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BLOGS YEAR 2016.  In english, finglish and suitable for all adults. Strictly no to babies, and jerk off journalists with rabies! :)

30.6.2016 Last day of June, summer goes so fast, still deleting errors and adding commas to text and finalizinf the back cover, I hopefully now got it. Album works for 3 years got me empty and worn out, very well thank you. Only person that has read it is my wife and she likes it, yeah, that means alot to me, well, I'm pretty confident IT'S good and worthwhile to do, something you never read in finnish comics, I bet my ass and soul on it. A honest story and autobiography of hard times and mad years, of youth. I'll wipe the table with all those hanneriikka moisseinens and pertijarlas weak, lame and lousy drawn autobios, hahaha!! I'm bad, mad and evil, but it's just the truth I'm interested. So if you are on my way, step aside or pay the price, I'll take no prisioners, give no shit, have no mercy for assholes, ytrying to dis and unvalue me. It's timer for dumb boy to sing, time to truth for you to bring it on! It's time for adults and grown ups to have FINE comics too! If it goes to my head, just wait it'll pour out too, the piss I'm taking for you. You're warned, stay true and clean and surprised when the book hits you between your eyes and hearts.


 Another bit cloudy morning, rain dropped by too, I don't mind. I'm alive and well, I'm ready for the life, remain and moving constantly, changing climate and people, love still conquers all. I may repeat myself but it's only for the good cause, love is really all you really need...


...and food, home, clothes, peace of mind, money, rest, sleep, water to wash and drink, medicine if ill, shoes, gloves, hats, books, music, talk, walk, friends, enemies, taxes, pol... no politics you don't NEED!!!!

European union and brexit  are all but big laugh and slap on your face, never trust aman in silk suit, telling you what you should do and when work, fuck all that shit,be yourself, be all you can, man. Be a superman. Wonder woman, we're all stars, all good enuff to be heroes, not just zeroes in laptops, numbers and statistics. You're not a robot, not a machine, just flesh and blood, skin and bones! Human man, all you have to be. Enuff that stuff? Be good and wise, be all and not a loser. Take your time and aim it straight to the heart, it's alright to be shot by cupid in the heart, for love. :)

29.6.2016 Wednesday another cloudy summerday, last corrections to my book on the way and hopefully in print house soon, too. I'm back on diet after Midsummer fiesta and grilling some sausages, I'm a dedicated meat eater but don't prefer the chunks of  bloody stakes and beef, I'm very cheap date, now taht I don't drink any alcohol either, the restaurant bill is affordable! ;) The rare times I got there, I can afford it, life I can't afford excatly as I would wanna be, well, I got time to wait, still...


 I'm a young beginner as a blues artist! ;) This joke is on Dave Plimploms repertuaire, I might borrow a joke but never steal from another poor man or blues artist, we've been mistrated amd misused all our lives. The wrongdoers rule the world and money, it's all bullshit and bullshitters world. Sad world with terrorisdt blowing up the fellow men and women and children, shame on you assholes.


<-- Angelandevil series one of the best water colour works I've ever done. Hopefully can finish a colourful book of these devilish pics for a next year as we're celebrating 100th anniversary of Finlandia!!! :)

28.6.2016 Tuesday morning and back in business witout any busy, more or less just hanging on thinking what not to do and how to spend the day effective, affective or detective. Need some new plans for the summer, as the sun refuse to shine EVERYday, plääh.

Well, I can easily just chill and  laze all day and watch European champioships of football in TV at evenings, no problem, but my head keeps whirling inside, gotta do some art, now that I'm finished with my album after 3 years work, hard work, little vacation time. And now that I have time haven'yt got too much money to fly around the world or go shopping for a weekend trips in cities, but really don't give adamn if I can only be here and find ways to enjoy myself.

Luckily I've been a loner forever and enjoy my own company, usually it's no problem, to go wriet a new song or draw anew drawing. I get excited so easily, lost in art, making love what I love, my first crush, was art. My dream to be Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Leonardo Da Vinci. At least!! ;)))))

 Truth and nothing but the truth!Aiming my arrows of cupid, love and only love. Life's pretty simple game of losers and winners and inbetweens and victories and losses, most of us are both, winner and loser, no forseen path for anyone, all bullshit religions and rules and laws and forcements. All bullshit lives within fear and ignorance, common peoples stupidity, arrogance and elitism and is that's it, all bullshit you live on, you're really biggest loser. Losing all good and fine and real experiences of love and care and respect each other, hippie dreams in yuppie worlds. Oh weel I know my rant won't change much or this crazy world, but I did try! I did my all, for love.

27.6.2016 My first one and only first lady, aka my wife has her 50th birthday today! Congratulations to her with the tradiotional cake and coffee to bed was a mission accomplished! Now we're both old enuff, hehe!! :)

Gifts and chocolate!!!


So today might go with the flow, enjoying the life we have. So you too have agood life and best wife you can get!! ;)


 No visible sun at sight so clouds and cool breeze is todays theme, maybe even work on my next mission on tea brand package designing!! ;)

Wait and see!!!


<--- My dearest,

in my pencil work 2009/2010 wintertime.


Happy birthday !!! :)

26.6.2016 Sunday, dull football watched yesterday while peeking other channels and swedish murder mysteries solved by swedish police, taht could be a comedy by itself, hahahahaa...

 <---Up there's one of the back cover version i'm still thinking about...

Todays weather prodcast +28 so it's sun time again, sweating midsummer food out of my systems... hopefully!! ;)

Okey this fiesta time is officially over, tomorrow as today the evngelists have this holy day, no working no thinking no nothing, but fear of God and holy spirits! :)

Our holy family shall be godfearing and nice as pack of flie, ies and nevrdies, love baby love, that's the sectret!! :)

25.6.2016 Saturday the Midsummer/Juhannus day, getting hotter, even sun might show up over here, wouldn't that be nice?






Looking forward to get picturing me past again in the very next book titled as "Spanish Sauna Trip"! ;) It's funny how I'm all worn out and empty bag for writing and drawing this August book, for last 3 yearassd but still same time I'd like to start the next immediately! ;)))


Crazy head and crazy world, crazy love and crazy girls. Oh well, dreams  and reality,such acontraditive mess. Living just one day at the time, such an ongoing stress. Who the hell god bless?

24.6.2016 It's the Midsummer fiesta tonight all over this poor land gonna be drunken million fools, saunas and bonfires by the lakes, grilling and hopefully chilling!! take it easy where ever you are in Funlandia, stay clean astay sobe and most of all stay above waterline!! the sad statistics of drown drunks higest scores are tomorrow morning on the news, sad sad "tradition", could be avoided by cultural movement that starts within YOUR hearts and heads, now por favor!


Well I know I'm "preaching" to deaf ears, drunken fucks don't give a shit what others think or care. I'm same way stupid fuck, I won't listen to any "good advices" from nobody, hahaha! Try, fail and learn that's the famous finnish way, to all you can imagine to do !

Well, be safe, be cool and be nice, that's my real hopes for this Midsummer!!





And drink a lot!! ;)

Alcohol is good for you!! :) ))))))))))))))))



Especially the mornng after it is....!! :D

Just finished water colour painting that's been in " process" for a year or two!! My Jack's On Bollocks period 2016!! ;)

23.6.2016 Thursday and officially under 100 kg, this fat cat getting thin white duke fit, just you wait and see. I wanna my body and figure back, no more depressive eating disorders or chocolate bars in Mars, is there life on Mars? Bowie went and made such apretty music in seveties, still valid in early eighties but then lost it somewhere in acting and good life I guess. Little troubles and hard times bares better music I guess in most of the cases, struggle makes you try harder and if the world is alrwady on it's knees before you what do you have to conquer anymore, but maybe your own inspirations and goals to make fine art. Questions never answered. And that's allright too, leaving other ones some thinking by themselves time too.

 Another perfectly cloudy day dawned and waiting for the sun like idiot Jim Morrison, drowning in my bath and swimming pool like Moon. Destructive selfies, belfies my ass. No class no grass no horses ass. Just life, sober and crazy, it's alright baby.

22.6.2016 Wednesday and my mother's birthday 79th for that old lady, congrats!! :) Here 117 km away it's bit cloudy but warm summerday, just 2 days from Midsummer fiesta, all over this land. Bonfires and millions of festivals in every woods to get drunk, fucked, hit and hangover, a paradise on earth!! ;)

We're here grilling and chilling it easy, no need to go on any other place cause almost all the neighbours are away too!! ;)))

So yesterday was fine getting tan for 4 hours, I'm pleased it's hot enuff in here, in our hometown. Hopefully we get lots of hot days still with this summertime, the ice age cióntinues at November for sure, no surprises there.... :P

21.6.2016 Tuesday hopefully get some tan today again as it mighht get hot in here helvetin tulirotko town! ;) just stepped outside and it is hot, yeah I'll cut this short and jumpa into blanket and let the sun take care of my skin and bones!! :)....see you in there and here, its Summertime and it's only once a year!! ;)

20.6.2016 Monday moooooooooooooorning, woke up to mosquito whining in my ear, damn, I was just having a good dream....

 Got checked all 116 pages up the fourth round of my book, found one page twice and erased some smuts more, hopefully it's now ready but the back cover texts are still searching their final exsistence. My head's planning already he next album and all I could do now, but trying to hang on this project still some weeks and go to print with pleasure then, soon.

I'm putting all my hope on my next book, so buy it like a maniac when it hits the stroes on end part of the August or early Se4ptember!! It's gonna be raw and direct picture of the eighties as I saw it.living poor and low, dirty down town, Helsinki and Espoo like a hobo and bar revolver, youth gone real wild. Well, it all depends on who you compare it, wasn't sentenced to  foster home or such but was one hell of unlucky kid, as you'll see. It's all real, all for you, I know my past I don't have to see and read it anymore but you do! A different kind of childhood and early manhood. In the streets, in the alleys and gutter, my only home. Really looking forward and to the next level, in my life and work. So much work to do, so much troubles to reveal, and all the violent of cops with legal rights to walk all over you. Yeah right, they still try to sell us that vision that the police is ONLY good thing, haha. Bullshit like all those " so called reality copshows they film in Finland with police patrols in their stupid cars"!! FTS!

Anarchy in the Funlandia, is  what we need. Fuck the police and the police state, as a face value, it's all gone and yesterdays news, not reality. Got no respect on violent machine who hurts it's citizens lie poilce do, did and shall do in future. Power blurs the rights and laws, as we've seen 2000 years or more. Yeah, police men show me yer good faith and help and I'll change my thinking about you sleaze and scum of earth. Oh yeah, but I'm just a crazy person with crazy ideas, never mind me, just go on living in your dreams and illusions of this land of milk and money. :/

19.6.2016 Sunday, after sauna football watch and one more song recorded and composed yesterday, was a good day but I feel little frustrated to grt the book in print soooooooooooooooooooon!!!

Gotta make it all ready next week and heading for printhouse in early July!! :) Okey pull myself together and try to pump up the volume to finish my job for 4 years now like agentleman, screaming and crying that is!! :)           Oh there was a haloo for one plocie officer got killed while entering a gun man's house another seriously hurt,

 ...so I am really sad it was only one police man who got killed!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!! :)

Only good cop is a dead cop, as those assholes are the only ones ever charged me with guns  and beaten me while handcuffed, won't ever be their friend of show respect on officers of serious bullshit on their work and consious, not serving not protecting, as the free speech allows me to feel different about law and forcement, I do. Until they pay me for pain and loss of my mind and money let's say like 1 million in cash, then I'm willing to rethink, maybe adore and respect(!!)police officer, not before. HAHA! :) One good cop won't make my day.

18.6.2016 Saturday another cloudy rainy day, it's okey, still waiting for the heat wave comeback and lazying in the sun, like summeertime suppose to be and do. happy for Spain and italia for victories in football. Just don't understand the hooliganism and idiots in violence in general! If you tolerate this, your kids surely be the next idiots with guns and ammoniums, fanatism ruins all games, all pure fun and idealism for good health for sporting life, well it's all lies, with doping and blood tranfers and all that shit, yeah, let's ruin all for all.

 Pessimism ain't no negative thing it's motherfuckng realism. In this crazy world you can expect everything cruel and sleazy to happen, to you and me. So let's party like it's 1999 and you're my princess and I'm your Prince!! ;)

Later tonight it's sauna and just taking it easy!!! Trying to get some rest on weekend I do. My fingers are itching for drawing after these 2 ½ months endless (!!) writing and computer workings....... naked ladies are waiting me there with angel wings!! ;) .......If you know what I mean!! And I'm mean lean love machine!! HEHE!! :)

17.6.2016 Friday and rain goes on, nature thanks for every drop and blooms with all antural born and fine way. I'm still cleaning smuts and unwanted marks of pencils on my comics book pages, still back cover to be finished and then it's up to printing machines...

...some stupid computer date work erase my writings for this morning over here and so those brilliant and oh so clever ideas flew like a flog of seagulls away. Don't remember what I already wrote 4 minutes ago, damn early dementia... hehe, damn.

Little rain never hurt no one. So let it rain over the nature, clears the air and makes you breath alittle better, that ain't so bad?!?

 Soon next year I'm entitled and justified on first of January to get money again rightfully if unemploymency hits me still then, after 8 years waiting period I must thank you all assholes in Helsinki work and unemployment office for 8 years of struggle and poverty, thank you again! hope you see poverty and pain in many years to come on your OWN life, batsrads! Can't forgive you now if ever. You really are the people who make this life hard and heavy, so fuck off... and thank you so much, making me stronger, ehe?

This foto and life is dedicated to all you who beem mistreated. make the right things count, do the good thing and will, build and live strong and good, whereever you are and whatever shit the official bring on your way, fight back, never givve up. At the end there's a pot of gold for sure for every weekend warrior and  soldier of rightfulness.

The victory is ours. Someday the love conquers all. It did it in my life already. You do what your life needs and live to win, all you who're born to lose.

 I might not know the right grammatics, arethamtics or politics but I know what's right and what's wrong, in life, in general in my daily routines. Take a look in the mirror.......and if it's not harri römpöttis face that's looking back you're consider to be lucky bastrad! ; ))))))))))))))))))))) Make a harrirömpöttijoke a day, keeps the doctor away!! ;)

Prove yerself got sense of humour and not be prune.... and tosikko/ humourless!!

16.6.2016 Thursday , verye arly morning for me to pop up and be awake this 7'nish, lack of sleep last night thinking about possibilities for vacation abroad, but might nit be able to make it, lack of time and money, damn, ain't no fun waitin' round to be a millionaire!!! :///Ain't no fun to be born poor, in a poor family, poor country and poor times and it's not like tehem who prospered say it's NOT all up to yourself and just perseverance. You need help and home and opportunities to succes, nothuing comes from silver platter except silver platters do. Rich man has no understanding of us poor, which have been very clear with our goverments right wing policy, cutting from poor and education and not rasing the taxes like they could easily do but stubborn "election promises", that's the ONLY one they can't break! Such a comedy, such travesty such a pity us fools, believing politicians!?!

 It's a rainy day. Nature does not call.

15.6.2016 Wednesday,  just got the news from visitors from Italia to our house in August, that's very nice, looking forward, only hope is that the weather ain't horrible, well nothing much I can do about that, welcome you all nice people over here, Funlandia is the place to be, hipsters beard swinging in the wind and fields of opportunity! ;)

Today I might get some tan again, looking good the weather condition..... yeah, summertime is only once a year!  Taking all out of it !!! Hot pants in hot babes.... :)

 Lazy fuckers and crazy days of the .... past, I live on those and this here today in sun.

14.6.2016 Tuesday, nice work on España and Italia, both win their games in football last night, so I can support both of 'em, coz Funlanduia ain't gonna be ever there in actual championship  games....           any kind.

 .....I suppose, but luckily  don't care or ain't that over excited over pigskin ball played by others, I liked to play it myself on in our tean Käpylän ruoska many years as older men's league, it was mostly fun. And after games in bar was always great fun..... well time guildens menories, but some stays true and real. You don't have to stupid and arrogant like some average talented pertti jarla and THINK if YOU don't rememeber it right nobody else can't do it, hah. If I don't see it it's not real hahahahahahahahaa.... it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll!! All I can say, stupidity increases in crow and especially finnish comics incrowd! Buhahahaaa!! :) Oh well, it's a beautiful day to enjoy Summer and times of warm breath of the wind.

And never forget the most important thing in Summer, women in less clothed and less not easy going minds!! ;)


13.6.2016 Monday, football and diet, and back cover of the book, weekends themes, still going on still alive and well, well am I ever well is the question of the opinion and in the eye of beholder. Are we all just innocent bystanders or victims or guilty as charged, I know where I stand and how it feels to walk a mile in my shoes, my summertime blues.

 Life is a long trip if you are lucky, short if you put in the line with dinosaurs and evolution, dna chains and mystic development and mammals and animals in general drop down from the tree and learn to walk, inventing fire and machines and medicines and war tehnology, in a flick of a wrist, that's centuries, foxy ladies, pink elephants, green whales, yellow politicians, pearls for swine, people have no power. World has maybe changed but it's not for good, in all cases, all in all. Life is living, killing is dying, love is loving, hate is crying. Lyrics for another bluesy song, it comes natural or not at all, in my case I know not how to pretend or invent stories, unless it's all true and happened to me. I might be selfish in my chozen pathbut it's the only path I could choose. Only way and only today to choose. Live a bit longer, get little wiser, lose no love, lose my number, lose my age, lose my mind, all done for the purpose of th art of comics books.

And art  shall pay my pension days life. I got no plan B, nothing but the blues and art, to live for............... and love.

12.6.2016 Sunday, sauna never disappoints but football game often do, löike yeterday 3 game and none of 'em were exciting all 90 minutes. What's wrong with me or is it the football itself?  Now that I no longer play it myself, is the passion gone with too much finesses, prepared structures and defense plans and  and not enough pure passion and guts and magic opf the moment. Maybe 1 goal taht was great execution but hey, 89 mintes of boredom won't be washeed away by one minute's excellent job with the ball, or is the game gone so mediocrisy and dull for all? Hopefully I'm wrong and the games develope better and more excited!! Summer has been cold after that heat wave over  a week ago, now just the normal or colder days, suits me while I'm struggling with the back cover of my autiobiographic comics still and sitting and pulling my hair outta my head by my computer desk in my drawing room, but rather be taking sun baths and tan in my skin. Maybe I should go and do like majority in Finland to be sure to get some and go to islands of Mallorca to have some sun!?! ;)


Well, still believeing in finnish summer weather can be more than just...

 snow and cold.

maybe getting old, maybe getting some wrong ideas, maybe don't give a fuck, maybe it's just my imagination,

 maybe not.

 But I'd love to have a hot summer vacation,

where ever it takes me. Winter was soooooooooooooooooo long again, seems like them are harder to stand while getting older and more tired of snow and ice for 6 months ayear! :///////////

So climate, please chamge, SOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!! :))))

11.6.2016 Saturday oh I slept like a baby over 10 hours, maybe had a little lack of it... now very relaxed and easygoing as I am, normally usually and all the time, I avoid the stress and pressure every way I can, ayear ago when the schedule for book release was too tight I just gave myselt another year to finnish it and now I've done it, my main work for last 4 years" Golden Youth part 2." Soon in stores and net shops near you!! :)

Watched the football european tournament first game, France against Romania, boring, uninspired, lazy and dull sport all around, fuck that shit....

....guess I'm not watching every game on TV like today is 3 games, jeeeeeeeesus, guess I can invent something better to do on summer nights also?!?

It's saturday the sauna day and night. Not much of a summerweather to mention this here 11 degrees above zero. But we take it all as it comes, finnish summer weather is the forever going joke.

10.6.2016 Friday and all the pages are numbered in my book, hopefully my days are not numbered within this young so life, life of mine, well oh well, guess we all goty out paths and days numbered after all, what are we living for, guess that's allup to you where you spend your eternity in this life and days of gold and silver, gutter and backstreets, yeah that's been my gilded road searching for fools gold.


 When I'll be old man, I shall be wise and know how to spend my days wisely, muhahahahaa, guess that day never come, I'll just drag on and on in this bright skies and blue birds flying above, red mud and yellow flowers blooming like they do summertime, blues is forever, whether you're a rich or not. heartaches we all got, money or not. Heart breaks and evil women, fast horses and slow reactions, all we got is not all we need. We need more and run for it, before it's doomsday and funerals, got no hurry there, friends do not die yet. Live as long and fine as you can.

9.6.2016 Thursday and the european football chanpionships start at tonight, well tomorrow is the first game, nice so I can be watching and do nothing else!! ;) Slept alright and 3 kilos lighter life with diet, it's nervewrecking game to lose the fat boy and be slim jim and normal size again after 11 years of misery and eating disorders like stuffing stuff in my mouth. Moving too little, should have more excersice daily and weekly, damn with my knees that are busted and overworn out, can't run or do sports like ypung rabbit anymore.... so I must adjust on life and try to survive with weak knees, damn. But no giving or backing up now, I've decided to get in shape and live longer. I wanna live for ever but only in my art, so support your artists while they're alive, dead one need no help or money.

8.6.2016 Wednesday, rain fell last nightjust before I went to slumberland and woke up with the key of the locker in bank of plenty opf money....

too bad it was only a dream!!! :)

Wish I was a rich man, never have to worry about anything but...

 money, oh wish I wasn't rich man who worries all his money. World of contradiction, world is ball of confusion. World is going from mad to crazy, all the terrorists and violence and idiots running for president,  jesus, when my time is due I'm glad to go, but not for long time now. I kinda like this here body I'm living and life ain't that bad, when accepted the facts and the lacks, things I don't need like car, new clothes, latest electronics, playstaions, summer cottage, yearly vacation on abroad in a distance far away island sipping umbrella drinks and getting massage by natives...

or anything I DON'T need, and that list is long, gotta admit these days I'm a happy man. Trying my best to do what I can for love, life and love life.

