to myself: make 100 songs this year to celebrate Finland 100th anniversay birthday at December 6th!

Peek the only published Jack King song "In The Hourglass" here from 2013,  in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NONnvcA2C6U


Rocking  new year!!!

5.1.2017 Thursday morning still colder than the welldiggers ass, but not to have to go outside to work is blessing with these temperatures,  well I did bicycle yesterday to post office and back and it was murder on face th freezing northern wind right from nort pole, jeesus. Rest of the day I just drew this pin up------>


And it's a good life I have, not much to complain but the financial situation, haha, that's always the trouble, wether you got too much or not at all, hah. World's gone crazy with all the terroristic shit blowing up, innocent bystanders, and the another idiots in war for ever? The gunsellers paradise, without a comcious you can be rich and wealthy and successful business man, buying cheap selling expensive,

...that ain't nothing new or great, nothing fancy or wonderful. Business is just money and interests you hustle and  make fortune on poor men's back. Feeling good? Towards better times? Some won't go, losing a fortune in peace?


 <---Wednesday and I started this new pin up illustration just for fun and maybe for the exhibition and book release later on this year with Angelandevil vol 1. As I'll hopefully got enuff drawings for one book, along from the years 1982, til today, so I need one pic for this year at least! And my x-mas holidays are still on til Friday, hehe, traditional as I am, trying to make sense on my own schedules made just for my own inspiration and deadlines for publication, I CAN change anyway I want to, yeah artistic freedom. Artist never should lose, the rights to publish his or hers own stuff.  To me this has been pretty clear since I found out what's the REAL prices to print abook. Join my in life not in death, fellow artist. Making money is the least in my list to do, but rather take let's say like 85 % than 5%, you see?!? ;) Well I guess I've preached this prayer before, so ride on cowboy!

3.1.2017 third day, getting out of the flu feeling " normal" and getting back where I wanna be, doing what I want. The neverending struggle for living and making it big in Japan, haha!! :)  Riding on the wave of heavy metal and melting sky, comic relief and dark horse running wild, peanuts for kids in need. Want some, get some, try some, alone together and holy threesome, trinity amnd forget the biology, classes for masses, teachers and pupils, heads and nostrils, all in the eye of a hurricane. Snow's quietly paths and footsteps on it. Skii shoes and gloves, warm overcoat and pipo. All world born again, christian or buddhist, newsjunkie or nihilist, something to nag about... all year, feeling superior on the cattle in voting polls and curtains to drop like eyelids and the skin of the snake. Hard to understand, impossible to accept, world is just as crazy as we make it. And we surely are crazy. Climbing right on/off the wall, buzzing in ceiling like a superfly......!

What shall we do? ..........................................................Forward like a granny in  blizzard of snow, oh no......! ;)

2.1.2017 Monday morning and starting this year by fetching a kid and his fiancee from bus station, so we'll have another little x-mas party again, for 'em. I think i had aminor flu which i didn't notice at all, haha, well last year this time I had ahorrible flu, thought I'll die on it, and shall go to doctor next time if having such apainful flu. Fingers crossed not having any of that kinda disease, hopefully the guests won't bring any with 'em.......!



<--- hang  'em my gold and platinum records in new place and position for new year. Company of Playboy pin up pencilwork of mine.




Trying slowly go back to businesses on drawing comics, but might take another day or so, maybe even illustrate a pin up here and now in between before diving back top Spain and year 1986! :)

Have mercy.

1.1.2017 Happy new year and great expections for this prosperious anno and future looks bright and rich on love, inspiration and perseverance. affection on things I love to do. Trying to be better and not hurt anyone,

who don't deserve it, hehe... so act nice and get something nice in return too. Life is too short to be grumby and gruntchy all year! So love and peace and joy and all the best, for you all people. Round the world, love each other and each one deserves it.


Love, all you really need to do.