Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

BLOG 2016. Daily dairy mad diary for artist's unknown thoughts and ideas forbidden for kids. Adults only. 1.1.2017 we shall be in section Blogging 2017!

31.12.2016 The last day of this year, facing the earth without snow in here latitudes, a bit cloudy but the future might be brighter, looking for good vibes and solutions fot thr troubles and challenges to win over there, in the future. This year been alright, many famous musicians died, but that should surprise no one, who thinks about it. People die on old age, after 50 we're all in danger to pass and be bygone, to next dimention, whatever that is. Trying to hold your head up, keeping up with health and good life. So many challenges and trials and triumphs to solve and win. Time to live to win, although born Friday thirteenth, so bad luck is my middle name since born, it's this struggle to get food on the table and place to sleep, we need.





If I remember correctly I had a good year, although I lost my biggest paycheck in Summer, but managed to live on, and not being any bitter than I'm qualified to too! Ha! Good year 2016, Italian visitors and wife's birthday party, what comes first in my mind of the highlights!

Wishing you all good year 2017!

Love the life you live!

29.12.2016 Thursday two days before last day of this year, letting go and taking new welcome, to new and better, we wish all the best, for all good people. It's been quite good year, seen better and worse. Lotta illustration on comics, anew book and festival position and emotions, "italian nephews" visit and xmas time to relax, and tomorrw the new years eve and fireworks. Statues and figures new in my studio, my drawing room, my life and works.




 Few kilos of paper and colours, black ink and pencils on rough aquarelle papers, my life work, I'm proud what I've done, all I could. Still ain't no fun waiting round to be a millionaire, but I'll take it as a man. Hehe, hope for better days and many to come, trying to live passionate as everyday could be the last, but resting before the graveyard too. balance and obsession and work ethics and relaxation and yin and yang, and Neil Young!! ;)

Laugh and love, all I need!






Towards better times and days, always.

28.12.2016 Wednesday another day in snow and ice horizon on my working room and desk, looks like normal winter, whatever is normal and winter. Sun shine that's rare treasure in winter here in pusta of Funlandia. these few days til next year flying fast past, just lazying around a week I see by the date I last drew my comics 21st of December, well I've earned a holiday as I work so patiently and in timetable, everyday 1 to 3 pages, and that's alot in any scale or measures. Hopefully I'll be electrified and fueled up on 2nd of January 2017 to draw some hundred pages more!! Holidays are so hard to do nothing but rest.

 I made another song last night and could make arecord bouit making records more than any year since March 2010 when I bought the recorder machine, but....

 that'll be stupid, just trying to consentrate on GOOD rock tunes and rolling blues and jazzy instrumentals and meaningful lyrics. My life story and my ideas , my love and hate on air, gotta have some guts, to reveals all warts and all. Trying to remain sane and up mood while getting few feedback if any, and watching another yopung girl getting all the attention, praised on TV and critics bout comic book about cows on II world war, jeeeeesus, couldnt invent anything more kitch and prejudiced. And if I say this aloud I'm just envying and wrong, when I don't like stuff those bad drawers draw, is it only my fault they can't draw shit?!?

 maybe they didn't get any well needed gifts on X-mas this year? Or any year? maybe taht's juist the explanation, they don't have any gifts to draw but they do it anyway, cause they got all the encouragement and peptalk,

well that I envy, not their books.

27.12.2016 Tuesday and surprise snow fell last night while we slept. It looks pretty but might not last long as they promise wamer weather later this week, later we'll see what happened, as we're not so good in fortunetelling, but i got from Santa afortunetelling book, hehe, so I might be a miracle man and use my mojo tools later on to tell you the future.....

 Believe it or not, Sometimes I've felt I really got some gifts on knowing things beforehand, but it's a dangerous business to get involved too much. Losing your head, starting to makebelieve on your own premonitions, well who knows and who don't?

Still in xmas mood, taking it easy, baby. No hurry back to drawing my book, trying hard to recharge those batteries and relax to be in shape to draw all five months til summer,

then have asummer vacation time and start to ink 'em all pages whatever the number is then, 200 or 300 to split in half and make into one printed page. Already excited and good will to do  this book gonna be THAT book to make my fortune and fame,

I know thatt beforehand, as this is the toughest motherfucker ever. If you have you shall see, tough to sleep in the rough when you're just 22. Number of the best,

 best times in hard times. Contradiction road to hell and back,

my life story.

read all about it......


 ... September 2018. PeneLopez publications. Hardest men in comics business. Watch out mother...!

26.12.2016 X-mas holidays spending on peace and eating good and lot, ham ham ham, nam nam nam!! Continuying enjoy life, I don't care about death of one discoballer, never touched my life. Surprised he was same age with me, but lost my friend already on cancer, 6 years ago. Death has no sense or logic, taken whomever it please. No one at ease, just don't think about it at all, or at little as you can. We better be like the lonesome cowboy riding til sunset singing I'ma just a awesome cowboy looooooooooong way from home, starry night campfire light, coyotes and howling wind, I'll be on my way to next southern town and next southern girl, well they loook the same, hah, roll me over turn me around let me keep spinning til I hit the ground!!





 Rock'n'roll Xmas to you!

24.12.2016 Merry X-mas to all you good people reading this, we'll had a rice porridge and fruit dessert, later ham and those other traditional finnish foods for X-mas time. Peace and love!

23.12.2016 Just one night til X-mas, great, the best days of the year, anticipation and excitement, waiting whole long year for that day, buyying presents all year long. My mission my life, has a meaning at x-mases and any other opportunity to give and love my dearest. Respect and good spirits, sauna clean, ham and x-mas tree flavours and smells like childhood x-mases. Enjoying these days all the way tilnex year, put my comicbook a rest for awhile, well I might do some pages on days in between new years eve, but it won't be counted as work, as it is my pleasure!! ;)


 let the good times roll!! :)

22.12.2016 Thursday morning. good long sleep after, feeling fine to start cleaning finally for X-mas today, been busy with all the other stuff involving, trip to Helsinki and all! X-mas tree still to fetch and ham to cook, too, but otherwise all done and ready to have some holidays, here in Forzza funlandia resort. Almost all snow is gone, last days + degrees and warm rain washed 'em all away, I don't really mind but maybe it'd look nicer if we had some snow on the ground, and at the same time my inner calculator rejoys the heating bills gonna be so much less!! Yeah, jingle bells and sleighride on!! :)

21.12.2016 Wednesday morniong, and surprising news yesterday, got orders fron Helsinki for comics books, send 'em right away, nice little actions and flow of honey money to my account, hah, rich man poor man beggar man thief, I've been 'em all, more or less. Good to have some experiences on your sleeve to be writing tales you been thru, otherwise you're just a boogiloo clown and actor playing the role of whatever that is you play...



me of course never pretend or play it false and untrue.... hehe!! Don't believe every word I say, write or sing! ;)

Wishin all you fine x-mas time and holidays in fun!

20.12.2016 Tuesday morning, early riser to dark kinda day and fog, sun hasn't rise yet, but these winter days it rises only for 6-7 hours, so that's why we have lack of C and D-vitamins, ans sun SHINE!!! :P Bet this feeling of tiredness comes from that simple reason, waking myself up with coffee mugs. Oh well this life of a comics artist workdays ain't too interesting, for other than the leadibg role men, haha...

todays program includes buying the ham leg, and starting to melt it sloooooooooooooooooooowly. Cooking it in owen just 2 days before X-ams eve. These days are good and now I can start to finally enjoy the predays of holidays, might draw some pages to comics IF I feel like it, no sweat no hurry, no stress, just letting go and relax, and as my wife says : and then we can clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))

 Wishing merry x-mas time for all good people in the world.

19.12.2016 My friend call me "Fabio Of Forssa" so here we go...hahahaha...

Monday morning and going to Helsinki soon, delivering a caricature and shopping some drawing paper and fixative for those drawing to fix that they don't smudge and stay on for ever. As I only want to live, forever in my pictures and maybe my songs shall live too, as soon I'll get my rcord deal and can record 'em in real studio. Well I got all my life to improve and earm my reputation, street credibilty I already got, hah, something you can't buy in store for x-mas. Hehehe. Well, tomorrow I'll start to prepare for X-mas, maybe some vacuuming and buying the ham leg and decorating and just alittle drawing in between and spare time, like making some new music, like I've done 65 own songs and 55 covers, it's good for a year that i also did finish my comic book the first part of the year til July. Now it's soon time to look back and make my "best of 2016" album, as I love to do. Would i be happier IF I had it published by real record company? That we're left to see in the future!

 Something to expect and wait for, something to live and work for, we all need, somethings.

18.12.2016 Sunday, morning and happy to be alive, waiting for the x-mas time and spirit(s), hehe.... I enjoy these days before and teh eve with presents and good food and good movies and the time of our lives, hoping all merry, peaceful or wild x-mas whateber you want, and have. I do remember those x-mases I had nothing, nobody and no place to go... don't need no reminder how is the poor mens x-mas. I cry too easily already and  otherwise, no need for slumming, no need to see poverty eye top eye. been there , done that, Wishing all GOOD people good holidays to come, spend with the one you love! Love and peace and whole lotta gifts!!! All you need for x-mas!!

17.12.2016 Saturday, took a caricaturejob against my better knowledge, hehe... well a favour for a friend that is, keep in busy til X-mas is alright, no nervewrecking waiting santa's coming, although my wife got her ideas how to spend the days before: cleaning!!! :////////


 Guess I'll have to do that too, but not all days no, I need a rest and maybe get my comics off my head awhile, and come back with eager and will to pencil from january to june, 5 months of joy of the labour , haha. Too bad I still enjoy and got lost in drawings while doing it, best job for me in the world. I'm less and less sure about musician's profession's sanity, especially concert touring, playing same songs every night... sure you can do it with your eyes closed and drunk, but is that what you want???

 Oh well, lucky me just singing for the love and pleasure of it, glad I don't have to do it for rent and food, hard work, unsure pay and drunken public, tthrowing bottles at you--- a dream come true? Well who am I to criticise anybody's dreams and visions, but mine own. that's what this is all about, my dreams and visions and sounds. I know how it sounds when your feet start to boogie on the rhythm of rock and roll, blues and jazz! Burn baby burn!

16.12.2016 Friday morning coffee and muesli, works on me, clearing my dreamy head, exhaustion not far away but trying tor est when must, life ain't never too easy not too uncomplicated, always a different and change in the air, no matter what, but soldier on little drummer boy, x-mas is here to stay again! Every year getting older but wilder... err wiser, err I don't know if that's true, how to measure intelligence or wisdom? In aTV show? Reality TV? Mensa jerk offs?

 Leaving decides to yourselves, leaving to get along and further, atrip and the journey, worth going, worth telling and worth living. Life a four letter word, too. Oukey, rock out.

15.12.2016 Thursday still little tired of yestyerday's trip to Helsinki and Joonas ja kisällit exhibition's grand opening. Very nice to see some old friends again, some "ex-relatives" too, and even got me time to do some x-mas shopping too, so it was busy as it's always in Hellsinki.

Very glad that I got snapshot on some old fotos where I am myself too, here's one from 1995 summer...



... 20 years and kilos ago!!  ;)

Today I'll send some gifts on mail and tryingto rest and get back in working mood, thanks to all good people yesterday!!!

From right: me, Joonas, Tape and Mika (Svensk).

13.12.2016 Tuesday and my 53rd birthday, thous shall not have any other birthdays today, thou shall have a santa Lucia's day although!! :) celebrating today with drawing and making comix, for all you readers  and makebelievers. What could be more important to one person than his/hers birth?


 Yes, think a hot minute................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. nothing. Everything starts by borning, and all ends by death. Tomorrow one dead man's and his apprentices exhibition opening in Helsinki. Hopefully a great success, after death many gets the moment so badly needed whilöe alive, but YOU can't have it all, can you?

12.12.2016 Monday morning and still one day 52 year old, tomorrow a day older.  And years go passing by, old age here I come, giving up on aging gracefully hahaha... aging is still good, better than be dead and not aging at all. Stone deaf forever but lucky to be alive whatever this life push on my path, gonna walk all over and til the end, at the last resort and all that jazz.............

 so all you people out there in wilderness, be happy you're still alive, death takes us all whenever it wants. No security,no guarentee, no nothing but little trip from paradise, we all decide which way it leads, her in and on earth. Rock on, like ahurricane, baby.



The x-mas calendar quiz found thewuinner yesterday its'-----------------

Javier Gurruchaga who was lurking behind covers, from Orquesta Mondragon!! :)

Merry X-mas to all winners!

11.12.2016 Sunday morning, woke up to write down ana idea for ad text to Kvaak page on my comic book, so that's come into my dreams too, hahaa, got some clever and mad ideas, let's see how much they can take as a "joke", gonna poke a little the limits and push the envelope as they say in america, crazy americans.........

 Life runs pretty balanced on, working with my album, creating 1-3 pages aday is a "standard" procedure and I like it!!! Towards x-mas we work like a crazy, making music and gifts wrapped. Life, strange fruits hanging on atree, stranger at night, strange love affairs, the past and future, unknown stories. Oh well, let's saty alive and well.


<--- 123 pages drawn, size: A3= 42 x 29 cm. Couple of kilos of paper that is! ;) that's a HALF of the book to be printed, originals in pencilwork, October to december 11th. And ithe plan is to go on til June 2017 and then ink 'em all and write texts by May to June 2018, release date of the "Spanish Sauna Trip" on August 2018! Olalalaa!! :)

10.12.2016 Saturday morning, again weekends come so quick after one another. Maybe i got lost in my working in drawings of my past, too much? Losing the track of time and place and all, in such abeautiful way, enjoing all the way til the end of the book. And then another book til it's autumn 2020, and I've finisged my four piece trilogy!!! ;) But after all I'm very blessed and priviledged to be able and willing to spend my time with things I love, to do! Glad I decided to follow my heart back in 1993, 23 years on the road of illustrating my way. Bumps, highs, lows, triumphs, obsticles, sticks, stones, warts and all, realistic and trueful trip, that'll continue til I die. Ain't working for the money or company or fame, but for art and truth. I fyou think it's very easy path, try and make the best of it, and tell me how easy was it afterf all?

 I'm still 3 days 52 years old, another milestone on next week, ain't feelind day older than 99 year old can feel!! ;) )))))))))))))


9.12.2016 Friday morning, read til 3 in the morning Mojo magazine, rock and roll will never die, rust or sleep, only reason why life is worth living is love. I love rock and roll, heavy stuff, blues and jazz in reasonable scale, gotta understand it to dig it, somehow ain't keen on instrumental music and especially classic stuff's finess eescape my radar, just instruments playing very stiff written music, no room for improvision or feelings, moods swinging or variety. Oh I heard those records hundred tiomes before, where the classic music is the highest form of art, no it isn't, it's just music, played by big orchestra that's why it sounds so huge and overwhelming.....




for those about to listen it on the background suits the instrumental music. I can understand that, although I CAN draw and even write in finnish if the music is sung in englisgh, just my brain turns it off the listening mood, frecvency, and I'll draw  on.  Too many artists holler "what's the meaning of art" too loud, and never remember to say "it's only my opinion"!!! Welcome to join the club where all the members are like you, haha....


...oh Croucho Marxism lives on forever too!! ;)

8.12.2016 thursday morning, the snow and weather zigzagging from freeze to plus degrees, daily surprises wether it's ice on the road or not. These darkest hours and days of the year off, we go, to and towards spring everyday, yeah. Just the celebrations to do for this year, next week my birthday that should be a national holiday, oh well it's holy day as it's Lucias day already!! Lucky me, born on december, middle of winter and dark ages. Well satisfied with celebrations on adult age. Every year is another party time!!! :) Raise my glass to all born in these dark months and never had another party or presents cause x-mas you'll get it all... blaaaah. Kids need party every year,a nd the kid inside me too!! ;)

Acting my age but wanna have my special day, once ayear, selfish and a cake! If I had more money I'd celebrate it full scale every year!! HOHOHOHOH!!! ;)





<--- another pin up babe. Made this year(2016) , just before I started this new album drawings.

Still a mystery, whose behind the covers?? Answer right and win an album in Facebook pages of Kultainen Nuoruus!!


7.12.2016 Wednesday, still independent nation, with crazy bear neighbour sleeping winter in hybernation. Me I'm just hoping to get back in business of drawing in my drawing room, upstairs and next to dormitorio. Sleep rust sleep, wake another day another nation, of comics for adults. Comics for all but kids. My aim to change the world by my own comics, not yours. Kids, I don't have, like I don't have no mercy for 'em or families grown oversized, just use that rubber, man.... hahahahahaa!! :) Towards X-mas baby.

6.12.2016 Independenceday of Fimnland today 99th anniversary, jee!! :)

Only one year away from full century, we're old but hopefully not tired. I'm still writing and telling my story when I was 22, and in Spain for 3 months, 30 years ago. 1986 we had Tsernobyl and I had enuff of all in Finland, all I wanted from Finlandia was to leave it. And that's exactly what I did. Leave home like Ramones record named, lave and maybe never coming back. that was the plan, when i had no plan, not looking back just going on and out of my young and pretty head. Falling love like I did, fast and loose, love affairs on foreign borderlines, wild and recless, sex and outrage, hah. Youth gone wild, yeah I'm pretty damn proud of it. Didn't waste my youth on university and boring lessons in stupid schools to learn. learnt all first hand and headfirst, taking bull by the horny, taking all I wanted, all I could. It makes a pretty damn good story to tell, just you wait litlle, til summer of 2018!! ;)

 <--- this boy celebrating his 53rd birthday next week this day, and then just 10 days to X-mas and week from that new year celebrating whole month, like today: happy birthday Finlandia!! :)

5.12.2016 Monday , warm as the snow melts again, so much had work the snow must do to remainon the ground,I just wanna rise from the ground and be the shining star on the sky, shine my light, and watch over you.  Don't know what made write that, what ever makes me tick, toc? Don't know why, just no reason not, to do all I can. Am proud of all i accomplish with music and in comocs, important stuff for ME. My life's work, done with these hands, this heart and this head. My own my life, and right to say all the asholes, fuck off, my cloud, my dreams, my life and stories. Anger can be powerful weapon, if you know how to use it.