Live the life I love.

7.6.2016 Tuesday and triplechecked all pages and numbered 'em too same time. So now it's all ready for print, hehe, when I finished the covers and still one page called Epsilogi 2. where I pull out all that's not "fair /epistä" so that's why it's not epilogy it's "epislogi", a word found out and from my OWN imagination. I'm very fond of twisting and turning and playing with words and phrases into something new or unexpected, well my wife says could you be serious a moment, any moment, any day it'd be nice?!? :)

But no, I can't be what I'm not, serious person, without jokes and crazy ideas exploding inside my head constantly!!! :)

I am old man and serious only bout love and well... dunno what else? Life? No it's too short to be taken seriously.  Money? No never had the opportunity to have it... too much, don't have to worry something you/I never had, can't lose it! :D

Simple life and facts rules my days  and working, do the best and ultimatest, every day every drawing every song like it's your last. can't go back and don't want it either, todays are fine, I've lost that stupid worrying phrase living in another day that you are, such acheap philosophy with no real advice at all,

can't live any other time ever so it's all bullshit when THEY say, live today not tomoorow or last night, haha! Idiots with poor bastard paul coelho wisdom.

6.6.2016 Exactly 7 years as a Forzza city citizen !! ;)



This here little town we love to live, peaceful enough as countryside and enough big to have shops and bus station to take you away and back. I'm still alive and working on my next book to be released on August. And my diet is going strong too aka losing weight daily bases! ;)


Back in the year 2009 Motorbiking with electric guitars wailing, haha!! :)

Don't ask me why this fotow as taken....! ;)

5.6.2016 Sunday after sauna yesterday and having break from work feels good, feeling rested and peaceful, is there something wrong with me?? ;)

Life goes on and facebook never leaves you even after dead your haunting there IF yuo haven't make arrengements to eliminate you fron there, HOW could one know when he/she dies? If not having a cancer or such disease...... Angers me to see some idiot semdinh "HAPPY birthday-wishes to dead friends, of mine. Check out IF 'em are alive, please. Shouldn't be TOO hard to do.


Heat wave is over for a moment, just wishing we shall see MORE sunshine this Summer still..... been s many cold and cloudy summers in my life. Need for another perfect weather and lazy days in our hot yard in my underpanths, not a hurry in a world.

4.6.2016 Saturday, waking up slowly to weekend with nothing to do, but spend time and get thin! ;) Oh well, taking it easy, taking it as iot comes, sunshine or rain or at case of finnish Sumeer both, simutaneously! ;)

Summer is at the most green and blooming, although flowers are still in bed with just starting to get up and bloom. Some bloom later some never, like we humans! ;)

3.6.2016 Friday and still got that heat wave, butnot for long so I must go  to get me soem before its NORMAL finnish summer weather, cold, cloudy and possibility of rain, shit. Got me the ISBN barcodes too, so book is all raedy for print when I'll number the pages and do the final checking of mistakes and remone 'em. Nexy week and the week after that, if it's not HOT and sunny I'll work taht's been my plan for summertimes for many good years already and why changing the winning formula!! :) Have a hot day and wild nights of summer, vacation or not, sumemr is here... and not for stay!! ;)

2.6.2016 Thursday and succesfully past the first day of diet lost more than 1 kg , yeah it's a good start and way to go, losers like me wann be thin........ again and looking spectacular good, hehe, with or without clothes. did some 1 hour of drumming after sunbathing session, just DON'T eat so much, that's my crazy diet. Results expecting on September and after that trying very hard to stay there in slim fit, it can't be impossible for guy like me who enjoy sports and sweating on athelitic arenas, buy don't like lifting weights of steel. Bodybuilding is still so disgusting and nowadays too fashinoable, so best avoid that shit like cancer. Walking my own paths and backstreets, crying and taking care of my own ass and business...

 just took aminute to wrote a song lyrics on that topic that interests me, still and forever,

 love and realtionships sailing the asphalt jungle. Now little work stuff and then ino to sunshine before the rain comes aftyernoon...! Ciao.

1.6.2016 Wednesday and first day of the Summer is here with heat wave so I'm parking my ass in the sunshine and just letting go. I got the final price from print as now I finally know how many pages I got and some special print stuff i won't tell you before the album is out and for sale, building suspense and expectations for this wild story, let me entertain and surprise you!! Also got finished my Tom Waits cover album's 2 more songs, whick mean to me a lot, especially Downtown Train makes me still emotional, although it's me whose singing it, little rain never hurt no one...

 great expectations and high hopes for these albums as I'm only 2 songs away fron my 400th OWN written and recorded song!!!! Try to beat me there misters popknowledge and knowitalls! :)

 But now let's get naked and enjoy the heat of the short Summer!!

31.5.2016 last day of Springtime and last day of me being overweighted fat person eating normal food, tomorrow starts the heavy metal and no fattening food diet which gave me big results 4 years ago. So I trust no one but myself with getting thin again.... I'll be back! Now I just wanna get tan as it's very hot here in FUnlandia for this week, next you never know over here, is it rain sleet or snow???

 My album is ready, just wating third checking up until print, so I let it be some days and then read it once more and correct if falses found, not the easiest or nicest work but just gotta be done properly and many times to find all akward words or phrases out too. Luckily I don't have to do this as work EVERYDAY!! ;) ))))))))

 So I'll work my stuff for 2 hours and rest of the day I'll be in the sun! Having a real goooooooooooooooooood  time!!

 The news of the world are so depressing with all war refugees sinking in Mediterrain and Isis fuckheads killing in land and...

 jesus, just try to live and love is that so hard to do!?! Love baby that's the answer, not war.

30.5.2016 Monday and two days before the Summer is officially here, but today is already hot over 24 and that's heat wave in our beloved cold country, so iIm  officially working but takins sun tan after noon, coz I wanna have tan and get my vitamin D directly from sunshine. using some sunblock of course coz don't want no cancer or skin disease either, protect yourself if you can, it's wise not stupid. Trust me, I don't know what I'm doing but I know whats dangerous and stupid.........I did ink the 3 extrapics first layers, so now officially the albums ALL pages and pics are done, well I'll still do some more ink but then it's all done by first of June!!! I'm in schedule officially and having my extra checking on June and printing in July and official publising in 2nd of September in Helsnki comics festivals!!! :) As I'm not in LIDL tour this year officially I GOT 5 weekends on June and July NOT on work, so i'll got all the time in the world to do my best and also get slim, hehe, it's now or never. I've decided to succes this time and it's gonna happen!! :)

 Summertimes of childhood I spent only 60 km from our house, so I've come back to roots and the langauage barrier I do enjoy listen, too. feeling pretty good, although I'm officially poor as a church mouse, but we got roof and walls and shelter from the winter and rain, hard to explain how this poverty don't feel like it is, to e'em never had asingle day of need and loss in their miserably richmen lives, hahahaa!!! :) Just joking, my friend, be good for goodness sake and who knows who lurks around the corner for x-mas presents!!! ;))))))))

29.5.2016 Sunday, waking up to work on album on this here holy day, when you're not supposed to work at all, but luckily I ain't no religious person at all, so I can do without guilt what and when evr the works I want, ah freedom! I 'm a working man and crazy artist too, made one more Tom Waits cover yesterday, before sauna and drum rehersals, my work out, my only work out these days when my knees are too sensitive and easily broken, after too much weight and pressure and sports and just old mans disease, them are worn out... but don't want no plastic or metal knees still, I ain't that kind of a fool anyway......maybe I should too make myself a celebrity by all the troubles and obsticles I've HAD on my way. But I'll save it to my autobiographical biographic comics books to come clean and straight, rality shall bite you by the ass and take you by the balls! Trust me I know what I'm doing and gonna tell the tails... tales taller than pirateship's masts.....Hopefully I stay in health and perseverance, not to give up like lazy moose fucker... well time will tell whose got the balls?

 Sunshine or clouds. All up to yours own decicions except the things you're born with and relatives and schools and fuck it's NOT all you can chooze, it's all where you're laid down and left in this world of madness.

Only 3 days til Summertime!!! :)

28.5.2016 Saturday morning, still got the blues, writing songs and making music, my past time refreshment and amusement, taking trip outta my head and worries I got with finishing my book on work for 3 years in arow.....

 guess you heard it all before, and I'm just a lazy bore, haha... well, guess what this here is my site my money and my thoughts and nonstop brainstorm and diary of a mad mad man and his blues. Yeah, no need to not explain what I do and why. Figure out you wiseguy, you already know it all...! :) Shake that ass and twist that tail, work out any way... Defence mechanisms and survival techniques, street credibility, sold in every tattoo parlour for those who don't know how to get it any other way......!

I'm working today and tomorrow and then on Monday having a sun tan, day off!! Have a great weekend where ever you are!! :D

27.5.2016 Friday morning, waking up here on line,syill working on that gold mine of mine, Kultainen Nuoruus part 2. til June, and propaply most of June too to double doulble check all is in order and RIGHT. Nercvopus br5eakdown stuff to search but hope not to find mistakes anymore, well it's business as usual and I'm prepared of it and also the newest and hardest diet starting also on 1st of June, slim jim project number 453996. This time this year I'll make it happen and by the Autumn I'll be normal size and ready for comics festival at 2nd of September. That one easy goal to arrange and I need goals more than finnish football team in world champioship pregames!! ;))) and that' a whole lotta!!! :)

 Take another look on world turning upside down, we're all living historial times, well everybody living is doing it in hisrtory. Some things never change some birds still look good and moving every year back to old neighbourhood, some got time, money or interesting work todo, some just go boogie woogie loo!! :)

26.5.2016 Thursday afternoon, babies....


 woke up early did work some hours, now having little break anfd then continueing with second round of checkings of literatorian stuff and also smudges erasing. It'n nitpicking work, precise and detailing all errors must go....

 Heat wave was 2 days short, as it usually is over here in low down dirty ground of Finlandia. Well we might get another heat wave on next sunday, hurraah! :)


<-- new cover for my new Tom Waitsian album coming up!!!!!

25.5.2016 Wednesday, it clude in the sky but hot in Forssa city, let's see what today brings with. Summertime temperaures are so welcomed after winter so loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Happy and enjoying these days, even did get some tan yesterday within 2 hours I spent on sunshine. D-Vitamin and wrinkles too!! ;)  I shall start checking out mistakes the second round today and do it til there's no more mistakes in my upcomong book!!  :) Thing called work without paycheck........ stupidity or artsist urge and need to fill? Have a nice day whatever happens or they say, you should do.....they never know you and your needs and interests deep down inside. Trust no one but yourself. The only good and useful advice ever given. The dilemma is DO you have to liste to me opr make ypour own advices and decicions!!  ;) Oh well do what ever you want to, follow me if you want to.

24.5.2016 Tuesday the life goes on and on, and I might too get along with all disappointments and refusals, I am an adult already, I think... able to handle difficulties with grace and style...................... HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! :D

Oh well, I do bitch about when things are wrong and not fair, people make mistakes and can learn from 'em? Right? Kuvittajat ry greant jury, ver nice summer to you too! haha.... It's heatwave here again so I might take some tan at afternoon too!!! Business as usual, editing and clearing the pages for print ready book, tat's my mission for May and as long June as it takes to make it perfect and good!! Enjoy the flesh and bones and boners and goo bomnkers if you weill, it's summertime time! ;)

23.5.2016 Monday, finns are not the newest ice hockey world champions but silvermedalists... it's mucho alright too be number two too, but.......no buts and maybees just admitting Canada was yesterday better anf that's it. congrats team Canada and their efforts and spirit and team referees to little help from too, hahahahaa...

I'm going on and over more important matters already, that's yesyerdays news, and like all good advices say live OBNLY for today!! :)

So I'm doing final checking on my album, here's little new substitue pics silvuplee..



 Ok. took some tanning yesterday already on our yard on my briefs, that's one of te best things living in own yard and house, you CAN be there almost naked and nobody sees or cares!! :)

22.5.2016 Sunday, slept some due'ed lacks of sleep away....... what apleasure, to be rested, i let my case on assholes be rested as they do not know what they do.... in Kuvittajat ry grants were given to 14 female and 2 men for CHILDREN'S BOOK PROJECT, so WTF, i might add, ONLY kids boks are worth the grant and support, well

 fuck you. I'll do my adults art book Angelandevil 1without your money anyway! And I surely will mension this in it...   

let's see whose the last one to laugh the better it is!!! :) So I'm pissed off and angry alraedy for tonight ice hockey championship battle with team Canada and Finland! Whatever, we got medal and Sweden didn't!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

21.5.2016 Saturday, morning, taking brake fron album work and heading to park concert this afternoon here in Forzza city and then paly off with Russia at 4 o'clock. Yeah, relaxing at sun and ic

The last corrections and finesses to album coming a week early, ain't bad at all!!! I got whole June to dwell on covers and purifying the contents of it!! yeah baby.Looking back those crazy years is hard but finally satisfying...

 in the end alls gonna be alright and I can go on.

 Ciao, bella ciao.

Yesterdays sketch myself in a train to Espoo in Summer of 1986. Extrapics needed and delivered til first of June, when this ride til new book's finnish line should be passed! And I'll be free...............  to start the next one!! :)


 20.5.2016 Friday on my mind and on on all the way, finnishing inpecting the faults and lack of words etc on my album another day and planning new pics there too. Already drew one yesterday and am pleased it turn out pretty good although I haven't drew anything for 7 weeks!! That's rare, that the illustration succees after so long time nondrawing as it usually tooks 2-3 days to get back in scale and sate of doinfg fine pics, heheh, well you can't predict that eithe anymore all is so unexpected and accidental, life very much so. Keep it interesting, not spoiling all fun from working  3 years in a row to claim the final product as a book of 116 pages of great stuff. Of course I got big expections on this book, but I'm realist it might sell well or sell...

 very well!!! :)

Oh well, by August I'm propably be like an idiot sketching the next book already or having a long HOT summer holiday...

 no worries no troubles, no seethrutops, no contradictions,

  just love, life and holidays!! HAHAHA!! :)

19.5.2016 thursday morning, I'm waking up soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.........see you later alligator.

18.5.2016 Wednesday, watching finnish ice hockey team win again, was a pleasure, finals and playoffs next, entertainment and suspense action excellence per se. Cheap tricks and selfishness takes you only so far, but teamwork and respect might take you to champion of the world. Who wouldn't want to be the ultimate best team member! Well people are different from each other, not every man is your dear brother, no matter what the positivities say, you can't trust every man, hustlin down on the corner for used cars sales, drugs and love. Wrote a song about it....

 have a safe trip where ever you ride.......favourite times of innocence and straight forwardness. Times when chicks were still slim and fit without heavyweighting gyms, natural beauty and well, whatever it was it was good.

Beavers and pussycats alla round the world, captured in pages of my favourite men's magazines....... imagination versus reality and imagination wins, most of the times.

17.5.2016 Tuesday morning, went to flee market yesterday and found 8 new used CDees and 2 LPees also, jihuu! :) One of the CDees is singles of Paul Young, these musics takes me back to year 1986, most unlikey music you'd expect ME to listen, but he made an early version of To Waits' Shore Leaves and I listened that casette for years, in my Walkman's driving round buses. airplanes and trains!! :) Such funny, crazy and warm memories.....

Today is the last page to text officially on my book of 116 pages of autobiographic comics due to relaease on August, THIS year. Took another year more last Summer when I realized it neede a new beginning and some extra pages so I did draw 20 more and now it's huge graphic novel to shake you from your socks getting  off with crazy and wild true stories! :) Meaning of a life, finally found it, this is it! AND then I'm having summer vacation and strickt diet to get in beach shape, for real. maybe going to see old friend's birthday party at those canary islands!! :) we'll see it's gonna be one hot cool summer time! :)

16.5.2016 Monday morning, texting early bird catching worm, eerr... well catchin' some text and placed some earlier written, business as usual, only 3 pages to go...

 and then doublechecking and removing errors and mistakes and misspells, the hard and precise stuff to do before printing. Enjoying meself by different extra pages substance of varied fotos and crazy texts, well, amusing myself and hoping there's some one else who shares my sense of humour!! :)

15.5.2016 Sunday and rain knows it's way down here, cloudy morning but the nature's bloomingwise it's really good to have alittle rain very now and then! ;)And I'm all natural born lover man!! :)

Well gotta take a trip to store to buy Helsingin sanomat there's my illustration cover in Pinokkio Venetsiassa book review, too, buy it make my friend translator Hessu rich and me pleased! ;) Wishing happy sails and trails  wahte ver path you chozen to take in this here little thing called LIFE! Why do I still love 'em pictures of naked ladies....? Cause i'm a man and...    maybe I've stuck on age 15, well it's better tahn be stuck on swords and fast cars like 8 year old!! Muhahahahahahahahaa!! :D :D :D

14.5.2016 saturday moring, peaceful coffee moment, expecting little rain for 2 days, but also ice hockey game afternoon to freshing my mind. I'm all hooked up on my books writings and executing the page sready fot print machine. As this journey has took almost 4 years the more precious it is, for me to get it done as good, excellent and memorably, winning all awards from now on, hahaha...can't predict the future, especially predicyting future is difficult! :)))))))))))))))))))I came to realise how fast and ugly ways this society is changing, there's a whole breed of new humanbeings with very different kind of values and tastes than my generation, had. Money is now again everything, fame is next, TV celebrity third reich and all is for sale, art valued by price tag, really, this is amd world and I think I'm not the only mad man here.

My living is very limited with lack of too much money and time to do anything but drawings to my own projects as is this book, Golden Youth part 2. Years of my life from Autumn 1983 to Summer of 1986. I know there's lotta people who weren't even born then, but thay gonna judge it all the same.Ain't afraid of judging, only assholes who got prejudice and "know" my by the net and my "evil" writings, here I let it out what others won't/can't say like when some artists thinks hes's doing the greatest reality comics ever, hah and the guy don't realize waht is reality, hehehehe.... gotta shoot em down. That ain't evil taht's reality, for you babies. Defense myself, offence  too, all is allowed in love and war. But after all and at the end of the day you are lucky and beautitful, things could have been much worse you could have been born as a harri römpötti! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! :) Lucky bugger you! ;)

13.5.2016 Friday 13th my luckiest day!! As I was born on it 13th friday back in december 1963, oh yes I'm old fart and dinosaur but still alive and well!! ;)

Supersititious as I was back when I was a younger was just foolish, living my hoochie coochie boogie woogie man life, but usually you can't see your life from outsider's viewpoint when you are living it, you know what I mean, can't see the eye of a hurricane on inside of it. Oh well, now I see I was too busy yesterday on wrirting texts on page 107. forgot to write anything here...but that's life, as it's reality that the nature has turn green within aweek over here Funlandia and Forssa district. Springtime's purest colours on leaves and groundbreaking weeds and all kind of little insects too but the mosquitos haven't wake up yet, happy times with ice hockey on TV tomorrow again, stupid MTV3 won't show any other than finns matches, BUUUU! Can't be a real couch potatoe!

 "Don't turn your back at me... you just make it worse..." Motörhead crazy Like A Fox. So many songs I hum all day, remember all life and brought so much joy. Music, the second best thing you can do.

11.5.2016 Wednesday, had a heat wave here for two days, much higher degrees tahn usual this time of a year, great, today not so high, little lower like my mood been, well I try to soldier on like grandmother thru snowfall...    Wishing well all you struggling with whatever you got. 100 pages texted and 16 still to go, feeling getting better  as the finnish line starts to be visible! Ride on cowgirls all around the world and buy me books!! :)

 Soon it's the beach time and season, getting ready to lose all clothes and attitudes baby!

 Sommaren är kort här i Finlanden. Eurovison song contest next weekend for all yu gay and happy pretenders.

10.5.2016 Tuesday, finnish hockey team won USA last night, yes it makes me feelgood, actionpacked and fast is the hockey todays, next we paly against Hungary that should be  firweworks in their goalkeepers net, well..... world championships in Russia this time, let the best team win!!! I got a letter from welfare office and a bill again... I've just paid, fuckers now I have to go there and straighten all up, another lost day or half. Assholes , you got computers why don't you use 'em??? So I'm getting over the disappointments and bad luck like a man or woman, how do the female handle 'em situations difficults? Screaming and crying? Yeah that's the way to do it... errr..  or not. Well I work on my album I hopefully sell a million v copies and be a millionaire next year!! Yeah, one of these days....also watched Bon Scoptt era AAC/DC live performances on Plug me in collection and got very emotional and decided I surely  wanna be like Bon, HAHA, tattooed, slim and foxy smile, not dead and drunk all the time. Now that I got my selfesteem back by singing karaoke and Bluews suede shoes!! :) So just you wait!! Jack King shall rise again!

9.5.2016 Monday welcoms me with last night official announcement I'm not needed in LIDL Grillimaisteri tour THIS summer, well I kind of knew it but the they let me know pretty late only month before the tour, I 'd made so many other plans, but thanks LIDL and Helsinki Events for 4 summertime jobs as caricaturist in all the towns and especially the NICE folk working there!! Miss you people. Have a nice summer 'though, without me clowning there. I feel sad, little mad, and quite bad. Back in my real business, still some 26 pages to text and new 6 replacing pics to draw and ink and text then too, to fill in holes and improve storytelling!! ;)

 This here my noah arc building process with my Golden Youith part2. has been going on since 2012 teh frist part was published and shall go on soon as I got this book published in August, this year. I planning to draw some more angelas and devils for my erotic art book to celebrate Finlands 100th anniversary 2017 December 6th... if I get some grants it'll help but if i don't I just soldier on and make myself a household name in European art book stores and conquer th world, muhahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaa!!! No kidding I'm bad to the bone and rock you til the core!.....and baby, you ain't seen nothing yet! ;)

8.5.2016 Sunday and mother's day here in Funlandia districts. It's all politics. all fucking system and society, all moneymaking machines and companies, all bullshit European Union orders and rules and taxpayers happily given all away, poor men stays poor rich men getting richer, same old story how nothing really changed. Everybody running after that dollar bill, notes burning for evil war machines and planes, for fucking what? So, very happy mothers day to my mom, not yours, up yours. My mom's stronger tha yours, my car's faster than yours my my my, oh no. Envy and jealoushearted men all over the land. Happiness come back to their hearts. there must be still hope, somewhere! Let's not give up tehe fight for our rights and good life. Wishing you all ahappy mothers day. My mom is still the best!!!

