Käyttämäsi selain on vanhentunut. Suosittelemme, että päivität selaimesi ensin uusimpaan mahdolliseen versioon.

Art My Academy of unconventional models on human kind, not unkind, except your scitzofeminist with your pipo too tight, muhahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d

New model army of naked ladies stiil going strong, starting new year with new resolutions...




















 computer resolutions that is, muhahahaa!! :)

A brand new Bon Scott potrait in pencils in progress 2017 of late great singer of Ac/DC...












Bon voyage!









New naked lunches....




here's first after book release!

New model old school nude....

Angel wings....









watercolouring test number 49867539560189556812002899.




Like it or not, on your knees or on your hands! ;)








there's always room for another angleangelshot!! :)





 Enjoy life while it last, wink for all you goddesses,

without wings! :P

Water colours of the Autumn leaves...  September 2015.

 next step...

Coloured with speed of light!! :) To be continued...!

NEW Stuff coming up, now that the Summer is officially over it's time to get back on pounding furiously anvils with hammers!! :)

<-- Beach playmate crawling backwards towards.you! One days work done and weeks, months due to be published here and there in next comics in next Summer festivals!! But you can get the sneak preview here!!

Taken 4 days work on and off...



























 Below is a new portrait (spring 2015) for my friends mothers birthday present!









Thanks Joppe!


 Brand new broschyr for cultures discoveries!



New stuff of 2015! Kulttuurin Löytöretket poster illustration 2015!











2014  The Final Nani Japan front cover!







2014  Coming up... Nani Japan 2014 version.












2014 NEW anatomies for the year!










Octoberian pencilworks, 2013.


Sky Dee And The Demons,  Just Like That 2012/13.

CD cover illustration, watercolours, 2012.

    John Fogerty,

Green River-style... 1971, CCR.

That's it!

17.4.2013 the finishing touches... of John Fogerty.

Newest new pics!

16.4.2013 today's news... John Fogerty visualising...

15.4.2013 John Fogerty from CCR, coming up...

On line!! starting now and here! :)

Have you ever seen the...








 or this man?

Monday's works.... above.

Motörheaded  lady 2.4.2013 Finnished and finished.

31.3.'13 Again... trying to finish this today... so i can move on to next project that shall be comics...

31.3.2013 Funny bunny search and...

30.3.2013 I wish you a very "tasteful" easter holidays!! :)

... with all my Motörhead-heart.

29.3.2013 My kinda Easter bunny...

27.3.2013 morning has broken...                                                         and so am I...

26.3.2013 Licking the  same finger still...

Into salt mines.... daily obsessions and  fun of work.

I have a "problem" with breasts , them seems grow too big on my hands! ;) Gotta shrink 'em... again.

Coming up!

20.3.2013 A new drawing...

Wednesday time for coffee in bed. Oh, I think this might be finished! well...

This ones going from weird to weirdo!


18.3.2013 Good monday!

16.3.2013 Another dimension and point of view coming up!

15.3.2013 Contianuty work in process... again.

14.3.2013                                         Almost there...

I find the time right to finish this  Donna Lewis potrait(!?!). Today.

little more backgrouding and...


Finnished lady with helmet.

Started this pencilwork Feb. 28th.2013.

February 28th, 2013. A brand new model for pencilling! Let's boogie!

Esta es mi dibujo de dia, 28 de Febrero. 2013 como es este ano!      jejeje...

March 1st, 1 de Febrero , 2013.

5th of March, 2013



Take another look, upside down, world looks so different... easier to block the mistakes, eys don't lie...


Finishing finals touches...





In the beginning... babysteps how to draw and scale it.

This I drew just a minute ago, 4th of Jan. 2013. Pencils 1B on A3 paper (=29x42cm).

first step, a rough and fast lines but helps you to scale it, so some of the parst wanted wont be outside paper/ room whatever you draw! :) Use a little erasurer as you can, pratice your eye to see, what's essential, ... or wrong place.






time: 11.13.









 Lunchbrake... now... 12.28






time. 12.59





















to be continued...

well... this one is for all your big legmen! ;) Drawn just by eye scale, no rulers or measurers used. Practising shades... slow slow but satisfying work. Days work, while scanning more pics HERE! ;)

Bobcat, 2006, within an hour.

bobcat 2006

 Todays work in process...


pencilled 2011, watercolours 2012, inking today 23rd, Jan. 2013.

happened before...  down towards...




started watercolouring 2012... and there's no end of it! In sight... ;)

That laying lady below:

Started this practise on average cheapest children's "fibre pens" with aquarelle paper. No Sketching, no pencils, measurers or else, just right on details, good practise for eye and hand.( Size A3 = 29x42 cm.)

Ain't buthin' better model than (semi)nude female.




here's today's (21.1.'13) pen works, well the right arm ain't excatly right, but well... it's only lil' harmless sketch. ;)

I might finished it tomorrow...



to be continued...                     continuar....

22.1.2013 (model Donna Smith, Playmate 1978.)

To be continued! Soon today...

Jaa tämä sosiaalisessa mediassa

Sketch 2009

 Lesson 1. sketching in scale.

 Start wherever you want but try to fit the whole pic/body/face or wharever you decide to be in main focus.

 Use as hard or soft pencils you like but with later added watercolour (for example) the harder pencils are better, less smudge.

 I use pencils from 1B - 8B.


For sketching usually 2-4B.

 And invest GOOD paper (canvas or whatever you draw into!), I prefer aquarelle blocks with glued allsides, I don't tape the paper in table( you can't move it easily ianymore) , cause it helps to get scales  and perspectives right.


This anatomylesson was started in 2009, but stand alone for a year in archives before got any colours in it...

Lesson 2...      colouring.

here some step by step...


colouring... this/these maidens, same model although.


Layer by layer, watercolours are fast but also  slow way to make an imperession, well faster than oilcolours , always! ;)


Sketch for up coming Angelandevil illustration 2014.




<----Models Tommy Gunn and Stormy Daniels, before Trump fame!! ;)

Take another good  look...

especially good advice when you're working with some pic days, weeks or months and you can see there's"something wrong" but you quite can't figure it out what it is! of course a mirrow helps same way if you can't move the drawing or the board or table you're tied in/down(?).  ;)

Lesson 3. It's all in details, but...

Details, the most important thing after scaling is right.

Down here, the eyes are still ALWAYS the most importatnt part of body.


1994 I practiced and rehearsed like a fool 8 hours aday,  all weeks, months and years, and still do. Keeps the recession away. Let's all stop whining and start doing, it! :)

Everybody starts somewhere, some day and all as bad.........

this is mine carayons masterpiece "Snowmen and Home "

done 1969, while I was  5 years old.


Only REAL advice that works all the time is PRACTICE, and it makes perfect. There's only everything and every day to LEARN more and be better, faster, stronger, tenderer or what ever you chooze!!  I'm so tired of people saying" I can't draw... I was born bad..." of course YOU can. Try. And surprise! Yourselves. That's my lecture, no excuses  just ride on! Be better than you ever even dreamed to be! :)

It's all in technics and skills and practice. And heart, never leave home without it! ;)

i  Todo es posible !

To be continued...