 Oh well only 20 days til X-mas!! JIHUU!!! :)

4.12.2016 Sunday morning, waking up blurry to frozen window and scenery on it. Wintertime flowers on glass to see thru, dead flowers on the ground, another Rolling Stones song reminder, that leads me to my forever bitching bout: a band that don't do NEW music on 11 years and come with cover blues record ain't band it' s a pension plan. If money makes you lazy and impotent, don't want it, just enuff to get along within this cold country where you freeze to death outside, like dead flowers done.

 Sunday the day to rest and get ready for next week's holabaloo, in the average guys world that is true, wish I'd be average guy too!!!

;) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))...but no I'm sentenced to be artist and multimillionaire, all in my head!! ;)

3.12.2016 saturday, and now I woke up early, hah, when it's weekend and normally average people's days off, hah, well not me my ehad spins in it's own rhythm, hehe.. well as long it spins it's aaaaaaaalllllright. maybe I can change my daily horario to "normal" getting up early and going to sleep midnight. It'd be nice and trying to work the hopurs that are light, within this wintertime schedule, sun rarely shows up or is visible obly like 6 hours in these levels of altitude.

 Oh well Ive done 114 pages for the next book, here's the latest...


2.12.2016 X-mas calendar quiz didn't solve first day, pfiuf, so it continues at Facebook Kultainen Nuoruus page!  Nice guesses though, you people know what I dig, musicwise and otherly too as lots a women get the mention haha!! ;)




I made an exellent version of Muddy Waters Mannish Boy last night, screaming my eyes out and my brains lacked  air, that's just the way its hould be done, singing the vocals with maniac rage and as powerful expression as you can. I've sang that song 36 years and now reacinhg the credibility of Muddy's original as I can shout! " ...now I'm a man, way past 21..!!" hohohohoh, sure am!! ;)


Gonna be 53 next week or so 13th. Santa Lucia's day. Lucky thirteen, me!!!


1.12.2016 December first in my favourite onth of the year, as  I've old before I'm the great x-mas buffoon, feeling alright all x-mas time and the this is the only waiting I enjoy, waiting for x-mas. I haven't even wrap the presents yet and that's rare, but it got logical explanation, didn't find any x-mas style wrappimng paper until late November, and now i'm concentrated on my book drawings in full.  112 pages pencilled, and til X-mas I'l do as many as I manage to do within reasonable hours a day, no nightshift or hurried bullshit, in my plans. Some filler pages done and yet to be done, but that's Ok as it serves the plot. merry waiting for x-mas and holidays, hooray!! :)

30.11.2016 Wednesday and slept late again, muts be this dark time of the year taht keep me sleepy and tired, as we all know we're livimng the darkest weeks of the year, especially in lappland it's black all day, kaamos. Guess some people love snow and skiing and skating and have little ids who enjoy playing on it, I do understand as I was nuts on icehockey as a kid too, but now this just eats the strength and hours off daily working. feel luike a bear, needing alot sleep and even naps some days, hah. What a baby I am...

 Tomorrow I'll start my traditional x-mas puzzle quizz wizz at facebook on pages Kultainen Nuoruus, where you can win free book by quessing whose lurking behind these covers! One box opened every day til X-mas eve, if winner found earlier! Good hunting!

As the years before it's been too easy, this year I won't give no clues!! ;) 



Just doing it for good spirits and feeling happy to give away nice books! :)

29.11.2016 Tuesday morning, another diet I'm going through, not eating sweets or chocolate til X-mas, oh well, to me it's hard to do,a s my "only" vices are candy and choco lately. Been sober soon 10 years in arow, except twonights back in 2010 when bachelor party and Jönssi's funeral (party). Drinking til mornong break. Some how i don't miss it much, got guts to sing and drum sober too. maybe even better than while drunk. The illusions, misbeliefs and lies sink better when drunk. And especially hangovers I don't miss to miss at all!! ;)


Towards happy times and good health, here I come! like a hurricane, eheheh....


well, I'm still drawing new pages with most speed ever, 106 pages done and more coming every day til the story of Summer 0f '86 is told, correctly and not saving anything, any one,

especially me,the not so innocent bystander! ;))))))))))



<--- sketch done in Los Angeles, USA 1995.

28.11.2016 Monday, morning and coffee mugs, jugs of milk and honey downstairs waiting for me, I'm waiting X-mas and new year better days and tons of truckloads with money to bring it on me, wanna be millionaire, don't wanna wait anymore...!! ;)))))))) So if you got too much, gimme the half of yopur everything, thank you very muchand pleased to meet you, "hello tourist, we take your dollars!" In my upcoming book I'm middle of thiefs, liars and beggars and all kinda krooks, turn myself into one too...

 .....too embarrassing  to admit! So all you read is lies lies lies, don't believe a word. i'm a liaaaaaaaaaaaaar, hahahahahaa!



<--- 30 years ago in Espoo, taking tan at backyard of Karakallio, still remember that day and slight hangover and that HAIR of peroxide blondie!! Jeesus.

27.11.2016 Sunday, so Fidel castro left finally to orchestra downstairs, farewell, and not comeback. I'm just taking it easy still today, trying to be in the mood for work only monday til friday. but slipping and sliding all the while, but if I love what i do I don't mind if I work on it on weekends too. Hopefully I ain't talking the same shit all over and repeating it  like a parrot all the time, too any years on the road on writing here whatever is in my mind!! ;)

 So towards new  ideas and new waves, new music and riffs, world ain't done yet, i'm still cooking like rock! ;)

26.11.2016 Saturday morning, took some melatonine to improve falling in sleep, weel feel very tired now after normal 10 hour sleep. Don't know did it effect or not. Today trying to take it easy anyway, no drawing just maybe little music composing as I do, improvising and making up riffs, which I enjoy when it's succesfully operated and results may surprise me years to come. Some songs open thier goodness only after good long listening, some sink slowly but tryly in oblivion and uninteresting corner. I feel sorry for that historian that has to go through ALL my art and music collection of original songs and ALL them versions, after I'm dead and gone......., hahahaha!! ;)

Luckily it won't be anytime soon, wanna live another 52 years still!! ;) All the best is yet to come!

25.11.2016 Friday black or white, even with living colours, hah. Gotta share you my strange mystery with morning muesli i eat every morning: it tasted bad and sour from two days from new panckage so I thought there must be something wrong with the muesli. Today I open anew milk package and tadaa- muesli was fine again, muhahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahhaahhaahaha!! :D

 Always something cooking and fishy happening here in winter wonderland of Jouko's kitchen, haha. Oh well, onwards to X-mas and new year.

24.11.2016 Thursday and excatly a month til X-mas, yeah!! I'm forever x-mas buffoon, love to give and love to get some, even love the ham we finns eat, alot. Best times of the year. December is also my birthd month ans new years eve and our 99th anniversary as finns on sixth. Whole lotta celebration to do and enjoy. wishing you all good tuimes already as preparing and planning holidays. Such agood feeling even just thinking about it, and good will towards all people in the world, and peace. Wish it could be x-mas all year, hahahaha!! :)


 Well I try to ge t as many pages doene as possible, but I gotta keep the quality high, still and not rush just for nymbers. hate to draw 'em again if hurried too much, but guess i can't avoid it thorouly.... life what a mess and rerun of ideas. And repairing not unless it's broken, well hard to do and see which is good enuff, but I'll have to let it go by instintc. basic stuff you see, hohohoho!! ;)

23.11.2016 Wednesday, morning, woking up, going down on drawing business, as usual, with fondness. My life's story and my life on the line, out in the street and in your face, plans that come true, things I just gotta do. Can't stop now that I've doen 180 pages and 100 papers to new album, akak 50 print size pages,it's adamn good sport and job done within less than two months!! Very proud of my ability to draw right now and getting on with the "plot" on my spanish adventures!!! :) Crazy days and wild nights, hahaha... you'll see !!! Well I went to unemployment station and looks like i won't get no unemployment money, next eyar either, thank you government and all the assholes with stupidiest rules, so I'll make my move towards *******, and stop commenting my actions here, as they might use it against me, later on. So, all this is just my wild imaginations results, all lies and stories, right? ;) Can't blame for saving my ass, can't accuse me from escaping the law and jail, can you?


Crazy world , crazy rules, suits for all the fools all the jerks of offices and regular average guys everyday life. But I'm little different from that, not better not worse, but different and proud of it, in my way.





<-- in a bar in Madrid 2011 me with Josu, my buddy from year 1986!! :)

22.11.2016 Tuesday, going to employment office soon to tell 'em how it is and I'm not a business man with business to run, I do my business but not like company man. Ain't got no company to run, I know it's hard to understand if you just sit around all year, moving papers to boxes and doing nothing creative. Well so easy to dis so many workers, who play by the numbers and by the book, but being renegade, misfit and  rebel, that's much harder way, to live  and fuck off all stupid rules and correctness. oh well blowing my horn and taking it as it comes, relatively real life. well, ain't expecting much from the visit but just hoping I won't be miserable and down for rest of the day...... as usual I am visiting these offices and office workers, putting me down, I'm still that  sensitive little poet boy, oh boy...   hahahaha!! :D


 Have a nice day, where ever you are, baby.



<-- Donostia, 2011.

21.11.2016 Monday, another rainy morning, snow is long gone, winter we got all the same, the darkest days of the year, this month and next. X-mas only month and 3 days away, worth waiting every year. Been such a good boy again, hehe, expecting lotsa gifts. And bagful of movies on 'em, visible visions I like. I want to see to believe it, and I can see Santa Claus, and I can see gifts, love the giving and taking time of peoples. X-mas time, and those shopping streets officially opened last weekend with Santa and elfs, oh well...


 seasons of the earth, tumbling and turning like a drunken man downhill, free ride and unexpected obsticles on the way down. Sacred shitless about Trumps ideas and executions, that'll shall we see soon. Politics interest me not much, but doing the right thing and being fair, we got some pretty exciting year to see.


<--- Donosti, 2011 verano, como turista. :)

20.11.2016 Sunday best on in, wedding caricatures done, and album going on page 95, I'm in Donostia aka San Sebastian, pais basco, basc country capitol, adventures on mountains and villages, Hodarribia here I come...

(<--- Hondarribia  august 2011.)

again. I still remember everything there and then, that's why I trust my memory, and don't mind if mess with months or which happened before what, that's not important. The feelings and crushed and foreigh affairs are, I was a young boy then 22. the lucky number of Spain. Or that's what I heard, love'd to live in Spain a year or two, although it's changed so much in 30 years, the poverty that I saw is vanished so much. Globalising us into same modes, models, moods nad programs, music and art been global over 60 years since radio and LP's heydays. Global problems we face, and some of us tries to solve, mankind is not so kind, To anyone. Power to the people, they have not. A battle for evermore, on little man's side. Against governmental forces and idiots. There's not so much hope for us, only fools like me believe, in themselves and santa claus and world living in peace. No killings, no murdering soldiers, no racists, no bigots, no nazizs and no bullshit.

19.11.2016 Saturday  morning, just before noon, I'm awake drinking my morning coffee. made a cover version of Danzig's Mother song, well it came out quite right with only two acoustic guitars and vocals. I had planned to do my version for ayear or two, but finally made it succefully, hah, shall send it to record company. I need distrubution and marketing and some oe to pat them, I'm making new songs like crazy, this year 55 songs and 49 cover songs. Music to my ears, hopefulyy to yours too, some day I'll make a career as a singer songwriter. And I don't have to make up a wild autobio story, cause I got it already, hah. Ain't no seasick steve, luckily not.


Got a little gig tonight as caricaturist for friends, and sauna later on. Stay clean.

18.11.2016 Friday, that first snow is almost all gone, so biking is much easier and safer for awhile, til next snow storm. My album on page 90, thats muchop bueno, progress on it and I'm still in Marbella and year 1986, soon exploring rest of the Spain and adventures go on. Wild memories worth write and draw on,  life worth living. Don't give up, don't stop believing in youtself, taht's what i'd like to hear from somebody, not "oh no that won't work, you can't do that, you should go to scholl to study drawings etc etc."

 Hurtful small talk, but it made me stronger and fighter, just like a fool in Christina Aquilera song!! Fight til victory til triumph, and wipe asshole from table, let e'm rot in hell, fuck all the losers, never achieved nothing, but sore critics. Building uop my reputation as mean machine and evil, ain'yt doing none of that shit, I'm natural born man,

 lover of truth and old school hoochie coochie man, man from Muddy Waters song.


 Woke up this morning my wife was crying, she ain't got nothing but trobled memories from her childhood, comfort but not that southern whiskey malt all she need, is all. troubled woman with a hurt child inside. What can I do, what can I say, to save her from grave and tears. Blues about my lady, my baby, my love. Blues never lose, never give up.

17.11.2016 Thursday morning, wife getting better although her nose is still black and blue. I'm on page 87 with my album sketches, so over 35 pages for printed version that is. If my luck held on this way I'll be half book's pages done by x-mas. I got so many things to tell, so many accidents and happenings to reveal. I'm still inspirared and overwhelmed with this task to do, but in a good way. I want to do this as good and humoristic as possible, hopefully some one else finds it's humour too! ;)

Oh well, fighting before third cup of java ain't right....

...fuck fights. make a peace, make love.

16.11.2016 Talking bout unlucky, my wife walked thru the glass door on supermarket and broke her nose for the third time! Third! Jeesus, have alittle mercy on her. I went and got the car from parking lot and her from hospital, after she was was there for 2 hours. Now another sick leave, and me to take care of her. So sad, especially she's worried bout her nose all the time., already. Happened late last night, so we got to sleep late too and I had to wake her up to check up, in the middle of the sleep once, so I'm also blurry and bit shaken in head. Maybe some people are more vulnerable to accident than others but this is pure bad karma and unluck. Vulnerable and accident magnet. So I'm her nurse again.


 Get well soon. Put some whinings in perpective, again. I'm alright, she's the hurt and in pain.


 <--- my painting 5 years ago, tells my feelings bout my feelings towards local/legal/national employment officers. Nothing to do with nothing else much,


...but the rights for bascs.

15.11.2016 Tuesday morning, as I told yesterday back in business, 80 pages done and more to come, still inspiraed with my book.  sopmetimes I wonder does life pass me by while I just sit and draw, but work takes it's tolls from time and other things to do simultaneously, hehe, I just made another new song last night, my 53'rd sondg this year, so I'm quite productive there too. Making music the way of life, way of self expression and shouting out the anger and dissapointment and love, love that stuff and blues. Evolution progress of guitar playing is important to be ABLE to express what you feel. No need for brainless  tilulilu shredding, playing more notes in second that you can hear, what's the point there?


 Ahoy we go, towards the x-mas and holidays!

14.11.2016 Monday, morning, still sore from driving race cars, but otherwise quite alright, ready to start working again after few coffee mugs. Page 78 is waiting to get it's fillings, I'm waiting to be working til X-mas week to get this album done pencilled before summertime, and start inking it in those summerdays when you can't just lay on the sun shine, and " luckily" we have those alot in Finland!! ;)

 I'm "lucky" NOT to have any other work or jobs than this album , I can concentrate on it full time and headed. progress I see and feel to second book odf relevations is huge, now (Ithink) I know how to make it more readable and fun to read, with lot more dialog and fast actions, and more public building, people can identify and relate, and get epiphany and inspirations too. Trying to keep up this good vibrations and succesful ideology and feeling, fine.  Fine. Back in business, the working week here I come! :)

13.11.2016 Sunday,  another memorial cart-in drive race later, day after meeting of old friends with sauna and dinner and million of silly laughs after. And most of all i wasn't the slowest this time, never been, I was the second slowest, haha!! ;)


 Got back home at two in the morning, and there was a movie I haven't seen with Laura Ingalls sweet player Melissa Gilbert as adult in a role of old heroin addict recoverer, so I had to watch it til 4...so now I'm all blur and fuzzy bear. Taking it easy all day, today, no sunday service expected today, just relaxation and TV or movie, no action.

 I'll live tomorrow, cause I don't live today, Jimi Hendrixs' lyrics.

12.11.2016 Saturday morning, soon leaving to Helsinki, racing with friends on kart-in cars. Smell of gasoline and dangerous curves and passing by ten minutes is a LONG race on that small arena, definately shall have pain in arms tomorrow morning, as usual. Well, once a year this is fun, afterrace sauna and dinner with those fabulous tapiolan freaky ol' boys!! ;)

 Oh pondering shall I go to shopping before the race or not, maybe I'll leave it til next time the record stores raid, maybe just the drawing pad store claes olson should be do, to get enuff paper for my album, but we'll see how is my strength and will. Never know how much I got inspiration. or where it comes. I know where I go,

Helsinki here I come!! :)

11.11.2016 Friday, bright morning, slept like alog 10  hours, yeah, feeling alright, expecting tomorrows kart racing with old friends for our friend dead and gone with tsunami 2004. 12 years ago, it's a long time, for anybody. 11 of it I've been with my wife, and that's a mighty long time also, for realtionship, and not divorced.  Long ride til sunset, still some 30-40 years to go if were lucky and healthy, enuff is enuff. Just living and loving it, simple man's secret to simple life. Expecting not to fly or moon from the sky, I'm satisfied much easier ways, everydays little joys and laughters, interesting programs and projects, friends to have alugha and nostalgic jokes and taking all as it comes.

 Good morning, we got wintertires, so propably tomorrow the first snow shall...