 <3 J. N.

7.5.2016 Saturday morning waking up my coffee rituals and tea ceremonies, haha, well I got my traditins and habits as next man. girl next door in see thru dress and wet t-shirt competition queen, all dream team all american naughty night  filmed in Hollywood backyard babies in trash can, time to think what's that stink, the production line gold mine digging your potatoes.Life guarded and safe matches, life unprotected  wild life and unexpected curves on dirty sheets, tom waitsian tails and misspells, yeah spend a little time in jail. Recommended by the sponsor and your mother, fatherless sons big guns, little boys, poet hanging by his arms of coat, soon it's winter again, speed up the summer so short and only afew snowstorms!! ;) Sun bathing and tanning like fine wine, waterfront and well rounded back. Memories bring back, my youth, right now!!! I wanted all......! ;)

6.5.2016 Friday, morning and the world champioships of Ice Hockey starts today, jee! Two weeks of suspense and action packed sofa surfers like me! I'm somewhere in 80-90 pages in texting my book, 3 weels and 20-30 ore pages to do, and it's done, weeeeeeeeeeeeelll, then I have to check it out againa and correct the mistakes I didn't see while busy writing it, that'll take some days cause it's slow and nerve breaking work and even more is the final covers doing althought the frontcover is ready, the baxckcover hasn't been decided and I think I need some more pics from me/my past of those years....Nice weekend for all you good people out there! Look out for the passing birds losing their feathers and clothing as the heat is on and it's getting so hot!!

5.5.2016 thursday, where did all this week go, so fast, thinking have I accomplish anything but pagees of text, have I reach my goal, in life, haha, no. Still got looooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go. So many things to do, so many people to reach and so many books to print and sell. Weird dreams dreamt last night, but now living here in Funlandia is allright, unexpected warmth came from south, warmer than normally this season, really nice weather, I thought I'm immune to changes of weather and the moods it brings, but maybe I'm not totally a robot and cold machine, living this here solid and secured life in countrytown and house. So many good things in life ain't suicidal at all,this year got it's disappointments aklready finacial situation gonna be lousy without LIDL tour but hopefully I'll survive.........!

 Keeping company with all these lovely ladies of magazines, keeping my spirits high and pencils up and executing art, til I die.

 Texture and meaning of art, it's all between your brains and legs, if you're lucky you'll see what I mean. Nothing wrong with naked bodies when the models are paid and in free will showing their best sides in life!!! :) The catholic guilt and evangelistic submoral is all bullshit to prevent you to enjoy life's good thangs and beauty of man and woman. You don't have to young to be stupid.

4.5.2016 Good morning little schoolgirl.... I once was a schoolboy too!! :) Now I'm pornographic illustrator and comics artist autobiographical, working hard hardly working, all depeneds on where you look at it. Ride on little cowgirl, I once was a midnight cowboy too... Happy warm springdays are finally here tostay...? I'm only  4 songs short from my 400th selfwritten song, getting excited and gonna attack the record companies with my best of years 2013-2016 three CD compilation package, when my book is first done. record deal and real studio time for 12 songs taht's all I want...and the world tour of course, hahahaa!!! :D

3.5.2016 Tuesday, same mood as yesterday, working my ass off, putting some serious texts on my life story winter 1985 towards the spring as now 31 years later. All work , no play, hehehe!! Hang on and keep on keeping on the spirits high towards the sky!

2.5.2016 Monday mon dieu, my french sucks, cause I donä't know it at all, never let those minor things to get in your way, hehe... back in business with album, did my rest on weekend and 1st of May, now eagerly back to work!! See you later.



1.5.2016 First of May celebrations started yesterday and today is the official and more boring part of this real crazee carneval, but sun shines and Bob Marley's Exodus record I'm listening like we did at my friends house back in 1980, 1981 and 1982, great funny memories, happy that I'm still and again friends with those "boys" and "girls"!!! Memories laying down the lanes of brains, some sad some glad, some forgotten, for reasons and for no reason. Life's a mystery, on going adventure and treasure hunt, whatever you want, you gotta go and hunt, shoot and grab if you want to have it. Only few of us are so popular and so good that they come to get us from home, heheh...Soon it's summertime and this little house very warm to live, work and stay but hey I AIN'T complaining!! ;)

Love the hot summer and air and people feeling happy. Never took nothuing for granted. take it like it is, lovely and unique. Life like sex and all experiences are at it's best, alive!!!

30.4.2016 todays the biggest party of teh year, excludin midsummer and x-mas, the Wappu , students and workers paty day, tomorrow the 1st of May as in all over world but here in FUnland it's TONIGHT the crazy carneval with balloons, costumes and champagne in parks, espacially in bigger cities it's drunken but happy party time here in sad and grumpy peoples country! ;) Well it maybe disturbibg if you never seen MANY drunken finns before, hehe... get over it, this how we like it.So all you good people in the world let's party like never before!!! You never know when you time shall come... and go!  Klara wappen alla människör!

29.4.2016 Friday and sun shines, yeah. feeling pretty good and spring sprung some lovely colours back in nature's arms. Holding on and letting go, mysteries and traditions, best thing in a brand new day is you NEVER know beforehand what really happens...  even the most boring works got surprises, well haven't work a lot in a factory and on a line doing the same thing over and over again everyday, they might have a different point of view!! ;) Here in my little comics factory line I've been writing texts now 4 weeks to 120 already inked and drawn pages, haven't drawn anything in a month, that's rare, but when I finish the book, I'll dra some new stuff I've been waiting to do 2 years but pushed aside cause of this book work, not wanting to disturb the feelings and concentration on this here important task and historywriting. To me it's the most important work I've ever done. Huge impact and sacrifice of 7 years I've put in these 2 books, all my heart, tears, blood, time, ideas and abilities. so watch out WHAT you gonna say about it beforehand, mister critic who know all!!!! GRRRRRRR!  I'm a beast... I fuck like an animal! .....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! :D

28.4.2014 Got myself in drumreherseals last night drummin Van Halen's Fair Warning and some Judas Priest British Steel, Halen I've digged since 1980 but Judas I only "found" couple of years ago, bought their records cheap and when found, guess I'm not real record collector cause I got patience to wait to get the price right, not have an urge and compulsion to buy immediatly when spotting wanted item, EXCEPT my favs Tom Waits and damn, Lemmy died so not many Motörhead records to buyanymore..., hate 'em collection record sets, with no NEW songs. Stupid record companies keep the prices so high, people don't want to buy records in traditional way and objects, anymore, this here hipsters LP buying enthutiasm shall pass. Note me sayin it so, on this date and let's come back it within 3 years....!! ;)Summer time and fun just around the corner.... waiting for you. Now I'm at page number 69. on texting my Golden Youth part 2. comics book, quite well on time table and scedule, it's haertbreaking and HARD work to taer my past in pedestral and display for all you millions of readers eager to love me and my books!!! :)

Wait still 3 months to August and release party time!!!!!!

27.4.2016 Wednesday doing fine, clouds still graying this day but it's okey, got an offer to do a logo and some illustrations, making an suggestion later when I'm decided the price, cost of living and working and loving, it's in the air and blowing in the wind and wind is wild. Bowie version of Wild is the wind is such a great performance and style, I never liked much that Nina Simone, to me she's too much out of tune, but what do I know.........?

Everythings heard  and listened by ear  unless it's Motörhead concert and you can feel the music in your bones too! ;) And ain't gonan be any Motörhead concert ever anywhere anumore, it's apity for those who never saw 'em, but correct for the band to stop when Lemmy died last December. Respect to righteous backbones and doing the right thing. At least one band got balls to quit when it's time to do so. Fuck all those lame versions of the real thang. Copy cats and lazyhead followers of the fashion/leaders, guess everybody can't be that original and have something ORIGINAL to say!! I'll continue on page 63 on my book, texting getting on and life on the line, dancing on that slippery thin rope. That's my life. That was my life and that shall be my life, so all you fuckers shut the fuck up, what I can do and what not.

 Long live rock'n'roll! Oh, Rainbow rocks it pretty well back in 1978!!! :)

26.4.2016 Tuesday morning, grey and rainy, the best weather to work inside doors and leave the cold outside. Had a domestic "challenge" yesterday enuff, won't share too much here as I'm so politically correct and familyoriented happy go lucky fellow, muhahahaa.........years ago I decided that I won't trash my ex-grilfriends in public cause if I would the only idiot staying in ahorrible relationship and girlfriend, would be....me myself and I, alone.

 Time to move on on that memeory lane, in my comics book I'm in year 1985, two years already drawn and texted, one more to go! So happy and satisfied finally to get my chance to tell it like it was and is. Truth won't burn even in a fire, but I too wanna get even and not mad, anymore. I got no need for educational books or storeis, but I got drive for autobiographic and true stories, still no dead men tell no tales and neither do me. I dispice childrens books and  fucking fanatasy adventures and other bullshit stories even some nutcase adults dwell on. I think I never really read fairy tales in books i just jumped right directly in comics when I learnt to read. Read my share of young boys suspemse and adventure books but never got excited on 'em like my neighbours, kids did. Pictures talk to me so much more than looooooooooooooooooong and boring texts, hehehehe... gotta avoid that on my own books, hell yeah!!! :))))))))) Oh it started to snow right now, and it's APRIL 26th. jeesus, finnish Summertime blues. Soon it's even the 1st of May too and the traditional Wappu weather is of course snow, sneet, ice and rain and sunshine, all together in a fuzzy mixture. Tipical topical weather we finns love. :P

25.4.2016 WORK!

24.4.2016 Sunday noon, i finally got slept all the hours of loss of sleep, phiuff, really feeling rested, relaxes and easy going. A amn need his sleep, brains need sleep like body need food and schoolboy need his bike(?), heh, old blues lyrics are the best!! :)

taking it easy is hard for a  accional workaholic like me. Ain't feeling like kicking back and relax almost ever, rather up and wired and ready for all all the time! haha, well body needs it's reast I*ve learnt my lessons there. Older you get,....the stupider you are!! ;)) Be open to all invitations to blues and happiness, life is short, all the good old  fime musicians seems to die too early or atherwise right now and this year.  RIP  Prince and all you dead and gone artists, art lives for it's time, sometimes longer than we do. Living for art is short sighted as everything you do for purpose to be living forever, celebrated artist. After death you don't make any masterpieces, make love or shed a tear. We're all dead and gone, when time comes to take that last breath, some shall be remebered some not, are you abetter person if you're a better/real fine and respected artist? No. You're just another deadbeat in army of lovers and parole of drums. Live the moment, chersih the memory, plan for future, love the life you live, blues masters advice, take it like a man....

or a woman. Sunday best walk the aisle, take the bull by horn, blow it baby! :)

23.4.2016 Saturday morning, as usual the trip to Helsinki took all day and met soem nice people there, accidentally in center and purposelly otherwise. It's stil so tirening to sit in a bus 4 hours in total, totally got seasick too, hehe, swaying like a sailor on shore leave. Good to be back and good news not having a one visitor but two!  Later more when secured the reality and visiting comes true.

 Saw my mother also yesterday in Espoo, she's turning 80 next year, wow, she' a tuff ol' lady, well she's no lady neither a tramp, she's just my mom. Yes, even I have amother, hahahahaha!! :) 

I've been always more close to mom than dad, guess you can't chooze your side and mentalities and preferencies and likes, you know, wether you like it or not! Simple life of simple man, haha. Simplicity no syncronocity, listening Police record I bought in Helsinki, Zenyatta Mondatta, 3 euros is price I'm willing to pay gladly on any album. Those songs are so many times heard in my past and in my brain, but an album I like to hear once or twice a year is good enuff.

 Think I'll work today as I din't yesterday and it's official sauna evening also, yeah. Have a nice day.

 Leg or breast, man, are you? Both is better, over here and everywhere. Finglish lessons for free!! :))))))

22.4.2016 Taking bus to Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki, soon. Meet the mom and raid the record stores and art too, have anice day in hell, where ever you are!! :) See the life through my eyes, big surprise, no lies just paradise, on earth if you believe it.

21.4.2016 Just heard the news, having foreign visitor(s) in August to our humble home...... more when I know for sure.

 Oh it's almost Summertime, and birds making their comeback and flies fly and fish are jumping, and yor mom's goodlooking, muhahahahaaa!! Oh well, feeling pretty good, now the sun is shinig and nature finally is alive after our annual ice age! :P

 back to work and back to work out with excercise, stupid me wrote on normal desk first 2 weeks and now my back needs strength and action, more than just drums banging, hehe! And I need to lose the fat and be slim jim!

Okey, work work work work work!!!

20.4.2016 Wednesday morning,been sitting down here by computer desk and the other where I text all pages so long hours I'm having back pain on lower back, damn, got to exercise and work those muscles better and try to walk more between working hours.This kind of trbles today, hehe, well back pains are the finnish national disease and very common among whom work sitting down 8 hours. So I'm jus an average guy!! ;)I'm no kasperströmman, the leader of the world of all sarcasma nad nihilism or ones who can't operate with their real name gotta use aliases and nicknames to escape ther eality, sad fuckers and scary mockers, oh well maybe I'm too strict again. maybe those assholes deserve all the shit tat hit the fan...no critisism no fun no reality bites. Public figure be ready to be criticised, a lot. Lotta people go for publicity for any cost any ways and any possibility, the ideal and most wanted status among youth seems to be the  is "celebrity", doing nothing but party and pose, oh smart phones  and twitters and tweets and all taht shit, couldn't care less.C.C. Less  Bluesounds from year 1980 and balkony in Tapiola, memories that didn't fit in Kultainen Nuoruus osa 1. but still lives in my mind. Youth the life still, still life and crazy nights, up all nights, looking for love, experiences and adulthood, so badly, so much useless fears of losing and confusing the unknown dangers and sexual actions. Oh youth, please never come back!!!! :)

19.4.2016 tuesday and started a diet again hoping to lose some weight and getting in shape for if not summer but autumn, been addicted to candies and chocolates, haha living on the edge like Anna Abreau, geewiz, life so dangerous and wild in candy store. I don't have to climb to mountains or dive into deepest sea to feel I'm alive, or do stunts and "challenges" some idiot childish duudson wants to proof he's tuff and fearless. Those are just jokes for us who'd experienced wild times and real dangers in life, bullets and guns, sexual threads and life in the street YOU never know, unless you've been there. Bragging and blowing my horn, oh yes if I can afford it, I once was a schoolboy too, like Muddy waters sang. My tattoos are having their 30th birthday in july. In the streets of Spain and Marbella, the weirdest month of my life, I walked into life extraordinary of yopung spanish girls, criminals, sexes and drugs and beach, sunshine, maroccoan streethustlers, pimps, junkies, whorehouses, endless vacation of one summer, so lucky it's over and I'm getting to draw it into comics book next autumn.

.....can't wait to see the results and acception of that album in Spain! My version of spanish life back in 1986, that's my golden ticket to fasion, fame, fortune, success and celebration, hehe!! :)

We'll see what happens, 30 years after, all. So many stories woth to tell and reveal, in my past, i don't have use any imagination and LIE about it, how about you?

Need a fantasy comic relief? It's Ok if you do or don't, free will and chozen ones, you do. Dooby dooby doo.

18.4.2016 Monday morning and going to dentist soon, one broken tooth or filling to fill in on appointment you have to wait for a month, if you ain't in no hurry, and you never are. The heath care system is undercontructive renewing process they been hassling about years and no sigh of results and finished job there to be seen...

oh well these problematics of first world people I'm having, complaining only to m ake me feel good when feeling bad, ehehehe...

really slept badly cause of this waking up to dentist call and bit tired still, coffee not working like it should. Well, hope I'll wake up in the afternoon.

It's so disturbing to live in this here small country where THEY make a star out some fucker who got lucky like they now do with Kasper Strömman, the idiotic goofy fellow with wit and clever jokes, hate that shit and how everybody's acomics artist theminute they touch a pencil and make anykind of story on form of comics, like this here Kapser the wizard of us, good luck finnish swede which never seen any real troubles in his hannuhanhi-life and all that, isd this really so small land that there don't fit more celebrities, or is the TV in constant need for NEW faces who're NOT afraid of cameras? Guess it's both, but why this motherfuckin Kasper here and kasper there, overdose on my eyes and ears. Go kasper go, away from my sight, thank you nothing more, but hey you who got nothing really to say, go ahead and twist my words AGAIN and make me a hater, heartbraker, homeraker and evil thing, as I am not good boy scout or common avrerage man as is kasperströmman, even the name makes me repulsive, puke, angry and annoyed. kasper strömman for president and social media king, graphic of the year, my ass, as we all know there titles aere given for the suitables and petting lap dogs not for us real rebels, hahahahaa, well as you might see, I know nothing much about kasperströmmans and don't really wanna know anything more. Sometimes I wish I'd be like avrerage guy next door digging all the lousy lazy bands in fame and selling truckloads of records, but obviously I can't. Sorry kasperströmmans of my life, you're just slalom poles and obsticles on my glorious way, down...

hell, I have a problem do I too, wanna be celebrity like every mothers kasperströmman? Losing anonymity and freedom to walk in peace in Prisma supermarket milk section?

17.4.2016 Sunday and it's raining, that's not fair, for heaven's namesake!! ;)

I'll try to be doing nothing but easyskanking today, no work related stuff, but I might fail miseravly, haha, and do some prifying cleaning stuff on pages still yet to be texted next week. Two weeks went with pretty stabile punches 2-3 page a day texted and cleaned and plated on their righteous palces in THE page they'll be printed, transcription says the dictionary, but what does it know...? ;))) Making big future plans for myself, fooling the bad luck and the idiots in press, gotta make a stand on my own and be different from the rest of the wankers in comics business, haha, sorry baby if I hurt your puritanian  hippie feelings, where you love all and all loves you, welcome to the real world,anytime soon when you please to meet reality warts and all, have a ball and kick it, in the balls!! :)

 Life, this foolish game of lovers and haters, schoolboys and streetwalkers, copycats and fat bats, living in the same world, illusions better than real thing, TV more important than a long distance friend, maybe I'm wrong as usual, so go ahead and blame me, if you ain't got no one else to blame, blame me...

if you're life is miserably and dull, it's propably my fault, anyways. HAHA!! :)

Looking for the sun to shine and springtime to enjoy the weather, still gratis and toll free plesure here in Funlandia. Hasta la vista baby.

16.4.2016 Time for another grant application to form and try to get sdome "free money", it takes a day off my life but might bring athousand or two  good reasons to waste my day on it. Otherwise it annoys for ever NOT to give ashot and try, chances are pretty good though there's niot so many poor illustrators as me, well too bad they ain'y gonna give to it to who needs it most but very easily and various reasons to the" best and interesting" projects or whatever the xplanations of the jury are....

trying again to get some reason why I'm worth it and this time to assure the jury with my angels and devils international book project. layiong all my cards on the table, naked truth, nude is such afourletter word all are afraid, except you' re a DEAD gay illustrator, that'sd very safe and hip, muhahahaa!!! Fuck all that shit, buy art from living artist, dead ones don't need any money!! :)

15.4.2016 friday and it feels like it, lonh week of texting like a machine, rust in my bones and muscles on shoulders lower back telling me I ain't no young man anymore, such a surprise, guess I'll admit  getting closer of middle age from wrong side of the road....oh well, today I'll be chirby cheep twidly twee esrly bird catching worms like crazy!!! Now babies boogie! While making textual continent into book don't feel like authoring over herer too much, sorry babies.....read a newspaper for real news hehehehe!  :D

14.4.2016 Thursday full of hope, but me I'm too tired to write, here, now, later....

..more. Excuse me.

13.4.2016 Thirteen my lucky number, April my favourite month just after December, slightly warmer here in ice age land, where people do get crazy with open air festivals by summertime and the change to drink (of course) oytdoors. Nothin wrong with finnish houses but we do spent too much time indoors, especially me, strapped in my stool for drawings, can't really draw outside in fear of breaking my back really bad, andf taht's arisk I'm not willing to take. Risks took, foolish risks and dangerous curves, spinning wheels and dusty road, future unsure, unceratin and unknown, yeah there i go with pleasure, read all about it in Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. !!!!!!!!!!! :) Now I''ll go on with texting messages for YOU on the album of the year 1984, 1985 and 1986. ....join me in life of a comics artist and fool for loving, in August, this year.

12.4.2016 Tuesday moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorning, still strruggle with waking ups, getting ups and going down on working. I got my mojos but still tired eyes keep me in bed til late, whining pig bout my troubles and little misadventures with eveydayly routine. I'm still pretty excited with texting my book on page 21 next, still 99 to go but in fine speed I'm travelin year 1984, crazy crazy day and wild nights. So much memories so much I still have to leave out, delete and save for another time and place.Think it's a 5th sunny day in arow, new record of spring, sunshine so dear for natures wonders, I wonder........

Time to wash all the dust of winter and the road to summer, time values and loss of clothes, finnish mood to oparty all summer, liquids waving and wetting, t-shirts sticky and small, time to have a ball, soon!! ;)

 live for tomorrow like any fool and primitive saying it's old but it's goooooooooooooood!! :)

Okey boogie til the break of dawn!

11.4.2016 Mondaymorning waking up as i'm writing this imortant message to you, ehe,  sun is makin apperance on a third day arow, wow, this hasn't happened since last Autumn, why the winters are so cold and sunless, wonders this boy wonder. I'm so excited to write my comics book finishing stuff that I had to keep myself outta working table and papers for weekend,

 and I fell outta wagon for both days cause I enjoy this progress although process in nervevrecking ball, hard as a rock. Hehe, just trying to keep up the enthuaism for working glory by having some days off, but it may take awhile to get back in the saddle and taking bulls by horns and go with the writing flow. Very superstitious, black cat bones and mojo tools, johmmy conqaroo, ladders and snakes and number 13 and lucky 7, well....................................................................................................................................... it's all in my head.Going back and feeling all again, 30 years among the truth and life inside out, upside down and nothing but the truth, well little more than just the truth to make the story interesting too!! ;) Boogie woogie luu!

 Composed another bluesy rock song yesterday called "Hump" and you know what's it all about or do you? 393 my very own songs made within years 2010 til today, and if you count also the covers its 563 different songs I've recorded, lotta love, fun, work, inspiration and dedicaton it took, just to shake you aaaaaaaaaall night long! :)

Boogie chillum! Watch your record store there might be a huge Jack King reccord before you know it!!!! Haven't send my music to record companies for years since AND watch then the reckless love stole my idea on theis debut album, pissed off that lousy fuckers band of posers and media hype type leader with build in reputation by TV sghow fame, that's os fucking lame Pelle Hermanni, eat my shorts. Positively thinking and licking my ass, talent of copy the copy of 80's band. there's just that difference when Steel Panther are GOOD and hilarious band, Reckless love is just pitiful and lame.

Pin up boy band for soft heavy rock, jeeeeeeesus, good luck with it. You can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all the time. Wishing you a very bad luck, maybe then you'll learn how to sing the blues. Blues, can't fake it, baby boy. Everybody got troubles and probems taht don't make it you only had them or even first one who got the blues. Lil advice: Learn from the one whose been there before. Schoolboys. Shit.

10.4.2016 Sunday and sun finally shines again, making spring come faster, birds arriving too, finnish people starting to come out of their caves of wintersleep like bears, stroll into nearest restaurant thats serves beverages including alcohol, fresh drinks in outdoor terraces no matter how cold, it is the bite of alcohol that suppose to warm you up, hehe, it's all about fooling feelings and company and time to spend within people, remebering nothing next day so you have to go again, like nonstop moving machinery, haha...

....from dayafter til dawn and repeat actions. Lived my share of off life in restaurant I know all the tricks in the book to stay drunk and high all day and all night, joking with bouncers and barmaids, my second nature, long time ago.......Whatever happened to pubic hair girls...? ...ain't getting teary eyed or nostalgic, sober life got so many good values, fun aspects and non hangovers ever, that suits me fine, no worries to drown onalcohol taht I couldn't do sober and as I can remeber what I talked, hehe... it's all nothing but big joke this life and seriousness of it, laugh at me at you and all, save your head, save your humour, stay inspired, excited about new day, today the best day, ever to be  alive, rest in peace in your grave, that's what  I've said since 1986 and New York USA. Here I go again.......making finnish comics history as I write it down and up, yours assholes on the road, my bumby ride til famous and rich illustrator and artist, serious as a heartattack, my ass. My humble ass, my ass. Sunday baby, sunday mayby the lazioest day around the world ain't it?

9.4.2016 Saturday morning and I'm awake and ready to another day for another weekend, on my way to summer and printhouse magic, one track mind over matter that's my aim and everydays business, geeting done and create the best I can, what more can youa ask? Oh well YOU can ask whatever but I ain't no pizza deliver boy in your dirtiest wet dreams or am I? Haahaa, just pulling your leg and pissing you in the eye, as we say here in Funlandia life's a circus and I'm the lion and the clown and the bearded lady and high rope dancer, poor man and rich man, and evrybody and nobody and life just goes on and on, until it won't. Full stop fear of cancers and fear of death, all gone to hell but me, I wanna live and let live, at least today, see you on the road, darling, where ever you are. Life autobiographical aswers question marks tracks on snow and ink on pink, time to think it over and after all, time rolling along guitars feedback the poor, sour cream, stream LAX, salmon on stream line roller, steampunked funky railroader, runner and funner, mout of flunnel and head in missisippi.

 Lyrics that ticks your own life, wife who stick with you. treasures of life, poor man won't get  nothing not even a bank account in Panama! :) LOVE.

8.4.2016 Friday morning and number of the beast err......., no of the pages I've texted 10, yeah baby yeah, train kept rolling all day long! Album work working allright. Feeling still pretty tired as work load is heavy but exciting I wanna rush into it and wrestle with words til i9t's done, so hasta luego amigos.I'll be back with more to say! Listen Tom Waits' Ice cream man, I'm your one man band I'll be good to you, yeah!!

7.4.2016 Thursday morning and the best news first 5 pages done texted already and train goes on, feeling very inspired and excited to write the story although it's hard and precise work and takes a whole lotta muscles trainig the back and those muscles to sit on, long time!! ;)

 Okey rainy days makes me happy with my decicion 23 years ago to stop all meaningless jobs on constructions and postman and restaurants and bongoes, yeah I worked a year in bingo 1986-87, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. Hahahahhaha! Learnt my lessons the hard way, this life of aillustrating man is mentally satisfying, economically frustrating most of the time I can't even think about money or where to spend it, cause ain't got it, haha, but hey fuck money fuck working nine to five and fuck all stupid rules and laws of gravity and all I don't need. Poor boy I've been all my life and life is more than money in your pocket, more than big fast car or sailboat and especially it's more important to have my freedom than 1 month a year holiday from job to hate and wait all year for that miserably vacation break.

You do what you do and I do something else, straight and clean, fun to be me, laugh at myself and my big dreams, but still I got some dreams to fulfill, just you wait and see!! ;)

 Enjoy and love the life you live. Positivity just plain pain up my a**! ;)

But it feels so goooood! HAHA! Don't take it too seriopusly baby.

6.4.2016 Wednesday morning and really truely happy with 2 whole pages texted and cleared and printready steady state, this is it, the album rolling towards finish line like a truck loaded dices and hotter than hell-sinki. Me, I'm glad and optimistic with my book been born and created from dust and old bones, rolling rocks, wild sex and puberties pubic hair growing tall, long and winding road to roam and roll with me.  Hopefully today I'll make more progress and ride like a wind and  motherfucking hurricane and... hehehe, well ride on, ride on.Lotta people work but still can't get along with their wages, that's shit man, that's so wrong, with kids and mortage and such I'd be in that same shit too, but, I'm a lucky bastard without kids or mortages or loans or debths, so I'll just work as I please and want.

Decicions decicions, brother you gotta do and chooze, booze or books, blues or triumphs, well hell  it ain't that simple ever, never trust a man with moustaches and sleazy smile and expensive suit, telling you what to do. Do what you wanna do, excluding criminal activities, or be ready to go to jail....

and who wants that?

5.4.2016 Tuesday morning, was 2 days without connection with my table computador, puta mierda, so I was off, now I'm back on the saddle and different station as I moved my working space in one chair politics. So all happening here in my architects table and on flipside I have  the computer screen and keys and stereos of course, all squeezed in this corner and even the old turntable and LPees over my head in a shelf, maybe I'll play 'em and stroll in memory lanes again.

 Oh I scanned all the new pages and old ersured and got 117 pages, plus some extra pages I'll need and the information texts and such into beginnig pages so it'sd 120 pages in all. Happy to go now to texting and editing process, getting ready for print, that's all taht matters after all. Been humbling exoerience and weaken the status to see the one page as "art piece" without it's real life in a story and book, especially without inked texts it's NOT finished, needing the lyrics like a song. Luckily I got some preorders already yesterday when I  annonced the albums real pages and price. Selling it to my friends alone shall pay my printcost if I'm lucky, hehe, foxy plan to sell it to relatives and friends and every innocent bystander too. Hey you, you need this book of revelations, full of eager and stubborn bullheaded young man blues!! :)


Soon I'll know how much time shall I dwell on these texts when them are handwritten and scaled and cleaning all I didn't see to erasure on pages and and and and and and.....

oh well lists of lists to do! ;)

Having a good time, you do the boogie too!

2.4.2016 Saturday morning, sunshine that hasn't graced our land too much on this spring or winter, grey is the colour of Finland's winters skies. Hate it, but haven't got money to change it or move over to warmer and sunnier lands, south in Italy or Spain it's very different ball game over there, need a lotta money and income to even plan anything like that. And I don't enjoy making plans too much ahead or any, I like to stroll where the wind blows me and go with my natural flow. Ain't afraid to work hard but for nothing or gainig noything don't fit in my agenda and future scheems, oh well, I'm very simple man wanna live, love and prospect and be a comics millionaire. Does money change people, hell yes, you ain't no poor sucker anymore, you can do what you want and please, whenever you please, it's a big change to this average poor men average days,

 luckily I can do what I want workwise, I won't slave for any asshole never again, ain't working for money and only money, do not keep any other gods. My preptalk to myself, do not take it too seriously an come back to me next life to haunt me in next afterlife, muhahahahahaaahahhahhahahaaahahahaaaaaa!!!!!! :D


 Today program is to go and see Kung Fu Panda 3 finallyyy!!! :)

Weekend fun for all the family!!

 Cowgirls and blues suede shoes, old west dreams and no good news, beauty is only skindeep but luckily men are pigs  and one dimensional jerks, just screwing around and pulling your leg unless your some kaisa leka, muhahahaa!! ;)


<--Singing that same old gospel: "oh shes gor fake boobs, nobode can have so big ones" muhahahahaaa! envy is the power of feminism and idiotism, same old shit different day, and I'm on my way to barn to milk my cow............ ?

1.4.2016 April's fol day's morning, being a fool all my life, no doubt about it, so today just another day for us fools for loving. I think I got it all made up yesterday for inking in my album so I started putting the pages together now that I've also erasured all the unwanted pencilmarks on 'em 250 pages of historymaking. Hopefully busy springtime and summertime ahead, we shall see...aa


 unless we go blind, ehehehe, oldest jokes on earth, might surprise when you least expect it! Oh, I still drink my coffee and try to open my eyes into another grey day.

 ..................................above foto, stripping teaser boogie like its year 1983! Ride on!

31.3.2016 Thursday morning, listening Rush R40 LIVE live albums 3 records of strange progressive rock songs to me, Geddy Lee's voice is suffering and almost crying in high notes, othervise okey to listen, but somehow I'm not so impressed still, skillful musicians and thoughtful lyrics and all but, some bands just clicks others don't, maybe too much of all difficult rhythms and time changes, well...

 I've made so much music last weeks I'm fullfed up with making more, but this might change within a minute I take my guitar and start to strum some riffs and chords to boogie real low and dirty, also made so many cover versions I urge for own songs and lyrics, I've got notebooks after notebooks over the years captuired all good ideas and bad too. I'm pretty fast to write new song lyrics with one go an sitting down and juts write it. Usuially I start with the title of asong that leads into main idea of it, or the vice versus idea of the title, that's what I like, mislead the reader/listener with titles first reaction or presume "what's it all about" and surprise the innocent listener, hehe...

 it's the blues tradition on me, can't spend what you ain't got, can't lose something you never had.- attitude. Wllie Dixon and Muddy waters best songs are my biblelike wisdom and inspirations mental storage. Thank god  for blues.

<-- watercolours demoness 2012. Copyright J. N.

 Foggy day, hazy babe, springtime waiting.

30.3.2016 Wednesday waking up routines, español  es mi rutina, in finnish rutina ja mutina, svenska öööö.. nej tack, vi ska stänna in english: morning's grey sky of fifthy shades and grades, clouds in our sky, green grass starting to erupt through the soil ang groundbreaking new creatures of nature's miracle, I really do think it's a miracle how the nature know how to born after cold and snowy winter. This here domestic ice age that we suffer every winter over here under them nortern lights and shades, pain in the ass and head, surviving all year thru challenging weather conditions, blaah. Such a boring topic.... and still so every daily dish. Wish it could be all sunshine tomorrow and all summerlong.

 <--- pencil practise 2010, little freedoms taken on antomy, hehehe... makes me think one from my youth, golden youth, yes sir.

 Middle of a week, peek to new and leave the old, habits and traditions, carved in stones and wood, ignicials of  lovers, romantic past tense, old ways, forgotten soon, lie the art of drawing by hand into paper, hopefully I'll be a millionaire on its craft before I die... haha, ain't no fun waitin' round to be a millionaire, oh I finally covered that master piece of AC/DC that they NEVER play again live, why?

Cause they are freaking millionaires it wouldn't sound true, would it? But hey, I can sing it very well and with passion, maybe I should run for to be the new singer in AC/DC!!! :) :) :)

29.3.2016 Tuesday, morning, waking up the usual way, mugs and jugs, hugs and err... yes, whatever it takes to get 'em eyes open and watching over, me just the usual idiot of comics and daily work on it. I was a keen follower of famous MAD magazine in mid 70's when you could get 'em only in english and only in one kiosk in Tapiola, my hometown then. I think it was good practice to understand english language beside the school books boredom, also tried to get lyrics from songs I wanted to play ans sing, the fonetic way and funny misunderstandings found afterwards, climbing into tree of knowledge was pretty different kind of tools and machines, reading and learning, well I never was a school nerd and buffoon trying to be best in class, except the art lessons, that was my rescue and place to be number one, but I tried always to encourage others to make art and not to push 'em down, I think I knew pretty good how good or bad I was, but I couldn't  decide my destiny, which was somehow running towards artist life, but I only wanted to draw and illustrate pictures, and from very young age it was naked ladies I did, enjoy still, cause there's always the challenge to succeed in realism and artistic values, that's all folks that counts,art, good art, no nonsense and or political bullshit and stories which are important issues of this time, they are all tomorrows toilet papere and fish wrapping tissues, sorry all you lousy kaisa lekas and ville rantas hard core fans, you're nothing but hound dogs, crying all the time!  ;))))


<--- Citylehdessä vuopnna 1995 julkaistu kuvitukseni joka OIKEASTI on yksi kadonneita Rauno Rotta sarjakuvani sivuja, kuten näkyy siinä on mukana suuri suosikkini Tom Waits


Bad reputation I've earned with hard and dirty work and filthy mouth I gotta carry on mocking all the fuckers who don't know shit from shinola, so watch out all you art schoolboys and girls, hahaha, I might bullshit you all the time without you knowing it. life's too short to feel regrets any more or being sorry for assholes who desreve all the shit hitted in their fans and their own ugly mugs. I'm 52 and I KNOW how it feels to be in your 20's and 30's WHEN you think you know irt all!!!! HAHA, welcome to the jungle and paradise, life might surprise you,

too. Like Lemmy I also thought I was the only one who thinks those deep and intellectual things, arrogant and pride before fall, welcome to my nightmare you all, alice coopers bastards and love childs, hehe. Life's too short to be taken seriously, that's what I really think. Laughint to yourself it's very good and healing and humbling, so all you fuckfaces laugh at yourslef, like I do!!

Laugh at you, I mean!! :D

28.3.2016 Monday and springtime feelings are here, this long run til summer and even summertime started yesterday with changing clocks one hour, this hasn't bothered me ever at all. 1 hour towards and off summer ain't nothing to me, cause I ain't waking up at excatly the same hour every morning, today I slept till 12, noon for you anglosaxons, hehe, slept like alog, hog and dog, very long and made up a song in my sleep called "Jack Off!" but I doubt shall I really make it, it wasn't as good as Stones' Satisfaction was when it appeared in Keith's dream, shit. ( Oh well I just wrote it down, cause you never know if it amkes aperfect song anyway!)

 Easter chocolate eggs eaten, but the finacial times of mine ain't that shiny so moderate or poor is my economics, alive but nothing fancy to buy, luckily I ain't got no dreams to fulfill with money or buying hapiness, such a dangerous sword that cuts bopth ways and my ways are limitless and strange even to myself. Maybe being quite poor all my life avoids crazy dreams, but winning the lottery eurojackpopt I do gamble with 4 euros some weeks, dreaming the fast car and big house, for us to live and never worry again, bout money. I don't know is that possible but I could try! Gime a million or two and ishall never complain again  or be blue...

 (<-- Sexhibition messut Helsinki 2001. )

little dreams to fulfill I got still, making a VERY successfull comic book and got it published around the world and live nice with my incomes of it, Kultainen Nuoruus, my golden ticket and only chance to conquer the world, my major plan and scheeme of things to come. And sidedish is Angelandevil watercolour series of angelic women and devilish men, sexuality with heteroterms and dreams, homos you do homoerotic and I do hetero, fair game and straight as it can be, right? No Tom Of Finland was never my hero, idol or some one to look up, I'm the "child" of R. Crumb, Milo Manara and Timo Mäkilä-s erotic period paintings of Sarah Young in nineties, it gave me assurement to do my own nude girls work and even sell those erotic painting to finnish Hustler and some other erotic magazines, it was good ride as long as it lasted.Always trying not to waste my time, on anything I ain't willing to do, and nowadays I  don't have to make any concessions to any one, taboo free land and working desk. Although i'm not in S&M sex or other kinky stuff so my sex comics ain't that weird, to me that is,a dn if there's kinkish stuff that's ONLY for the laugh and joke of it, sake. Sex and laughter should go to together much more, it ain't so serious business, ain't it?....answers to: Post box 313, 30100 Forssa city. HAHAHA!! :)

27.3.2016 Sunday morning, very satisfied with results from erasure work yesterday, also got good feeling about the whole album, cause it looked so good and ridiculous to me, made me laugh that is! I was having my doubts about is this worth all the work I've done for it, yes sir it is, so I got me inspired again to finish it properly so I found 11 more pages to ink just little more, just some shadowing and texture stuff to make it look as one unit, the whole book. That's been the trouble for inking 2 years or more to make it look like equal fine and remain in one style or at least variations of that one style, my oldfashioned brush-style that it, haha...


 I've heard that before and was surprisen only bout my "bad reputation" in comics festivals by average art students raving to em about my supposed evilness, haha.... let 'em rumours fly and circle around like vultures, I got bone and meat on my bones too, eat me little schoolgirl!! :)

 <-- watercolours 2008 Angelandevil series finest moments til today.

For sale 3000 euros. In cash, at the crossroads at midnight...

 and you learn how to play that devil's music and evil blues.


Til then let's boogie. Boogie chillum with John Lee Hooker.




26.3.2016 Saturday morning and after I've finally got into erasure erasing state on my book, I'm quite happy to announce it's the finishing days and ways for Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. under work and worries since 2012 and after publishing the part 1.

Oh well texting with pens still to do but most of has been done now that the pictures are inked and saved in photoshop. This erasing business takes a strong right hand muscles and TIME, yesterday I did for hours and got done third of it, well today I try to erase as many as I can and we'll see whats result, also found some pages that need still ink, so next weeks working hours are spent there and in first of April 1., I fool you not, I start texting!! :)


<--- My watercolours work "Fast And Loose",1995.



So it's looking good for Springtime and albumwise too. Summer i shall do the final cover edition and numbering the pages and all that publishing and ready for printing stuff and in July go to Tallinn and observe the  printing process and finally have a little break before Hellsinki comics festival and selling the book for all Autumn too, book fairs and such, here I come!!! ;)

Now just enjoying the melting snow and the waking nature, it's the miracle that happen every year, soon it's all beautiful and green over here in Funlandia.

25.3.2016 Friday long or fast, short and slow, all accepted over here in the heart of Häme, snow last stands trying to avoid springtime and blooming nature, waiting for the birds and copnstant singing concert til November again. Me again in situation of finishing inking, and again find at least one more page to do to make my album comprahensive and readable and straight. all for readers pleasure and fun. I'll have my shot for stardom in August and hopefully thunderstruck the foundations of finnish comics cream ass elite, haha....

<-- watercolours 1994, anatomy lesson with golden girl of Playboy.......oh, I'm getting really tired of inking black ink, need some colours for my life and work especially. And naked ladies I yearn to paint and draw the dangerous curves and hot bodies in sun, haha.... oh well, something different and vary, again before I'm pensioner and too tired to do anything, so now I have to do a lot, not a parking lot but lot! ;)))))))))))

 Weekend plans while wife's kid visits, I'll change the computerdesk behind my illustration desk and work on one chair for bot ways, drawing and computadoring!

Easter bunnies in Playboy mansion, here I come!

24.3.2016 Thursday, finally getting really over the weekends staying ups too late, heh, oh well, the hell of being old and tired too easily. Can't be like 21 anymore, hopefully don't look like I tried to look like forever young either, it's kinda pitiful and stupid for an adult and mature to try to hang on the youths all the most ridiculous things like clothes and haircuts, like you can see in the advertisement companies staff in Hellsinki, hehe...

<--- what's really on my mind!!! :) )))) Okey, ride on whatever the future holds for us, is better than suicide bombers and all that shit with ISIS, hate the war and killings as I've hated since 1980, no sense make these killers with "holy war", there's nothing holy to blow up  a punch of innocent bystanders, we're all people and humans, killing religionwise or other bullshit is just horrible and unforgiven. The war to stop all the wars was ; I suppose; too long ago 1939-1945. Missing that? Missing all the points why war is wrong, stupid, evil, useless, awful, cruel and endless bullshit.

hopefully we here in Funland won't have to go to war, ever with anybody anywhere, I've got the "get out of warfare and army"- card , so I ain't going nowhere with the rifle in my hand, but your boys, husbands and fathers are. Feeling sorry but I ain't that kinda fool to kill you or get killed for these stupid wars and peace corps, either.

Stupid and more stupid going to war withemselves, good luck with that.

23.3.2016 wednesday morning, tryimng to wake up but my eyes feel lie brick wall, weight on my eyelids, not the brightest boy am I. They promising warmer at the end of week and maybe the springtime finally gets here and winter is all dead and gone, soon. rarely wishing some ones death but winters I am, cruel me, spoiling all the fun from kids like they can't play without snow, finnish kids, jesus.