( <-- 13 years ago I was playing at Lemmy-book's finnish  publishing night party as Jack Noir!! :) )


....melt. Yes, that's the way it always goes , haha.  I got disgust of the newstelelrs in TV always wit greates joy WHEN it snows, why? Cause the children like to play in snow? Adults should have rights too, hehehehehehe...


Had a 1 day miss with album, but then took over yesterday with new pages in row, now I've done 74 pages, that's more than 35 pages in printed version and the book, spanish sauna triop getting weirder day by day and especialy nights in blue satin.

Working hard for this one, getting it done by 2018,

I hope, and do all my best for it.

10.11.2016  Thursday, world didn't end on Trumping but surely is changed, for better or worse, we'll see.  I made music number 53 for this year's original song, with all the covers I've made 101 song this year. It's my another breathing ventile, when get stuck on work air, and to zero the head that's running ideas day and night. Workaholic, aiming for stardom and riches, haha, hal of it's true...

 I didscale smaller my fotos and stories here and realize HOW amny times I'va borrowed and said "What am I gonna do? Ride on." the AC/DC and Bon Scott lines, almosta s amny times as i do say "Oh well..." hehehehe, my phrases and lingo bingo. As I'm not native engluishman, and really never syudied english after left schooll 1982, so I'm easily attracted on sayings and phrases taht suits me, aplogize. To all my english professors of eglish litterature whoa re reading this daily, muhahahaa!! I knoe you all love me and my wisdom of speech and freedom of choice to chooze my words,

mightier than swords.

 All babylon and apocalypse now for all to be scared cause Trump comes and crushes you under the border wall.

9.11.2016 Wednesday, and Trump is the president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that didn't end up like hoped, rest of the world....... we shall see whaddahell gonna be...?

Damn this day and yesterday too, domestic fight and odd bill from this here company putting this site up for me. Cash always accepted, but not working weekends or nightshifts, so if these pages are stuck, broken, or overload, you just have to wait and hope, somebody there in maintence shall find his or hers way to work and do her stuff, that I pay. Enuff said, ain't eager for any NEW bills, I already pay alot, for this, fun.

 Hopefully stays fun and stays without paying me sick and poor......

 oh well, suppose YOu don't give afuck who pays what and how these texts and pics come for free, for you, my darlings and enemies, who enjoy mine work too, too much monkey business, all teh american idots got what they wanted, good luck with it, see yopu in welfare line! ;)

8.11.2016 Tuesday morning, I'm all in my spanih sauna trip all day, soon as I wake up I start to plan new pages and trying to remember ALL that happened that summer of '86, there and then. Mostly funny still , but the tragedy lurks just behind the corner, oh well trying NOT to spoil the plot beforehand.......


so let's talk about something else, tomorrow this time we know whose the next president of USA, little suspension in the air, huh. We shall see do they have any mind at all?!? Oh well well well, exciting times of craziness and otherwise murder in Syria, and all, world is crazy and getting weirder all the time with some celebrities, song contest winners and losers and global idiotism. Stupidity is the only global force that increases itself, we are doomed to live with each others, that's  a hard burden in this garden, and the beast is violence, greedy, selfishness, capitalists and money man, taking your last penny. And laugh all the way to bank. Corruption, only hal astep away, half a glance away. Don'y look, so yopu won't see, don't ask so you won't hear, difficult lives, hard times sure are here. No mercy.

7.11.2016 Monday, crumpy old woman starts her days with anger, starting to affecyt me after all these 11 years we've been together. She should get her shit together and not yell me for no reason, so here we go again, ............


......okey a short but meaningful conversation later, were OK, hehe, this getting way too personal confessions from me, but hey I don't care if you think YOU know me so well by reading whatever I put here, in my mornings fuzzy head, thoughts and silly ideas, I only care if you try to box me in some stupid cathegory or label, brand my ass not me.

I've drawn already over 60 pages for my comics book, way to go, gonna be some rocking revelations,

 for you to read.

6.11.2016 Sunday sun is here again, and snow, winter here to sway, til spring til beginning of this all. Lost few kilos in my newest diet, yeah, I can do it. Sauna on saturday, it's our little tradition, two artists in one house makes troubles and electricity in the air, our normal is yopur art life, works as usual, all of our time, spent and saved nothing, but time tell what was the price of our lives, our art. I don't give a fuck what some jerk off critic don't like and what is "POPULAR" reading material, whose the funniest man in finnish comics business, fuck that all. Change all yuo can, and accept things you can't change, our ives should be ours to chooze and decide, right? Meaning of the words thrown so hastily, so wrong, so lost in translation, in time, and in the moment. World is crazy and the clown on trapeze without asafety net.  Can't afford to fall anymore, can't fail. Somehow this morning and life feels alright, although not everything is alright, far from it. Suspense presidental elctions in USA, in two days, let's see if the world shall be the same after all?

<--- Angelandevil part 32, sketch for watercolours 2012. One of works that nobody seen before, shall be printed in acoffee table book for adults, soon as I get a grant for it! :)

5.11.2016 Saturday morning, third of my newest diet, but fell to eat some rye chips late last night, so gain instead losing weight, damn. But I really put my head and heart on it this time, gotta be slim jim again, not fats domino falling over and over. repetition the millonest time, damn damn damn. Better news on comics book side, I'm pushing page number 60, next and still GOT whole lotta wild stories to tell, wilder than your mother in heat, hard for you to beat, I promise you a WILD spanish trips to sauna, Madrid, Fuenterrabia and Marbella my dear. Now it's the latest hour to do 'e, while I still remember 'em. Guess I had lost some of my memory on the 30 years down the road, but the wickedest and craziest can't forget,

 even if I'd try!!! ;)))))))))))))))



Oh well, tonight it's finnish sauna day and time for recurrecion, ehe, no but steaming hot bath and cleaning the body and mind. Weeks dirt washed like catholics going to confessions. Whole moses, jesus baby child and all religious landmarks and beliefs, nobody can prove it, nobody can unprove it. Beliefs and habits, religious porridge with all the spices. Feed the hungry, cloth the naked, fill the empty. Believe what you like, and let me do what I please too, very good advice, for us all. And fuck all terrorists and shit they bring on. That ain't religion, that's fanatism, idotism and abuse on fear and war.

 Fuck all violent movements and governal forces on it too. We don't need no war, despise, violence and all bullshit "THEY" say we do, for our shelter, we don't need no trillon cost aeroplanes to "shelter" us 3 minutes longer than without them. Damn idiots in government and every household where guns still talk and rules YOUR world and decicions. Fools parade, neverending travesty.

Fuck it, and love all, love thy neighbours cattle and dog too. And boogie loo! ;)



<-- all this autumn's NEW pages in row, ain't stupid ain't too slow. 2-3 pages ag day is my normal hyperactive  pace, ain't no race ain't no championships battle, BUt best huryy to get it done by 2018.... now I start to dream IF I'd finish it by 2017 and Finland's 100th anniversaty  in December 2017! ;) Just you wait!!!!!!!!

4.11.2016 Friday, cold and ice cool sneaked in and stayed against all my wishes, the snowy white stuff on the ground, for all the children in the world... Finland to enjoy. Thursday went with problems over here site, but otherwise great, got 3 pages done and that's a lot for one day, Itell you. And I'm planning to go on til next week's weekend when I'll got to Helsinki and cart-in racing again, our yearly meeting for fellow passed away in tsunami. Oh well, it's nice to meet those old tapiolan guys at least once a year! ;)

  Year ago I was in Lucca comics festivals in Italia, wish I'd be there again, someday. As an artist hopefully next time, I wanna conquer the world, hehe. yes conquer the world without any instagram or tweet, is it possible, of course it is, the quality will stand for itself and gifted will shine on through the clouds of mediocre artists low standards, especially in comincs there's no bar to go under, you can pubish ALL the shit you please, and they surely do, me I just publish my greatest hits, muhahahahaaa!!! Of course EVERYBODY thinks he is the chozen one, better than anyone, king of the world and champion of the league of all bastard comics artists.

 Oh, good morning and let's go to the top!

2.11.2016 Wednesday, first little snow on earth, over this here little town ground. Only little example of what coming, ice age number 53, of my life. makes me wonder every year, why did those ancestors decide to come here, where ice and snow is our guests for better half of the year?


 Some answers never got, questionsd blew in the wind, lost years found ground, breaking news, sing the blues, for you and me. Easy to see, hard to rearrange, hardly anything really change, generations after generations finding same old truths but can you change your life?

 Can I? Can IO do anything really good and meaningful? Answers laying in the wind back to Bob Dylans nobel prized ass. Blow wind blow, blow my baby back to me.........................................................!

 Lost youth, golden years to come and silvery hairdoes, wrinkled hands and faces, lifted up from beds in cheap old age homes. Nurses you need, health you lost, wealth you cost, the iving loving made you old and old age made you old maid. Funny how life never stops, for you. Morbid and cruel, road to ruin, road to cemetary, way out there, for every fool and king. Road never ends, we do.

 Serious business, of aging like cheap wine, vinegar good to preserve and bottle, bottle, my youth.

1.11.2016 Tuesday, on my way to waking up game, and tables are turning, coffee is breaking the strings back to sleep, I', just turning up for opening eyes. Mornings parade on a line of time, make it meaningful, make it count, make it real good, time to shine and time to fly, art is the vehicle and horse to take ypu to town, boy about the town, take you to crowd, gave you a crown, now I'm just a clown----

--ing around. For you and your pleasure, do whatever it takes, angels or cakes, unicorn popping around, witches from Witchita fly you around, dreamers and nonbelievers, skeptics and surrealistics, all in the same leaking boat, same day, same shit, same face, same place, same old same ol'. Okey I'm tired but I'm inspired with my new book, works like it should, can't stay outta my drawing room, table or stool! :)

Boogie chillum! Good times to draw bad times and the pleasures of a poor boy, the boy I once was. Storytelling at its best, and fuck all the rest, like I did, already back in 1986, Marbella,  Fuengirola and................ next stop Madrid!!!! :) Stay tuned, stay clean, stay with me.

31.10.2016 Monday, forecast of snow for day after tomorrow we shall see, if it stays or not. I drew some pics to my comics late last hight, can't tell yet was it worth it to work so late hours or not. Some how we'll see only later on, shall it be good or not. I 'm willing to try different approach and drew more pages than I need and pick only the best and smoothest storytelling versions of 'em. My babys , I think of 'em all the time, obsession I love, to have or have not. Lucky or not, creation or not, world goes around, night turns into a new day, that's a miracle everyday, we took for granted our health, abilities to walk, talk, work, rest and enjoy free time and all around freedom, for granted, is nothing. maybe it takes aloser to see how important all our stuff and everyday life is, only when lost it you appreciated it, really. that old story and phrase is true.

 Not all the old folks sayings and yakaty yaks are true, hardly ever. But some cut the mustard, serves you the truth and wisdom. Oh well we all know that.......................................................? Right. Some never lost nothing valuable, but time.

Waits for no one, no one stops the time,  my book of revelations hopefully stops you at your feet and and time flies while reading and watching it, when it's ready at August 2018. Just you wait! ;)

30.10.2016 Sunday and hey, we're back in summertime eerrr, I mean wintertime and the clocks to be turned back.......


alright, we got quite many clocks as I prefer  wall clocks and alarm clocks too, wrist watch I haven't used daily since 1982, except maybe while I was working 1990-93 at Telinekataja  on scaffolds outside and wind and rain and the coffee breaks were scheduled and spend by minute timetable. Oh those were the days and times........   I got no urge or need to have back, hehe, ain't got no real need for nostalgic trip, teary eyes  I still got  when seeing accidentally  helped poor people in Tv show when least expected, surprised with your pants down... eeerrrr, no but when you worked on minimum wages for years and worked good and hard and then unexpected  got promotion or gifts and vacations and help from outsider, boss or some one else. getting even, getting what you deserve, what you need, Finally, it's like going to heaven, on earth, getting the facts right and history written as it was, not as it was supposed to be by the rumours and bullshitting for years, times. Wintertime here we go again.  Towards Springtime, again. Stopping at X-mas and New years eve, oh and my birthday is too in December 13th. Somethings to expect with joy. In these dark days, lights in the house, roads slippery and nature going to sleep, hibernating til April.

Again. Words we use too often. Again.

29.10.2016 Saturday, love doing Spain and spanish girls In Marbella for the next book, 40 A3 size pages doen, that's 20 in print, when inked next year. Thrilled to go back and tell my tales, some people nevr n believe you, tell you're liar, but oh not me, I'm not, my tales just wild and crazy, just like I was in my crazy youth. Hopefully I've experienced enuff  craziness  while younf, so I dfon't have to be xcrazy anymore as old..................! Well, I don't know do that exclude another out or not. Old age don't scare me, death does. Curiosity killed a cat, but keeps you alive, Information flood everywhere, washing all over our little brains and heads, rolling another saturday, another sunny day, another interesting way to look at, past and present, making a peace with yourself, making world good enuff to live another day and life. One life is short and better be well spent. Oh well, dwell in death and guts and cruelty, novelty and literal shit, dirt on the ground, dirt in mouth, fuck it, just a girl in  miniskirt, will do...

 me in!! Haha, laughing increases days in your life, hopefully in mine too! Laughing all the way til death. Laughing at death, ridicule all, nothing's sacred, but love, and laugh at it too, laugh and love it. Life. Life. Life. Best of times, all the times, salute de vivre de joie. Elämälle kiitos, ja anteeksi pettyneille.

28.10.2016 Friday, and suprise I'm up before nine o'clock! Early bird might take a nap later on, but now I'm already buzzing with all the ideas I gotta draw on my Spanish Sauna Trip episode and the crazeeee thangs tha really happened. I'm quite lucky to have a past worth writing for, I don't have to invent supernatural sci-fi action comics from nothing and empty space, that's between your ears, haha. If  you haven't lived you haven't got too much to write about. I'm a strong believer in experience in first hand and inexperiences in only  second hand job and stuff. Stuff you fill the empty pages and life.

 Rather had me the difficult and hard times than nothing at all, yeah as a blues man I can relate to Albert King's phrase "if I hadn't got bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all". so nowadays all those horrible troubles and evil people pay me back, in terms of plots in my comic books. So the final laughter shall be..............mine. HAHAHA!! :) So with the price of all the laughters in the world, have a great weekend, where ever you are. Remenber to live, while alive. You can have all the rest in the world when you are in your grave. :P

27.10.2016 Thursday, and rain has come back after a long visit in summer, luckily it's not snow... yet. Everyday saving with heating bills when it's not below zero and frozen ground, so thank you who decide the weather conditiond up there, we don't need no snow here before x-mas, please and thank you very much. I just want to get to Helsinki with summer tires in November still, sio fingers crossed and hoping best...


 well, I'm so IN my book that all I do is think about it and draw it as fast and fine I can. Heavy but righteous  burden for a man, to make a peace with his past and mine, like Julius Cesar starting to speak myself in third person, hahahaha!  Not really, but all for cheap jokes to brighten my day and wife's too.  My little world, my little bubble, well no, can't say this is a bubble, we're not living too sheltered or fenced life, we do get dirty and sweaty on our daily habits, works and all. All that works to get you through your day, and not hurt anyone, makes your day less hard, less pain, less suffer, less rain. Back in weather business again. Hah.





<-- October's work, Spanish sauna trip aka Golden Youth part 3....

done fast and loose.

26.10.2016 Wednesday, morning waking up. I need a diet and fast, getting heavier and heavier and I ain't no heavy man, no hard rocker, just bluesy juicy hoochie coochie man, needing achange to chance my life and eating habits especially, no I'm not gonna be veggie but need to quit candy and chocolate soon................!


 Oh well, decicions and commitments, I can do them, I can do what I want to. Gotta believe in me, and no doubt there will be doubters and nonbelievers, that's alright with me too.  well, hell all is alright with me that don't steal, insult, hit, shout at me or from me. I accept all as they come, except nazis I got zero toleranse.  So now I dive into year 1986 and my adventures from New York to Spain, here I go again!!




 <--pencilworks in Forssa city October 2016.

 Happy halloween coming soon too!! :)

25.10.2016 Tuesday, first snow tries to come but it's more justw atert than snow that's raining down. Although I wait for X-mas eagerly, I don't care about snow, got noneed for it and ice cold days bicycling is a challenge and clothing in layers like motherfuckking grunge guitarist, blaaaaaaaaah!! Oh, I rather have sunny warm days like in Spain all year. And darkness of the egde of this town, depressive if you're in with it that way, I try to keep my feelings off of the weather conditions, rain doesn't depress me. Nature thanks every drop and rain washes dust and allergics thanks too. Nature rules, we just adjust on or die. So many death announcements all the year, so saddening, guess it comes with the age, middle age when your friends and relatives start to pass.... away. Too sad, to put the foto in frame and hanging with 'em only in memories. Making memorable life, stories to tell, fight back the hell and all, fighting for freedom to speech and art, til the end, everyday, never giving up the righteous fight, path to go, way to go. All for one, and one for all.

Love. All for love.

24.10.2016 Monday, waking up, taking up all as it comes, magpies eating rabbit on the backyard, a carcass feasting for wild animals, had to carry our cat away from it twice. A half of a rabbit, the cehst bones visible, front half missing, guess it's eaten by a hawk or fox, whatever too close to our house to keep our cat away is achallenge, I'd rather not see and do, but I'll try to prootect our cat from diseases, that's all in concern to do, let 'em magpies eat what ever. that's their job and profession to eat all thats rotten and dead.Alright among us living ones, I try my best and after two weeks drawing I managed to reach a really effective pic or two, now I'm all pumped up on hope and believe I'll make it big with this book. Gotta be huge and millionaire by the age of 60, .......................................................hahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa...

 whateveer I'll enjoy the ride all the way, every day is a celebration to life and love, and without 'em I got nothing,  life is best when alive. ;)

23.10.2016 Sunday, problems here with connections, so couldn't write any yeterday.... hopefully it wasn't the attack they told in news....

 hoping all good to all good. Well this looks like working again... too bad can't reme´mber what I wrote last afternoon as I was waking up, like 1201 times before, did some counting and correct number of weekends is this, hah like it makes no difference, cause no one's counting 'em, but me just for fun.