 <--- 1996 at Kaapelitehdas and Comics 100th anniversary exhibition, day after hungovered, by my pin ups on the door.




It took two days for me to recover from weeken's festival actions although I just sit and sell, oh well I did go out with 'em kollegas nad Tampere folks til late and got sleep in not so nice bed, tired and suspenced with cars battery working or not, getting back hme or not, big issues 'em are. Now I can alrerady just laugh at 'em funny accidents, oh well, life gets me dirty and oiled and gasolined my jeans, and stories to tell for kids and adults...

 fairy tales, not my piece of cake but I live on, with or without 'em.

Live on all you have to do to live. Long life and prospect.

22.3.2016 Tuesday morning and I got my copy of the book which cover illustration I did for my friend and great translator Heikki Karjalainen for the book "Pinokkio Venetsiassa"! Learn finnish and read it and especially buy it at your locak book store or get it on net!! I'm glad this book was done and enjoed illustrating it last Autumn, 560 pages is a HUGE job for Heikki to do and much respects to him. Yesterday was my day OFF, so tired and exhausted from the Tampere trip I was, just watchin' TV and laying on my back, relax like I do so well. Luckily the car didn't broke on my way back home. that was such a relief and lucky strike. Hopefully the new battery works for many years to come.

 <-- explaining the picture: there should be tired just off the wall dropped Pinokkio with worn out wooden clothes and he is sitting on top of the map of Venezia.Oh I did noticed on Tampere that I have a "reputation" hehehehe.... and you know without bad reputataion I wouldn't have any!! ;) tTat makes me think abot Thin Lizzy... hmmm. got an idea of trademark for my self..... From talk to pictures.... here you are,     I mean I am!! ;)

21.3.2016 Monday morning is worth it's reputation as the hardest day to wake up, but I did sleep well after 2 not so much long or good slept, well whadda hell, it's a small price for real good time and nice new acquintanceships, swell party time at the night of Tampere.  guess today shall be just relaxing and resting from weekends festivalities, haha.... it's always this way after comics festivals and working there selling books even without drunken breaths. On my way to tampere my wife's cars battery died and I stopped other cars, nobody had the jumpers cables, but the house next door lend me ones and 1 car stopped and gave power but the car couldn't stay on, so they drag with rope to the next hotel parking lot just 1 km away, and there I waited for the new battery salesman, who came but then I didn't have enuff money to pay the battery by visa cad, shit, and I gave him my exchange money in cash, I got left only 20 euros when I get to Tampere and I haven't paid my hotelroom for 45 euros yet, so I was in trouble to sell at least two books to get into hotel, jesus.

 <-- my new best japanese friend in Tampere kuplii comics festival.

Luckily it all went OK, as I sold some books and went to Sarjakuvantekijät ry meeting where I get free food and nice company to introduction to the night of Tampere bars and friends, new and once mets. yeah, nice time, although Sunday was so lazy with sellingwise, I myself bought just one miniature statue of manga girl with huge jugs, like I'm suppose to drool over all with big tits, haha...

well, that's not all but now it is.


20.3.2016  Late evening, I'm just back from Tampere kulpii festival, great time, good laughs and new friends, Yeah! :) Later more stories like how my car's battery died 55 km from Tampere and what happened then..........................................!! ;)



Tomorrow is a new day,

I think.

Tired but happy man tell stories.....  hasta pronto! :)

18.3.2016 fridy and waking ups, JJ Cale's easy swinging now on stereo, roll on. Sometimes simplicity ios pure genius, especially i enjoed J Cales live concerts mellow and unexpected feeling and travelling by bus with old friends, taht jut happen to play the instrumets you bneed fo your band. I can imagine doing that myself too.... if I only could find a good old band with friends and accomplished musicians, and somebody willing o pay our bus rides round globe!! ;) That's my provblem", I wanna record music, not really tour and ply live and especially NOT to suffe in some lousy pizzerias and juke joints without money or public! :P   So I concentrate on makin' BEST music I can and get me someday a huge record deal with big internatioal publisher who'll pay me to Finnvox a month to do my real first album!!

So all you money men,  invest on me now while I'm (and you're) alive!! ;)))))))))))





<-- My Black Angel state of art of watering colours, 2010.



Excited also for going to Tampere early next mrning by car, getting there in time and putting up teh table worth goodies for al you dult comics readers and on lookers, welcome tmorrow from 10 to 18 hours in Tamperetalo, Tampere!! ;)

And Suinday from 11 to 17! I gor specil price for "aduts colouring books" In Nani form!! Plu extra goods as T-shirts, postcards, CDees etc tc. !! BUY BUY BUYBUYBUY!!!! :)

See you there  all squares and weirdoes and freaks in cosplays and just walking dead and live! :)

17.3.2016 Good morning to everyone out there in wilderness of your lap tops and cell phones, it's  jungle out there, ehehe, beware of wild animal as domestic cats and dogs, fist flies of summer spotted also and killed brutally against window glass, oh this murdering joy of springtime, snows last breaths and meltes waters muddy smile on yard, not a prison for lucky me. Springtime I do adore when the nature waking up and bloom in green, and  don't have to do anythimng for it, it's just a natural evolement and evolutions miracles outside my windowsill. Blessed country site town of hay and weed and horses nearby stalls, dogs barking and long distance birds returning, soon.


Yesterday I manage to record great guitas and bss and singing with first take on my looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time planned version for ZZ Top's Master Of Sparks from Tres Hombres album. I've had it's lyrics written fo 3 or 4 years before I couraged to record its drum two day ago after good practice of dumming VanHalens II and sme Judas Priests Turbolover albums, staedy beat and Van Halens craziness and inspiration got me nice sweat and rhythm and flow, banging 'em skins for an hour first, got me excited and feeling of succeeding, as I did, drums on second take in without a "click" or rhythm track, just play by ear, that's all folks. It's one of ZZ Tops' strangets songs, lyrically secrets of well...

I can't tell you, find and figure it out yourslf!! ;)


Now satisfied also with my own CDees cover art and printing done, today I'll  decide which versions version I'll use for the Tom Waits album, and still got tomorrow to make arrengments and preworks for Tampere trip on Saturday and Sunday, staying in a cheap hotel for a night which don't have breakfast I gotta make my own, no biggie....

Waitin' eagerly for comics festivals buzz and fun to see other artists!!See you there, all! :)

16.3.2016 Morning, I finally did the cover for my cover version CD of my favourite and within my ability to sing and play on guitars of Tom Waits songs yesterday, for sale in Tampere Kuplii comics festival, hard jazz and blues uneasy listening and greates sories on record ever!! ;)

Been digging Waits for 32 years now and introduced to many my friends already back in 80's. Really respect his work and attidute and dude himself, some interesting acting expriences too, especially in Coppola's'Dracula and  Jim Jarmush's Down By Law. As a fan I hope I didn't hit the fan with the shit I've done... buy it and surprise yourself, new neverheard musical experiences for brave hearts!!


On we go, towards the finish line, finnish man gotta ski and skate til the victory is his. Yeah, vamos a la trabajo caliente!! ;)

 <-- Twelve new fantastic versions of om Waits' songs from various records, not just this Heartattack And Vine, so excuse me for leading you stray with album cover..! ;)

All songs and instruments (Bass, guitar and dums) played by Jack King himself. For sale only from me! Culture thang for sure.


Publ. by PeneLopez Rcords 1. March, 2016.

15.3.2016 Tuesday, yesterday I did record another love song after we had a big domestic fight that hopefully cleared the air and athmoshere here. Don't really write the usual love songs, but this one's from the heart, quiet little tune with acoustic guitar. First take also on singing as I like to do 'em. Many tmes the first or second take is the best, I don't usually practice the singing melody I just invent it while pushed the recording button and singing the words the first time, well nowadays  I do read the lyrics first so that I know what I've written on my lyrics books I've gathered my ideas and songs I usually write whole song  in one session, rarely change 'em, but sometimes leave some stanzas away if there's too much text to squeeze in. I'm used to write in rhyme, and its actually hard to write it any other way as my head searches the words to rhyme wih last word of he sentece, poetry in music. 

Music means a lot but she means more. Taking granted the everyday life and realtionships, easy to dwell in work issues and think only my own stuff, that matters, selfish bastard as I am, need a working relationship of love, not just working ll the time without acare of life outside the work Fucking working class hero.

But the rest is my personal stuff, said already enuff. Wouldn't be so stupid that open here my problems and affections and sex life, haha....clever ass and smart ass and wise ass all in one person and head on my shoulders.Let's work  and fuck together!

Group theraphy and sex, hehe... just call me Dr. Rock! ;)

14.3.2016 Monday morning, woken up not quite yet, but eyes move and legs swing, I must be alive.

Thinking about only important and meaningful stuff as usual, the geniusness of mine is so hard to see, spot me in spotlight, as I escape the light and live in the darkness, no princess but, lady in black, lack of interests, baby in lack of love, like we all are. Loved to much, see not the results of smothering mothes, love so rare and strange in these mountains of flat and broke, people need 'em anothers, 'emselves, wolves to your neighbours, kids stuff and games, played like a fool, slept on a barstool, another morning after the war of a man who fight for the right to be alive and meaningful in your life. Heavy thoughts and brains. Raisins in our skull, full blackout of the sun.


 Am I painting it black or the image of the devil on the wall? Questions I make for you to resolve, think another minute, in the brink of the end of off mankind and kingdom of heavens army, don't know, don't care, don't believe much aymore. Just trying to escape the boredom any way I can, run like a devil on my tail, my tale,

 worth to send my days for 7 years and more, gotta believe in something, faith and fate, going on carrying on weights of the worlds on our slim shoulders, gotta do it before it to late to be late. Enjoy and love, my aims for the golden years. David Bowie, still valulable music, thanks. Wild Is The Wind.

PS. While I was washing my coffee pot I started to thinking WHY man who uses heroin is heorin addict, why cigarette smoker is a cigarette smoker (and addict), and coffee drinker is coffee addict, but the man who drinks alcohol is not addict of alcoholic BUT just an alcohol drinker, as you can't be just little bit of a heroin stabber, cool and trouble free entertainment user, but alcohol that holy spirit of Fnland, excepts all wisdom and reasonable reasons. Alcohol is also poison you can die on . Think about a minute. Thanks and cheers to all who still drink! ;)

13.3.2016 Sunday morning, I like to wake up on Norah Jones music often and today its' Come Fly With Me album, easy listening music I know some hate, but I love her voice and way she use it, and most of her songs are fantastic in their own scale and box, jazzy pop and songs to sing along maybe. Waking up slowly to this cruel world taking my time, mugs of java and jugs of other kind around me in y working room athmosphere, I love . Simple pleasures for simple complicated man, try to shrug off al shyness and shame for enjoying my life as I like it, hehe, jesus whadda problemos I have today, again!! :D


 Yesterday I finally (been planning for it 4 years or so...) succeeded to record my version of Van Halens' Ice Cream Man, as I have now an coustic guitar here n my work room I can easily snap the chords from various songs by ear and luckily that Ice Cream Man is composed as the traditional blues song even I CAN play with guitar, so I recorded the acostic version, but I might add the electric guitar and drums too, although I won't copy Eddie's solos no way, even if I could! Like to make 'em covers my way and style, not too similar if possible.

 Don't know why I'm so inspired with cover songs now, maybe becuse I don't have to think too much, how to execute and present the song...

...although (my fav word!!) I do enjoy making little different version and have to think a one hot minute, hahaahaa... results speak for themselves, I dig 'em, especially these latest Tom Waits versions. I can admit I screwed up couple of Waits slower ones, I won't put em in the collection CD for sale, and of couers I got the crazy fan boy dream to send my versions to Wait himself, but cause his is somehow "illegal" but in very small scale as I'm not publishing them, ONLY these original art pieces as every CD is handmade peace of art!! Hehe. Sue me dear Mr. Waits if you need more small change, if you please to stop art to developing and your songs to live again.

Whistlin' Past The Grae Yard is one of them chozen Tom Waits' ones, released In Tampere Kuplii 19th March, 2016.

12.3.2016 Good morning, shouldn't go to Kvaak.fi comics site first thing in the morning to get pissed off with some closet fag's "compliments" of my post of new pages, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Might get angry and waste my day on anger and evil but rightful hate, but I try to scream it out loud here and not here, cause that comics site is for kids too my opinions tend to be too direct and staright. Sorry bout that I am...


<---Here are those pages i posted there too. You make up yuor mind.

 I shall do my art ad fuck the rest and evil hearte opinions off asholes who hang on with artists like disease you can't just shrug of like dust. Well I am bit tenderly nervous now with the fuckers that got under my skin so easily, got no respect or friendly place for 'em. I feel so angry right now that'll I'll write more later whe not so pissed off............

5 minutes later.

Oh well, I'm fast on getting angry but eve faster to getting over it, haha, so taht's all past ad gone, til w meet againa you whose name won'tbe here, mention my name if you want a scapegoat ad some oneto blame, here I am , make your best shot muthafucka.



 Weekend  and our sauna evening tradition alive and well, with no real other appointment on my "working week" I'm glad we have this sauna trip tradition. Feels good in wood heaten löyly/heat, and aftermath is grat and mellow man and wife. Domestic animls as we enjoy simple and pure actions, sauna, food and drugfree life, even quit drinking alcohol 9 yeras ago. Only slipped in purpose for my own bachelor party and Jönssi's funeral after party, both back in 2010. Almost 6 years without alcohol or cigarettes , that go together so well, HAHAHA!! ;)...have a nice weekend all but YOU asshole whose name won't be here ever. If it's war YOU want, you'll got it! :)I'm going  sharpen my knives, see you later comixxx alligators.

11.3.2016 Friday morning, another cloudy day in this winterlong gray sky and white ground, oh I'm starting to really wish for springtime to arrive and wash away all that snow and cold.

I'm going to ink that book today again and again, still got some 10 new pages to do. The fear for texting still linguers on my worry head BUT I know I can do it, hey I already got all he texts I need and more, too much text so I have to delete bunch of great jokes, ehehehe... living on the edge of nervous breakdown with nerves of steel  or maybe accurant and closer to a cow, whom are like Fonzie, cool way cool!! :)So let's do it, work til fingers bleed, tha's real mens job, haha!!Bailando!

10.3.2016 Thursday morning started with coffee and headache, painkillers and making a CD of my newest versions of Tom Waits songs and my own stuff of course, for sale next weeks weekends comics festival in Tampere city house, as I just been recording lotta new music these last weeks. Harmony with inking comics and making music in garage finds it's  balance finally, but as times are a-cahnging so is my time and excitment with every days environment and all that jazz, we sibng and dance all day and all night! ;) Little flu rising its ugly head again, wife's in there already so it's only matter of time til I get it too, bohoohohoo! :P

Oh well, I'll survive and hope you do too! Gitta rest and work and try to jumnp in between hard work and labour and fun time with music and recordmaking. Oh well, all is well or fine. Knock on wood.

9.3.2016 Wednesday morning, coffee coffee coffee, my road to light and prospection and inspiration. Open those tired eyes and try to see the world different way or not. All the same when you ain't got nothing or nowhere to wake up. The homeless and rotoless is awful hard way to grow up, can't really say "home" to any place I live, although I love our rented house here in Forzza city, but taht's waht WE have done to this place, enjoyable rooms for our needs. Always trying to make teh best of our times, like Neil Young song lyrics Mellow My Mind. Neil is coming to Finland on tour this summer, but I ain't got the ticket or the money excatly, if the miracle won't happen I got to enjoy only the records, which I got a lot somewhere between 800-1000, jesus, last year only I bought more than 100 new ( TO ME) records. still I ain't no LP collector buffoon! haha, trying to avoid all manic and strung out stubborn one track minded collector madness. That don't stop me buying as many CDees I can afford and find, that's the main problem, the lack of availablility of  records in shops and it's the curse and blessing also, still got reasons to go there and n buy more records. Rock'nroll never die.










Comics business inking king rides on, making me feel good also the feel of succeeing with Tom Waits covers, gonna be real bad ass record for sale in Tampere next weekl!

See you there at Tampere kuplii festival!!

8.3.2016 tuesday morning, this here early bird won't get any worms, nor alcohol to kill those worms, old jokes cemetery buries in Fingerpori, that's where you find all the jokes you didn't want to hear anymore, hehe, well Jarla is alright but that J. Vehniäinen is so tasteless especially on Soundi cartoons, laughin at Axl roses' s weight problem aka health issues, makes me wanna draw in anger a caricature of that poor potatonosed drawer right back myself, see you in Tampere kuplii comics festival fiesta goddamn, hehe...


or not, well I should make my arrengments now for staying overnight there, before it's too late to get ahotel room. oh these wordly problems I have, haha...

but I'm happy with tyesterday's results on inking, I shall be released and victory is mine to taking home and cherish the work done. Oh well, trying to move this schedule to earlier risings, not to sleep half day and be the night person I'd become for that flu that stole my force and efforts away, I made a promise to (myself!)get slim also and that'll I do soon asthe album is written within ink and ready for print with spartan menu and diet, until then cheers to all candies and chocolates!! :)

Celebrating the wonders of life, creatures, creeps, heeps, cheeps, all god creations and the rest of us, almost naked apes, let's have agood day to everyone near us and the friends faraway, cheers and salud!

7.3.2016 Monday morning eagerly moving towards drawing table and inking week I expect to ink 10 or more pages. First one is my version of Astrix character in love with big heart above his/my head, in Espoo back in year 1984. I think it came aout great with pencil so hoping not to spoil it on ink, oink oikn, says the wild hogs, babies.  Added some fantasy moments to lighhten up the serious moonlight happenings I had those years, hopefully it'll be understood by readers and digested too.

 Monday morning head is still bit fuzzy and mixed up from dream wherer I was traveling to Tokyo, which I shall do some day soon in the future when time is right. Oh well next cup of mud....there I go, hot java my bestfriend to wake up, I'm not very much of a morning person if that means like jumping right on the working desk, these days I'm blurryhead and slow to brighten up my thoughts, maybe that's why sometimes I write here WHATEVER came first in my mind, not much cencorships sailing these pages, yeah and that's all right alright.

Creative mind works these early hours of the day taht's scientical truth and only like 4 hours aday your brain develps new creative stuff. That I can guarantee too, 8 hours a day is rare opportunity to be artistic good, inventing new stuff. Of course days vary vey much like minds and people do too. But if you don't ever make any onedimensional generally speaken general average people assumptions it's pretty impossible to speak in general at anything at all, maybe that'd be wise, to just whole world to shut the fuck up.

Live and love, life's too short and so am I.

6.3.2016 Sunday morning, ain't no fun waitin' round to be a millionaire but living here in big house with garden and garage where do whatever we please, is worth a million or two, although we pay the rent and don't own this house, it's our house and our yard. Who owns earth and waters on it, Nestle and Mcdonalds and Sony I guess, and all the good ol' bankers and investigators and such back bones of this society so pure and correct and...

 I'm obviously bullshitting cause ain't no good thing happening for the poor common people, just crumbs on the floor, that's our destiny and route 666. Oh well, wrote another song again, been quite productive this year with writing songs and recording some too. Good life, very blessed, jesus, these religiously colored words, not sure am I blessed or cursed, or both.

 Wondering wandering world, full of surprises and  also common facts all around, people want same things and dreams, in general we are all the same, but what happens top ain't just all the same.

We are important and valuable, every one of us, beggars and presidents, but we ain't in a same boat, that's become too obvious. Kings, queens and dukes of earls sail on their own yachts, we poor ones sit in leaking old rowing boat, nothings sure but all is possible, still, world keep on turning wether we are among us or not.

Walking on, in marching order, third reich is here again, nazi party in process in our governmental acts, blinded by power, forces us in line wauiting for our daily bread. Nothing changed in 2000 years, sad mutherfuck. sad world sad asses swingin in eurodancefloors. Me wanna live another day, better and nicer, yes, thank you sir.

Weekend needs more true nonviolent warriors, not soldiers of muthafucking odin.

5.3.2016 Saturday's resting day and specially sauna eve and adam too, the cleaning of the body no jesus, child or molesting going on over here. Two aults and house to stay, we're lucky ones we two. bragging like Elvis' and other dead muthafuckers, if I had million dollars would I be like I'm now, humble and fantastically simple and common man, taking gran pleasure on every day businesses  and wonder of the nature seen thru my window to the empty lot next door, squirrels and magpies yearly routines and tasks, bird watching glasses needed like back in 70's!! ;)


<- 31 new just within February pencilled pages for Golden Youth number 2.










Missing past times of fun and teenybopping I am not, love to draw 'em into comics, but that'll happen only after two more books in my Golden youth has reach the bookshops, within 6 years schedule, counting from this next Autumn of this year 2016 (if you're reading this in futuire like yera 2397 I had to write this down and up!!) Joking like Joker must, the name game and on going need to be laughed at.

The lonely life of the genius of comics artist, hahahahaa, so luvcky I LOVE to be alone, I'm OK in crowds but really enjoy solitude, lonely nights and also company of my wife, feeling less lonely. Contradictions and craziness of life ordinary of two artists in one house. Figure it out, take the dog out, cat in, read all about in yellow papers, hah.




I love pencilling new pages, new sketches for new water colour works, my first rweal instrument was and is pencil, like 'em soft as in scale of 1-8 B! Of course those softest smudge little, so i use another shielding paper to keep the illustrations clean and not smudging with my own hands either. Skills I 've collected while sitting down with drawing table, years you can't achieve without hard work, weather your name is Picasso, Da Vinci or whateverhiltunen or ranta, HA! Can't fool the eye or the skills of the hand, you either got it or NOT. Simple judgement over here and should be over there wherer journalist "guess" whose good whose not.

 I'm bad, and I'm good what I do, so fuck you all who can't see, it's in the eye of beholder, whatever is that beholder(??), jesus.

So have a nice day, jesus.

4.3.2016 Friday afternoon, boy I woken up whtaever the time was, was good but tired of getting late and already too weary and lacking strength, it's thsi fight in the adulthood where I just struggle and drag on. Life worth living, aiming well, doing good, trying all but incest and folk dances, phrases for phases, faces to see, meet and greet, speak only for yerself.Every morning is different, no ground hod days, no bullshit no tales for housewives, no rality TV show, room for another fool, days and daze in haze, purple my dicks and tracies, no matter what you do, passenger of time we all are, no escape from the cosmic blue.Okey now I must go and ink another page, later alligator

3.3.2016 My Tom Waits recording period just goes on and on, finding "new" songs to do, some of 'em I didn't expect even myself to do, but are turning wonderful pieces of jazzy rock as I play 'em. Pretty excited and proud I can do 'em, not that I got any permission from mr. waits, but ainät excatly need his proval cause ain't publishing 'em. just hand to hand marketing, no real money envolved. I'm not stealing from anyone, when I make my own art, and that's very important to me. Krooks who steal, nap and take from artists got no respect nor acceptence from me. Assholes with big pockets and fast feet,

 ran faster than the bullet.

Inked these 5 pages already on this month and it's only morning of the 3. day!  Art above all, fuck them in grant committees again, no grant from TAIKE again, must been third year in arow with that too... somebody there don't like me, at all. Little money is all I need, putting into Tom waits song lyrics: oh, there's nothing wrong with her, 100 dollars won't fix..."! Sometimes the answers are close, but the questions are far from sensible. I rest my case,


 I'm really a really sensitive artist, thing you might not know or recognise, with first glance, cause I look like "rebel sin causa". So, I try to make sensitive art, comics books for adults, who like to think, live and love differently and out of the infamous box, think what you do, is it worth all the crazy fuzz you gotta put on it?

 Answers to governmenta mental care offices on office hours, of FUnlandia, not me. Although I "enjoy" carrying the weight of the WHOLE world on my tiny shoulders, carry your own, save me from all the shit you put on, me. tahk you, now back to business of inking, king!

Be all you can, king!

2.3.2016 Wednesday watching snow melt, but not for all day, spring sprung our way, like it always does, and me repetition from hell, dwelling in same old things, hehe, but I thought it was MY life, I'm living, maybe I'm wrong and I'm in someone else's dream or nightmare, depends on which way is your hell built and what you consuder bad. Bad ass me, did another drum work for another Tom Waits song to record today, soon Ill have full album of Waits songs to sell in Tampere comics festival 19. and 20. of this month, oh that's pretty soon less than 3 weeks, if I'm correct. So I got plenty of just enough time to make more music, and ditch some of the less succeeded version of Ruby's Arms and Sight For Sore Eyes, which are pretty much piano oriented songs that didn't trasform into guitarwork so good as I hoped, well I just do more and better and leave the shit behind. Just like life in general, go ahead better tunes and eave all the shit behind, there's lots of journalists happy to be digging it! HAHAHAHHAAAAAAA!!! Excuse me my political incorrectioness, it's a blizz and bless to be without some assholes who call 'emselves investigating journalists (bruhahahahaa!!) and are nothing but hound dogs crying alone in a rain, too stupid to come out of it and come in. English is strange language! haha...

 <-- yesterday inking start with this page of guitar playing 1984. Here I go again....

Oh well life, where you bump into many whom you shoudn't, could be so happy without, or would it be too good, hehe... Just waking up to this day, more coffee, less journalists!

1.3.2016 First day of spring, make me feel so good, it's finally coming after this long winter period, when I've been tired more than my share, and that horrible flu, getting over and into moods for warm and nature's wonders pulling out of the dirt ground, birds coming back and bees buzzing, yeah gtaht's summer. Hot air and cool breeze, lazy days and midnight sun, white nights, people enjoying their existence just by being alive and here. Cool summer times ahead.So I try to work hard til its' time for vacation at the August and the comics festivals arriving too, just before Autumn, but hey let's make it summer fun before that! :)



and money,

 it's all right

all for you honey.

This little song bird

sing for you

not for money.

Love cost nothing



29.2.2016 Karkauspäivä / Leap day today, only every fourth year, so it's my first here in blog world, too bad I ain't anymore in the "market" to get popping questions to get married or buy cloth for dress. Don't know is this just finnish custom for this rare day or international nightmare for bachelors! ;)))

 I tried last night for the first time play my guitar with tuned in G as slide guitars and Muddy Waters are, wow what a sounds of rockin blues it made, gotta master it with practice and record some weird bluesy rock tune, so excited that I haven't been for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time with guitarplaying wise.  Anew direction and possibilities to conquer, even some songs I couldn't pay before like them should be, but most of all, makin NEW OWN songs on wit it. Excited. Oh well, Pinoccio book which cover I paint coming from print, finally, excited on that too, and getting to read it too, swell things and happenings on this last day of winter!!! Waiting for the spring and summer feels always this moment so far away when ground is still in snow and ice, so far and unreachable, touch of cold weather and clothes too true. Does it feél like this every year, don't know, but now it feels like springtime should be here sooner than later on. Soldier on with snow and slippery roads towards the destination, imagination, frustration escape, satisfaction at the end of the road, life on the roads and alleyways, stays here in my worry head. Tomorrow never see things we have today the way we have 'em ............. what, taht's bullshit, tomorrow we'll see whatever we see, you see. :P

28.2.2016 Sunday, taking day off of making comics, is the plan, but sometimes them change and I found myself drawing on weekends holified "rest days" too, too bad I ain't no machine, working only with electricity and timetable, no working over time, no mistakes no too long lunchbreaks,, HAHA, ain't no robot, nor steampunk train and that's mucho allright! :)

Rolling along with feelings and urges to do, music and comics i've spent my last 8 years totally, total engagment and dedication on art and fuck the rest old farts! ;)

Trying to find something NOT to do on these lazy sundays, sometimes I just slip into drawing table and its temptations, allure into sketches of Finland and later on Spain, taht's what I really wait, my sketches of Spain from years 1986 and 1987! :) Fucking funny times and papers and penis coming up!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! :D

 Oh well til then I just recall all my blues and triumphs into book you should all read, twice. It's alright to wait and see it all in black and white, all real, all true, all fun and misery. Life, another story for you.

27.2.2016 Saturday, counting days to summer, counting days til print, one track mind on publication and world premiere of mine comics book. Working so hard and constantly towards the final achievment and results speak for themselves, when they hit the newstand and book stores like a hurricane and johnny the qonqueror! ;)Oh well until then I just brag and drag on, til I can't speak no more, mission accomplishing in action, comics I love 'em. The kid in me wakes up everytime I see a good and interesteing comics book. Jokes are best drawn and  read in paper packs. Comics relief, helps you thru day and makes you laugh after many years still, that' long lasting joy and upgarde of life that can be so hard.

Strength and endurance for all you little comics activist and professionals, we do a work worth respect and hurrays, we do what we can to save the world and better conditions for all in need.

Work for better future AND comics too!! :) 

26.2.2016 Friday and on my mind is whatever I chooze to get done and finish my comics book new pages, that might in program for next weeks working list of things to do not just think about.

 Free will and mind over matter, free spirited and stubborn as hell, my way to go and flow with the go. Luckily i do find things worth doing still in my profession for almost 23 years, I've been sitting down and letting imagination take it's own course and curse wherever the wind inside my brain blow. Free and willing and able, trio that take me anywhere, everywhere and quarantee inspiration for most of my days, spending hours doing nothing ain't in my agenda or work shop list. Ships sail and thoughts un bound, fly over the moon and the darker side of the spoon. Past high lights and tight thights, babies worn out the night, bus stop stranded and wasted years and years.Wrote my life, stories that are real, got dignity of an elephant in china store, breaking all the rules I can find and destroy all your jeans  I've borrowed from you, while  I'm away. remebering life on the road. No fuzz no buzz no bullshit, that's hard to do, but the only way to truth goes with it, real things no fairy tales.

25.2.2016 thursday, afternoon man coffee mug and donut afterlife experiences in dreams last night or something strange visitors from friends and relatives from far. I ain't a believer in science fiction or fantasy books, so I won't read 'em like ever, hehe, so I'm an expert of those fuzzy fantasies, hehe, wonder why any reasonable sane person wants to waste his/hers time on books for kids?

 It's okey I don't have to undrestand all and everything any other clown or asshole thinks is important, I know they don't give a shit about my wellbeing, doings, thinkings, whatever I stand for  there's an ugly majority of idiots saying it's wrong and not true. Can't win situation, I'm pretty used to in 52 years I've roamed over this planet of blues.                                                                                        


<--- Marbella Espanja vuonna 1986, joku saksalainen pimu otteli aurinkoa ja mä polttelin sen savukkeita! :)

Another day to enjoy, love and care whatever you do, I won't be the one regretting stupid jobs I "had to" do, just for money, I'm gonna be the one holding head high and saying I loved every minute of my proffeessional life and work after year 1993, thank you and good night.

24.2.2016 Wednesday, trying to change my waking up habits earlier and getting out of bed while I 'd sleep til afternoon easily is hard, ain't much to complain but just telling my excitong life routines, haha! I've drawn 17 pages or more for the album and ikning shall atke its time, so soon I'll make myself  a hurry to text the text unless I ain't going to tour this summer, we shall see..............

...whatever we shall see, world rolls and turns whichever it will, we all just pay the bill, chase the thrill, appreciate the free will, disgust the kill of  our time, nature dying politics lying, widows crying, jet set flying and TV is reality we 're spying, every night, full of coc and sprite, waste of our natural sources and what almight be. Poetry in emotion, motion of the potion number nine, we're just fine, like cheap wine, we don't grow better, but vinegar in the letter of words unspoken, world is broken and I can't fix it.

 Text pouring out like rain, shine my cheeks turn into candy apple red, work instead on your measures, treasures hidden in you, time for yellow and blue, true fight against evil, life run out, wife not.

A better poem tomorrow, ho ho ho!! :D

23.2.2016 Tuesday morning, last night made another, third CCR cover version of song I' thought my vocals wouldn't stretch and reach, but they did. So I'm quite happy with Fortunate son, cause it's such a wild song and with message I can relay, "....it ain't me I aint't no fortunate son..."!! Listen that and realise one of 60's best songs.Music, I even made a song of itself, healing power and reason to live. Simple man's simple dreams and realism, reasons and truthful aspects on life, yeah, some got it some not. Learning process all life though, and world of contradiction and false prophets lies and reasoning for money and governmental rules, don't be a bad boy, do all they say and win a medal for killing randomly with heatseeker missiles and protecting your home with nuclear bombs, hurray for idiots in rule today, hurray!! :(

World is dominated by assholes whose names don't want to publish, any more publicity than they already got, assholes who dont fix the world while they got powers and money to do it. Thinking only the shareholders profits, that fits to their ugly fuckfaces faces. Let's suffer and whine and deal only our own pockets another 2000 years on, gutter and ditch, my middle names. White slavery knows as work til yo die or get apemsion not worth to mention. Sad world, news to you?

22.2.2016 Monday morning,some white stuff ground covered, there's no business like snow business, ehe! ;) Coffee and muesli my morning favourites today, getting ready for today's business on drawing table, got some 15 new pages to ink and "fearing" I'll make some more today til it's completed the storylines too, can't hurry that, gotta do to make it GREAT, not just fine, hehehehee!! :D Oh well, ever seen an artist that FULL of hiself, well welcome to the club! Some kinda uberspirit and ego YOU need to make great art, at least to think of it yourself to be GREAT art! ;)

Some kinda self hypnotism and suggestive head, you and I need to think we're good and worth to work years for the result that gotta be GREAT. Okey, but while on table I gotta think of it not, just let it flow from my head and heart, staright and true, no compromise. Believe its worth all the trouble an time, whatelse would I do? Commercials and advertisements for diapers, rubber cocks and sausages, yeah right?!?, hahaha!! :) I do respect the common working mans work but I ain't on that train no more, sailing my own ship without safety boats or life buoy to save my ass. It's a tuff life and we're all in it, no free rides on this carousel and merry not no merry go round!! ;)

Who can tell whose life worth more than others?


21.2.2016 Sunday, coffee and the morning traditions here in blog, writing my head off topics, come and go, wash and go my brain, and that's alright mama. Traveling is exhausting job, both my knees are busted as I almost run to catch my bus and not wait another hour in Helsinki, cause I had done all my chores there: 5 new bottles of ink will make me satisfied and getting the job dome inkwise, oh didi I tell you about inks before already, enuff???

...hahahaaa, same stuff circling my brain and mind, wishing I can end this album with riumph and victory feeling when in print and finished, gimme just 4 months and oeace of little mind and then..... gimme all your money, haha!! :)

Luckily I got extra time sceduled for this album so I'm not in trouble or hurry, although 1 week went with flu to magpies as we say here in Finlandia. "Warming went to magpies when it's not staing inside the house on cold weather." ;)

20.2.2016 Saturday is our finns traditional sauna day, as the times and habits are changing we try to keep some traditions alive and as we got own wood heaten sauna and gentle  and sweet heat and healthy sweat and showers, it's a pleasure, no pain. So that's tonight's program and resting in general and all ways possible. Been slavimg with extra pages to album all week, 14 new scenes and ½ pages, aftermath 7 new whole pages, so it's now 109 pages in all. Lookin good lookin forward with my past time! ;)

 Snowed again as it does here in FUnland all winterlong, only the drivers in their shiny cars get surprised by slippey icy road EVERY year, no matter how long you lived here, you must  not be expecting winter, snow or bad conditiond on the roads, yeah long live the stupidity!Bought some great record again yesterday on my Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllsinki trip, and 5 bottles of Pelikan ink, I'm afficionated in, can't change ink between an album or otherwise I think it's NOT gonna happen, unless I found BETTER one to fulfill my needs in inking business.

Also got myself a almost too intensive similar lookalike caricature from Sir Henrik in Helsnki, thanks mate.Adding it here soon as I can... some computador problems, grrrrrrrrrr!! ://////////





Have a nice weekend!


19.2.2016 Friday and soon I'm on my way to capitol city, haha, city my ass, little town called Hellsinki, place for all the hay shoe rural yokals and folks  from little towns all around this land within 6 months they speak more Hellsinki slang than the natives do, it's hilarious and true, all years thru, since 1970's it's been the case. Poor little country boys can't stand to be laughed at their funny accent and country lingo. Ain't that a bitch? Pretending all your life to be SOME ONE ELSE, you're not. Sad story for all you movers and shakers of Hellsinki city limits.Oh well, I shall sweeten the city's athmosphere with my multipersonality and charms, haha, just getting there to get more ink I've been brushing awaay in 222 pages of comics book and help my wife to get a new lap computer she so urgently needs for... whatever she needs it, playing solitary?HAHA! :) Been having lucky strike of days in arow with drawing NEW pages to fulfill the album, gonna be lotta hard inking to do still and the text I create all the time more.... lotta nice and intersting stuff to do for springtime, and maybe little bit in summer too, we shall see the future when we get there, can't look where I ain't, very simple life facts. self-evident truth, matter of course, I do like to share and shake a little bit, nothing carved on wood or written in stone, except our graves are, but we ain't there yet. We are ready to forget and party, now for the weekends fun, let's go and get funky! ;) Weekened warriors getting started !

18.2.2016 Thursday, coffee in mug, mug in shot to be waken up, Lenny ´Kravits in stereo. Got myself excited on Kinder chocolate eggs cause there's Kung Fu Panda 3 figures hidden there, but not in every one, blaah, this waste of money again, specially the king size eggs 11 euros one giant, gotta try that although ain't really got the money to spend on chocolate  and kids toys but................let's see if I'll got the job for summertime, still waiting for the news, time's so slow so stressful, idiots say take your time and relax, everything ain't written in stars ain't nothing to do with moons and the Mars, astrology  no logic no sense, just nonsense and superstitious, ain't no more in that train not in those wagons trail, blood stains and broken bones and hearts, empty rooms and carriages, future plans and planes to travel easy and speed of light, never happen but keep on dreaming science fictionists wet dreams, hot pants, moon cakes, saturn day relax in bookworms, dreams are better when them are far away, outta areach, without realisms heavy burdens,' reality in every city, people live in the streets, like I did, homeless has no rights no mercy, no love no care, falling thru this system and society wants you dead and gone or moneymaking machine, no place for us losers and abusers of our own lives, soundtrack of rain and cold. Another song lyric raises its head. The only comfort is I never were born as..........ass as Narri Hömpötti!! :) .....got me thru the night and day by day, happy Jack! :)

17.2.2016 Started doing new pages again to album, cause I'm in need of some expalanatory pics for the storyline to be understood, correctly, hehe, on incorrectly, but giving all I can to be clear and straight and get to the point in this rather pointless and not so straight life!! ;) ))))

Oh well, I drew 4 pages of A3 size paer thats 2 pages after inking and shrinking into printed scale, a whale of a work to do, but I only got some months to do and get it ready for print machines hungry mouths and conquer this land and media like a whirlwind and hurricane, hehehehehe... Big dreams and visions needed to survive and being alive here under the average wages or waages at all, life's aball but I ain't kicking it. Not yet, not dead. (took abreaka nd wrote a song inspired of my own clever words here!!!!) No dead men walking, no fairy tales for me, I ain't no kid, nor stupid fuck who needs action for his boring day by suspense series on TV screen, jeesus are you brain dead really?

 Hehe, best ways to lose readers and fans is to curse and laugh at 'em in public, like here in a public blog that goes nowhere but circles aroun my own butt!!  I'm so sorry I admit my selfishness and texts are born on my own weary head and fingers tapping thru the alphabets this machine. My morning addiction is this, writing WHATEVER comes into my mind and letting go the toughtful thoughts or any kind of pretending and falseness, I'm left 'em to  all arrogant  and fantasyfuckheadpetrihiltunens of this sad world, let e'm pretend and invent stories cause they got nothing to tell of themselves but drawing 6 days aweek and getting excited over kids cartoons, poor fuckers, I pity the fool.

Of course I am above all criticism and below the belt with my hits, haha, only one whose allowed to criticise ME is myself, and boy, I really do, whip my back and curse my faults. Do not believe anything else, I speak only truths and let you lie.

16.2.2016 Tuesday, avoiding repeating my lines and phrases is hard to do with my lack of knowlegde of grammatic and vocalbury and my brain's the woblling mess of muscles and elecrtricity and spots for memories and nerves that hit and circle the mass of mess, years of crazy days and happenings and blanks and blackouts and mistrusted  and altered and false memories, made up my own head of confusion and survival and time of age, coming of age, golden youth.What's the use for working hard and keeping things and places tidy and nice, when you can enjoy and sit back, kick back ang kick ass if you please, say cheese, say please mr. postman, running with scissors and knives, dangers in paradise, strangers in train, porr poor brain, dwelling again in all the same,

story or glory, english muffins and epiffanies sees over seas, overlook me'es, lonely planetario, only monetario, fool in cage outrage and sex to stay alive, jackson five, stockholm syndrome in rome, little letters and words, useless words for useless worlds, struggle and fight, live again last night.

 Maybe tomorrow will be alright.

15.2.2016 Monday,

still waking up alive not dead, my life's funny that way I m kinda fond of it. Keep on getting younger(Nuorempi) also like uncle Neil from Canada. Need some more coffee to open my tired eyes, making the once more last touches of inking the 222 pages , the work seems never stop, gettin new ideas for old stories I've been through, my not so funny Valentines and X-mases back in 80's. Never had those crazy BIG hairdoes cause my hair is so fine and thin, couldn't perm it up like all the other idiots did in music business AND now they're ashamed of that period's fotos with huge shoulder pads and that BIG hair, hahaha...

I'm having my own special Ground hog days in arow, a new morning with the same thing to do, although to a new page and picture if as a little relief, I need variety and surprises to surprise the readers too, that's my aim and true blue goal, to entertain and tell MY story, laugh and cry with you, that's all. So when I have to wait another 6 months to have my album out is pain and suffer, for me, but I'll think I survive, hehe.

More coffee and spirit of a hurricane and eagle to dive and fly to the finish line in time. Time, it is not your friend. Time in hourglass, time just pass, us within a speed of light, every night. Good night.


 happy Valentine's day where ever you are, baby.

 Recommended to listen Tom Waits Blue Valentines, whole record is full of emotions and feelings off the street and alleys behind, for all you modern day sailors, criminals, mad men, hookers, drunks and circus clown people, you know who you are, although ypu don't know where you wake up or eat next.

Life on the street, welcome notions to meet, go where you aim, aim to be true, sell your soul for cheap sandwich, sleep with one eye open, trust no one, but your own motherand don't trust her too much. Bitter and angry as you should be, cold and wet as the bride. Life in Valentine's day, the others way. Safe european home light is burning, kids if you got 'em, ready to leave home and trash your dreams into whiskey bottle, can't save them, can't put 'em in bottle and fireplace mantle, now can you?

 Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I don't, keep on living like I do, trying avoid the blue....s. sometimes it ain't no use, no way to get rid of the blues, live with 'em bitching blueses, living with bitch and useless to learn new ricks for this old pony, doggin around, sniffing your underweaar, oh no that wasn't me, who got drunk and smashed your guitars and amplifiers in snow and sneet.

What am I saying when I'm not saying nothing.

13.2.2016 Saturday and no mercy for the bad, too good sleeper, waking up on afternoon, now would be good time to switch the clocks 4 hours backwards, ehe. Strange kinda trouble I've got myself into and nagging here and there, everywhere is here. Went out to watching video in Youtube yesterday Hanoi Rocks in Marguee 1983, Gary Moore's blues "lessons",  what a guitar player and CCR formy project of versions of old stuff. Still trying to learn to sing and shout like rock'n'roll should be screamed. Little Richard is hard to match, hard to overcome and be better than. More ideas walking in papers I write everyday, so I got like 200 pages of EXTRA texts and memories to refill the album. Took me 3 days to just read all teh roiginal and inked 222 pages, so..... lotta work to do and just read 'em and smile. A smile for universe, smile for all who cares, smile for all mothers and smile to all the others. (by J. N.)