 Saturdays we go to sauna here in our indoor wood heaten lil sauna, and it's mighty fine, steam and sweat like it suppose to be, even our italian friends like it, two months ago a lot!!!

I made pretty good cover version on Gary Moore's blues "Hard Times"  and somehow it suits these hard times might good, :P

First I thought it's an old blues standars but it's written by Moore, that's agreat accomplishment, sound like blues classic. My aim to be real blues singer and guitarplayer, one of these days. Yeah, one of these days!

 The weather's going so cold and gray that I need to put some summerish pics here with swimming suits on and...

 off we go, towards Spain and summer of '86. I'll get my kicks to tell all my adventures to all you good people to judge and say " is this really true happening happened 30 years ago?!?"

  Yes, I do tell the truth and facts, sugar and spice added just to make it more readable, but no fiction actions, this is not based a on a true story, IT IS atrue story, there's adufference there, size of a mountain to across, cross my heart and tell the truth. Always wilder, more emotional and crazier than fiction, that I do believe.

 So lets' boogie til.

Lost saturday only in alphabets...            22.10.2016, yesterdays news, todays fish wraps.

21.10.2016 Friday, number 1197 since I've bee n a free lancer, fridays that doesn't mean to stop working the week, nor wild parties or getting drunk either. life got so much quieter and stress free, when not waiting impatiently and madly passionately the next weekend and the next summer vacation, always the next and always waiting. Didn't suit me, don't want the part to be working nine to five and monday to friday, working week standards. Appreciate the fellow man still working on his hands and knees, labour of sweat , pain, hard work again and again, in synshine and rain, the working must be done, no matter what it rains, cats and dogs and cows and boys, or not.

Oh one Bowie record sold this morning........................ gonna be a millionaire this way, soon as 2000 turn 3000! ;)

Oh, but I got time to wait another day, another night, another fall, no james bonds around this adventure, no krooks no villains, no spectre or criminal masterminds, just pure work ethics and love of the labour, don't know if it makes you free, or not. Doubts are good, no doubt about it.

Another perfect day. Motörheads fall and rise again.

20.10.2016 Thursday morning, watchin here how trees dropping their leaves day by day, nature's strange way to get ready for the cold and winter, why do all must die, and turn turd, crap and dirt? Not expecting no answers even if you feel like responding, can't hear your screaming at me, can't hear nothing from hundred miles away. Life in it's ownreasons and well hidden paths, mud baths and scyscraping face lifts, dogs barking caravan smarting, Rome sporting life, find a knife, in your own back, yard and abird and get back or get even, get it?

Strange kind a life expections, large amounts and huge toppings and wide spread, legs akimbo, bimbo presidental dental plans, rock fans south american masses, haile selassies, lassies coming back,

 home.  Houses for homeless, food for needy, drinks for alcoholics, bums for shooters club, galleries for mothers of the year, or two, too much information, too many papers to read, too any people,

too many in need, of some. Some one is better than  no one. To be with you, lone rider needs it's companion, lover needs heart to squeeze, to pelase,

 another some one like you.  Don't know where all this came from.... except from these letters and buttons pushed, alittle harder, push the limit.

Working for myself and for the tomorrows people.

19.10.2016 Wednedday, towards the wintery field and weathers, slowly but surely this happens every year, hopefully the winter won't surprise any conductor and no car found crashed or driven out off the road... especially no black ice before next week would be appreciated a lot! :) Today I'll draw the page number 24 for the next album, that means in printed pages 12 but it's a good start, although I think I'll need to improve my skils and comics art with this one as well as storytelling, make it more suave and hooking, wilder stories and crazier girls coming up!! Watch out all you rock'n'rollers, some weird but true tales to be written down and telling my Spanish sauna Trip back in 1986..............year of the dog or a cat or a pig or all of them!! ;) Hahaa!!

Well, two weeks of continuying work on the book, results getting better as I'm getting out of USA and into Spain, soon... I must admit I'm strating to forget the facts reality after and over 30 years ago, so I better hurry up this album while I remember,

 anything, the good spots and parts the good sports and evil doers and crazeeeeeeeeee nights in Marbella, wild times, high times too.....so much weeeeeeeeeeeeed, in deed, too bad it  as so long ago the police can't procecute me on 'em, anymore, phiuh! :P :P :P

Well fuck it, my juvenile delinquent life, at it's best and then some surprises guaranteed, to satisfie your soul and body, especially your voluptous body dancing in the heat of the night!!! :)

18.10.2016 Tuesday morning, listening July Morning by Uriah Heep, from seventies, when I was a young boy and music was so rare to find in radio or TV, especially good music, these old hippies and rockers were hip of the day then...

 Now is so much better than then, almost all music find within seconds online od youtube or whatever spotifyi you use, I'm still fond of records, CDees more than LPees, luckily have a functionary player for both, but Cd is easier to use while working on illustrations or else as the background "noise". Well all I work is illustrations, music is only my dear hobby and past time pleasure. I do get paid occasionally on my music, but still I consider it as more like sideshow not the main thing, although I dream to get a record deal and million sales on USA! ;)  Be the number one, more than just enemy of... ! ;)

 Hey, one must have dreams to reach out and work for, the ultimate rock song and the meanest blues shouting is my aim. Realism I leave to my comic books!! ;)

17.10.2016 Monday, diary tales of my waking up rituals and routines, to me this is important routine to clear my sleepy head, after night, visions and dreams, night is a strange place to visit every day, err. I mean night. I usually neber remenber my dreams from the sleep, usually I only remember the bad ones, for aminute and now I've already forgotten all. Some can tell all from their long dreams, but not me... been this way all my life. Been what I am, shy young boy, still can get scared but learnt to control my fears and just jump on it, jump into to conversation, action, presentation, show and tell, we're all scared so just can hide it better, and experience and repetition solves lotta troubles for shyness, don't want to blame others bout my shyness then, time just was different, customs and habits and average people's ways were so different. So easy to see after, later and now, hindsight is just for assholes. Bitterness and visionless is for all them bitter people, never got over it. Someone always trying to fool you, school you and laugh at you if you stumble and fall , and lose. Friends lost and found, time wasted and nothing saved, our souls poisoned and black, friendship wrecked, flags flying in th air, fags crying in a rain, no pain no gain, bodybuilders insane phrases, what doesn't kill you...         

makes you stronger or just bitter and angry............life, pretty big word. Thousands of days in a row.  You don't have to be a Nobel prize winner to know the wind will blow, you away. Eventually we'll all go away. Wind or not. Blow you away.

16.10.2016 Sunday after noon, waking ups as I told you before, later and after sleep, not counting sheeps but watching Little House On A Prairie til 2 in the morning, stoopid me. Night owling, wolf howling moonshine dark night, feel alright. Not getting much done past three days but nevermind, I've already on my way to next challenge and goal, on my way to superstardom international, just the machine needs oil and ointment to roll on and over you. Yes, I need some grease to wheels and dynamite gasoline and fuel for rockets to shoot it all out to you.

Overexaggerating nerves to get my stuff done, motor run and have my private fun, as drawing years on my autobiographical graphic novels, to shake you, to wake you, to rock you like a motherfucking hurricane. Yes it's a tumor in my brain to get it all done really realistic and true, might put some fantastic caricaturistic figures and characters to protect the... innocent and specially the guilty, of love.

 I'm the preacher for love, not religion, got my followers, silent and the ones in interviews of punk 40 anniversary, you don't have to be young to steal ideas, cause them are free to steal and above law, ideas are prey for anyone to take and make their own, or maybe it's just my imagination, must be just my very own imagination where I imagine, I did invent something from the history and my own thinking, but the must be another bum of love like me, imaging something he finds important and revealing.  Pity the thief in a night, stolen ideas weight on your grave. Insane, dead or overweight, my choices in life. Nowadays I do it in purpose, not by instinct, not by fashion, not by laws of gravity. Whose really brave, whose just waiting the next fitting wave to jump on. Train kept rolling, future keeps calling, to join and live on. Sweet taste of success and beloved everyday, still got some blues to use, erase my pain and panic attacks, past's ghosts stay away. What do I say... while I'm not sure what I mean, just guessing a lot, about love and life and love life.

Hasta luego!

15.10.2016 Saturday woking up at noon, or later after noon, english literature Noobel prize for me, please thank juu!! ;)  Hah, some people taking it way too seriously this Robert Zimmerman's newest prize, ooh Nobel but not noble prize, money to already wealthy assholes, above criticism, cause theier legendary ass don't smell like us other mortals do, celebrity for forty years, no connections of everyday life, when you're treated as a celebrity every where, maybre you go to jungle to avoid success and it's awful weight on your slippery shoulders of fame and fortune. Must be hard to be a rich man, oh, I must check my Eurojackpot immediately....

.... but I'm still here and not in my future spanish villa mansion in securitad area with other filthy rich russian mafia bosses and their kate mosses, drinking sangria for breakfast and firing guns at night to celebrate the wonder of life. It's a wonder we're still alive whle world has gone, crazy, nuts and insane, with alittle help from our friends holding and waving leathal weapons, shooting stars and average shoewearing guys and dolls, dangerous situations on your front step and your shopping mall, be aware or be dead, the global criminal actions spread and wiped out like crazy tsunami, and it's just the beginning of it all...

   ...take my word, take my advice, take my head, as you took everything else already.......... :P

  Fight back on my back, on my feet and on my knees, on my hands, my life and my future. No prewritten prophecies, no black magic, not much voodoo you do so well, well, well is not dry, forest ain't all gone or sawn flat lands, landscape, escape, they rape the nature til last plant and clean waters, they soon own you're drinking water, and we just pay for all, taking all, giving all, what they want is all they take, take it all,

if we let it happen, for the benefit for YOUR children, you should fight back, and wake up. Too busy to work and the sumemr vacations flies in a rush, yes, I heard that all before, so please don't whine, if you ain't got no time! Suffer if that's what you decided. Oh well, preaching to deaf ears, my life story, my past is my future's wage. My pension is my illustrations. That's what I believe, that's what I have to believe, in future and fair affairs with illustrators, waiting  for the truth and reason to happen.

Til then " Have a nice day!" :) )))))))))))))))))))))))

14.10.2016 Friday slept til late again, darkness at edge of the town keep sleeping and staying up til half past two also turns the timetables further away. Bob Dylan win the Nobel prize for literature, congrats cause he couldn't win it in music!! :) Already drew som bad blood by joking on it in facebook, well to me Dylan is just one old legendary lousy singer, topics I don't really care, politics and such items that are me not keen. And the music don't appeal asit should for my pleasure, so Dylan fans, go fuck yoursle elsewhere. thank you politely. Thank god there's a million better singers and music numbers and art pieces I can enjoy, without smell of an old hipsters stinking fart, haha....

 can't let go so easily, fuck hippies and hipsters and the politically correctness, if you can't take the heat get outta jungle! :P Life treats you unkind, can't unwind this casette of my life, story telling pain dwelling, miseries love me. Hoochie coochie life.  Oh gotta write another song, as ideas are flow from me, maybe it's same with Dylan, he can't stop the stream of ideas flowing to papers and music, jamming out with best musicians in the world, that'll help a little.......! ;)))))

 Grooving along this road of life, towards new adventures on everyday life. I have very little if any need for real life suspense stories, as I went through 'em enuff back in 80's and especially in Spain 86-87. You shall see it ALL in next two albums printed in 2018 and 2020. Just you wait! I know it's hard, but  hopefully waiting pays off of good stories to read and enjoy, my muy crazy life, vida en la playa y costa de sol,  vida española de 80's, disfrutas de calles y porros, putas y drogas y noches salvages, dias de calor y siestas de bar, alcohol y señoritas jovenes y amorosas!! :) Continuara, mastarde!

 Vamos ala playa........................................................................................................... ehehehehehehehe!! :)

13.10.2016 Thursday,  like the morning before I'm here banging on my alphabets by the machine, microwaved coffee and milk experience, cafe con leche español, oh the life in warmer country would be nice as it's getting here cold and ice on the morning roads. Winter bite on skin of your feace, protection of warm clothes and central heating. Trying to get in shape with drums beating in sweat and passion, VanHalen II and Motörhead Aftershock, two pretty damn good records, on drummers point of view too, every songis different from other. Mayby Motörhead was going back in some tracks a bit, but it doesn't matter as most of the songs are good and individually satisfying. Fast is the key word I like with exercise in drumming, slow ones are more boring to play on drums. Nowadays there's so many good drummers, so many professionals which you can't tell apart eachother, faceless heavy doublebass drum tukutukus stomping fast as they can... well emotion and hook and some intellectually inspirative lyrics with humour wanted and granted and thanked. Do the best you can, not the commercial shit, but many bands are locked in their wellpaid (?) heavy routines and orchestrations, NOT playin by the terms of the song, needed. Pity the fools of heavy metal.

I use music all the time I'm awake and all the time I'm illustrating, hate the silence. Simple as that.Boogie real low! :)

12.10.2016 Wednesday and autumn just rolling on, had some 13 pages done and 7 pages for print for the next album, slow burner, calories ans chocolate keep me on the run. Two year project finally started and developing ahead, planning to get a spanish distributor and publisher are sown but contacts still missing in action, gotta do more finished stuff before contacting closer 'em spaniards, maybe the katalanian companies La Cupula or such....



.....time will show how my plans develope, PeneLopez could publish it in spanish too, if I get it translated in time and good. Things to expect and waiting for, I need, inspiration and art direction. I need food to live, thoughts i have too much, empathy and sympathy overload, tears to shed for every loser and homeless tramp, I've been myself, in too many troubles to count, too many mornings woken up unwanted company, year to pass, to forget, to not regret, to just put in hstory and pages turn yellow but me not, want to be strong and proud, not gay or liar, lover not fighter.

  Shy boy, history only tell, whose not and whose hot, blooded headed and blue...

all up to you, not me, what you done, what you carry on, weights of the worlds. Tough ride, sleep on the rough, never forget nothing really, but insignificant substance of everyday issues, who ate what, wore whose jeans etc. Life ois gone crazy, fashionist and blogist rule teh world, hah! I'm a dinosaur with no smart phones or twitter count, no isntagram followers no bullshit wasted time lords of hipsters beard bugs. Insane times need insane fashions.

11.10.2016 Tuesday,slowly climbing back to that tree of inspiration and storytelling, I'm master of dwelling on past high lights weirdest moments and crazy people. Getting deeper into 80's and freedom in Spain soon after New York, plot getting thicker and stranger....

... all my past, all happened in reality, trying to put 'em in perspective and selfirony twist, so it'll be fun to read. Fun to draw, fun all over  the world, masters of universe of autobiographical comics , hahahaha...

 future looks alright, next year I'm back on (un)emloyment markets, and money for doing nothing..... but it's all right. I've been a poor boy since I've been born. No help from anyone, except my mom. Salute to her, my only one. Well, can't trust anything, anyone, and especially my own memory, ain't no computer head, no absolute truth anywhere, before times of computing and especially not after this world wide web, full of bullshit. But hey, we're living in on it, can't see what kinda shit we're on, but afterwards sure gonna smell and feel bad. But hey. Let's live in a moment, never worry 'bout tomorrow.....


 Life surely is a strange voyage. Leaking boat and animals hand and mouth disease and hand in hand, chritians waiting for heaven, pagans not. Me, I'm just trying to make a sense and live, overweight, poverty bound and little unhappy, for my gone friends dead and gone, hopefully they get in better place. Hard for my to admit I ain't the perkiest and shapest pencil in pencil holder. Damn, I wanna be the best, hehehe!! :D

10.10.2016 magic numbers and stars alligned, good times and  future bright, vision and sound and safe, dreams to fulfill, life to thrill, world to chill out, spill it out, spit it out, scream and shout. Life, open eyes, shutted doors, passed losses, fucking bosses, kate mosses, calosses feet, particular meat, all to eat, alive food, misunderstood, rude awakenings, queens and kings of new yorks, same dorks everywhere and there, you go, slow walk to death and last breath, of the autumn to fall. No one call you, no one remebers your number, your life, just anumber and papers in file, waiting in isle, hospitalized mesmerized and fantasized finalized,

 for ever and ever, as long as there's the time and road. We go, we leave, we leave sorrow...

 and some funtastic funny memories, to whom are not here with us anymore. Rest in peace and love.

Old hippies never die, they just smell funny.

9.10.2016 Sunday morning, coffee into machine and mind awake, relaxation day before week's ordinary businesses, guitars and drawing papers in peaceful fight between the time spend, suspend, returned, revalued, reanimated, relived. History writing itself on it's dirty papers, smudges and red wine stains, coffee mug leave it's wet marks, maybe some cigarette ashes...

 ... to ashes, fun to funky, we know major Tom is a junkie, and Bowie was a maestro as long as he stayed in form and made great popsongs, art kills many artists sense of reality, songs for face values of hollow heads. If you ain't got nothing to say, don't make a song about it either, thanks. Dead men tell no tales, no ghosts visting here, no hokus pokus, simzalabim, no akrakadabra, no hoodoo voodoo you do so well....   hell, what a crap and superstitious black magic, woman or man, or in between, all going all gone, all done, nothing good enough result of believing anything nots here. Nostalgian is fine, wish I couldreally live another time, well not excatly want it, as  I think harder, this is alright and good year and day and time, all the time happens more and more sad things, the older you get the more people die,

...can't change that, no matter you do. Life is thru, when it's thru. Mortal thoughts, running my head, asked no questions, just came and went, his way. This way, this path, this life, this suffering this winning and all losing ends, all ending loss, whose the boss?