Live and love, all you need.

 Tomorrows choice of music: Tom Waits Blue Valentines 1978. One of the best albums of 70's and in Tom's catalogue for sure. Record companies still ripped off artists back then but otherwise that's a diamond and everlasting inspiration,

to me. And fuck others wrong opinions, HAHAHAHAA!!! :D

12.2.2016 Friday and I'm in love, or am I, that's the question and the answer is yes I am. Reading orbituaries of Lemmy and David Bowie on rock magazines, it's sad stories but also lotta funny memories specially on Lemmy's behalf. He as such a joke cracker and emotional man I knew he was. Lyrics the proof, speed don't kill and just call me snaggletooth. I have had a tons of fun and uplifting and encouraging and spiritual moments wirh Lemmy's lyrics over the years 1980 til present, thats 35 years you bitch. Trying to avoid plagiarism and recognisable borrowing at all means, but the straightforward and blunt and truth is what I grave and yearn to write on my own stuff and lyrics. Something to say, message might be whatever it might be, but it must be true, otherwise it's just dirty lies and I ain't that kind of a man, I ain't no liar. Ain't sloppy drunk, ain't junkie nor whore, so I consider myself lucky fucker who got away with murder and really tough times on the road and street,

 I lived where you put your trash, wanna compare scars with me schoolboy?

 Hehe, boasting streetwiseguyism out of my hairy ass, somebodys gotta carry on that torch of free speech and speak out loud the reality, before we all sink in our cell phones and so-me shit. Real danger is to trust the capitalists and boss man. Barrigades and strikes is what we lack, Jack.

And new revolution now!

11.2.2016 Thursday and same as yesterday I sleep til noon or after, damn should be satisfied with good and long goodnight sleep, BUT woking up late is also like missing all the morning hours and soon it's evening and feeling tired too soon. Well yesterday I did it til 10 at night, that's alright and progress with album to due and print.


 Some one is crying for her (copy)rights to be mentioned  as "artist" and copyrighted in fotos she took 30 years ago while we were having crazy holiday and fun, taken fotos in various states of mind and high fidelity of the youth screaming and jumping bones and skin deep, jourmalists give a bad name to 'emselves.

"Why should I care?" asking that old song, can't remeber who or which one, am I criminal not to know whom I borrow the phrase? Is this the most important thing in YOUR life? Copyrights on some page where some people might read it? Whose full of shit? Although I defend MY rights when my work is abused and used without permission and GETTING paud on it, that's crime, not the distribution insmallest scale and no cashing in on it. Of course it's wrong to publish some one else foto in principals and law, but hey c'mon, maybe there is bigger criminals and things to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shit whadda pile of shit, and I aintä woken up even yet.

Wanna wash away all those tight ass opinions with persons who ain't got nothing else to worry about and yakaty yak. Why does we have all these freedom fighters from anal canals, no don't answer me, I know, selfishness and the light of the rightousness and Jesus, at least. Opium for masses still fooling all in the name of religion or the one and only truth found in a good books. Ain't got nothing much against Jesus, wish he could make a come back and turn this world around and make people good not bad. Very simple life and lives is all we need. But YOU gotta hurry to work and stretch your abilities to feed your kids, well you self chozen it, so don't complain it to me.

 Responsility only about your own decicions and paths walked. Doubletalked doublebacked jack, carry your own weights. Time waits for no one,

but go slow now! ;) Oh well, strength to you who are on good side of life and relationships. Taking care of business of no business, just life and love. Remenber love? That funny feeling in your guts and belly, making you jump and shout: I'm in love, I don't care what you think.

I gotta do what I gotta do, that's all folks.

 Tomorrow might be a fine day. Who knows it beforehand?


10.2.2016 Wednesday and oh no I slept til noon again, don't know how to change my ways but forcing to get up earlier, and it seems hard to do when sleepy head wants to stay at bed and pillow is too soft and pleasant. Hehe, if your headaches are same  as mine, you're lucky bastard as I am. Nothin too bad except the constant need of more money and things to put in your mouth to feed you, recession and blues, all around the world, refugees in our borders and next door neighbours to come. The society is changing as it always is, we can't excatly stop the time and clocks back to 60's when all was so fine, when it really wasn't, its' just us fools memory skipped the awful things we had in our past. Cell phones cells our souls. So how can you say you are free?



We can say whatever, whenever and where ever, if not in Syria or Afghanistan, or other lands where crazy is leading the stupid, religion is more powerful than justice.

We all got a place to look at the mirror and think if we're doing all we can? Time slipping thru our hands like a sand in hourglass, wrote a song about it, years ago. Still got my dreams of being a big in Finlands music scene, and it's such a healthy dream, chasing the moon and the stars, til I got 'em and put 'em in my bedroom table. And finally found time to rest.

Doing my best, and fuck the rest. On my way to stardom and millionaireísm! :) :) :)


9.2.2016 Tuesday morning,waking up with Tom waits Foreign Affairs from year 1977, that was such along long time ago, I was just 13-14 year old schoolboy starting out with girlfriends soon, tender age between childhood and adulthood. Teenager with too much to think in this world and too many crushes and flames to worry about. innocent and pety crimes, smoking cigarettes and tasting wine, for the first time, cut the deepest, emotions and heartaches, we're all quite same or not.Love walks in and leaves her marks on your face and heart, know what's right whats not. Still gotta try if the ice is strong enuf to hold my weight and your body, falling in love and what ever came and went my way, not Sinatra's or Sid Vicious' way, just the way to get along, way to see and feel, like a human, being what I am, thru the laughters and jerks rain, coat of many colours but black, jack I'm back, from the grave, yard full of ravens, sky breaks when its times to pour down, sink the town in sorrow, no money to borrow, no promise so hollow, to follow the poet is insane and leads you astray, use your head as ashtray, guns bulging in your pants, happy to see mees and man it's a sad  celebration and funeral party every year and day, a ghost goes away and leave just bodies. Meaning is to scramble, fool and distract you to believe the bullshit I put on for your spinning heads sake.

 Nothing very inportant happened, if you ain't seeing nothing but the walls and road you're on. Got no time to walk back the roads already seen, but take me back in time, hah, live in past and dwell in old memories, well, all that end well, is it well? Worth all the fucking action we did, all the journeys in lost and back roads hell?

All we got is memories and plastic statues and garbage mountains in backyards you skii. Oh well, hurry up to buy the latest version of gadget tp set you free, chain you in your phone that was designed to free you, that's a contradiction joke like hell!

Welcome to rocket age and electric love affairs grand slam.


8.2.2016 Monday morning, listening Prince and Diamonds and Pearls, that 90's swing and sounds of the day, some records get old some don't, maybe this should be blast out loud like ALL music! you gotta hear it to get it, loud enuff to hear every bass line and little guitarslinging, especially this kind of funky stuff of Prince and all the percussions drumming your head and that bad ass shaking to new dimensions.


Today continuing album project, inking and thinking the texts and the still missing pics in between, lotta work, lotta fun, lotta days to do what I do, freedom of speech and tell the tale from my own tail, and what is there after this,

 the next album where I finally got into New York and Spain in late summer of 1986, those craazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy days and wild nights, I've been waiting to get to drawn to real life stories, just to shut you fuck up, who don't believe my life is real and happened to me, jerking off in your little apartments sweating away your fantasy comics and battles of barbarians and soldiers in shiny armours, oh well, fuck you, who don't see how life and reality is always harder and more beautiful than the fairy tales you think you've invented by reading all your life stupid childrens books, hahaha...


you're just full of shit you've been working all your life, too bad if you won't realize it ever. no mercy, no remorse, make a stand poor boy, and understand YOU ain't got my story, line, time, life, you can't judge something you never seen, been thru. Yes, this one is for all the fuckers in finnish comics Hellsinki division, which is populated by guys and gals from countryside pretending to be capitol born and bread, coolest cats of the streets and back alleys, hah. someday you might wake uo too and see, the REAL me and you. Until then fuck off my back asshole!

With these kind words I leave yu to ponder your own decivions and acts of life's great canvas and colours you chooze and paint that little Helsinki town.

See you all in Hell!

.......if you believe in Heaven you surely must believe in Hell too...?

7.2.2016 Sunday afternoon, this here sleepy sleeper sleeps still too much, reading too interesting books, Neil Young biography, Patti Smiths M Train and many more books and comics simultaneously, falling in sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning, crazy timetable thanks to flu who span  bedtime hours upside down. Oh well, think I gotta sacrifice 1 morning sleep and get up early and gain the normal routine and day time for working.

  ( <--- published works from years, 1994, 1995, 2000 and 2012. )


 Also things I gotta do is: lose some heavy overweight, there's no excuse to avoid getting in fit, no pain no gain to lose fat, I know and I'll do it one more time when I've texted album ready. But it's gotta be this springtime and summer to make a change and stand on my own feets and fit into clothes I already bought when I was slimmer in year 2012. Of course the main reason is my own health to be taken care of not off.

Got no time to waste and got all the time in the world 'til the end of the world. Contradiction, my middle name.

6.2.2016 Saturday afternoon, missing two parties tonight, a friend's 50th birthday and Juliet Jonesin sydän book party at Strure 21 too. Can't risk my health this time as I'm in afterfluish nausea and ill. Annoying stuff, all these zikaviruses and all getting crazier by the years rolling by, years and ýears, haven't experienced no speeding up, cause it's only how much you get the action and hours on a day spent what ever was it was you thought was important.

Always go where the nose points and wind blow, but as 30 years old I had to chooze illustrating and art, whatever that meant to me. I didn't choze comics especially, I just kind of slided on in 'em and finally 2008 found out HOW I wanna do 'em. autobiographical and true.

 That's my way now for 8 years and gonna be 8 more to finalize the 4 books and my life story 1978-1988, just 10 years but full of it! Very good "excuse" to dive into my own young man thoughts and ideas but most of all it's a LOVE story, or stories as I had 'em girlfriend more than 5......in a year, haha, real life casanova and gigolo, that's alright with me too! Can't regret all the girls I had pleasure to meet under the sheet or in the street. I was free and willing and able, so taht' what I did, enjoyed my life and youth as long as it was fun, and yes sir I did my time crying in the backstreets too.

Homeless, penniless, friendless, hungry and poor, there's astories for 400 pages or more. Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. is more than 100 pages long and indepth look inside of a young man and blues. At stores in August 2016.

'til the just boogie on! :)

5.2.2016 Friday, afternoon, no fever but no cigar either, still dwelling in this afterflu condition where ain't got much strength or will to do anything, and that's a real mark for illness, cause I'm usually happy go lucky fellow always ready to draw and paint and make music, but now I have to drag myself to do it, shit. Enuff is enuff for these lousy feelings of flus afterglows and blows against  my face, really value the health and good spirits when got 'em. But towards fine times and good wills I go......slowly but surely, towards Summertime and warmth of the globe, birds and plants waking up, yeah just youw ait 3 months and it's a whole new ballgame over here, just 3 or 4 months! ;))))))))))))))))))))

 Meanwhile I'm still inking MORE unfinished pages that have passed falsely my examinations of finished album standards. Gotta be perfect and high standards, noting halfbreed halffinished shit to be printed for next 400 years for people to read and wonder, future where I'll get what i deserve and owe, oh well waiting round to be a millionaire, hehe...

ain't no fun!

4.2.2016 Thursday and I'm still shivering in afterflu, pig attack and goddamn pains and got no will to eat, even have to leave some of my porridge, cause felt revolting and i'm a usually very good eater mornings, too. Very properly I ain't in shape to take part in a birthday party and book publishing party on Saturday, although I really like to go Helsinki and meet some people I meet very rarely if ever ( and sell 'em my albums by truckload, hehe! :)).


 But what can you do the viruses when you can't do jack shit? Answering questions selfmade is too easy and bad  writing manners of essees, haha, me the professor of literature and writing correctly and within grammatic finesse, muhahaha!! What can I say... Any fucking thing I want to, that's all folks.Just like you should do too, be a man not mouse, unless you're really are a Mickey Mouse!! :)

3.2.2016 Finally getting over the sweating bullets time of flu, yeah I'm repeating myself like a parrot but it's the big news to stay alive and be well, better than yesterday.

 Read some diaries from years 1982-84, when I was just 19-21 and searching for the light to light my life, my mission and purpose and sexuality opening up too much, too serious and honest, the world didn't catch me or my drift, I went insane and manic, tuff times in rural Espoo, living in a shed or shack good for Summer, but winter got just +3 degrees. Insomnia and crazy ideas went together so swell, I went to hell and back, did I reveal too much?


 Fuck it, life is what it is, rose garden frozen dead flowers in your grave of the Summertime, no fishes jumping, jack. No jack shit to do but wait for Summer and warmth and blooming of nature. If I'd know what I know now, life 'd be so different. But thats never the way it goes, hindsights for assholes who never jump or fucked up, the safe areas and boredom of work round the year, dreaming the pension days shall release and free 'en, HAHAHAHAA!! You're so full of shit and false beliefs, thinking you gonna be healthy and inpowered when you're 65, hahaa, good riddence and farewell to sunset home! Life is best right and now. No excuses, no future dreamlandscape dreams. Live to win and lose the bullshit illusions and fairs of good men, stupid and old fart man.

2.2.2016 Tuesday, slept anothe 10 hours, can't get enuff sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep, hehe, I try to take it like putting money in bank for the rest of my days. A reserve to shovel when needed, of course sleep don't act like that, we need it every night and day, starnge mechanism of human body, I ain't no machine, although i might be Motörhead occasionally! ;)Went out yesterday to take care of businesses and sweated like warthog in Africa at noon cycling round this town, dressed up to my neck very warm, but now got free time to do my illustation businesses and texting, hopefully withoutta flu or any other sickness jumping my bones.

 Oh it's snowed last night again, so we got nice and white athmosphere all around, dogs like it running round this house's garden, fenced but free to roam as they please and bark ALL passer byes, especially snow cars and little kids, shepherd dog got its job to do. Luckily them are nice and don't usually escape or run away, although they could easily jump over the fence, that's what I call loyalty and being a good ol' dog! :)

 Babies time to learn how to rock! It's along wat to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll! 

1.2.2016 Monday morning, slept another 10 hours and can't get enuff, could sleep all day... motherfucking boogie woogie flue took all my strength and powers to be or do work or any that kinda jobs. Gaining health and losing fat my aim for this Springtime and winter as we're still in snow time and fields frozen in ice age. every year the same thing, half a year we live in ice age and the phony prophets give seremons how climate change change shall come...


 tired of fight the fight the common sense won't see, statistics and slide shows and calculating temperatures rise and fall,

 of stupidity. While I just wanna stay alive and eat every day, I'm one of those fools who don't need no car, no summer house, no anniversary vacations in sun, I'm stubborn and stupid enuff to have my fun on my work. Money is not my master. Ain't worshipping the mighty dollar bill, no need to slave for the man who don't even know my name. rat race and vicious circles for your own decicion to game and work, if you want your money every month, that's what you do, or if you got your own business you're married with or without children you work again too much and all the time.So I'm not telling you what to do, so you won't tell me, right?

World is enuff tuff, let's make love and what ever we do enjoy, it's always up to your own choiches, deciciond amd paths to roll into another day, week and month.

Ugh, I said enuff.

30.1.2016 Saturday day

and I ain't got no fever, yes sir that's what I waited for, week in sick bed, makes you think, mortality and last days you spend here in pain and tired and maybe sick, so it's time to change and rearrange your life, but I'll start with my own first, you do what you wanna do as usual! ;) Still feeling tired bones and muscles, no use to work hard if at all, little fixing inking still to do on couple of pages, scared to start the texting for real I am. This here struggle with art I have and am glad to have it, I do beleive in progression and learning every day, even when you don't notice you might learn something new. Life's strange and too common to cherish, until you lost it's priledges and inspirations. The world outside still fights and kills, rapes and tortures, childrens abused, adults used, world is insane place to live on, in, with and for.


 So all you rock'n'roll people, born to be blue, rock this day away! 

28.1.2016 woking up agin in a pool of sweat, all sheets and pillowcases wet on sweat, this flu just continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, shiiiiiiiiit, really like to be in shape and good form to continue the work, got aproposal this morning for interesting work load, hopefully i didn't sold myself too cheap...       or too expensive, can't really tell, only time will. Philosophical thoughts all around, every man's a poet and artist nowadays, right?

Trying to avoid to answering my own questions asked, hehe... it's too easy to explain all by your own benefits and ideal paths always ending back home sweet home. One truth in every man, maybe there's room for another one too, ain't there?

 Oh, let's survive, all the jungles and concretes, all we still need is...

 BALLS! Let's rock.

27.1.2016 Finally getting over the pigflue, really started to value health and body without a pain, again. And made a promise to myself to get in better shape physically, soon and immediately! There's some tricks I gotta do but no excuses to follow the diet of candy and chocolate, I had anymore. Well getting in beach shape before Summer is always a good plan!3 days anights of horrible cough, running nose, muscle pain, lungs hurt when breath etc. etc. "fun stuff" almost over, trying to avoid the usual catch of going too early to work or outside and not to land on next flu. Woke up this morning sweating all over my sheets, pillow and blanket, cold sweat and had to get up and run to shower and eat the breakfast first time after 4 mornings in ill. Life is hard.

 There's a big comics festival in France this weekend I've planned to go for years but I ain't going this year either, maybe I could go there first just as an uninvated guest, hehe, but rather be the celebrity, wanted and kindly asked maestro, muhahahaaa! well we'll see what happens....

Staying alive!!! :)

26.1.2016 I'm still alive, barely, been in bed for 3 days in arow, sweating bullets, coughing my lungs out and sneezin like diesel whistle, ain't no fun to be in influenza, also ruining my schedules for last weekend and this week BUT seriously I'm lucky to be alive, thought I'll die with pain in lungs and every muscle hurting like been beaten up by herd of bulls.


 Only good thing is I don't have much of a appetite so I might lose some (over)weight also...  oh well, got evilbackfire by mail also with a bill I forgot to pay, so goodbye the little money I had,  so before this turns all into complaining and whining I say maybe I neede a little break and now I need a big break to finish and publish and sell my album to the millions...in Finland! Muhahahaa! So people support your local, national, neighbour, friend, and otherwise wonderful artist by buying alot of comics book, now! Before it's too late and nobody publish books anymore, hehe, there's been this ongoing futuretellers conspiracy that "soon there's no more paperback books, cause everything is in digital and in net", well they said that so many times before different medias swallowing all the other formats,and as we can se it's all nothing but bullshit. Record companies and newspaper media houses can only blame themselves beeing too late and too little involved what's really going on. Still I must believe that good work shall be fruitful and appreciated, in the end. And I ain't giving up, no surrender, nor I ain't either jumping on digital comics boat, I publish mine in paper cause thats the right,,, err.. sorry BEST form and feeling of reading it with pleasure and time and anyplace you wish.

The fight for my rights to be stubborn and take it all as it is. We can change the world and world can change us, too. Okey maybe I still got fever and my scribblings are as stupid as they always are, sorry bout that! ;)

Tomorrow I shall change my evil ways and be a good old boy scout again!

25.1.2016 Monday and I'm still in flu and bed trying to survive, this flu is really strong and painful, haven't had like this for years. Every muscle hurts and even breathing and coughin especially. Nos e is running and now the throat is producing flegm now I thin I know how it feels to die in pain, don't wanna experience this much hurt anymore, so next time in flu I'll go right on to doctor's appointment!

Hope you don't have to go thru this kinda pigflue or whatever this is. Can' thope this for even my enemies... ain't that kinda man. peace and love and health and understanding, I wish to you.

Okey I go back to slumberland, see you later alligator.

23.1.2016 Saturday and caught up with cold in throat, fuck another sick day, been too many lately, flues blues, bedbound and sore muscles. I don't have a physical thermometer for armpit, cause I NEVER got high temperature on it, so haven't used one since 1993. It's mighty long time just to listen myself WHEN I'm ill and when not. Got no use for doctors sick leave papers cause I'm freelancer, no work no pay and gotta be more than week illness to get money outta of it in welfare sytem and Kela. So fuck it. Suffering is my middle name.  And my last name shall be Joke.Have been thinking of changing my second name Matti to Jack for a couple of years but haven't got the last urge and spirit to do it really by paying 170 euros and all the documents like driving lisence to renew and pay more... maybe when I hit the jackpot and lottery winning I'll do it righ away! ;)

Okey, I'm sick, what's your excuse to be an asshole!?! :)

Oh I got all the 222 pages inked for my album in works for 4 yeras done, so Yippikaimuthafuckin'jei!!! Oh also found out there's STILL some 5 pages at least to reink, still... got the blues. Luckily I've reserved 5 months for the writings and I can spare some weeks to inking still. Gonna be a big stuff and big book, wildest story of the trash can boy's adventures back in the future of 80's!! :) So I'll just slave til it's finished, all along the springtime, just aone track mind, and the track is KULTAINEN NUORUUS OSA 2. Best finnish autiobiographical comics book of this year!!              

Anatomy of one page in process 22.October'15  to 21st Januray'16 ---> Häpeä/Shame.



Friday got up before noon, progression in process, tha last page to ink, now I'll dive into texts and lettering for next months, but I think I need some Naked angel water colour projects here and between texting, cause it's kinda dull but challenging like hell, to get the best out my own writings, and to do just wrestling with correct and perfect words for weeks on and on.