8.10.2016 Saturday morning. Birds gathwering and planning to move south, just like pensioners here in Funlandia, leaving to Spain for Winter. escape of the snow and cold, nothing bad in it. Would do it myself if could afford it, one day maybe I'll do it and fly like a bird to that dreamland far away, where it's summertime forever and girls are pretty and latina, hah, my spanish dreams got fulfilled already at 80's, and now I'm just visiting it on my comics books to come. I just dwell on this BUT I've already drawn 5 new pages, or at least 2½ cause I'll continue my two horizontal A3 pages into one printed page tactic. This suits me fine, I can draw large scale and change happening middle of a page, so it's easier to add or remove stuff. Alright, let's see how many pages I can draw in a year and then ink 'em and then the extra adding pages if needed and texting at spring 2018 and printing at Summer 2018 and release in Spain and Helsinki 2018 Autumn. Slowly getting in shape and inspired to draw my youth again, cause it's a story worth to tell, something you never heard before! :)

 So it's clear what I'll do next two years, that's 730 days excatly, minus weekends and holidays of not working leave me more than 600 working days, so if I finish with 80 pages, it's like  7½ days for a page to work it and do my best. A week for a page if just enough and right to do 2 inked A3 pages, as told million times before, if you've read these blogs, hehhehehehehehhehehhehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheee!!! Crazee comedy! :D

7.10.2016 Friday, funeral of Joonas, my old timer companion and kollega of comics last trip on earth, in Helsinki this afternoon. Buen viaje amigo.  We all gotta go, but it always stops you thinking about your own mortality, morality and times we met , had a laugh a lot, we had our disagreements too, but cilized way. 87 is not bad age to pass, it honourable and especially up til last days he was active,  interested and even sporty tennis fan. Good man went. We miss you.

 Meanwhile on earth, we try to get along with colder weather and lack of inspiration, forcing myself to draw to get on with my next book project, I might erase all these pages later WHEN I'll find the right touch again, but it's important to keep on moving forward, although it's my past I'm drawing, I don't live in that past. It was horrible enough not to want to live it again, but great material for fine and crazy funny comic book, for you to read. Hopefully this one is more entertaining than the second book that was pretty heavy on subjects I just had to tell, correct. And it was evidable to do before this next book, to progress and to reader to understand, correct. Heh, well I know some of you don't understand, wont even read it, whatever reason, or opinion yopu have, forehand.....       all I ask is give ot a chance, give it a go, cause it's afine art and deep stuff, of mental health sissues and justice that not happen.

 Finnish law enforcement are still good standards in PUBLIC opinion over 90 % THINK finnish police is reliable and correct. Well, us 10 % nobody listens. So I gotta tell my story and my side of life, like it or not, it's true and that's always valuable. And right. Right to speech and shelter and food, taht what I'n still fighting for. Finlandia, land of moose and wild goose chace.......

 ...truth lies beneath, between the lines, undergrounded and hidden from the naked eye. Public opinionis what the governal administraton want it to be, statistics are shown as the one showing 'em wants us to see. Make black white and true to lie. Nobody can be trusted, but yourself, and not even yourself at all the time. Mistakes to learn or to be bullied over, decades fades but lies stays. Hard to get rid of label and brand after you've judged and labeled.

 Second class item, third degree and fourth dimension. Fifth of the scotch, sixpac of seventh heaven, eight days aweek. Nine below zero. Numbers in a row, boat in a tow. Losing horizon, climate changes. Horror moves to your house, TV news, New York jews. Everyday blues.

6.10.2016 Thursday evidable Autumn weather is here, dark nights ans starry skies. Sleeping round the clock, trying to find the spark to illustrate, again. Hard life, dry throat, time running slowly, but X-mas still so far away. I need to lose some weight again and still and for good, bad and ugly. I need a change and not small, but big time and fast.Time waits for no one.Crazy dream and hazy streams of every day, planning for future drawings, not my favourite past time, I just wanna jump into next project and book, don't find anything else as attractive as the next book adventures, although I planned to not start it before Janyary, but I failed that plan, made a plan B to come true. Hopefuly my finacial situation improves at January too when I'm back in business, busy I am all the time but  not much of a  business business. Oh well, its all a dream or nightmare, in my case of baskets and balls. No sanity in my vanity, fair is not a thing, in a capitalists crazy world, it's a rare tropical bird, to tell like it is, like it's gee whizz, like my life is buzz before fuzz, love and only love I got plenty. And time.My only friend.

5.10.2016 Wednesday morning, finally got done the welfare declaration rightened, so it took 9 times to visit to tell my side of the story, hopefully this is it and I can go on with my life again, wish I could put these all behind and be a wealthy healthy man, never asking any help from no one, unless I really need it. I'm just too stubborn and heavyheaded to ask little help from my friends. I lived in the streets cause didn't want to bother my friends, no relatives, no one really had time to help me, or knowledge what as going on, in my worry head. Fear of authorities and police and funny farm, got me running scared and walking all night. Days I'd exchange in a spot, years I'd change and erase off of my life, regrets and foolishness I suffered, enough for one life time. That moment when a phyciatrian says "you really had a tough life", I realized it myself for the first time. And swallowed it and turn it into autobiographical comic n books. 180 pages done, half of my youth's wildest things are still to come! I'm not living in the past, don't even want to, BUT I can make it a story worth to tell, winning lottery when I finally got it out of my systems and brain. Saving my life and helping some one else in same situation, perhaps. If you can help anyone, why don't you  do it?  Everybody needs help sometimes. Words of wisdom, and words of stupidity, it's all what you see and believe, is true.

 Fall or Autumn, first is downer another poetry, english and american, that small difference, can't hear in written language so easily. Can't hear at all, unless it's spoken words, love odd lingo and strange phrases and inventive speech, not so keen on rap and bragging ganstas, hah, little boy with big golden jewelry, hanging on the corner with nothing to do. Drugs the best wasted time you can get.  Hard to make a choiche if you 're in the eye of a hurricane.

Autumn leaves.

4.10.2016 Tuesday trouble made by falling computer programs.... damn, hard to find time or will to do this writing three timees in arow and every time it's gonna be little different... I'm just a jazzy classy man!! :)

  Well, what I did write before........ trying to find the will and feeling to do something important, that' s all folks.

 <-- I drew this 5 years ago while still in midst of finnish comics 100 anniversary competiton as three of the finalists and sure I'll continue my books no matter what I'll get from that race... an surprise winning and finalizing the book next year 2012 to Helsinki festival. Good year no matter the rubbers on your car.

 Now, my wife tells me to have one month holiday...

 and concentrate on...

 cleaning the house and helping her in garden...

ehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!! so that's what I'll do next month!! No worries what to do..... for a loooooooooooong time :)

Fast and loose, my motto for 23 years and name of my label to be. Ride on! :)

3.10.2016 Monday, slept late again, getting in balance and in order to draw something new...


just got nice feedback from Italy and a gift inked illustration, here...


judge yourself. While I'm trying to get a hold on working again, Life goes on circles round the sun, circle round me and you.


Leaves are seriously gone yellow and orange, nights gone below zero.


My mind traveling north and south, finding good valuable reasons to do, anything.


Finally my drumcarpet is dried and washed after our cat left his stinking marks on it while he was locked in the garage with it....


so I can concentrate on music again seriously as heart attack! ;)

2.10.2016 Sunday, went to sleep at 4 in the morning, today's holy day for holiday, this little feeling like a hangover without any wine, the old age and it's curses, coming unwanted unasked, and increasing volumes as older I get, but I'm still young for blues artist, haha!! :)

 Nice wedding party although quite old fashioned, great food and cake etc.  and safe routes, people getting drunk and dancing, lotta nice conversations, new friends made. Best of luck to E & T!!! :)

Love conquers all!

 <-- Darkness of the edge of the town, Kauppatori by night. On the way to disco and home.

1.10.2016 Wedding party today at Suomenlinna church and restaurant, leaving soon with car, driving first to meet my mom and then Helsinki, love conquers all.



Have a nice day where ever you are. Today's for love and affection. Love thy neighbour's wife

and cattle too! ;))))))))))))



Our cat mirrowed in two.

30.9.2016 Friday morning, the Autumn is here, wins changes into storm, rain and gray sky. Tomorrow a wedding party at Helsinki, should be beter weather. Old young people of my youth, everything getting old. Every baby growing up, every one turning gray, but me, I won't turn that way any day soon, hohoho....

forever young, in heart. well no I am not. I'm 52 at heart and it's just the right age for me. Could be little more better shape and physically, mentally I'n convicted and gone, long time ago.  Nowadays just dragging on til next day. These dark times in world and Finland, ain't much fun, not much to improve people's well being, in MY hands there's no means no ways to fight back, ease anyone else pain, but talk and behave good. That I can do, and you can also. Do what you wanna do, to the others too. Simple life advice that's till and ever valid.


Another perfect day, Lemmy is so far away, almost a year gone from that, too. Gotta get Ace Of Spades tattoo, or Live to win..... soon.

A peek of the blue sky, save my day. Save this life, save thid year, this boy. Sorrow's strong hold.

29.9.2016 Thursday, slept til late, stayed up til late, all is late, all is dead and gone, feeling in this Fall morning. Paint it black, changed the background dark, color of sorrow and lost men, coffined and lowered into ground, cold cold ground. All is bound to fall, even the Fall fall, again.

 Wet and dead nature's fall into vertilising product, manure and dirt, plants and flowers bed. Wild colours of dying leaves, below zero degrees, winter's breath. Circle of evil, circle of vicious, and rats. Another ones leftings are another ones dinner. Saint or sinner, loser and winner. All in game, the goal is to win...

yourself. Nobody else knows your trouble, the way you are, the way you try, live and love. Hoping the love is still the answer,

to all.

 Love. The hardest word.

28.9.2016 Wednesday, morning and long waited rain here again, fifth shades of yellow inda trees and gray in the sky. Why the Autumn is so sad, birds leaving and plants dying, might answer it. Stupid questions marks my own stupidity. Trusting people I shouldn't trust, hoping all well, enemy or friend, all we need peace and love. All we need...


 ...is plenty of different things, vary on every man and woman. Nobody can tell what you need, nobody knows the trouble you've seen... nobody got your brain, your past, your life, in your own hands and others, who can put you down, or lift you up. wish there'd be some overpower who'd serve us all right and save us from temptations and sin. Wish upon a star. life'd be a Walt Disney film and  all 'd be well at the end of this movie. Somebody serve me pop corn and candy while I watch how this will end, well.


 Made this illustration, dedicated to Joonas. My friend.


In Italy they finally received my illustration of japanese gril in japanese bridge on the background japanese house. I'll put it here later...



 Wishing all good, wishing all is not for vain and for nothing at all. After all.


Time, my only friend who'll never stop.

A clock running across the universe.

27.9.2016 Tuesday morning, leaves are turning orange and yellow, cold nights kill the flies and mosquitos, time cures some diseases, some memories and pain too, I'm passing by friends passed away, by working and thinking something else. Still got the blues for these dudes, best of the men in comics business in Finland. They shall be missed and remembered, in residents where I am. Put both of them in frame and standing in shelf with my rock library, work room, drawing room. Joonas ja Jukka, two masters of illustration. Just gave permission to use my foto of Jukka to eulogy in Sarjainfo comix magazine. RIP.

Well, I got some reorders still for my new album, good  I need money and exposure for sure! Hey wait a minute mister postman I got a letter or package to send...

 Autumn leaves me yellow and rust, tomorrow nevr know what we must, more than just a crust,

 wearing long underwear soon it's clilled and freezing cold, winter,

snow business next six months or so,

so long my friends on the other side.

 Window shade broke the day Joonas died, and now it's broken. No way to mend it anymore, buy a new one. Go on, carry on, moving on,

moving over.

The best must be yet to come.


 You never know.


Life's like James Bond theme,

Live another day.

26.9.2016 Monday morning, thinking it hurts me more not tp be invited to be at exhibition of Joonas ja kisällit, than Joonas passing........takes me some day to swallow and be cool and take in the best of it. Not to be the chozen one and see who else is there, well, nothing I can do but be a good and the missing part of the show, this time. A sore loser, call 'em what you want, this just builds up my urge to make it big in comics and art in Japan and Europe not in Finland, fuck Finland. I'm already on my way to Spain and big game........just you wait and see. It's now more than ever, time to show all of 'em motherfuckers whose got the balls and who is just awhining dog....! Anger is a power and  I shall use it, the harder they come the harder they fall.

Growing up, being adult, being right, being good, tasks for the rest of the life. Life chozen to be good, fuck all bad and capitalist bullshit. Remember me,

I'm the motörhead coming to run over you!

25.9.2016 Sad news continue coming as, Veikko "Joonas" Savolainen the grand old man of finnish comics, has passed away from this planet. My hero, idol, friend, kollega, neighbour, old fashioned real good man. The master of caricatures and realism, writer of great jokes and strories, my buddy, RIP.

 I'm very very sad, two of my best kollegas died within month. Sad times in comics here.

 <-- Joonas at Helsinki 1995, cafeteria.

 We got to know by common friend in comics and became soon friends, and lived near by Joonas' home and work place. Went to coffees and lil' cognags after his weekly series done in Stocmanns restaurant, smoking camels and drinking gin lonkeros, talked everything and laughed at millions of jokes. Respect each other, good old fashioned good old man. Family man he was, with whom I got to know also. My condolences to 'em.


 Just yesterday talked with my wife, how I shall ONLY drink IF my friend dies, so I raise my invisible glass to Joonas! Salud y adios! Vaya con dios.                                          

Kippis ja simpukka soikoon!

24.9.2016 saturday morning, woke up on ringing phone, and some one just called, with nothing to say.... well don't ring me then. Been hard week to kick out 2 ex friends outta facebook, my dearest vechicle to impress and express my feelings.my way or highway, it's the same old same old... story telling or life surviving, the little difference between fantasy and reality, blurres edges, fotoshopped faces, modern times insanity. Living today, wishing well, all come to an end...

 apocalypsian actions on the streets now.... damn.

 Read and buy my books, cause they take you to moon and back! ;) Satisfaction guaranteed!! :)

23.9.2016 Friday, waking up late cause I finished the Sami Yaffa book late last night, but it' alright, and the book is mighty fine too! Read it. Real life stories of musician from 80's to day, present. It ain't easy...

Life is never too easy, well, can't say so, or can but it's not true and I never wanna lie...


much about anything,  so I try to rearrange that sentence again, life is rarely too easy, for millioinaires, they got their problems too, at least worry bout their money and possesions to vanish, to be stolen, kidnapped, killed accidentally, losing their minds, losing or winning, the game never stop, they sell your used shorts after you've dead and gone....

....the human highway to hell is all around, ever involved, for ever running after,


you, make up your mind, try to be kind, try to be, whatever you want to be,

 but be kind to your fellow man, that's all we need in our lives to live in peace and harmony, we don't need no perfect world or harmony, we just need love and peace,

understanding your neighbours wife and cattle too! ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 Live the life I love, and love the life I live, said Muddy Waters way back then. Beleive Muddy knows!

22.9.2016 Thursday morning, 15 days of fluuuuuuuuuuuuu, oh nou, this must be the longest sick leave I had for 11 years, too strong virus, sore throat excludes me from singing and so making new music, damnation!






 Another day rising and I'm telling myself it's alright to take it easy and just do what I can, will and am able to do. penciling this lady is good theraphy and self righteous action needed to easy my mind, and slowly getting back on working formula and form.

 I know I'll work all winter again with album, so Itry now to take different routes but still do some illustrations, for future , and exhibitions in mind. Getting ready to print my Angelandevil book in 2017 or 2018. My lil communnistic 5 year plans in action!! ;)

21.9.2016 Wednesday morning, read til 3 my buddy, Sami Yaffas' autobiobook, really interesting stuff, the same neighbourhood, same years and so different too............. still lotta  to read tonight.



 Well, I'm satisfied as I got started the illustration, this lady with big hair been long time coming, so now I finally got time and strength to do it properly.

So today goes in fog, but whatta fuck, I don't mind, as it's my life and I do what I want too, to the end.





<---...................read the book also on afternoon, so get little done, but little is enough.

Today's program.....                                                                                   naked lady in pencil work.




Jahuu!!! :)

20.9.2016 Tuesday morning, after night comes amorning like duh, it still works, poetry in emotion, me  I work again, like a clock work, life ticing away, nothings here to stay.

 had my first drum rehearsal last night for 3-4 week, and luckily I still knew how to hit 'em skins, I played one drumtrack for one song in flu and it felt like shit hit the fan, but now I see it was just the powerless strengthless flu talking....

towards brighter days, although the nights are getting olonges and days darker as we slide into winter, but not yet, still this week for nice rainless weather.


 Hopefully I'll continue my own songs recording soon, as I overcome this flu's after effects...

<-- this is an alternative cover for best of collection for this year! ;)

19.9.2016 Monday morning, hey fly can I say good bye to you?

 Still dizzy, dazed and confutzed, ehe, but defenately on right path and getting okey, getting fine. Just painted one comission work, as japanese lady naked upwaist, from the back, on japanese bridge, on the background a japanese house! :)     

Enuff japanese!!! :)

Mailing it to Italy today, with pleasure, cause it took amonth for me to finalize it, woth ink and brush. I guess Iwas overexhausted and overworked whole spring and summer times. Now finally coming alive from all festivals and visitors and rush after rush,

 hopefully taking it easy and getting new inspirations on paper, luckily I got plenty of interesting projects on comics and illustrations, to do.... unless I got real work with good enuff wage.    

Okey vamos a la playa!! AHAHA!!  ;)

Rethinking about getting this Black Rose tattoo on my shoulder, soon.... when I got the price and artist right, I'll let 'em needle it to my skin.

18.9.2016 Sunday morning, all work done yesterday with pleasure, got myself even the new autobiographical book of my friend Sami Yaffa, nice people and good times at Forssa city.

 Well this goddamn flu won't go away, went to sauna last night and trying to rest as much as I can , but still this drags on and on, sore throat and coughing, might be good idea to go to doctor, one of these days... yeah, one of these days!! ;)

 <-----Check it his book, we were at same class and friends back in the 1970-71, first two years in school.... I remember playing and dawing at his house and his cat, all the crazy youngsters and says of innocence. Haven't read it yet myself, but it has had great reviews this far, so all you finnish people buy it and read it!! :) Trying to get along and live another sun day. The resent passing of afriend still bitters my sky and anger looking back.......

 unfruitful stuff unless I do something creative for this, and I shall do. Death is the last stop. No coming back, it's all jack.

 Murtsi. RIP.

17.9.2016 saturday morning, continuying yesterday caricature drawing at prisma mall book shop today at noon!  Getting out of flu it's damn stresful, I still got enormpus cough attack just when I try to fell in sleep, damn.... salvation expected....

well, heating the sauna up tonight, wishing it'll cure me from... all bad.


Autumn leaves and sun vanishes, soon it's wintertime and gloomy days in snow, sneet and rain.

 Golden beach leads to waves and radio blast out Michael jackson's I'm Bad!...........no you weren't,

but I was, hahahahahahaa!! :D

Saturday is time to dance and party if you can!

16.9.2016 Friday and making my ways to be prepared for afternoon's caricaturisting people at mall and book store! Still sick and feeling low, without any more news on people dying, please. Trying to find a reason to live, and see no reason for afterlife, spooking boogie man. Visit me Jesus, so I'll know you're true or  leave me alone, alone in this world. Well, don't feel like blasphemy, nor ridicule none, but devil, we can all laugh and put him in a hole... which hole depends on you. A hole in your head, need another, like Prince sang, I 'm all ears all mouth, all in my head, all my life, been a dreamer, still am. Alive and well................... motherfucking kicking! :P

 Buy a comic book from a living artist...

          ...dead ones don't need your money anymore! And the motherfucking big publishing houses at least taken advance on you...! :P

Find some colour back to your life, read a good comics book!!! Fuck all the lousy schoolboyan kaspersträmmäns of this world!!! :P             Be an adult, act like one, read only comics for adults!!! :)

15.9.2016 oh, it's been 11 years excattly when we went for coffee and date with my present wife, 2005. Two weeks after Patti Smith concert in Helsinki Juhlaviikot tent, time flies slowly, pains come and go, living together been a ride, higs and lows, ups and downs. Thank you, my darling. Two is better than one. To have courage and heart to do funny littlethings to make anothe laugh, strength to survive in this mad world. We're little family, happy and miserable, brave and isolated even, times they come and they surely go to hell and back, no ticket boúght just rode and took that hobo train, my past ahead of me, my life in my hands,

I'm not an artist, I'm a craftsman and  handy man on illustration field. Opportunities, here we come! Live, love and see, another beautiful day, another possible way, another not so perfect day, it's all right alright .

14.9.2016 Wednesday, can you believe I still got the flu, aweek of wasted time and watching Tv and reading comics, not that' sthere anything wrong on 'em but I want to DO and draw, and make music too.......

whining like a bitch, allI can do now, hopefully will be able to do some caricatures at Friday and Saturday at shopping mall, over here. Hopefully everything will turn out good, after all. So little I need, so much I want,  a life meaningful. A love lasting. And theree wishes more.....! ;) After every BIG work finished,I think about my career and life and opportunities and values and waht I'll do next, luckily I got some projects I really  WANNA do, no matter what, soon as I got time and strength for them. Also including some sexy exhibitions in Helsinki and Forssa, my home town. Angels and devils running through my heads, something valuable and meaningful, to spend my time on. No matter what the critics say, I do my own way my path, my life in my own hands, I won't be their puppet, no strings attached, they say, and lie. Trust no one but the face in the mirror. Choose love over gold and hate and money, love is all you need to do.

13.9.2016 Tuesday morning, woking up at eleven, coughing all the way to four in the morning, damn this flu. rather be alright again and working on illustrations my heads bursting to get on with 'em. But what can I do but rest? And wait? two of the most hated words in my vocalbury, hahaha...

... so I wait and wait and read some more comics look another DVD and soon I'll catch my last X-mas DVDees list and waiting for next X-mas I know Santa will bring me some great stuff, hehehe... how do I know taht forehand.... well, little elfs told me, those little nosy cozy squalers....


Hallelujah X-mas is soon here!! :) thank god it's only September still....

23 years without any bigger expectations for weekend I still do wait and get excited on X-mas and presents to give and receive, little boy blue, who always got so many X-mas presents, every year in my childhood. Don't wanna grow up. Ever. Let's stay teenagers and young adults forever.

12.9.2016 Monday morning and I'm still under the wather and evergoing flu.....makes me kinda blue, building castles in Spain, and stairways to heaven, highway to hell, been there done that, so many roads leading nowhere especially for meaningful. Guess I'll live another perfect day and rasie aglass to ones who fell, warfare and love. all is allowed, all done dirt cheap. Hope and faith and good will, for all you little innocent bystanders, we all live in a same boat, except the rich men live in yachts and penthouses, outta reach and touch of everyday life, that's the core of us poor people. Wrote a song right on spot, Poor People, they deserve at least one song for  'em and us.


Thanks for all you good people to visit and made it worth to come and go,






 ...................and return next year!!! :)

11.9.2016 Sunday still in flu, no boogie woogie though, one day at the time, no way to work or play guitar, boring illness surviving just and just by, anto the next day.... live another day, all seems pretty vain in this morbid mentality, when friends of my age die, don't know the reason forthis latest passing, too sad, after all.

 Dirt in a ground, or ashes to ashes, funeral pyre , light my fire. I put his foto on frame, next to my work desk.Remembering the good times, well any times, spent here, the purpose of life, the meaning of life, to live and that's all?

 Maybe tomorrow shall bring us answers to these eternal questions,

and wealth and health to live all we got,

monkeys outta tree, hyenas in bushes, laughing yaps to lose your mind.

 Not much left of my beliefs of mankind, goodness and Santa Claus. Soon it's X-mas, hourrah! :/

10.9.2016 Saturday, still sad about Jukka and his destiny.


Like I need another sign there's no fairness, no ethics, no equality, no reasons, no love of god in this world, this happens, good man dies before 60th birthday, all work still in process and the world to conquer,

left to us fools still running here, after weath, shelter, love and whatever shit we run for....

 (  <-- Helsinki comics festivals 2016. )



Peace on earth sounds so abzurd and crazy, these days insane, terrorsits and trumps for presidents. Where's my fun? And who took it?

9.9. 2016 RIP Jukka Murtosaari.










here in Lisboa, after dinner coffee and beer, back in 2001 with me.


 Sad news from Portugal, Jukka has passed away. My kollega and friend since 1995. Loads of good times, intersting discussions on art, comics and life in general, fellow man, shall be missed.

Hats off.

8.9.2016 Thursday morning and yesterday got the news fron the assholes of Kela, jesus christ how stooopid yopu can get, no mercy no real time thinking just looking at the rules and districtions, I'm so making an different opinion on 'em wanting already granted welfare money back from us!!! Cause I went and wanted MORE money cause I had no work or income from February, damn FTS!

 I had to take a pill of to calm the fuck down, so plaese some reality check and truth on the table. The most dissappointing is to ,ose another day on this shit, sitting at office and talking to assholes, who only want your worst and live as poor you can, nevber enjoy a thing. So I hope they reason this up and correct and we don't have to wait 2 year for higher juries results...... this is just so wrong. Makes me hate 'em all fat ass bastrad officials sitting at their governmental chairs waiting their own pension time.

 so I really hope I can solve that misunderstanding judgement today, and them put it on my past and never gonna talk with Kela motherfuckers  again.  :/

7.9.2016 Wednesday, and got myself a flu virus from Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki, as I'm infected now 3 days later and throat sore, feeling tired overkill, damn, never wanna be in flu and in bed all day, it's wasting times, but maybe I gotta do it and then I'll do some angels on papers with water colours, cause I need a break from Golden Youth comics serie, well I don't want no break no vacation on sick leave, but I need it, to clear my mind. And then I'll be back twice as hard and evil, hahahahaa!!! :) Scare the hell outta you!!! Heard I'm the most hated man in comics finlande, hah, only with those who DON'T know me at all, and that's alright, be stoooooooooopid , believe all you read and nothing you see!!! Good luck with that road to.... hell and back!! ;)

6.9.2016 Tuesday, woke uP too early, so I'm cuuckooing here at 7 in the morning, still thinking bout comics and festivals, good times bad times and sending my album to Spain and jail, strange connections, weird friendships and relativities, world is yours...

 ...and of course, it's not. Just capitalists wet dream pulling the strings and us puppets jumping and shouting. Life a travesty, tapestry and vanity's fair, so unfair. So much to do, so much to let go........................!

 i Vamonos! Revenge is yours and mine! We all been abused, used and misused..... fight back. Be a happy jack.


5.9.2016 Back home after three days Hellsinki comics festivalities, rain and sun, good and bad people, lotsa nice moments and laughs, bought ans sold books. Lack of sleep but sweet talking into the night with good friend, old times and new connections.



Today taking it.... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Do what ever you wanna do!!!

1.9.2016 Thursday, translation done, books chozen, some packing and extra special edition to finish, and I'm ready to comic festivalities down in  Helsinki capitol city center!!! :) High expectations for gooooooooooooooooooood time and sales, well I take as it comes, luckily they forecasted good weather and warm at this time of a year, great! Hopefully lotta nice people and feelings! Really excited to be there in the pro tent for the first time!!!! :)






 Real good interview at yesterdays Seutusanomat / Regional news!!! Here for apeak and online here:



 Big thanks to Noora  for interview and Lassi for fotos. Well done again, as usual!!!!  It's good to be alive and towards nedw adventures!!!! And good comics books!!! :I ride on!


You can read this and all muy printed interviews in section "PR"!!! here in my pages!! :)

31.8.2016 Wednesday, foggy morning outside, inside releived as I finished the translation last night, all 115 page with text. Now I'm ready for the festival at Friday afternoon. With new car, life is/should be so much easier too! Easy living, yeah I've been forgiving... it my all.


 Two days to rets and try to remember all I need for ride and festivities, soem plackards to do still and crazy good feeling to bring with me!! :)

30.8.2018 Tuesday, still the last 25 pages to translate  and the festivalities start at Fridat at 2 in the afternoon, so got plenty of time and space to do it. Corrections coming later and it's just a rough copy for foreigners, hopefully there's lotta foreigners there. 

Haven't got the time to draw at all, even got the Italian friends comission still to ink......... just found the limits of my strength, and trying to respect it, not overkill myself. Should be wiser now, can't please all no matter what, ahahahaa.  So all you babies, take your time and please please me! HAHA! :)

29.8.2016 Monday and rain don't know how to stay away, clouds gather and I gather round this table to write the rest of the album's translation. Made some selling items also for next weekend's festival, music and the weed edition of my good book, just to piss off some authorities. But now get up and work work work!Hasta luego baby!

28.8.2016 Sunday and wife wanted a new car and found one candidate in Salo so she went, tested and bought it, yeah now we finally got acar that feels safe, easy to drive, modern and nice. For next weekend's comics festival I needed aride to take all my book boxes wirh me, so now that trip is possible and sounding safe and sound!! :)

Really pleased first impressions with that new Nissan, we're now in this century, not back in year 1988 as was wife's Mitzubishi, jeeeeeeesus christ, that was old and loud like harley davidson, hehe.....

Oh well I never been car crazy ever, since I was 8 years old, I'd so many other things in my mind that 4 wheels and gasoline motor! But knock on wood, we'll drive that car long and safeFarewell Mitzubishi to Africa or where ever you travel from our yard,adios.

27.8.2016 Saturday, woked up way too early did some pages translations and, went back to sleep. Yeah now I'm okey to do some more and later on  for my Soundtrack album a vesrion of " Kultainen nuoruus" waltz, yeehaaa!! Rock waltz all you need, muhhahahhahahahaa!!!!Oh well, although I was offered to go and sell already on Thursday eve in Helsniki comics festival, I won't be able to arrenge it anymore I think, and then I think it over again. After I've indulged my 3 cups of java, I'll think it over. All we need to do, is think it over, and change this world to better.

26.8.2016 Friday, morning waking up on brand new day and world, Seutusanomat came and made an interview yesterday, coming in print next week...         thank you again.

 Think I've got now paid the printing bill and start "paying" wages to works of off years 2014, 2015 and 2016, hahahahaa!!! Life is pretty funny and amazing, not much of the grace but lotsa preeeetty face, get it on and roll with it! Now I'm busy business man, selling you my life within 120 pages of ink!  Ain't no lie, ain't no fairy tale, just my life on the line and work and love still conquers all, after all, all we need won't fit in these pages, overrunning overwhelming well of fancies and must haves.... like every little girl you got daydreams and attractions not in reach but in fantasies, admit or not, you're no better than any  sweet little dreamer.And I ain't no better either.So boogie til!

25.8.2016 Thursday, waiting fotr he interviewee coming, translatinfg page 51, yeah I'm still fast and looooooooooooooooose! Made up a new phrase for all you visitors in Finland: Two things you don't have to worry 'bout visiting Finland: moose and sun burn!! :) Oh well, let's wait til some jerk steal that and tells it his own..... not mentioning any names but but butbutbut..... BUHAHAHAHAA!! :) Oh well, I'll take a hot shower and let it all out as usual, no holding back, just pour it out all warts and all!! ;)








 Buy my book before it's all sold out and you'll be sooooooooooorry!! ;)

24.8.2016 Wednesday,  woke up early and translated already few pages... alright, and most of all GOT anew order for my books, YEAH! ;) Enjoy  the life, work like maniac and be free, yeah!! ;)

23.8.2016 Tuesday and i've startyed the translation with 16 pages doen in 1 day, yeah baby yeah. It's agood start and I'll get it done before the festivalities in Hellllllllllsinki, for sure. Lotta work to do otherwise too, but still over and too exhausted to draw any lines on paper, that has to wait.  Back in business, comics and soundtrack music and just trying to do something and no be so tired all the time. Autumn bring on the weak feeling and dark days and all nature's rotting and smelling on it's way to winter and frrrrrrrrrrrost. I'd like to go and meet my old buddy thursday in his book release party, but don't know do I have time or strength to go all the way in Hellsinki. Living in a razor's edge, hehe!! ;) Oh well, one thing I learnt from driving with the Italian visitors was I have to go and take part on every happening I feel I wanna go and not waste my time feeling sorry not to be participating something inpirational or just plain fun, rather waste my money. Can't save anything, much but my nerves. Living in a momentum and the passing time, trying to schedule all and be happy, after all. That's all that counts and are important, and love, my sweet baby. Love, the only reason to wake up into a new morning!

22.8.2016 Monday, rain starts the autumny feeling. Gray and shady feelings, starting translation action 10 pages or more by day is the plan to get it done before 2nd of September and Helsinki comics festivals. Pretty derminant and ready to give it all my time and waiting a response and maybe a foreign deal in France, Spain and Italia. Fuck USA and kids markets, this one's for adults, the forgotten audience and readers, here comes the sun.

 OK! Vamos! I'm circling the same ol' circles if i don't jump off and into new, waters unknown and weather hard to foresee!! ;)

 Like an eagle in a wild frontier fly away and hunt 'em suckers down. Eat the rich!


Just put Thin Lizzy's Chinatown on your turntable and volume up, we will be strong!! ;)


 2 AM. online date: First 10 pages done, so I'm in scehdule, right feels alright!!! :) Kiss and hug to all you my dearest readers!! ;)

21.8.2016 Sunday, the olympics and summer are pretty much over. Some sunny days expected still, but the autumn shall crawl in soon, I think I'll have next 2 weeks just to get ready for Helsinki comics festival and translation on my book. Hopefully continue to sell it all over and have some interviews done too.

Life's pretty alright and well, still alive and well. All we done and do, all the days in past I'd give away or change can be  counted in years, I ain't that kind of guy who regret nothing! :P I feel pity, I feel sorry, I've done wrong I've been wrong, place and times, illusions broken and false, dreams to catch, love to have and hold. Baby hold on, keep it up, go all the way,  don't stay in one place too long, be strong, be good for goodness sake. Live it up, it's always now or never, we don't need no foolproof advices. Trust yourself!! :) Preptalk for all you babies in wilderness drinkng champagne !!! :)

20.8.2016 saturday, and the devil himself must hide the sun all last week as it's now revealed and bropught on sight, the timing's not everything but it hurts me to show such a cruel rainy weather, hope my italian visitors didn't mind... too much, and had a goooooooooooooooood ol' time! I'm still too weak to draw or work on translation to my book. I give myself time to recover all the action and driving round Tampere and Helsinki with the "kids"!!! ;)))))

 <-- Megan says her life was empty and meaningless wearing just bra and briefs on sofa, before she bought the Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. to brighten up her dark nights and empty days! :) Buy Buy Buy BUY!!!!!!! :) First critic came also yesterday on Kvaak.fi pages, go there on front page and read it...

 ...in finnish!! ;)

Lets put the Finland to the map of the world  of comics!! :)


 Olympics in Rio my favourite nightly past time before sleep, now! ;)

19.8.2016 Friday and like a curse backwords now the sun starts to shine directly and just after my italian visitors left, grrrrrrrrrrrrr... mister holder of the weathers, why you treat me so bad?!? :////////////Well, they say you can't have it all and you can't take it with you and time is not on your side and all...... bullshit, don't give a fuck, don't give a damn, just walk on. Next hit parade and succeess is waiting for you just around the next corner. Believe in yourself is one of the most important thing you can and must do. maybe you know it all, born lucky and right place at right time, all the time. that never happened to me although.