 Oh, I know I need a break and holidays when I'm done with Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. this Summer and got some plans to surprise somebody at her birthday in far away town. Hoping she don't read this, hehehe... We got those coldest days in here funlandia, and especially nights of this winter over -40 somewhere in lappland, jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssss!!!! that's COLD, motherfuck. Gladly in still in profession of inside workings stands and tables. Chozen for better than worse jobs I got 23 years ago, soon. Oh I realized my memory has cheated me, I stoppes my work in scaffolds first of August 1993, instead of tenth I thought/remembered... so now we must change that to history of finnish comics artists cathalogue!! Muhhahaaa!!! :D

 Taking it easy and NOT taking yourself TOO seriously, that's the spirit and way to go! Towards new old adventures in Spain 1986 Summer and early Fall, crazeeeeee days, I promise you an adventure like never seen before, it's my "golden ticket" to international markets. In comics we trust and laugh and cry and live another day.

A life before death that's all we got.

21.1.2016 thursday, woke up at noon so it's now after noon afternoon. The joke's on me and hey I was called "Joke" before I went o scholla t the tender age of 6. been downhill ever since as people called me "Jokke" instead, (they) couldn't heard the difference even as finnish speaking natives... well it bends/inflects the same way Joken, Jokelle Jokelta whether there's 2 or 1 k's. So now you know how to bend the irregular conjucations in finnish most important words! Muhahahaa!! :)

 <-- Bowie page image I made last year, way before his passing THIS year, for the upcoming album of my years in 1983-86.

 Neil Young's next Summer's Helsinki concert ticket for sale next Monday, i ponder should I go or should I stay? Might be the last chance might be not, decicions decicions,

hard to make up my mind, money is the issue and object to use the subjects cash flow, faster than the hand can see, where it all goes in this crazy world.Oh well, got little take a little, give a little Bay City Roller song's excellently brilliant lyrics, hehe...

I had a plan fot one exhibition idea but the main event is already in Spring and not the Fall like I thought and planned my execution, shit I might not be ready for "it" which stays here unexplained closerly until I know how it goes, ain't this kinda bitching?

 yes, I know it is, sorry baby...............

Turn another cheeck and walk a mile in my shoes.

20.1.2016 Wednesday snowy and white, fairy tale visions outside as trees and all are covered with snow. It's pretty pretty but frozen ass and little birds, and bugs and other unwanted insects, well that's good I think. survival of the strongest as it's always the case, us humans are so distracted from daily dangers that we have to go jumping out of rooftops with parashutes and be basejump idiots, saying that's living dangerously, haha, well that is true if you think suicide jump is living dangerously. I stopped my Helsingin sanomat daily newspaper subscripton 5 days ago, and now got suddenly so much ore time in the mornings and don't have to annoy myself with those lousy comics strips which don't make me laugh or happy, instead sad and mad, so it's much better NOT to read 'em anymore. life is full of surprises and addictions hard to stop cause we are afraid to take a chance and make a change, scared shitless of the strange what ever it is. Oh I won't go to refugees businesses and treatments and difficulties now. Where I go is where the wind blow, thru the high snow like granny! ;) 

Made another song last night as I ve done 6 years soon here in our garage, own and cover songs almost 400 pieces of gold, muhahahaa!! Still makes me tick and jump for joy to succeed and accomplish to write and record a NEW song. Magic, right time and open space and stars alligned and courage to improvisise, practising while playing and letting mind flow and GO to where it has never been, satisfaction and pleasuredom,

 but the most important is the NEED to do, new music, comics, illustrations. jokes, stories, everyday life is the best inspiration and well of sources. Not to beg or borrow, and especially NOT TO steal, anybody, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Just had the "yearly" jargon in facebook with some friends friends, idiots who dwell on that "everybody steals" bullshit. Too bad if you ain't got brains to invent anything new, maybe it's not your job to write or draw then? Be what ever you want, but don't come to tell me HOW I should steal and borrow like everybody else. 

Lazy mind fuckers stay away, thank you. Haha!


19.1.2016 Tuesday noon soon, I'm quite awake am I? Hehe can't really tell and you can't really see, me, can you? Hehe, this is starting fine, talking to and with myself, the first rays of insanity, ain't it?

Well fuck it, listening Motörhead live albums The Wörld Is Yöurs. Vol 2. and its pretty good, fast and furious as it should be too! Music to work with speed and effective, that's what I like. All fucking memories and past tense happenings dwelling in my head as I'm trying to get the MOOD for writing the texts for 100 and + pages of my story, well just a aticipation of little stagefright but I know I can beat it as I just  start to do it, always taking bull by the horn and jump headfirst into waves of oceans of sharks and rattlesnakes pits, courage you got or not!

Learning these manners of human behaviour and to be nice and easy, got all the time  in the world and I shall start to be a good boy the first thing in err.. next morning!! :)

Never too late to change your ways, is it? Fuck I'm asking you, when you can't reply, heh?!?

 Sad, mad, bad ass monology of mad man, that's all I am, right, so fuck it, if you don't want to understand, that's your own fault to stay stupid and ignorant, go read all books you can won't make you a wise or strong, makes you just book worm, haha. But hey, never listen to what some one else says, cause you might have to think it over and over again, and that takes time and brains,

oh no, lets stay stupid and arrogant, all you soldiers of odin can go fuck yourself in back of the backs of you mommy's bedroom closets. Hatred and prejudice, hail to that motherfuckers.

Still only love breaks your heart and only love is worth living and leaving for!

18.1.2016 Monday here in winter wonderland, snow is white and people are err....... brown and pink! :) There's lotta talk on "street patrols" Sons of Odin to reassure walking at night is safe (for females) who got more unwanted sexual harrasment, since the refugees landed, they SAY so, but of course the truth is there's been always assholes in this land before the refugees already, now some females are demonstrating and everybody's in a mess of confusion and false rights and what... some peple just love to punch you in the face and say it's democrazy and their right to protect, oh well...  what we all need is understanding and clear messages  and rights and wrongs, if I only had time, strength and powers to help somebody else tahn my own, family, i do it. can't give any money either cause ain't got none. Poor man  can't do shit to help another, rich man won't do cause he want to stay in position where he don't have to vulnerable, open minded and caring,

 otherwise this WORLD would be a party of good people taking care of each other, but no , money talks, bulshit walks and norhing really change in big picture, or at least it won't change to better, and that's the problem, child. Too may fishes in the sea, too many people in the world and capitalistic pig wants more more more, fucking hillbilly idolism! :/

What am I gonna do???

 Ride on. 

First aid idea for bigots, racists and white power skinheads: listen to Tom Waits song "I Never Talk To Strangers"!! and try to understand!

17.1.2016 Sunday little sunshine and cold air in this little town landscape, no escape from the blues. And I ain't loking for bluesless life, ain't loking for another wife, one's enough tuff to handle, hahaha!! ;)January been so far good and productive although people are dropping dead too often and many, hard to start to realize we're (all) getting old, getting near the edge of no returnin to youth, past is gone, when all is said and done, maybe I can accept deaths warm cow's breath on my face,

 maybe I don't...

I'll put my money on that latter vision, ain't waiting for rest six feet under no, still got lotta live lotta give lotta do! So much things I wanna do when I got more time, so don't take my time, ain't dead yet. My time ain't worth more than yours, it's just different meaning and purpose,

 to me myself and I, in this business you gotta be selfish to get on top, survive and live another year or two or decade or two...

 so happy sunday to you, where ever you are!

Attencion! :

Made a reservation for TAMPERE KUPLII comics festival at the weekend of March  2016 to sell my books and other comics stuff on the indietables, the Pienlehtimarssi-tables, come over and buy me stuff! :) Later  closer  and more information of timetables and the guiding to the festival at Tamperetalo this year, not the old place  in Finlayson factory sites, so be awake and join us comic comics illustrators! :)


<-- Foto from year 2009, with my first of may carneval hat bought from Helsinki, supremarket for 5 euros..


 if you look hard you can see IT*S motherfuckinh MOTÖRHEAD's warpig logo there, hopefully Lemmy got his money outta of thsi leather imitations stetson, now so valuable and cool, wear of the Summer! :)


Rock out with your cock out!

16.1.2016 Saturday morning, still sleeping like a bear, very long and late til noon,  but luckily I'm in posotion where I can decide WHEN to go to sleep and wake up, luxury most of working men don't have. lucky bastarrd and sleepy sleeper, mostly I'm a bad sleeper so this sudden tired weakness and laziness suits me so fine. Am I too interested on my own belly bottom fluff, but I'll call your bluff! Shit, gotta write another song....

the gift and the curse of a man to have the urge to write, draw, sing and play, music and illustrations, in my head all day every day all year. No pause no rest, but still there's people who envy me and my creative powers, something I try to understand and see why...

 as I go along and towards new stuff pouring outta my brain and heart, of old.

Wrote two songs for breakfast: very good morning!!

Having a good time with taste of blood in your mouth!! ;)

15.1.2016 making music is my favourite past time pleasure that cost me almost nothing BUT the time spend on it. Gives me pleasure of succesfully achieving the goal of finished song. I play rock, blues and bluesrock cause that's all I can play.

No pussy ballads or love songs where broken hearted longs for another silly heart. Lyrics out of my everyday thoughts, good or bad, trying to be as funny and hidden messages in twists of words, double entrees, weird meanings to common used phrases and hate I want to yell out of my systems. Theraphy sessions squeezed in 3 minute song full of rage and hatred and righten the wrong, shaving the planet and whales,

 yes I do enjoy laughing to matters too serious and all the hipsters silly and oh so fashionale things, kids who know everything without been there or done that.  World is full of objects and subjects and rejects and elects, you are all chozen ones too. I wonder why many just don't want to create and invent...

 anything, they rather steal, wheel, deal, take, brake, make a fuzz over somebody elses ideas. Honest as Lemmy, is fine guide line for anyone and everyone. Straight and real, best way to be, wether your clothes are leather or hair long or short or feather. Integrity, man thats all you need, pussycat.


Now let's rock like your back ain't got no bone! 

14.1.2016 Thursday, morning another perfect day in another perfect life in another perfect world. Morbid bid no more deaths this year..... so close to me, and my idols vanishing groups. Death I don't want to know  you,

 I'm not ready to dance with you.

Wrote a song, made my feelings known, spending another year and day around. Wishful thinking, king of jacking! ;) For those who haven't got it yet, take another wild guess, press that button undone the skirt and shirt and spurt into wilderness, cheetah gotta run, races to won, upon a time in America once or twice,I did went and bent the envelopes, letters written in the air, impossible pair, vanity's fair, cattle in gatherings, ducks lost their wings, what it all brings to my mind, unkind mean street, junkies beat, backseat, trick or treat, yeah if you know what I mean?

 Hooking hookers, hockey wives and game of love, family affairs and domestic violence. Can't beat it, away. So beat it!

 Lived another day.

13.1.2016 Wednesday and morning, good buy to all sad things as correct pronouncing and grammary!! ;)

Oh well, I try my best to write right, quite right, slipping at times like thin lizzian and tom waits purposes of misleading men into astray and planets unknown, spaces places phases faces, all mingled singled malted and insulted nuts in salted nuts. Me I'm quietly working on the last inks and shadows and corrected lines on my cosmic comic album Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. where some pages are draws already in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it's only been under constructions for 7 yeras or more. I can reveal for the future that I've already made storyboard for the next next album the Spanish Sauna trip as  my years in Spain 1986 and 1987. Spoiling all your fun by saying it's gonna be HEAVY sex, drugs and rock'n'roll album, as is this next to be published and my aim is to Italy and Spain and France, and then USA, but being fatalist like I am,  I got all the time in the world as I'm working as fast as I can! that old phrase of interviewing athletics when won, " I'm doing my best and see how far that leads into!" :)

 Giving all is all you CAN do, heheehee... givin' more than I got!! ;) Oh good title for a song , see you later I'm going to write that song down now!!

It's now or...

 maybe much later! ;)

12.1.2016 Tuesday, love me til....

Bowie is all over the news in TV and papers amd social media, our daily bread our daily indulge and pleaasure of pictures picturing pictures for greedy and needy bastards, wanking all over the porn sites, parasites of big buildings own by big media houses, no wholy war, just dirty deeds done dirt expensive. Out times and square, dances and rituals, virtuals and all, fading away, please stay.




 Sorrow, listening Blackstar album for the first time, nice work not too crazy for my mind,  just jazzy orcestrations and pop'py melodies, still very much Bowie. The voice and sighs, strange words, artistic approach, better than Next Day album, which i've never got into.

So long time Bowie was a silent and I listened those early greats, especially Aladdin Sane. I didi find Bowie "late" 1981 or so but oh what expression he gave and branded on my brain and godgiven ass. Rebel rebel, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl...

 to shock adult age stiffy shit people, yeah that's all Bowie.

All the weeping wings of history, music, living after, all.

 After all.


11.1.2016 Monday and David Bowie left the planet early this morning/last night, cancer got 'em all at the end. Funeral after funeral, but I don't wanna go...strange feelings losing idols, inspiration stars, music makers and companionships when nobody cared, records are such a good company for lonely, never ask no stupid questions, never bother you uninvated. Bowie made me dye my hair back in 1982 when I was grown up and starting to decide my own businesses and colors of my fucking hair and cut it like Ziggy/AladdinSane cover. My youth, the most touching bands and artist of our times. And I KNOW everybody thinks JUST his/hers time was the most intensive, valuable, meaningful and best!!!!!!!!!!!! And it's just alright all we young dudes know it!

 Fighting back tears and emotion, trying to get some work done later today still...

Wild is the wind, David RIP.

10.1.2016 Sunday morning/noon/afternoon what ever it is, I'm waking up after hanging here on the web funerals of Lemmy. Goodbye  my brother and inspiration and poet rock'n'roller, one of the kind. Music and jokes live for ever as long as we live. Still got me in tears, just thinking about,

 luckily I'm strong enuff to show my feelings and taking life as it comes. I ain't as strict with regrets cause I have some I wanan lose and live to win. One liners, one night stands and one for all. It was over 4 in the morning til I got in sleep so don't expect me to be bright and wide awake, til tomorrow. Farewell Lemmy.Maybe tomorrow I can work and be the good boy scout again, if I can't fuck it.

 9.1.2016 Good morning it's the official mourning day tonight at finnish time for Lemmy's funeral in Los Angeles. Couldn't make it there but try to watch it on stream at net. Nothing better to do at midnight hour.

Meanwhile back here in Finland we're having the coldest days in frozen ground, - 25-38, even somewhere snowed 40 cm or more. In my hometown we just got few centimeters and that's enuff. Putting on enuff warm clothes before ousting into wilderness, just extra pants under extra pants and double college sweaters, leather boots and furry hats, headpieces and hood over it. Laughing at citizens who lived all their lives HERE, seeing snow and ice EVERY fucking year! It's NO surprise, no accident to happen, waiting and coming as it always comes, and when ANYTHING nonusual happes the blame is CLIMATE CHANGE,HAHAHAAA!! Lemme laugh at your face.

Guess the stupidity's standars, never vanish like the snow in springtime. Life is miracle and it's a miracle, we people are still alive! :////////////////


So happy weekend to all you who need a brake and time off. And this sad old world turn around and spin and roll, another year and another tear.

8.1.2016 morning has broken and me I'm not broken, mended man, going for 53, quite happy where I stand today, I cab sut back and think and take it easy and asit comes. Future plans are wild and furious, sweet and lucious, light up the sky, shading down secret paths and public image, worked and printed for use. Reduce lazy days, more crazy working days, fast and loose as ever. Going for fun and rewarding tomorrow.Well, hell, I'll accept all as it comes, but not the critics who play only their own goals and publicity tricks, common man don't know the shit from shinola, that's proved too many times, still respect the audience and readers, but let 'em do and think what they want, like I do about them, hahahaa!!!

 Oh well, the coldest days and nights of off this year, having -25 below zero, brrr...

 snow and ice for all you snow business lovers..... go Lappland young man! ;)

Hot tube hawaiian babe a sight for sore eyes !! :)

7.1.2016 Buenos dias amigos, waking up to the coldest motnings of this year, -25 outside, inside luckily not! Sun is shining and no wind, so its not SO bad, hehe, its still fucking cold, In Poland people die in cold, that's bad. And Russian roulette with gas economics, fucking Putin world and nazis all over, this earth is CRAZY and insane, cold cold ground, cold people, cold food, cold handshakes, flipping the bird, fingers crossed and pointed, hairdo for weirdo.No compromise, no care, no friendship across the universe or oceans, only the cold war experience once more, ain't that grand, good old time fun?!Answering to my OWN questions like an idiot, no. Ain't nothing funny bout peace and love and understanding. Stand up for your rights is still valid slogan and song. Market men rules monetaries and economics and WE starve and dress in rags and suffer, thanks to capitalists and big boss men, nothings changing in those worlds where money IS god.Do we really WANT sons of bitch... odins to patrol our streets?I'll repeat myself answering: No. Just open your eyes and see, its happening all the time, to the blindest believers and voted politicians in their jobs, to  us and the innocent bystanders and  birdwatchers, how to stop all stupidity and save the world without any money or possibities to effect anything, tell me you three wise men of the east!

Just keep on keeping on rocking in a free world!! Now!!

6.1.2016 Good morning darlings, where ever you are. Just woking up and getting down with business, and the business is good. Another holy day holiday, shops closed but minds open, brain surgery and rocket science my favourite past time hobbies. Finnish Junior team of ice hockey won last night the world championship, and that's great stuff!! We beat Russia on extra time as that match ended 3-3. It took only 1 minute and half and the puck was in goal, huge emotion and joy!! Great to watch those young dudes celebrations pure FUN!!! : ) So proud to be finnish at least one day in a year!! ;)Saturday's gonna be Lemmy's funeral televised(!!) from Los Angeles!! Gotta see, and weep. Strange kind of love and emotion for the Lem.

Gotta try to stay alive and good spirits, works working out quite fine, progress every day little further and thats enuff.

Stay Clean!

5.1.2016 Tuesday waking up late, oh I do love my artist free form life, waking up whenever I feel like it!! I'm not bound to clock or work, yeah and no clockwork either. But luckily yesterday brought me insurance MY books texts are fine, funny and there's gonna be a funny book that'll make you cry too. Laughter and cry that's where I aim, and my aim is true.



Now just tight thighs and butt muscles to read 'em ALL already written texts, yesterday read 60 first drawn pages, but cause I've drawn then in shuffle order there is no correct order until I put 'em on it, and that's the hard work but the pleasure waits at the very end!!  




<---Lemmy and Phil somewhere in time of 80's.



Remember me I'm gone. (Lemmy)


Above the, my Thin Lizzy LP collection.

4.1.2016 Monday morning, 15 below zero outside, inside 22 or so, my wife likes it hot. Me I'm just a reptile, changing my temperature by the feelings and sweating with drumbeats and music make me wanna shout with pleasure.

 Oh, it's 30 years anniversary of Philip Lynnot's death. Might listen all those fantastic records as I normally yearly do. Thin Lizzy might be the last band I found (too late to see then alive) but really shook my world and thinking bout life, love and love life especially.1986, just before I left to Spain for another, second time. 23 year old boylooking for love. Urge to go, leave and live. Still in owe to philip Lynnot.


I try to work and read the texts written and to be rewritten and inked in those 110 pages now done for the book. Oh my life circling the same circles, but luckily I enjoy it, and fuck the rest of the world whose not intersted in it!! ;))))


Don't believe a word, especially if I say I love you... (Philip Lynnot)

3.1.2016 Sunday morning posting, losing X-mas time spirits nad lazy feelings, it's alright, all happening its time and place and circles, round the X-mas tree and midsummer bonfires, all customs and habits and traditional sillinessies, maybe we need all of 'em? Maybe I'll try tor est and start really reading ALL I written for the album in works, right now it's the time and phase to do right and get it staright, to the top, oh yeah! :) ..........well Ive covered already 7 Tom Waits songs so I'll need 3 more to make an album to sell in my "PeneLopez Illegal Records" company publications, all of you!! :) Just wait and see!My work desk's salt lamp just died, hopefully it got no connections in real life living or dead. Hoocjie coochie man, yes I am. But now it's still holiday times, don't die little or big ones.

Have a nice day and restful night.

2.1.2016 saturday sneaking in like arhief, cause those new years cekebrations and middle of the week holy days holidays, oh well that's where that comes from. English grammary sometimes very easily understandable cause action comes from need to say and describe! Well, I'm still feeling quite vulnerably cause of Lemmy. Touched by death and missing the man, bigger brother and inspirational giant of golden heart, surely one in a million. We all are what we do and act and give, taken from our backgrounds, family bonds and friends who care or don't care. Mystery of the life, worth exploring and live for. No more lies and fuckfaces to care. I'll start my texting after I've finished all the pages of Kultainen Nuoruus osa 2. on 11th day of this month, that's written in a stars , wind and my book of revelations! ;) You just wait and see, there's gonna be some rocking tonight at the show! I'm continuing my Tom Waits coverversions now to make a full album of Waits songs to sell it to you unexpected and innocent bystanders, in next comics festival in Tampere or Helsinki!! Something for you to wait and get excited in your miserable lives....................... hahahaa!! :D Just kidding, your lives are wonderfully menaingful and important, at least to yourselves! ;)


first day of this year, starting slowly in frozen ground and cool breeze, all is quite quiet and peaceful. Nice fireworks in the sky last night, almost don't want to open the TV and find out what BAD happened last night to get in to news flash and nitored in screen. Wishing all good won't erase all bad but maybe makes you feel better.

 Some lucky bastards never been outta work, money, home, house, shelter, food or beverages,

 what do those bastards know about real life?

 Answers to president and the government that never meant nothing bad by taking your money, health, home, intelligence,  and indiependence and most of all pride and selfconfidence.

What we really need is,

 up to your own decicions and things you think is important, those might not be MY choices but that don't make us either wrong or right. New years resolutions I have none, I decide if I want what ever day and everyday is the last, first and present,

present given, taken and  misgiven and mistaken.

Understanding and loving all good people, rock out another year and live the life you want.