 Born Friday 13th , you never expect anything too good.....

 but getting used to it, life gets you, dirty deeds done dirt cheap. All we go down, all we fail, all go wrong, all to achieve all to win, for us all born to lose!!! :)       Rock it! <3

18.8.2016 Thursday and soon taking Italian friends to airport and back home, been great week with more actions than ever over here, my quiet life, hehe!! ;) Got first book order for my new comic book for libraries, yeah baby yeah! Feels good and life is alright. Towards the better times all the time, aming high and fast! ;)

 <--- Playboy babes marketing my books and getting your attention....criminal records to brake and send over the ones who can't be here when wanted. CDees with my favourite songs and tunes written in my heart.

 Rain, so much rain, well my foreign friend definately didn't get the WRONG picture of finnish summertime weather, HAHAHAHA!! :) Safe trip and happy landings!!

17.8.2016 Helsinki trip now!!!!!!! see you later alligator, have a nice day!

16.8.2016 Tuesday and no special plans for Italian guests but we will see waht happens, on this another cloudy raidexpecting day, yesterday I took them to ride horses here nearby stable. Lots of fun and experience for them, I hope, to make their vacatiopn best of times, with my abilities.


 Wish the weather could have been better BUT something I can't control, at all.... all living under the sky and whatever it is, especially here in flatlands and northern lights and fields of grass and cities of concrete, tomorrow the Helsinki trip, still ahead to see all the churches and statues etc.!! Well just sightseeing around that big... gest town we got....;)


But yesterday we got blue sky and sunshine too!!!!!!! :)


Alright, my book's sold quite good already but if you need one just contact me with email!!! :)

15.8.2016 Monday and good trip to Tampere we had yesterday, saw some Vapriikki Pahkasika and sara Hilden's Ron Muehl art...



...so I'm officially museum piece of art work nowadays!! ;)


 Fun exhibition and trip all around the Tampere .

 Bit tired but saw Usain Bolt just won Olympic gold in 100 meters AGAIN!! Great athletic!


The program for today is not oplanned, all free form of activities!!! :)


 Cloudy day but we don't mind at all!! :)

14.8.2016 Sunday and plans to see the Tampere, after last night's Letkurock in Somero/Tammela district!! The very first rock festival experience for my young italian friends, was quite a blast, not many people but lotta fun, even rappers were fine! Okey let's go ahead and see what we find in Tampere! :)

Oh ,they sleep still so we go when they are ready to open their eyes! ;)

13.8.2016 saturday and rain keeps pouring down, must find some other activiteis for my italian friends here in the flatlands, horse races and/or backridibg maybe outta question..... but we'll see what our brave girls wanna do!! :)


 I glad they are here, seeing the REAL Finlandia a bit and hopefully having the best of times!! : )

 <--- the lady in pic, not took in Funladia and Forzza city limits although, it's just a Playboy bunny that don't exsist in real world, hahahahahahahahaa!! :)

12.8.2016 Friday and Italian vacation here at hometown coming up...! rain keeps us on the road I think, we'll see what happens and roll with it! ;) I mailed the critics copies to all biggest newspapers already, so next the weekly magazines that MIGHT be interested to do some articles... it's shot in the dark, never know what's out there! Meanwhile we'll be tourists at home...... and local sightseeings.

Waiting for first reviews on friends behalf, but it'll take some time to even read through, 120 pages full of text!! ;)

Lookin' back, she was lookin' back as I was looking back at her!! ;)

11.8.2016 thursday morning, soon going to catch the italian friends arriving to Helsinki airport, hopefully the weather improves itself, oh I can see blue sky and sunshine on horizon, yeah!!  Well luckily it's not snowing......yet! :D :D

Welcome sunshine and Italia!! :)

10.8.2016 it's here and I'm there to mailing it round the national  and international friends and fans and readers of intelligent nad humorous comics art! ;) Get yours NOW!!


Finally it's reality and available through net shops and some book stores too!! Nowadays it's not so easy to get 'em book your book! :P


Now I gotta fly and mail the second patch of books ang buy some more envelopes!! ;)

Ride on!

9.8.2016 Tuesday and havin this day before the books arrive to spend time with wife, going to town and have a holiday at hometown, seems abzurd and weird but pausable! ;) Maybe watched too many Mythbusters series, haha.......! :D Quite entertaining show although it's written for american idiots, who need  to have it all explained over and over again; hate that american style where you jump on end and go back and forth and no surprises allowed and e-v-e-r-y bit is played twice or more,  jesus, how stupid can you be or watching telly just witn another eye while baking a cake, is all for housewife's kitchen action background, music???

 Stupid americans, marinaded in their own stupid juices.

Oh well, hopefully my italian friends can take this weather of Funlandia, rain and sunshine and all at the same time!! ;)




Art and politics and porn industry allows even the ugly broads have a meaningful career, hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaa!! :D

8.8.2016 Monday morning after the birthdays celebrationary, little sore throat and wet over coat, we did it and now it's slow returning to everyday life. Expecting the book truck to roll over here sooooooooooooon, any day any moment, excited to finally get my hands on it and send it all over the world for readers amusement and critics to critic, well, really want to see this time WHAT will be the verdict...


... on my precious meaning of the life's work and career opportunity chozen to be, autobiographical graphic novelist. 7-8 years work on the line, remember that before you accuse me for anything. Okey, I know what I'm doing for the next 4-6 years for those upcopming next books after this Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. hits the stores and stands on its ground. And me, I reveal all, that counts and is meaningful, all that matters , now it's time after 30 years all those petty crimes are not valid for legal actions anymore.... pfiuf. Can't get arrested for... 'em, anymore, can I?

7.8.2016 Sunday and our 6th wedding day anniversary, whole lotta party last night and alld ay through. Wonderful people turn up and celebrated Munnu's day very nicely. Made some music and lots of laughs, oh I made aspecial record for my wife and I'll share the cover here.



 ...okey let's move on towards next big thing!

6.8.2017 today finally the big day, my wife's birthday party starting early on afternoon and going on til tomorrow, so if your invated welcome!! ;)

And the weather is pretty good, but possibities of rain develope some problems where the big band should play.... oh well, live in a moment and we'll see whart happens! 



Happy birthday my little darling! Whole lotta shaking coming on!!


It's parteeeeeeeeeeeeee time! :)



Air is hot and so is my wife!! ;)

5.8.2016 Friday, still cloudy but promises of better weather for the big day tomorrow is in the air!! Jee!! Good news also on my tea bag brand label projects illustrations are accepted and on my behalf ready for print, jee! Jee jee, all I wanna say.  Just heard the news my album has just been sowed together, and soon travelin at home to me, so it's next week that I can send it to all preorders, apoligise to you inpatient readers, not my fault it is after all that the print took so long to cut it from archs and glued or whartever was used to put it inside 'em covers and all! ;)

 But now I got that knowledge and can stop wondering why it took so long.... now the summertime can keep on shining and smiling til I'm a millionaire!!! :)

...and that shouldn't take so long.... ehehehe!! :D


Meanwhile here in reality, some grill building and last minute cleaning and organizing to do, doobydoobydoo! :)


 Okey it's still summertime and sweaty air of thunders and lightnings! ;)

Eat your cake baby!


4.8.2016 Thursday morning, wet and rainy forecast for all week, not so much of a garden party weather, but party is on in any weather! :) Only the music activities must be inner spaces, that's alright for neighbours but would be interestng out there in gareden or the front yard... of course the weather can change fast and that's excatly the problem, rainstorm to destroy amplifiers... oh well we'll se what and what not.

I'm already done 9 David Bowie song versions so that "album" is finished soon too, might surprise some innocent bystanders over here, hehe... I love doing these musical album projects: Muddy Waters, Tom Waits and now Bowie, total Motörhead album still a promising glimpse in the corner of my eye...! ;)

 Still waiting for my truck load a albums to arrive from print, so I ordered more t-shirts for the festival table in Helsinki september 2.-4. So that snow in order and predone all I can, well advertising and publicity ghallenges are still waiting to go ful speed and get my album in every household item and coffeetable and dormitorio.... eheheheh!! :) Okey today arriving latvian friends of wife to have holiday and birthday party on saturday, yeah, that's alright!! :)

So soon I feel like a tourist  at my own home, cause won't understand any latvian speeches... haha. I don't mind I got plenty to do to pass my time and amuse myself while they caych uo last 5 years happenings on latvian and all that jazz.... ! ;) 

Welcome everybody to our humble home and country. weather is like in Ireland and food is like british but otherwise its pretty alright! :D

3.8.2016 Wednesday and little tired after travelin to hellsinki and back, busrides make me wail like been on a boat trip. Meeting cousins once a year is really fine, lotsa laughter and joking going on, and me I'm the chief idiot of loud mouths, haha!! :) Half karelian half tavastian breed as I am allows me to talk all night or be quiet, and shy too, very contradiction as life is at it's best. And worst....  Summer still here, no autumn leaves or yellow in tres, yet. Some go back to school or work and feel like it's their autumn, fools of all kinds we are. Living in our heads, in our dreams and nightmares, all is real and unreal. Enjoymenat and happiness so hard to find, never let go of the good stuff when you find it. A life spent is better than life scared shitless, I guess, i believe and hope for best......and one day I'll hate my share, and maybe even recognation and who knows what, international success, yeah that's only because I'm blessed with crafts and spirits and anger and talent to draw like maniac and superman, show off and surprise you off your feet, just you wait and see my next albums will shake your litlle world, exploid you to Mars at last, haha!! :)

 After all, hava anice day baby! :)

2.8.2016 I'm off to Hellsinki. arrenging, shoppoin, hopping and meeting cousins lateron. Have a nice day at least what I can say!! :)

 Back at night, so goodnight to you also.

1.8.2016 August is here and I'm there, on line to new adventures and big celebrations, for life itself and best wife I ever had!! ;)

Now I gotta fly and hurry to organize lotta stuff, later alligator! ;)

31.7.2016 Sunday morning and waking up slowly, started the advertising and selling project on my upcoming book and local book store take 10, wow, more tahn I dreamt surely. And preorders are flowing quite nicely otherways too, yeah selling it to all my good friends!! ;)))))

A trip to meet cousins on our annual meeting with grilled goods and laughters, expected on Tuesday too with shopping new drum skins and gifts I can't mention here!! ;)

 Been effective with tea bag designs and making cover versions on garage sounds, greatest past time adventures inside my ehad on recording studio with best songs of the world, later more when it's time to reveal whom and which!! ;)

Oh well, still on diet, losing kilos pound by pound, inch by inch!! ;) Slim Jim Phantomism on September and comics festivalities, here I come!!! :)

 <--- My newest flame on phoshopping the wobbleheads!! Parody not to be taken seriopusly, as anything in this poor life!! :)

30.7.2016 Saturday morning ans slept my depths for slumberland away 10 hours easily, weel yesterday was hard work in garden and house painting and organizing all around thangs for wife's bpaty enxy week, huh huh lotta cleaning going on and that's very good to do after all. I was so stuck on my book whole winter, spring and early summertime , now it's done and printed I suddenly got lots a time, but am still little worn out, washed out and TIRED...

 Sleepinga s much I can but I donä't like sleeping I like working and getting things done, having my fun with working hours and work I do love to get done, art and music, mainly but household chores ain't tyoo unfamiliar since my childhood I was alluered to do 'em, washing dishes and... all that jazz!!! ;)

Well I had to wash the floors of my studio/garage three times cause the cat was accidentally locked in for a night so he pissed somewher there...


....so I decided to drum a little jazzy solo haha, for neighbours pleasure!! ;)

 That's always my main consideration, muhahahaa!! :D




<-- too bad I can't add here the video where this foto is took. :P

29.7.2016 Friday morning early, got bitten or stung by some bug on my eye lid the night before, still swollen over my eye, should I go to doctor or not? Well, you know what they say about finnish men............., we don't go to doctor unless our leg is broken in two, hehe...so I'll won't be considered as a sissy, damn you. But feel like I should go and give 'em a look and get some medicine maybe. Oh well. like I'd hear you or see what you think when here's no answering possibility, maybe I should put one on, soon and make this interactive online field of opinions and battles of clever minds over comics art!!!...hahahaha.... well, as you might guessed before, I do like to fool around with silly thoughts andI like to laugh a lot, especially to myself and whatever comes from my loud mouth and eager fingertips. Nevermind the serious issues bt when it's the time for 'em, I dead serious, you bet your ass. Oh boasting like andy mccoy, vices for big heroes and small town maniacs, we all are something else inside our little head and in our inner thoughts, I think, so that for I am. Blaah, trying to cleverer than I am, haha, stumble in my own shoes, again. ;) Summertime a still here for a month and 3 days!! Let's not waste it on whinig for whatever the weather is not, not so hard to do....? Vamos a la playa!

28.7.2016 Thursday, oh the ehat wave granted us another hot day in a row, wow, we're so blessed, don't know how we 'd handle a week of +25 ? Dying of thirst as some pensioners do, forget to drink, water. Alcohol the holy water and cow of Funlandia. Oh well, today back to normal bullshit conditions and rain showers at afternoon...... Only few days of July, but hey we got a whole month of summertime still!!! No worries as we're heading to party time, zone and foreign affairs over here in Forzza city limits! ;) Excited and expecting good things to happen, but ready for the worse too, complicated and contradictional as life is; you see what you can't see, ain't there, ain't nothing shaking but the leaves on the trees.... hehe! ;)

Dr. Feelgood moment and well organized after life of my past in comic book stands on its own feet, walking spanish and hard to get you, feel you and praise you. Sleepy head travels and transforms like a metamorphis, a butterflys shining moment in a flash of light and life. Another line that meant nothing. Much. To : Me.

Have a nice day. Wake up to this world.....................................................................................................................! Good luck.

27.7.2016 Wednesday and we're back in normal cloudy weather, oh one day heat wave, hahaha, that's so very finnish weather, not much possibilities to burn my skin like this, so there's always some good in these bad weathers too!! ;) And I might get some work done within this cooler weather also, who needs holidays anyway?

 I do need some time off and some time to get ready for wife's birthday party, next week, but that's a pleasure although lotta work and feeding guests, but that's alright also, everything is alright, but tghe world outside is crazy, all the terrorists and killings in name of whatever, fuck you assholes, there's no reason to kil for, religion is still the opium for masses. Neverlearning nothing from the past, great let's all die in a holy war and leave the planet to apes, rats and cockroaches. That same old story, survival of the rattest. Damn this fools parade, idiots and racists in politics, leaders from hell and beyond. Who wants to live for ever? Anymore?

  Deep thinking in ship that's sinking won't save us, nothing but total change on a course can save this curse, but that''ll include too strong ways to stop overpopulation and poverty with one strike, by almost free condoms and family values rethining in India and other countries where the big numbered children is the way to happiness, not to poverty, like it really is. Too many people too little jobs, pure land and food. Don't have to be a nostredamus to predict the cathastrophies and war on basic human rughts, food and clean water, motherfucking mad max vision may be too close to the future. No future, no jobs, no money no humanity, no love when all is for sale, we'll see the true face and spirits of this human race, rat race and ugly face rising his ugly head, welcome to hell. Welcome to rest of your life in pain and pressure. Who really wants the future that we're heading now? You? 

If I could change the world I'd do it in a flash, not even think about it a second, we got no time to lose but we still do it, cause " it ain't my business" if the world is polluted and crazy, NIMBs rule and vote in elections, we got leaders we desreve, I guess. Good morning and good night, world is sick and gets sicker, til we wake up and really do something good and radical for it.  Time waits for no one.

Only Tom Waits, but that's awhole another story!! ;)

26.7.2016 Tuesday and finally we got it, the heat wave, day. At least one day of +29 over here plantasions of Häme. Great stuff, soon gonna lay myself on the grass yard and just oil myself to tan, listening some jazz my wife can stand too! ;) So tomorrow I'll be brown as bean and grilled as steak.... ! ;) Gotta delay some teabag designing til tomorrow and end of the month, then do 'em in a row, the effective time spending, my favourite past time. fast and furious is my middle name, no wasted time. Never had.... ahahahaha!! :D

 Still prettyexcited and curious HOW my book shall be taken and critisiced? Well, only time will tell. Patience...

Oh no. Could I have something like everything, now and not the dya after.....? ;)

25.7.2016 Monday and heat is on, wish the sun shows up too the get some tan, this vanity man is so vain, hehe... wish I'd had a million dollars too and career of triumphs and successes, hehe... oh I wish the world was in peace or at least in one piece. On earth so much to do, heaven can wait.

 Strated an album of Bowie versions just by mistake and borrowing asong book with chords on library, so here we go again!! ;)

Everything is aimed for Hellsinki comix festivals pro tent 2.-4.9. 2016!! Be there or be (at the Narinkkatori) square! Well this year we're not in Narinkkatori, instead in Kansalaistori, you see!! ;)

6 weeks still to get ready and go.... looking forward the festival time.

24.7.2016 Sunday and heat is in the air but clouds spoli the tanning, hehe, damn good for nothing heat wave, hehe...

 I starrted my parody, ironty and comedy brand illustrating finally on behalf of my evil and dark side, just ridícule some assholes and their kitch(en sink standard) art, now so fashinable and on the edge, urge to fool some watchers heads by telling you bullshit theories and conspiracy politics taht tics, as it's fine art, but the only judge for fine art is art  and artist itself.

 If you can't really draw, concentrate ON other values like " message" " meaningful contents" and literally values, that CAN'T be judged in any other way but " ...I FEEL like....", and that's very subjective not objective analyse and gut feeling, we all got, but still we let some asshole to decide whats good and valuable, in their ivory tower of critisism and overwordly finess and knowledge of all classic russian writers dusty books. Guess you can se how much I despise critics who can't write 'emselves or put emselves on the line, on the warzone, walking on the wire. Welcome, i promose top shoot you down witn most horrid words, hahahahahaa...II


 Oh well the most used word to describe MY work and critic on other artist si "ENVY", you just envy everything when ever you/I write acritic whe some asshole can't write or draw. I'm just allways wrong on my opiniosn, so I don't give afuck if I hurt you when I tell you the truth! Sorry, I'm not sorry when speaking out! So have anice day you literally asshole critic in your high hopes and tower to burn dowm and house of cards to blow by the any wind that blows. take another good long look at me and my work and you might see...


 the other side of life, where the poor man is king of his castle too. Although the castle maybe build on sand and the tide might take it away, it's still there, for now on. My life is valuable too, like Bowie sang.

Bailando!! Tu y yo al las fiestas, tu y yo yo yooooo!!! :)

23.7.2016 Saturday and the mental weather report is still the same, cloudy a slight  possibility of thunder and lightning, hot and steamy.........like I'd describe my wife!!!....but the summertime just rolls on, towards autumn, leaves leaves but not yet! Great expectations great future and great balls of fire. Sit back and wait, no fucking way, I gotta do and go, born to be wild and on my way. Take it easy and go with speed of light where ever it takes me, it's alright. Oh I found myself thinking and plannin already my NEXT comic book grpahic novel, I should only start doing later, much late this year, closer to X-mas than Midsummer, damn, I'm a workaholic crazy illustrator!! ;) Well if it starts to pour out like rainstorm,  gotta let it come and take my time and interest. Still lotta to do and accomplish and conquer....! ;) Looking for the heart of the saturday night! :) Found an address for Tom Waits record company, so I'll do what I've planned and dreamed a long long time to get in touch with my idol and inspiration. probably there'd be no answer but, all I can do is try...... my best, every time is a chance and new possibility, dream on.

Meanwhile back in the mean and evil concrete  jungle, I found out another laughing matter poltically incorrect: especially my spanish speaking friends! Silvouplee!! : You never know when it hits you, miserable proud and oh so happy gay man, hahahahahaa...

Just laughing at all that silly fuzz on one preciese gay porn artist crowned ass a master of arts, hah. If you canät laugh at yourself, don't blame me! Blame the world it could be the world's fault!!! ;))))

Got phobia? Drink milk! Got angry bird? Eat it.

22.7.2016 Friday morning eating my muesli breakfast, drinking my coffee in this here small town and another cloudy morning, Summer where you went, and with whom? Arranging wife's birthday party arrengements, and cleaning house and garden for the B-day on August. Author labeled  and branded tea bag designer is my current profession!! ;) It's fun, but work still! ;)


 Empty head says don't write no shit, no more. OK. have acool breeze and sweaty thunderly day of summer!! :)

21.7.2016 Thursday, Torstai, Donnersdag, all the same day, cloudy still waiting for that heat wave, like a fool love to have hot sunny day to lay down on matress thining of mistress... err. no, just not thinking that's my aim for old age, oblivion and relaxing with nothing to do, say or think, a heaven, paradise and nirvana, all words lose their real meaning when abused as band names or repeated like a crazy parrot all the time. Judging book by it's cover, like you all do, in book stores and front of the shelves of new items, only blind won't judge by sight all. We're not immune to looks and images, good or awful, or awful good. Measure and labeling all we can to understand and brand it all in boxes and stalls, we are human, far from perfect or equal, not even speaking of fair. That's just an illusion your mother and scholl feed you, swallow oyur pride and cum. Be a good little sport and boy, never ask no questions why oh why, never compromise the truth, except if you need to bend the law and order, skip the borders and restrictions on your own head and abilities, yes sir, only one life, so many to love and care. Ongoing hippie dream, fools stream, no smokes no jokes, just life to live, very simple but so hard. Summertime and living is never easy.

20.7.2016 Wednesday morning, waking up to this sunny day, pleasure in hot mugs and wild jugs, on my wall there's an exhibition of sexhibition, Playboy girls captured in their youth , at their best, never getting old, never letting go the feeling of inspiration on humanity and blessing of the beauty. Fotographing is too easy for my atistic taste, everybody can do it, nowadays there's too much fotos, too litlle art. Art losing it's meaning again and value as everybody is/suppose to be an artist and producer of million fotos, selfie belfies, all ass no soul. Nostalgia crawls on me and my old bones, hah, I'm still young.... for a blues artist and singer!!! ;) Joke fron Dave Plimploms year book! ;) Half time holiday and illustrating teebags, oh yes I am!! :) Taking it easy espaecially now taht they promise heat wave, again over here coldest countries in Europe! ;) Wait and see, never been patient, although been a a ptient for love, mind and heartbreak. Have a nice day, err... have a fine day, Nice is not so nice word anymore.

19.7.2016 Tuesday, may be hot sunny day to enjoy ourselves, goodness gracious finally!!  Started the big cleaning project all house through and inside out for wife's birthday party preparation, that's cool and good sport and gym without lifting any artifical iron. Ain't no fool bodybuilder, thin-king it's the most utterly stupid waste of time, still.... looked stupid in the 70's and still do!! ;)  Sorry Starbuck, my friend!! ;)

Oh well, yesterday was the first " normal feeling" day after my trip to Tallinn and print house, it's always so much sitting in vechiles destroying the muscles on back, hurt infernal and all around tired after bad sleep in too soft hotel bed, oh well, got the job done, that's all that really matters!! ;)

 Oh I almost forget to laugh at all those idots who can't get in finnish art schools or universities, what they do they go to U.K. or else where you get in as long as you can pay for the education, that's classy stuff for all those jasper kaspers and strömmämmäns. HAHAHA!! :) Did ya thought nobody notice it? Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!! :D

 Mankind gone mad as usual, chasing invisible things in streets and parks, nothing changes, amnkind is still stupid. And I ain't no better tha the next man. Pokemon my ass. :/

18.7.2016 Monday morning, good night sleep, good morning coffee drinking, sun shining again, for my future it's so bright I gotta wear shades!! ;) Old jokes get better with time if forgetted within 'em years rolling by like wheels of a truck on highway, my highway my path to promiswed lands riches and pawed in gold and jewelry, haha...

..oh I wish I could dream more, live in daydreams, living with my head up in clouds and skyscraping the horizon, blue moon and red sun, where do I belong? I think I know, I think sometimes not, just do and think about it later, might hurt with evil words when attacked myself, and the attacker never sees himself as evil. Try to see it from the opposite site, head, relationship, partner, enemy's eyes. Hard life and hard fun, tough life tough men. Explaning what, do you know all my thought before I even thought 'em myself?

Contradiction in my everyday life, being as good and bad as I am, getting angry when annoid, trying to avoid assholes and big great artists, when ever I can, got no superego superman thoughts about my own goodness or greatness, but I know HOW good I am, don't need much of some stranger's improvements, sorry about that, all yopu kasperströmmans of ypur own miserable lives! :D :D :D

17.7.2016 Sunday, this here cloudy summertime only glimps of shine from the sky passing by the days. Oh good news from resaler, they put both Nuoruus-albums for saleALREADY! Yes sir, I can boogie!  Starting to feel better every day, hopefully I'll get as many as possible media people working together with me for this here best album of the year, in Funlandia restricts. I can feel all those lousy other kollegas and cheap fuckers shaking in their boots for what's coming fron Forssa town. This is it! Real deal, for adults only.I am a sensitive tender man, but I'm ruthless wicked blues man too, but i ain't no schitzo, ain't hearin no voices, no second self image or alter ego mixing my thoughts or brain. Sometimes I get overly excited and got hung up on fighting ideas and opinios with some clever schoolboy asshole who knows all, all and nuthin' at all, less. Oh internet, you silly game and play of hearts, broken down angels and psycos, nazis and other nice little mommy's boyskasperströmmans, sorry for your stupid sorry ass, I love to hate you who fool and abuse other not so fortunate. I'm crazy fucker but I'm not luike you, asshole, hahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahhahahhahahhahhahhahhahhahahaaahhahahaha!!! :D

16.7.2016 Saturday, still in mental jetlag from coming from Tallinn to print my book. Was a helluva trip for two days and lotsa traveling and sleeping in not so comfy bed in not so good hotel, but those were minor bads, the only important thing was get my album printed well, and that mission is now complished. I'm relieved, happy and satisfied and ready for the next challenge on selling it to every household in this here land and our neighbours too! ;)


Been raining for days and it still goes on, luckily I don't have to work outside nor walk the streets at night with nowhere to go, but I know how it feels to be without ahome, love, food, shelter or any friend around. Don't miss those days at all, but it'll make a helluva comic book, again. Something some lousy idiots like kasper strömman can never understand or do. Experiences count, deeds done, streets to run, women to been thru, life on the streets no in university, that's what counts in my books. Living in a real world, leave you the turd to dwell on, all you media wizard and oh-so-clever, pappa betalar kaspers in this unfair and capitalists dreamworld. You do yours and let me do mine, ain't asking you nothing,

just telling you to shut up (about me! ), cause you really don't know a shit from shinola, living on the advices from your swede mom's kitchen. Sad to see all those lousy  fuckers getting all that  media exposure, sure I envy, but not like you think. Got face and guts to look, to survive this time of fools in charge, governmental institutions running with all kasperströmmans fat asses. No mercy.


Still only idiots in rule of this land, world.

12.7.2016 Tuesday morning, fresh coffee and sleepy head, waking up to this world, insane and cruel, guess I've said it all before as I feel like I'm repeating myself, but no one else does what I do the way I do.

The exsistentialisms great inventions for hedonists pride, no gay pride over here in my head. I got tired of gays already in 80's, won't fell in that brain train anymore, fight for your rights as hard as you will and good luck. I won't be there on either side, don't really give a fuck who you fuck. And that is so wrong, yes i know, I got my own fights for equality, freedom and love to do. Ain't expecting nothing from you. Taking all as it comes, change in within us ourselves. If you are an asshole and act like it, what do you expect from us, who are not like you???On what bullshit you spend your days ain't none of my business. Yeah, freedom of speech and thinking, the other way, ain't got no phobia on fags, haha, just healthy look at the scene, .........and you can read all about in my autobiographical book Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. published on August this year!! :)

Here's the cover art for your eyes only!!!




Contradiction on summertime cause I'd love to have my book already here, but still love to spend all these summerdays as long as 'em last, here in cold cold land. Praying for heat wave.

11.7.2016 Monday and lotsa congrats to Porugal for winning the european championships on football last night!! :) Well done, too bad Ronaldo hurt his leg only in the beginning of the match, hope he's fine. The game wasn't much of suspense or thrill but worth to see after all, and the result was great for Portugal after so many years played in highest level but never winning a title, that's now wiped awayYeah!! :) Ole´! Muito bene!!Summertime feeling in me and days of lazy and relax, to be or not to be. Gotta little drawingds to do still in this month... so I'm not totally completely free from work, damn... but on this cloudy day i don't mind so much. Summer is here still.

 Just within 2 days I'll be watching my book to be printed and the work of 3 years to complete and materialize as I've worked haaaaaaaaaaard, planned and wanted. Great expetations and future schemes, it seems like I can be a winner for the second time in my life!!! ;)

 I'll be riding til sun set singing "I'm just apoor lonesome cowboy long way from home"!! ;)

 Just a little luck and lotta attencion, all I carve and want!! :)

Gonna be some rocking at the show tonight! Kickstart my life and past so fast. Okey, let's play ball!! :)

10.7.2016 Sunday morning, quite tired after trip tp Tampeer the day before, nice party and nice records bought and even found drum sticks too, yeah.


But now I gotat rest for the big day on next wednesday!! :)









<--Bought 2 fine postcards from the local music store man in FM Music Tampere, go there and buy buy buy! :)

9.7.2016 off to Tampere tonight for a friend's 50th birthday party.  Sun honours the day by being present also, been long rain eseason onthis July, days just flow like a serpentine, rolling away as I'm almost officially on vacation mood and working takes a great effort to get done now when my brain is empty and not much power on this machine, riding on fumes - need a rest and relaxation, and then a new start for next project of  anew book, but not right now, September sounds about right time to be ready to get involved huge comics book story again. Well, the schedules twist and shout, live their own life, I just do my best, and aim for higher ground and better results. The standars are pretty high, I wanna be the best, and fuck the rest, who can't draw a cat shit.

Hehe, got into fight with wife early this mornong and still feeling angry, damn, this here little head of mine....




oh well two stubborn souls and artists in same location, equals a lotta love and fights over...

 whatever matters. ;)


Peace and love what we all want, well wexcept the weapon sellers and wardoers, fuck that shit too. It all comes down to greedy people who want what you got or can't accept your religion or politics; all utterly bullshit, all wars and all fights over nothing. Dead men all over the world. That's a good title for a song...

...so I went and wrote it. This here my lil blog feeds my imagination on song writing, more than once, yeah brains needs a sparks! ;) ... sparks of my own mind!! :)

Artist does art, no miracle there.

8.7.2016 Friday and looking good but while i tried to record one Bob Marley song my recorder went bezerk and refuse to record whole song so it's a short version. Maybe do another take, but it's hard cause I'm like Ray Charles getting 'em vocals on in with first take, hehe...

Yeah I'm fast and loose, haha. I got no nerves for polishing the knobs for days on, just head on to and jump into, work, love and life, right on and ride on!! :)





Okey, glad that France and Portugal went to final match on fotball european champs, fun Sunday game expected.  I'm just taking it easy and trying to get myself inspired agian on drawing a commission pictures....... maybe next week I can do it.

7.7.2016 Thursday morning and the athletics european champs are on TV whole morning and afternoon from Amsterdam! Jee! Suits me fine as I'm "officially" on vacation!! ;)

Just got the actual price from print house too, yeah that suit s me fine too. Expecting getting little flu after finishing a big jow, work and tasks I usually do, but it doesn't seem to be a flu season now does it, hah! ;)

Maybe I can skip it this time? But I have a recent history with getting sick just after finishing ( not finnishing as i'm translating it to english later  on... in August!) something or just when I got a holiday like at X-mas. It's all psycolocigal warfare of brains or something my body says to defence system, "Now you can relax and get...



                     ...ill!" Damn. :P


Well hell, the pig flu I had in January was worst I ever had, really thoght I'm dying on this pain, so next time a flu hits me, I'll go to doctor and get some relief pills as I don't need no sick leave cause I'm my very own boss at work!! :)

 So whatever happens, people having a summer vacation at summer, as it's best!! :)

6.7.2016 Wednesday and sliding slowly towards into everyday life without a hurry and pressure to get my job done, Cause the 3 years huge effort and work is done. Gotta tell you at least twice how good I feel now that's it's finally over and off my shoulders. Still some advertising and book stores and syndicates and annoncments to do, but that's apleasure and I enjoy to sell it everywhere! ;) It's not my last strow but first strow to make adollar or two!! Autobiographical literature stuff gots it's dangers and some people can't take it, they won't believe it waht ever I drawn or wrote. They do what they want just like I did. I promise to you this one is worth reading! I'll put on some exsamples on these pages when it's on the shops to buy, soon!!!


 Meanwhile here in Funlandia starts another games studio as the athletics world/european championships starts at Amsterdam and TV today!! YEAH,  baby yeah! I enjoy sports also by watching great athletics doing their best! Tragic and exciting stuff expected! And it's summertime, fish are jumpimng and.... doobuddoobydoo! :)



 N'äissä osoitteissa Dirty deeds done dirt cheap and Big balls soikoon levyltä ja kaapeista tulee vain musaa, ei homppeleita!! ;)



<---Platinum blond (!!) me, back in 1986 at my lovers back yard in Karakallio Espoo Funladia, sunbathing as much as I can, thsi one is for real and true, story of my life. Swim pants stolen from swimming hall in Tapiola, criminal as I was... hahaha!! ;)

5.7.2016 Finally seems like th book is finished with all the corrections and all amde for four times over and in and out and up!! Now transactions to print house and then watching live prints next week!! and then HOLIDAYS!!!!! for the rest of the summer, hahahah...






well, I got this one 8 teabags design to do this month and tehn its birthday aprty time and visitors from outer space or at least from Latvia and Italia coming over!!! :) Alright, I'm ready!


So little computer work still to do also, but almost feeling the vacation bells ringing in my esrs!! :)

4.7.2017 Oh it's fourth of July, american indiependence day! Happy birthday Uncle Sam.  And now more important things... like it's a bit cloudy again and expecting thunder and lightning, afternoon light show on the sky! Or it might just miss us here in Forzza Funlandia, we shall see  as usual, you never know until it's here, wether the weather shall be what forecasted, yeah, what else could I be talking about?


 My important and valid things might be just cellulose to you, my holies might be your underdogs, we may have nothing in common, but... life and the air we breath, food we ate, people we hate and love is sharing, be like a good communist should share everything!!!  Gimme your wife first and then the rest... HAHAHAHAA!! :D


 Okey rest of the album still  to be corrected and THEN hopefully in print this month! JEE! Even my wife whne read it, said it's not a little graphic novel it's ahuge comics novel book!! It's harda and tuff, funny and ruff! Wuf wuf wuf!! Barking at myself!! ;)

3.7.2016 Sunday feeling pretty alright although Italia lost the game for Germany, but that's already yesterday's news. Lots a rain at night and morning, nature's call of duty, plants growing. I go on with my Red Disney Army painting toys project, oh the cat was capturd again oin my music room/garage and pissed on the floors, oh that smell, damn it' stays at worst case for ever, if I don't find it actual place and wash it a hundred times over!! GRRR.... Well the cat can't help, if it's locked there overnight....

 Made another great cover version of one of my long time favourite Johnny Winter (version) of Divin' Duck! Gave me thrills to hear my own guitars, that's rare. One Tom Waits song did me crying,

...almost too deep stuff, but I can admit I'm sensitive boy still, haha!! :)

Feelings, affections and loving, music and the feelings it gives us, no matter when it was done, or whom, if it good it's alright, for me and you. Freedom to choose, freedom to listen and change your mind. My mind's always on the run, looking for new loves, new music, to me, no matter if it's old Deep Purple LP I haven't heard, ever, if its only NEW to me, that's enuff.

Have love, will travel.

<-- Jamming Shit made only half of  LP back in 1994, here' my painting for  the cover of it.